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No 1 tAt on llnrncy f troct , near new court
houio. f2.VX ) . I
Xo 2 f.ot on OARS street imir 22J , $2WX1.
No 3 IM on C.iUoniu Btroot near 21 , J1COO.
No 6 Lot on JUrcy strott near U. P. depot ,
No 0 i litock in Slilnn'a 3d ndilUlon nc'nrOon
nit , 8StO
. Xo 8 Two lots en Dccntur near Cnimvlji.il St. ,
Xo 10-8 lots on CoUax direct near Ilanecom
P.ark , nt ranomhlo prices.
1CKJ choice rcgltlcncu lot * in Credit Konclcr ami
nramllov ntltlltloiii a short itlt.tnnru sonllicait of
U. P. anJ II js M. depots , prices Iroin § 100 up-
13 loti on SIM , 22i13J nnil Svinders troet > ,
north of n-ul aOjolnin I' . V. Smith'midditlon ,
J100J terms ray
No CD Kill I corner lot on Douglis street nc. r
10th , ? XM.
No 70 ronierCO\110 feet lot on DouglM no.tr
near llth street , f.noo.
Xo. 71 llirco loUlu Ol c's addition ncr aun
ilcn utrcet , $10UO
7S Ixit on Uccatur street , near Ircno ShlnnV
&J addition 9115.
Xo. 75 82M10 feet on Pacific street near U. P
Mid n. & M. depots , S.100J.
Xo. 70 Splendid warehouse lot 77x132 feet Dtl
Btruit ncnr Jones , # 3500.
* > , Xo 73 a loti on llamay street ncirlBthS2000
No 81 Lot In Ulau's addition near SatinJurF
8'rcet , S500.
Xo. 82 latin discs' addition near Satindcn
ttroct , (300.
No S32 lots on 10th near Paclflc and Null
w-rks , 81500.
No SOLot on Charles ( struct near SaiinJcJs ,
fWX ) .
NoS7 Lot on Lcnvcnworth near IBth , $1,100.
Xo 83 I-ot on LXUJwoll btrcct near Sauudcre
Xo 83 Lot on Chlcafoncar22d8trcitlfiOO. !
Xo 00 Lot on Blonde near Cunipbell btrutt
31 lota in Millrmli & Caldwoll'a addition , Sher
man avenue , ICth street , Sprln ? , Sintoa"i and
Florence -streets , 5700 and tipuard .
Xo 122 2 lota on Ibtli ttrcct , near I'opplctonV
now retldcnco , SICOf ) .
Xr 123 Lot 71x310 feet on Sherman aicnuc ,
10th fitreet , 61100
Xo 121 8 loti on Rcllctuo ttrcct , near ehot
tower , SM to 875'cncli
Xo 125 Full block on Clinton street ,
eliat toucr , 300 to "a uat.h.
Xo 1M ! Lot on 18th street , no 5 white leail
orlis , $325
XoiaO ( lot ? near now ( ? o\crnmuiit corral , S2J *
x27J ! acres each. $300. L
Xo 101 Lot In Cl ! c's addition on Cameron St i
near Baiindnr , make an otfcr.
Xo. lliO- lot in OUc'fl addition on
near State , mike an oiler.
Xo 1G2 Lot iiiGise'saddltlon on Causing licit ;
Saumleri , make an offer. - "
Xo 1C3 1 block In llojd's aliiillon additlor
near Omalii liirracks , make mi offer.
XolOl 71'tUln Henry & Shcltoii's additloi
near liLjh school , price from312JOup\rard.
170 Lot on 1'acillc street , near 16th , make ai ,
Xo 171 2 lots on Wcbstor street , near 21it
both $ JM or $2000 for corner and $1800 for in
do. .
Xo 173 J lot on Cassncar 14th street , $1000 I
t < -Nol7/t 105 on _ 8nerm.vi avenue Will street
noarlzard , 44 > E182J"$1400. .
Xo 177 3 loti in Grandvicw. make an offer.
Xo ISO Lot in Shnm's addition on Tier St.
car end street car track , * < 525.
Xo 1S1 Two lots in Xolson's addition , 1 01
aaho Btrect , I on Center struct , near Cumin/ ,
(300 each.
' Xo 133 Two t'Ht ede : Iota on Cass street ncai
21st. on acorncr.iGOOO.
Xo 185 Lot on Svward street , uear Saunders.
make an offer.
Xo ISO 3 lots on Seward street , near Irene ,
auko an offer
Xo ISli ) , lot on Davenport near 25th , 8300.
Xo 187 * , lot on Division near Cimilnirtit , f200.
Xo 183 } , block In Uoyd's udditlon.ncar Omah.t
barracks , $400.
XolSQJ , * } lot < in Pierce near flth Btrcct , $550.
Xo 19 ! ' ) , 4 lot on lltli near 1'arnhain , $2100
Xo 11)1 ) i-beautiful lots in Shinn's addition ,
No 192) ) , 2 lots on ISth street near white lead
works , 11U50. K
Xo IDJj , lot on 20th street near Sherman , ? 40fj ( )
Xo 1914 , 2 lot * on 22d btreet , near I Uric , $ < XW.p
Xo lOJj , ; ) beautiful lota on fcaunders kt. ncurj
street ear turn tnhlu , ' 1275.
Xo 11MJ , lot on 15th near Plcjco st. SMI ) .
Xo 201 Lot in Qiao's addition on Cameion St. ,
near Sauudenf , i5lH > .
Xo 02 Lot on Cameron street nearSanndera
, Xo i03 ! Lot in Shlnn's addition on Saundcrt
etrett , nair street ear turn table , ttSUl.
Xo 2IU iieautlful lot in XcUon's addition , 01
Uiiislon etnct near Cumin ; , ' , $ s50.
Xo. 2UJ Two lots on CabtUUr street , ncarlOtl.
eir.o.Xo 200 Two lota on Sixtcentli Btreet , near tin
nail works , $1500.
Xo2S ( ) One-half lot on California Btrcct ucui
t , 700.
XoIDD Lot on ISth street near Xlchohs , $ OCO
No 210 Lot on Capitol a\cnuo near & ! ( l,91iUO.Jb
Xa 213 I/it 14SxWO feet on Colfax street , nearjj
Ilaiueom Park , \\itb Improtements , V-7VO. Ft
Xo 213 1'wo acres on Cuminif street , 1000.
Xo 210 One-lull aero on California , near Ken
m. oedy street , $350. .
Xo 210 IIiiAiitlful lot on Hamilton street ncai
Btrcct ear turn tatilc , ilUOO.
Xo 217 Ixit on 23d street , near Clark. $500.
A few acre lots only rcnulii unsold In " 1'ark
laco" little west of Crelshton Collegt , prices
uiriiiB f 10111 ? 275to # 300 each and on easy tenns
Lots In llorbae-n's 1st and 2d additions ; ale ]
otn In I'arkcrVSlilnn's ; Nelson' * , Terrace's , K ,
. Hmith's. Uedlck'd , and all the other addition !
any price and at any terms.
Ten acres In the city limits on the road to tin
arracks at 2-J76 per acre.
Four beautiful residence lots In front ol
Creljjhton College ; will cut them up tci wilt.
Xinii resMcnc-u lift north of Crcln-liton Collcx <
round < , from < fiM ( toSlwoo cacti.
Thirty retldont lots In Parker H addition , cix
bloeks north of the end of the Btrces car track :
on Sanndersstreet , tfJOOeaeii,810down , balance :
suit , at S pur tent IntcrcH.
A few lots left in Terrace addition on the roau | _
o tliu I'ark , near head of bt. JHiy's enues7t'0p
oath. To these wlip willbnilda tfl'JOU renldonce.jt
T\earjtimoat8i ] r cent Intcrt . jfl
toU in toko's addition it W.'iflto $ sSO each , K'V '
jcarathuu avO percent Intercut , to thoio who ?
build. , S
'HioolilTou8loy4n-acro tract with hotisoaml
all improvement1 ! , adjoining race course and fair
grounds' lorSswO.
Trui'tsof 6,111,15,20,40 orSOacrci , wlliibuil
din/ . ) and other Implements and adjoinln , ' tin
city , at all prices. -
3500 of the best residence loti in the city ol
Omaha any location ) o desire north , east ,
south or west , and at bed rock pikes.
250choicehuatnos lots in all the principal bua ,
utrixU 111 Omaha , MOlu ' Horn 500 to
T\ro liunihcd honscM anil loU rnn ln from1
600 to $15U'JO ' , and located In e > cry part of th
Lar e number of excellent armn In Douglas ,
Barpy , Saundcru , Dod u , WosliliiL'ton. Hurt , and
otlier food tountli'S In eastern Xeliraalca.
12WO acrua bo t Iwidi In Douglas , 7000 acre *
bent lauds In Sarpy oiunty , and lar o tracts in
til the ca tern tier of coiniiioN.
Over lliJO,000 acres of the beit land In the Xe
ra ka for sale by thia agency ,
Yen largo aniounti of biiburban property In
ono to ten , twenty uiul f ) rty acre piece * , located
within ono tu three , four or llto miles of the
ontotllco--somo > cry cheap pieces. .
Now Maps of Omahi. published by George I'
Ileinli plain , unmounted uiajH (0 cents each ;
mounted , colored and with cloth back , fl.MJ
llouwiitores , hntiln , farms , Iotal amU otllccu
rooms , etc. , to rent or Iwiio ,
Taxes p-iU , rents collected , ilecdi , mort a'j . ,
tnd all kinds of real estate documents made out
on short notice.
fl Eeal Estate Exchange ] ,
i 15th and Douglas Street ,
OMAHA , - - .
jOver the Untimely End
of James Abram
- *
The Heart of' ' the Ration
Bowed Down with
. 'Grit *
A. Picture of Universal Sorrow
that History Canaot
The President Passes Peace
fully Away at 10:35 : P. M.
His Death Unexpected by HisJ
Immediate Friends ,
But the Members of His Household - ]
hold Present at the
Final Moment.
Unconscious for Some Time
Before His Dissolution ,
3o Dies Without Uttering a
Single Syllable. *
riio Feeling Manifested Over the
EvoiitinAll I'artsoftlio
The sad death of .Tunics A. Garfield
was announced nt precisely 10:35 : lasi
evening. To the many it was not
vcntiroly unexpected or unthought of ,
but to the immediate friends and nt-
| t
tend ants of the departed and dooplyS
lamented president it VR * a Bore Bur-j
prise , inasmuch H8v&ffjbfvfil.ttfo3 ! ; |
indications in his ca&o were favorable !
to a continued existence of at least two ]
or three daya. Upon the receipt ofl
the appalling intelligence in this city j
the bolls began to sound , and each toll !
made straight its mission of sorrow tel
jevery heart. Though remorse may be | '
[ ours at the loss of so honorable a citi-fj
/.en and so wet thy a president , it is a5
t E
'consolation ' to know that ho has left a |
* "
jbed of pain and suffering for ono of
blias and lusting contentment.
National Associated 1'ret-H.
AT ( ! : . ' { 0 r. si.
Loxo HUAXCII , Sept. 1 ! ) . Col.
[ Rockwell c.tmo from the president's
ibcdside'at G'tfO p. in. and said : "The
president's case is not boneless and
'no ' ono'of those who are about his bed-
dido have Btiid that it was. Now , 1
| I mean just what I say. Thcro are
two kinds of coses about which the
term 'not hopeless" is used. When it
is used in relation to on'e kind ,
of the absolute certainty of which
there can bo no doubt , the expression
means simply a hope against fato.
I'n the other kind the result remains
absolutely uncertain , and the oxpros
lion not hopeless mc.uisthat there are
reasonable grounds for hope that a' '
turn for the butter may yet como.
This case at present is ono of the lat
ter , and when 1 say that hia case is ]
not hopeless I mean that there are
ictnally existing chancesfor recovery. "
Loxo UUAXCII , September 10. The
president is sinking faat now. All
cho silrgeons and attendants are mini-
10:58 : r. M. iiui.u'.Ti.v.
The pnnidont is dead.
Gen. Arthur hin been telegraphed
; o como nt oncu. iSuorotarieci Jilaine
mil Lincoln have been tologr.iplimljl1 , .
MI route. The guards huvo been ox {
; ondud , and nil P.ISBUS have been du-Ji
ilarcd void ; access to the Francllynlj
{ rounds are entirely cut off , and , un-l
ler order from the war department ,
: ho telegraph wires to Klboron havi
iron taken possuaston of by the gov
icarcoly any ono believed it , as there
, VUM nothing that led to the belief thut
Icuth would be no smldon , Somu
loins of moro piiditivo notice than
wen that of this morning had boot
ixpcctcd , From the boat early infer
nation , however , it la bulinvod that
ho president's family had been fully
.varnod. Every niombor of it who
vaa in the cottage at the time , was
ireuont fully ten minutes before
leatli came. Sources of infonnution
Yore , however , quickly cut oil' , and
.ho few who knew the details were
not in a condition to give the information
mation at the moment , and access to
the cottage was afterwards quickly ,
utd peremptorily cut oil" .
DKATit ocrimiiKu AT 10:35 : ,
ami the first announcement of it was
inado at Elboron nt 10OM : by Sir.
Warren Young. Then thu announce-
niont only followed by a very few mo
menta the rumor that the president
ivius sinking rapidly th.it death hud
droady taken place. When the ru
mor of the new trouble was flint
heard hia condition had been such
that thu cottngo had been closed and
most of the newspaper men had gene
to thu we-st end , and some of them
> vcre already in bed , with the cxpocta- )
tion of a hard < lny to-morrow , to bo-j
uin in the morning , and oven Dri
lltimillonvr.s of the opinion thut
Jcatli was not imminent ; ho wnn noi >
within eidl and not present when thcj
death occiirrod. The newspaper niotit
who were present started to get tin- '
letails , only to find that the
! iad been extended such a distance
thu cottage that the line eoul < l _
I HI ajiproached or ] ussed , lhatj
Ciipt. Ingidls in command had roceivedj
[ ) ositivo orders that all parses i. suedi
up to that hour had been declared
void , to use tlio moat trustworthy 01
"first infoinmtion came from thu usual
"source. i
\t ihis'h.iur , 11:30 : p. m. , Attor
ney General MaoVeiigh assembled all
the members of the press togotlioi
ind gave the following ollicial state
mcnt of ( he prchident's death :
At 10 o'clock ho telegraphed to
Minister Lowell shottly before that.
At that time Dr. Bliss had seen the
president and found him to be com
fortable , with his pulse at 100 and
the conditions promising a quiet and
comfortable night. Dr. lilm asked
the president if he felt any uneasi
ness , discomfort or pain , and the
president answered . 'Not nt all. '
Soon after this the president
ml then Dr. Uliss retired to Inn
room across the hall. I Goncr.U :
Swiiim and Colonel Rockwell.
after the retirement of Dr. Bliss
remained with the president abouts
lifteen minutes. After 10 o'clock the !
president awakened , mid he said ii > [
IMr. S\\niiu that ho was buH'ering aj
Lreat pain , placiiu , ' his hand over the |
itKoiox or ins IIKAUT.
Dr. BJies was c.illed from his room
icross the hall.Vhon \ ho entered hi
found the president unconscious , bub
atantially without any pulse and wit
the action of the heart almost indis
tinct. Dr. Bliss said at once : "Thi
president ia dyinc. " He then inimo
diatcly directed Gen. Swaim to scnd
for jNIrs. Garfield , who was in another
part of the house , and for Drs. Agneu
laud Hamilton , who were in the
Lipnrtmonts at Elboron , and for Dr.
Boynton. . 'hoy all repaired to the
president remained in a dying condition - (
tion until 10:35 : o'clock , when !
life was pronounced extinct. !
The president said nothing after ]
his utterance to Swaim. Hoi
died of some heart trouble. The sur-I
< ; eons say the trouble was probably !
ucauralgia of the heart , but of course |
'that ' is as yet uncertain , I at once
.notified the vice president of thel
'president's death. 1 also cabled the !
announcement to Minister Lowell asl
jwell as I could. Also attempted tohayej
t.ho announcement reach Secretaries
iBlainu and Lincoln , who were at tlmtC
jtimo on their way hither on the train !
from Boston. Other members af the !
cabjni't Aero at their respective dc-
p.iitments at West End and were alj
once summoned. They are heru no jj
and A > C are all together in consulta-3
tion. The result of the conaultuiionF
will bo given out as soon as it is at- |
taincd. All relatives and near friendsj
have 'been ' Hunt the news.
Attorney 'General MacYeagh liasj
just sent the following :
"To Vice President Arthur ; Tt becomes - !
comes our pajnful dlity to inform you ]
'if the death of President 'Garliold , I
ind to advise you to take the oath ofS
jflice as president of the United StateaJ
without delay , if it concurs with your
judgment. We will bo very glad ifl
ou will como here on the earlicatf
train to-morrow morning.
Signed ) Wsi. WINDOM ,
Secretary of the Tre.'isury.
WM. H. HuNr ,
Secretary of rho Navy.
Tnos. L. JAMES ,
1'o.stmiistur General.
W. MAoViunii ,
Aitoiney General.
. S. .7. ICiiticwooi ) ,
Secretary of the Intei ior.
It in Raid that the wliolo family
lad known of the crisis in time to
he president while he was still c-
ioiiBcioua , or appeared so , althoughjj
t was not known that ho had apokeu
> r oven recognized any ono. jNIrto
jnriield , Slisi Jfolliu Gatliuld , Col.p
tockwell , Gen. Sw.iim and Dr .
ind Agnuw were present during the !
intiru lime , hut none of them left tht |
louse immiidiatuly afterwards and theV
inly ono to enter was Dr. Ilaniilton.f .
.t is undurstood that for a long timi-l
1 1m ? been Mis. Garfiold'H wish that
t the criaia finally anne the faniilyll1-
hould Jiavo all possible privacy antlfc' ' ' ' .
hat the information to the public ] )
ihould not extend to dotaila , but bd
Considered UH private and sacred.
LOKO UitAXC-ii , Seploinbor 10.- 1 ;
L'lio II rot mc aago of uympathy received ]
/an from General Arthur , who heard !
t before ho was advised to take the |
atli of ollico , or had received any !
lotificalion of thu desire of the oabi-f
Ho w the Shook v/sa Pelt.
rational A wclatsJ i'rcii
ALIIANV , N. Y. , Sent.Tho [
rorn tolled by order of Aluyor Nolan
nd the public building are boini.
Iraped in mourning on thu Hnnounco-v
nent of the president's death , 1L
AT 110STOX. if
-IJOOTON , Sept. 19. The news ol ]
ho prt'sident'a death was received nil
1:20 : p , m. and at 11:30 : the fire alarm !
bolls struck the first pcnl , while "yol
hundreds of persons from placet of
.vmuaemont were on their way home.
In nn instant every pcdostmn halted ,
.UK ! when succeeding blows on the
bolls nt intervals of n inimilo con-
tinned the dreaded suspicion those
on the Htrcots hurried to the nowapa
per ofliccs to obtain pni ticulars mid
oonllrm the nad news the hiinuto UK
bells of the tire alarm sounded. Foi
liulf nn hour the crowd tilled ( lie
cots in front ( if the newspapci
oil Ices and telegraph 'liradqiiiirturs.
All the thontora announced no pur-
foimiuicca to-night. <
AT OSWItdO , Nf \ .
OswKdt ) , N. Y. , .fe'pjit 10. The
.ie ' .s of President GnrfKilii du.ilh w.\r
received hero at lli.lOjfSiiil in r few
110111011(1 ( the city hall ijjljl commenced
'oiling ' , thus givrhg notion U the citi-
ions that their worst fitus wore eon-
„ CiK\T.i.AXl > , Sept. J llS ) ! The news ( ) . ,
, Ulio prcsidont'R dpathytuiii rocoivecl
* , it 11 o'elock anil created fjivatoxcito -
nient , although it was objected , Tin
Cathedral bell was tolled , lullinyod l' ) >
ither churches. A special mooting ol
: ho city council tso.illoil for to-inomiu
Jinorninj , ' , when HuitaWl- resolution ! '
' " bo passed. All thu public build
in . * * NAT
are mourning. ,
, Boptombtf 18. The
'noun ' of the death of President Gar-
tield , ultluniili not unexpected , cro
Lited n profound sensalion hcio to-
uiuht. The tire bells ' \\ere tolled ,
vhicli brought thouKunda to the news-
: iaper ollicus to receive the latest in-
| tolligenco. Gov. Ported and Jlayor
Grubbs united in a call for a public
meeting nt the grand oper.i house
to-moriow at 2 o'elock p. m. Messrs.
Brooks and Dickson huvo announced
that their theatres will be closed until
iftor the funeral'and Demiuui Tliomp. '
son , who is playing at''llio ' English !
oper.t house , unnoimced that initlur no !
liircumstauces will he ppcar again' '
until after the obsequies' !
PKOIIIA , 111. , Sopt.ii > . The news
t > l the president's ' doatlijWas received
ivith the tolling of tells , and great
: rowds of pcoplo are upKJnthu '
jxpressi.ng Borrow.J *
CITV , Sept. i | ) . The news } !
of the president was received at 10:15 |
) . m. 1'laccs of publ ! | meeting ml-
ournod when the bol ] comineiiccd
oiling , this being recognized as thej.
ignalof a national calamity. Tliomuyorji
iasued a proclamation'juS'dering a dis-f
play of the usual signs of moiinnn '
on public buildings , and calling
meeting of the citizoiij nt noon to
morrow. . < i
AT oixoixxiti.
OINWXXATI , Soptcinlur 1 ! . The
death of the presidentwas announced
4t 10:30 : "p. in' , creatiL. : ; n profound
dismissed with the announcement of
the death , and the tolling of bell
carried the sad news to the people.
Doath-liko silence prevailed ] and
the crowds on the streets convened ,
almost in whispers.
The nrnvs of the president's death ,
though not unexpected , produced n
profound sensation , followed by
anxious inquiries nt newspaper undO ;
telegraph ollicos as to the trutli of the
ropoit. As soon as the news was con
firmed the bolls tolled , the noise of
the streets ceased , nnd the city is filled
with mourning.
LOI-ISVIU.K , Ky. , Sept. 1 ! ) . The
news of the president's death caused ]
much excitement. Theatres closed ,
crowds surrounded the newspaper aw'
telegraph oftiees , nnd all the city hells
were tolled.
DAYTOX , O. , Sept. 11) ) . Tlio announcement -
nouncement of the president's death
created u profound sensation in this
city. Bells were tolled.
RICHMOND , Va. , Sept. 19. - Bolls
throughout tlio city commenced toll
ing on the news being received of the
president's death. Melancholy crowds
were waiting in front of newspaper
ind telegraph olllccs , eagerly scanning -
ning the bulletins. Every man feels
w though it were a domestic uflliction
ind there is an undercurrent of feel
ing that would bo dangerous to the
Assassin if ho were in reacli.
HoniKHTin : , N. Y. , Sept. 20. The
lowa of the president's death was
received at 1L o'clock. The belli ,
ivero tolled and telegraph and IIUWH-
japer o/licea / were beseiged. Great
ixcitument prevails and sincere sor- !
ow is expressed. 1'ublio buildings' '
ivill bo draped in mourning.
AT rol.UJlliUS , OHIO.
COI.UMIIUH , OHe | > toraber 1 ! ) . The
IOWH of the president death spread > Pd
aidly | ) anil a feeling of the duopwt '
; rjof pnivailcdinall classesbells buing
.oiled all over the city. , The roptib-
ican state executive coinmittuo with-
Irow all appointments for this week ,
Joiniiiuitt to-night is of a subdued
.one of sadncsa as if personal bereave-
nent had been still'ured.
LONDON , Sept. l ! ) , Tlio news of the
loath of 1'rcsulcnt Gnrfiold created a
roat excitement , ns well as gieat
yinpathy for MrH. Oarfiold ,
Ciuo.uio , Sept. 19. The bullotii
Lnnonncing the president's death came
vith anpalling suddenness. The oven-
ng bulletin had alleged npprehonsionn
if an imiucdiato and fatal terinina-
ion of the pieeident's utrugglo for
ife , and the had ncnva produces a
rout flhool ; . The Uro alarm bolls
voro tolled , and the city council }
yhicli was in Kc.uion , immediately ad-
ournod until to-morrow at 2 o'clock ,
rhen nrrangcmonts will be made to
end u committee to nttpnd the
unural ,
NKW YOKK , Sept. 19. Trinity a :
hurch bolls began to toll at 11:17 : L
'clock , when IIOWH of the president's '
eath was confirmed. Bells in the
tipper part of the city are also tolling.
Proolnumtinn by Gov. Nnncc.
I.ISTOI.N , NKII. , Sept. 20 , 1 1m. . |
The turrililo tr.iKi'dy which occiirrvil In
the city nf WnOiinitiiii on the I'd of Jul )
at , ulion tlio chief limilitrat ; i of tlic
mlioii licrmnu tlio olijoct nf nil n iruilt nil
uiprnMikuil AUI I duipcr.itu anintiU li.i
innlly ciihiilnMt'd in a nntinanl disaster ,
lee mournful In character t < > bu nimounocii
in tlio ordinary laiixu.ij'o nf ciirmw1. Out
iiinnrrd ami Moved ] itr idiit , .Inmc-i A
urliohl , died at Kong Hrniirli , X , .1 . , nt
100 : ; ! ji. in. vwlcrdny , nftcr iiiatiy wvekMof
uteii'e KUirorin ' . Thu ntniu , bi.-uu
icnrt ! * stilt , mill thu filvniN of la
itiiil nnlcr anil KOH' ( ' h'ovennucnt
.liiiiugliuiil tlin Wtiihl a n linv\Vf | uttli
R riif in tlirfo who fell the
S OH uinl 1 eifininujtit. The in lou'n
j'utauiity luluo" Kirioiv tu every home-
film > i in Velum a anil n\\.a1 < ! im the ten
ilovst ftc liin' ol Fyinjiathy fur the nf-
illic oil cr.iniii "I n iv /MtliaifcM clulilrrn
Jut lliu Into p'lsidcut. 'I'lic-o dilution * of
5ief ! nuil it\nitltiy | will tiud m pr < '
< iv { r > s ! oim lit evoiy city , vll
nir.il linmc.
In hutmmy Uiciouilh ( l it c
'hit on tliu ( by K < > ifiart fur tiio Ittit
i > ( ] ' > , nil pulillo ( illlici ntn >
ither plac < u ( it liiisitiit-i houtil
> c closed It in rlwi leeon mi'iuli'il
'lint ' ( lit ) ] n p'c ' I'cscmliln illtiinK'i ' nit.
tlin Ktato m their rvDprctivo placet of [
ivorMiip niul vith appropriate irlljjlou" !
evcreiki-K participate in tliu imtion'n liiem--
trial M I vices on that oration its ( nrtlii.'iS
iiiinifcNtntiiiu of tliu sorrow thnt Is lelt b > {
.ill , ni.dnsn mark of rcipocL f r thecv- !
' iltcd cli.iroctcr of our chief innfi { < lr : tif. j
| It N onleruil that tliu national tlj [ b 5
displayed at Imlf.m.-ot nn the cnpttolP
[ building in Lincoln , mid that the Mncrwll
iitntu department * lie draped witheinlilcin"
ot mourning for the period of thirty dayx.
Tn witnt'sa whereof I luvo herctmtn nf-
lived my liaiul , tliiit-L'Olli day of Septet
ber , 1JW1.
] ty thu covcnior ,
( Signed ) Ai.iUNUs NAXCK.
S. J. Ai.uxANiir.n , Secretary of Htoto.
The NOWH iti Omnlin.
The measured tolling of the lire
bell , the sharp notes of which havi-3
.1(1 ( often carried terror to the hearts of ? )
Omaha people , brought with it last
night the lirat dread intimation that
I'rcsidont Oarlield had paused from
time to eternity. The news reached
the city .il half past ! ) nnd scarcely
two minutes elapsed before the lire
bnll was rung. The alarm continued
to bo sounded at regular intervals foi
nearly nn hour. At lirst most people
on the sheet supposed it to he an
iilnrm of fire but they uoro quicklj
disabused of tliis and it wni uatonish-
ing how quickly everybody ro.ich- .
jd the same conclusion. Fet
jomo cause or other there were com-
D.iratively few people upon the stieot ,
but thesii rapidly made their way to1
the Western Union ollico to , if possi
ble , verify the newa. There it was
learned that a mere announcement ,
without particulars , had been received , "
but the reliability of the news could i
bo vouched for. In n few moments
the bells of St. Philonicnn's c.it lied nil
began to toll bolunmly , and some other
rfjursjins < illoivnil in the course of
time. This Bpre-iil" " tlio news ( o thOj
bounds of the city , nnd at 10 o'clock
Lho streets were comfortably filled
with people. A later message soon
verified the first one , if verification
troro necessary. The announcement
ipparently created no excitement , but
the main festations of sorrow were as
universal as they were apparently
lieartfolt. People generally seemed' '
lisinclincd to talk about the matter , !
init there were probably many whoj
thought with the poet , that
"Thu bonstof heraldry , tha pomp of power ,
\nd till thnt beauty , ' all th.it wealth ere -
K'1 ' } ° ' ft
\wnit nlilte the inevitablehntir , p
I'lio paths of iIory lead but to thu ( ; rave.
It wan 11 sad annoiincnment to th
leoplo of Oinahii and in'no city in th
inion was it received with moro heart
'elt sorrow.
The Avougars.
l Ausodatcd I'nuH ,
Niw YOIIK , Sept. 1 ! ) . The "Na
.ion's Avengers , " a secret society , me
.o-night and took action that nil
loon relieve the nation of the trouble
> f supporting Guiteau to trial by jury.
I'lio "Nation's Avengers" have IK
loubt but full justice would bo muled
tut to the assassin if left to the
isual process of law. They unani
notisly resolve that onu of their nuin
> or bo chosen whoso duty shall bo to
lovoto his whole time and energy to
larry into execution their proposet
ilan , and while it is understood thai
ho person selected to murder Guiteau
nil bo unknown to follow members
ixcopt this executive committee.
WA.SIII.NOTOX , ' Sept. 19. The wat
lepaitment has been notified by Gen.
liincoclc thiit ho will at an e.uly day
letil : ! ii special eouit martial to try
iergeant .Mainu for shooting at Clui-
eati. A prominent army ollicor Haiii
o-day that public sentiment with
Inson in his attempt to kill the m-
iiKsin does not ox tend to ollicers of
ho army , who regard his net with
intrust nnd univurtinl condemnation ,
Senator Ingalls , sponking of equal
ivision of the Bon.tto in thu event ol
Icn. Oarlield'ii death nnd ncci'ssion ol
! en. Arthur to the presidency , aaid
o believed the republicans would
intiiuiQ to have control of the com-
litteea , but the democrats would
nve the organization ,
The Gnu Rooolloil.
atlonal As.HUtciI 1'rtss.
AVATKKTOWX , Wia. , iSotombor [ 1 ! ) ,
-A young man namnd Blair met with
singular accident near hero Satur-
ay. While shooting nt noino game
10 gun recoiled with great force , the
utt end striking him across the re-
ion of the heart , causing instant
A MUsiuK "OouUdoutial. "
utlonal Awvoclattil I'riM.
OivriN'NATi , O. , September 10.
ubury Winslow , confidential clcrl : ofi
chafer Forbes , is iiiibning and ac- |
units to the amount of $2,000 itre
lort , Ho speculated with the em
loyeia' money ,
Opera glassed for rout at Whipplo , !
[ oMillen C ° -i corner 15th and
louglas atruotB. Sept , 19 , 2t.
The Brim Monster's Shadow
Again Oloarly Visible to tlio
Eyes of Many ,
It Casts a Dark and Unearthly
Gloom Over the Whole
The Honrts of nil Void 01
Hope nucl Given to Cruel
Since the Issuance of the
Evening Bulletin Garflold
Haa Auothor Attack
yjOf Olrilla aucl Rigor , With an
Accompanying Pulse-Boat
of Prom 112 to 130.
Agnew Considers the Chances
as "Only u Qestiou of
Time. "
ftlnoVoacli Sends Vice President
Arthur n Stntaineut of the
Existing Circumitnuccs-
JMomUy Afternoon l ) ! < pitdn.H. ]
S'ttion.il Associated Press
LONII IJuAxrii , .Sept. 1 ! , 8 a. in.
The president had a very comfortable
light , and the attendants say ho was
iinch easier after the subsidence of
; ho fever following the chill than it
lad been expected. The lights were
.lot once turned up during thu night.
There is a much better feeling around
Fraiu'klyn Cottage than there watt
oven during yesterday morning.
vho spent the la'.ter part of the night
, vith the president , has just conu5
from the cottage. In uimwer to a5
iuestiou by the reporter of the Na-K
tional Associated Press as to how tlu-5
( president was doing , ho answered :
"ho president is all right. "
8lf : >
oN , Sept. 10. Dr. Agnuw ,
, vlio has just come from the Fr.uiek-
lyn cottage , where he has been for
the last twenty minutes , says that the
president. w apparently doing better ,
from no disturbance during1
the night.
8:55 : IIUI.MSTIX uxomri.vi ,
Euii'.uox , Sept. 10. Tt ia this
moment that the president is suflcr
ing from another rigor.
ELUEKOH , Sent. " ! ! ) . The condition
-thdprosiddiit'thiS ttinmiuH contm
ucs unfavorable. Shortly after the
ssue of the evening bulletin ho had a
drill lasting iif teen minutes. The feb
rile rise following , continued untill 12
m. o'clock , during which time the
pulse ranged from 112 to 180. The
sweating that followed was quite pro
"use. The cough , which was trouble
some during the chill , gave but little
annoyance during the rmiinindcr of the
light. This morning at 8 o'clock the
empiiraturo was ! )8.8 ) , pnlso 100 , and
thu respiration was feeble at 22. At
80 : ! another chill came on , on account
of which the dressing was temporarily
postponed. A bulletin will be issued
at 112:30. : ( Signed ) N
Dr. Koynlon said , at ! ll0a. ; ! in. , to
. . reporter ; "Y-bM , the president's
condition was comfortable for nome
time before this rigor came on , but i
looks very bad now. The three rig
urs since Saturday mornini ; have per
ccptibly reduced the president ant
liuve put him down much lower thai
lie was. lie is very low and exhaust
ed. "
' 'Han it at last been reduced to : i
question of but a few liouru ? "
"Not exactly that , but the presi
dent is very low. "
"What ia the hope yet ? "
"There is no fact in the case now
except the man's ' wonderful constitu
tion. "
"Is that all ! "
"That is all. Most men in his !
case would have been dead long a < ro. ' ' |
said at 8:15 : o'clock the night had been1
diiuh and the conditions then weie
inch that a favorable bulletin wus ox-
meted. Thu ux.tinination and diesa-Vj
ng waH undertaken and a favor.ibkyj
bulletin w.'n issued. At 0ir ; a. m.t
ir in thu courho of the construction ,
trhen thu rigor made itu iipieanuno | ,
.lie bulletin wan then destroyed a
.void sent out that thu pirticulara
.ho tiger would bu given in an ollici.tln
julletin. Thu rigor in EOIIIU rcspectHnl
was like that of last evening , und
came on soon after the dressing of the
AT 10:10 : A. .M.
Or. Agnew was asked what the
uhanccH for the president wore ,
"It in but a question of time , " wa&
the answer.
"Do you believe recovery is inipos
" 1 believe the president will not re
jover mid that the only < uiestion i
jnoof time.1 .
"One of a day or two ? " R
"Jfo , I think it may go on longei ft
han that , although anything ia possi-
ulo. "
Attorney flonoral JraoYoagh , when ]
islcedhat thu actual condition of the !
resident was , anu\vercd :
"The lowest yet. Jlo is worse thiui
ic has ever been. ' *
"Has the end eomei"
"It looliii very much as if it hi\d."i
Dr. Dlisa being asked if thoru wns'
i probability of u recurrence of the
rigors , said ;
"Yes , they are likely to occur nny
.iine. "
"How long can the president Btand
hem ? "
"If they should continue for forty-
fcight hours the president , I believe ,
'i * * * i 1 II *
twill die.
"Is thnt the worst contingency ? "
"No , it is not. Tlio president may
expire during any chill which may
hereafter como upon him. "
I "Did the last rigor seriously ailed
him ? "
"Yes , it did ; it was the most pros-
iting ono the president has over
had. "
' Has any oilier dangerous symp-
[ loins appeared ) "
| "Yus , there has. While I do not
believe that of dullness in the hint
lias increased , wo now know that it is
[ entirely inll.ited and that the difficulty
in bivathing has increiiRCd. "
"In tlieru nil } thing especially bud
about the last rigor which was not
' the others ! "
'poftaeasctl by two ,
| "Yes. The worst symptoms thnt
has recently been developed is the
fact , that during the morning's rigor
the temperature did not got below
normal. That indie lies the worst
possible thing next to death. It
shuns that tlio president is in such
i condition that his vitality is reduced
to the lowest point. His system has
been so ellected by blood-poisoning
that it How seems impossible for him
[ to hayo oven such changes in condi
tion as ought to bo ellected by the
or. Tt would seem that he is too
lou1 to bo any longer eflcclod by any
thing ono way or another. "
Dr. Agnew , when naked if matters
were at their worst , replied :
"They are very bad , indeed , "
"Can such n condition continue
much longer ? "
"It cannot.
Xiw : YOIIK , Sept. 19. - Vice I'rcsi-
lent Arthur just received the follow
ing dispatch from Attorney-General
SlncVoagh :
EMIKUOX , Sept. 1 ! ) , 1881.-Vico
President Chester A. Arthur , 123
Lexington avenue , New York : It is
mpnssiblo to conceal from ourselves
hat the pieaident is rapidly growing
voise. , The two chills occurring with-
fin fourteen hours wnrn us to bo pro-
jparcd for nny affliction which Clod in
ins mercy mayafllict us with.
( Signed )
Et.iir.nox , Sept. Ji ) . - The urcsidont
is now asleep. Secretary Lincoln has
Airrivcd , and a cabinet council in in
progress. The members have been in
session for half an hour. All the
Members are present except Blainc.
Ki.Tir.uox , Sept. 11) , 2:15 : ] ) . inTho
president is asleep and quiet and com
ICrs. Garfiild's Fnnd.
NnwYoitK , Sept. 20.-Cyrus W.
.Field a ] i peals to the National Asso-
ictutod Press : That ho death of the
president has led to inquiries in re
gard to the fund raised lor the benefit
1 if Mrs. Garfield. The whole
[ amount subscribed is § 157,51)9.38 ) ,
jHfJj every ollar has Jjoau paid
'except ' a single subscriplion'of $5 000 ,
'which wns made under the condition
that $245,000 were first to bo raised ,
| and may bo withdrawn should not
that amount bo secured. The money
just received was 'deposited with the
United States Trust company , and as
[ soon an a sufficient amount wns paid ,
in the Truit company purchased
| $100,000 of 4 per cent , registered ,
( bonds , to which has since been added
k$2i > ,000. Owing to the hujh premium
gthis $125,000 in bonds codt $145-
,281.25. The bonds remained on do-
moait witli the Trust company for Mrs.
jGariiuld , in most of which is $5,000 a
Jyearlo bo paid to her quarterly as long
fas she lives. At her death the wliolo
amount will bo divided equally ninbng
the snrviviiiL' children of James A.
Gaifiald. There is a bnlancu in cash
; if § 738.14 , which , with whatever
may bo added hereafter , will be ap
plied in Rome other way. Thcro would
seem to bo reason for expecting con
siderable additional , now thnt the
president is gone. Individuals have
made liberal promises of what they
would do in the event of his death.
Some oven felt that there \\ns impro
priety in the attempt to raise
subscriptions wlulo ho wns still
living , with hopes of recovery ;
that gift would create a feeling ol
personal obligation that might prove
jjIiereaftor some were re-
[ str.uned from giving loss. Their mo-
itivcs should bo misunderstood. That
'objection ' is now removed and
no ono need fear the imputa
tion of unworthy motive ? , for
which tllero is no longer u place.
'Our ' dead president has no favors to
L'ivo , nnd no honors to bestow. Ho
[ cannot be touched by tokens of pub
lic sorrow oven by a whole nation fol
lowing his bier , Jut ) there is u prac
ticable way of showing respect for
the dead by kindness to his living.
Uu is gene but his wife anil children
live to bear through all thuir lives the
burden of this great sorrow. Mrs. Gar-
Held will soon leave the capital in
which her husband was lately nt the
head of 50,000,000 of people , to go
back to her distant homo widowed
and desolate. Only once before has
them been anything BO pathetic in
American history , That the country
will di-iil generously with the stricken
household wo will not doubt , but great
bodies move slowly nnd it is go long
to wait wo huvo preferred to
d5 something now , asking only the
privilege , in the first Hush of grief of
mowing our sympathy in a practical
way , nnd so in some slight degrco , if
wo cannot seethe the hidden sorrow ,
of relieving the unxiotica that nlust
oresi upon that widowed mother's
heart , ( Signed )
Cvnua W , FIELD.
Worthy ol Praise.
As n rula wo do not locommond pa
tent medicines , but when wo know of
DUO that really is n publio benefactor ,
ind docs positively euro , than wo con-
tidor it our duty to impart that infor-
nation to nil. Electric bitters nro
nily a most valuable incdicino , ' nnd
A ill surely euro Biliousness , Fever
ind Ague , Stomach , Livsr nnd Liduoy
jomplnints , oven where all other rom-
: tliea fail. Wu know whereof Wo
ipeak , and can freely recommend tu
ill. TEx. Sold at 60 cents a bottle
Ish & McMahou. (4) ( )

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