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Ot rjonrrw FBIESM we will always be pleased
all matUrs connected with
to hear fran.cn
asps , country politic * , and on any subject
whatever , of general Interest to tbe people ol
cur SUte. AnT Information conn t d with
the elections , and relating to floods , accidents ,
will b gladly received. AH such communlca-
tloni however , rsugt be as brief as poodle ;
axd they must In aUasM be written on one
ride of tbe cfcwt only.
leiNjnOTWBniBfajfuamut ! In eachtnd
every M accompany Jiy oommunlcsitt.n of
nhat nature soever. This is net intended for
publication , but for our own satisfaction Jand
as proof o good faith.
l cacuidites for Office wheth.
er made by Mil or friends , and whether as no
tice * or communications to the Editor , are
until nominations are made ) eimply personal ,
wid will 1 * charged for ns advertisements.
no HOT desire contributions of a litoraryor
roctlcal character ; and re will not undertake
topresene or reserve the same In any case
whatever. Our staff is euffldcnOy largo to
more than supply our limited space.
All communications should t * aodrcssed to
E. BDSEWATEB , Editor.
sends greettog to Illinois
and Illinois ought to respond by a
delegation for the plumed knight
THE Grant boomeri made a gallant
fight at Columbus , but majorities are
irresistible , and they had to capitulate.
PADDOCK will have to come home
right away. His fences are awfully
out of order einca the convention sat
down on them.
of these three-Grant
men in the Douglas county delegation
wjich Paul was nnreing with such
motherly care ? Why didn't they put
in an appearance at Columbus ?
Ir Paddock writes another letter
'ior Grant , and Brooks supplements
him with another speech for prestige
and plunder , there vron't ba a greasa-
pot left of the Pcddock boom.
HON. J. W. DAWES has reason to
feel proud of the compliment paid
him by the convention in giving him
more votes than were received by any
of his colleagues on the Chicago dele
SOME very malicious politicians in
sinuate th t Brooks made that "pres
tige nnd plunder" speech for the benefit
t.f General Tan Wyck. Wo don't be
lieve a word of it. Brooks means to
ilie with his boot * on with Paddock.
CAPTAIN MITCHELL , of Otoe , earned
his seat in the Chicago convention by
the terse and vigorous speech he made
on behalf of tbo plumed knight. It
wai by all odds the mott telling pica
male by any of. the galaxy of brilliant
stars tbat appeared on the foot-boards
of the Columbus opera houao Wednes'
day night.
SENATOH GOEDCN , of Georgia , who
Iways denied tlutbe w&a more rail
road attorney on the floor of the sen
ate , has tendered his resignation as
senator to accept the position as chief
attorney for the Louisville end Nash
ville railroad,1 which is to the south
what the conBolidatEdTJnien PaciGc is
to this tection.
If the fight made on behalf of Gen.
Grant in Illinois is kept up much
longer tbe prospect for carrying that
state for him in case he is nominated
ia very dubious. The fact is , this at
tempt to force Grant on the country
will imperil the success of the party
in half a dozen states even if he was
nominated by acclamation.
JOHN SIIEKMAN has been accused of
u-ing the patronage of the treasury
department for his presidential boom.
If that was true , how comes it that
John Sherman's commissioner of in
tonal revenue , Green B. Jlaum , is at
Springfield , presiding over the Illinois
republican convention , at the instance
of John A. Logan , as the champion of
Gen. Grant ?
Mr. Gere will now climb to the top
rail of the political fence from which
in a luckless hour ho descended under
the delusion that ho would land on the
majority tide. Alas for the champion
straidler ; ho no sooner reached Co
luoabus than ho discovered to his mor
tification and sorrow that he had got
off on the wrong sldo of the fence.
Ho trill never do so again as long as
he wields a quill. His [ only sjfety is
01 top of the fence.
WE have no disposition to interfere
with the private affairs of any indi
vidual or corporation. Wo woulc
s\y , however , in all frieudl'nejs to the
proprietor of the Smelting workstha
the safest and most economical way to
adjust the differences between them
vud their striking employes is by ar
bitration. This method ol settlement
bai been successfully tried by manufacturers
facturors in England and in this coun
try , and they ought to adopt it here
Jcsr one week before the conven
tion mat THE BEE estimated too max
imum strength of Grant at 134. The
vote on the rival delegations for Chicago
cage shows the exact strength of Grant
to have been 127. Our estimate crcd
itod Grant with nine rotes from Gag <
county , whereas Gage county only
vast two voks for Grant. Deduct
seren rotes from 134 atid you have
127 , which was ex ctly what the Grant
boomeri mustered. All of which go 103
to show that our estimate ! wore mor _
accurate thin those of any other paper
in the state.
The Beet In too 'West.
Black EOll It eT * .
THE OMAHA BEE , already one of the
best and most enterprising newspapers
cf the country , hai recently made ar
ran eoionta whereby its usefulness ant
completeness as a daily journal will be
made more appirent. Increased tele
graphic facilities have been secured
the'full report * of the national auocl
ated press , and all the telegraphic
news and nnrkct reports of tha West
ern associated press are now to be
found ia i's columns. The special dis
patches h&rauK > beon'iocreisediothi
extent to excel erory rirl west of
Chicago and SL Xonis , and tbe excel
i : lent local dejMrtmeat-of TEE BEE i ?
complete up'to the' hour1of 6 o'clock
each morning. Jr7e' cognlre THE BEE
gs one of ouFW fralaable exchanges ,
" -
" ' rT
This paper has never flinched in iti
earnest devotion to the cause of labor.
During Ihe mcst trying times when no
other paper in this 'section dared to
espoceo the causa fof the workingmen -
men , when all other papers were
satservient advocates of corporate
monopolies and arrogant capitalists ,
, bis papsr has boldly upheld the rightsa
I labcring men to exact humane
reatment and living wages from their
employers- Oar sympathy with the
men recent'y employed inthosmelting
works has beea publicly expressed ,
and we only regret that our sugges
tion to settle the difference * between
, heiuand 41ie proprietor * of these
works by arbitrat'-or" hive not been
carried out. We stjlLtopo that an.
amicable sdjustmedt of these
differences may ba nnde. The at
; empt on tha part of the Smelting
Works managers to replace their lite
cmplojei by colored men imported
From Kansas and Missouri is likely to
precipitate a ccnflict that may end in
a bloody riot.
In this crisis we deem it our duty to
appeal to Omaha m-rkinsinon for for
bearance. However aggravating the
conduct of the smelting works mana
gers may be , you cannot afford to
seek redress for your wrongs by vie
Bemember tlat the law officers , mu
nicipal and atate , are sworn to pre
serve the public peace to protect the
Ires and properly cf all cit > zan , blacker
or white , rich or poor. You can only
command public sympathy as long as
you contend for youriights witlrn the
> oundarics of the lw. Do not , un
der any circumstances , resort to fores ,
8re.i : lly the force of nrnis.
Such a course would bo snic.dal
Such an attempt would place the most
> owerfnl weapon in the hands of your
nemiep , the proiext that public sifety
lemands your incarceration In prisons
s felon ? . That will never do. You
annot afford it not only for year own
akes bul lor your families and the
jood name of American wotkingmen.
lemember also that the cost
) f a riot , the damage * to prep
rty would fall not upon the
smelting Works proprietors , but upon
: he city and upon every tar-payer in
t. A Jarga majority of those tax-pay-
rs are workiocmcn , and you would
uflict more injury on them than in-
ury upon the rich who can stand
oavy taxation better than the poor.
Nebraska Sends her Voice and
Votes to Cheer the Man
From Elaine.
A Spirited Contest Amicably
Speeches by Prominent Men-
Proceedings in Detail.
COLCMBUS , May 20. The rapubll
cad ttata convention , which closed its
labors at five this morning , after an
all-night's cession , was by all odds the
moat imposing political assemblage
ever held in Uubraska. It excelled
all previous conventions of all parties ,
not only in point of numbers , but in
tLo array of brilliant forensic tale at
and the superior intelligence of the
entre : bo3y. The contest between the
followers of Grant and Blaine was
spirited throughout , and at times quite
exciting. The Grant minority VTS.B
compact , well organized and handled
with adniirabletict by veteran loaders.
The Bhine inun , relying on their
superiority of numbers , were
not as well disciplined and coma-
times too magnanimous in
the nimusiou of contestingdelegations
of opposite complexion , who subse
quently were used with effect against
them. The turning point of the con
test was the defeat by a very close
vota of the attempt of the
Grant leaders to procure
vote by ballot insteul of viva voce
by counties which compelled every
man to show his colors.
The entire proceedings wore char
acterized by remarkably good feeling
and a disposition to avoid perionali
On Wednesday evening , after sun
down , the Columbus opera house , n
large wooden structure , with audito
Hum on the ground floor and a seat
ing capacity of about four hundred
including the stage , presented an ani
mated tceno.
The stage had been draped with na
tional colon , and the floor had been
divided among the rcspcotire counties
by standards designating each delega
tion. Admission to the hallf iras b ;
ticket , each delegate baing assigno :
to a particular seat numbered on hi
cird. By 8 o'clock , when every dele
g to was in his seat , the convention
was called to order by Hon. James
W. Dr.wcs , chairman of the state com
mitteo. On motion of Mr. Cowin , o
Dousjlas , Hon. Geo. W. Collins , o
Pawnee , was chosen temporary chair
man , and Messrs J. D. Evans , o
Clay ; A. D. Brainard , of Boone , nn <
E. A. Cady , of Ca s , were appointee
secretaries. The chair appointed the
following committee on credentials
Webster , of Douglas , chairman
Stone , of Saline ; Marsh , of Clay
Palmer , of Cas ; Majors , cf Nemaha
Tzschock , of Sarpy ; Cornish , of Polk
Thummel , of JEall ; Ries , of Lincoln
Gilham , of Webiter ; Erhardt , o
Stanti-n ; Burncs , of Cntniog am
Dawes , of Saline.
The following gentlemen were ap
pointed a committee
on permanent or
gniz tion : Tefftof Cass , Caldwell o
Nuckolls , Calkins of Buffalo , Brown
of Douglas and Wilson of Johnson.
A committee of five on resolution ;
was appointed : Croptoy of Lan
caster , Slaughter of Nance , Cowin o
Douglas , Nye of Dodge and Laird o
Bid cuss.
Pending the retirement of the ere
dentials committee , which lasted up
to 11 p. m. , the convention was en
tertained by a number of prominent
Mr. Laird esteemed it alike a pleas
ure and a duty to say that he was fo :
17. S. Grant for president pong con
tinusd applause , ] "for the reason tha
in my small way several years ago U
S. Grant and myself were engaged in
a partnership , in which Grant was the
head of ( he firm , and I ( the junior
partner ) carrie4 R musket , tjince
that time I never have been disposed
to turn back on U. S. Grant , and cer
tainly am not so disposed now. This
man Grant has smelt gunpowder in
the service of what 11 dearer than life
our country's integrity and honor.
Far be it from me to depreciate the
brilliant gallantry of James G.
Blaine [ qreat applause , on which
the chairman said , "Come to
order and let him tell tha real
abaut Elaine. " ] Whatever the result
of this canvass , one thing at least is a
certainty : there is no disposition to
put a personal preference in the place
of our own convictions of right.
Fiist I of all , we are republicans ; alter
that , we miy be for Blainp , Grant or
some other person who may yet be
8I named. [ Applause ] Whatever the
issue cf the republican convention
may be , we all hero and now pledge
ourselves to work unitedly for the
triumph of the ticket. My conception
of what is policy ia this : General
Srant gives promise of being a
letter can'didato than Jiiy other ; and
1o cannot fail to be as good a candi-
dnts as any other. The colored people
ple of the south will take more
: hances , run more jeopardy to cast
their ballots for U. S. Grant than for
any other republican. Superstitious
; hey m\y be in their ideas of Grant ;
jut if they are , they will all the more
risk their lives for him. If this be to ,
.he duty of the republicans of the
north is clear ; it h to remove the
odium of having deserted the only
class of citizens in the south who stood
y the union on the field of battle.
For many long years my friend
Laird and myself have worked tcgath'
or in party relations. Wo differ now ,
jut not much. The name of Grant ,
[ agree with him and with you , should
> e received with applause by a repub-
ican convention. Nor lesa earnestly ,
es candidly , less purely shall we cs-
eein that other man who in other
iolds hai been as great as Grant has
teen in bis I mean James G. Blaiue.
Great applause. ] And even although
i man once served in the army , ho
may be for Bhino .without reflecting
n any measure on the candidacy of
7. S. Gr < mt. But , as for me , I am
not committed to not support-
ng another ; I can earnestly and
onaistently support any republican
gainst any democrat. [ Applause. ]
Vbcn rebels wee in arms General
3rant was the proper man to lead in
he campaign against them , but Abra-
iam Lincoln was 'ho proper man for
reiitl nt. And now , wh'n rebels ,
iving laid down thuir armi , through
heirvo'ei having found their way in-
o congress , and have to bo mot face
0 face there have to to met not
with arm" , but to be met w.th their
ravodo attempting to br < 3 k down
he loyaUy and loyal men of the north ,
we need a statesman at the helm , like
"anios G. Blame. At the outbreak of
he war James G. Bhine raised Ma
land and his voce : in favor of every
nnn who had gone into" the field ; it
was under c'lvumstancoj similar
, o these that he said to the
mdgidiers : "You cannot come hero
and attempt to capture the govern
ment , " and he stood almost alone in
that endeavor. And how are we to
day to meet the men who have been
enemies of our g..vtrnmenU With
guni and swords ? If si , then do wo
want a man familiar with war to lead
ns. But if the rebels a-e not to be
net in the field with arnw , but are to
confronted in Washington wilh
speech , then we want a man to leal the
people who can appeal to the IOIEOU
ind to the patriotism of the people.
Such a rain is James G Blaine. I
rust that hi will bo nominated , "nnd
sure 1 am that if he is , not ono cf you
who hear me doubts that he will bo
Mr. Thurston , who appe red very
i-arte , said that in spits of his illness
ho was j > ltd ti meet tho'republicans of
Nebr-isk * as he had met them fur
many yu.irs. As in the past , so to
night and after this ; republicans may
d'ffer as to the m ° rits of candidates ,
but when the majority has decided
whose hand is to tke the banner of
Republicanism , and plice it on the
summit of the citadel of liberty , where
the democracy shall ragj agtinst
it without avail , the republican
parly will Etaad by that man
till success ia aesurrcd , tin man who
unshaken before Donolson , stormed
the works who before Yicksbur * ,
fought it out on the same line , and [
who through four years of war mot
rebel ion M Gibraltar meets the waves
of the ocean , and rant it asunder
that ia the man fortbe nation in these
troubulous and threatening times fo
call to tbu presidency. I do believe
that the sober , earnest , thinking men
of the party are prepared here and at
Chicago to take into consideration all
the ficla , and select a man who can
be elf cted who shall be seated andwho
will preserve this nation.
After alluding to the many good
things that had been so well said ,
Gen. Van Wyck said that this * pocta
cle of republican intelligence , patriot
ism and harmony was the grandest
of tributes to libarty and free govern
ment. So long as citizens can come
together in the spirit manifested here ,
and discuss the qualities of tha candi
date for a great party's suffrages , the
republic is safe and the patty is safe.
All the speakers had expressed the
sentiments of the great republican
party of Nebraska. And while we
look on General Grant as
the greatest of American sol
diera , and the first cf the
great soldiers .of the world , we
look upon Blaine as the first of Ameri
can statesmen. After referring to
the factious a'nd partisan discords ol 1
the past among Nebraska republicans ,
and expressing the hope and convic
tion that a change had transpired for
the better , the speaker made a beauti
ful and touching reference to the Ia
mented Frank Welch , whom ho pro
nounced "one of
the grandest men
Nebraska ever had to represent her in
congress His was a nobla character ;
if opposed to you , his was nl
ways a manly opposition. He ,
then a mere boy , wai among the first to
answer the roll-call when the rebels
fired on Sumtor ; and afterward.-
the peacaful pursuits of buariRss , am
in the amenities of social and politi
cal life , ho won hh way to the hearts
of his friends andto the respect o
the people. Recalling his excellcn
cies of character , his personal graces
his fidelity to his friends , his loya
services to tha people prompted ono U
utlcr the pathetic words of the poet
O , for the touch of a vanished hand ;
The sound of a voice that is still.
And now that ho has gone the feel
ing of partizan-bitterness , if such ovei
existed , has passed away ; and so le
ns hope will it be after these present
contests are ouer , and wo one by one
have gone to join the multitude bo
yond. " If , concladed-tbe speaker ,
the politicians and the newspaper
would cease to traduce public men who
have trud to do their duty , we shoulc
hail the coming of the political mil
lenium. Butaso the two eminent
citizens namsdhero , Grant and Blaiue ,
we may be sure that after the strifes
are over , their
memory will find an
eternal lodgment iu the American
heart [ Great applause. ]
\Vhataver our personal preferences
yba , there are underlying tbcie
the sublime principles of the republi
can party. 1 am a republican because
1 want to sse tlrs csnntry rich , pros
perous and free , and I believe the re-
pubhcan pwty will win because its
principles lia tto neatest to theiear.'s
of the people. The strnggb going O
o-day is as old as the government ; it
s the consummation of the principle , .
aid down a quarter of a j 1 I
century ago , of a free constitu- *
ion for a 'then slaveholding
people. And now , just as the full
rictory isdawning upon us , we should _
lot let go the principles or repudiate j
he men who established them. Forgive -
give the traitor wo may , bat we should i |
till denounce the treason. To-day to j 1
he loyal and true is given the keep- (
ng of the nation's or the party's fate. | j I
We do not simply teek to select a '
man , but aim to vindicate a principle , '
nd to carryforward the stmdard of
reedom to perfect victory. To effect i j
his there is needed , in our candidate .
and in the executive of the nation , a j '
firm hand and a heart tint has the
eve of all the people an abiding and
eternal faith in the sovereignly of the
> ? ople- and that n an ia U. S. Grant.
Applaiue. ]
Col. Chaie f aid that it had not been
lis fortune in Nebraskas it had so
often been in Wisconeio , to as-ist in
ho atate conventions of his parly.
This was the first convention in which
le WJS a delegate. His nnmo , howev
er , had been in two cvnventious bs-
bra this , but only as a candidate. He
was impressed with theinlellegence of
bis assemblage , and the remarkable
alent displayed , and could not but
iclieve that the convention would in
all things ait wisely and well. When
he party names its man , he would do
all in hi ) power to help elect him , no
matter whether he ba our distinguish-
cd civilian and statesman , our great
military chieftain or our patriotic dip-
omat. The paople will see that who
ever ia elected chill take his seat.
3utwe must not overlook the fact
hat there is a large element that hon
estly feels that a third term tends to
wards imperialsm ; ( mingled applause
.nd . disapprobation ) . This santment is
chiefly prevalent among American cit-
boin abroad who-nlread monar
chies , and fear anything tbat might
tavo monarchi il tendencies. It may note
> o eo with us here , but there are those
who exprers this fear. The speaker did
not want to see such a man as Blaine
lounded down and kept out of office
> y machine politicians. And is it ,
after nil , so certain that the man you
may nann h gofng to bo elected ? We
must tike the man who can carry the
most states. In conclusion , seid Col.
Chase , "let us fight this thing out un-
il we'at-rio , and then agree to fight
when we hive pgred" [ Applause
and hughter. ]
Chairman Collins introduced Mr.
losewau-r "little that
a man can
ay more and do ultra than any other
man in the tt > te. " Mr. Ro&ewater
I ara here to represent the sen-
iment in favor of the nomination of
Fames G. Bliino. I am for him this
ear because ho would to-day bo
ires ! lent if the sentiments of the
.jroat body of republicans had bsen
larried out four yean ago. I have
> een placarded through jpurnah in
ivalry. with me as the originator of
tr.e Sherman bom. > . I come herewith
with sixteen other solid BUine men
rora Douglas county. If that is a
Sherman boom I think Blaine and his
riends can staid it. I am in favor pf
six delegates who are know to be in
hrir teniitnonts and their affiliations
'or Jamss G. Blaine. This conven-
ion ( hould so instruct Twenty years
ago ho was ia Alabama , at the begin-
> ing of tha rebellion , aad participated
.here with the people who wore in
"avor cf yreECiviug the Union. It re
quired greater mural cjurago to do
.hat , than it did for men in the north
o ' 'hurrah for the boya" and play at
iiome gtiDrds. I have been represented -
ed by political enemies as a confederc
a'.o gympathiz r I risked my life
with the bys in blu3 in two campaigns
in Virginia. I WBS fort.'n months-in
the wr department in the telegraph -
graph office rf Pro ident L > n-
cola , rii'l I transmitted with
my own hands tbe first proolama-
tioa rf emancipation. Does
that look like treason ! I have been a
republican since ' 56. I came to Ne
braska in ' 63 ; and from then until
now I have always been an active sap-
poster of the republican party. I favored -
vored Grant for his first nomination ,
and I supported him for his second ,
though fearing his avail ibility. It is
now fifteen years after the war , aud
we do net need a strong man clothed
in mail and surrounded with bayonets
mid cannon. Wo w.vit a statesman
who has the sympathy of the people ,
and if they elect him they will te.it
that man. The second suber thought
of the republican { -arty will give us a
statesman at the head of the govern
ment "who knows enough to know"
what the country needs in peace.
All this talk about ceiling the next
president ia bosh. Any man who is
elected by the people will bo eoatcd
by them , and no reputable republican
could advocate the seating of any man
who was not elected The coming
campaign is to bo hotly contested , but
he confidently looked forward to a re
publican triumph in November. It ia
charged that I have Eorne subtle do-
sign. I have come here to woik with
the men.who are frr Bhino. I have
never sought for any office since I
have published a paper , and shall ac
cept no office as long as I edit a paper.
I seek no honors at the hands of this
convention , and my only ambition to
day is to elect a delegation for Blaine.
I can state my position in a very
few words. For six years I have been
in favor of the nomination of James
G. Blaine for president of the United
States. This fall I expect to have a
chance to vote for him.
Mr. Dalus Brooke , editor of The
Omaha Republican , slid : My views
briefly expressed are in accord with
your eminent representative in con
gress that Nebraska should teud a
delegation that will insure us prestige
andpowtr. [ Tumultous hissing , J
cries of "Shame ! shams ! " ]
Paul Vandervoort made an earneal
appeal for the silent mm. He bad
been for Grant since 1868 and favored
him now because , in his opinion , ho
was the only man who could divide
the solid south end take his re.it i1
of Otoe , said ho was not ono of those
who believed that the salvation of the
country depended upon any one man.
Grant was a brave and patriotic gener
al. So were Sherman , Sheridan , and
Thomas , tha grcstest lloman of thorn
all. The timohas now como to reward
statesmanship , and James G. Blaine
will be reinitiated at Chicago one
was drawn out of the chair by loud
calls , and made a very telling speeoh.
He p id an eloquent tribute to the
great Elihu B. Washburne , who , he
thought , could pall the solid vote of
tha men that "fought nv.t Sigel , " and
finally closed by expressing the hope
that tbe sentiment of the republican
misses of Nebraska , which were so
emphatic for Blaine , would be carried
out by the convention.
Nebraska's ox-contingent , said he was
not a delegate , owing to circumstances
over which he had no control. Four
years ago his roica was raised for Ben.-
Bristow ; now he spoke for his suc
cessor , John Sherman , who sared the
country by his management of the
national finances.
Concluded on Pourtl Page ,
Butter is worth ninety cents a pound
in Ouray.
Gunnispn City boasts a population
cf 1)500 citizens and a toll bridge ,
The grass in the Gunniscn ii very
short , but it growing very well now.
- Ono ton of hay delivered the
Highland Mary mine , near Silverton ,
was § 320.
_ It is prophesied that Crested Butta
is to bo the Rio Grande town in the
Lots in Aspen City which recently
sold < for § 25 and ? 50 have gone up to
six times that vjluo.
The ranchmen in the Animis valley
were reported as eirly as the first of
April as busily engaged in pu'ting ' in
their crops.
Three Leadvillo companies paid
dividends " for April of $215,000 ,
against"$803,700 paid by all the other
nining companies in the Unittd States
or the came month.
The Silver Cliff Prospect says that
now and rich discoveries of copper and
: opper glance have been male at Ma-
achita. A great many prospectors
are going into ths new camp , and ere
eng the entire mineral belt will be
aken up. Quite a number of new
louses have been erected in the town
within the last few days.
A Pitkin lodging home keeper has
traded accommodations for his guests.
Cha . house is divided by an imaginary
ino. On ono side of the line the
leer is strewn wTtb/cawdust and on
.he . other are arranged the bunks.
You p y your money and take your
choice of Fawdust at twenty-five cents
or a bunk at fifty rents.
A Denver man makes tha following
proposition to supply Silver Cliff with
vatcr : He rroposes to brinj water
rum the Lake in the Clouds to a res
ervoir with a capacity to hold snfiic-
ent water f r all demand * , the city to
iy tlieniaiu _ ! and levy her own tax.
He cha'rg s a tted amount , to be
agreed per annum for the water. Ho
il < o proposes to place the city bands
; hst may be hsued to buy the pipe
and lay them , at ton per cent , per an-
mm , t-j run tan years.
Wyoming ;
The excitement over the mines
in Norlh Park continue.
The naw machinery in the Laramie
olUng mill ia in operation. &
The sharp rivalry bit cen tle :
tforth P rk and Jelm Mountain min
ing regions is intense.
One company of the Cheyenne ,
Black H Va and Montana railway en-
g'mei rs ; s at work on Crow creek , the
other on Lofer horse creek.
A number of nun have Iccited a
own on the head of the Michigan ,
wh'c'i is called Park City. This ia
some eight miles from Tjner.
Work on the Jord&n canal progress
es as rapidly aj the weather will per
The coal mines in Summit region
javo not bsen very busy of late , but
vilh tha weather improving will soon
> a "booming" again.
The contract for seventeee miles of
; ha narrow guago railroad from Salt
jrck t ) Wales is let , and the grading
s to done by July 4 , 1880 It isin-
; ended thtt the entire couuty shall
' are in tha labor and pay.
Salt Lake Tribune : "It ia bsing
discovered tlut the Suparlor gold belt
in the Wiuatch is as expensive as the
great bait in Bingham. It has been
tr.ced i a distanee if five miles and the
cropping * averajio from five to twenty
feet in width. When Bngham said he
could stand in his harem doors apd sco
more . gold than the world " cou'dpro -
due , pscp'c thought "it an id5 ! boast
of a bogus prophet ; but the honest
prospector ii verifying the words of
Brr. ] ' . and Salt Lake county 13 destined
to be the largest g Id field ever dis
covered. "
About 100 men are employed in the
K'nslsy ] dis'ricr nearEIko
, , taking out
copper ore. Smelting works have
b } en erecleJ , and operations wllcom-
All engines between Tiuckea snd
Wadaworth will commense burning
coil inside of a month. Wood will
still bo continued between Truckee
and Sacramento.
The representatives "of the Piutes
from difloront ratti of Nevada will
soon assemble at a point on tha
Truckee for the purpcse of holding a
grand fandango , at which Nachez ,
Winnsmucca , Breckinridge and Prin
cess Sall-o will deliver addresses.
The compressed air locomotives at
the Sutro tuunel are giving perfect
satisfaction. A train of loaded cars
was baulod out fem shaft No. 2 a few
days ago in fourteen minutes , and as
aoon SB the track shall have been put
in order to the north branch , the loco
motive will bj ussd regularly for this
Over 50,000 foot of lumber will be
cut in the vicinity of Nevada county
during the coming seaeon.
Ono hundred bath houaos are being
built on tha beach near the railroad
depot at Montarey , and the break
water will be constructed immedi
ately. _ _
A French company , organized in
Paris , are at present negotiating for a
hslf interest in the Enterprise Irrigat
ing Coal and Mining company's prop
erty at Diamond City , Eureka dis
The Mongolian mining country ,
seventy-five milej beyond Silver City ,
is creating much excitement , and min
ers , prospector * , tender-feet and pil
grims are rushing in that direct-on
each week.
"A ton of pro from the San Jacnto :
tin mines in San Diego county has
been shipped to New York to test ita
value. If the working assay proves
satisfactory , the sala will be complet
ed , and a large number of men em
ployed extracting ore.
The Coata Rica grangers have
buiinrsi association , owning a ware
house at Martinez. Their annual re
port shows an encouraging increase in
their earnings , there being a surplus
of overSlljOOO above expenses.
The proposed BoJie extension will
ba a narrow-gaage , three feet wide.
Steal rails , varying in weight from
thirty-five to forty-five pounds to the
yard , will bo laid the entire length ,
and all freight and passengers wil
necessarily bo transferred at the
Mound house.
Three flumes are being built from
the Bine Mountains to different points
in the Walla Walla valley , to carry
down lumber and wocd.
Every stream and gulch in Jossph
Ine is full of water , and the supply
promise to keep up well during the
summer , an unusual thing.
The final survey of the branch roae
cf the Oregon & California railroad
from .Albany to Lebanon , in Linn Co. ,
is completed , and scoa grading wil ]
Washougal City is tae name of _
cow tcwn sUrted a mile and a half
above Parker's Landing on the Col
umbia river.
On the Juyallup river ash trees are
frequently found twelve feet in cir-
cuniference , straight and free fr < m
knots for a height of forty foot.
Seattle papers are anxious Lq have a
nary yard established at Puget sourd.
The Seattle birrel factory is the
lirgest in the United Statei.
Proclamation by tne President.
Fault-finding is so seldom indu'ged
n by those who use tin meiicines
manufactured by the World's Diipets-
ry Medical association that the presi
dent cf that corporation , tha Hoa.
R. V. Pierce , ML D. , ha3 hsaed a
special request or proclamation to any
and all persons , if ( here be any such ,
who may have taken or shall hereafter
use any of the family medicines now
nade and cold by the said asoociation
n all countries of the world , and who
mve not derived full benefit from said
medicines , that if they will write ilia
said association a description e f their
maladies the Faculty of the Dispensary
will adv'sa ' them with respect
.0 the successful treatment
of their diecniea. Dr. Pierca'a
3oldea Medical Discovery is guaran
teed to cur j all humors from the com
mon blotch , pimple or eruption , to
.he . worst scrofula or king's evil , and
hose virulent persons that lurk in the
syttein as a sequel or secondary affec-
ion resulting from tadly-treated or
neglected primary diseases. It also
curei bronchia ) , throat and lung ds-
eases. Favorite Prescription ii.guar-
antoed to cure female weaknesses and
indred affections. Extract of Smart-
iVeed cures bowel affections , colds ,
and all painful , rheumatic and neu
ralgic afiections. Dr. Pierca's Pellets
little sugar-coated pills ) are tha little
; iant cathartic. Address , World's
dispensary Medical Association , But-
al > , N. Y. , or Greit KujEoll Street
3uildinga , London , Eng.
TT TREATS upon HEALTH , HYGIENE , and Phj'i-
.L oil Culture , and is a complete ejcycloprdii of
nfofmation for invalids and those who suffer from
ferrous. Ezhamting sad Painful Difeas 3. Every
subject th t bears upon health and human happiness.
receives attention in its pages : and tile many qnes-
ioni asked or suffering invalids , who have despaired
if a cure , are answered , and valuable information
* volunteered to all who are in need of medical ad-
rice. The subject of Elec'nc Belts mrnt Medicine ,
and the bundled and one questions of 'a ! impoi-
jince to suffering humanity , are dulj or.sidsred
and explained.
explained.YOUNG MEN
And oth ri who suffer fromKrvon and Thjsical
Debility. Icss of Manly Vigor , Premature Ezlian-
lou and the many gloimy consequence * of early
ndiscrttion , etc. , are especially benefited by con-
inltinR Its contents.
Tbe ELECTRIC REVIEW expo9" th unmitigated
frauds practiced by quacks and medical impostors
who profeis to " practice medicine , " and points out
be only safr , simple , and eCeclne road tolleaub ,
Vizor , and Bodily Energy.
Send your address on postal card for a copy , i > a
nformation worth thousands mil fee ncnt jrou.
Address tbe publiehers ,
Ait tha
Ions sufferers , vie-
: ims ct fever nd
arm , the mercurial
diseased patient ,
io\r they recoTered
health , cheerful
spitlls nd rood
ippctlte ; they will
; ell you by tak-
ngSixiiosV LIVKR
The Cheapest , Purest nd Beet familyMtdl-
the In the World. .
Billious Attach * , SICK HCADACHE. Colic. De
presBlou of Spirits , SOUit STOilAOH , He rt
Bum , Etc. . Etc.
This unrirallod Southern Rfracdy is warranted
not to contain a single particle of MancuKT , or
any Injuriotu mineral substance , but U
Purely Vegetable.
containing thow Southern Roots snd Herbs ,
which an all-wile ProTidenco lisa placed In
countries where Liter Dlseaso moat prevail. It
will cuio all DUcaf eg cauied by Derangement of
the Liver * nd liowel ? .
TuBSrMPTOMS of L'.ver Complaint ute a
bitterer b&d tAste in the mouthrain ; ia the
Backsides or Joints.o'tw misioSen fcrllheuma-
tl m ; Sour Stomsch : Lo's of Appetite ; Bowl *
a te-nately costive and lax ; Headache ; Less cf
Memory , with a painful sensation of [ mine fail
ed to da eomethlnj which ongnt to have been
done Debility , Low Spirits , a thick yellow ap
pearance of the ekln and Eyeg , a dry Cough of
ten mistaken f-r Corsumptlon.
Sometimes many of theo eymptcma attend
tbe diceaie. at otbcn very fewhut ; the Liver , the
largest or an inthe body , i generally the seat
of the dlsive , and if not regulated in timo.Rreat
jufterinp , wretchedness and death will eristic.
I can re-ommcnd as n efficacious remedy for
disease of the Uveri Heartburn and Dyspspsia ,
Simmons' Liv-r Regulator. Lcvrit Q. Wnndcr ,
1625 il > ster Street , Assistant Post Master ,
Philadelph a.
"Via h e tested Its virtue ) , lersonally , and
know th t for Dyspepsia , Billiouiness. and
Throbbing- Headache , it is the hot medicine the
world ever * aw. Wo have tried forty other
remedies before Eimmong' Liver Regulator , but
none of them gsva us more than temporary re
lief : but the " Regulator not only relieved , bu :
cured us" " Editor Tehgriph and Messenger ,
Macon , Qa.
J. H. ZEILJN & CO. ,
Price. tl.WT Wd by all Drtgpista.
For Diseases of the Throat and
Lungs , suoh as Coughs , Gelds ,
Whooping Cough , Bron
chitis , Asthma and
Consumption ,
The few compos !
tions , whlchhavewon
the confidence of
mankind and become
household words ,
amen ; not only one
but many nations ,
must have extraor
dinary virtues. Per-
baps no one ever sj-
cured so wide a repu
tation , or maintained
it to Ion ; as Ann's
, „ . has been known to
tbe public about forty years , by a long continued
series of marvelous cures , that have won far
It confidence in it * virtues , never equalled by
any other medicine. It still m kcs the most eff
ectual cures for Coughs , Coldt , Conrumption ,
tbat can be made by medical skill. Indeed , tb
CnxRRT PBCTOEAI. has really robbed these dan
gerous diseases of the/r terrors to a great extrnt
and ( riving a feeling-of Immunity from their fat
al effect , that is well founded if the remedr be
taktn in season. Every family should have it
In their closet for the ready and prompt relief of
its members , gickncss , suffering and even We
Is saved by this- timely protection. The prudent
hould not neglect it , and tlie wise will not.
Keep it by you lor the protection it affords by
IU timely use in sudden attacks.
Practical and Analytical Chemists
Cheyenne , Wyoming.
First-cits * . Fine large Simple Boom , one
block from depot. Trains step from 10 minutes
to 2 hours lor dinner. Free Bus to and from
Depot. Kates 8iOO , 12.60 and | 3.00 , according
to room ; s'ngle meal 75 cents.
A. 1J. BALCOM , Proprietor.
ANPKEW BOBDES. Colet Clsrk. mlOj
Alfred Carpenter , Ansanla.Connecticut writes
Please send OH C. O. D. 1 first learned the vsl
ueofDr. Tho-ras Jdectric Oil while living in
Ohio , nd I think U the best medidna In me for
William Boland , Jr. , 11 east Swan Street , says
"In tbe past two ytsrs I h vi bad occasion to
use Dr. Thomas' Edectrlc Ofl quite frequently
for violent neuralgic pains snd sick bfstlichx .
have faced it toco an absolute monanh eve
rain , sabdninf it In a quiet , soothing ; manner
and yet acting almost instantly. " .
Mrs. Mary Grimshaw. No. 112 Kain meet
Buffalo , was cored of violent attack of KhOC
m\tism of the hip , coaflnln ; her to her choir , b ]
a few applications of Dr. Thomia * KdectrieOu.
She says : "Lew tbxn bottle cored me entire
ly. My son waa trcnUed witn Bfceum > lm ot
tbe knee , and was cnffi entirely in twenty-four
JVOo to Tosr hifgistforlQsi Freeman1 !
Hew Katioaal Dyes . "for bptehtae i sod dnrabC-
ityofcclM-theva',1 , rtaqt& ] < . Color S to 5
Business transacted eame as tbat ol
an Incorporated Bank.
Accounts kept In Currency or trald
ubject to eight check without notice.
Certificates of deposit issued pay
able In three , six and twelve months ,
beartnsr Interest , or on demand with
out Interest. °
Advances mode to customers on sp-
iroved eocutltles at market ratea ot
Buy and se gold , bills of exchange
iovernmont , State , County and Citj
Draw Sight Drafts on England , Ire-
ana , Scotland , nnd all parts of Europe
Sell European Passage Tickets
Cor. Fornbam and Thirteenth Bta.
isTAZLtsnu n 1SS9.
? nr nUed M a Kattocal Bank Angcrt SO , 166 ! .
Capital andProfits Over $300,000
p cUUy anthorlzed by tha Bocretuy of Trewr
to reoelTC SabecripUoca to the
a KODIMJ , Fneldant
AeeOTnrs Kouirm , Vice Prssldott
n. W. Tins , Csahler.
a. J. FomjroH , Attorne ;
Joan A. Cnraanrcx.
T. n. DAVB , Aart Oosbler.
Tidj b * k rscslYea < ! epoeJU wlthoct refMd to
tanea ttna certlflcstei bearing ; nUreet.
Bnirs dnfta on Saa frandcco tnd prindpa
dtlos of the United Statea , olio London. Dublin
Jnbaigh ! and the principal citlea ot th cent
entof Kurcp * .
Bells pasnga tickets for emigrants In the In-
man line. m yldtf
Geo. P. Bern is'
15th ik Douglas St * . , Omaha , Neb.
This agency docs STRICTLT a broksraffe bust-
eeo. Docs not speculate , and therefore any bar *
sins on its books are insured to its patrons , In
tead of bcin * gobbltd up by th e as ct
and Mill ,
No. 550 Farnham Strut
T : North Side , opp. Grand Central HoU
Nebraska Land Agency
1605 Farnham SI. Omaha , Nebt.
, AOBES carefully fleeted land
Eastern Nebraska ( or sale.
Great Biryalns In improved farms , and Oma
Late Land Coo'r O. P. Ife R. 4p-fsb7t
moH BXID. Lima B. Km
Byron Reed & Co. ,
Beep a complete abstract ol title to U BealK
* te In Omaha and Doujlas County. maTltt
Cor. Randolph St. & 6th Avo. ,
$2.00 AND $2.50 PER DAY
Located In the business centn > , convenlent
piaccs cf amusement. Elegantly furnished , con
ialnlng sJI modern Improvements , passenger ele
Titer , Ac. J H. CUMMEiOS , Proprietor.
oclOtf _ _
Council Kluffg , Iowa
On line of Stree * Railway , Omnlbuso * to tn
from all trains. RATES Parlor floor. J3.00 p
day ; second floor , $2.50 p day ; * bird floor
[ he best-furnished and most commodious boa
ratbecitv. GEO T. PHELP3. Prop
The Metropolitan la centrally located , anu
flnrt-claai In every rcepoct , having recently bee
entirely renovated. Tbe public will flnd I
comfortable and homollke house. martl
Sclmyler , Xeb.
First-class nous , Good Meals. Good Bedi
Airy Boom ? , and kind and accommodating
treatment. Twigood sample rooms. Specia
attention paid to commercial travelers.
S. MTT.T.EB , Prow. ,
aI5-tf Sclmyler , Neb.
B. A. FOWLER. JAMM H. Ecorr.
Designs for buildings cf any description on
exhibition at our office. We have had over 20
years experience in doiignlng and superintend-
In < public building and rf sidences. Plans and
estimates furnished on short notice.
Greatest Discovery of the Age.
Wonderful discoveries In the world have been made
Among other things where Santa Claw stayed ,
Children oft ask if he mates Roods or not ,
If really he lives in a mountain of snow.
Lost year an excursion sailed dear to the Pol *
And suddenly droppedlnto what seemedlikeuhols
Where wonder of wonders they found a now land
vfhile lairy-like beings appeared on each hand.
There were mountains like ours , witn mort
beautiful preen ,
And far brijrh'-er kies than ever were seen ,
Birds with the hacs of rainbow were found.
While flowers of exquisite fragrance were grow
fnir around.
Not long were they left to wonder in doubt ,
A being soon came the/ had heard much about
Twaa Santa CUns' eelf and this they all say ,
He loked like the picture tt ee erery day.
He drove up a team that looked very queer ,
rrwas a team f grasshoppers instead of reindeer
He rode In shell Instead of sleigh.
But he took them on Ixnrd and drove then
He showed them all over his wondtrful realm ,
And factories making Roods for women ind men.
Furriers were working on hats great and tmall ,
To Burce's thev said they were sending them alL
Kris Kinzle , tbe Glove Maker , told them at once
All our Gloves we are sending : to Bnnce ,
Santa showed them suspenders and many thing ?
Eayirc I * ! * took these to friend Bcnee'l ( tor * .
Banta CUus then whispered a secret he'd tell ,
.J t in Omaha every one knew Bonce well ,
VT * therefore should send his goods to hU care ,
SA-icz his friends will get their full share.
ft5 S. Camber TB dweUen la Oaitri * town ,
We have all the Latest Styles of Spring Suitings , an Elegant
3took of Beady-Made Clothing in Latest Styles. Gent's Furnish
ing Goods Stock Complete.
In fact the Stock is complete in all Departments.
Don't Fail to see our Custom Department in charge of
Mr. Thomas Talloii.
m31e. > Jaw 1301 & 1303 Faviiham Street.
IM : o TJ IL , ID i IN : Gs i
922 Douglas St. , Near 10th , Omaha , ffeb.
Steam Pumps , Engine Trimmings , Mining Machinery ,
_ A. L STBANQ205 Farnham Street Omaha. Neb'
We Manufacture to Order
Iron and Wood Fences , Brackets and Mouldings ,
Improved Ice Boxes famished on short notice.
GUST , FEIES & CO. , Prop's1231 Harney St. , Omaha , Neb.
The Only Lithographing Establishment in Nebraska
T H Proprietor.
Drafts , Checks , Letter Bill and tfute Headings , Cardi ,
Bonds , Certificates of Stock , Diplomas , .Labels ,
etc , , done in the best manner , and at
Lowest Possible Prices.
To prwect th public against imitators ire epeelally caution all purchasers of
Benson's Capcine Porous Plaster
To see that the work CAPCINE on the lab > 1 Is pU d coryctly.
Do not allow some other Plaster to be palmed off under a almlllar soundf ag name , with th awnr-
anoe thot it It as good Bear ih mind that the only object such . dealers can have , is tha fact that
they can mike a few pennies eitra proflt by sell ttg the spn-lou *
General Insurance Agent ,
don , Cash Assets 'MS'1 ?
WE31CBK8TKK. N. Y. . CspItU 1-000' *
IHE MERCHANTS , of Newark. N. J. , 1,000,000
QIBABD FlREPbU delphiaCapltal. . 1,000,000
jtal 900,000
FIREMEN'S FUND , California 800.0CO
SEW ARK FIRE INS. CO. , Afsets. . . . SoO.OOO
iMERICAF CENTRAL , Asaets 800,000
Southeast Cor. f Fifteenth 4 Douglas St. ,
mch8-dly OMAHA , K
Contractors and Builders ,
1310 Dodge St. . Omaha.
Proposals for Indian Supplies
and Transportation.
\ _ ) of Indian Affairs , Waihlniton , Ma10 ,
lBt 0. Sealed proposals , Imtorsod Propoea's for
Beef , Bacon , Flour , Cloihin ; , orTnnsporUtloo ,
&c. , ( as the case mar b , ( and directed to the
Commissioner ef Indian Affairs , Nos. 65 and Ct
Wooster Street , New York , will be received un
til llA. M. of Jfondty , June 7tb , 1880 , for fur
nishing for the Indian service about 800,000 Ibs.
Bacon. 10,000.000 pounds Beef on thehoof.123,000
poon-s btans , 65,000 pounds Bakin ; Powder ,
2,300,000 pounds Corn , 283,000 pounds CoQee ,
8,300,000 pound * Flour , 212,000 pounds Feed ,
300,000 poame Hard Bread ,75,000 pounds Hon-
iny , 9CO ) pounds Lird. 1,650 barrel * of Vets
Pork , 233OOOpo nJ Rice , 11,200 pounds Te ,
72,900 pounds Tobacco , 1 290,000 pounds Salt ,
IIT.OCO pounds Soap , 6,000 pounds Soda ,
809,000 pounds Sogar , and 839,000 poaads
AIo , Blankets , Woolen and Cotton Good' ,
( consisting ? In part of Ticking41,000 yards ;
Standard Calico , SOO.OOO yards ; Drilling , 18.030
yards ; Dnck , 181,000 yards ; Deninu , 18.000
yasds ; Olnebaoi. 60,000 yard * : Krnncky Jeans ,
26,000 Tards ; Satlnett. 2,700 yaidi ; Brown
Sheetlnjf , 213.000 yards ; Bleached Bheetlnr ,
17,000 jards ; Hickory Shirting. 18,000 yards ;
OJieo Shlrtlnsr , 6.000 yards ; Wlisey. CM yards- )
do thin r. Groceries , actions , hardware. Med
ial Supplies , and a long llrt pi miicallaneoui
articles , such as Wagow , HamfWPlows , Bake * ,
Forks , Ac.
Also , Transportation for inch cf the supplief ,
goods , and articles that may not be contracted
lor to be delivered at the Airenelea.
BIDS urn is JOBS OCT ox
8. he Jules showing the kinds and quantities of
But/i tnco supplies required for e h Agency.
and u kinds and quintities , In grori , of all
other goods and artidei , together with blank
proposals and forms for contract and bond.eon-
dltiozu to be obserred by Bidders , time ami
place of delivery , terms cf contract and pay
ment , trantportatlon itratts , and all otter nec
essary Instructions wiJlbo furnl-hc-l open ap-
pliatlon to the Indiin OOee in Washington , or
Kos. 65 and 67 IVooster S reet , New Tor * ; to B ,
M. Kiogsley , Ko. 30 Clinton Plwe , J.ew York ,
Win. H Lyon. Ko. 183 Broadway. New York.
and to the Comm'sarlej pf Sabfistence. U. B.
at t d ,
AU bids natt b iccacipinlto oy
eheeksOTonTroeCnlted State. Dspotltory cr
AMUU Treasurer ; for at toil flre
The owner of the celebrated Kaolin
Banks , near LOUISVTLLE , NEB. , baa
now ready at the depot at Louisville , on
tha B. & M. railroad ,
to fill any order at reasonable prices. Parties -
ties desiring s white front or ornamental
brick will do well to give na a call or eend
for sample.
J. T. A. IIOOYEK , Prop. ,
Txictmrille , N h
16th and Cuming Sts.
We propose supplying the
people of North Omaha with
erate prices. Give us a call.
or. zi. jBtzaztefrxmr. ,
ayCash paid for Country Pro
duce. Goods delivered free to any
part of the city. ap7-lm
can find a good uoortment ot
At a LOWER FIGURE thaa at
any other shoe house In the titr.
A B perfect flt punuite d. Prlce verrreasoa
aol d eu-ir
Laramie ,
accommodations ,
alt tion glr
( Tormerlj of Otea ft Jacobs )
Ha 1117 Farnham St. , Old Stand of Jacob Oil
/ F. P. Black. ICth St.
* Mb aad Soft Heat * o an kind * eouUnt
ian < lj je ir ajoMbIfc VegtUWe. la
ol foc4 s&irerec-to azrrprt of the dtr.

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