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VOL. x ! OMAHA , NEBRASKA , EEIDlY. EEn-EUA.RV 18 , 1881. " 0.207.
Established 1871. MORNING EdlTION. Price Five Gents
151 li and nouglas Street
Over SX)0 ( resUence lo'j Icr ale bvthis ? n. "
CT at vriow nLiigin- trim giito Si.W > cacb , n l
located ! i - ' ' he aud in -
cvo-y prt < > cliy , evert-
direction ( nm the Pjstolflre. north , ci > > t. guolh
< -r WM : , and v r ln < in dUunoj It rnonc bl > k
to one or two mileo from same. Call aid ex
amine ourliiia.
N rcrn caoico lotj In Rriffli & Isiicj'aUI-
tlon. wet ol convent , be'ween S . JUrys ven-
no and Hirnc street $000 to ? 300.
{ 0 a ref joat eaitoi barrvcks uii launders Si ,
Ills is choice land and wiil ( .e EolJ very chein
( or caia In S , 10 or 20 air a lots ; now la your
time to iMcnre a bargain.
Cooice lot at end o { Btrcet or tracks on Saun-
d rs street for $ iTfi.
Ciolce Int. P'arnhim nnd 21th s'.reoU. 60 > 13i
eet 'or J1.400 ii ; dnido i' .
Coeap lot * m Credit F-ncisr addition , south
U. P. depot $ .00 to $300.
Forty lots on Park Avenna and Georgia street ,
an road to park , and near head ot St. Mir/g
avenue , at from $125 to 300 each. Seven yens
time at ciirht p r cent Interest to those who will
put up Brood abiUiith.l buildluc ? . Fr farther
particular ! apply to.
Q. P. BEMIS , A-ent ,
Fl"ecntb and DousU ? streets ,
A nice lot on Harnoy andTwjaty first streaU.
Ixo choice lots on 20th , near St. JUry'n avcn-
no , 59clCu feel each , tar 830 and $ -uO.
Two choice loU near % 3d and C'ark KtitcU , IR
E V. 8 aOth's addition ? 3 0and&J5D.
Fifty lots tn ShinuV Crrt , second and third ad
dition * for 100 to $800 each.
Lot near i6th and n rct > , $150
2 lots on Uiruir near "lib St. . SCOO tach.
lat on Slth n4ir Uawanl t.tr < t , 870 J.
O lots in Grand View ait i"rr. . south cf U. P.
krld/e and derrat. from $15 to 5U33 each.
One acre , H7xS70 feet , on I nth stiect , eout'i
of Popplcton'a new jcsidencc , for S-.OM , or w.ll
diridA Into city fined Io 9 at from S 50 to $500
ca h
Larce nnmoer of l > ? autifnl mMmce lots , lo
catad In this new addition on CapUol nil ! , be
tween 21th Ktreet on the - , 26th on the eet
Dodse street on the north and famnam street
an thj.outh Jonccrly owned hvC. H Dora
and more recently knou as the Perkins 15 acres.
Only 22 lota hav > ' far bem platted II on
Farnham ndSo , aglu street. Tne e lott
are 60 to 66 feet InHi and 150 in depth. $1,000
for the choice. S year * time , at S per cent In
terestto thow who will bmld coed subsUntbl
honees therein. Call and examine plat and fei
foil information at
lS'4i and Doael streets.
Over 09 houses and loto are offered for sale
rthlsoffic * They are scattered all orer the
Ity. Aaylocition joade-lr . Prices varying
re ? < 3tW to iiS.OOO each.
2 coed loU and 2 cli < up hougei near Jackson
and 'Sth Ktreets at a Tdt gacrilce. Here is a
? re t bargkhi for tome one. The property must
be sold immedi itely. Core's | > ist a rntner of
block. Call and examine this vitnontany deUy.
-j -
IBth and DongUs SU
AdesirahlQ lot near Cumins and Saundrn
Slreeta , J1.C03.
The cheapen acre Iot8 In the city of Omaha ,
re those offend for sale by this agency In Pal k
Place and Lowe's eccoud addition , on Cnmin ? ,
Bart aud California BtreeU ; yon can make no
mistake In pi UUntrnp these bargains vhlle yon
bare the chance. These lou are more than equal
In Urc to 4 full-sired city lota or a half block
andltwillbe"but very short Ume S fnre one-
fltth put of one of these acre lots will Mil for aa
much as we offer afifl acre to-day. They arc
located a very short dts-nnce we t f Cr Ijhtop
C'lllege. Prices ranzinp from 8160 to 8-00 per
acre lot. Call immediately , and don't lose roar
chance , and ret pint and toll particulars of
OEO. P BEMIS , Agent ,
15th and Douclas Streets.
Nice lot a Sherman Avenue north ot Nicholas
treat , 1,4SO.
Half lot on Casshetireec ISth and Hlh atreete
2 nice lotl in Hartman's addition , tlOfl to (300.
Lara number of aero lots In OlM'i addition In
ff ortii urcaha , (125 to 2300 e ch.
Choice corner lot near 22nd and California
Several coed lots In Kelson's addition , 160 to
§ 350 each.
Choice lot In Thornetl'g addition , I7CO.
Several large lota In Eirtlett'fl addition. 1J
rods and 2 } acres each. Prices $700 to $2CCO
Several choice lota In Reeds first addition ,
1275 to $ S50 each.
Acre lot on Sherman avenue , (16th street ) ,
cnth of Poppleton's new residence , ! or $1,100.
2 larjelnts near 18lh and Clark streets , 60 f.
( SO feet Comer , gl.200 ; Intide , 91,000.
SUnrelotsonEhetn n avenue , (16th ( street ) ,
ar Clark Street. O90 each
2 nice and cheap lots , very near to the hot
ness part of the city , located a very few steps
outh of the Convent and St. Mary's aven ir.and
Inst nouth of aud adjoining fie ground of James
U. Wuolworth and W' J. Connell these are
cheap and very desirable , belnc so handy to bus.
lne1 > art of city , to new coverume'-t depot , nail
wo/ks , white lead works , U. P. depot , stock
yitit , packin ; hunses , etc Call and cut put
and full pa ? * < cuare. Price $276 to iS50 and easy
terms tn thowi who Milld
GEO. P. BK1IIS , Acent ,
16th and Douglas SU.
S choice realdcace lots .n 24th street , betvmn
Oouclas and D.tdcc xtrcol8l,100 to 1.2UO each
and lone Ume to thofe who will build
Srhoic * comer lots near 21th and Fainham
rtreau , 05x124 feet , JI.150 and J1.200. ami very
ei y tnrm to purch rr who wl-1 improve.
Al o i lota on 24th , Iwtween Famham and
Doulag > reel * , 950 to { 1,000 each and long
tZTiSO of the fcest bu4neH lot * In rot
Omxha for sale , U-cxteJ on every bun n e slieet ,
1500 * o $8,000 each.
iSTAlto very valuable irtor crt'cs In al
most every bu-tnosj block f5 000 to f 16,000
tOclio co ros'dcnce lots in aoove audition , im
meliately north of acd ad'olnin ; Porpietou's
twautlfufresVicnce ndpt > unag , and located oa
18th 19th acd 20th streets , $300 to 8550 each and
very easy terms to those vrliowill build CM and
nutlne plat and get full partlunlar * .
GEO. P. BEMIS , Ajcnt ,
Beautiful building rite on Sherman nvenn : ,
I Oth str etb tA oa Popplcton and the Dndlei.
tlams property : SC3 feet BJet front re < H > tlie
avenno , by S.-9 f cot In Oci-th. Will divi.-le Itmak-
! nfflS2 feetbySSa. Call and eat full pinicuUrs.
An acre * n 18th street , ICifeet wist tron.ise *
iyS7f > feet dctp. This is ] ust bOUlh of tue I' l a-
6otl > \ Poppi ton jilucc. This U ciit-e-Jm. c. II and
KCt pnv an j < oi ms ot KRVUS , A ent.
1 $ gonlota \ , juit north olmj a-ljolnmz R V.
* ' .llt < JJ adJIUon , and located bc'f n 20th vm
Sinnarr iitrcoVi , at rewnaWc pilots * nd ion
l-ae tu Imver nho imurov * CElllh , Accnt.
Stlolsll Horbach's Hr ta ctcond a llioii
on loth. 13th , 19th and 20tl > M reels r > et efD
Sioliob. * , Pint. She man and OUnc st ect % verj
hnn-ly to O P. Shops , 3icltln ( ; wmkn. etc.
mncinclii pnco ro.-n from irtV' to * lice each ,
r."inlrluf only t.m.11 payment duim and lone
timi i t 7 r > r cant lnten- tn Oio e who will Im-
Urvt. T5a.il ft , KBMiS.
16 h nd IMi ! S're U
io mud Ion In Carkern addiuon , helKcen
Blunder * -.1 1 Plcrca. hlnc nuJ O iipbcll' Sts. ,
an Blooi.ttreet ; 19 ! > < with o th front * and
I8'rlthn'- f.viUon 6 h l. forth of
the turn- " ' { "iJ t. - oaera' i. i > n Slanders
strejl. V-rvhw p-i. < * rs nii. ir 0 on
loirtlino nd H p "co.t iuUrrsI ( i uo e woo
will bnllJl. ' -
tiTlbi oo4 frjii tr silc In D iiulas Sarpy
Waihinif'An Hurt. Uodffe , Saandrrsand Kutern
tier of countlM.
ffi " 0 0(10 ( icret vst : sMecteO lands In the
tatefors lo hy tbuxieacy. Call and ijet maps
drcnlan and fu'l IvutkuUrs.
CVBeni'neirtna-of Omahri , Wc and S1.60.
jr BemU * ntr pamphlet ( anJ mip of tiie
dtate entltlM "tho outlook of Xcbra ka" for
r e distribution.
Geo. P. Be is1
151 h & Douglas S | . ,
OMAHA , - - - -
The Senate Engaged in a Piece
meal Di&section of the
Arrangements for the Inaug
ural Ceremonies About
The River and Harbor Bill
Passes the Lower House.
_ ,
- - -H - " * "
SpedaTDSpatch to IfaTttee
WASHIKGTON ; February 17.
senate at 2:30 this moraiut ; Itid &s'du '
all orher busincai and resumed con-
aiderauou of the funding bill.
Mr. Platt IhiugK .it cotter for iho
government to p y 3fc p r cenf. < hati
run iho rltk of n. failure of he 3 per
c < snt , aud couMi ua so pay 5 and G
per cost 0:1 : b nda not ? out
JNlr. Pusjh fivond a 3 per cent.
Mr. Vi'orbo2 mvJo a ] jni < ipsech ,
and said no thought the bonds could
ba floated at 3 per cent.
Mr. Logan favored a rate of 3 per
cant. , believing it the lowest rate at
whkh the b nda could be floated.
Mr. Login advocated the rte of 3\
percent , and oppoi dhe wop sitioi
to leave it at the discretion of iho sec
retary of tie treasury to fix this rate
not exceeding 3i
Mr. Wallace , "from the committee of
conference on ths Inoiin appropria
tion bill , rcportilth < it thuy had
agreed on all points of difference ex
cept the item in relation to InaUn
cjmmhsicuers. arid the ropirc
adopted. A usw conference
ag eii to in relation to the reras
Mr. Enon submitted the report of
iho conference committee on thn con
sulac and dip'ouiatic appr.priatton
bill , and Mr.Vntiont the report of
the committee on tne uaval bill. U th
were agreed to.
Mr. Brown'advocatid A 3 per cc i
bond , clinniux th < tc if th" fem fi'b-1
tliere w 'uld h. , a lt. s of $13,000COO.
whtle the diff re ica bjt eun 3 ud 3
percent , would , if tin binda ran ten
ye&'f , am-unt \ $35,000.000
Mf. 0.11 bpli'itwl the niga cr-dit < f
the countrr wjnU secure the tailing of
bonds ut 3 per cjnt. . *
Mr. Salisbury cou'etiid hinin-lf na
riot free from si-mot , tint b li 'vedthxt
a lodiiof 3 par ccnf. coiiid bj flodte5.
After Sv'ntf distilwr debafo a vets
was taken on fllr. Terris' amendment ,
thartne rate of intereit ah uld not
exceed 3i per coat. The amendment
was defe- * ' " ! i by 45 i ays to 12 yea ?
The committee aiiendjient making
the rate 3 instead of 3 i > ar cent was
rejected yean 22 , nays 34.
Mr filcPhsrs n nuved an amend
ment increasirii ; t'.u fine of maiurny
to thirty year * . llv jcted j yess 15 ,
An umendment fixing the rate of
interest on crrlificte-s oil < rea .ur ;
notes , not excto ing Si ptrccul , Wc-s
After a short discuanor ; the amind-
ment incieasini ; the allovvHiire f > r du-
poaing of the bone's from to i per
cent , YTis adopted yets 39 , nBy = 2i ) .
Ttiere was a protracel teban-over
the CDnnuitt e a ne idm ut , a king the
use of fifty nulli .11 dil.i ! * f i om the
trea ury tutnponrily , And to be re
placed by bonds aiahonz'd by this
act. The amcn-'ment WHS IJiully
agreed to yeis 26 , nays 19
Sec'irin five , in relation lo deposit
as security by national bink1 , waj
etrickfn ont by 'he finance coaimit-
9 , bu' the enatu restored it by .t
vote of 21 to 19
Senat r Ktrkwood a amendment ,
offered ye&ttrday , requiring the eec
retniy of the Ireasnty to arfvenizj for
pupulhr subscription at all dtpoaito
ries nf the United S'atrs , and all na
tional bank * , and if more than the
whole loan be subscribed than these
mb > cribin ? $2000 > r les , shH receive -
ceivo the full amount subscribed for ,
and the renuiuder bb ll bj uiotiiout-
id rateably amoi g the others. This
amendment wi also -idnpttd.
Mr. McD maid off red an amend
ment , inserting the woidi "uot ex
ceeding the tate of , " as applied to
treasury note ? , which was adopted-
yeas 22. nays 17.
Mr. Bfair off-red an amendment to
iha hfih section to lha cfleat that
bonds shall bu the only bonds received
fo" security f r circulation tn be is-
BU ? d July 1 , 188 1. Pt ndig bc v. teen
on thu araoud i\f nv , the soiiita at 11
p. m. adj tarried , with the umlorit.it > ding -
ing that the bill s all o nno up imm--
diately after the routine buainecs of
to-morrow morning.
SpCClnl 1ll lWlCh to ThK INK
WASHINGTOS , I'Vo/aity 17. The
river atid har .ir bih AS called up
and arfoptol r.'aniruded in O'j nmittej
nf tliH whole 1 st tiig- , ny .1 vote of
162 o 95 , ai r.-po'led.
Thr > coi'sul r and 'it liVc l appro-
priau n b H vas preen'.ed a ui ngreed
to.The ApK.riiiminent | h-i ! , raa then
call d iu AS uuliuiEVii : . > us ness by
Mr. Otis. , j d 01 n din i n of thn
houae 97 vole. ! ii c . "ti.r against 79
nay , ai u ocbi e t'it "iisuTJ
Mr 0 x fiaa ly.javo nn't o thit ho
woul > l c U the " . viout q .ostioa oi >
SUurdny nt 12 o'clock. The discus-
8'cn went on , and Messrs Steele < ; nd
D-vts ( Jf. C ) defended the s tuihern
states from thu charge that fraud and
ui'imidation ' hr.-l bcn exercised in
ihtt aectiuu tn prevent frejcxpre&sio
of opinion at the polls , but they
cKinied , oa iho con tnry , t nt mnio
fraud in elections vta ? cx > rci od in thn
uoriliorn htsies. Alluding tn the
that the con mi taken in the
oulh WAS a fraud , Mr. Davis denied
it. He admits that t'io aou'h hud not
increased a great detl hy migration ,
but there was a heavy niturnl u crcnsa.
There voro god , noble and virtuous
women all over the la * d , bu' none
more so than tha women of the south ;
and where tliere wai t&ithf aloes i to
marriage relation , G-'d gave the in
Mr. Himmond , of Georgia , ob
tained tno fljor , but yielded to Mr.
Field to move a reces * , it being un
derstood thnt the evening BESUIOU waste
to be devo-edlo consideration of the
Dutrict of GiiluoibH bill.
A motion wa < made to adjocrn , and
Mr. Clymsr , who was in h chair as
Bpp < ikeriro ] tmn. , iieclnrt > d it cirried.
Mr. Bunion Mid others demanded
a division , bat Glymer went on , and
at 4:10 declared the house idj mrned.
After ha hid loft thn ch r Mistrs
Huutou. Wii on and others Kccu-ed
him or takiv g iucg > ient and not heea-
inga demand lor civ'sion.
Mr. Clymer declared that .in the
confu ion he did not hear it , and tha
D.strict of Columbia committee was
deprived o ! a nitht ; , tea ion. '
Sooclil Disoa'cH to The Dee.
There has been another failure in
attempting to secure the payment by
congress of the persons who visited
Louisiana in 1876 , to supervise elec
toral counts. The amount of the bill
is $1,836.56.
The preeideniV farewell reception
takes place rtx : Tuesday evening. Ho
gave n reception to the deplomatic
corps last opening.
Bpedal Dlipatch to Tm Ktm.
WASHINGTON , February 38 1 a. m.
The house committee on Pacific
rcilroarls , at a meeting-yesterday * f-
terncon , gave a hearing to Hon. Theo.
French , audi'or of railroad accounts ,
in relation to land grants made by the
United States fo the Pacific railroads.
The sub commit e , conEiatii g of
Messrs. Mariin ( W. Va ) , Palmer and
Clark , could uot Bgree on the n port
in be made lo tha lull c nimittce , aud
Mr. Martin moved MI enlargement of
the sub committee , and to report not
only the law but the facts touching
the rights of railroada and the people
of thu United States. The commit-
tea accepted the report of the majori
ty of thu sub-committeo , and declined
to take further action , owing to the
hnrtnesa of the session.
General Hincjck and General Grant
have decided to b ) present at the in
auguration of Garfield. A graud re
ception will ba tendered both these
gentlemen. General Sherman , grand
marshal of the day , has completed
and issued hu programme for the
march of military snd civil bodies on
the 4th of Mirch. The military and
unarmed kindred organizations are
divided into four divisions , to bo
formed prior to 11 a. m. Thu divisions -
sions are commanded as follows :
Fir.it division , Bravet Alnjur-G noral
rlirtrKuii ; third division , Major-
General Fletcher ; fourth division ,
Major-General Field. Tha carriages
for -tho presidential party aud tha
special mounted escort , chosen by the
president elect , will apseaible inside
the presidoalijl grounds , prepared to
leave at 11 a. in. by the west gue.
Att = r the csremonioi at the capitol ,
the president and psny will proceed .
to a ttind on -uriajlvania avenue , i !
opposite the executive ma3sicnwhoro
the vht 1 j foroj will pass the president .
in review.
The president yeaterday sent s mes
sage to the senate , w thrlrawing the ' 1
iuaof George H. Foreter for United
Stares distr ci attorney for the S.mth-
erjt d-strics of Naw York. It is said
that E.lia F. Shephard will be uom- | I
initoi. OonkJiu will be satisfied * ' >
wih Shepherd , and will t nnport him. ' i
U w also said that by withdrawing j
Footer the clnrtMS of Stanley Mtj j
thaws' confirmation will bo improved.
The republicans expected to hold a i
caucus yesterday afternoon , to map j
out the couraa of Lction < o ba pursued ]
on the ntipirlionmiint bill , bu * . jmt
b.iford adjournment of the houno Mr.
Fryesml that , as a good many mum- .
bats had left too hall , the c wfcreuca '
would not bu htld till this afternoon.
Mr. Cox has detetmined to try and ,
Udt a vote on the apportionment bill .
lo-uayVhen it will require a two- ,
third * vote to aet aside private busi
ness. ,
It has come to the .notice of the '
treasury department that advantage >
his been taken of rules of the treasury '
department to thip to Canada Ameri
can alcohol in bond , and there mix
with it a quantity of shellac , and it
has been then reimported into the
United States upon payment of a dnty
of 50 cents per gallon and 20 nor cant ,
ad valorem , while the minimum
duty imposed on distilled spirits ia 2
per proof gallon , and the internal
revenue tax Is 90 cents per proof gal
lon. In order to more thoroughly
cuard against such fraud , the revenue
department has decided that all com
pounds , or preparvions of which dis
tilled spiiits ia the component of chief
value , ah all be submitted to no less
rate nf duty than that imposed up in
distilled spirits , whether they are
ppacially provided for in Hriffor not.
This does not apply to bay rum ,
which pays duty under its spacia 1
euurnerntion according to proof.
Sanator Williams , of Kentucky , has
been vjctitnizd in the sum of $25 by
a party representing himself to bo
Victor Ward , of Louisville , Ky. On
applying fr a second $25 , Senator
Williams , who in the muanlimo had
learned that Victor Ward had been j
dead snuio ysare , handed the impostor
over to the police , and yesterday (
morning ho was arraigned in court ,
and the senator appeared agiiust him.
The fellow was ordered by the court
io leave the district. A few days
since Senator Wa'kor. ' tf Arkansas ,
was swindled out of § 70 by a bogus
correspondent , who is a notorious
The' river and harbor bill , which
finally pwed yesterday , will goto he
senate to diy. It will be loadrd with
amendments in that body , rind , as
usual , increased seven or ei ht hun
dred thousand dollirs there. There
will be acnnfert-nco of Iha committee
over ii Owit.g to this and the short
tirre left this section , it is not alto
gether certain tha bill will become a
portit Olwitclics to Tr-e lisa
At 2 d'clook yesverd y morning the
sMp chun-lery , of Wilcix Bra * , of
Toledo , Ohio , was fonnd tn be on fire ,
nnd ihninflunable nttnraof the mv
tarial in sf > ck rendered it impossible
to s-.vo anything. The whole estab
lishment was quickly destroyd.and
it was owing co the extr\ordmary ex '
crtiuns of tha firemen thit adjoining
prcpartv was paved '
The schooner "Jennie M. Ham- '
m nl , " from Nevis , b'tnnf for Hali
fax , burned off Prince Edward's island ,
yeaterlny. She carried a cirgo of 147 j
puncheons of molasses. i
The new school housa at Chicago
La n , neir Chien , was burned yes
terday. L-BS , 83,000.
JATUS Rsdpith lec'nrad in Chicago
last nieht in McC-rroick hill. I' was
atlendod hy bdtween 2,000 and 3,000
people in pite of the storm , and net
ted over $1,000 fr the land Iwane.
C pt. .Tmes DUy , the Irish Rth-
leta , ani E rin B b * > y , wrestled la t
evenirg In .New York , c < tcVas-cateh-
can , he st three in fiv fslls. Bibby
won the first , third and fifth falls , and
the match.
j ! i Gen. Colley is Saved by the
j Arrival of Wood's Tardy
| Relief Column.
Victor Hugo Interests Himself
j in Behalf of Ireland ,
Tiie New Curb Rule Incites Bit
ter Opposition in the
British Parliament.
Special Dlapitch to Tus TJii. ' J " t
! I LONDON , February 17 10 p. m.
A Durban d-spstoh says the trans
port ship "Lidy Smith" arrived thare
to-day , with additional reinforcements
for Gsn. CjlUy. Sir Evelyn Wood
has been heard from. Ha has crossed
tha river Inghgj with tha advance re-
liaf expedition.
LONDON , February 18 1 a. m. A
later dispatch from Durban says that
Sir Evelyn Wood has' succeeded in
joining Gen Colley without opposi
tion. The Boots had apparently re
turned to HinijMiok. TVlegwph com
munication between New C.w.le and
two or three other interior points have
been restored , and the road is clear.
Mr. Chamberlain writes on Ireland :
"I am sanguine enough to hope that
when the present irritation has passed
away , and Gladstone has been per
mitted to disclose the provisions of
his promised land bill , theae will be
found satisfactory to all reasonable
men in Ireland , and will restore the
peace and confilenca which that coun
try so much needs. "
Special DLjpatch to The Bee.
fAUis , February 18 1 a. aa. A
fiendish crime has just baon co.nmit-
mittod neir Catnbrai. A little girl of
13 years was walking alonr the coun
try rosd , when ohe waa utopp-d by
two ruffians whr , after robbing her ,
put her eyes out with a pair of s 'is-
aora. The victim died teen after in a
horrible asjony. So far her murderers
hive not besn arrested.
Specb Dlapttchcg to Tnn EM.
Parnell'a propagandise ! is bearing
fruit in Paiis { Sympathetic articles
appaar in yesterday morning's Lan
tern , Meetdordre and Justice.
A P-iris dispatch says Parnell is goIng -
Ing to address a letter to the French
people , dealing with with the condi
tion < if the country. Victor Hugo
will issue an address , inviting
the i ations of Europe to take np th'o
Irish cause.
A dispitch from Edinburgh gives
the detaih of a great masting of High
landers to protest agiin-it the aboli
tion of the'Tartan ' The prince of
Wales , Duke of Edinburgh , and
many of the Sjotc'i ' nobility have
a : repd to petition the qneea to stop
tha change. Poonlo throughout Scot
land are intensely excited over the
proposed change.
A Madrid dispatch siys Spain has
issued a circular uiscloiuiin any desiie
to play an amoitious part in Europe.
Additional rules presented by the
speaker of tne house of commons , to
curb obstruction , met with much opposition - ,
position from both torio ? and home
rulers , and are likely to produce a
lively time , us thy homo rulers ara
joining the lories in their opposition.
The Duka of .Sutherland and a
large party will visittno United
States next April.
KEARNEY , Neb. , February 16
To the Editor of Tnit BEE :
In THE OMAUA BEE o'f the 10th
inst. , was a report of the discussion
between the legislative committee on
the one side and the managers of the
U. P and B. & M. railroads on the
other , from which wo quote :
"Senator Harrington , of Gage
county , naked him ( Mr. Touzalin ) to
explain why it was that a car of
freight could go from Chicago to Lin-
colu for § 52 80 , and then § 38 bo
charged for forwardiLg it , to Beatrice ,
Its destination. "
Some time last week" Mr. F. J.
Svritz , of Kearney , received a carload
of f'irniture from Chicago via the 0. ,
B & Q r.n-1 B. & M. roads , and ho
paid § H19.50 freight on the eame.
Now , the distance from Chicago to
Lincoln via 0. , B. & Q. Js 546 railea ;
the distance from Ghic o to Kearney
via 0. , B. & Q in C82 milsD. The
ducriminatiou teems to bo thus :
To carrying 1 car G82 miles ( Chicago
cage to Kearney ) $21950
To carrying 1 car 340 miles ( Chicago
cage to Lincoln ) 52 80
To carryintr 1 car 1E6 miles ( Lin
coln to Kexrney ) 5166 70
Thus it appears that the road car
ried a car from Chicago to Lincoln at
nine ceuis and six mills ( $0.096) ) per
mile ; and then they carried o car from
Lincoln to Kearney at § l.22 cents
per mile. Tua discrimination per
mile is thus :
Rate per mile from Lincoln to Kear
ney § 1.225
Pate pr mila from Chicago to Lin-
corn P.OS6
Discrimination per mil * against
Kearney 5L129
The above comp irison seonvj pretty
tough. Will Mr/Tonzalln or Senator
Hirringtcn please rise and o'plain ?
and oblige A GBANOEB.
Still at Sea.
Sw In ) Dl pch to Tai f.Ba.
HARRISBUKO , Pa. , February 18 1
a. m The thirtie'h ballot resulted
thus : BeaverTS. Wallase 77 , Bayne
59Gen. Huno .ok 1 , Phillipi 1 , sc t-
tering 12 When the billet was an
nounced Mr. Oacpa. said , in antici
pation ot the approaching love-fdast ,
be would withdraw his resolution of
yesterday. Mr. Norria moved to
take a recess until 8 o'clock. Bafore
the motion could be pat JMr. Lee
moved to adjo .rn. Carried.
Indication ? .
firxclal Dispatch o tie PB
WASD GTON , February 18 1 a.
rn. For uppur Missippi and lower
Missouri valleys : Cloudy weather
with Enow , variable wind ? , mostly
from n rtheaatto northwest , stition-
nry or hig5i r ternparature.aud falllrg , '
generally followed by rising barometer
Wholesome Advice to. Certain
Aspiring Young Attorneys
Who Hope to Grace cthe Fo
rum of Nebraska Politics.
'Something Like a Job- Discovered -
ered in theTenitentiary
Bill. $
Special Cjrrespindence of HThoBw | * ,
There is au apparentdjeposmon.pn
the part or'the iiouaS-no dodgi&m-
portant legislation. The victory
gained in the election of General Van
Wyck to the United States senate
should h&vo encouraged the present
legislature in well-doing , There never
was a representative bcdy of men
placed in a position to et.ii d well with
their cons'ituanta ai irnn the present
legislature. It was and is within the
piiwer cf the presint legiclaturo to do
much in bringing the corporations tea
a aenso of tiicic true relations to the
neople of this cimraonweaHh , as well
as to have taught the various aspiring
young attorneys , whose aim 3.26ms to
be too often to promote their own in
terests by trifling with public trusts.
It seems to be the highest ambition of
too many of our young lawyers to BO
euro corporation patronage by cov
ertly acting in their interest. The
introduction of the prohibition amend
ment at this time is a eerious mistake ,
and I am afraid lull finally result in e.
positive injury to the people by su
bordinating to it all the more impor
tant , political issues at present agi
tating the minds ot Nebraskiaus , and
more especially those issaea relating
to corporations and their relations to
the people.
Most of the members of the house
at least ahnw an Anxiety to imko a
record as nuti mon < poltats , but I am
afraid that many resolutions and bills
of "an impracticable character" h&ve
been introduced for rnero buncombo.
Some of tluso m n are erer so ready
upon the slightest cause to consult the
interests of ttie railroads , as * well ns
always being chary of antagonizing
the corporation magnates. 1 am get
ting itt the true inwardness of eomo
of iho methods by which a certain
class of record-making representatives
expect to satisfy the people with their
course us hborers in the public inter
est , while on tlie other hand they bear
close relniion to the different corpora
tions , and in many cases are in affilia
tion with thy various rings attempting
to make raida Upon thn public treai-
ury.It 'onld be well for the voters in
this etato to closely Rcru'inizi the
public and inside record of their rep-
rcsjiitatives. So that trust may not
be repcted in ahadoirs , too tmny pub
lic men a.wk only to promote tha pub
lic itittrest , juu as long ns their own
perairi.il advancement is concerjcd.
Minyagnt-d measure can only ba
massed by pledging support tu tome
sctieme ( fa d.ingoroua charecter.
This is a great evil , and should be
guarded against by letting every meaa-
ure eund upon its merits.
There are at present before thu
housa many bills relating to tbo re
funding ot municipal ai.d school din-
trie : indabiednesB , as woil aa bills to
legalize public debts that have been
declared illegal by the courts. So ne
of these bills have merit , while oth
ers are bad in priuciple.-
There is a strong lobby at work in
tin1 iu'emtg of the penitentiary ring.
1 stated yesterday that ihe'comruittee
of Carna * appoint ing had recommended
nearly § 50,000 ft r improvomeuta on
the pen , while Spuiker Shedd'a com
mittee , of which Buley , of Washing
ton , is c'inirmati , think and know that
less tlian $5,000 is all that Is neces-
cary. It was moved to refer the re-
per : uf the house committee on peni-
tautiaiy to the committee on w Ay a and
Mr. Hall , of CMS , objected to this.
It waa too lale in the day to refer
such matters to that committee.
Mr. Howe , of Nomaln , thought it
should be reterrcd to the committee
on ways and means.
iMr. Slocuinb , of Jefferson , wanted
it refn.-ruil to the committee of the
whole , to bo taken up with the general
appropriation bill , which waa done.
Mr. Shick , of Nemaha , wanted the
rai road bills , which came up on
cpecial order this afternoon , to be
considered in the following order :
The bill to prohibit the acceptance'of
free rai'road passes , bills to prohibit
txfr ii > n , bills fix-ng regular passen
ger tariff , and & bill for a railroad
Mr. Whedon , of Lancaster , amend
ed by providing that in the debate
each member be limited to twenty five
Mr. Jensen , cf Butler , amended
the amendment by making it fifteen
Mr. Moore , of York , didn't like the
resolution. It was for the house to
take up these bills as it saw fit , "It
is unfair fur the gentleman from. Lan
caster to try and put a gag upon the
most important measure that can
come before the house. "
Mr. Case , of Clay , thought it beat
to consider the bills first in a general
way , and then decide on one that
would cover the whole question.
Mr. Corrcll , of Thayer , and Howe ,
of Nemaha , thought all bills should
ba considered in rc-sul.it order.
Mr. Broatch , of Djuglaa , was In fa
vor of the resolution'of the gentleman
from Lincaster. The gentleman from
York had advocated the gag law yes
terday in the prohibition debate , and
ho should favor the gag law to-day.
Mr. Ransom , of Otoe , thought the
house should take up the free pass
bill /rst / ? , and then the members would
be free to legislate on railroad dis
crimination against the people.
Both resolutions and amendments
were referred , and the house decided
to consider the bills as they came up
on the general bill.
The whole afternoon was devoted
to tte discussion of bills numbers 19
and 95. The former provides for an
act to make railroad , canal , bridge and
ditching companies , and companies
and parsons responsible for material
furmshfcd and labor performtd in the
construction , repnir or improvement
of any such works , and to secure tha
laborer and material man a lien for
his material furnished and labor per
The committee reported the bill
back to the house recommending its
ptssage , mid the report wvj adopted.
Bill No 95 p'ovides for virtually
'he ome law as does No. 19 , but is
not so binding.
The com-uitiea of tha wh la ru
ported it iuok recommend ini ; its pis
sage , but the houss indefinitely post
poned f ction on the icport.
The hnuso then sdpurnsd without
reaching the uiosi important bills ,
which will noi likely coiao up for sev
eral days.
The senate tock up the day in 3i-
cusMng a bill for an act to provide for
a system of public instruction. So
great was the interest manifested in
the bill that ouly eiyht of the mem
bers fell asleep pending the dabite.
Senator Qlyors' bill to provide fora
railroad commission comes before the
senate tomorrowJ. . B H.
New Tori Money and Stocks.
WALL STKEET , Febiuary 17.
At 3 p.m. the prices were ai follows :
[email protected] per cent ; prime mercan
tile pa er , [email protected] per cent ; bar hilwr.Sl. ! . 9 ;
foreign exclude nominally un < .hui'ed : , for
sUty day- " , but reduusdJc for demand ,
making the posted rates [email protected] re-
apectively , with the actual Luine3i at
S1.8 i for long and S4. for tight.
Government bonds .are strong and gen
erally a s-'ade higher. State bonds are dull.
llailro d securities are firm , with moderate
busine 3
TJSC's , ' 81. 1013 5'S4'a . I 13J
TJ S o's . . . .1 O'J Currency 6's..l 2 >
IT S 4i' . . .I 12j
Since 11 o'clock stock .speculation has
been generally mm , and at r.oon prices
showed an advan e nf } @ 3J , the lattir for
N. J. r . and D & R. G. , Wabasli , Chicago
cage & St Louis and New OrleaiM anil
Noithsm Pacific being also prominent in
Ill . 138J IM . 65 }
Panama . 2 > 8 K&T . 4D5
Ft Wayne. . If2 UP. . t ! ? i
ittslmr ' ; . 130 OP . 9i
1C. . . . . 134J TP . TO
CB& Q . .173J NP . 4Gj
C & A . 144 pfd . 75
tif.l . . 148 L &N . 94\ \
NYC . 149i N &C . 872
H-irleru . 195 f . & N A . 70
pfd . 200 K & T . 70
LS . 8GJ AU . SO *
M C . 11 5 M&C . 42i
Erie . 49 WU . f..US
pfl . 831 A&P . V
Nor-hwestern. .132 P M . . . . . 5CJ
Sfpfd . 144 ? AdamsJEx . 132
StP.iul . . . .116J WelU-Fargo. . 11
pfd . 126 AmEx . C9
Del & hack.il \ U. S. Ex . 5Gi
M&E . 1M4 Q'ksilver . 1'J
N J C . 111J pfd . 63
Keadin ? . GO St./o . 5H
wstL& P. . . FI pw . ior l
Chicago Produce Market
CHICAGO , February 17.
Wheat In fair request and J © c
higher ; Spring wheat. -brucry , so.d
at 98& frrMrch98ilS98jf.j ; f r April ;
9999c for Mny ; gl 02 @ 1 02J ? . r
June ; 81 Ol for year , 90Jc bid ;
closing at 9tf9ic | for February ;
98 ' @ 98gc for Mrch ; [email protected] for
Ap'ril ; § 1 021 02i f r Mi > ; § 1 01 |
@ 1 02 for Juno ; 95 90 0 for year ;
winter wheat , No. 2 red , February ,
97Jc ; M roh , 97 c asked , 97 c bid ;
April , 98Js askdd , 98Jo biu.
Corn Qiic' . but steadilv heli ;
Marsh 37 S37gs ; April , 38J < 235 | : ;
May , 4'[email protected]'4c ; June , 4 ' , g42 o ;
Julv , 42f.342 . | ; Aug'i'r , 43 < 343
O ts Al-ireii,2ni&20f bid and 2'Jga
Hsked ; 29 c for sellers ; < Vnl > er.U at
SO , : ; ' May , 33 Jc ; June , 33Jc bin-
Mi S3 P rk March , Sib 30315 35 ;
April , 815 50S15 G2i ; M-v , 815 ( > 7i ©
15 70 ; closing at § 15 32i15 35 for
March ; § 15 [email protected] 5"lor Ap il ;
$15C71570 for May ; silea 25,750
Lsrd March add at § 10 10310 lf > ;
April , § [email protected] 25 ; May , $10 32A ;
closing atf&dy ; ailes 21,750 tiercea
Bulk Mfl\t S'lorl rlbi for M-irch
sold at S7 [email protected] 80 ; April , 57 92 * @
7 97 * ; M.y , § 8 [email protected] 07isile3 ; 2.45U-
000 fba ; ahoul lers , Marun4 12\ bid ;
April , S477J bid ; May , S487i bid.
Chicago Live Stock Market
OUIOAOO. February 17
Catllo Receipts 5000 head ; re
ceipts are again liberal , and the mar
ket opens aiow ; very little trading
was donu early ; the feeling in "tiio
yards was easier ; export aleers were
held at steady prices , and thbre w'ero
a fair number of sales at Si [email protected] GOfer
for i astern aaipmeaf ; g. od ftt pony
etee. a rulei slow early , buc what sales
woru tmde ware about the flama ns
yestordiy ; medium native otears in
'fair flesh rule ! slow anil a tride weak ;
very fenr were aolrl duriiip the fora-
noon , butchers' grades roled slow and
EO-TS R-ceipta 13,000 ; receipts
were moro 'ibural tdiy , and many
of the latu R'nvals yestsr'day ar.i in
the yards , DO th > it tnnt iho total supply
is mote -lun a&ippor.i are wanting ;
rnctera havonot been liberal buyers for
da > s pfit ; the market opened elow ; a
fu > r light ho s aold at $6 00 uirly , but
prices soon full utf.ttd , it wia difficult
to yet moro th n § 5 75 © 5 90 for good
ligbthojs ; afdwsilt of heavy hogs
were made to a . hipper early at § 6 20
© 6 30 , buc eveiy'hing over ? C 00 TW
practically above the market ; packers'
hogs wt-re aim at uuD'nil , buyora
holding off ; ihu early s-ilea were at a
decline of 1525o fc m yosleid y
morning's prices , and full 25c d ° cline
would hive to be taken in order to ef
fect sales.
Sbeup In liberal supply , pud the
market , wea moderately ictivo at about
yesterday's pice : ; good fit heavy
drovvrj averaging 125 end 135 pounds
wera in g'od deuiftui ! , rt-id sol.l freely
nt § 5 [email protected] 25 , IT hilo comraou lo fair
l. J stow .T gt 0005 00.
New Yors : f reduce Market.
NEWT UK , February 17.
Flour Rscaip s,22,000 ; bbls ; sales ,
13,000 bbli ; dull and unchanged.
Butter Dull and unchanged ; Ohio ,
[email protected] .
Che. Ha Weak at [email protected] for poor
to fancy
Petroleum Quiet.
C jffee Unclunged.
Egs Western firm at 32c.
Cotton Quiet and ster.dy ; sales
427 biloa ; middling uplands , $11 EGJ ;
middling Ofleaup , § 11 81 J ; futures
rmely ttsady ; February , SH 30 ;
March , 81139 ; April , 811 55 ; Miy ,
§ 11 68 ; Ju-ir , § 11 80 ; July , Sll 87-
Wheat Stiwdy ; Chicago , § 1 15 ®
1 16 ; Milwaukee , $1 17 ; No. 2
red winter , § 1 [email protected] 18 , cash ;
S118 § for March ; SI 19g for April ;
SI 18f for M y ; sales , 800,000 bu.
Corn Steady ; No. 2 , 57 @ 58c.
Sales 50,000 bu.
Oats Steady.
Whisky Quiet.
Pork § 15 9501615 for "Huron and
Aptil ; 816 0016 25 fcrMny.
Lird § 10 [email protected] 47i fir cash ;
810 [email protected] 45 for Febru Try ; 810 40 ®
10 42i f-T March ; $10 [email protected] 47 fr
April ; $10 [email protected] 50 for May ; $10 50
for June ; § 10 10 for 3ller f r the
The Midnight Caucus Be
tween Conkling and
The Former Apparently
Pleased'With the
The Wise Van Z'le ' of Utah
Proposes to Wipe Out the
night Oil on the Harbor
A Pair of Missouri Lunatics
Fatally Maul Each
The Missouri Valley Bank of
Kansas City Goea
Under !
Roscoe'a Last Raid.
HpoOal dispatch to Tax list
CLEVELAND , O , Februiry 17 1 p.
m. A Klntlcm-t'i who nris at the da-
pat Irwv ttight wneu Senator Conkling
departed , saya ho drove to tha train
? , ith Major S.vain in Gen. ( Jitfio.'d'a
cjrriaga btforo midoighl. Aa the
ti.iin wr.s h.tlr an hour late the sena-
t > r tootc the arm of Major Strain and
th * two paced the depot pUifcriu and
engaged in lively conservation. Mr.
Conkling Dotnicd plcaaad with the re
sults of ilia visit whatever they are.
He goes direct to Nef York where it
ia thought he will meet Mr Arthur
with whom ha will journey lo "Wash
* Ttie MKbt Session
Dbpalca to The Uee.
.v , February 16 4 p. m.
T.io iiijihc soa&ion of the house was
devoted almost entirely to the river
nnd harbor appropriation bill in com
mit rcr of t.'j whole. All items re-
latn.g to rivero and harbors had been
considered by twelve o'clock midnight
when several amendments we e off rjd
for new surveys and these lad
to further debate. Finally at
two a. m. Mr. Sparks moved
to strike out the whole sectionjorder-
ing surveys. The motion was reject
ed by a large majority. At 2:10 : a. rn.
the committee rose and the bill was
reported to the house.
The previous question waa second
ed and will come up in the house to
day as unfinished business in be voted
on at 2:15 p , m.
Home adjourned.
A Fatal Blunder.
Special dirstch to The Bee.
MEXICO , Mo. Professor B.ix r , of
Farber , m this county , died yoaterday.
Through a mistake of a druprjis ! : he
was srivsn corrosive sublimate inster.d
of white precipitate. The sublimate
proved Mai.
A Maniac's Deadly Blow-
Special diapatch to Tux Bun.
FULTON , Mo , February 17 4 p.
m. Lkst evening R iragedy occurred
at the stata lunatic asylum. J. W.
Stanley andWm. Cullorson were con-
Sncd in one of the lial's , and they
became involved in a cent > .it when
the attendant r < as out of sight. Cul-
lerson struck Stanley on the back of
the head , breaking his neck aud kill
ing him. They ware considerud
harmless patients.
Van Zilea' Plan
Spcchl Dldi > atch to Jho Bao
CUICAQO , January 17. District At
torney Yan Zile , of Utah , has written
to a Chicago paper proposing congres
sional legislation to stamp < ut poly
gamy. He reccmmemis that the stat
ute of limitation , BO far ns it af
fects bigamy ho repealed , th.vt
persons living in polygamy , or
aidin < _ r , rebetting , or counseling
polygamous marriages be cisfranchised
that a law be enacted prt vidiu.j a
aevero punishment for adul ery and
lewd and lasiv/ous / cohabiutt < n < n the
territories aud defining these offunaaa
to apply to persona living with moro
than one wife , and finally that a mar
riage ituenaa law bo enacted providing
that the ptiraou performing the mar-
riagu coretnony shall hie a certific to
in the United district court , aud mak
ing such certificate p'oof of ir. riigo.
Lacked the Casn
Spcc'-\l Wlspatsh to The Bee
KANSAS CITY , Mo. , Februiry 17.
The Misaouii Valley Bin ! ; , of this
city , luspeude I * his morning. Theie
are rumors of beriom trnohlu
St. Louie Produce
ST Lons. February 17.
F/.nr Unchanged.
"Leat Opened dull aud lower- but
closed higher and firm ; No. 2 red ,
SI 01 cash ; 81 [email protected] 02 } , March ;
§ 1 [email protected] [email protected] 04 | for April ; SI OC
© I [email protected] Oof for M y ; No. 3 do 97c ;
No. 4 do nominal.
Corn Dull and lower ; 37c for cash ;
[email protected] > 3 for March ; 39gj for April ;
4040jc for May ; 4040gc } for
Osts Drill ; 33gs for cash ; 33c for
March ; 3434c for My. .
Rya B'irm at 88c.
Bitloy Dull and unchanged ; prime
to fancy , [email protected] 05.
Hutter Quiet ; dairy , [email protected]
Eigs Steady at [email protected]
Whsky Lower nt 81 05.
Pork Lower ; § 15 40 asked -rcmh ;
815 20 for March ; 15 52 for M > y.
LaruQni.t ; § 9 80 bid for cash acd
Dry S'.U Meats Lijrer ; we lota ,
thirty d y meat , § 4 754 8007 75 ®
Bacon Quiat at § 5 [email protected] 55 ®
8 75.
Rjccipts Flour , 5,000 bbls ; wh-at ,
none ; corn , 3,000 ; oate , 9 , 000 ; rye ,
nuiirt ; bailer , none.
ShipmsutE Flour , 8.COO ; w eat ,
3,000 ; corn , 3,000 ; oate , 4,000 ; rye ,
none ; barley , no no.
Cincinnati froauce
CIXCIJTWATI , February 17.
Flour Firm ; family , 84 85(35 ( 10 ;
fat.57 , § 5 255 75.
WhtAt Scarce and firm ; No. 2
red , $1 OG
Corn Steady ; No. 2 mixed , 43c.
Bi Icy Fi'rm ? nd onch need.
Pork Qulrit at 815 [email protected] 25.
Lard Quiet at 89 [email protected] 00.
Bulk Mrr.ts Qmet and nncbarpod.
Bi on Quiet and firm at § [email protected]
862 38 87ft.
Whtaky Active but lowers. I 81 05.
Have JUS ! EEOEIVED and wiU offer this week
of the Mowing Goods , direct from the Mills , and as we must have
a quick and ready sale for this large quantity of Gcods , we will
oner tuam as me
Regular Jobbing Price ,
Sffif SSSM
Lancaster , Berwicks , Harmony. Pacifies , Anconas , Manchester
Memmaca and Knickerbockers
Lancaatera , Bates , Houasliold and Amoskeae ;
Lonsdale , Fruit of the Loom Wainsuitaand New York Mills.
Indian Head , Great Western , I awrence LL. Alabama , Granite
Peppsrel O and Pepperel K.
Wamsutta , New York Mills , PepperaJ , Boston , Ellerstown New
Mills and Boston.
Lowell , Boston , Pepnerel and Lawiston ,
Thnra can bo no better to crike
opportunity your purchrses of such ( ? oed
than prices. : > iOW , as ther is little chancu of our being again ble to duplicate the a
We arc off rina the mp t complele Una of HOUSEKEEPING GOODS
wo hsvo ever Bhown , including * splendid Him of TABLE CLOTHS nd
Is APL.INSnnrt TOWELS , and aspkndidline of EMBROIDERIES , In en-
: rely Jtew Deigns , pnd at most '
JEt 33 X. I A.
Oor. Douglas and ISth Sis. A
_ i.
* * -j - - ' * ' & & * '
Gives Great Bargains in Ladies' an-l Gents'
AH Kinds Ot
r. SILVER ITlkH 1N ! > OUAOXiti.
We Guarantee The Best Goods For- The Least Money
_ * Dir2Itt
St. Louis Live stock Mftrkwt
ST. Louis , Februarv 17
Hogs Active and Lifter ; Ycrhars
and BaU'mor.3. S5 4 ; > © 5 97 * . mx d
pncMt ! ? , § 5 75 G 00 ; choice o lancy ,
? [email protected] Rtceipts , 4,300 head :
hlpments 2,300
Miiers Stilkng.
Special DI-ntch ) | tn TUB lUt.
SAtiNEViLLE , Uhi" , Februty 17 4
p. m. Thr-je liufidrod iniuera , em
ployed at Silineyille are again ont on
a stri'e. February first the operators
advanced ih-'m sjven cants pur ton
which caused general satisfaction.
They relented this course and notified
them thst wages would be reduced to
the price paid before the advance.
This step catusd the strike.
Luckless Larkara.
Special DLjoatch to'.Tbe V.en.
MUSCIE , Ind. , Fabrnary 18 1 a.
m. At 10 o'clock Wednesday night
William Wurl and Don Sutton , two
of Muncie'f ) noted young bloods , while
drunk called .it a well-known house ,
kept by Mrs. B ille Nichols , on south
Plum street. They dewi d.d admit
tance , but vrero reUtod , a id com
menced battering dowu tha door.
While Lizzie Collins , aa innate o ! tha
house , pushed the raoabau , cut of
the door , Mrs. Nichols began i homing
ing in their facei with a small , seven-
shot pistol. Sutton was twiceshot , in
the face , one ball ranging np above
the left eye , and thi other ball pene
trating his nasal oryan. Two balls
pasted through his right hand. A
ball fired from the pistol held against
Wurl'a cheek , ranged downward , em
bedding itself in hia jaw bone. Snt-
ton ia in a critical condition , and may
die , while Warl'a wound it dangerous.
Mrs. Nichols and Lizzie Colliaa have
surrendered to tha officers , but will
doubtless be acquitted , the shooting
being done in self defense.
Lost His Frow.
Ep eUl Dteaatcb to tba Bee
NEW YORK , February 18 1 a. m.
With a bearing showing deep dia-
treas , a German weeplngly implored
Supt. Walling's clerk to aid him in
finding his wife , Emma Banks , 19
years old , who had left him in anger.
They came together from Cincinnati ,
where they bad been married bat a
short time ago , and while on the way
nero he gave Mrs. Banks $50. He
upbraided her on Wednesday night
for losing the money , and early
next morning she left where ihay
were stopping , and said that she would
drown herself. The police Wera noti
fied to look for her.
Arrested for Murder.
SpcdalJIHspatch to Tha Beet
NASBVH.LB , TEJ-K. , February 17
10 p. m. A Winchester special say a :
Great excitement still prevails hereto
to day ever the arrest and Imprison
ment of Fish and John Poe , tun sup
posed murderers of young Baker ,
which occurred last week. ' It is
feared an attempt will be made to
lynch thm to-night. A crowd
boarded the train at Talleboma laat
night to go to Winchester to lynch the
pris. n re , but thu cjndnc or held tha
train and provcn'ad it. Tao prelim'
iuarj trial cornea off * o- nrrow. > .
I liXtraordmary Winter.
SiMcta * I i9nti.h | to Tim Bw.
CHICAGO , February 18 1 a. m.
Another he ivy coo Mt be an here
at dark hat night , and extends
throughout the northvre . The cold
wcatn.-r continues unab-.le L Tha
ground h a been frozen aolid to a
dppth of sevt-ral inches slnca the
middle of November , and good leigh-
ing has been continuous since the first
week in January. This Is an extraordinary -
ordinary winter record for Chicago.
Over half a foot of ROOT full between
dark and midnight , when there waa no
indlcition of a let up. It came down
in solid sbeata , so that one could
scarcely aeo acroaa the atreai. The
street cars were withdrawn early In
the evening , and anew plows irera
kept hard at woik all night , trying to 1
keep the tracks open , which is render
ed doubly difficult by tha high ridge *
of old anew which Una each ildo of
tha atreeta. The railroads wfll no
doubt ba closed. The anew ia not
drifting badly , but ia very compact
snd hard to move.
Damaged by Floating ice.
Special distXLXh to Tha Bee.
NEW YORK , February 18 1 a. JB.
Floating lea Ia North river Ia t
evening canoed considerable damago-
tea number of vasae'a , and to ever l
ferries and piera. The piera at tha
foot of Tw anti th and Twenty-fin t
atreeta were pirtlally carried away ,
and sovrnl carts and a small quantity
of mcrclnndm went orarboard.
NEW YORK , February 17 4 p. m.
Weatner hero to-day Is moderate
and cleir. The thermo neter at 6 a.
m. registered 25 * , 9 a. m. 27 * and at
noon 33 * .
Kot'cc Is brrrliy ziroi tha' drfan't has bcsn
mxde In a certain chatta mor.-a o b.ar.n dau
J noy st , 831 , ijeecu.i-I 17 Jnttfk L
Chipelle and Ileury E. 7o : > d\ko. muttttgon.
and to John Edwards u mottles. Said
mortmze s duly r-jco-ded In the conntjr
clerk'tf ofco In and for < nuxlav C"Uoty , Jfe-
bruica. AL < ! la said mortice KXI > . Li Cbaptl'it
and Foigdyke tol.l and mor zi.eu lo raU Jo'-n
Xdwarda he 'olloa Ing d - ? ribfrl znods and ch '
tel/f , to-wit : 1 pearl power and mrdel hand-
pr , 50 > ba bretUr tj-p , 3Ibi nonpareil lypa ,
IcaMcetwlth tjp-cairs , 3 pnr aa s , 2 type
- - eut , 1 grape cat ,
1 carriag * cut , 3 smalt cuts. 1 I flinrshir. 15
Ibsleadi. 15 feed bratirnle , IK trrna qaoln * .
8 tmall type cie , 1 nnd Ink roller , 3 n U Im-
peslnp atones , 2 twizcn , I al o > , trr ; t Ick. 1
"Omila. N bw"13 , 19 A Snullmudel tire. 27
AGothiiUpj , 14 A.CeUicty | > . 40 A CU'tndou
If nop dn on ald nvin aje * 16J 00 The efon.
I will pr ceed lo nil at paMIc inctton to the
Wghe t Id ! er for ccgh in the hm'l ' cl the thlrd-
story -ralMlnr known ai 09 Famhrm St.
Omiha , Nebraska on the4tbdiycf Mi'ca 1881 ,
at the ho-ir of 10 o'clock In th.Jonnwn , all the
aboye described goods and chattels to atWy
salp martga e.
Orabs , We7. , Febnnrr 10th. 1831.
B/ ISAAC EDWARDS his Attorney.IeblO17UBS

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