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1-1 - How the Day Was Spent in Both
Houses of Congress ,
The Business Transacted Being
of the Usual Dull
Senator ; Teller Said to re Sure
of Getting the Interior
The Familiar Name of Grant
Coming to the Front ut
the Capital.
Ml oollanoouA Notes of a National
National A-woclntetl Prom.
WASHINGTON , March 24. Mr.Mor-
rill reported adversely the bill pro
hibiting the issue of bank notes by
national banks after July 1st.
The bill authorizing the Hannibal
it Southwestern to construct and
maintain a bridge across the Missouri
at Arrow Rock passed.
Mr. Miller spoke nearly two hours
on the tariff commission bill and at
the close , "Mr. Morgan having denied
any personal allusion to the senator
from Now York , extolled paper making -
. ing as ono of the greatest and most
useful industries of the country.
Mr. Sherman followed in a brief
speech relating mainly to the sugar
question. Ho said if cangrcss ad
journed without removing the ambi
guities of the sugar law it would bu
guilty of great violation of duty. Ho
urged tne law bo amended to have su
gar taxed according to its saccharine
strength instead of duties on a stand
ard of color.
Argument was made that debate
close at 4 o'clock on Tuesday.
The bill establishing a now land dis
trict in Nebraska passed.
After a short session the senate ad
V journed at 5:10 : till Monday.
The Mississippi river committee re
ported the bill appropriating $6,863-
000 for improvement of the Missis
sippi river ; $4,013,00 below the mouth
of Ohio , $1,000.000 thence to the Il
linois iriver , $500.000 thence to the
Dos Moines rapids , and $750,000
thence to St. Paul.
The chairman of the foreign affairs
committee , in reply to an inquiry ,
laid the committee was in communi
cation with the state department re
garding Lowell's conduct toward
Americans in Irish jails , and would
soon be able to report.
Mr. Tuner % Tenn. ) rose t o a ques
tion of privilege , denouncing a special
dispatch published in The Louisville
Commercial regarding himself as un-
* ka stated that Jlr.
, " ! ? ' dispatch
ttc ? * : * -
-r - '
jjcrrhacl charged him with having
'appropriated a speech of Samuel Mar
shall to his own use and incorporated
it in hia speech of March 8th.
Mr. ilorr explained that ho merely
wanted to say that Mr. Turner used
an argument presented by Marshall
and others , and not the words of the
The house went into committee of
the whole on the private calendar ,
and spent the afternoon on the pri
vate calendar , passing the bill re
ferring the claim of the captors of the
ram Albemirlo to the court of claims.
At 4:30 recess was taken till 7:30 :
p. m.
The house spent the entire evening
on pension bills , passing thirty-six
bills. Among them was a bill grant
ing a pension to the aged mother of
Jennie Wade , killed on the field of
battle at Gettysburg. She had gone
to the field to take care of her brother ,
a young sergeant , who was fatally
wounded , and to also assist in thocare
of other soldiers , and was shot while
baking bread for soldiers during the
progress of the battle. The bill was
unanimously passed.
Adjourned at 1:15 until Monday.
National Aatoclatcd Preen
WASHINGTON , D. 0. , March 24.
Shiphord sent to the committee a cer
tificate that ho was Buffering from neu
ralgia and i ryaipolas. Adjourned.
General Grant says ho is urging the
retirement of McDowell and promo
tion of Pope.
He denies Nichols' statement and
it certain he never said to him the
things alleged , although he thought
many of them.
General Grant is sought for by
office hunters , who think his influence
with the president can got them the
desired places. Ho fights shy of all.
He i said , however , to bo urging
Gen. Bealo for secretary of the navy ,
though Chandler's friends still have
In view of the threatened outbreak
among the Cheyenne Indians at Fort
Reno and elsewhere , because of a re
duction of rations , Commissioner
Price has asked conjresa for an imme
diate appropriation $100,000. Ho
says it is cheaper to food enemies than
to fight them.
The committee on appropriations
have agreed to recommend non-con
currence in the franking privilege
Teller's nomination for the interior
department is conceded on all sides.
The workingmen's society favoring
the eight hour law serenaded General
Grant at Gen. Beale's residence this
evening. He appeared , but did not
peak. The procession then serenaded
the president , but ho di j not appear
Representative Block's oonditioi
given hope of his recovery.
Flre .
National AwocUtcd Prem.
EAST TowAa , Mioh. , March 24.
The A ado hotel at Towas Oity , A
McBain & Son's store and contents
Curry it Bro.'s ice house , and the
residence of S. G. Taylor were destroyed
stroyod by Gro. Total loss , $19,000
partly insured.
OONOOUU , N. H. , Maroh 24. The
Proctor house at Andover , owned b ;
Hon. John Proctor , is reported an being
ing burned last evening. , LOBS , $50 ,
COI.UMBUB , Ohio , March 24. A
special from McArthur , Vintoi
county , says Gro destroyed a largo
portion of tlio business part of the
town. Loss , $175,000. (
WINNKPEO , Man. , March 24. A
Gro broke out here this morning
which for a time threatened scriou
consequences. The Queen's hole
was saved through the exertions o
the fire brigade. The fire , the origin
of which is shrouded in mystery , was
confined to the blacksmith and oar
riago shop in which it started. Loss
estimated at $12 000.
CLEVELAND. O. , March 24. By
Gro this morning W. P. Bouthworth t
Co. , the biirgest wholesale , and retni
groceis in Northern Ohio , sustained a
loss of $200,000 ; inaurance-$112UOO
Brown & Co. , dry goods , and Krauss
Co. , furniture , lose $20,000 each.
All are fully insured. .
NEW YOHK , March 24. The Church
of thu Incarnation , RUT. Arthur
Brooks , pastor , was partially dostroycc
by fire this evening. Loss , $150,000 ,
insurance , $85,000. The fire origi
nated in n gas explosion tn the base
PLATTBBUKO , N. Y. , March 25.
The depot and roundhouse of the
Ohatoauguay railway burned at J
o'clock this morning. A telegraph
operator named Frazier was terribly
burned while trying to remove the
books from the office. Ho will prob
ably die. Two enginrs and two cars
burned. Loss , $25,000. ,
A Yellowstone Iiand Sohomo-
National AsaomtoU Proa * .
ST. PAUL , March 24 , H. Olark &
Co. , Northern Pacific railway con-
iractois on the Yellowstone , have pur-
: has"ed a tract of land thirty miles
long and five miloa wide between
Miles City and Bozeman for $200,000.
A company will bo organized tomorrow
row under the laws of Minnesota and
title of the Minnesota & Montana
Land and Improvement company.
This tract of laud is in ttit > best part
of Yellowstone valley. It is the in
tention of the company to spend
$300,000 in improvement < 3f the Clark's
[ fork gold mine near there. The in
tention of the company'is to lay the
foundation of a pity and strong in
ducements will bo offered to settlers.
[ t > is , in short , a grand scheme tex
x > oin that portion of the Yellowstone
valley. *
Enoampmont of Knlcht * fend Mi
litia ?
Ntttocil Awodated P w _ , < ,
INDIANAPOLIS , March 24. , The. In-
liana militia and . Knitjhv5 Templar
lave commenced their Annual en
campment , and will go fate -.camp at
Damp Morton at this place on the 1st
of April and remain ono week. Large
xomiumn have been offered to the
jest drilled militia company and
knight's Templar commandory. To
day the Porter Rifles , the loading one
of the boit drilled companies in the
state , entered for , the competitive
drill. The encampment will be under
control of Baper commandory of the
Knights Templar , who took the first
> rizo at Chicago two years ugo. It
vill be the largest encampment held
n the west since the war.
Chilean News.
N&tlamU AeaocUtod L'roas.
PANAMA , March 15. The remains
of Gen. Kilpatrick are to bo removed
rom Santiago to the United States.
It is rumored in Chili that.Walker
Jlaino is about to bo married to a
Chilean lady , the daughter of an ox-
minister to the United States.
Balls ai-d banquets are succeeding
one another with ( real rapidity in
Valparaiso , and at all Troscott and
.ilaine peem to bo * ho most honored
; uosta. It is expected Truscott will
ihortly return to the United St.tc.i ,
caving Elaine behind as acting Amur-
can minister.
Suit for Reaper Royalty.
* ? utional Acboclated 1'rcHS.
ST. PAUL , Minn. , Murjh 24. Me-
3onnijc & Co. , the reaper inanuiuc-
uror3 of Chicago , have tiled a uiir
aguiiiht the Minnesota harvesting
company , of Minneapolis , claiming
ilO royalty on each machine 'inunu-
acturod by thu latter having Ap-
ilobv'B patent wi'o binder attached.
klcCormick it Co. claim to have the
exclusive right to this patent. This
action is important , as it promises to
open an ouonsivo and long continued
egal battle , in which the farmers of
ho whole north west will be interested.
Railroad Matters.
fotlonal Associated l'ro .
KANSAS CITY , March 21. There
ma been much' said in Chicago and
other places in reference to the recent
cutting of passenger rates in Kansas
) ity. The Chicago & Alton railroad
company has been made to appear as
nnocent of taking any part in the
ight , when it is claimed that they are
he originators of the whole trouble.
't is claimed that 'hey ' started an up-
own scalping ofllce , and permitted
hem to soil at less rites than a ticket
could be purchased from the regular
> fllces of other companies. All other
ines were working in perject harmony ,
md claim that they used every effort
o induce the Alton to cease soiling
he low-priced tickets to the scalpers ,
micas the scalpers would agree to
hold un the regular rates. This , it is
aid , the Chicago A Alton refused to
do , claiming that they could not be
responsible for any action of ticket
citlpers. All lines have been ordered
o restore rate , but it is declared the
Chicago & Alton are now cutting rates
to Chicago and St. Louis , M well M
selling via Like Erie & Western ant
their line nt $3 off on eastern points
The opposition to the Chicago it Alton
claim that it is impossible to main
tain , rates with that road.
The Jomoy GitF Water Front.
N tlon l AMOcbted Prc 9.
JER.SBT CITY , N , J. , March 24. A
largely attended meeting of citizens
won held to-night to protest against
the passBgo by the assembly of the
aonnto bill coding the water front ol
this city and Hoboken to railways.
The bill waa vetoed by tko governor
and passed by the senate over the
veto , and is now in the assembly. A
number of speeches were made de
nouncing the legislature aa the mosl
corrupt the state over had. Ono
speaker advised the burning down ol
railroad depots in the city. A com
mittee of safety , consisting of 100 cit
izens , was appointed to visit Trenton
to try to defeat the bill. A resolution
was adopted calling on the mayor to
report what the strength of the en
rolled militia was. Assemblyman Carter -
tor , who offered the resolution , after
it passed , explained it was for the
purpose of letting the public know
in what condition the city was to
compote with a mob in case of riot ,
and not or any communistic purpose.
Tonncnoo Fnudori.
WlniiM AmocUtcd l'rei * .
NAHIIVILLI } , Tenn. , March 24. The
low tax democratic state executive
committee at its session to-nighl
adopted resolutions asking that the
other wing of the party meet them in
joint convention at such time as maybe
bo named for the purpose of agreeing
on some platform by which the staU :
debt question may bu disposed of and
the parjy united ; but in the event the
other wing of the party refuse to meet
in joint convention , iho chairman of
this committee was authorized to call
a convention oi the democratic party
to moot hero on the llth of May for
the purpose oi nominating candidates
for governor , etc. The resolutions
also asked county conventions their
sense of a basis upon which the debt
should be settled and also us to
whether it should bo submitted to a
direct vote of the people.
Small Pox.
S tlonal Amoclated Frew >
SVBINOFIELD , 111. , March 24. - The
state board of health insists that the
small pox infection in the northwest
is prolonged if not entirely fed by im
portation and state in illustration that
a Mrs. Droyfuss arrived at Baltimore
recently by steamer having no small
pox on bourd , came immediately to
Ottawa , this state , and next day was
taken down with the disease. The
hoard claim the vessel itself was in
fected and urge that there can bo no
certain protection but by compulsory
vaccination at the port of departure.
DBS MOINES , March24. The small
pox scare in the county jail turns out
to bo a hoax. The supposed infected
prisoner smeared himself with croton
oil and thereby deceived the doctors.
Business is resumed at the court
r Sergeant BKaion.
HkttooU AHodkted fnm ,
WASHINGTON , D. 0. , March 24
The Mason habeas corpus writ was
presented tothe supreme court to
day ; decision next Monday.
PHILADELPHIA , March 24. A mem
ber of the Press editorial staff has
; ono to Locust Grove , Va. , with $150
: or Mrs. Mason , wife of Sergeant
Mason. The Press dime fund amounts
to-night to nearly $400.
Hi * Gun Wont Off and Killed Him.
NMlon&l Associated Press.
ATLANTA , March 24. A Cincinnati
irummor named Wm. White was out
luntmg near Opelika , Ala. , to-day ,
when he accidentally discharged his
; un , the load taking effect in his
iead and killing him.
The Iiawranoo Strike.
National Associated Pros , .
LAWUCNCE , Mass. , March 24 The
condition ot affairs at the Pacific mills
s unchanged , except that both parties
seem more determined than over to
naintain their ground. Public aonti-
inent is thoroughly with the strikers.
The Weavers' Mutual Aid Society
ield a meeting this morning , and the
: und was shown to bo increasing.
3nly two or three have yet applied
'or relief. There s.-oms to bo a qen
eral disinclination to consolidate the
spinners' and weavers' ' unions into
ono organization. Nearly every train
that leaves takes away a number of
operatives , who huvo Btciiri ! . . places
ulHowheru ,
TOXIIH Harmony.
tatloiiii' AsdOd.U-J I'IUH.
DALLAH , TL-S.-March 24. Private
advices received from Washington in
dicate that Preuidunt Arthur has rt > c
ognized ex-Governor Davis an the re-
mblican leu dor in this stare , nnd on
entering a new deal has been made in
executive patronage as to Texas. This
will tend to harmonize the party in
state , and a viperous effort will be
nude to carry the state at the fall
Death of a Very Old Lady.
Nttloul AiuocUtedProei.
BAXTIMOHE , March 24. Mrs. Cath
erine Minnion , who was born in the
county of Gal way , Ireland , May 1 ,
770 , died hero to-day , aged 108. Ono
of her sisters died two years ago at
ho age of 08. Mrs. Minnion was the
nothur of fifteen children.
Treasurer bbort-
National Associated I'teea
EXETEK , N. H. , March 24. Goo.
A , Lane , treasurer of Ilockingham
ounty and general banker , is short
$46,000 $ , $ U5,000 of which belonged
o the county , and thu rest to indi
viduals. Ho gave himself np at
Tom Majors'Sent.
fotlontl I'roj * AMOcUtlon.
WASHINGTON , March 24. The
louao judiciary committee have agreed
o report a bill for an additional rep
resentative in Nebraska.
Five Pennsylvanians , Tiroi o
Life , Depart.
Materially Aided and Aseiatoc
by a Number of
Details of the Orimos for Whiot
They Paid the Death
Execution of a Now York Murderer
dorer Who Would Do li
Again if Necessary.
MUoollnneoui Criminal New * o
the Day *
HAUKISIIUIIO , March 24. Frank
uiul Henry Humborgor worn hangoc
at 10:30 : to-day. The crime for whicl
they wore hanged was ttio murdo'r ol
Daniel Troutmnn on the night of November
vombor 14 , 1880. The murdered tuai
lived in nil isolated spot , about four
teen miles from Lykons , the lionioji ;
tlio executed men. From their con-
icssion it was learned that Hehrj
lluinbergor planned the robbery of
the old man , who was known to , have
received a sum of money a fovr days
before from the sale of a farm. "Frank
was taken nlo..L to assist in the job
On Sunday afternoon of November
14 Henry hired a toatn drawn , by a
( ray mare , at Tower Oity , at place ten
miles from his homo. Driving
back , ho got Frank at Ly-
kens , and then drove to , ,
Troutman lived. They wore soon'by
a largo number of persona all along
the route , until within half a milojo !
the house , whore the crime was com
mitted. Entering the homo of Trout-
man , which won a nioro hut , they wo'nt
to the bedside of the man and awoke
him , demanding monoy. Ho main
tained ho had none , and after consid
erable parleying tho.old man jumped
up and seized his gun , driving them
both from the house. Ono of the
men ran to the right and then to the
left , the old man following the latter ,
firing a shot which proved harmless.
frank , who had cone in the opposite
direction , coming around the house to
the roar of Troutman , took deliberate
aim and shot him. Both men loft im
mediately and drove to Lykons by
the same road they had come. The
old man lived about half an hour after
being shot , and repeatedly aaid ,
"Henry Rumberger , shot me. " Upon
this n warrant was taken out the fol
lowing day and Henry 'arroa ted and
lodged in jail in this city. The day
after being arrested he confessed to
the facts , as they wore afterward
proven , and on November 17th Frank
waa arrested , but proved an alibi , i'nd
was discharged. But.tho wpmwJj Jtfa
Graff , who avro'ro lhae Front was "with
her on the night of the murder.
afterwards confessed she had
perjured herself ' ; thereupon ho
was rearrested 'and placed in jail.
Both men received two trials * Hftd
were also hoard before the board' of
pardons but to no use. The evidence
was overwhelming and both were
made to pay the death penalty on
March 24th. Until very recently
Frank has claimed entire .innocence
iut finally made one confession after
another until the whole story has boon
made known. Both men have berne
bad characters in their own neighbor
hood for years. Henry , the oldest , is
about 32 and unmarried. Ho was
never considered a desperate man ,
but has berne the name of a sncak-
ihief long before his incarceration on
; his charge. Frank , on the other
land , is a young married man with a
, vifo and throe children. His life has
jeon full of adventure and daring and
10 is just such a man as would take
ifo if necessary to accomplish his end.
The men though bearing the same
lame were in no way related.
CLEAitFiKLD , Ponn. , March 24.
John N. Nev'ing ' was hanged to day
or the murder of Sam.'ol Ponnington
February 10 , 1880. The condemned
iiiin man nt eel the fccnil'old at 10:40 : a ,
n. , drew case knife from his bosom
uid exhibiting it to the Hpentatora
mid ho could huvo committed miicide ,
> ut refuted to do BO. The rope was
huii pluctid around 'his nock and thu
Irop was hprung. Thu fall luoko his
luck and at 1045 ; he was pronounced
On the 10th day of February , 1880 ,
Novling and S.xmuel Pennington had
a personal quarrel in Hontzdale , Pa.
After the purlieu wore separated Nuv-
ing went home and about six hours
afterwards returned with a Spring-
ield musket loaded with nix buckshot
enrolling for Penningion. He soon
ound him and passed him on thu
> avemont , and when but a short dis-
mice off turned and fired the con-
outs into Pennington's back. Nov-
ing was arrested and lodged in the
Jlenriiold ( Pa. ) prison. It was a horrible
rible transaction. Notwithstanding
ho perforations in Pennington's body
10 lived until the 28th of April. Nov-
ing was tried and convicted of mur-
ier in the first degree. His counsel
nado a motion for a new trial. Ar-
fuinent was Jieard before Judtjo Orris
n the January term , 1881. Tlio mo-
ion was overruled and on the 10th of
January he was sentenced to be
mnged. An appeal was taken to the
unremo court at the May term. The
writ of error was dismissed and the
record returned to Olearfiold for exe
cution , Then the case was taken he-
ore the board of pardons at the Jan-
uiry session , 1882 , asking for commit.
ation of the sentence to imprison
ment for life. This the board ro
used. Within ten days Governor
Hoyt issued the death warrant , fixing
upon Friday. March 24 , as the day of
execution. The parties were native
minors and were largely connected in
that section of the country , and many
of their relatives are excellent citizens
in this and adjoinim ; counties.
PrmnuKo , March 24. Frank Hall
WM hanged to-day for the murder of
0. R. Jacoby in January , 1879. The
drop fell at 12-10 p. m. Small pro
tested his innocence to the last. Ho
died of strangulation.
MiDDLKiiEnn , t'enn. , March 24.
Jonathan Meyer , ono of the murderers
of Kinzing , was hanged hero at 11
o'clock. Ho made a confession from
the scaffold , implicating Ottongor ,
under arrest as ono of his accomplices ,
but entirely exonerating Krb , the
other. Ho stated the plunder for
which the murder was committed
amounted to only $75.
A.NOKLim , N. Y. , March 24. John
McCarthy uns hanged hero at noon
tor the murder of Mackay at Rich-
burg , Allegheny county , in December
list. Ho mnde a statement and said
ho would commit the same crime un
der similar circumstances ; that ho
killwl Mnckay in self defense.
.National A Mocintixl I
KNOXVILU : , Tenn. , March 24. The
Ilodgo brothers , convicted of thu
murder of their uncle , and sentenced
to bo hanged to-day , huvo appealed to
the supreme court , and the execution
is deferred.
DALLAS , Texas , Murah 24. The
Herald's Hillsboro npi u n\ \ reports a
dastardly murder by u negro , who
shot his wife several times and then
mashed her skull in with .1 six-shooter ,
lie was arrested. Infidelity on the
part of his spouse ho alleges as the
cause of the deed.
Illinoli IieRiilntnro.
N&tloiul Awoclated 1'rcM ,
SruiNaviKLi ) , March 24. The log-
slaturo hold a brief session to-day.
The house committee on contingent
expenses made a report on the sub
iect of employes , reducn g the whole
lumber necessary for the session to
Mr. Mitchell , of MeL-wn county ,
ntroduced a bill to iipn ) > priuto half
ho interest of the colkyo and semi-
lary fund for the contingent uxponses
of the normal university at Normal ,
and a similar bill was introduced in
the senate.
The senate accepted thu resignation
of James II. Paddock as chiot clerk ,
and elected George Torwillitjor to fill
, ho vacancy.
Adjourned till to-morrow.
Moxtonn Matters.
latloiwl Associated 1'resi.
CITY or MEXICO , March 24. Gen.
Calmer had a lone interview with
'resident Gonzales this morning , af-
er which thu general stated to an
agent of the National Associated Press
hat the president had declared to
lira that the government of Mexico
was deeply interested in the National
railroad.and all other internal enter
priser ; that the go ejmnont would
'ully carry out all its obligations to
lifftirent American railways as stipu-
ated in their concossiona , and would
neot subsidy payments at fast as each
diameter of the different roads was
completed and passed upon by govern
ment engineers ; also that no obstacle
would bo placed in the way of any
American enterprise.
A heavy earthquake is reported
from Acatulio. No particulars.
The Flood Sufforera.
frtlona ) Associated I'teat.
NKW OHLEANB , March 24. The ro-
ief commissioners of Louisiana have
olographcd the secretary of war that
.lie 500,000 rations already furnished
are exhausted and ask for 600,000
nero between this and April Oth. A
argo portion.of the finest sugar lands
are inundated. The executive relief
committee was organized hero yester
day and is meeting with much success.
It will raise about $30,000.
WASHINGTON , Mircli 24. Secretary
Lincoln sent 100,000 rations to Hole-
la , Ark. , and 200,000 to Louisiana.
Postmaster General Howe siiyn ho
las no right to send sued through the
nail to Mississippi sufferers.
Iiitumui Now .
National Associated 1'roso.
PANAMA , March 15. On account of
HnetH nearly nil work at several sta
ions on the line of the canal is at a
tandstill. Fever and dysentery have
ippenred among the entire ntatl of
tilicors , particularly at Enr.piro , and
mallpox lias broken out in the labor
ers , but is said .o be of a mild nature.
Many cases of smallpox of a mild
Imrncter have appeared in Guate
In C.malapa , an important pueblo
of the department of Chimiotanago ,
50 Indians died in n brief period ,
forthwoitern Ticket Agent Ab-
National A oclate < J I'rou.
OHKOHH , March 24. Robert Mc-
ionnglo , ticket ugent of the Chicago
t Northwestern road in this city , haa
bscondod , leaving a note on his desk
aying that ho would pay his debts
when ho returned. The amount in-
olved is unknown at present.
Probable Price Fight.
Jattonal Associated View ,
NEW YOKK , March 24 Richard 1C.
< "ox to-day to-dayrocoived a forfeit of
ilOO from Owen Maloney , of Pitts-
iurg , to fight James Weedcn , of the
iinio pluco. Both men have $100 up
vith Mr. Fox and a fight is imminent.
MM. Zilnooln.
{ atlonal Auocbtcd I'ILUH.
Bi'itiNdi'iKLi ) , III. , March 24. Mrs.
Abraham Lincoln arrived from Now-
> ort to-day in apparently improved
icaltli ard is with hoc sister.
Bin Snow Storm Coming-
lattonal AnoociaUd Vjtuw
MONTREAL , March 24. Vonnor'a
great snow storm for this mouth U due
to-morrow. Ho predicts that Mon
troftl and Quebec will yet bo heavily
blockaded and that the storm will ox
lend to Chicago and westward.
Foreign News.
Nation * ! AwocUUxl lrem.
LONDON , March 25. The house ol
commons Inst night by a vote of 14C
to B ! ) refused to appoint n select com *
mitlco to inquire into the influence ol
foreign tariffs upon the British trade.
PARIS , March 25. The committee
of the chamber of deputies to when
the subji ot was referred have roportec
refusing to suppress gambling tables
at Monaco.
LONDON , March 24. A dispatch
from Montono states Prince Leopold
while out walking yesterday fell , in
juring him but slightly , It is stated
his marriage will bo postponed.
In the house of commons to-nighl
Sir Charles Dilko , under foreign sec
retary , stated that the representation
of the American government respect
ing American citizens imprisoned as
suspects under the British coercion
bill were under consideration by the
It is understood Minister Lowell
received something like a reprimand
from Secretary Frelinghuyscn for hit
neglect in pushing this matter and
that he made fresh representations ta
Earl Granville on thu subject.
PAULS , March 24. In the senate
the compulsory education bill passed.
ST. PKTKRsnuna , March 24. The
Juwu of this city have been ordered to
close their shops and to dispense with
business. They will bo permitted to
live here , but will not be allowed to
follow any profession.
Train * Bloohndod by Snow.
National AixocUtod I'rens.
WINNIPEG , March 24. Trains on
lines of railroad hero and in Minnesota
seta are blockaded , as A result of the
snow storm just subsiding , which is
the Worst of the season. Tnilllo be
tween hero and St. Paul is virtually
Real Eatftto Transfers.
The following are all the transfers
of real estate recorded at. the county
clerk's oftico on Thursday , the 23d ,
as reported by John L. Mc-
3aguo , real estate agent and con
veyancer :
Alfred M. Young to Jane A. Gillos-
> y , the n J of no j and the sw \ of the
101 of a 17 , t 15 , r 10 o , w d.
§ 2,1)00. )
John Edwards and wife to Jennie
L Corrigan , thu o A of no j s 8 , 11C ,
rlOe , qcd. 820U.
Fred Gillmoister to John E. Wig-
nan , the s A of the n 4 of lot 5 , blk
201J , w d 51.
Ik'irnof Edward Gillmeiotor to John
E. Wigmati , wd$700. .
John I. Rodick and wife to John
Lioivis , lot U , block 72 , city of Omaha ,
led20. .
Philo Holcomb and wife to L. F.
ITaginn , lot 97 Nelson's add , wd
§ 350.
A Kountzo and wife to Neb Swan-
sen , the ne | of lot 10 , Kountzo's 2d
add , wd § 300.
W. M. Robertson and wife to JM-
ward = tJUhu < Mjw. the jH
Kountzo'a 2d &d , wd
John I. Rcdick and wife to Esta-
jrook , Coo & Freeman , lota 7 and 8 ,
dock 5 , Uodick'a sub div. , w. d.
§ 2,500.
Eunice D. Pattoo and husband to
jIcorgeL. Miller , 480 acres in sections
2 and/11 , in town 14 , range 12 east ,
w. d. § 0,500.
Heirs of Arthur Benningham to
John Gerko , the n j of no j , sec. 18 ,
town 1C , range 12 east , w. -800. .
Wilson Reynolds and wife to Ohas.
J. Peterson , the no j sec. 13 , town
1C , ratigo 9 east , w. d. § 1,600
8. E. Rogers and wife to Oliver G.
Decker , part of lot 2 , block 14 , Rog
ers' add. , w. d.-375.
Army Ordora.
Thu following are the latest orders
ssuod from the headquarters of the
department of thu Platte :
1. Recruit James P. Scott , enlisted
ni Fort Omana , Neb. , is assigned to
roop L , Fifth cavalry , and will bo
sent to his station at the first tavora-
jlo opportunity.
2. First Lieutenant Charles D.
? arkhurst , Fifth cavalry , is relieved
'rum duty as a member uf thu general
: ourt martial convened at Fort Rob-
nson , Nebraska , by Paragraph 2 ,
Special Orders No. 123 , series of 1881 ,
rum these headquarters.
3. A general court martial is up-
> oiiitpd to meet at Fort Sidney.Nob. ,
in thu 29th day of March , 1882 , or
jag' ' ) " thereafter as practicable , for
ho < . .1 of Sergeant William Heath ,
: on < - . i y F , , Ninth infantry , and such
itl < > , prisoners aa may be brought
K-l. re it ,
1 , Capt. Emil Adam , Fifth cavalry :
2 , Cjpt. JamcB P. Kimball , as.
siatant sjrgoon , U. S. A. ; 3 , dipt.
William 0. Forsyth , Fifth cavalry ;
4 , First Lieutenant Charles II. Rook-
well , Fifth cavalry ; 5 , First Lieuten
ant Walter 8. Schuyler , Fivth caval
ry ; 0 , First Lieutenant Charles D ,
'arkhurst , Fifth cavalry ; Second
Lieutenant ! William E. Almy , Fifth
javalry , judu'O advocato.
A greater number of ollicors than
hose cannot bo assembled without
nanifest injury to the service ,
Tbo Country
Who that has ever lived anytime In lh
ountry hut must have heard of the vlr-
ues of Burdock as a l > l od purlfi r. Hun-
JOCK ULOOD Hmim cure ( lynpepiila ,
lilloiianoi-H and all ( Unorders arlalinr from
mpure blood or dernn ed liver or kidneys ,
'rlcu Jl.OJ , trial bottles 1U cents.
"Wells' Health Ronewor , " greatest
remedy on taith for impotence , lean-
lest , sexual debility , &c. One dollar
nt druggist's. Depot , 0. P. Good-
'an. (6) ( )
Now Bazar Glove-fitting patterns
an 1 catalogues now ruadg at
m23-3t BUBHMAN'S.
He Passed Away Peaoofolly Yos-
tiorday Afternoon ,
In the Presence of All the
Mombora of His
After an Illness of Not Moro
than a Week's
Details of the Last Week of the
Existence of America's
Great Poet.
General Grief nnd Sorrow Ooo -
nloneil by the Etront.
National AwocUted l'ren .
BOSTON , March 24. The poet Longfellow -
follow died at 3:15 : p , m. to-day.
Longfellow had been ailinu since his
75th birthday , February 27th last.
Ho recently became seriously UL
Yesterday , however , when poritonitoa
developed ho grow rapidly worse , and
at 3 o'clock this morning all hope of
his recovery was abandoned. He was
surrounded by his family , including
Mrs. U 11. Dana , Jr. , his son Ernest
and the wife of the latter. Dr. Wy-
miui , family physician , hod boon con
stantly with him ,
News of hia illness was received
with profound sorrow , and to-day
marks of respect have been shown ,
even by drivers of heavy teams , who-
have rlackoned their speed in passing
his dwelling. Ho died at 3:10 : p. m.
The news spread rapidly , and Iho
whole community shows ita grief.
The city of Cambridge , from the at
tendant of the college to the laborer ,
is in deep gloom. Relatives have ' >
been telegraphed for , Hia brother.
Stephen , lives in Philadelphia , ana
other relatives are in Portland.
This evening there has boon moro
profound sorrow among the people
than has been caused by the death of
any Massachusetts man since Sumner
passed away. Indeed , Longfellow
had moro sympathy from the heart of
the people than did any other man of
this generation. The grief is not the
least evident among the children , hun
dreds of whom know him as a friend.
The details ot his illness and death *
as given by the family physician. Dr.
Wyman , are as follows : Ho had suf
fered from nervous trouble for two
years , but lost Saturday was in his
usual health. In thu evening ho
walked for some time on the piazza of
his Brattle slroot residence , the house
which was Washington's headquarters ,
and in which the poet lived since 1837.
Late in the data ho felt chilled and
during the night was attacked with ,
vomiting , pain and the usual symp
toms of inflammation of the bowels.
This lasted through Sunday , but dur
ing Sunday night by the use of opiates
ho procured some rest and on Mon
day waa more comfortable , but on
Kond yovoning it.was evident lio.waa-SaL - . . . , - *
j. Mfl r-r r .
' - 'j&am'i'v * * * * * *
'dangerously ill.His family was &
tjfied and his son-in-law , Mr. Richard
H. Dana , Jr. , was advised to delay
his arrangements for hia trip to Eu
rope. By Wednesday , nearly all pain
had loft him and ho slept much ; also
on Thuisday ho was very drowsy.
During Thursday night and to-day he
was conscious but little , his brpathing
was difficult and there were signs of
immediate dissolution. He died aa
ho had lived , peacefully and calmly ,
at 3:15 : o'clock p. m. , surrounded by
his children , Ernest the artist , and
his wife , Charles , Alice , Edith and
Annie. Edith is Mrs. Dana. When
death was announced the bolls tolled
75 , the number of his years. Mayor
Fox has also ordered the bolls to bo
tolled at the funeral. Business plaoea
will bo generally closed and flags
hung at half mast.
PHILADELPHIA , March 21. Rev.
Sumuol Longfellow , pastor of the
Unitarian church of Germantown ,
and brother of the dead poet , left
hero this morning on receipt of a tele
gram from Boston informing him of
his brother's alarming illness , but too
late to bo on hand ut the last moment.
LONDON , March 25. News of the
death of the poet Longfellow was re
ceived hero too late for the morning
journals to give a detailed announce
ment. They all , however , make short ,
notices which are fervent and sympa
RiftUt of Way Decision.
National Aieoclatod 1'riw.
DES MOINKB , March 24. Judge
Love , in thu United States court at
Keokuk to-day , decided that any rail
way coud ! condemn the right of way . ,
across another. The case grow out of
in ellort by the Chicago , Burlington
it Quinoy to prevent the Dos Moiues ,
Oaceola & Southern nariow gauge
from crossing their track.
Marino Xntolliuenoo.
National Associated Preai.
NEW YOIIK , March 24. Arrived
Thu Egyptian Monarch from London , .
the India from Hamburg , the Colon
from Aspinwall.
ANTWEUP , March 24 , Arrived
The Nodorland from New York.
GLASGOW , March 24. Arrived
The Furnossia from Now Yoik.
Soiled On the 21st , the Bolgravia
for Now York.
National Aaaoclateii I'resa.
NKW YOKK , March 21. The failures
reported to Dun & Co. during the last
seven daya are 110 : Eastern statea
12 , western 32 , middle 31 , southern
30 , Vacitio 0 , and Now York city 4.
Economy. ,
A fortune may he spent In using luoN
fectual in.dlclnes , when by applying
TIIOUAH' KctyciBio OIL speedy ana
ocouoiulo .1 cure can l > e etTeeted. lu oases
of rheuumtUm , Urae back , bodllyatlm nU
or pains nf every desorlpUon , It affords in.
t nt relief. oh3l.lw

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