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ALL at our ware
' house or send for
Jnpie of our 42 lb.
cleaned and re-blown
Is. The price is some
hat higher but they
i most economical to
id. The manger is
vays cleaned up.
jwest and Best
(all Paper Store
tns to-morrow, Jan. 27th, and
trybody is invited to come in
1 make us a social call.
j7e have the largest variety of
6 patterns shown in town and
I thoughtful people think it
ne too early to arrange for
ing papering and painting.
)4r. C. A. Borden's 20 years
:perience as a high grade decor
br and fresco pa'nter combined
jth Mr. F. D. Morris's 25 years
perience catering to the best
ll paper trade of this section
lure you of a satisfactory job
frrna crirft us vour cation aere.
J C J A w
st around the comer on High Street
J. Edgar Mellen
(Jnder this head are included a
teat variety of articles. All that are
iually found in a drug atore we have
id at prices as low as they can be
(light anywhere. Hot-water bags
a one of our specialties. . We have
kind that do not leak and which
ivays give satisfaction. When want
I anything remember if it belongs
t a drug store we have it.
C. F. THOMAS, Ph.G.,
I Apothecary.
Just Because
you have been sending your
I work out of town it is no sign
I you should do it now.
'3 Brattleboro Steam Laundry
I gives you either a gloss or
domestic finish, as you desire.
MS BROTHERS, Proprietors.
No. 10 Flat Street. Tel. 44-5.
)lish Your Furniture
with a JOc bottle of
liquid Veneer
5 cents
WOOd'S, 8 Main St.
Derby Paint Man
Jerves! Nerves!
this is the universal cry. EYE STRAIN
I Is responsible for most of the trouble.
Known, that will relieve this strain, is
(Glasses, but they must be accurately
fitted and adjusted.
TTon can ob-
J (Hair Dresser,)
f 85 Main St.
tOIindham (IJounta Sfformw
The "Klash" Fountain I'eni a practical novel
ty at Clunp & Junes.
Musio rolls and cases at t'lanp & Jones.
Reformer office will be open Thursday even
luff until further notice,
Windham County Pomona srranen
will meet with Oullford (rranite Feb. 7.
i.u.,.iuhin nir..in will nipet in I.
O. O. K. hull Tucsduv afternoon. Sup
per will bo ecrvea aa usual.
tho bent man ami woman waltzer ut
the mimquerade bnll Aionuuy evening.
. , . n . , .. . . .Ani. dm nnw nn nnln at
Thomas's pharmacy for themunnu'ralo
bull In Festival null juonauy cveiuiiK.
Tho Standard Oil company lout a
vuluablo horse thin mornlna-. The horso
was taken sick while at work yester
day. rri. ...A...r. rtf tHA rtimHur unriotv
1 lie nui'ivii m -
will hiive a chlfken-ple aumx-r In their
rooms Wednesday evenm" Jan. u. m
6 o'clock.
r. Frank Shea, administrator f
the Timothy F. Shea estate, sold the
Shea homestead on Western a avenue
Tuesday to Parley F. Crown.
Dennis CI. Hewsev. who Is employ
ed In the S. A. Smith factory, and Miss
Kva M. Canstlne were married Satur-
,1.,,. ..nnlnir ill llailtlst liarSOHUKC
by Rev. Qeortre B. Lawson.
a v Wulilit nf New York cltv.
who is supposed to bo representlnit the
syndicate which wishes to buy the
Urattleboro street railroad, is in town
todnv on business connected with the
Tin. annual tneptlnfi. of the BrattlC-
boro branch of the Society for the
iv,,-enil.in nf Crupltv to Animals will
bo held In the free library Tuesday
evening; at 7.30 o'clock. A run ui
tendanee Is desired.
The next sociable of the sewing
women and Klrls will be held In Red:
r.,' hail WcHnpuiln v rveniimr from'
n an in '..lnrk A nroirrum will
be furnished and refreshments served.
All are cordially invited.
ri.nnn.. otnrA wna n. winner In
the November contest of the Fostum
Cereal company of Battle Creek. Mich.,
for Grape Nuts and Postum window
,iu,. ,,,,. ,..iii.iiir nn nf tho 120 Dl'lzes
offered for the fourth best display.
According to flKures taken from
ux ..onn... r,f tho ntfitp nuditor the
lllK l.uvi. v.
lnrsest amount paid any one person bv
the state lor cattle killed on account of
tuberculosis was $1,203.20. This amount
was paid R. M. Bradley for 63 cows of
the Bradley farm herd.
Clifton Kline, who recently came
rt nraiMi.hnrn in wnrk in the factory
of the Brattleboro Cabinet conumnv.
and Miss Mabelle K. Loomls of North
Bennimrton, were married Saturday
pvpninsr nt the Baptist parsonaKo by
Rev. Oeoree B. Lawson,
The offlcers of St. Michael's court,
r n w wurp Irwtnllpil In Red Men's
hall Tuesday eveninir by Deputy Mich
Chief Ranger D. W. Met sorry gi i-rot-tor.
it being the first public Installa-
.1 knlrl h.M Tho Wllrll WHS fol-
lowed by a progressive card party.
An pvtm lpttpr carrier has been as
sisting the regular distributing force
of the local post office two days each
week during the past two weeks, and
by his aid it has been possible to make
Mmilfl. mnmdlir hnsinpflS delivery
on Main street Mondays and Fridays.
it is nnsslhlp that this arrangement win
be made permanent.
ti. li.nriinir feature of Grahams
refined vaudeville company which will
be at the auditorium on Feb. 5 and 6.
nftoi-nnnna nnd PV'pnillgk is the falPOUS
Osaka troun of Japanese magicians.
acrobats and eoullibrlsts wno are mun-
ing a tour of the world ana are one u
tho hi.-hput nriceri vaudeville attrac
tion now In this country.
The first meeting of the creditors
of the Brattleboro Manufacturing com
pany. In bankruptcy, took place ves'r-
day in the ofllce of r U. K. fiowe. rei
eree. A large number of claims were
nroved and W. D. Smith was elected
trustee. C. I. Knapp. Charles Miner
and J. A. Titus were appomiea ap
praisers of the company property.
The attendance at the Centervtlle
roller rink continues very satisfactory
and the management are making ar
nAR.ani. tn hm'A music pverv night.
The afternoon session has been extend
ed from 1.30 to 5. giving a long aiier
noon for those wishing to learn. If
the afternoon attendance continues to
Increase the management will feel
guaranteed in furnisning music ior m
ternoons also.
Mme. Anita RIo is one of the great
est lyric sopranos of the age. Her ca
reer for the past five years has been
a constant and dazzling success. Brat
tleboro people who attended the, mu
sic festival in Keene. N. II.. a vear
ago were captivated by her singing
In Alda. She Is now on her final tour
of concert and oratorio work, having
decided to devote herself to grand
opera hereafter. Through a personal
friendship with N. P. Coffin, conductor
of the Choral union. Mme. Rio will ap
pear as soloist at the concert which Is
booked for Feb. 20 In the auditorium.
George N. Stewart's festival orchestra
has been engaged at great expense for
this musical event.
William H. Corser. executor of the
Brackett G. Corser estate, has brought
suit, through his counsel. Clarke C.
Fitts. against the Wire Novelty Manu
facturing company of West Haven.
Conn., for infringement of the Corser
buckle patent. This is an invention of
the late B. G. Corser and has proven
of grat value In the overall manufac
turing business. The Corser buckle is
manufactured by the West Haven
Buckle company but its use and sale
is controlled by the Corser estate. It
is claimed that the infringement on the
-,,-t nt th wiro TJnvpltv comcanv has
UCl I tUl ll.U , . . . - - -
been going on for about a year. The
suit will be tried in tne unueu diuico
court of the state of Connecticut.
r,.- XTInrni.a Valla P.OmpS tO the
auditorium tomorrow afternoon and
evening. The play ana me comuauv
An.i it D.a nnth nnw in this sec-
(IICBCIIlllllS - - .
Hon of the country and should attract
many who dearly love a new piay. uver
XTInn.n.n 17alla haa ViPPTI running for tWO
seasons In the east, has had its New
York run and Is now oemg piayen dv
three companies in America as will be
v... .st..riii tn thn nrlnted routes
in all dramatic papers, and Clarence
Brune and an an American cumimnv
are giving our English cousins an Idea
n nivinii Amarlpnn Tnplndrn.ma
UL liuw a Biiii.ii.. -
should be played. At last accounts they
were holding lortn at tne f-rim;c ui
Wales theater, woivernampion. juim-
The annual meeting of the Con
gregational Sunday school took clace
c a nntvilniitlnff cnmmltt.ee
iiiL ouiiuii.1. j - -
composed of L. F. Adams. Rev. H. R.
Miles and w. A. uiiDeri. orouKiu "
fn, .,ir Hot nf nfflpprs who were
chosen for the ensuing year: Presi
dent. E. C. Crosby: supennienaem. n.
F. Jordan; assistant superintendents,
t.. A. Whitney, Miss Edith Stolte and
it TT TJ IVTllaa' oonrptnrV find treaS-
urer. E. R. Bemis: superintendent of
. , j. r -cl ttt TT.iAnh.
junior aepanmeni. mm. r. w. ucu..
superintendent of primary department.
htm tr. tti DflTM.- lihrnHnn. F. C.
1XXIB. J-'- . " . ' .
Adams: assistant librarians. Crosby
Adams and Miss Florence Hlldreth:
book committee. Miss Mary Cabot and
Mrs. H. R. Miles: auditor. A. H. Hunt.
A resolution was adopted expressing
the school's appreciation of the faithful
and efficient service of the retiring su
perintendent. W. A. Gilbert. The treas
urer's report showed that over $150 had
been given to Denevoient oDjecis um
lng the past year.
Th next Hrooka House assembly
will take pluce Thuimluy evenliw.
Curl Henkel has transferred the
agency of Cadillac automobile to his
brothers. Louis II. and Wulltr Ilenk.-I.
Mrs. Bertha S. Goddard has bought
D. F. Shea's restaurant on Elliot street,
taking possession Tuesday. Mrs. God
dard has been cook ut the restaurant
for some time.
Mrs. Frank D. Wulte fell while
skating at the Elliot atreet roller rink
Hiitnrdiiv afternoon, and fractured her
right arm above the elbow.
The meeting of tho Alliance study
class will bo held lit the parsonage on
Monday evening next nt 7.30 o'clock.
Subject, The Hindu Ri Union. All are
Mrs. Nellie M. Norrls. collector of
Fort Diimmer colony. Pilgrim Fathers
was a winner of a first prize of $25 In
tho collector contest of l05 for the
smallest percentage of suspensions In
the order of 1HS colonies.
The next mammoth sociable will
ho held In 'I. . O. F. hall Wednesday
evening, Jan. 81. to which all odd Fel
lows, Rebekuhs and their friends are
cordially Invited. Dancing will take
place in both halls.
Those who attended the lecture of
Sylvester A. Long In the auditorium
Tuesday evening were well reimld. The
speaker proved to be gifted with excel
lent oratorical powers and an nbllitv
to clothe his thoughts In convincing
Capt. O. W. Kli kpatrlck of the Kith
cavulrv nt Fort Kthan Allen, who hus
been detailed to moke the annual gov
ernment Inspection of the Vermont mi
tjnnul guard, will Inspect regimental
Headquarters and Company I at Brat
tleboro March 23.
The kindergarten committee of the
Woman's club are planning a social
for the mothers of the kindergarten
children to be held III the kindergarten
rooms Thursday evening. Feb. 1. at
7.30 o'clock. All mothers and friends
are Invited to be present.
The hearing on the a eal of J. S
Henrv from the decision In the case of
Henry against the estate of George H
Phillips, which was to have begun
Wednesday before F. A. Holies of Bel
lows Falls, was postponed one week at
the request of A. F. Schwenk. Mr.
Henry's counsel.
Mr. Elliot, a representative of the
Sturtevnnt Blower company of Bos
ton, was In town Monday to Inspect
the auditorium and estimate on the cost
of equipping It with an adequate sys
tem of ventilation. Mr. Elliot stated
to Selectman James F. Hooker that it
would be extremely difficult and ex
pensive to Install the ventilating sys
tem on account of the pecllar con
struction of the building, but that he
would figure on the cost and submit
his estimate within a few davs.
Col. Estev. commanding the Ver
mont National Guard, issued on order,
Tuesday In reference to rltle practice.
The season of 1906 will be from May 1
to October 31 and all reoorts for quali
fications and decorations must be in
the hands of the regimental ordnance
officer not later than the 10th. An-
other order states that the gallerv
practice season will be from Jan. 1
to April 30 and from Nov. 1 to Dec.
ai nn.i nt least one drill during Jan
uary, February. March and April to
be devoted to sighting, aiming, gallerv
practice and estimating distance drill.
Rev. Frank L. rhalen. formerly
pastor of the Unitarian church of this
town, was installed pastor of the Uni
tarian Memorial church In Falrhaven
Muss Mnndav evening. The church
edifice was recently given to the Falr
haven parish bv Henry H. Kogers oi
Standard Oil fame. nd Is one of the
finest of its kind in the world. Mr. and
Mrs Roirprs assisted Key. and Mrs.
Phalen In receiving at the reception
which followed the installation cere
monies. Rev. Robert Collver of the
Church of the Messiah. New York cltv
delivered the address to the parish, and
tho sermon was preached by itev. n
llnm Wallace Fenn. professor of the
ology at Harvard university.
Members of the Brattleboro pri
vate school with Miss Christa Park,
the principal, and a few Invited friends.
enioyed a slelghride. in spite of the un
favorable weather conditions, to wan
fax Monday afternoon. The party,
which numbered about 20. was con
veyed bv one of Gilmans four-norse
teams nnd entertained at Grove bv
Mrs. A. F. Prouty as guests of her
daughter. Miss Clara, one of the pupils.
A delicious chicken-pie supper was
served and the company were 'also
treated to maple sugar on snow. Games
were played, a flash-light picture ot
the party taken and the return trio
safely accomplished at about 2 n. m.
Nelson W. Goddard. 88. who died
at the home of his niece in Guilford
Tuesday, was for many years a resi
dent of this town. He was born in
Windham, son of Enoch and Kscher
Bliss Goddard and removed to Brattle
boro when a comparatively young man.
For a long time he was employed bv
the Estey Organ company, although
he had not engaged In active work in
recent years. Mr. Goddard was a
member of the Center Congregational
church and many years ago snng In
Its choir. His wife died on Spruce
street In September. 104. and since
that time Mr. Goddard had made his
home in Guilford, where the funeral
will take place this afternoon. Rev. H
R. Miles officiating. Burial will be In
Prospect Hill cemetery.
It Is conceded that a vaudeville
show affords a richer entertainment
than any form of theatrical offering.
Often the theatergoers of smaller cities
have to endure two hours of mediocre
performance in order to enioy a few
minutes of vaudeville around which the
great number of farce and musical
comedies of the present day are con
structed' with the ex-vaudeville team
or star as the attraction of the pro
duction. The desertions from vaude
ville for this purpose are numberless.
An opportunity to enioy a vaudeville
show such as is only seen at tne Dig
variety theaters of Boston and New
York will be presented at the audl-
tnHnm on Feb. 5 and 6. afternoon ana
evening, when Graham's refined vaude
ville company will be the attraction.
Tho annual mpptlnQ. nf the Asso
ciated charities of the churches was
held at Mrs. J. M.' Tyler's Monday af
ternoon. The report showed that dur
ing the year 23 families had been as
sisted, the greater number: being
widows with children: $133.13 had been
spent for fuel, $18.50 for provisions.
$44.35 for aid in sicKness. i.a mis
cellaneous expenses, and $5.91 for
clothing. Many old garments had also
hAnn .itati.fhiitpn' Thp rptirpspn ta ti ves
of the different churches are: Mrs. G.
W. Hooker, Unlversallst. Mrs. j. j. e-s-tey.
Baptist, Mrs. Frank Wells. Con
gregationalism Miss Clara Gale. Epis
copal, Miss Helen Chandler. Methodist.
Mrs. J. M. Tyler. Unitarian. Mrs. Ty
ler Is secretary ana treasurer.
Members of the Baptist church are
nAnnlr.v tn. a earips nf pvflnerpllstiC
Uiuiiaiiii w-
meetings to begin February 5. Rev.
C. C. Maxtleld. wno was to nave oeen
here to conduct them, is ill and has
been forced to cancel all engagements
for the winter. The week of Feb.
4 Rev. James H. Spencer of North
Adams and Rev. F. D. Penney of Bur
lington will assist the pastor. The week
i lnnn Vh 11 Rvnno.pHsf D A.
MacPhie of Boston will be here, to be
accompanied doubtless Dy a singer.
Mr. MacPhie Is assistant secretary of
u mirancraltstlp' acsnnlntlnn nf New
England, a man of thorough training
and successful experience, in prepar
ing for this work neighborhood meet
ings have been held for several weeks.
Next week meetings will be as follows:
Wednesday evening, chapel in Estey
ville: Thursday, at H. W. Snaulding's,
Linden street: H. B. Chamberlain's.
17 Western avenue: Mrs. Nettie Frost's.
5 Main street, and J: B. Balliger's. 11
Washington street.
Tli Oronge dramatic club will
give an eiili'ilalniiient Wennemiuv
evening to members of the order.
Two robins, the first reported this
season, were seen by William Fanning
at Ills farm In West river district Mon
day. A house. In Stratton. owned bv Liv
ingston Cushing of Boston und occu
pied by woodchoppers. was burned
Sunday, the tire being probably of In
cendiary origin.
Edward tioble will enter Into com
pany with A. F. Roberts Feb. 1 III the
paper hanging und decorating business
Mr. Goble Is a tlrst-clus painter and
decorator, having had 12 years' expe
rience In this business. The headquar
ters of the company will be ut A. F.
Roberts's atore,
The a'trect rallroud has hud an un
usual experience for January, having
run all the present week oil water pow
er, also having the llres out and re
pa Ira minle In firebox and In piping of
boiler. These changes have formerly
been done only In the spring when high
water makes It possible to run tho road
wlllioul steam power.
The stories that hnvo been In cir
culation to the effect that I'rescelle.
the hypnotist. Is In a sanatorium are not
true. Prescelle has been on the road
ever since nppeurlng In Brattleboro und
pluved to an enormous business In New
Bedford. Mass.. lust week. Ho will ap
pear In Jtrultleboro again for three
nl"hts during the month of April.
Jimmy Oollopv. who Is remem
bered In Brattleboro through his good
work as third baseman on this town's
star scmi-profcKsiohul busebull team
of the early HO's. will be a magnate
during tho 1906 playing season. He
Is booked to leud the Kane. Pa., team
In the Interstate league, which Is com
posed of a circuit of six southern New
York und Pennsylvania cities.
A story that Is highly Interesting
and at the same time consistent and
abounding In thrilling scenes and high
ly colored climaxes an Immense scenic
Investiture new mechanical and elec
trical effects the only reproduction of
ihe Niagara Falls ever successfully at
tempteda superb cust nil this Is
promised in Rowland & Clifford's big
melodrama. Over Nlugara Falls, which
will be the attraction at the auditorium
tomorrow afternoon and evening.
I John Johnson, an employe of How
ard & Yearly, and Charles F. Rumsdell
of Guilford were arrested Tuesday
night while attending a dance In Gull
ford Center on the charge of furnishing
liquor. Deputy Sheriff F. L. Wellman
made the arrests on a complaint Issued
bv John E. Gale, town grand luror. The
hearing took place Wednesday morn
ing before Justice F. E. Ward. Johnson
pleaded guilty and was sentenced to
three months In the house of correc
tion. His fine was suspended, however.
on plea of A. F. Schwenk. and he was
put In charge of n. c. Bacon, prona
tion officer. Ramsdell pleaded not
guilty but he was fined $300. He took
an appeal to county court.
Festival hall will be handsomely
decorated for the concert and mas
querade ball Monday evening and
every detail, which will help muke the
affair a success. Is being looked after.
Special mention should be made of the
orchestra engaged. Leltslnger's or
chestra of lu pieces will give a con
cert from 8 until 9 o'clock, assisted bv
John L. Parsons, piccolo soloist, and
Frank Helse. trombone soloist, both of
Coil's band. Hartford. Conn. Mr. Mar
kel. 'cello soloist, pf New Haven.
Conn., will render several solos. Dur
ing the dancing the orchestra will In
troduce several new features. The
grand march will take place at 9
o'clock and dancing will continue until
1. Miller will serve Ice cream and cake
following the concert.
C. C. Fitts. E. L. Waterman. J. L.
Martin and F. E. Barber have been in
Montpelier this week to attend the ses
sion of ihe Vermont supreme court. The
case of Pruclus Manlev against the
Vermont Mutual Insurance company
was remanded for trial on a reversal
of the decision of the county court. In
the case of Ray H. Mixer, by his next
friend, against J. Newton Herrlck and
others, the demurrer taken In county
court was sustained and the cases re
manded for trial on Its merits. Attorney-General
C. C. Fitts. counsel for
State Treasurer John L. Bacon In the
mandamus case of the administrator
of the estate of Charlotte L. Barnev
and Elizabeth B. Barnev against the
state treasurer, was given until Tues
day. Jan. 30. to file his answer.
Protective grange held a regular
meeting Wednesday evening when nine
candidates were accepted and seven ap
plications presented.' The first and sec
ond degrees will be conferred at the
next meeting. Feb. 7. The lecturer
announced that there would be a aues
tion for discussion at every meeting
the coming year. The following pro
gram was given: Piano solo. Mrs. rea
P. Vlnll: oauer. The Value of the
Grange. Henry W. Spaulding: recita
tion, Miss Nellie T. Eddy; song. Har
Innd T. Miller. E. W. Gibson and O.
T. Ware discussed the question. What
Can the Grange Do, in View of the
Present Status of Railroad Rate Leg
islation, to Promote It? C. D. Whit
man of Fishers Island made remarks
and the program concluded with a vo
cal solo by Mr. Peebles, a recitation by
Mrs. Mary Wilson and a piano solo by
Mrs. Grace Wright. '
Tnunnh T tlllilrpth nnd William H.
Heywood have this week filed oblec
tlons to the petition of the Brattle
hn.n nromii pnmnnnv to have the cor
poration formed In Vermont dissolved.
The company organized under tne laws
of New Hampshire last August and
the Vermont corporation voted to sus
npnri hiisinena nn agreement of the
New Hampshire corporation to assume
all liabilities. Tho petition for disso
lution was made to Judge J. M. Tvier.
who set a hearing for the second Wed
nesday in April. 1906. and allowed until
Feb. 1 for the filing of oblectlons. Mr.
Hildreth objects on the ground that
the lease of the building on Elm street
tn tho Vopmnnt rnrnorntlon is Still in
force, and Mr. Heywood claims that
he has not vet been released as guar
antor of that lease. The Brattleboro
nvernll company is now doing dusi-
ness In Keene. N. H.
The New England Telephone com
pany has made several changes In rates
to take effect in Brattleboro Feb. 1
Cnnna) Kiidnaea llnPS which WPre for-
merly $36, have been reduced to $33:
two party business lines. lormeny aa.
ha... K..n vorinppri to $.10. The rates
on residential telephones have not been
reduced but the limit on these lines
has been Increased rrom one to two
miles. Ten party lines will be done
away with as much as possible. It being
the intention of the company to have
no more than six parties on any one
llnp. Manager Henkel has been In
Springfield. Mass.. to attend a meetin
of the managers in the western division.
Mr. Henkel says that the company will
i.nn A a man nora to rpp nhont taking
rooms for an exchange in the new
block to be built D" urospy Aoams.
This, however, will not delay the work
of laying the underground cables.
Over Niagara Falls is said to be
one of the most pretentious scenic
productions ever exploited bv any man
agement, and those who enioy melo
drama can well employ their time in
witnessing this play. It is not alone
painted scenery that will greet the
eves but mechanical and electrical ef
fects that are sensational In the extreme.
The company carries all its own scen
ery and properties and It may be
worthy of mention to state that from
the rise to the fall of the final curtain
not one piece of house scenery will be
utilized. The ereat scene in act three
that of Niagara Falls. Is the most ef
fective and delightful feature of the
performance, and the spectator who
has seen the real Niagara pnd heard its
thunderous diapason will be surprised
at the realism of this production. The
show will appear here tomorrow after
noon and evening.
Usual matinee tomorrow after
There will be poluto race for a
prlxe of $2 at Wiilte's rink Monday
Roger Comint. Infant son of Dr.
and Mrs. A. L. Pettee, died last even
Iiik at 8.30 or la u nd Ice.
The next meeting of the Now Eng
land HolKtein-FrleMlnti Breeders' club
will take place In Brattleboro March 14
At a regular meeting of the select
men Saturday Henrv J. Allen was ap
pointed special constable and truant
officer In pluce of Mynm P. Davis, re
signed. Miss Hattle Clougli. oldest daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Clonal) of
South Main street, was operated on for
appendicitis nt the Brattleboro Me
morial hospital this morning.
Walter O. Coolev won the money In
the case In Fenton A Co.'s window. h'r
guess being $33.74. within three cents
of the correct amount. $33.71. Several
thousand guesses were made.
Principal John L. Alger of Vermont
Academv will speak at the Baptist
chapel Tuesday evening at 7.30 o'clock
on The Manual Training Idea The
regular class work of the Young Peo
ple's union will follow the address ut
Two pew coses of scarlet fever
were quarantined Mondnv on the order
of Dr. Henrv Tucker, health officer, the
natlenlH being a son of Mr. and Mrs.
Bert Caldwell of Forest street nnd s
daiivhttr of Mr. and Mrs. Judson Staf
ford, who live In CpntervllK
The chemical engine was culled out
Sunday morning on account of a burn
ing chlmnev In J. C. Howe's house on
Linden street. No damage was done
but the woodwork around the chimney
becume so hot that a still alarm was
sent In. The flumes In the chlmnev
were extinguished without difficulty.
Durham Brothers' snlesmen from
various parts of the country are In
town this week to attend the annual
school for traveling men. Tho school
began yesterday morning nnd will con
tinue throughout today. Tonight there
will be a reception and dance for the
traveling men and other employes of
the firm In the Brooks house. ,
The following games have been
plaved In the Vermont Wheel club tour
nament this week: 8-ball billiards. El
lis 70. Cobb 33: Ellis 70. Pettee 61:
4-ball billiards. Aldrlch 115. Morse S
pool. Fox 75. Whitney 73. Bv winning
his game with Morse Aldrlch won a
place In the finals of the four-ball
tournament. The game between Fox
and Whitney was the first of the final
contests In pool.
The annual "gentleman's night" of
the Woman's club will take place Wed
nesday evening. Feb. 7. In the Brooks
house. Mrs. Jennie Cross Trull of
Blddeford. Me., will be the reader and
music will be furnished bv the Brattle
boro glee club, compotcd of W. A. Gil
bert. G. M. - Clay. Ernes Arnold. A.
L. Mavnard. W. S. Stearns. Dr. W. H.
Lane. F. C. Adams, A. S. Thompson. E.
H. Crane. G. E. Adams. A. H. Hrasor.
and Dr. F. H. O'Connor.
Peter Hopkins, one of the engl-
...... a .. . 1 , , , ...1 at tho rTflpnp N If
Gns and Electric company's power sta
tion In Spragueviile. had his left arm
caught in a set or gears connecieu won
...... f tho u.ivom r FVIdnV His
.ln ...no P. rat nailtrllt t.V thp fppth
of the gpnrs and the arm was badly
lacerated herore tne macninery coum
be stopped. Mr. Hopkins Is a son of
1 1 .. t .... I tlnnliln. nt thla tnlt'n nnd
formerly worked for the Brattleboro
Gas Light company.
There was a hearing before Ref
prpp F. D. E. Stowe Monday on motion
of the Valley Grain company, creditor
in the N. F. Slkes bankruptcy case,
asking that the claim of W. D. Slkes
be examined and reduced, the trrounri
being that part of the money given bv
W. I). Slkes to his son. the bankrupt,
hud been in the nature of a gift instead
of a loan. Both the senior and lunlor
Slkes were examined In regard to tne
transactions but the referee held that
the claim should not be changed. R.
C. Bncon appeared for the Valley Grain
company and C. C. Fitts for W. D.
Rrattleboro had Its share of the
..'op., u'ava ti-hlph overspread the
country the first of this week. Sunday
was a tvplcal April dav transplanted
to mid-winter. The air was balmv.
with bright sunshine In the afternoon,
and the various thermometers In shady
places flirted with tne mam or o qe-
Vnnav nnrl TtiegriflV wprp fullV
as warm but not so. delightful on ac
count of the heavy fog. The rain of
Tupsdav evening took away the last
signs of snow, and In many sheltered
places the frost was out or tne grouna.
Farmers in the West river district at
iooDt nno nf thpm tnnnpd several manle
trees Sunday and reported a fine run
of sup. The Ice went out or tne Con
necticut river Wednesday morning and
that stream rose rapldlv during the re
mainder of the day. reaching high-water
mark late In the afternoon. West
river is also clear of Ice to a large ex
tent. Deputy Sheriff H. S. Wilson of Ar
lington and Policeman James Kellev of
Bennington came to Brattleboro Mon
day In search of one Lewis Baxter, who
l n.nntorl In llonnlne'fnn county on the
charge of bigamy. The officers found
a Lewis Baxter, wno is emnioyea oy me
White River Chair company, but he
r..A.,A tn ho tho wmnfl Rnxtpr. al
though having the same name and
answering the description of the crimi
nal. Last Saturday Foncemnn w. a.
nr....n nt thla tnarn nntlppd in the
local papers an announcement of the
marriage of Lewis Baxter ana juiss
Florence Crittenden. A few weeks
previous he had seen In a Boston pa
nnn that a man nf this name was want
ed In Bennington and therefore com
municated with the Bennington or
flelals. The description given by the
n nn tho nth.. nMo nf thp stfltp
tallied exactly with the Brattleboro
man. and Mr. warren reit preuy cer
tain that marriage No. 3 had taken
place. It proved, however, to be noth
ing more than a singular coincidence.
When Policeman Kellev saw the Brat
tleboro suspect he said at once that 't
was a mistake, although the mistake
was not surprising In view of the facts.
T. M. 0. A. Notes.
The Y. M. C. A. senior basketball
team will play the West Brattleboro
nendemv team at Academy hall next
Tuesday evening.
A goodly number of "oung men en
ioyed the hour between 4 and 5 o'clock
last Sunday at the Y. M. C. A. The
program consisted of several musical
selections, both vocal and instrumen
tal. These gatherings are proving very
successful. A similar hour is planned
for this Sunday.
Another interesting hour for voung
men has been planned and will take
place at the Y. M. C. A. Sunday after
noon at 4 o'clock. The Association or
chestra that has done such splendid
work will again give several selections.
The song service, as well as the words
of J. A. Mitchell of West Brattleboro
will surely prove interesting. Mr.
Mitchell is a new man here and most
of the young men of Brattleboro have
not as vet had the privilege of hearing
his most interesting experience. Do
not miss this opportunity of hearing
him. '
A Great Egg Producer.
Poultrymen and farmers will be in
terested In the following letter from
Angle Brothers, extensive merchants
at Shippensburg, Penn.: "Two years
ago we ordered a barrel of "Page's Per
fected Poultry Food" for our own use.
It was only a short time until we had
quite a demand from our neighbors and
friends, which has been Increasing ever
since. We have found it a great egg-producer."
at 24 cents.
at 8. JO, we shall put on sale 200 of these celebrated
stools at 24 cents each. They are strongly made, with
gilt frames, upholstered in best English corduroy and
the workmanship is of the highest order. They sell
regularly for 7 cents but we shall offer 200 at the
above price. ,
2 and 4 Main St., Brattleboro, Vt.
Suits, Coats and Furs
THE absolute end
of the season
compels us to sac
rifice at any price
the remaining win
ter stock.
To those famil
iar with the high
standard of our
merchandise, these
prices are sure to
A A f--4L tinn eovAft COatS.
were $8.50. $9.50. $10.00. Now $5.50
8 3-4 loose and semi-fittinq covert
coat.. w.r. $12.50. $16.50. $18.00. Now
Misses' Scotch mixture ernpira coats
14, 16, 18 sizes; were $10.00. Now $5.98
i .j:.. a. a l.nnth mixture coats.
were $17.50 and $18.50. Now $9.39
Ladies' 3-4 length qrav ana or own
mixture coats, were $10.00. Now $7.00
Black Coats. 3-4 length, loose and
.emi'fittinfl. were $12.50, $13.50, $1500.
Now 8;83
in hi lot are aome with
Jap mink fur collars. -
Fine black Broadcloth coat, loose fit
tinq astrachan collar and cuffs, plush
lined, was o.o. now
Rain Coats, . beautiful worsteds in
grays and tans, $12.50 kinds. Now $8.98
a I ! klal knAUN. HIVV.
IVI U 11 I r KM 1 19 Miwr( wi -t
green; sizes 34 to 40, worth $6.50. for
1 S.u.' ftrau ftaareoata. 3. 5. 7-vear
sizes, were $2.75. Now $1-98
1 Electrio seal jacket, aize 34. was
$30.00. Now $19-95
Misses' Mixture ekirta, were $2.95.
Now 1-95
Panama skirte, black and all colors,
were $5.00. Now $2.98
E, L
10 heavy walking skirts, former price
$9.50 and $10.00. Now $4.50
Children'i white and green beaver
coats, $5.00 value, $2.98
$2.98 value, $1-98
Children's Crush plush coats, 3 to 5
year sizes, $5.00 and $5.50 values. Now
Infants' and children's cloth coate, 3
to 7-year sizes, $5.00 value. Now $2.69
Lot of Stratton's children'a coata,
samples, 10 and 12-year size, were
$12.50 and $15.00. Now $7.50 and $9.89
Children's navy serge Peter Thomp
son suits, 4 and 6 years, were $3.95.
Now 2.75
SUITS $10.00. NOW $7.50.
12.50 Suits
lfi 1 Suits S 12.00
$18.50 Suits $13.50
$30.00 Suits $21.50
$25.00 Suits $17.50
$35.00 Suits $25.00
A big lot of high grade fura at prices
lightly in excess of half price.
Angora Set, Was $2.75. Now $1.75
Was $3.48. Now $2.50
Brook mink, Waa $2.98. Now $255
Was $5.00. Now $3.85
Ermine, Wat $2.48. Now $1.50
Wat $3.00. Now $255
Will bring you more than three
dollars' worth of comfort, sat
isfaction and service.
"Fred S. Knight" 00 shoes
are comfort bringers, satisfac
tion producers and service giv
ers ; combinations of good ma
terial, good workmanship and
good style that cannot be ex
celled for the price. Made in
all leathers, for men and wom
en. A few pairs of the heavy
weights are left but are going
fast at the reduced price, $2.$0.
Fred S. Knight

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