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Windham County & Vicinity.
All th News In the Reformer's Bailiwick as Gath
ered bj? a Score of Special Correspondents.
(Other County and Vicinity News on 7th Paste.)
Ralph Amldon spent Sunday with
friends In Keene.
Mrs. Frank Elliot is very 111 at her
home on Kilburn street.
P. Frank Amldon of Wilton apent
few days In town lust week.
Miss Elsie Carlisle of Winchester
visited friends in town last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll McDonald have
moved into the Dix place on oteDuins
A dancing school will be opened for
the season at G. A. K. nail next Tnurs
day evening.
Wednesday evening, Dec. 2, Is the
date fixed by the Methodist ladles for
their annual fair.
The household goods of the late Mrs,
Ferrin were sold at auction in the rear
of the hotel Saturday.
rr. C. A. Grav was one of the hon
orarv bearers at the funeral of Dr.
Evans at Winchester Friduy.
FMwnrd Stebbins has added a cov-
ered stairway to his newly fitted-up
hall over F. H. Fuller's store.
O. P. Slate has opened a grain and
feed store in the block on Church street
recently occupied by the printing of
Miss Nellie Gray came home from
Boston Monday evening and will enjoy
a. few weeks' re?st before taking up
private nursing.
Lester Booth of Orange and friend
Ralph Jackson of Easthampton came
up to the Hallowe'en dance and spent
Sunday at W. u. Boom s.
Mr. and Miss Comstock returned to
their home in Burlington Monday after
Dending several weeks at Charles
Owen's on High street.
"Samantha Allen at the Court of
Fkme." will be presented by the Ladles
societv of the Universallst church
Thursday evening, Nov. 12.
The members of Naomi chapter, O.
E. S., held a fair at the town hall
Thursday. A harvest dinner was served
at noon and a supper at nignu
Miss Katherlne Healy has given up
her position in Keyou's store and has
secured the position or assistant dook
keeper with the Halle & Frost Mfg. Co.
The annual Inspection of the Wo
man's Relief corps which was to have
taken place Thursday evening was
postponed on account of illness of the
Inspecting omcer.
The ForeBters will give a ball
Thanksgiving evening and the firemen
have decided upon Jan. 15 as the date
of their annual ball, which will be
masquerade this year.
The Junior and sophomore classes of
the high school gave a very successful
Hallowe'en party and dance at the
town hall Friday evening. Nearly all
the members of the school and a large
number of their guests were in fancy
dress and masked and some of the cos
tumes were unusually good. Leltslng
er's orchestra of Brattleboro furnished
music for the dancing, which was con
tinued till 1 o'clock. Refreshments of Ice
cream and cake were served In the
dining-room between the hours of ten
and eleven and the tables were well
filled. The receipts amounted to $110
and after expenses were paid about 70
was cleared.
Mr. Slade Is Improving his residence
py panning ic
Mrs. Joseph Holt's sister, Mrs. Jane
Howard of Westport, died triaay ana
was buried Sunday.
Mr. ana Mrs. Ed Leach of Hinsdale
visited relatives here Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Perley York of South
Keene were In town Saturday.
' Frank Scott and family are visiting
his wife's parents In Richmond.
Messrs. F. B. Pierce and Jerome
Wright of Keene were In town Sunday.
Mrs. Thomas Johnson of Springfield,
Mass., Is visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. L. W. Slade.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Atherton and
daughter of Rutland, VI, called on
friends here recently.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Hamilton and
son Guy of Keene spent Sunday with
her father, James Farwell.
. Mr. and Mrs. William Atherton vis
ited relatives In Orange and other
towns in Massachusetts last week.
Misses Braley and Barrett, teachers
at the center of the town, visited with
Mrs. Sarah Farwell Saturday and Sun
day. At the last grange meeting Oct. 27,
the third and fourth degrees were con
ferred on two candidates and a har
vest supper was enjoyed. The lecturer
presented a first class entertainment.
District Deputy Spaulding and wife
were present for his yearly Inspection
and found everything in fine condition.
Visitors were present from New York
who took part In the entertainment.
This grange has been running sixteen
years and its future prospects were
never brighter than at present.
The rain of Thursday was greatly
needed and much more besides.
The apple crop appears to have been
large, judging from the loads taken to
Chesterfield house Is nearly ready for
occupancy. Mr. ware s brother, Frank,
Is spending a few weeks here.
Harry Spaulding and a friend from
Keene spent some days recently with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Spauld
Mr. and Mrs. SImonds of Lynn
Mass., took a carriage drive to this
place last week, to visit her sister, Mrs,
A. M. Davis. Mr. Davis Is driving
stage to Keene and has Mr. Carr, a first
class blacksmith from Worcester,
Mass., to work in the shop.
The M. E. ladies held their annual
fair at town hall Wednesday evening
with gratifying results. Entertainment
by school children and teachers was
very One and was received with great
applause. The "whtppoorwlll song'
was delightfully rendered, as In fact
was every other number. The whip
poorwlll obligato by Miss Barnett was
particularly sweet and melodious. They
were fortunate in having so lovely a
night as a delay of one day would prob
ably have been disastrous. , ,
Mrs. Charles Warwick spent Sunday
with her mother, Mrs. Ira Farr.
Mr. and Mrs. Winfleld Farr have
gone to keeping house In Greenfield,
Rev. F. Roscoe will preach here next
Sunday at 2 o clock In view of preach
lng here and at Westmoreland ' for a
The Alpha male quartet of Keene
will give a concert here before the annl
versary nance. Nov. iz. 'iney come
highly recommended.
The Y. P. C. U. circle will meet with
Mrs. Alice Randall Saturday afternoon
and evening. A full attendance Is de
sired as they wish to hold their festival
In December.
Erdix Britton spent Sunday at
Miss Carrie Bennett is home from
Mr. and Mrs. William Brown return
to Boston this week.
Charles Stone of Chelsea, Mass.,
spent Sunday at his Bummer home.
Miss Ellen Stone went to Keene to
visit Mabel Holland before returning
to Chelsea.
Mrs. G. J. Bennett has returned to her
home having visited In several differ
ent towns In Massachusetts.
Waldo Hall killed three hedgehogs
one day last week and a young com
panion killed two the same day.
Mrs. Lamson Farr has a trained
nurse. Miss Harriett Green Is very
much better, we are pleased to say.
Mrs. S. A. Farr who has been stop
ping at her cousin's, E. M. Greene's,
for the past year was called to TownB-
hend, Mass., to attend the funeral of
her cousin, Miss Powers.
Clark Bemls of Wardsboro is at C.
O. Reed's.
Mrs. Eliza Randall has returned to
her home in East Dummerston.
Farmers are Improving the beautiful
weather .getting ready for winter.
Albert T. Reed Is busy making cider
at his mill on the C. O. Reed farm.
Mrs. Marcla Dix started Wednesday
for Baltimore, Md., where she will
spend the winter as usual.
The schools close this week for the
autumn vacation of three weeks. We
congratulate ourselves on having had
excellent schools, creditable to teach
ers and pupils.
The teachers are leaving for their
homes, Miss Purple to Gill, Mass.. Miss
Laws to Springfield, and Miss White
o Woodstock. It Is hoped they will re
turn for the winter Rchools.
The next social dance at Johnson's
hall will be he'd Friday evening, Nov.
Mr. Johnson has recently placed In
his hall a piano, which was used for the
first time at the dance last week. Mrs.
Davenport of Putney was pianist.
George A. Sheldon and family re-
urned to their residence in Greenfield,
Mass., this week. Two summers spent
on the farm here, have mnde such Im
provement In Mr. Sheldon's health that
he hopes to be able to resume business.
which he was obliged to leave for re
Mrs. a. E. Davidson is stopping at
Dr. Osgood s.
Wednesday afternoon, the Dorcas
guild met with Mrs. Baker.
Last Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Lyman
Gale and Wllmer Turner were taken
into the Congregational church.
M. H. Twltchell of Kingston, Cana.,
is getting up a fine granite family mon
ument In the Oukwood cemetery.
At the Invitation of Rev. G. H. Baker
and wife, the Congregational church
and society spent a pleasant social
evening at their home Monday even
Ing. Games were played and light re
freshments served.
A Long Life Ended.
Mrs. Oressa B. Holbrook died early
Wednesday after a short Illness at the
advanced age of 85 years. Mrs. hoi
brook was born In Rakersfleld and was
the oldest of seven children. At the
age of six years, her parents moved
back to the old farm In Townshend,
which has been in the family since be
fore the revolutionary war. She Joined
the Congregational church in 1828, and
has ever been a faithful member, and
as long as she was able a constant at
tendant at church. In 1836 she married
Harvey Holbrook, and lived for a while
on what Is now the Greenwood place,
but returned later to her father's old
home. The last years of her life have
been spent In the home of her daugh
ter, Mrs. B. B. Brlgham. While not able
to walk during the last five years on
account of an Injury, she has been re
markably well preserved for a woman
of her age. She Is survived by her
daughter and two brothers, the latter
living in the west. The funeral will be
held Friday at 1 o'clock.
Kent shot a deer
Preaching at East Jamaica Sunday
There have been quite a number of
fires in woods lately.
Electric lights have been , removed
from the streets of the town.
The meetings In the Baptist church
conducted by Evangelist Llngley of
Newfane were very helpful.
Electric lights have been placed in
the Congregational church and will, as
soon as time permltB, be placed In the
Baptist church.
One week ago Monday, Mrs. Barnes,
wife of Wm. Barnes, was laid to rest.
She had been quite sick for sometime.
Services were held at the Baptist
church of which she was long a faith
ful member.
Fred Good Is boarding at C. W. Dun
E. Gleason visited at N. F. Pierce's
the last of the week.
Mrs. Stella Howard of Wardsboro Is
at her sister's, Mrs. C. E. Symonds's.
Mrs. M. W. Howard and son re
timed to their home In Brattleboro
Friday. Mrs. H. E. -Howard accom
panied them, returning home Monday
Miss Whitney of Townshend has
been at E. W. Holden's.
Earl Hadlock of Somervllle. Mass.,
has been visiting his brothers.
Mrs. Jane Perkins of Brattleboro was
the guest of Mrs. C. J. Swltzer lost
W. T. Wheeler is building a new barn
and George Dompler has shingled his
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Farnsworth of
Saxton'a River are visiting at John
Miss Myra Hardy began school In the
Carr district Monday, after a vacation
of one week.
Misses Florence Follett and Sylvia
Derry of Townshend have been guests
at Rev. M. F. Hardy's.
Elliot Jennlson has left the Prentiss
Carr farm and Is living with his daugh
ter. Mrs. E. W. Holden.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Dresser and son
Harry of Farley, Mass., have been vis
iting at W. A. Lawrence a.
Hnnd your Items to E. L. Finton,
Nine Italians moved from her to
South Deerfleld. Mass., Monday.
Mrs. O. H. Walker returned Wednes
day from a week's visit In London
derry. Charles Gates of Boston came up
Saturday and is gathering cream for
Charles Peck.
Alfred Hammond left Monday for
Boston where he Is" to learn the elec
trician's trade.
Miss Edna Winchester of Keene, N.
H.. spent several days with Miss
Thomas last week.
Mrs. Owens returned to her home In
St. Johnsbury Saturday her mother,
Mrs. Williams, going with her.
Mrs. E. C Chapln and granddaugh- '
ters of Holyoke. Mass., are visiting
with the family of J. K. Leach.
Miss Grace Leman is expected home
from Southboro to-day. R. A. Phippen
will come with her for a brief stay.
Dr. D. G. Underwood of Bradford. N.
H., visited his parents. Mr. and Mrs.
G. H. Underwood, and other friends
over Sunday.
About 2(1 of our young people went
out to Thomas Ashwell's Saturday
evening to a corn husking party. They
report a good time.
M. W. Lynda was In town Monday.
F. L. Woodard has been very low
since Friday.
Mrs. Slnte recently gave a birthday
party to those over 70.
Warren Wilson was at Mrs. Put
nam's the first of the week.
Mrs. Laura Boyd is to stay with Mrs.
Maranda Faulkner thla winter.
The northern lights displayed Satur
day evening were very bright.
Many from here attended the funeral
Sunday of A. Chase at Whltlngham.
The Eastern Star Is Invited to the
Mary Lyon chapter at Shelburne Falls.
W. A. Wilcox returned Friday from
severnl weeks business trip to Canada
and the middle west.
The Ladles' Aid meets next week
Wednesday at F. C. Barker's. Young
people s entertainment In evening.
C. A. Pike lost a valuable horse by
Its getting torn on nails In the stall
which it had torn down while loose,
Mrs. Blanche Gillette will conduct the
grange program and entertainment
Tuesday, Oct. 10, with an "S" program
and supper.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Waste, Mr. and
Mrs. Freeman Hager and E. S. Allen
attended the Universallst fair at Wil
mington Tuesday.
Lewis Cutting la moving his goods
to the B. F. Roberts place and w. .
Sprague is moving his goods to his
place bought of Mr. Cutting.
About 100 attended the reception at
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd A. Dalrymples
Tuesday. The evening was spent with
music and games, 114.66 was left them
towards a chamber set.
Mrs. Howard has returned to her
home here.
The Thimble club met with Mrs.
A. Wheeler Tuesday.
Mrs. Mary Davidson of Melrose
here on a visit with old neighbors.
A reception was given Mr. and Mrs.
William Stafford Thursday evening.
Mrs. Fowler is not as well. Her
sister, Mrs. Eastman of Deerflela has
recently visited her.
Joseph Farnam has returned from
his visit In Fltchburg, Mans., and Win
cheater, N. H., where he has spent the
summer with his daughter and grand
children. He Is now with his daughter
here for the winter.
Horace May and family of Dover
met with a bad accident on their way
home from the funeral of Abram
Chase, a relative. Sunday. Their horses
ran, becoming frightened by the break
ing of the neck yoke.
Abram Chase died Oct. 30. In his 4th
year. His wife died June Z3. his ru
neral services were held Sunday after
noon in Green Mountain hall and were
very largely attended, the services
being conducted by Rev. Margaret
Barnard of Rowe. Burial was In the
village cemetery. His children were
ail present at the funeral. There were
many out or town people; among mem,
Mr. and Mrs. Parley Crown of Brattle
boro. Horace Wing and Mrs. Stafford
of North Adams, Mrs. Browning and
son of Row also Charles Waste and
many others.
Absolutely Pure
A. O. Wellman Is spending the week
Nl'on Smith moves this week Into
he Blanchard house vacated by Pren
tiss Carr.
Herman Howe of Newfane has en
gnged the tenement of R. C. Marsh
and will take possession Dec. 1.
An oyster supper this (Friday) even
ing at the Baptist parlors, under the di
rection of the Ladies' Benevolent so
ciety. Mrs. Augusta Bailey who has been
staying with her daughter, Mrs. F. L.
Potwlne. returns this week to her home
In Brattleboro.
Prentiss Carr who has been employed
In Pierce's chair shop moves his family
to Willtamsville this week where Mr.
Carr takes a position In Arthur Merrl
fleld's mill.
N. F. Barnes has sold a tract of tim
ber Including his sugar lot to F. L.
Pierce, thus cutting off a good lot from
me production or maple sugar. Ap-
pearances Indicate that Mr. Pierce In
tends to Increase his business. New
hands are being added to his force of
Jap. Benson has moved to Bondville
to run a boarding house.
Mrs. Lizzie Barber of Townshend Is
visiting her father, L. A. Whitcomb.
Mrs. Maria Johnson went to Brat
tleboro Friday to be gone two weeks.
Miss Abble Kilburn of Brattleboro
spent the last of the week with Miss
Annie Whitcomb.
A company of young people attended
a Hallowe en party at Mr. Hamlin s
Saturday evening.
Dorr Plimpton who has been here on
a hunting trip has returned to his home
In Somervllle, Mass.
Fred Underwood has gone to Putney
to meet his wife who has been visiting
her sister In Barre.
Dexter Walt has finished painting
Mrs. M. M. Eddy s house and has re
turned to Brattleboro.
Leroy Webster of South Wardsboro
has moved on to the Jonas Allen farm
and Is cutting lumber for Mr. Walton,
The A. Z. club will meet with Mrs.
Milon Perry Thursday afternoon, Nov.
12. The work will be sewing. All are
cordially Invited.
Walton Fletcher who went to the
Massachusetts General hospital two
weeks v ago has been moved to his
aunt's, Mrs. Lucia Gates's. He remains
about the same.
Another deer has been reported kill
ed by Mr.' Tower Just north of the center.
Perley E. Crosier has been appointed
postmaster at Halifax In place of Wat
son Uewoir, resigned.
Carl Bickford caught a lynx Mon
day in one of his fox traps. More are
reported around the north part of the
Rev. A. A. Smith who has been at
work for Dr. E. R-Kites for the past
ear and preached at the Center
hurch left Friday for Brookfleld,
Mass.. where he has a Blmilar posi
Albert Burnett died very suddenly
Friday.- while picking apples. He
complained of his head feeling badly
and fell over on to the ground. His
son who was at work with him helped
him up and into the wagon, carried
him to the house, then went for help;
but before the neighbor arrived he was
dead. Mr. Burnett and his son had
lived alone since Mrs. Burnett died
about ten years ago. The funeral was
held at the Union church Sunday, at
tended by Rev. J. E. Barry of the Bap
tist church. Mr. Bennett was an hon
est. Industrious man and a kind neigh
bor. He Is survived by one son, Frank,
and an adopted daughter. He has
been for many years a much respected
citizen of this town.
Miss Florence Pike Is at work In the
Times office.
Mrs. Mary Morgan has rented her
tenement to John McDade.
O. E. Butterfleld has been in Glas
tonbury on business this week.
M. W. Stlckney of Rutland has re
moved his household goods to this
The ladles of tho Universallst church
held their annuul fair Tuesday at
Memorial hall. Good attendance,
pleasant time as usual and about 1100
Frank O. Chaffin returned from Cali
fornia Tuesday. He expresses himself
as highly pleased with the country put
has not fully deemed wnemer no win
remove or not.
Hallowe'en was duly observed. Sev
eral parties were held and the younger
element did not forget to play the usual
pranks in the way of changing signs,
etc., during the night.
The regular meeting of Social lodge
was held Tuesday evening, at wnicn
the third degree was conferred upon
Carl S. Barnard. A number of the
members of Unity lodge, Jacksonville,
were present.
The Methodist church . waa filled to
Its capacity Sunday evening to enjoy
the union exercises under direction of
the W. C. T. U. Recitations, musical
selections formed the program and
each number waa excellent and thor
oughly appreciated by the audience.
The hearing of the case atate vs. R.
P. Crafts, Jr., on the charge of furnish
Ing Intoxicating liquor to Jackson Bar
low was held Saturday. Oct. 81, at the
office of O. E. Butterfleld. Charles a.
Chase appeared for the respondent,
The Justice. Warren K. Boyd, rouna
the respondent guilty of the charge
and sentenced him to the house of
correction for nine months. Appeal
was taken to county court and ball
furnished In the sum of $400.
Aa Horace B. May with hla wife.
daughters and mother-in-law. were
coming down the hill near S. L. Bond's
Sunday evening, the leather holding
the wagon pole broke letting the pole
drop to the ground frightening the
horses. The wagon was tipped over
and all the occupants received injuries.
Mrs. May waa the most seriously In
jured having a broken leg. sprained
ankle and other Injuries. The norses
were stopped near the Beaver orooK
bridge. A team was obtained or tne
hotel livery to convey the persons to
the home of Mr. May. At this writing
they are doing as well as could be ex
pected. The wagon was nearly demol
la an absolute neeeu7ri
thepreservatlon of our .(3
ha I nr. "Wit
Harry King has gone to Montague to
work In a cider mill for Field Bros.
Charles Huber has purchased a span
of horses of F. H. King of Miller's
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hammond of
Greenfield are visiting Mrs. Ham
mond's brother, E. E. Howes of the
Eilsha Stratton of Northfleld Farms
died Sunday night after a long Illness,
although he has only been confined to
his bed during the past four weeks. Mr.
Stratton was born here August 26, 1818,
and has always lived in this place. In
1848 he married Lucy Sawyer also of
thla place who survives him. Of this
union one son waa born and he died In
2. About twenty-one years ago Mr.
Stratton became totally blind and has
been a very patient sufferer through
hese long years. He leaves besides
his widow one brother. Edwin of
Greenfield. Much sympathy Is felt for
Rev. D. H. Sawyer of Sharon. Mass..
will preach at the Methodist church
here Sunday morning and at East
Dover Sunday afternoon.
Vernon Manley's Horse.
Editor of Reformer: On page five
of your issue of Oct 16 you printed an
Item concerning Mrs. Powers and a
horse owned by me. Your Item is an
outrageous lie. being false and slander
ous. Please correct or retract In your
paper. If you wish to publish the
truth I will give It to you straight
V. C. Manlev.
The Item referred to stated that Mrs-
Powers shot Mr. Manley's horse In
Dummerston. and that the horse was
in a bad condition, evidently with
rlanders. and was too aged to eat Mr.
Manley says the horse could eat but
could not eat hay, and that he made a
pot-moitem examination of the horse.
and found no symptom of glanders.
only distemper: further thnt the rea
son he allowed Mrs. Powers to kill the
hore was because he was threatened
with criminal prosecution If he didn't.
Mr. Dexter of Troy, N. H., Is stop
ping at the hotel.
Lucius Hasklns and family and J.
Sherman of Worcester, Mass.. have
been visiting at M. S. Hasklns's.
The Sunday school Temperance con
cert was a success In every way and
over 150 people were present. Messrs.
Morgan and Howard from Wardsboro
added much to the musical part of the
program and the children and young
people gave a large variety of songs
and recitations which were well render
ed and well received. Pastor Nichols
gave a shortta!k and Mrs. Nichols who
had charge thanked all who had as
sisted and invited all to come to Sun
day school.
The ladles of this vicinity were In
vited to meet with Mrs. H. A. Waite
Friday and quite a large number as
sembled there. Mrs. R. A. Nichols was
elected chairman of a business meet
ing and Mrs. E. O. Robinson secretary.
Watson DeWolf Is 111 with erysipelas.
Miss Mary Brackett Is gaining after
several weeks' Illness.
James Stevens of Boston was a guest
at David Worden's over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Combs of Brattleboro
were at Charles Brackett's Sunday.
Clavton Barrv of Brattleboro Is vis
iting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
George Lynde recently shot a deer
and Saturday he gave a supper to a few
relatives and friends. Pome came from
Farley and West Ieyden. Mass. Thirty
sat down to the table. After supper
there was dancing until 12 o'clock and
the evening was a most enjoyable one.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Prouty have been
spending several days with their pa
rents. I4ottie Thomas returned Wednesday
from Rernnrdston where she has been
visiting friends.
Erwin Mather and Dlckerman Rider
were the two lucky men In town to se
cure deer, Mr. Mather getting one near
the Hughes place weighing ZK4 lbs. and
Mr. Ryder killing one on tnelr own
farm weighing 275 '.b.
The school at the Four Corners,
taught by Mrs. Bertha Prentiss closed
Saturday. Those perfect In attendance
were Louie Fletcher, Fred Fletcher,
Robert Prentiss, Jesse Ryder.
There was a large attendance Wed
nesday evening at the chicken pie sup
per and sale. The evening was a per
feet one and many came from the sur
rounding towns. The receipts were
875. The ladles appreciate the gener-
ous patronage and all donations of ar
ticles for sale. The remembrance was
well patronized.
Death of George A. Stearns. -
George A. Stearns, a well known
lumber dealer, died at his home In
Northfleld. Saturday morning, after an
Illness of but a few hours. He was
taken ill In White River Junction. VL.
the day before, and was brought home
on an evening train, at that time suf
fering severely. The immediate cause
of death was a hemorrhage of the In
testines. induced by a long standing
inflammation. Mr. Stearns was 41
years old, and had apparently been In
vigorous health. He was born in North
field, the son of Albert D. Stearns. He
was a natural trader and happening to
make a fortunate purchase of timber
land several years ago, he turned his
attention to the business and devel
oped great skill In estimating the value
of timber properties. This led him to
be employed by the Diamond Match
company and for a nurrjber of years he
has been In this company's employ as
a buyer. He also carried on extensive
dealings on his own account, and was
the owner, with partners, of mills en
gaged in getting out lumber In Ver
mont and New Hampshire. Mr.
Stearns married Miss Mamie Holton of
Northfleld. She died some years ago.
leaving two daughters who survive
their father, Mrs. Allan Miner and Miss
Effie Stearns. His mother is also liv
ing. Mr. Stearns's death Is not only a
great blow to his family, but is deeply
felt as a loss among his business asso
ciates. He was shrewd In business
matters but honorable in all transac
tions and Implicitly trusted. The fu
neral at his home. Monday afternoon,
was largely attended. The bearers
were men with whom he had business
connections. The floral offerings were
very many and beautiful. Rev. Mr.
Osgood of Brattleboro, officiated. Two
nng were effectively sung by Mrs. N.
Dwight Alexander and Mrs. Charles H.
Wehter. The burial was In the old
Northfleld cemetery.
Is positively "ALL PURE TEA" and as deliciouf
'ficAi A T A" ni AOs' "vigyr
XO unriK as s-wr ia.
Sold only In sealed lead packet. 60c and 70c per lb. By an crar.J
At last reports Carl Fisher was gain
ing. Thomas Knight has been quite 111
for a week past.
Miss Alice Whitney of Marlboro
visited at Bert Miller's last week.
E. B. Ellis is recovering from the In
juries received in falling a short time
An oyster supper will be served at
the Baptist chapel, Thursday evening,
Nov. 12, from 6 to 8. Every one invited.
Mr. Bond who has been sick In bed
fnr over a week w th bad throat and
stomach trouble, Is improving slowly.
Miss Martha Parmalee who has been
stopping for a few days at E. H. Dav
enport's, has returned to Wilmington.
Mrs. N. A. Freeland of Montague
City, Mass., spent the Sabbath with her
friend. Mrs. Kellogg, at Mr. Van
Mrs. Ware and daughter who have
been stopping at the Melrose through
the fall months, went to their home on
the Hudson, Tuesday.
Miss Madge Davenport went Monaay
to Orange, Mass., as stenograpner ana
bookkeeper for the Frederick H.
Sprague Co., manufacturers and whole
sale dealers.
Mrs. Smith has sold her farm to John
Barney and Mr. Barney has sold a part
of his farm with Dunaings to mrs.
Smith, and Mr. Barney moves next
week to his house in the village.
Wednesday evening many from ootn
churches here went to Marlboro to the
chicken pie supper. They report a fine
supper and social time, the moon in
ts glory and everything conspiring to
make it a pleasant outing.
Mr. and Mrs. David Goodrich and
son of Hopedale. Mass., who have been
visiting the brother of Mrs. Goodrich,
B. A. Streeter, sr., have returned to
their home.
The young people of Vernon grange
gave a very enjoyable Haiiowe en
party Saturday evening and amuse
ment was provided for a large com
pany. David Goodrich of Hopedale.
Mass., generously furnished music
with a graphaphone. At the close of
the exercises, cake and coffee were
served. Much credit Is due the com
mittee who had charge of the program
for giving such a varied and pleasing
Hallowe en entertainment
Mrs. S. N,
ba go.
John Bratton
Bemls Is sick with lum-
and Cornelius Keefe
It was decided to organize a society ahot two deer, making three killed In
tor worn ana tne same was aone un- town
der the name of the Ladles' Social
circle. Officers for the ensuing year
were elected as follows: Pres., Mrs.
M. L. Rice: Sec. and Treas., Mrs. M. L.
Johnon: directors, Mrs. E. O. Robin
son. Mrs. L. B. Kendall and W. H. For
rester. The next meeting was held yes
terday st F. L. Adams's after which
they will meet but once In two weeks.
The largest Island In the world Is
Australia. It Is 1500 miles In length.
from east to west, and measures 1950
miles, north and south. Its area Is
2.934. 287 square miles. The sales of
the O. O. Taylor Old Bourbon and
the O.' O. Taylor Pure Rye Whiskies
are smong the largest of similar goods
In this country, unsurpassed In sge.
purity or strength. See that propri
etors' firm name Is on the label and
over the cork. Sealed bottles only.
There will be an exhibition at the
wet school by the scholars, Saturday,
Nov. 7.
Fay Bridges Is sick with congestion
of the kidneys. He has been obliged to
be absent from school and will not re
turn until he Is better.
W. W. Bemls of Rockingham has
old his farm and will come with his
family, to Athens to live this winter
during which time he and his brother
will do the log job which they have
taken of Dr. F. L. Osgood of Town
8. 0. Ttykir WhfcklM, Insert ttnoftt and lrlpr.
A Runaway Bicycle,
Terminated with an uly cut on the teg
of J. B. Omer. Franklin Grove.. III.
It developed a stubborn ulcer unyield
ing to doctors and remedies for foul
years. Then Bucklen s Arnica Salve
cured. It's Just as good for burns,
scalds, skin eruptions snd piles. JSC,
at F. H. Holden A Co's. drug store. -
Dwight Priest returned Thursday to
Shenandoah. Iowa.
Mrs. Achsah Weeks of Westminster
was at her fathers here during the
past week.
Miss Mabel Wlllard who has been
guest at R. K. Caldwell's, returned to
Philadelphia Monday.
Mrs. C. L. Hall picked a full blown
dandelion blossom Tuesday.
Rev. W. J. Vile went Wednesday to
see nis orotner who is very sick.
Martin Johnson who has worked for
Mrs. Lyaia Lazelle a number of years,
has left the town for the west Mrs.
Lazelle s brother, Charles Lazelle, is
working for ner.
A curious watch has been brourht
oui in france. Tne dial is transpar
ent but there are no works behind It
and the hands appear to move by
magic. The G. O. Taylor Old Bourbon
and G. O. Taylor Pure Rye Whiskies
also work like magic, in case of de
bility. The medical profession pre
scribe these beverages, because thev
are pure and well-aged. Licensed
dealers generally sell them. If you
will look on the label and over the
cork you will find the proprietors' firm
name, sealed bottles only.
NEVER supplied except In
Sealed Bottles, bearing proprie
tors firm name Signature thus?
Boston Wool Market
The demand for wool continues
moderate as a who'e, with manufact
urers only supplying their pressing
needs, but the general prices rule
about the same. The market shows
an entire absence of any speculative
feeling, and, while manufacturers will
buy wool to cover orders for goods
taken, they are not Inclined to buy be
yond this. The wnts of buyers are
small", and any pressure to sell would
have to be at the expense of prices, but
the trade as a whole consider their
holdings good property, nnd are not
disposed to press business in the least
As compared with a few weeks since.
some grades of wool show a rather
easier tone, but In the face of the
quiet demand that has prevailed.
prices are welt maintained.
Fleece wools are held steady, nnd
offerings are moderate as a whole,
which gives a strong tone to prices.
Ohio washed delaines hold firm In
price at 36c, with some holders yet
not disposed to offer at this figure.
For unwashed and unmerchantable
Ohio delaines about Zfi28c Is the
price, with unwashed clothing grades
at 24244c For washed XX and
above Ohio fleeces the market holds
firm at 34$i34V4c while No. 1 washed
Ohio wools are quoted at about 324a
Michigan delaine la quotable at about
32 33c. Michigan X is quoted at
27028c nnd No. 1 at 3lv3H4c. For
14 and -blood unwashed wools the
range is about 2525tc for Ohio nnd
24&!25c for others, these wools helne
In very moderate supply. Half-blood
unwashed tleeces continue scarce nnd
firm, with Ohio at 256426c and Mich
igan at 24i25.
The market for pulled wools Is quiet
and as the season advances, more sup
plies are coming in. The sheep shorn
during the summer are now showing
better length of wool, which Increases
the available supply. .For extra A
supers the market continues nominal
on the scoured basis of 56ff60c, with
nne a supers at i.jrhuc and A supers
at 44 46c. For lambs. B supers.
sales average on the scoured basis of
41(fi43c, with C supers at 32&'34c.
Fine combing pulled continues scarce
and nominal on the scoured basis of
46050c, with ordinary combing pulled
quoted at about 40041c clean.
First Baptist church. Georeo n i
son. minister. Mrrnio.
Subject. "The Character of rj.il
Bible school 12 m.
Subject, "Saving Faith." "
Unitarian church, Rev. El Q o n
vnnti. nastor. Rorviz-n . v!
10:39. Sunday school at'ii- 2J'
for next Sunday: "A Lesson from ,kl
PrODhet. Elliah." ill " ;.m U
. . .... lc welC0mi
universalis cnurcn, Relfrnold
Marvin, minister. Morning worehln
iu:ju OCIOCK. BuDJect of the ul
"Am I mv RrntW vr."Z. fm
school at 11:45 a. m. Senior Vmti
1 p. m. All are welcome. 1
Christian Science services in uJ
umwi tuiiiiui lain, "I 1 CM
Inthlans xv:54. Testimonial diw,,,1
Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. ReadinlT
open Tuesday, Thursday and SaturdJ
from 2 to 5 p. m. The public l.,J
welcome. '
At the Adventlst Christian
Dm.... . ( n. in.-
riajci ict""5 "i IU1J a. m. Bundi
school at noon. Preaching at Mo trJ
i. bluer win. a. uircn or wntJ
Mass., will give his farewell dlscounl
Loyal workers at 6 p. m. ThuralJ
evening prayer meeting at 7:10 J
are curuiauy inviicu to attend all 111
The Bladder, Rheo
mrntlsm a lid liie Blood
u II Mice diiteafte
yield at once and are
q u Ickl v nnd f u II v
cured. Price only It
cents a box.
A CURE it the
People's Price.
My Kidney book n-d
A Sample I'ackatrt -ent
Free to uay address.
It6 Summer St, Botton
To cure Oon p.it Inn , Sick 1 !aiaft nri Kf
in- in 'in iur ne u h t int-ftfii
Butternut Till. Only 55 cev.ti m
-Will foo KlFtl
md'I me a botij o
vour rtnuuvie t
Ruiiensut Mil! Inn
turn mull. II nt
ive a rwd rwoln
your Smlili'i ui
l.lthia Hilt tanfi
me, I nhill be tr
in orb plead. I hi'
t-iken more ihn ot
dz;n buieg lor bill
Her trouble and
nly have the? bfi
mat lmulle, trot
trouulr, rheumi!
nnd rjerroQ
W hen I cooimtKtd
take the vlllt
feelinir Terr poo:
out dow (eel Rte
other penon Id i
fliewe. l it e r
mended them u
and Iher hBtcfai
jjfHxl rt uli? frvDuea
I hare." I
IRs.. I. l..HnvtH
Cireen Harlwr,lUJ
In Hiiin.nvill . Oct. 1... Hetm AMwumkH'
Je-eif M. Mi.lrnn.
In Kurili PomfrPt. tt. 16. !T Rer.ru
march i.f West Hsrtfi.nl. V. W. Rra
KrH.kline and M inn Lltzie While 0 S-trtl I'
f r.f .
In Wentnn. Oct. IK h? Rev. r. A Wnndtorj
Fmnk H. Moore and Cora L. (ironr. Iu
1.U1 1 low
In RmttleUiro. Not. 4. a dauKbterloEM
P. anri f.lllikn HI pnarilM,n. I
In Hrauletmrn. N"T. 4, a daughter to Hi
w . ana rac naraer.
In R.un. Oct X adanehter. Helen tMUf
to Mr. anil Mr. William .sioekhnclp
In WKlminr Weat Sent ''J. a 1'-rt'1
Mabel M , to Mr. awl Mm. rie.irjre A.Omis.
trmnuitauKbter to Mr. and Mr, n. L uv
In BondTllle, Oct. 14, a daughter to Mr
Mr, iteorffe r. nurnee.
In Homtville, Oct. a), a son to Mr. anl
Arthur KriK.ka.
In HaltlwinMrille. Mass.. Oct. 9, a we to
ami Mr. Will Kaire.
in inngneii. Mass.. net. i. a son. ro
10 Htirrls anil Klla Welwter I'.illins. J
In Brattiehoro. Oct. a daughter to K"l
: . ann Herrruae k. .lomveti.
In Hrartldwii. Oct. t. a sontoJnonf
Ruf V. lytnir.
in oiiiiinrii. Oct. 27. a dntictiter ioa
and May liella Nhenarnson.
Ill MIIISIIHI OCl. Jtl. a Mtn W Tei'l$ri.
Fmm 1 V llnrrett
Iii West liiminierstcn. Oct. !!, a (iaf
Mr. and Mr Cliiirleg Tift.
Inwev lluinnierstim. Oct. 21. auun-
Mr. ami Mr. Kuliert ('iinils.
In Well,. w Knlls. Oct. 21. a S'n tear
Ml. T K Hullnlian.
Iii Reiinu KmI's. Oct. 25. a daucwern-
and Mta. li. H KtiMtut.
The Dairy Markets.
The general conditions In the local
dairy markets are unchanged. Fol
lowing; are the conditions at other
Butter New York steady at ii He:
inicago steady at JHic, packing
stocks 1313H&
Cheese New York quiet, targe and
smalt September 11 H, October 11 (4c:
Liverpool, white S3s. colored 64s.
Eggs New York firm, seconds to
firsts 21025c: Chicago Arm. extras
!5c, prime firsts 23c: St. Louis steadv
at 2214c, loss off. repacked cases included.
Cable advices to Geo. A. Cochran
from the principal markets of Great
Brltlnn give butter markets as verv
quiet, nnd prices bnrelv ain.i
Finest DanWh 25fi26e. Finest IrNh
23!ir24c. Finest Canadian ?lu.CTti
finest Ruwliin l!Krrc. with th un.loi-
grades In plentiful supply nnd dull at
15pl"14c Amerlcnn Pro, ,Htt.r
meets n very drugging snle. although
freely offered nt Itiftlxc. l.-idlc very
dull, and to move nt all freely i.v
would have to lie accepted.
Cheese market are somewhat bet
ter in tone with prli-e unaltered.
Finest American and Canadian lift
n Kra.r1len.1rn. Nut. 4. itilant ilangMerol
son l' :,,ifl I.illlun SIioiomUmii.
In I'r.ittu lmro. Ki.t. . N.iau
risen 79
In Wliitiiiennm.Ort. SO. Al rani 1 r-r.
In H..i.ui,.,, t II," -v. ..fBtleW
e:i,. Mr Kutl.M H u,ife -,l' Htiel N. 'r,lJ(
III ItawsnnTille Ocr. 2:l Mr . nerce f'"
In Wmilhnin Oct.:'l Mrs. Alice H rout"'"
. In Manla.ni, Oct. 2S. rliarU.st iirr.enm.;
' In Kellima Kalis, Oct. 28, !
In Hellnws Falla, Oct. 27, C. Aaron0
in Jamaica, Oct. 54, Ellen Rice, wife 0"
rwrne. st. , . VllCJi
In Rnndville, Oct. 27, Mr. Calista I .f
on, 73. , .
111 neiinw rati, lies. ' i- 1
In Hellow Kails. Oct. !, Mr, h ;Sn,J
In Ahtiel..t. N. H . Oct. a. Mr. Msg"
wne.it w iniani I'etiet (.im-epn : a M
In Nantucket. Muto.-Ocr. .3. Kiltnund
anatiTi nl Bemanlstoti. Wa.-s.cJ-In
N. w Rriiain. tvnn.. Oct. adaug
uiirton ami Mattel (nranioriii n.n."--- Bj
In Weatuort. N. H.. Oct. W. Mrs.JWH
rl. , J
1 .. T 1 1 v. a Mr 1 irrr?- -
hnu,lr M
In Halifax. Oct. AlKet Kurnei.. j
In Northlteld Farina. Nut. 1. hiifh'Sn
In Jem. Ira. Nov. . Milton Anon-
Keep the Wind
and Cold Out
of your house by putting
on some ,
around the doors. You
can get them at reasona
ble prices of
Brook Mouse Block.

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