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The Pension Bill Up for Discus
sion in the House ,
E-Jmunds' Anti-Polygamy Bill
Will Undoubtedly Pass
the House ,
It Being Favorably Consid
ered by the Judiciary Com
mittee of That Body.
Alaska the Subjeot of Con
sideration by the Commit
tee on Territories.
MUoollonoona Note * of a National
National Associated 1'rcu.
WASHINGTON , D. 0. , February 18.
The senate was not in session , hav
ing adjourned till Monday.
A memorial from the Utah legisla
ture was received by telegraph by
Speaker Keifor this morning , and
road. It asks congreaa to appoint a
commission of just and wise citizens
to visit Utah and investigate the Mor
mon question before any action is
taken by congress affecting the habits
and customs of the people. The me
morial is signed by Speaker Lyman ,
of the Utah Legislature , and Joseph
Smith , Presido'nt of the committee.
The memorial was referred.
A petition was also presented from
the American Baptist homo mission
ary sdciety representing a million
persons , asking for the abolition of
polygamy. *
Tno substitute reported from the
judiciary committee for the funding
bill to Bond to the court of claims
private bills which annually come
before the house was ordered printed
and recommitted.
Mr. Alexander Stephens made a
strong argument in favor of the issue
of gold and silver coin certificates for
general circulation instead of coin
when desired , during a financial dis
cussion which arose from the consid
eration of an item in tlie deficiency
bill providing for the deficiency in the
fund for the expenses of the mint.
The house spent the entire after
noon on the deficiency appropriation
bill , appropriating about $1,800.000
for sundry deficiencies for the present
and passed it , adjourning at 5:25 :
p. in.
The bill appropriates § 400,000 for
public printing and binding ; $10,000
for freights of bullion between assay
offices and mints ; $1,000 tor vaccina
tion of Indians ; $50,000 for aid oi
civilization and agriculture among the
'Indians ; f7B,000 for payment'of dor *
ical force in the pension office ; $22 ,
000 for expenses at the White HOUPO.
WASHINGTON , February 19 Mr.
Campbell , the anti-polygamy delegate ,
says that anti-polygamy is satisfactory
as far as it goes. Judge MoBride ,
Campbell's counsel , on the contest
case , stated emphatically yesterday it
was not what wo want but is a decided
stop in advance and will undoubtedly
bo followed by further legislation. It
is understood that Senator Edmunds
has-asked Messrs. Campbell and Me-
Bride to indicate such of the existing
Mormon laws of Utah as they deem
should bo repealed by congress and to
suggest what further legislation b
needful in order to put the govern
ment of the territory on a civilized ,
American basis. Senator Edmunds
is particularly anxious for some ac
tion which will take the public spoils
out of Mormon control.
As an illustration of the far-reach
ing character of the senate bill , the
following list of officers of San Pete
county , one of the most populous and
wealthy counties , under its existing
Mormon local government : Probate
Judge James A. Allord , three wives ;
Prosecuting Attorney David Canaland ,
three wives ; Sheriff Goo. P. Billings ,
three wives ; County Clerk and Recor
der William T. Rood , two wives. Se
lectmen Ron Hardy , two wives ,
and Henry Beall , two wives. Every
officer in this county will bo disquali
fied and disfranchised if Mr. Ed
munds' bill becomes a law by the ap
proval of the house judiciary commit *
too. It is fuliuwing faithfully in the
wako of the like committee of the senate
on the Utah question , and is given
the matter earnest attention. They
.yesterday gave an extended hearing
to Messrs. Z. H. Gourteo and E. L.
.Kelloy , representatives of the Joseph-
ites or antt-polypgamy Mormons ;
thoyatrongly contended that polyg
amy was .a _ crime and not a religion ,
and that it was condemned by the
board of Mormons itself. They con
cluded their arguments in the words
"In doalinc with the question of the
passage of laws by which polygamy
nhall bo extirpated and priestly do
minance and power bo subjected to the
laws of the land , wo see no right o :
religious worship interfered with , bu' '
the simple prohibition of corrupt ani
evil practice1) ) and wo in conclusioi
.submit that where such things are
tolerated there can bo no true homes
there can be no true government. "
By invitation of the committee Judge
McBride followed with a statement o
the evils of existing laws in Utah am
,111 argument in favor of the adoptioi
of the bill to create a legislative
council as the only thorough remedy
Aii anti-polygamy mass meeting
was held in Dr. Butler's Momoria
church this afternoon , upder the aus
pices of the pastors' union. lion
Hiram Price presided. An interest
ing address was made by Rev. She !
> don Jackson , D. D. , who has beenfo
eleven years in charge of Preabytorinr
ork in Utnh. There was a largo at-
ondnnco from different Protestant
hurchos. A scries of strong rosolu-
ions was presented by Dr. Butler
mid adopted by a rising vote. Mr.
'rice , Dr. Butler and other pastors
nado short addresses.
Vitlotut Associated 1'rcsf.
WASHINGTON , February 19 The
lomimttoo on territories yesterday
icard several people on the question
of a territorial government for
Alaska. Some interesting facts wore
olictod regarding the population and
.heir occupation. The portion of
Alaska over which it is proposed to
extend n , territorial government has
about 13,000 inhabitants. Tito
mining business last year amounted
, o about $00,000 and th > fur trade
50,000. The principal occupation is
salmon fishing and canning , the val
ue bf which has grown from $32,000
n 1873 to $675,000 in 1881. The
lumber of salmon which enter the
rivers each year to visit the spawning
; rounds is enormous. After dopes-
ting their eggs those fish mostly die
upon the shores of the lakes
and streams , literally covering the
ground so great is their number. The
ack of laws to govern the people
ihoro is very great , and unscrupulous
xaders take great advantage of the
situation. The extension of a terri
torial code over the southern portion
most earnestly urged.
National Associated Press.
WASHINGTON , D. 0. , February ID.
Delay in the confirmation of JoHn
3. Now , to bo assistant secretary of
; ho treasury has given rise to the
rumor that Secretary Folgor is opposed
; o Now's confirmation. Secretary
Folgor does notjdony there are ono
or two other persons whom ho would
ffo preferred to Now , but ho ex
cesses no opinion on the subject.
[ t is a well known tact that the
routine work of the department has
"alien behind to a considor-
ible extent Bowing to the res-
gnation of Upton , and the prolonged
icknoss of Jud o French. For the
> ast throe or four weeks Secretary
Tolgor has boon.performing threefold
duties in his endeavors to keep pace
with the rapidly increasing business
of the department. He and his pri
vate secretary , Sperry , can bo found
almost any night in the office up to 10
or 11 o'clock , grinding away on rou-
, ine matter. It is an open secret that
were tnero no'politics involve
question Judge Folgor w
chosen an intimate friend
crat ) in New York for the
While he was anxious to .
of the arduous ' duties ho has' been
obliged toperform of late , ho has in
: iraated that he would prefer to work
a little harder for the present until a
man could bo found that could fill the
b 11 according to hia ( the secretary's )
Idea It nppiedtv ihe fact- * became
known outside that the work of the
office was several months behind , and
it was determined to send a man to
Bulger's assistance.
National Associated Press.
WASHINGTON , February 19. The
senate committee on census yester
day instructed Mr. Halo to re
sort the apportionment bill to the
lenate on Monday as it came from the
louse. The bill will bo disposed ol
promptly in the senate.
During tbo discussion of the defi
ciency appropriation bill in the house
yesterday Mr. Browne ( Ind. ) furnish-
3d the house some very interesting
figures on pension matters. He pro
posed to increase the appropriation , for
the pension bureau to enable it to
more promptly close its business. He
said there were 305,303 pending
claims , and that new ones are being
tiled at the rate of 2,170
per month ; that with the
present slow methods it will take ton
to cloven years to close the pension
business ; that the present system ol
passing upon claims on oxparto evi
dence exclusively is dangerous as , the
exact truth is seldom ascertained ;
This government has already paid out
over $500,000,000 on pensions and it
was estimated that the sum would
reach $1,850,000,000 by 1900. He.do-
raandcd that a system bo adopted thai
would save the treasury from spolia
The Now Jersey delegation
unanimously agreed yesterday to
petition the president to sot aside
the finding of the court martial in the
Fitz John Porter case.
Assistant Secretary of the Treas
ury French is much improved in
health and will probably resume hia
official duties on Monday.
Beaumont Buck , cadet , has been
reinstalled at West Point by order of
the president upon recommendation
of the board. Buck -was dismissed
for incompetenoy , and is'the cadet
who shot the son of Hon. J. p.
Thompson several months ago.
Mahono's Fences Falling Down.
National Proas Association ,
RioirMONO , Ya. , February 19 The
unexpected defection of Senators
May and Walker has caused Gen.
Mahone considerable uneasiness. The
read just era were in high feather un
til this new departure , and when it
was reported to Gen. Mahone ho flew
into a torcring passion and declared
on Saturday night his determination
to break the dead lock by some
means or other to-morrow. To-day a
conference of leading readjustee wai
held in Gen. Mahbno's presence unt
to-morrow when the senate assembles
something may be expected. Sena
tor Riddloborgor had the floor whei
the senate adjourned Saturday.am
will claim and hold it to-morrow
The Mossov men are firm and addi
ttonal recruitti to hia force are report
ed to-night.
Record of Grimes Ooramittod
of Late ,
The Russian Vice Consul at
York Has His Father-
in-Luw Arrested.
New York Dry Goods Dealers
Arrested for Making Their
Girls Stand.
Kansas City Still in a Stew
Over the Collectorsbip
Now * Of Crimea and
National Associated Prou.
NEW YORK , February 18. Edward
Stern , Russian vice consul at this
> ort , had his father-in-law , Jules
Druilhott , arrested and nrraiuncd at
Tofferson Market police court and
ilaced under $300 bail for good bo-
mvior for attacking him in the street
n front of the Hoffman house and
> rcaking n cane over his head , Stern
s suing for a divorce from his wife on
ho ground of adultery. She has the
custody of the children and lives with
icr father and mother at 79 Madison
tvouuo. Stern alleges his wife is al-
owed by her mother to keep company
with improper women and don't want
tor to do so , so long as she has his
mine , and that ho upbraided Druil-
lott. for allowing her to do so. So
, ho latter committed the assault , lioth
men are 5G years of age.
Edward Craig and Sebastian Ru
dolph , the latter an employe of the
hip , wore arrested to-day and' com
mitted in default of $3,000 bail for
examination before United States
Commissioner Shields for attempting
, o place twenty pounds of loose pow-
lor aboard the steamship Niagara of
ho Now York and Cuba mail lino.
) raig was caught sneaking around on
> oard the ship with the powder under
us coat , looking for Rudolph.
NEW YOHK , February 18. Mrs.
5mma Yutos Conkling and her hus
band and Mrs. Carrie Williams , all
milanthropists , made complaints to-
lay against B. H. Mucy & Co. , Dan-
cls & Son , and Simpson , Crawford
& Co. , large dry gooda dealers , for
violating Catlin's law , passed last
pear in the Now York assembly , re
quiring store keepers who employ
saleswomen to provide them with
seats so that they shall not bo compelled
polled to stand all the time while in
the store. Summons were issued in
each case. The complainants declare
that they will compel all the store
keepers in the city to obey the law.
Policeman Richard Leary , of the
steamboat squad , was placed , on trial
before the board to-day , charged by
Jos. Carriston , a Front street fish
dealer , with stealing four eels while
buying ten cents worth of herring.
The witness testified that Loary , be
ing suspected of being in the habit of
stealing eels , thow watchnd him , saw
him take these four , and saw them
taken from his pocket when accused !
Judgment was deferred.
Samuel Woior , builder of the old
World building , recently burned ,
gave bail in $5,000 to await the action
of the grand jury , and Charles A.
Burton , the mason who built the de
fective flue , was hold in $2,000.
BROWNSVILLE , Tex. , February 18.
Near Vera Cruz , Mexico , yesterday ,
GJaitana Glocati mortally wounded
liis sister and stabbed Potro Pestar-
ino , the Italian girl's lover. Gaitana
was arrested.
LEXINGTON , Ky. , February -19.
Joe Lawson , who killed Jno. Steven
son Christma , was convicted of murder
dor in the first degree. The punishment
mont is death.
PEORIA , Ilia. , February 18. Frank
N , Kocno , absconding ticket agent of
the Hocking Valley railroad , has
been arrested hero and taken back to
Pomoroy , Ohio , in charge of an offi
cer who has followed him since last
CHICAGO , February 19. A young
man named Jno. Deal , claiming to
live in New York City , has been ar
rested on the strength of his asser
tion that he knows more about the
mysterious death of Lake Ransom > a
Hillsdale recently than any ono else.
The police cannot dormino whether ho
is a liar or a lunatic.
LAREDO , Tex. , February 19. Two
young aristocrats fought a duel at
Do 1 area Cemetery , City of Moxicoon
Tuesday , about a lady. Both worn
wounded , neither fatally.
NASHVILLF. , Tenn. , February 18 ,
Robert McKonloy was to-day sentenced
ed to hang March 31st , for the mur
der of J. P. McMillan. Both wore
convicts in the penitentiary.
KANHAH CITY , February 18. Ex-
Collector Greene , over whose head
hang ono hundred and fifty-eight in
dictments , was admitted to bail to
day and released from jail. The bom
fjivon was for $45,000. The gram
jury report submitted to-day shows
that the ex-collector raised the assessment
mont in four hundred cases in Kansas
City and fraudulently collected taxes
on thcso increased assessments , C
A. Ch&no , lately appointed successo
to Josopn Greene , iliq dishonest coun
y collector , to-day resigned the posi-
ion nftur having tiled bond in the
um of § 000,000 , and appointed dop-
ittes. His bond was hied and n { > -
irovod only yesterday. To-day , how-
ircr , ho was notified by the Kansas
3ity Savings association that they
vould no longer receive the county
unds on deposit and the further re
quest that he withdraw the funds al-
cady on deposit Uwro. Thereupon
10 did not fool justified in asking
rionds of the bank to remain longer
on his bond and nftor having asked
ithor banks to take the deposits and
go on his bond and being refused , he
ionsidorcd the office an elephant on
iis hands and resigned.
OAMDKN , N. J. , February 18. - It is
rumored to-night that lion , James M ,
kovlllo has sent a letter demanding
satisfaction by the code to City Solider -
or James G , Hayes , who testified in
a Philadelphia court this week that
Scovillo's reputation for truth and
oracity was bad , and produced wit-
icsses who swore they would not bo-
ievo Scovillo under oath. Both pnr-
ies refuse to talk , but friends have
lotifiod the police that a duul is in
> rospoct.
PHILADELPHIA , February 18. The
citizens' reform committee issued i
( reclamation to-day , iu which it oilers
owards aggregating 10,000 , for the
arrest and conviction of election
officers guilty of frauds , of persons
who intimidated voters , or of bribes
or persoimtors at the municipal oloc-
ion on Tuesday next. ,
ALBANY , N. Y. , February 18.Tho
mwnshop of Solomon Davis , South
earl street , was robbed of $6,000 in
diamonds and jewelry byanoak thieves
this evening
A young man giving the naino of
Win. Griffin , of Utica , was arrested
at 11 o'clock to-night and identified
as ono of the thieves.
NASHVILLE , Tonn. , February 18.
[ lobort McKinley , sentenced to belonged
longed in the jail yard March 31st ,
las appealed to the supreme court ,
tie was a convict in the penitentiary
and murdered a follow ! convict named
James B. McMillan last September
YAZOO CITY , Miss. , February 18.
Dan Stewart , who lives ton miles up
the river , as lodged in jail for the
murder ot his wife last Thursday
CHICAGO , February 18. Rev. M.
riuerty , pastor of the Methodist
church at Mokona , was arrested Here
o-day for attempted rape of Miss
Hary Sheridan , a member of the
iVabash Avenue M. E. church choir.
? inerty is still in jail -awaiting exam-
'nation. <
RICHMOND , Va. . February 18. The
senate to-day continued to debate a
point of order until.t 'clock , making
the longest sitting" tnfs body"held
this session. Filibustering , points of
order , roll calls , etc. , occupied the
time up to the hour named , without
definite action of any sort.
NORFOLK , "Va. , February 18. Gov.
Cameron , with his military , returned
this evening from the expedition to
the Ruppahannock river. The affair
waa a success , six schooners and ono
sloop being captured with crews num
bering 01 men. The , vessels were
turned over to the sheriff of Matthewe.
county , who also took charge of the
prisoners and carried them to the
sounty jail , where they will bo re
tained for trial before the March term
of the county court. The expedition
reached the mouth of the Rappahan-
nock river yesterday , and found the
marauders engaged in dredging.
Ohase was made and the vessels cap
tured. Several shots wore fired dur
ing the chase , but there was no effort
at determined resistance.
PiTTsnuiio , February 19. Theo
dore Nelson was arrested to-night at
17 Webster avenuu charged with mur
dering his wife , who died under mys
terious circumstances this afternoon.
The neighbors allege her death was
caused by her husband's ill treatment.
INDIANAPOLIS , February 19. A
young woman was arrested
at the depot Saturday night
upon her arrival from Philadol-
hia upon telegraphic advices from
lie chief of police of that city on the
charge of robbing Mrs. White , of
that city. The fair prisoner had on
her person several articles of valua
ble jewelry and confessed to the rob
bery , giving as her excuse that she
took the jewelry to obtain means to
reach Indianapolis in search of her
seducer. Being about to become a
mother , the prisoner was provided
with accommodations at a bmrding
house to await the interesting event.
AtiitiAN , Mich. , February 10. At
a mooting of tno city council a resolu
tion was introduced by Aid. Ladd
offering $2,000 reward for the arrest
and return of Thomas J , Navui. the
absconding mayor. The resolution
was lost , but it is believed the motion
will to reconsidered at the meeting
on Monday evening.
WABAHH , Indiana , February It ) .
A dastardly attempt to wreck
the east bound passenger train
on the Wnbash , St. Louit
& Pacific railway was made this morn
ing at Lagro , this county , A large
pile of ties was placed on the track
and the only reason the entire train
was not thrown from the rails was
that the timbers wore rotten and the
wheels of the locomotive cut them in
two. There is not the slightest clew
to the scoundrels who did the work. ,
ST. Louis , February 19. This af.
teniooa a prize fight occurred noai
Ht. Louis between Larry O'Brien , ni
Irishman , and Ed. Denton , an Eng
lishman , for the championship of thi
lollvillo mining district and $100 a
o. The combatants were novices ,
> ut had spent ton dnvs training
olvo rounds were fought according
> the rules. A fierce and bloody
: nigtlo ensued , when Donton's soc-
nd throw up the snongo. Both men
roro badly pounded , their faces being
altered out of all shape.
MONTREAL , February ID. A tor-
bio revolt among throe hundred
snmlo prisoners took plnco in prison
iis afternoon , which was only sup-
iressed after a vigorous fight with a
osso of police from the central ata-
ion , The jail whore those amazons
re confined is presided over by nuns ,
ith only three male guards in at-
ndaiico. Of late the police author-
ics have been raiding houses of
institution in this city , of which it
as reported by the police there were
ireo hundred in the French section
one. Those women , on conviction ,
ere generally sent to jail for six
lonths , and tliia has overcrowded the
> lace t such an extent that all ( lie-
plino 1ms been at an end for some
me , mid nothing but demoralization
ixists. Inmates of all classes and de-
; rees ill crime have boon huddled to
other in the same rooms. On the
rrival of the police they found the
uns all locked in their rooms , from
hich they did not emerge until the
itieuto was quelled.
The Viragoes broke up furniture
, iul defended themselves like Spar-
i\ns against the officers' onslaught
lioy were finally Mibihml by force ,
ml the most violent locked up in
oils. The policemen were all BO-
oroly handled , and some dangerously
PAINESVILLK , 0. , February 19
'ho ' trial of Martin Nuonan for ox-
iress robbery of 1872 , when 821,000
nystoriously disappeared from a
ragon of the American Express coin-
any in this city , us it was being
ransforrod from the office to the do-
> ot , was concluded yesterday. The
ury returned a verdict of guilty ,
'ho case has attracted more at-
ention than any before tried
i this country. For the
iroo years that elapsed from
ho time the money was lost uin.il
what is claimed to be tlui lost money
was found at NOOIIUII'H lust July ,
very absenting citi/.en has been fol-
owed to his destination by detectives
nd suspicion rested heavily on tlu )
xprcss agents having the money flu
iliargo. There is much satisfaction
hat the mystery ia ; it last cleared.
INDUSTRY , 111. , February 19. This
morning two persons broke into Mas-
oy's store and blow open the safe and
oourod$800. They then proceeded
Sullivan Brothers' hardware store ,
roko open the door and blow open
ho safe , securing $2,000. They loft
lurglars' tools behind , which were
bund this morning. Air. Hathaway
card the noise * of the explosion in
iullivan's store , but did not give the
ilarm until daylight. The robbers
itole horses in < the neighborhood and
3Bcapod towards Mncomb.i
Bnilnou Tronblei.
National As-Delated Fret * .
NEW YORK , February 19. Victor
W. MoFarlano & Co. , ono of the
largest lard refiners in this city ; has
made an assignment. Liabilities ,
$275,000 ; assets nominally the same ,
t is expected the firm will resume
Dominion Representative * in
Pari .
National Associated Press.
QUEBEC , February 19. It is undor-
teed that the Quebec government
liavo in contemplation the appoint
ment of a commissioner who _ will re-
ide at Paris , whore ho will look after
he interests of this province as well
as after dominion affairs.
The Tennosioo Bond Trouble.
latlonal Ansaclaloil 1'icna.
NASHVILLK , Tonn. , February 19.
The decree of the supreme court in
ho case of Lynn nt al. vs. Polk ot al.
the 100-3 funding act ) was entered
n accordance with the majority opin-
on delivered on last Saturday with
out any modification whatever. The
motion to modify and allow the board
to fund the bonds under the act with
out coupons was disallowed ; the act ,
; horeforo , is nuH'and void.
Died from an Overdose of Opium ,
National A oclatoJ I'rcw.
ROCHESTER , February 19 L.
Adams Lee , son of Richard Lee ,
signer of the declaration of independence , -
once , died from an overdose of opium
; o day. For sometime ho has ooon
an inmate of the Monroe county in
sane asylum , whore he was treated
'or eating opium. The old craving
coming on , ho took ono of hia olu
time dosoa and it killed him. Ho was
a personal friend of Leigh Hunt and
Leasing , the historian , and correspondent
pendent of many American and Eng
lish poets.
Honor to the NewChcmnit * Coma )
National Associated J'roaa.
CHICAGO , February 19. At a meofj.
ing of the Chicago press club this af
ternoon the following was adopted in
reference to the appointment of John
J. Flinn , of the Daily Nowu , as Unit
ed States consul to Chemnitz :
Resolved , That OH it has como tt
the knowledge oi this club that Join .
J. Flinn , an honored member , U aboul
to Iciivoj the rankn of Chicago jouin
ulists and take up his residence
abroad , wo hereby express our regroi
nt his departure from among us , um
our earnest wish for hiahappiiions am
prosperity in whatever calling or pro
fflssiou he may enter upon.
Small Pox.
National Auoclatod 1'roM.
NKW YORK , February 18. Thoin
were forty-nine cases of small pox ; ii
this city this week.
Pirrsuuiio , February 19. Four
teen now cases of small pox were re
l > ortod for this city and Allegheny tc
Haverhill , Mass , , Visited by a
Largo Fire ,
Burning Out Six Aoroa in
the Business Part of
the City. *
Digging the Debris of the
Ohostor Fire Rovoala
Moro Bodies.
Stampede in a New York
Variety Show , and Other
Work of the Flames.
With the Uinnl Number of Cnan-
alticB of All Kind * .
National Awoclateil 1'renn.
HAVEUHII.I. , Mass. , February 18.
The lire last night throw 2,000 people
ple of employment , and has destroyed
$2,000,000 , of property. Twenty-
eight large firms wore burned out ,
boaido.s a number of utimll business
establishments. Among the build
ings destroyed were that of the First
National bank and the Five Cent
Savings bank Six acres of business
blocks in the heart of the town
wore burned , taking in the best struct
ures in town. The burned district
lies , on both aides of Washington
street frcm the station on the Boston
Maine road to Washington square ,
a distance of COO feet , and back on
one hand to the Momnmo river , and
on the other to Wintjato street.
Nearly all those buildings had been
constructed within the last ton years ,
but iu their roar was a nest of wooden
buildings on wliit'h the fire fed , caus
ing a heat which melted even granite
and laid in ruins edifices that ordina
rily would bo considered tire proof.
When the fUmes were finally con
quered , it was simply because they
had nothing left to feed on. Every
thing between Railroad square and
Washington square from the south
side of Wingatu street down to the
Merrimao was swept away. The
number of buildings burned , most of
these brick blocks , will rnach about
sixty , occupied by eighty-six firms.
CHESTER , Pa. , February 18. An
other body was discovered in the
ruins this morning and more are believed -
liovod to bo beneath the debris. The
latest number of deaths as far as is
known is 20 , and this number will bo
doubly increased before night. The
coroner "closed his examination of
witnesses this morning and the jury
repaired to the scone of the disaster.
A verdict is not expected until late ,
probably not before Monday. Sever
al largo-o rbrid * i Jinve b < wa _ pickoc
up at the scene of the disaster. Copt.
Carter , of the Pennsylvania military
academy , says that none of that kind
were used at the academy and Mr.
Jackson assorts that none of them
were in his works. The natural in
quiry is "Where they came from ? "
CHESTER , Pa. , February 19. The
funerals of ton victims of Thursday's
explosion took place to-day. The
town was crowded with visitors from
all parts of the country , ' and from
Delaware Crape was displayed at
nearly every residence and the mani
festation of grief which were apparent
on every hand tended to make the
occasion ono never to bo forgotten in
the town. Vast throngs accompanied
the cartogo to the cemetery and dele
gation from tire companies of Phila
delphia and Wilmington acted us a
guard of honor to the hearses con
taining the remains of dead firemen.
NEW YORK , February 18. At Har
ry Minor's ' theater this availing , while
a song and daneo ait was on , the cry
of fire was raised. The smoke" came
from the pool room through a transom
light. The audience stampeded.
Those in the balcony broke chairs and
windows , and several women , fainted
in the crush. The stage manager
yelled from the stage , "No cause for
alarm. " There was great tenor in the
gallery , which has only ono exit , and
150 people sought escape by the stage.
It was found that the smoke came
from a store in the pool room , whore
a cigar box ( thrown into- the stove
stopped the flue and throw out smoke
and gas. No person waa injured.
NEW YOK , February 18. Fire
this , evening : in the fifth story iron
front building , 35 and 36HARUOstreet ,
caused a low of about $50,000. The
principal looora are A. 1) . Green , tho.
ownoo oi' the building ; E Newman
Sons. ' rattan splitting establishment ;
A. . B. Taylor printing press company ;
Jl Cariton & Co. ; A. Warton and
liayuca & Kotchain , label printoaa ,
all occupants of the building. ,
i. KANSAH CITY , February 1/h. / A
lamp exploded this morning in the
United Statea express oar on. the in
coming Chicago train , near Xtigby
Mo. , and not thu car on firo. . Hall
the messenger , was badly btu&ed ant
many packages destroyed.
Kbtlonal AinocUtca t'rou.
GLOUOKHTKR , Mass. , February 18. -
u The schooner Carrie M. Bishop , Cup
t tain Paraon , ovcrduu , arrived frou
il the Banks to-day , her flag at half nua
for the IOPH of six of hur crow. The *
were out in dories attending Ului
prowls and were unable to ropuh Vh
veoso ) .
ATHENH , Ga. , February 18. A
Gogginsvillo n colored jamily Ins
night looked two children in a nous
and wont visiting. The house wa
burned and the children roasted t
NEW AIUA.NY , Ind.'February 17.-
[ ' ] x-Cnroiior Elijah Mullen was found
Irownod in a gutter yesterday. It <
s supposed ho wan intoxicated.
ATLANTA , Ga. , February U ) . A
southward bound freight train on the
Air Line railroad , running off time ,
collided this morning at J o'clock
with n northward bound train
m a trestle , between Buford and
Suwanco. The engineer , Mr. West ,
of the northward bound train , .
received slight injuries from jumping
'rom his engine. The firemen of both
engines jumped to the ground , a dist
ance of thirty-five foot , sustaining in
juries. West's fireman will probably
die. The damage to the trains ,
engines and track was great. Four
cars fell into a honp and were burned.
ST. JOSEPH , February 1 ! ) , Lns
night n colored man , deaf and dumb ,
was sent by young Sam Kelley to con
voy a note to his mother at Savannah ,
Andrew county , and in trying to wako
bho family by ringing the boll and
fooling with the door knob , and being
inablo to reply to the frequent calls ,
"Who are you ? " the man was shot
with a load of buckshot from a shot
gun in the hnnds of Byron Kelley ,
who thought itas a buralar. The
shot entered the poor fellow's groin
and ho fell groaning. When the rash
r'ouni ; man , AS well as the family , had
: ound what ho had done their grief
was deep. The victim was highly cs-
tcoinod. lie is not dead , but no hopes
ire entertained of his recovery.
OHUJAOO , February 19. Fire broke
out in the rag shop at 102 West Lake
street this morning. The loss sus
tained was not great but a serious ac
cident occurred to the firemen sum
moned to the scone. The hose cart
of engine No. 1 and hook and ladder
truck No. 2 collided at the corner of
Adams and Clinton streets with ter
rific forco. The following men wore
injured :
Patrick Murphy , leg broken.
James Horan , serious bruises on .
the leg and hip.
Captain Anderson , injured at tho.-
fire by falling from the roof.
.Tallies B. Quirk , log crushed.
William Yadausdalo , injured in the
leg and ho was taken up insensible.
John Clingon , badly hurt in tho-
John Ryan , badly bruised about.
the body and ono of his legs broknn. .
Railway Matten.
National Associated 1'rcsj.
MILWAUKEE , February 18. The
Grand Trunk road has boon sued bye
the Northern Transportation company
for $500,000 , on account of alleged *
broach of contract in failing to furn
ish sufficient oi-rs.
NASHVILLE , Tonn. , February , 18.
An application was filed hero , to
day for a charier fr the Memphis &r
Bristol Air Line company which will
run from the western to the eastern .
limits of the state as indicated from
its name.
CITY OP MEXICO , February 18
The government has authorized .the
opening of the Mexican Central" rail
way to Quortaro , 100 kilometres.
from this city. The government sub
sidy on this road is $9,600 per kil
ometre on the route from Mexico to
1 Paso , and 87,000 per kilometre on ,
the Sonora lino.
Senor Laren/o , secretary .of t war ,
Senor Gattirroz , secretary of the , . ' in
terior , and other miiiisters.will in
spect the Mexican National , railway ,
: companied by Jos. Sullivan to San
' 'rancisquito. The road has .been
ivorably reported on by the qovorn-
icnt engineers.
PniLADELPHiAFebruary 19ir The-
'onnsylvania ' railroad company is pro-
aring to open a line of its own ftom >
hicago t Cincinnati by way of , the-
olumbus , Chicago & Indana..Contralt
ailroad to Richmond , Ind. , and then ,
o build a line from that paint to tho.
iitlo Miami at Point Dennis , and-
ion over the Little Miami to Cincm- .
ati. This route is shorter than the
resent ono over the Pennsylvania and <
inciiinati , Toledo , Hauiilton & , D yr
on railways.
Vnnj > r' Predictions.
itlon&l A oclitciH'reiw.
oNraiKAL , February 10. Ybnnor
redicto- that from Kingston wcst-
ard nxo.ro snow will , fall than at * any
mo up to the present this winter ;
IBO that there will bo heavy , snow
alls , &o first and bat weeks in April.
Iktlon&l Associated Vitta.
\VAHHINOTON , February 20 ; For-
ho lower Misscari , valleys Variable.
wuads , stationary i orJiighor tempera ?
uut > , generally lower pressure , partly
cjbudy weather , with local rain err
TJte tiooUUati
NktlonnJ Aiuoclatal Praia ,
NEW You * , Februasy ID.Tim. . so
cialists are rene winij tieir efforts it ia
said , to gat control of the laboring ;
classes of this city on , a. preparatory
atop in tlia execution of theietclkoct
of plan to booomo the strongest no-
itical ewer in thp United. . Statea.
The punted and. oral reports which
como jrom Euaopo coiuorning tfco
proposed movement of > the socialistic
party there , ths.intinmto and growing
relations botwwmtho80 iftliflts of New
Yoik and those qf Europe , and the
faci that lasi summer -kho persons con
nected with the Yolkzpitung made
desperate tflbrts to aUJliato with the
trades' ' unions of this city by taking
charge ol and attgiupting to adjust the
labor troubles , go to show the purpose
of thouion in this city , who call them-
selvoa uooiafiBts. The more intelli
gent members of the trades' unions m
Now"i ork. who are not socialists , are
apprehensive that the efforts these men
are making to increase their strength
by couleaoing with the trades' unions ,
will provo detrimental to the interests
of the workingmen in their struggle to .
auouru what they regard 03 a fair
return for their labor.
The thing desired fouud nt la t. Ask
druggUt for "Bough on lUts , " It cleara
out rats , mine , roach * * , flies , b % < ) huga ; 15&
boxes '

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