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MJALLDOWN STAIRS Sft.'SuK' 11,6 d,,U8,,,,,r
mi may Ctlltoll
m nORTHFIELD WOMAN 1 uraiueDuro.
WR " Mrs. Henry Mi
r runic iiimfttiu i .
. . v no VI IU lllirill inn U' (tills
I L,gr. """ Da'ny Dickinson has gone, to
Un, 0'M Tnr0UB" BO,B"nl Vv R c delegate of the
.,..W' m C ".' "'.'I1"" of Northurap.
1 ,h V .7,'a vlKllln m'r "u,,t- '
Join) Bobbins.
Where She Ii Gueit Oth
NorlKfield News.
. u Hnltou was futally In
, j,.hn Zr i SI The granger are preparing for a
,efk '' mihh t Hiirs I mo near future, iiutmiy oi tone, i ne action is eicc
r MImh I lllliin m ..... i . ' . no-piieuuiuiic ana me organ is sup
18 for Bosh, ,1 uin ' ft,.'i M,,n,Jar filed with wind by means of a rotar;
1K hi im AiiiionauiKs. basement of the building and operat
Mi.. ;l liHlllt'll.V JUinn unum
1 . iicp father. Lew
r 1' ivtlivtl mtTchant, lived for
- 11 I11" ... ...... n,....t.t.. ..
" . usi in llinsuuie. iiiiiiniii
J,i'likc i" I've nKiiin In Hltis- The list of new library books pub
'2 , v, nt lo the old home but Hulled September g should bo pre
i nirUl'K'o li iinnM-i r",c,i iui leiereuce.
',!,, i,.me Mrs. ueais near- Mr.
tiiglii. 1" the '"'-"l"ff as duughl
': .. , mil' and fell, breaking
. . i
evening with U. Wurlngr Stebbtng ot
mid Mrs. (ieorKe Dean nnd Brooklyn. X. Y., an orKanlxt. There
er, Llllu, from Koxhury are the W)lB a K"01' slued audience present.
Kuem. or u. H. Clreen. C. W. Mattoon'. ' Birthday Party.
iron, i m i? h . . rl,Vu'l(J n:l8 The birthday party of Charles W.
broth i 1i,0.uV,HU h,"r f,,ur Mtt..oii was attended by over 75
brothers, who reside there. frletld! ..,.... eVenliut. the oc
h,. leaves a siepson out
him there are no near
" ..n InUon In
,H' " "J T..j.Tr"
, 'iv,,l in No'thnem ror several --
" .,, recent (leain or ner ". "uu.
. . .. it., i. ... nnn win tw ai kn m r nn linn ii..u
.,,1 join ii"""" - . .. "
anu h is to be conv
Jill V;UleV rair cepi. .I aim ouu mm. ftlllll miner, wun two
Cier than ever. clilldren. are KueHts of Mrs. Miner's
ij"1"" . . t.i. I urandmnther tin A n ui.,,..
.Minnie ltnwara IS leai-nni
111 ... . nutt I1B- tho Inn In h..llu ,....,.11.1...,
probate .-..urt was ne.a nere imnroveZnU.
-i1.!." for Hie L UMUIiini uuur
W'M"' . Hhi-oM Phntiihcrliilii I. hn ,,l,u(l.
tute for Israel Anderson In C. E. Wil
liams's store, Mr. Anderson being ill.
"., ,h,ve new teachers of the een
j-M are boarding at F. B. Cald
" r M I-azelle has gone to
.! H.. for a short visit with
Elliel Braman. a graduate of
miliary, is now teaching school
bn. Mass.
.... H,.iton has returned
&in'tflPll to comPlete her course
:t business coiieKe.
.i v,.,ii,ii,,i,i neonle attended
"Franklin County fair, which was
in Greeniiein mis we.
9 Katheiine Callaghan of Bos-
, speiiJins a few weeKS' vacauon
her mother on Warwick avenue.
in Miner cut his hand last week
..,.,! .wuml atlfchea had to
jifii by the attending physician.
!. Mary Stalker of Boston, ac-
anM by her daugmer, ciuine-
is a euest of her niece, airs. i-
r Mi'oilv is taking a trip to
i... uiw.io he is visiting and
fiiiw certain missions which are
:dl there.
M,iv ii.lini of Rethel. who is
iing school at Turners Falls, was
n over Sunday, the guest oi
ancle. Dr. X. P. Wood.
r w Lnvfuril a noted evaneel-
las'bcen lit Ml. Hermon recently
Wd services wnicn were evangei
in character. C. K. Ober. who
eminent iii Y. M. C. A. work, as-
.mm;. li..!iii ore now used in
rial hall and prove much more
factory than the gas, which was
h.f,.iu The clock In the tower
been Illuminated and can be seen
lies around.
Fortnightly club will have its
meeting next Monday afternoon,
ber 25. The program will con-
)( a Biirliamentary drill under
leadership of Mrs. Nellie M.
assisted by Miss uertruae
is reported that Miss Goddard. a
ion; aiso '"been granted a scnu ib.... ral
town committee ",slty and will take a philosophical
course. , , ..otpn
sal' lasname ' Int.
aHnd Mattoon last Mr
rtt..n nnd me r" . t3.,
stives' convention;
E. Williams biiiI Miss Maud
:k of Amherst were married
7:rllrif TK. ,.Dilina n'Ofl In
'w and whs a very quiet one.
friends in this .ention are glad September t
elb.r Mccracken of the state to choose democratic tow
Itv V I. In ifWUTi I
' the
ies In inu-n
la visiting in
Mrs. Ilcnrv Mnu.... i.. i. ...... . .
son In Troy. N. 11 B "r
itiLitnuii wan uiitMiufu uy uvci t i
ine truHtoea of the seminary had canlon belli the 6l8t anntvernary of
Bervice at AiatuKnrB Uirlh. The nouHe
iii. i raa naimuiiii'iy ut'iumiru ilii i
Hold her barn hydranaettH, anters and potted plants
, . . Iilun . .... J It.m.l.i.. TJ i it f
nnfl diiiii k hn H. ujiiiaiiKi-an. nnit-n Mini im.i.u i'iu
" l" ii'iiveriea inio anoiner " ... """" - --
barn by George T. Cnrnmlngs. llson made some apt remarks In
SiXtV-One HCholnrs were r..DrHtered
in the high school Monday, the larg
est number that has yet been en
rolled. Mrs. Benjamin P. Field, Mrs. Medad
Moody and Mrs. T. R. Callender. who
have been on the sick list, are Improving.
mrs. uouruii anu uaugiuer. l.u.u,
left town Tuesday, having been the
guests of Miss M. T. Dutton for sev
eral weeks.
Newton Priest, who has beer, vis
iting relatives in this section during
the Hitmmer. has returned to his
home in Georgia.
Axel Kwanson. who has been chef
at The Northfteld during the summer,
left Monday for Brown university to
complete his course.
TP lr C.-.r.lrK...l.ra nllnnil.iil tho fOm
union of his regiment In Springfield
mis wees anu nrs. imii iukk tinn
ed her sister at North Hadley.
Newton Howard, oldest son of Su
perintendent E. T. Howard, was
f.w.rn r.1.1 Kll.VI.la 'PlIPsHllV.
breaking his arm near the shoulder.
Roy A. Neville of Northfleld. a
graduate of the Lucas school of sten
ography, is now employed in Boston
in the claim agents' omce, rsosuin
Maine railroad.
David Stockbrldge returned to the
Worcester Polytechnic school last
..!, ..!..., on Roller. Wood and
George B. Callender returned to Tufts
college this ween.
nt twit of mens Falls is spend
ing the week with Mr. and Mrs. Ball
i.ii.. .,o,u in.l.i nt Orange
rnint.1111 twiiirnmv - . . i
this week, Northfteld was represented
this week, iNortnueiu wits . : degree
.... r. Arthur Pierson. who gave an cenett a aegiee
-- school to wnose
address wednesuay evening.
in,. joth. nf Miss rcila Stratton oc-
,...rrurt n't Northfleld Farms Thursday,
after a lingering illness. The funera
i,Qi,i s.,ti.rrinv and tie interment
,1, a I wan iiciu mi.iw''j ...
win the centre school last was in Norinnem ru.... -
n. m.imiu.i Umi.iiiv in ji een- ti,o o-vont hall came between tne
a who is engaged in Y. M. C. married and single men lat wek re-
, . ... .i . 1 .... ..it.,., ,xf Oft .i 11 in ravoi
m, TWiy were expecting ui -v sultea in a vicwi ,.-
ice to Kansas where they will ,,f the married men. Another game
, ,k .... u . k ..i....o.i next week Thursday.
well uuillf. IS LU oc iiiuj"-- -
J. Webster, who has been em- Asa Brown of Amherst spent a
iii the Co mortage omce anu week here wun
m n. uwt .i.nnirKiiiheri in mra c TT. Webster ana ljiiiia"
Mlding. leaves town soon to en- Alexander attended the x'11Ka"
milips Andover academy wnere tion of the worn ui u.c
ipects with a year's work he can at Athol last week.
.,.: Y..io o,.n,.o-o ... ..:..! urn-jon loft Thursday
, MUW .- ''rrr-L '"rtenrt Miss tr
is now Pi rham s aim lnsteao oi for Sprlngneia iu "';.:''. tllld
Wii's Inn and Mr. Perham has shoemaker, ot tanoio t7mp
.... . .. a.. .. ..i.-.,-,).. tn snend some nine
VVlllluin -
,i tn r.iinenbure last week.
.. it. nnil Thnrs-
mm', in,, nmi Mr Perham has h.,e.nnker. of Staftord apiiB. Valley rair ii i
wt announcement' cards assur- they are planning to spend some urn dny next weeK won . .m ...
.,.o,. ui., i.on,in tn L. c....ot.wa nn.1 afterwards vi.sit otn- ,. ,i,.n,.e at Dickinson hi
l Ir-UUJIL- (H II1C5 HtlCIIU"" " I ilL inttlWlVB"
uiriotiv lom vintai nnd .iionou nf interest.
w . '...j, . : . , j from Oulll
ifii'MMutia anu H'piius Mrs. fciUiOe 11 i "t r nnd
r,. u , ,"s..T ' "" y are. ?;w davs re-
ill UI llf !(( Ullt'IlIfJIia. UfnnnM 111 UWH " ' r
n. .... .. - o,,n,,a 1"'. .. nniiina-on Rev. and Mrs. v. ai.
.i. . . i.nit fp.ino. 1..11 ATi-a Slade is the mother-
.iiiioih in ine town nun i uw- hhiii. - siade.
evening. September 26. for the lninw of Mrs. Maysie Hastings . iaue
f ,iniio-otft 1 . i. , chnarH who Erauuaieu
tn th.. , uuJT nm.nr.iinr . h aptnlnarv. has been
v ii-iuuiitaii mate vvmh-
, 'I " . : of n .JU"e " n- nrenaratory to go-1
., rr. "-"in iowii" she has i
una mree delegates to tne rep- lnK to Syracuse uiiiveiniu.
SlinnioiiM la the Instructor In drawing
and H. S. Rtowe la the Instructor In
Mr. and Mrs. A. PI Woodburv are
taking a vacation for a month and
ure visiting In Brockton, their former
The New Organ Completed.
The new organ placed in the audi-
other organ In
and Vel retilinlnir ulvntitlietlH
quality of tone. The action la elec
Thoroughbred 8hoeo Flocka
and Ruined by Dogi.
Dogs raided the choice (lock of
thoroughbred South Down sheep
owned by 8. C. Hevernnee and Mona
recently. It was planned to take
.u ..i.. Knl Miiiulitv one was
T lie new organ pluced in the audi- 1 ' , h , t:,ir . ,, 0,nr .
torium is an electric one and repre- ,,ut . the head and Tuesday
" ".!.e " v ..."e . f,. ..k,"d. A" he dogs were am.nig them again.
HopeJjones and'.t .-".d itTha "ne dog was shi.t and killed on the
In uroportlon to its slie there la no !' M W. A. imn t
. . . : ... . nunv iirifP iit'inir iiit-u i.
America an powerrui, . bllUMli It wa
aim , 1 .u... ..... .l,,u-ii liml been
HISO IOUIIU Ullli 1'" .""
i r.i...i- .'rlvzell's sheep and
P" i..,.. i.,l ..1 11 nut of 37 111 his thick.
?h Both Hocks are practically ruined.
Attend the Valley rair ept. n mm
2S, Greater than ever.
Mrs. Cartmll! has as a guest a
friend from Springfield.
Ethel Buddlngton returned to her
duties at Columbia college Monday.
8. C. Severance and Guy severance
attended , the fair at Charlemont
F.rnest Wilcox is 111 with muscular
rheumatism. He Is attended by Dr.
Stetson of Greenfield.
W A. Barber has purchased the
farm owned and occupied by Horace
Kemp In East Colraln.
Fred Shelden of West Deerfleld Is
n vn.nk Foster; Joe Day of
Greenfield for. Ernest Wilcox.
There will be a harvest concert in
the church Sunday evening, com-
i..- .. .in Much nains have
nieiicniK i i , . .i
been taken to make it an interesting
ui. .Mi.'iiiii im urgo Jlio, loctlieu 111 ill
basement of the building and operat
u.l 1... .. ....11.... ... i.... mi. . n......
e-vi iijr i. Ki.niioiiri eiiKine. ine u-ii-
lng recital was given Wednesday
evening with G
it iinnii oitiut.- n.'iiif ai'i iciirairo
which he congratulated Mr. Mattoon
especially on events which were likely
I . . !...!, .1.1.'. U I .. ... . 1. flltllMl
. .1 ui.KiiiII ..in ...line in inr i u . u .
and closed with the reading of an
appropriate poem. Mrs. Wilson read
an original poenf and songs were
sung, after which refreshments were
served. Mr. Mattoon was a meniDer
of Company C. 14th New Hampshire
regiment, and is the youngest mem
ber of the local G. A. R. post.
Death of Thomas Alexander.
The death of Thomas Alexander
occurred very suddenly at Lake
Pleasant Tuesdav morning. Mr. Al
exander was born 85 years ago in
this town and was the son of Henry
Alexander. He was well connected
with the leading families In town.
Most of his life was spent in North
fleld but for the last several years he
knn ... n .r.H uVinra nt t ho VPfl r
nun jmanni a s"v. rui ... ..... ..
at Lake Pleasant, where he owned a
cottage which he used ror renting pur-
nnaou Mr AlovntiHor nnssessed an
excellent memory and was well post
ed on tne evenis or pain mnimj v....
nected with the town. He is survived
by two sons Frank of Worcester and
Fred who lives in New, YorK city.
Mr Alexander has often spent
his winters of late years.
Northfield Boy Married in Iowa.
tn n recent Issue nf the Shenandoah
(Iowa) Post there is a lengthy ac
count of the marriage of Edson R.
Ki.n.lorliinil nf Ann Arbor and Miss
Dell Read of Shenandoah. The mar
riage service was read by tne groom
father, Rev. J. T. Sunderland, pastor
of the First Unitarian church of
Toronto. Can. Edson Sunderland was
born In Northfield at the Thatcher
.....! tho futnllv lire verv Dleas-
antly remembered during the pastor
ate of Rev. J. J. . puiiieniiiiu ui
tt,.i.,...ioi. nimrfh Yonnir Mr. Sun
derland is an assistant professor in
Mrs. Peck was formerly Miss Mayo or tne u'" " ' ,.m a
nf Warwick and visnea ner um ... - . u.
... i.i.i .i..Ir..UA in nni iiiNiiiiii v. iiv i
church last Sunday. .... "" .'iXcTa studies In the univer
At the 62nd annua mating oi ine d u the Un,
Mrs. Celia Howe of Greenfield has
been visiting relatives ana irienas i
Inn-n tills week.
t.ii.h tho llttlo flitncrhter of Mr.
mmwss ziSS t:t r '
n.'ited from tne iiierary uciin..... "...
tn utohlihte 1r of HtcnDUl'g.
i.Qo hoon nt his farm here a
He has few jj'ays this week.
Miss Susie Younglove rrom ritcn
,nrc Mass.. has been spending a few
davs with her cousin. Miss Zella
Mr. and Mrs. Williams of New
York are spending a short time with
:heir son and wue. air. aim iu.o. u-
. Williams.
has been to the
j i. hoo nursiied sneciai worn j-. n. v...., - - - . .,
the" go university, besides a year Machuae tt. p..
iity of Berlin. Ger nnd in tne um-
ersitv of Caiiiomia anu mi
..i..-. fiocrr0 in law from the
. . ...hnHn funnHv hp now be-
longs and in which he has received
rapid promotion. i ne " .
rted I received the .fegree of A. B. from
the University of Ann ai-doi in i..
md later has pursueu spec ui
ipent In study and travel abroad.
Charles Strange is on the sick list.
Robert Strange is at work In Hins
dale. N. H. .
Henrv Briggs is visiting relatives
in New York.
Airs Marv Gates has been visiting
her son In Orange.
wuiiiim Aidrich took a
n.i. ,i,..w.o at Dickinson hall
hursday evening was enjoyed by all
mi. - f.-i..mla nf Mr. and Mrs.
George Hilliard are 'Pleased to learn
thev have purchased the place of Mrs
Cyrus Hale, which, they have rented
so long.
Two Injuriee to Local Railroad Em
ployee. John W. Brooks of this town fell,
at Windsor recently, while at work
as brakeman on mf ....."....
struck on his back Injuring nis spine.
.. . . i... Kor..o in Smith Vernon
tie is ui .nf ii"" .
and as comfortable as can be expect
ed. Bert Newton is iu .i no...
cause of an Injury received while
working on the cars.
Potatoes are rotting badly.
Valley Fair. Brattleboro. Sept. 27
and 2S. Largest and best.
tt .... i m ninnchard will speaK in
the chapel Sunday at 11 a. m.
Tnhn H Gould of Springfield, aiass..
is a guest at C. H. Newton's.
Mr and Mrs. - Albert hanyer oi
Fltchburg. Mass., have been recent
guests at Jfi. u. L,ee s.
nu l ooln Vorrester of Wardsboro
Is caring for Mrs. Wesley Allen. Mrs.
May Bardwell nnving Hiceion. . ...
position in Northampton. Mass.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank eeKS nave
returned . to Brattleboro after a two
weeks' visit with tneir siie., ......
Martha Tyler, and brother, Ned
The Ladies of Brattleboro
and vicinity are, cordially
inVited to attend a reception
to be given by the National
Biscuit Company at Grange
Hall, Tuesday, September
twenty-sixth, from two until
five o'clock.
al weeks, returned home last week.
- r...L- tu mmh Imnvoved in health
ill.. VV" i" --- -
but it will be several months before
he will be able to perioral imiu ui...
ttr a c.,.,iroo -lio was seriously
IV. rt. KHJUIIfi ..- . . L
Injured Thursday of lust week by be
ing thrown rrom a iouo. "i .-"
Kioto tjmdine hill, was taken to the
Brattleboro Memorial hospital last
Friday morning. The latest reports
t f,.i-nrnhie for his recovery, as
business complications have developed in his
case In aanmon io um ."ju.
Sunday in the Union church at I p.
.1 l...n in 111.1 ISllllH BIUU.T
course will be taken up Instead of the
a fiuifi uc. iiTn.in ann nit? i1-" .
the immediate relatives being hVve returned to their home in os
Mr. and Mrs. Williams leu . after being tne gu-,-'
hlch have been
Northfield rain.j
.... . .. . i 1. . m TJ.i -t
auiontoone inn iiiriuru Mrs. w. x.
Wier and vicinity and will af- ". mPetlngs whl
.m,. i. .i. - , l . n.h.M i in. t v.nthnn
Williams is engaged in business, held in 'mscontinuea and the las
"inesday was the day for the service of the ser les Mr. and
suit of Miss Amanda Neville, sunday eyemios f Kreat as
hler of Ji.mes Neville, to Prof. Mrs. Chaffer have been
Miss Neville has oeen 101 slstaiice ... .
a ar In Porto Rico, where she nomoeratic caucus will be heia
tetn instructor in stenography. The df mocrax Wednes(,ay evening,
ere m,.t Prof. Christmas. Her in the tow n nan g f(jr the ur.
ends in this section are glad &el'lc"'f ch0osing two delegaxes c..
of her hanniness and pros- pose of "s" stlc 8tate. county and
rraUrtoTn committee
1 i UI iorK was in for wv- lfnn1flV
I day. coming here from Am- school began Monday
Aicompaniea Dy nis ii. Greenougu. '.",.
iTV ft' and ntripr IllJll tTD I " . . IhiiIIIIIKM
.. .tt and airs.
looo. With Misses ,
i the town. Mrs. Mc- cott n,.";rdwell of Brattleoor"
being interested in her an- Miss raltimar room a .
who were among the early teaches In tne r ,ang , ,he pri
J rV--1TllIlt-ll. , T IN LUC
She Is a direcx ae- -M. Gertrude
i,uni (ho 1 mai3i .--- ...Lfl,,!,! faniin.
A rounded spoonful
?oes farther than
heaping spoonful
other kinds.
rri it nnrl
u will be surpnsea ai
Given Up to Die.
rt Snleeel. 1.204 N. Virginia street.
t... n.ttocf "For over nve
:T. Rubied with kidney and
bladder artecxions vmul.i
much pain and worry I lost flesh and
was all run down, and a year ago had
to abandon work ent rely. I had
three of the best physicians who did
me no good and I was practically giv
Jn up to die Foley's Kidney Cure was
recommended and the first bot le gave
me grTa relief, and after taking the
second bottle I was entirely cured.'
Sold by all dealers.
a etrntton has recently been to
Saratoga for a few days.
Valley Fair, Brattlenoro, eepi.
and 28. Largest and best.
Mrs W E. Cushman went luesuay
JVllS. ii. . ...
to New YorK mr o.'i
Mrs. Lowe of New YorK, a summer
guest in the ramny "i . .. .
has returned i" "
Mrs. Belle Hare Gordon oi
ville. Conn., has been a recem BUt
of her aunt. airs. j. .
n.r T.neia Frizzell Williams u.
' .. . AnAnt1ir T)fnT
sime Ume at the Frizzell homestead.
William A. Tottingnam oi wm
v V accompanied by Mr. Osborne, a
friend from Amherst, has passed
some time in the home of his father
Carlos D. Smith, son or Key. r. o.
-th, I hTlMda?f0ent?ramth,;
freshman class of Colgate university.
Walter E. Davis went lasi w
Boston where ne - ---ddard
SaS Richards & Co.. Importers
of textile macnn.c.,.
ul .. ho. a tree bearing
A", Wf the Wolf River variety. 12
apples, of the Wolf"' fc d
One epimen weighed 15 ounce, and
2,me bthers looked larger.
cIm-bake, attenaea oy
n'nJ,am.nB one aay last week.
. j..ih nf Mrs. Helen
T vnan" of Hinsdale, a former resident
Lyman oi ... ,n the week.
here. in ,he Congre-
Jaht1ona?echuh".r 10:30 Thursday
e invitation oi
Mrs Bullard to the Social circle
JJ-..re!l bv a large attendance
Thnrsday afternoon. Many former
mem now reside in Green
mem . r.j .h. home circle. The
flem jon. -- on,
the SO or
It Is
btes aerved an excellent repast
. . "n 7ft ruesta
i ..to tn hare a dear
head, an active Drain. ...
ltut!?l wweak or wherTthe stomach
ZZFfS Dyspepsia Cure
-hi nut the stomach and digestive or
wiU put tne ditJon ,nd improve
"Vnner?rndition. Sold by George
E. Greene,
..i.... v t o it tunic. First les
regular i. . - - - .
son in the course. Moses at the burn-
ig bush, Exodus 3.1-1S. J ne rejium.
urch service at 3 p. m. ov. r.
issork will nreach. fcveryboay is
welcome to both services.
The annual meeting of the ernon
Union Church association will be
held Saturday evening. September
30, in the vestry of the church. After
the supper has been served, the
business meeting will be held. An
entertainment. The Medical Social,
will be given by Dr. N P. Wood of
Northfield and the Y. P. C. U of this
town. A small fee will be charged.,
the proceeds to go toward the churcn
building fund.
Don't forget the Valley Fair dates:
Sept. 2" and 28. Come.
The time for the regular meeting
m ii.., n -J T3. wL- o-tf1 n ETA has been
changed to Monday night, September
25 on account ot ine anr, ..... ...
..' Tho teachers having
school work to exhibit at the fair are
requested to taKe or senu n i" -
early as possible the first day.
Valley Fair. Brattleboro. Sept. 27
and 28. Largest and best.
Miss Cora Goodenougn is assisuns
In the care of her aunt, Mrs. Newton.
There will be a service In Christ
church Sunday, Sept. 24. at 2:30 p.
Farmers are hurrying In their en
silage. Potatoes are a short crop and
rotting badly, in some cases whole
fields being left, not being worth dig
ging. J A. Allen's auction sale was fairl
well attended Tuesday and reasonable
prices obtained. E. H. Stacy, who
has bought Mr. Allen's farm, will
move there soon.
a few from here attended the fair
at Greenfield.
it n R-irrien and family are soon
to move to Brattleboro.
T.otooo pre not turning out wen.
They are small and rotting.
The first frost or tne season m-
J IUJ.i, nllrht MOSt Of the
iieiirtru . i , .... .. - , ,
farmers have their corn cut and silos
filled. ' .
Attend the Valley Fair Sept 27 and
28. Greater than ever.
h h?en on the
sick list, but Is better at this writing.
The civil authorities meet at tne
town clerk s office September 28 at 2
p. ni.
Several from this place went to
Xewfane to attend . county court
Monday morning.
Mrs. Sarah (Hall) Coane and son
lm Rnatnn are visiting at her
brothers. L L. Hall'a.
Two of the late H. B. Stone
daughters. Nellie and Grace, visited
at G. P. Worden'a Tuesday and Wed
nesday. Mrs. Clara Clark Powera got a bill
of divorce for non-support from her
husband. Avery K- Power, this week
at county court.
Brattleboro, Vt., September 27 and 28
Larger and Better than Ever ! All Departments Well Represented !
2:14 Pace $500.00
2:18 Trot $500,0
2:29 Pace . . . . 1 $400-00
2:09 Pace . ... . .. $600.00
2:24 Trot . ' $400.00
2:17 Pace . $500.00
Troop C. 15th U. S. Cavalry
Will give fine Exhibition Drills each day. This is the Famous Troop that gave
exhibitions at Madison Square Carden.
Music, First Regiment Band, F. C. Leitsinrer," director. .
Special engagement of America's Greatest Trombone Soloist, Chas. E. Stacy, of
the Chicago Marine Band.
Excursions on all railroads at special rates. . ,
Admission, 50 cents. Children, 2 cents. Carnages free. Reserved seats, $0
cents, may be had by addressing J. Willard Cobb, after September 20.
C. W. Pierce, Pres. Fred C. Adams, Treas. D. E. Tasker, Sec.
Mrs. Hunter was called to Boston
on business last week.
A. C. Jones has been among the
sick ones for a few days.
Dr. E. S. Nlles and family have re
turned to Boston for the winter.
G M. Scott and C. H. Learnard
have been applying a new coat of
paint to tneir nuse.
t-. xt xfo on,i famllv have gone
from the Fish homestead, where they
have been spending tne suiuinei. i
Meriden, Mass.
Tho loot of the summer boarders left
Monday. September 11.
The Starkev rtlace has been sola i"
W. C. Bliss of Newfane.
Mro t t. Clark of Guilford was in
town Saturday nnd Sunday.
.1 ti canon i a nut after being
housed for three weeks with sciatic
. t n Mniiitnn'o sister, brother
MIS. iJ. "" -
and some other relatives spent Thurs
day with her.
FKmim carev of Warren. Mass.. Is
visiting his relatives here.
Mrs. Ellen Bogle and Mrs. w. w.
Harris are visiting. In Ware and Or
ange. Mass.
Mrs. L. J. Svlvester is on tne sick
list and Lllla Stanley Is at work for
Mrs. Clara Cook la gaining slow
io. r s. Sherman preached Sun
day at Brookllne.
viio onH Prort P.oodell attended tne
fair at Bondville this week.
-oiio irnir Wonesdav and Thurs
day next week. Don't miss It.
x.. . juHtii their potatoes
ni 111! I B ' U'BB-l. " .
and some pieces are reported to be
rotting badly.
Rev. G. H. Chambers or BrooKime
. . . kA ii.. ... l at church Sun-
day. He has accepted a call from the
Baptist church in East tmver ..u
commence his labors about the mid-
dfe of October.
Attacked by a Mob
and beaten, in a labor riot, until cov
ered with sores, a cmcago su-eei -
conductor applied Bucklen a Arnica
Salve, ana was won ""u..u -
1 use it In my family." writes O. J.
Welch, of Teknosha, Mich, "and nn
, . n C3in.nl rrflt for CUT and
borne. Only 25c at F. H. Holden
Co. a drug store.
Henry Lackey has moved into Mrs.
Emma Clark's house.
fi n Rstahrook Is housed with a
varicose ulcer on his ankle.
Mm T.i77ie Rarber of Townshend
is visiting her sister. Mrs. George
Mm Tttie Williamson from Maine
Is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
E. D. flimpton.
vt ra Thankful Johnson of North
ampton, Mass.. visited at Mrs. H. E.
Knights recently,
cnri simnsnn shot a bird resem
bling an eagle Wednesday morning,
which measured six feet from tip to
Mrs. Emma Patee of Somervllle,
Mass io visttin her cousin, Mrs.
George Briggs, and uncle. L. A.
Several went from here to the
Bondville fair.
Miss Minnie King f New York Is
at J. A. Streeter's.
ntQ T)Ah.ri. attended the Man
chester fair and visited relatives for
a few days.
Mr. Meier with his mother and wire
of New York are visiting his sister at
M. L. Rice's.
vi. on.! Mrs Davis nf Whitingham
visited at Rev. R. A. Nichols's for sev
eral days recently.
D. W. Sheldon has received the saa
tho. hi. a, n lornn'i wife died
..CWn .no ...ct " ' ...... -
at Marlboro, last week Thursday, of
tynhold rever. ine runerai "as "
iinriivini Sninrdav. Mr. Sheldon In
tends to move there soon.
Mr. Marv Holden of Elgin. Ill
visiting friends here.
W. H. Cambridge has returned to
St. Mark's school. Southboro.
Albert White of Saginaw. Mich, la
visiting his father. C. S. White,
E. Fisher and Mlsa Maud Slmpklna
have been lsiting In Saxtona River.
Miss Marie Walker has returned
from a visit In Waltham, Mass.
Mrs. George W. Adama. who has
been aeriously Ul. Is Improving slowly.
Miss Gertrude Marston has gone to
Lebanon. N. H, to resume her posi
tion aa teacher.
Sheriff Rlckett. Juror E. B. Stowell
and a number of witnesses were In at
tendance at county court last week.
Mr. and Mrs. i. H Stowell and Mr.
and Mrs. Mason Walker attended the
French-Halliday wedding at Bellows
Falls last week.
Several bears were seen last week.
Heavy rains have ruined the rowen
Samuel T.aclalr is building a- resi
dence on River street.
Don't fnriret the Vallev Fair dates:
Sept. 27 and 28. Come.
William and Herbert Tudor were in
Brattleboro last week on a business
Mr on1 Mi's Worhort Siimner visit
ed his daughter. Mrs. Thomas Smith,
Thomas Smith has a log job of Bent
& Co. Hugh Rice and Mr. Davles are
helping him.
rrhomoa fitonlotnn tins n . i p- lnor ton
of the Deerfleld River company on the
West brancn.
W. W. Peck left for Morrlsville
Tuesday. He will have his horses ship
ped to his farms.
Samuel Laclair and Peter Reando
visiteH in North Adams and Peters
burg. N. Y.. last week. ,
Martin and Leonard Brown were In
tnivn Thursday and took a trip to the
big dam on the West branch.
Leray & Sons have all the lumber
hauled from the land of L. C. Harris
which belongs to John Tudor.
Xf a ml Mm VannlpAn Rpfl.U.te'aU
attended the funeral of Joseph Mar-
ceau, held at Jacksonville recently.
M. O. Johnson has rented the steam
mill and will take possession at once.
Mr. Goddard will move to the Tudor
It is expected that the postofflce
will be moved to the former residence
of William Tudor. Mrsr Nettie God
dard is postmaster.
Henry Hale formerly of Marlboro
has just been appointed to a respon
sible nositlon on the Boston and Maine
railroad and is stationed near Bos
Ana You Engaged?
Engaged people should remember,
that, after marriage, many quarrela
oon Ho avoided hp keenln&r their di
gestions in good condition with Elec
tric Bitters. S. A. Brown, or ue..
netsville. 8. C. says: "For yeara, my
wife suffered Intensely from dytrpep-
nomnlloAtoH with tomi.l liver.
until ehe lost her strength and vigor.
and she became a mere wxeca oi ner
former self. Then ehe tried Electric
Bitters, which helped her at once, and
finally made her entirely well She
is now atrong and healthy." F. H.
Holden t Co., druggists, sell and
guarantee them, at 50c a bottle.

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