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Poserve Board Head Assures
Sympathy With Problems.
Y7ASt!INiiT'VN". S. t. .':!.-ijeneral
f-tftt i-ondltitns f.. mi; the farmers of
the country iit :.m- iss. d yesterday
a'. it imcM-msl if. c en, hotwcrii Uov.
Itm din vt Ir r dernl teserv- board
pre remnuiVi : -presi Min various
i.-,t rs" t r 1 u.a .i"ns
U-rrni-Ml.it '.m-b of tho fanners told
the ;;i ernrr iwi.- w:i. a f. . im In
esTlO' 'tural dlMm' tli.it tin' fanners
h.id not r-.-. Ivi d I' fullest consider
aticn u? .1. - lit" Iwfs p-!icv "'"
r.srictii .. ,f .-r.-th- ' i- v:t ( n linen
l ln-lti 'ri and ur,;c,. note ii.i-.iuny
lor : '.( i i M-tin nf it,.- cioos
liov. H i uwjt.-i tne Mmmlttoo
Ihst tl.e ! was in complete yvm
Observant Woman
Praises Memphis'
Care For Animals
r Miliii'ins of Urn fmrn-,v-
i . . Ifort. was tieihK
fcr croc tnnve-
. i e ,1 i s Mi 'J realty
with i i.'.niii ; -, . he
p . hy v ttli .
; or- dllii tl .
m-i'in t n.
im'lit- 'V
lo co-opei..
F.-ir-n ire; r.'.i'iV'"' ncetlnir with
the 'r.i"i' ;.- ltiti Marsh, sc. rc'arv
of t'o. I"a--nis Vai.r.nnl t'outii I! ; .lrey
,K!U .- urn! i'. M. K!i-. of .National
hoar,; t IV fit MrMi.Utionii: 1'. C.
AtkeHi.n ..r iiu- N;Hi' !! Sumac ami
R. J V. M.'lli1. iTisiu.n. of till' North
Carolina Karoo rs' cnintv
MM-; M.I'KK. At H , Sept. . iSjil.t--e
Thomas. .1 V. ISos. white tro-ri.
and Kb Ki-oll. in tfro. were arrested on
rtii'uluv niKhl I'V fni'-ial anil local of-fa-ers
in a mid ' Vorktown. l.in.-oln
county. A suit a." raptured The
three wilt- jotuijtned before t'oinnns-eliini-r
A. I.. Htirnrti Mini waived I'lam
ilaiion Thorn. t "ml I"" were
charged with niaiiafin-ninna ii.f.-.r and
innd. ImiiiiI In tin Sam of !.""' null.
Scott whs chuiu.-il with having liquor
ir. his possession, ami mime a inu doiiii.
Loew's Lyceum.
Bneaij' teat explains the show ut
Ixh-w's l.wi'um the laat half of the
week. .
Al l.enter. w. Il-known faiveur. tor
n-.anv venra with the funiuua Uorla
1 .eater Tito itnJ comimny will otter
satirical and tarclal hit, clever and
orniliiiil'ln th. extreme. He la aasialed
hy ft voting woman, who wlshea hei
name wiihlielil, keepmtc it timlcr cover
with the "tttid company," Put whose
ahlllty la In Inverse ratio lo her billing
and who la an ahle and hrilliant foil.
Much of their material la timely, local
and extemporaneous U)d ia auri to
strike tti nithi apot.
Tho Kathl.urn Four will preaant a
mualoal levue from Kiatnt opera to ia(t
tltna, using t ht xinphone. the piuno,
axaphhne, hiiiijo and diutnii In nolo ami
Lie Witt ajnl Hobinsoii will ttlve a bit
of thla and that. In-Wilt aeema to have
been born with a handicap, but his
ability, aalllty and pep make one for
act It Immediately upon lu.i eiitrunce.
Their act la lauKlt fi oni atari to flniah,
for teVilt knows how to put hiB num
bera over, anil iio0ius"lt li a (Oimtv
pianist. For u finlnh they offer aoina
aelvotiona on tne ateet Kiitiar inui are
Miiroriaintf In tbeip freslmCHM.
The (teoir.ilii 'I'iIo. Iii an exhibition
of markaniaunhlp, and liobert and Ue-
Mont, In anma dancca that ate origtual
wiin tiicm will complete ine ton.
"The Little Wanderer." feature pic
ture, atnra Shirley Maaon.
;' "Eobin Hood."
Local church alngera will give an n
thualaatlc welcome to ltnyinonil Hunter.
of New York, who ban the role thla
aeaaon of I.lttle John In Union Pun
bar production of DeKoven a "Kobln
o M-hlnh ia iiehMliilmrf fnr thi. ,,w
. l.vrli-'. three day, atari ing Thuraday
with matinee Saturday. Thla younK
nian, whoae voice ia reniarkable for ita
power, aweetneaa and sympathlo tim
bre, ia a gruiluate from the choir of
tne tti'Kiu ot iVieinoriiil chuich, Mew
Vot k iit
After nt'Vernl years a a church aoliat,
Mr. Ilunu-r waa offered u poattion In
the t apltol theater anil then wiin rtraf
ted Into the bin company at the Hippo
brum.' There Mr. I 'unbar beard lilm
one ninht and promptly made him a
member o, tne iiuunar stair ot art
iste, Hla elonttnled mature, combined
with hla really wonderful baritone voice,
makes him a typical Little jonn.
Mr. ttuntur Iium not given up hi"
. church aln(tint l-Ycipiei.tly, in citl.a
where he ia up mling Sunday with the
company, he aceka oul a church and
offers his voice fur the morning or even
inn . .vice, t'nolr masters never re-
, fuse the off. r. Often they tender him
compel. Billion which Mr. Hunter mod
estly relnse.
, ' 'I ile principals with Mr. Hunter In
Y'Kobin Hood" are Ml.a Kaielle De IShoii.
Kd. Heck. Sltsa Clara Campbell, Ku
dolph Kotch, Arthur Shern)ati, John
MacKweem.y, tbsirae Shieliis,' Alias Si
lence Tower and Mies Anna Jeiiklne.
One of the most cratlfylna features
of life-In Memphis as I see It." stated
Mra. P. K. Vafftln. connected with "The
Society for the Prevention to Cruelty
Animals." In New York, at present
stopping at the Hotel tSuyono, "Is Ike
splendid care the city givei. to Ita ani
mals. The splendid care that the sipilr
rel and pigeons receive In Court ainiare
spesaa volumes ror tne irreat nenri oi
the cl'v The Irnsons children receive
In kindness to dumb creatures from
Sinir our feathered and furred friends
will r.ever he lost.
"It Is not alone to the pipeons aim
squirrels thst kindness Is shown. So
Inr I have never seen a smcie case oi
Ill-treatment to nverloadini: of horwa.
That is exceiitlnnal. eapeclnlly In a city
f thin sire Miother thiiifr. she con
tinued, the animal on the street ap-
ear to be veil cared tor unit wen no.
J'he ririv.is cec-m to lake a prme in tne
'ivsonal care and comfort of their ani
' In Sew York we hac to wane a con
tain flcht iiualnst Inhumanity to man's
bent friend. Some of the cases ar
pitiable In the extntiie It taxes an
our r-aouicea at (Itiics to attenu in mem.
This Is .specially true In winter. An-
ither point In which .New l ora sins
greatly is in leiivlm; the city for tit"
Mimniei and turiiitiu the cat nut In he
albv to live or starve the best It can.
It Is eruel hevnnd words, but Ho far.
have never been able to put a stop
lo II In Memphis I have encountered
very few homeless strays. "
Nation Will Bear
Cost Of Returning
The Soldier Dead
- m
It will M necessary to have the name
of soldier dead and the place where
the hmlv in t,i bo shinned for thos
who -wish to have their dead hroucht
hack from Fiiio.. states II. II. Hall,
secretary tn Senator K. t MeKellnr,
The novernm.nl has established mili
tary cemeteries In France for the hero
ic dead and no bodies will be returned
unless theie Is a request for them, ts
some are strongly opiaised lo the bodies
of their loved ones being- niaiurneu.
However, should any authorised per
sons wish their dean returnen, tney
will be hrmight back, and the (rovern
ntent will bear the full expense, ship
pine to anv point desired. Senator Mo-
hellnr wll he Ktatl to aid nereaveo
friends end relatives In any way pos
sible, Mr. Hall eta tee.
German Propaganda
Unseats Cabrera,
Minister Claims
lr William I'syes Lesval, former
minister to Ouatemnla, spent Tuesday
visiting Ir. A. A. Klncannon, president
of the Weet Tennessee 8tate Normal
school, before leaving for a visit with
friends In Mississippi from whence he
will leave for Houston, where he plans
lo spend his declining days, ha v Inn
reached the allotted aitc of three score
and ten.
ir. I i aval declares that President
l'.stradit Cabrera's overthrow was due
to Herman Intrigue and charges that
(let man propaganda la as active now
as it was ut any time during the war.
He also slates that Carlos llerrera pres
ent prealdent and former merchant Is
merely a tool in the hands or uermau
Clqinis Carthage
tias mom neauiy
"Carthage Is one of the most beauti
ful towns, not only of Missouri, but of
the entire country," asserted B. K.
(Irlmmoiis. ipiari-y owner of that city,
now at the Hotel Peabndy. "And much
of our beauty Is contributed hy the
cream -colored stone that we ship all
over the world. All our dwellings are
of this stone as are the greater number
of our business buildings.
"These buildings are gsthrred around
the public stiuarn In the center of which
Is our courthouse of thla same stone
It mskes a simple and yet very Im
presslve setting. As lumber goes up In
price the demand for stone Increases.
Labor eavlng devices enable us to get
out us much stone now as three times
ss many men turned out a short lime
Bryan Ungrateful,
So Wsitor Claims
"Itesldents of our city. Lincoln, Neb.,
hnve watched the varying phases of
Rrvnn'a fortunes. Its una and downs.
with sympathetic Interest," stated 8. t
Uevwe, merchant, of that city at pres
ent at the Hotel Oayoao. "I firmly be
lieve that If It had not been for Bry
an's overweening egotism and selfish
ness he would have been president long
' We know that his residence In our
midst has brought Its share of glory to
our city, as a city we have been loyal
to him. despite Individual political pref
erences. No man has had more done
for him by others than Bryan ahd no
man has done less In return. Home one
of his friends was deploring thla ten
dency to ungratltudo In 'the silver
tongued orator.' and also his love for
the nimble nlckle and the delightful
dollar. Ile made the remark that Bryan
threw awav a presidency to punch a
cbHiitauqna ticket.' There l Just enough
truth In that remark to make It sting."
Moving Pictures
1.. I'f-l... .'-OA.. nf Old' Olulltl " CS-
lli 1 hi .all.-,. m .iic ..."
boose broke loose from, a logging 'fl'J
on wnicn waiiace ueio n
threw him over a sleep embankment.
In "The Hoarlng Head'1 and "hxcuse
Mv Imst," he drove a racing auto over
some of the most dangerous courses In
America at recoro speeu mi.
saved the greatest and riskiest thrill for
"What's Your Hurry?" his newest auto
romance which will be shown at the
Strand all this week. '
Fold Bennett, the pretty screen star,
has been converted to hair-neta.
"Hairpins," her latest Thomas H. luce
picture, coming to the Majestic theater
Thursday, did the trick. In tho pic
ture. Miss Bennett Is a young wife with
slovenly habits lxislng hairpins Is Just
an outward sign of her laxness about
her personal appearance. However, her
eves are soon opened, and a dramatlo
transformation lakes place that brings
calm to her troubled matrimonial
WEDNESDAY-, 5!l ksBKN 22, 1M.
Kdlth Hallor Is featured as, the stsr
f "Ti,rt iiIiia r.M,i-i" i hii-hlv Interest
ing society snd domestic drama which
will he shown at tne princess tneaier
Wednesday and Thursday. The story
of the then oi a vamame pean iuuu
figures In a domestic drama. Is un-
r..l.i..a ...i.v. n.i.nv tlirllllnv alttlatlons.
It Is the story of a wife's search for evi
dence of the other woman wnirn is
revealed hv the pearl's history. Another
chapter of "The Woman In tlroy" also
will be shown.
ASHLAND, Miss., Sept. 22. (Spl.)
The Methodist meeting here closed on
Friday. TheMtev. Burns, of Potts
Camp', assisted the pastor, and there
were several additions to. the church.
The fourth quarterly conference of the
Ashland circuit will be held at Liberty
on Oct. 1 and li.
Stops Hair Coming Out;
' Doubles Its Beauty.
- Mint-. Poree's Opentlogite Ir a grand
opera composite TI.e utiiiclple, or at
least the most popular arias from
'Tales of Hoffman, " 'Tallaccl," "La
Traviata," "Carmen," "Faust, and
other of the lighter grand operas are
the parts that form the whole Mine
t'oroe, who first became Itttnivsled in
mindr from her social situation, has of
, n t.rnt years specln!i7Hl In sinning en
sembles and has g v.-n '..imli ille sev
eral operatic productions Her wide ac
quaintance has enabled lo r to bring
together singing otgenixations npial of
which are none to be 'ound outside of
the Metropolitan lte. If This season s
production Is celled Mmo ihiree's dp
eralotrue, and Is described a present
ing the most famous of Cm "..piratic
Sweethearts" in some of their most
beautiful and Inspiring flashes in op
era there is even a stronger is at bast
a higher color live ii.i.-i.st than In
drama and It Is the best of ih-e s. en.es
that Mrhe lmree presents H is a
splendid Idc.t anil h.'s b.u n i . i utcd
to perfection by .Miin . I sine
MW YORK, Sept. 22. Transforms,
tien ef the familiar "company store,"
operated In connection with Industrial
plants. Into a ee-operatlve Institution In
which vwjrkert may share In tho prof
Its, yesterday wss declared to be one
of the best stsblllssrs of labor by Hy.
mel Osvut, fedarsl commissioner of
conciliation, appearing before the United
States senate committee on reconstruc
tion and production. In eeitlon here.
He asserted that the "antipathy of
workera against company stores Is
based on the belief that they are giving
hack to the bosses part of Ihelr earn
ings hy way of added profits," with
thla Idea eradicated, he said, and an
Institution established whereby labor
ers may expect dividends, the' "migra
tory hahlt of labor, especially among
the miners of the West," will be ma
terially checked.
Mr. Pavles. who has been tonnected
wlih Industrial disturbances as a con
ciliator for f years, said In several
Instances he had presented the objec
tions of the men lo employers with the
result that the stores wero operated
on the profit-sharing basis.
Discussion of the co-operallve store
plan was In connection with the sen
ate committee's Investigation Into the
postal savings system with a view to
Its possible revision. Mr. liavles told
the committee that his manv yeRrs' ex
perience with miners showed thai the
same antlpathv existing against com
pany stores pertains to company banka
and that the men would welcome the
opportunity to deposit their savings
wllh the government.
"'Men today sre earning more mirplua
money than ever before, he declared,
"and the temptation to spend It makes
them an easy prey to all sorts of 'gct-rlch-quick'
schemes. It Is of pressing
public duty to educate these people In
matters of thrift and to make saving
easy for them,"
lie urged adopt t Ion of a costal sav
ings plan advocated hy Kiigeno Meyer,
ir., one or tne original rratners or the
system, wherehy the system may he
expanded to make It more popular In
Its appeal.
"The man with a savings fund will
not Impair it by striking without a
good, sufficient cause," said Mr. Davlcs,
"Nor would he be So ready to move
except when he feels it for thn better.
and he would have a greater tendency
to find an anchorage and a nome.
He recomgaanded that the postoffloe
department establish branch savings
hanks near large plants, keening them
open on pay days and one or two days
tiiereaner. Aaoption oi eunyriuriii
hanklns- arrangements for deposit and
withdrawal "with enough Interest to
make the woraer reel ne ia Renin a
square deal," would quickly restore con
fidence, he thought and stabilise la
bor by reducing the-expenslve turnover
at plants.
I'ectaring (B.wov mine, menu iu
workers In California were "100 per
cent buyers and contributor during
the war.' Mr. Davtea asked, "why the
government should not now give these
men the Incentive to do for themselves
what they did for their country.
He suggested that the same Interest
rate be applied to their savings as to
IJbenv bonds, - nut wun nra ucmn
the dollar assured." j
Herbert Hoover will appear before
the committee at Ita net meeting, on
Thursday mornlnf. It was announced.
BRIHTUt.. Tenn., Bept. 22. (Hpl.)
Representative C. Bnscom Hletnp, who
for 12 years has represented the Ninth
Virginia district In congress, and who
announced to tho Republican voters of
his district last Saturday that he was
not a candidate for renomtnatlon, waa
nominated by acclamation. Mr. Slemp,
although it bejng his desire not tj
again accept the nomination, did ac
cept when urged to do bo by hl friends.
Boiling H. Handy, attorney and re
turned overseas soldier, of Brlsrol, Vii.,
the Democratic nominee, will be Hlemp s
opponent. Prominent Kepubllcan lead
ers in Virginia making addresses at
the Bristol convention yesterday were
Tom .1. Munsey, former Kepubllcan can
didate for governor In Virginia; con
gressman Slemp, former Congressman
Ralph hi Cole, of Ohio, and Hon Davo
F. Bailey, of Bristol, Va. s .
Rev. C. F. Blalsdell, rector oi Cal
vary Kplscopal church, waa the prin
cipal speaker at the opening exercises
of the West Tennessee Normal college
held Tuesday. Dr. William H. Leaval.
formerly representative of the United
States In Guatemala, was another
speaker. Both speskers emphasised tho
Importance, of properly trained teach
ing forces for the school children of
the nation and commented upon tha
great difference In teaching methods
now and in years gnhe by. ,
Dr. A. A. Klncannon, president of
the college, introduced the speakers and
announced that he expected the en
rollment for this year 'to greatly ex
ceed that of last year when 03 pupils
were In attendance. Class work began
at the Normal school Wednesday morn
ing, Tuesday being devoted to assign
ment of pupils to various classes and
other preliminary work.
SEARCY, Ark,, Sept. 22. ISpl.)
Lee Woodall. who fatally shot K. P.
Uiullsill, In Velvet Ridge township Sat
urday, surrendered at Bald Knob to
Deputy Sheriff Ieslle Tlart, and la be
ing held In the Searcy jail to await pre
liminary trial., a
Woodall ia alleged o have shot at
lludlsill 11 times, four of the bullets
having taken effect.
tt Is reported that when Woodall be
gan shooting at Rudislll, that the lat
ter's daughter, 19, rushed Into the housu,
got a revolver, and emptied It at Wood
all. All of the shots went astray.
Activities. Among
Memphis Negroes
f RKV. T. 0. PULLER.
The Rev. R. w. Brookt.avi
tor of the Second ngregatlonal
church, has gone to Atlanta. Ga., to
attend the national convention of Con
gregational churches. Un his return he
will preach his farewell sermon Sunday
at 11 o'clock. Hubjoct, "The Only
Source of Success."
The' Grand Lodge of the Tribes of
Canaan Is holding Its annual session
at eH'Sle Avenue Baptist church. The
Rev. H. B. Brunson Is supreme ohlef.
Bert M. Roddy, cashier of the Sol
vent Savings bank, has returned from
Clarksdale, Miss,, where he addressed
a mass meeting of negro cltlsens under
the auspices of the Clarksdale cham
ber of commerce.
Prof. J. R. CJIoster. assistant princi
pal of Howe Institute, will attendvthe
Mississippi Valley association at Dyers
burg thla week In the Interest of the
The Second. Congregational church,
Walker avenue, has extended a call to
the Rev. A. L. DeMond, of Charleston,
S. C, who baa been very successful
as a pastor In his present field. Ho
comes to Memphis well recommended
and will be cordially welcomed to thn
city. ' -
The Rev. R. W. Brooks, acting pastor
of the Secohd Congregational church,
has been called to work In connection
with the' Congregational church, De
troit, Mich. He will leave for his new
i-t.j ci-.a. . ia ts. aAAb wad charge
of the English department, at LeMoyite
last session. --
Baptists of Tennessee are on the home
.iuk jn iheie his financial drive for
a quarter million dollar. Kyery church
wHl make Ha report at i,srasai, s.
Kverythlng Is m readlnesg vfor the
opening of LeMoyfie Institute for the
fall term. Principal H. Cllpplnger a
doing excellent work-antl has the spirit
of co-operation ,
Let s have a' real fair of exhibits from
the school, the homet the farm, the
shop and the Warden.
School Officials
V Visit Memphis
Pro. Albert William, atate uPjr
Intendent of schools, and Prof. Jv W.
Btlster, state school Inspector, were
visitors In Memphis Tuesday In con
nection with school affairs. During the
afternoon they called t pay their re
spects to Mayor Paine.
Prof. Wlllta-ma announced that he and
Prof. Brlstef would iretufn to Memphis
on Oct. 8, at which time Prof. P. P.
Claxton, of the educational department
of the United States will open a cam
paign In Tennessee for betterment of
school conditions. A committee of 100
prominent men will sponsor the cam
paign, and Mayor Paine, George R.
James and T. K. Rlddick ara to send
out letters to prominent meri In West
Tennessee asking them to aerve on a
committee of 100,10 sponsor this cam
paign. '
A series of cltlsens' conferences are to
be conducted by Dr. Claxton at prin
cipal cities throughout the state at
which the plans for tha campaign will
be outlined in detail.
Hn$your!)tp Comes
Don't neglect your teeth because you feel that you cannot
afford to pay the excesaive prices usually charged for high grade,
reliable work. Dr. Fairfax is furnishing the people of this com
HALF the usual price, thereby sawing them thousands of dollars. So
don't wait until you're "flush." Come in right away and let us make ail
examination--it costs you nothing. . Avail yourself of our
Charleston Man Declares He
Wouldn't Give the Good
Tanlac Did Him for All the
Money in the World.
"If I had only known about Tanlac.
sooner I could have saved myself years
of sflfferlng and many a dolhir besides,"
declared Kher Alter, of 38S th avenue,
South Charleston, W. Va.
"I tried for six years." continued Mr.
.1.-- ii-. , -Anp - lir,nlc i.nMn
ASCI. li, Rn ii-ii. -i u, .in v..........
.1 In .4 tar..! t,n Hill nnltllOB- (lid TlIC Oflfl
hit of good until I took Tanlac. There
Is no telling how mum money my ui
.ii .11..H Knmt m-itint Ina- what f
' .n.,l..'.,.1 .1... lima 1 lout
ppfni oil iiirim in.-.-. (i..i .... I
rrom wora. nut it was n-nm ma rumi,
and I wouton t swap wnai a iev- mi -lies
of Tanlac has done for me for all
the money 1 spent before I found It.
I II pr," wnn ciin.D i-.
of lesd In the pit of my stomach. I hail i
hardly any-appetite ami 1 ne iuu i mu
est disagreed vtftn nia ana ranwa mm ;
, . .... ... a.nmall Hl,.l.tinBr tOO '
pan lo 11,1 III Oil I",' "I.'"'"- ... ........ :
uisn tlgtrt 1 could scarcely breathe, anil ;
at times sucn snarp pains weui inrouan i
my chest that T thought each breath
would be my last.
"1 Buffered terribly with dlsey spells;
spots came before my eyes, and I
couldn't stand up. I waa so nervous 1
couldn't get a good night's sleep and I
nover knew one day whether or not 1
was going to he able to work the next,
1 was so weak and felt so had all thn
time that I was beginning to lose all
hope of ever getting better.-
"A friend of mine In Huntington rec
ommended Tanlac to me, saying It had
relieved him entirely of his Indigestion,
so I got it bottle and after the first few
doses I began to feel better. By tho
time 1 finished my second bottle my ap
petite was as big as It ever wss and I
could' eal anything and as much as I
wanted, without a sign of Indigestion.
"I kepi right on laklhg It and row
1' never miss a day from iny work, and
I not onlv feci belter thiin I ever
thought 1 could, but have gained twelve
pounds In weight b( sides. My friend
did me a grenl kindness snd I hope my
statement will influence others to take
this medicine."
Tanlac is sold In Memphis by tho
following agents: Warnock Djfug oom
puny, Weiss' Pharmacy, DoyV-Turh y
Drug company, A. Renkert ft Co., two
stores- L 11. Kllpatrtck, Wadllngton
Purdv Monro's Pharmacy, Taylor &
Tnylor, three stores; Wftshburn-Lyle
Drug company. '. O. Manning am.
Battler's Pharmacy. adv,
IB r 1
in the extrac
tion of teeth
with o or lo
cal anaesthetic,
as desired or
0 z
i RfWeaiaaatl'ial WaillfTinssaHtamMl
int Wait I
Careful, Reliable,
Fully Guaranteed
Gold Crowns
22-K. Fine
PVeHact fitting plataa. Guaranteed
not to slip or drop or they eost you
This Is Our Real
Guarantee :
Plates mutt fit or they eost you
nothing. Crowns and bridge
work must last as long as the
teeth upon which they are
plsted. All fillings put In to
M.m ia ti ij m .... si armwmmi m v
o mm ea eeseateeairj eeae. est asm
A few cents uus "Dandci Inu." After
an application of "Duudirlne" you can
not find a lalleu hair or any daiitrulf
besides every hair shuns Dew life, vig
or, brightness, more color am' thick-i.ers.
Husky Men Are
Eating Salads
Thoy Ar Also KfiiiK nich I'lmtry
anil Highly Hciwuicl l-'ooiN
That ('all for Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tutilcta.
In tin- Mr, palatial restaurants of
the Isr!' cities tloir principal patron-tici-
comes from the out-of-town visi
tors. No lunch counter Mindwniu-s for
Electric Work
Sext t Ga Co.
Tclrpliiiiio Main ISJin.
Mcjrclis), Itcpiiirs .nl Supiilli-s,
pfcat -Vo'k rji en omnt Attcr n
Te Cull l or nm, IVUvrr
58 K. Srcond Ht.
Mirr.phi), Tnn.
f hi' TI I l.t lik tlw -!i!l. i-s S-li.nt
ti'-' I'-ij-vn iiii.l ,t . up r.f hi. ii k .: .
( i - h t ;i iii. 'I Iu.h 'iii I a iii 1 1 n
Mki'i. t, rt'i i-v.'d the M"tuarli. !.
i iifi. ,i ti! it y with sour i ijotik. a''
.'vi i ' Mm; rf fiilticfH ;itiil ittln'1 su;-
!ir'KH'S ilU'1 il iIHiUiHt (Of! tH (' K -
p. p-:a Itt t c fi- du i; n hi att :i .
HI M- 1' S. ut ('aliuia tm will f i ,t
f h.n ' ' yi'-lM Tiil,"tn on wilt' in
OM .'fif-i .( u. T.lK" . nr two Jltti
t.unu; a - Mu riu-.' th ;u ill st.nm 1
.rut ..i i!, salt:1 Mmo h l(i tliost th
f(M .1 ml-'
Influenza and Grippe, Like
Ordinary Golds, Require
Calotaps, the Purified and
Refined Calomel Tablets
That Are Nausealess, Safe
and Sure.
Doctors are wnrnlni: the public t ia t
simple colds and n.ild rases of influ
enza often lead tn pneumonia and other
.-.nous complications They ray that
.wry rold should receive immediate at
tention and Hint the lirst stop In the
tn attoeiit Is to make sun. tliat the liver
is miive Fnr tins purpose t'slotatis.
i,c peiferti'd, na osea li ss (aloniel tab.
lets are the surest, best and most aKt-ee-li
lie laxative. ,
nne t'alotsh at beil nine with s sw.il-
' of wat.i that.- all, no Halts, no
Hlsea. 11 11,1 no upsetltnu of the diuep-
.iip,te NiM morning your
vanished, olir liver is active.
Inn Is purified and refreshed
are f.Miinu fine with a Ilea ft v
for l.;rakfast. :ai what vou
protection. I'atntahs are sab
itmnl s. a!, d pack.-(M s price
.Ills. dl'IIKlMsts l-eioin-
cu.iraiitee i'sIoiiiIm and are
to -1 fund the price If vou
ik-Mrd it h theni ,i'd
' ae Uo
I'or tmi
i ll :i, 1. 1
'ion -in ,.
i mi hoi I7e
at ' w yrfiai'v Mr
RoachaatiH is quick
death for roaches. It
never (aila. Sprinkle it
wherever the pests live and breed.
Barrett's Roachsault gets right into
every cranny. Xvery bit ef Ruachasult
is ased yon dont blow f the cracks
aadioeemoatofrtiBtheatr. Dependon
Berrett'e Roachsault to put an end ta
any trouble you have from varmin.
Year dmidit or grocer sells it In 15, 30
and 60 cent esna.
t JaS?j' r?l'Jf8" iisajsrl
T :.! '' Ii-n'l one of those fako free, treat
iir uiotit nffcr- v ,iii liiie scon so ninm
tinies. f ion', nf?.r t() glw )1JU nopictliing
for iii'tliitu' hit we do. ipinuitoe that you
ran try t his wonderful trr;tnnnt, cntliely
it our risK. anil thin Ri;aratitoo U luickeil
hy ym.r local (lniK..'.i.st, W'nslili'.irii-I.yle D;u
J. W. rerkins, nt Atlanta, Onrcla. writes
"I was iffl'cteil with ery hm! rase of Kc
ctna for 25 yn:irs, wlilch was In my foot, less
find hips. Thnniuli all thin Diiip I tried dif
ferent ro'tirilies pnd doctors' prescripl Ions.
clitaitihtR no rfllof until I iiard your IICNT'S
"Otir- Imiv onfin-ly rnrsl nic, nnrt thotifth
two years have elapsed I have had no return
of the trouble. Naturally I rr-ffard It ag tha
-roi!toti remetiv in the world. ' ,
Hunt's PbIvp Is rompoundrd fsperlally for the treatmoot or hcrtna,
Itch, lilneworm, Trtter and other skin dlar-anes.
Henipnilirr Hunt's Salve cost jou notlilns. If you nro not satisfied, so
do not delay hut fret a box now on our nionr-y buck jruarnnten;. Price 75c.
Solii lmnllv only liy
Compounded by A. B. Richards Medicine Co., Sherman, Tex.
J. 7L
I (amei"Jell"Jji !' ,J"J ""P.'!"
I I -'m Unii - ill iWrSIH aSaf -- -il
! fiyfiiiliw
, aXi i jmh1 Jj Jr-r ' ;'" r I
p : fcimifiiffl-i .iifl "lairT in iii jbi iaViiSaiaas-aiiiWhn musiniiiii ia.iiJ.ra, ut. .,.. t - lm , ,j j
lot "WMfmlk fit
You're probably noticed those attractive painted bulletins all
over town announcing the coming of our "Golden Jubilee," which
is to take place early, In October. This event, commemorating the
60th anniversary of the establishment of this business, will b
celebrated in a manner and on a scale never before conceived or
attempted by any store anywhere. Leading up to the "Golden
Jubilee," in order to br.oaden its scope and helpfulness to the peo
ple of the Tri-3tates, we propose to inaugurate
A Drive for 50,000
New Customers
' To Begin Monday, September 27
An Intensive merchandising campaign that will appeal to the
people as nothing Ita ever done before. A sale In which we shall
offer new and choice merchandise Without one cent of profit to us.
In addition to regular lines hundreds of special purchases made for
our anniversary celebration will he placed on sale In this drive at
amarlng price-savings. Watch for our, ad next Sunday.

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