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TH > , OivJAJuA DAILY MIL ) AY" fKBBUAR'Y 24 , 1882
Exiles of Erin in England
and Elsewhere.
Coltlo Chlofnln Thoiv Own Comi-
try Milcslau MomorioR in
the Old World nml
tlio Now.
Ill casting n retrospective glanceat
itho history of Ireland , and hi view of
the present political situation in that
.country , ono is struck with the fact
that wlnlo Irishmen liavo long boon in
the enjoyment of the highest honors
in the gitt of the Grown throughout
the Colonies and dependencies of tlio
British Empire , they nro excluded
from participation in the government
of the land of their birth , While in
England Irishmen like Canning , Well
ington and Castlerengh have shaped
the policy of Cabinets , in thu sister
isle no Irishman , with the uxcuption
of the Marquis Wellesley , and moro
recently the Duke of Aborcorn , 1ms ,
. since the brief Lord Lieutenancy of
the Duke of Tyrconnoll an the reign of
James II. , represented the Sovereign
in the vice-regal oillco. The snmo
julo , which has become a tradition of
Britisli statecraft , holds in all the im
portant otliccs of the administration in
Ireland. An eminent lawyer like the
ox-Lord Chancellor O'Hagan ' may in
deed assume the onerous duties of
"Keeper of Her Majesty's Con
science , " yet
strange to say , to the post of chief
secretary of state in his own country.
Millionaire magnates , like the present
viceroy , Lord Cowpor , and more min
ions of the priino minister in London ,
like his predecessor , the Duke of
Marlborough , are , whatever may bo
their mediocrity and ignorance of
Irish affairs , the stuff whereof viceroys -
roys are made ; while English chief
secretaries of the otamp of Lowther
and Forstor are the real power behind
the vice-rog.il throne. That Irishmen ,
whoso claims are ignored in their own
country , are not wanting in adminis
trative capacity , history indicates. In
India , the Irish Marquis Wellesley ,
aided by the sword of his illustrious
brother , broke nt once the power of
the Mahrattas nnd the strength of
Islam , and in his conquest ot Mysore
- destroyed the most form dablo fee
that England had over encoun
tered in Asia. At a
conjuncture hardly less grave
in ; Anglo-Asian annals , many years
later , the great Proconsul's country-
i man , Lord Gough , the victorious
* colonel of the Eighty-seventh Hoyal
Irish regiment in the battles and
sciges of the Spanish Peninsula from
Talavora to Cadiz , commanded the
British army iu the first nnd second
- campaigns ol the Sikh war in the
Punjab,2which ended in the victories
of Sobraon and Goojorat. In China ,
Lord Gough assumed command of the
British troops during the war with
that country in 1837 , nnd captured
- Canton and other strong places. For
his brilliant services , Lord Gough was
raisoa to the peerage ns Baron and
Viscount , was created a field marshal
and 'thrico received the thanks of
Parliament. Similar distinction
crowned the career of General Lord
Keano , a native of Watorf ord , Ireland ,
who , while commandor-in-chief iu
in India1 in 1839 ; won the decisive
battle of Ghazneo , and successfully
invaded Afghanistan. Of the
of the Irish generals , Sir Garnet
\Volsoloy and Sir Frodoriclj Roberts ,
upon the same scene , it is hardly
necessary to speak. During the
memorable insurrection in India in
.X , India in 1857-58 , Lord Lawrence ,
then a member of the civil service and
lieutenant governor of the Punjab ,
and subsequently viceroy of India ,
was distinguished , in conjunction with
his Irish countrymen , Sir Henry
Lawrence , chief commissioner'
Oudo , and General Nicholson , for his
energy and statesmanship in dealing
with the unexampled difficulties of
tlio situation. In 1872 the earl of
Mayo , one of the most successful of
viceroys iu India , perished at the
hands of an assassin when visiting the
Andaman islands. At the present
day , among the most distinguished
administrators in the service of the
British crown are Lord Dufl'erin and
Lord Monck both ox-governors of
Canada and Lord Loftus , Sir George
Bowen and Sir John Pope Honnessy
all natives of Ireland , In alluding ,
however , briefly and inadequately to
Irishmen in the British service whoso
genius has shod lustre upon the beau
tiful land of their birth , it would bo
strange to omit the name of Welling
ton. The descendant of a family that
settled in Ireland in 1172 , the future
duke of Wellington sat in the Irish
parliament as member for Trim m
1790 , and to his honor bo it said , ho
supported , at nn
-generous concessions to his Catholic
fellow-countrymen. His rapid rise
dates from the plory ho achieved a
few years later when in command of
Soringapatam , under the auspices of
his brother , the Marquis Wellesley ,
I ? ) then governor general of India. In
1813 , having defeated the most distinguished
guishod of Napoleon's M.irth h in
Spain , ho passed the Bidassoa and renewed
nowed his Spanish victories on French
soil , from the fields of Orthe-s and
'Toulouse to the gates of Paris , which
ho entered as a conquorer in 1814. In
the following year the French capital
capitulated to his arms. Appointed
commandor-in-chiof of the allied
arrnU'i of occupation in Franco after
the biulo of Waterloo , the Irish luld
marshal produced order out of chaos in
a land convulsed with intestine dis
sensions. In 1829 , when premier of
England , ho carried Catholic emanci
pation amid the strong opposition and
obloquy of many of his former ad
mirers. " At a time when "tho laws , "
to use the language of a chief justice
in the reign of George II. , "did not
presume a papist to exist in the king
dom , " the Catholic countries of Europe -
rope freely offered a shelter to Irish
distinction given only to crowned
heads , and on the lamented death of
the Celtic chieftain at Simancas , in
tlio twenty-ninth year of his .ago , his
body was interred by order of the
.Spanish monarch with royal honoru at
VftlliuloHd then the residence of the
urt wlioro a magnificent menu-
inont was erected to his mem
ory. In Spain , too , Owtn
Hoe O'Noill ' , nephew of
THE Olir.AT KAllI , Of TV110NE ,
was received with tlio distinction duo
to a inoinbor of n royal houso. To
tlio sMno hoapitnblo Innd the Colts of
tha northwestern counties of Ireland ,
under the O'Donnolla , O'llolllya ana
O'Onrns , carried their swords. In
1708 Spain numbered live regiments
throe of infantry nnd two of cavalry
rocruitud from Ulster nnd Connaught ,
under Lnoy , Lawless , Hogan , O'ltoil *
ly and O'Gara. "Tlirco times during
the century , " says n distinguished
historian , "Spain was represented nt
London by man of Irish birth , or
otigin. Alexander O'Ucilly , ox-Gov
ernor of Cadiz , wns ambassador at
the court of Louis XVI. In Spain
and in Austria this family produced n
succession of eminent men. 'It is
atrango , ' observed Napoleon , on his
second entry into Vienna , in 1809 ,
'chat on each occasion in November ,
1805 , as this day on arriving in the
Austrian capital , I find inself in
treaty with the respectable Count
O'lloilly ' , whoso dragoon rcgimenthad
saved the remnant of the Austrians at
tVustorlitz. In the Austrian army
list at that period there wore about
forty Irish names , ftom the grade of
colonel to that of tiold marsh * ! . "
Under Nugent , whoso descendant became -
came n prince and field marshal of the
Austrian empire , natives of Meixth
and Loinstor for the most part joined
the armies of the house of Hnpsburg.
To-day , Viscount Taailo , the repre
sentative of iv family of great antiqui
ty in the counties of Louth and Sligo ,
and the proprietor of largo estates in
Bohemia , is premier of Austro-Hun-
under Turonne , Irish regiments , ad
mirably disciplined , fought against the
great Condo in 1052 , and under the
sixmo illustrious Marshal in the cam
paign of the Rhine , led by Justin Mc
Carthy , Lord Mountcashul , live divi
sions of Col tic auxiliaries strengthened
the host under Marshal * Catinat in
the passes of Savoy , and on the
plains of Italy. On the fluid otMar-
soglia the Irish auxiliaries , in 1093 ,
vindicated the courage of their race ,
nnd Belgium , Franco , Italy and Spain
formed the scone of their valor. The
battled within Irish troops partici
pated at Landcn , Cremona , Almaimi
nnd Fontonoy made the Irish name a
word of fear to the English enemy. It
is computed that , apart from soldiers
of Irish birth mustered beneath the
Austrian and Spanish standards , 500-
000 troops of the same nationality
served ia the French army during one
If the Celtic race as is matter of
history contributed the last viceroy
of Spain in the Indies in the person
of General Count OVDonaghue , whose
court was at the city of Guatemala , as
well as the lust governor of Florida
Don Patricio White under Spanish
rule , the same race , it should bo recol
lected , also contributed stout fighting
material and manly spirit in the cause
of liberty during the struggle for na
tional independence. Chile honors
3'Higgins and MacKonna both of
Irish extraction among her noblest
sons. In Peru , Colonel O'Connor ,
nephew of * he celebrated Irish pat
riot , General Arthur O'Connor , of the
French service , was General San Mar
tin's chief-of-stalT- and
- - , - Colonel
O'Leary , a near relative of the emi
nent Franciscan Father of the same
name , filled a like position on the
stall of General Bolivar , in Columbia.
Nor is the chivalrous devotion of
General Doveroux , who organized at
his own cost n legion in Ireland to
assist in the struggle for South
American freedom , tarn'shod by the
fact that the newly-installed captain
general of Cuba , General Pendorgast ,
is , like his predecessors in the "over
Jaithful island" O'Donnell and
O'Reilly himself n scion of an Irish
family settled in Spain.
For the past two years the publish
ers of this paper have given to the
subscribers of TIIK WEEKLY BEE the
best line of premiums as inducements
to subscription which have ever been
offered by any newspaper in the coun
try , The plan has proved a success.
It has given universal satisfaction to
the patrons of the paper , and has in
creased the subscription list to a degree -
groo far above the expectations of its
Many patrons of THE DAILY BEE
have asked why wo do not offer thorn
the same inducements hold out to sub
scribers of THE WEEKLY BEE. In re
sponse to the inquiry wo make the
following offer : Each subscriber to
THE DAILY BEE who pays his arrears
of subscription nnd remits prepayment -
mont for six months and every now
subscriber who remits pro-payment
for six months will bo entitled to one
of the premiums mentioned in our
list. Thcso premiums will bo dis
tributed in the sjino impartial manner
nor which , marked our first and second
This scheme was first devised to
collect subscriptions in arrears from
patrons of THE WEEKLY BEE. Its suc
cess exceeded our expectations. Wo
have now no back collections on our
weekly edition , have established the
prepayment system , quadrupled our
circulation nnd correspondingly enhanced
hanced the value of our advertising
space , A number of subscribers to
THE DAILY BEE are now in arrears ,
and if by an extension of tlio samu
plan wo can induce them to pay the
amount duo us , wo can wol ! afford to
make this liberal offer , By this
moans wo hope to still further increase
the largo list of THE DAILY BEE , and
having established the prepayment
system wo propose to maintain it ,
as wo nro doing with our Weekly edi
To these who are not familiar with
our plan of distribution or the manner
Hn which the premiums are secured by
us , wo append the explanation made
to our weekly subscribers , which np-
plies equally to tlio subscribers of
Two years ago the publishers of THE
BEE devised n scheme for collncting
back pay from delinquent subscribers ,
securing renewals and oxtondinc the
circulation of tins paper by n distri
bution of valuable premiums. The
success of that experiment , both in
the collection of back pay and increase
f prepaid subscribers was so encour
aging that the publishers ventured
upon the same system of premium dis
tributions on a moro extensive scale
last year. It wns demonstrated that
uo could better afford to distribute the
money usually paid to agents , local
collect013 nnd attorneys , directly to
our p.Urons by offering thorn extra
ordinary inducements to ommro ac
counts and prepay for nnotnor year.
By this method wo hayo succeeded in
two years in quadrupling the circula
tion of THE WEEKLY Bin : and extend
ing its inlluonco far beyond the
boundaries of this stnte.
During the first year only a portion
of the articles distributed were pro
cured in exchange for advertising.
When Urn marked increase in circula
tion became known to merchants nnd
manufacturers last year they willingly
placed their machinery nnd merchan
dise at our disposal in piying for ad
vertising. That enabled us to do
what seemed incredible - namely , fur
nish n metropolitan weekly for two
dollars a year nnd give our subscribers
premiums that aggregated in value
§ 20,000. And yet it was n paying in
vestment for us , and gave general
satisfaction to our patrons.
> \ hat grow out ot a desire to collect
back pay has developed into n now
and practical idea. Wo have discov
ered that wo can afford to make our
subscribers sharers in the income of
the paper from advertising. In other
words wo can afford to divide the ad
vertising patronage of the paper with
its subscribers , inasmuch as the income
From advertising grows with the increased -
creased circulation. Advertising space
in THE BEE that was worth one hun
dred dollars live years ago will com-
mndd ono thousand dollars to-day.
This fall moro goods midmachinery
Imvo been offered us in exchange for
advertising than wo could accept in
view of the limited space wo devote
for that purpose. What wo have con
tracted for makes the grandest and
most varied list that has ever been
offered for distribution by any news-
lapor , nnd that too without paying a
aoilar in money. The only outlay in
cash wo expect to incur in connection
with these premiums will bo for post-
igo mid exprcssago. This explains
exactly how wo procure our premiums
and why wo can give away property of
so much value.
All the premiums in our list are
worth at retail just what wo represent
; hom. In contract ng with manufac
turers and wholesale dealers wo accept
; hem only at wholesale rates , but
: lmt does not lesson their value to
: hose who receive them
THE BEE has for years stood in the
: rent rank of nowspapora west of the
Mississippi , and to-day circulates
more extensively than any paper west
of Chicago and north of St. Louis. A
argo number of eastern people who
desire to procure a far western paper ,
with a view of acquiring reliable in
formation about the resources and de
velopment of the country west of the
Missouri will doubtless avail them
selves of'the opportunity now offered
them. Having for moro than ton years
boon under ono management pursuing
% course that has established for it pub
lic confidence- homo and a wide
reputation abroad , THE BEE could not
afford to engage in any undertaking
that was not conducted fairly nnd hon
estly. The distribution in 1880 and
1881 gave general satisfaction to our
subscribers. The coming distribution
will bo made in the same impartial
manner , by a committee whom the
subscribers piosent may select from
their own number , and in nuch man
ner as they think fair and equitable.
Last year all the premiums gave good
satisfaction , excepting some engrav
ings which wore not appreciated. This
year no engravings , maps or pictures
have been placed among the prem
iums. ,
Our old patrons need no assurance
from us of the reliability and stability
of THE BEE , nor do wo need to inform
thorn that the principles it advocates ,
and the fearless defense it make in
behalf of the producers , makes it al
most indispensiblo to the industrial
classes of the great west.
No intelligent person would expect
that every subscriber will receive a
§ 050 threshing machine , a 8500 piano -
ano , a § 300 harvester , or a § 150 or
gan , but all have an equal chance in
the distribution.
Each subscriber that pays up his ar
rears and repays another year , and
every now subscriber that remits prepayment -
payment for ono year , \vill receive n
premium worth at least Ono Dollar at
retail. As a matter of fact , THE
OMAHA WEEKLY BEE is worth the
subscription price , Two Dollars n
year , to every faiimer ; mechanic or
merchant. Without boasting , wo as
sort that no weekly paper , east or
west , can compare with it in variety
and choice Refections , general news ,
interesting correspondence , nnd no
other paper in Amoric.i contnins ns
much far western news , ranging from
the Pacific coast to the Mississippi
rivor. With the proof of good faith
and honoet dealing before thorn in the
numerous acknowledgments wo pub
Hah , wo can safely enter Upon our on
hirgud undertaking of this year , con
fidently bolieying that its success will
be mutually satisfactory nnd ndvnn
tngeous. E. HOHEWATBU ,
Managing Editor.
If you are suffering fiom u severe
cough , cold , asthma , bronchitis , con
sumption , loss of voice , tickling in
the throat , or any affection of tlio
throat or lungs , wo know that Dn.
KINCI'H ' NEW DibcovKiir will give you
immediate relief. Wo know of hun
dreds of cases it has completely cured ,
nnd that where all other medicine *
had failed. No other remedy can
show ono half as many permanonl
cures. Now to give you satisfactory
proof that Dr. KINQ'H NKW Dihcoy
KUY will cuio you of Asthma , Bron
chitis , Hay Fever , Consumption , Severe -
voro Coughs and Coldfi , Hoarseness ,
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Drug Store you can got n trial bottle
free of cost , or a regular si/.o bottle
< or gl.00.
. u E3janl01y(2) ( )
Tlio following is n description of the
most valuable premiums that are to
bo allotod to the patrons of THE BEF
on March 4 :
which is the most voluble among our
iromiums , is from the CIIANE PIANO
JOSH-ANY , of Richmond , Indiana.
This company has the reputation ol
making the most durable instruments
made in America , nnd for tone nnd
luno their Pianos nro second to none.
Possessing line wnlor power nnd n fno-
lory built with specinl rcforonco to the
manufacture of the best instrument at
110 least possible cost , this company
lave advantages enjoyed by no custom
'nctory. They hnvo near at hand in
nrgo quantities the finest timber in
the world , and have nn opportunity to
unko the first selection , and save
.ho high freights which must be paid
> y eastern nmmifncturora , nnd consequently
quently can furnish a bettor piano for
.lie money than any other makers.
Tlio College of Music at Cincinnati ,
) iio of the largest institutions of the
vind iu this country , after trying the
) innos of all the best makes discarded
\11 * others and are lining only ( lie
CHAHE , and decided that it possessed
111 the qualities necoss.iry to with-
itnnd the hardships of a genuine mus-
cal warfare. Tins speAs volumes in
'avor of these excellent insirtimonta.
: ho product of western enterprise and
skill. All disinterested experts nd-
uit that these pianos are made better
: han these from nny other factory and
: hnt they are the most sonicablo.
The piano wo offer is their
style seven and for elegance of
nppearnnco , beauty of tone and
solidity of structure cannot be ex
celled. Parties who are not familiar
with this make of pianos would do
well to write to the factory for nn il-
ustratcd catalogue.
Tlio other piano on our list is the
snmo style and quality as the ono weave
; ave last year , and will bo aoprcciatod
jy the tparty fortunate enough to receive -
coivo it.
The first one on the list is from
Wtta it Son's celebrated factory , of
Chicago , 111. , and has a reputation for
oed work over the vholo cwuntry
The Gold Medal Thresher is from
ho well known firm of Robinson it
3o , Richmond Ind. The Robinson
nachino works wore established in
.8-12 , nnd are ono of the oldest thresh-
115 machine builders in the country.
The machines of this firm nro in use
n every state from Maine to Oregon.
Svory farmer nnd dealer ndmits their
superiority. Our contract with the
.tobinson machine works is for a com-
) loto thrcbhor ready to attach either
lorso or steam power , both of which
; hey manufacture , and under our con-
; ract they will furnish the party who
receives this machine , either power at
50.00 less than their regular price.
This discount to bo given in addition
, o any cash or other discounts offered
) y the firm.
The reputation of the Marsh har
vesters is so well established that no
special description of them is deemed
necessary. Wo will only state that
; lus is their latest improvement. This
machine was on exhibition at the No-
iraslui state fair last September , nnd
was admire . by every ono , and the
vorkings of it declared superior to
hat of any other harvester mado.
This machine stands at the head of
.ho header family nnd has mot with
most surprising success. The factory
at Hastings , Nebraska is kept busy
; ho year round , and the past year
ms not boon able to make enough to
ill all orders. These headers do moro
work with less power than any other
style of reaper , and with loss loss of
; rain than by nny other mode of har
which wo offer as premiums are guar-
inteod to bo first-class in every re
spect , simple in construction , durable
ind easily managed. Those mills are
ntendcd for grinding food and are
valuable to every farmpr ; they can bo
uljuated so us to grind mo.il fine
enough for table uso. The fortunate
'armor who receives ono of these mills
will certainly bo well pleased. The
mills nro complete with pulleys , and
can bo attached to any power. They
nro manufactured by the American
Grinding Mill Company , Chicago , Ill
These are the same style of Mills
we gave as premiums last year , nnd
wore appreciated moro than any ether
[ iremiums of equal value.
The Sewing Machine which wo give
us premiums are all now nnd first-
class , manufactured by the Singer
Manufacturing company of Now
York , who have a reputation and do
business in every city and village in
the United States and Europe , Every
body knows the value nndjusofulncBS of
these nmchines , and know that they
are worth just what we list them.
Their imniL-iiHO snk'B show how. well
those Sowing Machines are appreciated.
is ono of their beat make and has ca-
incity to weigh n wagon with its
leavicst load , and will be a premium
that any one will appreciate.
which is offered ns n premium , is the
same style as the one wo gave las !
year and which was considered ono ol
the finest farm wagons over made.
These wagons are made by the Kansas
Manufacturing Company , of Leaven-
worth , KaH , , n western firm with truly
western enterprise. They are making
a first-clans wagon nnd will soon bo
supplying the entire trade of the
iu the old reliable rotary drop , made
by Bcedlo it Kelly , of Troy , Ohio.
These goods are as staple as white
sugar nnd nro indispensably on every
well regelated farm.Ve are safe in
recommending it as the best corn
planter made ,
Those mills are new and simple
separating cockle chaff and nil scot
from the wheat , is nlso used as n sect
tioparator. This mill works with n certainty
tainty mid rnpidilynotattnined by nny
grain manipulating device heretofore
placed on the market. It furnishes
its own motive power and needs no
'blast or agitation , Every farmer
grain dealer and miller should have
ono. The one on exhibition at the
lai t Nebraska atato fair was acknowl
edged by every ono M a "Rroat inven
tion. "
The goods in this line have boon
secured througji the jewelry firm of
Kdholni it Erickson. This firm has
not with remarkable success in
) maha. Coming hero n fo'v years
go. they hnvo built up n wonderful
rndo , extending through the western
itates and territories. The Imvo also
undo a reputation for honest goods
uul fair doalitu' , and the fact that
hey furnish thesn goods is sufficient
guarantee that they are just na ropro-
A from the old reliable Carpet llouno
f < l. B. Detwilor , who hai done busi-
loss in Omaha lor years , and is well
: no\vn throughout the entire state ,
'ho Carpet is the best Uw\y \ Brussels ,
nd when Mr. Dotwilor says it is
nirth forty-five dollars it represents
ust that much money.
oitnr.u rou noons.
The order on L. B. Williams it
OIIB , which wo give ns n premium ,
[ ill buy just as many goods from that
rm ns would the sumo amount in
, ash. L. B. Williams it Sous is the
IdostMid largest retail diy goods
tore in Omaha , and beai lea dryymx'.a
nrry a largo stock of boots nnd shoes
nd gent's furnishing goods and luvo
me ) chant tailoring domrtment.
'hey are a strictly cash house and
' iave a wide reputation for selling cheap
nd the party who receives this pro-
ilium will certainly bo well pleased.
The Books in our list are all Stan-
urd first clasn Books cloth bound ,
.11 ruble nnd good style , nndcannot | be
ou lit anywhere at retail leas than
vo list thorn. This year wo give no
naps , pictures or engravings , nnd nro
ustiliod in Baying that our list con-
ains the most varied nnd valuable lot
f premiums ever elf < lodbynny pnpor
Tlio followlnc nckiHMlPilKcmiMiti
occUeil from parlies tolioiii tlio mosi
nluatilo premiums \\oro alUilcdln our tils-
rlbutlon last your :
notri.DKii , Col. , April 11 , Vl.
Mltor of tlio Omaha lli'o
DKAK Hut 1 liaui just received tlic
icniitlful 870 WliltoMjttliiKinaeliliu1 , Riven
is a memlitm with } our | Uicr , for uhli'h
ileaso ncpi-pt many tlmitks from jour much
lenseil subscriber. K SMITH.
HIDNKV , Nell , May ' . ' 7 , ' 81.
DRXTLKMKN t - Youlll please aceeptiny
hanks lor tlioatch I H'uelvetl lo-iluv , in
ooil ruiinliiK order. You ha\o aeted so
air towards me that 1 shall \er continue
i MibsorlbcrtuTiiK Hui' , whleli I confess
u ilMtirt Is worth more than thu tmbscrliitlnn ,
ndltlsqullo evident > ou are us particular
u forwarding tliu awards lo .siicres.sful
r.wer.s.iislf > ouero to rccolto payment
or them Again thnnkliiB you mint liuatt-
y'lr ° lmU'y0llr9'
XKNIA , Neb. , March 17 , ' 81
Received of the Omaha I'lilillililnir Co. a
sold watch , as premium with Tin ? OMAHA
VKHKI.Y lli'.K. The uiitchiia all that It
\a * represented In the premium list , fully
\orth ? 7Aceept my thanks for the
vntch. 1 consider TUB IIKK HUM worth the
ubacrlptloii price , without n premium
Br iNUVitLR CITV , Utah Co. I
U T..imvO.8t.f
KIND Sin : I received the flU'in-nhidlnj ;
wntch awarded mo nt your distribution It
did not come ns soon as expected. A KOCH !
ninny hulled mo and wanted to know U I
mil received the wntch awarded me , nnd
lowlsay to them , yes , a good stem winder.
ns represented In your valued paper. I
Ike > our paper very much , mid I intend to
ontlnuuto take your paper as lone as it is
outspoken on monopolies and speaks forth
rceiltim The people like your paper , for It
Ivcs the necessary news I am tiiklm ; dlf-
crcnt papers I like ) our paper fully the
test , nnd It Ls the llrsl paper i take up to
ook throiiRli to seethe Kfiieral news. I
etfro to sustain your paper anil wish you
access. My kind reKimlH.
VILLOW OitKKK.Moiilniin , Sept 20 , ' 81 ,
Omaha I'libllslilng Co. , Omaha Neb :
( ! KN'is-llavureeelvcd : one limiting cnso
tem-w hiding wutch , nnd llvo books us
in-mliims with TIIK Unit for ' 81. Accnpt
iiytliiinksforHUinu Will tnko subscriptions
or you , If 1 can imiko wnues , I'lcaso to lut
no know terms , uud bend premium Hit
oonpo.s.b.o. , . .
[ Mr Woodward wns iiwnrileil lirown'H
nlllvntor , lint HvliiB In : v pliicu wlioro It was
if no mo lo lilin , liu.w ulloucd to select
mother iireinliiin ote < inil : viilnu. ]
tioi.o.v , Neb. , Aiirll 5 , ' 81.
Omnlm PnnlMilnl ; Co :
(1KNTH ( : TUu nold wutcli awarded moat
our second nmm.il distribution ol iironi-
iinit Is received I nm well pleased with
t I think the p.i ] > cr nlonu It worth tlio
iioiu-y. J.OIIK may TIIK HUK contlnno to
iWAiiuiioii , ttoilgeCo. , Neb . .Iniuiso , ' 81.
Oinnlia I'libllalilnu Gu. ;
( iKNTi.KMit.v : Tlio Mom winding .sllv"-
iiiiitliiKeasu watch tliatl reeelvud In yi
ust iireinlinn distribution Is at bund , l
invo found It to bo a uoifrrl tlnio-
[ ui > | ivr , and consider Itorlb Hie | irlco
Kl.K GUOVK , Mo. , Juno 7 , ' 61.
Omaha rubllihliiR Co : ,
Huff * ; Tim silver watch awarded moat
your distribution of premiums came to
liiind idl right It Is a Komi iliiip-kpeper ,
indium yell pleased with It. I think the
niiier Is worlh the money without the
irfzo. I nm well tatlsflcil with both.
Yours respectfully.
Worn Brill WIH , < ! aKU Co. .Neb. , I
April 21 , 'HI f
DICAR 8iiiH-Tnie : OMAHA IIKK prize ,
silver watch , to to hand , for which receive
ny Hlncrro tliniikH , llefuro recelvhiK It I
tViMskeptlcal about thu worth of the art clc ,
Jmt 1 nm most URrernbly surprised , for It s
liothii Ri'imlno K' " > d watch nnd nn oxecl-
lent time-keeper. J consider jour paper
oed value for the twodolh'.rs linlepeiident
fy of tlio prlru , for II contains a law
variety of rending nmtli'r , besides the cur
rent nous of the week.
I nm vours respectfully ,
LIUIANO.V , N. H.,8opt 3 , ' 81.
Kecrlvcd of you this day leu books. I nm
much pleased wHhthem : think tlioynri
richly worth ten dollar * You maknihllKlii
mlHtako In my llrst namn on the wrapper of
my puprr , which has MMI ! somoof them to
another man , although 1 found them nil at
last. You wrltii It Carlos , It hliould bu
Charley II. Hough
BIIKI/ION , Neb. , May II , ' 81.
Editor Ire ! : . . . , , , , ,
DBA it Hut : My bolt of lousdalo ( prl/o
duly received. In < | iiiillty and iuaiillty | ll
exceeds , my expectations , 1'le.iso nccep
my thanks for full compllaneo of contruu
nil HV , aril of No. SHU , As a nnw reader o
THE HKK , 1 must day that I nm well plcnscc
with thu cholco muling mutter It contains ,
Very respeellully ,
yours '
n. K , HAMMON'S.
Mir.r.Aiti ) STATION. Neb , I'eb , 28 , ' 81.
To-diiy 1 neelved thu Webster's Un
abridged Dictionary , awarded mo ns i
The dictionary Is the hesi nuido mid Is us
good us represtmleil. I am yery iimol
nleawd with It I think TIIK IIKK. Is the
best paper published in Mils eotnilry
,1 , r . MAKlKNn.
I'KNNIMOJIK. Wl3. , Mll > 8 , ' 81
Omaha rnbllshliigC" .
Hut i My premium to TIIK Kin
came to bund In good order , consisting o
nno boll ( if lonsdaln muslin , u No. 1 nrlfcle
1'lense accept my thaiikv hoping that Tin
IIKK may conllmii ! Its good work of do
nouncliig tliuiiionoioly ] nnd iioollnu fr.mi
of the weh'.ns I am Interested In thuf.irm
Ing Interest of Nebraska , expectlni ; soon t
till bomoot Us fertile Mill.
Yours resjieetfully ,
, Nob.IiniuO , ' 81.
Kdltor Omaha Heo :
Your premium for life scholarship dill )
received , and am much obllgo ,
Yours truly.
MIIB. V. 0. WlTOllfiY.
A * nn Inducement to the patrons nt THK UKE who nro In arrears for their nuhncrlp.
( on to Minnrtr their nccounl * ami nccnrn the iwtrormgo of parties who desire to occur o
ix llvo iftflpnjier | which iiuhHuhca nil tha telegraphic news of tlio day the fullest m r
tft report * of nny Jmirnnl In tlio west , fei rMs and outspoken in nontltncnt mul nn un
vAveiltiR mho Mo of the rights of the peopfa an against < llslinn < - t rings , nn opponent
f corruption In nny party , the publisher * ol TIIK HRK JI.ITO tlecMt-d to olfer n list of
, nltmblu 1'rcmlmin , whlcb nro tolio nllottocl mill dfatiibntcd among the eitbacrlbera
tin remit prior to the lut dny o Murcb , 1882.
Pitts & Son's Threshing Machine % 600 00
"GoldMedal" " "
, 500 00
Whitnoy-Marsh Twine Binder , ; { ( ) ( ) 00
Lewis Header , { JOO 00
Manny Mower and Hcntwr combined , . . . 190 00
Portable flrisL and Feed Mill Kacstner'a Patent , . . . . 150 00
Four Ton Sxl-i J lowe Wagon Scale , 100 00
1 No. 5 "American" Grinding Mill with bolting attach
ment and Corn Sheller , 150 00
No. 9 "American" llorao Power Mill Grinder ind
Cob Grinder combined , 150 00
No. 1" American " Pulley Mill Grinder with bolting
attachment , . { )0 ) 00
Loach Standard Wind Mill , 90 00
Standard Mower , 90 00
Farm Wagon , complete , ( Caldwell ) 90 00
No. 8 " Amefican " Power Grinding Mill , 90 00
No. 8 " Double " " " 100 00
No. 7 " " 80 00
No.5 " "
75 00
No.4 " "
GO 00
No. 8 ll ll ll 88 00
No. 11 Power and Farm Mill , combined , 60 00
2 No. 2 American Wind Mill Grinders , 80 00
No. 1 " " " "
; } 5 00
Farm Wagon , complete , . . . . . . 85 00
Hopkins Mower , 80 00
No. 2 Triumph Steamer , complete. 60 00
INo.l " " I 50 00
Chnrns froin Oval Churn Co. , 80 00
I Seta Farm Harness , 90 00
3 Sulky Plows 195 00
.0 10-inch Beam Plows , 200 UU
Champion Com Planter , 50 00
No. 2 King , Cockle Mill and Seed Sepemtor , 4:5 00
No. 3 ll ll u " ( } 5 01 ?
Chase Grand Square Piano § 700 00"t
GVaud Square Piano , 600 00
Grand Parlor Organ , 300 00
Parlor Organ , 150 00
5 Singer Sowing Machinej , : $1500 00
Mossier Bahmann Oilice Safe , 250
Austin Rotary Washing Machines , 80
Base Burner Hard Coal Stove , ' . 40 '
Cook Stove , 40 '
No 3 Kendall's Plaiting Machine , 20
No.2 " " u 16 vv ,
_ Brussels Caqiot 30 yards , 4500
Order on L. B. Williams & Sons , 2fr 00
> Bolts Lonsdalo Muslin , 25-00
Life Scholarship Omaha Business College , . 50 00
26 Residence Lots iu Council Bluffs/ / $5200 00
Hunting Case Gold Wntch , 100' 00
11 " " , . . 9000
" " " " Ladies , . 75-00
)0 ( Silver Watches , Hunting Case , Stem Winders 1000 00
iO " " , " " 1500 00
1 Elegant Silver TeajSet , 90-00
5 Silver Platei-Cako Baskat-j , , 50-00
t Si-ts Siler J ab'o ' Spoons , . . . . > BO 00
3600 Standard British"'Novels , . * . . . . " . . ' . . . $5250 00
3000f " "
Ameiicau 3750 = 00
" " tl
1500 1500 00
760 Endymion , Beacousfiold'a Last Work , 1125 ,00
600 Shakespeare , 625 CO
300 Bricks Without Straw , 875 00
300 Byron'd Works , . . . . 800 GO
300 Life of Edwin Forrest , , 800 GO
200 "Nona. " 200 C"
200 The ftornan Traitor , 20ft C
250 Arabian Nights , . . . . , 250 00
250 Robinson Crusoe , 26ft 00
500 American Popular Dictionaries , 600 OO
* 300 Poetical Works. Tennyson's , Wordsworth's , Long
fellow's , Pope's , &c. , 430O 00
\ Sots Dickon's Works , , 60 00
. Set IrvirigV Works , 35. OO
2 Webster's Unabridged Dictionaries 22. 00"
Invincible Threshing ! Machine with single gear 10-
horse power and everything complete from Rob
erts , Thorp & Co. , Three Rivers , Michigan $660 OO
Deere Rotary Corn Planter 60 OO
" Spring Cultivator 32 OO
A XX Plow 19 00
M 22
ABC 00
AOC " 18 OO
l-i-iiuh " from Deere & Co. , Council Bluils . . . . 23 00
1-ton Victor Scale 160 00
N J. Dumont Warehouse Scale from Moline Scale
Co 106 00
1 12-foot Croft Power Windmill from E , C. Lellel
& Co. , Springfield , Ohio 130 0
60 Shares of Jeim Mountain Gold and Silver Mining
and Milling Co.'s Slock , ( onu share premium ) par
value of stock , $26 00. Market value of stock
( $6 60) ) 390 00
Buckeye Spring Walking Cultivator 35 00
Plain-top Cook Stoves 76 00
2 Extension-top " 68 00
2 Sets Wagon Skeins from Moline Stove Company. . 7 00
Base Burner Hard Coal Steve 40 00
600 Elegant Albums , ( $ 2 60) ) 1250 00
6 Sets Dickens' Complete Works 110 00
6OO Albums 600 00
6O Do/en Fine Parlor Brooms , ( $ ! * 00) ) 160 00
850 Standard British Novels 1062 60
1,300 Best American Novels 1,660 00
1 liuckot Windmill . . 110 00
1-3 Suction Jlnrrow , . , . . 16 OO
1-2 Suction Ilnrrnw " " . . . 10 OO
Pair 'Fine Thorough Berkshire Pigs . 100 00
The distribution of tliwo preminiim will tnko place on the 4th day of March , 1882.
All aitlclcH tlmt can bo nont by mail will be forwarded postpaid to the sulncrlbor'u ad'
drt'BH. Articles to be shipped by express or freight will be forwarded to their deatilin-
tluuvitb freight pnyahloby tbe consignee.
The. mibhcrijitlou price ot TIIK IJAl/.Y BKP. is Ten Dollura par annum ,
Direct your rcmittnnco to TIIK OMAJIA I'uiu.iHiiiNO COMPANY by money order o
regUteiud lutUr , wlio will forward you U numbered premium receipt , which Will ho
registered in a premium book. Kadi rcmittnnco uliould nlso give explicit direction aa
to iiohtollico ( idurfaH. 1'articn to whom iiiticlca nro allotted that are too bulky for
innil will be notified niid mincnteil to give dlrcellona how and when ahlpinont ia to b
inudo.Tho dlntiibntloii will boinnile without disci Imlnatlon or favoritism , throutjh a coin-
inlttca felectedby thoMibbcubeiB preBunt nt the time the awards are made. AH wo
iilm a in thin tchumo U to collect our Imclc dues and fcecwo paymente tor the comlug
year , lid to extend our cti dilation over a grcnter
co. ,
Omalia , Noliraslia

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