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12 Out of 19 Gamei and 8corod
point to Their Opponent' 4S7
to Wednesday Evening Will
State Championship.
Lttle S
no looi
ill Independent biiHketball
jp eliined Its homo seuson Wednes-
eveniiig wiin 11 recoru 01 12 Vic-
fcs aim neen ueieaio, ns win lie
from tho Hppenuvu table. The
Jri will play two games with Com-
1) next wecK 10 seme tne ques
ol' the stale championship and
bnlily bring the season to a close
a return giiine wun tne Uume
jture eliib or Kortiiuinpton, Muss.
Independents nave been up
Bust wine of the fastest teams In
Eiiuliinu and their percentage
(victories speaks volumes for their
lily. Shelburne Falls defeated the
Lpendeiits two out of a series of
lee games and the Delphi Athletic
jb of Hartford, Conn., sent a team
Jirattlelmro which won on two oc
jleiis. The Independents also lost
the All Troy professionals and
(lie even In a series of two games
Ih Willi company u 01 01. jonns-
and the Ilolyoke Interscholas
I'p to Wednesday the team
played 19 games. 16 of which
played in this town, the three
l-of-town games having taken
at Shelburne Falls. Turners
Is and St. Johnslmry.
iinee about the middle of the sea-
1 the Independent team nas been
npnsed of the following men:
we, center; March and Ellis, for
rds; Doran and Stafford, guards;
ey, substitute. Of these Doran,
fo has acted as conch, is without
but tho strongest player and on
t defense has been a tower of !
ength. Stafford has proved hlm
f perhaps the next best man on
1 squad when his work throughout
I season is considered. He is not
isliowy player but is always a fnc-
in the team work and an extreme
I difficult man to get away with.
Iwe has not been in the game the
tire season but his work in those
fines in which he did play demon
fated that as a center he Is un
called in town. Ellis's work on the
sole has been brilliant and he leads
a mates in the total number of
fclipts. but in some of the more dif
Jult games his size has counted
lainst him. March's team work has
en excellent and as a rule his shoot
g has been very accurate but on
Casions he has been a trifle weak
. VillnH'iTit nrp fh ecnrpa fro tlio
1st season:
dependents, 10 Holyoke I. S., 22
(dependents, 34 Worcester A. C, 10
(dependents, 19 Shelburne Falls, 29
(dependents, 19 Shelburne Falls, 35
dependents, 40 Worcester Tech, 27
. r ; .
r R . M ZlA f - His
I 1 v.:-.i ka ' 11
WAIlE, Trcn
1:11. KV sub.
AIXE.V, Mgr. 1 ( 11)1, Sec. ' STOl.TK, Ilcferee.
M.VHC1I rf. HON K c, Cnpt. DOKAN lg. K1.I.1S If.
TAFI-(.)!!! rg
Local Independents Closed Home
Season With Brilliant Victory.
The home season of the Independ
ent basketball team was Brought to
a close Wednesday evening liy a vie-
Bellows Falls A. C. Not Fast Enouch University of Vermont Appears With I
for State Championship Race. Three Regular Men Missing.
If the Bellows Falls athletic club The state championship contest be
basketball team thought it had a "lnok tween the Independents uud Universi-
ln" at the Vermont slate championship tv of Vermont Mond.iv evenlmr nroved
of Correct Models in
Ladies' Coats, Jackets, Tailored Suits, Silk Shirt Waist Suits,
Separate Silk Waists, Novelties in Cotton Shirt Waist
Suits and White Shirt Waists in all the leading materials.
Besides, for those who wish to have their costumes made after some special pattern,'
we have culled from the stocks of the leading manufacturers and importers, the choicest
styles of every fabric which is in favor this season, and now have on exhibition in our
Dress Goods Department the largest and most attractive display of fashionable materials
our privilege to show. In addition to the many beautiful Silks and Wash Fabrics.which
we opened early, we have now received most of the later purchases, and the whole col
lection makes an assortment of styles and patterns, which, we believe, is without prec
edent in southern Vermont.
tory over the Home Culture club of ii:it vision must have vani-died aft r a decided lizzie. Defeated last Friday
Northampton, Mass., in one of the
fastest games that has ever been
seen on a local tloor. The final score
stood 40 to 22 in favor of the Iirat
tleboro team, which finished t tie game
in a burst of speed that kept the
crowd in an uproar.
was piayea under pro
and while execeedingly rough was
also marked with much brilliant
Wiirlf Th Inenl o;im hnrwli.
canned bv the ahsenee of Hmve nt t!li' Independents, and the latter's de
dependents, 31 Delphi A. C, 37
dependenta, 41 North Adams, 16
dependents, 19 Company D, 31
(dependents, 13 All Troy Pros., 39
dependents, 29 Shelburne Falls, 27
dependents, 46 Yale Seniors, 22
dependents, 29 Turners Falls, 27
dependents. 51 Norwich univ'slty, 9
dependents, 43 Holyoke I. S.,
dependents, 47 Company D,
.dependents, 21 Delphi A. C,
dependents, 44 Hellows Falls,
.dependents, 46 U. V. M.,
dependents, 40 Home Culture,
fotals, 628
Out of town games.
the game with- the local Independent-; , veninif bv Coiniianv 1) and aifain Sat-
l-nday evening. There was nothing urday evening by Norwich the visitors
aljuit the contist which gave any vi- arrived in llrattleboro minus three;
dence that (he visitors had the slight- of their regular players and without
e u luense to make such a claim. The Siitisiitiil s to take their places. Under I
urattii euro noys were not at tneir these circumstances and considering
The second half ,)est hy any means and at times played the fact that Howe was unable to play !
fesslonal rules siowiy out iney were lar and away .Manager Allen would have been Just- 1 1
aneau 01 meir opponents 111 an ne- nied in cancelling the game, but he
partments of the game. March and 'decided to patch matters up as best
Stallord did most of the scoring for he could and pull off the event accord
ing to schedule. Evidently news of
rensive work was also notable. 1 lie the situation spread for there was a
I i. Hows Kails players were not only m, mil crowd in attendance in spite of
inaccuia.e 1:1 snooting nut meir hi-, the attraction in the form of a band
tempts ;;t team work were ''Xt remely eonci rt. I
poor. The summary: Before the game began Referee i
r.rattlehore. Hellows Falls. Stolte announced that the University ;
F.llis, If r g. MacCirfM n "f Vermont was one man short and !
March, r f 1 g. McDonald ; thnt Ferriter would "take his place. ;
Howe, c e, Campbell i adding that anyone who wished their j
Doran. I g r f. Thompson ' mom y back on this account would 1
Stafford, r g If. Frost ! have five minutes to get it at the box '
Score, ltrattleboro 44. Mellows Fa lis ; "m0- Apparently the crowd thought;
ond period the Northampton lads -1 A. (toals from (Icier KialYord 7 M in h i lhf' -substitution of lerriter would not
likewise had the better of the argu- 9. Kills 2. Doran 2. Howe 2. Campbell i""1'1'1 the value of the game, for ev- i
ment but when the Independents be- 3. Frost. Thompson. McDonald. loals j erylmdy sat still j
gan their final rush they were invin- from fouls. Frost 4. Referee. Stolte I w,,h ai(l of ferriter, (he man
clble. and Howard. Timer Allen. Time o. i who had come to umpire the game and
Stafford was easily (he star of the minute halves. Attendance, .i.xo
local five. He followed the ball un- ; .
Second District O. E. S. Meeting.
center or the victory would have
been won by a much wider margin.
The visitors were extremely un
lucky in throwing baskets during
the first half, rimming the goal re
peatedly without counting. Just be
fore the whistle blew, however, thy
seemed to find their eyes, making
seven points to Bratllehoro's one
within the last five minutes and
leaving the score nt the end of the
half 16 to 11. In the first of the sec- ,
leath Rate in New York and Chicago
During November and December,
K03, one-fifth of the deaths In New
fork and Chicago were from pnou-
honia. Foley's Honey and Tar not
inly stops the cough but heals and
Itrengthens the lungs and prevents
tneuninnia. so do not take chances on
cold wearing away when Foley's
Money and Tar will cure you quickly
d prevent serious results. Sold by
.11 Druggists.
The strike of employes of the
'ew York street railways has col
psed and the tnterborough com
pany is running trains on reduced
me. on both elevated and subway
nes. The local leaders of the un-
involved were repudiated by
heir national officers and the strik
ers were ordered back to work. Some
ft the men applied for their old places
pid about 300 were reinstated. Many
itriKe-oreakers are employed. It is
probable that many of the former em-
Woyes will never be re-employed. The
lompany has anounced that all sen-
prity rights have been forfeited: that
o more men over 40 years of age will
re taken on; and that the rule against
rinking men will be rieidlv enforced.
fhe strikers are discouraged and dis
mtented and bitterly upbraid their
ceasingly, took advantage of every
opportunity to shoot and blocked
beautifully. Rills kept pegging away
at the basket from every conceivable
position and succeeded in scoring six
times. Doran did excellent work on
the defense but had more difficulty in
shooting. March made some star
shots but left his opponent uncov
ered too often. Riley worked like a
nailer, although too light to be effec
tive in the rougher portion of the
second half. For Home Culture the
hest work was done by Edwards and
Spring. Bothwell, who formerly
coached the Independents and at
that time was called by Manager Al
len one of the best men in New Eng
land, seemed to be a mark for his
old mates and was banged around
unmercifully. He stood the gruelling
manfully and was game to the end,
but his showing proved that Man
ager Allen's praise was bestowed
without taking men like Doran , and
Stafford into consideration. The
Ellis. 1. f.,
March, r. f.,
Stafford, c,
Doran, I. g.,
Riley, r. g.,
Home Culture,
r. g., Bothwell
1. g., Edwards
c, Tichey, Spring
f.. Spring. Monkler
I. f Barnes
Score: Independents 40. Home
Culture 22; goals from floor. Ed
wards 7, Ellis 6, March 4, Stafford
4. Doran 4, Riley, Spring, Bothwell;
goals from fouls, Spring 4, March 2;
referee, Stolte; time, 20-minute
The annual convocation of the sec
ond district. O. E. S., was held with
Alpha chapter of Hellows Falls
Thursday afternoon and evening,
March 9. Bingham chapter exem
plified the initiatory work in the
evening. Alpha chapter, of which
Mrs. Abbie C. Gorham Is worthy
matron, served a banquet at 6 o'clock.
The meeting was in charge of Col.
R. E. Hathorn of Ludlow and Mrs.
Mary Leland of Chester, the district
J The Colonel's Waterloo.
Colonel John M. FtiHer. of Honey
Grove, Texas, nearly met his Water
loo, from Liver and Kidney trouble.
In a recent letter, he says: "I was
nearly dead, of these complaints, and.
although I tried my family doctor,
he did me no good; so I got a 50c.
bottle of your great Electric Bitters,
which cured me. I consider them
the best medicine on earth, and thank
God who gave you the knowledge to
make them." SoM, and guaranteed
to cure. Dyspepsia, Biliousness and
Kidney Disease, by F. H. Holden &
Co., druggist, at 50c. a bottle.
one other student the visitors were
able to put five men on the floor it
would be hardly truthful to say five
players. Bratlleboro slarted slowly
enough but al length found itself and
showed considerable speed. The fin
al score was 46 to 6. The summary:
Urattlcboro. University of Vermont.
Riley, r g If, Appleton
Doran, 1 g r I, Ferriter
Stafford, c. c, Newton
March, r f 1 g. Skinner
Ellis. If r g, Covey
Score. Independents 46, University
of Vermont 6. Goals from floor, Staf
ford 7, Doran 5. Ellis 5, March 4, Riley
2. Covey. Ferrller, Skinner. Referee,
Stolte. Timer, Allen. Time, 20-minute
halves. Attendance. 350.
Another Feature for the Easter Season is Our
Came Fashion has sent out her decree that most of the dainty creations in Cos
tumes or Toilettes shall be dependent to a considerable extent for their beauty and at
tractiveness, upon the kind and combination of the trimming that is used in their em
bellishment, and in anticipation of the demand which is sure to be large for this class
of goods, we have made extensive purchases from the ieading Lace and Trimming Im
porting Houses, and should be able to please all who wish to select their own combina
tion of material and trimming.
Our reputation for Low Prices and High Standard of Quality will be thor
oughly maintained throughout the entire stock, and every lady may do her
Spring shopping with the absolute knowledge that she will receive full
value for every dollar's worth of her purchase.
Rexall Medical News.
Lots of people look at a cough or
cold as if it were inevitable, and refer
to it as some ailment, which they
naturally expect during the stormy
. .. t i
1 winter monins. sso person neeu
have the slightest attack of cold or
ia grippe, nor even pneumonia, 11
tlieir system is properly fortified.
Kexall Mucu-Tone will fortify your
system against any such attacks.
Since we make this strong statement
e will tell you how Mucu-Tone
does this : Coughs, colds and pneu
monia are but the result of a ca
tarrhal condition, which is in
reality an internal scrofula If the
system is free of catarrhal germs you
fieed never fear coughs, colds and
pneumonia. Mucu-Tone will do it
because Mucu-Tone clears the sys
tem of every trace of catarrhal
Kerns, tones up the system, shakes
oft" hanging on tag-end coughs and
folds, revitalizes the entire svstem.
ncreases the appetite and makes
you put on flesh. You take no
nances in buying Mucu-Tone, be-
f au.-,e we back it up by refunding the
price if you are in any way dis
MtiMted. Wecouldn't afford to spend
nr lime selling this remedy if it
i on t benefit ninety-eight out 01
very hundred persons who use it
want you to try, on our personal
recommendation, a lanre trial-size
bottle that we sell for fifty cents.
Death of Byron A. Stone.
Brattleboro relatives received a tele
gram Saturday announcing the sudden
death in Mohawk, N. Y or Byron A
Stone, second son of Ashley and Har
rlett Lamb Stone, formerly of Wll
mington, where Byron was born, June
15, 1848. He was educated in tne
public schools of Wilmington, Wes-
leyan academy at Wilbraham, Mass.
and Kastman's business college of
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., where he gradu
ated in 1868. In September or mat
year he began his business career in a
store in South Deerfieid, Mass., where
a little later' he was employed as trav
eling salesman for Pease & Ruddock
manufacturers of pocket-books, hub
seouently, on the death of Mr. Rud
dock, Mr. Stone became a member of
the firm, and the business continued
under the name of Pease & Stone un
til bought by the Charles Arms manu
facturing company of South IJeerneld
For 25 years past and until January
1 last. Mr. Stone bad been a travel
ing salesman for Langfteld Bros. &
Co. of Philadelphia. In March, 18S7
Mr. Stone assisted in the organization
of the Mohawk Valley knitting mills,
of which he had since held the office
of vice-president, and that of presi
dent of the Paragon knitting mills of
Mohawk. He was also a director of
the Mohawk Valley national bank, an
elder In the Mohawk Reform church
for 18 years, a trustee of the board of
education of the graded schools 'there.
Mr. Stone was an active member and
officer of the Forest and Stream club
of Wilmington, where he spent his
summers with his family.
He married Ella Elizabeth, daugh
ter of Justus and Harriet Talcot t Crim
of Mohawk, In 1872. Of their four
children three survive Louis Talcott.
Marjorie, wife of Arthur Hebbard of
Brooklyn, and Bertha Douglass Stone
besides his widow and aged mother.
Mrs. Ashley Stone of West Brattle
boro. His father, a former state sen
ator, died at Hinsdale. X. H.. in 193.
Mr Stone's funeral was held In Mo
hawk Monday afternoon.
The biff barn of the Woodstock Inn
which was burned In October, will be
replaced this spring by a still large;
one, 1!I3 feet long by 64 feet wide
The Maplewood Sugar and Syrup
Co., for 20 years a prosperous bus!
ness concern of Morrisville, ha
been absorbed by the Carey Map!
Sugar Co. of St. Johnsbury.
The Funeral Directors and Em
balmers' association of Vermont will
hold Its annual convention at Bellow
Falls June 28-30. The program will
include a lecture and demonstration
by an expert.
William L. Waldo, 40, a drug clerk,
for T. P. Daley, was killed by falling
from a coal elevator near the lake at
Burlington March 8. His neck was
broken. He formerly lived in Brand
E. D. Harpin, head warden at the
state prison at Windsor, ana his son,
Harold W. Harpin, a guard, were
dicharged Wednesday, March 8, by
Supt. E. W. Oakes, who declines to
state his reasons for dismissal. The
elder man had been employed at the
prison for several years, while the
younger man had been there only
short time.
Carl Lindelofr, a Swede, was sen
tenced to five to six years at the
Windsor prison In county court at
Montpelier Monday, March 13, on
pleading guilty to the charge of as-
lult with intent to kill John Bart-
lett, his boarding house keeper. In
February. Judge Munson said this
should be a lesson to the prisoner
and should be to every man who gets
Strike Hidden Rocks.
When your ship of health strikes
the hidden rocks of Consumption
Pneumonia, etc.. you are lost. If you
don't get help from Dr. lying's New
Discovery for Consumption. J. W.
MeKinnon. of Talladega Springs, Ala-
writes: "I had been very ill with
Pneumonia, under the care of two
doctors, but was getting no better
when I began to take Dr. King's New
Discovery. The first dose gave relief,
and one bottle cured me." Sure cure
for sore throat, bronchitis, coughs
and colds. Guaranteed at F. H. Hol
den A Co.'s drug store, price 60c and
$1.00. Trial bottle free.
The body of William B. Howard of
Burlington was found Sunday, March
2, on Lake Champlain near Port
Kent. Mr. Howard started March 1
to walk across Lake Champlain. ac
companied by his little fox terrier.
Late at night the dog returned alone.
Howard was going to Harkness sta
tion where he was to work on a
farm. His relatives instituted a
search for his body, which was found
partly covered with snow. His watch,
money and papers were found In his
pockets. Howard was 35 years of
age and leaves a wife and three
Is It Right?
Is it right that a property-owner
should lose $4.20 to' let a dealer make
50 cents? A dealer makes 50 cents
more on 14 gallons of ready-for-use
paint, at $1.5(1 per gallon, than our
agent does on eight gallons of L. &
M. paint ami six gallons of linseed
oil. which make fourteen gallons of
the best paint in the world, at $1.20
per gallon; the property-owner loses
Just $4.20. Is It right?
It only requires 4 gallons of L. &
M. and 3 gallons linseed oil to paint
a moderate sized house.
Ten Thousand Churches painted
with Longman & Martinez L. & M.
Liberal quantity given to churches
when bought from ROBBINS &
H. MeCarty has sold the Hotel
Poultney to the present lessee, George
M. Gilfeather, for $13,000.
Corn $ .65
Corn, Northern 1.00
Oats, bu 46ft10
Meal.cwt 1.2fial.30
Meal, United, lb 2aia
Graham Meal, lb 03
Mixed Feed i.36
Cottonseed Meal 1.6T
Brau 1.25al.:
Linseed Oil Meal 1.70
Tover.der 1.3a
Middling 1.30s 1.36
Hay, loose, ton.. lR.ot
nay, oaieu w.w
Pork, dressed. f.Oto
nifi , urcpsru. . . ., ., IH( Am
Mutton, live wt .(tti ,mu
vrai nra .ut
Chickens, live, spring 10a .12
rowi, live....... 111a ,i
Hides, lb 0M4S .06
Calfskins, each .Jtwj 1.00
neans, nu g.io
Potatoes, tin Mia
Annies, bhl !. l.WI
Mutter 20 32
Cheese... ,13a .14
Kggs. doi 25
Maple Svrun fcra 1 ,oc
Sugar, Maple OH. .13
Butter $ .23s .33
Cheese 16s .18
Kggs. doi 28
Maple Mrnn 1.00-4 1.25
Sugar, Maple M4 .14
Molasses, gal 40(4 .60
Sugar, retined .074
.tan, 1. i. 1111 Jt.
Better Protection of Highways.
The Reformer has been requested
by one of the selectmen of Brattleboro
to call public attention to a law passed
by the last legislature,, entitled An
Act for the Better Protection of High
ways, No. 85 in the supplement issued
by the Reformer some time since con
taining all the acts of the legislature
of 1904 of public interest. The text
of the law follows:
It is hereby enacted by the General
Assembly of "the State of Vermont:
Section 1. Whoever shall injure a
public highway that is maintained at
public expense by obstructing or di
verting anv stream, water course or
sluice; by 'dragging logs or timber on
the road surface: by using wagons
with less width of tires than is re
quired by law or by using wagons with
wheels held fast liy cnain or otoer-
wise, shall De subject 10 a line 01 ien
dollars for each such offense.
Sec. 2. Whoever shall obstruct or
encroach upon any highway by fence,
building, piles of wood, lumber or
logs, waste stone from quarries or ma
terial of any kind, to the detriment of
the highway, or whoever shall rill up
or place any obstruction In any ditch
or gutter that is for drawing water
from any highway; or any pervon
who shall deposit in or upon any high
way within its boundary limits, rub
bish, such as stones, brush, garbage,
or any noxious thing shall be subject
to a fine of five dollars for each such
Sec. 3. Actions may be brought In
the name of the town where such
offense Is committed against any per
son or corporation for violations of
this act.
Sec. 4. Town road commissioners
are hereby authorized and empowered
to act as Informing officers In carrying
out the provisions of this act, and shaU
be entitled to compensation for such
police work the same as for other
official duties and paid in the same
Sec. 5. All acts or parts of acts In
consistent with this act are hereby
Approved, uecember 7, 1904.
From William Sparrow, Pleasant
St., Deerlng, Maine.
"I have used Roderic's Wild Cherry Cough
Balftam several times in cases of severe
coughs, colds, and sore throat, and have
always found It to act speedily and with
excellent effect,"
It is the prescription of one
of the late leading physicians
of 1'ortland, Me.
A dose at night gives
instant relief.
coughs, colds, croup, whoop
ing cough, hoarseness and all
troubles of the throat and
Kxtra large bottles. All
dealers in medicines.
The senate at Washington Tuee-
day, March 14, confirmed the nomina
tion of Charles W. Anderson, the
negro whom President Roosevelt se
lected to be collector of Internal rev
enue for the second district of New
lour. roll. nro.. Mil..
lour patent
live Meal. Hi
Tea, .(span, lb
Tea, Oolong
..B.75 7.0ti
7.25s ;.&o
Cured Hemorrhages of the Lungs.
"Several years since my lungs were
so badly affected that I had many
hemorrhages," writes A. M. Ake. of
Wood. Ind. "1 took treatment with
several physicians without any bene
fit. I then started to take Foley's
Honey and Tar, and my lungs are
now as sound as a bullet. I recom
mend It In advanced stages of lung
trouble." Foley's Honey and Tar
stops tbe cough and heals the lungs,
and prevents serious results from a
cold. Refuse substitutes. Sold by
All Druggists.
-Vi . 0
a. Younit Hyson KA Mi
Boiled Oil, gal 78
Haw ill 75
Krosen 14$ .16
'otatoes pecs, 20.
lemons. doK 2fta .'JO
Bananas, dox .?ta ..16
noon, quart. 5c -toe. Ik It.. SI 20 till.
Caliliage. 1I1 0.1
Bwt. per Hi .02
BermuiU Onions, per lb 10
Sirloin steak f.PVk .22
t'orterboti stak 3i
Round steak 16
Vnl steak J2&
Roast f ,10s .18
1'nrk roasts .....12a .16
loni heef 06s .12
Pork steak 14
Fork clMifie 12s .14
Leaf lard 10
Homemade lard 2
Hams Us .14
Hamsslferd .22
Hams pressed ....20
Hams minced .2n
Lamb, hind qaarter 15 -22
Lamb, fnrr quarter JOa .12
Lamb, k-g Spring JO
Lamb, eliops spring .23
Tnrkevs 2Ra JS
Chickens IXa JS
MngkKka , Jaa Ja
Yes, The Best
Bit and Reamer
made for tapping. Please call
and see them.
Crim, Stowe and Con
cord Spouts, Thermom
eters, Felt Strainers,
Tubing and Hose.
Tie 33er
Note On Draught
The Grange Store
STATE OF VKRMi 1ST. 1 Bt the Probate Court
Marlboko, as. I 'for said liistrict.
To all persons interested In the estate oi
TIMOTHY C. SHEA, late of ltrattleboro. de-
ceasea, i.kketi.xg:
Whereas.MARCARKT M SHEA has presented
tothiM'ourtan instrument purporting to be the
laxt will of said diseased, for proliate : Vou are
hereby nntilied that this Court will decide up
on the proliate of said Instrument at theseftsom
thermit to be held at the Proliate Office in
ltrattleboro, in said district, on he 2".th dav of
March. A. 1. 1:I5. when and where "yon
may appear and contest the same, if yon see
IO-3t A. F. SCHWEXK. Register.
UTATE OP VERMONT, By the Probate Court
3 Maklroro, ss. I 'for said District.
To all persons Interested In the estate of
MAHiiAKt r M. M1KA, late of Hraitl. horo,
deceased, GREETING:
Whereas, P. L. Shea and D. Frank Shea hare
presented to this Court an inMnimrnt purport
ing to be the lat will of said deceaed, for
prolate: Vou are heretiT notified that this
Court will deride npon the probate of said
Instrument at the ion thereof to be held at
the Protwte Office la Krattlehoro, in said dis
trict. o the 25th dar of March. A. I. Iws. when
and whers yoa may appw and contest tlw
K-. ir jam ace cause.
IS-a A. r. SCHWF..VK, Register.
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Beef Scraps
Forcing Food
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be interested in these supplies.
Rrance Store.
The charge for probate notices of the osual
length ia the Repobiei for the three weeks
required by law is $2 no. This includes Coss
missioners, Notices, Will Notices sad Settle
ment Notices. Wa shall be glad to have jxm
direct tbt Register of Probate to ead four mo
tieesto this office.

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