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8 THE OMAHA BE ' : Wl , MARCH M 1882
Wedcoa nv Morning Mnroh 22
Hirer fc ( ' 8 Inchei * her hlgli water mark ,
The ri-moval ot the puhllo library to
its new quartern tia < I een completed ,
Two fiptliikllng carls anchored on 10th
street rosalt the approach of guinmcr and
Ex-SherilT Ouy In traln'ng his dog
"Bob" to plsy In a j rofetftlonal base ball
A Jury trial ha * hccn called for tn the
cane of thu city \s. J'0. . fee t nor , an 1 the
trial fiitid for 2 ) > . m. to-Jay.
The Dramatic entertainment which waste
to h ve been irlveu In the Unliarlan church
n xt Friday nltfht will be postionod.no
Paxton * Gallagher have the floor
timber * UU for tlio dritstory of their new
bl ck on 10th tre4t and tbe east wall part-
Sly lull ,
One drunk went under cover last
| nijht. Huwts Inollnoil to bo obxlr per-
' out , but Muo'd penuasivo powers cooled
1 him down.
F \Vulltho gentlemnn where fiiendi
I reside near Fort Wayne like to meet the
f 1 idy wh > m he trnvelod to St. Louli with ,
f December 30th ? If BO , add t CHI Mi-pad ,
k P. O. m&o
l A large pirt of the bill board on the
/ Bou'hcast corner of Tenth and Howa d
i streets was blown down by the doiachsil
p ir.iiin of the Wash > e zephyr which
| struct Omaha yesterdity.
' Kx-Mnyor Chun H yn thin blizzard
wilt drive out inure mvlnila than oil i ho
. , pills in nu apothetfary'H simp , lie think *
a MaicS wind the healthiest that
and Hayd it camu jurtt In time to Veep
( ItkneKs awny.
' ' \Vhi key JncV and IJan Stunden ,
' two notorious clin'uctord are charged with
{ tlio tholt of $100 worth of IUIK from the
o rral of John II. Green and the sale of
the cami at Boyd'n packing house. Wur-
ranti. re out Lit their nncat.
The wind struggled hard with tlie tin
roof un thn cowshed , misnamed U. P.
depot , yesterday afternoon , but couldn't
tear it loose. Tlie flapping of the ra.ced
edge , however , ca'itcd every one wh i ven-
tmid beneath o regard U with al.rm.
-J.imo ? O'Comull , whiralto * a iivcket
t the City liotel Monday because tba
barkeanoer rofu-ed to take a btd bill In
* payment for sundry drinks and attempted
to enf roe the ru'oi of l > sul tender with a
b er mug and revolver nuoseusively , wta
lodged ia jail.
A very Important meeting of the lan'l
leiguo will be hold In CUrk'a ball on
Wednesday evening next A propo-ltion
lo k nu to tha union of a 1 Iribh Bocle'lcu
will bjBubinltt'd and discussed. All thp
members of the land league are particu
larly reque-ted to a tend.
A g iitleman writes to tholiKK to have
us iuveitlgite the aiitho ity nf a r poit
that haa reached his ei rs while ho is awi > y
on a business trip that ho i * the "Imp ) y
parent of a pair of twins. " Thut gentle
man'a turloilty In th i matter is but natu
ral and we will find out or die.
At the raflle that took pi ice at the
U. P. ban' room last even ! g ttakrt No.
151 dro w the bugiy ; tl kot , No. 493 drew
the raddle an I bridle ; ticket Nu. 213 drew
the hona nnd harness. The parydrx"-
lug the Infer prize presented it to the
l rty for whoia benefit the rafllle was got.
ten up , and it Is uow f , r Hitle.
Ur Ujhlleman , win mide the cxca-
vaUii B at Tr y , h is a dargeroui rival for
faint la Home contractor wl.o in iceklny
beneath the iimd on Farnain utroet for tha
tnacu'iitn p youient which legend i yii waa
laid several y. ara ag i. Bevar.il mountain-
oils piles of eaith t ndd like pyramid * In
front nf Cal.Uoll b Hanjlltuii'd Hank aid
tbe * o k KOiHon bravely.
Inquiry In I \ng \ male for \Vm Glvs-
gow , who left liU home in Xlngftl , KlH-in
county , On-ario , about fouitien yearn
silica and uhuH fathom , Win. Gl ( { iw ,
Sr. . h \ recently dlul wi h tut a nil ,
which wilt mitko ll.ti foiiV unre if ) Ihe
oitite b , ut 125.00) . If the nil Mug mun
will m k IdiiHelf kniwn he otn jot a
K > ol"iiUke' SttUpipem w 11 confer a
/uvorby oDjlngtliU ,
> -Geo. B. Cook , a capitalist frrm Rhode
, Island , who ha < been In the city fur ton e
tlmp , hag puiclia cd lie entire front on
Iheumth i Ide of fit. Mary'n bstwien Six
teenth and Sevauteenth with the ex op
tion of a tlng'e ' corner lot tin Seventeenth
and he InteniU to eiect tie ven Hlor. son tlie
lotc , fach i-tore to have three ntntim a' ' eve
the jmoiient , tlio xeoond und third ht > rle
' to bo built im the Kranch flat plan for ie * .
Idmces ,
At th annul meeting of the stockholder -
holder * of the Omiba PublUhbg Compa
ny , proprietors of TUB BEB , hel I M i-
day , the following named director * weie
elected for the imhu'n' ypirt K , Jfcwe-
water , K iwlu Darin , Max Mexer , Gro
, W , LIn'nger and Andrew llosewater , A
dlvUenl of ( en per cent rm the capitul
atock of tlie cnuipauy w lUi lure 1 | 'Ajable
m or b fore the lit day of May , 1832.
General George 8. Merrill , cnmtnand-
' Hn-chlefuf the Gran ) Army of the lie-
public , | is d through the city Monday
ea route from D nv r to Le > venw rth.
He returned to Omaha kt 7:10 : j-falcr-
; day and vlilted in the city until lists n ,
in.f when he left over the Unlou Pacific
for Line -In , A large number of coturade *
Accoinjunted him to attend the rectptlon
to bo glvea him yesterday by Varragut
pout , of Lincoln.
The March Wind Suspends
Business on the Dump
Moat of the Moo are Securing
Work at Living
Wogoa ,
Mooting In Kosslort Hall of thoTeam-
Btoro Last Evening , nt Which
They Boeolvo Upon
$3 CO n Day.
The cold wind * which nwopt with
yet g 'ul gusts over the city all of
yesterday , cauiod the low tonms and
mon at work on the B. & M. dump tu
suspend operations. Comparatively
ilovr progros * is being made in the
work , and it is probable that some
thing will hare ( o bo done in the line
of engaging laborers. When Map *
are taken in this direction , it is also
pretty curtain that each man will have
to bo paid $1.70 a day , as nearly two-
thirds of the mon who have stood out
for that figure have already secured
jobs , and by the latter part of m-x
week it is probable that all will be
employed. Several contractors iti tlu
city Inwo aimouncut tkuir determina
tion of only taking work upon tin :
basis of advanced wusjes for laborers ,
At a meeting of the teamsters last
evening , a permanent organization
was perfected for the purpose of
mainUining a living rate ot wages foi
Llicmtolvua and the nnimils under
their clmrgu
Mr. M. J. Mulia was elected presi
dent , and Mr. Thos Stuwurt socnj-
tary.Every member pledged himself to
work nu tonn for leas than 3.1 50 par
day. All ihu members of the orguni-
zttion were men vho were employed
under the protection of the buyonota
of Damp Dump. They wcro en-
thuiiustio on the proposition of an
orgnt iaition , and were rosolvud tit
atund by ouch other to the lost.
A cotnmittoti WHH appointed for
printing pu p es , and another moot
ing agreed upon for this evening nt
Kossler's hall , tu which all teamster *
are invited.
Mnyor Vuughan , of Council
Bluffs , wai invited by the president
of the Laborer' * ) Protective union to
attend the funeral of Gooreo Arm-
strong. In a gmceful letter of ac
knowledgement , Mr. Vauqhaii ex
pressed hia regret that do could not
be present upon that occasion , and
inado the g-riurous ofTor ot a parcel
of land in Council Bluffc to the widow
of the deceased. Tnia WAS accep'ed ,
nnd accordinuly .yesterday Prui-iduiii
Walsh received from the ir < w ex-mnj nr
a warranty doid to Mrs Oeorgo P.
Armstrong of lot 4 , in block 25 , Biy
Uss * third addition to the city of
Council BlufFa. The deed was pre
sented t M'R. Armstrong , who grate-
lully acknowledged the gift.
Preparations are boincr marlo for a
rousing mans meeting in Kuonv'ti
hall of all the workingmen of t ! > e ci y
on Saturday night. It is intended t >
make the meeting a rouser , and for
that purpose two or three talented
speakers in sympathy with the cuno ,
but who have not horoto'oro identified
themselves prominently with it , will
bo invited to apeak , and will doubt
| IB accept. A band will bo procured ,
and responses from all over the coun
try of a congratulatory nature will be
wad. Other important * tops townrd *
c > naolidati n of the workingmen of
Omaha will also bo taken.
Mr. Rogers WHB arrested Monday
bOfliovr Sullivan and gave bail
in thu sum of 3JOO for his appearance -
anco on Friday. He filed uovenil
papers wliioh Bhow that ho is the own
er of the lot in which the BIIOIISO
stands , but not of the house which
was built by J. 0 , Roai-nlield , who
leaned the lot. The house ia leased
to Morris OUmtn , who it is chimed ,
rented the rooms to the girls. Wheth
er the prosecuting witness will iimiat
on bringing the cose to trial or not is
not known.
No other complaints have no yt t
teen tiled , but la aUtcd that 1 try on
Uoed and Joseph Barker will bo ar
rested on aimilur complaints.
Ho UrotJEoe the Line on Soh dula
Tim p.
The etorin which atill continues to
rage hits not abated but rnthor in
creased. The aky is of a dull leaden
color nnd the atmosphere so o'ouded
with fl > ing eiind , dust and i-ruvcl
Unit a pedestrian ojn't keep his ine
open long I'liongh to BID anything and
couldn't BOO an ) tiling if ho could.
Telegraph wiiua nru down -n all di-
tcctioiiA , tin the BHIIIO high wind pro-
vaila as far we t as Lnuinlo nnd all
about us to thu north , rant and Boulh.
TinliiH are delay * d in oomo ewes for
Bovoial hours. Thu t'uitoru trains ixr-
lived late .Mondiiy night , thu noon
train wist tu day was jute from thu
oaiuo cuuso.
About the city no serious dnmRgu
trom the bliz/stid U reported , though
many n sign has gone tumbling to the
ground in the punt twenty-four hours.
Why old Sol chould have auch a hard
time crossing the iquator is hard tc
tell. Mr. Bertram Hanson , of thie
city , has crossed that line fourteen
tunes , and ho BUYS he never kicked
up any auch racket about it ,
Army Orders.
The following are the latest ordcn
iisued from thu licjdquartera of tlit
dep irtmunt of thu Platte ;
The general court martial convened
at Fort Laramie , W , T , , nurmuut tr
paragraph 3. apecial orders No. 117 ,
aeries of 1881 , from these headquar
ters , iaditaolml.
A board of c > fllo rj. to consist ol
Oaptain Kdward M. Haiiu , Fiflli
cavalrvj Fir r Lieutenant Robert Loiv
don , Fifth ctvuliy ; 8 coud Lieuluu <
ant Henry Do H. Wnite , Fifth cav.
airy , ia appointed to meet at For !
Larwuio oil the 27th of March , 1882 ,
at 10 o'clock , a. m. , or as soon there
after an practicable , for the purpose
of appraising the money value of a
liorno , ( the invoice price of which ia
not known ) for which the post quar-
termaHter , Fort Laramie , > V. T. , in
responsible , with a view to 1m pur-
chnso by Colonel Wesley Merrill ,
Fifth cavalry.
" . "
Bomo of Our Omixlm Merchant * ? Got c
Blaet from the Utah "Oentlloa. "
In Utah there are four clauses ol
paoplo. The orthodox Mormon ii
called a "S.iint , " the decided nti
Mormon is a "Gentile , " the Gentile
who pretends friendship for tin
Mormon church ia 'a "Jacl
Mormon" and the Mormon
who loans towards independent
from the church is an "apostate. " Ol
all these classes the moat despised ii
a Jack Mormon , and the epithet np
plied often brings a blow aa quick at
our less elegant but plainer intuits ,
A "Jack Mormon" among the uen <
tiles is nhunnod as a leper is in Pules ,
tine , a small pox patient ii
a hotel or n militia man it ;
time of a strike. Any sym
pathy represented for the "Church oj
Jesua Christ of latter day Bainta" by
outsiders is enough to call dovm tlit
linger of all Ountilo Utah on theii
heads. It appears that four of tin
beat wholesale houses in Omaha have
incurred this blight by a recent act ,
which they probably us little kno *
I ho comequuiicou of aa a Ilidoc
would know. It was a serious of-
feiifio evidently , nevertheless , and tin
Ogdell Pilot , a loading Gentile paper
of Utah , uiidur thu head of "Jack
MunnuiiB , " relieves its feelings thus ;
"In thu light ot recent events , it ir
presumable that some of them would
1)0 willing to swear that the late U.
Young was a prophet of the L ird and
the head of a happy family , and aasort
tliuir bulitf that ho did not insiigutt
tl o Mountain Meadow inassucro o
tiavo anything to do with sending
apostates to hell acroaa lota. What
sumo of tht-BO firms have done ia
what thu public ia itttereatod in know-
i | R. .
When John Taylor & Co. prepared
bhuir petitions to coiigreua in luvor ot
lulling polygamy alone and Pent
their luckoys around with them
for aignatures , .they were presentid
tu the agents Of the foreign tirnu ,
moat of whom refuaed to aigu them.
I'lio Mormons then appealed to tlit
hewdu of thu inaiitutioiid , and it is al
leged that lost week ouo of the azonte
received a teK-grmn instructing him
to aign the iiauue of four firms to the
polygumoim peiitio a , aa follow * :
Tootle , Maul & Co. , dry goods , rep
resented by A. C. Smith ; Rted , Junee
C.J. , boots and ahoea , rnpreaeiited by
J. Beatty , Jr. ; Steel , Johnson & Co ,
and Millurd & JohtiBon , grocerita ,
represented by J. A. Btuvens , all ol
Omaha , Nobnuku. In accordance with
the instructions , theugmit placed these
merchants on the record oa ologiate
lor polygainy and it ia possible
that they will oo greatly favored here
after by thu Mormon rctailera. Is it
not pitibtblo that all other buyers ,
not MormoiiB or aympatluz rs with
polygamy , will do business here > iftor
Witu wholesale houees , at homo ot
abroad , which were too honorable to
cringe before the Mormon dictator
and sign the bouging petition to con-
gro ? Let all tiue men cut out tlit
names' of those firms and apply ti
tho'n the rule ot non-intercourae ,
They are BO anxious ( for latter-end
patroimvn that they should have ii
Muii , utiher in or out of Utah ,
who would aign a petition in favor ol
the polygamous church for the sake o :
trade , are not the claaa of men with
whom AinviLwn and [ tUriotio mer
chantB of the west wish to dial. Foui
Dmaha firms have shown theinaelvei
to bo that class of Jacks. "
Magnificent Array of Talented Ar
tlstasWho Will Portlclpato
"Wo are glad to uoto the fact thai
Omaha is BOOH to bo represented ii
the euat by another pupil who choose
to develop and rifitie nature'a gifta ii
thu ever blooming tchool uf muaoa ,
Our city ia justly proud of the record
of her aona and daughters who huvc
in the past by their devotion to arl
and leariiiiii ; in this and other Bchosli
written their immes high upon th <
roll of honor , and we doubt not thai
Mian Oaldcrwood , who u the next
happy mortal whose pinioned wingi
fickle opportunity no * deigns to loose ,
will take her place among the foremoti
nt these who fetliog conaeioui of un
tried powers , havu worked h.trd t (
reach the top to uchievo thu highui
Thu following named ladies and
gentleman , who are aomo of our bi-el
bingeia and iiiu iviiiiH , havu liueii in
vitud to pititicip.itu uiid have vurj
kindly con iintt d ;
Mia. II. D. K.tubrook ,
Miia Olairtt Umtin ,
Mr 0 U. Squire' ,
Mr. 11. L ) . 13 Ubnuk ,
Mr. Martin Calm , .
The Omaha t . lee Club.
A Kinibu eoiioutt grand piano hat
boon necured for thu occasion.
Mia Oalderwood will appear i"
two or three numbers' and t'ivo hui
friunda a chance to hear the Bvmi
vicu that IUB BO oltun earned aw ]
audiences in this city ,
The. f ale. of seats will open at thi
box office in Boyri'a opera house a
8:30 : a. in , to-day and there wil
bo no extra charge for reserved seats
Pricoa am , for paiquettu and pnr
quoit oiicle , 75 contu , all Beats abovi
these 50 cent * ,
A friend in need is a fiiund indeed
This none can deny , especially whvi
assistance is nndon'd when one !
sorely utllicled with diaiaae , more par
ticuLrly tliaso complainta and weak
nehBtui ao common to our female nopu
latiou. Eveiv woman ahould knov
that Electric Bitters are woman's trui
friend , nnd will positively reatoro he :
to health , uxen when all other re mo
dies fail. A tingle tiiul always prove )
our assertion. They are pleasant t <
the taste , and only coat fifty cents po ;
Sold by lah & MoMahon. (2) ( )
A Busy Meeting of the Muni
cipal Legislature.
Resolution R commen' ing the
Withdrawal of Tr ope.
Miscellaneous Buslnoes of Importance
and Otherwise.
The city council held a rrgulai
meeting last evening ; the following
members being prcaont : Oorby ,
Djlluno , Dunbar , Hornhcrgcr , Kauf'
man , McGavockMcNamara , O'Keofe ,
Steele and Preaidotit D.iily.
Mayor Boyd sent in aovoral cor-
rcctiotis to ordinances.
The city attorney ncnt in his opin
ion acainst the legality of cxcuning n
man from paying license for billiard
tables simply because ho pays a liquoi
MdyoTBoyd "roturneef withounii6
approval "on ordinance to exempt
puraona holding liquor licenses from
thu operation of the ordinance re
quiting a license for keeping billiard
rubles" for the reaaon that the citj
attorney reports it as his opinion that
it is illegal. ,
Mujor Boyd sent in hi * appoint
ment of J. T. Shpoley , Georgn A.
hliMgland and 0. H. G-noii , us ap-
pwinors of dun igo to property hold
urn on Linvi > invjrth street , between
10 h and 17th.
The nuyor appoititod L. S. Reed ,
John L McCague and L. W. Hill as
iippraim-ra to appraise nil the rea
catttu bflnnifing lo the city at itacabh
Vuluo. Filed.
TJio mayor appointed the followini'
nnmi d persons us judges and clerks
election :
First Ward Judges of election ,
George 0. Moric'o , Win. Doll , D
Oogan. Clerks , 11. P. Hitter , Jame
Second Ward Clerks , Julm Malm-
noy , Thomas Fiizuinni * . Juduea , S
H. Buffet , James Donnelly , Joseph
lit sanatoin.
Third W.u-d-Oloik * , Henry Mycw.
Mat Hoover. Judgps , Irn Wilson ,
Divid F. Brown , John J. O'Connor.
Fourth Wnrd Clerks , 0. J. Kiiiory ,
Jerome Poutzol. Judges , J. S. Wright ,
P tur Ungun , Gustav AndciBun.
Fifth Wurd-Clorka , JohnH Erck ,
George W. Humo. Judges , J B.
R-iokenfeld , J. A. Lilly , Joseph Red
man.Sixth Ward Clerks , W. A. Smith ,
DIJU Jonec. JudL't'R , Aaron Heel , E.
V. Smith , T. A. McSlmiie.
W. W. Lnwo wubdrew his protest
ninst thi < city entering his premises
tu blcck 140 , so as to allow thu o in
struction of a sewer through it.
A petition from H.irney street busi
ness men and ptopirty owneis , ask
ing that the gutters bo cleaned on
that street , waa referred to commit
tee on streets and grades , with power
to act.
A petition , numerously signed by
citiziiisof south Omaha , calling at
tention to the b. d condition of Sourh
Thirteenth street , and asking that the
slreot be graded and a sidewalk laid
south frrm Williams street to the city
limits , was referred to committee on
streets and grades.
An offer from S. Pennock & SonV
company to anil to the city road ma
chines at ยง 150. Referred. ,
The petition of MM. Ish , aaJcina
that the estate of J. X. Ish be re
lieved from paying 3270 for Macad
amizing Kirnhiim atreet in front oi
middle , 22 fi.ot , block 137 , was re
ferred to judiciary committee.
City Engineer Rosowixfor s nt in n
list of aidewilks accepted , whiuh have
been constructed and reported by con
tractor Gardmr. Approved.
City engineer's list of sidewalks or
dered but not constructed was reter-
red to committee on sidewalks and
Michael Livin'a bill of $50 for dam-
eii arintng fnim amoll pox waa filed
A petition askin ? for fie 1 tying of
a sidewalk on Twelfth street in front
of certjiin premises was referred to the
cnmmi'ioe on streets and grades with
power to act.
Th'i ' petition of representatives of
the L iwo eaUte to piy all delinquent
tax * * " a/limit ( curtain lota , amountini ;
to $7 000 , on certain conditions wau
granto I.
The city physician recommended
that the small pox hospital bo rono-
vatt-d , jilastoiod and enlarged and
then used for a city ho pital. Ri
fe nod to brard of health.
Ad I nnn Jones , of thu O. B I. asso-
niici , asked for so mo poouniify
ass B a * > ee for that inatituti in , and Ilia
petition ai referred to thu fhuncD
c > rninit'co
Several aidowalk petitions were re
Councilman Stull proifnted a copy
of bill * for p-oviding for the construe-
lion of viaducts , etc. , ovrr railroads.
The bill w.ia drawn by City Ait .riipy
Mundurson. Referred to coiniuiltet
on public property and improvomouta.
A rond'ution ' that the siwor con
tract of O'Urion it MjVuloy bo an
nulled was referred to oiiumitteo on
ailewalku and aeworngo , to confut
with contractors and report at noxl
meeting ,
Resolved , That the street coimus-
sioner be directed to open a ditch
north of Letvenworth atreet to drain
water coming from the depot , ao aa te
keep it off private property. Re
ferred to committee on streets and
grades with power to act.
The following was introduced bi
Councilman O'Keofe ;
Wlu-reaa , It appeara that eoctior
1 , ordinance No , 484 entitled 'ar
ordinance to regulate the licento ant
aalo of malt , Bpirituona ajid vinoui
liquorn in the oily of Omaha. Sertioi
1 ; "No person or copartnership ol
perrons shall within the limits of tin
city of Omaha , either by himself 01
his or their agent or employe , sell 01
give away upon any pretext whatever ,
any malt , apirituoua or vinous liquora ,
flrany intoxicating drinkB withoul
firat having complied with the pro
visions of this ordinance and obtamrc
forth. " Therefore
a liceuat as heroin Bet
fore , bo it . , , , .
Raolved , Th t the city mmhall i
hereby instructed to notify all whole
sale liquor dealers and brewers to im
mediately conform to the require-
nuiroments of the above named or
Thu resolution was adoplod by n
vorn f six to four.
The s're ' < t o'mmirsionor < vas direct
ed by resolutions to do various jobs of
strrot woi k
Snvrral sidewalks were ordered con
Thn following was introduced by
Whereas , it is tin opinion of thia
council that it would bo better forthp
interests of this slate and , city th"t
the troops now s'atsonod hero be
withdrawn from further aprvicp.
Therefore , bo it rfsnlvidthat we
respectfully and earnestly request the-
governor and mvnr to , at the rarli-
est moment possible , withdraw the
troop ? now on service in this city.
The r-pnnliitoii ? adopted.
By Councilman Dtilv :
Rnvilvcd. That thn city ongincpr
bo directed to immpdiatoly atako nut
line * for open aowf r across the bit
turns , north of U. P. ahops , etc , and
rmnlny atifTicicnt force of men at
SI 75 ptr day to cxcivnto , andal n
one or more men to keep time and
direct men at fair wages for services
rendered , and that the cnmmitpo on
sewer i n purchase material ai direct
rd bv ri'y onginppr , who s'lall push
the work fn cnmpleh'on. Adopted.
Re snlvpd , That a lamp bo p'acod at
thosmUhwest cornnr of L'avcnworth
and Twpntieth str.'pta. Adopted.
The street cnmmissionfr was not ! '
fipd by a resolution to order the street
railwnv cnmpinv to remnvo thp dirt
from Furn m atreet , between Four
teenth and Fifteenth ctreeta.
The c-mmittee on streets and crades
recommondcd that caWi baoins bo
Dlaced on each side nf F rnnm nnd
T ) > MI | HH jitreeta , at tlio unner linn nf
Eighth utreetp , wi'h 15 inch pipffc
pxt'tidirc fr > m their base to the bet
tom. Ad > plod.
The judiciary cnmmit > eo recntn-
mendo'l t'mt. ' the c nificato of judir-
input nf .Tnmes H. MoShano bo placed
nn tile , 'n ' b < ? drawn from the eower
fund. Adop'ed.
The marsh > > ' * report of liquor dealers -
ors wn was filed.
Pt'rniiBtinti wa1 * erantod to Frank
Murphv and o h"rs. propprly nwnprp
on 1) (100 s'ropt ' , between Sovontponth
nnd Twentieth i > treets. to set the curb
line thirty foot from the pniparty I'ne
on ench ciHo leaving a unifoitn cpace
of forty feet bit > voen thn ciirbiinr.
The monthly report of the city en
gineer on the SPWI r cintrnc1 ; of Hugh
Murphy t Co. wa * approved.
An ordinnnoH amoitflinp H ctions 29
and 30 of ordi ianco No. 47J entitled
"An orrlinftiico to pstiiblinh the cradp
nt eertiiin streets in the city of
Dmaha , " was pa sed.
An ordiii'vnca to p-ov nk the mill'
cions hr < mkmg of utrect lamps was
refnrrpd to thp judi iiry committee.
Spici.il ordinancoi to pay for con-
Etruction of. eidow.i'hs ' wore passed.
Ii P. Brown , of Mount Idaho , is in the
J O. lusher , ot the Lincoln Journal , is
In Omilin.
J. K. North , of Columbus , is ia tha city
Lieutenant Governor Cams left for
hum" ye terday.
United State * Di-trlot Attorney Lam *
b risen ii in the city.
Cul. 0 S. Ch ise went out to Paplllion
yeste day to a tend t ou t.
G Irs P. Reedc , of Sheridan , is in
mttift on a bminess trip.
D , D. Mur and wlf % of Ltnoo'n , ar-
lived in th city jo.terday.
Maj. W. A. Fonda has returned from
hla huntlnR lrii | to Si. Paul.
II raca No.r nan. the Union Pacific
agnt , came in fruin thn w st last evening ,
F. IL AiiR ll , of Divld City , ii in
Omaha. Hi is stup nng at the Witbnell.
.T. II. McCtnn , of D wson , i regiittered
atnnrg tha arrivals in the city list even
E. F. W.rren. of Nebraik City , arrived -
rived in Omahi lint evening aud put up at
the Witlmvll.
L. M. Oforglo , of BlpRhttmton , N. Y. ,
arrived in the city list evening and ie0'U-
tered at the Withnell.
C. Duras a pr > m nont citizen of Silluo
county , w a in the i y yeaferdnjr and luft
for a trip to the old country.
C F. IdJiugs ami A. F. D .naMso-i , of
Noith Platte , . rrlved in the lity lait oven.
/ , and reglntereJ at tbe Withnoll.
Col. KiiliT , general superintendent of
the Donvur i South I'a k rnllrjad , arrived
th * city ye4terdjy worn KB , Ha returned -
turned tu Uo-iver last ovenint ; . (
Dr. K , Dan , nn early und prominent
ro-iddiit of Omalin , is In the i-iiy on n
\i-it from LI < pieient resil'-nce in Colo-
r.ulo. li wil rfinaintwoor tliri-o wteka ,
Hia umi.y flieiuU will La esj.ei.hlly g ad
tu BCO lilui.
Ilun. S'dnay Dillon , prescient of the
Union lclfiaud Asibtaut G ner 1
Manager Kimball , ncco-n .aided by Pre *
dent Uillim'i * prlva'.e fecretiry , Mr , Can.
fitll , and 15 , 0. Hmaa I , livil oiiK'lneer ,
left U evening 'n the apecUl coio1' , No ,
12 , for K n-a < City.
II. W. V ite > , K o. . , cashier nf the now
Nebra-ka National lank , let fnr tin
eiat yesterday. He wilt exumlna th ci > i.
ktruction of varl > us bunks and gain id ii
for thn bu Idlng of the coining htrictuit
the new bank co puny propose to erect ,
It will probably I e an Iron bulU'inc ; .
Eouiiomy ,
A fortune may I e aix-nt in using inet-
frctnul iii'diclnes when by anpljiuj
THOMAS' lit-Lioruio OIL apeedy ant
etonouih 1 cu e cun l > o etfectnt In case-
of rhfUinati m , lam back bed ly allmenu
orpiiiiaof e ery dejcriptlou , it atfonia In
itant rdlef. nicn2lw
Dr. And. P. Johnston has removed
Dentil rooms from Jacobs' block tc
11108 Farnham atroet , over aton
forniHrly occupied by Tootle & Maul
Don't fail to attend the opening ol
the Now Chicago Dry Goods house ol
Cleo. P , Brown , llltiFdrnam Btreet
Tuesday evening , March 21st.M202t
Monday the connty con minion-
era decide J upon prov slona for lowerinR
the giade on F rn m street. The excava
tion for the court house file will be low
emlslx feet , which w ! 1 brln/ I he tnnln
floors of thi court house and of the Jail
ab tit on a level. That pnrt of the fqtiaro
Mirroundin , { the foundation of the curt
house Is not to 1 e cut down until utter the
bnllJIuc la untuned. Tha contract for
gra in * w ill be l t n 1 hiiwliiy.
eiDe Meyer's
The Only Known Ronl Core.
ONKY TO LOAN-Cnllat L < wOmcBOlD.
M L. Thnma * HoomH Crolihton Block.
U LUAA At ii per centlti-
teicut In sunn.ol f2,600 and
o , lor S lobycmt. on Orst laBi city and
irni proiwity. Dxuia URAL ESTATE and
' .H KLT. Ifith anil Dnurln * Stn.
A STii-A : c Mi 1ml would llle tu
dolnundt wit kin prlvatn tiinililcs rcgn-
Inrly. Call 11200 Noith llth ilrect. 4D8-.il *
WANfnn-Sllunllon hy pli | lo do Ren-
er I hnim work . r work Ili4irlvnte f nil-
ly. Cull 1.210 Clilci'gu and 12tn sircct 496 23
V\rANTEH-Mlnnlbn by a first cln 1 un-
v > dies , 111 n prlr to Inmily. Inquire at
V. M. C. A. rooms 605-21 *
WANTHO-rir't clm > i ctnt and | innt
lunkcrs , MctcaU Bros Council U nils.
C00.30 *
WANTEP-A toy , atStl R uth 10 h utrret.
Ag'iiliottt 15 , C04-22 *
\VAN M ) A Rood mnn , willing to mnke
M lilinscll ireful nliout a hotel , ouo wlm
has luil sumo cxpi rloncn pr fcrpd. Good
waRimld | Apiilv t Nowspiper Uiilnn , cnr.
Ulh mill Hnwu'it licet. 601-U *
"l"l7"ANTrtD To borr > w ouo ihoudanddn.'ars
> V tj b III hon-e nd I < U tonrmigoto
piy I In monthly installments. dilrtB < , M ,
DOJ otfiie. - spl
A slniatlin M flrat cla e cook.
Enqutto at H'l ChicngJ Btrcot.
jil 493 22 *
ATTKU ltuar > on by & Danish girl. KiiZ
qulra at ihe BjuUjn t.uudr , n ith 13 h
tr.ot si'1 491-21'
P Onol nuidin s nt ipu'hnect
WANT 16th and Harnuy. WPRCH el per
week. epl 4f8 22
To rent hotel or bnrdln <
WANTKD Ii } mm of export nco. Ad IreMi ,
F U , BoeofflCd. spl ! - !
' l InmicOlitcty n can peten' ' girl or
WAN'Th homo or . Bratwi csgivui ;
atliort'nv.s c > r.n.r Hamilton aid I'io-rtcit ,
Siliin' d'lt'on -p 8f rf
\.N'IKU A givt H otmaktr who nui make
W too I or pfKKfd bo At , 1' . A. l'eti.r oii.
4S2 21
AN1EIJ lo n-nt in lmpro\t firmioir
W ana Ad.lnst , OOi i3th. 40-2.i'
; iKD-A ftnuio oooK at 10v7 < - ' rnam
it . 1W 21 *
DOe xl i ftry and mov cojk
at h Staff ira hnu < . Tenth atio t , hoI -
I we n far amiiia noi-e aa. ApinImine
Imtey. 40431'
ANPrO Ar.pldntd nccu ate H' < rihi d
W rl'cr ileelrm i-iniuti > n. do id p nmaii
'srti d o .oral offl o war . AdJr na
WW , HtK'.lBco. 418 Ii * .
> .1 > > T D-Ato d a alatant gard.-n > r. II.
W K u tie. 44.121 *
ATS 11 D liOuiU m at ti e Uirlle U ULKIBO ,
VVATS . . cornel UthandJackfn t-t .
VVw 414 tf _
AN1EI > O.ol p rl. An ly ot 10M North
w loth utrcct. MilJ. ' . M.COUNSMAN
' A guuu un r r Kcnrral ho-ia
W'ANTKU alio a n-irno Ktnnrthnent \ \ c T-
n-r S3 and Hurt n rou * . 3 3-tf
AJil hi ) FundUuf nrldk'i i id chaol muni ,
\v II. T. Olark , nellevne. ! -tf
i 4 children as b arders In -oloct
W school , at lUth and California St , L. B
LOUMlfi 7B7-tf
117 ANTED Mtuall n on ho Itcope' , l-y a
v > petite i ail , 21 ) e .n nd aha BJO lc <
Oernana d El gbfh lo a vi-rv B'Od p , n.an
Htid hooK-l oe vr ; was i tifafi } d I't t a hluv In an
ea-teni bu In'SiC'ile c ; tung ve be t f nfer
eicc . Aistn vouiv ra > 'i 17 } " uld , hu U
AHiudcnt of tlo * KVrttporb 11 n rie M Cello t * .
\vll ( to to warn iu < mx o , Atncsj F. O , IK4
V. Fourth .trap * , , I ) ID'ip r , lnv.1 4M-y4' _
UiCBlli' 11 MIKH HANTr-O lok ep vi
ini.ii.in return ( ur trade. 1' . O. Box 02.
< 2-1 f
ni'.NT "i UKe4 rooms , H ulli end lOlh
FOH . | > r month. Hi qulro < ! J. ti Mu-
, opiioglli poitoffiie. 499-lf
KKS1 ICJly fiirnn'io4 rooniH , 1818
FOH street , uu aUlrii. Luq'iiru ' nti pruiu *
Uo * . M3
10 HK > T At SOJD st.
I' Uatj'd Atenue. 4-Otf
| ? OKIi KNI Fort ) nn of 1 < \ nl to ibiit.t
I mtt irum court hjuno. lull & Ami" ,
K ru m.
; HUNT N' bin1 be rhill and fixtura CD
LOK tt.ivt. li.quim en prim K *
I 1 KMIS rjnUhou-f.loti , larnu ,
I I Olli - . < " lf > 'h d Iiiutrat .ct
IF.SI' VD * UnU i { ' , ax IOIIHN , 2 a
FOK outlmitt roruir 6th aid Hivtnivrt
tin : ta 4I' " ! * .
l.tOK HH\T-V. , l.l . , if II , . Ifi , U. 11. , uu
I1 Ituprot.i ] ) .u l > oou ty l i d. 1J mk ! >
fr in U. R. ttutioit , Imiuiro ut S118 Par nport
ftrw.1. _ 4J3 tf _
. no front room , furnUhirt ; at
I1 813 N. 17th St , ra . Bile , be1'iwfnport
and ChlctK" . A. Morpo. OV.tf
iriOKlli : T Mic'y ' furnUhtd ruotu. AppU at
JJ irwrarntuui t. 2U-tf
Rt ET Sloro riom In bilck hnlbtliii ; , N.
FOH . romcr Ifitlianl UumliiK , 0 , K Hood ,
man , 111 i Fainlktin bu f3-U
Itr.NT Houw on Uttruita kitfa.i'- ,
I7IO11 , with i tab' * AI pl > tg N. Mt
II , Iii7 h. liilli Ht. tOT-tl
MKS'T Furninntiu ntui . .iom , V. K. ror
. Ull lllu u ill < lgl" H'OUlr. l.l.qailt
1.1UK . Phluwi Bof. 1M2 H. Filth Ht. 77-tf
.10K RENT V furnlibsd roin. ' ovur Mi
ti.N. K eor , )
I'KNT Mc .lj fuml he < l rponi-i witfi it
FOK wilhoi < t board. lti ouablr price * . V'lt
Can Bt. t " "
PURMHBD n > T np rt t. W-U
f nUltMHIH'.l ) HO MS Within throw lilook.
1 ; ( KutollUo. Imiuiraat I&19 led .
OI18AI.K A g'io l stuck of K n r.i | m r-
lvi. wll liivulu < lmi\Mi I ur iirl
jiid 'loll rt fir will . * | , Hif ] iu ,
AdflreH , ti. U. T umai , Palrlmry. Neb.
\l.l -no almiMt nt-vr Organ heip tn
EOH8 , Inquire at 314 ooutb IQto i ln l.
5UJ.2S *
BALE Oca frtxh c w a.I rat' . Kn-
FOR * nouthwwt earner Idth and llMiti.
pl 4 ' & If
hALK Saloo ito < u aud fl tiii aud
L1 liaao Klu.i , itood loc.tlou. 1-uqulreolU
II. tpcncer , norlhuut wratr llth uiJ ila
BALK ITouM of two rooms and corner
FOR , te.rlSihit U Car. t'rlre , W60.00.
Mc"A < E , Opp. pojf ce. n483 \ - " '
AOII Kh.Nr liuilalnittuiuile lor rtUII
J lne > i In srood location chtap. Hou'A
Opp po t < dice.
I710K 8ALR-H 1 and honc < at
JL1 16 h street barn. ipl 477 tl' \
/ - Klievrcs of land on aum'o ' I
1 St ect , with fl e rn dpi ce. barn and othtr
Improvrti enm. Pr'r ? $ J.SCO : tctmi ra y.
47M ( W. n Bait Bit , re.,1 1 BtaUcent. .
. OH BALK.-Horsli at amtton. A let tf
1.1 yiun Nrrman Cljdud IB Ftill rn . th *
bcrt e er efftAx ) In 'ha wc t atlhoMrlik Pain ,
opptwtleihM > gitn Home Courcl IUufI.Thun-
d , Mriht3i. leimorf wle. c'ght monlki
tlme lth anpronH ncurlty vlthmt Int rtttll
inld wi en duo , live txu ctnU iff ( or caxh.
ml84t * V. II. bKF.LY.
OTB , 81 uracn , IS don and 15 ptr month
8AIB A now hcuMi t > 4 lot. Ctlh tt > 4
FOR St. Inquire to A. Douman , 20th
and Farnham I * . 41B-lm *
FOR PALE IlcM and b' PUT. Iixmln lira
Thubib , Giccii Trie Ilouie. 41KSX )
OR HAI K-A PK 0(6 rctiiTeO
c nd t on ; very the P Ii quite a hl4 i.ti .
l.t US Lb HVH < i f Una , t torv irnm *
L house , bain 2 wells aud ot cr Improre-
mont , can il'lo of Baund. it tlteot , n r Fort
Omaha. CU11 at thu office. 401-tt
FOR "At.E Urgehom- lots O'x'Sl faeh
I nq lire 8th id Wore is , i car 0. F. Owd
iiiannnalilenof. Orn Millnnn. _ 333.24 *
H1OR ALK llou-e and crrmr lot , cheap
Price flOtOOicash or tllOOO' ' on ttma.
vcCAQUK. Uip. I'cx UHlco _ 29 > tf
se 1th 0 rooum , barn and
JJWebster. lea-o nf lot on 15th Ht , , t ot. Hurt and
Webster. Inquire at Eohnlm & KrlcksonV.
| 7 > OR SALE 0 r load ot fa I.Uckcv nililfts
I1 broke. Apply of J. W. bUm-cr. Coin la ,
20-l mo *
SALE 82 rnnldci co lota nn a * d near loth
FOR . I rlcu , f3K > to $ WO ra h. T rint
ea y. llcCAnilfc , Agint , 0p. IVM lifflco.
ao tf
_ _
BBMJTIFUIj I $5 per luoi'lh , r.KMI > , axttit ,
Uth and Douif KM Hta _
. 8AI.B At Hall K Iced ml 1. 1 our Miuury
I.tUR ilge , 76 tonof No. I h .led hay Will he
dillvcred toaty pi-t of the city Als i ground
fved at the lowitt ca h prlcaV. . It. McCuY.
233-lm *
_ - _
EOR 8AI.E Rloycli' , -nch | Standard Ooluin-
bio. Apply i nlonKletaior. 2B3 tf
| " . > OK HALE-A No. 1 H.nti ofluavydra't
JJ hortos. Unqulraof G. T. PauUen , at I'eter
mio ' . _ nH
I. Mill SAI.lvllUUIH ! Hill fllll { Ot III IMlt | OU >
t tlnn , vniAp. I rice , il2M. Eo < y term * .
MoCAOUE , Opp. post Ltllce. 1611
ITIOllJaALE Best building lot In Shlnn'a A.I.
L d tlon. 142 foot cant front by 120 foot depth.
McCAQUE , Opp post t-fflcu. 14 tf
SALE 2 nlro counters and 2 silver plattd
FOR caKoa , at Oco. II. Peterson's , SOI South
10th St. 7H'tf
I.1IIK SALh ur will uxin * ) r Uuitliu pri.-
Jtj I ( petty , an Improvud sec CI > f land adloln-
inu a aUtion on U. P. R. R. > . dUNHAM , 1411
FarnbamSt. , Outaha. 720 8ml
Pou ill. o'c vi c * u rrv bufcr for ill *
ih ap ; also ( eih milk e > c y d y k *
U tctry f lure , corner lltli anil Uoi ice.
474 11110"
rillS eelii houses , lots , faruit an < ' -
) oitico , I6ih and 1) URla , bts.
HICK rUtt bAt-K ' 1.
MALK1J I1AV At A. H. naixluro ator
L > IQia Uarnyy tit. alilti
QTKAYKI'- Light liiy lm < iie with black
0 m il and la ! i nd wliUe f re , ab ut 4 yrnii
.Til , wo riiiind ri IK lir.iiide < l u" left hip.
1 hid r w 11 ircelve Illx ml rewa d liv returnIng -
Ing ti.e R mo lu .McSliauc'a lire j utiibl > .
602 23
drier t. t'aravHUG anil oi > oit truut ,
a a tt < r p"p about 3 mo i hi old , white wth
.oino lilac Hots | nnd blurk Oiri. Wtien Init
hud col i > r viltti iwiie 'a ntua i n Any nna ro
turnintr Bam toubovv adir.va will bo riilt&hly
1 d 43TI
to a < ( -
_ _
. AY f > - 3 coltlat fee-i In i inahsj Ouo
ST. rn , bav. la < aud cue I Ind fmtunlt *
welghi about 76 ; no 2 J eatv , hay , tnr , nnd one
hln foot whl'e , weJIIH abe t 76" ; "I e lunfdlDt-
n tr c < it , n rr I , whlic f every mal . i f r-
m.t'oicflh in lilbu ru anl'-J I in at Ho-
iiian's ' Iv ry stable , Om n.a , or 10 Vjl y No ' . ,
479 2w t _ K. u le .
AMA s f m\pl ireuxf rs Ie , 10 t'U
2 ) UUw Jesthl .i ouo ru v.st t V rt
Aud i en . C. Aludwortt- Omaha .Neb.
< 7U-f
w" h"v ha" ln' ro Inanca-
tao'l'hod bu IriH-a , pavlrg 4) ) per
c. nt Furfurhir i for. nation upplv oruddrofl
W. 0. tl. Al on. 1111 F-.rn m > tr. t , Omaha. N.k.
_ Tfc .
ri'O liUlO.I lt A -iiOCh.i N . .j cattle J *
\ fulo hr * i pain In | eriet oidor. ( i.11 on f
Mr. V * 0 mini ht ftnck taim , 10 h i-t. , b t. f
i apt ol atenunaid Ii\en an B. Pvcty of
> Ur I ro in und stiljllnif. Brl el t Btr > ln'nlo
or b d ll.kf. K tbT .n OOK.
425 tf
_ _
S In def CUtulun ,0. , Hioill pjp-ilar and
BK 1 lul uiajiifutiuierol ar idclal Inn bit of tie
la o-i improvid llin * , in opinrd K bnuat
m ihanicu > ur tr ) Inxiltute a No. 1 o
14lh xtnet , Omah , N l > . , * > he'eho U pi
to fiirniDii liu BO eorde c Iptl n. l.e
and rupporicru IT | waltzi , l and Heturnied
iln hi tr B-C" , blinuldoi , biav ai d cupportorn
tit t in l > wiaki.tB" , ilc. lift uonlh luil t > t. ,
Ouii.h'J , N'lb. J. . CUAVN rOKC.
4l"tlt * _ I'nip l or.
/VNDO > OA.N ln tructlon by MUn B
PIANOVNDO 20th 't. . Neb * IM r u. Htf
) IN UUAVU.N I'lJtila and O
iUHTKAITU lulntlni ; MIH. IX R
W'AHJlNKIt. room 1. JatmbV IllorK. 64V I
I..MIH U1J1 MrtJ'h , lut. HoUHttd
B OK' ) P. 1IKMI8.
Aud tlrat tlk Ul/lo b urd , at VOll
f a n - < t. ml 1m"
AN' KU i unti.rn i-hui ruouisf. ruuinmd
W nlfu. niii.tbv mxletata lu [ rlcn. Ad-
. . II c office. _ liOT-U
ON TA'PE-WllllKltS-Wn j ,
i In fiuino' t ree Ipl of a ) pilcatlona for
ir < , IlKt.l , ii ASIKfl , ID08 Farnharu ,
lle'iiln.'tnii Tjpo-Wrlter. ( this ajj
AV'E fl Nl < : r.oiceof 30 lull lota to leu e
nnar Cro'ihtoii O lloK't' for 24 per jear ,
I'uxter L. TI-iMimn k llro. , Kooiu 8 , Crel/liton
Hloik. WIIf
TIONALIHT , I'HTerth I't.iMtwceo F r < u
Kiid llaiuey. Will , with tnu'sld of > ! . Ilun
* l > lrltf , obtain for anj OIKI a gUnm at the pm !
and ) .rosi.nt , and on certiin ivondltinni In the 'u
lure. IIOOH nd Hhow i IPI ' / > riiur Perfect
' ' % rlrt i'triif'rt " ' '
Absolutely Pure.
IhUpowi'tr otvrr Tartea. A ir'ntl ol put
Ity , Mier-jth and | , oleou < rf i. Hcte i < ornrw
ulol thiu the oiuluary klodi , ard conuit W
kold la competMcn with tl f atililiude oMo
u t , hort weight , alam er phorbatr pewitr .
Bold. nly la i - KOTU C *
IM W 4 M , , H Tort

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