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II7"ANTr'l Several cords of hard wood,
saweil and split to stove length and tie
Ivcred in lirattlelioro, also a loud of chunks,
iddress, stating price, "Wuon," Itelunncr Of-
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M'ANTKIi To ninke himself generally
uscltll. Meuuy place lor rignr one. state
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r i uliee, lirattlelioro, vt.
r ANTKD At once, a young or middle aged
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T ANTKIi J'astry cook at Hall's restaurant.
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50- tf
liKNT One large unfurnished room in
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Apply to T. Ji noK.
iilOV V.rird fv liotelilmr fi-nn, nrlo
winniiiL- lirnwn Leghorns ami barred l'lv-
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i vinx, so. .Main sc, lirattieuoro, c. l'j-iut
,li il! SALE Nice hay.
; amm'k, lirattlelioro.
ClIAHI.ES E. A1.EX-39-tf
Electric Light
The Citizens Committee of Brattleboro, An
swers All the Arguments Put Forth by the
Opposition Brattleboro Taxpayer Answers
Another Taxpayer.
Ktlitor Keformnr :
In view of the interest Hint hits been
shown ,und sunKestions mudo relative
to the proposed chunue of shire, the
committee of citizens interested in the
move, deem it proper to now make a
few suKfjestions, called out by what
hus appeared in opposition to the plan.
First, we must all iif,'ree upon care
ful thought, that the county seat and
the location of it belongs not to any
town, but to the whole county. It is
not like an industry or institution
which has been built up in a commun
ity and which only selfish interests
may take away. It is part of the ma
chinery of our government and should
be for the benefit of the majority and
not for the private emolument of any
community. We agree that the burden
is upon those asking for the change to
show the necessity for it: all things
being eiial, it ought to remain where
it is. We believe, however, that the
necessity for the change is apparent.
Supposing we had no county build
ings, and new ones were to be erected,
where would they be put? Could New
fane be a formidable candidate in that
event? Suppose, too, a private indi
vidual had a business scattered over
the territory of this county, with the
proportion in each town that county
court business is, what place would he
choose for his headquarters? This, it
seems to us, is the real and substantial
question. .
There were at one time two shires
for Windham county, at Marlboro and
Westminster. They were so established
because it better suited the majority
of the population then. Afterward the
county seat was at Westminster, and
for the same reason. Then it was re
on a par with our other public build
ings, and of course, would be
far and away superior in its ap
pointments and finish to our pres
ent court house, If the legislature
passes the hill that will be offered, it
will of course, be for lirattlelioro to
say how expensive a building shall be
furnished, subject to the condition
that it shall be upon the approval of
proper commissioners to care for the
interests of the county.
Citizens' Committee,
lirattleboro, May 22, liKc'.
Answer to Another Taxpayer,
Editor Reformer:
"Another Taxpayer" comes forward
in your last issue with what he terms
an answer in a general way to a letter
of the week before signed lirattlelioro
Taxpayer. As ho answers for the law
yers and tells what they would do, we
"will presume him to be one. It is not
to be expected that a "hayseed" like
mvself can bear up in fine argument
with one accustomed to turning state
ments and evidence into finished sen
tences, lie brings out some of my
points stronger than I did. In the first
place he says that I place myself on
record as opposed to moving the coun
ty buildings to lirattleboro. I ask him
to find any such statement in the let
ter. Did I not sav that if it was best
What Editors Throughout the State Are Say
ing in Regard to Current Political Events
Interesting Points From Many Fens,
The appearance of Mr. Flinn of St.
Albans as a candidate for the ollice of
state auditor, doesn't seem to lessen
t lie chances ! the gentleman from
Newbury in the least. llardwick Ga
zette. P. W. Clement license local option
clubs have been formed at liethel,
llristol, llurlinglon and Castleton.
The liurlmgtou club numbers, it is
claimed, utIO members; Castleton,
Let us hope it will be Felix W. Mc
Gettriek of St. Albans as Democratic
candidate for governor. Jle is one of
the best campaign speakers in the
slate and would give a vital feeling to
the campaign if lie went on the stump.
Vergennes Vermonter.
Theerupt ion in Vermont political
circles now going on is like unto the
recent volcanic eruption in that it has
harrowing features. Many are the
good old Vermont tiaditions and cus
toms that are being torn up by the
for the county Unit the liuUUingsslioukl i ro()ts nml obliterated.- liarre Times,
tie Here, mat in mv opinion tne wnoie ...
moved to Newfane Jlill. the same ar-! get anv more pav
gument controlling them. In 18i" i and would not the cost be greater
! county should pay the cost? lie speaks
! of the county clerk's oflice and probate
I ollice already being here. Has lirattle
boro ever been asked to pay the rental
; of the rooms used for those ollices?
j Has the county ever objected to paying
that rent? He says the lawyers would
j go wherever the buildings are. True
enough, and there he comes to another
strong point, from our side. Don t they
get pay for their attendance at court
and pay enough so that they can stop
at the best hotels? Would Dot that idea
alone bring out the fact that the ex
pense of litigation would be greater
with courts held in lirattleboro than
in Xewfane? How would it be with
the jurymen and witnesses, would they
for their attendance
l M. A. Moodv of liethel is being fa
vorably mentioned as a candidate for
the nomination for lieutenant-governor
on the Clement ticket, says the Mes
senger. Mr. Moody is a wide-awake
successful business man. He was born
in liethel, Feb. S40. He enlisted
in August, lSii-2, Co. A, llith Keg. Vt.
Vol., and was wounded at Gettysburg.
Mr. Moody has always been prominent
in town affairs and represented liethel
in the legislature in liH.
The Position of the Howe Scale Company on
the Strike Chinese Smugglers Held Dr.
Webb Says Rutland Stock is All Right-Serious
Smallpox Epidemic Threatens Rutland
-Convention of State Congregational
Vote for Clement delegates and
Local Option, at your caucus. adv.
The furniture factory of the Sonto
company was damaged by h're to the
amount of $4,000 at Randolph Tuesday.
The board of railroad commissioners
commenced its annual inspection of
i the steam and electric railroads of the
! state iuesuay.
j liurlington dogs won everything in
their class at the International dog
show at Montreal last week, almost
sweeping the board.
Kulland railroad stock has been fall
ing ever since the collapse of the Webb
Meyer securities. Holders of preferred
stuck are decidedly uneasy. Keturns
for the first quarter of the current
year show a deficit of td8,2!7.
W. H. Buchanan, whom Mayor Mel
cher of liarre supplanted with John
Nicholson as first constable and tax
collector, has not given up his books
and will not do so until so ordered by
the supreme court. He is still collect
ing taxes.
Christopher Trentlish. who worked
on General J. G. McCullough's farm
at North liennington, will probably
die from the effect of injuries received
by falling under a horse. The animal
kicked him fully a dozen times, break
ing Ins back and crushing in his ribs.
Ford Karl Hallidav. 11. sou of Mrs.
Lulu Jlalliday, of Kutland, was almost
so-called "Webb-Meyer" syndicate,
about the value Of Kutland stock, Dr.
W. Seward Webb said Friday: "It is
well known by those intimate nt all
with the road's affairs that last fall, !
when the road issued .T,(XK) shares of
new stock at 90, which was issued
to pay off its floating debt of
700,000, and which has been done,
leaving a large sum still in the treas
ury for improvements. 1 underwrote
the whole amount and only succeeded
in securing iOOO shares, the balance
being taken up by the stockholders.
Living many years on the property and
knowing all about its possibilities, I
went into the open market at once and
bought some 40 odd tuousand snares,
paying for the greater part of it from
110 to 117. 1 bought; two large Idocks !
from two private estates at lfcUo and 1
117, saying at the time as a 4 per cent, i
stock it was not worth so much, but ;
that I wished it for control and was
willing to pay that price. The road has j
todav 1 -JOoOOO in the treasury appli- i
cable to the work we are doing, and its
earnings are increasing heavily each
month, showing for the month of Apiil ;
an increase of g,0.'il.9.'. as the treas- i
urer, Mr. Morgan, can show to any ;
stockholder. I have my stock and shall
keep it, as I believe absolutely in the
future of the property. "
Tells How Hospital riiysiciang
Use nnd Rely upon Lydia E.
rink ham's Vegetable Com
pound. " Deab Mns. I'ixkiiam : Twelv
years continuous service at the sick
bed in some of our prominent hospi
tals, as well as at private homes, hu
given me varied experiences with tho
diseases of women. I have nursed soma
Mr. Clement's canvass and its at-j instantly killed Thursday by being run
tendant crowds of interested auditors i over bv a heavy dump cart. He was
Lots or People Drink
Why don't you ?
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giving tone nnd push t the whole system. A
simulating liquid food. A pleasant, palatable
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C. H. EDDY & CO.
G. A, EELS, Proprietor. Brattleboro, Vt.
We will pay the highest mar
ket prices for wool of all grades.
We hope not
tint you may be sick some time ami would i
like to know where you can get the follow- j
inj; anil at what price,
Sick Feeders, ... 25c. j
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Bed Pans, .... ,oo j
Beef Tea Press's - - 50c.
Covered Broth Bowls, - - 25c.
medicine Classes, - - oc.
We endeavor to have a full stock of the above
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MORRIS & GREGG, 76 Main St.
came the change to rnyetteville vil
lage, all for the same cause. No one
thiDks now that Marlboro, or West
minster or the owners of property on
Newfane Hill have a vested right in
the shire of this county. lirattle
lioro has no such right in it. If from
a fair balance of argument, the people
of the county feel that it is better to
have it in lirattleboro, it ought to
come here.
The suggestion has been made that
a part or all of the town of Kocking
ham, Westminster, Marlboro, Wil
mington, Whitingham and Halifax can
as handily or more readily reach New
fane than Brattleboro. That must be
referred to the people of those towns;
thev know how that is. What do they
say about, hi The people cannot reach
the shire town as the crow flies. Take
the natural routes of travel and public
conveyance, which place is the more
accessible for the great majority?
It is true the county has expended
several thousand dollars in the last ten
years on its hotel at Newfane. This
was done, not because it is any part of
the ordinary requirements, for the
county seat, but because the situation
of the shire at that place made it ab
solutely necessarv. The hotel yields
i nothing to the county. It is a contin
j ual expense and must be. It is some
i thing that would never be thought of
! in Brattleboro. The question of its
maintenance would be entirely cut off
if the shire were here. Had it been
i moved here ten years ago, all that has
been put into this hotel since, would
have been saved. It is said there are
i rooms fitted up for jurors sitting on
criminal cases where they have to be
kept together, lnis is so, but wnat ; is coming to court would not by any
the saving. It all had to be done be- j means come to trade w ith our mer
cause there was no other place to keep j chants. Rockingham people and those
them. We can furnish plenty of such I adjacent to Bellows Falls would do
places in Brattleboro. The state has I their trading at Bellows Falls anyway.
to pav 2 per day for eacn man so Kept Those who naturally come to lirattle
I Pray wherein does his talk about the
'Cheshire county court house npplv to
' this case? He asks if Keene, the shire
j town of Cheshire county, would like to
ihave the county buildings moved to
Chesterfield. Upon my word I have nev
er heard that there was any talk of mov
ing those buildings to Chesterfield.
Anyone would conclude by that argu
ment, who did not know the situation,
that Brattleboro was now the county
seat and that there was talk of moving
tin tiiiilrlimr,; to N'ewfane. He also
asks if Greenfield would like to give : through another campaign
... ... .11 . - i. : .1
up the county seat of f ranHlin county,
not a similar situat ion, as lirattleboro
is not asked to give up anything. Did
Keene liav the full cost of the Ches
hire county buildings? Kid Greenfield
pay the full cost of the Franklin coun
ty buildings?
No one wants to take anything away
from Brattleboro, and iny interest
may be as much as the one who signs
"Another Taxpayer" and on account
of the interest 1 have and not on ac
count of a few dollars in taxes, I
asked the question "Wherein Brattle-
must be il revelation and an unhappy
awakening to Candidates McCullough
an,d Proctor. Indeed, perhaps the day
has passed when a few machine poli
ticians can get together and name the
man who is to receive the nomination
j for governor without any opposition
jand with no appeal to the people. Mr.
! Clement is showing how the operation
'of electing a governor might be ilone
'otherwise, and it is not for anyone to
i say yet that his demonstration will not
'end 'in the total disruption of existing
(combinations. Whatever the immed
j iate outcome, matters will be worse
for the machine politicians - another
year. Vermont voters are on edge,
i there is some life in the old state yet
ind are not likely to sit tamely
under the
old svstem which made the governor
ship a game for a few old ringers. Mr.
: Clement and his colored quartette have
j turned things upside down. Wood-
stock Age.
I It is, and has been some time' past,
! the established rule of the Kepuhlieau
I party in this city to issue its call for
i caucuses by giving five days' not ice to
I the voters, it is the custom to put
racing on his bicycle, and in turning I
out to pass the cart, he fell in front of
the rear wheel which passed over his I
head, grinding his skull to a pulp i
above the ears and eyes. His father
i was killed by the cars in ritchnurgl
: about live years ago. Jle leaves four
. sisters and two brothers.
: The civil service commissioner will
; hold examinations at St, Johnsliury
June 17, 1st and 19 for positions in the
' revenue cutter service, young men from
' 18 to LC) years being eligible. There
are in the revenue cutter service com
j missioned officers as follows : Cap-
tains, about .'!0, at a salary of J-',."!
per annum : first lieutenants, about IHi,
:at a salary of tl,S()0 per annum : sec
ond lieutenants, about Hi!, at a salary
; of 1.."00 per annum : third lieutenants,
I about li, at a salary of jfl.-iou per an
num. i The Barre entertainment association
I has voted to give about fbkK.) as well
as enough of its future profits to bring
the sum up to SotKJO, to the trustees of
the L. F. Aldrieh library to be used
in the purchase of books, papers and
periodicals and to fit, up a reading
llie library is not built as vet.
Burlington Newspaper Changes Owners.
It is understood that W. Ii. Howe
who has for several years been a stock
holder in and manager of the Burling
ton Free Pree has purchased the con
trolling interest in the business, tak
ing the stock of G. G. Benedict who
with his brother has heretofore con
trolled the property. The "retirement
of Mr. Benedict, from connection with
the Free Press means the closing of the
newspaper career of the Nester of er
mont journalism, a man who has been
a force in the state's activities. Mr.
Howe is one of the most able business
managers of newspapers in New Eng
land and the continued prosperity of
the Free Press, which with its large
printing business is a very valuable as
set, is assured, under his direction.
Kutland News.
boro as a business center, depending as i ..,, i..,,,"1,i,ii1,nn eitv committee was
sue tuies largely upon uie surruuiiumt;
towns would derive any lasting benefit
in burdening herself with heavy taxes
to grasp from the smaller towns the lit
tle they now have to make them feed
ers for our business interests '"
By the letters written from theYst
River towns it is plain to be seen that
they do not approve of the move, and
by our actions in saying that Brattle
boro must have the county buildings
here we may drive away more trade
from our merchants than a good many
terms of court would bring. People
Special Sale for One Week Only
"f JEWELRY. First-class goods at
half price to close out, to make room for
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Mrs. C. I. STAFFORD, Elliot St.
such notice in a newspaper. A las n clause in tbewill.of the late L. F.
call for a caucus of the Republican Aldrieh prevented the trustees from lie
voters of the city of Rutland, to be : ginning work until the funds in their
, i , . . ... j i . t .
neiu .nay zz, signeo oy a mujoriiy oi , possession amount to a certain sum.
llie required amount has been, reached
and as soon as the city of Barre shall
deed to the trustees the lot of land for
a site, work will be begun.
George H. Hogle of Montreal was
held in S7.7I bail, and E. W. Lawyer
and O. W. Ford in sGoo each at Bur
lington Thursday for Chinese smug
gling. Bail was furnished. Letters
which the men had torn up and thrown
away which were secured and pieced
together, indicated that the men had
been in the business for some time.
Evidence showed that Hogle was the
smuggler in the smuggling oprrat ions,
his part being to take the Chinese at
Montreal and escort them to the line
where Messrs. Ford and Lawyer took
them in charge and sent them" to Bos
ton or New Vork.
Household Goods
at the countv hotel. It would have to
pay no more at the best hotel in Brat
tleboro, and not so much at several
places tiere which are just as good as i
the county hotel. Granting that for a !
country hotel, it has been well run,
vet. as an argument, it wholly fails to i
support the claim that is made for it.
handed into the oflice of the Rutland
Evening News for publication this
17th inst and pavment for its inser
tion made to and received by the pro
prietor of that paper, who promised
j that the same would appear in today's
i issue. The Rutlai d Evening News is
I the Proctor organ in this city and vi
jcinity. Notwithstanding the facts set
j forth, after consulting the Proctor re
; tainers, the Proctor organ, seeking to
i postpone the caucus, changed the uo
i tice and printed it in such form that it
I is not a proper call. What do the vot-
ers of the state of Vermont think of
the tactics of Proctor, his henchmen
jand his organ, especially in view of
j the loud cry made by the Proctor peo-
pie about "snap" caucuses and unfair
methods in Chittenden countv? Is
President of XurBCB' Association, Vatertown,N.T,
; most distressing cases of inflammation
and ulceration of the ovaries and womb.
. I have known that doctors used Lydia
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' with their patients. I have advised my
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yet to hear of its first failure to cure.
" Four years ago I had falling of tha
womb from strainingin lifting a heavy
patient, and knowing of the value of
your Compound I began to use it at
once, and in six weeks I was well once
more, and have had no trouble since.
I am most pleased to have had an oppor
tunity to say a few words in praise of
your Vegetable Compound, and shall
take every occasion to recommend it."
Miss Vikgima (thanks. $sooo forfeit if
above testimonial is not genuine.
Lydia TC. Pink-ham's Vegetable
Compound has stood the test of
tjinie, and has Cured thousands.
Mrs. Pinkham advises sick wo
men free. Address, Lynn, Mass,
A rractical motor vehicle for every day
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Prompt Deliveries of Immediate Orders
Literature by Mail FREE on Request
Vby England Hepreatntatixfej
239 Columbus Avenue
Telephone, 3 7 8 Tremont
boro to trado.would do their trading j ,lis SOIm mnr( of tne "Vermont 'idea?
here anyway. People come in large ij,
A number of skilled mechanics I
numbers and long distances to the Val
ley Fair, but I am told by our mer
chants that they get but very little
trade during the days of the fair. Vith
U. S. court houses at Burlington,
Montnelier. Kutland and Windsor, and
is up to the people of Vermont to j among the A)0 striking employes of the
say! Kutland Herald
Vases and
Holders at
The county seat should be in such a , an appropriation for a new government
place as has accommodations for the : building at Newport, how much oppor
publiu wi.thout the county building or i tunity would there be for jury sessions
running a hotel. We ask the question j of the U. S. court here? He says
what man is there in Windham county !si",O0() to jCiTi.tXMi will
who has ever made anything or ever j put up the buildings. The Bennington
saved anything at the county house; court house which was simply "mill
above what he would have to pay for as ' construct ion" cost fully that and the
good accommodations in Brattleboro."
The need for a new jail is conceded.
If the county seat is to remain in
Newfane one should be built with
out question, but ought the county
to put in its money there? And an
other thing must be thought of rel
ative to the question of people at-
No Comment for Congress.
The first congressional district Ke
publican convention will be held at
Burlington June IS. the day before the
state convention. The second district
convention has not yet been called, but
will probably lie held at White Kiver
be sufficient to ' Junction uie same oay. vernier win
De quite as strenuous nsseiimiii-s as insi
year. It is a deserved compliment to
both Congressman Foster and Congress-
county has been continually laying
out money on it and only a short time
ago had to paper the jail to make it
strong. The Burlington court house
cost 6-V,(HiO which did not include the
site. If the time comes when Brattle
boro decides to bear the whole expense j CJ,n-
she does not want to be deceived liy
man Haskins that there is no opposi
tion to their re-nomination. Their
choice by acclamation in the coming
conventions will be a credit to the in
telligence and good judgment of their
contituents. St. Johnsliury Kepubli-
tending court. We think any one lieing led to believe that a set of build
can be satisfied upon investigation that ings such as would be Appropriate can
accommodations equally as good can j lie built for a nominal sum. "Another
be obtained in Brattleboro for any rate j Taxpayer" can call me narrow minded
that is paid in Newfane. We will be , if he chooses, if he finds anything in
mv former letter to warrant it, nut l
believe mv statements have been broad
able to furnish a list of places who
have for a long tune kept boarders,
furnished dinners nnd rooms at rates t enough to be agreed with by a large
as low as any we ever heard of at New- number of the taxpayers of Brattleboro
fane. But more than all this, taking the i who cannot see wherein such an outlay
the people who attend court, a large ; as outlined will benefit the w hole com
nrotiortion of them would be near home,
or within easy reach of home if the
county seat were here. Take all the
people from the river towns, it is not
likely they would at any time stay in
Brattleboro over night. They would
simply get their pinner here. The
people of the countv know now that we
. f i . . . i r i
nave nrst ciass restaurants inai turnisu
dinners foi 23 cents, and as for hotels,
I there are none better in Vermont.
' Take the people from the southern part
j of the county, quite a portion of them
are within easy driving distance of
Brattleboro and would be home every
I night while attending court All the
people who come to court on tne nar
row gauge are not at all discommoded
coming through to Brattleboro. They
would have to leave home no earlier
and they would get home just as soon.
, They would be required to stay over
night no more than at Newfane. The
proiosed cnange discommodes nobody
munity at a time when there is no call
for the change other than an accommo
dation to a few.
Brattleboro Taxpayer.
Stops the Couch
and works oil the Cold.
Laxative Hroino-Quinfne Tablets cure a cold
in one day. No cure, no Pay. I'rice 25 cents.
May 1,,, Yxt.
Brooks House Block.
ur far-ilirie prfrminir th iiutis
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The intimation that is made as to the
probable cost of the court house being ; of Vermont.
cOo,ww to 7:i.ou e think should be As a few 0f my specialties I
reorrTeteandob E undeSd would quote the following :
sarm Lrefui .'StUSSaTlhS , " Hope Nay, 9c plug, 3 for 25c.
cjr.,0ti0 for the building will furnish us i j pajs nf fjpg SHIOkillg, 34C.
a better court house than there is now i t '
in Vermont, not meaning, of course, to ; Martin S N3T, 3 TOF ZOC.
include the United States government!-. .. - - ..
buildings in Vermont. The newest l ullS, "i ID WIS, IOC.
county court house in the state i the Mft.. uinnpr u n Nnrth Pale.
1MHI IMIIWt J w") 'J
in 1 lb cans, 40c.
r. S. Call and ee me once, as 1 make
study to please all patrons.
j The Situation From a McCullough View.
I Mr. Clement is making the liquor )
: law an issue so far as he can. Mr. i
j Proctor has stated that he thinks pro- j
hibition preferable to any scheme of
'license, yet when asked if elected gov
jernor anil the next legislature passed a !
; local option law he should veto it, he !
! made no direct answer, but referred to i
his first published letter. If Mr. Proc- I
tor is honest in his position, if he is j
I not playing to grandstand, what pos-i
sible objection can he have to saying
lyes, I would veto any license, local op- j
Ition or referendum law wtiiou the leg
j islature might pass. The only reason
l that seems probable is a fear that by
taking too decided ground lie would
alienate some of his local option sup
porters and lose a few votes in the con
vention. As long as it is uncertain I
whether Mr. Proctor would veto a local j
option law or not, betakes exactly the
same position that Gen. McCullough !
does. Gen. McCullough says in sub- ;
stance that if elected he shall take no'
active part either for or against any j
liquor law which the legislature may
pass. If it passes a local option law!
he will sign it. When pushed for an i
answer as to whether he will veto a j
local option law Mr. Proctor is silent, j
There are some who profess to know i
that he would not veto such a law.
Who then is dodging issues? Gen. j
McCullough says he shall abide by the '
decision of the majority of the people i
as expressed in the legislature. Mr. !
i Troctor does not say what he would !
)do. What then is the situation? Mr. j
j Clement is the only candidate who;
'stands squarely on an isshe. Bellows 1
rails limes. i
Hone Scale company at Kutland will
' seek work elsewhere unless the strike
! is soon settled. Dr. John A. Mead,
! chief owner of the works, says it is im
possible to give the men paid by the
week a nine-hour day with 10 hours'
pay, and the piece hands an advance
corresponding, under present condi-!
tions. He intimates that he would be1
able to make concessions if the Kair-1
banks people, Jones of liinghampton '
end other manufacturers would grant a j
nine-hour day with the rates of wages
wanted by the Kutland mechanics, j
Competition, he says, would not allow j
the Howe works to be the only ones to
make the desired changes. Tho men j
are unyielding in their demands for a !
shorter day. The managers are mak- !
ing preparations to close the works for ;
an indefinite period.
In regard to the pending suit in New j
York against Meyer, principal in the'
For Tennis and
Golf Players,
Have a Canvas Shoe with an ex
tra quality rubber sole
Also Canvas Shoes with leather
soles at
90c, SI, $1.25 & $1.50.;
Near the Bridge. :
(Mit sizes that I wNh to move at
ont' and having derided when I
started in busini'sn to
Never Mind the Former
Price '
when I wanted to close our certain lines,
i have marked this lot 79Ci
To the above I have added -0 pairs of
Women's Oxfords and .Slippers all going
at 79 cents.
Because someone has told you that
ELECTRICITY is expensive for
household use. Investigate for your
self; get our prices for materials
and installation for electrical pur
poses, and ask the customers to
whom we will refer you.
We equip houses with call bells,
annunciators, burglar alarms, gas
t; lighters, complete electric lighting.
Are very plenty and of good quality.
15 cents today.
lleinz's Sweet, in bulk, 25 cents per quart.
" Sour, " 10 cents per quart.
" Pamsoh and Kaspberry Jam in 3 lb.
crocks, 59 cents.
Pil Erxcelsior,
Thm Grumt Marwm Stlmvlmnt.
one at Newport, and cost but 13.0ui, '
and is a pood-looKitp. commodious
bcildine. OurCanal street schoolhouse, I
which in size, material and expense of (
interior work certainly is equal to!
WANTED We would like
to arrange with a lady to call!
uJupon families in West Brattle
boro and transact some fusi-
anythine that could be desired for a i CU p AC
court house, cost but 20.Xi0. A build
ing costing a sum like that would be
Telephone 4C-3.
Elliot Street.
ness. Liberal pay. Write us.
Ullery & Co., Brattleboro.
Don't Pay High Prices
Ready-Made Clothing
When you can buy the best medium
grades of us at very moderate prices.
and we have cheap clothing, but our
strongest lines are the medium grades.
You have the cash. We will arrange
an exchange during any business
hours of the week, at our store.
How advantageous we will make
that exchange for you.
YOUNG & KNOWLTON, clothiers.
The best trade in town,
: Lanre and fancy Prunes,
3 lbs for 25 cents.
2 lbs for 25 ct-nts.
String Beans, Asparagus,
Lettuce, Cucumbers,
Hermuda Onions.
New Cabbage,
i Spinach,
We have for sale a number of Molasses,
' Vinegar and l'ork barrels. Also two Molasses
! Hogsheads, all in good condition.
8 1 Main Street.
Heavy Trucking
Safes, Boilers & other Heavy Articles.
Modern Furniture Van
and am prepared to innve household
frMtls in the proper manner and with
the least possible wear and tear.
Hay, StrawTGrain &Feefl
of all kinds for sale at market prices
and lower.
Draft, Farm, Coach and Family Horses
constantly on hand and fr sale at
reasonable prices.
Sella Everything. Address
Rrther Block, Brattleboro, Vu

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