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No Trouble in Defeating
Leominster Independent.
The Brattleboro football team, with
several substitutes in the line, easily
defeated the Leominster, Mass., lnae
nendents on the island Saturday after
noon by a score of 15-0. The visitors
were hardly heavy enough to give the
local team a thorough try-out aunougn
in the second half they showed up to
good advantage on account of their bet
ter condition. Brattleboro was weakened
by the absence of King, Melen and Al
len who are strong forwards and
Cooley, captain and fullback.- The line
was practically composed of green
men, Howe, Longuil, Trendall, Wallen
and Stafford never having played in a
regular game before. They did ex
tremely well, however, and bid fair to
become fast and aggressive players
with a bit more experience. The best
work for Brattleboro was done by Con-
land on the offensive nnd Barber
on the defensive. The former did a
greater part of the ground gaining
while the latter repeatedly downed the
runner for a loss. Ferriter and Wil
liamson both did some good end run
ning, and March at quarter ran the
team with judgment. For the visitors
the best work was done by H. Cantwell
and Grimes. .. -
All the scoring was done In the first
half in which the home team was not
once held for downs. After rushing the
bail to within a few yards of the goal
41ne and then losing it Brattleboro
finally reached striking distance again.
On the piny In which Williamson was
to carry the ball over there was a fum
ble but Stafford fell on the leather be
hind the glial posts thereby scoring the
first five points. The other two touch
downs were made by Conland after a I aootniioi,.
series or consistent gains, in me sec
ond half the Leominster players
showed their superlrr wind by repeat
Stafford, r. t 1. t., Petts
Howe. r. g 1. g., Sullivan. Healy
Ijongiill. c , c, Merrick
Lynch. Wallens, 1. g....r. g., McGuirk
Trendall I. t r. t, Monroe
Standish. 1. e... r. e.. Shea
March, q. b q. b.. Burns
Williamson, r. h. b 1. h. b.. Grimes
Kerrtter 1. h. b r. h. b., Cantwell
Conland, f b f. b., H. Cantwell
Score: Brattleboro 16: Leominster 0;
touchdowns, Conland 2, Stafford; ref
eree, Mann; umpire, Coleman; lines
men. Tarbell and Averlll; time of
game, 15 and 10 minute halves.
Oct. JO
tin We This
Week Add Largely
To Our Assort-
ment of Women's
Tailored Suits
And Garments
And Our Line of
Children's and
Misses' Coats.
It Will Abundantly
Pay Buyers to
See Our Present
Great Variety.
In high-grade, distinctive
novelties, both in Suits and
Coats, we now have more very
"swell" things than you will
expect to find in anyone stock,
and these we handle, at a closer
margin of profit than is some
times the case in the large city
stores who sell these exclusive
novelties. (
In more staple styles of me
dium cost we have the most
fashion approved shapes and
fabrics at as reasonable cost as
they can be sold anywhere.
Just now the assortment of
sizes is as nearly complete as
we ever get it. For large wo
men who need "out size" we
to-day have 42, 44 and 46 bust
in handsome black Suits at
Si ?.00, 1 7.?0, 20.00, 21 .50 and
22.00. In sizes 40 .and below
our range of prices runs both
I a 12 hole handicap, medal play, to
ahftua inA henir cur tC fV"l ; take place on the links to-morrow
uwvv iv.ur, oav, W, .vvy , ar,rno,n. Neiry all who partlct-
to 0.00 in some cases. We
carried from last season a few
Summer Weight Jackets and
Suits, and a few warm, heavy
Winter Garments. These,
you want .them I will be sold
much below value.
You are invited to ask to see
special bargains in every one of
our various departments.
New Bridge
Now Open.
John Perry has entered the employ
of the Estey Organ Co.
Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Cain are spend
ing the week In Boston. (
Mrs. Lewis Lynch and son of Wich
ita, Kan., are visiting at John Lynch's.
James King returned yesterday af
ter a visit of several weeks in Boston,
Rev. R. T. Mathlson went to An
sonlu,. Conn., yesterduy for a brief
visit. .
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Hooker went
to Boston to-day for a visit of several
C. Fred Chllds of Lynn, came yester
day for a brief visit with his futher, W.
H. Chllds. ' :
Herbert W. Eddy and Mrs. S. E.
Wllllums went to Boston Monday for
a short stay.
Rev. F. E. Marble of Cambridge,
Mass., came yesterday to make a brief
visit in town.
Mrs. Louis Yeaw returned to-day
after a visit of several days in differ
ent Massachusetts towns.
Mrs. A. G. Weeks of Boston who has
been at the Brooks House for a short
stay returned home Tuesday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. E. Haskell were
called to . Philadelphia Wednesday by
the serious .Illness of a relative.
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Elmer went
to Bethel yesterday to see their
daughter, Mrs. Lula E. Wright.
Leopold J. Retting left yesterday
for White Plains, N. Y., where he has
a position as manager of a store.
Fred L. Houghton returned yester
day from Buffalo where he attended
a meeting of the Holstein-Frleslnn as-
Robort C. Bacon was in Boston Sat
urday on legal business.
, Roger Donaghue of Holyoke, Mass.,
visited ,in town Saturday.
Miss Mary Clune went to Rutland
Tuesday for a short visit.
Harry Crowley of Putney has been
visiting In town this week.
Joseph Whalen Is able to be out after
an illness of several weeks. ,
Miss Edith Farr has been visiting in
Agawam, Mass., this week.
Jesse E. Haynes went to New Haven,
Conn., Wednesday on business.
Mrs. and Mrs. J. Gray EBtey have
been In New York city this week.
Miss Stella Stlckney has returned
after a short visit In East Putney.
Edward Benson of Northampton,
Mass., spent Sunduy at his home here.
Leslie F. Walker of Claremont, N,
H has been visiting in town this week.
Charles D. Barrett of Springfield,
Mass., was an over Sunday guest in
W. H. Brackett, A. H. Pettee and M.
Austin, Jr., spent Sunduy in Wilming
Mrs. E. A. Richardson has been vis
iting in Boston for the past several
Lawyer Fred H. Spaulding of Spring
field greeted friends the first of the
Mrs. Rufus Rawson went to White
River Junction Saturday for a short
Elbert Hall goes to Springfield,
Mass., to-morrow to work In a restau
A. W. Chllds of Manchester. N. H.,
e.ily holding the heavier Brattleboro ' ...iw,
team for downs and on one occasion i l'u 1 "
Charles H. Smith has been on a tour I ha been in town this week on busl-
of Inspection of the fnctories owned ness.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Basrom of Chi
cago came yesterday to visit at the
home of Mrs. Albert Thurber on
Chestnut street.
Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Jugger of North-
making their distance. Time was
called with the ball on the visitors' 25
yard line.
The contest demonstrated that Brat
tleboro has an unusually good lot of
material to pick from this year, more
n fact than for several years past. All
that is needed is a lot of practice and i ens-Duryea automobile.
one or two stiff games to put the team MM Florenc rjoodenough who Is
In first class condition. The line-up: j stU(ly1n(r Brt , Boston has been spend
Hrattleboro , Leominster i R H prt of the week with her par-
Harber. r. e..l. e., Nugent, Hawtnorne ents. Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Ooodenough.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Cobb of
Washington are in town to-day on
William O. Powers of Whately,
Mass., spent the first of the week in
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Powers are mov
ing Into the Doollttle block on Canal
Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Wilcox of Green
their way back to the capital from
Bellows Falls where they have been
Robert Walker returned to-day to
Fort Ethan Allen, Burlington, after a
three weeks' furlough. He will leave
with the regiment for the Philippines
In December.
Dr. A. t Miller returned yesterday
from New York city where he went
with Carroll Fisher, son of Mr. and
Mrs. E. E. Fisher, who underwent an
operation for appendicitis Wednesday.
His mother and sunt, Mrs. Maria
Stedman, are with him.
L. W. Knapp spent last Sunday In
The meetings in the Johnson district
closed this week.
Rev, Mr. Keneston has decided to
remain In West Brattleboro.
Miss Katie Wheeler Is spending a
few days with friends In Connecticut
E. B. Ellis Is getting better faster
than was expected, being 85 years old.
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Wilson who
have been spending the autumn
months at Mrs. VanDoorn'a went to
Connecticut Thursday.
Frank S. Clark who went to the
Waltham hospital a week ago Sunday,
is gaining rapidly and left the hospital
to-day (Friday) for his home.
The seven acres of land belonging
to the Stowe estate which was to have
been sold at auction Tuesday, was
sold at private sale to Tom Miller,
price stated about S1000.
j nmpton. Mass.. were In Brattleboro Held visited Mr. Wilcox's parents over
i yesterday making the trip In a Btev- Sunday.
Mr and Mrs. W. H. Henley spent
Hundny with the tatter's sister In Proc
torsville. Mrs. James Carey and son of New
port are visiting at Edmund Carey's
this week.
Mrs. Victor Boyden went Monday to
Littleton. N. H., where she will remain
for a short visit. ,
Miss1 Hannah Shea returned Satur
day after three weeks spent at her
home In Keene, N. H.
Miss Katherlne O'Connor returned
Tuesday after a week's visit In Spring
field and Holyoke, Mass.
Miss Minnie Brasor. teacher In the
Rrookline. Mass.. public schools, spent
Sunday with her parents.
S. Mendelson returned Monday to his
home In New York city after spending
a week at Mrs, Kirkland's.
Congressman Klttredge Hasklns ex
pects to go to Washington next week
to be on hand when congress convenes.
E. H. Crane was in Burlington Fri
day to attend the meeting for the reor
ganization of the Vermont Press asso
ciation. Mrs. Edwin Canton of Bristol came
to Brattleboro Saturday to attend the
funeral of her grandchild who died
Frldny night
Mrs. Cora E. Fox returned yesterday
to New York city after spending a
week or more at the Pettee farm in
West Brattleboro,
John Adams went to Burlington
Monday with his younger daughter
who underwent an operation at the
Mary Fletcher hospital.
Mrs. Frank H. Brasor returned Mon
day after a visit of several weeks with
relatives In Worcester. Cambridge and
other Massachusetts cities.
W. O. Young, who was operated up- !
on for appendicitis last week. Is re
covering rapidly and was able to sit up I
for the first time Monday.
Mrs. Flora C. Clary and daughter
Ruby returned Tuesday to Buffalo. N.
Y.. nfter attending most of the summer
in Krattlelioro and Guilford.
Mr and Mrs. George M. Taylor left
Wednesday for Washington where Mr.
Jt'J'l f HaitSdunncr
Vff I't'i. V It Marx
VJ I Y HandTiilorcd
fcwnjMIfclSnl Him mUm
We have long passed the stage of experiment and
doubt. We know beyond any question that our line of
these elegant coats is RIGHT. Right in fabric, right
in price, right in every way. We give our absolute
guarantee with every garment we sell, and our prices,
considering the QUALITY, are way below what other
dealers ask.
'$8, $J0, $12, $J3, $15, $18, $20.
Our coats bear the mark of the famous makers, Hart,
Schaffner & Marx. They are extremely stylish when
built on correct lines and are a coming necessity with
all good dressers. $ I O.OO, $ 1 5.00, $20.00.
r -J
Harmony in type, paper
and ink adds force to
your pri nti ng and m akes
it strong dignified and'sty
, lish.
Your announcement,
circular, card or booklet
will have these qualities if
you get it done here. 'f
It will be the kind of
printing you hear about.
Can you afford any
other? Office on second
floor, prices on the ground
The Reformer Print Shop
rilcrv Building, Brattleboro, Vt.
Telephone 127.
Golf Club Finals Took Place Wednes
day Afternoon.
The finals In the annual tournament
for the Fall cup of the Wantastlquet
golf club took place Wednesday after
noon between C. Menzies Miller and
Charles F. Bingham, the former win
ning five up and three to play and
thereby securing possession of the cup
for one year. Unusual Interest was
taken in the match and the players
were followed by a considerable gal
lery. Bingham, who has been playing a
very steady game since the tourna
ment began, failed to keep up his good
going In the final match. Miller led
three up at the end of the first six
holes, maintaining the same lead at
the end of the 12th. He won the
nth hole making him four up and 6
to go, and missed an easy put on the
14th green, halving the hole In Ave.
On the 15th hole Miller went down In
a pretty four, beating his opponent
by two Btrokes and winning the match.
Miller's play throughout the tourna
ment has been consistent, he having
defeated Fanning 4 up and 2 to play,
White. 7 up and 6 to play. Tasker 6
up and 5 to play, and Bingham, 6 up
and S to play. Had the latter won
the tinal niHtch he would have been In
permanent possession of the cup. hav
ing won two previous years. As It
1b he gets a handsome stein as the
runner-up trophy.
Arrangements are being made for
listed in the tournament have entered.
Prizes will be given for the best and i d red capacity hud the Coliseum at
second best net scores. j Home; St. Peter s. Bs.aon; Milan Ca-
I thedral. 4f.no0: St. Paul's. London.
i 31.0(1(1; Cathedral, Antwerp. 25.(i;
! but were these wondrous halls filled
The second bowling match between and crowded they would contain only
the reed orgnn and pipe organ makers j M small fraction of the number of peo
of the Kstey Organ company took place 1 pe who gladly testify that for every
Tuesday evening at the Pleasure Hour ; medicinal quality sod socIhI purpose yesterdav to attend the state institute anent several weeks
alleys and was won by the latter by a ; ihe ll O. Taylor old Hnurtxin and of teachers. spem
total or it to ima. rne ma ten was (j, o. Taylor Pure Kye wnisKies, bot
exceedlngly close and the result was in tied by C. H. (Jraves & Sons, and sold
by licensed dealers generally. have
never been equalled. Proprietors'
tlnn name Is on the label and over the
cork. Sealed bottles only.
An Unpleasant Thought.
I cannot bear to think upon
The fact that winter's coming on.
I love to coast and hitch and slide.
But there are other things beside;
The dentist, dancing-school, nnd sums
Begin when chilly weather comes.
And worse than all. I cannot bear
To put on winter underwear.
I love the cold. 1 love the snow,
But woolen things do Itch me so!
Betty Sage In "In Lighter Vein'
the November Century.
KIghty-seven thousand eight hun-
Charles H. Thompson waa in New
York city over Sunday.
Carroll and Roy Fisher were In New
York city over Sunday.
Harry Whitney went to Boston yes
terday for a short vlsIL
Miss Edna Law Con spent Sunday In
Springfield. Mass., with her aunt.
Miss A. Belle Guild has returned
after a week's business trip In New
Mrs. C. A. Rlsby went to New York
city Monday after spending some time
In Brattleboro.
Mrs. John A. Bruce of Mllford. N. H.,
has been the guest of Mrs. C. C. Fltts
the past week.
Hon. Asaph P. Chllds of Bennington
spent Sunday at Hlllcrest with his
brother. F. W. Chllds.
Lucien A. Elmer returned Monday
after a visit of several weeks In Prov
idence and other cities.
Frank D. Mills has begun work for
J. R. Tomes, proprietor of the Vaughan
& Sargent electric company.
Mra F. I Swift entertained the
Neighborhood whist club at her Qreen
street home Wednesday afternoon.
Chauncey L Knapp returned Monday
from Wilmington where he spent three
days searching for deer without suc
cess. Dr. and Mrs. Winfred H. Lane and
son of Readsboro were the guests of
Mra. Lane's brother. E. H. Crane, over
Mrs. A. F. Schwenk and daughter
went to Westminster yesterday to
spend a few days with Mrs. Schwenk's
Mr. and Mrs. George Graves of
Springfield. Mass., who have been at
Hillcrest the entire summer returned
to their home yesterday.
Miss Ellen Parker of Boston who
has been the guest of her brother. L
M PitrhAr for the nast several dava
layior wm oeitin nis ounm u ciera oi returned Wednesday to her home,
the senate committee on finance. Anhuf Q 8peneer ttnd F. D. R
Mrs. Herbert Johnson expects to stowe returned yesterday from Mont
leave next month for a visit with her ,.r where they attended the Ver-
,i in .uei. n nere .sue win re- ; m0nt supreme court now in session.
Owing to the change in our firm we shall make
special prices in every department for the next ten days.
Just to interest you we quote the following:
Extension Drapery Poles, silver ends, 1 5 Cents.
Extension Sash Rods, 5 CentS.
White Cottage Poles, silver ends, cents.
Opaque Window Shade, heavy fringe, 34 Cents.
Chain Feretts, 43 CentS
One lot of five, ra piece Toilet Sets, regular price
S8.0C slightly damaged $4.32 per Set.
If our prices can't induce you to buy, we can't, for
they argue better than we can.
Successors to Morris & Cregg.
Pipe Organ Men Win Again.
main for the greater part of the winter.
F. C Gale and family, who have been
living at their farm on the Hinsdale
road for the pust several months will
iKcupy roi.ms in Crosby block during
the winter.
A. C church Sunday morning prayer
meeting, 10:45; Sunday school, 12;
preaching, 2:30 and 7 by Elder E E.
Lombard of East Rochester, N. H.
Loyal Workers, S.
First Baptist church. George B.
Lawson, minister. Morning service
l:3(i. Subject of sermon, "The Min
istering Christ. Communion. Even
ing service 7 00. Subject, Repent
ance. Bible school 12 rn.
Unlversallst church. Relgnold K.
Marvin, pastor. Morning worship at
la 3 o'clock with a report of the gen
eral convention at Washington, fctlly
service in the Sunday school at 11:45
a. m. Senior Union at 7 p. m. All wel
Principal H K. Whltnker and Miss hHS tH.pn vtsmng her daughter. Mrs.
' M.iriruerlte Tucker, supervisor of the
graded schools, went to St. Johnshury
1.. C. Halllday. this week on her way
home from Turner. Me., where she
doubt until the last pin fell. The third
match will take place Tuesday even
ing. The score:
Pipe Organ Makers.
Phelps 146-117-156-419
lj. Akley 148-138-152-4S8
Knudson 135-138-111-384
McLaughlin 102- 98-106-306
E. Wright ' 100-114-108-322
Reed Organ Makers.
Blanchard 102-140-130-372
Saunders 148-163-165-476
Miller 100-158-118-376
Trendall 126-101-108-335
Bohrman 87-105- 94-286
Mr and Mrs. Lucius Stedman and
Mrs Fred S Doak nnd son Kinson aon or Worcester, Mass.. were in town
came Tuesday from their home In Mon,iav on their wav to Mr. Stedman's
Somervllle, Mass.. to spend a short home in Williamsvtlle where they will
time with Mrs. Doak's sister. Mra remain for a short time.
Louise Hackley. j Artnur u Maynard returned Tues-
Hon. A. P. Childs waa one of the , jay aIter a io days' trip down the
speakers at the regular meeting of the i COast. On his return he stopped In
Gerald King, a former member of
Company 1.. Is with the Blanche Bates
theatrical company which is now pre
senting "The Darling of the Gods" in come.
New York city. j Unitarian church. Rev. E. Q. S. Os-
Mrs Martin Plimpton of Wardsboro gooa, pastor. service every Sunday
ai luiu. Bunaay scnooi at 11:49.
Theme for next Sunday, "In the Beau
ty of Holiness." The Channing Guild
will meet at the parsonage at 7 o'clock.
All are welcome.
Christian Science services In Mar
ket block Sunday at 10:45 a. m. Sub
ject, "Adam and Fallen Man." Text,
Job xv:14. Testimonial meeting Wed
nesday at 7:30 p. m. Reading room
open Tuesday. Thursday and Satur
day, 2 to 6. All are welcome.
The Reformer, $1.50 Yearly
All the News.
New Fiction in the Library.
The following new Action has been
placed in the free library:
Abner Daniel. '
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
Before the Dawn.
Captain Blultt.
Crucial Instances.
A Daughter of the Sioux.
The Egoist.
Forty Modern Fables.
Gordon Keith.
Gold Wolf.
Handicapped Among the Free.
Hlstoire d'un Conscript de 1813.
The House on the Hudson.
Horses Nine: Stories of harness
and saddle.
Jeofltrey Strong.
Jcxjlyn Cheshire.
John Percy field.
L'aml Fritz.
Mademoiselle La Seigllere.
Man Overboard.
Mrs. Tree.
The Maid at Arms.
My Lady Peggy Goes to Town.
New Canterbury Tales.
No Hero.
Over the Plum Pudding.
Old Gold: or the Cruise of the Jaso
Parlous Times.
Peace with Honor. -The
People of the Whirlpool.
People You Know.
Roderick Taliaferro.
The Sentimentalists.
Sons of the Sword.
The Seven Sons of Mammon.
The Spenders.
The successors of Mary the First.
Tom Sswyer Abroad.
Uncle Silas.
The Whaleman's Wife.
Q. O. Taylor Whiskies, every war benetldal
G.O.Taylor Whiskies, mellow sad palatable
8oma Hints on How to Accomplish It.
All conditions must be favorable to
sleep. The bedroom should be quiet,
dark and airy. In winter It Is bet
ter to have the window away up than
to shut It so that a knife-edged draft
shall chill an exposed shoulder. The
temperature of the bed should be
agreeable. Getting to sleep when the
feet are cold Is as slow a Job as getting
to sleep when hungry. A hot water
bottle In one case and a piece of bread
and butter in the other will help things.
I leave It to you to decide which is for
which. A warm bed In winter Is eas
ily got, but a cool bed in summer Is
not so simple a proposition. However,
a sheet made of straw matting, Inter
posed between the regular sheet and
the mattress, will be found to mitigate
sensibly the horrors of a hot night.
It preserves the softness and springi
ness of the .bed and yet Is pleasantly
cool, without being too cool. Person
ally, I find that sleep comes soonest
when I have no pillows at all.
The next thing is to relax utterly.
Remember that the corner of the Jaw
is the citadel of tension. While that is
clinched no sleep can come. The rea
son why we fail In this Is the same as
the reason why we fall in other things.
We do not genuinely want to suc
ceed. As we lie stretched out after a
busy day there are so many thoughts
that we want to chase after that we
drop the notion of sleep, though we
know that to-morrow is another day
on which we can think. It is all very
well to say "Dismiss these thoughts."
How to dismiss them Is the problem
that each must solve. Everybody's
Each man can learn something from
his neighbor; at least he can learn to
have patience with him to live and let
live. Klngsley.
A man who knows himself to be In
the wrong generally tries to end the
conversation; whereas, a woman Is
never In the wrong. Town Topics.
Hon. John E. Russell, noted In busi
ness and politics as a gentleman far
mer, connoisseur In art and literature,
club man, and beloved by all who
knew him, died at Leicester, Mass
Wednesday morning of heart failure.
Springfield, Mass.. Democratic club
Friday evening. His audience consisted
of 13 club members.
Mrs. A. M. Wright of New Tork city
has been visiting her sister, Mrs. L J.
Retting, this week before leaving for
Chicago where she and Mr. Wright will
make their future home.
George A. Martin, editor of the New
Englnnd Farmer, was in Newport, N.
H., the latter part of last week to at
tend the annual meeting of the New
Hampshire Horticultural society.
Judge J. M. Tyler. Attorneys E. L
Waterman. J. L. Martin. C. C. Fitts, F.
D. E. Stowe nnd H. G. Barber went to
Montpeller Monday to attend the fall
session of the supreme court of Ver
mont. Louis Massey returned Tuesday
from Springfield, Mass.. where he has
been employed as brakeman on the
Boston ft Albany railroad. He will be
gin work for the Boston & Maine next
H. M. Wood nnd Louis F. Ellis re
turned Saturday after spending two
days In the town of Weston near the
foot of Mount Tabor hunting deer. Al
though they report the woods full of
run-ways and deer tracks they saw no
animals themselves.
E. W. Harlow went to Montpeller
Monday to make preparations toward
the management of the Montpelier
Grocery Co., which Is to be organized
with the following subscribers: E. W.
Harlow, T. P. Barber. D. Frank Shea
and D. P. DeWitt. The new concern
will be capitalized at $25,000.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Clancey and Miss
Hattie Bronson of Newton Upper Falls,
Mass., Walter A. Boynton of Burling
ton. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Prescott of
Brlston, N. H., and Mr. and Mrs.
Dwleht Woodard of Saxton's River ;
were in Brattleboro Tuesday to attend
the funeral of Harry Boynton.
Professor Starr Cutting of Chicago
university who with his family spent a
part of the summer at the Cutting
Place in West Brattleboro, will leave
this week for Germany where he and
his family will remain for several
months. Professor Cutting holds the
chair of modern languages In Chicago
Mvron P. Davis, son of John A.
Davis, appeared with the "Red Feath
er" company In Providence Monday
evening. A large body of Brown uni
versity students attended the perform
ance and gave Mr. Davis and another
Brown alumnus who Is In the caste a
warm welcome. The company will be
gin Its New Tork engagement In the
Lyric theatre. New Tork. Not. t.
Providence nnd while there attended
the performance of the "Red Feather"
of which Myron P. Davis Is a member
of the caste.
Mrs. H. H. Crosby, Miss Lillian
Newton. Miss Olive Shunvway, Miss
Ethel Goodale. Miss Grace Dana, Miss
Minnie Merrill. Miss Mary Crocker
nnd Miss Pitman went to Boston yes
terday to visit schools. Miss Mary
Crowell, Miss Helen Byron and Miss
Mary Gordon went to Northampton,
Mass., to nttend the teachers' con
vention. Principal H. K. Whitaker,
Miss Marguerite Tucker and Miss
Elizabeth Lewis went to St Johns
bury to the meeting of the state teach
ers' association.
Broke Into His House.
S. Le Qulnn, of Cavendish. Vt, waa
roDDea or nis customary health bv in
vaslon of chronic constipation. When
Dr. King's New Life Pills broke Into
nis house, his trouble was arrested
and now he's entirely cured. They're
guaranteed to cure. 25c at F. H,
Holden & Co s.
Geo. E. Greene Takes All Risk of Mi-
o-na Curing Dyspepsia and Build
ing Up Flesh.
It Is an easy thing for medicine to
be advertised as guaranteeing cure,
money refunded, etc., or have the
druggist say, "Well, yes, if It does not
help, we will return your money;" but
if the medicine does not give satis
faction and the customer goes back
to the dealer, the probability is that
he has forgotten what he said and
there is a question about making the
Geo. E. Greene in a very business
like way overcomes this trouble in a
clear and definite manner, by giving
the following bond with every package
of Mi-o-na that he sells.
Public nntlne I. herehv civpn thai-. r.PfiPfilr
II I. i V''i'ir . . . i . ... .
... ui i,raii,irutir in me umnty oi
Windtiani has made AnnllnAtimi tn (hi. u..,
mr a license oi tue nrt ciasn to sen intoxicat
ing liquor at the Brattleboro house, so railed
situate at the cornerof South Main and Hridce
r.nrru in puiu nratcii'ooro ana ownea oy Sadie
A public hearing will be held on said applica
tion at the office uf tneselectuien of Hrattleboro
on Saturday. November 14, 19U3, at 8 o'clock p.
ni. at which time all persons interested may ap
pear and make objection, if any tbey bare, why
such license should not be granted.
It AN K H. HOWARD, ! Commissioners
) for Brattleboro.
I hereby agree to refund the
price paid for. Ml-o-na, If the
purchaser tells me It has not In
creased flesh and given freedom
from stomach troubles.
George E. Greene.
Public notice la hereby given that PATRICK
L. SHKA of Brattleboro, in the County of
v indliam, has made application to this Board
for licenses of both first and second class to sell
intoxicating lfnuors In the mom on .ha nnP,i.
side of the first floor of Whetstone Block, so
"ti !? ,d Moek be,n!: i'ted on the West
"'" "'.T'""'". ln saia town oi Hrattleboro.
A public hearing will be held on said appll
cation at the office of the Selectmenof Brattle
boro on Saturday. November 14, 1903. at J
o clock p. m., at which time all persons inter
ested may appear and make objections, if any
y ? Te" by ,,,CB "censes should not be
FRF.!W. PITNAM. 1 License
uwK, IJUI ARn- Ommissloners
JOHN J. ECKELS, ) for Brattleboro.
This sheller is simple and
very durable. It has a
large, heavy BALANCE
WHEEL, is light run
ning, shells large and
small ears, and will cot
We have a large line of
BLE CUTTERS, ranging
in price from $4. to $28.
Call and look them over.
Flat St.
Brattleboro, Vt-
We Shall Have the Entire Crop of
raised by John Gilfether of
Wardsboro. If you want any of
these Turnips it will be necessary
for you to order them at once as
the crop is short and the orders
will be filled in the order taken
Qrance torEi
Elliot Street.
If you want your money back Geo.
E. Greene will return it to you If you
can tell him that Ml-o-na has not In
creased flesh and given freedom from
stomach troubles.
It is an unusual remedy that can be
sold In this way, but Ml-o-na Is a re
markable combination of flesh-forming
elements combined with agents that
regulate the digestive organs and re
store health and strength.
Remember that If Mi-o-na does not
do all that Is claimed for It, your
money Is returned to you by Geo. E.
Greene in accordance with this bond.
T!Ji'Dno,c,U, n"'hr given that CECIL C.
Tl K.R of Brattleooro. in the County of
w indham. has made application to this Board
for a licene of the first class to sell intoxicat
ing liquors at the American Houe so-called
situated on Main strm-t, in said Brattleboro
t.. and owned bv Crosby Adams.
A public hearing will hliaU m, ,.m ...ii
cation at the oftire of the Selectmen of Brattle-
....... ,, oaiuruav. Mivemoer 14, 1903. at 8
" ' . nicn inns an persons Inter
ested miy appear and make objection. If anv
they have, why such license should not be
FRF.r W.rfTNAM, )
for BrattletM.ro.
We Do Not Expect
to light the world, but
we would like to fur
nish you with light
from one of those
. of which we have a
large variety at rea
sonable prices.
Brooks House Block.

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