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JOBTHIJ""' v...-
rhnff Chlne.a Ambaaeador.
j,Ufc"v- -
.tll Sorttecl4 New.
.r; ,i;iifr.'M( now in session haa
1' i''j(' tin- tup notes (ur attend-i-.Yrv
ile witnesses h departure of
(Re arrival o( till larg
i'.'iiniil every wnr !
r ' rc 'l'" -' wa" """le """ong
i tt T..;ir.Uy " " y wr "i'l
" ll,d 1"n the Indus
" ", h .-lii uad I"1''" provided. In one
I M.l.li.t- where 10U eemlnary girl.
. . - limn war anlupluiiiail
.VI iinn meenng me sum
,,iP'il to teat SOUO seema
1 :...t Sunday every part of
, j. i. k c t. It wa. estimated
;.;..ent. Hundred! of oth-
,,1 !n it around out mite where
m hear parti of the eer-
m il' h i.
WtMW '
1,'lM' V' I'
-tt a:
V,J:; -'l0 ,w0 hranehe. of the
?- t' i' :" Springfield and those in
, ,,;. in winrn Massaehusett. had
r..,.' ..i ,MM''ti'n with the assembly
.1 iitv unll" I"" orinsniu a sun us
m .L i- . .1
; l.iK'l liil'ir lumurun luyviiirr
of . ...
.(,, .jr.! time in the work of the eon
'hr fter.Nia heen taken up
n,'.i.,i,i.. 1- 'i'.ir'ii rather than left open
'ii'ji.4 i' 'r",,i"n- These additional
-,f, r.-lii. h are held at 4 o'cloek are
i tinUry. itntl tiro u. uirnm iu iH-
with the regular anves, ten-
.. i i.umIitiII pnmes whleh tiba
.,! aim -
tvtrv aft-rnonn. On account of the
' dtn.;,V,i f..r horses from the livery A.
V-' .'. pi-rintendent of the farm,
i.rcn . l to P" "xen to do hit
- w rt. !!" freiiuent appearance of
v, t!.e rimpua excitea eontiderable
,y ,in. iik people from the city who
. jfirf n oxen before.
y 'laiiii i; ne among the speakers art
i;;i.li divines, lira. 0. Campbell Mor
j"h.i hi K and John A. Hutton,
t.( -i' il.l-.Mies rlaaslfying them aa
It0. !!:' uielier, Hess, the arholar, and
, , ,y thcilotian. In addition are
jS ;ir!urs from ail over ine country,
E ih in lu iiis! Jnhn Bancroft Ilevena,
. the Xew York Observer, Howard
4 IT. Hnily f Washington, Dr. John
;j, Adim and Ir. Len Broughton of
li.. who gtive his farewell address
imrd.iv urevioua to his departure for
.jiid. whre he joea to take charge of
ti. Campliell .Morgan a cnurcn uunng
litter's stav in this country. Dr. R.
I-jtrey of Chicago, who haa just returned
1 1 trip to the soutn. gave nia oral aa-
1 list Sunday morning, mo service oe
Bidt as mueh like a Torrey Alexander
.iiii meetini as possible. A two-hour
; lervioe was held previoua to the ad-
i, Tbe conference quartet la doing e
m w.'rk. t iloists are interspersed and
.pit of the fact that Oharlea M. Alexan-
II r."l aliie to oe nere, iiu uiaaniiBiav-
u felt over the music.
n( of ihe saddest events of the eonfer-
vis the death last Sunday evening
Sirs. Karl Kunn on Rustic Ridge. She
i i missionary from Nigeria and the
!a and hart been one of tno speakers
:he .v3uni; woman s conference. A me
;i! ifrviee was held Monday evening and
utile funeral service wai held on Ruatie
. Tuesday morning when only friends
i in attendance. The body was placed
nrily in the vault in the village cem-
if scnual missionary rally waa held on
-jiy. three larire assemblies Deing neia,
ic the morning wnn L. u. rierson oi
-Iiiimiiii thn leenni) in the
,ri,h II,, i,or, 1 W Pone of New
,rta presiding, and the third in the
.-trig under w. K. Monay. ur. k. a.
..t ,ha n,nin Ei.anlll.rl nttlrK
-,i Rev. Henry B. Scudder of India, Dr.
'. Tntklmry. who gave a talk on tnina,
U... r..ll,. U.....1 Tanan wliA tlllll
ifr sohw.l in Yokohama. The most dis-
r.iihed visitor to the conference naa oeen
Liang-Chene, Chinese minister to
I'nited States. He came over from Am-
with a party of frienda in an auto-
i. i, ,1.., ,.t ihd luihiri Vi Tlr.
Jit.in Ki'ss he expressed hia pleasure in
.(lures and in neauiliui .orinneiu. i..n
is party went to the Hotel N'orthfield
ap was shown around t-ne campua ana
id much impressed with the semi-ln-riii
nature of the educational work.,
r made freiHent enmmenta on the mag
m equipment of the school particularly
i- ::ew central neaung anu iiin.ii(r, pio..
Tit minister is an unusually well educat-
oneurai aria HUB year received nil
irom lale. In hig Oriental gam ne waa
imirt in ill i riiciiun uuiois ..'
imirjg the next lay. On account of the
prance rally here this week it ta ex
d that a few of the meetings will be
?d to the temperance cause, that De
the wish of several prominent members
e uninn who are here.
erected on Ue Cowlea lot I. it., .m
S. P. Minot is at Lake Pleasant, ac-
ipinied Ijy her father.
Irr Richards is in Locka Village with
George H. Russell.
in Ruth Crane has gone to York Beach,
to spend her vacation,
r. and Mrs rhrle Olaiier of Gardner
mlerlained hv ('. H. Green.
Ethel Jackson, daughter of Fred Jackson,
eu ill with a throat trouble.
-Milton nvU nf rreenfield made a
visit here the first of the week.
fi.lllnr, rm V..-t, lAama itt Vlllitinfif
crandmother, Mrs. Joseph Brigham.
"i Lillian Andrews of New Britain,
'i is a guest of Mrs. Fred Proctor,
r- and Mrs. C. A. Ware went to Whate
iin eek to visit Mrs. Ware'a sister.
". Robert i-hmmans of Auburndale is a
! Charles Keet's on Maple street.
. Charles Williams goes today to Sal
rf B:aeh and expects to be away several
ben Wio.d has received notice that he
'ea awarded a scholarship in Tufts
ifiil or ten students from Mt. Hermon
rd pulpits in nearby towns last Sun-
iv I. rinvi. nnrlra R rttoon
ester were the guesta of T. B. Mat-
1 reeenllv.
i. Kffie Holland of Stockbridge, a for-
. ie,ia,.r, ls vls,tlng ner inenos
Hin street.
re W:m li.l.l. U lu. main nPSF
- Xinslev'c 1-iEt mwlniT which caused
-J '"iiaiiio.
-1 trip
of M
'Jl hep
" Frid
"t of
party of w-nmen went on a pleai-
to T.a L-m llQUot Tneail.tf retum-
tate tram.
Grne Sewing society was enter
a' .Mrs. H. H. Chamberlain'! last
'lay afternoon.
I teu.,.1., it ..i..i 1. s 0,iipa-
- ii oi Driiuieuuiu jo
lowers at the central omce oi
idlle evVlniirrn
a Mrs. Oeorge Dean, Lillian Dean
"aies of Koxbury are among me
Lucy Harvey, who haa been staying
isngnter for several weens,
l'l her li.imo in 14111
ni Mrs. Frank Green are receiving
millions on the nt-i-ivnl nf "JllUie
T at the Brooklyn hospital.
! cn Aldrich was seriously ill the
'he week and brain fever waa feared
Present she seems to be improving.
Lincoln Hammond of Gill accom
her daughter, Dorothy, waa a
'' ler sister, Mr. Irish, over Sun-
'I Tk.
in town planned to attend the
bay celebration in Warwick yea
which the Xorthfield band wal
"y Grace and her aister, Maggie,
ersey and Misa Annie Grace, of
6 Visitinir Ihoir no rent.. Mr. and
"as Grace.
Mrs. A. E.
-red, f0 , Kichmond f. H today to at
..nd .heir Old Homi ee "h,.! 'wet
mond la Mrs, Lym.n i blrthpl.c.
from,"Hel.',?n.i "OW"d
from Brattleboro y.sl.rday f, . , T,.
which sha la to lake op in the fall.
iJ."!!? J1"1"1" h ld nolle.
h.u -h i m" u"'u,u' obtalnln, .
half acholar.hlp ,. Wr(.eiter
technlo institute for th, eomluj year.
The new administration building whisk
tha Holbrook brothers of Keene, N. H have
liven to Mt. Hermon will b. atarted ai
quickly a. possible, the plan, being nearly
xiiMr'- Kladr h b""1 "tertalnlng
Misses Ada Stevens and Marjory Rollina of
.New ork city, also Nellie Rollina of North
ampton. Persia Washer returned to Brat
tleboro on Wednesday.
A game of ball waa played last Saturday
between the Ashuelot and Northfleld teamed
the latter winning 8 to 2. Tomorrow a
game will be played between Brattleboro
and tha Xorthteldera,
The Unitarian Sunday school la having
only part aessiona during this month. Last
Sunday an exercise waa given by Mn. Wll.
aon'a class and each Sunday on or more
classes will be represented.
Rev. G. F. Piper, a former minister of
the l nitarian church, railed on hia old
parishioners last Thursday. At present he
is visiting his daughter, Alice, in Athol.
Hia home ia now in Bedford.
The imp of the Inkhottle waa somewhat
hilarious last week and made hia bow twica
to the same people In aeveral instancea.
Thia shows that he doea not take a vaca
tion during dog days while good people
often do.
Slisa Sarah Russell, a former teacher in
the aelect achool in the 70' a, waa expected
yesterday to be a guest at Miaa Martha
Hall a. The old students who are now resi
dents in this vicinity, will take much pleas-;
ure in meeting her.
Mrs. Fanny Colton ia in Welt Brattle-'
pnro caring for her sister, Harriet. Mrs.
Samuel Warriner, Miss Florence Warriner
and Mrs. Stellman, all of West Brattleboro,
are occupying her house during her absence
and attending the conference.
Mrs. Phelpa of Warren, Mra. Draper of
Brattleboro, Mr. Putnam of Grand Kapids,
Mich., and Mr. and Mra. Henry Jlllson
were the expected guests at David Hall's and
all planned to attend the Old Home day
celebration at Warwick yeaterday.
Miss Mabel Learoyd, a former tearher in
the mathematics department at Mt. Hermon
and who waa principal of the Northfleld
Training achool, ia staying at ''Content
ment with her mother. She ia to take
up her work again in the department of i
mathematics thia coming aeason.
Mra. E. I. Callender waa called to Athol
Monday to attend the funeral of her uncle,
Marshall Stebbins. Mr. Stebbins waa a na- '
five of Vernon. He lived in this town in
his youth but most of hia life waa spent in
Orange where the body was buried. He
waa 64 and leaves one daughter.
The cucumber gatherers are reporting a
good crop so far. and many tons have been
taken to the pickle factory. Help has been
scarce so it has been hard work to keep
the crop picked and a good many large
cucumbera have been brought in. The last
few cold nights have retarded the growth
of the crop.
Rev. X. Fay Smith preached in the Me
orial chapel at Mt. Hermon last Sunday
morning when 10 stuaents were receivea
into church membership. In the afternoon
the last communion service of the term
was held. Rev. X. Fay Smith presiding.
In the evening tbe regular Y. M. C. A.
meeting was held in the chapel.
The death and burial of John P. Went-
worth tccurred thia week. He was one of
the town's oldeat citiiens and had been an
invalid for a long time being cared for by
.;. Mmt mimihertr of the familv. Be
sides bis widow he leaves two sons, John ,
of Wendell and Harry of Leverett, also a
daughter, Mrs. Xellie Dresser, who lives at .
the old homestead. I
In the many discussions of the Russell
Sage properly it may nut be uninteresting
to recall that in 18H3 Mr. Sage visited the
Indian Territory and afterward that aame i
year he aent a private car to the Indian
Territory and 15 Indian girls were taken to j
the aeminary here. They were of the Creek,
Cherokee and Choctaw nations. Several of (
them remained here for a lew years anu
are graduates. Now they are among the
educated and talented women living in the
Indian Territory.
The funeral of Theodore Holton was held
from the home of his aon-in law, Homer
Smith, last Friday, Rev. X. Fay Smith of
ficiating. Mr. Holton was 8S years old
and had spent the most of hia life in the
lower part of Winchester, X. H., so that
most of his business interests were connect
ed with Xorthfield. Tbe last fcw years of
his life were spent in Vineland. X. J. Be
sides a widow he leaves three children by a
former wife, Mrs. Homer Smith of Winches
ter X H., Arthur of this town and Cora
of ' New Haven, Conn. Besides the imme
diate family a granddaughter, Mrs. C arrie
Holton Vernie and her husband of Orange
were at the funeral. Interment was in
the village cemetery.
Oypay Women Fined for Stealing Money
frdra Ferry Man.
Three wagon loada of gypsies which
went to Millers Falls via Bernards and
,is town were held up Friday by the local
police who had been receiv ng complaints
Lm the people all along the line The story
told in the district courv ...... - -
crossing he ferry Mr. Shantley was asked
crossing v ' , .hw them Amer-
cL mone H"e handed them about 60
cents and afterwards found that $1.25 was
missU He wa, satisfied th., on. of th
:runabh,edtoS,enn whicTone took ,h money,
was unau e obtained money
?' 'h? ! !l i. IndiaynWceor,
Macedonians """ rhica(ro The case
tiimes and came from cnicago.
wa heard before Associate Justice J. J
Lary and the women were defended by F.
J. Lawler of Greenfield.
Mrs. Kenney is visiting in New Hamp
8WM. Lucy Strat.fn is visiting in Green-
fieMi8. AdelU Howe, of Hinsdale visited her
parent, over Sunday
Mr.. F. M. tomimef. -home
in Winchester, N. H.
, Fred Rosa were recent guests
of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Boss.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles uorgi... -
raining their - ffl
T P VVemwuriM, " 7 ...
Henry Hammona oi y"- k
hir uncle. L. J- Hammond, thia ween,
his uncle, ij. it ,
8hoJr,hnvi:udrod L. Leach', .a.t week
York are at Mr. Roy .
L. J. Hammond I. V NoKhfield.
morning and carrying ., U E
'"carle. Leach t-P TnZ 'at
week and returned Friday wnn
tomobile. 0f Lowell
.d-MiU-HaTorEr;". .. Ore
Darling's. e nome Saturday
i the summer .chool A. C-
EMSrtiZdnM.rna Myron Stimaon are apend-CuerAle-xanlerbambridge,
mad. his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. 0. F.
Alexander, a visit last week, remaining over
A bora, that waa .tolen from the barn of
Leroy Weathvrhead of Hlllera Fall. wa.
found ner. by th. roadside with no tr.c. of
th. thieve..
There waa lawn party on vh. ground, of
Frank. Parker, I'm. Meadow, last Krldsy
.veiling, but It wa. ao rainy and damp that
only fw attended,
Mr. and Mra. Hubly and family have left
the Murd.ck sheep ranch and relumed to
Jamaica Plain. The superintendent of th.
farm, Mr. Finney, assisted by an experienced
shepherd from 111. west with hi. .ids, I. to
car. for th. sheep. During th. last warm
day. several of th. sheep have died.
There wa. a quiet wedding at Mr- Xellie
Dresser's last Tuesday when her daughter
Vera wa. united in marriage to Frederic Day
Kenniaon. Mr. Kennisun haa been In th.
employ of th. Xew Home Sewing Machine
company for th. paat two yeara, and th.
couple are to live In Orange. Congratula
tion, and best wiahea are extended by tk.tr
many friends.
Mra. Martha Bain, 70, wife of William
Bain, died Friday, Aug. 10, after a linger
ing illness. Sh. waa a daughter of Ira and
Amelia Green and had lived here for th.
laat 26 years. Two years ago last March
Mr. and Mrs. Bain celebrated their golden
wedding. She leavea three daughters, Mra.
Frederic Lewis, Mrs. A. L. Pickett of Green
Held, Mass., and Mrs. J. K. B. Field of
Bernanlston : four grandchildren, Lester,
Lewis, William, Edith and Hattie Field,
one aister, Mrs. Harriet L. Phillip, of
Northampton. The funeral wa. at her late
home Sunday, Rev. David Wilson officiating,
and the burial waa in the family lot here.
The many beautiful fluwera ahuwed the love
and esteem in which she wa. held. Xone
knew her but to love her and none named
her but to praise. The Borrowing family
have the sympathy of all In their loss.
Among the out-of-town people who attended
the funeral were Mr. Searles and aon of
Northampton, Mr.. Parsona of Rutlsnd, Vt.,
Mr. and Mrs. Humes, Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell
and Miss Chase of Greenfield and Mra. Bell
and Mrs. Hasting, of Gill.
Mr.. Charlea Stanrlift ha. a hydrangea
four yeara old which ha. 25 large bunches
of blossoms and presents a beautiful appear
ance to passersby.
Misses Lila and Doris Johnson returned
Tuesday from a visit with relative, in Bond
ville and Townshend.
Ralph and Percy Tyler have returned to
Bristol, Conn.
D. J. Funis and children have returned
to Mansfield, Mass.
Mrs. Martha Tyler has gone to West Brat
tleboro for a week.
Mr. and Mra. George Stebbina are on the
sick list, also Mrs. L, Fairman.
Miia Daisy Brigga of Mt. Hermon visited
her sister, Alice at F. G. Scott', thi. week.
Misses Chase and Partridge of Eaat AI
atead, K. H., are guesta at W. A. Xew-
ton a.
Miss Alva Hawks has gone to work for
L. Tyler, while Mrs. Tyler is away at the
Mrs. M. E. Stedmaa and daughter of Wor
cester, Mass., were recent guests of Mrs. D.
C. Fairfield.
Archie Clark of Holyoke, Mass., wa. a
recent guest at George brooks, and J.
Woodard .
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dean and .on,
Henry, of Gill, Mass., visited Mrs. Aurora
Gould recently.
E. Baker of Manchester, X. H., and Mr.
and Mra. C. C. Xewton of Springfield, Mass
were guests at C. H. Newton', recently.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Hudson, Mrs. E. Shine
and Ruth Johnson of Brattleboro are visit
ing this week at Warren Shine's.
rMisa Beatrice Rend, who ha. spent sev
eral weeks at her grandfathers M. I.
Iteed'a, haa returned to her home in Mont
pelier. Vernon grange will hold a meeting on
Saturday evening thia week. Several mem
ben intend to attend the grange picnic at
Barber s park Friday.
News comes from Seattle, Wash., that Ed
ward, familiarly called "Stub," Marshall,
who went west last fall, has' gone to Nome,
Alaska, on a season contract to work for
$5 a day.
There was a good attendance of voter,
at the republican rally Wednesday evening
to hear Secretary of State Fleetwood and
George B. Young discuss the political issue,
of the campaign.
Murk Heard of Xew York city and Miss
Emily Van Riper of Paterson, X. J., are
guests of Mrs. B. R. Allen. They brought
with them a sonophone of very superior ex
cellence which is affording much pleasure to
those who are entertained at Mrs. Allen's.
A gang of 45 Italian, in charge of Mr.
Lynch of St. Albans are quartered in cara
at the station and are leveling and repair
ing the roadbed of the railroad. They are
generally orderly and well-behaved and offer
an interesting and not entirely unattractive
study of life under peculiar domestic "condi
tions. Capt. James Boyle of New York, a Vernon
boy who left town about 1875 and won
success by faithful and efticfent service upon
the police force in New York, has been
visiting old friends aikl scenes here after
an absence of 30 years. With him was a
daughter. They were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. J. C. Gray at . the A. 8tebbin farm.
A telegram just received yesterday an
nounces the death Wednesday evening, Aug.
15, at Grand Forks, N. D., of Addison
Whittled, our former postmaster and town
clerk. The body will be shipped at once,
and on the arrival here funeral services will
be held at hi. old home probably Sun
day. Mrs. E. X. Brooks, with Mrs. and Miss
Revnoids, went Monday to Bernardston to
visit the family of her uncle, T. W. John
son. Mrs. Brooks will go from there to
Pitrhliur. Mass.. returning to Vernon the
last of next week where she will remain un- ,
til she leaves for her home in Seattle about j
Sept. 10. Mrs. Reynold, and daughter re- j
turned to their home in Brattleboro Wed- ,
nesday. I
Miss Helen Conway of Amherst has been
the guest of her classmate. Miss Inez Akley,
this week. Other visitors in town during
the week are: Dexter Talbot of Meriden,
Conn, at G. Ernest Hubbard's, Mra. Armon
Ellingwood and daughter, Edith, of Green
field at S. Ellingwood'., Mrs. 0. Kingsley
of Whitingham at her niece's, Miss Zelia
Johnson's, Mr.. W. M. Heed nf Morflpelier
and Miss Jane Bacon of Dorchester, Mass.,
at M. I. Reed's, J. C. Gray of Brooklyn, N.
Y., at the A. Stebbina farm.
Guilford Tonng Mao Took Springfield, Vt,
A pretty wedding took plac. at th. horn,
of th. bride', parents, Mr. and Mra. C. P.
Nours. of Ttl I'nton .treel, Springfield, Vt
Wednesday evening, Aug. , when their
daughter Lulu was united in marriage by
K.v. C. E, Jlayward to Kay Miner of Gull
ford. They were attended by th. bride',
brother of Franklin, N. H., and th..gram'.
lister of Guilford. The bride waa gowned In
whit, ailk and th. bridesmaid in whit. lawn.
Only th. intimate friend, and relative, were
present. Those from out of town wer. Ih.
grootn'. mother, Mrs. C, L. Miner, and hi.
sister Nellie, of Guilford, Mis. Julia Xoura.
of Newport, X. II . and Mr. and Mr., Wood
bury of Springfield. They wer. pre.ented
with many pieces of silver, cut glass and
china. After th. ceremony refreshments
of Ic. ere.m and cake were aerved. Mr. and
Mra. Miner will be at home for the present
with the bride', sister, Mrs. C. A. Abbott,
at 76 Union afreet, Springfield, Vt.
E. W. Legate spent Monday and Tues
day in Rutland.
Mra. X. E. Gil returned Monday from
visit of several week, in Norwich and ad
joining town..
Ruby Clary entertained S3 of her friend,
from Brattleboro and West Brattleboro
Tuesday afternoon.
There were 10 from this town who took
the teacher.' examination at Brattleboro
last Friday and Saturday.
Mr.. J. A. Clark lost on. of her .pan
of farm horses one day last week. It
dropped dead in th. hay field.
Mra. Burton Burrough. and two children
of New Haven, Conn., are visiting Mra.
Burrough'a sister, Mrs. E. W. Legate.
Rev. Merrill Ward will preach in the
I'niversalist church next Sunday at S p.
m. Sunday .chool will be held after th.
Arthur Melendy from Knoxville, Tenn
visited hi. cousin, W. H. Jacobs, several
day. laat week. This i. hi. first visit here
in 3d years.
Miss Minnie Taylor haa returned from
Springfield. Mass., where she has been for
the past three weeks with her mother, Mrs.
Dana Stratton.
Both republican and fusion rallies were
well attended at Orange hall last Friday
and Monday evenings. More voters, however,
attended the latter gathering.
Mr. and Mrs. James Norton of West Paw
let, Vt., spent last week with Mrs. Xor
ton's brother, Mr. Hawkins. Stella Bryant
of Londonderry visited at the aame place.
Master Raymond Barrett entertained 21
of hia little friends Tuesday afternoon, it
being his eighth birthday anniversary. The
time waa pleasantly spent in playing va
rious games and refreshment, of ice cream,
bananas and cake were aerved by Mrs. Bar
rett. Raymond wa. the recipient of a num
ber of pre.enta.
John Ryan ha. recently .old a timber lot
to Mr. Welcome of Greenfield.
Mis. Lula Ward of Brattleboro la vi.it
ing Mis. Mil. Xewton thi. week.
Will Ryan has entered the employ of th.
Bellow. Fall. Farm Machine company.
Mr. and Mr.. George Kerr of Putney vi
ited their daughter, Mrs. John E. Gale, last
Will Squire, of Vernon i. at work with
hi. team on the lumber job of hi. brother,
E. P. Squlrce, on the Boyden lot.
The democrats and independents will hold
caucuses at the town hall Saturday even
ing, Aug. 18, at 8 o clock for the nomina
tion of town representatives and justices of
the peace.
The fusion rally at the Center Monday
night called out about 125 of our citiiens
who listened to the earnest and convincing
speeches of H. C. Shurtleff and B. K. Lam
bert with the closest attention. The ong
by B. A. Whittemore waa a pleasing fea
ture of the entertainment a. shown by the
persistent encor. to which he happily responded.
S. B. Boyden. gav upening dance last
Tuesday evening in the neat and attractive
pavilion wHicB ne has just ereciea on ni
grounds. About 25 couple, attended, music
being furnished by Lewis Jillson, violinist,
accompanied by Miss Ksther Canedy on the
organ. Our young people greatly appreciate
the opportunity for recreation so generously
provided by Mr. Boyden.
Many Former Resident, on Hand for Old
Horn. Week.
Prenarations for Old Home week have
progressed well and Thursday morning tbe
arrival of many former residenta were noted.
Improvement, have been made by citiiens
in the grounds and surroundings and many
imiinesii Slrms and urivate residences are
decorated. The opening feature of the week',
general exercises waa the whist party given
n Knighls of Honor Hall Wednesday even
ing wnen aDout iuu ciuzens aim iu
residents passed a very pleasant time. Yes
terday promised to be the great day of Whit
ingham a history. A tun repon win ov
given next week.
Among the arrivals crjnesaay were i.
X. Louis of Milford, J. 'W. Morse, Mr. and
Mrs. C. H. ShepanUon, Mr. and Mrs. O, H.
Stiekney, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. and E. H.
Hnhertu Charles and Ella Blanchard. Dr.
J. B. Leonard, Mrs. Flynn and Mrs. H. W.
Brigham and daughter. Miss iarnswortn oi
Boston, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Pike, Forest Stet
son, Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Brown, B. J. Crown,
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bishop, Mr. Warren
of Chesterfield, D. J. Chamberlain, Mrs.
Adella Hunt and daughter, Edith, Orsan
Thayer, Mr. and Mra. F. W. Chase, E. W.
C'orkins, A. E. Plumb and family, Fred Far
rington and Charles Brown of Illinois.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Roberts are visiting
in Minneapolis.
A .ocial and dance was held at Forest
Pike's Wednesday evening.
The sad news of the death by drowning
of the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. E.
Putnam was a severe shock to the friend, and
relatives here.
X. C. Marsh and H. J. Gale were in
Bellows Fall. Tuesday.
A. C. Fellows has returned to his busi
ness' at North Windham.
a fr. ftpor?p Williams of Lon
donderry are guesta at Hermon Eddy's.
Mrs. Marion Goodnough and aaugnter,
Olive, of Green River are guests at C. P.
. ir.iu.M onn ram!!? and Mr. and
Mrs. V. W. Ranney visited at Providence,
R. I., the first oi me wees.
Herbert W. Fay is canvassing .the town
in the interests of the Xew England Tele-
Tho nntlonk for a line to
be established la good. Thi. will bring the
town in close toucn wnn Duiue. ...
n at Vewfuifl war largely
xne iusiuu (."j , . ,r i -attended
by voter, from thia town. Voter.
are beg nning to minx ior iurm...c.
" s... fct nd not fiction
are anxiou - " . ,
and will go to the polla and vote .ccord-
... j t. in - tw worda: "Nearly
A worm oi A. -
H other cough cure, are con.tipating, ea
oecially those containing opiate.. Ken
nedyVLaxativ. Honey and Tar move. th.
bowel., l'oniaina no
It at Geo. E. Greene's.
Mrs. E. Flagg and daughter of Brattle
hnrn who have been visiting at Mra. Cut
ting's, have returned home.
Y! .nri tr. C C. Pfersick and Miss
Gile vt Xorwich, Conn., Mr. and Mrs. Red
iinc and son. George, and Mr. Hau. were
at F. Fife', last week.
Mrs. Mentie Kingsbury returned last week
from Guild, N. H.
Mrs. Charles Hosley of Manchester la vis
iting at Win Hosley 'a.
Mrs. Elliot and son of Worcester, Mass
have been guests of Mr. and Mrs. B. B.
F. B. Pier transacted business in Brattle
boro, Bellowa Falls, Windsor and Mont
pelier, and was gone from home several
days last week.
The funeral of W. J. Sheldon waa held
Sunday at his late residence, Rev. Mr.
Bennett of South Londonderry conducting the
service. Mr. Sheldon is survived by his wife
and seven children, Burton of Scotia, N.
Y, Mrs. Delbert Kendall of Xew York city,
Mrs. Wilton Holt of Chester, Mrs. Harry
Howard of Wardsboro, Miss Etta , Sheldon
of Winhall and Hoyt and Omer of thia
place, all of whom were present at the-fu-neral.
Among other frienda and relative,
present were Delbert Kendall and aon of
New York, Sumner and Charlea Phillips
of Putney, Mrs. Martha Shattuck of Put
ney, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shattuck of West
minster, Mr. and Mrs. Pettibone, Mr. and
Mra. Deuch and Mrs. Stafford of Manche.
ter, and Mra. Helen Phillip, of Putney. Mr.
Sheldon waa a veteran of the civil war, and
has been a resident of Rawsonvllle for many
year.. Interment wa. in th. Yearly ceme
ance to paB.er.-by.
In thi. atat. ft is not necessary to aerv.
a five daya' notice for eviction of a cold.
Use the original laxative eough ayrup, Ken
nedy'. Laxative Honey and Tar. No opiates.
Sold by Geo. E. -Greene.
Frederick O. Fierce I. .pending Ih. week
In Boston,
L. H. Robert. I. .pending few day. In
Holyoke, Masa.
Mis. May Ketchum went to Troy, X. Y
Monday for t visit.
Mrs. W, B. Smith and .on returned to
Brattleboro Monday.
Mis. Addi. Sh.tturk of Brattleboro visit
ed In town thia week,
Mrs. Doan. of Worcester, Mas.., Is visit
ing her .on, Dr. I. R. Doan..
Mra. Ben Howard returned laat Friday
from a visit In Northampton, Maaa.
Mr.. C. D. Britton returned thli week
from a visit in Boston and vicinity.
Capt. and Mra. William Robertaon started
Tuesday on a carriage driv. to Peru.
Miss Mary Koundy of Rockingham wa.
gueat of Miaa R. K. Booth over Sunday.
O. H, Peppln haa recently bulll a new
chimney and forge at hia blacksmith (hop.
Mis. Alice Townaend of Salem, Masa- I.
spending her vacation at Albert Townsend'a.
Mr. ('oe, who ha. been .pending two
week. In town, returned to Boston Wednes
day. Mrs. Ida L. Stowell and daughter, Helen,
went to Windsor thi. week for month',
Mr. and Mr.. Ralph J. Houghton have
been visiting in Springfield, Mass- thi.
Fred Holland ha. finished work for Ben
Howard and Dalton Howard will take hi.
Mra. John O. Connor, of Brattleboro .pent
Wednesday with her mother, Mra. Robert
Mr. aid Mra. A. W. J. Wilkin, and Misa
Spencer of Brattleboro were In town Wednesday.
Mr. and Mra. George H. Johnson left
Thursday for two week.' vacation In Bin
ton, Mass.
Mra. Elmer Lewi, of W.llingford, Conn
ie a guest of her parents, Mr. and Mra.
O. L. Pierce.
Carl D. Knight of Worce.ter 1. .pending
. few daya with hi. parents, Mr. and Mra.
C. D. Knight.
Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Whitman went to
Lake Pleasant Friday. Mr. Whitman re
turned Saturday.
Walter Wheaton of Gallopolls, O- joined
hia family at the home of Mrs. L. M. Pl.nti
last Thursday.
Mr. and Mra. Rollin Phillip, of Towns
hend .re guest, of Mr.. Phillips', brother,
Fred J. Martin.
Mr.. Oliver R, Houghton of Springfield,
Mass., wss In town Friday, leaving Satur
day for Windsor.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Page ar. guesta of
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Arnold at Southwirk,
Mass., this week.
Mr. and Mr.. Charlea F. Bailey of Spring
field were guests at Lyman P. Bailey', from
Saturday until Tuesday.
Justin Wheeler of East Lexington, Mass
came Friday for a short visit with 'hia fam
ily. He returned Thursday.
D. H. Kendrick of Amherst, Mass., and
hia daughter, Mr.. Charle. E. William, of
Northfleld, Mass., were in town Friday.
Mrs. Jennie Murch and son of Readsboro
came Thursday for a visit at Mr.. Murch 'i
parents,' Mr. and Mra. Albert Townshend's.
Jame. Brooks, father of C. W. Brooks,
who disappeared so mysteriously a few
months ago, has been heard from in Bethel.
Mrs. W. O. Allen and children, who have
been visiting at Q. B. Newcomb's. returned
to Chesterfield, N. H, the first of thi. week.
Charles W. Houghton has received an ap
pointment as .ubstitute railroad postal clerk
with run between Bellowa Fall, and Spring
field, Mass.
Mra. II. C. Parker ha. rented the Gor
ham house for one month. Mn. Lewi.
Craft, and Helen' Dealand of Lyndonville
are with her. '
Horace L. Scott ha. resigned a. road
commissioner and the selectmen have ap
pointed E. E. Blood to fill Mr. Scott'a un
expired term of office.
Newton D. Clark and family returned to
their, home at Plymouth, N. H., Tuesday
after spending several weeks with Mrs.
Clark "a father, C. E. Prouty.
James P. Whitney and Dr. I. R. Doane
have purchased the Stearns house in thia
village. The writings conveying the prop
erty to them were made Friday.
Dr. and Mrs. C. B. Doane of Springfield,
this state, came in their automobile to Put
ney Tuesday and were guests of Dr. and
Mrs. I. R. Doane during their atay.
The young women will have a dance in
the town hall, Tuesday evening, Aug. 21.
Music will be furnished by Leitsinger'. or
chestra. Ice crenm and cake will be aerved.
Mrs. Addie D. Johnson went Thursday
to Springfield, Mass., for a brief atay,
leaving Saturday for Chicago and Plainfleld,
111., where she will visit. She expects to
remain for about two months.
Rev. J. D. King of the Congregational
church tendered his resignation as pastor of
the church to take effect in September. Mr.
King has received a call from the Congre
gational church at Wilmington which he
has accepted.
A woman was nut off the train here Mon
day in an intoxicated condition. She was
taken in charge by (.onstaoie m. r.
bins. She was at the hotel until Tuesday
when .he was given a ticket and sent to her
home at Castleton.
O. Herbert Huntley employed by the Fort
Orange Paper company of Castleton-on-the-Hudson,
came Saturday night to spend his
vacation here. Mr, and Mrs. t. vt. nuni
ley of Brattleboro also came Saturday. Mr.
Huntley returned, leaving Mrs. Huntley to
spend the week.
A remiblican caucus will be held Satur
day evening, Aug. 18, at 7.30 o'clock to
place in nomination a candidate for repre
aentative to the general assembly at Mont
pelier to be supported at the September
election. Also to place in nomination seven
justice, of the peace for the ensuing two
Joel Houghton i. .spending a few days
in town.
Miss Ethel Fullam and Stanley are visit
ing in Keene.
Carl Simpson of Windsor is visiting at the
Kurn Hattin heme.
Fred All A Howard Fenn went to Weston
Saturday for a short visit.
Mi.. SnsAn Washburn of Bellows Fall, is
visiting Miss Mary Tenney.
Mi-. F.iizAheh Ward entertained the Misses
Dale and Wilkina at her home.
vti.. Yoliie Fenn went Thursday to' Pitts-
ford for a two weeka' vacation.
r-n..ro Wilkin, took nine to the circua at
Bellowa Falls Tuesday in his auto.
Mini Florence White of Maiden, Mass- is
the guest of Miss Grace Chase.
a.nre R. Caldee of New York city was
at George Wilkin.', over Sunday.
un shut,! And daughter of Boston have
been at Kurn Hattin for a few daya.
Misa Grace Bingham of Hartford, Conn
is visiting Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Nutting.
Mra. Sarah Hoar and Mrs. Mary Bram
hall returned to Lowell, Mass., Monday.
The republican caucus will be held Sat
urday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock in the town
vfr. w TT Converse of Maiden.
Mass., .pent Sunday with Mr. and Mra. G.
H. Walker.
i r Uonnr F Ttnnd have re
turned from their trip to Boston and Fitch
burg, Mass,
i ir. Wdjl rAtinlf anpnt Snndav
with Mr. and Mra. Hebert Underwood in
Bellow. Falls.
r rL.1,.1,1, nhaae and children of Law
rence, Maaa- are guesta of Mr. and Mra.
Charle. .Chase.
Mra. Frank Farr ia ao improved in health
that ahe ia able to lit on the piana, also
to receive callers.
uni(An nt QnAnorvillfl Mass.. is ex
pected as a guest of Mr. and Mra. Alvin
Wright Satnrday.
The Mi.se. Dale returned to Townshend
Until September 1st
With every order of liquor amounting to $4.00, a
bottle of choice Old Port or Sherry Wine.
Per Per
Gal. Qt.
Old Private; Stock f-00 $1.25
Silver Brook Bye 3.20 1.10
Hone Shoe Bye 3.23 1.00
Jamtf E. Pepper 3.50 1.00
Monogram Bye 2.75 .85
Mountain Spring Bye. . . . 2.50 .75
Fine Old Kentucky Bour
bon 2.50 .75
Holland Oin.
Pure Malt Oin
New England
Pure Old Medford....
Very Old Medford. ...
Per Per
Oal. Qt.
.$3.50 $1.00
. 3.00 .90
..$2.75 $ .90
.. 2.75 .90
.. 3.25 1.00
These Liquors are Guaranteed to be Strictly Pure and Unadulterated.
Rueter's Sterling Ale Per Case, 81.50
Frank Jones' Cream Porter " 1.50
Highland Spring XXX Ale 14 1.20
Pfaffs' Celebrated Lager Beer " 1.20
We ask our patrons to compare our bear, ale and porter with others which
sell at tbe same figure.
When ordering goods be sure and state the street and number.
Wednesday .fter attending the parish pic
nic at Harber's park.
A. O. Washhurn and daughter, Cora, of
Charlestown, N. H., are visiting Rev. and
Mr.. W. F. Whltcumb.
Mr. and Mra. Herbert F. Bent and two
sons of Watertown, Mass., are guests of Mr.
and Mr.. David Woodman.
A company of eight .Indents from Green
field have been camping near Mr. Fullam'a.
They broke camp Tuesday.
Mis. Myra Ashwell of thi. place and Dr.
and Mra. Minard have giiue to Crescent
Beach, Mass., for a two weeks' atay.
Mrs. Austin and daughter, Barbara, and
Misa Newman of Windtor were guesta of
Mr. and Mrs. John Kimball last week,
g Two additional voting precincta will be
used at the Meptemher election, one at
(iaseville and one at Westminster West.
The check list for each precinct haa been
posted. Voters should examine the lists to
make sure that their names have not been
left off.
The largest crowd of people attended the
parish picnic at Barher'a park Wednesday
that has assembled on a similar occasion for
years. All are much indebted to Joel
Houghton fur hi. interest taken in it se
cured ihe car ride to Bellowa Fails, Baxtons
Kiver and bark to the park, which was en
joyed by all. A very enjoyable time is reported.
A number from here attended the grange
picnic at Barber', park Friday.
A party of about 20 young people went
to Spuffurd lake last Tuesday, Bert Simonds
of Ssxtuns River taking them in his barge.
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Ranney started on a
carriage drive last Thursday, going to War
ren, thia state, to visit a niece of Mr. Ran
ney'.. A new bridge is being built of stone just
below J. 0. Smith's place, Mr. Butterlleld
doing the work with Charle. Miller and J.
P. Ranney, assisting with the latter'a horsea.
Prof. Everett Goodhue of Brattleboro la
visiting in town.
Mrs. Alice Montgomery returned to Brat
tlebero Wednesday.
Charles Siolte of Brattleboro spent Sunday
at Harlan Goodhue's.
Rev. Mr. Waldo of Westminster occupied
the pulpit here last Sunday.
A party of -0 young people went to Spof
ford lake Tuesday fur an outing.
Sadie Davidson spent Sunday with her
uncle, P. S. Knapp. '
W. R. Leith of Greenfield haa joined hia
family here for a few days.
Mrs. W. C. Smith and daughter, bene,
are visiting at Mrs. Annie Newcomb's.
Mrs. F. C. Clement of Troy, X. Y., ia
visiting her mother, Mra. Irene Dexter.
Mrs. Jessie Moore and daughter, Susie,
are spending the week in Londonderry and
Mrs. F. L. Stetson and daughter, Sybil,
of Greenfield are visiting Mrs. Stetson'a
father, C. A. Brigga.
Rev. and Mrs. W. D. Hull and children
of Weston are stopping at A. J. Martin'a
to attend the A. Z. dub's sale.
Mrs. Manning and aon and daughter of
Brooklyn, X. Y., are visiting Mr. Manning',
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Robertson.
Miss Minnie May of Brattleboro is visit
ing her aunts, Miss Mary Underwood and
Mrs. C. W. Martin, and other relatives.
Mrs. Elisabeth Kidder of Hartford, Conn.,
and Mrs. T. D. Potter of Springfield, Mass
visited at Edward Plimpton', the first of
the week.
Mr. and Mrs. George Parker and sona,
who have been visiting Mrs. Parker', pa
rents, Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Plimpton, started
Saturday for their home in Terre Haute,
Ind., visiting in Boston and Maine on their
Walter Putnam and family have returned
to their home in Nashua, N. H.
We are clad to see so many summer visi
tors attending church thia summer.
A. L. Wheeler, familiarly known a. Uncle
Ike, haa gone to Providence, R. I., to visit
his children.
L. C. Goland ha. returned to hi. former
hume in Orange, Mas.., hi. wife and littl.
sun remaining here for a few weeka longer.
C. H. Putnam with his four children,
Walter H., and family and Mra. Fred Han
som and three children of Nashua, X. II.,
Mrs. lrvie Bills of West Jsmaica, Mrs. Will
Clark and four children of thi. town, vi.
ited at P. O. GOuld'a last Friday. Four
of Mr. Putnam'a sisters, one brother and 12
of his grandchildren were present. Th
party met again the first of thia week with
Mrs. Clark.
M. E. Lyman of Wilmington waa in
town Wednesday.
L. W. Boyd of Wilmington wa. in town
a short time Tuesday.
Mr. and Mra. Carl Adams of Wilmington
were in town Tuesday.
C. W. Jone'a is home after spending a
month in New York state.
Misa Grace Bryant of Keene, X. H., i.
visiting at W. H. Mann'a.
J. P. Sargent of West Brattleboro wa.
in town Friday and Saturday. .
Mr. and. Mra. Harry Hotchkise of Wil
mington were in town Tuesday.
Laurence Plumb of Brattleboro ia visit
ing at E. R. Cook', thi. week.
Mrs. Beulah Quinn of Dalton, Mas.., I
visiting at H. C. Davis's this week.
Mrs. H. F. Lord of Wilmington .pent a'
few days in town the first of the week.
Mrs. Learh of New York ia visiting at
Frank Hescock'a and J. J. Snow', thi. week.
Mrs. L. J. Sylvester .nd Mr.. G. H.
Adams were in Wilmington one day recent-
Mr. and Mrs. William Brooke of South
Newfane spent Wednesday at W. Frank
Jonea's. ,
Mr.. Marena Cushman and' Mis. Fidelia
Estabrook ar. visiting at Roscoe Est.
brook'.. Mr. Hager of Athol, Mass., i. visiting
his daughter, Mrs. J. A. Davis, aad family
this week.
Mrs. Grace Deane of Jacksonville waa in
town Tuesday calling on old frienda and
Mra. Clara Olyer and Miss Lura Hager of
Athol, Mass., are visiting their sister, Mra.
J. A. Davis, this week.
Thirty-five guest, from the club house at
Wilmington took supper at the Green Moun
tain inn last week Wednesday night and
reported a good time.
Mrs. Elisabeth Davenport and Mis. Es
ther Crowell of Brattleboro, members of
the Audubon society, .pent Thursday night
at the Green Mountain inn.
Albert Norcross of Worcester, Mass., i. a
guest of hia uncle, D. 8. Prouty, thi. week.
Rev. C. S. Sherman will preach at the
Baptist church next Sunday at the usual
Mrs. Fannie Prouty and daughter, Lula,
of Brattleboro, and Charle. Brown were in
town Sunday.
The Bacon and Wolf entertainment at the
Baptist church Monday evening wa. well
patroniied, there being a full house. It
waa very fine.
Agents Wanted.
XTo wont tho f!nlfskins. Hides. SheeD
Pelts, Tallow, Bones, etc., collected in
your vicinity.
Pnn 't vnn nrrano-B to nnrchase these
goods for us this springt We will fur
nish tlie.casn wnn wnica to uuy, w
will also furnish tags, advice sheets,
fokinT nf rlirectinnn. cloth DOSterS to
enablo you to advertise the business,
etc., etc.
We pay highest cash prices and keep
our customers thoroughly posted on the
condition of the market and pay the
To any one writing us ana menuo
ne this paper, we will mail full par
ticulars. Address, -
Carroli. S. Page, Hyde Park, vt.
the excellence of our
California Wine Display
its not necessary, for
once the knowing buy
er sees it he readily rec
ognizes the worth of the
brands and the purity
and age of our wines.
25 cents per Bottle
an assortment of
SI .00 Per Gallon
Wholesale and Retail Liquor Dealers
145 to 147 1-2 Main St., and 7 Congress St., Springfield, Mass.
and handsome monument has been

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