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UJMAilA UAiLY BJili : SD .y SEPTEMBER 21 , idii.
The Omaha Bee.l
f , occoptSnndny.j
tdi only Monday if.ominpt daily.
v rx$10.00 I ThrcoMonths $3.00 ;
, Muiths. . . 6.00.1 Om " . . J.Of
rrrn WEEKLY BBB , puuishcdci.
T TAO ) .
Ono Year. $ 001 ThrcaStonlhs. . K
" . . SK
cation * rclftting to Now and 3-klitorW mat
tare should bo addressed U the Kwrroii o >
Letters mid Keinlttnncr * ehfliltl ho nd
dreasexl to Tm OMAHA rcvtrnmsa Cov
TANY , OMA A. Drafto , Cheota nnd l'o <
office OnJorn to bo jwlcti y ble to tl l
order of tfco Coin ] > any.
OMAH1 PffBLISHHEflOD / , , Bragta
E , HOSEW ATER , Editor.
Edtf tn DavKTnttHRor df < Dlty
Cirovlntinu *
John If. Pier w ? sin'Oiftrfa | ' : of the Mfti
Circr.Ul.Mi of ' WE W'AILY 1JEK.
OKfroit , I
LINC OIN , 'NKII. , Sept. 20U8S1
TJia terril iletnvKody which oreurrod in
the city of IVivihlnL'bon OH trw M of July
In-tt , when iko > thM magistrate of the
nation l > er MBO 'the Abject of tin fissammi
improvnko d nnd'tfsipernlc si ult h
filially c l mmahAVrn n national disaster ,
too Jiioun ifcl in-6licrncter to bo announced
in the on'iiB ry l8nguage of narrow. Our
honnrcd i J beloved preHidrtit , James A ,
'Oarlield , iliert t Long.Branch-N < .7. , at
10:30 : p. BU vcntcixlay. AtUr many w M
of into ) a Biiffcring , the * trong , br wo
heart 11 rtill , - nd the CriondH of liwv
nnd r nJor and peed govornmoat
ttirotigl liMit tlia world a bowc'l with
grvi r * thetu'who feel the weight-'ofi-a
"jcnon ( U horeavomcnt. Tie * uu-iou
-calam'rtr brined torrow to every home-
lioidin N'oliroi'ta'nnd ' swakeiiH the ton
lie a'J fee iiitfs of nymnlhy | for the f-
lllctodonmp.inlon .il fittlierlcsi chilrlren
ot the Ute/imiilclent. ' 'Ttie-e emotions of
grief anil BrtupAtny will rfiiid | iprt > i > riatt
xpr > H i Q8 in-'ovoiy elty , vil.a e and
Ttiral homo.
In hn'inony thorowitli It 1 msTRfotecl
tlint on ( the rt..y * < K npart fur tlio tin kl
tHfnie-i , nil public offices anr
other placoi of liusiiif d ho
closed 'It. ' is nlso reooiiiinenileil
th t til3 03 p'o ' wemli1o ! lir.nit-h lit
the tto in their respective plates of
> vor hpnnd ! i < wilh ap imprlatortlisiouB
exerciser pnrtloipatuta thu nation's ' mem-
ori.il eein-locs.cn that uccaHion as .a further
m-vnifeijtation of the Mirrovv th.'it'islclt by
: ill , Anil-fti a innrlcof rcBiicct f r the exalted -
alted dltaractcr Of our late chief magis
| It is ordered that -the national fin ) ; bo
( liHplayed at iJifJf uait on the capita )
building nt Lincoln , mul that the several
state * 5et.irttiients bodraped witli einbleins
it mourning for the period of thirty d yn.
In witness whereof I have hereunto af
fixed my hand , , this 20th day. of Septem
ber , 1681.
liy the Ruveimor ,
r ( Signed ) AtDiNUH"NANCis.
S. J. ALKXANDIB , Secretary ofState. .
BEHIND oycrybud there is a sil
ver lining. _
"Gou roi ns < and the govemiuent
At Waahington.stillllivos.
.J. A. GAIEHKID , ' '
Senator ' Van \Vych'a viowi ou civil
crvico reform -do not nppoar 40 nicot
-tho approval of < 3nrl Schurz.
at last got on top
ami-Ohio .must tnko n back ucat in
tho-distribution of the upoil.s.
" NOCIIUASKA'B governor was the first
Jitato cxeoutivo to iaauo a proclarau
tiouof mourning in honor to the
memory of .James A. Garfiold.
\VK should not bo { surprised if Ser
gcant Mason i * sentenced to the poiv
itentiary fur missing Quitcnu und
Guiteuu ' is But.ut liberty for whooting
KK of sympathy pouring ii
from every quarter of the glebe nttus
the respect in which our nation ii
licld abroad and the admiration whicl
the heroic endurance of its marty :
president excited throughout th
"If Bomu man ehould stand on thi
.1ii lorio platform aud nropoao to provi
to this audience Loyond controvorHj
that this Republic of ours had failed
must go to ruin , ho would prove the
most Awful fact that could bo conceived
-ceivod in an American mind. Nox
to overthrowing the univorgo ot Ooc
would bo the calamity of the fall o :
the Republic.Jamoa A. Garfield
M AN v year * ago the cry ' 'Cotton ' i
King" wai heard on every hand , an
its' ' truth very generally admitted
The great west , then in its infancy
Jiad not put off its swadding iigricul
tural clothes und thousands of equar
miles of bud , what is now cxcellon
Arming land , lay untillcd osunbroko
yrairio , Tim civil war broke the rul
< of old Kfn Cotton , and for the pas
twenty ycurd its scepteo has bee
yielded to farm product * used in th
insmufacturo of broad or the produc
iicui of meat.
Corn it now Iing ; and occupies tl
fthroiu ol thu dupaited sou thorn moi
arch. Jt iijjy fnr the most impor
unt crop iil'on'r countiy. It is usenet
not only vury largely for human fi
in Jtu various prepatations , but it
also tlio cheniicst food for animals by
reason iif its easy conversion into1
"bacon , mutton , buof , butter nnd
hce8o. The nrornfto corn cfop of the ]
United Status j placed at 10,00000o5 |
bushels. This ytar < here will bo
deficiency of R 000,000 bushels ,
uiounliuj ; to oiio-thinl ef the entire
fcl '
The premature doaVh of tlw la- -
mcuted chief magistrate of the repub
lic has elevated < o the presidency nn-j
other who , on ticccpting the honor
able position of vice president , had
not the remotest 5 lea that ho would
Over bo 'celled upon to asaumo the
rave ro ionsibUily devolving upon
ho head of the nation.
Placed in this hiili position by tin
cod of an assassin , amid the mourn
ig of millions f people , GeiiRtr.
Vrtlmr assumes Iho presidency under
onCitions which should win for 'hin
lie uctivo sympathy and moral auy
xwL of ovoty American citizen.
No one , prob.ibly , feels tnoro 'k ' on
/ than himself that he is not tin
hoico of ( he American people for tin
salted .position ho now fills
nd no own realizes more fully "flint " his
ccrssiou toiiho resiQenoyiis viewed
lthgr7o apprehensions by "too " cour.
ry. No president , not-ovon except-
ig A-ndrow. Johnson , 1ms nssumec
lie duties of chittf cxccurivo under
lore trying circumstances. Wh
'readmit ' Lincoln was .nssassinatcf
10 'succession devolved -upon n mar
ho had been in-public - life for aqunr-
cr of u contwry , possessed oxecu
ro oxpericnce.no governor of a great
tetc , and Iia4mastered the problems
f government in n long and foril-
silt legislative c vcor in the
failed States Fuiuto. Measured
y the standard-of'his predecessor ,
.ndrow Johnson was regarded in
rery way ao well-qualified to ( rr-api
ith the gr vo'issues ' that confronted
im as Abraham Lincoln , aixi the
yal people of < the union viewed his
occasion to the presidency with tin
ounded confidence. General Arthur
rings to 'the ' discharge of his pros !
ential duties .comparatively limited
xpimonco in public life , and mcas-
red by the -standard of James A.
arliold ho falls below the exalted
jtimate which the American people
ro in fclio Dmbit of placing upon
icir presidents , Add to thih
10 fact that General Arthur ,
his former political associations ,
as been identified ' with political
riders who were diametrically at v.v
iinco T.'ith the policy of the late pres
ent , who enjoyed the popular es
: cm in euch an eminent degree , the
oaition of President Arthur becomes
, theoutset _ extremely embarrassing ,
this trying ordeal President Ar-
lur can only overcome "popular proj-
dice and gain popular confidence by
xorctsing sublime patriotism and
rdad-miiidod . He
rdadmiiidodBtatcsmanship. +
now president , of the whole
ountry * and the country has
right to expect that ho wiU'emulute
10 exam ] > lo of his predecessor in
dopting a policy that has 'in view the
elfaro of all the people of these
It will not bo very difficult for
'residont.Arthur to gain the confi-
once and esteem of the American
eoplo. , JIo has uiado a very , favora
lo impreseion upon them by his dig-
ified bearing during the fatal illness
f General Garfiuld , and lie will on
Dimter no'obs'tables in sustaining this
All good citizens , irrespective of
arty or-scction , will ot the otuset of
is prcsiddntial career give the new
xccutivo n cordial and loyal support ,
citizens of the great republic il
) choovea us all to sustain the ndmin
stration and place no obstacle or ob
truction in the way of Prcsidcnl
Arthur to make that adniinistratioi
is 'successful and popular as has bcoi
ho administration of Pre.sidon
3arfiold Until President Arthui
ias had n fair trial , supported by the
; oed will aud sympathy of the nation
t behooves all patriotic citizens to
uspond judgment and allay all preju
lice. Lotus hope that in thh trying
rdeal our now president Avill bo cqua
o any emergency and let us hope
hat ho will bo guided by wise coun
els in the discharge ot his duties at
ihiof magistrate.
NUT a voice will now bo raised
tgainst the generous contribution ;
ioh are pouring into the fund foi
.ho maintonaaco of the family o ;
President Garfiold. Consecrated bj
ho untimely death of our lamented
president , such gifts become at onci
iacramontal offerings upon the altai
] f a grateful people. With the dcatl
of her husband , brutally shot dovvi
n the discharge of his public duties. .
Mrs. Gat field and her family became
the wards of the nation , Sorrow hat
berne heavily on their heads and
want must never knock at the dooi
of their dwelling. Generous heart
and ready hands throughout the lime
are cagnr to add their mite towaa
testifying to the love which they bor <
to our departed chief. The fum
which has been built up by voluntary
contributions from the wealthy nil
bo still further increased by tlio niiU
of men of moderate means , whoso love ]
and respect ia no less fervant.
| Yho telegraph announces that the
fund in increasing with satisfactory !
cupidity. With § 250,000 invested
securely ns contemplated by the trna- '
tees , JMrs. Gurliwld will be in receipt
of an income amounting to Sfi.OOO a
year , widen will comfortably mipportl
'ier and her family nnd ufl'oid nmploH
means fur thu education of her chil-i
dren. To thia amount oongross willI
no doubt , add the four years' RuluryP
which General G.lilluld would Iiavo
reenivcd had he nerved Inn full term ,
ind prnvision of courao will be iniule
or the expenses' incurred upon his
tut illness and funeral , f
'lHo ' MU\ Service * of General Cbo
t r A. Arthur.
Chester A. Arthur was born in |
JFrnnklln county , Vermont , on i
( Jth cif October , 1830 , being now near
ly fifty-one years of ago. His father ,
Hov. Dr. William Arthur , was n Hap
Jtiiit clergyman aud an Irishmnn , hav
Sing emigrated from the county of
jJAutrim when lie was eighteen years
nld. Ho died nt Nowtonville , near
Albany , N. Y. , October 27 , If
Gen. Arthur wa educated at Union
'college ' nnd graduated at the ago of
nineteen , iiHho class of 1819. After
leaving college ho tnuyht n country
Jachool during two yearn in Vermont ,
Kami thrro , having savud , by rigid econ
imy , about § 500 , ho wont lo Ne v
York , -and entered the ofllco ot Judge
K. D. Culver ns n student. After bo
np ; admitted to Uio bar ho formed i
itncraliip wi'li his friend , llcnrj
0. Gardner , with the intention o
practicing * in the west. They soon
lowcTor , returned lo Now York ,
wherci they entered upon n Rucccssfu
< arecr. 'General Arthur soon after
ward married the daughter of Lieut.
ItTorndon , < if the United States navy
Mrs. Arthur died about two yean
! > .
Previous to the outbreak of the war
10 wan judge ndvocato of the Kecom
> rii ; < ulo of the state militia , and Gov
ernor Edwin D. Morgui , noon aftei
its inauguration , seck-ctcd him to fil
the position of engineer in chief of his
staff , in 1801 ho held the post of inspector
specter general , and noon eftorwards
was advanced to that of nuartormni-
or-f oncnil , whieh ho hold until the
jxptratiou of Morgan's term of ofllce.
So higher encomium can bo passed
ipon him than the mention of the
act that , although the "war account ol
the state Now York was at least ton
imes larger than that of any other
itato , yet it was the first audited and
illotved in Washington , nnd without
ho deduction of a dollar ; while thu
[ uartermasten1 account from other
tatos wore reduced from $1,000,000
x > 'S10,000,000 each.
The personal honor and honesty of
General Arthur is unquestioned.
le had , during hia holding the ofiico
if quartermaster general , thousands
if opportunities to put millions of
lollars into his pockets , yet when he
etired from his olllco ho was still in
; cry moderate circumstances , und ,
luring his entire term , refused to nc-
: opb a present or consideration of any
marnctor from any source that could
oossibly bo construed into induce-
nont or reward for contracts given by
lim. The clothing , arming and trans
portation of nearly a million men
van under hia supervision , and all
ras attended to with rare wisdom ,
liscrction and fidelity to the great
rust' reposed in his hands. ' " 1
ould not misappropriate five cents"
vas his remark to an acquaintance
ipon ono occasion , "without thinking
hat the first two men J : uw in c > n-
orsation on thu sidewalk wore talk-
ng about it , aud the very thought
would drive mo mad. "
After Governor Morgan's term ex
pired Gen. Arthur returned to thu
> racticc of his profession , in which he
md already madn a hinh reputation.
L'he firm of. whioli ho was ono were
) vorwhclmed with business , nnd Gun.
IrtSur was/'called to the Btnto and
lational capitals on matters of grout
mport , in which ho achieved national
amo. Tiio position of counsel to the
Doard of tax commissionois of Now
fork city was conferred upon him at
$10,000 per annum , which dignified
is well as lucrative ofllco ho occupied
'or some timo.
After a time the political struggles
letwcon the two great parties en-
volvcd him aud he buckled on thi
iriuor in behalf of republicanism with
.ill his heart. During the many
mrd fought campainga in the empire
state. Gen. Arthur evinced the
nest remarkable ability in organiza
tion and effective work. Ho btooc
mlo by side with lloscoo Conklbif ;
and Alonzo 15. Cornell in the battles
for the maintenance of NOAV York
stnto in the van of the republican
In November , 1871 , Gun Arthur
was nominated by President Grant to
; ho collectorship of the port of New
York , and four yeain later ho was re-
nominated , an honor never bofou
conferred upon any collector of the
[ > ort.
In a letter written to the secretary
of the treasury in the winter of 1877 ,
after the Now York custom housi
committee had finished their labors. .
General Arthur said : '
"Tho subject of civil service reforn
and the modes of appointment ti
ofiico is t'hat to which tlio commissioi
gives most attention The essentia
elements of u stable civil service ]
understand to bo , first , permanent
in ofllco , which , of course , prevents
removals except for ciusu ; second ,
promotions fr m thu lower to tin
liiihor gradva , based upon good con
duct und efficiency : third , prompt nnd
thorough investigation of all com
plaints , and prompt punishment of
them. j *
I claim that the administration of
my ollico hasabuon characterized by
the observance of all these. In thin
respect I challenge comparison with
any department of the government. '
From Gen. Arthur's lottera man )
bad statistics woru quoted during thi-
contest which followed his removal b\
President Hayes In this connection
ho Hiiill : "The general order system
so-called hnd boon for moru than i
quarter of u century , a constant sub
ject of complaint by the merchants ,
of investigation by congress , and ol
alleged corruption. Siuro the changes
in the uytttom and in the charges for
storage , introduced five yuars ago ; no
whisper of complaint has been heard.
Hya change in thu system , the method
of fraud and corruption by which thu1
government had hist lurjjo HUMIH , has' '
been cli'ectually checked ; by thu in- ' [
trodnctiou of a nysUmi by which
prompt notice is given to luoichnntH
jof refunds ) f duties thov liavo been
saved from imposition ami delay , "
I 3mmudiatuly upon hihiomovnl from
the collectorship by pnuidunt Huyow ,
ho wau tondeied hy that exocutiv
! < ho consul-generalship at Paris , in.
gutter ad < nu\vleding ( { ihu tender of
thu olllco , Hen. Arthur expressed his <
npprooiatioii of tlie compliment , and
.hia regretthat , W private intorostc' '
wore in ruch a condition that ho or < tljt
lot nccopt it.
Gun. Arthur was nominated f or uu
vico-presidcncy by the mejornii ,
republican convention hold t n fji | ,
ciigo , Juno 8 , 1830 , on thef jrat ballot ,
ri'Cfiving 408 of the 701 Allots , am
his nomination was then made unani
uious. Tlio followinp extracts nn
made from his letter < , t acceptance o
the nomination , and for etutc8m n
like iibilily , putrio' < Jo Bontiitient ant
Iccidcd wxpressi'jn , boar favorabk
: ompari3on with the most distinguish
. d iiitoriico3 o prominent men :
"llepublica ns cherish none of the
resentments wliiclt mnyhiivoanimntot
them duri.ng the actual conflict o
arms. TUoy lontr for n full and rod
reconciliation btiu-con the sections
which wore needlessly and lamontnblj
< \i sttifo ; they sincort-ly oflur the hand
of good will , but they ask in return a
pled o of good faith. They deopi )
fuel that thu party whoso career is m
illustrious in rc.it and patriotic
achievement , will not fullfil its destiny
until peace and prosperity are estab
lished in all the and , nor until liberty
of thought , conscience and action , and
equality of opportunity shall bo not
inuroly cold form alii us of statute , but
livinir birthrights which the humble
may confidently claim and the power
ful dare not dccy.
No man should bo the incumbent
> f an office , the duties of which ho is ,
[ for any cause , unfit to perform , who
is lacking in the ability , fidelity or in
tcgriry which a proper administratioi
[ of such ofiico demands.
The rules which should bo'appliet
to thu management of 'ho public ser
vice may properly conform , in thu
main , to such us regulate the conduct
if successful private business
liy the acceptance of public office ,
whether hijh or low , ono does not ,
in my judgment , csc.ipo any of his re
sponsibilitics ac a citizen , or lose or
impair any of his rights as a citizen ,
and ho should enjoy absolute liberty
to think und apeak and act in politi
cal matters according to his own will
ind conscience , provided only thac ho
promptly , fiur.hfully and fully dis
charges his oiluial duties.
The principles which should govern
the relations' of the elements of the
currency arc simple and clear. Thert
nust bo no deteriorated coin , nn de
preciated paper. Every dolltT , wheth
er of metal or paper , should stand
cho test of the world's fixed standard.
The value of popular education can
hardly bo overestimated. Although
its interests must , of necessity , be
shicfly confided to voluntary effort
md the individual action of the sev
eral states , they should bo encouraged ,
is far as the constitution permits , by
the co-operation of the general gov
ernment. No revenues of the na
tion or the states should bo devoted
to the support of sectarian schools.
The government should aid works
> f internal improvement , and should
[ iromotj thu development of our
water courses , and harbors wherever
ho general interest } of commerce , ro.
rjuiro. i
As vice-president Gen. Arthur pro
idud ever the sessions of the United
Status KunaiOiWi h great dignity and
Tim president is six feet high ,
broad shouldered and athletic ,
weighing about 250 pounds. Hi
'ace ' is broad and full of character and
ns head indicative of great decision.
Tbo Foreign Aspect of the Pork
j Question.
Special Cjrrc p < SMlen'io to 7HK DB * .
YOIIK , Neb. , Sept. 10. Our pork
product is 0110 of our richest mines.
Our vast ii. tyre fits vested in the busi
ness should bo well guarded , Tlio
nation cau but appreciate the prompt
iction of Secretary Blaine when the
' -poosition to this product awakened
so much alarm. Ho showed that there
was but littlo' danger ; that but few
jogs wore ever effected with trachinie.
When wo look back and see how pork
n every titate was eaten with impun
ty , the wonder is that greater dlsaa
tor did nut follow. In the nraiy him
drvds of tliousands of men ftto raw
[ > ork with no serious consequence re
suiting from it. Yet the panic has
gene out. Our markets will > to some
extent bo effected. Wo should guard
our interests as best wo may. This
should bo dune by the government
appointing inspectors for every pack
ing house in tlio land. Portion of pork
inch as might lodge the insect , ahoulc
bo taken from eVery animal and be
put under a powerful glass and the
inspected ours ( about oiu' in throe or
four hundred ) thrown out to bo tried
into lurd nr sold for'suup grease. The
expense would not bo over ten cents
! to the hog. There would bo no real
loss. Every barrel of pork would
Iwvo a U. B. guaranty and bo safer
than any other. Pork would rise in
value and huvo access to all the mar
kets in the world and it would be
iafo everywhere.
THE editorial columns are made
.lubordinato to our telegraphic IIOWH
which nt present is more .oagorlj
read , and wo have no doubt better
Tlio MassMjlmaetts prohibitory ntat -
convention It called to meet at Boston on
the 1'Sth of September.
The Democrat who wants to run ( m
CJovcinor of Wiscoiia n has not in ate hii-
ajipeariuico up t < j date ,
Thu ] tomblic.ins [ of Cincinnati mid
jli-velunil both li vo a colored man on
' .heir k'la1atlvo { ticlict this year ,
Silas M. B.Viloy , the ropubllcnn cauili-
lute for treasurer of I'cmiMylv nl.i , in
early lifu vva a jeweler' * apprentice.
Thu republican convention to nominate
a cundidiitu fur CoiiRre i In place ol
Kllnld u ( ! . Lupham liua been called to
nit'et at CftiiuiJ.iliim > n the l"th of
Kx-rrcslilcnt Ifnycs ought to turn the
Sluice on hia neixhlioM who have elected
ill I in lloj.il Uoininijsloner > y worklnuovury
iiuitlii'i-V tona to the full extent of thu law.
riio ro&d * nliout Kieinout ou lit to have a
boom under lilx ailinhilntratlon. It's n
ooil "Ilictf , iiml llavca ought to lay nsiilo
[ all civil utrvlco und trot tliw Kicuiontcw
iinnihin { { tlio double ijulck.
, The Ciovurnor of Uhode Inland is a lie-
imlilioiui , tinil will , of conrte , apjiolnt B
livnililiciiu | mcccsnor to tlio late General
liuriuldo. ' . ( 'liu uniform \oteof JU { d
Inland for nmnjr yuar * paiil liidioatea that
tliui Jrfuiilaturo to Ivu cliooaii thi fall will
bo Inr&ely lUjmbliraii , Goncr.il UurnaUle
w i elected la t year by a majority o ( fl"
In a total vote of 101 for tlio full , term end
ing Miirch , 1SS7.
Full relitrns of tlic vote for Ileprc9ont.i' '
ilvo in Cnn ro-s to fill thu vacancy canned
liy Kryo' < rcjlifniition cUn IHtirfey ( llcp <
11,007 : Oill.ert . ( ( Jrcenback ) , r..5Tl ( Head
( Dam. ) , 211 ; Kuatit ( I'loliiultioii ) , C ( !
Dinaluy'rfiriajority , n,17f. The Iteinilill
ctn iimjority lor ( < o\cinor ; In the illstrlot
la" < tye.ir WAS 1,471. Fryo'n majority for ,
Jotigreiii was 1 , ! > 3I ) . The Iniycst Krpub
lean majority c\-cr before given in thedU
trlct was 8,100.
Mr Ijiullotv , thp wino and 4Cid r prcs , ]
mnmifnoturer who I < rimnhw for ( , 'ivernor
if Ohio on the prohibition ticket , ( ftJ'H ho' '
lasn't tnAtcd wino or cider for twenty !
yenn < , and ii therefore A Lirohluitlonitt In
ijood atnl regular ctandin ; ; ; which remind- * !
> ne of tlio K'rla ' who gut'religion and unit !
> ho would wear no more Mnfnl VAtiltlrx
iko cnr-rin n and hreAstiiins. When asked
what she had done vith her jewelry , !
ho ealil oho had iven it to her younger
Lieut. Flipper It not as black as ho in
minted , llu Htolu only 1,700.
At I leu OateM hni gone to Australia , aiu
r. Marvin , therefore , has no rivid in thii
Courtney will accept .Tifclcett's chnl
n > ; c to row. It will bo a match belwcci
Tesae Jntiioi is ilo-n on the Mfotour
allioadn. They would'ntltt him lidcoi
\ clergyman's ticket.
"A miss i as good as n mile , " nayi
Sultcau. "Agro t deal better/ays Ar
Murvln , the uccompliihed bigamist.
It Joaquln Miller h actually keeping ti
boarding homo at S.vratrva , lie will , o
uourro , make parties fay in advance. He
cnows how it in himself.
The wife of the late Senator liurnsidi
viw Miss Mury Kiclimond Itlshoii , a de
scendant , on her mother's side , of llogei
Williums. She diu 1 in 1870
Capt. llowgate's friends stnlo that ho i
vitliiji easy distance of Washington. Thi
.rcasury . department rmut increase tin
juard.4 and change the combination.
lii-iinarck grows corpulent year by year
In 1874 ho weighed 207 pounds ; in 1870
JIO ; in 1B77 , 230 ; in 1870 , 213 ; In 1870,215
' 880 247 , and now he turns the scale a
Ismail Pachn , ex-Kherlive of ( Egypt , nnc
ia extremely uninteresting person , It stay
ng at Vichy , in the villa formerly occu
urd by Napoleon III. With h'ni ar
i ht uf his wives and twenty-seven at
Dr. Westmoreland , Senator Ben Hill'
toind phydcian , says of the result of th
ecent operation i "It is impassible to say
n case he recovers , to what extent hi
roicc will bo restored. If the (3iHea.se ha
iccome general.there is no liope of a per
nanent recovery , but if it is still local
hlnk this operation should secure nr
ffeutual cure.
James Mason , an American , who i
eadinirin the Berlin diestouriiamen1 , i
\ young , Bilent.-faceil fellow of 30 yean
Jit , formerly New York reporter , wh <
irst en i e Into prominence in Now Ynr ) <
: ityinl873by beating Dcltnar in New
York , lie ii n cautious player , over
cautious , Americans think , and partlcu
arly strong in hi defense.
Of S. J. Tilden the New York Exprcs
; at H ho is still r. young man of 72 , who ha1
\piloof work on hand. Ho means t (
: rush Tainmany , tomahawk John Kelly
> ury Cyrus W. Field , dynamite the re
mblican party , elect himself governor
narry Mr ? . llicUfi-Lonl , nnd Kj > cnd hi
ast ilny.-i In the White House. Ho is a1
ivcly ns a last-year's locust.
For the speedy cure ct C'onsump
ion and all diseases that lead to it
> uch as stubborn coughs , neglectet
3olds , Bronchitis , Hny Fever , Asth-
na , pain in the side and chest , drj
incking cough , tickling in the throa
ffoarsoness , Sore Throat , and al
chronic or lingering diseases of the
; hroat and. lungs , Dr. King Now Dis
oovery has no equal and lias established
or itself a world-wide reputation
Vlany leading physicians recommenc
and use itinthcir practice. The form
da from which it is prepared is high
y recommended by nil medical jour
nals , The clergy and the press havt
complimented it in the most glowing
: orms. Go to your druggist and got
riai bottle frco of cost , or a regulai
M7.o for $1.00. For Sale by
d(5 ( ( Isu & TtlnMAHON , Omaha.
Of nil medicines advertised to cure
my affection of the Throat , Chest o :
Lungs , wo know of none wo can recommend
ommond so highly as Du. KINO'S NEW
DISCOVERY for Consumption Coughs
Dolds , Asthma , Bronchitis Hay Fe
ver , Hoarseness , Tickling -in tin
Chroat , loss of voice , etc. This mod
cine does positively euro , and thai
where everything else has failed. N' '
nodicino can show one-half BO man ;
positive and permanent cures as hitvi
already been effected by this trulj
vomlerful remedy. For Asthma am
bronchitis it is a perfect specific , cur
ng the very worst cases in the short
tist time possible. Wo say by nl
iii-ans give it a trial. Trial bottle. '
'reo. llegiilar size Sl.OO. Forsalobj
8lly ( ) Isir & Mutf AHON , Omaha
The Greatest Varietjf
Prices so LOW as Defy
A.iy Honest Competi
tion at
On Faruhara Street. ' '
A , G. TROUP ,
Great German
or THE
AM )
All other Faint
No rrcparatlim on tnttli t < iu l 3r. JACOM OIL >
t lire , ( CHE. smrl.E and CIICAIi i : tern l lUiinJi
V Irlil cntillt lot the corapurntlreljr trilling aullnjr at
I ) CIMS. nJ o\ rene ufforlng ullli | alu eta btrt
keipnnd riosltlre proof of III clalmi.
llnttltnnrf. Md. , V.S.A
500,000 ACRES
Davis & Snyder ,
1505 Farnham Street ,
fit * iiis and Homes in Nebraska |
17,000 Acres in Douglas Coun
ty , $5 to $1O Per Acre.
1,620 Acres S&rpy Couuty Land.fd.OO to 910.0
IS.C09 " Wusliti-KtoiiCo. Land 6.01 to lU.fr
1.400 " Bmt County Land. . 8.00 to 8.0'
:2,800 " Cumliu County Land S.OO to S.C'i
6.SOO " fl/\iit < ; nCouni > Land 2.SB to 60'
,6,900 " Mwiann CountyLatid 2.00 to C.O'
I8.BM " fUttoCuunty L&na. B.OOto 8.0 <
Perms to SuitPurohasers.Lonp
Time and Low Interest.
Perfect Titles Guaranteed
Oolfax Pierce Merriok
Dodge , , , ,
Hall , Saunaers , Butler ,
And Other Counties in the
Eastern Portion of Nebraska
for Sale , i
Farms of All Sizes ,
From 40 to 610 tans each , ulnpted to
Oralu and Stock Bah OK , to be Sold at Low
Figure * , and on Long lime.
State and County Maps lei
jrlcosmxl i ormi of laAila la til localities , etc.
itc. Add rest
1505 Inirnhaiii Street ,
Statn of h'chraRka , Pen las County , s :
At a County Court , luld At tlio County Court
Room , In ami for talj County , Au uet 1st , A.
D. IfrOl. Trcsotit. IIOWAUII H. Sill Til ,
County Jinltfu.
In the matter of the c tr.tf of Joseph 11. Xtl
son , defended :
On rcaJinf ; nnil lIUnK tjo | petition of Martha
9. Nelson , pr.xjlns that tliu In trinnent , inir-
porting to Vie a ilulyatithenticatol copy of the
o t lll and ( estomcnt of i-ald deceased , ami oi
the prolnitQ thereof , by thu Circuit Court ol
Fountain County , Stitu of Indiana , and thU ch\
died in this Court , tiny lie allourd end rtcorncil ,
as the hut will and tcfttainunt of nil'I Joseph 11
Nelson , duicnscd , in and for the SUtu of Xc
b mult a.
Ordered , lliat August 27th , A. D. 18S1 , at 1C
o'clock a. in , , Is&siiKDtd for hcnrln ealdpetition
licn all persons Intercstu'J In said matter innj
ap ] > carat a County Court to lie licld , In anil foi
gahl County , and how cause nhy the prayer o )
pctUioiierxhould not lie i'r.into < l ; nml ttut notlci
of the poadcncy'of raM petition and the hcarlnfi
thereof , he 'hi'ii to all peruonn Intercntcd In raid
matter , bv publishing a copy of thli order in Tin
OMAHA WKEKI.Y DKK , tv iicuxpaper printed In Mild
County. forlUrcu nucccssUu wcoku , prlortotalc
tiny o' ' rearlnL' .
[ A true copy.J HOWARD D. SMITH ,
aujrtO-uItt Countv J ml TO.
Till MOST rori-L Kl 'Ail Bur
Manufactured In Cieur a , 4.0 , B , 10 and 1
aPuni. It liai no t" rln . lleme na n'j < m
DM Its work easily anil iu'iky. | ) and rcta tl > .
vgret ainciii't ol u't r frmnvho inline o
rc-.im ; muao from lui ml mh lumber , ft
old m alouir price tlmn any > tlnr flnt-ilav
hum. iSni'l lor dlx.ripil\e circular at.d prlct
lit to the
and Sexuul Pbiloaophy.
( roluwiy Illurtraird , hem nt l > uiortant | am
wrtbiiolc pul.lliletl. Mory ftiully wanu II
Kjttr oidlnary lulu omcuts ifferwl A.'tuH.
iMrra IMVTH1 ! ' ' mnMnq | n Ht IrfMlU MO
John UcFiuliJcii will Uke notice that on thtl
lOtli of Auifiut , 1SS1 , Clmrlci lirandcu. JnutlcoolH
he I'caco , of l t | irednit , DoujfUi Co. , Nub. , U
ucdaii order of utlai-litiient furihuHuinof * iO'WB
n an action | Kindliibfforo | him , uhcruln Arne
yiCratt U plulhtlll and .loliu > l. Kaddun dcfondant ,
tliat property roiulktliiy of IIOIIM.IIOU lurnlturc
'and Implunifiiti hat I mi uttv hcd under uld
'rordcr , tali ) riiiso wn continued to Ultt ol
Scptcinlicr , 1SS1 , JOo'eock p. in.
AUNUKItATZ , I'l.ilntlff.
C. F , Manderson ,
' 3 f rnhain 8t , O.mhj
Ever Offered
Required of Persons Deair-
in to Build. '
ox *
$5 TO $1O
VloneyAdvanced ;
Resist Purchasers Building
We Now Offer For Sate
S5 Splendid.
Located on 27tb , 28th , 29th ;
md 30th Streets , between
arnham , Donglasand the pro-
losed extension of Dodge St. , .
2 to 14 Blocks from Court
3ouse and Post Office , A'll '
3IiICBS ranging from
$300 to $400 |
vhich ia about Two-Thirds of"
heir Value , on Snull Monthly
Payment of $5 to $10.
Parties dosMng to Build and-
'mprove Need iMot Make any
Payment for one or two years , ,
put can use all their Means for-
Persons having $1OO or $20O-
jf their own , But not Enough
0 Build such a house as they
want , can take a lot and we.
vill Loan them enough to com-
ilete their Building.
Those lots are located between the-
ity , within 12 minutes walk of th ,
Business Center. Good Sidewalks ox- ,
end the Entire Distance on Dodga.
itreot , and the lots can bo reached by
ray of either Farnham , Douglas or
) edge Streets. They lie in a part of
io city that is very Rapidly Improv-
ng and conBoquontly Increasing in
alue , and purchasers may reasonably
opo to Double their Money within ft-
iort time.
Some of the most Sightly Locations <
1 the city may be selected from these * ' ' * „
its , especially on 30th Street
Wo will build houses on a Sinai
ash Payment of $1GO or * 8200 , and
311 house and lot on small monthly
It is expected that 1 hcfo lots"will be-
tipidly sold on these liberal'terms , '
id persons wishing to purchase "
iwuld aill at our olllco and secure
loir lots at the earliest moment.
Vo are ready to show these lots to all
orsons wishing to puicliase.
fteal Estate Brokers , " "
North Side of Farnham Street ,
Opp. Grand Central Hotel ,
OMAHA , J BB. , , /

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