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Party Lines Broken and Presi
dential Campaign Over
shadowed by Local Political
Troubles, Says Lawrence.
(Special Correspondent of The Newt
CHICAGO. Oct. 6. Radicalism
which the average Easterner may
have thought was en e wane has
penetrated the polities of tho West
to such an igMrnt that It Is Imr.lly
an exaggtrft!ln to twj iru'-al fulk
Vin tho majority of the VesttTi
HtatPH hardly realize tbprn presi
dential election this year.
Far more important to tc fo(iplp
of Montana, Colorado. Idaho. North
akota ami Washington tiro loral i.
Kues Introduced lv the Nnnpnrtisu
i League or a coalition of tho farmer
and laboring elements. 'arty lines
have been broken. The buxlness the
of a community, the 4inl;s. the
merchants, the profession! classes
generally, are forget! Inn tltat they
were originally Democrat and lie
publlcans and uniting t.) teat tlio
effort t'f the agricultural proletariat
to gain control of the wina of stte
Similarly the farmers an.t tt la
boring classes have forgotten their
own party affiliations. nd wherever
the Nonpartisan tngue tututldates
are listed as iemocrat the farmer
and labor strength ! musteitM for
the Democratic statu ticket, a.s In
Montana and Colorado, whereas, in
North Dakota. here ti maclanery
f the Republican stto organization
is in tlio hands tit the Nonpartisan
league, the vot of ti farmers Is
for the tegular itciuihlicnn statr
ticket, all of Whose cundidiitrt n a
rule have suciwrdeif In getting their
names on ttie tulloia ae t! X'K'JUr
nominees in the- nritnariea.
Third Party PUn Dropped.
Heretofore where) reform Jiave
been desired, people lu thnuRht in
political terms imagined, ttiat the
third party idta Was tho test tnesns
to their tnd. Well, It went t the
other kind of at er.it. The thiri!
party movement of 191J nationally
has (ron Ir ttia tionrds, 'hree-rnr.
ner fights even In tUt etates tiavw
prove! futlle. The advtrtising givfn
tho olcV party tabels, I)enocrti( and
Kepubllcan. tias made them nrecionn.
The Nonpartisan Lentfue haaii'l tried
third party tickets. It has gon into
the primaries and cultured the regu
lar Democratic ir Republican organi
zation. Vhat's why there's so much
agitation In the West to abolish 'lie
primary system and gn back to con
ventions, where the rbntco of candi
dates can be more easily controlled
and tarty machinery preserved. Bitt
the Nonpartisan league has enough
strength for the present, at least. t'
keep the primary system its most
valuable asset.
It can easily te seen, riowever,
What the effect on a presidential con
test can be, when the absorbing in
terest in so many states is whether
the Nonpartisan League candidates
can be beaten by a coalition of an
other nonpartisan character between
conservative Iemooran and Repub
licans. Of course, one hears the Nonpar
ptisan League lenders called "reds"
and ' Polshevists" and "radicals." Tn
this aen.se their methods are radically
different from what has been the
usual course of political affairs In
the past. Tho whole thing may be
called radicalism, but even the most
ardent foes of the Nonpartisan
League, no longer call the average
farmer or laborer who votes for the
Nonpartisan League ticket "Bolsh
evist" or "reds." The epithets are re
served for'the organizers and leaders.
It is amusing In some states to see
how the Nonpartisan Leagile. which
denounces the "kept press" and the
"plutocratic interests" for controlling
the newspupers. turns around and
establishes newspapers of its own
and colors the news a'ong lines fa
vorable to the Nonpartisan League.
Townley I3 a Penrose.
C. A. Townley. head of the Non
partisan League, Is as dominant a
figure in the muriniil as 1 "en rose
is in the Republican party. Opinions
may vary as to the types of men
or their benefit to the nmiiitmltv.
but fundamentally each has his lieu
tenants and gives orders and con
trols his orcani.atlon Just as effi
ciently as the other.
Oov. Cox. the Democratic presi
dential nominee, has encountered
the Nonpartisan league mnoiiirnl on
his travels and has sought to cap
ture Its vote for president, lie has
analysed the causes of the upheaval
and has insisted that it resulted from
uutocratic mid oppressive govern
ment nnd that the rx'remes to which
the Nonpartisan league may have
gone in its demands for slate owner
ship of public resources and utilities
is the direct result of extremists wh..
gouged thi; farmers
He uses North Daknti as mi i.
ample, and says that the farmers -it,
the speculators reselling tl.f.r wheat
at higher prices and elassif mg the
Poorer grades as superior, and so mi
The state-owned elevators and co-op
erath- marketing organization, -t
established earlier w ild lave avert
ed the Nonpartisan league, m c,ov
Cox's Judgment.
Harding Says Nothing.
All this Is controversial. Sena'.-r
Harding, on his front porch, ,iy
nothing about it, and ;;ins the
servativo vote. The voice i f ;.n
Cox doesn't reach ei.ougii of u,
Nonpartisan leaguers us a rule to
help him. Th Nonpartisan league
press caters to radicals ami f;n. jt
advantageous to build up a distrust
of both the Republican and lunm
cratlc national organizations so
praise of Jov. Cox Is mild and there
In relatively little appreciation of ht
friendly words for the Nuni unism
league. Indeed, he pr,.hur ,v .ie
with the conservative 11. put. In .in
and Democrats who arc oif.n.p.j
with his flirtations with n. .,
partisan league what he muh w'Ii
the rank and filo of the movement
But in the states wh'-ro tlv f;nM
for control of th? state gov nim-ni-is
almost a matter of life and u. ml'
in the opinion of the men-hat''
classes, the drive is against i wi -.
thins Democratic If the Nonparn
san leajrue happens to have n; cm
dldates on that ticket, as in Colorado
nd Montana. In Idaho the Non
partisan league has indorsed Sen
ator Nugent, the Democrat;.- vmli
date, for re-election Rrpubbcm
leaders say this means a spin ticket,
as the farmers will Vote for Harding
for president. The truth is In every
case, including Washington, wrier,
the farmer-labor ticket is independ
ent of the two old p-M-tics, the de
fections to Debs and Cliristensen are
considerable at least enough to hur'
Jov. Cox. who needs every vote he
can get in the West.
Raids Termed Reaction.
Again it may he satd thnt among
the laboring elements In the Wc-i
the feeling prevails that Atlorney
Oeneral I'almer bv his raids and
I'ostmaster-General Burleson by his
suppression of radical publications
during the wax reflect a reactionary
regime in Washington durirr- the
Democratic administration, snd fhs
they ought to lie p'.mishe.l evert
though "another set of reaction
arles" is thereby elected. If it were
not 4'r these handicaps. Cov. Cox
oirci i oiu lor Tile radical vote or uie
fvVest would have fallen e)n more fei
tile soil. The electoral vote of the
West might have been captured '4i
such tactics and n affiliation ltn
the Nonpartisan b-agut, but the
losses tB tlaj conservative t'.ixyt
might hictV Itiade national succesv
impossible. Anil, tiesides, flov. Co
is not a railital al h.ai"t but a uc
cesKful business man. vea'thy unit
aggressive, something ejtioh tt m.
( rage r tflhin of the Nonpartisan
league Isn't apt t' ssoolit 1itli
a permanent interest tTi tUt dVtMP
of tr league.
I:usliss. tig nrl tittln, is Waiting
the outcome tf the lalttt In man
stais. 'it,e filt lit rriis, tie tut
til of i'fot'S, the ttgtiteniiiK of -rrdlt
by I he fi-ils-ral reserve boar l nit
lave alienated oth faMTiers nr-J
business mm. ho that thi n.
tionat government lias something t'i
do vtffch economii priddeius. .n-I
the lN-tiiiu-fats navefi't ' tiait the
monr- or newspapers to nro that
much of ttie trouble is llm tn th
Mar ami the r!uetni ti the i'mtr.t
states to Join league of nations'
and help stabilize; trade ami financial
conditions throughout the world.
H'op.vright, 19,'n, by 1 :t vid Lawf ene.i
250 Girls Enlist In
Cotton Picking
RKD SPRlNflS. N. C. ct..
Two hundred and fifty young
women students at l-'Iora M.ic
DonatoJ college here have enlisted
In a cotton picking campaign. In
three hours yesterday aftennsin
they picked 2. tin pounds for L. .1.
Bright, a neighboring fariuaf. The
students have formed two teams
nnd propose to hang up a cotton
picking record for tii- soCt'i.
Traffic Club Will
Resume Acclivities
Officers ami directors of the
VoUijihts Traffic Transpmt.-ttlon rtub
rnrl ?tiCNtl;y atai citlled a ni'llng of
tue entitw menu-e-rehlp for TuesJ.iy,
Oct. tj, at tle mainhcr ff Oonimerce,
to Vtilf h tvery traffic mar in the
city ivus limited. It i iri''oseit t't
reorganize the (tub sfid nU the
niemlrshi) to include trie freight
anil jiiiHsonget representatives of fcoth
the traffic anil transportation le
pnitmenUi of -til railroads rcresente!
in this it
Tiie clvtt) wai organize! in 1'i
nut has nt iieen active rince the)
fedrrnt railroad administration took
tiver the operation of the railroads.
Sine that time, many f tlie mem
irs of the clult liave been trans
ferred, t other flares anit new luen
stationed herr.
MOBILI!. Ala. H-t. . 1-Vancis M.
Brandenburg, OS, wealthy, retired
business man of f'hlcago. tiled near
here jestcrd.ey on board the steamer
Magnolia, whilr en route from liSi
winter home nt .Magnolia springs.
Ala., to this city, for medical atten
tion. Mr was lira t of tbo Tiranden
burg brothers and Kggleston com
puny, of Chloagx, manufacturrrs of
auti parts. He is survived by threff
sons, (leorge i. and 11, F. Branden
burg, of. Chicago: Joseph I. Bran
denburg, and a daughter, Mrs. Wil
liam R. (iaitber, of N'W York.
Florida Mob Maj Reorganize,
However, on uapiure 01
Fourth NegrO.
MACCI.ENNY, la.. Oct. t Mac
Clenny was q-.ii.-t today following the
lynching here yesterday of three ne
groes nnd the shooting to death of
a fourth, but further trouble was
feared lit the event of the capture
of Jim t livens, negro, who shot nnd
kUlbd John Harvey, farmer. Satur
day night. Rosses late last night
we're on the trail of livens and it
fa: believed his apprelrtnalnn is only
a matter flours.
llarv ni fiht nnrt Jtillc4 nt a
tuiTentir.a camp about 10 miles
northeast rf here. The three ne
groe lnti'c Fulton Smith, Bay
fiehi nd ii'tl Oiveaa. brothers of
Jim liiveim, -Were imrllcte)d. It Was
said. The ipiartet tm-at'ed but SmitH
and the Chens ln lln-rs c-e tap
turrd and f9 In ike VMT couaty
J4ll liet. . . - ,
A in oit surmuiMicii i,t .mil ehorti
ter Wildnight vestenlaii. forc'1
fherlff iSneat t iit uu kit fceys,
t'k the three prlsorrre t. tbe out
skirts of torn aJ tyinij th'-rn tn
trees, htnt then to eleuth.
Vhe t'ody of Ham Tu'cl a fourth
negro. vs found -ittiin the , t itv
limit ?est-rdny Dpofninsj. If , iia.t
! i stmt ! elratt.. Tt Was not Vnnwi
Vkhrthcr tie as iTnplic4tl in tiie
luuriler f Harrey.
Nm York Central
And Big Four R. R.
OpenjOffieea Here
3. T. Ias. trafelin? tassengerj
agent for thv Kc i org e-entrai
lines, tias been transferred from In
dianapolis to Memphis, anj has rs
tahllsleed tieadiiuarters in the f'or
ter building, this is tho first move
of the New t"ork fentral toward the
re-establishment of commercial of
Jfices tiere, and will be followed soon
by the appointment of a Jrelgnt de
nurtment representative.
The Interests ef the Big ftiur tnll
road. which Is controlled by the New
York fentral, Kill be looked after by
Ilia aame organization.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 6.--Hearings
In the deportation proceedings
brought against Ludwig C. A. K.
Martens. RUssian soviet agent in the
1'nited States, resumed yesterday nt
the department of labor nfte-r sev
eral weeks' interruption, were again
postponed. Counsel for Martens
asked to have then re-aet for Kills
Island. Oct. 13, i n order that two
new witnesses, on a newspaper re
porter and the second a speciuj agent
of the department of Justice, might
be called.
WASHINC.ToN, ot. fi. Cnable to
accomplish his mission to the rnii,l
siiates, that ( f settling all differences
between this country and M."uo.
t'f rnando Iglesias Cahhron, Mexican
hlg'.i commissioner lo Washington,
has resigned and plans to reUirn to
Mexico within a week. He has noti
fied the state depai nw nt of his in
tcntion and says lu- will be uccom
pnnied b- the entire staff of experts
who came here with him.
WASHINGTON, . -As an ex
pression of the American navy's
gratitude for their efforts in rescu
ing i lit- crew of the submarine S-."i.
the tapiain of the steamships Alan
thiis and (Icti-ril Hoethals, and eel -tain
members of their crews were
-resented gold watches and binocu
lars 1-y Seeretarv Daniels
Vi I(K. S C . ( let
Manul'.o turmg eoiui
abilitv to
Work may
-The c.-innon
towel nuinu-
has closed hi'ca-lse "of in
se!l produi Is at a profit."
0 .1 (; W it d.'-nv, rn'inager.
1 e res ;iii,"1 Ilex1 week.
I vaj3 brought
up on
so I guess I'm
sort of a
says .
KtammtmmmasAtm M-r i-'ii7ti
'-jr If wrmtn -.V "
e would only tale y -r
f feel wfi. rn-Jown. I irr-ef
f ont-when ihty rc ua'f. nr ym
7i vOm and Inugard -ttrc fihoa w
F ftanHa whn fMKt r--t)il kmM ufl
If wrmtn
would only talce
Nuxatr J !mn when the y
feel wfi. rBk"Iown. I irr-ef
v(n ind fiacvard -ttre flhoa
audi who muht rrtJiljr btnld up
their red corpucle. become rmy
cheeked, itrnng tfii healthy ind
be much more tttiarlivejn erery J
v if. w hen the iron ffei irom the
blood of women, th healthy trVow
vi yothlrav( theiriktin and their
charm and vivinty dfp't A 10
week course ol uted Iron i
wtirk wonrlertvin mint rate. B
i. Sfti(aetin urnarantreii oe Jt
X nmnrv ri-'unirt Al all iT"
To See the "Cuddle Toyt"
For Your "Cute Kld"
From the "Cute" Shcp
In the Piccadilly
105 South Court. Main 2213.
Kidney Trouble and MalarU
Relieved bv
3d Floor Odd Fellows' Oldg.
Main ed Court Sts.
Was to Have Been Delivered
to Allies Upon Completion.
llKKLI.V. Oct. 6. The uncom
pleted steamship Bliimarck.- which
would have been tho world's largest
vessel, has been burned at Hamburg,
-ays a dispatch to tho Zwelfarblatt.
The gross tonnage of the Bismarck
was to have been 66.000, as against
5t.2 of the Vatorlund, now the.
Leviathan, the largest steamer
afloat. No explanation Is given as
to cause of fire.
The Hlsmarck was building at the
yards of Hiohm & Voss nt Ham
burg, and would have been deliv
ered to the allies under the terms
fcf tko Jeace treaty.
la July, last it was reported that
the Hlsmarck was so nearly Com
pleted that she soon would be ready
ti be sent to Belfast and placed in
the llarland & Wolf shipyards to be
firisb4 and transferred to the White
r-lar line. The vessel was 1 have
bcefi propelled by eight turbines de-veL-ping
R5.000 horsepower. She
was t have been 912 feet lona-,
JArKSONVlJLteli tU. Oct. 6.
Tlie steamer tflez, a Wooden tres
sed oiicrte'if toy tli hipping; ttoards
gulf into Jiu'katmvillr if sterday to
epaii l.tng rVsultinir from a fire
alnir1 tti Vessel last tteck off Dry
Viit'tug.is. lhe esel Is ca route
trow I'l.r.r'a. t t'har'esion, 0, C'.,
Ki't A pliosphat Cargo.
With fcer dacli load of unbeT f?e
ami tier seams opened bv buffetin.
he received in th recent tiurricane,
the) schornM" Connlscllff, 342 tons,
1 Mobile, Captain Dahlgren also
arrived her yvsterfl? for fepairs.
Th Cosnlscliffe was n tute fron
(JulfpoTt to Porto Hico ani en
countered the hutficano last Itf on
day just efore she ttnerged from
the Ifulf. Only the heroic wcrk of
the ci-fw, which, stood by the purruis
throughout the gal prevented the
ship going dowfl. At one time dur
lug the bight of the storm there was
seven feet of water in her hold.
Skin Troubles
With CuUcura
So-p. Olnt-M-t, T-li. Ifc.iiilwi. Bamdm
waterway for all
PARIS', Oct. 6. (By the Associated
press.) The council of ambassadors
has dispatched a note to Germany
demanding; the immediate release of
three ships loaded with munitions for
Poland, which are being held in the
KM canal by the German authorities.
The note specifically mentions the
Danish ship Dorrit, but there are two
other ships which also are being
held. .
Germany lias taken the position
that she is neutral In the Russo
Polish war and that, therefore, could
not permit the passage of the ships,
which are destined for Danzig. The
ambassadors point out In their note
that Germany's attitude constitutes a
direct violation of the treaty of Ver
sailles, inasmuch as the treaty spe
cifies that the Kiel canal is a free
' nations of the
COLL'MBL'S, O.. Oct. 6. George
White. Democratic national chair
man, who stopped off here today after
a conference with Gov. Cox at Day- I
ton, claimed Indiana, West Virginia
and New Jersey will co Democratic,
"I predict that we will carry a
great number of Western states, the
border states without exception, and
Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia and
New Jersey," Mr. White said.
"Further. " he added, "we have
more than equal chance in many of
the other states.
The Democratic party organization
was slow in getting under way, Mr.
White said, because of lack or fi
nances, but it's going ahead "full
swing now.
(?E9 'ZJ-tpDNAa,
mc on rortAi ta
rwvPMm rrM?Frr
LET fte !n teste ac
curately verythinou
see It means clear
tMnking ancl efficient ffork
If our eyei af clefectire,
see Brodnax optometrist and
be Correctly fitted with
CftometrtM fto. 1A
in Charge
WE take this opportunity to remind our
friends of our patient contest -with
existing labor conditions in making
ready our warerooms to be thrown open to
the public, nd feel that wc can count on
your nderstanding sympathy. 1
The Announcement of Opening
Date Will Be Made Within
the Neotf Few Days
We have enlisted fJhe services of the most excsive
authorities qp decoration and furnishings, and , are
preparing to prtsent to yoi the most artiatSc, com
plete, up-to-the-minute Musical Instrument Show
rooms in the city, which will be a revelation to yo
in what can b accomplished tide th fight man
ageuaenfca Watch for our evening annouticelUent rfVNU
160 MeuUsan Ave. Opposite Goodwyn Institute
Jfbone Main 7J5d :
Properly Mounted
Threr ftilly equip
ped Ford tire serv
ice trucks, air tanks
and hose; Trill sell
with or without air
tanks. Rare oppor
tunity for truck
farmer or anyone
needing a truck.
Auto Supply
Telephone Main 188
843 Union Ave.
M;tii uith ciicrt'v. ;:tn
liitiiui, !!iitiati'c. !la'
liKitf tli;i!i ""'1 propi i
t i tt 1" "'tier. W'iMit
1 r r i-i - . ill fi'Miih
nit !u-y. i.' IS. New Si im-ilar.
V-v 1. t W
Call nn.l lot our ojenort fu von with
a truss. tli.M will Kvi joii satisfac
tion. Abo curry Iti.c of abilom-
liial supporters, ela-tlc liosbiy. la
va Hit chairs iiii'l sick not:i supplb'S
llll Vili(ii
Two lhxirs f."ast tf T'lilMl St.
Bright, neat effice hoy.
Good place and good sal
ary. Apply to
Advertising Manager,
The News Scimitar
HERE is a position
for a married man
who must be a
No. ! accountant
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some executive ability,
who is acquainted with
the city, now earning not
less than two hundred dol
lars monthly, who desires
to advance. Prefer mar
ried man not over 35
years of age. Give full
particulars and references
in first letter and don't
apply unless you can earn
salary stated. Communi
cations will be cenfiden- j
tial. !
Can also use one com j
petent woman assistant.
Only experienced need I
apply. C 19, News Scim- j
Memphis, Tnn.
The beatify of a diamond
may be destroyed if not
properly mounted. When
you select a ring or any
piece of jewelry here it
has individuality and a
style that endures. Every
new idea is found in our
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om. n -who li,n.' In. tilde t;wpiriK
' l.t n- - ,t ir in cu i I, nr of sffiiHiitr 1 w
' ' .'- I w it t 1 Vl I - .(ll'l fSH-M'KlliV
1 1" m- . I:., n th" h r. hi t !-a! th.
( i : "ii ''lis tt ii;o I ,.i ir i il tin well
i 1 i v !:: mi 1" j i itiKTiiic, In imi
I h r w .t v t n t tn .n .pin c Mi'li pr '1 ! y
;i - - .. ml i urlf, l:.t ;i U 1 1n- ai--
!.,( ;i nci nf ",iiItiro uv.n.' A; id 1111
h.ni . i'iti t) of h'-ini; htucril. rairn 1
i-r nV;i. ,(.kniK. ha -I s-.irh a Im-ly lusd t'
,i i ll hnl. s..ir- Im ;i in v
If niir tr, i (t h.'uilo nf Ikiuiii sil-
f mi"- ,tt !r-m stotf uiKl follow
th". :i.'foM'ii;ii: ;:ur ti i rt-ft io--ht wHI
s.n-p; liiKli(tl Willi th" result.
Thi- I't o hi.'I is of !vi,rs-' j.-r f i ly
h;T!iiMs aiifl t h ! is not !i : nix .
M'v or tnii'h.tsant ;iho'ti it. Tin
hair i'l l"- mute inanaK''abh lit 1
II, , ir.it f:iIil!oU It 1 llollf tip. IOl.
It's Easy To
Put On Flesh
.VI -'U have to ilo if vim arc too
il.in ;it"l Wi.nl !o f.ut on -ral poun'ls
n H IO 1BH
of sol.il "st:IV-U'
iir-on tnl'1'
'.mil ia"h
r. us ytl
thus rnalil"-
i f IH. .-.() -1 ro i I li"s
i:ifi:l. Tills lo'ilrts up
'in. ( l;r: llrs t Mood
' "h" it.il orKuns pi
sHiimi.ite Oi" ri"".i
making i-'fimnls of
I'll tP'y en. s P.
tri.-l i' s'.-ii. II
. till! Tl'nl i ;
I, 'I
i tul
Hi.k. n'rt'iiKth'
,r fnoil wliicil
P' KoiUs wlui
not only l'"it o'l
m 'nt invari
ftri'iin'li. Hi""!)
. ni'iirnr." oil f in d't i noiiitli
I 1 ''ill t:ihl.'! I...' ii line"' wi'fks
"ii hi of hii' .ii'iii:i;i-t Inr only $1 f"'
il's ko umfonrly nin'ffsful tlia'
nr 'icri. .1 h.h:i iu know. Is
Tt'-.l to foiri'l i.'ir tnonoy if you
1'Kc M , tu-rii-r iri't 'ni'lH(ti' to-
il.i mill l.f,'in to K.I utronK"'!' ami
luta.tliliT, well as belter lookin.
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line ofml.ino such wninlcrful comfort
. t . - : . ' 1. t 1 :
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ami nr.t-i'l'-iloor.-. None bettor niaile, though
onic are liiohor priced.
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Corner Main and Union
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assisting nature More Dai cornj
IT is natural to think of tlie ei
pectant mother's influence up
on the unborn babe. Her
food, her habits, her hygiene, and
even tha condition of her mind,
till have a part in determining the
well-being cf ill-being of her in
fant before birth.
No woman awaiting the joyf ef
coming motherhood should allow
the dyi to past without giving
nature a helping hand because
the conditions of pending mother
hood, existing as they do, over a
rotracted period ef mouths, cre
ate almost a new state of being
for a woman.
Just at she prepares herself for it,
so will most favorable conditions
prevail when her chili is born.
Mother's Fbieko Is a balm for
the nerves, an intensley penetrat
ing lubricant that (often the
muscles, relaxes tension of tha
delicate organism involved In ma
ternity, and prepares the way for
an easier, quicker and practical
Get a bottle front your druggist
fef vmhalh looef "MOTHER.
HOOD awl Tho B ABY" f-, ill
In eoupon hrlnvt mni mail direct It
mate Mother's F&iend,
WARNING? Aooti using pUtfl ollt. gnaic and tulstllatc
thrj Ml 0iJy n th ttyn vnd mag tmt$ Acrni vHtktut dalng good.
j Dept. 27, Atlanta. Ca.
i Pleat, end m your FREE too
Used by Expoctdnt Mothers
for Three Generations.
Flu., .end ma your r KtC boo.
2 Kama
j St., r. r. t)........--.- i
Dr. J. Bradficld's Female TtcgaXoiov
This tonic, for women only, is based upon the prescription of a
famous physieian, who made the disorders of women his life stuoy. That
why it has proven a blessin g t so many thousanda of women. It has given
them the right start. It wiU do just that fof you. If you peed this service,
rfet Dr. J. Bradfield's Female Regulator now, TODAY, and you will rv
ease to five thanks for the suegestion that brought to you the jcyoui rehet
that it wii give. old iy all djrugstore3 in $1.00 bottles.
White-Haired Druggist Sold
S. S. S. When a Mere Boy
For Fifty Years It Has Been
the Standard Blood Tome.
Whether vou hatfnen to le
In on of the most modern,
up-to-date dru stores of
Broadway, or the most re-
mole country store nt Uie
forlM of the creeK, yon viu
f i n f I r n th shclvea a riottie
r.f S.SR.. tle reliaMe old
blood totiic, made in Atlanta,
of the juices and extracts or
medicina! rooU Rathereci
from the forests of Georgia
and other southern states.
S.S.S. is in the truest sense
Nature's remedv. Its formula
was obtained by a prominent
Georgia family direct irom a
noted Indian chief, and it
was first made by boiling
the roots in a washpot. ' To
day it is made in a modern
sanitary laboratory, with au
tomatic bottle filling ma
chines, labelers, conveyors
and other devices that are
the result of mechanical
genius but the same formula
from the same medicinal
roots is employed today as it
was when the Indians first
made it in their primitive
The wonderful tonic prop
erties of this splendid blood
purifier have given S.S.S.
widespread fame, nnd there
is many a white-haired drug
gist selling this remedy to
day who has been handling
it ever since he lun been in
business. There is no other
I proprietary remedy that
stands in higher favor with
the druggists, because they
know that S.S.S. is an hon
est and thoroughly reliable
medicine, nnd they nave seen
the Rood results it has accom
plished. E'ery bottle of S.S.S. is
made in the Atlanta labora
tory, but so great is the de
mand that it ii? shipped in
airload lots to Warehouses in
San Francisco, Chicago, Balti
more, Columbus, Cincinnati,
Houston and St. Louis, to
which points nriore than, a
bundred carloads have been
shipped within the past year.
The record of S.S.S. stands
out as one of the signal suc
cesses of American business
life. It was first placed on
the market more than fifty
years ago, and each succeed
ing year has shown a steady
growth in its demand. S.S.S.
is an honest, reliable remedy,
and throughout its career
only conservative, bona fide
publicity has been permitted,
;so that its phenomenal growth
jis the result of merit alone,
.backed up by. intelligent, per
isistent and aggressive x
1 ploitation.
S.S.S. in todny recognized as
' th? standard blood purifier and
toiiii nnd In used regularly br
those who realize the iiiiportar.ro
of avuiditif- diseiiHO by the intelli
i gent met hod of keopin the blood
eiipplv bIwhvk purr and vigorous
! ,i:id healthy. i
! ItitorPKt'.iiR ' liternture. as well
j: valuable m'dlcal advice can he
lm! without charge by writing to
i Chief Medical Advisor. 290 Swift
; Laboratory, Atlanta, 0-

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