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)$i 50 A Year. $2.00 If
aturday, Jan. 27
!-...- D i ibIi Inn Rn.rina. Rfl
in impcnouii ,lwa.....M, ... ---
listless 1 orrem or oitinis, ;
Isolations s Stupendous as Ma.iestio
Seat sale opens Thursday morning,
an. 25. at the Box Office.
;.1onday & Tuesday
Feb. 5 and 6,
Craham's Refined
WANTED Position as nurae girl, sewing by
the day or hour. A. C, Reformer.
WANTED A reliable man on a farm, tine
who COll nil Ut ami Knows enuufr.. v"'"" -
mowing machine. JOHN HUNT, Brattleboro..
WANTED 100 MEN We want lu'l eood,
smart, industrious men for poaiiiom in our
factory. Apply eiviwc pttt expenen, ana
Bellows Falls, Vt. -"
MY place for sale. CHAS. LAN'O, Frost Place
TOE SALE Dry maple awl beech stove
wood an,t chunks. ANDREWS, GMlford.
fOB SALE Sawdust, 50c. and $1 a cord;
sh.kwc.od S2 at JOHNSON'S mill, West
Brattleboro "Si
TOR-SALE Three tenement house and barn,
lireen Mt. A good home or an investment.
JOB SALE Four tenement house, tentrai
St., tine location, no better property in
New 'England. S. W. EDOETT & CO.
FOB SALE The Tripp house, Green St., one
of the finest locations in town. Possession
(riven May 1st. S. w. amen a w
FOR SALE One lot of firrt-class second-hand
single sleiirlu, one set 01 neavy """"""J";
nn .r hearv team harness. O. r.. oilman.
FOR SALE Standard makes of automobile,
some bargains in seconu-uauu - rj -full
line of bicycles, supplies, nd talking
machines. MAN'LEY BROS. 1
TO RENT Tenement of five rooms.
4 CO.
! FOR SALE New milch raws.
4t( TLE.
TO BENT Tenement 5 rooms upstairs,
CHAS. LANG, Frost Place. .
TO RENT-'ottage house 8 rooins modem;
furnace heat and barn. F.DGhll
$TO BENT Downstairs tenement, all modern
fimrton St.
WO BENT Royal Tyler place on ljier
I atreet. Seven rooms, modern conveniences,
spncious yard. Inquire of KtV. :
1IATHISON, 3 Tyler fet.
'GEO. H. GOBHAM, M. D., Whitney block,
Main Street, Brattleboro. Practice limited
f to the diseases of the Eye, Ear, Throat and
Nose Office hour.: 9:30 to 12, 1 to 4 p. m,
Tuesdays and Fridays only. Remainder of
Sweek at Bellows Falls.
DB. WINFRED H. LANE, Office in Hough
, ton block over Kuech'a atore. Tel. 212-2.
Hours 8 to 9 A. M. 1 to 8 and 7 to 8 P. M.
' Residence 19Grove St.JTel. 212-3. .
'dr7HENRY TDCKEB, Residence 4 Willis
.4 ton street. Tel. 238. Office Leonard block.
sjiours i.ov . ' "
CA. I. MILLER, M. D., Physician and Bur
1 geon, Hooker Block, Brattleboro, Vt. Of
Iflce hours: 8 till 9, 1 to 2, 6:30 to 8.
X. ROBEBTS, M. D. burgery ano. ui--
ease. ' x7. r. . i.l.nh.n. 140.
-residence, J.o norm jm." , ..v
KrvrT o T. BABBEB. Dentist, Union Block, I
i over Greene s qrug mro, ,
I DR. 0. S. CLARK, Dentist,
Brattleboro. Telephone.
Whitney block,
DR. F. O- PETTEE, Dentist,
1 m, Hnlilen's drug store.
Crosby block, I
46-tf !
? DR. A. KNAPP, Denti.t, Hooker BlocK, op
4 nosite Brooks House, Brattleboro.
f DB S. EDWARDS, Dentist, ttooser
I Block, Main street. - Telephone.
DR. F. W. GAGE, Veterinary aurgeon. At
George White's stable Tuesdays, Thurs
days and Saturdays from 10 a. m . to Bp. m.
, Residence at the Gage Farm, R. F. D. No. 1.
HASEINS Sl SCHWENK, Attorney, and
I Counsellors at LawBrattleboro, Vt.
I ROBERT C. BACON, Attorney at Law. Room
I ia, Cilery Building, Brattleboro. 81-tt
4 JOHN E. GALE, Attorney at Law, Guilford,
$ Vt. Telephone 16-4
MYRON P. DAVIS, Collections. Emerson
Block. Tel. .V'-
r, TrnDTnM t?oftl T!stnte and Insur-
-ntrr Public. Emerson Block.
Elliot St.
BABROWS & CO., Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in Coals of all kinds. Office No. 33
: rin Street. Brattleboro. lsyi
vnr unb'QT pnfAssinnal housecleaner.
lAona - - Q , ,
55 Elliot St.
E BUGBEE; one-horse team jobbing
W 'trucking. 3 Elm St.. Brattleboro.
REPAIR work or mending.
SELL, rear 34 High St.
3 I W F. FOX, Auctioneer, Atnoi, Mass., iei.
Xi7ior. isft with A. J. Pierce. 52 Canal
St., Biattleboro, will receive attention. 3-8
We have so opening Tor a bright, e"'
h.t earnest voune man, who baa had experi-
t ence In the advertising department of a news
I paper Must be capable of making a success ot
i folicitine advts. from dealers, manufacturers
and agencies In New England ana new ior.
1 sSlar? and expenses: salary will be .mall until
ab fiw has been demonstrated. Give experi-
I ence, age and capabilities in ftrst letter. Prefer
si a young man irum j . U7.
1 ttff. The New Ekolasd Fabmkb, Brattle
boro, Vt.
Not rata in Siavanc.
Artistic Piano Cases.
After listening to the tone of the Estey, look at the
case. Listen to the tones of other makes look at them
from every standpoint and make comparisons. Look
at the finish on our cases; look at the artistic designs;
try to find a single thing that could be added to or
taken from the Estey to make it look better. Look par
ticularly at the richness of tint, the beautiful grain of
the wood, and the lustre of the finish. We believe that
our cases are as handsome pieces of woodwork as were
ever produced by anybody at any time, in any place.
There is nothing gaudy or flashily showy about the
Estey Pianos, they are completely and modestly artis
tic in every line.
It is nonsense for most people to pay fabulous
prices for pianos. If the pleasure of saying that a piano
cost a thousand dollars is worth what it costs, a man
may be right to pav the money. If he wants a piano
because of its value as a beautiful musical instrument
and artistic piece of furniture there is no reason in the
world why he should pay more than the price of the
Let Us Show You.
Lstey Organ Company
Sales Department BRATTLEBORO. VT.
Cain & Izard, Merchant Tailors
You have to dispose of your own this winter. The Town
won't take them. If you want yours carted away, telephone
or call on CEOKUfc t,. mumMii
ih. t..t cm . . h.. t Tm ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE
It ha 25 Well trained teacher some of whom are Col! and 1 Norcal graduates.
I oo Modern typewriting machines Several adding and billing machine
100 CaMindeirndverticalletterfiling.y.tem. AnemploymtntdepartmenL
A superior Lecture Course and a ,k. v v
100,000 School building. Send for new catalog. Cakwbh & Hott. Albany. N. Y.
Kiirheat cash nrice paid for beef hides, calf
kins and sheep pelts at the
House and barn, on Clark St. that will pay
over 9 on investment. v ' tt,T
vest your money mat win yaj
this! Also a two and (our tenement n
that will pay Better man o-,
Call and see
Emerson Block, Elliot Street.
I have a large quantity of hard and Bolt
wood which I offer for .ale at reasonable
prices. It is all prepared for the stove in
one foot lengths. First eome fir.t .erved.
H. C. CLARK, Brattleboro.
Order, received by telephone, No. 51-3
Chestnut horse, 5 yeara old, 950 lbs., sound
and all right, first-class driver, "ot afraid
of anything. Also harness, robe blankets
and Concord wagon. Good trade for cash.
Reformer Office, Brattleboro, Vt.
1906 Stanley Runabout For Sale.
Will be sold at a reasonable price if bought
at once New July 1st. has all the 1908 Impiove
menta, run only two months. Counterbalanced
Engine, reinforced boiler; mlltoy wM.,
a-inch tires, 4 extra tires, 3 lamps, basket. Can
eo Wmlles per hour-np any hlfl. Better than
f new Machine, because it has been tested out.
Nicely titled. Price ;oo, cash.
J. C. ULLERY, Brattleboro. Vt.
up your good money for an
inferior article.
C. H.Eddy & Co.s'
New Warranted
Syrup of Tar and
Wild Cherry
For all coughs, Colds and Bron
chial Difficulties.
Sold under our guarantee by
C. F. THOMAS, Ph. G.,
119 Main Street, Brattleboro,
West Brattleboro
Full 4 oz. Bottle, 25c
Full 8 oz. Bottle, 50c
LOST On Saturday, Jan. 20, 1908, a "kPu'!!
containing a small sum of money. Finder
nlease leave at SHEA'S RESTAURAM, Elliot
' Let all the ends thou
o ttt vimnn vpnAffiVT. FRIDAY. JANUARY
DUA 1 iiaajviiu, iuiww) '
A Straight Whiskey
We have these goods
direct from the distillery
of Jas. S. Finch & Co.,
of Pittsburg, Pa. Noth
ing better or more pure.
$4.00 per gallon.
$1.25 per quart.
Everything known to
tfif liauor trade we han
dle. Send for price list.
F, C, GALE & CO.
PHONE 12-11
I wish to inform the people of
Northfield and vicinity that I shall
open a CASH GEOCERY in con
nection with my Bakery business.
Beginning next week I shall be
ready to supply at the lowest pos
sible prices first class groceries,
strictly for CASH.
Yours, S. H. SMITH.
Jan. 26, 1906. 4-u
and daily reminders for 1906
"1 will see you later"
k- .. asift u ha closed the conversation
with the acent about Insurance. But he met
the undertaker first. Don't close your conver-
. i .in,il v.in lnA vim r Insurance. nbth
vear. doing business in 42 States. National Life
Ins. Co. olt. (Mutoal.)
H. E. TAYLOR A SON, Cen. Agts.,
Cbosbt Block, bhattlibobo. ti.
aimest at be thy Country's, thy
Stockholders Will Hereafter Eeceive
Detailed Statement from Officers 10
Days Before Annual Meeting Names
Added to Board of Directors.
In addition to the principal officers
elected at the anuual meeting of the
Valley Fuir association limt week Fri
day the following department superin
tendents were chosen: Homes, E. M.
Angier and 0. E. Oilman; cattle, H. O.
("lurk and II. J. Kiclimondj duiry, 1. 8
Eamcs und (). T. Ware; sheep and
swine, F. A. Sargent and 0. E. Thom
as; poultry, W. F. Ooddard and F. D. E.
Stowe; floral hall, H. W. Sargent; ag
ricultural hall, A. W. Koel and C. A.
Evan; mechanics hall, E. D. Whitney
ami A. W. Bockwcll; food show, Miss
Lillian Higlov; pet stock, L. M. Kenes
ton and Harrv Haywood; school exhib
it. E. F. Howard, Miss Marguerite
k! Tucker, E. Hurr Smith and Wesley
e! Nims. It was voted to leave the
matter of superintendent for the bench
show to the Valley Fair Kennel elub,
subject to the approval of the execu
tive board of the association.
President George W. Fierce, in dis
cussing the present condition of the as
sociation, slated that there was no
cause for alarm over the small deficit.
The executive committee, he said, had
made some mistakes in increasing the
premiums so much in certain depart
ments but it would not do to reduce
them to what they formerly were. Mr.
Pierce advised a reduction of f0 in
the advertising appropriation, a reduc
tion in the cattle premiums and in the
purses offered for the trotting. He al
so favored making a rule to prevent
the association receiving more cattle
than it can accommodate. He said he
thought the vaudeville should be re
placed and more work put into getting
mod horses for the- track events. In
closing. Mr. Pierce said there was no
likelihood that the stockholders would
ever receive a dividend but that that
was not the pun" of the association.
H. II. Lawrence argued in favor of a
svstem of accounting whereby it would
be possible to know the exact number
,.t ....u.U in attendance each d:iv of the
j fair, and the exact profits from the dif
ferent sources of revenue. He offered
thn following resolution, which was
passed unanimously:
Kcsolved: That the stockholders
elect a board of auditors to meet
15 .lays before the annual meeting
of the association and verify and
examine the accounts of the offi
cers, which sha'V. tVn be printed
ji;d mailed t' mtX 'itocknower cf
the association 10 days previous to
the annual meeting.
In pursuance of this resolution H. B-
Chamberlain. O. L. Dunham and H. I .
Wellman were chosen auditors.
J. L. Martin offered an amenumeni iu
the bv-laws making the executive
board 'elected by the stockholders, and
the chair appointed Mr. Martin. J. I.
Hooker and L. t. Adams a nominnims
committee to prepare a lust or candi
dates This committee suosmuicu
the name of Lv E. Holden for that of
f. h. Houghton, resigned, and the ex
ecutive board was elected as given in
The Reformer of last weeK. ai uie
close of the election the chair appoint
ed a list of committees to revise tne
premiums in the different departments
and report after dinner.
About 200 stockholders and directors
partook of the dinner, which was serv
ed at the Brooks House dining room at
1 o'clock. Leitsinger's orchestra fur
nished music. After dinner short
speeches were made by Prof. Hurry
Havwood of Mt. Hermon school, Kev.
U 'M. Keneston of West Brattleboro,
Dr. E. B. Campbell of Bellows Falls and
l)r! U. D. Holton of Brattleboro. Prof.
Havwood spoke of the methods used in
conducting the western fairs and urged
the need of interesting young men in
the work. Mr. Keneston told several
good stories and offered a toast to the
Vallev Fair "the fairest of all fairs.
Dr. Campbell commented on the work
of the fair as an educational institution
and related a number of amusing anec
dotes. At the request of President
Pierce, Dr. Holton took as his subject
tuberculosis and gave a description of
the methods used in fighting that dis
ease. The following names were added to
the advisorv board of directors: W.
B. Warren, F. H. Miller, A. C. Jones, A.
A. Fairbanks and 0. J. Halo of Hali
fax; E. E. Perry, A. P. Carpenter, VT.
Tf u..vwnrL Dr. L. S. Edwards and F.
R. Matin of Brattleboro; C. P. Aldrich,
P S Pier. TT. J. Field of Greenfield; A.
a Hallnn. P. E. Henrv and E. D. Con-
vers of Guilford; H. G. Everleth of Put
"nev; A. L. Wheeler of Wardsboro, G. O.
Davis of Newfane, H. C. Bruce or
Sharon, G. S. Smith and J. O. Bruce, or
Hinsdale, X. H.; ii. M. norjerts oi
Jacksonville; Dr. J. B. Bement or
Orange, Mass.; r.. U Welcome or nmi
Chesterfield, N. H.; Atwood Sargent,
Z. A. Edson and P. A. Edson of Ches
ter: G. P. Newton of Bernardston; D. R.
. - r -rr -r-t r "VT u !4-U
Cole of Keene, JV n.; r. c flro"
of Surrev, N. H.; H. W. Brigham of
Winchester, N. H.; F. R. Mann of Wil
mington and D. M. Cobb of Wardsboro.
Investigation of "Vagrancy" Case.
John N. Woodfin of Rutland, presi
dent of the board of state prison and
house of correction directors, has
turned over to Atty.-Gen. C. C. Fitts
for investigation the case of former
Postmaster Manley Clark, of Groton,
sentenced" to the house of correction by
Justice of the Peace J. C. Harvey, Fri
flnv. Jan. 19. for six months on a
charee of vaerancy. Action is taken in
the belief that the case may substan
iota the mileacre eraft charee of Supt,
D. L. Morgan. Clark claims that he had
just returned from the west and was
visiting at the house of a friend in
Groton when arrested. He says he
pleaded not guilty but refused a trial
when told tnat ll wouia mane uuuotca
sary costs.
Goo's and Truth's
20, 1900. TEN PACES
Two Systems Completed to Proposed
Reservoir on Atkinson Farm for
$260,000 Other Propositions. Would
Cost Village $275,000 and $345,000.
Un account of the fact that some of
the figures made by George E. Crowell
to the villago water board last week
Monday evening have been made pub
lic, presumably by some member of the
board itself, Mr. trwell has decided
to make public the full text of the
three propositions he made the board.
They are as follows:
Proposition No. 1.
Chestnut Hill system complete, with
(Sunset Lake system completed to pro
posed reservoir on Atkinson farm. We
will sell to the village the entire sys
tem of the Chestnut Hill Reservoir com
punv, and include therewith the en
tire" property that the Sunset Lake Wa
ter eompnnv now Las, whieh is as fol
lows: A 16 inch pipe line complete
from the main of the Chestnut Hill
Reservoir company near the. house of
Samuel Sargent to the point of the
iiroi)sed reservoir on the Atkinson
farm in Pleasant Valley; (this is all
complete except the laying of the pipe
on the tipper portion of the line, the
ditch is all dug ami the on the
ground), together with an intake at
said point on the Atkinson farm, which
shall be a wing dam of sufficient height
and strength to turn the water of said
Pleasant Valley brook from said brook
into a gate house at said intake, to
connect with a gate bouse which shall
mrv find concrete, s ry o
in win. with prom-r screen
gates, with a connection for a 10-inch
pipe, with proper valves and gates
then-fur. The territory flowed by said
intake or wing dam shall be cleared of
all vegetable matter. This proposition
includes, too, the protection of said
Pleasant Vallev brook fnm contamina
tion from the' Oliver Carpenter place
which is prncticnllv completed, but
shall be completed to the re.piircments
of the (date board of health.
This proposition includes the right to
take all the water that will flow
through a pipe 1- inehes in d.ameter at
!inv head from a point on Mickney
brook, 50 feet below the junction of
said brook and the Hack Townshend
brook, so called, and the right to lay
such pipe according to the survey made
bv Engineer Davis, from thence to the
head of Pleasant Valley; also the ng it
to raise and lower Marlboro North
pond or Sunset lake four feet, to wit.
to raise it to a point as high as the top
of the granite po marked with the
letter C on the north side thereof near
the outlet of said pono. aim w
to a noint four feet below me u.p
said post. This proposition
a eoo feet of steel pipe.
also in-
12 inches
nosite the railroad track
nt thc quarry at W est Dummerston. be
ing sufficient pip lor tne ,u,,r .....
from Stieknev brook to Pleasant Val
lev This includes on the Atkinson
farm all the land that will be necessary
for the construction of a dam of sum
cient height and length to make a res
ervoir of 60,000,000 gallons and all the
land to be flowed by said reservoir with
suitable and sufficient rights to lay the
pipe thereto, and to enter upon to re
pair and rebuild the same.
For the foregoing property the vil
lage shall cancel its debt against the
said Chestnut Hill Reservoir company
on the Vernon street pipe line, shall as
sume the 125,000 mortgage bonds on
the propertv of the Chestnut Hill Res
ervoir company, interest having been
paid thereon to Jan. 1st. 1906, and shall
pav to said Crowell and said companies,
upon the delivery of title deeds, the
sum of $130,000. The Chestnut Kill
Reservoir company is turned over sub
iect to the rights which certain parties
claim to shores of water from the old
Hincs aqueduct, so called.
Proposition No. 2.
This includes proposition No. 1 with
the addition of the following: A dam
on Stieknev brook, at a point thereon
50 feet below the junction of the said
brook and the Hack Townshend brook;
said Ham to he of masonry and con
crete; a dam of sufficient thickness and
10 feet in height and not less than 8
feet thick at the bottom and not less
thnn 4 feet thick at the top. There
shall be used in the construction there
of the best quality of Portland cement.
There shall be built with said dam a
rate house. 6x9 feet in size, of stone
and masonrv, with sufficient screens,
valves and outlet for connecting with
tlia nine line hereafter provided for
to propertv control me no
there There shall also be provided in
said dam a 20 inch waste pipe with
waste gate at the bottom of the dam,
the overflow shall be 10 feet high and
the remaining portions of the dam two
feet higher. All the trees, roois, so...
mould and other vegetaoie matter
be removed from the territory to be
flowed bv said dam. There shall be
provided 'suitable and proper paving to
compel the dam to receive the overflow.
The 12 inch steel pipe included in prop
osition No. 1 shall be laid from said
dam and connected with tne ouuei
thereof, along the course indicated and
shown on the plan and profile of En
gineer Davis, to Pleasant Valiey. The
nine shfcll be laid at the bottom of a
trench four feet deep, as nearly as can
be made from the grade as shown on
said plan, but in all cases at a depth
t freezina while water shall
be running therein. At all places where
bridge work is required the pipe shall
be boxed in sawdust to prevent frees
nhftll he covered in said
shall be thoroughly joined
to prevent leakage. Where the pipe line
shall cross the Washer brook, so called,
and the brook immediately north there
of, there shall be provided at each point
a suitable tee or intake to take into
the pipe line the water of said two
brooks, which intake shall be protected
by proper screens and gates. The wa
ter rights to be conveyed shall include
(Continued on 4th page.)
Those Interested la Project Aro Nego
tiating for Bala or Lease of Melrose
Hotel Property In West Brattleboro
Will Build If Necessary.
Application was made Wednesday to
the secretary of state of New Hamp
shire for a charter for a corporation to
be known as the Dr. E. R. Lynch Hos
pital association. The charter, if
granted in the form requested, will give
the corporation a right to own and con
duct a hospital in Cheshire county, N.
II., or Windham county, Vt., and to
maintain in connection with the hos
pital a training school for nurses, who
shall receive the degree of "graduate
nurse" on completion of the course to
tho satisfaction of those in charge.
The people principally interested in the
project are Dr. Lynch, F. H. Howard,
F. C. Gale and Myron P. Davis.
The purpoO of the corporation is the
establishment of a hospital at which
all kinds of medical and surgical cases
may be treated, and Dr. Lynch is to be
the head of the institution. During
the past two years Dr. Lynch has taWen
over 400 patients to the Farren hospital
in Montague, Mass., besides operating
on a large number in this town, and it
is his wish to have, here a hospital
where surgery may be practised under
the most favorable sanitary conditions
obtainable. t
Negotiations have been entered into
with Mrs. Levi J. Strong, who is in
Batesburg. S. C, for the purchase or
lease of her property in West Brattle
boro, formerly known as the Melrose
hotel, and if arrangements can be made
the work of transforming this building
into a hospital will begin immediately.
If, however, this property cannot be
obtained the hospital association has
in mind others, ami it is not improb
able that a hospital will be built.
As a Member of the Advisory Board of
the Brattleboro Memorial Hospital.
Coincident with the first talk of es
tablishing a new hospital association,
the following petition to the officers of
the Ilrnttleboro Memorial hospital was
put in circulation:
We, the undersigned seamstress
. es, needle women, shop girls, citi
zens and physicians of Brattleboro,
herebv request your honorable
board to admit Dr. Edward Lynch
of S3id Brattleboro as a member of
the advisory hospital board and
attending staff of said hospital and
to allow him to operate upon, at
tend and rr'nister to such patients
as he may desire, agreeably to the
rules and regulations governing
said advisory hospital board and
attending staff at said Brattleboro
Memorial hospital.
This petition has not been generally
circulated as yet, but it already Bears
the names of a large number of people
including those of James F. Hooker, E.
W. Gibson, A. V. May, F. H. Howard,
F. S. Knight and others. When the
Brattleboro Memorial hospital boards
were organized Dr. Lynch 's name did
not appear as a member of any of them,
and in consequence he has not been al
lowed to practice in that institution.
There are many people in Brattleboro
who think that no person should be
obliged to choose between the physician
whom he desires and the privileges
of the hospital, and they are willing to
do all in their power to secure the ad
dition of Dr. Lynch 's name to the ad
visorv board and attending staff of
the institution in question. The hos
pital directors have not. as far as is
known, given any concrete reason why
Dr. Lvnch has been ignored, but they
do not care to discuss the matter at
Brigadier-General Joseph Wheeler,
who won fame in the Confederate army
and later served in Cuba and the Phil
ippines, is dead of pneumonia at the
home of his sister, Mrs. Sterling Smith,
in Brooklyn.
The farm house of Herman H. Camp
bell, Washington, was destroyed by
fire with all its contents early Thurs
day, Jan. 11. Mr. Campbell arose and
built a fire and then went back to bed
and to sleep. When he awoke the par
titions were on fire which caught from
the stovepipe.
Have your cake, muffins, and tea bis
cuit home-made. They will be fresher,
cleaner8 more tasty and wholesome.
Royal Baking Powder helps the house
wife to produce at home, quickly and eco
nomically, fine and tasty cake, the raised
hot-biscuit, puddings, the frosted layer
cake, crisp cookies, crullers,- crusts and
muffins, with which the ready-made food
found at the bake-shop or grocery does
not compare. t
Royal is the greatest of bake-day heips.
Price Five Cents Pet Copy.
Petition Presented to Supreme Court
Returned Because Not Properly
Sworn To Movement Supposed to
Be Result of Personal Feeling. .
Brattleboro people were startled to
read in the Boston Herald Wednesday
morning that a petition, embodying
sensational charges against Attorney
General Clarke O. Fitts, had been pre
sented to the Vermont supreme court
at Montpelicr the night before by
Lawyer John D. Spellman of Rutland.
The Herald despatch, which wi dated
Montpeher but in reality wsa sent out
from Rutland, stated that the petition
asked for the removal of Mr. Fitta
from the office of attorney general and
went on to say that the charges' were of
a sensational nature.
As a matter of fact a petition of thia
nature was presented to Chief Judge
Rowell Tuesday evening and he stated
last evening that the document had
been returned because it had not been
properly sworn to. Mr. Fitts himself
was in Montpelier on Tuesday
evening but returned to Brattleboro
Wednesday. When asked about the pe
tition he said, "I don't know what the
charges are or who made them, but I
am ready, as soon as any charges are
filed, to "meet them at once."
Lawyer Spellman was called up over
the telephone yesterday by v a local
newspaper man, but the ex-mayor of
Rutlaud refused to be interviewed
about the matter although he admitted
that the petition had been returned.
When asked for the names of the sign
ers of the document he said he waa not
at liberty to give them, but referred
the newspaper man to Frank L. Hunt.
Mr. Hunt admitted yesterday that he
had signed the petition but would give
no other names.
Nearly everyone in Brattleboro is of
the opinion that the petition is the re
sult of personal feeling against Mr.
Fitts, and there are few who believe
that 'the alleged charges will hold wa
ter. The fact that the charges were not
sworn to would seem to indicate that
the makers are somewhat shaky about
their ground, and many friends of Mr.
Fitts believe that the petition was filed
solely for the purpose of throwing mud
at the attorney general.
From persons -who have seen the peti
tion the Reformer has learned the fol
lowing about it: The petition requests
the supreme court to take such action
in the premises as it deems necessary
after reciting various instances in
which it is alleged that Attorney Gen
eral Fitts has acted in bad faith ,wUb.t
his clients. Among these instances is
the case against the S. A. Smith com
pany, at that time Smith & Hunt, when
Fitts was employed by an out of the
state firm to collect a claim against
this company about which there was
some disagreement. The claim, it ia
stated, was promptly paid by the Smith
company to Mr. Fitts, who deposited
the money to his own credit and subse
quently wrote the creditors that the
matter had not been adjusted and that
they would receive their money as soon
as it was adjusted.
A second charge is that Mr. Fitts, at
the time he was state's attorney and
was the prosecuting officer in liquor
cases under the old prohibitory law,
secured money from a proprietor of the
American house, and presumably a vio
lator of the liquor laws, without ade
quate security. Definitely it is said that
he gave the hotel man a check for sev
eral hundred dollars which the latter
advanced to him on Tequest, there be
ing no funds at the bank to meet the
A third charge is that Mr. Fitts waa
guiltv of double dealing in his rela
tions' with a client, D. P. Prescott, in a
suit known as the Bartlett-Preseott
suit, which has been through the coun
ty court and in which judgment was
given against Mr. Prescott, now of
Vernon, for a large sum of money. Mr.
Prescott has sought Telief for what he
claims was unfair treatment, but to no
purpose. The last phase of this case
was a trial at Newfane last fall, when
Mr. Fitts sued Mr. Prescott for his fees
in the case and got judgment, the au
ditor, A. V. D. Piper of Jamaica, find
ing that there was no ground whatever
in the charges of double dealing. The
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