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Mi Char! O. Williams count v su
perintendent of -hoo; i inp slow
ing pr&in In an at ncle published m
the Jgarnai of Kdu. tioi . -op- f
hli'h have been reoled in Memr-hm
Th article declare M.ra WUUams en
joys th unique liirtinrticn aid an e:i
uable record for her ui "55 m edu
cational matters in the S j'.H which
has been stven partial retcni.ion hv
.er re-election for four year ' un
increase in salary of ifrw per vear A
word of praise is alto exifndVd nitn
who arc identified with educational af
fairs in Shelby county.
Funeral senile for the late W. K
Shields aged T, engineer for the
t'tnon Seel and Fertilizer company.
hu died suddenly Wednesday of heart
failure, will be held fraae Thompson
Brim . undertaking parlors Friday aft
ernoon. Interment will be in J.'lmwoocl
Come, Let Mother See!
When the chili droops, won't play or is restless,
pale and crunty, look to see if the tongue is .white,
the breath feverish, the stomach sour. Then
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Cascarets without coaxing only 10 cents a bo
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tt'opj right. lDId, by Mot 'lure Newspa
per (Syndicate.)
"Well, well! lear me! This is too
bud!" said (ncle WIgglly Longear, the
bunny rabbit frentleinan. an lie liui' 1
along through the woods one da)'.
"Thus is very sad, indeed!"
What hart happened was that lh
bunny had lorn a big hole In bis coat
tui a thorn which caught him as he
hopped through the woods.
"I must hurry to my hollow stump
bunitMlciw and have Nurtte Jane Kuxxv
Wuxjy mend this hole," eaid Mr. Iyeng
ars, liut when he reached the hollow
Stump, where he lived, he was much
surprised to pee that Nurse Jane was
not tbre Instead, xhe had left a note
written on white birch bark, and It
lear Wigaie: I have gone over to
see Mia. Twistytail, the pig lady. I'll
be hack In time for supper."
"In time for supper!" cried Vncle
Wiggily, as he read the note. "Why,
hat will be rather late! I can hardly
fit around all that time with a torn
oat. Ha! I know what I'll do!" cried
he bunny. "I ll get a needle and thread
nd sew up the hole In the coat myself!
if course I can't sew as well as -Nurbe
ane, but I II try.
So he found the mtiskrat lady s needle
snd thread, anil, with a piece of small
shell for a thimble as the bunny
couldn't use the funny silver cap Nurse
Jane put over the end of her paw to
push the needle through with then
ncle W Igglly managed to sew up the
hole in his torn coat Of course some
f the stitches were very long, and oth
ers were very short, but what did thai
matter? Nothing at all, I say!
I ncle WIgglly finished sewing up me
orn place; in his coat and was about
lo put away the needle and thread,
when there came a knock at the door.
Ha! That a Nurse Jane now!"
bought the bunny. "1 11 show her how
nicely I can sew."
Without thinking, he opened the door
snd In popped not the nice muskrat
lady, but the bail old I'ipslsewah.
"Ah ha!" howled the I'ipslsewah, as
he closed the door after him. "I
thought I'd catch you. I saw Nurse
Jane go out and saw you come in. i
knew you'd be all alone, so I came to
get you."
M Mil I
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Strong, Keen
nu n
mi mm m m
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ft VI Sk
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tnlk in twu ivm'
ttma In m.n. i
,. Art , our
dootor or dnuflM
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mid I'lie Treaiment and rln I
Real llapplnesa.
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Name ,
Street .,
0(tr Bute
"What for?" asked t'nele Wiggily.
apprehensive like.
"What for? Souse! What else?"
snapped the Pipsisewah. "1 came to
get souse off your ears, and souoe 1
will have. You can't fool me this
time "
"Oh, can't I?" thought Cncle Wiggily.
"Just wait and see." But he didn't say
this out loud. What he did say out
loud was this:
"Why, my dear I'ipslsewah! Look
at thut b hole In your coat. Let me
sew it up for you! I sewed up a hole
In my own coat and I'll sew one in
yours. Then we can talk about souse."
And before the Plpsisewah wuld stop
him L'ricle Wiggily began to sew up
the open end of the sleeve of the I'ip's
coat, it being very long the sleeve, 1
"Wait a minute!" cried the Plpsise
wah. "That Isn't a tear. That's a
hole where I stick my claw out to grab
you and get souse!
"Oh. it's a hole. I'm sure, and must
be sewed up," said Uncle Wiggily, aif
ne usea ine needle ana thread very rast,
and soon he had one sleeve sewed up.
Then he sewed up the other sleeve,
though the Pip as I call him for
short called to the bunny to stop.
"Oh. no, I must sew up the holes!"
said I'ncle Wiggily. And he did. He
sewed up both sleeves of the PipBise
wah's coat and the bad creature
couldn't stick out his paws to grab
Vncle Wiggily and bite souse off the
bunny's ears.
"There you are!" said TJncle WIgglly,
as he sewed the last stitch. "Both holes
nicely mended. I knew I could do It."
"Do It! Why, good gracious! Look
here!" cried the Plpi You've sewed
both my claws up!"
"I know I have!" laughed Uncle Wig
gily. "That's what I meant to do all
the time. Now you can't grab me and
I'll call a policeman dog in and have
him arrest you.
And the bunny did and Pip was
taken off to a fire engine house and his
coat sleeves weren't ripped open until
his claw nails had been cut off.
Declaring their school was over
crowded, that there was danger of fire,
that heaWng and lighting facilities were
Inadequate and their building was the
most obsolete one In the county, clti
tens of New riouth Memphis, Sixth
civil district, want a new school. In
a resolution baojilng the movement of
Miss Chart W'illiams, school superin
tendent. In her drive for $300,000, they
ask for a 146,000 to $50,000 building.
The meeting of the citizens was held
at the schoolhouse on Feb. 13 and the
resolution adopted handed to Miss
Williams Wednesday. The committee
appointed to draw up the resolution
were Krnest Adams, chairman; George
McSweyn, W. T. Holsgrafe, Gerald
Marshall, Edward Foster, John Baflew,
and have Just reported.
The committee found that with a
capacity of 120, the school was accom
modating U0 pupils, with about 60
others being "farmed" out to other
schools. They condemn the lack of fire
escapes from the second floor, stating
that In the event of fire, the children
there would "no doubt be burned to
death, as their only exit Is through a
pine stairway of very light structure."
Miss W'illiams will use this resolu
tion as another weapon In her battle
for the $300,000 bond issue for county
schools, which is aside from the city
board of education's drive for a $3,000.
000 bond Issue for city schools, Negro
schools in the county are also said to
be in a badly dilapidated state.
One more Memphian was named In
Thursday's casualty list as being
wounded In action. Private Edward
McKinnon, 365 South- Fourth street, ia
renortd as wounded, degree, undeter
mined. Ills parents received an of
ficial notice of this several days ago.
We have a large assort-
ment of leaves and blnd
eri In three complete
linos: The Jones, the De
Luxe and the Kalamazoo,
and we make special ay
terus to order.
Callus? Peel
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It" for Corns and Calluses,
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tom of your foot which so often makes
walking an agony, Is ss easily removed
by wonderful "Uets-lt" as any hard or
Aim-. ..11 TM . .
"""" "". rruritm. Mllk-Crint, wMlni Mis. Its.)
pot ! ht U in km uwri not tm. ni.nr d-u. hiv uld rau ul nu eild
ZZ. -ill tSuJ J Tr1;"" ""l ' U!""
.. 21. i.,L. " , " "d dm-our.,im. 1 Str. rl t. l l
UUIni MU thsish lt- ,lui " "11 M 1 at
1500 Park Square, BEDALIA, MO.
Balspanca: Third NitlonU Cul you tt Mtar ut than ti 4 tSU aetlw t
Mo. mat I t.r utKrar ! luiaif
Store and
When wo opened this big
store our ono big aim wag to
intelligently and satisfactori
ly fill our customers' needs at
tho lowest possible cost. We
realized from the first that
the greatest factor in accom
pllHhlng this would be a cash
business, We opened on a
cash basis, and. the fact' that
our business has grown stead
ily and consistently is proof
of the soundness of our
Writ for Catalog. f
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soft corn anywhere on your toes. Iook
at this picture. A few drops of
"Uels-H" did ths work. The callus
comes looss from the true flesh. No
Irritation whatever. JOU peel the callus
right off Just like a banana peel
peacefully, painlessly, "Uets-lt" does
ilin same thing to any corn, without the
use of sticky plasters, Irritating salves,
greasy ointments or bundling tape.
There's no fussing no knife, no scissors
A lt.ll" 1 used hv nttlltmis.
because It's common sense, and it never
falls. Try It, prove It.
"(lets-It, " the guaranteed, money
back corn-remover1, the only sure way,
costs but a trifle si any drug store.
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tk wnrlil'M liesr corn remerlv hv A.
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lAt'e Drug CoM Moaeley-Uoblnson Drug
Shoe Co.
Creatore Opera Co.
The members of the Creatore ilrand
Opera companr, which is booked for
four performances at the Lyric, arrived
In Memphis inuraoay. wiiuhr n---i
s .asnviue, w nere inw
company piave.i w
splendid audiences at
every performance.
The people of Mem
phis, knowing Crea
tore's reputation and
knowing also the mu
sical reputation of
manv of Ihe princi
pals in his company,
nave shown In the
heavy advance sale
that they will patron-
CRfciORE. ize a worthy musical
attraction. As a mailer or fact, me
advance sale for this engagement has
been heavier than for any similar at
traction In many years.
The operas selected for presentation
In Memphis have been well chosen, for
while they are all well known and have
been heard times without number In
the past, they are among the most pop
ular and tuneful in the large list of
operatic compositions.
No more tuneful score was ever
written by that sersatile composer,
Verdi, thaa that of "Rigoletto." which
will be given at the Lyric Thursday.
It Is filled with musical gems and is
to be presented in its complete form,
with Creatore conducting. In the cast
will be Lillian Gresham. Henrietta
Wakefield and Mvira Arani, Salvatore
Heiarettl, who will sing the part of the
duke, Giorgio I'ullltl In the title role,
Alfredo Valentl as fiparafuclle. Miss
Gresham, of course, will be the Gilda.
Others In Thursday's cast will Include
Amelia Lamanl, Mario Scala, Giuseppe
Monti and Carlo Paggl.
The company includes a large chorus
and an orchestra of 35 pieces.
For Friday night Creatore will pre
sent "Alda," with Louise Darclee, Ri
cardo Martin, Jeanne Gordon and Greek
Kvans in the four principal roles.
"Lucia" will be sing at the Saturday
matinee and "I- -,-llacct" and "Cav
alleria RuMicanu' Saturday night
New Lyric.
A week of superfilm photoplay enter
tainment Is in store for Memphis theater-goers
as the result of successful ef
forts made by the management of the
New Lyric theater In' booking "The
Heart of Humanity" for the Madison
avenue playhouse. The attraction will
be given Its first public presentation
here Sunday afternoon with daily mati
nees throughout the week. Pretty Doro
thy Phillips has been cast In the lead
ing role and Is supported by a large
cast of excellence. The dominating
theme of "Hearts of Humanity" is the
poble sacrifice of a little wife who
leaves the quiet of her own home to go
to war-ridden Baieium and France as
a Red Cross nurse. Her capture by the
uermans, mere to find Krlc von Strang,
her former sweetheart, a Prussian offi
cer, her sacrifice and later her decora
tion by the French government make
"The Heart of Humanity" a Picture of
vital Interest and gripping romance.
Paraphrasing, some are born In
vaudeville, some acquire vaudeville and
some have vaudeville thrust upon them.
To the latter classification belong the
Misses Campbell Honey and Georgia
two sweet sisters who are delighting
Orpheumltes this week. In the begin
ning, the Misses Campbell were two
Washington society girls, reared in the
lap of luxury, so to speak; girls whose
every wish was fulfilled so far as the
power of money was concerned. In the
capital they were among the most pop
ular of the younger set because of their
charming personality and accomplish
ments. Their friends delighted in be
ing entertained by them. Their home
was a center where Washington's best
were went to gather. And then the great
tragedy came. The Campbell fortune
was swept away and the Misses Camp
bell were faced with the reality of hav
ing to earn their own living.
A Gash
. Loew's Lyceum.
"Little Women," a plcturlzatlon In
elaborate form of Louisa M. Alcott's
famous story of four types of real girl
hood, will be one of the several attrac
tions offered on the new bill, which
moves Into Loew's Lyceum Thursday
afternoon for the remainder of tlte
week. In the plcturlzatlon of Miss Al
cott's famous story, all the original
scenes described have been taken, in
cluding the Alcott homestead and the
home of Ralph Waldo Kmerson. Two
big features will top the vaudevillepor
tlon of the bill, these Including GYaee
Carlisle and Jules Rorner in an artistic
revun of musical selections and songs,
snd Kddle Ross, the noted blackrace co
median, late of Nell O'Brien's minstrels.
Others on the bill .will Include Marie
Walsh and Irving Edwards In musical
oomedy bits and the Hlll-ACKerman
team of comedy acrobats.
The Murfreeshoro board of trade has
Joined the Memphis Chamber of Com
merce and the officials of the West
Tnnnesuee Normal school In their pro
test against the measure Introduced
In the general assembly proposing a
reiltstrlctliiK. on a percentage basis.
of the gross school revenues of the
state, The new protest is In behalf
of the normal school situated at Mur
freealioro, which would suffer, with the
other normal schools, a Heavy loss in
revenues by ' the redisricting bill
which would have (he effect of reduo
Ine the apportionment to normal
schools from 13 per cent to 10 per
cent of school revenues to add addi
tional funds to Ihe support of the Ten
nessee Polvtechnio Institute at Cooke-
vllle. the little school with the big
The Murfreesboro protest says In
"Said measure as proposed is regard
ed as wholly Inimical to the normal
schools of the state, as now organised
and conducted, and would, if enacted
Into law. certainly diminish their effi
ciency and otherwise embarrass and
Impair them by withholding the neces
sary and required funds to adequately
maintain them and thus guarantee their
continued progress among the best of
the state's recognised and established
Institutions of learning."
(Copyrighi. lPl, by the MoOure News
paper Syndicate.)
Mars rules strongly for irood loday,
acording to astrologer. While Nep
tune la in a plate of foreboding the
planet of benefie aspect dominates.
The signs are most promising, for
our soldiers and seem to indicate re
turn home for those overseas, although
there may be an unlooked-for event
that causes delay.
Much work of engineers and those
employed in steel construction is fore
shadow ed.
L nder this swav discontent regarding
naval affairs may be fomented, but it
will not be serious.
Whatever is constructive Is supposed
to ne aided during this configuration.
Co-operation is indicated between em
ployers and emploves.
Gossip and evil report probably will
become more and more prevalent in the
next tew weeks, owing to a sinister at
pect of Neptune.
naming is given that the harboring
of unkind or resentful thought may be
as harmful as the speaking of angry
or slanderous words.
Organizations of all sorts are sup
posed to be aided by this planetary
government, which forecasts much ac
tivity on the part of women.
ine death of a famous woman
foretold. This will be one of several
that will mark the ending of an old era
in history.
Prophets who declared that the war
might end ail future conflicts toresee
another great upheaval of human af
rairs. This wilt not come for several
decades and will be of Oriental origin.
it Is prognosticated
Astrologers predict progress and pros
perity that will be apparent in a short
time, "after the chasm of change" has
been crossed.
Persons whose blrlhdate it is should
be very conservative in business affairs.
ami active out an arixioua year ja pre
children born on this day may be in
clined 'to be haughty and ambitious
These subjects of Pisces, who have
Pisces as their principal ruling planet,
are often extravagant.
Capt. Richard N- Ware, of Moscow,
Tenn., with the 117th Infantry, who is
well known m Memphis, has been cited
for bravery while under fire, copies of
ine citation naving been received by
relatives in Moscow. According to the
citation, wnicn is signed by John H.
Herr, chief of staff, and MaJ.-Gn.
i,ewis, i:apt. ware, in the attacR Oct
8 near Waincourt, after the second bat
talion had become disorganized from
ine dense smoke and fog and had lost
contact with Its commanding officer.
assumed command and reorganized the
battalion and directed its objective. At
another time, when all commanding of
ficers had been killed or wounded, he
took command and directed the troops
unaer lire.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 20. Col,
Charles B. Warren, senior officer un.
der Provost Marshal Gen. Crowder, and
detailed as a legal adviser to the Amer
ican delegation to the peace confer
ence, has resigned from the service,
effective upon his return here from
Paris. He will resume his residence
and private business connections in De-
GI'AYAQCIL. Feb.' 10. Augnsto
Asuirre Ararico has been appointed
minister of foreign affairs In the Ecua
doran cabinet. He succeeds Carlos Lo-
dar liorgono, w oo resigneu.
HONOLULU. Feb. SB.-Recommend.
tlon has been made to the legislature
by Gov. Charles J. McCarthy that a
resolution be adopted memoralialng
congress to provide statehood for the
Hawaiian islands.
"Escape Miserable Days and Sleepless Nights"
I I1VIII I I 111 i
Adults Take one or two "Bayer Tablils of Aspirin" with
water. If necessary, repeat dose -three times a day, after meals.
Headache, Neuralgia, Toothache, Earache
Get almost instant relief Much suffering is needless!
Rheumatism, Sciatica, Gout, Aching Joints
Quick relief with permanent beneficial results.
Lumbago, Lame Back, Soreness, Stiffness
Splendid! Relief often follows the very first dose.
Neuritis, Pain in Body, Teeth, Face, Limbs
What else offers such ready relief with such safety?
For Colds, Grippe and Influenzal Colds
More efficient than quinine No discomfort or distress.
Bailor "Tablets
a n of o
The Bayer Crosson Genuine Tablets;
20 cent Bayer packagesalso larger Barer package.
Bur Bayer packages only Get original package.
Aspirin it the trade mirk of Bayer Manufacture of Monoaceticacidetter of SilicylicacM
hi: at." v nnw t
f'i- W
Opposite Hotel Gayoso
Schedule of Shows: 11, 12:30, 2, 3:30, 5,
6:30, 8, 9:30
I All Memphis Is Talking About it.
See It Today!
The $10,000 Prize Novel
By Jeffrey Deprend.
The Drookls'n Eagle y of EM
BERS: "An unusually tine pleoe of rrk.
It In only once or twice In a fenera
tion thut the reading puclle la fa
vorod with auch a novel, one that t"
minute In Ita charaetitiietton at
utriktnic and easily reooitnlaed rr
noimpes In real life, unusually eloee
la all readers In atvle, strqnir n(l
clear in Its socto-rellnlous criticism,
and profound and Osrlnj tn U
Price tl.U, of Your Bookseller.
Publisher. Chlcag.
Generally healthy labor conditions In
Tennsssee are shown in the report of
Dr. J. T. Ware, federal director ot em
ployment In this state, for the week
ended Feb. H. Supply and demand are
nearly equally balanced through the
etate as a whole, but with alight sur
plus In Nashville and Memphis.
Vr. Ware's summary shows that !,0SG
persons, Including male civilians, re
turned soldiers and women, registered
at the IS offices of the United BtatA
employment servrce In Tennessee; 1.892
opportunities were reported: 1.S69 per
sons were referred to employers and
1.S8 reported they had been placed m
Officers of the t'nlted States emplov
rnent service In Memphis, Nashville,
Chattanooga, Knoxvl)!, Bristol, John
son city. JaeKaon, coiumnia ana
('larksvlllo are making special efforts
to find Jons for returned soldiers, sail
ors and marines. Employers everywhere
are being urged to report opportunities
promptly, and a better response to this
pie, nu Dnn noma in many ruicn.
Kmployers are being reminded con
stantly that the return of th 30th dl
vision Willi release thousands of Ten
nessee soldiers, who. must be placed
in inoustriai ocrupaiions wimout ae1
lay. In many titles employers are or
ganlllng now to meet that responsl
While collecting . rents from - negro
tenants early Thumday nleht. Mr,
Min Rltsabeth niohntv H North Man
assas street, fell Into the bayou near
fourth street and Poplar avenue. Men
who were nearby went to her assist
ance. Emergency Policemen Robinson
and Kummerle, from the central police
if Ice. took Mr. Blshos to her home
Lin a police ec. where ah was aoea re-.
je! ,
She purrs, she claws, she
scratches, yet,' Mon Dieu,
. how she loves.
She Sacrificed Herself,
But Saved Another
The story of an imp of
tiie underworld, who be
comes a modern Joan of
Today, Friday, Saturday
ZU, (Next to Hotel Gayoso)
OLD MAJESTIC NO. 1 (Bet. Union and Monroe) TODAY, LAST DAY
The story of a bearding house .drudge and her fortunes.
1,0. . - i
viretfc " ;
) .

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