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VOL. IX. OMAHA , NEBRASKA. MONDAY , MAY 2 ± 1880. NO. 289.
Established 1871. MORNING EDITION. Price Five Cents
Tha House Gives a Little Belief to
Small Tobacco Dealers , '
The Senate Passes Saunders'
Bourdary Extension Bill.
The Senate Considers the Propo
sed .New Plan of Counting
theJBlect ° ral Yote ,
While the House Wastes the
Entire Day in Useless
Spouting.t .
Confirmations * the Senate
* Caj-itol Notes.
A ' *
Special dljp 'th to Tlio 1'ee.
WABUihoioy , May 22 4 p. m.
The house pwel abllproxiiirg that
dealers in lut lubicio who do not seller
or consign for sale Icrf tobccco to an
amount txccedin ? 25,000 pounds in
tax ycf r , ainll pay a
The reutde p * od a bill extending
the n crib era boundary of Nebraska
ao as ta include the projenj territory
of Dakota south of the forty-third
parallel , east of Keyapada liver and
we t of the main channel of the Mis-
aouri river , when the Indian title trill
be extinguished.
The * enato in exooutlve session con ?
firmed the follfwing nominut ons ; N.
O. Ordwoy , i > f Ne v Hcmpihire , to be
governor "of Dakota ; John W.Pec. .
b'O' , euporvieor of oen U8 for the sixth
diattict of Illinois ; J me L.
of Illinol' , to be United St tcs ttor
ney for the territory of Monf na.
left here for Harrisburjt en-route for
Chicago , Saturday aftern-'On ' ,
Bpsdal dUpite't tTh * Bc
"WAsniNOvDX. 'May 22 10 p. m.
Toe joint rule for counting votes of
elect > rs for i resident and vice-presi
dent was taken up. The rule provides
for meetings of the two house a and
opening of the electoral packages by
the vice-prtsideut. If objection ii
jnada to any such list tso two houies
ifcall riturn to ih < ; ir respective cham
bers and consider * tucii objections. If i
both house } do not -concur in the re-1
Section , the vote shall be received , But
if they concur in reject'ngiTtchvote'it
hall not be counted. In case of
more than rne 1'st ' for the same state ,
and if tbe homes do n t concur in re
ceiving eitlur , it thiU ba rejected.
After considerable d'acuation , and
without acttcn nn < no b H , tbe senate
went into executive seasion , and tt
4:35 : p. m. artjourred.
The day in tha honsa was completa-
lyw attd After two honrsliad been
( pent iu debating muttons the house
finally got into committee of the
Mr. Cook , chairman of public build
ings commutes , desrod to make , a
statement correcting some mis ppre- ,
henaions * s to ( he amount of work
performed by hi committee. After
this explanation , di'atory ' tac'ics ' were
resorted to and it was manifeit that
the minority would not permit any
business to bo done.
The house nt 3.30 p. m. adjourned.
Companies Caucusing and
Sclieming to Raise the
The Struggles of the Beading
Epjdtl Dkpatch to TBK Bis.
NEW YOKE , May 23 10 p. m.
For sere little time past the managers
agers of the great ccal companies have
been conferring over a new phn for
lessening the production and main
taining prices. One that has met the
most favor is an agreement to suspend c :
absolutely miniug operations from p
Juno 21 to- ' July 7 , and follow the
opening on July 8th with an advance b
of thirty cents per ton. This is ap iia
proved by all the companies with one a
exception , and the etjbrta of all are .
now directed towards influencing the r.tl
outstanding presidents to join in the tlit
agreement. The phn is a substitute itb
for the three diys a week suspension d >
arrangement now in vogue. It has
not been put into the form of a written - S
ton agreement , and there has been no ,
formal meeting to consider it , but w
several conference s have taken place PI
In v&nous offices and the matter fully XT
discussed. la
The coal companies are inclined to 1 !
the belief thit the formal suspension giPi
of payment by tbe Reading company Pim
will bo beneficial to the trade the Piai
actions of the company have , for a ai
year or ratr. ? , baing like a pall over ttA
the trado. Gosran has soiled for
further delivery at leu than schedule
rates anrj discounted his customs
notes to obtain ready money. The
other companies , to retaliate and pre o f !
vent the Reading'from profiting by , tl
this method , , have cut rate ) and in la
many inebnces Go wan h s been com
pelled to sell at less prices than were
8gred upon at fie time bii sales
were nude. This has been hurtful ta
the busin ss of all tbe companies , and hi .
as tha _ methods by which the Reading 01R1
wa * tiding over iti difficulties were R1
well understood to tha trade the c.-isis R1JJ
had been anticipated and a crash ap JJ
prehended which all wore prepared ic
for. Opal officials now sty every icTo
body will do better and more profita To
ble business , and if the new arranee- Tohi
ment is consummated , . for hi
the suspension of , produc stcr.
tion expsnea will ba lessened cr.
the increase realized and general sat * 3 ,
Isfaction from this state of affiura may 01
result There is little doubl in their tii
minds that with cooperation tiiof
of the Reading corapiay , they will of f
Induce tlje o.no that now oppgiei the
plan to come to reason. The oppcsi-
tion of this particular company is that
it is cheaper to maintain , thoprescnt _
p'an of three days suspension pe
weak than to stop work altogether.
President Gowan siys officially tha
ths stoppage of. his compatsy reltoTi
'them ofT.be strain of carrying and in
o\a ng their funded debt ; that the
owe nothing for wagei and can koe
the company moving with other com'
panics in nuiutain-ng prices of ccal
and the properly 'is really in bette :
condition than when subject to ni
payment beyond earnings than it wa
when they were increasing the ftoatir [
debt in the struggle to ma'ntain credit ,
All ( heir floating debt is secured b
good collateral , end he apprehends n
trvub'e from creditors.
Special Dispatch ta The Bee.
LOKDON , May 22 4 p. ro. Th
Times baa the following : "The lib
erty of the press is one of lha mos
trecious privileges of Eogli hmenan
therefore it is to their interest that i
shouldnot be abused. I never have
been apt to complain of the repoitso
anything I may have said in public
if they only contained inaccuracie
which pres.sute or oven Home little
malice might occasion or iiupire , bu
when an cliborato declaration of pol
cy it placed in my mouth , ai was done
in the report of the proceedings of the
moeting.in your issue of Thursday ,
not cne single word of which was
delivered by me , and which conveys
in every sense the reverse of what ]
expressed. I tbink it my duty to
make this disclaimer ai public as the
statement which you hqve circulated.
of the Reading failure created
a panic in the American railway mar
The executive committee in the
Blackburn cotton operatives , advise
all strikers to resume work when the
mills open Mocd&y.
Ppachl Dtipatcb to Tc * Be * .
PANAMA , May 10th via New York ,
May 24. 1 ft. m. Hon. Ernest
Diechrain , United Sht-8 minister to
Colombia , paid an official visit to
President Ittwera on the 5th inst.
Dunns ; the progrc's of the interview
remarks were made by gentlemen
preient that explanations gives were
not in accordrnce with recent news
&nd articl.s published by the Panama
Star and Herald. This was explained
by saying tbat the paper is in queat of
B subsidy and not to be relied on.
The Star and Herald replied Dieoh-
&un or any other m n may ] udge of
our motives , intentions withes or
obligations as he may elect , but pub
lic expression of them which he has
made , leaves us to reply that a
liar is always contemptible , whether
ho B an American minister or the
meanest wretch tbat crawls tbe
streeti. It comments very seriously
upon that gentleman's explanation in
rrgird to the mies'on of the United
States men-of-war to Lagura de
Oheirqui and gulf of Dulco. On the
night of the issue of said article a
gr > nd serenade was given the proprie
tor of the paper at his dwelling by
officials and DUO persons , m honor of
bis defence of the honor of Colombia.
M. Diechs&an took his departure on
the sixth. During the afternoon of
lha sixth , AdniriU Wyinan rnd staff
pjid a visit to the prefect and ex
changed sentiments of amity and
friendship. The a-lmin. ! ; s reporied
to have stated to the prefect that ho
government entertains only the most
friendly feelings towards Colombia
end "there is not the least
danger of tupturo. There :
has been within a few days a consider
able amount of spurious gold coin pul )
in circulaton in this city. Alsocoun-
terfeit Peruvion Soles have been in-
troduesd which nro supposed to have ;
been brought from New Ycrk. The
counterfeit gold reserred is believed
was manufactured in Germany and
reached this city by way of Central
An attempt wasmado on the life ol 0tl 0I
the chief of the royal steamer "Don" tl
it Aspinwall on the Gth instant by a )
sailor on board. The officer was knockg
d"Jnto the main hold of the ship ,
itruck on hia head and picked up for
lead , but subsequently rallied. The
was arrested and carried to
Sagland in irons for trial.
A schooner which has been at an- tiP
her in the bay for some time is sup- titi
weed to be waiting for arms for the tisi
Peruvian government was bombarded sib
y Chilians residing hero , on the * 8th siT
nstant , and the captain taken T ?
md : p ut in irons by pirates. The Co- b
ombia authorities captured the pi- atO'
ites , sent them en shore and had O' '
hem put in prison. It is said arms
ntended to be shipped to Peru have
oen captured by the government and
loclared a legal prize. News from
Jonth America is up to the 28th of
Lpril. The Chilian forces wera then
rithin a few days march of Tacna.
irobably at Mon de Sama. and a battle
light bo momentarily expected. The 7
iteat from Gen. Montero is to the 01
9th of April , when he expressed ata
reat confidence in the result. As a
reviously announced the bombard-
lent commenced ou tbe 23d , launches
nd torpedo boats made a dash with It
io intention of cutting the monitor tb
.tahworp , but were repulsed. th
pedal Dispatch to Tbe Bee. isbt i
LONDON , May 23,10p. m. A block btA
over fiifty houses on the site of :
be old Surrey Gardens , was inflames hi
_ . _ .
ij. : ij. a ! * * W )
ut night and is still burning.
ptdal Dispatch to Tni Kn. fe
. May 23 , 10 p. m. Five Wlbt
.undred of tha South Cork militia bt
us ted and beat a number of emi-
rants who were seated in a train from
Cerry and wera en route to America , Sp
lany of the emigrants were badly SpA
ijnred- -
ijnredTHE A
tbe Editor ot THE BEX. bl
LOJTDOK , May 23 10 p. m. News blD
s arrived of a fa'al riot in Horn- re
team in Syria , 86 miles from Damas- IrD
as. The town hss a"popnlation of Iror
,000 Greek * and Turks. The Greeks or
a the occasion of one of their ca-
onal fetes began to fire rifles in the
eighborhood of the powder magazine 3 *
the town. The Turkish authorises ai
th $ fjrjpg to cetse , , few - l
. >
ing tbat some of the shots might pen
etrate some casks of powder tint were
placed in the magazine acd cause a
g'eat o hmity.
Sped * ! dispatch to The Bee
MADRID , May 23. 10 p. m. Over
1,000 cotton spinners set fire to and
wrecked a cotton mill in Barcelona
yesterday. The uiilitiry interfere 1
and many of the spinners were ar
LONDON , May 23. 10 p. m. A dit-
patchfrom St Petersburg siya tbat
the chance of Dr. Wilmar's ncquittU
arejncreasing. He was charged with
Advices from Yokohama state that
the Japanese government definitely
resolved to remsin neutral'in event of
war between Rusii and China.
SpecULDuputch to Tns BH.
PARIS , May 24. 1 a. m. The
French derby for three year eld colts
was won by Beattminot.
Votirg at Lyons Sunday WAS large.
A second billet yill be necetsiry.
Special Dispatch to Thb Bee.
ST. PETERSBURG , May 24 1 a. m-
The Nihilist trial * are proceed ng but !
in a very bungling manner. The '
chemist who sold the poicon to Dr. '
Weimar g ve a different data from |
that of the aco'jsa'ion. ' This created
a great sensation in court.
Special Dispatch to TUB B B.
LONDON , May 24 , 1 a. m. The
Times this mcrniog referring to the j
candidates for the presidency of the s
U. 8. concludes that the republican
candidate Gen. . Grant may not be
without dtfect and drawbacks , bnt it
is d.fficult to see how any politician
could be any more fitly entrusted with !
the interests of a party
The Persian consiil hiviug insulted
the Brit'sh coneul at Djeada , Lord
Gr nville , secretary of state for for
eign affdira his asked the Sbah for au
explanation. In the meantime the
consul has been suspended.
A Calcutta dispatch says there are
rumors of the Bimpa rebellion ( hewing -
ing signs of breaking out afresh and
orders have been issued to native
troops to be ready to embark at once'
Bendar is to be the popular favorite
for the Derby. Betting 210 to 100
against was offered after tvro to ono
hod been taken.
A Crazy Husband Kills His
Wife for a Few Hund
red Dollars.
Special Dltp&tch to Tni Bus.
NEW YORK , May 23 10 p. m.
A dastardly murder committed Thurs
day night was discovered by the police
jeUetday. The dead body of Johan
na Brennan was found in her room at e
512 East Sixteenth street. The wo
man and her husband had frequent
quarrels because of his apparently un
founded jealousy and desire to possess
himself of a iew hundred dollars the
wife had in the bank 4o start him in
business. His peculiar actions and
incoherent utterances at times gave in
dications of untound mind , and finally
led to his discharge from employment
last Thursday. It is believed that his
discharge resulted in a deliberate
determination to murder his
wife and ' secure her money.
Ihough they had frequent quarrels
there was no suspicion among the people
ple in the house of anything wrung
antil Saturday , when the housekeeper ,
jut ot , curiosity , looked over the tnn-
jom of the door aud saw the room be-
ipattered with blood. The police
itera notified and entrance forced ,
Then the dead body of the woman
as found on the bettwith her throat '
ut fiomear to ear. flie murderer used
joth razor and knife. The attitude
f the woman and the bruhes on her
aody and limbs showed she had strug-
led desperately for life. After com-
nitting the deed the murderer had [
cashed himself and changed his
ilothes , and after securing the bank
jook left the house. On the table
yas found a note scnwled In German
m a piece of paper and signed "Emtl
Brennan , " stating he had cut his wife's
hroat because she was unfaithful to
im. It ia believed the murderer has
lailed for Europe.
Crowding ? a Deposed Clerk , ?
ipeclal diipatch to The Bee. L
CINCINNATI , May 23,10 p. m. In
ho cases against Tom Ambrose , de-
osed U. S.
clerk , Judge Swayne yes-
trday practically sustained the civil ;
nita against Ambrose and bondsmen ,
tat were ruled out on technicalities. (
he criminal cases against Ambrose , !
iy order of Judge Swayne , go to the
upreme court , which throws them
ver to the fall term.
Fatal Shooting .
pecial dispatch to The Bee.
Col. , May 24 , 1 a. m.
-To-day a shooting scrape occurred
bout a mile from here between two
len named Albeit Garvey andGeo.
Pelf , in which the latter was instant-
killed. Wolf received two shots ,
nein the leg and the other in the
bdomen. Ho died without uttering
word. Both men were employed by
fr. J. L. Brush , a large cattle owner
ho is here on the spring rcuud-up.
bis impossible to learn the origin of
10 trouble at presort. As usual
lero being rumora , none of which wo
e fit to credit. Garvey , it is stated ,
of a lawless disposition and has
een hunting trouble for some time ,
iter doing the shooting he mounted
is horsa and made his escapo. A re-
ard of fifty dollars hai been offered
r his arrest by the cowbays , and if
ae could judge by the feeling raani-
iated , if caught now , there would be
ork for Judge Lynch. Wolf was
cried here to day.
Welcoming Mike Davits ,
pedal Dispatch to The Be .
NEW YOBK , May 24 1 a. m.
.bout 1000 Irishmen , principally
lembera of the Land League , assem- <
led in Jones' woods Sunday after-
ooBtto welcome Michael Davitt , who
3cently arrived In this country from
reland , Mrs. Parnell was present ,
k. Wallace read an address also read
no from the Robert Emmet Philadel- a
hia Celtic society. Davitt after
i&niingtho League explained its ob- 7
sci He was frequently applauded 7Vt
ad ailed upon alllrishment to assist Vt
the movement ,
Senatoiial Comments-
Special d : patch to Tre Bee.
CHICAGO , May 22 4 p. m. The
Journals Washington special says :
One of the moat prominent-New Eng
land senators ted ! ytur crrrespondeut
to-daptlnt In believed the action of
tbe Illinois crnveition only demon
strated the n cecity for some candi
date cthor than Grant or Bline.
Another senator , Llair , of , New
Hampshire , who favored Senator
Blaine , enH ho bal'evcd the effect of
the Scrinjficld ccmvntion would be
to wenkei Grant's candidacy and make
his defeat at Chic'go more certain.
There has been nothing of apectal
interest in eitLc ? brunch of congress
Camarf n loaves for Chicago to-day.
Kalloch Squeala ,
Specal dispatch to The Ke.
SAN FfiAxcirCJ , May 22 2 p. m.
KaMoch'a iraperchnwnl cue comes up
Monday in the superior couit He
filed an affidavit demurring to
the complaint on the ground tbat the
court has no jurisdiction ; also , that it
does not state fdtte sufficient to comti-
tute a cause of action.
Verdict or Damages.
NEW YOJIK , May 22 4 p m. A
Mr. Harrold this moraing obtained a
verdict of § 30,000 for damages for in
juries received on the elevated rail
Work to be Continued.
Spedal Digpntch to The Bee.
PHILADELPHIA , May 22 , 4 p. m.
The Philadelphia end Beading rail
road and coil end iron companies will
conduct operati ns as mual , and there
will ba no suspension of business.
Work will be resumed at the collieries
Monday and continued iill Wednesday
night ,
The excitement is sti1 ! great over
the failure. It is'repoited a number
of smaller failures will be announced.
Reading stock sold down to 10 , Penn *
sylvauia to 48 } ,
Preparing for the Harvest.
Spec'al Dispatch to The Ees.
CHICAGO , May 24 IB. m. A
large influxof leading republicans from
all parts of the country are expected
here this week aa the advance guard of
the national convention. Ample
preparations have been made for all
who come. Some of the Blaine and
Wa hburce delcga'es of the Spring-
fit-ld conventon are talking of holding
an indignetion meeting to give expres
sion to their fee'ingj.
Terrible Railroad Accident.
Special dlepitcbes to 1 he Hoe.
SAN FBAXCISCO , May 24. lam. r
In theaccideuttahn excursion train
from Santa Cruz to-day fifty persons
were injvred. Tha accident was be
tween Santa Cruz and Felton , by de
lay of tbe local train , and a collision
ra the curve nini persona were killed
itid sixteen badly injured. No fur
ther particulars can bo obtained till tbe ;
irrival of the train.
New Yor2 Monav and Stoctr.
riKVV JfollKMay
r.B. 8siS31 - 1C
I. o. OB , * w - 103 ;
Io ; 49 . . . . . . _ 109 :
r. 8. Now i per cent _ 1C7
Ulnoibantral 10 :
L fi.&Q llz a
few Tork Osntnd- 121T
rid prufexreJ. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . tl
'orthwestsTii. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . tltl
ro'rthweatem pialeirsil . . . . _ 1C tltl
t. PitZl..t . * * tl
t. Paul prclerrcd . . . . . . . .103 tlB
raoacc , at. Loais and FaciQc . Z9 tltl
preferrc'i . . . . 67 *
Ian. & St. Jo . 24 } tl
Ian. A St. Jo , pf'd . 6S { tlP
ansas & Texas. > . . . . > . . . . . . . < . . . . . . . . . 80 tlP
In'on Paaco . . . . . . . . . S3 } P
lentral Pacific . 65
Northern Pacific . . . 21 o
do preferred . 42
Tostern Union le'e.-f Tii . S5
„ SI ,
Chicago Produce.
OHIOAGO , May 22.
Wheat No. 2 , " § 1 16 for cash ;
$1 16 for May ; § 1 08 § bid for June ;
1 03J for July ; No. 3 , 92@92Jc ; No.
, red witer in ttore , 81 07.
Corn No. 2 and high mixed 37o
sash ; 374c bid for May ; 30to bid for
Fune ; 30c fcr July ; 36c for Au-
ust ; rejected , 35c.
Oats No. 2 , 3132jc for caih ;
(2i@32c for May ; 30c for Juno ;
8i@28c , closed at 28jjc for July.
Rye No. 2 , 85c fcr czsh or May.
Barley No. 2 , 78c.
Pork 810 05O10 10 fcr cash ;
10 05@10 07 for June ; $10 15 ®
.0 17 * for July ; $10 27 $ for Acgust.
Lard 86 67 $ for cash ; § 6 70@6 72J
or Juno ; § 6 726 75 for July ; 86 75
56 77 for August.
Bujk Meah Shoulders , $4 20 ;
hott lib , 86 30 ; short cleir , 86 50. '
Whisky ? ! 08.
Butter Saks et 12j@21c.
Egn Firmer ; 9j@10c.
Milwaukee i-rcauce Marfcet
MHVAUEEB , May 22.
Wheat No. 1 Milwaukee , hard ,
113 ; No. IMtUatkce , 81 1C * ; No.
do , 8106 | ; Msy , 81 06f ; June ,
1 07 ; July , $1 04J ; No. 3 Milwau-
ee. 90c ; No. 4 , 84c ; rejected , 65c.
Corn No. 2 , 37c.
Oats No. 2 , 32c.
Eye No. 1 , 86s.
Barley No. 2 fall , 70c.
New York Produce.
NEW YORE , May 22.
Wheat Ungraded spring , gl 10 ;
fo. 2 do , SI 18J@121 ; ungraded red ,
1 26@1 324 ; No. 2 do , 8131i@l 32 ;
iwed winter , $1 28 ; No. 2'ambar
1 31J@1 32 ; ungraded white , $12CJ ;
ro. 1 do , 31 291 28. :
Com Ungraded , 53 358c ; No. 3 ,
4c ; No. 2 , 54 < 355o ; low mixed 61"
"o. 2 for May ,
0c ; July 49c
Oata Mixed 6cwctern ; , 444
rhite western , 46J < S50c.
Eggs lrt.lljo. ( .
Pork Old mess , 810 90 ; newmeo ,
Lard Heavy ; prime steam ,
Butter Doll-aid ucsetled at 9
7c ,
Whuky Nominal at $1130116" ,
In Search of an Embezzling
Travelling Man.
Four Weeks Tramping Which
Results in the Capture of
the Accused and His
Subsequent Release ,
Manual Westerdahl returned Satur
day from Rock Inland , 111. , where he
has been engaged for two weeks past
in endeavoring to secure the person of
George E. Renfro , a young man well
known in our city and formerly en
gaged in the seivice cf one of our
prominent wholesale houses.
Renfro for a long time traveled fcr
the firm of Guild & Merrill ,
of this city , and was known as a young
man of considerable business ability ,
but inclined to ba fast and lavish ot
his money. On the first of last Feb
ruary ho left the employ of Guild &
Merrill and entered a prominent St.
Louis tea firm , who valued his cervices
so highly tbat they paid him ? 2500 a
year salary , his territory lying in the
southern states of the Mississippi
Shortly after Renfro left Omaha his
employers discovered that his accounts
would not balance by some $350.
Further investigation reveahd the
fact that there was crookedness ap
parent , and en the 3d of April a war
rant was sworn out in the plice court
by Charles A. Merrill , of the firm of
Guild & Merrill , charging him with
embezzlement. Marshal Westerdhl
took the warrant to Lincoln , and , ob
taining a requisition from Governor
Nance on the Governor of Missouri ,
started at once for St , Louis. The
very day before the Marshal arrived ,
Renfro had some trouble with a wom
an in that city , which was aggravated
by the arrival of his wife , and in con
sequence he was bounced from the La-
clede hotel and left the city. Marshal
Westerdahl returned to Omaha , but at
once telegraphed the various officials
throughout the west a description of
Renfro. and asked for hia detention ,
should he turn up.
On the lOthinst. Marshal Westerdahl
received a dispatch from Rock Island ,
saying that Renfro had baen arrested
ind jailed at that place. An official ,
eras immediately sent to obtain a ,
requisition on Goveanor Oullom , of
[ llinois , for the prisoner , and the
marshal started at once for Rock
[ aland , where he arrived on Thursday
night. Renfro had retained three
lawyers , Messrs. Sweeney , Jackson
md Walker , and an effort was made ,
o stop a requisition , but without sue-
ess. After waiting two days for the c
proper papers , the marshal left for
Springfield and obtained the requisi-
ion , but on hia return was
lelayed two days by a wash-
mt on the Illinois Midland :
ailway. When ho reached Rock
Jland he was surprised to find that
Jenfro had been released on bail and
md disappeared.
The marshal then left for Omaha
md had arrived at Newton , Iowa ,
rhnn he received a telegram sent by '
he Rock Island chief of the police to
he city and dispatched to the train , cc
bat bis man was rearrested and that
Hr. Uuild was on his way to prosecute
he case. Reaching Rock Island he
iresented his requisition and the
iritoner was turned over to him at
But the law's delays are proverbial ,
nd Renfro had already procured tbe SJ @ )
ervices of three lawyers , Messrs. SJJi
lenwoithy , Beardsly and Judge Wil
kinson , who applied to Judge Pleas-
nts , of the circuit court , alleging fa-
al errors in the printed form of the
equisilion of the governor of Illinois.
Lfter a hearing of four hours the pris-
ner was discharged on the grounds
laimed by his counsel. A new war-
ant will bo applied for by Guild &
lorrill , but in tbe meantime Renfro
ttempted to serve papers on the mar-
hal and his former employes , claim-
tig $10,000 for false imprisonment.
Renfo'a side of the ztory is that no
ettlement was over made with Guild I
Merrill , although he desred ; to dee
o and offered to take their figures.
is employers in St. Louis , Messrs.
'cater & Co. , have offered to settle
bo matter by paying all fees and-
est , but Guild & Merrill have re
used to listen to any oveitures.
Renfro is a young man , 27 years
f age , and has a wife living in Chi-
ago. His people are well connected.
A Card.
During my absence from the city a
eport was published in the daily pa-
ers that I had adviaod Mr. Mead not
D re employ any of the old hands at I
he Smelting works , nor to raise their
rages. I wish to characterize such a
eport at an infamous falsehood and a
aseleis slander. I had no convewa- Ai
ion on the' subject with Mr. Mead toiBi
rbatsoever. Anyof my interviews with BiPi' '
Jm related solely to my official duties , bo
was neither in accordance with my itaAt
utyor inclinations to offer auch gratu- 1st
ousadvice. Thewholecanard has been
lanufactured from whole cloth by
arties who were not ashamed to stab
man in the back when he could not
aply , and was absent fronxthe city ,
feel that this explanation is due my- LiSi [ !
3lf and the working people. cu.
0. J. WESTEKDAII. , Marshal. cu.dii
We have to note the first importa- Pi tic
ion into Omaha of tooth-brushes , ini wa
luhn & Co. having had a large as. " }
irtment of brushes nude to order in
flndoh , Uvcry brush i ? warranted ' , aa
A i'k " " *
The New CathoLc Convent
Blown Down.
Lst evening , during the teiriBc
wind alarm , which hlaw great cloud ?
of dust and rubbish down the aireets ,
to the total exclusion from si ht of
objeils half a block away , tbe new
Catholic convent suffered a ssvere
shaking up. Situated , ns it i' , on on
of the highest pointa in Sh'nn
addition , in the northwestern part o
the city , it proved an easy prey to th
angry elements. About half-pit s"
the wind made a sudden change fron
north to touth. It was just at th
time of this change tint tha nort
wall of the convent fell in , filling th
basement excavation completely
and making a total wrec
of all the wood-work in the structure
which was hardly half completed. I
is a three-story building , and the roe
had not bsen put on. The window
were mostly open , and cocssruie
there was nothing but the shell to re
aist the storm. Wo are informed
however , that the cont'r.cto's
the Ittners , made provision Egiinst ;
possible storm , by propping the gab'
end , which had been finished and bj
cloaingaoma cf the window j. Th
walla are 18 inches thick , and vcrj
strong. The joisfs which had been
put in on the firstand second floors ere
broken and slivered into smithereens
The south wall h pretty badly torn E
the joist socket ? , and it is probnlle
that every wall in the structure i
twisted out of plumb to an extent tha
will necessitate the reconstruction o
tbe whole building. A reporter was
unabla to find any of the conf rasters
and no one among the great crowd o
apectatora could eatimate the loss in
Street Car Robbery ,
Friday night , sbout 7:40 : , the earli
est car in on the green line was
robbed on the corner of Eighteenth
and Izard streets to the amount of
510. The driver , Mr. Thompson , had
left his Beat to adjust the switch which
turns his car in the direction
rf the horse car barn , leaving
bis tin money-box in a settee , from
ivhich he makes change for paisengers
ivho have the good fortune to poss2ss
noney in large bills. He was careless
jnough to never take a thought of his
) ox until reaching the barn , where
10 discovered that he couldn't dis-
ujx'er it where be had pnt i * .
He went back to Izard street at
me and found the box lying in the
niddle of the track , empty and for
aken. The thief got about 810 in
JI. It will aoon be necessary to send
policeman out with every car after
lark , if this kind of business goes on
nuch farther.
ChicaKO.Uve scocu Market
CHICAGO , May 22.
Hoga Receipts , 17,600 hoid ; mar-
et opened dull and values 5@10c off
rom yesterday ; mixed packing , com-
lon to fair , at $3QO@430 ; choice
eavy , § 4 254 ( 45 ; bulk , § 4 30.
Cattle JKeceipts , 2,600 head ; re-
eipts for the week , 31,300 the larg-
st on record ; common to good ahip-
inc , $4 40@4 87 $ ; western § i 00 ®
55 ; butchers' cattle , § 2 203 80 ;
ith bulk at § 2 76@3 60 ; corn-fed
'exans , average , § 2 502 80 ; stockers
nd feeders quiet at § 3 30(34 ( 20 for
ommon to choice.
Sheep Receipts , 1000 head ; mar-
et quiet and dull ; common to
oed clippot' , § 3 75@4 20 ; wooled ,
5 09@G CD.
St. Louts Produce.
ST. Louis , May 22.
Wheit Unsettled ; No. 2red , SI 11
lllf for cash ; $111112 for May ;
1 03@1 03J for Jnnc5 93g@94Jc for !
uly ; 91gc for August ; OOc for the
Corn 32c for cash and May.
Rye Firm at OOc.
Barley No market.
Whisky SI 07.
Pork Lower at $10 25 bid cash ;
10 30 for June. :
Dry Salted Meals Easier ; S4 00 ® !
Bacon Easy ; $4 C2i , § 6 00715.
Lard S6 90.
nd you arc armed against dUeaire. The finest
inic for this purpose is Hoatcttcr'a Stomach
itters , which renders digestion ea v and com-
ete. counteracts biliousness , and Keeps the
jwels iu order , and 10 ( renial ana beneficent are
effectBthat not only is the body invigorated ,
nd regulattd by its me , but despondency ban-
bed from all tbe mind.
For Bale by all Druggists and Dealers generally
$500 Reward.
Ws will pay the above reward for any case ol
ver Complaint. Dyspepsia , Sick Headache , In-
ration , Constipation or Costirenen we cannot
ire with Wesfa Vegetable Liver Pilli , when the
rections ar strictly complied with. They vre
irely Tegetable , and never fail to give satisfy-
on. Sugar coated. Large bores , containing 30
ills , 25 cents. For sale by an dragyiati. Ba-
are of counterfeito and imitations. The Renu-
e manufactuted only by JOHN C. WE3T& CO :
Ibe Pill Maters , " 181 * 183 W. Midison Bt. ,
oicaga Freetral paciage sent by mtil pre-
il < * on receipt of & S e nt Jtamn.
Bold it wholasale by C. F. Goodman , J.K. leh ,
id Kejmird f Forsythe. Oraaha. ( Jap6d4wly )
Bryan , Texas , Jaiia 11.1870.
J.C. Hlcfanrdsoa , St. iouls Dear Sin
My boy , years old , had fever every
other uny , CT ovcry tlilrd clay , for about
2 months. Icsed as much as 13 grains
of Qnlnlno durlnjj HIQ Uny , but With no
effect ; tried Cinrhoaln ( nlkalold ) Snlph.
Cinchnnldla , Snlaclne , etc. , etc. , butt lie
boy got worse nil the tlmo. I reluctantly
sent cloTvu to my drus ; store for your
1'ebrUnRp.nnd I irrlto just o say thutUo
never had n symptom ai f over nfter corn-
mcncin ? Febrifuge , to date , being now
over a month n o. I feel tlmt I oncht to
eay thJU much ID behnlf of yonr medicine.
Ar.i n rcFTnlor 31. ! > . , but retired from
practice U years c.yo anil Uovotlctj my
tlnio to dray busiae-w.
1 cry respectfully ,
Stockton , 3Io. , Anff. 25Ui , 1870.
J. O. Richardson , St. X.onli Dear Slr-
Cllfror < lI l''eI > rifuse is the best ttlng- for
Chill * auil Veter that wo have ever
handled. Th re never linn been n case
that vras NOT cured by it Mint was taken
according to directions in this part oJ
the country. Yours truly ,
ChlUlcotho , Mo. , July 30,51870
. C. Richardson , St. touU-My De
Sir t Here Is something reliable ; it y
nmako anyuse of it plea doio. T
ve sold hundreds o Lottlei vrlth like
results. Yourfrlcnda ,
Uoyco & Ostrander.
This Is to certify that I had the Ferer
and Aciie this summer and the tue ot
one-third ot a bottle ot ClUTord'l F brl-
tuKo promptly cured it. It la the speedi
est cure I have known of.
Sly Dear Sin Tor oycr two years I have
hatf Tever and ARue , and after trylnB
every tlilne I took one-halt bottle of
Clifford's Febrifuge , and it cnred mo
permanently. I believe my case Trould
Iinvn been fatal had I not found tills OS
I did. Yours truly ,
H.v. . poor ,
Manager "U.S.
Barclay Whlte.Quardlan ot Rebecca M. White ,
anl hcbecci 11. White , non-resident defendants ,
Kill take notice that Joeorh Barker , of Oonglai
County , in the Elite ot Isebntka , old , on the
13th day of May , A. D , ISSO , file his pttition in
the Distrkt Court , within and for the County of
Donz"ns , Ir-saitl fitata'aJ Xcbrasfca , against ths
si'd Barclay White , Guardian a ? a'orcstld , and
Kebecd 11. White , defendants ; th object and
praver of vthlci it to obtain pirlition or lot twi
(2) ( ) . in block three hundred and fift } (350) ( ) , in the
City of Omaha , in said CountraiidBiato , which
sill 1 it in he'd by Raid p'nlntid , anl f.e ad ! defendant -
fendant Rebecca M White a ) teiu its m coinjion :
and the said Barclay \Vnitq.Ouirdbn.it a'ort-
na'd , and Itobsura M. White are notified that
the' are rf quired to npp sir Rnd ann trfaid pe
tition on or before the 23th day of June , A. 1) . ,
By FICIIABHS * IIUNT , ilia Attornejs.
Dated May 15th , 1833. min-22-29 J5
Remember that you can now
buy Goods of us at Unheard of
Lo\v Prices as indicated below.
lli.iiiclio'd and Job Irtt GooJs scld at 3c , 6e , 8c
nut lOc for each article.
3ar Creat Sfecialty , an 1 sold under a lull puar-
mtce toeuit or tlie mor.cy rcfniuled. In Teas
pro quo c25c , SOc , 35c , 43c , COc , tOc ard up-
ard , all full va'nc , and a present giren with
iach one pound sold.
EiowiiftlJc , 20c , 22cand 25c , and Cilt-Edge :
fiva at 33c ptr pound ; Ground Codec at He ,
0c , and oar Superiour Crushed CoDce at25c per
SPICES The most comple'o assortment in
Dm.iha and at prices bclo.v all competitors.
Cry U3.
BAKING fOWDER 15c and upward.
FIAVOiUNG EXTRACTS At 80 per bottle
md upward. .
ESSEXCLS At EC a bottle.
irm box at 6c. CLOTIIES-LIAE , from 8 to 15c :
ach. CLOTHES TINS , 2 dozen for EC. SUOE
} RUSnES , 8c , ICc and upwards. Scrub Brush *
3 , 6c. Horse Bruobcs , ISc. Czrpct Tacks , 3c.
foilet Soaps at SCc a dozen avd upwards. Bluo-
DJ , EC. Ftprcr Sauca , and Frnch Mustard , )
Oceach. Mop Ilamll&s , 15c. Ax'e Grease , 2
or ISc. Corn Starch , Si rcr pound. Laundry
u.rch , extra quality , at Sc par pound Citron ,
rane and Lem n Peel , at SOo per pound.
VUow and * oodea Ware cheap. Waah
3oar < 3 ? , IS ? . Brooms , 2 for 25c. Bird Food in
me pound pacLa cs ivilli Cuttle Fish Eone at
Tobacco and Cigars. :
BlackweU & Daj's I5nrham at 53a per pound
oed article oi Fine Cut at OOc per pound ; beat
irand cf Tlu ? Tooicco at COc p-r pound.
Wo Bell r. ICc C ar for 5c , djn't fail to try
hem. d
i.c i.
i.ll <
rt'cnlloAV no oucto uudcrccllns.
Superior nnalitv of Svrapa at 70c per gallon , 1g 1b
2.EO per Kc ? . L\UXURY fcOAPS Bold at hot- g ;
otn piicca. DCIEU FRUIT.-- , extra quality at
ow prices. CUACKLin , bctt in market and ta S 5
heap as the cheapest. ' F.
TVe bare alcoaddjd the following goods to our
tock , which we propoga to tell cheap.
Jamphor Cum , White TVax.
inlphur , Uss. Jam. Ginger ,
Kllfc f bid , WAUUllUiJUl , J
Uom , Uquorlco Drops , j i
Vqoa Arnmonls , ttrenrthcninj Plaster , r
Iubcl8 Paris V/clie
, , r
riermacille. WUtins , ,
uiiilno Pill : , Cuttlo Fish Bone ,
iwcctOlI , fcage.TIiyme ,
iutor Oil , JLirJoram.
rtschlr.o Oil , Cirawiy Seed ,
Instard Feed , Caltdomon Seed ,
iulphnr Camphor and Tar Scar * . )
tind an Immense Variety of s
Other Goods lee Numer
ous to mention ,
jrhlch we pledge ourselvei to sell
jheaper than other Dealers. Don't
Forget It , and give ns a call. Exam
ine goods and compare prices. Spec *
lal rates to parties buying to sell
again. Orders from the country
filled. Prices guaranteed and sent
0. O. D.
113 North Fifteenth , adjoining L.
B. Williams & Son , Dry Goods Store ,
Omaha , Neb.
15tli anil Douglas Street ,
PBR cr 5-OW residence loW for la'a by tbw ag en
cy t prlresr anslrir f rcm Si to J.,600 ab , and
| located In ei eryptri of tliecito , and In every
direction from tbo Pcxtotflcm.rth. . ct , south
or west , and varyins : m distance from one
block to one nr two a : ! J Iron ! same. Cm and
examine our 1's's
i-oveial chotw lot ? In GridSil It I-otcj' dJl-
tion. west of convent , between St. Sliry's avert
ue md Harncy etroet-S-jOJ to * SOO.
SO acres just east of ba-rjck en S Hinder * > 5k ,
this Is choice asd and will bo sold very cheap
for c sh In 5,10 er20 acre lo'i ; ncwb > onr tlrco
to Sf cure a bargain.
Choice lot at eaJ of street car tracks on blun
ders st reet for $ J 5.
Choice lot. Fcrnhitn and 2S.h etrtaU , 80x131
feet for S1.5CO will dlv'de it.
Cheap lots in Credit Fen br addition , south cf
U. P. depot 5100 to SSOO.
Fortj- lots on Park Avonua and Ceoma itreet ,
01 road to park , and near head of St. ST'ry's
avenue , at frcm 3125 to 8300 each. Seven yevs
time at euht ; prr cent inttrtst to those who will
put up ircoj subttantlal baildibjr * . F r farther
rartloul rstppyto.
C. P. BE1I1S , A nt ,
Fifteenth and Douglas Stree's.
A nice lot on llarney and Twentj-first street * ,
Two choice lots on I0th. nesr S Mary a ven-
ua , 50x165 feet each , for 8350 § nd 5800.
Two chclco lots near Sd and Clark streets , In
E. V. Smith' * addition S303 and J350.
Fifty lots In Shim'a first , second snd third ad.
ditlora forSHO to $800 eac& .
tot neir 15th and Pif res , S45X
2 lot ) on Harnevnear Jllh St. , $600 each. 1
bt on X4th mar Howard itreet , I7o0.
10 lots In Grand View addition , icuth Of J- *
bridge and depot , from 15 to $ 00 each *
One acre , 117x370 feet , on ISth street , louth
cf Foppleton's new residence , for $2,000 , or wll
divldo Into city sized lota a : from f 350 to $300
Larpe number of beautiful residence lots , lo
cated in this new addition on Capitol Hill , be
twecn Jlth 6t eet en the cast , 26th on.tho wat
UoAee street on the- north and Farnhira street
onthetouth foimerlyowned byC. U Da ns
and mora recently known ss the Perkins 15 acres.
Only S2 ! O'B have tbus fdr been platted 14 OQ
Farnham and 8 on Douglas street. Tl-we loti
ara 50 to 55 feet In wldt i and 150 indepth. $1,000
for tbe choice. 5 yeirs time , at 8 per ctnt In
terest t > tho'o who will build food substantial
houses thereon. Call and examine plat and get
full Informitlcn at
15th and Douglas Streets.
Cher SCO houses ind lots are offered for sat *
by this offiM They are ccatteied all orer the
city. Any locition jou dc.iro. Prices varying
from SSOO to 815,000 eich.
2 coed lots end 2 cheap houses near Jackson
and 12'h streets at a treat tacilflce. Here Is a
CTeat I ) wa'n for f oma one. The property mast
bo sold i'i mi dhtely. Covers Juot a quarter of a
block. Call and examine this without any deity.
GEO. P. BEM19 , Agent ,
15th and Douglas Stt
A desirable lot cear Cumlng and Siunders
Streets , $1(00.
The cheapest acre lots In tha city of Omaha ,
are those offered fcr sa'e by thli agency In Paik
Plicoand Lote'd cccond addi Ion , on Cumin ? ,
Bartard Califnmli street > ; you can make i * >
mistake In pttkinir upthise bargains while you
have the ev ce. These lots are mote than equal
in izo to 4 lull sizeil city lots < i & hIf block
and it will I e but a very s'lort time before one-
flfth p > rt of ore f f thic acre lute will sell for as
much as nc offer a fill aero to day. They are
loci ted a very thoit ilu once west of Cr Uhton
Ci 1'ege. Prfcri ranpir from 8150 to 83CO per
aero lot. Call immediately , and don't logo your
chance , and get plat and full particulars of
GFO. P BFM13. Acent.
15th and UoUftta Streets.
Kleaot / on Siinuan Avennn north of Kicholaa
Btrett , 31,403.
Hill lot on Cigjtelween 13th and 14th streets
2 n'c J lots In Hartmcn's addition , $ JOO to t CO.
Large number of acre lots in Gise's addition in
forth Omai.ii , Sl to C300 tach.
Choicj ciitner lot near 223d and Calfoinia
ItreeH , Sl.rCO.
fccvcrnl oed lots In Kelson's addition , $150 to
iSSO cacn.
Choice lot in Thorned'J scIJHion , $750.
Sever U lar e Iota in Bartlett'a addition , 1 }
rods and2J rcrcseich. Prlccj 8700 to $2,000
beverai choica la's in Becd'g fint add tlon ,
25to3 > COeich.
Acc lot on Sherman arenno , (16th ( sireet ) ,
outi ! cf Pcpplcton's m w resi-'cnce , for $1,100.
2 lar ol'-.i no rlSh amlCa'k streets , COx
130 feet Corner , M.SOO ; intiJe , Sl.OW ) .
3 hr.e lits on Snc-ni n ayenualCh ( street ) ,
I'arChrk Street , $910 e.ili.
22ric8prd cao plo' , very near to the bus-
nesirsrt cf the c y. Ice * cda very few steps
nutlicf re Convent ajl fet Jlrrj's aveaae.and
ta t lou h if a-d c. j > iflT l > -rocad of Jamoj
ii. W o'vvoriu a-d VJ. . Connell these are
heap anl very de-i al > e , hcin-j s ? himly to bus-
nc sp'rt cf c.ly , loroTpovfrflmectderotn ll
Tcr s , wir e 1' d wo ks , O. P. depot , stock
a iZ' , picking h usu. etc CJ11 and cct plat
ird Ul r-r 1 ; . a 3. P lea 5.75 to $ j50 tnd easy
erms t J tlioo v.lio' r'M
Gi-0. P. BEM1S , Aent ,
15th aid Dou-Jai St3.
Scbo'cer sVeno Ict3ca 21th street , be * een
Jou l-jp'-dC J es n : 3 1.100 to 31.2vO each
.nd Icr ? t ma v31 ore wuo w.H bjlIJ.
2c'i i o . clos reir 2lti * nd Fa'nham
t'talO'xl tf-t , 9M.3 ad tl.'OJ. ind very
i'y xe mi to ru jj crj who wi 1 improve.
y.Ijo 1 lo ] on 2t.h , b : , iC2i F.rabam and
NojJj" , srci'D50 to $1,10) cah and Ion ;
gSKZQot lZ.ob : t bu i c , l tl in the city of
IA f r s "e , .o-a ed on e. ry busiao a street ,
3)J o 8 ,00 } each.
5T.Mj > Vtry va uiV.o a'.o o p opcrtics in ala -
a l CTC y ba i..tsi b'ock jj.OOO lo 3I5.0C9
a h
< 0ca , i sr 3 "a.cslo'sIn a'jsroaJoltion , 1m-
ce.i. ' ly m 11 ol nil rtj 'n'aj Porp'eiou's '
crcfi r s d n c clqrt : < 3 , andlccaadcn
IS h IQ.h c"d C. i sj ' , tJCO i' > $ IJO each and
rcyc.syt..3 ot o Bufcoi > nilu'd. Call and
Lnrciuelit uJ Rtt iu'l ' ra-1'i-Jl.rj.
Gi.O. P. BEUtS , Acnt.
Er it uul Iiuild r-j ti.o en SLermi avenue ,
tCih s r e'\.c.wrc ; > j P \ " _ n red lie Dndley-
JinwT'1 c t03 ; feet e .t froje OT the
vc' oby C.9 te.Inclep T.\\i'I 'UiJeitmak.
n'l-2f ; . ujSSO. Cal.an slfull pjrllculara.
/ n re j c n IS. i' CLt , ICi f et east f rontaja
y 3,3v.i tvo. Iti's ii JLSt south cf the hllzi-
< . .h ( vf. o J rso. . lus h itcJ-e , call and
et r''j rnd tc rts of LEWIS , Ajrerit.
13 ao. " I 'o i , j h cf rad tuj ln'Jar B. V.
1 ' „ : : . -i o.i , en J tuCiUd bc.wcsn 20lh nd
a > .r s ra ' , a. r w.onib 2 piicc tnd lony
icij to ba > < .r wLi > .mpr.ve. B12U1S , Ajcnt.
63.0 sii IIo b-ij'sCnlinlt.cond rddltions
nl > n,13h , 10t'a tnd 2j.h s r e. * , betwesn
SLno'-d , , P cl.Sbc-rtaii acd C ; ri i.-ceu , very
* dy to U. 1' Saop * . srrelJ g works , etc. ,
urj E ; in pricaj from i.-om S J ta { 1:100 each ,
-iqcii Ly Oky tm II pjymtnt ( ! O TI ar.dTIong
ian a : 7 r r cjat.nler ot to ttc.8 who will im-
15.h and Donets S.iet.
S3 ni a lot in Tarher's addition , bitwten
liundcri t i P tree. Kin ? rad C mpbell's Bts. .
i El'a o r > . . ; Idiots with couth fronts and
I9w..hn0ith frcn-ise , onlyOb'cczs north of
the .u.-- tau e ( cd s ! Ci.-cartr.c ) on Sinndera
eat. V rl w prices ; 8175 ca h , or 8200 on
Icr ? tLni nd J p.r cent laU.CDt ta tbos who
colf-rms fcrule in Doujlii , Barpr ,
2 n Bert , D.JSJ , Eauzderi and atjm
tier of cuucaei.
ETZ 0,0.0 tcrs b * t lelecUd lands in the
itaie foj 5.1:3 : Iry this utccy. Call and get maps ,
- i * new map of Omaha , 60c and 51-50-
jn'j n w piipalet ( aid leap of tbo
S.atj ) en itleJ "ttto oat.'ook of Kebnska , " for
Icca dis.ributlon.
Geo. P. Bern is'
15th & Douglas St ,
, - -
than they we ever offered
la Unsurpassed , containing all
Xovcltics of the Season ,
from the cheapest to the finest
Dress Fabrics
is now the moat
Complete in the City ,
Remember we sell for
CASH ONLY , and by
so doing we undersell
Lcadc In torr Coeds ,
1622 & 1625 Dodge St..Gor. 15th.
J. ! . NICHOLS & CO. ,
Successors to
Cash Price List.
10 ttsStandxTtlASojar . fl 00
[ UDn eitraCibuz&r . 100
11 Its C Susar . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Vt
9 Its granulatnl Su.-ar . l 00
SittsCutUnf Sa ir . 1 00
3j tt" Powdered fcUK r . 1 . . 1 CO
OB > 8food ; Ida Coffee. . 1 00
6 ILscitn choica Rio Ccffea . 109
4 } Its Costa lUcaCSffeo . 1 CD
S ltd tery txstU G Java . 1 00
SlIntMoch . 1 00
I cans Pieces . . 1 00
10 Ibs ValaiicU Kafaiui . 1 00
10 ItM choice Francs . 1 00
4 Ibs Pitted Cherdei . 1 00
10 Ibs Michigan Uried App'ea. . . . . 1 60
13 Ibs dried Currants . . . . 100
20 baraWMaI : > U4 Lv > Soap. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 00
IB Ibj Procter & Gamb'rs Soap . 1 00
10 111 Dubini tlcc re So p . 1 09
17 Ibs choice Soda Cwkrn - _ . 1 00
17 Ibj choice Oys'or Cracker * . . . . . 1 00
II Ibs Oinsr Smpi . 1 00
11 Ibs Oat Jleil Cnckera . 1 09
11 Ita Hotton CHC'.CII . . 1 00
7 Iba Jumbcs . 1 00
Sllta Il-nns . 1 CO
35 Ibs Uominy . 1 (0
25 Ibs Oat Meat . 104
18 Ibs S lit Peal . 1 00
llloi Carolina 1'Jce. . 1 00
JilbsTnpioca . 1 00
91b Sue . 1 00
HlbaBirlcy , . . . . 1 00
12 lln HixuT B.rd S'.cd . 1 03
T 3-tbcitnKl ni'anl Toxa'oei. . . . . . . . . . . . 100
> e Ibcnni S ind : Tonutjres . . . . I 00
> 3-lbcasPc clica . . 1 09
! 2 tt > t.n Con . 1 09
r 2-H > ( MPrCicrre > . . 100
I 2-H > r-ns Yarmouth Corj . 1 00
7 1-Ib cm narnJam iilxriil . . 1 00
flbsB knr ( Powder . 1 00
PureM-pTeSjrruppcr ga'Ion . . 1 15
Amber Wlnts . 70
3a > t New Orleans Sjrno . 70
aas 31 oU in . l&
t > . B. BEEMEK ,
e Dea'er in Kortl i aad DosiMti
fruit , B.itt-r , 7 j , Povlt.Oaae. . P x , B
con , lard , r'ltsn K ib. md Arent let BOOTHV
OYSTEItS. _ nort-tet
[ Jourt's , Jurors * and Court ex
penses . 8 20.000
Poor and Poor House and fuel for
same . 16,000
Ja < l and Jailors , board for prison-
era andfuel . 12,000
Miscellant otig expenses.Statio&ery
special City Tax and Caa . 16,000
Jtailroad B. nd Sinking Fond. . . . ,000
County Rnad and Bridges . 12,000
County Office. Office Kent , Elec
tions and Assessor * . 6,000
Total . 5123,000
By Order of County Comawsioneis.
JOH.V B. ILurcHzsTiB ,
County Clerk.
By H. T. LZAVIIT , Deputy.
TECIE nA Tnr.c T
Hal last lectlTtd a lot of Sprinr food * . Too
ro iaillei ti call ad fit price * , vbldi b *
niiiitcjj tie loirut la tfii ewVgAU
gAU 8TKgT.
or TBI
7-0 o'clock A. X. 1040 o'clock .JUT.
3250 o'clock r. H. 839 o'doci..rjc.
' . . 10 0 o'clock .
g00 ; o'clock r. * jf.
Faro * T 35 Ce f |

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