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0eld, Mass.
tait.,ii.fil Thera,
i '
4. I '
, J l'J':'
.! I'"!
...J 1 '
. U'--r
til .''
, .1
;,ir '!"
. r;. . .1 'vi
,, ,., Poiumia grange m
S iuli lil grange laal Wed
...mite. A short session
:;. iMii' after whirh dinner
;.,.' .'hi guoala. The after
i ...'.in- unit Ilia worthy niae
Hi .rim.-'' gave III uiecllug
n Matllc Hpragua o(
i.,. L-.-iirf ii( Prof, llayward
i tn Ik upon Ilia proper
l,i ; ilii, which lid many
Alter a reading by
l.iiinir of Bernardston
i , m.I l.y T. K. I'nllendsr
. ,i . Corn fur I fllo, 1'liia
, ,.t.,.-ti.-.il tnlk by It. II.
, niMiin on The Kind of
I h'i c minute speeches were
t pri'Mrnt on Ihe auhjoct.
. u.ik given the Xurlhticld
, i!. riainineiil and the ev
Mi ill. .run singing.
ts UJ
ft ill;
I tin
'n in
tor :i
' mi
' to i
c p.ii
est i
i if tt
iu si
if m
irp i
!ljf t
in l
'0- (I
..jt,t:or, Building for Mt. Hcrmon.
t l,;u:'M-:r iiiii'i I'UHulng' la aimn to
.i! lliimi 'i jut north of roc
i. ii i. in In' il(ix4M and will con-
" dr ' principal, tln cashier and I
..',ir, ,, in. riiiii'ii rooms, fir. In tba
,.i ml! I i 'In' P"tonice for diatrihu- j
,')!, il.rni.m ni:iil. The building ii!
, 'ii-li'Milo grocera of Keene, i
', i f- y !i.liriuk, and ia a memorial i
(! illiain lliillirooli.
T.aiie" Btill a Myatry.
v i .'in'i riiiiiff tli exchange of
..:i.inary barn during the mn
. !r.v never been cleared up,
i.-.-it search by the managers.
, rpiiratiun haa paid about
.ii... tin' man fur hia luaa and
:iiii:i' horse. One of the
.f the exchange wna that
i'iii.il if not better than
atr.-u:s Forest About the Caitla.
j vh ;l i- tnrnine part of hia exten
,,r,Hu j . 1 1 1 a pine foiwat and ia havini
J fi-niii the mountaina and near-
i ..i ." t 1 anil lnrire nine tri'ea. The
,1 .r.iliii' a round hia Rrounda atill
w iit.il j muiibi-r of teama and Italian
ir ;ir,' imi'loyed.
Hiiltnn hat moved to Peer-
p so
it c
r ti
11' i.l
r. .4
. V!
:l Vims lias returned from Boaton after
shur Fi'U is the new elerk for Robbina
f. Rh.'d i l.ymnn of Keene ia a guest
to, Vilii:,m Heed.
Fannj Field of Weaton ia the guest
it limilii r, H. P. Field. I
v'sr MiM ii is soon to (to to Greenfield
hf h i' employment.
"m fmni'v nf the late John Murphy are
:o m ivo tn Xnrthanipton.
; (iiTini'lc Hall has been entertaining
::id fr.'in Hiilyoke thia week.
,':i. I). M. Wilson has returned from a
r.lt' slav in Xew Hampshire.
Jfr G. F. Pi nleeost is making repairs on
housf fi.rincrly owned by J. T. Brigham.
C. II. Webster entertained the om
i of the O. F.. S. Inst Saturday afternoon.
Ify Irish is moving into the vacant
-ini in Herbert Fields'a house on lain
K D. M. Wilson was in Sew Tork this
-ii to attend the" funeral of former
liu Martha Hall is planning to go to
A Framinpham next week Jo remain
the winter.
tn H F Woils a former resident of
i turn, but now of Foxboro, Mass., is a
--ii ai lVrham's Inn.
Will A. r.iielow of Torrington, Conn., has
i the sueM of his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
:s HincliAv, this week.
Ir. Stint.', manaeer of the dairy business,
'teiiii' tn town from Boston and is deliv-
milk in the customers.
Hi's Mi'iiiie Warden, who has been spend-
.-part nf the week with Mrs. '. F. Alex
.'i. has gn tn Boston for a week.
Tnere was a huskine at Frank Aldrieh's
m last evening. Pienty of red ears, a
J supper and a joly time are reported.
Tltrp was a husking at Frank Aldrieh's
at MTiiiiiL'. A large company attended, as
.'f. and Mrs. Aldrirh have many friends,
to. Hniu s is having grading done around
t rri,.ii,ils and gravel placed upon her
work being done by . v . uomw.
lYi TiM. n family who have moved into
X Di.,U!t It-' s house, have stored their
"i- ft-rr ami gone to Florida to spend the
F. W. limine reeentlv spent a few days in
WHlmee. when he attended his sister s
'Min:'. nml afterwards visited his brother
. H'.lvuk..
Am'mir the recent guests at ferham's inn
'- -Mi. Frank Ceoledge and Mrs. Emma
ihVr uf Ailiol, also Miss Winnifred Fuller
I Mildred Tyler.
Thp lif.r,l ..f ..., of Aft Hprmon is to be
mascd from inn to 125. that number be-
"! needed to produce a sufficient quantity
niiK tor the scnooi.
f' X. Kidder has begun work on the addi-
:m tn !.:.. -f- TiAir lh linhol-
"i inn Mine. jii. i,,,' ,
Hwr, has come this week and is employed
-r Mr. Kidder for the present. "
..There will be a children's social in ine
I "nana n einircn parlors xois cci"S
h nil the children of the parish and
'Mr linviilK nrt ivirfiinllv mviiea.
K. M. Lazelle of this town and Mrs.
h'ah (i.dimw of Orange will join the mem-
;ts nf a Greenfield party which will go to
"'iiia c,rly in November for tne mi.
Consial,!.. I.inane made three arrests last
siimlav nijht and landed the offenders in
,il ti j llnndnv and
' in appeiireu m oiuh ..
I'ere fh.d fr drunkenness and disorderly
The ;WU of the High school are to have
1 trmniiMi,. drill during the winter montns
Wialjlv j., the Dickinson Memorial Library
-ill. ar .....m.t. h.vlti lieen made by
I i:ss ,li ;,n. (ireenouirh.
If .... ... ... twt,
r. riintoii Ware and ner aaugiiier, ..
"J'tun Ware, were the recent guests of Mrs.
Ws mother and sister in Leydcn. They
al'.s v;.i,...t r i'-'H i,thpr's family.
and 3Irs. Oeorgc Dennison.
His. f,K. Wnshhurn of Bacine,
visiting her sister, Mrs. Walker, and
.. i .i ,i tttia finme
I - 1 hi ;t uves in mis nfcuuii.
'fltt wit, lirr younpest son who Is going to
Rev f'l t tit tt..i- T TI nflstor Of
I I1III1!) 11. iiumiri, 1
,l( First Lutheran church of Albany, N.
"s-hiil at Memorial chapel, Mt. Hermon,
Mt s,,.,.!..,. ,i a otpreonticon
I '.(. I. llllllI Hllli Jilc " .
'"'nre ,, p,,, jjur Monday evening.
lar.-n delegation attended the fnitanan
"nf-rene,. , Bernardston last Wednesday,
'""ins the speakers WHs Rev. 3. T. Suther
'"'l. n.i- ,,f Hartford. Conn., a former pas
"" ef tlie I'nitarian church in this town.
TI... .... - wntPT
"" teeent rains nave K" i
"ugli to eiuihle F. W. Doane to run his
"der-mii; and there are indications that the
sl amount will he made. The crop of
1 fli'les is small but all the crop will
" utilized. At u Wormon the skins ana
"Tes are .nj . ,.'.,1,. rerv fine jelly.
Mrs. Marr rivi Wrio-bt. 70. died at her
"id-m-e on Warwick avenue last Sunday
the fiM,..,.,l T ,!.,, nfternoon. Be-
'ies a hci.n -r,. uviirht leaves two
" and one daughter.' She had spent most
! her m A !- !.:. n and during
,, 111.11 lt? Ill I..-" .
the las, i. aHiA and had
,'riii imu ueeil J
- . 'i lor oy ner on.
TheX Fortnightly club met last Monday
'tfrnoon. Papers were read on the Spanisn
"'eraturf of the lfith century by Mrs. Bes-
iod j Tph. and a recita-
ti'm . . . - innAv Very
- riven nv airs. a. it.
yoyaMe Spanish music was given by Mi"
Bailey .r.4 it w R Moody and a review
of recent 1;.Vine, by Miss Jean Greenough.
A pee,utt Vident happened to a horse
belong!.,, io M,. H.n,..,, whu ,, h
tent purehaM-r of the Howard properly In Ih.
weal parub. ilr. ,Uaiillol, h'.dVen .!.
7.?"y- A 'h"rt "t t"
give Hie., ,,., ,n4 tuuni ,,, BM ol
hor.e, hd broke,, 1 rg 4urln, h,
II" waa obliged to h,ve ,h, , kllr(J
The first of llie lie I ore courie series will
l' iven In the (own hall Friday evening
the Motart (Udlea ) quartet will describe In
tnry.the New rlngland shore from Newuurl
lu Itar Harbor, Illustrated by Smi marine and
landscape viewa. Thia lllu.trated lecture has
been highly eonimended by Ihe press and all
who have witiietud it, and Ihe mauagera are
expecting the lull be Oiled lu ita utmost
cnpsriiy. Tirkels ean be had at Ihe door or
of Ihe lreaurer. I). Williams.
A very liilere.tlng evening pent at
Ihe grange lat Tuesday evening, the uro
gram being in charge uf Miss French. The
snbjert waa The American Negro, F.xtrnrta
from Ihe life of Frederic Douglas were read
by Mra. Uilletle and a short sketch of Paul
Itimlmr's life waa given by Mi.s llolton.
Miss French gate a humumua reritalion, and
aneedoles lllusiraling the amusing aide of Ihe
negrii'a character were given by several of
the members. Humorous readings by Wil
liam Priest and Mrs. M. T. Moore were the
cause of much laughter and applause.
The parsonage of the Congregational
church is to be used by different societies of
the church, and, with slight alterations, it Is
tn be converted Into a building for social
entertainment!. This It In response to a re
quest by the young people's society and a
sum not exceeding flnil is In be used in the
rtpiiirs, the work of which will be begun at
once. Keveral of the partitlona on the lower
floor are to be torn down, so there will be at
least one good sized room, which will be used
aa a hall. The second floor will be used as
two tenements, one of which is already occu
pied hjr Mrs. Gillette.
Mrs. Kenney ia visiting her niece tn Gill.
F. It. Wallace of Phattuckville has been a
recent guesl at Mapledell.
Fred Alexander has been visiting bis
mother in Schenectady, X. Y.
Mrs. J. P. Wentworth has returned home
after a visit of aeveral weeks with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Elwin Atwood of Erving
have been the rerojit guests of their brother,
1. L. Atwood.
Mr. and, Mrs. B. F. Morse of Sunderland
have visited Mrs. Mf.'M's niece, Mrs. L. E.
Fisher, the past week.
Miss Delia Howes and her sister Gertrude
have taken positions at Mt. Holyoke college
in South lladley, Mass.
Mrs. Klisha titration has returned from
Springfield, Mass., where she has been visit
ing her sister, Mrs. Martha Alexander.
Mr. and Mra. Samuel Alexander of Cam
bridge called on Mr. Alexander'a grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Alexander, last
Men with their teams have given a day'e
work and cleared away the rubbish around
tha aehoolhouse In district Xo. 4. The women,
to encourage them in their good work, gave
them a dinner.
Jacob Sauter enjoyed a visit from his
brother last Sunday.
Miss Mildred Severance, who has been at
home three weeks, went back t'i Ilrat leboro
Mrs. W. C. 8mith and children of West
Deerfield were at her father's the last part
of the week.
Mrs. A. B. Warner of North Bernardston
came Sunday to see her mother, Mrs. Eliia
belh Dennison, who is very ill.
T. F. Dyer of Fox.eroft, Me., waa the guest
of David Mowry over Sunday and called on
other frienda. He waa on his way to Texas
to spend the winter.
The teachers of the towi attended the con
vention at Orang'e last week Friday. Miss
Witherell went from there to her home in
Warwick, returning to Leyden Sunday night.
Mrs W A Campbell visited her eouin,
Mr and Mrs. Fred H.e'i.'Mer, at Conway
several dava the last wee:. l'er husband
and daughter joined i.er there Saturday and
they all came homo Sundry.
Kev J. Cartwill exchanged Sunday with
Kev W T Miller of Charlemont, who was
the 'minister here two years or more in the
earlv seventies and who was warmly wel
comed by those who knew him then. His
subject was The Difference Between Our
Thoughts and Ways and Ood's Thoughts and
ti. win at Allie Phillips Tuesday
..... .ttPiirled bv over 40 of his
neighbors and friends and a good time en
ioved and a good pile of corn husked. An
;"supper: wi,h
other good things, was it
was husked.
Lovden has had an experience with an acci-
dent caused bv an automouiie. ..... -
Mrs. In Lueo and son and Joseph
people who ire near tne iowii .."
S were going down the mountain Sunday,
when they met a- t,,.obi.c ".
ened their horse so lnai i ' " " .
h own out and more or less seriously hurt.
lueo was confined to his bed fur several
davs. The automobile ''""'"' lh
irtims have no idea as to me ."v .-
people who were in it.
Death of Mr.. Oraallne K. Dunkle. After
Br lei iimea.
..i.i.J .i.K.ur nt the
to Horace n.i .. ... , by
riedMr. Dunklee in. ipr.i, -
- ',nn,SsJd
STV'd. ''f ihi- ."wn. officiated.
; Lot Northneld sang two el-ts.
Mrs. Dunklee was a " ' Pand
ciples, a devoted w . jn )j(e
,.y8 "Methodist Episcopal
she united witn i tributea attested
church Tht i beaut W tr.b
, the love and es teem " t0 at.
Among the out-of-town remi
tend the uner.. dauBhter and
Melrose, Mra. Jamea . Greenfleld ; Her-
Mr. ami 'Xuth Hadley, Mass.; Mrs.
hert Dunklee of South ""d'ey,
p. a. Wellington o. -- t,eI)0ro
Mr. and Mrs- r- '
... nerniea FaaT is at home from
Greenfield. returned from
Mrs. Annie woouj
".""r.'iaek of Bernardston ha, gone to
work for W. Shine.
part of tntir .!, was
Mr8. Leander Combs o,
. visitor of Mrs. ari
w Shine and fam ly too Mm
to Shelburne Falls, this ween
Shine's sister. Y., and
Burrill, Lawrence t ' J operated in
nhnaVnWhW.hTherrfmen can milk 65
I8.b ."one hour and 0 m.nu -
Mrs. Eulalia Russe. died Tuesday
' "'"r-belide. a brother, Herbert
Myron, oi Hdley. Mass., and Jura.
Dunklee of South Hadley,h.s g
Aurora Gould, I ,od from her
Funeral services ernDenton ,nd Rev. I.
S '""ftthe s and a devo",ed member
p'reased for her husband.
Walter Wrnlwtirtb of !,yna, Mat., tlsited
his unrle, II. A. Hlal.n, last week,
Mra. K, II. Akley went Monday to iloot
rlier lu remain during Ladles' week.
Mr, and Mra. 'Orn Johnson uf Heading,
Unas., are spending a few d.ja with rela
tives lu town.
Iter. A, II. Webb nf Uralllebon will
preach In I'nion church Niinday aliernoun at
o cb.ek. Muodsy school will be held at I
The Ladles' circle is invited to meet with
Miss Xeha Johnson next Wednesday and din
ner will be served at noon. A cordial infla
tion la extended to all lu attend,
Mra. Mary Klngsley of Jacksonville, Mra,
Susan Warren of West llratlletmro and Mra.
A, F.slahruok of Hrorkton, Mass., are guesta
of their nieee, Miag Zelia Jnhn.n.
Dexter I. Htone returned to New' York
Tuesday. Mra, Htone and daughter, Miss
Florence, went to Hmtlleli.iro Thursday and
will follow lu New York aoon. They havt
been gueaia of their rousliu, Mr. and Mra,
M. I. Heed.
There will be a service In Christ church
Sunday, Oct. SM, at 2:3i p. m.
The women of the Congregational society
held a very Interesting meeting with Mra.
Hidden Wednesday afternoon,
Alfred Hell has been ver;' ill this week
from some injury to the spine receive I while
working on the woodlot near Ihe Haulers mill.
Mrs. Flagg, wife of Representative Flagg,
ia in Montpelier thia week to attend the
meetings nf the Society of Colonial Dames
and the D. A. It.
Miss Annie Mellen, having been ao much
benefited by her summer in the White moun
tains, haa returned there to spend the win
ter, leaving here the firit of the week.
Miss Nellie Miner haa gone to Springfield
Vt, to visit her brother.
Uansom Ackley killed 1 hedghog last Mon
day that weighed IS pounds.
Mr. and Mra. Cooley of Greenfield were
over Sunday guests at Ransom Ackley 't.
The women will serve a chicken pie sup
per and hold a dance on Friday evening,
Nov. 2, at Grange hall.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Wallen returned to
their home last Monday, after spending three
weeks at E. W. Legate'a,
The Guilford Dramatic club are rehears
ing for a play entitled I'ncle Rube, to be
given in the near future.
Marrnt Worden died very suddenly at his
home Wednesday morning. He waa the old
est person in town, being 93.
Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Bullock went to Brat
lleboro Thursday to attend the funeral of
Leon Farr, a cousin of Mrs. Bullock.
Rev. John S. Kimball of Marlboro, X. H
will preach In place of Rev. Frank L. Mas
seek at the rnivemalist church Sunday.
Clarence, the 12 year old aon of Mra. J.
A, Clark, broke hia leg last Sunday morning.
In running he slipped and broke it at the hip.
He is as comfortable as ean be expected.
Martha Ingraham haa given up her school
in Hinesburg and Mr. Pierce is substituting
until another teacher can be procured. Mrs.
F. E. Ward is taking Mr. l'ierce'a place In
the Center district.
Putney and Vicinity
Futasy Yonnf Woman Becomea WUt of
MaaaacfcueelU Man.
A pretty autumn wedding look pine at tha
home uf Julius V. Washburn Wednesday at 1
o'el.M-k, when hie eldeal daughter, Sarah
Louise, became Ihe wife of Arthur Wyekam
Ashenden nf Auburndale, Masa, The bride
waa becomingly .Hired In an embroidered
batiste prince., gonn and earried a bouquet
of Bride rosea. Hhe waa attended by her
bridesmaid, Mus Helen Cunningham of New
York elly, who wore a drese of white net
and lae. and earrlrd yellow ehryeanthemutne.
The beal man waa Frank Ashenden, brother
of Ihe groom. Messrs. Harold and William
Washburn acted as oahers. The ruoma were
prettily decorated. An altar had been formed
In Ihe parlor by banking greena and bitter
aweel. Here the ceremony waa performed by
Her, Charlea K. Hayward of Kprlnglleld, VI,
the ahorler Episcopal aervlee being need.
Th. other dceorallone were ferna, roaea and
rhryaanlhemumt. The table decorations were
violets ana me wruun. "-.-- -
for 3d. In a aeparate room were diaplayed
the numerous choice presents. Tha guests,
besides the Immediate family of tha bride,
were Mr. and Mr. Ulrherd Ashenden, per
enta of the groom, and Frank Aahendrn, of
Auburndale, Masa.i Mr. and Mra. John 8.
Woodbury of Sunderland, Maas.: Miaa Helen
Cunningham of New York; Mra. Candlln,
Misa Strong and Miaa Westeott of Spring
field. Masa.: Mra. Sarah Wheat. Dr. and Mra.
(). D. Wheal, Mra. Hubert Kalhan and Miss
Elira Crawford of Putney. The couple made
their escape In an automobile, but not with
out Ihe conventional ahower of rlee. confetti,
good wishes and old ahoea. They expert In
travel in the llerkshires and will be at home
at 37 Evelyn atreet, Dorchester, Mass., after
Jan. 15, 17.
Death of Mra. Oeorge I. Plerca.
Mra. Nettie Fisher Pierce, 64. wife ol
(leorgo L. Pierce, died suddenly at her home
last week Thursday, the remit uf asthma and
bronchial pneumonia, which affected the
heart. Mrs. Pierce had been an Invalid for
nianr years, but all Buffering incident to her
ill health had been patiently and uncom
... I..:.... I., i. ........ sl,,. was born in Town
Clarke and family of Bellows Fella took a
trip over Ihe meuutaina laat Thursday la Mr.
Wilklna' louring ear.
Charlea Bishop attended the Sunday eehool
contention at Randolph. Tba women In
charge of refreshments aent a large supply of
food lu tht Kara Hallln boys,
Mlaaea Martha Wright and Helen Wllkina
are attending the Christian Endeavor conven
tion In Bennington tbia week aa delegates uf
the Christian Endeavor society.
' The regular meeting of Pnydrn grange
will be held Friday aeening, Nor, 3. The
third and fourth degrees will be conferred
and the harvest aupper will be held.
The ninth grade of school Xo, haa
elected the following claaa ofnrcra for this
year: Preeldcnt, Stanley Fullam: eieeprea
idem, Ilullie Wrlehl; eecretary, Grace Lee
man; treasurer, Edna Kimball.
Mra. Howard Hiulth and aon, accompanied
by her mother, Mrs. Klchler, came from New
York elty Wednesday. Mr. Smith la to much
Improved that he waa able lo ride to Bellows
Falls Tuesday,
Mr. Lake of Keene, X, H, ,ireaented lo
Mr. Whileomh Ihla week a baby organ, which
la to be used in the district meetings, A
meeting will be held In Ihe Morse district
Sunday afternoon.
q-k. v...t..l..t.tltt 1nh twill hold Ita next
meeting Monday evening, with Mra. Charles
Bishop. , Program la aa ioiiowb: music;
...j vi. fr. Itiiihoii: music: Mr.
and Mra. Bishop will apeak of the work by
Ihe boya: Our Common rerna; music, ur
rent events,
Miss May Adams la at home at present.
Mrs. Marion Jennison la visiting at C. J.
Mrs. Mabel Rhlpman la visiting her par
ents, Mr. and Mra. Hart, In Windham.
Mrs. Harriet Prrham haa rented her house
Jennie and lima Harwood of thia place.
Mra. Guy Thayer, who haa been confined lo
her bed all aummer, is now able to take
short drives.
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Moore have rented
their farm near Saxtona River and now come
to lire with Mra. Moore'a aistera, Misses
Jennie and Oma Harwood of thia place.
Miss Roundy. who came as a substitute
fur Misa Weaver in the village erbnol. haa
also been taken ill and gone to her home in
lieiitl M iv 31 IflJ, one of the family oi ' itnckmgnam. -miss icn.rU..n oi
ix children of Nathan and Celesta Fisher, j River is now teaching.
Mrs. fierce waa marrieo ...
Julv 12 IH'. and they had resided here
mo.t of their married life. Mr. Pierce being;
..!....., f..e inaiiv veara and later I
interested in the Stowell company, i re....... , ...a...
in her marriage she was a successful teacher; F p n,.(d is suffering with an abscess on
for several years. She waa a member of the ,
Fred Crosby ia working in Ashhurnham,
Silver Brook Distilling Go.
latum Distributing Agent, H. ISAACS, Croenflold, Maas.
Pour Full Quarts
Mountain Spring, sour mash $2.75
Horse Shoe Rye, 6 years old $3.25
Silver Brook, fine old Bye $3.50
Old Private Stock, 10 years old $4.00
For Good, Pure, Unadulterated
Goods, These Prices Can
Not Be Beaten.
Tel. 18-4
. .: . ..v t. b , s,,niti w iminam aou
inpi ii-i , H... ,
united with the Baptist church here by letter j
about SS years ago. Although unable to,
attend its services regularly, she had alwaya I
been a loval and devoted member, and her ;
....rt.Mk.il. I lie ninuence oi
(Ibed Haltaday has been on the ' sick list
few days.
Merton and R. II. Amidon of Bratlleboro
re in town Sunday.
Mrs Nellie Lahey went to Brattleboro
Sadie Clark la very ill with typhoid fever.
Mrs. HudBon is visiting In Colrain thia
Karl Taylor'a barn was burned Friday
Arthur Cooke and bride are visiting at
home this week.
Carlton Davenport of Colrain is visiting at
his uncle's, R. J. Phillips', thia week.
There will be a sociable in Grange hall
Friday evening, Xov. 2, The sewing circle
will meet in the afternoon. All are invited.
interest never decrease!!. nn iih'" " -""
mi r. si . ' u,i,. .-here she haa employment.
her lite anu rnimn'i "".v -. -- - -
church and throughout the community. Her j ,w p,,tch of flreenflcld spent Sunday
service was the j.aiient waiting and the in- , wih hi, nuilher, Mrs. Jennie Patch,
fluence of a consecrated Christian life. She j w,i(.r K(,n, ihot , fln0 ml-k Monday. It
waa a member of the I.adiea' Aid aociety and TU,A ,,, ,,, hhtt !., taken,
treasurer of the church for many years, re- iwnardston waa
of F C Lewi, of Walllngford. Conn., and tin Laugllton s.
Mav' wife of F A. Ilurdeit of Putney and The telephone poles are set and wires put
nne'son Arthur F. Pierce of Wellington!, ,, ,, the fanners' line extension, having a
brother Mrs. O. rntral office in Putney. The end seems near
A. Taft of Buffalo. X. Y.: B. Fisher of j -.
Free TrSsiH
the house. Kev. 1L. K. Buffum of the Baptist
church officiating. Miss Jennie K. Pierce
rendered three selections (fathering Home.
The Hume Beyond and Only Remembered by
What I Have Done. Burial was in Mt.
Pleasant cemetery. The bearers were E. C.
Lewis, F. A. Burden, II. M. Wood and C. W.
Puffer. Some present from out of town to
attend the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. John
T. Moore of Bellows Falls, Mr. and Mrs. II.,
r u-n.i tit Tirttileburo. Mr. and Mra.
j Charlea W. Puffer of Brattleboro.
ii. i-ai .,,.1 Mr. L. K. Brain
V Oiiliiii'io, - - - i I .e.iTii, i." ...
San Jose, Cel. also survive. The fun .-1 j netful d,., Wednesday by a drive to Towne
... h.ihl Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock aUl . . . ,,d the Windham County Pomona
new hen-
Lincoln Sawyer ia building
Mrs. Luriasu Brown has returned from
New York.
Mrs. Alma Carrier is home from her work
in New York.
William Read and Clinton have returned
from Springfield.
Kftie Haskina has finished work for Mrs. E.
L. Wheeler and gone away.
Mrs. Flora Dixon of Wilmington is visiting
her mother, Mrs. Julia Pike.
'Wataon Hicks has returned from Nebraska
and gone to driving team for L. H. Sawyer.
There were baptismal services at the Bap
tist church last Sunday evening, 10 being
Frank Jillson is putting up a wagon house.
George Sawyer is assisting him in the car
penter work.
Miss Maud Wheeler arrived hero last week,
having returned from n visit with her mother
in Loomis, Wash. She left again for her
duties in New York, being a trained nurac.
Mrs. Jesse Wilder is improving in health.
Representative Porter was home over Sun
day. M. W. Stickney is in town for a week
or so.
It is reported that John Holbrittter has
typhoid fever.
Don O. Buttcrfield is in Montpelier taking
the examination for admission to the bar.
George Mnrsh has gone to Westport, N. Y.,
where he will engage in the meat business.
Oeorge E. Jacobs is in town nnd will re
move his goods to Springfield, Mass., where
he has a business.
E D. Manter will remove to Springfield,
.' '.i i, ...in in' the future. He
.MASS.. siieic ..c .,.
has a position with the Connecticut River
Lumber company.
The grading around the new library build
ing has been nearly completed this week and
the grounds present a tine nppearance. No
announcement of the dedication exercises
has been made yet.
The new house being erected by Porter &
Brown on East Main street is well under
way and will be ready for occupancy in the
course of a month or six weeks. They are
planning for the erection of two more houses
this fall and winter.
The second number in the lecture course
occurred at Memorial hall Wednesday evening
and was fully up to expectations. The
Floyds can well be considered first-class
artists in their work of sleight-of-hand per
formances and mind reading. The third en-'
tertninment will occur Nov. 23, at which
'iiniA The Musical Five will be the attraction.
Mr. Wood, who lives on West Maih street,
with a friend drove into town on vv euncBuoj
morning with the bodies of one bear and
two cubs which they killed in Stratton.
They also had the good luck to kill two
deer. There are number of hunters in the
woods we hear, but as yet they do not re
port any capture of game.
Frank Chase and daughter, Misa Lena, of
Berkeley, Cal., visited in town recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lackey of Wardsboro
visited her parents, Mr, and Mrs. A. J. Pike,
A Card.
We, the undersigned, do hereby agree to
refund the money on a 50-cent bottle of
Greene'a Warranted Syrup of Tar If It fails
to cure your cough or cold. We also guaran
tee a 25-cent bottle to prove satisfactory or
mnnev refunded.
P. H. Holden ft Co.
E. A. Temple & Co.
W. S. Holland.
H. A. Williams.
A. M. Merrifield.
J. A. Murzy.
Brown ft Ryder.
M. O. Williama.
Ben. E. Greene
Thomas' Pharmacy.
J. L. gtockwell.
Mark 9. Mann.
C. H. Grout.
N. M. Batchelder.
W. C. Halladay.
A. L. Wheeler.
A. M. Corser.
I Mrs. Henry tiould of Cheater was in town
Miss (Hive IUuod is nt L. P. Bailey's for a
few weeks.
Charles Houghton, substitute railway pos
tal clerk, is h une for a few days. '
Fred R. Peniber of Stamford, Conn., is
spending tiie week at M. H. Pember'a.
Mrs. Juilson Perry went Thursday to
Tnwnshcnd for a visit at her former home.
Clayton Coane served a venison dinner to
several of his friends Wednesday evening.
Mrs. Charles ltieh and little son Vernon of
Bellows Falls ure guests of Mr. and Mrs. M.
D. Whitman.
Neighbors' night occurs at Putney grange
tonight. Westmoreland grange will furnish
the program.
Miss Mamie Bailey of Gardner, Mass.,
came Wednesday for a few. days' visit with
Mr. and Mrs. Dorr Clough.
Miss Fannie Washburn came from Boston
ihis week to attend the wedding of her sis
ter, Miss Sara L. Washburn. i . n(, procured anther wagon
Rev. J. P. Smith of Lawrence, Mass., will ; nn(1 iIr r.ynde came to the rescue ana wnn
..I ,1... r..nff.i.i,atlfinil .. . ,. . , . I. i:..n.nn i.i.1.,n Hurt hi ATiniCS
""e"e tne neip oi me unci.....
and he went on hia way rejoicing, tne onij
result of the mishap being an hour's delay.
Mr. Bradley says: "It's a great thing to
have good neighbors."
local grangers enjoyed the de-
nd to attend Ihe Windham County Pomona
Giles F. Heed was at home from Chicopee
Falls, Mass., from Saturday until Thursday.
Miss Edna Ray was the guest of her sister
Mrs Charles Crosby, Monday, and returned
to Fishers Island, N. Y, Tuesday.
Mrs Jennie Patch ia visiting in Worcester,
Mass this week. Her daughter, Mra. George
siieldun of Greenfield and Miss Haiel
Sheldon will take charge during her absence.
George Sheldon spent Sunday with them.
Will Miller shot a hawk Sunday while the
.....!.,. ,.n .., nf hia best chick-
ens. It was a large red-tailed specimen and
measured four feet trom up io up . -.in...
It had been a marauder for some
Ernest Miller came recently for a two
weeks' vacation at his old home. Maple
Ridge farm, but instead of the good time he
anticipated, he has been ill with quinsy
which is all the harder to bear because of
the beautiful October days and the deer 8ea
son. The renort of the Cook Laughton wedding
last week lacked one pleasant and interest
ing item. We neglected to Bay that the day
was the birthdav anniversary of the bride a
mother, Mrs. Annie Littleworth Laughton,
whirh event made the occasion doubly inter
esting. Mrs. Laughton and her daughter,
Mrs. Nellie Lahey, were hostesses.
As Alonio Bradley was taking a load of
apples to Brattleboro one day this week, he
enmo near having b bad accident, but ji
he was driving slowly, it was averted. The
linch pin pulled out and hia wheel came off,
letting the load down so eusny mi
snnnlv the pulpit of the
,.hr,.i, nevt Similar. Get. '28
Mrs. II. C. Warren and Mrs. George S.
Foster accompanied Mr. Warren to Mont
iielier to spend Ladies' week.
Mr. and Mrs. M. II. Carpenter of Haver- i
hill, N. H-, came Wednesday to visit tneir
daughter, Mrs. Thomas J. Heennn, and Mrs.
M. J. Foley.
A. J. Palmer. Frank Young, U. Leroy
Howe and Willis Young went to Dover Sat
Miss Florence Miller entertained several
of her friends last Friday evening,
Th Ladies' club will meet at the vestry
Howe and Willis deling went to Uovcr Mat- Thursdav afternoon at 2 o'clock,
unlay, where they will spend a week camping " '
with P. O. Downs this week putting the fin-
nnd deer huntinc
Rally day will be observed at t he Metho- Jo hj5 bar
,i st church Snmlav at 10:4; a. m. The ft
Sunday school pupils will have a prominent
Sunday school pupils will nave a prominent - - Anrlrows on
part in this service and it is earnestly hoped Laughton are rkinj for Mis. Andrews on
that all members of the school, including the ZiZoiZ
home (lenartment nnd cradle roll, will
present. Every one is invited to attend.
News has been received of the death of
Ariel Crosby, a former resident of the town.
Mr. Crosby was a member of Col. W. H.
Greenwood post No. BO. He enlisted in com
pany I, 5th Massachusetts volunteers. Mr.
Crosby is survived by a wife and one son,
Charles Crosby, both of Waltham, Mass.
Mrs. Calisla J. Bangs of Brattleboro, de
partment president of Vermont W. R. C,
will inspect Col. W, II. Greenwood corps at
the regular meeting next Tuesday evening.
A rehearsal nf the work will be held Mondny
evening. Junior Aice-Commnnder L. WT. Bird
of Brookline is expected to visit Col. W. H.
Greenwood post next Tuesday evening.
be the cellar walls and foundations of her farm
Harrv Cannon is to move his family to the
Downs " place, toward West Dutnmerston.
George Tuttle, who is now on the Downa
place, haa bought a fiiTm on Dummcrston
hill and will move there soon.
There will be a-Hallowe'en party at John
son's hall, East Dummerston, Wednesday
evening, Oct. 81. Everybody is cordially
invited to attend and bring a few apples and
a sheet for purposes of masquerade. Candy
will be for sale, popcorn free.
Mrs. Charles Chaso is visiting in Somer
ville, Mass.
One day recently W. S. Fenn housed 1200
bushels of onions.
Mr. Thurlow of Boston is spending the
week at Kurn Hattin.
Miss Alys Johnson visited schools in
Springfield, Vt., Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Nutting returned from
their trip to Chicago Tuesday,
Alfred Cobb of Brattleboro has been viBit
ing Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Richardson.
Miss Sylvia M. Derry of Putney is spend
ing a few' daya with Miss Nellie Fenn.
Mra. Clara Doal of Claremont, N. H., has
been a guest at Kurn Hattin this week.
Miss Katherine Grimes and 'Ernest Wright
spent Sunday at Norman Whitney's in Put
ney, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fairbrother of Spring
field, Vt., spent Sunday in town with rela
tives. Miss Jessie Woodman of Springfield, Vt.,
was at Mr. and Mrs. David Woodburn'e over
Mr. and Mrs. George Wilkins and Mrs.
Sarah Willard went to Townshend last week
and were guests of Mrs. John Dale.
The fireman of engine 104 waa fortunate
enough Wednesday, while in South Vernon,
between 9:30 and 5 o'clock to kill a deer.
Mr. and Mrs. Walton Farr gave an ex
F Evans, G. E. Tuttle and A. W.
The New England Telephone
and Telegraph Company offers
for a limited period, trial tele
phones in the residences of
those who have never before
had telephone service. The
Company has over 200,000
stations. For particulars, call
the Manager of the
fp&e TrSsiff
who have spent Ihe summer here, have re
turned to Troy, N. Y.
Earl Simpson has moved to West Brattle
i.,.r., and George Neilson has rented the ten
ement just vacated by Mr. Simpson.
The Epworth league will hold a Hallow
e'en social at Mrs. Annie Newcomb's Wed
nesday evening, to which all are cordially in
Mrs. E. L. Pike is under the doctor's care.
B. C. Ryder has been visiting in Benning-
Rev. Mr. Hager of Richford supplied the
pulpit last Sunday.
Recent visitors in town have been Mrs.
Irving Grout of Arlington at M. L. John
sun's; Mrs. Burns. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis of
Brattleboro at Mrs. S. B. Rice's; Rev. and
Mrs. Heyer of Richford at Mr. Shampine's;
Mr. and Mrs. Wilder at Mrs. M. L. Shine's;
Mr. and Mrs. T( rber of Saratoga, X. Y.,
at H. A. Waite's'.
Mr. Itnundy passed through here with a
big drove of cattle and sheep Tuesday.
Mrs. Amanda Bills of West Jamaica has
been visiting her sister, Airs. F. O. Gould.
Er B. Kussell has returned from his work
in, Putney.
Rev. J. A. Swarts and Mrs. E. P. Reed are
convalescing from their illness.
Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Stone have moved to
Baldwinsville, Mass., for the winter.
Mrs, Olivo De Wolf of Springfield, Mass.,
was a guest of Mrs. W. B. Leonard last
Mr nnd Mrs. Fred Rogers have moved
from Springfield, Vt., tn this village and oc
cupv the tenement of Mrs. E. P. Reed re
cently vacated by Mr. Clapp.
Wallace W.. Wilson, a well-known West
Dummerston farmer, died of heart disease
Monday. Mr. Wilson served as corporal in
Co I lfith Vermont volunteers. Ho en
listed Sept. 20, 1802, and was mustered
out Aug. 10, 18(13. He leaves a wife, three
sons and a daughter. The funeral waa held
nt the Baptist church in West Dummerston
at 2 o'clock Wednesday.
Wright Plimpton and Dr. Hefflon shot a
deer Tuesday afternoon.
Frances White of Reodsboro visited at
George Morse's last week.
Mr. and Mrs. John Martin and son ol
Brattleboro are visiting at A. J. Martin's.
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Grout of Newfane visit
ed their niece, Mrs. Henry Larkey, last week
S. G. Estabrook has aold hia house to Mrs.
A. L. Wiley, who will take possession at
T-i v..n..m nt Itni-linpton has been call-
! .riT, .to, 'th? Rnndav I ing on old frienda and relative, her. the past
cel.... .ryu.. ..-..--- - I v ,
school convention neia si ruinuuipu iasv wees
Mr. and Mrs. George Wilkina and Dr,
Laura Dexter and Irene Blanchard,
' Do vou think such an enormous business could be built up and
continually increased, if our goods did not have exceptional value and merit?
Do vou think we could hold the trade of half a million people, if our
reputation for doing exactly what we say wasn't firmly established?
Do vou think U. S. Senators, Foreign Ambassadors, Bankers, Business
and Professional men in every section of this country would keep on using
HAYNER WHISKEY if it wasn't all right? ff :t
Do you think doctors would recommend it and hospitals use it, it it
wasn't absolutely pure and unadulterated?
Just think these things o ter carefully and then send us a trial order.
Your money back if you are not satisfied.
United States Senate, Washington, D. C.
'I have found Hayner Whiskey exceptionally fine for table and medicinal purposes."
Wm. M. Stewart.
U. S. Senator from Nevada,
We will send you In a plain sealed case, with no
,. , nnn,B uniTB HTTr.oi ntTART
mitrHS IU Blluw tumcnioi w . .
BOTTLES VP HA x auk rKivain oawviv w u, - .-'--"
wjll pay the express charges. Take It home and sample it, have your doctor
test it every bottle if you wish. Then if you don't find it just as we say
and perfectly aatisfactory.ship It back to us at uuk tAriaoa anu your
1.20 will be promptly refunded. How could any offer be fairer? You
don't risk a cent.
Orders for Arlt.. CaL.Col., Idaho. Mont., Nev.. N. Me..Ore., Utah. W'ash.,
or Wyo.; must be on the basis of 4 Quarts for 4.0O by Express rre
pald or 20 4uart for flS.20, by Freight Prepaid.
Write our nearest office and do It NOW.
Davton. O. St. Louis, Mo. St. Paul, Minn. Atlanta, Ga.
1 I
i" ''"-ii "Wt
DisntXKET. Teot. O.
Established 1860.
"ISTIle3" '
sr.- zrst

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