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.afjr ' I i
$l.$o A J ar, $ 2, oo If Not Paid in Advance.
KniK xxxi.
Prices, 35c, 50c, 75c, SI.OO. Boxes, $1.50.
Stat mJo opens Wednesday, Aug. 22, A. M., at the Dox Office.
All out-of-town and mnil orders will be promptly attended to.
110 for Glasses
you formerly paid other dealers
in S? to $10 fr including
bases, Gold Seamless Wire
) No Charge for Examining the Eyes.
lie Pallors of the Brooks House,
Thursday, August 23.
lours 9 a m., until 4.30 p. m.
iv itjUiM, mane ot wum bmiu.
Ike Mart measurement of your face taken
fterr irame mime to oruer, .u m-,
... . i h,r.t vnur face.
lit style we manufacture, either Rims
v"" .-- v THE
inur t vps win nt rAit" "3 -
-ly tliu only aliBoiutely correct. "j .v
SO DROPS USED.) Those who nave
i examined for GLASSES by men who
to examine eves by the old, incorrect
. ,.i,:,.i. j i... .in vhn Slin-
'. "HUH 16 IM11IH H.V CTC1J.. .. ,
'! tiassen but us, will be agreeably aur-
1... ...... .IC 1 wnnAarfn metll-
ol Examining Eyes, and fitting glasses.
k correei vour eye aeitKis uy .,.,... -0
e eyes, taking the exact scientific meas
wnti of the focus and ahape of the
uei on j'Dtir face, until we have deter-
your exact optical error.
Tie old tedious and tiresome way of try-
io in Biasaes is euner PulI'"ET1IVnfI5HS
ejes, wnicn onen causes ,
by tryine on a lot of glasses, end ask-
)uu an you see uiene ichul.
So these slasses make you see better?
-uier your uptician aoes a
- uu uaa yuur ec, nu " -
iihiak rim have been examined.
Tl,;nl. BAA
iuis over, unu you wu
11 you have been doing your own ex
a and that is no doubt tho reason
U him lid lpn,.l,!a tix tret (rlftssea correct.
fa li Absolutely the Highest Class Work
' have produced astonishing results from
w n. nervous debilitv. insomnia, diwi-
. aauiea, WATi'.K Y EISS, man-J -"
1 other troubles caused by EYE STRAIN.
I....- . 1 . nt ffl.S.RI
mir eorreciea ov e BO r
:s yes and Astigmatism, by our scientific
'wills of Examining. .. .
an experience covering every detail ot me
Stall Business for over a quarter of a cen
is the continuous record of the great
'"tiers concern. ,
I "r position in Xewarlr, . J., ana r,-"-
E R. I., as the LEADINO EXCOium
FECUUSTS is proof of tho high confi-
I - .it wr rspoiiHi uiiiiji,
v uur representations.
S48 Weybosset St., Providence, B. I.
565 Broad St., Newark, N. J.
Bicycle Ball Bearing
Turn easy
Wring clothes dry
And are durable '
Bobbins & Cowles
2 L PU1 r.rj tor M-pm llloitrated pamphlet.
L ' t. bOIIOHTON. Stc'y. Brattlebore. Vt.
CEORCC K. FOX, Manager.
Louli Minor's Production of tho New American Play
"Darkest Russia." "Fauntenoy," "The Blot Sinister," etc.
A story of the Carolina Hills, of intense human in
terest, told with a swing and vigor of expression which
go to the working of a stirring play.
Produced under the Personal Direction of Edward E. Rose
America's Foremost Play Producer, and Presented
by a Powerful Cast of Broadway New York Favor
ites, and with Stupendous Scenic Investiture.
CAROLINA will be given at the Court Squire Theatre, Springfield,
- Tl i U . w i J 1 A..- n .n. ' i L T" I . n i
Aut 27-28; r'rson I 1 niic, iKiuuiu nun. t-ju. annul incauc, Bridge
port, Aug. 31-Scpt. 1. and then go to New York for a run.
A man at our warehouse for three or
four weeks.
E. CROSBY A CO. 32tf
Tea and coffe business, 2 horses, wagon
and equipments. Business covers Brattle
born and surrounding towns. A business
of two years' success. Selling on account
of health. A good buiness fur a young man.
Inquire of Horton'a Agency, Emerson Block,
Elliot St. 8S-33C
1 hare a large quantity of bard and soft
wood which I offer for sale at reaaonabla
prices. It is all prepared for the stove in
ona foot lengths. First come first served.
H. O. CLARK, Brattleboro.
Orders received by telephone. No. 61-8.
Sewing Machine Operators on Summer
Clothing. Operator ean mane Dener
,.oir an nnr linn thnn anv other kind of
clothing work in northern New England.
Chestnut gelding, 6 ycari old, weigh,
950 lbs., not afraid of anything.
Good blood, good speed.
Beformer Offlce, Brattleboro, Vt
Life Insurance Does Not Protect
those who think they can protect themselves.
Some who think they can, know tney can i.
.. tfcn.a -hn come in time. 57th
year, doing business in 44 States. National
Life Ins. 'Co. of Vt. (Mutual.) ,
H. E. TATLOB & SON, Gen'l AgU.,
Crosby Block, Brattlaboro, Vfc
. ir?.i-I .1 XT anna V Vt A BTBtl
uate of the Boston College of Chiropody)
wi 1 be at 117 Main street permanently.
Treatment of all disease, of the Foot such
a. Corns, Bunions. Ingrowing Nails, Broken
Down Arches ( known as flat foot ). . ALSO
5 l, auDointment. Your patronage s
solicited. . "
Merchant Tailor
I make eovered buttons from your goods.
Carolina Poplar
8t'Snk. hunDdredta wfll be on sale with !ot, of
fruit trees Oct. 1st.
Fill up your
with beautiful scenery from
ell over North America, at
md home at a reasonable price I If
inquire about the
Corner Maple and Vine Street., Brattleboro.
. . . urnnin street.
Extra lot on n -cated
and ready to occupy.
Brattlehoro, Vt.
$6.00 SUITS
going at
In the Let-Go Sale
'Let all tu ends thou
WANTED Reliable nun oa" farm. JOHN
HUNT, el-lf
WANTED proofreader. Windham County
WANTED Kxperienced table girl it lirnt
lleboro liou.e, 83tf
WANTED Chambermaid, table girl and boll
boy, llrooka House, 83c
WANTED AT ONCE Hrlcklayer. Long
WANTED An experienced rook and w
pi-tent around girl. MRS. UKO. ii. fKU-
r.uu, iiraiiieiioro, vi.
WANTED Beef, pork, veal, poultry, eggs,
beef hide., ealf akin., sheep pelts. L. K.
WANTED Man around 50 year, old to rep
resent us in this county. Permanent posi
tion at good wage.. (I, R. UURR CO.,
Nur.erymen, Hartford, Conn. 82-9Be
POB SALE Cheater white pigs. A. G.
BARNES. Vernon, Vt. 81-tf
rOB SALE Morev mad wagon, hard ruhber
tires. U F. WOODARD. 81-tf
FOB SALE Dry kindling, stove, and four
foot wood. 8. A. SMITH CO. SOU
rOB SALE Cray mare, weight 1,300. Good
worker. PHILIP THOMAS (at rrtiu
RESTAURANT and boarding house for sale.
Apply id AI11S. ANNIE M. HOPKINS, 6
High street. 33-35
POB SALE New Adriance reaper, 2.14
h..vBu. hI.KI Aj.irm oha.n ni trmle.
JVELL, Putney, Vt. ' 81-830
POB SALE Cottage home of aeven rooms.
AIRS. C. J. COOK. For particular, apply
to C. F. or B. h. Cook. . 3J-2t
FOB SALE 10 weeks' scholarship in Al
bany Business College. Favorable terms.
FOB 8ALE Standard makes of automobiles,
some bargains in second-hand car., also a
full line of bicycles, supplies, and talking
machines. MANLEY BROS. 14-tf
FOB SALE The residence of the late Bar
tholemew O'Riley, No. 5 South Main atrect.
This would make a very desirable home for
a small family. Apply to M. J. J,(J1,Nj
FOB SALE Furnished eottage at Sunset
lake; one of the best situated and
equipped cottages at the lake, a bargain for
some one. Apply to 8. W. EDGETT CO.,
urameooro. "
registered Block of choicest character.
Young boars and sows duo in fall for sale.
Farm. Putney, Vt.
FOB SALE My place on Frost Place, two
tenement house, 5 room, each, large gar-
, i 1 .11 l,in,l. fmit tnnA!
aen, nen uuuie. nuu "' .-.- .
a good home place or inve.tment; about one-
nair acre laua. tnAitut.o
Place. 81-''
TO BENT My residence 48 Canal St. A.
J. HORTO.V. 3lt
TO BENT 5-room tenement on Cherry St.,
modern. S. W. EDUr-xi v-u.
TO BENT Manicuring and Sliampoolrig par
lor, 85 Main St. aina. u. xi. ojiim.
TO BENT Four-room tenement on Guilford
treet, 15.00. S. w. fcuuc.ii
FOB BENT At Spofford lake, new cottage
md barn. v. a. "fo"'.'!
TO LET Tenement of SToomi and bath,
corner Canal and Maple atreeta. Apply D.
F. D. SULLIVAN. a7tf
TO BENT Cottage at Spofford lake for Vast
two week. In August and during Septem
t " x i. navF.SF.. . 81-tf
oer. "
" a.... urattlnhoro. Practice limited
to the dr.eas7. of the Eye, Ear, Throat, and
Nose Oflice hour.: :au to is, i "'.f- !
0r,.J a v.iA.,. nnlv. Remainder of
i- .. n.llnw. Falls.
ri WINFRED H. LANE, Oflice in Hough
DtnWbtock over Kuech'. . tore. Tel 212.
Hours. 8 to 9 A. m, 1 to I and 1 'to 8 P. M.
Residence, 19 Grove St. Tel., 21Z-8-
DB. HENRY TUCKEB, Residence, 4 Willis
" "a. . rr.i 55s Offlro. Leonard block.
Honrs, 1:80 to 8 and 7 to 9. t
A I MILLEB, M. D., Physician and Sur-
.. . t 1 1 i. DHahAni Vt. Of
vnnn.. xiooaer oiuc,
flefbou'rr 8 till 9, 1 to 680 to 8.
GEO. X. BOBEBTS, M. D., Surgery and dis
ease, of women a "Pfv ,".-
residence, IB rorm mam p...
DB G. F. BAEBEB, Dentist, Union Block,
over ureene a mug
DB. C. S. CLARK, Dentist, Whitney block,
Brattleboro. xeiepuouo.
DB. F. 0. PETTEE, Dentiat, Crosby block,
over lloiaen nrug iu
tie A KNAPP, Dentist, Hooker Block, op-
,, xi0- Urn t f IphnrO.
posne arow.n
nR v. a. EDWABDS, Dentist. Hooker
Block, Main ptrect.
HASKINS SCHWENK, Attorney, and
Counsellors a- ajw, -
BOBEKT 0. BACON, Attorney at Law. Room
18, Ullery cunaiug,
JOHN B. GALE, Attorney at Law, Guilford,
Vt. Telepnone,
MYEON P. DAVIS, Collections. Emerson
BlocH. xei., '
WM. C. HOETON, Real Estate and Insur
ance; Notary Public. Emerson Block, El
liot Street.
niPROWS It OO- Wholesale and Retail
BADe!lers in CoaVof all kind.. Office, No.
33 Main Street, Brattleboro.
FRANK MOESE, Profe.aional ' houaecleaner,
55 JSlllot mreei.
H. E. BOND St CO., Funeral Directors
and Furnishers, xeiepnone, raiumvo,
, c. 9fi4. onen dav and niekt.
Iij-U, , f , Sri
17 Main St., Brattleboro, Vt.
of Complete Commercial
Course. This course gives in
tensely practical work in Account
ing, Banking. Correapon
, dc nee. Penmanship. Stenofl
' raphy. Typewriting, etc.
Telegrapny -
aiso succeuBfully ttught.
Call or write for free catalogue.
Addreas '
Pouftileepsie, I!. T.
119 W. IiSat ST.. NEW YORK, N.Y.
aimest at be thy Country's, thy
State Auditor Claimed Meat Was Not
so Badly Diseased but What It Could
Be Cooked and Eaten Transactions
Sworn to In Three Affidavits.
Sciisntiontil charges concerning the
dinposul of beef from condemned cut
tle, sold to Swift's rendering plant at
Burlington by the stute cattle comia
sion have been made in affidavits by
Frank T. Hutchinson of Worcester,
Frank P. Whitney of Middlesex and
I'orley E. Pope of Montpelier. Mr.
Hutchinson, in bis affidavit, states that
42 cows of his herd, condemned after
being tested for tuberculosis, were sold
to the Swift Rendering company, dis
posed of as beef and sent to the cool-
ins room, An employe or the com
pany stated thnt the meat would be
inspected later and that which was not
affected bv the disease would be sold
as food. In his deposition Mr. Pope
states that all this was done with the
full knowledge of state officials.
Mr. Hutchinson's Affidavit.
I. Frank T. Hutchinson, of. Worces
ter, in the County of Washington,
State of Vermont, of lawful ago on
oath depese and say, That in Novem
ber, 10U5, my herd of eows were tested
bv the Cattle Commission of the State
of Vermont for tuberculosis, that forty-
two were pronounced infected with
thnt disense and ordered killed. They
were npnrnised and I was paid 80 per
cent, of the appraised value in accord
ance with the laws of the State of
Vermont. These forty-two cattle were
driven to Burlington to Swift's Ren
dering plant under the authority of the
C'nttle Commission, and I, in company
with Frank P. Whitney of Middlesex.
Vermont, went and saw the cattle
All the cattle were dressed off as
beef is dressed, and the vnrious parts,
liver, tripe, etc., saved. The cattlo af
ter bcine dressed were put on the track
and run toward the cooling room. We
asked the head butcher what was to
be done with them and he said that
the inspector would be th;ro and stamp
those that were all right. We also vis
ited the cooler and found threc-quar-tera
of beef therein and had a talk
with the man in charge There were
two foreqimrters of beef and these had
chunks cut out "of them at the shoul
der. He said it was the worst case be
had ever had there. ne hindqanrter
was marked "Paul Germain, Burling
ton." I do not know what became of this
meat except that it was dressed off as
anv beef and started off towards the
cooling room, and further deponent
snith not. rranK r. nuicninson.
Stnte of Vermont
Washington County, ss.
At Montpelier in said County ana
State this 21st day of July, A. D 1906,
personally appeared i'ranK l. tititcn-
inson and made oath that the above
affidavit subscribed is the truth and
nothing but the truth.
Before me, Jonn n. center,
Notary Pulbic.
Mr. Whitney's Affidavit.
I, Frank P. Whitney, of Middlesex,
in the County of Washington, State of
I'.nimnt nf Inwfnl Bffe on oath depose
and say. That I went in company with
Frank T. Hutchinson, me ainani in me
tbove affidavit, to Burlington and saw
list ftttttln alllM u-lii-ered and heard the
talk as "above set forth with tho men
in charge. I have heard the above
affidavit and personally know it con
tains the whole truth and nothing but
the truth, and further deponent saith
not. F. P. Whitney.-
State of Vermont
Washington County, ss. ,
Af MnntnAlier in said County and
Out. H.i 01at Anv nt .Tlllv. A. D.. 1906.
personally appeared Frank P. Whitney
and made oatn mat ine noove aiuuau
subscribed is the truth and nothing but
the truth.
Before me, John 11. Senter,
' Notary Public.
Affidayit of Mr. Pope.
T Porlnv V.. Pnne. of Montnelier, in
the County of Washington and State of
Vermont, on oath depose and say, That
politics I am a repuDiican ana oy
'cnnntinn a drv eoods merchant in
Montpelier, Vermont. That; having
i,o.i fbnt tbo Srntn of Vermont had
sold to Swift Beef Company some of
the meat from the cauie wnicn unu
been condemned as diseased by the
Ti.nriA.;. finrtimission. I went to the
auditor's office in Montpelier to investi
gate for myself, wnue mere x naa an
int-nrvipw with Horace F. Graham, the
auditor, in which interview Mr. Gra
ham said, that it was true that some 01
the meat taken from the cattle which
i,nnn nnilomnprl ns diseased and
which had been paid for by the State,
had been sold to tne owirt rseei com
lrnnwinrs that the same was to
be put on the market, but that this had
not been done until tne meat naa uecu
inspected by competent veterinarians
l nrnnminparl thnt it WHS not 80 bad
lv diseased but that it could be cooked
anrl pnton with satety. nr. uranaui
atnterl thnt it was claimed that
while the milk from a cow that had
tuberculosis was unfit for use, the meat
tnm tlia'oniTio COW Tllitjllt not be SO
-TaMaA vv thn disease but that it
might be used, and he said that was the
reason the State nao soio some 01 tuc
moot frnm condemned cattle to Swift
& Co., to be put upon the market by
them. reriey u. irupo.
State of Vermont,
W.ahinirhil HnnntV. SS.
At Montpelier in said County and
State this tnirteenm oay or Auguoi,
a "n iQfifi Tornnrtllv anrtearpd Per-
, r-" 1 1
ley E. Pope who subscribed and made
oath to the trutn or. tne roregoing aui
TWro mo H. C. Shurtleff.
Notary Public.
God" s and Truth's."
Candidate for Town Representative to
Be Named by Committee.
Alwmt 1.1(1 voter were present last
evening in Fest'ival hnll at a meeting
called for the purpose of forming a
Vnalnn Wnli. Notices of this nioetinif
were posted earlier in tho week, it hav
ing Been dociiieu in an intornmi nay
the niunv independent re
publicans and democrats who are inter
ested that an organization of such a
nature was esseutiul to tho success of
the local fusiou movement.
The attendance and the interest man
if.wt.wt iii a imiet wnv liv those present
..... . -l v - - .
was ample justification fur the meeting.
The independent republicans having no
organization and the members of the
democratic town committee not being
available, tue meeting was caneu to ur
der by M. J. Mornn and he was elected
chairman on motion or r,. w. woagcit.
r If I.nurrnnen una elected Secretary.
On motion of A. W. lioel it was unan
imously voted to form a Fusion club
for the purpose of organizing tne voters
in view of the coming election. J. J.
l.',.kla moved that the chair appoint a
committee to submit to the meeting the
niimoa nf nilicers for the club to be vot
ed on by the meeting. Mr. Moran ap
pointed J. J. ncaeis, is. u. xroet nuu
a w Rnel After consultation these
names were presented by Mr. Eckels
for the committee with a brief speech
in reference to the need for organiza
tion and unanimity:
President, Col. Charles A. Miles;
Vice president, J. J. Eckels;
Secretary, H. R. Lawrence;
-a. a- -r 1 r
Treasurer, ai. i. Aioran.
moved bv Mai. F. W. Childs
iirnt thixn mimes lie accented as the
Minora nf thn club. In puttinir the mo
tion the chairman took occasion to sug-
. r. . Tj
gest that the name 01 a. nuvoru uj
.iieHtnrod fur his own name as treas
urer, and there being no objection ex
cept on Air. uoyuen b pari, mo iiuum
was so put and carried.
It is the purpose of the officers to ap
point a suitable canvassing committee
to enroll voters as members of the club.
In reference to .the question ot nam-
o kiihi i nte fnr town representa
tive the following motion was offered
by E. H. Crane:
That the chair appoint a committee
of three to select a candidate for town
representative who should be the nom
inee of the Fusion club; and to file
nomination papers according to law.
An oinonuiont wns offered bv E. G.
Frost providing for a committee of five
instead of three, and without objection
the motion was so put and carried.
The chair appointed E. H. Crane, G.
B. Foster, E. W. Blodgott, M. Austin,
jr., and-Jr. I ttunt. ine nonunHiiou
made by this committee' will be the
nominee of the Fusionists and will so
appear on the ticket. It is presumed
that this nomination will not be made
public until after the regular republi
can caucus wutcn is caueu tor louiui
row evening.
After practically all of those present
had recorded their names with the sec
retnrv as members of the club, the
meeting adjourned.
Jt. is apparent tnni mere is uras
..niiiii.nl linth amon? independent re
publicans and democrats in favor of
county and state iicaeta a
,.;.. voriT-aapiitntivft. and ear-
iur uoiwm v....- t
nest hopes of victory are entertained.
Accident Took Place Early This Morn
ing Between Here and Vernon.
Tj0.i Jt- Mnino freiirlit train No.
50, south-bound, in charge of Conductor
Cataw and Engineer Hoffman, met a
north-bound extra freight in charge of
Conductor Edward Prentiss and Engi
neer Carey, apoui i.ou i" mummi;
point three miles oeiow tne onuiio-
boro station. Both engines were con
siderably damaged m the collision, tne
cowcatchers being badly broken and
twisted. Engine 1026 which was haul
ing the southbound train, was nearly
new and one of the best locomotives on
the road. Engine 647, wnicn was on
the north-bound train, was also a good
machine. Neither engine loft the
rails. .
The south-bound train consisted of
26 cars and wns moving at a good rate.
Engineer Corey saw the headlight of
the engine when it was less than 100
yards away, ana immeuisieiy reiwm
"his eneino and applied the brakes. At
the same time he yelled "unload
quick" to his fireman and araiteman
Ralph Fairman who was in the cab. All
escaped safely, although the fireman
.. !t,a hndlv anrnined wrist. The
engineer and fireman of the south-
. - ,1 Ba annn B.
bound tram aiso jump-cu
they perceived ineir uuugur.
The south-bound train was made up
largely of empty coal cars, three of
which jumped the track and rolled
down the bank toward the river. The
mrth.Vimind train contained several
loaded cars, among them a coal-car
which crashed into ana aenioiiaueu un
boxcars, piling the wreckage in a heap.
As soon as news of the wreck reached
New London a wrecking train was sent
the scene, arriving eariy una mum-
. Trio OTitV fit- clearing- the track
i i : a. i-ri ni ,11 v frincfl then
nas ueeu gfug; r J , ,.
and traffic will be resumed probably
. CI! i-ltit naniilnnf all
this afternoon. oiuu io
rl Boston & Maine
V. I'll 1 1 ,11 - " " - "
trains have been sent around by the
way of Keene, . a. iub rau
was due to a mistake on the part of A.
Valley, tne local nigni. iicttivi.
n i;.: .nlli- fnvnrahlA to the
uonuuiouB ."."j - .
house of correction at Rutland were found
by the state investigating cujnuiu.mu e
pointed by Governor Charle. J. Bell, in as
cordance with the action of the last legisla
ture, according to their report to the gov
ernor which was made pnblie at Montpelier
Saturday. Charges of graft and misman-
. l.i-1. 1. . J l ...... maila .a.in.t. the
officers of the institution are not sustained
by the eommission, which consisted oi .
O. Williams. O. H. A. Stafford and H. P.
Brigham. Their report, which is very
lengthy, goes into detail regarding the busi-
n-ann-remunt anil fff-neral eonditton. it
the house of correction and incorporates a
report made by P. 8. Pratt of Brattleboro
who was employed by the commission as an
expert accountant.
Expired While Participating in Motor
Boat Race at Lake Sunapee, N. H,
William It. Heulcy, tho well known
traveling salesman, died suddenly at
Lake Hiinapee, N. H., Wednesday af
ternoon while taking part in a motor
boat race near Blodgott ' Landing. He
and his son, Percy, were in the boat at
the time, the former steering and the
latter watching tho motor. Tho race
was extremely exciting and as the
boats neared the bouy which marked
the turning point Mr. Henley's craft
wns slightly in the lead. At the buoy
Percy shouted to his father to be care
ful in making the turn and Mr. Hen
ley replied that he would. A moment
later he collapsed and before the boat
could be brought to the shore was
dead. The body wns taken at once to
the Henley cottage. Death wns doubt
less caused by the excitement of the
rneo but the 'contributine cause wns
chronic nephritis with which Mr. Hen
ley hail been a sufferer for several
Funeral services were held at tue
nt 9 o'clock and
the body will arrive in Brattleboro on
the White Mountain train this arter
nnnt. t 1 iH Hiirinl will be in Morn-
ingsido cemetery, services being in
charge of the Knights Templar.
Mr. Henley had made his borne at
the Brooks house for the past 14 years
and was well known in this town. For
over 23 years he bad been employed as
salesman for the Brown, Durrell com
pany of lloston, and was one or tue
iiABt lrnna-n traveling men in Vermont
ml Vow TTumnahirn. Besides a widow
and one son Mr. Henley leaves a far
ther and one Rrotner wnose nome
in Tirnnra-iek. Me He was a mem
ber of the Windsor conimaudcry, K.
T., and formerly neia oicmueranip m
the Vermont Wheel club of tbist town.
Mr. Henley's cheerful disposition had
won him many friends in Brattleboro
and throughout the territory over
.i,;..i, ho trot-oled. He was always
good-natured and ready for fun, and
his ability as a story teiier was mare.
j Tinob nf nil this Mr. Henley pos
sessed a strong character, and his best
friends knew him as a man or nigu
:.i.ini- on,1 Bton-lfnut nnrnnse. Mr. Hen-
mio'o - r i .
ley had always been greatly interested
, i i i i i.
in amateur tncatricais, auu uu u
part in the minstrel shows given by the
First Regiment band the last two
September and October Will Offer
Many High Class Attractions.
Tho S-intpinrier and October bookings
at the auditorium contnin moro high
nioaa nttrnetinns than anv previous sea
son, and if the local theater-goers take
kindly to the offerings .Manager xox
has planned for them the following
months will be equally as rich in dra
matic events. Hadlcy's moving pic
tures will appear here Sept. 10 and on
a.nt i! Si-hnhert company will pre
sent My Dixie Girl. The Gage Stock
company will occupy tne auauorium
the week of ept. to. ine nrsi iwu
n:hto nt tho Vnllev Fair. Sept. 25 and
26, will be taken up by the Bussel
Brothers, well-known comedians, and
on the 27th a melodrama entitled New
York Day by Day will be presented by
a largo company.
The first of the October bookings
comes on the fifth when a Schubert
company headed by Louis Mann and
pi., Tinman will appear in Julie Bon
Tin ir Afonn 'a work in The Sec
ond Fiddle is remembered here with
pleasure and when it is stated that his
wife is equally as good as he the nature
of the performance can be surmised.
Creston Clarke will appear in Brattle
boro Oct. ll in a new play-entitled The
Porrrrnrl MpSSPno-pr. and for the 16th
""6ft-- O'-T . ,
the Red Feather opera company with
Cheridah Simpson at its neaa nas ueeu
o,1 Tl,; a ia the opera in which
Myron P. Davis appeared for two sea
sons, and A. a. Macuanen, wuo ia n
known in Brattleboro, is now singing
th looino- tonnr rnln. Peter Dailev.
an old Broadway favorite,- will be seen
here Oct. 22 at the bead or a ocnuoen
company in The Press Agent; Howe's
moving pictures make their semi-annual
appearance Oct. 27; Webber &
Fields 's great success, Hoity Toity,
comes Oct. 30. followed tne next nigni
by . David Harum.
tj,. rnH lrnnwn tit everv Harvard
man throughout the college world generally
as "John, the Orangeman," died at the
Massachusetts general nospuai in "t"
Sunday. About the first of the present
month he was taken seriously ill and ten
day. ago an operation was performed. He
. a ti,. An...tinn well, hnt hia recunera-
tive powers were not aufficient to meet the
drain npn nis strengtn. no i ,-
of age. Lovett was born in Kenmere, Coun
ty Kerry, Ireland, and came to this conn
try when a lad. - A few year, later he be
came a peddler of fruit among the Harvard
students. He began with basket bnt in
later years peddled his wares from a donkey
cart, the gift of the students. Por year,
he was Harvard's favorite "mascot" at in
tercollegiate athletic gamea.
' (0.
Price Five Cents Pet Copy.
Work of the Companies at the Camp
Rumored Resignation of Col. Estey.
Tho muster at Mt. Gretna, Pa., from
which Company I and the First Regi
ment band returned Monday, was in
the general opinion of all army officers
tho most successful ever held. The
work was nut as hard as that a year
ago at Manassas, but wns much more
iimtriii-tlvA. Kverv eveninir lectures
wero heard from the moBt prominont
.... ... r.
military men or tue country, una.
PrpIri,-k- I) Grant presided over the
evening lectures. The idea was to in
struct the militiaman for service in ac
tual war. The health of the soldiers
no thn whole wns excellent. Not a
single man from this town was on the
sick list while away. While at the
muster Col. r.stey caned an tne cora
mwMinnpil nftleera to his tent and an
nounced his intention of resigning in
the near future. At the unanimous re-
fluent of those present he promised to
consider the matter before giving hie
final decision thereon, ina rirai. nea;
ininnt hand which accompanied the
soldiers from this state, won many fa-
vornhlo comments ootn on its neat j-
pearance and its excellent musical anil
I'limtmnv I arrived home at 2.30
o'clock Monday afternoon, disembark
ed from the traia and, headed by the
band, marched up Main street. The
boys presented a good appearance on
their return. Clothes were a trifle soil
ed tn lie sure and shoes in need of pol
ish but taken as a whole the company
looked as it naa enjoyea useu. m
bovs express themselves as delighted
with the trip.
After the tedious journey aown on
the men were heartily glad to disem
bark from the stuffy trains and take
to the open country. On the first mofn-
ing of their arrival they were called
-m nt ft 0 nnil two sounds and two sor-
gcants of militiamen were exchanged
for two squads and two sergeants ol .
regulars so that the makeup of the
regiment consisted of half regulars and
half militiamen. The first day the boys
marched to the drill grounds about
fr in ii.. a iiiatant from the cauip. They
were formed in company, battalion,
regimental and extended oruer, eacu
troop being carefully instructed in the
work of making a normal attack, that
is, in regular battle formation. The
return to camp was made in time for
Ji,,.., Tho afternoon was devoted to
throwing up intrenchments, and build
ing fascines and pronies tor neia worn.
Timim- tho instruction of Lieutenant
Grant of the engineers. Until Thurs
day the soldiers roliowea tne sumo
routine of work as the first day, re
ceiving instruction from , various offi
cers competent to instruct in their
lines o work. ' .
Thiii-ai.nv was spent in niacins; and
relieving outposts. Friday came the
sham battle between tne Drown army
nd tho Who. The plan was for the
ti protect a waeon train
on a foraging expedition into the en-
. ITLa 1.1 i.n At
emy s country. iUo muo " -v -
tacked the wagon train. During the
battle the armies each marched about
14 miles. Two miles were marcned in
formation ready" to attack. The route
led through woods and fields and
across brooks and streams.
At 2 o'clock both armies were re
ii,) on,! thn contest declared a draw.
Camp was broken Sunday morning at
7 o clock. The Vermont uu-u icm
tho first nt 7 o'clock and
tho apennd nt 7:30. The return was made
by the same route as the journey to
the camp: f rom Mt. uretna iu
sev City, thence by boat to Albany,
and from there by rail to the various
stopping places ot tne companies, vn
the train which brought Company I
and the band to Brattleboro were Com
pany E of Bellows Falls, Company L
of Newport, Company D of St. Johns
a of Bradford. The
other companies returned by way or
The difficulties of the Bennington A
North Adama electric railroad, now in pro- "
cess of construction, in acquiring right
of way do not seem to be over yet. In the.
Hoosick river, in the place known a. The
Dugway, in Powual, is an island which has
been formed by the river in the past 25
years. This island the railroad company
i i-emAva and in ao doine slightly
alter the course of the river. Marcus Dunn,
one of the leading farmers ol tne town or.
Pownal, whose land borders the river near
the island, alleges that considerable dam
age will be caused his land. There i
talk of an injunction, and so afraid are the
contractors that this action will be taken
that the entire force of laborers was at
work on the aection in question all day
Leader since 1857
Borden's Condensed Milk Co., N. Y.
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