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painful Urination.
Untoms 01 Aavance ui
rr .
Kidney uisease.
Kidney Remedy That Cannot Con
tain Alcohol.
vintv-nioe persons in a huudred who
V 'hS ninB sensation when they
e'VtPr and occasionally sharp
M other times, make the fatal
Warding the pain as the
foubled not as a symptom of
Vance of kidney disease.
nVi is only one way to regard these
1H"P ' ml Ann Mannar nAnrnr
.D'l r"nr Fettinri l's
l"f' ... J n'Vlnti tinnit.ivolv Hton
5fXt, .relieve in a
'1 davs and, most important of
they bring the kldney8 back to
Bey-Wort Tablets cured C. O.
TIi., March 4, 1903.
kntlpraen 1 was sunermg iruiu
KTSdwas ledto.use.lCidney
P i. i,..nno hpinc in tablet
!', ....u tUn the remedy with me
Pit my work, which it was impossible
" r ..i,-. mnoh imnrfled bv
f,act that Kidney-Wort Tablets
htain do. wuuu j
dilT better since iohb w .iuui
" ' .nrlintr Tiunv nf mv
Us who. aro afflicted with kidney
,uble to use mem.
lours very truty,
C. O. Collins.
If tou find brick dust deposit in
t urine, or if it is high colored ; if
, skin is dry and harsh feeling,
mine at night; if you have unusual
inland scanty or excessive flow of
ine, or if you are losing in weight
strenetn, your saitny ics iu mo
,inf k'iHnpv-Wort Tablets.
dnw-Wort Tablets are the one true
Life Bright's disease ana aiaoeies
te both been repeatedly cureu uy n
I .1. ma wall develoDed.
L used for any of the milder forms
rV-j jnPflnrcmAnt. Kimh an ha-
Ids! backache, headache, rheumatism,
). f.n...it.r.t n, nninftll TlftRSHCe Of
Iter, high colored urine, it acts with
irvelous promptness auu mm-ioui.;.
Kidney-Wort Tablets contain no
lohol nor drugs. Beware 01 uquiu
jney remedies. They have aggra vat-
thousands of cases or simple Biuuey
Uness into Bright's disease.
that the public understands the
I importance of procuring a Kianey
dv that cannot contain alcohol is
lira by the enormous demand at
drug store for money- w ort xbd-
Choice Farm Loans
la Eastern Washington and No. Dakota
ire worthv of an early investigation
on the part of careful Investors as of -ering
the greatest inducement for the
safe and profitable employment of
idle or surplus funds.
Our carefully selected Farm loans
net live per cent, interest and form an
vniiuestioned security.
We solicit correspondence from in
nMore. 1
Brattieboro, Vt.
F.B. PUTNAM, General Agent.
In the earlv Soring, and
when your garden
blooms with Spring
bloBHoins, and the ver
dure is fresh, your house
will not look like a back
number. Vi e have a fine
stock of Mixed Faints,
Oils, Varnishes and
Brushes that we are
selling at rock bottom
prices, which builders
1 hniiBB nvrnpn will
well to take advantage of.
nave uie oe.t tiling on me waint?i. im
if Oil, and a Hoof l'aint that is all right for
iPlnonpv. Here it the nla.ee to ret Farm and
iniru iouis, i,awn eeu mm mi"""
is the time to order vour Screens and
II.... .1 -II n,l,an nfiAil
,u3. I1J.I- liu-ll, a,, IVttllJ J"..
nn. Have a few mure picture frames for sale
IN A. WILDER, 40 Elliot Street.
Telephone o'i-iz.
'A Building Brick,
Fire Brick,
Fire Clay.
For sale by
Je Brattieboro Gas Light
den Hampshire and Massachusetts.
have at mv Furniture Rooms.
i Pleasant st., a large stock of
r Chinn. Antiane Fritore
a Specialty.
"J'kind.r.f Kun,i,r finvK and
I'mli.-s break'ing-up housekeeping
7 - - in tin well hi cihe
.. '" fiirni-b tr.KHl man to lay carpet.
itoLT , J "puolstering, paca
c,7 I"""nv"i-'. or any small jobbing. He
,K-iil; i,y th.ir. Will funh -'
M burlap r,r packing, also lumber for
rrrt riMHihle price.
alL either i.miiiar telephone, at
'"yiMpectfully, youn to
The International Sunday School Lessom
Minneapolii Flour Villi Shut Down-Entire
Postal Service to be Investigated - The
Washington Food Test Cases-Sale of His.
torical Letters,
Cholera baa attacked Captain Persh
ing's troops in the Philippines, who
are operating against the Moros in the
island of . Mindanao, Five cases and
many suspected cases are reported.
Pittsburg is to have a great univer
sity that will rival the big colleges and
universities of the East and West. For
its endowment it is said the millions
of Andrew Carnegie and 20 other
wealthy Pittsburgers are pledged.
Mrs. Robert Fitzsimmons, wife of
the former champion heavy weight pu
gilist, died at Uensonhurst, N. V. , Sat
urday of typhoid pneumonia. Her
maiden name was Rose Julian. She
was of the widely known Julian fam
ily, vaudeville acrobats.
This month is expected to break all
records for immigration at the port of
New York. At the close of Saturday's
business 64,000 aliens had passed Ellis
island in 18 days. Those scheduled for
the remainder of the month indicate
the total for April will exceed 90,000.
General Baden-Powell of the British
army, who gained distinction during
the war in South Africa, during the
Mafeking campaign, is traveling
through the country, and is registered
at a Washington hotel under the name
of Colonel Stevenson. His purpose is
to study American javalry tactics and
Governor Montague of Virginia has
signed the general revenue law which
includes the Mann liquor section, the
most sweeping step toward prohibition
ever taken in the state. Tbe bill will
abolish practically all saloons in the
counties and in towns of less than 500
The San Juan, Porto Rico, grand
jury, which insisted on investigating
the so-called smuggling cases, has re
turned true bills against eight persons.
A despatch received at Washington
says that true bills were returned
against Merritt of the navy, Lowndes
of the marines, Crabbejof the army and
Giles and Butler, civilians.
Postmaster General Payne has issued
instructions that the entire postal ser
vice of the United States is to be thor
oughly investigated. It is believed
fully two months will be required to
complete the investigation. Up to this
time only four bureaus have been the
subjects of Mr. Bristow's inquiry. This
is done that the innoceut Binong those
under suspicion may be vidicated, as
well as to find the guilty.
Tbe Republican Editorial Associa
tion of New York at its annual meet
ing Friday, endorsed the administra
tion of President Roosevelt and asked
that the constitutional provision grant
ing the negro the right of suffrage be
enforced or that the Constitution be
amended so that states denying the ne
gro the right to vote should have their
representation in Congress and Jhe elec
toral college reduced accordingly.
The band which raided Surigao, Is
land of Mindanao, Mar. 23, is practi
cally dispersed. The troops and con,
stabulary pursued the men into Lake
Mainit country and defeated them five
times, killing 20 and wounding many
others. Most of tbe arms stolen at Sur
igao were recovered. The disorder
which recently broke out in the prov
ince of Misamis, istand of Mindanao,
is spreading. The military have dis
persed a band of 400 rebels, wounding
13. . A campaign will be inaugurated.
A sale by auction of American his
torical letters,' fn New York last week
included letters and documents relat
ing to the Indian wars, the Revolution,
Federal conven-
tion, Shay's insurrection, the French
war, War of 1812, the Florida Indian
war and other wars. There we re i also
several foreign documents. The high
est price paid was $400, for an auto,
graph document signed by Raphael. It
eives the specifications for the build
ing of St. Peter's at Rome, tbe names
of masons and carpenters, the dimen
sions of walls and other particulars.
The Western New York Old Alaicis
convention openeu m, j. h;.".,
Thursday. Miss Amelia Higginson.the
president, in her opening address, said.
"President Roosevelt believes in the
rearing of large famu.es. "
rieht to his opinion, but when he
places childlessness in the same cate-
1 V, a imps ton
gory witn onmium "",s;r.;i
far. ' The president is the father of
what we Americans wouiu ran
family. He is not the mother of a large
family. We have heard nothing about
race suicide from the mothers of Amer
ica, and we never shall. Let the presi
dent grapple with the trusts, the tariff
and the coming election Tbey are more
in his line. He can safely leave the
question of babies in the hands of wo
men of this great republic.
Ceorge E. Greene win neiuno m
ey If Mi-o-na Does nox mere...
n :,- rianma V. Greene is think-
ing strongly of placing a "penny-in-the-slot"
weighing machine in his
store to record the weight of his cus
tomers when they commence using Mi-
. a I. fnmiina fund .
o-na, wo . . ...
The wonderful sale he has had on this
preparation since he nrst introuuu
1 r .... s ,V,a romnrlcRble
it in BrattieDoro uu -
results following its use, have made
u. oM, an enthusiastic believer in
the great value of Mi-o-na, that he
gives his personal guarantee to refund
the money if Mi o-na do i not . make
thin people rai, ci o
reThise Kong guarantee, but Drug-
tr'tat Geo. ri. ureeuo u
of his customers who a few weeks ago
oi pui .... aU etons. become
looKea i mi. ", ".hm.,h th use
i?.m"CVt. vour proper weigbt,you
should use Mi -: Weigh yourself
before you commence th.s treatment
d tou will notice a steady gain. .
ThU marvelous flesh forming food is
aJmfla d aTsoon as it is taken into
stomach, makes gool . blood
tones up the weakened digestive or
ran? helps the food to digest, and
& rnent cures in the worst
TeSc" tell you of
of Mi-o na.
Buffalo representatives of the acci
dent insurance companies in which the
late Arthur Pennell carried policies
will not be paid until the courts have
passed definitely on the question
whether Pennell came to his death by
accident or suicide. There is $10,000
of this class of insurance.
A correspondent at Shanghai, China,
telegraphs that the treaty negotiations
with the United States are at a dead
lock, through China's refusal to abol
ish all the internal custom-bouses in
accordance with the American demand.
China admits, adds the correspondent,
that over 1,000 such custom-bouses are
still open.
The kicking over of a lantern by a
workman at one of the Caldwell oil
wells at Beaumont, Tex., Thursday,
started a fire that resulted in the loss
of property vnlued at 81,000,000. There
were 175 wells on the blocks of the tract
and only five of the derricks and pump
houses are left standing. None of the
property was insured.
While examining an immense quan
tity of papers captured from the Fili-
f lino insurgents, Capt. John R. M. Tny
or of the 14th infantry, a few days
ago discovered a remarkable document
endorsed on the back with a direction
to kill Gen. Otis. That endorsement,
Capt. Taylor insists, is in the hand
writing of Aguinaldo, the insurgent
The department of agriculture at
Washington has issued a comparative
statement of the wheat crop of the
world, showing that the total of 3,124,
422,000 bushels in 1902 was distributed
as follows: North America. 781,120,000:
South Amrica, 75,984,000; Europe, 1,-
789,8X1,000; Asia, 370,428,000; Afri
ca, 48,000,000; Australia, 43,927,000.
The crop in the United States was
Lolita Armour, the little daughter
of J. Ogden Armour of Chicago, has
been cured of congenital deformity,
which many noted physicians pro
nounced incurable. Dr. Adolpb Lo-
renz Thursday took off the cast which
bad held the joint of his patient in
place for six months, and found that
she could walk. The operation on the
hip was performed last October, when
Dr. Lorenz made his famous visit to
this country.
Senator Beveridge of Indiana, chair
man of the Committee on Territories,
has named Senators Dillingham of Ver
mont. Burnbam of New Hampshire,
Nelson of Minnesota and fatterson oi
Colorado, a sub-committee, to visit
Alaska this summer for the purpose of
makinsr a thorouirh investigation of
conditions in the territory with a view
to recommending legislation or amend
ments to existing law, to the senate
when it reassembles.
The commission recently appointed
to attempt to secure a better adjust
mentof the financial relations between
the gold and silver using countries are
lu coiiiercuuts iu unauiuniwu w
ranee plans for their work. They will
sail from New York about the middle
of May and will visit London, Paris,
Berlin. St. Petersburg. Pekinand Mex
ico to confer with the leading officials
and endeavor to secure their co-opera
tion in such measures as will tend to
fix a definite relationship between the
moneys of the gold standard countries
and tbe silver using countries.
The hie bronze statue of Atlas, which
has stood on the fourth floor of the old
Times' Building in Chicago for more
than a third of a century and which
was placed in the structure by Wilbur
F. Storey, has been stolen. The statue
weighed more than a ton, and how it
was carried from the building without
attracting the attention of occupants
or the police is a mystery, 'rne statue
came into the possession of-Carter H.
Harrison, father of tbe present mayor,
with the purchase of the Times' Build
ing and newspaper about 12 years ago.
Editor Storey bought the statue in
Europe, paying $1500 for it.
A Paris dispatch says that N. W. II.
Tolman, head of the New lork In
stitute of Social Science, has ar
rived there charged by iielen Uouid to
study the "charm of Paris," in order
to attempt to introduce into American
cities the qualities of life which have
given the French Capital its fame.
Mr. Tolman s vague missiuu ia uirav
intr much amusement and perplexity
among leading Parisians. Mr. Tolman
intends to live for a ceriain periou
th the laboring class; another witn
the artists, another with the Houle
vard crowd and another with the fash
ionable set. After all this ne minus
he will be able to define and help in
rrnrlvmn into New York and other new
world cities the elusive grace of Paris
Officials of the Department of Agri
culture at Washington, familiar with
the food tests being conducted by Dr.
Wiley say the pink complexions taken
nn hv the voune men who are the sub
jects of the experiments are not due to
chemicals in me iouu, uul m. ww-
nlete el mination of all impurities from
the blood brought about by eating pure
food alone. Great care is taken in the
preparation of every article of food, and
nothing but the purest is served. No
drugs have been mixed witn tne tooa
fnr the last few weeks, in order that
Dr. Wiley might observe the contrast
in the effect of the pure food and that
adulterated with borax and other chem
icals. Up to date, it is said, trie Chem
icals have been shown to be absolutely
harmless, and in several cases they have
hn found beneficial. The subjects
only eat at stated times, with the great
est regularity as to amount, and drink
nothing alcoholic and smoke only with
the greatest moderation.
The International Sunday school les
son committee was in session at Wash
ington last week, adjourning to meet.
in Buffalo in June 1904. The commit
tee settled the complete lesson course
for the year 1905. For six months of
the year the lessons are to be from the
gospels and the remaining six months
from the Old Testament, A topically
arranged two years course for begin
ners, or children irora lour iusij,.
also was determined on. it win te a
permanent institution and will apply
to the Sunday schools for tbe United
States and Canada. The most impor
tant work of the meeting was to ar
range the plan for the six years' lessons
from 1906 to 1911 inclusive. As finally
determined on it will be: January,
190G, June, 1907, "The Life and Char
acter of Jesus in Matthew, Mark and
Luke (or studies in the synoptic gos
pels); Julv, !!., June, i'jipo, siuuit-
in the Old Testament: June, Decem
ber 1907, "Stories of the Patriarchs" ;
t ts June. JHIH. "ine MaKing
of Israel" (or from Moses to Samuel):
Julv to December, 1908, "The Words
and Works of Jesus" (or studies in
John) : January to Decembef . 1909,
"The Expansion of the Early Church
(or studies in the Acts and the Epis
tles) : January to December, 1910,
"The Glory and Decline of Israel" (or
from Samuel to Isaiah) ; January to
June, 1911, "The Son of Man" (or
studies in Luke) ; July to December,
1911, "The Captivity and Return of Is
rael" or from Isaiah to Malachi. )
A strike of 75,000 workers in various
lines is scheduled at New York for
May 1 unless their demands for higher
wages are granted.
The battleship Iowa was totally dis
abled Tuesday, off Pensacola, Flo,, by
tbe bursting of the steampipe, tearing
away the steering gear.
The president completed bis tour of
the Yellowstone national park Wednes
day and inspected Fort Yellowstone.
He is in the best of health and enthu
siastic over his trip.
In Boston there was a general celebra
tion of Patriots' day Monday, theob
servauces recalling the old traditions
and historical incidents of the revolu
tion, such as the ride or faul Kevere,
the march of the British troops from
KuRtnn to Lexineton and other mem
oralilo incidents that heralded tbe
great struggle of 17715.
A lockout was inaugurated at the
collieries of the Philadelphia and
Readinir Coal and Iron Co. Monday
morning and 30,000 men and boys are
idle. No explanation accompanied the
action OI IQH CUIUJianj. uc wummcu
were simply told, "There is no work."
It was a senuel. however, to the refu
sal Saturday of the men to work nine
Running nt the rate offfi0 miles per
hour on a down erade.Erie train No. 4,
the New York limited, crashed into
the rear of a crippled freight train at
Red House, eicht miles west of Sala
manca, early Monday morning, killing
eight persons Bnd seriously injuring a
dozen more. Seven bodies were burned
beyond recognition in the fire "that
followed the wreck.
An electric brake refused to work on
a crowded Western-avenue car of the
Pittsburg railway company at Alle
ghany, Pa., Sunday, and tbe car ran
away, wrecked a carriage, prone
through the safety gates or tne rorc
Wayne railroad, derailed a fast-moving
freight train and was wrecked. Almost
all of the 45 pasjengers aboard the car
were hurt, though only one fatauy.
Rev. Paul James Francis, minister
of the Order of the Atonement, with
headquarters at Garrison, N. Y., is to
be brought to trial on the charge that
in his teaching be has for some years
openly advocated that the Episcopal
church acknowledge Roman Catholic
obedience and procure pardon for the
sin of having denied for some hun
dreds of years spiritual supremacy of
the Pope of Rome.
Much excitement was caused in New
York last week by the finding of the
body of a man, whose throat bad been
cut, in a barrel on tbe sidewalk in
East 11th street. Twelve Italian sus-
fiects were arrested and it was be
ieved that the mystery was the work
of the Mafia, or of a bi counterfeiting
gang. The body was finally identified
Tuesday as that of Mauen Benedetto,
an Italian, of Buffalo. He was a brother-in-law
of Guiseppe de Primeo, in
Sing Sing for counterfeiting, and it is
believed that he was murdered by the
gang because he was trying to get
money and property belonging to de
Every flour mill in Minneapolis and
practically all of the merchant spring
wheat mills in Minnesota and the
northwest shut down entirely Friday
and will cease turning out flour for an
indefinite period. The Northwestern
Miller says that this act has been
forced upon the millers by the condi
tions surrounding the manufacture and
sale of flour. For some time owing to
the price of cash wheat, the high rates
of freight and the di-pressed state of
the flour market, mills have been ope
rating at a loss, but the crowning dis
advantage, which has paralyzed the
milling industry throughout the north
west, was the act of tbe line boats ope
rating between Duluth and Buffalo in
moving wheat on a basis of two cents
per bushel, while present proportionate
rate on flour from Duluth to Buffalo is
maintained at nine cents per hundred
pounds, equivalent to 5 4-10 cents a
The interstate commerce commission
sat in New York Tuesday to consider
the complaint of Wm. K. Hearst against
certain coal-carrying railroads for vio
lating the interstate commerce law.
Mr. Hearst complains that tbe rail
roads charge unreasonable rates; that
thev uniuhtlv discriminate in favor of
the bituminous against the anthracite
coal companies, and that they have con
trived, in violation of tbe anti-pooling
section of the interstate commerce law,
to discriminateagainst the independ
ent coal-mining companies in favor of
the companies controlled by the rail
roads. Eight of the nine 'companies
complained of entered appearances. At
the hearing Wednesday the railroads
refused to produce the contracts enter
ed into between tbe roads and the
coal companies to prove the difference
between the actual and published price
of carriage. Judge Campbell of the
Reading road made an attack on W.
R. Hearst's newspaper which he said
had made the "hysterical demand"
for cheaper coal and not the thinking
Beautiful Homes.
The NICKEL PLATE' RD. is offer
ing Housekeepers special low round
trip rates on the first and third Tues
days of each month to points all
through the West, with good limits re
tuminu: also selling daily special one
way Colonists' tickets at exceeding
low rates to Pacific coast and interme
diate points. Finest train service, in
cluding tourist sleeping cars, person
ally conducted. See local agent, or
write L. P. Burgess, N. E. P. A., 258
Washington St., Boston, Mass. 17-3t
Thousands are starving in the prov
ince of Kwangsi, China, and whole
families are being driven to despera
tion and suicide. Men are selling their
wives and children in order to obtain
It is rumored in Constantinople that
a massacre similar to that known as
the Sicilian Vespers is hanging over
all Bulgarians in the city. Tbe bar
racks and all public buildings are
closely guarded. The military at
taches of tbe foreign legations anu em
bassies have left or are leaving for the
interior. The object of their trip is j
Ensign Hussner of the German navy
killed an artilleryman named Hart
mann with his sword at Essen on Good
Friday for not saluting him properly.
The two men were formerly school
mates. Hussner had arrested Hartmann
for the improper salute, when the lat
ter attempted to shake hands with him
and then started to run. The ensign
thrust him through the back with his
sword. A court martial has been or
dered to try Hussner.
R-I-P-A-N-S Tabules
Doctors find
A good prescription
For mankind
The 5-crnt packet monen for nnal octkn.
The family bottle 16O cental contains a supply
Anti-Aleoholio Congress at Bremen-Constan'
tinople Threatened by Massaore-The Ger
man Antaretio Expedition-Hovel Folar Ex
pedition Planned Irish Convention Accepts
land BiU.
Blizzards and severe cold prevail in
the southern provinces of Austria,
which is unprecedented at this time of
year. An immense amount or aamnge
has been done in tbe fruit growing dis
The notorious Greek bandit Panout
zas came to a dramatic end at a vil
lage near Piraeus Friday. He kept a
force of 80 cavalry at bay for 24 hours
and after 1500 shot had been fired tbe
house wag put to the torch. Tbe flames
drove Panoutzas to the cellar where he
received a bullet in tbe heart.
The Moorish pretender is marching
from Taza on Fez. The sultan is vain
ly attempting to obtain recruits among
the Kabyle tribes. Three thousand
Moors have arrived at Melilla, seeking
refuge from the pretender's troops. It
is stated that tbe sultan has offered tbe
crown to his brother Muley, who has
refused it.
The French president, M. Loubet,
witnessed military manoeuvres Thurs
day on Mustapba Field, Algiers, in
which 10,000 troops took part. This
force was drawn from all parts of the
colony and reinforced by sailors and
marines from the visiting fleets and by
many native organizations. The Al
gerian Sharpshooters and Zouaves made
an imposing display. The entire fes
tivities were elaborate. President Lou
bet is the first chief of state since the
Emperor Napoleon III. to visit the
French North-African possessions.
Shamrock III, while preparing to
race in the harbor at Weymouth, Eng.,
Friday, was struck by a squall and
had, everything above deck carried
away. Sir Thomas Lipton, who was
on board the yacht, was badly bruised
and had a narrow escape from serious
injury. One man was swept overboard
and drowned and several sailors were
iniured. Shamrock III has no dupli
cate spars and the disaster accordingly
means inai Dir xuouihb win appiy
have dates for the cup races put back.
Tbe new spar will be obtained from
A novel polar expedition is projected
by two German explorers who rely up
on a specially constructed sunmarine
boat to overcome the difficulties hith
erto encountered in reaching the North
Pole. Wireless telegraphy also is to be
utilized. The leaders of the expedi
tion are Herr Seboll of Munich, and
Dr. Anscheutz Kuempfe. The latter
has received sufficient financial sup
port for the construction of a novel
submarine boat to travel beneath the
icebergs of the Arctic. To aid the ex
pedition Herr Scholl has organized a
separate expedition to erect a wireless
telegraph station ana onseraiory db
tween the 78th and 80th degrees of lat
itude. This station will communicate
with Kuempfe's submarine boat which
will likewise be equipped with wire
less apparatus.
By a unanimous vote the Irish Na
tional convention, which met at Dub
lin Thursday, accepted in principle
the Irish Land bill introduced in the
House of Commons by Mr. Wyndham,
chief secretary for Ireland, and intrust
ed to John Redmond and bis party the
task of secu ing in the House of uom-
mons that "serious amendment m va
rious points of vital importance"
which the national convention may
consider essential. This amendment
will bo outlined later. Tbe convention
proceedings revealed passionate discon
tent with some features of the bill, but
nothing serious enough to imperil its
ultimate acceptance. (Even Michael
Davitt, who had an opportunity of di
viding tbe delegates into two opposing
camps, suborainatea nis own views nnu
pledged himself to aoiae rjy rne ver
dict Tbe gathering was a representa
tive one and Irish wit and eloquence
lived up to its reputation. Two thou
sand delegates were present from all
parts of Ireland.
Tbe anti-alcoholic congress met at
Bremen, Germany, last week. Frof.
Segrain of Pans said that the use of
alcohol predisposes tbe human system
to tuberculosis, and also prevents the
cure of it. Alcoholism intensities the
effect of diseases which create those
conditions which are best fitted for the
ravages of tuberculosis. Since the tri
umph over alcoholism, he continued, is
approximately a triumph over tubercu
losis, the real individual and social
treatment for tuberculosis consists in
the strictest abstinence from alcoholic
liquors. Prof. Labsky of Cracow de
manded that all luxuries, including al
coholic drinks, be banished from san
atoriums for tuberculosis. Dr. Daumni
claimed that the experiments of Dr.
Dheauvan, made to show that alcohol,
even in small doses, was poisonous to
the system, have a negative value.
Nevertheless, he added, indulgence in
alcohol must be avoided by athletes,
sailors, soldiers and youths. Prof.
Berens, principal of the German school
of art at Dusseldorf in a paper on Al
cohol and Art, declared that "by dull
ing the spiritual aspirations essential
to the greatest work, alcohol is an en
emy of the highest attainment of art."
The congress closed its ninth biennial
session Sunday. Fourteen hundred
delegates from 15 nations were present.
Two schools of thought, the moderates
and the total abstainers, were repre
sented. The assertion by Dr. August
Forel, one of the foremost authorities
on brain and nerve diseases, that nei
ther science nor experience furnishes
evidence to justify culling alcohol a
food, called out prolonged applause.
but doesn't work the
worker. Wash in the
Sunlight way and you
will understand. It is
different than all other
soaps. A trial will con
vince you. If not,,
money refunded. No
boiling, no toiling with
BU Cake BID Value Only Five Cents.
The special mission sent by the sul
tan of Turkey to pacify the Albanians
has been surrounded by several hun
dred Albanians at Ipex and tbe Turks
are practically held as prisoners. The
Albanians categorically refuse to ac
cept the reforms proposed and demand
an Albanian government for iheir country.
Minister Conifer reports from Peking
that an attempt to reorganize the Box
er movement in the District of Yution,
about 100 miles west of Peking, was
promptly and energetically suppressed
by Viceroy Yuan Shih Ki, who stood
like a rock against the Boxers in 1900.
Several Boxers were killed and ten
were arrested, who are to be beheaded,
and their beads will be exposed where
the organization started.
Four members of the German Ant
arctic expedition nave arrived in oyu
ney, N. S. V., from Kerguelen Island,
where during 18 months this detached
party pursued investigations. The
members suffered from tbe severe cold
and privations. One doctor succumbed
and another, Dr. Werth, who was the
leader of the party, is not likely to re
cover. The expedition, the leader of
which is Professor Ehrich von Drygal
ski, of Berlin, sailed on the German
steamer Gauss from Kiel, August 11,
1901. Thev reached Kerguelen Island
.TnnAtirv 7. 1902. where thev established
a base, and where they left a small
party. Tbey sailed on January 31, 1902,
for Termination Island, with the in
tention of pushing as far south as pos
sible, and spending the winter in those
Fresh Meats
Are always to be found in this mai
ket. We take particular care in the
handling of our Meats. We have noth
ing but the best the market affords.
We have some of tbe best families in
the city to cater to and we hold them
by giving good Meats, courteous treat
ment and prompt delivery. Give us a
trial and be convinced.
WANTF.D-Veal, Poultry, Iambs, Hogs,
Hides and Pelu.
A Prominent Forester.
Wm. F. Bader of 854 Keep street,
Brooklyn, N. Y., was laid up with
Rheumatism. He began to take Dr.
David Kennedy's Favorite Remedy and
after using two bottles was cured. Hia
Uter, of 457 Grand St., Williamsburg,
N. Y., and her son Walter were both
restored to health by Favorite Remedy.
Dr. David Kennedy's Farorlte Remsdy Is rec
efnlud aj a specific. It purifies the blood and
dissolves th. excess of uric acid In it It Is the
Kost successful medicine ever discovered for
9 Kidneys, Bladder, Liver end Blood.
All drus-flsts seU H In the NEW 60 CENT 8IZC
and the regular $1 .00 size bottles.
SampU Mtlttnougk for trial, frit by mail.
Or. David Kennedy Corporation, Rondout, N. Y.
Dr. Dsvlt I.gn.dy's Cberry Balun best for
Cells, Coacks, VeasaaipUoe. feo, 60c, $1.00.
f I io need of ristnT
V So early Jw
Breakfast Prepared
In a few minutes with
a "Universal."
Time, Food,
Work, rtoney.
for a year. AU druggUu aril them.
EST. 1847.
A universal remedy for pains In the back (so frequent in the case of women)
iney eivc uiMair
Fnr pain, tn the realon of the
KKmii, or for a tVeah
Bark, the plajter ahould b.
applied a. uliown .hove.
W hererer there IM pala applT
AUeocK1. ruier.
taneous relief.
Therever there is
a nain a Plaster
should be applied.
Colds, Coughs,
Wtak Chest,
Weak Back,
&C, &C
Allcock's Plasters
are superior to all
other platters.
They have been in
use since 1847-
, i RhnHUftaKerPftlaf
In ihMlder. Klhew.or'-IAO.
where, or for HaralM. Slier
eM. e.. ami 1t A, blast
Pel. Pltfer ehonld heramiu
and elwpe rvonireri and applied
so panaffecu-daaabowaatiove.
Public notice Is hereby giver that Thomas J.
Heaphy of Krattlehoro, Vt., has made applica
tion for 1st and 2nd clans licenses to eel) intoxi
cating liquors in the Brooks House, on High
street side. No. 8 High street, Btattleboro, vt.
A public hearing will be given at tbe oniceof
the selectmen of the town of Brattieboro on
Saturdaj-, May 2, 1903. at 7.30 o'clock p. m.
To the Board of License Commissioners for
the town of Dummerston. In tbe County of
Windham and State of Vermont :
1. Joseph Lamothe, of bumuierston, in said
Countv, hereby make application for a Second
Class license to sell intoxicating liquors in the
y John Taft, situate on
the eaxterly side of the highway leading from
dwelling bouse owned by Jo
Brattieboro to Newfane, south of West Dum
merston village in said town of Dummcreton.
Mv age is thirty-three years. Sly present occu
pation is lumber contractor.
lS-3t JOSEPH LAMOTHE, Applicant.
The board of license commissioner of the
town of (iuilford hereby give notice CH A Hl.KS
H. KliHY. of said Guilford, has applied for a
license of the second class, and a license of the
third class, to sell intoxicating liquors at the
"Broad Brook House," so-called, in said Guil
ford, and tbat a public hearing on said applica
tions will lie hail before said commissioners at
said Broad Brook House, on Saturday, the 2d
day of Mav, W03, at one o'ciock in tne after
noon, when all persons interested may appear
and be heard.
J. A. Clark, 1
Geo. A. Wilder, Commissioners.
Joel Flaoo, j
Guilford. Vt., April 16, 1903.
STATE OF VERMONT I By the Probate Court
Maklboko, ss. ( for said District.
To all persons interested in tbe estate of
MARY A. MORSE, late of Newfane, in said
disirict, deceased, Greeting:
You are hereby notified that this court will de
cide upon tbe allowance of tbe account of
John E. Gale, Administrator upon the Estate
of Mary A Morse, late of Newfane, In said
district deceased, and decree distribution
thereof to the persons entitled thereto, at the
Bession thereof to be held at the Probate Of
fice in Brattieboro, in said district, on the 25th
dav of April, A. 1). 1903, when and where you
may lie beard In the premises if you see cause.
l5-3t A. i SCH WENK, Register.
Effective Oct. ia, 'oi.
Trains leave Brattieboro as follows:
B.23 a. m., Daily for Springtield, week days for
New York.
7.25 a.m.. Week davs for New London ; connects
at Millers Falls for Troy; at Palmerfor Boston.
7.60 a. in., Week davs for South Londonderry.
9.10 a. iu., Week days lor Springneia ana new
10.18 a. m.. Week days for Millers Falls, connect
ing fur Roston.
4.27 p. m.. Week davs for Springtield and New
4.38 p. m., Week days for New Lonaon and New
l ora via. iorwn-n Line ateaiuer j i,-uuim;
Palmer for Boston. .
4.38 p. m., Daily for Springfield and New York.
5.48 p. m.. Week days for South Londonderry.
rf humeri io cuange wiliioui uihiw.
E. H. FITZHI GH. V. P. and . M.. St. Albans.
J. E, BKNTI.EY. G. P. A.. St. Albans.
Winter Arrangement. In effect Oct. 13, 190J
Conn, and Passampslc lMvision.
a. tn. a.m. p.m.
4.40 8.20 1.33
8.18 9.06 2.22
8.48 9.40 2.43
fi.22 10.07 3.13
7.25 11.20 4.10
a. ni. a.m. p.ni
Leave Bellows Falls 6.30 a. m., 12.08,
7.00. ll.OSp. m.
Arr. Windsor 8.35 a. m., 1.0S, SJS5,
11.60 p. m.
I.T. Bellows Falls.
Arr. Brattieboro,
I.v. So. Vernon,
" Greenfield.
Arr. Springtield,
Lv. Springfield,
" t.reenllem.
" Brattieboro,
Arr. Bellows Falls,
a. m. a. m. p.m. p. m.
t5.5B 9.06 12.60 3.30
t?.02 10.12 1.46 4.36
t7.45 11. OA 2.30 6J0 lO.lS
tS.n 11.62 8.08 (.20 "10.58
a. in. a. Jn. p. m. p. m p. m.
Leave Windsor 3.no. 7.24 a. m.. 12.25, 12.16.
3.06. 6.10 :nilxeH. p. m.
Arr. Bellows Falls e.u a. m., i.w, am.
j. 30 (mixed), p. m.
tiimiavs oniv. -ony.
D. i. FLAN HERS. Gen. Pass, and Ticket Agt.
II Mice Win Have Used Them
LAulLu ReoommeiMj asthaBtST
H. KlXtS's)
lwmNuwmief. no dn.VT. M pt..
I wl I.T jrr Ly lrd,nf apcft.i.(. Rwlmlioftjld.
MMMMla. AuialwilloMTmevyviftheirintriMieMhM
In rmm ot wuppnmitm. tr ms fa. ism. I. anf
took. All UracriMorbr Mil SUuboz.
! T
1 J
! 'i
3.6S , ' , j ,
6.25 f -S
6.20 . V ! t ij-
P-m. ' , 4j
8.10, , ,',', j 1 1
. "
? i
. H 1
' ' , 1
Vn -

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