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The Daily Bee.
Friday Morning , Feb. 18.
Psterson sells coal.
See Polack's advertisement.
JSest ten cent cisar at Saxe'e. *
Lnlui-s unit icrfumeatKabn's.
Palmer's bulk extract at Saxe's.
Additional local nova on first page.
The telegraph lines are all working in
peed thape a ain.
The U P. train leftfor the w * t
yesterday about an hour and a ba f late
Remember the Danish Society's lias
uerade Feb. 26th , tf
* Don't forget , the Danish Society's
Masquerade ia on Saturday the 20th. tf
Whipple , McMillan * Co. , the jewel.
en , Crnghton Block. o2G-tf
The small-gox is commR dreadfully
near this L-cality. Look out for the sign
of the EED FLAG.
WAKTKD Fifty thousand dollars of
tonnty bonds. H. T. Cla-.ke.
For lands , Lots , Houses and Farms
oolc ovcriBemis' new column on first page
The date for receiving plans for the
new court houje hai been extended by the
commissioners to March 14th.
ix > ts , Farms , Bouses nd Lands. Look
over Bemis * niw column ot bargains'on 1st
Wyoming and anthracite coal are both
begttaun ? to come in slowly and the coal
famine will be relieted in a few days if
the storm is not renewed.
ITie third lecture in the Unity Ly
ceum course Wjg delivered at tbe Unita
rian church "Wednesday , by Her. J. Vila
Bl ke , of Quincy , HL His theme was
"Manners. "
Private parties are now engaged in
hauling snnw out of Ih'ir back yards ,
many of those attached to Farnham street
business house * being blockaded with snow
to the depth of six feet.
We are glad U learn that Observer
Dey , of the Oinah * signal office , has con
cluded to acxpt thi inv tittoa to compete
for promotion , at the forthcoming com
petitive examination at Washington , and
will leave for the east in a few days. Of
his succest we hive no doubt.
A sportsman siys thai he fears that
the deep snow of ths present winter will
be disastrous to next year's quail crop.
The deep suow entirely shuts oil feed for
the Bob Whites , and there is nothing I ft
for the birJs that were bon to grace we'l-
done toast but t turn up their toes ia the
drifts. Quail * d > not migrate much , and
if their dyin by famine i < as gen > ral as
fearel , it will b ? some years before they
are plenty again. Tha prairie chlck .ns ,
such as are not trapped and shipped , are
apt to winter ullriht in the numerous un-
gathered corn fields.
The Swedish Library association's
grand masquerade ball &t Turner's
H&ll Saturday evening , Feb. 19ib ,
Tickets for sale at Jncobs's clothing
etore , and at Edholm aud E.icl-
212 16th street near Masonic Hall
guarantee strictly "first class work , "
mo * promptness. Give us a trial.
It is to be Built Tbis Spring
For some time put it ha ; been
rami.red , oa good aathjrity , that the
K-tcbun Bros , were npgotiatinR ; for
the parch .as o [ lie old Grand Central ,
corner Farnain and 14 h s'.reet ' , and
that they would build during tbe com
s. 1 ing spring a fine hote' , to replace the
one lost by fire.
Wo.leirn , from what we consider &
reliable source , at a late hour yes-
Urdiy , thaf. the purchase was
c-mtummated to day , and that the
hotel will go up ihe first thing when
he sehson opoos. It will be a fine fr
set off for Bjyd's Opera House oil
the opposite aide of the street In
Gone for a Bride.
Mr. Will McMillen , of the well otat
known jewelry honsa cf Whipple , te
McMillan & Co. , left yesterday
for Warsaw , Illinois. Mac.sras supposed
posed to hive bsca a c n'jrmed bach
elor , but we are informed cu good lai
authority that Mrs. McMillen will
accompany him on his return trip ,
which will be ia about four weeks.
Mr. and Mrs.-John
P. Shelby h ve returned - te
turned from then- bridal trip.
Mrs. Spoor and Miss Alise Rogers "left toun
for St. Louis to-day , over the Wabash. un
General Passenger Agent Morse , of the ofha
Union Pacific , has returned from the east. ha
Assi.tant General Manager Kimball and hn
General Ticket Agent Stebbins have gen Ttmi
to Topeka. mi
* Beal Batata Tranalers. cie
Wilson Reynolds and wife to to
PhineasW. Hitchcock , q c. d. , nei , toI
tejeoc 12 , tlG.rlOe , also ei , mJ
and nej. e sec. 5 , 1 15 , r 11 e ยง 2. livmt
Pftinesi W. Hitchcock to Wilson mt
Reynolds , q c. d. , sw , ne , s i , nw j foi
and uwj , ief sec 5 , 1 16 , r 11 e , also att
nwj of i wf ec 19 , 1 16 , r 11 e ? 2. tri
Herman Konntz , et al , to Anna
ElizabeiVBiddrling , w.d , e. 190 feet
of lot 19block , 5 , Kiun'z and Ruth's
addition , Omaha $110 we
Johni.Ors and wife to Thomas Bry
ant , g. . Lsw. . J section 30 , t. 16 , 8Wi
r. 11 e. $1.
Ferd K-rbaUching and wife to Gus pui
tav Bt k ti.d.parcel SO fe t wide , puiWl
fcontingon Division ' streat , aud ex- Wlj.
tendmgJiKk' CG f at5300 , .
Evart M. Smith and wife to Barba at
ra E. rilark'.V. d. , u 44 feet of lot 2 , Oh
blk 3 EfT.'Smlta'a
, " . addition , Onnha pr
Ada P. Drake et al to Wm I. 1
Kterstead , w. d. , n jt lots 1 aud 2 , iver
lilk 5 , Roed'c 1st adattion , Omaha
f900. " and
B. W. .Howes and wife to Geo. H. the
Bgfja ud LewT. Hill , w. d. , ne i Oa
sec.1 , tp. 16 , rile 1900.
Thos. aad Sarah Gibson to John L
Redickj wdrpart lot 9 , Capitol add , 1
Omahafl ,
AbnerTrench to John L Redick-
q c. d. , w. 302 ft. of lot 9 , Capitol JucI
add. , Omaha $250. I
JohnTRedick and wife to Hogh Ten
McCaffrey ; w. i , parts of lots 7 , 8 J
and 9 , Capitol add , Omaha gS.QQQ. for
Unavoidably Postponed. Bis
A wedding which was to have taken BisI
place at the Ninth etreet cathedral tun
yesterday , WM unexpectedly post 1
poned until next Mo id < y by the ar t-p
rival of the bishop , owing to the f-ict
that tae lawliia not been published iu i
The Grand Jury's Beport on the
Dougks County. Jail.
The Criminal Docket as it
* Now Stands ,
Police Court and Other Items.
The grand jury in cl > sinp its work
for theFebrmry term , made the fol
lowing report on ihe condition of the
Douglas county jil , which they visit
ed in accordance wish a i efjuiremeiit
ot the law :
Hon. Jas. W. faTage.Ju e 1 District Cour :
The grand jury now in session , hav
in visited th * county jail , take pleas
ure ia making the following report :
We find that tbo jitl u commodious
and well ventilated , ij provided with
ample heating apparatus and comfort
able slaeptnsr apartments , and ia kept
in a beat and cleanly manner.
Wi' fu\3 that the prisoners are pro
vided regularly , twice each day , wiih
good and substantial food in sufficient
qnantitie ? . Farther reporting , \re
will say that Douglas county is at last
supplied with a j ii vrhicb is a credit
to the county , and fully adequate to
its present wants.
It would be interesting to eee a re
port on the condition of the city cala
They also brought in several Indie -
menta not jot published. On several
of these.capiases have been waned and
it Is not expedient to publish names
but others are against parties already
iu jail. Prominent among tne latter
is a bill agtinst J. L. Herrick , charg-
with orjon , in the burning of the ha'
store of thu Da Great Broe. Sum *
very strong evidence is said
to have been adduced in this case ,
among other facts being the purchase
by Herrick , the day btfure * the fi > e
of two gallons of coal oil at Steele &
Johnson's. It will be remembered
that several parties testified to a
strong smell of keroem having existed
when the atore was first broken into.
It ia eaiJ that Herrick is wanted iu
Kaneis en a similar cuarge to ihat cm
which he is held.
Pat Gallaghtr was aluo indicted ( , n
the chsrge of robbery He is accused
nf knocking a mm down on Dodgs
atreo * , l te at night and relieving him
of atnut 20 in cash. It i believed
that there is a strong case against him
and that he stands a cnod 6hanca i f
going ova the road to Lincola.
Gcorga H. Moaes was iiidictrd ftr
shooting with totjat tu kill. The affair -
fair which has resulted In this findii g
will bd retnembired as of extremely
recent occurrence , the victim , John
Lecbstrom , sti.l lyin : * at his residence
with three bullet holua through hn .
Evetk jf he ro3.iv.srs the hiv Tit < ay
be proven.
The criminal term will bgin n-xt
weak and in addition to the 10 n nied
above and others not yet arrested , will
have to dispose cf the fallowing cv.es ;
Fleming Mitchell , chirgedwth tbe
murder of yonug Lyou * , whom he
shot at a bill at Millard. The c.vte
was tried at the last term , and tbe
jury disagreed.
Lirouzo P.cksrd , for the mtrdcr of
Germanic Bower ; , iu Millard prechc %
by pounding him over tbe hiad wi.h
some instrument.
Pat. Gnheen , for highway robbery
or Dennis E g4n.
.TCJ Hel or , for tha robbery of Put
Nolan. This caie was tried at the
last term and the jury disagreed.
laol T. R. Wager , for the robbery of an
old mm near Kicera'a H ill.
olwi John Hjg-tn , for grind lircany , ti-
wi' : hviue stolen a lot of clothes
from Wm. Spalding.
T. Phillip j and 0. Rozier , for stail-
Ing a carpet-sack.
Ches. Gijton , for highway robbery , 7
A. Hudson , tha latter penon being ]
also confined in jail to secure his atcl !
tendance as a witness at the trial. |
Wm , McCorouck , for a biirgi .ry {
committed at Waterloo. ;
Richard and George Davis , for grand :
larceny. j
George Washington Greene and
wife , whose case was given in full ; m
yesterday , were al'owdd ' to g free p.
lait eve'ntng , the nurehal receiving a m
telegram ] from the sheriff at Red Oak pc
let them g-i , notwithKtanding that
under the lws of IOWA , the tuarria o
a white parou to a parson who
baa over one-fjur-h ne ro blood itt
hisar her veins , c institutes a felony
The laws of Nebraska mike such a
marriage null and void. Tne civ il he
rights bill would probably ba a suffi
cient answer , however , in any court to
a criminal charge. po
The I bri-J is said to have at one time
lived with Henry Turner , -colored
raau , who was sent to the penitentiary yowl
forBtabbin'anot'urc . ' r l man. Sbe wlwl
attempted < .o b * u.t u < ui clear on thu
tria' , but failed. St
Several tramp * , run iu last nuht ,
were sent up for tha usual ttrm to
swell the street fore-1.
John Roberts p id ? 3 and csts f > r ob
DUtting a head on an individual at
SVirth'a 10th street saloon last night mt
A man nvned M-jrrs * wis fined 810
police , cud hit jJ0lit I r piundirg the
Jharlton , several days ago , without 16
jrjvocatinn. ,
The trouble from snow now bein/
, freight cons'gned to the Ghictgo
Northwoatara railway will make b
usu l time between Chicago and lim
maha. hat
Lttemct Court. , .
The following proceedings were
in the district court yeslerdty ,
to ;
uage James W. Savage , presiding : tome
Ittoer , administrator , v . Callahan ;
erdict for plaintiff $3C9 40.
Moehel vs. Rt > emer et a ! . ; verdict ger ;
plaintiff $240. "bl
Simpson et al. vs. Glynn et aL ; dia- floi
aissed , as so defendant McHugh.
Megeath vs. Harbach tt al. ; de- ias
unrrer OVWT led. or i
The grand jury presented their nnal wh !
Tt and were discharged.
Goodman v . Kennedy" ; jury trial Inc
progress. vin
The court adjourned until this woi
norning at 9:30 : o'clock. ma
The Weddinsr otEhoderick Mc-
Grath and Thtresa
If in the memory of the oldett inhab
itants , Omaha witnessed the most se
vere combinations of-storma and cold
wvather , it has also 'witnessed the
hrg'jst number cf happy marriages of
any Trinter in the memory of its young
i it abi ants. Wednesday Mr. Ilhod-
erick McGratb , formerly of Montreal ,
Canada , and Miss Theresa Gleason , tf
Omaha , were united in marriage by
Rvv. Father English , at St. Philoaae-
na Cathedral.
At 8 o'clock the bridal party entered -
ed the qhurch. The brides elegaut
attire vi a exceedtd only by her per
sonal attractions. She 'was eacorttd
by Mr. James Greene , "who acted as
roomtman , and the groom followed
with Miss Mazgi'e Dalton the brides
maid. The chutch was well filled by
the friends of thu'contracting parties.
Aft. r the ceremony the young couple
held a reception at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. Carrolla , the bride's
mother. A large number of useful
and well selected presents were dis
played on a side-board. The follow
ing bore the complimentary cards
of tbe domrs : A clear title and
warranty deed t.f lot 17 , iu Council's
addition to Omaha , by the bride's
paron's ' ; a beautiful CJBO of jewelry
by the groom ; a silver spion-holdsr
and spoons by Mr. and Sirs. Andrew
Murpliy ; table Itnen and napkins by
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Daley ; set of
silver spoons by Mr. and Mrs. P.
Dfonohau ; sjtof flower vases by Mr.
and MraT. Reves ; silver ctator by
J. C. Modil ; silver tea-pot by James
Greene ; silver butter dish by Joe and
John McCaffrfij ; silver pic'de castor
by Miss Lzzie Kennedy , of Phtts-
mouth ; silver cake basket
by Mss Mary Smith ; card
receiver by Misses Roie and
and S < rah Smith ; p'etfamery box , by
Mies EffiO'Connor ; match-holder ,
by Mis * Nellie O'Connor ; toi of tidies ,
Mies Aegie Smith.
Toe liirgj company sat down to a
very tempting and bountiful supper at
the cutting of the bride's cuke , and
the health of thn youug couple was
proposed and drank in a standing toiBt.
The remainder of the evening was
parted in the usual sociil amusements ,
and u. a late h u ? thegutsts departed ,
wishing Sir. air ! Mrs. McGrath u long
life of joy an-i happiness.
This is fo notify the public that
there has been s'.ippji to Omnhu u
large quantity of di udd ; ; ai > l s-orth-
less Cilifocnia canned good' , such as
plunu , psars , etc. , whiih c n easily
be detected by the cms being swdlk-d
and bulged out at the ends , or holes
punched iu the eudi of the caus.
Fresh Smoked Mack'.ral ,
Fresh Smoked Haddies ,
Fresh S-nokcd Salmon ,
Fresh Smoked Hulftut.
Frtah herring cod , steak , smelts , at
tvho'.esale ' and retail , at Motz'a F.sh-
Welcome Homo.
Mr. John G. Jacobs lerurned from
the , cast thid m rntng wit i his bride
and the happy conpla are comfortably
iU. < rtured for tha present at t.'O Wiih-
nell Huns ? , whore thty will remain
U'ltil thi-y go to housekeeping fcr
thdtnsulves. John h s been kept bmy
ever sincj he got home ehuklng hanr's _
with his friend ? , whoso number ia Ie-
Wo add our congratulations to
the rest.
Colored Citizens.
There will be a meeting of colored
citizens atE irck t hull this evening at
7:30. It h hoped that all will attend.
By order of Republican Campaign
E. R. OVERALL , President. L
BEJTJ. Sorrow , Secretary. teA
A.tenilon Firemen. .MCJ
Having been requested by several CJB
raemb rt of the department , and ol
deeming it nscwary , a ddpirtment neM
meeting is hereby cilied at 7 o'clock , M y
* m. , February 17lh , 1881 , at Fire Gt
man's Hall , for the transacti.m of im 01
portant business.
i * *
Eastern Star Notice Tz
The members of the Vesta Chapter , Ctin
No. 6 , o-der of th * Eis'orn Star , are Cr
hereby notified that the entertain- trs
which WAS to hftvo taken placa S.Mi
to-raorruw , Frid y , eveiiine.'lisa been Su
postponed. By r.rder W M. SuMi
Workingmen know where to go for noiDC
your drink of pure Kentucky 10 cent
whiskey , imported gins aud Irish
whiskeys , BadweJssr beer. Agenl for
. Gotthard Bitters.
D L. McGrcKiN , '
jin 27 1m 314 S nth 10th St Ihe
Growth in Business
Nothing impresses the observant en
observer in Omaha more thsn the iii
growth of all the various bra : cbea of
merchandise We havn hcf n specially pr.J
impressed with this in a recent visit to
. green house * of Mr Do.iahne , oa det
h street When the writer first BlU
< w O.iialn in ' 78 , thti emir- ' estab pre
lishment was embraced in 'me h'.uae , ma
Z bick from IG.h tre3t , por- 1Mi
ps , 100 fet. . Thdr > tnnudj upon Mi
for flowers have been -uch tlia < he ing
been oblig id to increa > o the cap- pro
icity of his green hou o nearly fonr-
, and ho now diiphy * an assort-
nant of flowers that would ! do credit ETall
any first-clas florist's establishme
nent in an eastern city. Entering his Ed
looses , devoted to eruat'niv B , dailies ,
a i si
eraninms , etc. , during one of these the
'blizzirds , " and seeing the" beautiful con
lowers blooming like midsummer , one dul
almost tempted to ask , "Dp I wake , ten
am I dreaming ? " "Straws show tori
rhich way the wind blow * , " and the "fa
ncreasa : of a business like this con-
inces the m > st skeptical nf Omiha'a E
ronderful growth "Tho world does the
a-jve. " ' Fm
Grand Masquerade Bali of
the Standard Club.
TheMfflnnerchor and a Private
Tha meat brilliant mr.'querade of
tha winter wesson took place last
evening at the elegant quarters of the
Standard club which were ablaze wilh
bright light and { gorgeous color from
early eve till break of day. The event
haa been the subject of great expecta
tions for months pa&t and none wore
disappointed. Tba hall and spacious
ante-rooms and p'irlors were ample to
accommodate all the fcueats withiut
discomfort or annoyance to tha
dancers , , and as nnoe were admitted
except aach a * appeared under matk
and domino it was a complete assem
bly of the unknown elite.
Hoffman's full orchestra famished
the music , which was unusually fine ,
and dancing en mosque was the order
of the evening. At midnight came
the unmasking with all the customary
fun and surprise connected there
with. An elegant supper was served ,
and at 1 o'clock dancing was resumed
and continued nntil a late
hoar. Am"ng the many
: features of the evening was the
Chinese Plantation dance , performed
by the ladies' committee , attired no
plantation girl ? , and by the gentlemen
of tbo committee of arrangements
dressed iu Oriental coat'imee. '
The assembly w s notable * for the
variety , beauty aud splendor of the
cosrumes worn , cf which some idea
m 'y be had from the foil wing nearly
complnte list :
Mr. Mar Meyer , bUck domino ;
Mrs. Max Meyer , plantation girl ; Mr.
Htnry Pundt , Camlet ; Mrs Henry
Pundt , plantation girl ; Mr. M Gnlu-
emith , Spaniard ; Airs. M. Goldsmith ,
plantation girl ; Mr C. Hartmau , Gen.
Grant ; Mrs. 0 Hartman , Mary Queen
of Scots ; Mr. M. Hullmau , black dom
ino ; Mrs M. Hellman , jockey ; Mr.
A. Cahn , overseer ; * Mrs. A. Cabn ,
plantation girl ; Mr. F. J. Ramge ,
Iiord Dundreiry ; Mrs , F. J , Ramge ,
oldldyMr. ; William Sievers , Ger
man former ; Mra. William Sievor * ,
panish htdy ; Mr. M A. McNamara ,
clown ; Mr * . M. A McNamarn. snrcer-
eis ; Mr. R. N. Wnhuell ,
mo ik ; Mra. R. N Withnell ,
jlipiy queen ; Mr. A Helle Don
Juan ; Mn. A. Heller , French nurse ;
Mr S P. Murse , froutiereman : Mra.
S P. Morse , dnuuliter of the regiment ;
Mr. J > E Peyck ; , iTird ; Mre. E. P > yi.ka ,
d'Uru'.aer jjirl ; Mr. F. J. iMcShatie ,
Chinese ; Mrs. F. J. SlcShine. no
name ; Mr. A. Traynor , monk ; Mrs.
A. Traynor , peasant girl ; Mr , Geo.
Hfimrod , German fuimer ; Mrs. Geo.
Heimrod , Hungarian ; Mr. R. Sieuion ,
negro woman ; Mr ? . R Sieuion ; God
dess of Liberty ; Mr. R iburt Purvis ,
domino ; Mr. H Baswi'z , fortune tel
ler l < ; Mr. 0. B. Horton , Span
iard ; Mrs. 0. B. Hnrton , German
girl ; Mra. J. E Rosenfield , school
i-irl ; Mr. L avitt , fraud ; Mra. Laavitt ,
DiUL'hteruf the Regiment ; Mr. Geo.
Stradtman j , dandy ; Mrs Geo. Stradt-
raan , Spanish Girl ; Mr. Curry , Blue
beard ; Mrs Curry , Europu ; Mr.
Burden , Domino ; MrBnrdett ,
Orient ; MUs Richael Goldsmith ,
Domino ; MUs 8mio Von B irries ,
French cook ; Mis ? . Emma Pundt ,
railroad conductor ; Miss Sallie
GoeUchius , Empro-zs Juaephtau ;
Mi-a " Nellie Gottschins , flower girl ,
Miss" Matliu Rothschild , folly ;
Miss ClirA Riaenfeld , sell -ol r > irl ;
Miss Eiiza Withnell , ahepherdesi ;
Miss Bviegl , flower girl ; Mus L < bbe :
Withnall , school girl ; Mrs Bjlln ,
Fantasia ; Mri. E Sietuon , D.illy
Varden ; Miss Lin z , for-me-no ! ; Mi-s
O'Connor , B itterc-ip ; Mica Mapuie
McDonald , Irish peasant girl ; Mrs.
Scbltnk , domino ; MIES Berard , poi > -
core < giri : Miss Addiu Gladstone , dom
ino ; Miss Eva Gladstone , maidJIt.-8.cs ;
SidiuOnhn and Sidie Colmin , two
orphans : ; fllis < Tz < cnck ! ; and Miss
Gile Sumner , Miss SucpheuFantasia ,
Mrs. _ McNamara , no name ; Mrs.
Snaw , domino ; Mra. Armstrong , old
womanMies Atkinson , Swisi peasant
girl ; Miss Sincre , pink domino ; Mies
Btswilzfnrtuno-tcllerMi ; > s Gladstone o
domino ( ; Miss Flora Rosantrul floorer
girl ' , MISH R Goldsmith , Red Riding
Hood ; Miss Kelner , flower irl ; Mias C
Lehman , Queen Elizibsth ; Mn.
Brown , of North Platte , plantation
girl ' ; Miss Lange , French cook ; Mrs ,
Schrouder , German lady ; Miss M. thbf
L'jnge , French cook ; Mrs. Manches bfWi
ter , sailor girl ; Mr. Julius Meyer , Wi
Alfonso ; S. P. Fisher , Chinaman ; H. incc
.M Peavey , mandarin ; Mr. Pt-av y , cc
Chinaman : C. Morgan , Yankee ; Geo. inbt
Tschuck , Chinaman ; S. Kallmtn ,
old lady ; Rud Dorn , monk ; J Fost- laat
ner , clown ; Will Millard , baker ; ataf
Martin C hn , Spaniard ; F. B. af
Johnson , Indian ; 0. Danel , Domino ;
Chas. McDonald ; lady ; R Harrison , foqv
Chinaman ; Ed. Pycke , Monk ; J.ulius qv
H , Monk ; Sol Prince , lady ; B. *
Suesenbach , Domino ; Wontz Meyer , 5
Hnmpty Duuipty ; Fr. Linge , Piince let
carnival i ; A. Bosewater , ludian ; N.
, FslcDner , Highlander ; Bruno
Tz3chuk , Hamlet ; Mr. D. Kaufman ,
CtiiUHtnan ; Mr. H. Becker , Emperor ;
Mr Adolph Meyer , Monk ; Mr. C. E.
Cralle , Monk ; Mr. L Rothschild ,
trapper ; Mr. J. Suhiff , Japanese ; Air. CJJ.
B swi'z , fop ; Mr. Saly , negro ; J.
. Geo. Tzichuck , cadet ; Mr. Chas. J.tu
Saiphen , negn > ; Mr. Melchins , swell ; tuW
Mr. E. Cihn , P.iddy , Mr. D John W
, Indian chiuf ; Mr. I. D. M-iyerj , ai
Don Juan. th
The Orcuha Mam tercher celebrated
their tenth auuiversary at Turner wi
lu.ll on Monday evening by a bal1.
hall va ? camfortibly filled , not
withstanding the inc'emency ' of tbe
and the occasion was a ti'ost
anjnyable ; one. Shortly aft r mid- ri
nigiit the society and their guea a sat five
Ijwti to an ijleg ut banquet
prrpured expressly for the occasion. h
During J the evening tha sncie y ren-
lered several voctl selea'ions with
ittccess , and Myor Chat ) , wKu was goi
present , in response to ropaited oils ,
nadea thnrt addres ? . the
Th 1 = society will give tlmir grand to
Vlirdi Gr.is carnival bul on tha evou-
of March 1st , for which elaborate
raparatiuns &r betng nude.
The masquerade giren at Mismic
February 15th under thamanage- cfMi
nent of that experienced caterer J. MiMe
. , Smith , was well attended and waa MoI
success. The evening was splendid , I
music excellent and the affair well I
iondocted. About fifty couplein - I
lulged In the "Mnzy "Waltz , " the Q
errible "Racket" and the still more
orriblo "Hippie" and many other I
'fawncy dawuces" until a late hour.
BONNER 130 : , Douglas street , has low
Urgest and beat stock of House "BI
'nrnlshing Goods b the city , eodtf I
The New Shot Tower Begins
its Operations Success
THE BEE , nhich w.is the first t ? an
nounce the incorporation of the Omaha
Shot company and which has kept the
public well posted in the progress of
the enterprise ever since , takes pleas
ure in announqirg that tha first shot
was dropped in the new eatabl shment
Wene day night at 6 o'clock precisely
The process of dropping shot ia a
very curious and interesting one , and
a brief description will not ba out tf
place at this limp. .
The tower is five stories high and
the operation of mauufac.uring the
product , the reverse of the uau 1
course of affairs , begins in the fifth
story of "thetower. . " This is the
"dropping room , " 24x16feetinsize. Iu
the northeast corner stands a furnace
nd kettlfs for the "drop shot , "
while iu tha southeast corn r is a fur
nace and kettle for "back-shot , "
which is moulded. When the molten
metal is taken from the kettle it is
poured through a bottomless , cup-
shaped vessel into a pan eight inches
In diameter , the bittern of
which is perforated with small
holes. The pan rests on a
frame and the cup stands inside it.
The lead is then poured in and being
distributed equally through the pan ,
passes through the prfnctnred bottom
and f.Us a distance of 165 feet to the
bottom of.ihs shaft , in its descent as
suming the form of small globules , but
not all of the same size as one might
naturally expect.
It is next drawn up , iu the kettle
into which it has-fallen , to the third
story and goi > s into a large ci > cultr ;
pan , heated by steam and c.llcd "the
dryer , " after which it returns to the
second story.
Here it ia paised over
the plnnes , sevwii largo , smooth
wooden platforms with spaces forr
catching the imperfect shot. Down
these pi inus the shot is rollrd , every
perfect shot reaching the bottom in
safety , while the imperfectly for-ned
globules f-.ll into the jpicua acd stiik.
The perfect shot is then taken to
the first floir , where It ia passed
through "the separators.,1 These are
v'bratlng ' drawers , with perforated bottoms
toms which assort the shot in aizea ,
numbering from 1 to 10 and land c > icb
In a separate heap reidy te bs t ag ed
for the market.
The amount dropped lent night was
seven hundred and twenty pounds
and we understand the managers are
much pleased with the success of their
first experiment.
More New Members , and What
They Want.
It will be remembered that a tnoe- *
Ing was called for the "Temperance
Bee Hive" on lait Friday evoiingbut ]
owing to the exTBinely cold WBther
only a few came in response to the "
call. It was thf'Uaht ' moat' beneficial
to postpone the opening meeting un
til Friday , February 18th , for which a
very interesting programme is pri-
pared , consisting of music , rend-ug ,
sociable ! ! and declamn'Jona Qaito a
number of gentlemen have already h
oSered thuir ussiatauco to nuke there
evening meetings a pUca of profitable
put-lime and employmeut tu tho.-u
w\o are led natray an I waste so mush
of their time and talent in the saloons
of this city , where they are hid from _
the view of passers-by , by the c i-.vard-
ly screens and heavy shutters of their
windows , Men women aud bay. * ,
cnrae : away SJfrom thtsa placca nhich
you think give so much . nmuHcment , *
but more excitement. Leave them
Conc.6 to our meeting lo morrow night
atw half past seven o'clock , and see if St.Or
we cannot entertain you a litrln better am
than the ualoon-ke per * . You will JU
bf madd "Welcome" to a seat by our JUF
warm fire. At each afternoon meet-
inof the "W 0. T. U.we are re-
cowing new members , wh > are promis
ing to belp on with this cau c aud will L
bt Vary gLd to luvo any nf the Pa
ladies , who feel an interest in t-mpur-
ance , to come and join our Tuesday
afternoon meetings. Although Mrs. eic 817
, who has worked iaburioualy or
for tcmperai.cJ in this city , has been
quite ill for a few days past , it is hoped
that she will bo able to ba present at
the meeting to morrow night. "Come !
us sing together. "
President "W. 0. I' . U. "
Occidental Hotel ,
cjrnorof Tenth nun Howard streets ,
. J.- Pay i'or ' , prvpriutor. Toil ho
tel his been ruu ired anl. furnished
with new furn turo throughout , and
affords oral-class accommodation to
the traveling pnblic. Charges reason
able. _ 17tf
FOB SATE First-cKss d. livery
wagon ; will trade for firmly groceries.
1,317 F.irn'nm str. > ut. 17 2
AK } eCast.
This is the final week of the prepa-
ritioufor "Qaeen Esther. " Torenty- .
aiit > po'H'iani ins and H double
chorus hu-i semi chorus of nearly < ned
: -d oi v.t c a is uirt'of thn pro-
. Tlio ii . s'ato in
gr.irj'tne rrin cr noi 01 ' II
-io * * i to mode- ; times the vti
and grandeur of the'most *
* pcch of a cicut hist > rjr
r-'git of ATZTCI nnil his b-tau-
m Qui't-ii E in T
15d'i' > * IS the Slilo C. U
Queen E-stler M : > s Zall.i Nei' , ot St.
Ilwor Maggie Joyle , Lilly It
Whitehorn. Oma
i , the Jew Inme ? F. Jerome , bia :
T/eOmah. Uer.ild. thiM
Jpwi h Ala Urni7.zie ( CsMerwood , tire vrar
Mittie Millard ' , JI&yH. Meany , Mrs. John tha ire
tforrell. sale
Prophetess Mrs. Geo. Hawver. Fire
Hegai R. R Frauce. In
Priest-si MIM Mattie Ke.-nedy. tnv ;
Pr phet E. Wbitel.om.
High Pi teat Robert A. Armitage.
Queen's Pases.
King Ahnsuerns Theo. L. Rinjrwalt.
miH ! , the I'rince J. Wesley Wilkins.
Zererb , Human's wife .Mrs. Geo. Van )
Zeresh's Attendants Mrs. B. 1) . Bel-
. Etta Bonner , Mumte Ambrose , Car- t
Van Bnren.
King's Scribe Will J. Stevens. - wi
Harbonah Dr. F. S. Lewis. W
Herald-T. J. Pennell.
Guard C. M. Meed , Prank Hills.
Piano and organ accompaniments ,
and between acts/seleouons by tbe di
rector of the aocit-ty , Mr. G < ; o. F.
Mayer , atd the pianist , Paul Heln-
To morrow afternoon at 4:30 : o'clock
Prof Seage'r will organize thu semi-
" " "Persian"
choruses of "Median ,
an' "Jewish" masters and miazes for
the grand Triumphal march.
Parents detiring their children to
learn ] < the beautiful sones belongiup to
this attractive portion of the opera re
invited to send or bring the lifi ! uuua
at 4 o'clock , to Harmonic . .11 oer
Hoape's music store.
fcoriCE Advertisement ? To Loa i , F rta'n ' ,
L 8t Found , Want * , Boardlcg. &c. , will bo in-
ser.ed Iu tuoje co unvis ouce for TEN Ct.NTs J
per line ; each subsequent Insertion , FIVE K T-i ,
per ll-io The first Insertion never ka U.ui ,
dujri * /it/V ( i * LOAN At3 percent int < " -
500UUU ut , n duino of 22000 and up j
wards for 1 to 5 years' tlmo oil first dans improv
ed city and farm property. Apply at BEMIS
Real Kstato and Loan At'ency , 15th and DouetlS
.to 278-eodtf
'OKEY IO MAN Call Bt law CS.ce
M ' . > . I. i TIQUA8 , Rtm f : Cral htor Bioei
- KV TIiOAH 1W Fanihwn
Dr. MvirdPLOAt ; Ar scy , uoT-
TT ANr A kitchen cirl , at the Emmett
W Hc u e 317-21
ANTED A K'I ! fur general housework.
W Applv kt 1418 IWjo St. 319-19
Tab'e ' b ard within ton min tcs
WANTED of B. & M. Hea < lqui t s. AdJriss
0. n. caie uf i > ; st4l earner NJ . 339 17
A TED A yiunj German to Und bar at
W the American tl ouse. 340-tI
A trnol RDjILshanl Gtrninn cor
respondent , must bea first-claw tenmm
Address with references W. H. , Beeiffice 311-tf
"TT7"NTEO A ( food cln for general hcuw-
YY worff. App.y at2iil)9i.aliloinl ) ? t.
"ITTANlED By. eeiitknun and wife , room
YY aml board in a private family. Address
with teims and location E.G. , thsofHc3
WANTED- woman CO' k , at Mrs. Me
Coy oa Pupplclou St. , bet 20th an 1 ZJd.
-r Thoroigy c raM ia g r } . at
W Farnham a. . Gooi wjic.s. SJ3-1 !
\ D Asood girl for general houae-
WAN ! . , must be a K'-'ol cook and vainer
and Iroti' ' r Apply eoutheott corner 24thTand
California SIB. _ 315- < |
" \TTA-.TfiD An experienced Uut.her w .m :
\ V to Rt-irt a meat roaiketi n some small weat
em 'own , when : there is none , or where one M
ne da ; would UVe a relinMe pwtnor. Adilre i
E . K. Wetib , Jackson , D.knU Co Neh. 00-tf
A KOIH ! h'-iNe-keen r , 1 109 Far n
ham slree' , Utiir | ) 32-tf
t'Jrt gertT-HOUaES AHD LAMP.
OR RE T Finn shed rooms , cont-al 1
E tlon , 3.0-19
niOU KK T A ni cly fU'nMieii front room
Jj for eentlem < n , centrally l ra < < ) . Inquire
at HIE Howard tttwccn 14th and 15'h St : .
With board , suitabl f > r i.en.Icman an i
lady , 15th and californ a bticcts , ( white hoas . )
EOR ourEVT , Hrely furnished Iron room
our sido. at 1310 Davenport Srt. l 5-tf
FOR RF.NT f "ewhouse , eittht rooms , hard
and BO ft water , on 23d ami Ca&s Sta En-
qui-e 307 12th St. 128-tf
OOK RKNT A furnishwl , gi.uth lent room.
P Inqnlra at No 1612 l-'arnliam St. > 8t-tt
1/Ott RU.VT 2 lurnuhed rooma ovet Mer-
i1 chant * Kxchance , N. E. Cor. 16th td
Oolite rtreets.
ovtr HEMIS' new column of bargains on let
"ITI > R SALE 3lno resilience lot 100x200 feet
J ; only i wiu ica S. W. of cr.urt . housa , loea
lion sightly. John L. JlcCagne , opposite F'Ost
office , 213 codtf
TJIOR SALE F xtuns , scales , * i , her e and
I ? delivery agi n tur DutcliC' shop. Bath A
Whl o , i puosiie the Postjffice , Bes 1 > catlon
for meat rairxtt. 342-9
FOR PALE Mars of "ouths andSarpy
ctui.tics A. KO EW.iTER , 152i ) nrn
m Street. 320-f
FORS\LE Fir t c'ass T n rry inclurtinv lot
and building with nil molern tmprnr"
mnts. Inqureat P.ilenoii's bkck > m tn shop
on Cumins sieet , bctacen "Ctli aad ' ' . et ( li'-4t
FOR SALK Housi.ind li't at * 12JO.OJ. .10HS
L. McCAGUH , Opp. Piisti'ffice. tlQ-tt
TTfU SvLE Scve. ) eocd business lots on
J- Far .ham siroet. JO'irf r. . KcCAOl E.
fotf Orpopi'e ' ' trffice.
SALE Lease and furniture cl a first-
Full lio'cl in a town o ! 1300 inimlnlnnf. in
tate of Ko > rasl-a. Has24 ed * . the travelling
men's resort Inqnlrpat Heeofflcc 2la-lt"
Kareuins in Hoa > .8 , Lots , Rtrma and
Lan-Js , in Mi new column on l. t
FOIiS&I.K-A BARGAIN A bulldlne with
Ha'oon nxturea. furniture anil irock , nn 10th
. , opx ) iUthe \ . P depot , forsile very cl rap.
the fliturei./urnllurc and stock will bo eold
ami building rented. Inquire of Ku. K KIS-
MAN. 79f
F n ALE -T u close carrtaRcs , at A. J.
Siimmnn's. 911-tf
LOiS , b'AKMS , UOUt-E-s ANO LANDS Look w
over UKHli new -.ol'jmn of bar a.ns oil 1st tr
Paje. ,
L''ST 3300 rewaia , on rnaiy cienlrg , Feb.
4th , a led leather la lea' p'irso , c numlng
50 ii to.d , Si.tue silver change , two r-celptg ,
. I'le.tso Ka > e at ihu olfi > . .ef C. ? . Dri-coll ,
at the.offi.'ocf tbli paper. 336-17
ihsolutelj Pure ,
ii. Irom Grape Orenin Tarur. No ctlitr
iration makes such lljht , flaky hot tueiuir , Sc
llu jrioupnstr > . Can be fevtca by < lr pe | tie * Scmi
rlthout frar of tlip ills resulting from lie -n- mi
lij-oliMe fn. > .i.
! ml'in 3ns v A ) ( * tn&.i : ho
HOTAI , "AKIO PoyrDRR Co. . Sew York. nn
AUDITOR'S Omcit , >
Mxo-L" , Feoinxryltt , 831. J
Is hereby seitified that JI R. Bbdon , of re
taaha , in the Co miy of Ooni.1 n , BUte of Ne- my
Tka , ia herfbyduj auhcrlzd to tr > n ac
i 'ijlnes ? of ire Insurance f .r th current 3nd
m s.'d Conntv , g A et cf t'-e ' Westcliesttr
InsuranceComranr , of t-ew Horhelli , In ne
slaw of New York. sul.Jsct to .ill tbe re
lictions and I mi'-itlnns o the law rtj i atin-
Insurance Companies fn thin Sate.
laTes'lmony Wher .f , I have hercnnto set
iand and th- seal cf te Auditor f Public
c-nnt , thed y and vrar l > ofe trrltten.
Auditor of Public Accounts.
In Charge of Insurance Department.
val Steel Tootli Harrow
Manufactured by
QBOO1 t SXB31SQS , Pcndu Lot , Wit
Write for pilcw Ajent , Omaha , Keb.
For Sale.
1,000,000 Acres
of Beautiful Rich
Located in all the Counties of
Many of these lands are
more or less improved and
can be had at wild land
prices i , are located in the
midst of splendid settle
ments , conven ent to Rail
roads , Growing Towns ,
Schools , Ohn ches , &e. ,
while scarcely a quarter
section can be found with
out spring or running
stream of clear wa'er , on
some part of it
We offer these lands
generally on long time and
easy terms , with low rates
of mtt-rest , or a liberal dis
count for cash.
Prices range from ' $2 to
$10 per acre , while we can
sell many fine tracts far
below their market value.
We Offer Over
30,000 ADRES ,
Located from 4 to 15 miles
from Omaha , at from $6 to
$10 per acre , on from 1 to
10 years time.
we offer great bargains on large
tracts , some of wnich run as
low as $3 per acre.
In CEDAR and other Coun
ties , lauds suitable for colony
om $2 50 co $3.50 per acre.
I OMAHA CITY property
we offer Cheap Bouses and
Lots , Houses and Leased
Ground , B'eganfc ' Residences ,
Spier- did Lots in nil pa ts of the
City and Additions , Business H
and Residence Property , timall
trac s ot from 1 to 5. J 0 and 20
acres , for Sa e , Lease and Ex
change. We also have for
sale- .
Improved Farms
ways be found in our office.
Lands will be.shown purchasers
free of charge , by
Some with moierat improve
ments , others with Jarye fine
douses , good outbuildings ,
mostly cultivated , and located
all parts of Doug as ana the
Dther : couties named , and all on
mostliber l terms.
Persons ] wi hirjg to buy , sell ,
rent i , lease , exchange or convey
kind of Real Estate will
us prepared for activebusi-
less at all times.
Boggs & Hill , . DI
1408 Korth Side of Faro. St , ,
Opp. Grand Cent-al Eotel , Off
Omaha ,
- * * * -j i , i i i
Immense Stock for
Hue C
Men's Suits ,
Boys' Suits
Children's Suits.
[ For Men ,
Boys , and
Oh ldren.
Under-Wcar , Hats 2nd Caps ,
Trunks aud Yaliscs , at
Prices to Suit All.
Farnham Street , Near Fourteenth
The largest and ban nssortmrnt of
Trunks and Valises in the West. Telescopic Cases
and Sample Trunks a-Specialty.
H. H. MARHOFF , - - - PnOP.
117 14'th.sr. . : r. Iroors iV nh fr s * > i cl > Sf-
L-.rgi st FstabUghtd
cfrifrerMo- ' Room ] D. B. BEEMER , at Omaha . ia
We t of Ch'-ngo 1371.
2-nd Wholesale Dealer in Foreign acd Domestic Fruit.
Jobber of flam . . ? , . Bacon , Lard. Fatter , ( r f , Poultry. Cma and C untry Prodoca Generally.
. . ,
hur.h.M.i " .tut for nil k nd f G cd ana lercta . uie i.ot kept m s'ock l.m ell
the g line bei e ce'ccted w tl rare , /ind r.ille I ar. cunei.t Market rates.
General Western Agent for BOO H'S OVAL BiAND OISTEES ,
ard Whcil sale Di'a'er ' in
Fresh , Lake , River and Salt Water Fish.
And Wholesale Dealers in CIGARS and CONFECTIONERY. During the
FalUnd Winter wewiUhmdle COUNSELMBN'S FRESB OYSTERSwhich
are now the beet In the market. A lirge assortment of CANDY aud SUGAR.
TOYS for the Holiday tr = de.
GATZ & FREEMAN , 510 Ilth St. , Omaha.
Dealer in Hardware ,
and Tinware.
Stove Repairer Job WorKcrand
, Jlanufactnrer of a
Kinds of Cans.
Tenth and Jncksnn Streets.
Tow ceo , 25 cents per pound upwards.
Pipes from 2o cents per dozen upwards.
Cigars irmn lii.OO per 1000 upwards.
: YER & co. ,
Fishing Tackle , Base Balls and a lull lineol
Send "for Price Liflt ,
MAX MEYER & CO. , Oinalia ,
Iron and Wagon Stock ,
the Beat Assortment of
in the West.
Af Chicago Pi ices.
120 ! ) & 1211
o Harney Street , Omaha.
ian ictnrer ota'I kinda of
Summer Bologna ( Cervelat Wurat ) a
Soeoiatiy. Orders promotly flUe J-
1714 Burt St. , Omaha Neb. de23-t *
Ear and Throat.
Ice Over KennarO'sT Drug Store
Corner of 14ta and Douglas stn.
| Successors to J. H. THJELB ,
No. 1220 Douglas Street ,
QTV/T A i = r A

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