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A J ear. $2. oo If Not Paid in Advance
Price Five Cents Pet Copy.
"Let all the ends thou aimest at be thy Country's, thy Gods and Truth's.
:NTS. meetings, lectures
Sept. 15
p.SCAMMON Present
TtaUughing Hit of the Cmlurj
lidow Brown
erry musical luelanRe in brilliant
ndiup. It is spanning ana run
tlHDtod wholesome, entrancing
irttfrtsininR. .
wtlehoro, one uivui., in;i p'
U'ing. September 13,at the Box Of-
22nd Semi-Annual Tour
All A
IV 1 1 W M
Vnerica's Createst Exhibi
lion of Moving Pictures.
Lntintr thi nnlv authentic and
il.rrcuuuf, ...v. ,
Line moving pictures of the Siege
t Surrender of Port Ann ur. ine
Li RmmAtt International Auto-
EJVUftuULiv " "
li;iR(.o .inns Knnsntional Steenle
tut. New scenes of Pres. Kooseveu.
I, ,A Fvluaivn Natural HistorV
lljects. A new collection 01 omer
til pictures.
Digram of reserved seats at the box
Tuesday a. m.
Prices, 25c, 35c and oOc.
torsion rates on all railroads.
Bi'iSE CANVASSERS to sell Dustless
I Ciroet Brushes, either sex. Apply between
kodS-JOA. M. WELLW000, Bbattlehoro
rjiXTED 1U0 rooms for September 26, 27
ud 28. Send name to Bbooks uovss
PASTE!) Woman for general housework.
I In. Masseck. 6 Green St. 35
rlKTEb-Lauy or gentleinan of fair edu
rta .inn ... ...... Hrm nt 4ES 'MM rtanl.
(iilirv 91.072 per year, payable weekly. Ex-
Mrtoro.Vt. 87
PANTED Sewing machine operators. Ma-
i cainea run dv power, ohhmjj wm.
W nlana.nn.Lr l,..a 1 l I.H a T, . Oil (I P.dTTl -
WeUctory. TheWillabd Mko. CJo., Ht.
PlXTKn-riain and fine sewing and
repairing. Miss Sarah E. Daley mi'le.
IflSTED-An all-round cook, a chamber
maid, a kitchen eirl and a table waitress.
Hoak House, Brattleboro. 36-37
W'TED-Relialile young women as atten
dants unon the Insane. No experience
Pi'ed. Address Bbattlbhobo Rktbeat.
pbcro, Vt. 18-tf
'11PESTERS WANTED. Wasox Masufac-
-o Co.. Hriehtwood. Mass. io-h
r.l.IED-Immediately,two table-waitress-
r cmuu cnaiuueriiiaius at liuucbiawi
pl8es. Address Mbs. Idella J. Fitch.
l'"irE-M rsTHattie Warren will close her
r ui!ynaKiBg ruomtf ana go ou. vj
lo bos 471 will revive prompt attention.
fa MORtE-I,rofes(fl) JJC!e'eaner
IMIIOtHt. "!
STITCHERS to work in i
overall factory. Apply to
Hoolir, Con I Mitchell Co,
Bnttleboro, Vt.
Poaches! Peaches!
I shall have a thousand basket for table and
pkuIp,. P1""""" can procure the
Itlng lame 'n n'y orchrd b V
W. ROUILLARD, Notih Hinsdale, N. H.
For table, canning nnd eating are
bent frenh from the trees. Come to my
orrhnrd and get your supplies. Visit
ors welcome,
J. A. WILIER, East Duinmerston, Vt.
Fresh from Japan
Baskets and Nobelties.
Silbtr Soubeniri and Tost Cards.
Clapp & Jones, 73 Main St.
I have a large quantity of hard and
soft wood which I offer for sale at
reasonable prices. It is all prepared
for the stove in one foot lengths. First
come first served.
H. C. CLARK, Brattleboro.
urdera received by telephone. No. Gl-3.
in Vermont New Hampshire and Northern
lands, lluy or sell.
Ceorge M. Moore, Ludlow, Vt.
Money spent on a piano should be in the
nature of an investment. A piano used but a
short time is "second-hand. Second-hand
pianos are not saleable at anything like a fair
price unless they were good pianos when they
were new. Money spent for any but good
pianos is not well invested as their value de
preciates so rapidly. We sell no pianos that we
cannot recommend as good investments and
we make the terms so easy that it's just like
putting money in the bank. Let us tell you
about it. If you do not want to buy an Estey
we can sell you some less expensive make but
the Estey is a good investment.
Sales Department, Brattleboro, Vermont.
(Most Housekeepers Use A)
You Would
Tf Ymi KnewAhoutlt
"Makes CbokinEasy
Your Old Range taken trvJExcivane
e. m
We have some nice Northern Celery delivered
at trie market ireuu vm v..w - -- - .
fl.h all the time. Best ?'
kimls.new lot ju -'ir;.-u. -
SS lS to e. Tartar
GEO. DANVKW, Elliot gt. Fish HmrUtt
)!?ALETA R00d eco& hand Jfi'nace. at
b. a. jiMBiwoit 0ak street.
fRlLE-Tsl . jtto gasoline engine, dis
I pitted to frdke room for a larger one, good
li:iaohnnrtiinm for a cash buyer. Ao-
H D. bow. Halifax. Vt. M-38
t- - - - .
when You Want a Job
done iou want it done promptly, done well and
St S rConlble price. "The ext tim , yon need
wood ana ucnwru -
der SSok f t AJ Wood's hardware Stow.
26 Clark Street.
ALE-second- band office safe. Edgett
t r 34tf
U a . t ... . . . rho4nnllfl
t uML,i-uneneavy iwo-iioriio 'i
track, one heavy two-horse Rutland
l.both with nw A In. tires and brakes.
fjntu; two single carriages, one Concord
Pff lour single brcast-Dlate harness, one set
table harness, one set double express
. (i.E. (ill.MAK WW
Z -i Ah Rainbow
"i who had been drowned promised
pressed in earning powers ,atl 0nby
bh Xfu? to cTol Vt (Mutual.) OK
r.fiT.'uirn 1WVL
w1"" .. a ota..
u C TAYLOR " v
SALE A few ion of hay in barn.
VnlaM. ... . . r . usi t7vns.t P1&C6
'K KIT IT u,nini.pd with
avaj uuu buuu, iiiiij virr ,
Oiftlinortr ..y.U nlal PIUTine nQ
Nff. rfMri rhjr..o a hanrlv 1TIBJ1. Might
hfiW. R. W. Kiwiktt ro. 6tf
g- 8. W. Kdqbtt A Co. 86t!
fALR-Scholarship of ten week in ai
I woy BiiBiuesa College. Apply Hekobm-
I torn hrrria i. i K.ri mn also A
f"f bicycles, auppltea, and talking ma-
8ALE-Two Milbnrn wagons, 1 Troy
. , 1 Kiitland wagon, 1 farm wagon, 1
Jjwdoul.le harness, aU nearly ne"i,Yj
fjALE-Biih hard and soft wood cuv
llenitth; also kindling l Urge qoao
gHM.DE A Mabtim. -
'T- IXttage House. Modem. Edgett
I I Furnished Houm In Braiiieo.
T SMiCL... . .... - m dj l
i p-nwwNMfl Main i. iron. vrv. -ZjXW
Eox 786 Bimttleboro, Vt.
iT-I-tral,l place la Weai Brattle-
N'T-KovalTvlerplaoeoa Tyler street.
t rnr.mi.. modern conenlencea. spa
n. Inquire of Kkt. B. T. Matbiso".
n nre-dnllar Mil netweew "-
tnk and Wood's hardware
C1 U. Leare at Wood's store awl fJ
American House
3 be Opened to the Public
Ubt boar, by th day
feaaonable fawrw.
Early wrovtiv'"
dc a MPS.
. .. ,i.ti lust come to bearing In
and an oum intending pureu-
Bl: wik from end of electric
fToii. pharmacUt. Brattlebor.
Geo. E. f"""' r '
. . v v n
Pupil, to study uaS
new method tX"rt,"me Cnqw used at
-uages nne't'X ' 'ldemy and other schools.
Weoint Mury oemy
!?KK3 T People going " 'w .
Sn y M intereeW ,n Writ.
edgyof LontMroTtameth-
for terms MM",, pucQLAS, I Spruce St.,
od or kv.-b- -
eoorv. - -
s U..
483 Mt Auburn St, C.mbr.a
Valley Fair, Brattleboro
aatrinsof irf
and young -
u farm hi Ooilford, I riU
Tuesday, September! 19th
rSri-A mow - rTiixs.T.oiifo.
C. H. LDDY & CO.'S
Popular Temperance Drinks Stand the Test.
Ginger Ale.
C. H. EDDY fc CO.,
Pronounced Pure by the Vermont State Board of
Order of Your Dealer.
One of Brattleboro's Most Desirable
Residences is Offered FOR SALE.
The well-known B.D.HARRIS PLACE, on Main Street.
T-MnnnnsurDassed, Commodious brick house of handsome de-
fth Cr?ltuched Large, well-shaded yard. Excellent ar
SStt f3 conveunc in house. Several good building lots
wS SrprojSy, fronting on Harris place. For terms inquire of
. V. MAY, Real Estatt Agent, Crosbi Blocfc, Brattlebora, VtfOBt
Cain & Izard, Merchant Tailors
BUSINESS college!
nwdratifwit, traia for biaes. ad
niuM. ranbrant Df.art. for
KearlT 10
fl TO 000 School
!i.!"l"Jrei WelHramed belpfwi.bed pro-ptly- Ctact
"xwVoT acbooi '- 64lorifcMl.y. CARKBH. y. .
Announces His Position Remedy for
Present Stat, of i Business Affairs
Must Be Found Savings Used for
Internal Improvements.
Peiclval V. Clemt-nt of Rutland,
who waa a ciinilhliiie for "ovt-nmr In
J90U on the Locul-Oiitioii-LlceiiHe tick
et, has authorized the publication of
the following letter, announcing that
he will be a candldute for the gov
ernorship before the next republican
state convention:
To the republican voters and citizens
of Vermont:
I huve been axked to be a candldute
for the nomination for the office of
governor at the next republican state
convention. The time seems now at
hnnd when It Is fulr to my friends to
state my position. I answer the ques
tion, Yes. I am a candldute.
I did not cure to enter Into a pure
ly personal canvas for the governor
ship, but If my views on state affairs,
which are fairly well known, meet
with the approval of the voters, I
should consider It an honor to be se
lected to carry them Into effect so far
as a Vermont governor can.
As a result of discussion and In
vestigation we are upon the eve of a
complete change In the business meth
ods of our state departments. If this
change Is made properly, retrench
ment In state expenses and a better
administration of stute affairs will na
turally follow. No private corpora
tion would for a 11 on-.ent think of
adopting the Vermont plan of trans
acting Its business. When this change
was first suggested It was ridiculed in
some quarters, hut now the question
is how best to effect a remedy.
The large amount which would be
annuully saved to the state when a
proper system of purchase, supervis
ion and accounting Is Inaugurated,
will be available for Internal improve
ments, and I know of none which can
be made with greater benefit to all
classes of citizens than a system of
permanent roads, opening up our
mountain regions to the main thor
oughfares of travel.
j believe the local option license
law, which prohibits when the people
so vote, or brings In a revenue If the
people so elect, should be retained and
It is not my ambition or purpose
to build up or foster any political ma
chine; but. If I am nominated and
alerted. I shall undertake to give the
state a business administration anu
the taxpayer a square deal.
Rutland. Sept. 7. 1905.
, Valley Fair Notes.
tfntrlea for the bench show close
positively to-morrow night with H. C.
Rice, secretary.
V n Ulnrla rtt PnU'lftr 1r mm of the
breeders of Morgan horses wno win oe
present with a fine string.
tv. pimhurat tavm nf TCpmnrdnton.
Mass., will exhibit its French coach
stallion. Perfection S., with several
brood mares and colts.
Th. wminir nainio will ho triad to
know that the Shetland ponies from
the MucKross iarm at opringneiu, vu,
have been entered and will be exhibited.
Sunlnni Tanker- will he Ht his Office
i n-anta hlnnlr ovanlmrB from now
1 1 1 uiai'fiv "J " ' n
An anA attar TllPndAV Will bft there
throughout the, day. His telephone
Call IS 34-2.
Th. nnpii Antrnra flout pnmtianv
of Oxford, Mass., whose exhibit at
tracted so much attention last year,
will be on hand again with both goats
und sheep.
a hor.1 nf rtevnnn hplnnarinflr to James
Hilton of Columbus, O., which is now
at the New York state rair, win proo
ably be one Of the attractions in the
cattle department.
n I. ovnopforl that several herds 01
cattle will be shipped here direct from
U.. ialAJnnla eniintv fair at St.
v'v"11 J -
inhnBhnf nthof nrnirtinent herds
that are promised Include three from
the Strafford county iarm at. uover, .
The exhibit of the Mt. Hermon boys'
school promises to be a show In It
self. It will include Ayrshire and Hol
stein cattle, Arabian and Suffolk
horses, sheep, swine, poultry and veg
etables. Owners of the wagons, sleds, etc.,
hanaulh thfi fc-lnrAl hull at the
Valley fair grounds are requested to
remove tnem at once in oruer uuu ure
premises may be thoroughly put In
order before the opening of the fair.
A prominent breeder of Morgan
horses writes the secretary of the Val
ley Fair this week that a party of Mor
gan horse breeders consisting of Dis
trict Atty. M. B. Stephens. Johnstown,
Pa.; H. R. Van Tassel. DuBotx, Pa.;
A. R. Tatum. .Wilmington. Del,; Hon.
T T r-.lw.Li Tnrnntn run., and T. D.
Ely, Rochester. N. Y., are Intending
to be present during tne rair. iney
come solely to see the Morgan horse
r.ai.n, Plonw haa nnnnlnted the
following committees to act during the
week or tne vauey rair; r-res cum
mittee O. L. French. W. E. Hubbard,
E. H. Crane, J. Gr Ullery. F. W.
Childs. W. A. Gilbert. H. C. Rice; dec
orating committee G. L. Dunham, 1
F. Adams. C. I Stlckney; reception
AnmmittMi .lum., Hooker. J. G.
Estey. L. D. Taylor. E. W. Gibson, G.
C. Averill. w. xi. uracaeii. J. n. mat
tin. E. C. Crosby, Capt William T.
u.l-h U P Rrnnlra f C. Fitt Ma
jor C. Houghton, H. P. Wellman. O. M.
Law ton, 8. O.' Miner, rt. U. Darner, r.
R. Vaughan, Harry Randal. W. H.
v..aDr Monrv Thnmnwin. K. L. Hunt,
E. E.' Perry. H. U Emerson, E. B.
Barrows. E. i. Hiiaretra, r. w. auku
M. J. Moran. E. J. Fenton. John Gal
vin W. H. Vinton. E. W. Blodgett, C.
A. Miles, J. Edgar Mellen, Dennlson
Cowles. Warren Walker, J. U Stock
well, L. H. Richardson, Henry R.
Brown. Charles A. Boyden. W. E. Has
kell 8. W. Edgett, C. A. Harris, L. W.
Mayor Patrick A. Collins of Boston,
one of the leading democrats of the
United States, died suddenly at Hot
Springs. Va. yesterday. Mr. Collins
went to Virginia with his eldest son.
about a week ago. for a much needed
Dr. A. B. Chapin
of Aurora. N. C says: "Our baby,
three months old. waa badly chafed.
. o. -aap mipm! it at one, ft
also cured a neighbor's child of a very
bad case of ecsema on face, bead and
body." There is nothing equal. Com
fort Powder for the nursery and for
.ii .win All the d rural eta In
Brattleboro recommend it-
James Mitchell Will 8p.nd Balanc. of
His Days in Stat.'s Prison His
Willingness to Pl.ad Guilty a Sur
prise Whit Will Case.
Totally blind and with his head
wound In bandages to cover his
wounds, James Mitchell, the Grafton
murderer, listened Monday afternoon
rV.ttn f'lilur1 .Indira .Tnhn W.
Howell which will send him to the
state prison In Windsor for the rest
of his natural life. Mitchell was ar
raigned on the charge of killing Mrs.
Llnnie II. Runkin of Grafton by shoot
ing her August 8. He said he would
be willing to pleud guilty to murder
In the ueeonrl rlearee. Stute's Attor
ney H. D. Ryder of Bellows Kalis
and Attorney-General C. C. Fltts of
Biattleboro stated what they probably
could show If the plea was not ac
cepted and an effort was made to
. .... rn.ii.ni,. In lh. fl rut fleirree. nnrl.
after considering the matter a short
i me Jmiira Hnue II aiinouiicea mat tne
plea of guilty In the second degree
was accepted. Then he sentenced
Mitchell to Imprisonment for life at
hard lubor in the state prison at
Windsnr. In view of Mitchell's physi
cal condition it is not known JubI
what the nature of Ms nard labor win
he It was aenerully understood that
a defence would be made on the
ground of insanity, ana Mitcneu s piea
waa a aurorlse. His attorneys were
Thomas E. O'Brien and Charles H.
Williams of Bellows Flls.
Mitchell is 30 years om. Mrs. nan
kin was 24 years old. At the time of
ha tronulu uho 11'.. wnrkilllT in Gfaf-
ton. In a fit of jealousy Mitchell shot
Mrs. Rankin twice in the head, killing
her almost instantly. He then ran to
a hav l.,fr In a hum and shot himself
in the head, placing the revolver
ugulnst his temple. The bunet cut on
the optic nerves, leaving him blind.
The irraml Jury returned several In
dictments, In addition to the que
against Mitchell, which were made
public Monday night, tne responaenm
t..,l., hutn ai-raeteil ThpV fire aS
follows: George Bowen of Vernon for
adultery; Dennis Johnson of Towns
v,,ik.i f.v uuannlt with intent to kill:
James Sullivan of Springfield. Mass.,
for larceny; Henry Capen of Rocking
ham for rape; f red msiey 01 urau
for larceny; Charles W. White of
crnr.kinD.rinm fur liircenv: Jtfhn Walsh
of Claremont, N. H.. for larceny; Rena
Pease or Vernon ror aouuery. loitcu
pleaded guilty of the charge against
him and wna Rpntpncpd to not less
than 12 or more than 14 years in state's
prison. '
The case Tn Re Will of Luke White,
George E. Shlppee of Whltlngham,
proponent, and George S. Rice of
Rowe, Mass.. contestant, came on Mon
day afternoon and the evidence was
not all In up to last night. It appears
that Luke White lived all his life,
until about November 1, 1904, on. a
little farm in Colrain. Mass., that he
has never married and had no living
heirs except the contestant, George S.
Rice, a nephew, whom he had not seen
for eight or ten years, although they
11. ,t.A nnhr ahnilt ten mile, flnart. Th6
ll.cu uiiij ..... -
evidence also showed that White had
said that his nephew snouid not nave
his property. White lived alone all
Ufa ,itll hv rannnn of old asre he
was compelled to go somewhere, and,
in November, iwt, mane arranKeii"'
with George E. Shlppee, the proponent,
to go to his house to live, promising to
give Shlppee his property after he was
through with it in return for taking
care of him. Shlppee and his wife
took good care of the old man and he
was pleased with his new home, and
on January 27, 1905. made his will
giving the contestant $5 and the bal
ance of the property to Mr. Shlppee.
.. attawarA white died, leav-
ruut uujb ............. ... y - .
Ing an estate worth about 14,000. Af
ter the aeatn tne cumramui
and claimed the property by reason of
being a nephew. Charles S. Chase
and C. C. Fltts are acting as counsel
for the proponent; W. A. Davenport
of Greenfield. H. G. and F. E. Barber
for the contestant,
John Kalne. Jr.. went to Bennington
yesterday on business.
E. M. Angler was a visitor at the
Springfield, Vt., fair yesterday.,.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Barnes and
daughter are spending their vacation
in New York state.
George Joslin went to Spofford, N.
H., Wednesday to attend the funeral
of his brother's only child.
Miss Minnie Flagg of Boston Is
spending her vacation of two weeks
with her parents here.
e n f-inririarri nnd daughter. Helen,
of Everett, Mass.. are guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Austin H. ward on myrtie
Ralph S. Patch goes to Amherst,
Mass., next week to begin a year of
post p-raduate study in Amherst col
lege. Mrs. G. H. Chatfleld suffered a se
vere injury to the ligament of one leg
by a fall at her home on Vernon street
last week.
Mrs. O. O. Wrare and daughters of
Wilmington have opened the Richard
son house on High street and will live
there during the winter.
Miss Latimere, a French trimmer
from New York, comes Monday to take
a position for the season in Mrs. G. H.
Smith's millinery rooms.
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Eason have been
In Shelburne Falls, Mass.. attending
the reunion of Company H. 10th Mas
sachusetts regiment, going from there
to Fltchburg. Mass.
Carl Underwood spent Tuesday in
Bellows Falls.
Miss Florence Nutting has returned
to the Saxtons River school.
The Misses Leaman of Saxtons Riv
er are visiting their grandmother. Mrs.
R. H. Spencer.
E. L. Fin ton had a narrow escape
the other day. while trying to open a
bottle of smelling salts. He placed it
In a dish of water on the stove, let
ting It come to a boil. He had Just
left It when the bottle burst, throw
ing the boiling water out over the
spot where he had stood.
Tou may be Just as skeptical and
pesaimtstlc aa you please. Kodol will
direst what you eat whether you eat
or not. You can put your food In a
bowl, pour a little Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure on It and It will digest It the
same mm It will In your stomach. It
can't help but cure Indigestion and
Dyspepsia. It is curing hundreds and
thousands some had faith and some
didn't. Sold by George E. Greene. .
Mains Men Buy Local Enterprise.
Three local men, Kenneth W. Suther
land of (his city and Senator George E.
Morrison and Clarence W. Place of
Haco, have purchased practically the
entire Interest of the Peel's Food com
pany of Brattleboro, Vt., and will en
gage extensively In the manufacture of
the products of this company, retain
ing the factory In the Vermont city.
One of the owners of the original busi
ness retains a small Interest and will
remain at Brattleboro and personally
superintend the details of manufacture,
although Mr. Sutheralnd will manage
the business.
A comiwny has been organized and
incoriHiratecl and the officers are:
President, Clarence W. Place; treas
urer, Kenneth W. Sutherland. The
capital stock is 125.000.
Mr. Sutherland will eo to Brattle
boro this week to take charge of the
business and will later remove and
lake up his residence there.
On a recent trip through Vermont
Mr. Southerland learned something of
Peel's Food company and going to
Brattleboro made an investigation,
satisfying himself that its products
were in every way all that was claim
ed for them and that with proper man
agement and good financial backing
the business could be made a profitable
one. He met and had a talk with" the
largest owner and manager of the busi
ness, with the result that he made a
proposition for the business which was
finally accepted.
Upon his return home Mr. Suther
land laid the matter before Senator
Morrison and Mr. Place, and they at
once wired to Brattleboro, closing the
deal. Since then the business has been
transferred to them, the Brattleboro
man retaining a small Interest.
Mr. Sutherland was very enthusias
tic In speaking of the prospects of the
business, expressing his belief that
with extensive advertising and good
management it will prove to be a rich
ly paying investment. The products
are to be manufactured in large quan
tities and put on the market In every
state In the United States, as well as
In Canada, and it will be handled by
practically all retailers who deal In
such goods. The new company Is to en
gage in an extensive campaign of ad
vertising and will at once proceed to
enlarge Its factory and Increase the
output. Biddeford. Me., Record, Sept.
Married on Summit of Ames Hill.
A pretty outdoor wedding was cele
brated at HUlcrest on the very sum
mit of Ames hill in Marlboro Wednes
day morning, when Mrs. Mary Todd
Powell, the only daughter of the late
Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer M. Todd, and a
niece of Comdr. E. C. Benedict of New
York, was married to DeWltt Clinton
Lock wood, son of the late Col. Alsop
Hunt Lockwood, one of the most con
spicuous figures In the history of West
chester county, New York. At 11
o'clock the groom and beBt man, MaJ.
r. vv. unnas, in sack suits of white,
together with the clergyman. Rev. H.
H. Shaw, pastor of the congregational
church at Marlboro, proceeded to the
lawn, followed by the bride. In a
handsome gown of white silk, carrying
a bouquet of sweet peas and maiden
hair fern, and leaning on the arm of
her uncle, G. J. H. Peters of New York
who gave her in marriage. The bride
wore a valued gift from her uncle and
aunt, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Benedict, in
the form of a brooch, heart-shaped
studded with 15 diamonds and an equal
number of pearls, it being her only or
nament. The wedding party, includ
ing the guests, numbered, by design,
13, the number agreeing with the date
of the month, about which neither
bride nor groom have the least sup
erstition. The Episcopal ring service
was used, at the conclusion of which
a buffet lunch was served in the house,
which was handsomely trimmed with
golden glow, dahlias, sweet peas and
ferns. The guests were members of
the household, several or whom have
spent the summer at HUlcrest, where
Mrs. Lockwood has also been a guest
for several summers paat, and where
she has won the high esteem of all.
including the neighboring cottagers.
Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood left Brattle
boro on the White mountain train for
a short wedding trip, after which they
will return to HUlcrest berore goinr to
their home in New York city. Mr.
Lockwood has recently returned after
an absence of 15 years spent in Cali
fornia, Alaska, Australia and the
South Sea islands.
Bad Accident in Vornon.
winiom finnlpMi who 1st pmnloved
on E. H. Akelcy's farm in Vernon, was
seriously injured yesteraay aiiernwm
uThiin firlvlnir tn Rrattlphorn with a
load of corn for the Snowflake can
ning factory. Coming down what is
known as Slate Landing mil, aoout
tha mllaa halnw . Ttrflttlphoro. the
tVnnt- hnnrd nn the wa&ron Brave Way
and Squires was .thrown down be
tween the horses. A large quantity oi
the corn also slid down upon the ani
mals and frightened them so that they
Immediately broke Into a dead run.
t 1 ...at, nMirmul !!! I'l V hftlf WAV
31U11cb t. v. . " n n - -..
down the hill and when found was
Iving unconscious at the roadside.
The calf of one of his legs was hor
ribly mangled and it was at nrsi
feared that it was fractured. He was
taken to the Akeley farm soon after
. v. nnntAn an thlo mnmlnr WAS
me aii iin ... iuiu - -
brought to the Brattleboro Memorial
hospital. After running to ine ioui oi
the hill the horses went over a bank
Into a cornfield but were not Injured.
Superintendent of Stat Insane Hos
pital to Succeed Dr. Hutchinson.
At a meetinar of the board of trustees
of the state hospital for the insane
at Waterbury Wednesday, Sept .
Dr Don D. Grout of Wateroury was
elected superintendent of the hospital
to succeed Dr. Marcello Hutchinson,
who reairned at the request of the
governor, owing to conditions revealed
by the Investigations of a state com
mission. There will be no changes in
the medical staff at present
Dr. Grout Is serving his second term
as president of the state tuberculosis
commission is medical examiner ror
nearly all the leading life Insurance
companies doing business In Vermont
and has always had a large, and lu
crative practice as physician. He was
endorsed for this position by the per
sonal recommendation of nearly all oi
the leading physicians In the state, as
well aa that of a large number of the
most nromlnent professional and busi
ness men in Vermont Dr. Grout rep
resented Stowe In the legislature of
1888. and served on the committee of
lunacy and public health, and It was
largely due to his work that the bill
to establish a state lunatic hospital
was pasaed at that session. He was
appointed by Governor Dillingham one
of the original trustees of the hospital.
and was elected the executive member
of the board and had the personal su
pervision of that part of the constitu
tion relating to the removal of pa
tients from Brattleboro. that took place
during hi term of office.

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