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VOL. XXV. NO. 104.
Fill U A VS.
1 'Po"'V
The "
Sure Time. Saves Money.
E.J. Fenton & Co.
Private Hospital
Jot the care and treatment ef Medical
ami Surgical cases.
Trained Nurses and congenial Home
Cases of Alcoholism and Drug Habita
may commit themselves.
Special attention given to Diseases of
irVonien and Children.
For Information and Kates, address,
E. R. LYNCH, M. D.,
3'J Elliot Street,
Brookside Park.
Week of July 29.
The Orpheum
Comedy Co. .
Aiufrii'a's representative Comedy ami
V:iiRiev:ii? organization.
IlcailcJ iiy the charmtii! little souU'ette.
I'll It KS, . 10, 20 and 30 Cent
CAKt. I.KITSINUKB, Tenrhfr of Cor
nrf, 1'upUof II. C. I'rown, Ro-itmi.
Wrlie lor particulars. S3 171 Ilra'.lletioro. Vt.
Sew pl jiure mouldings. Spit subjects, In llnu
l . 'it: n urn rrints. al Ci.app Jones. 7m f
t.OCA 1. HUTCH A.VD 0088Ir
Our improved 2 cent Spectacles
beat ihi- record. Chas A Tripp.
hnut a dozen local sports attended
tie races at Holycke Wednesday and
Thought you were go'ng to enforce
that order. Messrs Bailiffs, against bi
cycle ruling on sidewalks.
Bovs set a fire sn the hill opposite
L D Thayer's, Wednesday, that it took a
force of men half a day to overcome.
Dre Waterman and Aldrich removed
a cancer from the breast of Mrs Herrick,
mother r.f D L and C Herrick at Ches
terfield Wednesday.
Ground was broken yestejday for
a ppw bouse on Forest Ftreet to be
built by Judge J M Tyler between his
tonement house and II L Emerson.
Seth Stone has the contract.
A V May's asenuv has sold for
Or J H Coles of Wardsboro his place
known as the Francis White farm, the
lest f,irm in town, to William Fitz
I'atricn of Ashley Falls, Mass.
The annual reunion of the Windham
t'o Veterans' Association will he Held at
the fair ground, Aug 16, takirfr the
f'rm of a basket picnic with dinner at
noon and the usual currp lire in the af
ternoon. !: looks like a big crowd for the
Mock ll;ind eieursion tomorrow. . The
train leaves at 5:45 a in, and will run
as a special to New London, and the
'jcur'i.'nists can then return at any
time tr.cv want up to Monday night.
Vt the annual meeting of theSA
Suiirli company, held Weinefrisy nfrer
i ooii. tfre'e officers were elected : l'resi-!-nt.
S A Smith : vice-president. K I.
ilur.-: erk and treasurer, V h Smith ;
ilirv:nr. S A Smith. S Sllunt, F 1,
Hun-, f A Smith and F L Smith.
I!criiif were received yesterrliv
I'V i i;:i:tv Clerk Merririelcl giving the t is needle to speak of Prof Cramer's
Lieut Weight of Winchester. N'H,
has been granted a pension of $17 per
Mrs Chas Braor acted as organist
at the Baptist church Sunday iu the ab
sence of Prof Cramer.
' - J J Losses went to the Soldiers'
Heme 'tit lioonington this morning in
charge of Tlios Lynde.
Kev Isaac McAnn a former pastor
will preach in the Methodist church
next Sunday morning,
The Belinar Mfg Co, advertises for
good, live men in soother column; it
will pay you to read their call.
A petition signed by about 100 lo
cal businessmen has been presented to
the selectmen asking for the appoint
ment of K 1! Thayer us lirst constable
In place of Tlios liunnon.
The Unitarian chnrch will lie closed
during the month of August for the
usual summer vacation. The pastorcan
bo addressed at Cohassett, Mass, should
his services be needed in any capacity.
Pomona Orange meats with Maple
Grove Orange at West Westminster next
Thursday, Angust 1. It is hoped a
large delegation will be present from
Protective Grange. Mrs (! L Stacy.
Messrs C S Hopkins and G W Piercj
are among the speakers. The program
is a good one, and it is expected any
oue who cannot be present will furn
ish a substitute for their part thereon.
A comedy and vaudeville company
of unusual merit has been engaged to
npaear at lirooh side park next week.
It is known as the (Jipheum Comedy
company, consisting of clever comedi
ans dainty dancers and singers headed
by the charming little soutrette, Vlra
Mascotte. The company recently played
at lirler park, liellows Kalis, and Man
ager Holton writes in highest praise of
them. They are now playing at Battle
tijld park, tiennington. The local pa
pers spoke of tho company last week
as being tho finest comedy aud vaude
ville combination that has played there
this season.
Mrs Hattie Cary Webster, who has
been summering here with her father,
Dr Webster, left Tuesday evening.called
by the illness at Cienfuegos.Cuba. with
typhoid fever, of ber husband, W H
Care,', now the general manager of the
Conttantia Sugar company, the second
largest one of the island. He had been
known to be ill for a week and a let
ter from the president of the company
stated that it was typhoid fever, that
he was at a private hospital near the
city, but that lie ought to be moved
north as soon as possible. Dr. Web
ster also contlnred this by cable with
the doctor of the hospital, and Mrs
Cary started as sjoo as possible, leav
ing her baby here. Mr Gary's condi
tion is desci 'bed as r ot immediately dan
gerous, and Mrs Curt, who sailed from
N'ew York Wednesday morning, ought
to reach there by Monday. Mr Cary
wer.t to Cuba as auditor for tho compa
ny and it was this spring that be was
promoted to be general manager.
Michael Kelley has told his story to
Vil age Attorney Bacon about the James
J Gritlin affair and it leaves it as much
a mystery as ever. He says he went
over ou the island about t) o'clock tin
evening of',' June lijth and there saw
Grillin with James lioyce aud acother
man whom be could not identify, sit
ting on the grass drinking on the east
side of Grant's granite shop: that they
oft-red him a drink, which be took,
aud it was such horri'jh; stuff that it
made him sick and he turned round and
proceeded to vomit, and when ho fin
ished this interesting procedure the
three had vanished. Jams Ho)cohs
bean Interviewed by Bacon without be
in? told of Kelley 'a story, or that the
latter had told any. lit admits that he
was there with Griffin on the evening
named and says the man whom, curi
ously enough, Kelley couldn't identify,
was Dummy Manning. He says that
Kelley chiii9 along, but instead of their
giving him a drinK it was his own liq
uor tbat he swallowed, and then began
to throw up, and that then be and
Manning started home, leaving Kelley
there. They parted w ith Grillin at the
railroad crossing and he started down
the track while they proceeded on to
ward their hoiaes, and this was the last
that they ever saw of Ilia. Griflln was
not drunk, he says.
An athletic event of unusual inter
est wiil take place Tuesday evening at
Grange hall, when W li Mettey will
hold an "Athletic Carnival." The pro
gramme planned is one of unmual
strength and variety, opening with two
SDarnoe bouts by two pairs of local
sparrers and a collar and elbow wrest
ling contest ; the intermissions will be
rilled in with an exhibition of clut
swinging by n local adept at the art,
and another exhibition of buck and
wins dancing and baton iugcling. The
closing event of this unusual program
i 13 rounds of scientific sparring by
"Kid" Bean of Montreal, featherweight
champion of Canada, and Ktldie Quinn,
winner of 20 events. This last event
should prove one of the most interest
ing contests ever seon in thia part of
the country as both men are most evenly
It is not oftes that an opportunity
is afforded our people like that which
presents itself ou Thursday next, viz,
the Lawn Tea and Organ Uecital of the
Baptist church. The cool grounds, the
generous bill of fare, consisting of salads,
ices and various other delicacies and
last, but not least, the excellent concert
in the church (a rrogram of which is
appended) will certainly appeal to a
very ereat number who desire to feed
both body and o.ind at a very little ex
peuse. Mr Samuel Dunn of Montreal Is
the possessor of a fine bass voice whieh
he uses with great effect. He has until
lately tilled the position of bass soloist
at St George's f English) church in Mon
treal and is spending a well-earned va
cation lu Brattlehi.ro. Miss Maude
Young is well kro.vn to us a a rising
young aopraro singer and her many
f.-ier.ds will civ her a hearty welcomi
- Arthur Perham ran a aw in one
linger to the first joint at the Kstcy
shops Tuesday.
- K C llacon bs been appointed
adiuiiiistritor of the estate of W P
Kamlall, lata of West CuusterHeM.
- D J Sliaw and B1 Stark interest
ed quite n crowd at tuo trail? last
eveiing with a bicycle race. The lat
ter was tlistinced.
The Gentry Bros' show drew about
2000 people in " tho afternoon and in
the iieivhborhood of ,'1000 at the Mon
day evening performance.
Am still selling buggy tires nt ilOc
each j carriage hulis, 7 inches long, .'I
inch wire at 1.25 per hundred, email
holts two for ouo cent. A C Johnson,
Spring street. loMt
Whiterell & Dowd's "Undo Tom's
Cabin" Co passed through hero yes
terday en route from Newfane to
Winchester. They travel by team and
play only samll towns in which they
have n most Hatisf.u'tory reputation.
The V M C A base ball team went
to Hinsdale Hiiturdiiy and were da
f -ated d to B. Hinsdale, imported a
hired battery in Qiiinn and Di 11 ion
whilo the locals had the regular team
in the tiel I. The score appeals in our
Hinsdale news.
H O Barber, Jlrinhatu T Phelps'
of Westminster and Albert T Kicn of
Grafton have been uppointad commis
sioners to try the question of damatrps
io the case of tho Bellows Fulls vil
lage corporation against Wm J Webb
fur crossing bisland with an aqueduct.
They will report their licdings to the
county court.
The hearing rf Flaherty and Oar
roll, the alleged postolliie burglHrs
secured at Springfield as stited 1 upg
day, is to be held at Kutland Mon
lsv. There have been 1(1 or a do.sn
pos tollies robberies in the state mid
out of all fie ill under second with
them, it is hoped to fasten the guilt
of some on them.
E J Fenton &. Co nr to stirt a
Hurry Sale of men's nnd boys' cloth
ing, hats, naps, etc, at their store in
Ullory huilrting tomorrow (Saturday)
morning. This firm have matie it a
rule not to carry goods from one rea
son to another and adhers to it by
having a sale where cost and value
take no part in price marking. They
have much to say iu another column.
--A petition to the selectmen has
started asking for lights at the Hins
dale t rinses. There is serious need
of them, fer not only the brewery (nit
rons but hnbo?s irather time io large
numbers nights. Last week: a man
wus pel i up, and n year go nm- shot
and slightly wounded, which the pub
lic did not 'mow of at the tine or
until long after in the former cnse.aod
soto day then will be a seri-j us
crime. Of course tho real duty of
lighting belongs to Ilina lale; but if
she won't do it in hol or part, this
ton ought to.
The dedicatory conrert at il were
from the new band stand on the Cm.
mnn Wednesday eiering drew th
largest crowd of the season estimnttd
all the way from 15(10 to 1S00. Many
brought camp chairs ami family groups
about the ground wru plenty. IJi'si.ies
the general excellence of the concert,
the cornet solo by Carl Leiisinger
was a pleasirg feature. Ti:e otiGd.
desigred by i'botngrapher'A 1) Wyatt,
is a handsoma littlo structure, its
bass snd top shingled and painted
grass green and its posts, balustrade
aid cornice cidonial st)le and painted
white. It is lighted witii l'J incan
descent lights, and is so built that it
can be eutered only through a rloor
which is kept !iKod. The building
is tho work of llolilen A Martin, who
completed it Monday though n little
pnicting remained to lie done liv W A
Morse. The cost fi'10 and if 170 of it
was raised by subscription.
Lawyer Jas F Hooker has l,en in
Hellos Kalis and Walpol" investigat
ing the injury of Ib ibert Uoyd there
.1 week ago Wednesday, as reported in
these columns last welt. iJoyrt was
one of the men working for K C
Keed, a (ontrai'tor for too Interna
tional Paper Co, in haulinz logs
ashore there from the driver. It was
doro by a "donkey engine,'' on boat
in tho river and Boyd was at tne top
of a pile of loss, aud was struck by
one being sung over Hrd so luriN
injured in the spine that he had to be
brought home on a bed nud a comrade,
Nelson, had a leg briken. They claim
that the t oss in charge did not Hive the
signal to the engineer to stop when the
log reached the point where it was to be
dropped. Tho boss claims that be did
and the engiceer that be answered
it, so that the negligence was that cf
th9 men themselves. Suit has not yet
been brought and an effort is in prog
ress to compromise the ;ase.
Violet ammonia for the bath,
at Brooks House Pharmacy, adv.
- Ford real'estate auction in Towns
bend Wedneday, July '.iUt. Full ad
vertiseiEcut on firt page.
Carl F Cain will close his tailor
shop tomorrow for two weeks, Mr
Caiu will speed part of bis vacation
at tho Lake,
7 Koikwrll .fc Sherwin delivered
Yesterday a handsome meat wagon of
the latest stylo built for. Kicbards
Bros of Bellows Falls.
See (hose carriage umbrellas H M
Wood is selling. Kveryborty should
have one, as they can be fitted to any
wngnn. auv,
-William Doyen has been laid o'T
duty part of this week nursing a pain
ful sore har d which had to be lanced,
caused by being cut with a pieoe of
The- ladies' tournament for the
silver lovirg cup was played at tt.e
Golf grounds yesterday afternoon.
Miss Ethel Waterman being the win
ner, ner score was 50. The next two
wore Miss Florencw Clark 52, and Mrs
Margaret Oatty, 5.'!.
- Arthur T Colburn, the wealthy
spice manufaeaturer or Delaware
City, who with his two daughters,
Ida and Annette, were victims of the
vacbting disaster on Long Island,
waa ad uncle of Mrs K T Mathison of
this place. Kev K T Mathison, who
is summering at Clinton, aecompa
nined tho remains of the two girls to
Delaware City where they weri, in
terred. Tho body of Mr Colburn has
not been recovered yet,
Unilinear Geo II Vassar of the N
L N, and formerly of this plare, was
bsdly injured yesterday at Amherst,
Mns, by the break ing of the driving
rod on bis engine. It smashed through
thnrah, knceited b i m frm his se,t
and pounded him very badly. It is ton
early yet to determine llie extent of
his injuries. He vas taken tj the
hospital at Northamptuii where the
doctors fixed him up and last even
ing h was rent to his home at New
London. This is Mr Vassar's third
mi-fortune. A few years at" be had
a leg broken on the r iml anJ after re
covering bought a team that ran away
with him ai d broke it again. His
run ia int) lirattleluro every otiier
Four pBeHaaes, lliOO sheets, toliet
paper, 25 els. Brooks Houee Pharmacy.
(jrpih retire..
Mrs J .1 Donnelly and sod James
returned to Gran by, Mass, Tuesday
fter a visit with Mi-s Msry !roo.
Will li Smith and wife returned
Monday to Springfield, Mass, sf;-r a
visit with friends here. Mrs Michdcl
Fitzgerald and sou Francis returuej
to tiieir home iu Sooto Haclley Tues
day. Martin Austin ri-turted
TuesJay to Albany, N V.
U L Jackson has returned to hi
borne in Hartford, Conn, after a visit
at K J Kno ton's.
Geo Do l y anil wife returnel to -lay
to Ho-ton after several wicks' visit
here. MrsMJ Dowicy accompanied
Kinp;u)'tiiriit Not..
Miss Margaret Sellivan cia-menceil
work Tcesni-y f ,r Miss Hilda Olson.
Miss Kihel Knight has rommvneed as
l.ouKkeuper at Ki.berts' grocery store.
K Carr tini-hel work foraahile at
Ku.-Kwell i! Sherwiu's carriage shop
Saturday niuht and will work at
hou.-e paintiiik". beginning for Kussell
Briggs. -Krnest Mack has finished
work Ter C 11 Hddv ,v Co. D K lint
ter.'iehl from Kutlard, and formerly
of tho American house hero, is the new
steward et the Brooks llous".
Mis.-es Mary and Alice Brown of
Hol)Oke. Mass. were guest" of M rsDariti
Carey Wednesday on their Kay to Bel
lows Falls. Geo M Chamberlain of
Boston Osited in town Tue-ilay on
his wav to Ni'fHn. J N ,jM"t ier
and wife of Philadelphia. John A
liHlisti-r of New York f.nd Mis Anna
Bale-tier were in tmn Saturday,
some of thieu remaining for several
Conduetor 11 II Sanders was in
town Wednesday night on his w-v
from a fortnight's acution nt High
gate Spirngr.
Earle Titus returned Monday from
visit in Manchester. N H. Bank
President Lenry C IJolcomli and fim
ily of No Haven, Com, on their
way tu the White Mounttins, have
b'en stopping bi-re and driviig about.
Words are bariily sutliriect to express
their h:ea of the charm of Bmttle
boro. Mrs Eleanor Perkins Hudson
of lUrtfonl, Conn, spent jesterday at
Prof Williston Walker's.
Mrs John P Houghton, who re
turned recently frjm Mansfield,
Mass. moved into ber house on Yer
n"n street Wednesdty. Jas Cassioy
who VHi-ates there hrs moved into Mrs
Gariity's bouse this side.
Mrs Mary Orcutt from Whetstone
blcck to 23 Birjje street.
supreme court decisions io the Somerset
tax e-.s,. ami that of Sarah D Bruce,
"dm. v Fall Mountain Paper company,
in both the decision of the county court
i' atlirmed as stated in our court report
Editor of Reformer Sir: In your
is-uc 1 1 the 10th an article "buttered
side up.'' bears reference to one Levi
liurcrnr,?. "nlJ-time clockmaker" of
New- Hampshire. Oasof his sons mar
ried my aunt. I have autobiography
"t bis life, if gov one wishes tn see it
they si,n do so by calling at 13 Myrtle
The Bellows Falls Times ssys of the
SHtL" Newport won there Saturday:
Gulheen of last yesr's Bellows Fulls
team was o responsible for Newport's
victery, accepting six chances without
anerre.r. His three-hnse bit in the
ecord inning was also the means of
Newport' getting two run." The
Ho:e w.s Newport 3, BelL.ws Fills 2.
''' . . . . m n..,,i.k,.n .ft.fmw
. I" . II -1 1-9 l( DttLllCU i. " ' " "
it W; Br4ttlchoro. baveergaacd Frank
E Pe:.::rs as principal of the caool for
tee t-r.vikg vtar and he will commence
his work the lirst week In N-ptemr.
MrIVr!:i has been a successful teach-.
t a-J ur.J-r him the school will con-
:!rue :!, hch grtideof preparatory m-
wnrk on the organ: he will, witfiou
doubt, bi at bis best and bis friends
know what that promises. Program:
I'iL'rim's Chorus. Tanuhauser Wagucr
5Iiss Maude Young
Prelude aud Fugue in B flat major J S Bach
Mr Samuel Punn
(a) Spring Song (Lleiler ohue worte)
Oil "Simple Aven" Thome
Miss Young
Gavotte, Moderne Tour
Mr Samuel Dunn
Overture , "..impa"' Hero!)
Band concert ty the First Ree't
Band on the Common next Wednesday
evening, with the fol'owing program:
Mi-h."SlbrlnnirfD." Wsmer
vpnur. "I-a Sirene," Aulier
Saxaphuue, "Sow I Lay Me Down to Slem."
Ma Tkkd Swift.
s'en!on. "IViriemian rl," fVilte
lrikn WaHi."ljil'amil." Wltmnr-k
Te:l Me l'rctlv Mal'len," from "riororto'."
vr 1t, "Harre-t rv " .M. lie
-lnale, "star S anzttil Bjnner."
T- :ini r loeli ir re. maintained io tlei rosy
:.. -:is O tavi W Matthews ill j l eautv,
l-r-r r tlhn.il lli nlHCial OI lt.-I-
Kliw aad Erlanger will employ over
IC'O fejp?e in thir "Hen Hur."
"Koavrs Bnthersi in Washington,"
Qjill-r." "The SPenins
"The LifcTty H'lis"
Maid Marian'' and Ada Keban's tew
Jf? another year.
Miss Dora Hollander of New York
is a guest at dies Endlioh's. P L
Shea of Derby, Ct, is visiting b is
parents here. Georye Kecd of Man
chester, N H. is town. Mrs B M
Smith and Miss Elizabeth Stone ef
Boston are visi'ing at Leslie Smith's.
Mrs Frnrk Sppiner of Hertford, Ct,
is the guest of her parents. Mr and
Mrs Gei Fuller. Harry Currier of
Boston emie tosterJnv for a vjsjt m
his toiie iiere. Mrs W H Collins of
Nwirk, ?l J, is yisitirg at ths homo
pf Mrs George Tvler .in Tvhr street.
J W Smith ai. l wife of Kvacstop,
111, are guests for a few days at K Ij
Putnana s. Mrs M r se.irs returnoi!
Satur iy night fiom Low.-P, Mrs?,
ami the fur.ersl of her horther ii law
ther". C li Smith ith.'l wife ard
daughter will arrive today for a few
r(a;s' visit a. L F .-tlsu:s', having
stopped over at tee Pan-A n erican Ex
position. -Miss Laura Holmes and
Mrs Ada Cram cf Springfield, this
stat?, are guests at F A Cook's.
Mrs Ellen Powers cutis' tomorrow
from Nutley. N J. for a visit with rel
ttives in town. Miss Lizzie McVeigh
n Oermantown, Pa, is visiting at ber
home here. Miss Louise Haus and
niere, Ula Haus, nf Baltimore, Md,
are visiting at II 1! Haus'.
Mrs Sarah Lire Rnhbirss end son
rf West Somerville. Mass are spend
ing three weeks with ber sister, Mrs J
K Parker at 13 Oak street. Mrs Fran
cis Goodhue Jr. ar.ci rhiliren of (ier
niantown. Pa, are guests at Col Fran
pis Gocdhue's. Mrs Lillian Woellard
A dares arrived yesterday from Spricg
ti.dd, Mass.
Nelshhorliaoil 'olc.
Mrs B ( Sumner, who has been tis
iticit at K H BisseliV, left Wednesday
f.r WarJsboro. Mrs Jennia Wbite
an J daughter Elizabeth left Wtdnes
rtsy for a stay ia GurmrersMr. .Mrs
Sdrab Hiliard of Northrield Farrrs.
"he goes' of ter sister. Mrs l!f n.on.
The" Misses Walsh tftt.-!I.iw VIU
are the cuests offtheir aunt. Mrs Thrs
IKi"irv. Mr and Mrs Will Piituptnu
will sprd Sucday citQ relatives in
Dailsas Fails.
Brattlcborean. mill Otti.rl.
John Galviu was at White Iliver
Junction last night lo visit as State Chit f
Banger the Court of Foresters th' re.
Station Agent J H Burke w as called to
Montpelier Tuesday night by the
s.rious illness of his si-ter.
Mn.i F W ( hiids Is gradually and it if
liopi-d perni.-ineni.lv imprcving at his
summer hone, -II il it-rest. "
The Greenfield Ilecoroer learns this:
C A YanUooro is reported to have
greatly Improved in health site" be
gave up bus'iuss and aent to West
Hrattlcboro. He is enjoying the shaje
of law maples planted by an uncle cf
his i early 10 years Hgo.
Assistaut Postmasrer Wilms and
family are at Gloucester, .Muss, fi r an
outing. Kerry C'onlaid has r-turted
from Lliatimm, Mass.
Misses Lillian and May Livelle go
to Springfield, Mass, the first of tht)
week f ra few days' stev. Mi.-s Ella
S tbbirs ret urns t... lay from Leverett,
Mass. Secretary Geo Wilson of the
V ii C A, is expected home text
Tl. l.te Kx-r.ov I'lncre. and 111. In
surance liat fila rarlnrra smy.
The late Governor Pingree was In
sured in the New York Lite Insurance
company for floO.OiMl. The company
paid his wideW within one week after
his death 8115.i:27. His partners ac
knowledge payment in the following
IlKTIIOIT, July S. lflol.
New York Life Ins Co, Gentlemen : We
are appreeiative of the manner in which you
have settled the death-claim under the ftix in
surance polii-ies held by our tate partner, Kx
Governor If aen S filigree, and we want to
tell you so.
Ex-Governor Pingree was a firm lieliever
in the i.l.,ni of In-uranee as a protei-tion lo
hl fauiily in ei-euf t lie untiiiesrx-n, and his
eonlideniV in the New York Life surely a
(ear to have lieen weJI-plaeetl. .Mr- Pingrre
lias reii-iveil tine Hun-lred Fifteen Thou-and
Six Twenty-Seven ill.V!J7) liolhirs from
you. Ailh.iugh nothing can lie held in lieu of
the -en -4- of iirixinal (o-s ili:t ha come to us
i ail liy Ihi- ilcatli. vr liIteve this iit.-uram-e is
a irioute io ine iiinii'uiniines. nr aou lore
ii:!il of Ibe Kv-.oven.or for his familv.
'oi;r pronijil M-ilieiuent, t-onrteous and
foii-iilerate treatiaenl. as w-eil as result
-b urn l.y your 1 "ompany, aptiejl t us very
trail;;." "We are, Your very truly.
I'lXUREE 4 S.Mirii.
Siiinky Giu:v BiMSTOi., the victim.
Moiiton STAitit Ci:i:sskv, who shot bim.
Hi. New Muslral r'omeily Waa Proiluecd
Thrre Thl. Monlh.
(From the Montpelier Argas.i
Bert L Taylor, well known in Mont
rleiierard Barre (and a reporter on the
Reformer some 15 jears ago), is now in
Chicago, where be has a position on
the Tribune. He conducts a column.
l.lnc-'o-Tv pe or Two" oil the editorial
(.age. A new musical coniedv, "The
Explorers." in which be collohorated
with Walter 11 Lewis, w as ptnriiiced nt
Diiirboru's theatre rurly this month and
has been running steadily and success
fully. New music and new lint s h ive been
added anl the co'iiedy is .'biding much
favor with large audiences.
In connection with hi newspaper
work be has recently gotten out a
brown paper pamphlet in imitntioo of
the Philistine and those who pave besnl
Elbert lluhhird and read bis magazine
will appreciate it.
Kirk One..
Miss Lillian Amy Bliss is
ill ut. Hotel BrattlebOM.
Michael Sears is failing. David
Fitzgerald is out from a several days
Mid-Summer Cut Prices
Blue Flame Oil Stoves
Baby Carriages.
Hammocks, . .
Eddy Refrigerators
Piazza Chairs. .
Emerson & Son,
Complete House Furnishers.
2 and l Main Street, 1 Brattleboro, Vt.
That is why
We never carry any "Deiul Stock" on our shelves.
we always believe in keeping goods moving.
If a style moves slowly, the first thing we propose to do is to close it out and
put in its place a more "snappy line."
We tind we have five lines that we can get along without. We have decid
ed to turn this into money, so make the following very low prices :
cap toes, with soles, Kangaroo tops,
all sizes, $l.'.S.
same as Bhoye. except with fancy,
cloth tops, all sizes,
plain toes, light pump soles, ail sizes,
GRESS, plain toes, light pump soles,
all sizes, $1.)S.
cap toe-, genuii.e wel: sules. all sizes,
xotice on: display or these goods
Miss Ktbpr McVei-h ha-;
from a rtay at the Lake.
Church Nottm.
Ailvent Christian Church, K K I.ombaM, r.i.
! tor. S'lii.tav onrvifif! t'uyiT niroilnir at 1" 45
i a in. Sumlity n h'iol at1 1- M. Pruai'hhur at - ' i"
1 in, iuiii-s., ' I'utM u imy tt he a t hrtiiu .'
mi l at 7 li' p m, Milijtvt, "( 'hrint hid. the (mr
iMeiitirt.' Ltnai Wui kiT?' meetliiif At 6:.J) p.m.
All are utVoine.
1'tiitarlnn rtuir.'h, I.ev E ' Ofironi), pnotnr,
Si-rvh-e t-vi-rv un'lay at 1 :t I a in. sumi.ty
srh- ol ;ii 11 4i a in. "Thi-tne hw t)Pt Sun iav:
'.Ie u alii Hit? ii;lal In-iniri.' Ail ire wt-l-
Advertised Ijttcra.
Lailif- Mrs Victor Minsliri li,'0.
Aihert nue.
Hrnllcv Henrv V urppne, U'alter Lerti,
i av k! l'ulan.r. C H ihkv. 3.
Kcdo! Dyspepsia Cure
Opens Tomorrow-Saturday-Morning.
A sale where co.-t ami value take no part in juice making. Just above the giving away point on
everything left in stock. Stock is too heavy with warm weather here, so we've cut prices to reduce it,
cut them so irresistibly low that you're bound to carry oil' the goods.
Children's Sailor Boys' Cadet SllitS. 10 Plcn
STRAW HATS. Long Pants, handsomely trim- WJon'o Anrlfinff hirto
Prices nil cut to pieces. Hied ''louse with brass buttons. "ICM O WUlMllg Olllllb.
25 cent and 50 cent Sailor,, l.lar price $1.00. n
Hurry Sale Price, Hurry .ile Price,
13c Each. 48c. Two for 25 cents.
BICYCLE HOSE. 50 Doz. Men's a Special Lot of
100 Pairs Extra Quality.
Seamless Half Hose. Children's Ribbed Hose.
Fancy Tops. Aooi ted colors, 20c values. Double knee. Fust black.
Hurry Sale 1 ncc, j,. p. 1IlH,.v Sae p,;
19 cents a pair. 11 cants a pair. -25c for S pairs.
boys' 25c caps. Men's 25 and 50c Caps, straw hats.
Hurry Sale Price, Ih.ny ;lIe Price, 1' il fiatbt
9c. 19c. 69c each.
$1.50 and $2.00 grades,
In the Hurry Sale at
ALL GOING in the Hurry Sale .at
24c a garment.
The kind of things that make the Summer more Summery. Such reductions make tlie prices so attractive that you'll see the wisdom
and the savins that Hps In attendance norni this sale.
Aires .1 to Hi, Vestee. Mannish. Knickorlmck
er t'l.M and $i) UU Suits, iu Ibe Hurry Sale at
JS.'iO and JJ.00 Suits, in tbe Hurry Sale at
Men's and Youth's Odd Suits.
Here are a few left In loneliness. Ifere Is a
Price to clear out tne "lonelies."
A Hurry Sale Prue,
$3.98 Your choice.
ts. 8f, $10 Suits all in the Hurry Sale at
$6.89 Your choice.
12, $1.1. 814. 1. Suits all in the Hurry Sa
at $9.89 Your choice.
J3"These price are a rare treat. Kemenilier thee are not ol,l suits, of! styles not even common style they are the choii-e-t tli.t
have come from the leailine New York makers THIS SEASOX. New Wortcls, new Cheviots, new CssMineres. new Stripes, new Check,
new Mixtures all eoini; in tlie Hurry Sale. Yc u all know our rule we itively will not carry oo,ls uver to another year.
You can't jinlue ihe Importance ot this Hurry Sale by talk. Come aaJ see. aaJ ask. snd know. Watch our Windows and Dliilsj
luring tbe Hurry Sale. You ran save dollars.
UTrompt attention to Mail Orders3 JJT Telephone T4 2.
Clothiehs, IIattecs, Onrnir.Es
CCIothing y-ddc to 0:ler.C?

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