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( HO Farnham , bol. Oth and 10th 8treet ,
n cony 1 year , In advance ( poilivild ) . . . 110.00
0 month * " " 5.00
month " " 8.00
TIMI CARD 0111CAQO , dr. PAtt , * I > MUrOUJ ! iSD
Ixavo Omaha Paascneor No. 2 , 3:301 : m. Ac-
oommodatlon Ho. 4 , 1:0 : ( p , m.
Art-it o Omaha Possoncer No. 1,6.10 p.m.
Accommodation No. 3,10:60a. : in ,
C. , D. & 0. 7:10 n. m. 3:10 : p. m.
C. & N. W. . 7:10 : a. m. 3:40 : p. m.
C. , R. 1. & I1. . 7:40 : a. m. 3:40 : p. m.
K. C. , St. J. a C. 3. , leave * at 8 a. m , vid 6:30 :
vp. m. Arrl"C8i\t tit. Louis at 0:30 : a. m. and 6:52 :
.p. m.
m.W. , St. L. ft P. , loMcuatS a. tu. and 3:10 : p.
Arrive * a St. Louis At 0:10 : a. m. and 7:30 :
WMT OR BOtmiwrars.1
3. fc M. In Neb , , Through Express , 8:50 : m.
B. & M. Lincoln Exprww 0:20 : p. tn.
U 1' . Overland Expre-w , 12:18 : p. ra.
0 , i R. V. tor Lincoln , 11:45 : r . m.
O. , fc H. V. for Otweola. 9:40 : a. m.
U. P. ( relent No. 5 , 6:30 : a. m.
O. P. freight No. 9 , 8:40 : a. m.
U. P. freight No. IS , : f > 0p. m.
U. P. freight No. 7 , 6:10 : p. m. emigrant.
.iP. Denver oxprcsi , 7S5 : p. in.
D. P. freight Nn 11 , U'SO p. m.
ZJ. P. Denver frc-uht , h:26 : p. m.
(3. D. & 0 1:00 a. m. 7:25 : p m.
C * N. W.,9:46 a. m. 7:25 : p. m.
C. U. I. &r.,9:45 : rv. in. 9:05 : p. m.
'K. ' C. , St. Joe & 0 D. , 7:40a. : m. :45p. :
jjuuvwa rr.oM Tim n-mi AND somiwur ,
> 0. 4 R. V. Iroin Lincoln 1.03 p. m.
U. P. Paclfl : F.xprean 3:25 : p. in.
B A M. In Neb , , Through Expro * * 1:16 : p m.
B. & M. Lincoln Kxirwt 9:10 : a m.
O. P. Denver oxprew , 7:35 : u. tu.
O. P. Freight No. 14-2tO : p. ra.
U. P. Ko. 6 5:20 : a. m. Emigrant.
U. P. freight No. U , 12:16 p. m.
U. P. No. 8 0.00 p. m.
U. P. No. 12 1:46 : a. m.
D , P. Dciner freight , 1:10 : i. in.
O. A H , V. mixed , ar , 4:45 : p. m.
Leave Omaha at 3:00 : , 0.00 , 10:00 : and 11:00
m. ; IX ) 2fflO , 3:00 : , 4:00 : and 6:00 : p. in.
Loava Countli Bluff * ftt 8:25 : , 0:25. : 10:25 : and
1:25 a. m. ; 1:26 , 2:2fi : , 3:26 : , 4:25 : and 6:26 p. ra.
Sundays The dummy leaves Omaha , at 9:00 :
and 11-00 a. n. ; 2:00 , J:00 : and 6:00 p. m. Loans
Council Hluta at 9:25 : and 11:26 : a. m. ; 2:25 : , 4:26 :
ooj 5:2i : p. in.
Through and local patsrnccr trains between
< J maha and Couiull Bluffs. Lcaxo Omaha 6:15 : ,
1 : 46 , 8:50 : a. m. ; 3:40 : , 6:45 : , 6:00 : p. m. Arrive
if ! maha 7:40,11:36,11:45 : : a. tu. ; 6:40 : , 7:05. : 7:16 : ,
! M p. at. _
Opening ant Closing of Mll * .
! 'f * dtTB. OPKM. cLoas ,
a. in. p. m. t. ni. p. m.
W . 11.00 9:00 6:30 : 2:40 :
Chicago , R I. & 1'ai.lilc 11:00 : 9:00 6:30 : 2:40 :
Chicago , B. li .11:00 : 9:00 : 6:30 : 2:10 :
12:30 6:30 : 2:40 :
Sioux City ami Pai-lfis. 9:00 : 6:30 : 2:40 :
Union Pacific 4:00 11:40 :
Omaha R. V 4:00 11:40 :
3. * M. In Nub 4:00 : 3:10 :
Om&hu 4 Sioux Citj. . . . 6.00 7:30 :
B. &M. Lincoln 10:30 : 6:00 :
O. P. Lincoln , Sunday. . . 1:30 : 11:00 :
TJ. P. Denver EM > . 0:00 : 6:50 :
O. , Sioux City t St. P. . . 11:00 : . . .v
Local mall * for State of Ion a leave but cnco a
day , viz : 0.30 a , m.
Office opeu Sundays fiom 12 m. to 1 p. ui.
Business Directory.
Abitrnct and Real bitate.
JOHN L. McCAOUE , opposite Post Offlco.
W. R. BARTLETT 317 South 13th Sttoot.
Architect ! .
Room 11. Crcighton Block.
A. T. LARGE Jr. . Room 2 , CioUhton Block.
Dooti and 8ho i.
Tina Bcota and Shoes. A good assortment of
b ni3 work on hand , corner 12th and Harney.
mO3. ERICKSON , S. E. cor. 16th and DouzlM.
SOi 10th street , manufactures to order good woik
O4 fair prleea. Repairing done.
Bed Spring * .
J. F. LARRIMER Manufacturer. 1617 Dourlaiit.
Booki , New * and Stationery.
J. I. FRUEHAUF 1016 Farnham Street.
Butter and Egg * .
tfsSUANK i SCHROEDER , the oldest B. and E.
t oo In Nobnwka cntabltithed 1876 Omaha.
tanthweat corner IflthinJ Dodge.
Beit Board for the Money.
Satisfaction Guaranteed ,
Meal * at all Hours.
Board by the Day , Week or Month.
Good Terms for Caah ,
Furnished Ttnnms Supplied.
Road WaRon .
WM 8NYDER , 14th and Harney Street * .
Clothing Bought.
J. HAUKU will pay hlghcstCaehprice for second
baad dothtnr. Corner 10th and Farnham.
tlewe or * .
JOHN DAUS1KR 1314 Farnham Street.
. BEKTHOLD , Rag9 and Metal.
Lumber , Lime and Cement.
FOSTER & ORY corner tith and DougUa 8ta.
Lamps and Ulasiware.
J , BONNER 1809 Douglas St. Good Variety.
Merchant Tailor * .
One of our most popular Merchant Tailors la re
celrios the latest designs for Spring and Summer
Oooda for gentlemen s wear. Styllsli , durable ,
and pncea Ionas ever 216 13th bet. Doug.bFam.
a. C. A. RINGER , Wholesale and Retail , Fan
cy Oooils In great variety , Zephyrs , Card Boards ,
Hosier ) , Gloves , Corsets , ic. Cheapest House In
UjoVest. . Purchasers sa\e 30 per cent. Order
br Mall. 116 Fifteenth Street.
JOHN WEARNK & SONS , cor. Hth 4 Jarkeon eta
Mourand Feed.
OMAHA CITY HILLS , 6th and Farnbim Std.
Weltruna Bros. , proprietors.
Grocer * .
Z. STEVENS , Slat between Curulng and Irar
T. A. McSHANE. Corn. 23d and Cumlng Street *
Hardwaie , Iron and Steel.
OLAN & LANOWOKTUY , Wholesale , 110 and
112 15th street
A. HOLMES corner 16th and California.
Harneii , Saddle * , &c.
B. WEI8T 2018th St. bet FarnUarney
Hotel *
; ANFIKLD nOUSEQeo. CanOeld.fithb FarnhaE
DORAN HOUSE , P H. Gary , 818 Farnham flt
SLAVEN'S HOTEL. F. Slaven , 10th St.
Southern Hotel GUI. Hamel 9th < t Lcavenwortb
Orugi , Paint * and Ull * .
ffbirmaelsta , Fine "ane Uoods , Cor. Ittn am
LIOUZIH ttreeu
V. 1. WHITEHOWKVliolesale & Retail , 16th st
C. FIK.LD , 20-22 North Bide Cumlng Street
PARR , Druggist. 10th and Howard Street * .
- Dentist * .
DH. PAUL , Williams' Block Cor. Hth & Dodge.
Dry Qood * Notion * , Etc.
Mew York Dry Goods Store , 1310 and 1312 Farn
him itret.
L. t ) . Enewold also boot * and shoes 7th & Pacific.
A. T. GROSS , New and Beyond Hand Furnltur
od Sto\c , 1111 Dcugla * . Ulbet | [ cub prlc
aid for second har/i zoooi.
BONNER 1303 Daujtla it. Fin * goodl , Ac
f tree Work * .
BD8T , FBIEflCO IZlSHarneySt. , Improri
d IM Boies , IICE and Wood Fence * , Offle *
, Couotlli flue tnd Wllaut.
Olgar * and Tobacco.
WEST \ FRITSCB KR , manufacturers Ol Cgar >
tnd Wholiwalo Dealenl n ToNvrcoo , 1305 Douglan.
V. F. LOREN7.F nianuLicturer U16Fiirnnam
A. DonvhutpUnt , cut floncru , nonli ,
tc. N. W. cor. 16th and Douglas streets.
Olvll Engineer * and Surveyor * ,
ANDREW HOSKWATKH , Cr lihton | Block ,
'own Survejs , Grade RnJ Sewerage 9jitems a
3-clalty. |
Oommlnlon Merchants.
JOHN G.V1L 1,13,1114 Dodge Street.
D n. tlF.KMF.H. For detAllj w Urge advertise
ment In IHIIv and WokU' .
Cornice Work * .
Vestcrn Cornice Works , .Manufacturers Iron
iriilco , Tin , Iron and 8hto Rnofllng. Orders
rom any locality promptly o\fcut l In the best
manner. Factory and Otlicc 1213 llarnej St.
C. Sl'KCHT , 1'roprtctor.
Galianlzcil Iron Cornice * , Window Caps , etc. ,
manufactured and iiut up In n > part of the
country. T. HINH01.D 118 Thirteenth rtrcct
DON.NKIt 1309 DOU IM atrcct. Good line.
Clothing and Furnlthlng Good * .
OEO. II. PETERSON. Also Hat , Caps. Boot * ,
qhOM , Notions and Cutlery. 004 8. lOthjitri-et ,
Refrigerator * , Canfleld'i Patent.
U. P. OOODMAN llth St. bet. Farn. & Harney.
Show Case Manufactory ,
0. J. WILDE ,
lanufacturcr and Dealer In all kinds ot Show
Casoa , Upright Coses , 4 „ 1317 Cam St.
FRANK L. oriRHARD , proprietor Omiha
how Case inanufictory , SIS South 10th street ,
tetucon Loatcnuorth and Marcy All goods
warranted Orst laM.
Pawnbroker * .
10th St. . het. far. A lUr
Htoves ana inware.
Dealer In Stoca and Tinware , and Manufacturer
f Tin Roofs and all kind * of Building Work ,
Odd Follows1 Block.
. BONNER. 13d9 Douglas St. Good and Cheap.
. EVANS , Wholesale and Retail Bred Drills nd
Culthators , Odd Fellows Hall.
Physician * and Surgeon * .
V. S. GIBUS , M. D. , Room No I , C'relghton
Block , 15th Street.
P. S. LEISGNR1NG , M. D. Masonic Block.
C. L. HART , M. D. , Eye and Enr , opp. postofBca
Oculist and Aurlst. S. W 16th auj Faruham Sta
Orund Central ( Jillerv ,
:12 Sixteenth Strcit.
near Masonic Hall. Fint-cia ) i Work and Prompt
ness gimrantcop
Plumbing , Qas and Steam Fitting.
P. W. TARPY & CO. . 210 12th ht. , bet. Karnham
and Douglas. Work promptly attended to.
D. 7ITZPATKICK , 140J Douelaa Street.
nltitlnc an aper anting.
HENRY A. KOSTKRS , 141 Uodgo Street.
Shoe Stores.
Phillip Lanir , 1320 Farnham st. bet. 13th & 14th.
Second Hand Store.
PERKINS & LKAR , 1418 Ponjlas St. . Niw and
iocond Hand Furniture , House Furnishing Goods ,
tc , , houi'ht and sold on narrow marrlns.
Ualoon * .
n tne nuw brick block on Douglas Straet , haa
Just openud a mo t elegant Bcej Hall.
Hot Lunch from 10 to 12
e\ery day.
1 Caledonia " J FALCONER 679 10th Street.
Undertaker * .
CUAS. RIEWE , 101 * Farnham liet. 10th & lltd.
00 Cent Store * .
P. 0. BACKUS 1205 Farnham St. , Fancy Goods
SomoImportautatatomoMtB of We
Known People Wholly
In order that the public may fully realize thu
cnulneiiess of the statements , as well as the
power and value of the article of which the\
ipcak , we publish herewith the fac-siuillo signa
tures oftmrtics whose sincerity Is beyond ques
tion. The Truth of those testimonials Is abso
lute , nor can the facto they announce bo Ig
OMAHA , NIB. , May 24,1881.
H. H. WARNER & Co. :
DIUR SIR : I have frequently used Warner's
Safe Kidney aud Liver Cure for local affections
attendant upon set ere rheumatic attacks , and
lavealvtayij derived benefit therefrom , I ha\o
also used the Safe Nervine with satisfactory ro-
suits. I consider these medicines worthy of
Deputy Treasurer
OMAHA , NRB , May 24 , laSl'
H. TT. WARN SB & Co. , Itochestcr , N. V. :
OB.STH : I ha\o used your Safe Kidney and
Liver Cure this spring as a li cr luvlgorator , and
1 find It the best remedy 1 e\er tried. I have
used 4 bottles , and it haa made me feel better
than e\cr I did before In the spring.
U. P. U. Shops.
OMAHA , NRB. , May 24 , 1881 ,
SIRS : For more than 16 ye are I have suffered
much In onvehienco from combined kidney and
li\cr diseases , mid ha\e been unable to ork.
my urliuiy oricna also being affected. I ricd a
great nmi > itiudiclnfH and doctors , but I grew
worse and worse day by day. I vas told I had
lirl ht/n / Disease , and 1 ished myclf dead if I
could riot have speedy relief. I took your Bate
Kidney and Liver Cure , knowing nothing else
wag ever known to cure tha dlacaae. ami 1 hav
not been disappointed. The nicdlclna haa curtxl
me , and I am perfoc ly well to-ilav , entirely
through your Safe Kidney and Liver C'uro 1
wishjou all suec as In publlahlni ; thU valuable
remedy through the world
U. I' . It. It. Shops.
Thousands < > ( equally trong cnilorn nienU
many of them In canei where hope was aban
doned bovo been voluntarily irlvr-n , showing the
rcniaikable power of Warner' * < < afu Kidney and
Liter Cure , In all d eeases of the kidneys , liver
C' ' " If any CP who reads this
.trouble rirr ( "liber the Rriul
If you uieainauU f It younrwa
offU lno , vrettk BV rnn of lei ,
BV trrxtoiUiiKoYermid
fin < Mlbytli
your iiitlr * avoid W nlitlit work , to m
tliiiulantiand u < W toiet/rnlniiervpunr'
Hop Bitter * , wate , UMI Hop B.
ifYOU art TounK and cufTerinK from any li.
uiMirtloii r iirni-lpa Oun i irTouBrnrnar
orKyouuir , ulTrrlnir fret.
rlcd or lnKl . old
/ ; , . | en a Led of .tck
iieaa. rt'U on HopHBItter < >
Whnir/r iMtk * me au-
yon arc , Tuouuna
SSSrSou "eii ral ? > " 'jvasr ;
that T o u r iy U' o UUft i1 ljr.MB "I0. * ,
ed. cleuriilnB , tonK 1 "W
' " Itr tUf.'ir'iSSl '
"ffi ftta/iS / ww .
tak-o Hop JA..Sv Hcpfcltter *
Bltt ' * > .
D. I. O
III an abjolutt
tim/n , ' , ill e el land Irreufita.
of thtf fomarn , | HOP M cur to'
' ' drunVcnnem
H ro'rnfr HUM , of opium ,
You will be tobacco , OJ-
cured If jouuw narcotic * . .
Hop Bitter *
. 8oMbydn/K
1,1 If T you w f re k and lrn. I SBSfi l
Io i'lrilidlry
HI It mny j | | , _ A | | | | uui-uirnu
inve your I FAIL TU 10. ,
Ufa. It hat
auvcd hun- „ . _ .
dredB , < jj IJ AToronlo.OiiI.
Seal Estate Agency
Kcip * complete abstract of lltie to FU
B UVo lo Omaha an DouyUl countv , mayt
Tolliuff of Bioho or Ruin Amid
Tnvolng ltd Figures from the folay
Crowd In the Stock KxcJuitiRe to
the Pnpor Tape In it Broker's
Otllco Where SpooulH-
tors Wntch.
Vrork Sim
There is ; in liuliu-ink sketch , by n
N'OVV York artist , which illustrntctt
he rtllegoricnl niul pnictical sides of
Vnll Btreut apeculntion. The practi-
ill side is uxainplitiud in four vii-
lottca , ami on the pnsso [ Kirtout stir-
ouiulini ; stud inulosing tlioin is por-
rayed the allegorical aide. In the
irst vignette n countrified old gontlo-
iiiin is looking at the tape as it rolls
rom the "ticker" or stock indictor.
lo is a bull ; stocks are rising and he
nanifcsts every indication of delight.
) u the passe partont is n hill , on the
ummit of which stands a hull with
lead tossed defiantly. At the foot a
iuar sits in u dejected attitude. In the
econd vignette the scone is the same ,
nit the smile has left the old Kontlo-
nun's face , and ho is regarding the
ape with some alarm. The market is
> cginnini ! to weaken. On the border
he bear is climbing the hill , and the
mil is waiting with lowered head. Tn
ho third vignette the old gentleman
a iua districted condition , and he is
ooking on the tupp in dismay. The
uarket is falling slowly _ In the bor-
lor the bull and bonrnro in tierce con-
lict on the top of the hill , and the
> ear has a triile the mlvantugo. In
he last vignette the irascible old en-
leman has smashed the tickler with
lis umbrella , and is rushing oil'
vitli diBtirratigcd clothing and the
ape tangled in his legs. The inur-
cut has had a heavy tumble. On
he border the bull is tumbling head-
oromost down the hill and the bear
B sitting on the summit triumphant
L'ho scone illustrates one of the diap
ers of the story ot the "ticker. "
JOBS exaggerated scones of joy , doubt
uul despair are enacted around the
unfeeling little instruments every day.
I'he tape convoys messages of for-
tinea won or fortunes lost , of riches
or of ruin. Wherever a "tickor"
> lacud in a public resort men g.ither
lontinually around it until it ceases to
give quotations. Hut they are chance
: omcrs , who have dropped in to see
low a certain stock or the market in
jeneral is going , and "they are
seldom large opesators. T a
aniline speculators are to be
leen hovering over the tape in the
otlice of the brokers near the stock
exchange. They impatiently watch
every quotation , and when operating
' catch the market" that is , buy or
sell at the price then ruling before it
las a chance to change. Messengers
are in waiting to convey their orders
to the brokers on the Hour of the ex
change. The employes of the ex
change find the broker and give him
; he order. The broker does exactly
as ho is ordered. If buying "at
market , " ho does the best he can.
As he makes a purchase or a sale
; ho reporters of the Gold it Stock
Telegraph company note it , and then
: he work of the "tickor" begins.
Eight reporters are on the floor of
; he Exchange , and the head reporter
is Mr. C. M. Beecher. They wear
blue caps with gold bands , and the
letters "G & S. " All are skilful
telegraph operators , and are selected
for their intelligence and alertness.
The different stocks on the list are
iroportioned among them , and each
) iio haa a certain line to look out for.
Wherever one sees business done ho
: akes down the quotations. He has a
wd of paper about five inches in
ongth by three inches in width , ruled
in perpendicular lines. At the head
of each line is the abbreviations of a
stock title , as "Iv. T. , " for Missouri ,
Kansas , and Texas. An ho catches
, ho 11 notations ho jots them
down in the lines under the
> roper titles. Having got
; he latest quotations on such stocks
as are active , ho hastens to the near
est tolegraphicinstrumo..t. T libra are
thirteen instruments in different
jarts of the room. The reporter rates -
, ! es oll'his quotations as fast as possi-
3(0 ( , and renews his search for in-
'ormation. The brokers aflbrcl thorn
every facility for gathering news , and
often gave them notes of quotations.
In this way the report is made very
complete , and few quotations are
miHsed. At the close of business each
reporter makes up a list ot the closing
prices and liindn ; it to Mr. Heecher ,
who telegraphs the figures to the olli-
ces of the ( Jold it Stock Telegraph
In the receiving room in the fourth
story of the Western Union bnil'ling
arc six clerks with instruments before
them. The central tiguro is the oper
ator who receives all the dispatches
from the reporters of the Stock Ex
change , lie writes them quickly and
plainly on a slip of paper and sticks it
in a frumo in front of him. The frame
is so placed that the two opurulorHcan
see the figures plainly. The operator
on tho' right runs the stock "tickers' "
and the one on the left the general
tickers. " The first-named
news - oper
ator has a set of black and white keys ,
precisely like a piano , sut before him ,
The keys are marked with letters and
numbers. That keyboard operates all
the stock "tickers" in this oity and
"tickers" as far away an Newark aiid
Orange. The operator reproduces
every quotation , The general nowii
operator takes the more important
quotations. Ho also reproduces what
appears on a tape of Kiornan's finan
cial "ticker" that reels ofi' buforo him.
Ho works on a keyboard of different
pattern , in which the keys are sot in
two concentric circles. Those are the
two < rcat and important diviHions of
the "tickor. " It is estimated that
when business in the exchange is run
ning at an ordinary rate a quotation
can bo caught by the reporter , tele
graphed to the central oflico , bo sent
out again and reappear on all tapes
inside of half a ininuta. When busi
ness in livelier the operators fall Home-
what behind the quotations , but live
minutes is the oxtrcmo time of delay.
A broker makes a ale , and before ho
can get back to his oflioo , u few blocks
away , it ia there on the "tickor"
ohoad of him. The two other
operators in fho receivinjj
room receive reports from tlu
Mining Exchange and send them oul
on the mining "ticker. " There ia
another instrument in the room wjiich
records in telegraphic dots-and
every dispatch received from the
and mining exchanges. It is intend
ed to act as a check on the reporters
and the receiver if a dispute should
atiso concerning a dispatih Oppo
site the operators is a complete dupli
cate set > f inatnimonts winch they
could at once use in case of accident
to the other act. Oil thiMv.UI hnnga
the large uravity clock which regu
lates the time "tickers. " It ta , i won
derful place of accurate mooh.inisin ,
and was made by I'rof. Jamo * Ham-
blot , the manager of the time setvico.
It ia regulated each day by dispatches
from the observatories U I'iltaburg ,
Washington and Cambridge
The "tickers" in use in Una city at
the time of the report in November
were Stock , H ( > 7 ; general UINVS , I''li ;
cotton , 80 : produce , ( V8 : tune , 82 :
mining , I ! ! > ; and Kiornan's Financial.
Ilio Gold and Stock Telegraph com
pany controls individually nil those
tickers , except the last named , which
it manages for Senator .John ,1. Kier-
nan. The Kiernan financial ' 'tickers"
report only a few of the stock quot\-
tions , but give general financial news
and other news of interest frrnu all
over the world. Ho controls the
portion of the city below Chambers
street , The same news is furnished
above Clumbers street by the goner , * !
nowa "ticker" of the Hold and Stock
Uoaidus having reportois in the
Stock Exclmgo , the comp.iny has
similar reporters IM the mining , pro
duce and cotton exchanges. Their
reports are received by opor.itors in
the largo hall of the Western Tnion
telegraph company , and are aent out
from there. The time "tickers" are
furnished to travelers railroads , and
other offices whore the exact tune is
desired. It is an adjunct of the time
ball , which falls precisely at noon on
on the polo on the summit
of the Western Union building.
The little instrument a jeweler
shop boats every two seconds , and at
the beginnin | ; of each hour and quar
ter-hour strikes like an ordinary
"Tickera" arool twokii.dsof manu
facture. Some print a continuous
line on a narrow tape , anil others
print two lines on a wider tape , one
being the title of the stock ami the
other its price. The single line instru
ment is run by weights , and the two-
line , or throe-wire instrument , ia run
by electrical powor'from the central
otlice. The lfi ( > 3 or more "tickers"
are on dilferent circuits , averaging
from twenty to forty "ticki-rs ' to a
circuit. Each circuit is visited daily
to see that it is in running order. The
inspectors visit each "ticker" twice a
week to clean it , ink the pads , supply
lie tape and ascertain if it is in good
Woodworking order.
The work of the ' 'ticker ' isnotcon-
ined to this city. Mr. fJuorgo W.
Scott , the superintendent , furnished
i report of the "tickers" in operation
> y the company in other largo cities.
These "tickers" arc , however , not
vorkod direct from the Now York
oflices. The quotations are sent to a
central operator in the other cities ,
ind ho sends thorn to the "tickers. "
Among the cities having the
greatest number of "tickers" are :
Joston , 111 ; Chicago , 142 ; Hal-
imore , ! )1 ) ; Cincinnati , 70 ; St.
"iouis , ! ) ; Buffalo. 4 ! ? , and Cleveland ,
2. A sale in the Stock Exchange is
cnown in Chicago in less than two
ninutos. The reporters and opora-
.ors are so skilful that a mistake is
rare The brokers aroJvnok | to no-
; ice an error , and a correction is at
once made.
Ladd , who has an otlice in the
jtock Exchange , is the oflicial timo-
ceoper. At 2:30 : p. in. each day - the
regular time for closing of dolivcrios
of stock a wire from Ladd's oflico is
witched on to the "tickers , " and the
'amiliar fifteen beats are sounded.
After that time no deliveries of stock
an bo made.
A , Mnr volons Cnre
. ' 'or ull bodily ailincntH , urisiiif , ' fiom itn-
mrity of blood , n torpid liver , irregularity
of the bowels , indigestion , constipation , or
disordered kidneyu , ia warranted in a free
IBO of BUUIOCK lii.oon limiix. ! : 1'ricu
Sl.OO , tiial BUB 10 cent * . : tMw
How Much Longer.
'o York Star
How much longer can the country
land the present tendency to pile up
vealth in a few hands/ / This question
_ jahm importance every month. It is
only necessary to look at the facts to
see what tremendous possibilities aio
"odged in the hands of a very few
non , through corporations which eon-
rol the transportation interests of
, hc country , and own the iron and
coal oiland manipulate itn legislation.
Tt in only necessary to look at some of
ho patent'faetH to see what perils lie
it the end of the road wo are driving
over at almost lightning speed. He-
: ere the war there were very few men
; n the United States over ( ivo mil
lions of dollaiH. Most of Stewart's
property was acquired during and af
ter thpvyar. Moat of the mennow worth
ten millions and upward were consid
ered poor and honest twenty-five years
igo. TodayV. . II , Vanderbilt has
? Ufi,000,000 in I nitcd Slates bonds ;
ind ho is reported to hold some § 50- ,
000,000 in Now Vork Central and
Hudson Ilivor stock , § 50,000,000
more in other lailwayo in this and
other states , and a vast amount of
valuable real estate in this city His
jiroporty cannot amount to loss than
8200,000,000 , and probably in nearer
$ : JOO,000,000 than the lormor num.
Ho is , without question , the richest
man on the globe to-day. He could
buy up any of the Rothchilds and
still bo the richest , man in the world.
And , unlike the rich men of England
the Dukes of Hedford , Westminis
ter , Argyll and Huccloh , who inherit
ed their great estates Yandorbilt'u
property has been accumulated in two
ieneriUionH ; , and most of it within
thirty years , The case stands with *
out parallel in history ,
It is u ninguliir list of names that
follow tnat of Vanderbilt in this cata
logue. Wo take each at his reputed
valuation. Jay Gould , § 100,000,000.
Mackoy , 850,000,000 ; Crocker , $50 , .
000 : John Kookufollor of the Stand
ard Oil Company , $40,000,000 ; 0. I *
OOOj JtuH-sell Sago , 815,000,000 J. H ,
Keene , 810,000,000 , ; S. J. Tildoii ,
815,000,000 ; Commodore Garrison
$10,000,000 , ; Cyrus \V. Field , $10 ,
000,000 , ; Hugh J. Jowott $5,000,000
Hidnoy Dillion , 85,000,000 , Davii
DOWB , $5,000,000 ; J. F. Do Navarre
$5,000,000 } John W , Gurrot , 85,000 ,
V !
the it * , v ltioh Di uio Tnion is too
long to give. The world has never
before witnuaaed such a rapid accu-
mulat on of we.ilth in so short a time
in a few handsasintho Tinted Slatea ,
during the lust thirty years. Tt is
true that n feu- Unmans , during the
corrupt era of Roman History , when
carpet , b.it ; rule wivs jit iU height and
Consuls pillaged at will , amassed fab
ulous fortunes. No confidence1 what
ever can bo placed in the estimates
which have como down to us , which
ditlor too widely to be harmonised
Hut , according to the accounts , the
real estate of Cri'osus , the Lydian
Kins ; , the richest man of antiquity ,
was worth only 880,000,000 , about
two thirds the value of Vandorbilt's ,
and his house cost $4,00,000 while that
of Yauderbilt will coat ? : t,000,000.
Tim value of the late W. 15. Aster's
real estate was worth more at the time
of hia death than that of any uncrown
ed head in Hnropo.
The aignilie-uice in tlu-ae facts ia that
in moat instnncos the rapid increase of
wealth has boon duo to corporate ,
legislative or conureasional action.
Moat of those men Imvo either direct
ly influenced or manipulated 1 giala-
turca , or have pmfitod by their acta.
They have amassed their itmnimac for
tunes in part thrombi the noligonco ,
thu trenchory , the corruption of men
elected by the people to protect and
promote tlioir interests. Notoriously
lias this Iwcii the eaao with some of
the men whose names we have men
tioned. How many men in the I nited
States have prolitcd by the enormous
grants of the public lauds , of which
JWO.OOO.OOO acres have been pillaged
from the people' Hut thu alarming
thing is that these men are more in
terested than over in acquiring prop
erty by questionable meansand are con
stantly combining with each other to
inlluouco legist ill roa and governors ,
to bring a pressure to bear on Con
gress and the courts , and to corrupt
ollieinls when they need ollicial aid.
What immense possibilities of corrup
tion men like Gould and Field and
Vandorbill possess" " And it is a no
torious fact that within twenty years
' 10 character of our legislators has
.implotely changed , and men ehimor
j bo elected , though the salary does
ot cover the coat of living at Albany ,
nr * ho tummy ( hey can miiko while
hero. 1'ut a million dollars against
, ho virtue of the present Congressand
would not be enough virtue loft
> r an angle to discern with a micro-
The question forces itself luck up-
n tlu Xiuurican people with treinen-
iluous emphasis. How much longei
an this thing g o on with safety to the
onutry and its instituctions. Wo
.ay . nothini ! against wealth , nothing
igainst the owners of property. A
'ew splendid instances of morn than
irincely liboralty on the part of our
ich men show that wealth in seine
ands becomes a public benefaction.
\11 honor to I'eter Cooper and George
Senoyand other rioh uion like them ,
vlio , instead of upending fortunes in
: orrnpting Legislatures and proatitut
ng the iionch , in order U still fur-
her enrich themselves by robbing the
leoplo , use their surplus moans to
mild up and endow useful institutions
0 increaautho people s knowledge and
onifort. Wo suggest in communis-
iatie leveling , no socialistic raids on
'ich ' men because they are rich. But
.ho fact that within thirty years there
lias boon such an unparalleled increase
it private fortunes and through legisla-
ivoagoncy , and that gigantic fortunes
ire being used now in many instances a *
1 fund to influence and corrupt legia-
ation for the robbery of tliu people to
iggrandiso men already rich , tolls its
own tale and points its own moral.
That is whore the peril lies. And how
eng before the inevitable crush will
jome , unless it should bo wisely pro-
> 'ontodis a question that cannot ho ea-
ily calculated.
Bnohiiu'i junuoa Halvn.
Tlio beat salvo in the world for uuta ,
mmcH , Bores , ulcers , salt rhuuin ,
over aoro.1 , totter , chapped hand ! ) ,
ihillbluins , corim nnd nil kinds ol
kin eruptions. Tliia salvo ia guar
anteed to give perfect autiafaction in
every caao or money refunded. I'rico ,
20o per box. For Halo by
Tail , fe MoMAIION. OlllIlllU.
Free to JJiverybodyl
A Beautiful Book for the Asking.
Ily applilug iwrsonally at the niarcit oltltu
by postal utrd If at ndlittantu. ) any AIMII/T nor.
aon wll | bopreucnteJ uith a beautifully llpia.
rated copy of a Now Hook cntltlud
containing u handaomo and cmtly atucl ungrav-
lug frontl pli.rca ; also , U finely ungravod wood
: uts , and bound In an claboratubluo and gold
litliographud cover. N'i charge wliatover In made
tor tnla ) iand oino 1 > ook , vttilch can bu obtnlncd
inly by application at the branch and subor
dlrmtu ofllcea of Tlio Hlngor Manufaiturlng Co.
1'rlnclpal Olllce , 31 Union Kijiinre , Now York
Room No4CrelKl toii Block , 15th
OrTICK llOL'ltS : 10 tolU \ . U , , I ! to Ti I-.M.
Tiilephonu cunriectoil with Centrnl Ofliue.
HODDIr : DUOS. . Ilrokori In all Ilallroad
TleliotH , Omaba , Neb. , offti Tleketa to the Kut ,
until further notice , at the following unheard of
low Itatoa ;
1st claim. U tlaiw ,
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I108TON. W.Wi ,
PHILADELPHIA , 26,00 , P43.00.
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I'nr partUulari ) , writu or go direct to 1I01IIIIK
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Ktuunbhlp Tltkttn , bCK ) Tenth Ht. , Oiualia Neb.
Keiuemiicr thn place Three Doom North o ;
Union I'adlla lUvilroid Utpot , Kantdde ofTenth
Omaha Augiut 1,1991
1606 Farnham 8t. , . , , Omaha , Hebr
< boo.op . -
Care.uliy .clecuxl land la EuUiru
* al * . Uroat liarKalui In Improved fnrr.ii , an
Omaha city property ,
, ( 'eLandCom'i U.P.
r TI . M ! i
| - iWir
_ _ _ _ i ! 1.1 n i n i . _ - _
- > V M < * Any rcvonnblo cnieitJon th.il tin !
i < .v aii-gf the Principal Pointi In Ilio Wosl , North and Northwat
V-irtiiMMt ir < SiMio.i.
" "
ill i
The Imperial Palace Dining Cars.
Ki'mcmhertiHisk tnr TlrVcti via thisroailhnsiiro they rrail nvrrlt.nnit tnkononn'idi. .
UAKVIN lU'UIIITT.C Manager , ChlcaKo.V. . II. STKNXKTT.tleu'l I'.ws. Agonl nm.iu.
tlAKUV I1. IIUKI. , 'HckHt Aifont O. | % N. W. lUllwur , llth ftml F inh mlntrcol .
U. I ! . K1MI1AM , , AitsUtnut 1'lokot A oi : CAN W. llallway , UlhHnJ F tnh m i Iliatll I
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H All ha T. OLA H 1C ( lonorol Airiuit.
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