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" "
"Which is Betting to bo a Snbjoot
of Dispute ,
A Now York Mau Claims to
Have Secured it For
Proposing to Whaok Up on
the Proceeds With Gui-
teau's Rolativoa.
This is Indignantly Denied by
the Sister of the Con
demned Man.
But Scovillo Evidently lm Willing
to Tnko Hli Share. ]
JiitUonal AfxxxiaUsl
NKW YORK , February 1. A Phila
delphia special says the announce
ment was recently made that J. II.
Ridgeway , the patentee und builder
of refrigerators cars , had made over
tures to George Ecovillo for the purchase -
chase of the assassin Guitoau's ' body
after death. Rid eway recently re
ceived u letter from Scovillo saying
that the relatives regarded the propo
sition favorably. It now appears
that llidgeway's project is to build
ono of his cars especially for the pur-
.pose , fit it up elaborately , and trans
port Guiteau s body from ono end of
the country to the other , oxhibiti'n'g it
wherever n stop is made. The body
will bo perfectly preserved iii a frozen
condition. Ridgeway estinntes there
U a million dollars in the enterprise.
J. II. Ilidgoway says ho has received
the following letter with regard to his
proposition lo exhibit the acmains of
Guiteau :
" \VAHIUNOTON , D. C. , January 150 ,
1882. Your's of the 28th inst. re-
coived. The iclativc-a sire inclined
to regard your piopuuiiion favorably
in case of death. The brain wi'l ' have
to be removed and post mortem ex
amination made.
( Signed ) "GEOKOK SCOVII.LK. "
It is understood that Mr. Ridgfc-
wao gives the relatives 85,000 with a
percentage. He calculates this will
make the total price for the
corpse S-10,000 at least. If the
offer is accepted the body
would be preserved by a patent re
frigerating process , ice and salt being
the materials used. The exhibition
oar and rotrigorator will cost 830,000.
Mr. Ridgeway says that it will bo
elegantly carpeted and upholstered ,
and the metalic cooling apparatuswill
be concealed by rich hangings. It has
not yet been decided how the body will
be disposed of , but it will } > e arranged
so'as-to 'look as natural as possible.
The'fu'nrfwill be drassed as in life ,
and the features it is expected will
retain the expression as they were
immediately after they became fixed
in death. Mr. Ridgeway says this
will result from the state of perfect
preservation in which the corpse will
bo retained by the refrigerating appa
ratus. He says : "We will visit
all of thp chief cities of this country ,
after which we will go to Europe and
probably exhibit the body in all of
the principal cities of the continent.
I think we will do oven bettor finan
cially there than in this country. In
London especially I expect to
get largo returns. I wrote to Guiteau
soon after his trial began , making
a similar proposition to him. Ho re
plied , saying that lie was disposed to
regard my proposals with favor but
that he would have to refer me to his
counsel. I think there is no doubt
but that I shall set the body and I
am now making arrangements to se
cure the largest halls in the country. "
WASHINGTON. February L Dis
trict Attorney Corkhill says that Sco
villo is a worse crank than Guiteau if
thinks that the American pcoplo will
answer his address and contribute
money. Mr. Reed holds a very dit-
forent opinion as to Scovillo's ad
dress and says "I have
done about all I can do.
Mr. Scovillo's appeal states the
thing very well this morning. I have
done all I could for Guiteau in an
* V honorable and gentlemanly way.
I think that appeal of Mr. Scovillo's
is u good manly utterance. It may
not amount to anything. There are
people who 1 believe would like to
help him , but are afraid the public
clamor demand this man's execution. "
Both oilicers and privates at the
Washington barracks complain of the
service required of them In doing
' guard duty at the jail over Guiteau ,
'which U'oy consider unnecessary.
Said one of the officers to a local re
porter : "I wish that you would put
in a paragraph to the efiV.ct that
the small pox hospital is only
150 yards from the jail. Our men
have to march back and forth by it
everyday. There are 500 people in
thw garrison and suppose they should
bring the small pox hero. If you
print something about it the secretary
of war and other people up town will
see it. If they want us to guard
Guifeau why not bring him down
here ?
Mr. Scoville's attention being called
to the dispatches about the sale of
Guiteau's body to J. H. Ridgoway , of
Philadelphia , he took a pencil and
wrote as follows :
" 1 said the proposition would bo
entertained , if the time over arrived.
First , there mint be a post mortem
examination of the brain ; second ,
such disposition of the body as will bo
without objection to the relatives. No
indignities. I said no money derived
therefrom would over be used by his
relatives ; it would bo applied to pay.
ing his debts , and then to promote
thu care of insane people , "
Charles H. Reed , one of Guitoau's
counsel , to-night characterizes the
proposition concerning the oxhib tion
of Guiteau's body after execution , to
be shocking , monstrous and damnable ,
Ho thinks Scovillo haa shown bad
taste in over considering the disposi
tion of the body of a client.
Scovillo is evidently serious about
the proposed exhibition of Guitoau's
body , which is an indication Ihat there
is little hopes on his part of a non
trial. II is not likely the government
will permit such a course. The
authorities will probably hold the
body , as they did Booth's.
Cnie\oo , February 1. The atten
tion of Mrs. Scovillo was directed to
the dispatch from Philadelphia do'
tailing the arrangements of J , H.
Ridgoway to preserve and exhibit the
body throughout the country. The
dispatch scorned to indicate that thu
relatives of Iho assassin wore willing
such disposition should bo made of his
remains. After reading the dispatch ,
Mrs. Scovillo said : "I don't believe
anything of this kind has been done.
Wo have not got to the point of con
sidering what shall bo done with the
remains of my brother , whenever and
kowover ho may die. I shall take the
body and have a post mortem made
by exports of my own selection , I
alone shall decide as to the disposi
tion to be made of his remains , The
idea of exhibiting his body around
the country is horrible , and 1 wouldn't
have it done if wo were starving , and
wo have not reached that desperate
state of poverty yet. An ofl'or of ? 5- ,
000 cnsh was made to me
for the body of Charles ,
but I refused it. There isn't
enough money in the country to
buy it for the purpose of exhibition.
So far us ho is able to miiko legal dis
position of his body and of his eUbcts ,
ho has given them to mo. I wanted
him to make a will , but Mr. Scovillo
said ho could not do that as ho was
insane , and it would have no legal
force if ho should now bo induced to
make a will disposing of his body so
that it might bo put on exhibition. I
would contest its validity in court
just us I would contest the act of any
other insane man ( that affected mo.
But then people niud not put themselves
solves to too much trouble about this
matter. Charles Guiteau is not going
to bo hung. "
"Do you want me tp understand
that this dispatch with your husband's
name attached is bogus T'
"I don't know anything about thai.
1 am satisfied my husband would not
send such a dispatch without consult
ing me , and ho knows that such an
arrangement could not bo made with
out my consent. "
Bad Work of a Ball Whnokor.
Special li < ) wt'h toTiih UKK.
SIDNEY , Neb. , February 1. A
murderous , cowardly shooting affair
occurred at Running Water ranche ,
ono hundred miles north of here , late
last night.y A bull whacker named
John Lewis wanted to run the rancho ,
and Mrs. Hughes , the proprietress , in
endeavoring lo eject him , was shot by
Lewis in the posterior , the ball of15
calibre , Colt's , lodging near the rec
tum. He fled in the darkness. No
truce could bo found of him. The
cow-boys seem hostile over the event ,
and a large posse of them started out
this morning after him , and his car
cass will probably dandle from a tree
if captured. This same Lewis killed
a cow-boy at Fort Robinson two
months ago , and by some means was
acquitted , and all supposed ho left the
country. His record throughout has
been villainous and tough.
Murder in Lincoln
Special to the Doc
LINCOLN , Neb , February 1. - Much
excitement was created here to-day
by the announcement that a young
girl had been cooly murdered. The
little girl's name was Gurtie Burg-
man. She died not long since , and
her remains were hastily buried.
Last night they were exhumed and
examined by Dr. Shaw , who reported
evidence of the most cruel and in
human treatment. To-day the coroner s
jury found the deceased came to her
death because of inhuman treatment
administered at the Jiands of her
adopted parents , Frederick and
Maggie Clawson Tlio accused are
now in custody awaiting a hearing.
Fatal Rnilwny ColliKiou
National A no < latod Press.
IUONTON , Ohio , February 1. Yes-
torduj' sv collision occurred on the
Scioto Valley railroad at the town of
Hanging Rock , three miles below this
city. Two men were killed outright
and five seriously and probably fatally
wounded. Two freight trains running
at a good speed came in collision just
outside the town. Edward Lackott
and Thomas Kennedy , both of Chilli-
cotho , were killed instantly , the head
of ono being mashed to pieces and one
hund.ontiroly cul off.
Murderer Oonfemei
National Associated I'reea
NEW YOHK , February 1. Michael
A. McGlorin , 10 years , u thief , nnd
throe companions , Thomas Moran ,
Robert Morrisoy and Thomas Ban-
field , wore arrested to day on suspicion
of havi g murdered Louis Hanicr , u
French wino merchant , on December
1)0,1881. ) After being locked up for
several hours , McGlorin made a full
confession of being the murderer ,
implicating his three companions.
Doomed Man's Life Prolonged.
National Aeaoclatixl I'ress. .
NEW YOKK , February L Judgt
Davis to-day granted a writ of error
in the case of the condsmnedmurdercr
Sindrum , in order that it may bo reviewed -
viewed by the court of appeals. The
governpr is asked to grant a respite
pending the final decision.
Tbo Athland Harder Trial.
National AwodateJ J'reud.
OATLKTTHUUIWI , Ky. , February 1. -
Testimony for the defense of Crofta
in .the Ashland murder trial is now
closed and rebuttal evidence ia being
heard , Argumonta begin to-morrow.
Yostorday's Procepdiugs in the
Senate and House ,
The Funding Bill Still in the
Agony of Birth in
the Senate.
Ben. Butler Appears in Wash
ington and Has a Confer
ence With Mahono.
Miioellnnooni N w * From th a Na
tional Capital'
National Afwodatcxl 1'rcM.
WAHIUNUTON , Fobrunry 1. Mr.
Window's resolution culling nnon the
president for copies of the diplomatic
correspondence , relative to the con
gress of American nations , was
The funding bill came up at 2 p. in. ,
the pending question being on Mr.
Morgan's ' substitute for the whole bill ,
which simply legalizes and confirms
the action of Secretary Windom iu
rofunoiiigixt Ji ! per cent.
Mr. Morgan's nmeudmimt led to a
spirited debate on the legality of ; U
[ > or conts.
Mr. Windom warmly defended the
constitutionality , legality and wmdom
of his course.
The substitute was finally with
drawn and a clause inserted in the.
bill ratifying and confirming Ilia acts.
The bill was then reported from
the committee of the whole to the
senate , when further debate sprung
up on Mr. Plumb's amendment limit
ing redemption to § 100,000,000 , when
the senate wont into executive session
and continued the nomination of 8.
B. Burpee , postmaster at Marshall ,
Mich. , and at 4:10 : p. in. adjourned.
The house fixed February 27th .is
the date of memorial services of
Mr. Hill presented a ( bill reducing
letter postage to two cunts for a half
ounce and for packages from ono and
one-half to two ounces four cents and
for each additional two ounces , two
At 1 o'clock the house wont into
committee of the whole to consider
the fiostollico appronr ations.
Mr. Morrison , in explaining pro
visions of the bill said the amount ap
propriated for letters carriers would
permit the postmaster general to in
crease the pay of auailaay letter
carriers , now numbering about 400
and getting but 8400 per year.
Mr. Hooker presented an amend
ment prohibiting the postmaster
general discontinuing mail routes on
Mr. Uingham gave notice ho would ,
when the bill was read in section ,
move to increase the sum of $2,950-
000 appropriated by free delivery sys
tem , § 300,000.
The bill was then referred to the
house for general debate to-morrow.
A communication was received from
the secretary of the interior in answer
to an inquiry from the house. The
inquiry was : "If all claims for pen
sions for the war of the rebellion
should bo adjudicated within the soyon
years period terminating Juno 30th ,
1888 , and at the end of that period
survivors of the Moxicin war and
widows shall bo pensioned , what will
bo the sum required to pay pensions
during the next twenty-five years ? "
The reply puts the entire sum at
§ 0,347,051 , n03of , which $51,921,010
is alloted to Mexican war claimants.
The annual requirements begin with
302,000,000 for 1881 , and row grad
ually less until in 1000 , the last year ,
when the stimatcd sum required is
$ L',000,000. : !
National As-wcUtinl I'ross.
WASHINGTON , February 1.In the
star route cases Col. Bliss called the
attention of the court to the fact that
Bacond Assistant Postmaster General
Elmer had been served with a sub-
piuna by the defense to produce in
court all the papers The court al
lowed the papers asked for by the de
fense , and at 1:15 : p. in. adjourned un
til to-morrow.
The Hub-commitlou on ways and
means has reported favorably to the
full committee on the bill to abolish
the export tax on tobacco , and the
same bill allowing brewers to stamp
their packages instead ot bottles.
The report that the National Re
publican has been purchased by Col.
( jeo. Bliss , of Now York , is confirm
ed by the general report in this city
to-day. No change in the manage
ment of the paper is imminent.
Hon. B. F. Marsh (111. ( ) has been
appointed chairman of the sub-coin-
mitteoon expenditures in the war de
partment to investigate certain matters -
tors in thojfaurgoon general's oflico.
It seems that the long delay in ob
taining from that oflico the records of
the would-be pensioners has resulted
in the discovery that the hospital rec
ords are not oven indexed and that
other records arc in a like demoralized
condition. A mouse is smelt and im
portant developments are expectod.
The president nominated Harsdon
C. Burch , United States attorney for
the district of Michigan ; Hugh J.
Campbell for the 'district ' of Dakota * ,
W. 11. Armstrong , of Pennsylvania ,
comniiHsionur of railroads.
The impression prevails in army cir
cles that the present paymaster ,
quartormattor and surgeon gononils
will be retired in a low days.
Bonj. F. Butler "was on the floor o {
the senate to-day and had a long con
ference with Mahono , The latter was
asked this evening concerning the
subject of the conference , and replied :
"Affinity , my deaf > bby , that's all-
Democratic senators hold a caucus
immediately afterjjdjournrnont of Iho
senate and agreed to support Neil
Brown , late rending clerk of the
house , for n like position in the sen
ate , if the assurances of enough re
publican votes by uanntors who would
ipprocinto his elocution above his pol
itics could bo obtained ,
The Jonnnotto.
National Ansoclattd l're >
NEW YORK , February 1.Tho bl
owing has been received from Paris :
"Lieut. Do Long's party has boon
: raced to a definite locality on the
west bank of the Lena. Engineer
Melville ) and the Russians are search
ing diligently. I nm noting under
positive orders and will boar investi *
Cation. Lieut. Chiph's little boat has
not been seen since September. The
ale doubtless swamped her. If she
is not found before the spritfg I will
charter the steamer Lena and search
the coast between the rivers Alonok
and Koliniiw. .luck Coles has been
an invalid since October. The Jeannette -
notte entered the ice iu > ar Herald
Island , September Oth , 187' ' * . Her
forefoot was twisted from the first of
January Wo pumpdd tor eighteen
months. The vessel drifted to the
northwest during twenty-one months.
31 HI ] was crushed mid tmnk on Juno 112
in the longitude 70 degrees 15 min
utes east. She disooered Juannotto ,
Henrietto and Bonrtctt Islands. Wo
made the retreat over the ice to the
Now Siberia Island , thouco in boats
to the Lena delta. Engineer Melville -
villo was given charge of my boat by
DoLong , 1 was blind. Hearty , iml
intelligent help was rendered by thu
Itusaians. Everything possible is bo-
( Signed )
WASHIN TON , February 1. - Secretary
tary Hunt Bout the following tele-
jraln this afternoon tl' rough Minister
H ITiimn at Petersburg to Dauon-
liowor : "Two ofllcufa will be sent.
If your health permits , remain and
continue the search for the missing
parties. "
Will of Clnrktoji N. Potter.
Nations Associated 1'rcss ,
Nuw YORK , Fobruaty 1 The will
of the late Clarkson N. Potter , tiled
for probate , at White 'Plains to-day ,
makes his brothers , 'Howard Potter
and Gen. Potter , executors. Ho bo-
q calhes to his wife the city house
andlot , 1 5 Gramorcy place and his
stable on Twentieth Htreot , Now
York ; also all his furniture , books ,
( except his law libraiv ) , horses and
carriages , absolutely as her own prop
erty , with a bequest of $15,000 to bo
in lieu of all dower and conjugal
rights. Ho gives to his' sons , Howard
N. and Clarkson A. potter , his resi
dence and grounds a I , New Rochelle
and 8100,000 oa&i ; tit his daughters ,
Maria Louisa , , * ? 125,000 ; Virginia ,
§ 125,000 ; Eleanor , . < J12C,000. The
balance is distributed among brothers
and sisters and Bervdnls.The estate
is valued at a million
Marine Intelligence.
National Associated I'resa.
SAN FiiANCiseo , February 1. Ar
rived The British steamship Both-
well Castle arrived to-day from Hong
Hong with 1,029 Chinese passengers.
NEW YOKK , February 1. Sailed
The Amsterdam for Rotterdam , the
Bothnia for Liverpool , the Amiosquu
for Havre , the Eden for Aspinwall.
Arrived The Furnessia from Glasgow ,
the Italy from Liverpool , the Sarvents
from Hull.
BALTIMOIIK , February 1 Sailed
The Nodorland for Rotterdam.
iA , February 1. Sailed
The Indiana for Liverpool.
GLASGOW , February --Arrived
The State of Indiana from Now York.
LONIHXV , February -Arr. . - ' -
The Victoria from Now York. \ '
IlAMitunn , February 1. Arrivod-
The Silesia from Now York.
Tbo Pnllman
National Associated 1'ri'ts
, February - Investigation
tion of alleged oviisionsof the Canadian
customs law by the Pullman Car com
pany was opened this morning before
Commissioner Johnson. The company
was represented by George F. Brown ,
general superintendent , and Judge
Lochrano and L. N. Benjamin , of
this oity , as counacl. Charles Robin
son , late assistant Hiiperintondont of
this division , and Richard Cook , for
merly Pullman conductor , wore ex
amined. Moth gave evidence HUH-
taining the alleg.itions.
of Sorrow.
National Aftxoclatcd 1'rcnx.
I'liiiAiinu'iiiA , February 1. The
name of James Abraham Gurliuld
heads the list of illustrious dead , in
commemoration of which a lodge of
sorrow was hold in Gothic hall of Ma
sonic hull to-niiflit , by Philadelphia
consistory , S. P. It. S. , third degree.
The hall was appropriately draped ,
and the impressive ceremonies wore
participated in by a largo gathering
of the craft , Jim. 0. H. Tillany , I ) .
D. , pronounced the eulogy.
Fatal Family Row.
NatlcmalAHUOclatud I'rciw.
DANVIU.K , Vu , , February 1. There
was a desperate fight y OB tor day on the
Lanier plantation between the Jvinj !
and Slate familivn. Shot guns and
pistols were used , Gco. Slate was
shot and terribly mangled , Tom
King was stubbed eight times , old
Mrs. King was mortally stabbed , and
Mrs. Slate badly wounded. The
three former will die ,
Murdproro Soiitenoed to Hang ; .
National Antedated I'rcm.
AIIKUDKKN , ' Miss. , February 1.
Jones pleaded guilty and Miller not
guilty to the charge of murder. Tin
jury after thirty minutes' absence
brought in a verdict of guilty. Judgi
Greene sentenced thmn to bo hangec
March 3d. _
_ _
Indication * .
National AMOclatvd t'lew.
\VAHIIINOTON , February 2 , For th
lower Missouri valley : Fair weather
winds mostly westerly , stationary o
higher temperature and pressure ,
iu American vs. Canadian Fight
at Winnipeg ,
The Southwestern Railway El
ection n Great Bonn of
loaultiug iu a Double-Bonder
and a Possible Triumph for
the Auioricaus ,
Rnilwny Now * tunV
Note * .
' ' .
Natlonal'A-woi-latoil l'ro
WiNNii'Ko , February 1. The nniiu-
xl meeting of the Southwestern rail
way held to-day was , as predicted , a
tormy ono. There was a largo at-
endanoo of stockholders. Ono olo-
nont , under direction of flon. Hum *
nond , got possession of the premises
nt first , niul with a view to keeping
nil control enlisted the services of n
) osso of police.Vhen the director *
lot in accord with the Amercmi
ilement arrived shortly aftoi 10
) 'olock ' they found entrance
o the room barricaded by two police -
uen and Solicitor Higgs , who was an-
minted to scrutinize the credentials
> f those aeckimj entrance. A fracas
iparly occurrcil through the refusal
if ono policeman to permit Mr. Cart-
wright , a shareholder , to outer. The
alter resented the insult , and throw
.ho oflicor from the door The second
) llcor ! came to the rescue , and cover-
ng William Murdock , and another
hnroholdcr and ox-chinf ongi-
leer , throatonetl if he crossed the
hroshold of thu door ho would
hoot him. Inlciue excitement fol-
owud this incident , but coolness on
ho part of those outside prevented
vhat would have boon a riot , and per-
laps bloodshed. The hour of 11 hav-
ng arrived , Dr. Sennit/ proceeded to
all the mooting to order , but was at
once interrupted by a motion from
lonenil Hammond to appoint Hugh
Sutherland chairman. The ro-
ult was a babel of con-
usion. Two meetings wore
going on at one time. 0. M. Cum-
uings , ' of Now York , was appointed
ocrotary of the American element
mil R. L. McGregor of the Canadian
Pho scrutini/.ors for the Schultv. soc-
, ion and the other pnrty each reported
heir ticket elected. 'Iho otlicea are
still guarded by police. Fours are
icing entertained that the Schnltx
mrty will make an effort to recover
ho books , but this is not intended ,
is the aggrieved party will
seek redress tTirough the courts to re-
: ever the property through the shor-
( T. General Hammond was elected
at a subsequent mooting of the diroc-
tors-of ono pnrty , proaldont-and-Dr.
schultz was elected to the same oflicc
by the other party. Considerable ex
citement prevails throughout the city
and further action is awaited with anx
CiucAdo , February I C. H. Pock ,
general manager of the Chicago ,
Purtage & SiiDurior railroad , has had
a conference with R. R. Cable , of Hit
Rock Island , , tlio alleged purchaser ol
the Jackson stock of the Partagi
road , regarding the complications thai
liavo grown out of the sale of the
slock , and with a view to arrive a !
some amicable arrangement in ordei
that the work already commenced
on the Air Line may bo continued ,
There is little hope that such an ur
ranuoinent can bo made. Itismori
likely that the Portage Air Line com'
paiiy will bo resurncttd by Vandcr
bill and Gould , thu former of when
is known to have largo holdings on
the Northwestern and St. Paul .
Omaha roads , and the latter in boll
the Rock Island and Northweston
and the sixty-night miles of rout
south from Superior , thus com
pleted in time to souiiru the lain
CITY OF Mi'AK'o , February l. Tlu
four commiRHions appointed to maki
survoyH for the Mexican Southern
railroad , ot which General Grant ii
president , huvo completed thuir work
ind made the following report
Fiom the city of Putiblo thoj
rcL-ommoml the adoption of the line
by way of Tepoyhan and Terola , and
to the city of Oaxueu by way of Tohn
acan. From O.ixaca to the Pacific
they recommend the line by wuy ol
Maihuatlan to Port Ouatucco , am
From Vera Cruto Pueblo via Antoi
Lc/.ardo. Plans are to be sent on t <
New York immediately.
( 'iiicAiio , February 1. Ala iiieotin ;
of the directors of thu Chicago
Alton railroad comnany , hold to-day ,
a fli'ini-annual dividend of 4 per cent
was declared , payable March 1
Morris K. Jessun , of Jcsnup , Pattoi
ifc Co. , Now York , was elected direc
tor to fill the vacancy caused by tin
retirement of Wijson G. Hunt , o
New York , who resigned some nionthi
ago.CiiHiAUO , February 1.A specia
moetiiiL' of stockholder of thu Pull
man Palace car company was hold to
day , for thu purpose of taking uctioi
on the question of increasing tin
capital stock. Now stock to the extent
tent of 82,5211,000 , , being 25 per cent
of the entire capital slock of the com
puny , wun ordered isHiied. All stock
holderii have thu option to subscribe
for now stock at par to the oxtonl o
one-fourth of their holdings , Al
shares not subscribed for by stock
holders by March 1st , 1882 , will b
forfeited by the company , to bo noli
or disposed of at the discretion of th
Nuw YOHK , February 1 At
meeting of the Trunk Lines'oxeci :
tivo comntitteo acting us n standin
oommittooj of the joint executive con
mittoe held at Commissioner Fink1
this afternoon , the following reuoli
tion was passed That first and soi
ond-cluss passenger rates both oai
and west bound ( moll be reduced f
the following base on February IK
1882s Chicago and Now York , $21
unlimited , $23,25 , except by tt
Pennsylvania and Baltimore and Ohio ,
which shall bo 821 ! fiO. Socond-claM
by all lines , § 17. New Kuglnnd rates
to bo made on the basis of 822 limit
ed from Chic.igo to Boston via all
routes crossing the Hudson river
north of Now Yory City : Now Kng-
lanil rates through Now 'York shall bo
made by adding to Now York rates as
above local rates east of Now York
by route of ticket , together with 75
cents transfer in all cases.
Towluli Pnmnoution in Rn * ln ,
Katloiml Aiwoclatotl I'rrwi.
LONDON. February 1. A meeting
of sympathizers with the oppressed
Jowj called by thu lord mayor nt the
instance of a requisition signed by the
archbishop of Canterbury , the bishops
of London , Manchester and Oxford ,
Cardinal Manning , Prof. Darwin ,
Prof. Jowott , Mult how Arnold , the
wxrl of Slmftshury and Lord Klcho ,
was hold to-day at thoMansion Mouse
under the presidency of the lord
mayor. It was a largo and influential
gathering , nearly every nationality
ooing represented. Several addresses
were mndu by prominent gentlemen
denouncing tlio Russian miliUry and
police authorities for their inaction
and apparent antipathy in the recent
anti-Semitic ngilution , closing with a
strong appeal to persons of alt nations
to unite in a petition to thu czar to
grant protection and the rights of cit
izenship to his Jewish subjects. Res
olutions wore then fussed protesting
against the persecution of Jews which
has for some time been going on
throughout Russia , proposing to raise
funds for the relief of thu persecuted
and distressed victims of the late anti-
Semitic agitalion , mid request
ing that the lord mayor ap
point a committee to furnish A
copy of the resolutions to Mr. Olud-
slouo and Karl Grauvillu. It in hoped
that the government may be able op
portunely to inllueiieo the Russian
government to act in accordance with
the expressed wish of the mooting.
Nnw YORK , February 1. Chicker-
ing hall was crowded to-night by people
ple desiring to express sympathy with
the Jews iu Russia. Mayor ( Inico
presided. Kx-Secrotary liviirls said
that Russia respected \\liut thin nation
had to say. Judge Noah Davis and
others spoke. A resolution of sym
pathy was adopted- "
ST I'r.TiUSiiUHi"Fobruary ( 1. The
cxar has directed that Jews bo repro-
spilled in the future in the delibera
tions of thi' Anti-Semitic inquiry.
Fire * .
Nation tl Aanociutuil 1'rcnn.
Louimmr , N. \.t February 1.
disastrous tire broke out this morn-
ig in the Binul room of Arnold &
little's Hour mill , which , with other
iiills destroyed , was running ni lit
nil day. Thu lire spread to the mills
if Thornton it Chester and thouco to
: ho Becker mill. Loss , $200,000 ; in-
uranco , $75,000. Second Aidstant
Cnginoor George Woods , who waa'out
IT from escape in the four h'ntory of
tlio Tuorntoni& ! Chasteriinill. jumped
rom a window , breaking his neck" .
W. I ) . Stabler , builder , also broke hit
irm. Thirty men are thrown out ol
LKAVIINWOHTII , Kan.February 1.
A five broke out in the south building
) f the Fort Loayonworth barracks
ut ! ( o'clock this evening. The
building was on the west side of the
; ) la t , and was occupied by company
jl of the Seventh cavalry , and com
pany M of the Eighteenth cavalry.
The band headquarters building on
ho south was torn down to stop the
pread of the flames. All the arms
und equipments were saved , but thu
"mildim ; was entirely destroyed. LOBH
About $11,000 Many of the soldiorn
lost all their private property. The
ljuilding wan old and dry , and it WILE
with difficulty that the fire was kept
rom spreading to neighboring build-
Jolm Kelly Triumph * .
S'atlonal Annoclatml I'rotft.
AI.IIANV , February 1. The liar
mmi/ing committee of the ussoniblj
UIICUH mot thu Tammany assembly
nun to-night , and after a long discus-
ion thu conniiitteu announced ilH
willingness to guarantee to Tiimnmin
ho chairmanship mid Iho conliollin
nlluonuo in thu coininiltouH on rail
oadH and on cities if they would imp
iurt I'altorHon for speaker. Thu pro
xm'itinn W.IH agreed to.
National Ai-odaUd I'ruti.
Cifii'Aiio , February 1. Alford < S
Ijowin , cigut dealers , whom ) store win
cloHud by the uliuriH' yesterday , madi
in assignment thin morning to ( lee
J. Tutu. Tlioir assets comuatof atocl
Hiibjuct to oxocittion. lioim in favor ol
the Luke City bank , Warsaw , Ind.
ind .lami.'H AloNiirnuy , agurcgatim
? 10,000 and olhor property oHtiinatot
at $20,000.
A Choioo Montel.
National Aneoclatcil I'roai ,
DBS MOINKK , February 1. 'Mm
Afaria Yet/.or IKIH filed a bill fo
livorco and $100,000 alimony ugains
lor liuuband , Joneph C. Yct/.ur , i
iroiniiiunt banker , worth a quarter o
i million , alleging adultery with i
woman in Chicago and St. Louis
The trill will bo soimliniml ,
Although opened only two month
igo , the Opurii llonao Clothing stoi
in rapidly gaining popularity by loj
pricuB and good goods , i'hu stock i
entirely now , and sold for cash n
strictly one price. "Marked in plaii
figmW on every article , Call an
examine before going elsewhere.
.1. I * . LUND ,
217 H. loth street , Omaha.
.JiuitlFoM : , , ' ,8U.
John H. Erck , the popular lov
dealer at Nos. ( U5 and ( J17 Nort
Sixteenth street , has a carload i
Hplondid cook stoves and ranges u
the road , He will have in a day t
two u number of the celebrated Lil
French wrought iron rangpa , a no
thing in Omaha , and which in destine
to bo f/i range of the future.
List of the New York Fire Vic
tims ,
Aa Ffir as it Hoa Been Possible
to Ascertain the
Names ,
The Belief General Now That
Over Ono Hundred People
Have Perished.
Bnt Firn in tlio Hutu * Malca * In-
National AwoclaUd Pirwi.
Nnw YOUK , February 1. Five en *
ginos are still pouring water upon the
ruins of the burned World building.
It will bo Rovoral days before the tire
in the debris will have boon quench
ed. It in still a matter of conjecture
as to how many persons perished. It
in reported that fifteen persons are
missing. Two are known to bo killed
and eight injured. The following is
the list an made up by thn police nt ,
noon to-day.
Klloii Hull , ( colored ) , janitresa.
Richard Daviea , compositor , wounded -
od severely.
Harry Joint , Iwdly burned.
Robert Jlowiu , compositor , Iwdly
Col. L. 1) . llrueo , burned slightly.
Leslie S. Bruce , burned aliphtly.
Clms. F. Harris , burned severely.
Kd ward Moore burned badly.
Geo. M. Klnp , burned slightly.
Walter Norris , scorched slightly.
Chas. White , burned slightly.
Two. employes of The Observer
slightly burned.
The following people ire missing :
Mary Blair , compositor , Rahway ,
Now Jersey.
Joseph Cunningham , compositor ,
Now York.
John Uempsoy , engineer , New
Alfred W. Hsrrm , foreman , New
( layman , agent , Now York.
Mr. Gunthor , editor Scottish Amer
Harry P. Johnson , compositor ,
Now York.
E. S. Mailler , lawyer , Brooklyn.
1) . A. McCormick , painter , Now
Mary O'Connor , third floor , Now
York.Mary Smith , third floor , Now York.
Win. llubbs , photographer , Brook-
Robert Troadway , compositor ,
D. W. Denison , compositor , Brook
lyn.Miss Ityorson , compositor , Now
lief that to the lat | - o lhe ueaafniusfc1
bo added Frank Cunningham , Alfred
Harris and Robert Troadwoll , whoso
bodies are supposed to bo in the
The ruins of the old World build
ing are still guarded by a force
of nolice and a number of engines are
stilt playing streams of water on thu
yet burning muss It will not bo pos
sible to dig the remains for a day or
two and it is very doubtful if any
bodies will bo rocogni/.ablo. It is im-
ossiblaoMt to more than conjecture
ho nufflMr of lives lout. Ono him-
irod krfown to have been in thebuild- ,
ng are reported missing and it seems
ortain seven others perished.
Five girls employed in the oflico of
ho Bank Note Reporter are supposed
.o bo lost. It is also rumored Ross
and lteiitonof the Scottish-American ,
lave not been found. It is believed
the woman who fell back in the flames
vas book-keeper for Todd , lawyer.
Coroner Herrmun will summon a
, ury to-morrow. The fire marshal has
ulreadybogun investigation.
Dumpsoy , the engineer , at first ro-
orted missing , testified that a dofcc-
, ivo line caused a small lire Mnndtiy.
llotlioii stopped using that flue , and
isod one already abandoned. It in
certain the lire was caused by a Hue
At 1 p. m. the remaining wall was
pulled down , though the partition
wall remains high up. In this an iron
tmfo is Htnek.
The IColloy building is only slight
ly injured. The Morao buildini ; is
seriously injuiod , chiefly by the fall
ing of a wall against it.
The American humane society has.
ivrimlod a medal to a Colored boot
black who climbcda telegraph polo and
navod several lives.
The Turf , Field and Farm has.
opened now ofliues and will issue as.
16th Street Grocer ,
Lemons and Oranges ,
Choice Butter and
Tlut upon IKth ila > of Jauua ) . 18 0 , Ihu mi
Uorbl nt ! < l liouiflitat jirivatu sale In ll > fount >
treasurer's oflke , foruvmot mS.touuty anil
city , lot 8 111 li'ock 151. Oniahft Ity. DouKlaa
County , Nenrasku That iul'1 property ut late
ol Bald ualu was uifHwd on truosuroTB book to
O. 0. Iliirnlumi. That tlio uudcrsiiriiea will an-
ply for , and MUSH to ho bsuid to him a ttcasur-
er's ileui ! for said trait DM or alter the uxplratlMv
ol tlueo months frm.i Uatu hereof , iinK-an re-
ili'iuntlon IMJ mailo ofiaM loUn the mcNitns * .
r C r WTSEH ,
Omaha , Nuh.U . -'S. I88i Ubl.U
Itotm 4 , Cn'M'ton ' lllock , Fifteenth 'Street.
janlO-3n > _ _ _
C , F. Manderson ,

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