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VOL. XXV, NO. 104.
Incrnlnua Traatmant hy Which
Uruiikrdir Baln Cured Dally
In Splta nt Thainaslvas.
Noilom Don. Xo Wtikinlnj
thr Nirrei. A PUaaant noil Pos
itive Cure for tha Liquor llablt.
It if now cenerally known and un
rstoo:i that Drunkenness is a rlis
if. and cot weakness. A body filled
, th poHcn, ana norvts completely
uttered uy periodical or constant use
intcixii'St'int! liquors, requires an an-
dct rapaoifl 01 neutralizing ana
! jiii:;ititiu ta is poison, ana tlealrny-
t.li t:ie craving for intoxicants. Suf
fers may now cure tneniseives at
OD.e wlinoui puiuiui b. ur iUBS i time
. I i
trim D'lsliiess uy hub wunueriui
HOME UULU UUKB" wnieli Has
hen perfected after many years of close
ik v and treatment 01 lneurmies, toe
aithf j! use according to oireotinns of
his wonderful discovery la positively
luaracteed lo cure tbe most oliatinate
tiin. to matter how bard a drinker.
L)ur re.-orilg show the marvelous trans-
lrmstion of thousands of UrunkHrds
ito sober, industrious and upright
Rn!! Tbis remedy 19 no dense a rjoa-
rum bat is a specifio for this diseuse
nl). and is bo skilirully nevisefl Bnd
repBrt'J mat it is tnorouguiy aniuuie
nd pleasant to the taste, bo that it
nn lie civen in a cup of tea or coffee
; without the knowledge rf thB person
takicg it. Thousands of Drunkards
I nve cured themselves with this price
' -3 remedy, and as many more have
I -pc cured and rr ade temperate men
ly having the "UUKb ' administered
1 y loving friends end relatives witli
A tiieir knowledge in coffee or tea,
ur-d relieve to-day that thev discon
tinue:! tirinHing of their own free will.
00 NOT WAIT. Do not be deluded
1 y apparent Hnd misleading "improve
ment," Drive out the disease for once
and f ir all time, The "HOME C10LD
CUKE" is sold at the extremely low
price of One Dollar, thus placing with
in reach rf everybody a treatment more
e'Tectual than others costiog to SoO.
Kul! directions accompany each pack
Special advice by skilled pbysi
.-iar.s alien requested wituout extra
cnarg". Sent prepaid to any part of
the world on recpipt. of One Dollar.
dflre? tfent E 20fi EDWIN IS. (3ILK8
V COMPANV, ZVO and 21:32 Market
Mreef. Philadelphia.
All iirrespundPLce strictly confiden-ti.il.
3 lbs Sausage 25c
Quotations on
Products In
the Leading;
Haymarket Square, ISoston,
Reliable Wholesale Dealers In
Wines and Liquors
For Family I se.
6piiinx Itye, In sealed bottles only,
$1.25 quart, 15. 00 case. J'er jtal
Witho'--Cabinet Rye, it 00
Walfh'B Owl Rye, 3 50
Kern-.vaod Rye or Hourtmn, 3 00
Gicnwoorl Rye or Bourbon, 2 50
tVelilnston Club, X X X -J 00
Wellington Club, XX 1 75
v'e.:;n.-ton Club, X 1 50
Latvrer.rc's OM Mcilfonl, 3 id
truiim Trull Co., Rinn, i 50 2OT
Sew En?laml Hum, $1 75 150
l'urc Holland Gin, $1 00 3 no
l'urc Rye Gin, J 50
JiMtlfim Gin, $J0fl ITS 150
l'urc Cillfomla Wines, 1 00
1'ure Grain Alcohol, 2 75
Send for 1901 Catalogue.
M.: ney must accompany onler. Remit bv
IVfai r-r Kxpn.'.sa Money Oriler. No charge
f ir j'j.-j, iiai'klug, file. All goods imi-kcU
'.a i:a;u cases. Tl-ly-tu fr
Bostcn, July 2."). Butter lins boon la
rulht'i- belter demand, on eouier wea til
er, with tin- beat creunii'i'ii.s very wt II
hold. Kxtfii creameries, small paeli
agi'M, '-'n,r; uurtlicru fresh, round
lots, I'O'iwJk-; eastern, 2iKii20'3c;
dairies, nf.vl.S'jc; firsts, ltftil7',,ri
ladles, 11C( Ilk-; jobbing, V-j(q lc more.
(.'hei'so Is very sleiuly, with prices
well held. Kouud lots, uew, fl'alOc;
wise, Itl'yllc; jobbing, HC'ilc higher.
Liverpool Is uoted at ioi (id for both
White 31 11(1 colored.
Kggs are scarce and linn. The mar
ket is well supplied with stock that has
been more or less heated by the recent
hot wather. Kurly Murage, liic; fresh
western, HKiKIc; cnsliTU, l.Vi 17c; near
by and fancy, 1741'u uud up; jobbing,
141 Vic more.
Iteaus are rather easy on a quiet de
mand here, although the country mar
kets are tiiin. Carload lots, neii and
medium, c'.l."; yellow eyes, $:.2."i; red
kidneys. Sf-AO; California small while,
scarce, $.!.7.V;i.lio; jobbing, 1c more;
Lima, 7c per pound.
New apples are still iu small receipt,
with good lots selling readily a I fair
prices. (iood are q'loted at $ 1 l.l'.'i
per bushel basket.
California pears are in small supply,
and sell by the jobbers at ;?;W:'..."iu per
box. California peaches are in small
supply, and sell by, Ihe jobbers at ISl'.T.'i
j;!.!'."). Ceorgia peaches are in small
supply, and job at S2'2.J."i fur ti-basket
curriers. California plums job at ?1.7."i
(iiJ.od; prunes. 2.2TnS.
Native cherries are about out of the
market. licalers say that there are
few more to come forward. They sell
at Mltie per lb for good. Only a few
strawberries are coining, the season be
ing nearly done. They sell at bl'.'ir
per box In crate lots, as to iinalitv. I
Raspberries are quite plenty. In case
lots they sell at W(liv for- pns, with
cups at (!' 7c. Blueberries were hi
lighter supply during the week, ami sol I
at l.'!5l.ic. Blackberries are quiie
plenty, and are quoted at S'.lOe in crate
lots. The supply of currants is smaller
than a week ago. nud the market is
firm at iM7c. (!oos"bcrrlcs are m
small supply, at ";(! for quarts, iu
crate lets, with other packages accord
ing to size,
l'otatoes are easier, under full supply.
Extra are quoted at $.tYii'J.7i per bbi;
fair to good, L'lVJ.ott. Some fancy
stock is quoted as high as s.:. Iloultou
advices say that the crop is a week i
ID days earlier than usual. They will
be here about Oct. 1.1.
Celery sells at ."o'xiiilc for bncli for big
hunches, according to si.e ami quality.
.Spinach is sold jit -tile per bushel. Ht
tuce is (juored at 2Df.'ne por box. 1 1-2
dozen In a box. Radishes are sold at
5De per box for good.
Onions are pretty firm at ?2''2.."0 per
bag for Egyptian; western. S.'l u-r bar
rel. Native bunch, 2.V per dozen.
Southern marrow squashes are quoted
at $f! l.."D per barrel, as to quality. N;i
tive slimmer squashes are quoted at S:i
fj4 per Idd, as to si:-.e, quality and va
riety. Cucumbers are easier at $2 per
linj for good. Tomatoes are qui", ted
a a-jf per pound for hothouse, with
crates at $2'r.'f.."D. as in size ami quality.
Turnips are rather s-arce a! 2 per
$1..jD per Mil. C:i'ibaes are d'-lland
druggy, with southern aboui deti", atid
ntnartal, St V. M. C. A , 3
The Raleigh bae hall nine defeated
the Brattlehnro V M (; A team at River
side 1'ark Saturday afternoon, by h fcore
of S to ,". The gamp, although niirred by
rumerou errors bv both tenuis wn a
interesting one to witness. The
tnilon, - an't m
Met loidhcrn, I
llroohs, ati'l c
llutler, 3b
K Younir, Jb
Qulnn, i' aixl r
.1 YntinK, Ih
ltibln(on, r ani) p
lC;ilcli;h, in ami sa
Totals 35
.1 Tuds, Hi 5
I, A lieu, ;;b 5
Stevens, ss 4
W Tufts, c 4
Whct'ler, r 4
HA lien, I 4
tun.lltr, lb 4
unioe, t :j
Ferrlter, in 4
Totals 32
Score by Innings,
5 1 1
3 0 0
1 n r,
! li 3
3 (i
1 5 4
10 0 ?
0 0 1
0 1 ft
s; is ii
l-o A K
1 1 0
2 '1 2
2 3 1
5 o n
I n o
4 0 0
II o 4
o l o
u l o
:t 7
; 7 s o
I li II s
i 1 li-5
No Hair?
The trouble is your hair
does not have life enough.
Save your hair. Feed it with
Ayer's Hair Vigor. If the
gray hairs are coming, Ayer's
Hair Vigor will restore color
every time.
$1. All Jmjilui. J. C. AVER CO., Lowell, Mhi.
Sminnarv 'tolen bases, llins.lale 4. V M r
4 ; base en ball'. i,f (.bilnn 1, otf I'.nbaiFen 1, oil
.Monroe 1; struck out, by tjuuiii 4, by .Monroe x
'DI-p t . stan.lant and regis.
r'tZ.U Vw tercil No. an,M is 7
years .lune 2, inoi, welchs 1U0 pounrls, ami
la a bi-'v.oful daiiple brown; line style an'l ac
tion. I'e-l was slreil by Sau Jnrelnto by Wm.
Toil, by Knickerbocker, by H inibletonlan 10.
Wl j!;im Toll's dam was Gossip bv Mumhrlno
INtcntn. Pe l W's ilam was Lottie Tell by Win.
Teii, i-t rlilm Molly Miller.
l'e, W, will mate His season. Sun'tnvs ex
cepteo, ,ii tne stable of Oscar T. Ware, Itrattlv
i),,re. s-jrviccs $10. Mares at owner's risk.
- B. O. WARE.
Coua.ctfciit nit Paatitmpalc Division
summer arrangement. lt01.
J. .'are T::ow Falis,
Arr. i'.rattiCboro,
LciTt n:t:i Vernon,
5.4 i
l 'J2
8 20
3 05
a. 16
native sold at .;( i per loo, as l
Beets are sold at ."He per bushel.
at $l.r0 per ion for bunch. Carrots a re
tinner at $1.."0 per bu, and at $2'.i 1 p"i
BX) for bunch. .Mint sells at 2-"e per
dozen; cress, u. per doz; paisley, 2,"e
per bushel.
String beans are easy at about 5ie
per box for almost any variety. ;reeii
peas are firm for good at $2 per bush
el. Orcen corn is on the market at 2"m'
per dozen. Leeks sell at 7.V per dozen;
peppers. $2.rkrj.".rD per crate.
Watermolous are fairly plenty and
sell at lWi23r for iiiediuin; large. aoVjC
40c. Canteloupes are In pfi'tfy full sup
ply, and sell ;it JK2 tier crate, as lo
quality, for Rockyfords.
The pork and lard markets are well
sustained, with several advances of the
wevk well held.
The beef arrivals were small, and the
trade good, which left the market pretty
thoroughly sold up, and prices looking
The mutton market Is fairly steady,
with a better trade ruling late in the
week. Veals are in small supply, wit a
a firmer market. Spring lambs. lWt
12c; fall lambs, !I0e; muttons, 7ii!o;
veals, 7'"!,jc; fancy and Brighton., !l
Poultry is in fair demand at pretty
steady prices. Iced is in good shape,
with alive not over plenty. Iced tur
kevs. IKflte; frozen. '.Wlluo; fresh na-
W K Pierce of Chesterliel l has sold
his fsroi at auction to a Mr Pub t of
Brooklyn, N V, for 67UO.
Andrew Bildreth, who enlists in
the United States araiy recently, is
no stationd at Kort Mever, Vh', but
ti e regiment joes to Texas sou o time
this iLonth,
Tile Universalist socictv giive a
lawn party ut the l.oir.e of Mrs John
Scow Wednesday.
The following otlieers of the Valley
Connnandery. No 41 1. I O U C. re in
stalled bv Grand Commander K C Rvdcr
of N'e fields, at Kay hall last week
Thursday; (.'bus H Pearjon?, noble com
mander; Mrs Marr A Rovce, vice noble
.oiumander; Mrs Belia E.'tey. prelate;
Mrs Addle E Bix, keeper of record?:
John T Powers, treiif-urer: V A Pack
ard, herald; Mrs Meruit; Britton, ward
of the inside gate; A F Fisher, pas: noble
The wires for the new electric lights
have heen strung There has tieen con
sideraole trouble about the poles and in
many instances they have had to t e
MUs Hattie Knapp is to have charge
of the children's meetings at Clareiuont
cump ruetting next moutb.
Miss Carrie Stearns i; acting as organ
ist at the Cou2regationali-t churth dur
ing the absence of Robert Field.
M iss Joeie Redding entertained a few
friends l"t Thursday afternoon i,i honor
of lur 23d birthday.
Gcnriin K Robertson and FistPrs,
Mrs Nat Butler tf C'atubriilga anti
Miss Lizzis Robertsoe. are at fspof
fora lake in (Jhesiereld. M iss Annie
Conway is at the riunset Hill for the
summer. Frank K Field, superin
tendent of the Bright wood paper mill,
with his son Robert hats gone to the
Pan American Kxpusition. M iss Zoe
Sanderson of Bridgeport, Ct, is at
boma for tbe eumtuer vacation. M iss
L A Gould, superintendent of the Hoa
tcn Industrial pchocl, and 11 A Ras
com of Mald'-n, Masp, ai' amorg the
recent arrivals at Tower Hill farm.
Thomas McCaugh-rn returns to
Springfield, Mass, Btin'jay nf:or two
weeks' visit with his parents here.
V Detnnsey attended the Pan-Atneri
can Exposition ut Buffal last week.
Advertisements for the Ref-irtner inav be
haiele'l in to Mrs Elsie L Saun-lera, correspond
ent, nint will recelvo the same attention as
though sent illrect to the otll-.c In Ilrattlcboro.
Those for Tuesilay's Issue must be har.'leil In on
the previous Saturday. Those for Thursday, on
Wednesday morning. The Reformer trees luto
nearly every family In Norlhfle! 1, und 1. a good
medium through which to adveitlse.
Items tut the Northlleld column are also solicited.
The S IJ B iluh givp. an rntertalr merit
in village hall this evening, the pro
ce?ris of which are to go towards the
purchasing of a fire engine.
Frabk Holt and family of salem.
Mass, ar visiting at Mrs L'zzie lion
Dey's. Mrs Angell of lioston is the
gusst of hrr cousir, Mrs Sarah Farrell
Miss Bertha Hamilton and triced
Miss (..rave Ournsey of Iveene, are
(lending a few days with Miss Sarah
Farweli. Clarence llron and family of
I ManMield, Mass. are viciting at Joseph
fotinff Wnm.n'. roilferenraMan) Dala
Itat.a From Far nntl A't.r-Tlia A
proncliltiff AimuM Cmif.rcnra.
Tha Xorthtitld Voting Women's con
ference cl -s"il Sunday night at Kjst
Northtield frm reveral spemters, tbe
psrting words being delivered by Bob.
ert K Steer of New Votk city. All
spoke c f the great hope and inspiia
tion tbM the cotifcreni.'e had creattd
ucd of its undout'tetl value.
The gereral attendance has been
greater than before. Over forty oili
cers i.ttended from American associa
tions nd five from those in Canada;
whilu large represurtatiuos camn froai
ti, any stat?s New Vnrlc, New Jersey,
Peansj lvania, Massachusetts, Con
necticut, etc; some from fr away
Netiiska aud even Horolulo. There
were rej resented many institutions of
learning in Maryland, Nebraska,
Maine, Rhode Island, Ohio, Vermin t,
New Vork, New Hampshire, Cotirecti
cut, MinLcsotd. Iowa, North L'aniliea,
Florida, Mnsptiohuetts, Canad.a and
else here anil there is ei idence rf so
much strength in tne meetings that
they Feem destined to grow iu huh
f Tee and volume.
The nest groat conference at Xorth
field ill be the 10;h tjleuerai cot for-
eci.e for Christian Workara held from
August 1 to H inclusive. It will be
the ercluding conference of tha sea
son in s 'tiie n sperts the most iu.p:ir
ta:it, and promising this year to lie
bet'er attsi lied than any previous
gatiierir.g. It will In a(idres-ed by
son:e of the be3! spi-akers from at hortie
and abroad: Rev G Campbell Mcrgan
of L' r.tion. Kng, Samuel C'hadAick of
L.eiN, Keg. il U Weston, D I), of
Chester. I Teunis S Hamlin, li I),
Washmrt m, l C, C I Scetield, U IJ.
f Northfield, Mas-. II W Pope, of
New Hitter, Ct. K A lorrev. of Chi
cago, Iil, II C Kahie. I) l, and A
C Dixon. I) D. of lio-tor, Muss. A T
Pierson. D D, ..f Hr-i.klyn, N V.
Jehn BalcoTB Shaw, I) D, Cnas K
Jerlera.n, D D, and Wilton Merle
Smith, L) D, of New Vork city,
Gecr.ro C Needliam of Narlin th, P i,
and Dr and Mrs Howard Taylor of the
China 1 1. lard M issinn.
Severs! ten festores will be intro
duceJ this year iat.i the conference
whii'h will extend its score acd t'.-e-
day afternoon Hnd his body was found
by Eugene Arms of Soutii DeerHeld
Wedneiiday moralr-ir in Bhout 13 feet of
Tbe boy was In bathing near the
Sunderland bridge, with othets of his
age. none of whom could swim. When
ho ventured into the deeper water and
went down the other hoy could not
help him and were go frightened at his
not coming up that they hid his clothes
and went home, saying nothing of
what had happened. When the bov
was missed they were asked where he
was they said he was at tne river and
they guessed he could not come back.
l'rlx.a for tha Haeaa.
For the races at Greenfield, the
FratiKlin County Agricultural Fair
association offers) the f dlowirg prizes :
Three minute class glut): 2 45 i lass
t-m; 2 :.'." class, 200; 2:27 class,
fJ'JO; 2:17 class, $100. At tbe Brat-
tlenoro alley fair the following most
liberal prizes are offered: Sept ',
2:17 class, aiOOi 2 :2" class, fioOO; 2:.'B
cUss: W0: sept 20, 2:12 class SOflO;
22 class, ioOO, 2 :2 class, flDO. The
Urattlsboro racas are for both trotters
and pacers.
The triennial reunion ofltho alumni
of Powers institute will be held at
Bemardstun Aug 14, afternoon and
Don't Accept a Substitute !
When you ask for Cascarets be
sure you get the genuine Cascarets
Candv Cathartic! Don't accept
fraudulent substitutes, imitations or
counterfeits! Genuine tablets stamp
ed C. C. C. Never sold in bulk.
All druggists, ioc.
When the Puritan passed through the
fomsts of New England, he realized that
his greatest danger was from hidden
foes. Therefore, he was armed and
vigilant. The enemies a man can eee
he can fight, but the enemy that skulks
in darkness unseeu, be he ever so weak,
is to be dreaded by reason of his in
visibility. The toes that threaten the life to-day
are all ambushed. There is no fear of
the "arrow that flieth by day," for the
day of the arrow is past and gone. But
the "pestilence that walketh in dark
ness," is still a thing of terror, because
it strikes suddenly from ambush.
Let the word pestilence be only whi-
Carroll .nil r lRtirfy Arr.il.il in Sprlits;
nal.l IVmii.d fur a I'o.t-Otllce Job at
K..'X Jitut-llon.
Willia'O Carroll and ThoTias Fla
herty, nlioiii Inspector Quil'y arrest
c1 the lli'h a: Hprir.giield on sus
picion of I eing burlars, were in the
court luesuay
vagraury, ard
aay. Ihe two men wire rot given
thei' lil'orty, however bt.t where held
as fugitives from ustice. Later iu
the day a warrant arrived In m
Krattlehoro charging them with the
buraiHry of the Ksst-x Jurietion i Vti
( ostoilice. the 7'h. A United States
marshal took thmi baelt to in ser
the charge WoJuesday. fittring the
nav the i ilv maisbal receiver! three
trl -grams, two from a po-totlice in-;
speeior, and the thir-l from thedis-i
trict attorney at Brattlebor'. The I
Vi rtnoot o:Bef rs tr ink tne Si tingli-l j
police icnde a Eood catch when Carroll i
anil Flah'Ttv came their wav
diy i
Won an's Relief Corps will
a meeting ut tbir r.'-on a m Fri
ifterncon, Aug 2d. A full att"d
is desired.
We. t mora land.
The dramatic cltih are rehearsing the
drama. ''Coupon Bonds," which they
will present in the near future.
Xrxt Sunday will be observed as
Children's dny at the I'niversali.-t
cbun h.
Tbe remain, of Charles Chase, form
j or ly a resident of this town, were
nrougor nere raiuroay ror mtermcrii,.
Rev II E Rnuiilard is in Springtield
ibis week. Mr and Mrs C'harl (.'iter
ot Waltham, Mass, visited at O K Der
by's last week Mrs II K Rouiliard
and son, Kenneth, have returned from
"veral wteBs' visit in rroriocetonx.
When you want a .nodern. up-to date
pin sic. try Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets. Thev are easy to take
aud pltaS'tit in effect. Price 2o cents
Samples free at Brooks Hcu?e Patir-macy.
The furci;hi'gj and e.iiirnients cf
" St iiapsor.s" Inn" will best Id at pub
lie auction on Saturday, July 27ta, at
'. a ::. No postponeoji nt co account
of the weather.
The money which wis lost as men
tioned in our Tmsdsy's issue has
oien found and returned to the right
ful oui'i, Mr O' Keller found ir. A
reward of J100 had been ot'treJ but he
refused tj take the reward.
Tbe baud conceit was greatly er.
joyed Tuesday, if tha repeat 'u cn
coring and tne ouoilmr of persons
out to lister, are anv evident p. Albert
Stratton furnisnert the members of the
lard with lemonade and H U Travis
furnishfd cig.rs.
C U Webster and wife are at the
Pao-American Exposition lit ButTal'.
-Geo Carltno of Orante i Hupping
with N W K.'t for a few dajs. Jay
Archibald of Ludlow, Vt, is visitirg
in town. Miss Lucy Tir.ski is at her
Home cere from Springheli for a short
pered and fear grips the heart Homes
are forsaken. People flock to the rail
roads frantic to escape from the infected
city. But shout a warning against dys
pepsia and who is alarmed? Nobody.
Yet dyspepsia in the diseases to which it
tpni!!.' is resnonsib'.e for more deaths an-
larrr.ing, char-e l with nuallv in the United States than pesti-
tbe charges were tiled ience could nrobably claim in a decade.
th;! wi:ak spot
of the modern man is his stomach. No
ni.-m can te stronger than his stomach
because the stomach is in effect the vital
centre of the bony. Where does the
heart get its nourishment? From the
stomach. Where is the nourishment
prepared for lungs, liver, kidneys and
other organs? All are nourished from
the stomach. Stop putting food into the
stomach and iu time the heart stops beat
ing. Wc must cat to live. JCvsry'oody
knows that. They understand that the
man that isn't led starves. But what they
don't seem to understand is that starva
tion is just as sure when the man is fed.
if by reason of disease the stomach cannot
convert the food it receives into nutri
tion for the body and its several organs.
The sign of starvation is emaciation,
loss of flesh. That's the sign of dyspep
sia and weak stomach also. The dys
peptic eats enough but the stomach f.nd
other organs of digestion and nutrition
fail to extract the nourishment from the
food and so the body grows lean and the
atrcngth of the body is undermined.
There is a certain physical degeneracy
which results from dyspepsia. If the
body is not nourished it grows weak,
and as the body is only a general name
for the sum of its organs and members,
to sp?ak of the body growing weak
means that the heart is growing weak,
the lungs are growing weak, and that
the liver and kidneys and other organs
are involved in the same "weakness."
When diseases of the stomach and its
allied organs are cured these dependent
weaknesses are cured also.
"For aliotit two years I suffered from a
very obsliflftte case of dyspepsia," writes
R. E. Secord. Eig.. of n Eastern Ave..
Henry Sin.ioueau of ll-iydenvilie was
struck by tie last cur to Williams
burg .YJoi:diy night, and seriously in
jure.!. Simoneau ,vns in a iliunl'en
condition, and the silk n ill in Lee is.
Motorujan WhiltieeJ; saw the man
whi'n a short uiTine' away from him,
b it was not quite successful in stop
ping tim car before ha was struck.
W II Lane has disappeared fmni l is
home in Winchendon. and his wife
fears foul phiy. He left his In me on
July let. His ilisaprear"nca w a in
porl'ed to Chief if Police Callahan
Wednesday norma?. Lir.e left a wife
Bid tinea children, the youngest only
,,fiva wreks old. Thev u med there
from F.asi luTpletun nbout threo
u.o'tha af. Ho and his wife ate both
n: ti t ts.
-,i Hollows Kails .32a.m., 12.ll, 2.08, 7.00,
. wV.dsi-r S 3.-, l.fW, S.55, T..VI, 11.57 p. m.
luring a !- ,vy tr urrjrr strrtn
f,:i'i I'hui.-ilav afternoon a siio".v
tin 11 frogs d-sreiided in the I
i-c.iows r'a.;
.!. a.m. p.m.
7.13 !'.lfl 1J.:17
n.ai! n.sa i.'i7
n.ij 2.it
11.51 a.io
4 .Vi
6.50 10.1."
11.40 .11.05
a.m. a.m p.m. p.m. p.m
Windsor. 3.;o. 7.24 a.m., 12.M
. .4 rr.ledl. n.m.
. Arr. F.cilowe Fa ta M-H, 8.01 a.m, 12,57 l.H
' (n.lxed). p. m.
l'-.:.y. Leave Bellows Kal's 1.20. Arrive
'r.eiciitir.j 2.1,1. .c!4ve ;raiilcboro 8.00. Ar-
t.vc spriniriield .1 ) t Ar. Urecnfleid 8.40 a.m.
FLANDERS, Gen. Pasa.and Ticket Act.
Sootherl. Dlvlalon.
Corrc ted to June 23, 1!1.
Tra!r. ave Brattleboro as follows:
S .si ., Uaiiy for Snrlncricid und New Tork.
7-V' i n, ior MllWrs Falls, Palmer and Kew
l-OTji-ip. Connecting at MlilerB Falls wltfc
B-v.-n M&lneiR. R., at Palmer with Boaton
A .: o r ti. Kat Kew Londoo with N. VJi. H.
4 ti. It. R.
V.' t..-,- for Snrlnidelil an-1 New Tort.
1 -.jf t -i, for Millers Falls. I'almer and New
I.i-Bitoa, connecting at Wlilera rails lor Bo
!-' I' n for Sprlntto.l ami New York.
;,.r.;., for SprHirdekt and New York.
s j'.a., tor Sprincueld and New York. DatlT.
4."1 p.m, for Mlrn-ra Falls and aiatlons oo
I'tru on r.,toa ft M.iine K. R., Palmer an t
Ntw Londoa and New York Tla NorwIcH Lino.
Tri'.r. lrrln. t RmrtlatiAro a. fotlwa:
.-j., irom New York na Norwich Une anil
Lor-'on alo from Sprlnroid.
r, fn- ' lio;toa ns MUlers Falls ano.
r v-jrc 1 ton.
K v i , in.lt p.m- from w Tark
?.' " V i-i 1 1 r.in. d.Hiy.
New London.
-ban without nMt.-c
k 'lays only except a. sotec
t v-1G. M.. t- Air.an
1. -
tive chickens, 2HS;2Sc; western. I.Kfr lUc: '
fresh fowls. lli'iUc: iced fowls, ilfi j
ll'....c; iced chiekens. Vi'iiVx-; Iivo
fowls, li'' lie; live chickens, 1,'rSlUc;!
sprins ducks. Wnlie. j
tim- is still 1 nil. The abundant hay
crop 'in nearly all parts of New England I 0,ii'" li r' Ivaiir.ad s-eare. -vv
has sent a big volume of old hay to mar-j'" . r ,L'1,a f 'hft K J"
ii.i.i .- . I the B :?ton tv Mains railioa l jor
ket. and unsarisfa. tory prices are heing ; ((1 ,;f rM , arJ,.
realized. The desire is still strong to;
close out old hay. (Hd rye straw 1st
about out of the market, r. ith some now
selling to arrive. Millfoed is firmer,
with higher quotations. Hay. .l2rfil7;
fancy and Jobbing. S17.Wtftl8.otl; rye
straw, old. nominal, f 1!); new, ?10; oat
corn has continued to advance, under
Oats have continued to ndvaneealong
with corn, but largely in following with
Ihe latter grain. Ie.ilers reason that
f corn is short, there must be a better
demand for oats anil higher prices.
Theer has bi-en some damage to oats
by the dry weather, but generally the
dry weather came after the oats were
nil harvested. It is known that the
Chicago bidl pool on corn is also largely
Interested in oats.
! II C
a cis
rafalr awd Ouirc-
(From the Burlington News.)
The existing vtein of renreentatior. prac
tically inuoe a (wrinlrv ii on tho-e w ho live
i.i the larjer town, and r-t:e w nen- tne pop
ulation i- in-reini. They pi the lanre-t
ppviwrtHW nt taxes .-.n I hse the smallet op
ii..riiinirv to -iv how triors tnxes shall 1h ex
jienileil. " Thev'have but ii:t- voice in deefd
ixn how much -tare ex; en-e shall I incurreil
iti.t cotj pjrnti'eiy n oi.-e at ail in deciding
h.,iv -? sbni! I.e r:ii-il and appor
tioned ' 1 l-nilllt'il to SU.'inilT to
ati-r y iihout rc reeiitatiin. lae
By the Same 3Ian, with .tlany Years
Between llatca.
Samuel Diinmick, of Kingston, K. T., a
veteran of our Civil War, recently called
upon his old army friend, Dr. David Ken.
nedy, and at the close of their conversation
(reminiscent of the war and of a severe but
successful surgical operation performed
upon bira by Dr. Kennedy, in the army
hospital) Mr. Bimraick said :
" One word more, Doctor, before I gJ.
I work in Peckham's Car Truck Factory
and for some time I had been feeling iil
and exhaneteiL My liver and kidneys
were out of order, my blood was bad ani I
suffered from a perfect procession of car
buncle boils.
"At last I quit work. Finally a relative
advised me to tike your new medicine
called Calcura Solvent. I told her all right;
that yon had saved, my arm aud my life,
and I'd charge a battery if you gave tiie
"Afterafewcbys of Calcnra Solvent, I
felt better, and when I had used a Iwttle
and a half i went b.ick to my work, f-eling
really w -!! for the first time sin'-e the war.
So vou sec, Doctor, I owe yon a do.ibli
If yoar cdmggi-t is oct of Ca2cnra Solvnt,
send 1.11 to Dr. DavU Kennedy, Ken
nedy Bow, Kingston, N. I; exoress pre-
: !. V'ri'e f.-.r free sample bottle. i
About 1(0 new b-oks have arriieu
for the Cushman library i,nd ar now
in the hands of the tuna coin in ittee.
While visiting at iier uarls's. Kd
Doolittle's .'.Jis.t I'lerenee Onolittle
li art ford hf taken ill am tiiei
Saturday. The fum-r 1 w held Tues
day ar.u Ihe remains taken i ) Hart
ford for burial.
Miss Kilen liradlfj of Boston, wbc.se
dfatn occuried tececily at the iissa
cbcsetTia (.eneral hospi;-d, was w(;i
kno'.vii here, having tit-gtit in Powers
institute for many years.
The body if 11 M Ijler of Kiter
ioe, feriueriy cf I i ' ardstou, whs
brcr.'hr hem for banal feu .uay, Lev
.Vr Li;ks cl'lciating.
riilr -''tor. Proof I.Ike Tlili and
l-'rom II. alli.lmm Prnpl..
No chance for argument here.
No better proof can be had.
White a L'nt'lehoro mm say,
is the best of evidence for Biattleboro
Bend this case.
We hive lots more like it.
Mrs K I! Whitney, professional nurse.
living at 2 Chinch street. ays: "I had
for years marked svinpii in of kidney
trouble arid an intermittent pain acros
my tnuk and hips. Any over exercise
such as overwork or standing too long
aggravated it. During such attacks I
was used up for several days. I tried
several will-known medicines bur they
did n:e little Rood and willing to try any
thing that would check the trouble when
I saw Kuan's Kidney Pills so well recom
mended I was induced to go to a drug
tore and get a bos. They did me a great
deal of good. I was ever so much le tter
and as fur as tbe pain aero's mv back
was concerned. I scarcely felt it "
For sale hv alldfalt rs. Price ftd cent s.
Foster-Milburn Co. liuftalo, N V, sole
agents for the L'cited .Starts.
Bemember the name Bonn's mid take
no substitute.
Sold ty Geo F. Grcvne, n:t Main stci t,
Brattleboro, Vt.
Toronto, Ontario. " I tried a great num.
ber of remedies without success. I fi
nally lost faith in them all. I was so fat
gone that I could not bear any solid food
on my stomach for a long time; felt
melancholy and depressed. Could not
sleep nor follow my occupation (tin
smith). Some four months ago a friend
recommended your 'Golden Medical
Discovery.' After a week's treatment I
had derived so much benefit that I con
tinued the medicine. I have taken three
bottles and am convinced it has in my
case accomplished a permanent cure. I
can conscientiously recommend it to the
thousands of dyspeptics throughout the
"I have taken one bottle of Doctor
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery for
indigestion and liver complaint," writes
Mr. C. M. Wilson, of Yadkin College,
Davidson Co., N. C. " Have had no bad
spells since I commenced taking your
medicine in fact have not felt like the
same man. Before I took the ' Golden
Medical Discovery ' I could not eat any
thing without awful distress, but now I
can eat anything I wish
without having unpleas
ant feelings. Bast sum
mer our baby was teeth
ing and was so poor hi
was almost a skeleton.
We gave him your
'Goldsn Medical Dis
covery,' and now he i3
as healthy and well as
any child. I will speak
a good word for your
medicine whenever I
have an opportunity."
Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery cures
diseases of the stomach;
and other organs of di
gestion and nutrition.
It cures through ths
stomach those diseases
of heart, lungs, liver,
kidneys, etc., which have
their origin in disease of
the stomach and its allied
organs of digestion and
All physical strength must come from
food alter it has been received into the
stomach and properly digested and
assimilated. Medicine cannot make
strength. There is only one source of
strength and that is food converted into
nutrition. There are two chief causes
of physical weakness; one insufficient
food, the other tbe inability of the stom
ach and its allied organs to digeit aud
assimilate the food eaten. Dr. Pierce'3
Golden Medical Discovery is not offered
as a substitute for food, but as a medicine
which enables the perfect digestion and
assimilation of food, and so gives the body
the strength which comes from food alone.
When the weak stomach is made
strong again by the use of "Golden Med
ical Discovery " the food it receives is
perfectly digested and assimilated, and
the body iu all its parts and organs is
restored to strength with the stomach.
The lost flesh is regained and the body
is built up with soutd, solid flesh instead
of flabby fat.
Cat as the body is but a name lor the
sum of its organs and members, so
strength for the body means strength
for each organ of the body, and when
the stomach is made strong, strength is
given to the "weak" heart, "weak"
lungs and other weal: organs.
Accept no substitute for " Golden Med
ical Discovery," there is no other medi
cine "just as good " for the cure of dis
eases of the stomach and other organs of
digestion and nutrition.
on medical matters mu.it be in plain
English if it is to be understood. It was
the aim of Dr. Pierce in the preparation
of his Common Sense Medical Adviser,
to provide for household use a book that
should deal with health and disease
practically, on common sense lines and
m common sense language. This great
book, containing ioo3 large pages, is sent
fra on receipt of stamps to pay expense
of mailing only. Send JI one-cent stamps
for the cloth-bound volume, or only 21
stamps for tha book in paper covers.
Address Dr. R- V. Fierce. Buffalo. N. Y.
Great Annual Mid-Summer Mark Down
and Closing Out Sale
Dimities. 6 1 n shams. Tercales. Linen I)amnUs,
Napkins, Towels, Crashes and Ceiiter;lete.,
the wanted kinds at a. material redaction in prices.
Women t'3 a rloar healthy com-pjtior-.
l'iirt 1)1. n.a.'c? it. iJur-rio-.k
iUiLoJ liittors irnutM ji:iv I 1 .ot!.
I Sweet
! Revenge
in al
f .e den.
Mrs K M Prague lias n-'.urred home
alter six weeks' vt.-it w ith trieads in oi-
taiu und fl:elturr.e Kali". Ml- I.ilia
Atherton of Bernardtou. spent In
wek with Mrs Will Cool.-. Mrs Wilson
Carroll lias returned from Natural
Bridge. X Y, where she has been epend
ine a month. Homer Wright and Miss
Evelvu Chariin of Heruardston, are at A
B Wright's. Balph and James Budcing
toD ot Snringncid, are guests ot a B
Athletic Aaa-ttlall Organlx.4.
The fJreeatield Athletic association,
primarily for hse ball, wks oragnized
Tuesday eveniig by adopting a e in
stitution ant by laws and the election
of the following olheers: Clerk, llen
rv J Kield: treasurer. L A Cook:
directors. Cliftrn L, t itld, Vullism a
(iaires, W A Oavaoport, A U Koler.
Thomas L Baal.-r and tie clerk sod
treasurer to be cirec.ors oiheio. At a
meeting of trio Uirentors inurras L.
Bnwler was rlectea ms-.rger. .1 pre?
ider.t will be elected tt an adjourned
metirs. toot Lall ru-y te tafcen up
in tie fi!L
lior Ir.wit4-Cmpaailoai.
ltan Away.
Thomas Afcearr. tbe 12-vear-o'.i ori
of Thor-isa Ahea'n of Sunderland. ws
drowtel in the Connecticut late Tues-
By Captain F. A. Mitchcl
Author of "Chattanooga," "Chick-
amauga," Etc J
a J
A Story cf tbe Civil War
J a
Through the workings of '. ',
personal enmity and sec- ; ;
tional hatred interesting '. ',
younp- people are thrown
tUCLUCl AUU .All IU lUtt.
The stirring incidents are j
woven into a fascinating ro- 1
t mance with a happy ending. ;;
I We have secured the
I serial rights and will soon ; ;
X begin the publication in our ! !
columns. ;
.Separate Skirts, Jackets, Cape?, ".Vrappers, Ahislin Underwear
ami Shirt Waists, all of the latest, up-to-date style-, at a reduc
tion in prices' of from
25 to S3 1-3 per cent dnrhn the month of Jalj.
eU'.te-il:iv ami r if- i f" III
n mi-.
e-b. everv-oth
;--il:iy I:ii'y. giving
tin1 btot "news on
tl.nysot t-Mte. anilcev
erir g news of tiie oth
er three. It contains
nil imimrtant foreign
ct'ile news whvh ap- 1
tar in The DAILY;
TlIIBl'N'K f same
date, also Dome-tie I
and Foreign orre- i
spomlrnce. .hort sto-1
rics. Klezant half-tone j
Illustrations. Humor-1
ous items. Inou-tnal
Yfll illf"lll If Information. Fa-hlon
I Kl-Wrrftl I Notes. Airrlniltiiril
I 1 1 1 bkllbl jiatterg Comtire-
lienive and r-'lolile
Financial and Market
lt;i.:iiO'l on Thur
' ty, ati l kumn 1 r
i t;it! sixtv yearB
rvrry (tn of thts
I'nitfl M,tP! an ri N .
t .-n:.! Family New)
ptvt-r of the hlahet
r!;i'i f r larmera an-l
v:!favrtr. Jt contain
a . lie nioM lmHiriunc
pneral new of Hit
1 1 hour t( golaj? to
, rch, an Arteulturrti
iVtM'uitn.cnt cf ttte
l;ii.'h?At onler, hag eu
teitatuini reutllu tor
every nit-mtter of th-:
fan:lty,olii and yonnz.
Market Report wh!e:
are arrepted as author
lty by farmers and
country merchant-,
aud la clean, op t
tiate. interewtcg mu-.
Regular ulw;rlp
tion prit-t'f $!.. per!
We f urn Mi ft
for ii.'M) ier jrar.
Regular subscription
I rice, 1.0 per year.
We fnrnl9h with it
t n 1 n 11 si rT1!E kekormeb f. r
Send all order to Till: JiEFOBMER, Iiraflleboro. I t.
Subscribe for the OEFOHMEFI. j

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