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The Omaha Bee
Fnblinhed every tnorntng , except Snndn ;
the only .Monday morning dully.
Ono Year . $10.00 I Three Months. f3.l
BU Months. C.OO | Ono . . M
TUB WEEKLY BEE , publUhod o
Ono Year . $2.00 I ThrcoMonlhs. . I
BlxMonthi. . . 1.00 | Ono . . '
tstions relnlinu to Ncw nnd Editorial nn
era f\in\M \ lie mtdrcmcd to the Kinron c
THE lir.E.
hollers nnd nemlttnncca nhoulil b n )
PANT , OMAHA. Urnftc , Clicckn nnd FOB
office Onletd lo l > c mnde pnynblo to tl
order of the Compnny.
OMAHA PUBLISHING 00 , , Prop'i '
Et ROSE WATER. Editor.
THE anti-monopoly lc.iguo hav
done good scrvico in Now Vor
through John Kelley , and there
music in the air nt Albany.
WISCONSIN hns decided to ropes
the no treat law , which in n dead lei
tor there as in Nebraska , but the
have also decided to follow Nobrai
ka's example with a license la'
modeled after Slooumb ,
THE Pullman palace car monopol
has made arrangements for injectin
two millions and a hnlf of water int
their stock , and wo presume the in
Hated concern will still continue t
pay handsome dividends. That show
how much the traflic will .boar.
THE Omaha Herald makes a frnnti
appeal to the Nebraska democrats t
stand firm and hold fast to the ol
bourbon wreck. Dr. Miller econt
great danger from entangling alliance
which are liable to deprive him of thi
stock in trade which induces Saturn ;
Tilden to tap his barr'l every fou :
years , and furnishes a pretext for patronage
ronago from the U. P.
JOHN KF.LLKV has triumphed in hii
efforts to prevent the monopolies fron
gaining control of the Now York leg
Islaturo. With his handful of Tarn
many braves ho dictates the chair
mainship and composition of railwa ;
committees , and defeats the monopol ;
candidate for speaker. This is a vcr ;
important victory , and markea a 1101
departure in Now York legislation.
THE conflicting proposition ) ) to sewc
North Omaha should bo decided b ;
the council on their merits , and no
on moro clamor from this or that fac
tion. The outlay of $45,000 fo
sewerage should bo made whore i
will do the most good. AH such pul
Ho improvements ought to bo carrie
on under advice of the engineer , wh
ought to know what is most desirabl
under the present circumstances. "
is natural that property owners ai
moro or less influenced by selfish coi
uidorutions , and their views vary wit
their personal inlofosts.
15 AN animated controversy has boo
carried on throuqh the Now Yor
newspapers between the opponents <
vaccination , headed b'y Henry Borgl
and eminent physicians , who insii
that vaccination has been the meat
of preventing the sproa d of small po :
Mr. Bcfgh , who has achieved wor !
I wide reputation as an opponent <
cruelty to animals , enters into uvo :
crusade with enthusiasm , and som
times fanaticism , and ho has attack *
vaccination with as much fury as ]
would a wrolch boating an overload )
On the other nido the doctors ha'
furnished statiiitica to show that b
fore the great discovery of Jonnor tl
small pox was ono of the moat droa
ful scourges of the world , and th
einco that time it has ceased to bo
ecourgo ; that the death registers she
that ( U per cent , is the average doa
rate of the vaccinated attacked 1
small pox , while the death-rate of t
unvacciuated is . ' 15 per cent. I
Henry Tompkins , the medical supc
intondcnt of the fever hospital of t
Manchester Iloyal Infirmary of Mo
sale , recently read a paper on snu
pox and vaccination , in which ho nai
The most striking of all oviden
ia , perhaps , that derived from i
small pox hospitals themselves. He
i the protective influence of vaccinatii
iis proved in a manner beyond i
.cavil. At Highgato , during an exp
i rionce of forty years , no nurbo or sc
i < rant having boon revaccinated h
ever contracted the disease , and o\ \
.douce . of the same character I ci
nmolf bring forward , for during t
whole time tliat I had charge of t
fever hospital moro than a thousui
, cases of small pox have passed und
tmy care , yet no servant , nurse , pc
tor , or other person engaged the
'has , after royaccination ever tak
jt , though exposed daily to infocti
jn ita most/concentrated form , Agai
amotif , ' all the students who , durii
the past two yearn , have at ten dud t
hospital for clinical instructions , n
one has Buffered , all having boon vi
cinated before being permitted to e
ter the small pox wards ; and in the
case the fake argument which opp
nents of vaccination have brought ft
ward to explain thoiwinunity enjoy
by nurses and others io attendance <
the sick viz. ; that constant inte
course and exposure to tufcction re
dew them proof against it Jby the ay
tern becoming inured to the poise ;
cannot bo applied , oa these
attend the ho ipital only -few
once a week ,
The Nebraska woman autrrngo ai
sociation will hold its nnminl moolin
at Lincoln next week , and the ecr <
tary of the nosocintton invitcit , froi
the state press , a dcclaralion of vie ?
on the proposed amendment to tl <
constitution of Nobrnska to confi
upon women the right lo vote nn
hold ofllco. Our response to this r
quest is , that wo are opposed to tl
woman suffrage amendment.
The right to vote ia not inherent
like life and liberty- but it is u pri
ilpge conferred under certain conil
lions to which woman cannotconforn
The first of these conditions is ind
vidital independence. Under our ay
Loin of government the voter , in h
primary capacity , is n sovereign whoi
action is controlled by his own wil
A majority of women are depeni
out , and their political acln would ni
expreaa their individual will. In Utal
where women have the right to vet
the wives and daughters of Monnoi
vote the tickets which their hnsbam
and fathers put in their hands. Tl
woman who would vote contrary I
.ho advice ana wish of her husb.iii
anywhere would be the exception , hi
cmiso a womanly woman concurs wit
lie man to whom she looks for coui
sol , advice and support. The right <
voting carries with it certain duth
which women cannot fulfill. Th
right to vote carries with it the rig ]
o hold office and the duty to nit o
urica. Women in their married atal
cannot discharge the duties of ofHc
when they are bearing or rcarin
children , and women whether ma :
ricd or ainule are nearly at all time
unfit for jury duty.
Very few respectable tvoinen woul
it on juries with half n dozen ormor
men of nil grades nnd conditions c
ife , even if they could endure boin
ockod up in jury rooms for dayH an
weeks. How many of the womO
hat. clamor for suffrage would hav
iood the ordeal of the Guiteau jury
The rightl.0 vote includes the abil
y to support the verdict of the bal
ot box with the cartridge box. I
lie voters that exorcise the privile'g
f electing our presidents were no
bio to sustain their decision by th
lower of arms in case of revolt or in
urroction this government would fa !
o pieces.
Women being unnblo to defend 01
uphold the government by the powo
of arms , cannot coiiHistontly contro
.ho choice of those who must do tli
ighting. Women arc barred froii
Burvico in the army und nuvy b ;
> liysical disabilities , and being unnbl
o share with men the hardships o
war cannot justly demand a nurrondo
> y men of the privilege of votin
or men or measures that may plung
the country into war.
Before men can consent to n chang
of the organic law of the land the
mvo n right to demand some vali
reasons , coupled with proof that th
change will increase the sum of liunin
liappinoss. It behooves the chnn
piona of woman suffrage to show tin
Lho proposed change of our organi
law will give us better government c
atloost improve thocondition of womoi
This thoy-havo utterly failed to di
They fail to show why the husband
brothers , sons and fathers of womc
should not bo trusted with the cor
duct of political affairs of the atati
They fail to show what advantage tl
state would derive from adding to i
sum total of votes n now class that
uo bettor morally as a whole than ui
their own fathers , husbands , brotho :
and ions- Until women can chant
the laws of nature and abolish tl
disabilities of their s < ) x they should t
content to leave lo men the dutii
nnd responsibilities imposed by tl
right to vote.
At the request , of a largo nmjoril
of the voters of the state , lion. T. .
Majors has proceeded to Washingtt
for throe successive terms and d
manded admission us an addition
congressman on account of the orro
of the census of 1870 , which rosulli
in depriving us of a representative 1
which wo wore in right entitled. 13
spent his time nnd his money In
cause that both parties in this stu
have declared to bo just , because bol
parties have nominated nnd voted f <
a contingent member of congress so
oral times.
Col. Majors waa a republican , and
presidential contest was coming on
1880. If ho had boon admitted b
fore that time there would ha'
been another electoral vote f
the republican ticket. Henc
though the majority of the judi
iary committee of the house of 1878
declared that bo was by right entitle
to his seat , the democrats have pee
ponod action upon the bill and ko
him out
Our congressman , Mr. Valentin
has introduced n bill in congress f <
the admission of Col. Majors to a so
to which he has again boon elected ;
a "member of congruos contingent
If the house passes the bill , it ducid
that Col , Majors was entitled to h
seat in the last congress , in accordun
with the report of the judiciary cor
mittoo thereof. If ho waa entitled
his seat , ho has boon wrongfully d
prived of his salary , and certainly
view of the fact that he waa at
much expense of money and time i
prosecuting Nebraska's claim to tl
Beat aa though ho had been admitti
to it , there is equity in that portion
Mr , Valentino's bill that provides th
he shall receive nay for that time.-
[ IJncoln Journal.
ThU ia aimply a tissue of falsohoo
iu apology for a barefaced back ju
steal , jfr. Thoinu Majors ia n
knocking ot the doora of congress f
* - - . ' ti .i , ' > i
but ho has gone
count to push n bogus claim for $15 ,
000 back pay through congress , fo
which ho has not rendered a day'n aer
vice. It is true that the returns o
the election hold November Oth , 1880
show that about 51,000 votes wcr
cast for Thonma Majors for the imag
inary office of contingent congress
man.Tho persona who voted for Mr
Majors for that office were Uepubli
cans , and they BO voted because th
party managers hud printed Mr
Majors' name on each ticket. If Mr
Majors' name had boon printed 01
the ticket for the otlice of contingent
governor they would have voted fo
it just na roadiiy , Losausc a strict pat
tisan will not scratch his ticket.
The protcnso that there were error
in the census of 1870 which dopiiv
Nebraska of an additional congress
man is baseless. The census of 187' '
credited Nobraaka with a populatioi
of 122,000 , and wo venture to nsser
tlmt if there waa any error in thes
figures it was in crediting us wit ]
more people than wo really had at th
limo the census of 1870 was taken
Every well informed person know
that the census returns are alwny
more or less inflated. The claim fo
a contingent congressman waa ai
afterthought , nnd ita only basis wn
the increase of population since 1870
which , however , congress could no
take into account , because the nationn
constitution expressly directs tha
representation in congress shall bo ap
portioned according to population a
given in the census returns every toi
years. It ia not true that both par
ties in this state have declared thi
claim for nn additional congrcasmai
on the censua of 1870 to be just.
The democrats have ignored tin
bogus office and made no nominationi
lor it in 1874-70-78 or ' 80. If Mr
Majors has spent his time and hii
money in this cause , ho has done IK
moro nor as much as Pat 0. Hawes
who put in moro solid work and fur
niahod the whole facta and figure :
Majors has been using in his briefi
before congress.
If there was merit nnd justice ii
the claim which democrats refused t <
concede for partisan reasons , wh ]
didn't congress admit Pat 0. Ilawe :
who was elected contingent in 1874
nnd had juat us good credentials ai
Majors. Congress was overwhelm
ingly republican then , nnd the ndmis
aion of Hittvos would have given thi
party an additional electoral vote ii
1870 , and additional ropresentatioi
for at least five years. The truth ii
Pat 0. Hawes was tricked ou
of a ronomination in 1870 t <
give Majors .some cheap notoriety
and that paved the way for hi
nomination for the unoxpirod term o
Frank Welch in 1878. Mojoru droi
full salary for part of the term , bu
wo presume Valentino and other
who favor the $15,000 back pay gral
would vote him double pay for thn
Although TIIK HUE approved Mi
Majois' brief career in congress in th
main , it never has endorsed his cluir
B contingent ; hence the charg
that our objections to the $15,00
back pay grab are inapired by malic
toward Valentino is untrue. Wo or
pose this bogus claim for an addition *
congroBsman just as wo oppose a
other.fraudulent claims , and it is n
markablo that the politicians and pc
pora who are always up to their noc
in jobbery are the foremost in sur.
port of this impudent back pay steal
Ir the claim for. un additional cor
grcBsman on account of nn error i
the tonsils of 1870 is well founded w
shall have to elect another contingoi
congressman this year on the groun
that there must bo an error in th
census of 1880. Our claims for ;
fourth congressman in 1882 are coi
tninly as just aa our claim for an ad
ditional congressman under the coi
BUS of 1870. In 1871 the apportioi
inent was on a basis of 1G,000 ! ) pec
pie and the census returns of 187
only gave Nebraska 122,000 or aboi
14,000 loss than the full quota. Ui
dor tbo apportionment of 1882 th
quota will bo about 105,000 for oac
congressman and the census return
for Nebraska show a population c
452,000 , or about Kl.OOO leas thai
the full quota for throe concrcasinoi
The growth of Nobraaka since th
census of 1880 is greater than it wo
during the same period ten yours age
In view of the rapid increase of p {
litical patriots who insist upon boin
booked for seats in congress whet
only three can represent Nebrask
for the next ten yours , some omineii
statesman will doubtless file u no'
claim for a contingent seat in con
grcss ut tin early day. There will b
no trouble in finding proofs that a
error was made in the census return
of 1880. Brad Slaughter's return
from the cowboy county wore said t
bo slightly erroneous.
The total ludelitednvaa of Ouster count
Ii S2,833.o6 ,
Boone county will require $ ! b'.l)0 t
meet all oipenuM for 188i.
.KurnM counly is iluth with dlvorc
i'D , lour being already on the docket.
The cltlzem of Mllionvllle , Ou t (
county , Lave organized a company t
build n town hall.
The Sioux City A Pacific r llro d '
'nd ' exploring tickets to Nc
, oopo ! county.
- family of thieve * and tliet
Tence1' wns | mlled In Nebraska i Uy Ian
week. Tlio Dhimlcr of cmmllc'u riltU wn
recovered ,
THE OtfAtiA HKF , figuratively talking
has moved over Into Iowa. Notfcdk.Iom
tml , .Metaphorically straddling the Mis
court , to to * peak.
Wheeler county wniiU ft creamery
Gcorffo N' . liiahoi | ofTer nn ncro nf ginuni
to nny ono who will start ono nt the tovvi
rf Wlioelor. Cold prinf'twntcr within i
few rods off cnn be curried Into trtnki ,
John Dramhlle , lirnkeimn on tbo U. I
M. , wn killed wcit "f I'lilhcrtann Ins
week. While nttpmt > tinir , to nncniipl
the rnginq from the train , while In motion
ho clipped nnd fell , ixtccn cars pixunlii ]
n\er hl.s body nnd IID ncllng It beyoni
A new cattle dNcanv i' reported In f'u
county. The cow or steer attacked b1
this dlfoaso dioo from twelve to twcnt'
lionr-i therenficr. The lint nyinptomsno
llced of the disease ii tlie nervoiH twitch
in of thu liide and in followed by n unn
dcniro to Kcrntch.
The UiiRtcr County lender ia on th
wnrputh , yollln for tlia Kcnlpn of tli
"OiiiahaN or any otlur liaml of hnlf > nnkcd
tliiuvlni ? and bcgRln Indintm , tcatterini
IhemnelvcH over the face of the cotintr ;
n thtir 'annual hunt1 after tlie chicken
nnd pig * of the tettlern. "
lllut ; SjirlnK * U no elated over the re
cent mircluiHo tlioro of mill nroperty h ;
the Union Pacific ciiinp.iny that the in
habitants nre wnrhllni ; "Hall Columbia
Ilnppy Lnnd. " The Motor shrieks
"Tlirco tiinu ) three , hi , litPi Imrrnh ti
Jny fJould nnd tlio U. 1' . rnllrona. '
A sanctimonious old fraud named Join
P. Chonoworth is pre.ichitih' vnlvntion ti
tlie ungodly nnd bilking the rcBidcnti
along the line of tli I'nlou rncifiu. Tin
Columbus Democrat dc'crilics him as "i
very highly developed 'ininMerial trninp.
of nil tr.unps the most dctcHtnble. Ho i
n mnn of medium luigbt , with grnyiHl
blue eyes nnd smoothly shaven face. Ill
suit of black was worca for wear am
recking with filth. Ho it about fiO ycnn
of age , nnd has a Inrgr leather valise. "
Tlio first Lumber of tlie Pioneer Alii
ance , published by ( Scor o N. Dorjoyjn
Hebron , Thayer county , has been received
It signalires the Initial number with i
ringing enlutntlon lo the farmers of tin
state , particularly of 'I'haytr county win
have allied thcmnelvcs together in tin
struggle against corporate eucroachmenti
in state and national alfnir . Tlio atrug
gle mav reiniiro years of labor , Sut > nity
perseverance nnd eternal vigilance anc
roles will Booa secure victory und juitici
for the masses. The Piimeer is a wolcomi
addition to the ranks of the nnti-mo
nopoly army.
St. Louis car > Unli-ttH are talking of os
tablishlng locomotive works in that city
The Union Pacific is slowly , liut siirclj
Frce7 uK out the Demer , I.ongmout t
Th * Kansas Pacific road has recently
isuueci nn order compelling freight concilia
tois to iiy ! nil extri chirneHout of theii
wn csfur freij-ht cniried past itfl dehtmiv
The Northern 1'ncific'u hriiige , to I c
built next year over tlie Snake river trihu
tary to the olntnbin , at Ahuworth , will
with it approaches , he nearly half a mill
It is said tint Krouml is licin locatei
bev oml Salt 1 like City for the continu
tion of the track of the UnuniRon & Utar
( Xtension of the Denver & Iio Gramii
It ja claimed liy e.iHern railroad au
tlmrities that the Wnbnsli , in the pasien
ger war of the season pa t , han inarkettc
nt IcoHt § 300 000 worth of clieap unlimitei
ticket 8.
The stockholders of the Pullman com
jwiy met on the 1st and authorized thi
issue of 82,500,000 of new stock at par
This money in to be xtsed in the construe
tion of 115 Pullman carp.
The Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Pau
railroad has ita track laid within one am
a litlf miles of the Chicago & Northwostn
at TheliUhl , Iowa. "The latter compnn'
hftfl the crossing ready for the former ti
pass over.
A party of Sioux City & Pacific engi
neer arrived in Onawn last we.-k. It i
understood that a survey of the Dccatu
bridge nito is to he made , and alxo a lin
nm from On iwn t > Decatur. Further de
\ploiment9 are looked for HOOII.Onaw [ ;
( la ) Ga/ettu.
It _ is rep. rted in Duhuimo that V. . '
Williams , of that city , will be appoints
by Gov. Sherman to succeed M. C. Wood
mil us one of three railroad commissioner
of Iowa. It is well known that the governor
ornor nnd Mr. Woodruff are on unfriend !
terms , and that he will not be reappoint
The Southern Paclfio railroad has bee ;
advancing for the last few days at the rat
of three mile * per day. The gradm
forces keep aboutlialf a mile ahead of th
track-layers. There nre almut U,000 me
employed grading nnd tr.ick-lsying. It i
expected that the road will be complete )
lo Now Orleans by next August. N
grades of any cnnseouenco u 111 be encoun
tered on the remainder of the route.
Ilnilwava in the Houthorn Htatas show
remarkably good capital zation , as coir
pared with UIOHU in othur parts. The coa
and equipment of the 13,518 miles of rail
way m those nUtes Virginia , Nort
t'arolina , South Carolina.Georgi. . , Florida
Alabama. MiHsisHippl , Louii-iana , Tern
owe , ami Kentucky stauil at an araij
of $ . ' 11,500 per mile. Tha 15,881 m le.s c
riulw.iv operated in the Middle states-
New York. New Jerey. PeniiBjlvanit
Delaware , Maryland and Weft Virginia -
Htand at a C08t\f 883,500 per mile.
The Pullm-in company has commence
work on largo repair aliopa nt .St. I/iuio , t
cost SoO.OOO. Tliese xhops are nltuated o
S.-ott nxtnueandTwcnty.first street , th
buildlm ; is two hundrtd and twenty foe
ImiL'byono hundred aud twenty , five fet
wide. On the block adjoining the shof
are fifteeu dwelling house for the en
plovca of the company to rcnido in. Ther
will be employed from one hundred nn
fifty to two hundred men constantly.
The Fontaine engine No. 2. which it 1
expected by the Inventor will be able t
muko ninety miles an hour , has bee
transferred from the Pennsylvania ruil
road to the New York Centinl. The er
gine will soon he put to a practical trlt
bydriwlng the Cential'a fast train be
tween New York and Albany. The avei
age running time of th train butwee
ew York and Chicago U liftyone mile
an hour , and , counting utopB , the engin
will he required to run at a much hlghe
rate of apeed. The engine will be kei
on the Hudson riier division of th
Central for name time , to muke a eerie
of tests for 8peed > power and economy i
fuel ,
la Good Spirit * .
T. Walker , Cleveland , 0. , writes : "Fo
tlia lust twelve months I have sulTere
with lumbago and gineral debility.
commenced taking Burdock Blood Bittei
about six weeks ago. and now have greo
pleasure In stating that I have recovere
ny , Pl' ' "tc , my complexion has grow
ruddy , and feel better altogether. Prlc
Sl.OO , trial size 10 cents. ; M <
"Commondablo EnterprlBO. "
Indinnola Courier ; THE OMAH
UEE , with its usual conunimdablo en
lorpruo , eont out an illustrated edition
tion , allowing the principal now build
ings erected in that thriving city dm
hifi 1881.
"A Progrosaivo Paper. "
TocuniBoh Chief tain ; Wo acknowl
ed o the receipt of the annual illut
trated edition of TIIK OUJOIA BEE
shows great thrift and enterprise.
"Ono of UioDoatln the United Statoa
Kearney Nonpariol : THE OMAH
BFK : issued a splendid eight pngosup
plemont for ita Now Years cditior
containing engravings of some of th
best buildings in their city. Tit
lir.K is one of the best papers in th
United States. Its editor is bold tin
independent on all questions , aimin
always to bo right. While on som
points wo do not agree with TIIK Dei
wo recommend it to pur readers n
one of the best family papers w
know of
"Progress , Success nnd Strength. "
Dorchester Star : THE OMAH
HRK'H illustrated annual is n condense
compendium of the progress , tuccca
and strength , financially , of our metropolis
ropolis in ' 81.
How elton do wo sco the hardworking
ing father straining every nerve am
muactc , nnd doing his utmost to sup
port his family. Imagine his feeling
when returning homo froiti a hari
day's labor , to find his family prostrate
trato with disease , conscious of unpnii
doctors' bills and debts on every hand
It must bo enough to drive ono ahnoa
crazy. All this unhapnincss could bi
avoided by using Electric Bitters
which expel every disease from thi
system , bringing joy and happiness t <
thousands. Sold at fifty cents a bet
tie. Ish ifc MoMahon. (8) ( )
JAMKSK UOYD , Proprietor.
11. L. MAUSII.lliialncaa Manager.
Two NlfihU Only and Saturday Matinee.
Friday Ever ing February 3rd
"The Funniest J'lay on Ileconl , " JAUUUE'
JOHN F. SHKKIDAN as the Widow O'llricr
supported by twchc acknowledged Musi
cal and Dramatic Artists.
This FatnlouD Comic Oddity has been performs
From Maine to Ixmblana ! From Boston to Sa :
Francisco ! From New York to DritUn
Columbia ! From Gulf to Gmf , and
from Ocean to Ocean !
Pi Ices 09 usuil. Sale ol scats commcnc
Wednesday morning at fl o'clock. tu-th-Irl
United States Depository
Oor. 13th and Farnam Sta.
Organized M a National Bank August 20 , ISC !
omciina AND DIRECTOU :
niauAK KOUNTZR , President.
Anaosrus KOUNTZK , Vice President.
H. W. YATWI , Cashier.
A. J. POPPLPTON , Attorney ,
Jou.v A. CRiiairrON.
F. U. DAVIS , Aral. CUahlei
Thi bonk receives deposlta wlthnn rezard t
IBS tics time certlBcalca bearing Interest.
Draws ilralta on San Francisco and prlnclipi
cltloaol the United States , also London , Dubni
Edinburgh an 1 the principal cities of the coat
nent of Kuropc.
Soils pcutsongcr tickets for emlxrantalby the li
m n line mavldtf
The Oldest EstaPUohed
Caldwell , Hamilton & Co.
Cunlneiw trnnsccted same M tlut of an Incoi
poratcd oank.
Accounts ktpt In currency or gold oubjcet t
elcht chock without notlco
CertiGcatcti of deposit saued payable In thrn
elx and twol\ months , .tearing fntorost , or o
doinand without Intercut.
Advances made to customers on approved eoci
rltles at market rates of Intercut.
Duy anil sell k'Old , bills ol exchange , goven
mout , state , county and city bonds.
Draw Bight drafts on England , Ireland , Sen
land , and all parts of Europe.
Sell European pagfujo tickets.
Cuming Street.
J , J , NOBES , Propr.-
Fresh and Salt Meats of a !
Kinds , Poultry , Fish , &c. ,
in Season.
oonxxi uaL rx > SXIEI
Pay Taxes , Bent Houses , Et <
Call at 0 c , Boom 8 , Crelfh'cn iJ'OO-O Otiat
- * *
Made to Order on Short Notic
Harness Store ,
| uil&-d3m
JOB llcckman ban removed to No , 21D Soul
Tblrtcenth street , between Karnham an
DouglM. lie now has a fine , roomy store u II
an cxt n > lre cigar mtnufactory In rear.
Physician and Surgeoi
Olllcc. No. 1U2 Farnlnni St. . between Utb ar
Uth. Omaha. Neb. J28 xxHni
Philip Andres , Plaintiff , vs. Henry H. Woo
In ( the Count ) Court of Dougla * County , N
braika , A. II , Chtdvtlck , County JuJge.
On the S2d d y of December , A. D. 18S1 , tl
Mid Court uumcd an order of attachment Iu tt
above action for tha turn of nlxty dollarn.
Omaha , Dec. SCHh , 1ES1.
J3 ere tu 3t Attorney far Plaintiff.
Proprietor ,
1213 Harney Street ,
OMAHA , - - - NEB
Cornices ,
Dormer Windows , Finials
Specht's Patent Metalio Sky
Patent Adjustable Ratchet Oar and
I am the Kcncral Stale Atfent lor tlie fttxn
line of goods.
Cresting * , Balustrade * , Verandas.jOfYlce nm
Dank Railings , Window and Collar
Guards ; also
Peerion and Hill Patent Inside Blind ,
1880. SHORTJ.INE , 1880
SUoe& Council Blnffi
Direct Line to ST. LOUIS
From Omaha and the Weat.
No change of cars between Omaha and m. nout <
and but ono between Oil All A and
Daily PassengerTrains
This entire line Is equipped with Pullman' '
Palace Sleeping Cars , Palace Day Coaches , Miller
Safety Platform and Coupler , and the celebrate
Wcstinghouso Air-brake.
j0 See that your ticket reads VIA nANSA
road , via St. Joseph and St. Louis.
Tickets for Bale at all coupon stations In th
West. J. F. BAUNARD ,
A 0. DA WES , Gen. Supt. , St. Joseph , Mol
Gen. Pass , and Ticket Agt. , St. Joseph , Mo.
ANDT BORDKN , Ticket Agent ,
1020 Farnham street.
A. B. lUBRARn General Agent ,
In the mutter of the guardianship of Hcnrj F
Wjman and WlllUm T. Wj man , minor heir
of Harriet F. Wjnmn , deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that under and b } \Ir
tuc of an older ana licenne of the DWrlct Court
within and for Doughs count } , Ncbrai-ka , undc
the hand of J nics W. Sivanc , Judjr , sitting li
chambers thU daj , ordering the real estat
hereinafter described to bs sold for the benefit o
said minor- " , the undersigned guardian of eali
minors will , on the Kith day of February , A. I )
1SS2 , at 2 o clock In th * afternoon of said day , a
the south door of the Court Honsc of said count' '
of Douglas , at Omaha in said counts , offer fo'
tale and sell at public auction the following lea
estate , situate In said count } ' of Dougias aci
state of Nebraska , and described as follows , t <
wit : The ca t half of sonthcast one-fourth o
section 21 , township 1C , north range II , cast , In
elusive of all tight s of expectancy and courtesy
of the undersigned as father and next of kin ti
the minor hells a'orc&uid. Sale to be open fo
one hour , and the terms thereof to be I art can ]
and such other terms nnd time na said guardiai
may agree upon at the time tl sale , within thi
legal requirements in Mien case provided
] au2Scv w L4t Guardian.
It plaits and presses perfectly one jard pc
It plaits froai 1-lGof an inch tel 1-4 Inchca I
u Idth In the coarsest ( olta or Qncst Bilk' .
It doca all kinds and at ) leu of plaiting In use.
No lady tlmt does her own dress-making ca
a ord to do without one as nice plaiting I
i > ; \ cr out of fashion , If eet-n it eclls Itself. Fa
Machines , Circulars or Agent's terms address
113 4dnms St. , Chicago , 111
Dissolution of Partnership Notice.
Notice U hereby given that the flrinof WcolU-
& Dtu is , stationers and paper dealers of Ouialu
Nebraska , is tills day dissolved by mutual coi
vent. The business ol the late firm n 111 bo no I
tied by Oilman H , Davis , who alone la authorli
cil to ueo the firm name for that pursue , an
who osmimeaall liabilities of the 'ate firm.
ClLilAN R. DAV18.
Omaha , Jan. 31et , 1882.
I herereby give notice tliat I bate purchase
the stock of fooda of the late firm f Woolley <
DavlB , and will continue the same line of bus )
ness at the old Bland , 106 8.15th 8k , Opp. P. C
For Sale By
In golni ; Eaat take the
Chicago Northwest-
xc xx. ern w - * -
Trains leave Omah JUOp. m. and 7:40 : a. m
For full information call on II , 1 > . DUEL. Ticke
Agent , 14th and Parnham BU J. DELL. U P
KHlw yDepctorat JAMES T. CLAHK , Oener
, Omtba ,
Lots ,
For Sale By
No. 2i9 , Full lot fenced and with small liulld
Inn on Capitol Avenue near 25th etrect , 8700.
No. 2i7 , Larfre lot or block 205 by 270 feet on
Hamilton , near Irene street , 92,500.
No. 256 , Full corner lot on Jonce , near 1 U >
street , 83,000.
No. 253 , Two lots on Center street , near Cum *
Ing street , $000.
No. 2B2 , Lot on Spruce street , near Oth street , .
No. 251 , Two lots on Scvvard , near King street.
No. 2511 , Lot on Sow-aril , near King etreot.
No. 240 , Hall lot on Dodge , near llth street
No. 2(7 , Four beautiful residence lots , nca *
Crclghton College ( or ill sell separata ) , $3,000.
No. 240 , Two lots on Charles , near Cuming
etreot , $400 each.
No. 24CJ , Lot on Idaho , near Curalng street ,
? 100.
100.No. . 245 , One acre lot on Cuming , near Duttoc V
street , 3750 '
No. 244 , Lot on Farnharo , near 18th street.
No. 243. tot 66 by 133 feet on College street ,
near St. Harj 'a Avtnuc , $550.
No. 242 , Lot on Douglas , near 20th street ,
376.No 248 , Lot on Farnham , near 26th street ,
No. 240 , Lot CO by 09 feet on South Avenue ,
near Maaon street , $550.
No. 239 , Corner 1ft on Burt , near 2M Btroct ,
No. 238. 120x132 feet on ITarney , near 24th
stree ( will cut it up ) , $2,400.
No. 235 , 71x310 feet on Sherman Avenue
(10th ( street ) , near Grace , $1,000.
No. V64 , Lot on Douglas street , near 23d , $760.
No. 232 , Lot on Her sircet , near Suward , $500 ,
No. 231 , Lot40zGO feet , near Cjpitol Avcnuo
and 22d street , 1,000.
No. 227 , Two lots on Decatur , nrarlrcnc etrect
$200 and 8175 each.
No. 223 , Lot 143 30-110 by 441 feet on Sherman
Avenue (16th street ) , near Grace , $2,400.
No. 220 , Lot 23x00 feet on Dodge , near 18th
street , make an offer.
No. 217 , Lot on 2Jd street , near Clark , $500.
No 216 , Lot on Hamilton , near King , 8SOO.
No. 2C9 , Lot on 18th , near Nicholas utiMt ,
No. 2U7 , Two lots on 10 h , near 1'aclflc street ,
No. 205Two lota on Caatcllar , near 10th etieut ,
$150. "
No. 204 , beautiful residence lot on Division
street , near Cuming , $850.
No. 203 , Lot on Blunders , near Hamilton
street , $ S50.
No. 1991 , Lot 16th street , near Pacific , $600.
No. 108 j , Throe lots on Saunders street , neat < -
Seward , 81,300. x >
No. 103) , Lot on 20th ttreet , near Sherman > ,
835' .
No. 104 ! , Two lots on 22d , near Grace etreot
SCOOe ch.
No. 19U , two lots on King , near Hamllt
street , { 1,200.
No. 192 } , Uo lot * on 17th street , near Whit
Lead Works , $1,050.
No. IhSJ , one full block , ten lots , near the bar
racks. $100.
No. 191 , lot on Parker , near Irene street , $300.
No. 183 , two lots OD Cass , near 21st street.
( gilt edge , ) $8,000.
No. 181 , lot on Center , near Cuming street ,
No. 180 , lot on Pier , near Seward street , $650.
No. 175 , lot on Sherman avenue , near Izard
etrect , $1,400.
No. 174J , lot on Cass , near 14th , $1,000.
No. 170 , lot on Pacific , near 14th street : make
No. 166 , six lots on Far'-ham , near 24th street
$1 45V to $2,000 each.
No. 163 , full block on 20th street , nea
race course ; and three lota in Glsc'o addition
near Saunders and Cassius streets , $2,000.
No. 129 , lot on California street , near Crclgh
on college , $ -126.
f o , 127 , acre lot , near the head of St. Mary'8
avenue , $3,000.
No. 128 , .bout two acres , near the head of St.
Mary's avenue , $1,000.
No. 126 , lot on 18th street , near White Lead
Works , $526.
No. 124 , sixteen lots , near shot toner on the
Bellcv ue road , $76 per ot.
No. 122 , 132x13 ? feet (2 lots ) on 18th street ,
car 1'nppleton's , $ lbOO.
No , 11 w , thirty half-aero lota in Mlllard and
Caklu til's additions on Sherman avenue , Spring
and Saratoga streets , near the end of green
street car track , SSO ) to $1,200 each.
No. ttU , lot on Chicago , near 22d street , 81 , & 00-
No. by , lot on Caldwell , near Sauuders street
No. Ml , corner lot on Charles , near Saunders
street , $700.
No. 8" , lot on Izard , near 21st , with two sm
non.seu , $2,400.
No. 83 , two lots on 19th , near Pierce stree
No. 78 , three lots on Harney , near 10th street ,
82,0 0.
No. 70 , 90x132 feet on Oth street , near Leaven *
worth strott , $ J,000.
No. ? J , 00x82 feet , on 1'aclflc , near 8th street.
$3,1,00. ,
No. 69 , (16x132 feet , on Douglas street , near
10th , 42,500.
No. (10 , eighteen lots on 21st , 22d. 23d and.
Sauiulera streets , near Grace and Saunders stree
bridge , $400 each. bth
No. 0 , one-fourth block (180x135 feet ) , nearulao
Content of 1'oor Claire on Hamilton street , nre
the end of red stree car track , (350.
No. 6 , lot on Jlarey , near 9th street , 1,200.
No 3 , lot on California , near 21st , 81,600.
No. 2 , lot on CasH , near 22d street , $2,600.
No. 1 , lot i n Harney , near 18th , $2,000.
Lots In Harbacb'a first and second additions
also in Parker's. Shlnn's , Nelson's , Terrace E
V. fcinlth's , llodlck'8 , Glee's. Lake's , and all other
additions , at any prices ana terms.
302 loU In Ilanscopi Place , near Hanscom
Park ; prices from $300 to $800 each.
220 choice business lota In all the principal'
buib-ieM streets of Omaha , varying from $500 to
17,000 each.
Two hundred houses and
ots ranging from
500 to J16.000 , and located In every pan of thj
city.Large number of excellent fanns in Douglas
Sarpy , Saundcrs Dodge , Washington , Hurt/and /
LS,001 countl' , ' I" tcrn Nebraska.
012.000 acres best lands In Douglas , 7,000 acres
Viry large amounts of suburban property in
mft " ' . . ' ; ' ' ° .rtv acru Picio. ; located
within onn lo thive
i , four or He miles of the
poHtotllcc-soaie very chtap pieces.
. ? CT V' * OK 0 * ' "i published by 0.
r. Ilemls Unfio ) tents each.
Money lofntxl on Improved farms ; also on lra
ty , t the lowc.t rates o' In-
Houses , storm , hoteli , farun , lots , lands
otlico , rooms , &u. , to rtnt orlcaje ,
15th and DC i ? ! & Street ,

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