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The guests are gone the smile slips from
the face of the hosteik and she gives up
to the pain which racks her body. Many
woman entertains and wears a smile
while her back aches and her nerves
quiver with pain. Surely any medicine
which offers relief to women would be
worth a trial under such conditions. But
when the woman's medicine, Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription, is offered with the
proof of efficacy in thousands of well
attested cures, what excuse can then be
offered for suffering longer?
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
makes weak women strong and sick
women well. It dries enfeebling drains,
heals inflammation and ulceration and
cures female weakness.
It Li with the preatest pleasure I write you
the benefit my mother has received from your
'Favorite Prescription' and 'Golden Medical
Discovery.' "says Miss Carrie Johnson, ofliwes
ville, Amherst Co., Va. "She Buffered untold
misery with uterine disease and nervousness,
and had a constant roaring and ringing: noise
In her head. After taking six bottles of Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription and 'Golden Med
ical Discovery,' she was entirely cured."
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets stimulate
the liver.
EsTAM.ISHKI) 1868.
Haymarket Square, Boston.
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Wines and Liquors
Fun Kamii.v 1'sk.
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Pure Holland Gin, $4.00 3.00
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American Gin, $2.00 1.75 1.50
Pure California Wines, 1.00
Pnre Grain Alcohol, 2.75
Send for 1901 Catalogue.
Money must accompany order. Remit
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Dr. Emmons'
Monthly Reculator has brought happiness to
hundreds of anxious women. There i8 posi
tively no other remedy known to medical science
that will so quickly and Bufely do the work.
Longest ami most obstinate irregularities from
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anteed at any stage. No pain, danger, or inter
ference with work. Have relieved hundreds of
cases where others have, failed. The most diffi
cult cases successfully treated by mail, and bene
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ber, this reuiedv Is absolutely safe under every
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111 elTeci upon the he;ihh. Sent by mail, securely
S":iled. JJ.un. Mnev letters should be registered.
DR. J .W. KMMON S CO., 170 Tre mout St., Boston.
Successful Test! of the Holland Submarine
Boat -The Halo of Heveliui Obaerved-The
Santiago Bounty Money-Keeper of Libby
Prison Dead-New Bible for Episcopal
Churches-Water Found in a Desert-A
Great Labor Congress.
The coroners' jury lust week decided
that the disastrous collision on the
Wabash, railroad near Seneca, result
ing in the loss of nearly a hundred
lives, was duo to negligence of the
Wabash Kailrond company and the
trainmen of No. i.
Secretary Long has orderedthe com
manders of the battleship Iowa and
the gunboat Machias to leave the
isthmus of Panama. The Marietta and
Concord will remain at their respective
stations for a time but they, too, will
leave the isthmus if affairs remain
Rev. Dr. Francis E. Clark, president
of the World's Christian Kndeavor,
will sail for Europe January 4, to give
his personal efforts to establishing the
society more firmly on the continent,
especially in Central Europe, Scandi
navia, France, Spain, Italy, Holland,
Bohemia and Bulgaria.
The motion to quash the indictment
for murder against Koland B. Moli
neaux was denied at New Vork Friday,
and he must stand trial a second time
if the new district attorney thinks
chances of obtaining a conviction are
sufficient to warrant the expense
which will be entailed.
Miss Helen, daughter of Secretary of
State Hav, is to marry Payne Whitney,
of New Vork, second son of former
Secretnry of the Navy William C.
Whitney in Feburary. Besides pos
sessing many society accomplishments,
Miss Hay has made herself a place in
literature", having issued two volumes
of verse.
L. Storti, the murderer, willbeexecu
tod in the electric choir at tho state pri
son in Charlestown, Mass., within two
weeks, his motion for a new trial based
on newly discovered evidence and the
contention that the murderer killed
his victim in self-defense having been
denied. Thus ends one of the most
stubborn legal buttles ever fought in
the state.
The international six days' bicycle
race is in progress at Madison square
garden, New Vork, this week, seven
teen teams, representing all nations of
the world, having entered the contest.
The prize monev will be divided as
follows: First, jl."i(KJ: second, 1KKI;
third, s7r0: fourth, fcKlO: fifth. f-W,
and sixth, 2.K. The contest ends at
HI p. m. Saturday.
The bounty money in connection
with the naval battle of Santiago is
now readv. Admiral Sampson gets
ii,7!7. li," Capt. Chadwick llS.tS47.5S,
Admiral Schley &1500, Commodore
Wainwright fi.'ITUW and Admiral
Dewey gO.'nl). Admirals Sampson and
Dewey also have suits pending for
prize money which, if won, will give
the former $12,(Ki0 more and the latter
Capt. Richard R. Turner, who was
keeper of Libby prison during the
civil war, dropped dead in his Virginia
home last week, aged CI. When taken
a prisoner at Richmond by the incom
ing federal troops, who were told of
the harsh treatment of Union soldiers
by the prison officials, Capt. Turner
was locked up, with the promise that
he should be hanged the next morn
ing. His bair turned white during
the night.
Jane Toppan, the nurse suspected of
wholesale poisoning, was indicted at.
Barnstable, Mass., Friday, under
three counts of murder in the first de
gree. She is chaiged with causing the
death of Allan 1 Davis and his
daughters, Mrs. Gordon and Mrs.
Gilibs of Cataumet, by the adminis
tration of morphine and atropia. Miss
Toppan pleads not guilty and was in a
state of collapse when arraigned. The
alleged motive for the murders is
More than 300 murders have come
before the military authorities of the
Philippines most of which are fero
cious ones, showing a propensity to
beat women, children and sick men,
and to deal savage blows with clubs,
stones and other blunt instruments.
Sometimes the victim is bound and
hacked to pieces with the deadly bolo.
A favorite species of diabolical murder
seems to be burying victims alive. No
murderer has, as yet, been executed.
A flow of pure cold water has been
discovered in the very heart of the fa
mous "Desert of Death" which ex
tends in one direction from Oklahoma
almost to California, and is the most
arid waste in the United States. It is
from an artesian well, and was made
in boring for oil, and will be more
valuable than if oil had been struck,
as the finding of well water means the
irrigation of the miles and miles of
waste and the probable reclamation of
the ground to agriculture.
Rev. Frederick Odenbach, S. .1.,
professor of physics in St. Ignatius'
college, Cleveland, Ohio, observed Fri
day the great sun circle or halo of
Hevelius, which has onlv been
Dr. A. Let-eve of the Mercy hospital,
Pittsburg, Pa., has discovered an ap
parently successful serum treatment
for tetanus or lockjaw.
The Italian government will take
prompt measures to safeguard the
rights of the Italian victims of the re
cent railroad wreck near Seneca, Mich.
Marconi, inventor of wireless telegra
phy, is at St. John's, N. F. .experi
menting with his apparatus; he ex
pects to transmit messages four hun
dred miles.
Colombian liberals say that the sur
render of Colon does not mean the end
of the revolution. There are enough
men and supplies in the interior, they
declare to continue it.
President Roosevelt, has accepted an
invitation from Gen. Bradley T. John
son of Virginia, to pass Christmas
with him Mrs. Roosevelt and the
children will accompany him.
Czolgosz, President McKinley's as
sassin, was cheered publicly in Chi
eaog Friday night when a debate on
"Socialcism vs. Anarchy" was held
before an audience of 10,(XK).
In the recent international cham
pionship billiard tournament at New
York the game between Slosson and
Howison was won by tho New Yorker
by a score of 4(10 to the Canadian's 20(i.
The Peruvian Republic has abolished
postage on all newspapers, which here
after will be transported free. The
gold standard act, which passed tho
senate, has been sanctioned by the
chamber of deputies.
Amos Rusie, tho one-time famous
baseball pitcher and idol of the New
York baseball enthusiasts, is a day la
borer in Muucie, Ind. , receiving $1.50
a day. He received $1,500 a year from
the National League. Ho lost his fine
opportunities through bad habits.
Gen. Alban, the Colombian com
mander, lays all the blame for the re
cent Isthmian events on the Panama
railroad for bringing tho enemy to the
gates of Colon. He protests against
this action and a lawsuit will follow
He is proclaimed at Bogota, the capi
tal, as "the savior of the republic."
Mrs. Jane L. Stanford has given to
the Leland Stanford, Jr., university
in California property valued at. about
10,000,0(10. This endowment is said to
be three times greater than was ever
i before given bv one individual to ed-
i ucatinnal purposes in the history of
i the world. Instructional the univer
; sity is free.
I Eli Daniels, a negro roustabout of
.Chester, 111., was tabbed in the heart
recently. Twenty-four hours afterward
he was taken to the St. Louis, Mo.,
city hospital where the superintendent
Dr. Nietert, performed the remarkable
' operation of sett ing up the wounded
heart, taking several stitches, and the
! patient is now well on the road to re
covery. i Andrew Carnegie, in a formal letter
to the president of the United States,
l has offered to give ten million dollars
j to the nation for the endowment of a
great national university with head
i quarters at the national capital. Its
purpose will be to deal with all the
j higher branches of science. The gift
l will bo to the people, the government
; merely acting as trustee in keeping and
i disbursing the funds. ,
j Smallpox cases are still reported
from different parts of the country.
! Business is suffering in Boston because
of the scare and merchants with big
holiday stock are seriously alarmed.
ilhe Ottawa, Out., univemtv was
The New Hay-Pauncefort Treaty and Its
Provisions A Dramatic Episode in the Sen
ate-Mr Frye's Ship Subsidy Bill -Tariff
for the Philippines - For the Protection of
the President and Other High Officials.
There was a Hood of bills in tho
Houso Friday among them one to
create the Mckinley national park and
forest reserve of 4,000,000 acres of tim
ber land in the Appalachian range in
tho states of Tennessee, West Virginia,
North Carolina, South Carolina, Geor
gia and Alabama at a cost of 810,000,
000. Senator Pritchard had introduced
a bill calling it the Appalachians na
tional park, with an area of 2,500,000
acres, costing $5,000,000.
In tho Senate a favorable report on
tho new Hay-Paunceforte treaty was
unanimously ordered although consid
erable opposition arose from the fact
that the treaty contains a clause
applying the Suez canal rules provid
ing for neutralization.
The new treaty is summed up by
President Roosevelt as follows: In
this treaty tho old Clayton-Bulwer
treaty, so long recognized as inade
quate to supply the base for the con
struction and maintenance of a neces
sarily American canal, is abrogated.
It specifically provides that the United
States alone shall do the work of
building and assume the responsibility
of safeguarding the canal and shall
regulate its neutral use by all nations
on terms of equality without the guar
antee or interference of any outside
nation from any quarter. The treaty
was sent into the Senate by the presi
dent Wednesday. Tho estimated cost of
the canal is 180.S(;4,Ot;2 and the time
of construction eight years. The isth
mian commission's report favors the
Nicaraguan route which must be by
locks; Lake Nicaragua furnishing an
inexhaustible supply of water, but no
natural harbors. Two bills loaking to
the construction of the canal by this
route have been introduced in the
Senate. Some of the isthmian com
mission favored the Panama route as
superior from an engineering and
physical point of view and because,
for geographical reasons, a canal at
Panama would involve fewer political
'complications in tho future with
l Latin-American states. These mem-
i bers finally decided to make the report
! unanimous in favor of the Nicaragua
j route because of the excessively high
price demanded for the plant and good
will of the Panama canal company.
The Senate was not in session Satur
, day. In the House the committees on
j Ways and Means, Appropriations and
Enrolled Bills were announced by
.Speaker Henderson: a bill to pension
! Mrs. MeKinley at the rate of ."lOtKl a
i year was introduced by Mr. Taylor of
Ohio, ii ml the House adjourned until
; Tuesday.
The Senate chamber was the scene
'of a highly dramatic episode Monday
'afternoon when Senator Tillman of
South Carolina challenged his col
league Senator McLaurin to resign
I with him on the spot, in order, to use
! his own language, that they might be
j able "to wash their dirtv linen at
home. Mr. McLaurin dhl not take
! up the wager.
The fight was renewed Tuesday, Mr.
i Tillman challenging Mr. McLaurin to
resign and Mr. Hoar questioning the
: right of both of them to their seats ; in
the executive session the favorable re-
.,Dr,,t;.,l i,.,. ti.ro.,,M.0...l,.,-in,, itiort or llio foreign iteiai ions iuiiiiiiu-
I appeared there: 12 'cases were reported I tee on the Hav-l'aunceforte treaty was
! in Saverville, N. J., Saturday and a ', presented by Mr. Lodge, who gave no
lease "in a Bristol, R. I., factory ex-! t -' "f his purpose to press he treaty
.. ,i .km i ....:...... to u vote. Mr. r rye introduced his
: the disease "nlso exists in Orange. N. J. ! hiI' lMy
A new Bible, authorized bv the l.-it
i :., u V- "" ' . . . .
s -i,n luinn ii. .i o.in j The postmaster general is remnreil
hpiseopal i . consider the national defense and
the maritime of the United States us
well as any postal interests in provid
ing for ocean mails. The present limit
of ocean contracts, ten years, is in
creased tii fifteen years. The Frye bill
bill in a modified form.
amendments to the Ocean
to he reail in all the
: churches in the I niteel Mates is now
being completed by a committee in
New York. It is to consist of the text
and rendering of the King James ver
i sion, the renderings of the English re
! vision and the renderings of the re
jceut American revision and insures
the very latest renderings, although
! the reading of them is permissive only,
i not obligatory.
The Duchess of Marlborough, form-
erly Miss Consuelo Yanderbilt of New
; York, will visit America this winter
J for tho first time since her marriage in
j lS!)."i and will spend Christmas with her
father, W. K. Yanderbilt. at Idle
i Hour, Oakdale, L. I. She will be ac
companied by her two sons, the Mar
quis of Blandford and Lord Ivor Spen
i cer Churchill, but not by the duke.
She will return to London in time to
i take part with her husband in the cor
' onat ion festivil ies.
i Wholesale frauds are alleged in the
New York custom house and informa
tion has been given to Secretary Gage
and to the president. It is expected
that an upheaval in many divisions of
the custom house will follow. Two
, hundred and eighty-five delegates rep
resenting more than 1, 500,000 workmen
responded to the roll-call at the opon-
! ing session of the 21st annual conven
tion of the American federation of
labor, which was called to order by
President Samuel Gompcrs in St.
Thomas college hall nt Scranton, Pa.,
oh-irriilav morning, lhe convention is
5 Its. Bent Mocha and Java
Coffee, $l.f)0.
19 lb. Stifar, $1.00.
5 gal. Best Kerosene Oil 50
Low prices in all Departments.
West Bratt'eboro.
We are Offering
Some choice First Mortgages on improved
Farms in
bearinc; 5 percent, interest In sums of $300
and upn unl.
All morti.'HL'p"' plaeeil by us are examined
by an officer of the company. j
Vt. Loan and Trust Company,
said to be the largest congress of work
men ever held in this country. It vot-
served three times before, and prob-
ably never so perfectly. 1 receding a
period of low barometric pressure,
t halos are often noticed about the sun.
j The commonest of these halos is one
I that atmears at a distance of 22 ile-
grees from the sun. An outer halo, quit any mercnani vessel on wnicn ser-
j at a distance of 45 degrees, is also oc- ; vices has become obnoxious to him.
; casionally noted. But the great halo ! Patrick A. Collins was elected mayor
i of Hevelius, at a distance of !H) de-j of Boston over Thomas N. Hart Tues-
' grees, is a great rarity. ; dav for the two-year term beginning
The submarine torpedo boat Fulton i in January by "the largest plurality
was tested for the benefit of the Royal i Z K' " 0afn' d -t i i "tV
I x- : i- r f n.i i.:. i in the history of the city l!l,0OO. The
provides seven distinct classes with a
rate of jii to twenty-knot steamers pro
viding the minimum size is raised
from StXKi to 10,000 tons: '! for six-
teen-knot steamer, provided the si.e
' is increased from 5ooO tons the present
minimum to KH tons. The proposed
maximum mail rates per gross ton per
hundred naut ical miles are : Over JO, t n Hi
tons, 2o knots. 2.7 cents: lit knots, 2.5
Cents. Over 5tl tons. IS knots, 2.M
cents; 17 knots. 2.1 cents: 10 knots,
l.i) cents: 15 knots, 1.7 cents. Over
2(i00 tons, H knots, 1.5 cents.
It contains a general uniform subsidy
for all vessels, steam or sail, which
are not under mail contracts. One
cent per gross ton per 100 nautical
miles for not exceeding 10 entries in
one year. The bill provides an annual
bounty of 2 u ton for deep sea tishing
vessels and of $1 a month for Ameri
can citizens, when engaged in dee))
sea fisheries: that n vessel which has
received a subsidy shall not be sold to
a foreigner except by consent of the
secretary of the treasury. The bill
does not provide American registry for
foreign ships owned by Americans.
Senator Gallinger introduced in the
Senate Tuesday a bill providing for
the punishment by death of any person
who shall intentionally kill, or
with intent to kill. shall as
sault lor incite others to do soi the
Long Island, Saturday. For the first
; time in her history, while completely
submerged to a depth of ten feet and
speeding along under the full headway
of her electric engines, she discharged
a regulation Whitehead torpedo, which
! shot toward its mark with such
j accuracy that had its target been a
cruiser or a
I ship would probably have been blow n
! out of the water. She was under per-
feet control and able to steer as
straight below the surface as on top.
ed Monday to boycott all cigars made president of the tinted States, the
by child 'labor, also to petition con- ice president, persons in succession to
gross to amend the marine laws so that jthe presidency, ambassadors and min
everv seaman shall have the right to isters of foreign countries resident in
the tinted States, ror threatening
ho kill, a sentence of 50 years is pro
vided, and for approv ing of such deeds,
i the term of imprisionment is fixed at
20 years. The bill further provides
i that persons who shall advocate the
j violent overthrow of law to the preju
'dice of good order and the well-being
of civilization, shall be imprisoned for
i a period of 10 years, or less, as justice
j in the particular case may require,
i The House voted Tuesday to take a
holiday recess from Thursday, Deeem-
her 10, to Monday, January 6. Mr.
! Burke of South Dakota announced the
! death of Senator Kyle of his state and
i tho House, as a mark of respect, ad-
jonrned to meet again Friday.
I The Republican members of the
iWavs and Means committee hai
board of aldermen will probably con
sist of 10 Democrats and three Repub
licans. Substantial Democratic gains
j were also made in the membership of
the common council, which will be
' composed of about 45 Democrats and
i.'lO Republicans. The result was due
to the "getting together" of theDcm
battle ship the hostile its nd the getting apart of Kepub-
Cash Paid For
For Pate at
Sixty years of cures have
taughtus what Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral will do. We know
it's the greatest cough remedy
ever made. And you will
say so, too, after you try it.
There's cure in every drop.
25c.Mc.Ji M. J. C AVEK CO., Lrwell. Mm.
licans, many of whom were displeased
I with the advanced tax-rate, the treat
jment of the oflicea as "spoils" and
i favoritism in contracts. The Demo
crats also elected their street commis-
sioner, Salem D. Charles, and practi
'callv all their candidates for school
commissioners. As usual the eitv
voted strongly in favor of license.
States and the Philippines, and all
vessels transporting passengers and
merchandise from tho Philippines to
tho United States are to nay the name
tonnaire dues as aro laid on vessels
eomiriL' into United States ports from
forcitrn countries. This is called the
Payne bill and is designed for a tern
noriirv measure.
Henator Penrose introduced a bill
in the Senate last week for the regula
tion of immigration which looks to a
general revision of the laws upon this
question. The measure provides for a
duty of $.1 a head on ull persons com
ing into the United States from for
eign countries, except those who are
citizens of this country or of Canada
or of Mexico, the fund to bo thus
raised to be applied to the payment of
the expenses incident to tne reguiauou
of immigration. The bill excludes all
idiots, paupers and persons liable to
become a public charge, and those of
flicted with loathsome or contagious
diseases. It prohibits assistance in
the matter of passage, and provides
heavy penalties for the importation of
women for immoral purposes. Steam
ship companies are prohibited under
heavy penalties from advertising for
foreign business.
What England's King and Queen Will Wear
at the Coronation The Chinese Viceroy
Wants Control of Tien-Tin-The Koyal
Scandal in Holland -The Prince of Wales
an Orator.
The British captured three laagers
and 250 prisoners in the Transvaal Fri
day, the largest, capture in many
King Edward has definitely fixed
Juno 20 as the date of the coronation.
The festivities will include an immense
naval demonstration to which each
power will be asked to send a ship Hy
ing an admiral's flag.
Halju, one of the principal agents of
the ex-president of tho Macedonian
commitees has been arrested at Sofia
for connection with the kidnapping of
Miss Stone. Further reports of the
death of Miss Stone and Mme. Tsilka
j have been circulated and denied.
Tho Prince of Wales made a speech
n Guildhall last week that raised him
j higher in the people's esteem than any
.previous action. He declared that the
!old country must wake up if it wanted
I to hold its ow n, and he spoke earnest -1
ly and simply, without the usual plat
j it iiili-s of royal utterances.
j M. Eilmond Hostand has a Christmas
; carol in the Paris newspapers which
; appeals to the children of all countries
t to give some of their Christinas gifts
to the Boer children in the concentra
tion camps of South Africa. The poem
'says: "Their Father Christmas is not
;aa old man witti Kind eyes, out a spec
tre. He brings not in his transparent
hands toys and sweetmeats, but little
'collins of different sizes."
The members of the Chamber at The
Hague, Holland, denounce the action
of the British in confiscating the
i Dutch Ked Cross outfit outside of Pre
toria and imprisoning the staff on the
island of Ceylon. They say it is con
trary to the Geneva convention. The
! government has frequently demanded
that the Netherlander be released on
I parole, but Great Britain is not
I obliged to release them until after the
i close of the war.
! The principal object of the visit to
! Pekin of Yuan Shi Kai, the new vice
1 roy of China, who reached there last
week, is to induce the foreign powers
to relinquish their control of the irov
i eminent of Tien-Tsin. Yuan Shi Kai
has assured all the miniMcrs of the
foreign powers at Pekin that he is per
sonally able and willing to maintain
! order at Tien-Tsin and in the prov
ince. The majority of the foreign rep
resentatives insist that the jiowers
I should retain control of Tien-Tsin
until the re-establishment of the Chi
nese court at Pekin. j
August Bebel, the socialist leader, !
made a great sensation in the German :
Reichstag last week, during the tariff !
debate. He declared that the bill fo- j
ments insurrection, and said there !
-were two nations in the German state'
the plunderers and the plundered and j
he was speaking for the latter. As the
representative of 2.SUO.O0O voters, hoi
lodged the socialist protest against
the "hunger duties," as he called the
tariffs on grain and assured his oppon- ;
ents that "we shall do oui utmost to i
send this bill to hades, and we only:
regret we cannot send its authors and j
abettors there also. "
At the coronation. King Edward will j
wear a cloth-of-gold under-jacket, em
broidered with palm branches and the
shamrock, rose and thistle. On the
king's stole, the cross of St. George, .
the royal crown and the rose, sham- j
rock and thistle will be woven in gold i
thread. His cape will be a inagniri- !
cent garment, decorated with silver
eagles and tleur de lys and the national
tloral emblems. Over three thousand
precious stones, diamonds, pearls,
rubies, sapphires and emeralds, will
be included in his crown. There will
he l.'lOO pure white diamonds and 1270
rose diamonds. The historic ruby
which the King of Castile gave to the
Black Prince in bit!", and which was
subsequently worn by Henry V at
Agincourt, is in the centre of the
crown, placed in the heart of a maltose
cress. The queen will wear robes al
most exactly similar to those worn by
Queen Adelaide, of black velvet, man
ufactured on hand looms, elaborately
embroidered and laced, having gold
trimmings with huge hanging sleeves.
The coronation rites will last four
There have been many contradictory
stories in connection with the domes
tic troubles of Queen Wilhelmina of
Holland this week. It is said that
she reproved the prince at dinner for
some hreach of manners, he had been
drinking and responded insultingly and
struck her, wheieupon her aide de camp
interfered with the result that a duel
with swords was fought in which the
Grand-Niece of Ex-President James
K. Polk, Writes to Mrs. Pinkham.
TrtanWril ftr TTfia.lth T?,fistored bv Lvdia E. Pinkham'n!
J. WW XV w i tj M
Vegetable Compound.
Did vou ever stop to realize what keen satisfaction one cxperienees when
we find that some kind and helpful thing we have done for some one else hm
been sincerely appreciated ! At such times, how truly we understand ti; ei.
pression ' it is more blessed to give than to receive."
Think, therefore, of the pleasure and genuine satisfaction Mrs. I'inkharn
experiences when such letters come to her as the one from Mrs. Koser which
we are herewith permitted to publish.
Think what it means to her; it means first, that one more lovely woman
has been relieved from sickness and distress through her assistance ; it mpuns
second, that this woman who is cured is so grateful that she wants other
women in the b.nd to know of it; nnd it means lastly that Mrs. I'inkliamj
claims for Ljiliu K. I'inkliani'a Vegetable Compound are fully smb
stantiated by testimony of such high character that every woman who rtadj
this must believe and hope.
To )e appreciated is a great pleasure, but to bring peace and happiness to
the suffering is heavenly. Such is the mission of Mrs. Pinkham, and such
letter as the following proves her succehs !
S :-V T
JUiS. IDA I.. liOSER, 320 E. ith Ave., IXnver, Col.
Grand-Diece of ex-President .lames K. Polk, and Assistant Grand Secretary ol
Colorado, Wyoming, nnd .New .Mexico Independent Urder
of Good Templars.
"Dkar Mils. Pinkham I have been married for nearly two years,
and po fur have nut been blessed with a child. I have, however, suf
fered with a complication of female troubles and painful menstruation,
until very recently.
"The value of Lydia E. Pinkliam's Vegetable Compound was
called to my attention by an intimate friend, whose life had simply been
a torture with inflammation and ulceration, and a few bottles of your
C'omnoimd cured her: she can hardly Udieve it herself today, she en
joys sin h blessed health. I took four bottles of your Compound and
consider myself cured. Iam once more in fine health and spirits; my
domestic and official duties all seem easy now, for I feel so strong I can
do three times what I used to do. Vou have a host of friends in Den-
ver, and among the best count, Yours very gratefully, Jibs. Ica u
Hosku, lHth Ave., Denver, Col."
AVben a medicine bus been successful in restoring to health
go many women whose testimony is so unquestionable, you cannot
well say. without trvinir it. " I do not believe it will help me." If
you arc ill, don't hesitate to pet a bottle of Lydia E. IMnkham's
Vegetable Compound at once, and write Mrs. Pinkham, Lynn,
Mass., for special advice it is free and always helpful.
16 K WAR IK We have deposited with the National City Bank of Lynn, 15000.
v hu'h will Ik.' paM to any person who can tin J that the above testimonial letter
U not genuine, or waa puMUhe-l before obtaining the writer's special per
mission. I.rdU K. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mm.
For Men and Boys
in plain Cotton with
neat trimmings and
in Outing Flannel.
Commissioners' Notice.
i Kstate of KIIWIN II. CHASK.
Thi' unilrrsiirniMl luivini; ln'i-n apnuinfi'il lv
th lion. I'niKiti-Court for the I list net of Marf
' loro ( l IMMISSUINKUS to riM'i'ivc.i Xjiniini' anil
a,l.just all rlaims antt flt'uiamls of all persons
j against tin' t'stati- of Kilwin II. Cliase, late of
llrattli'boro. in said district, ilt'ivasci. ami all
rlaiins cxhibiti-il ill ollsrt thereto, hereby irivt
notice that we will meet for the purpose at'ore
. said, at 1'cople's National Hank on the ilth day
of January and-J4tli dav of May next, from :J
i o'clock, 1. M., until 4Vlock l'.'M.,each of said
I days, ami that six months from the .'U'th dav of
Novemlier.A. l. liiol. is the time limited by 'said
j Court for said creditors to present their claims
. to us for examination and allowance,
j Kateil at llrattlelioro, this Jrd dav of Kecem
! lier, A ll. l'.ml.
I 31 -3w
STATK OK VERMONT, ) The l'rol.ate Court AvnM FYnnllfe
Marlboro ss. I for said District. VUIU CApUSUlC
To all liersons interested in the estate of :
1 1 e, : l ir t'-r m iui.-i ..r iL.tn, ......
w hereas.
.TAMES COXI.ANO has presented
Keep the chest, hack and thro.it w:irni.
will be little d.imrcr of colds, coul'Iis I'1
chest or luti troubles.
to this Court an instrument purporting to be L''fi Chamois Vests
the last will of said deceased for probate:; V.VO I IX I . VJ ior Mi-naml 1''
Vou are hereby unfitted that this Court will tie- . rin(-KM irrtiri..i. Wsts
cide upon the probate of said Instrument at the FROST OUEEN 7 ,7 .,, .
session thereof to Ih- held in the Probate (iftiee l tr w ui.mi
prince wounded Alaj. an lets, tne
agreed on a new Philippine tariff bill j aid de camp, so seriously that he has
the main purpose of which is to restore j since died. The prince has also wound
the status upset by last week's de- ; ed another gentleman in a duel. The
eision of the Supreme court in the j queen is said to have deeply regretted
Philinnine ease. It restores the Dinir- i these duels, to have insisted upon her
1 ley rates hitherto imposed on all arti- husband's begging; Van Tet's pardon as
' eli's eomintr from the Philippines into ; well as her own before she would for-
Senator Cullom of Illinois is en- j the United States, and te-enacts the i give him. Van Tets was one of the ten
deavoring to secuie a fitting national scheme of duties levied since Sej.tem- j noble youths who formed the body
memorial to Abraham Lincoln which i I'cr 1 last by order of the Philippine guard of the young queen when she
shall in a general wav correspond to : commission on products entering Phil- was married in February, and who
the Washington monument. j il-pi Irts. The new bill also bor-1 pride themselves on their servitude
i rows a hint from the Porto Rican leg-j The story, and all others connected
"Hit wuz a mighty cold dav," said I islation of 1900, and directs the pro- I with any difficulties between the
the old deacon, "en dev wuz some ! ceeds of all duties collected on Philip- aueen and her consort, are vigorously
excuse for de passon m'akin' dat big pine products entering the United ' denied by Dutch officials for political
mistake in his text, fer stidder say in' ' States to be held as a stiecial fund and j reasons; but the queen's subjects
Manv is called, but few is chosen, ' covered into tne fmnppine treasury. Know sue is ununppy aim are muicoani
I in llrattlehoro. in said district, en the usth day
of liecember, A. Idol, w hen and where vou
j may appear and contest the same. If you 'see
3'-'-;it A. F. SCHWEXK. Reeister.
he give hit out, 'Many is cold, en a : Until January I, 1905, moreover, for
few is frozen.'" Atlanta Constitu- eign vessels are to be allowed to en
tion. j gage in commerce between the United
at the prince
qualifiedly as
whom they blame un-
brutal, neglectful and
Office at Hospital,
39 Elliot Street, Krattleboro, XU
( Tailor Made)
Are made tn keepthc entire upper p.-rti'i: . : "
hoilv warm the throat, riiest and b.u M ', L
chamois skin, the best coltl-resiter known.
Thev hold the heat.and kcepoiit the coM. ' "" '
Fabrics do not irive securilv in clunirmi: chi -
These Vests will keep you" well, and help ?'t;tc
enjoy the w inter days.
Made by Bauer & Black, Chicago. V. S- A.
For Sale By
GEO. E. GREENE, Brattleboro, W.
Until 9 A. M.; one to three and seven to
ten P. M.
Surgery and diseases of Women and Chil
dren a specialty.
Telephone 233.
If von want to trade for a farm or other n si
estate, or il you have any to sell let ""!''
from you "
J. A. Millek, East Pummerston, t-

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