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Friday Moraine April 14 ,
Weather Report- '
( The following observations Are taken at
he Mime moment ol time at all the sis ,
onsnamod. )
Wo DitMHnicn1 , U. B , 8m AL anuvrc * , )
OMAHA , April 13 , 1882 , (1:45 ( : p. m./ )
Btrer 7 feet 6 Inche * above high water mark at
Omaha and 10 f et V Yankton.
This weather h hard on the TJoleti.
The ri er front U the busiest part of
the city at present.
A. light fall of rain began at an early
hour yesterday.
Fixtures for Bale and ttore to rent.
417 Douglas St.
Final party of flio Pleasant Hours
club Friday evening.
Bomb KEN1S Houses , Lota , Farms.
City property for ! by McU s u
Li.it on third pogo.
Last lecture of the Unity Lyceum lec
ture coumo Friday night.
J Beautiful Hestdonco Lots 8100 each ,
$5 down and 85 per month , Bemis , agent ,
ICth and Douglas streets , tf
The second term of the Omaha , Acad
emy opens Monday , April 10th.
m. 31.1m.
No d to lijxs yet been oflic tally fixed
for opening the Norfolk line to traffic and
. f-
The notoriously dangerous crossing nt
the intersection of Fnrnam and Fifteenth
was repaired yesterday.
" T. P. O'Connor , M. P. , went cast last
. night without ( stopping over at Omaha , as
jt&a expected , to lecture ,
The hospital fair competes more than
evenly with the entertainments at the
opera house for its crowds.
- A woman , arrested Wednesday fordis-
turblng the peace , paid one dollar and
coats Into the city treasury yesterday.
The Florence cut-off , which will short
en the St. Paul track to Omaha by six
miles , will not bo finished before Septem
ber. ,
Leave of absence for ocrcn days , to
take place on the 14th inst. , la granted
Captain Alphom H. Bowman , Ninth In
The funeral of T. 8. Jackson , the col
ored man who died at the small pox hoe-
pita ] , will Cake place at Prospect Hill to-
* * * . . ,
The general court martial convened at
„ Fort OmahaNeb. , by paragraph 1 , ope-
' dal orders No. 4 , current series , la dis
Pure Drugs and Chemicals at Saxe'a
The annual election of officers in Mt.
Calvary Oommandery No. 1 , Knights
Templar will occur on Friday evening
Five thourand fine imported cigars
just received at Headquarters cigar store ,
1003 Farnam street , and wo will sell them ,
at close figures. Small profits and quick
returns is our motto. aprl3 It
A literary and musical entertainment
nnder the auspices of the Young Ladies'
Sodality of the Holy Family Parish , will
be given in Oielghton collegn hall on
Wednesday evening , the 2Cth inst.
A prize spoiling match cornea elf at
the Business college 911 Friday evening ,
April 14th. Outsiders can enter the
match by paying 50 cento. Admission to
the school free , apr3 2t
The thermometer ' < Max Meyer &
Bro. , the Jewelers and opticians , from 12
M. Wednesday tol2m.yeatcrdavindlcatod
the following ; 12 m. , 44 ° ; 2 p. m. , 42 ° ;
7 p. m. , 40 ° ; 9p. m. , 40 ° j7 . m. , 87 ° ;
10 a. m. , 48 j 12 in. , 48 ° ; 2 p. m. , BO ° j. '
Tiio officers of the Transfer Base Ball
club are as follows : W. L. 1'ralt , presi
dent ; W. > y , Sherman , vice president ; H. .
G. Stripe , .secretary ; 0. A. Reed , troas-
riirer | ; 11. 0 , Howell , manager ; K.W. Bur
roughs , captain. ,
During his visit to this city yesterday
Dr. Hart , who used to live here , but is
now a resident of Omaha , Bold hia resi
dence property on Ninth street near Vir
ginia to T. J , Stone and T. It. Galbralth
for $2,000. The property Includes u goad
houaaand almost tv.o lots. [ Stoux City
i * * Journal.
Fred Lang , arrested for selling liquor
to minors , was dinchaiged upou proving
positively that he had given Btilct iujunc *
, . tloDn against Belling to intoxicated men or
minors , which hU barkeeper hod disre
garded. A complviut w&s then made
against the bartender , Henry Hahn , and
his case came up for a hearing at 2 p , m ,
yesterday ,
In the police court yetterday four
prlso&ra were arraigned for intoxication ,
one being a woman and one 0 , Piper , the
colored man who broke the lamea in front
't Boyd'tf opera home Wednesday on pur.
pose to be arrested. The latter was sent
to the county j til for fourteen days , and
, judgment In tjio case of the woman was
suspended , as she pleaded tha necessity of
her being at borne to cook the family
meals. The other two Slocumbs paid
their fines.
The action of the negro , Piper , who
committed an offense r to secure a lodging
place , suggests once more the necessity of
workhouse for city prisoners. In this
case , as In any other , the man Is sent to
the county jail to incur an expense for
which he makes no remuneration whatev
er. A tramp may knock a man down and
bring about this result , and If it gets to be
generally underwood that such means of
wearing a home are legitimate we shall
have a pretty state of affairs soon. The
city officials have repeatedly urged the DC-
eilty of providing good solid work for
prison * * * to do , but their request baa thus
far been entirely dliregarded by the coun-
- ell. Let the fellows be worked in the
Ireot commlidoner'f forot if nothing else
GAB be dofit ,
iV ,
A Break for Omaha Liable tc
Occur within Sixty Days.
A Now Bridge nnd a Now Unlo
A HER reporter , last ovnnlng , lint
the privilege oi a talk with ono of th
moat prominent railroad men in th
west , an official known and recognize *
AS ono of the leading spirits in rail
road enterprises of all kinds , nnd
from him learned seine importan
news ,
As stated clsowhoro there is pros
pects of an early disruption of thi
Iowa pool , the 0. B. & Q. , with its
through line to Denver , being now in
an independent position , and it i
probable that the next sixty day wil
BOO all the trains of the pool lines
now centering nt the transfer , running
into Omaha. The first importan
atop toward this result was when thi
K. 0. St. Joe & 0. B. road began
running its regular trains to this citj
instead of to the transfer. When thi
matter was under consideration
the other lines tried to induce thi
officers to give up the plan , as it
would force the Burlington road to
cotno in ever their own bridge and
the other roads , in aolf-dofonso , would
have to follow suit.
It now appears that the now deal
of the Kansas Oity road proves so
satisfactory that is liable to result in a
general move on the part of/ the lowu
wads in the same directions.
Our informant saya that the Bur
lington road will undoubtedly come
in via Plattsraouth in a short time ,
and that the others will then bo com
pelled to got in the best way thoycan ,
which means cither by way ot the
Union Pacific bridge or the now ono
now in contemplation , which they
will build , themselves , if the. scheme
now on foot and presented' congress
shall fail. -
It appears that the increase in the
number of Iowa lines demanding a
share in the pool has made that com
pact comparatively worthless , and the
roads have for some time past boon
anxious to cross the river and each
hoe their own row. The great thing
which has stood in the way of this has
boon the Union Pacific bridge , the
tell across which would have
boon fixed by the ownars
at an exorbitant price. Some
titnn ago the Union Pacific reduced it *
bridge rate for passengers from fifty
cents to iwonty-flvo. This is the rate
inow charged passengers who buy
tickets between Omaha and Council
Bluffs , but these who buy through
tickets to an eastern point still have
to pay the old rate of fifty cents.
There has boon a big kick on this ,
and a determination on the part of the
eastern lines to end the robbery.
Oould they have obtained a reason
able toll on trains across the
bridge , they would have been in
ore now and as soon as they do they
will come. The increase i of
business and the completion of the
Burlington from hero to Denver ia li
able to secure that result nt an early
day , and the move made by the 0. B.
& Q. to follow the example of the K.
0. St. Joe and 0. B. road , will bo fol
lowed by a atampodo for Omaha on the
part of all the lines. If they arc not
able to'mako an advantageous arrange
ment , they will combine to build a now
bridge , and a big Union depot will boone
ono -of the first fruits of the now
The value of the river front will
then bo fully brought out , and it will
become the most important , as it is
now the largest railroad yard in the
United States.
Tbo Seceding Flro Companies Appeal
to Mayor Doyd.
The bolt from the annual mooting
of the fire department Wednesday
night , was followed yesterday by a
'call for a meeting of the three seced
ing companies , Pione6)r. ) ; Hqok and
ladder No 1 , Omaha No. 1 , and Ne
braska "No. 3 , which was hold at 8
o'clock last night at Firemen's hall.
The meeting was not largo , about'
forty to sixty members only being
present , and there wore some dissent
ers oven among this number. Phil.
Dorr was chosen as president and Al
bert II. Sander as secretary.
There was some discuBBsion as to
what action the mooting ought to take ,
and it was stated that Mayor Boyd
had as good as said ho should act ao.
cording to the decision of the bolting
faction. The question as to whether
a chief should bo nominated was dis-
cusoed freely , but mot with opposi
tion enough to kill it.
On motion of Councilman Horn-
berger it was resolved that a com-
niittoo of two from each company
present bo appointed by the president ,
to present to the mayor of the city
the fact that it is the sense of this
meeting that they do not approve of
the election of chief engineer , held
April 12th , and these companies will
approve of any good roan , being a
member of the department , who may
bo appointed by the mayor and con
firmed by the council.
In pursuance of this motion the
presidon appointed the following
committee : Henry Hitter and J. W.
Nichols , of 1 ; D. L. Mitchell and
Henry Horborger , of the Hooks ; Sol
Prince and G. W. Kotchum , of No. 3.
After the adjournment of the meet
ing the committee appointed Henry
Hornborgor a committee of ono to
arrange for a conference with the
mayor , for 70 this evening if pos
Police Court Points ,
Henry Holton , the bar-tender arrested -
rested for selling liquor to minors ,
was yesterday fined $25 end cost * .
Ho gave security , and will probably
appeal to the district court.
A complaint was yesterday filed
against John O'Connell for aanUmg
a man with a brick and cutting up hi
neck badly.
floorgo Bolts , a colored waiter i
Shaw & RatlifTs place , had a pair c
shoos stolen yesterday , and had Joh
Doe , a colored man in Higgins' place
Another woman wan arrested las
night on a drunk. The disease scorn
to bo spreading among the female sex ,
A tolcphono call was sent in las
night tor ofilcors to quell a row
on fifteenth and California streets.
Successful ProgroeB of the Fai :
for the Benefit of St ,
Joseph's Hospital ,
Netr nd. Elegant Article * Added
to th Va t Lilt.
The announcement made in thcs
columns on the morning after thi
fair , to the effect that no fair eve
hold in Omaha had received so sub
stantial evidence of appreciation and
encouragement , has since boon liber
ally , enthusiastically substantiated
The tables are covered with articloi
as never wore fair tables in this city
before , and the attendance since th
opening has boon steadily on the in
crease , while the receipts
also 'havo boon keeping with
the expectation of the management ,
Scarcely an hour passes during
the day that some merchant or promi
nent citizen does not send a donation
to the hall. The consequence is thai
the original number of articles has
boon greatly incrca&od in number and
value. Those donations aromadonow
to this table and now to that , and as
consequence a generous rivalry for the
'beat appearance and largest number of
articles is engendered among the rb-
spectivo tablo-workcrs. Amontj the
articles that haVe attracted the atten
tion of this scribe are the following.
On the table of the
Is a most beautiful piece of black
silk , donated by Mr. Win. M. Bush
man and valued at $50. It has at
tracted the attention of many a lady
as she passed the table upon which it
rests , and boon the potent causa of
many suggestive sighs and heart-felt
wishes as to whom they would
like to have it adorn. The
piece , however , is not for
sale , as it would require to bring a
heavy price to above its value , in or
der to do justice to the cause and the
generosity of the giver. It will
therefore bo voted for the friends of
the moat popular ladies of the city.
On the table of
a profusion of articles , which at
tracted the attention of THE BEE
man and evoked his admiration , while
they effectively defied his descriptive
powers , is constantly presented to the
eyes of the visitor. The most artistic ,
in its kind at least , is a white silk
stole , hand-painted throughout in a
meat beautiful design. It is the work
of a pupil of the Ladies of the Sacred
Heart , whoso academy is on Ninth
and Howard streets , and was but re
cently valued at $300 It is a marvel
of its kind , and nightly evokes con
tinuous appreciation. On the same
tnblo is a point laca handker
chief , the work of Madam'o
Dunne , of the same institution.
It the result of many hours of patient
and skillful labor , and it is certainly a
chaste , artistic and valuable donation.
The articles on this table will bo sold
during the progress of and at the close
of the fair. Many ot them at this
writing have been disposed of but are
not suffered to bo removed until the
close of the bazaar.
Tbo Forthcoming School Entertain
ment at Boyd's Opera House.
This evening the first pre
sentation of Prof. J. M. Hagor's
. 'Allegory" will be made at the Opera
house , the object , as is understood ,
being the raining of a fund to purchase
an illuminated clock for the high
school bwer.
That the "Allegory" will bo well
worth seeing is certain from the endorsement
dorsomont ijivon it everywhere in the
east. In Cincinnati last November it
was given to the largest audience
over assembled in Music Hall and the
largest paying audience ever soon in a
ever seen in a hall in the United
States. The Commercial eays :
"Tho people of Cincinnati built
Music Hall with the idea that it would
accommodate a full sized audience.
But it proved entirely too small yes
terday for the matinee of Professor
Hagor's "Allegory. " The hall at 2
o'clock woo packed until n late comer
searched the fringes of the crowd in
vain for a point from which oven a
partial view of the stage could bo ob
tained. The bases of the pillars in
the vestibule woru occupied by boys
who clambered up throe or four feet
as a lost resort to got a distant glimpse
of the [ exhibition. Several thousand
persons gave up the attempt to find
standing room , and retired from the
building. The sight ot the vast Au
dience wo T wonderful. Viewed from
the stage it Boomed a multitude be
yond reckoning , and nas a massive
and magnificent picture/ '
The following are n few of the load
ing characters who will appear in the
allegory to-morrow evening :
Miss Eva Lowe , Goddess of Liberty.
Miss Mary D. Day , Indian princess
and Ohio.
Miss Sarah McOhane , Illinois.
Miss Tinoy McOhano ( pioneer tab
leau ) , old lady.
J. 11. Daniels , Columbus.
A. D , R. Crawford , Gorman.
Jay Northrup , Irishman.
C. 1C. Crallo , chaplain and negro.
B. D. Bent , warrior.
States represented by thirty-eight
young ladies.
Fiity young ladles And gentlemen
in Indian group.
Thirty youugjadiea and gentlemen
as pilgrims.
Eleven young ladies and gentlemen
In pioneer tableau.
Major Andre and captors.
One hundred flower girls.
Three military companies , twenty in
cch ,
Fir * companies of chorus singers ,
A Fine Audience Greets McCul
lough on His Second
Ho Pays a Kent Compliment to th
Proprietor of BoyU's Opera Houso.
There was a magnificent oudionci
in attendance upon the production o
the "Gladiator , " at Boyd's last oven
ing. It was largo mainly because o
the reputation of Mr. McCullough
who appeared in the title role , and
the novelty of the piece , the presentation
tion being the first ever given in thi
The piny is ono particularly adapted
to the peculiar methods of Mr. Me
Oullough. It is of the lofty hcroi
order , in which the simulation o
patriotism in its purest form , manl ;
dignity , fraternal and uxorial levi
alternate with intense hatred of over
wrought power , injustice and wrong.
It abounds in scones and situations
which would almost irresistibly impo
the average actor to appeal in loudest
tones to the elements. And. thougl :
Mr. McCullough finds himself not nl <
together proof against the temptation ,
his offense , if offense it bo , of com
mission , is of that kind peculiar to
himself , so fraught with honesty of
purpose and Intensity of feeling as to
bo worthy oven of exceeding
commendation. Nor docs the
piece deny the actor the oppor
tunity to display these finer feelings
of manly and uxorial love , in the portrayal
trayal of which , it seems to us , Mr.
McCullough is uncqualod. Scones
such as these in the first and second
nctof "Virgiuius"atloastinsontimont ,
if not in treatment by the author , are
to bo found in the piece , and it is in
thorn that Mr. McCullough wins the
approval of his most discrimi
nating auditors. During some
of these scones last evening
notably the alternately stormy and
placid ono between himself and Phar-
Enriu8 | the audience was wrought up
to rpitchof interest that is best char
acterized by the term intense. It was
in that scone and others of its kind
that the starrecoived the appreciation ,
silent though it may have been , which
his patient years of study have led to
prize dearly. The stormier scones , it
is true , were the moro demonstratively
applauded , and but few of them wore
deserving of it. The coliseum act ,
white backed with A drop accurately
representing the historic edifice with
congregated spectators numbered by
the thousands , had not the illusive
effect intended. The solitary combat
was Lame compared with the tradi
tional fights i of "Richmond" and
"Richard , " and the subsequent up
rising of the Gladiators too tame to
merit even measured recognition.'ot
the gods applaudedprincipally because
wo suspect , of the semi-ludicrous
scramble for some imaginary coin
thrown'them , wo imagine , in which
the supers took part , when the audi
ence were expecting A grand hand
to hand engagement. The sentiment
of the concluding lines of the act ,
however , as also the manner in which
they were delivered , took the audi
ence , and Mr. McOullough was called
before the curtain , as also Mr. Col
lier , who shared the honors of the
scone. 'Each gentleman bowed his
acknowledgments , and the presence of
each made the applause general , al
most an ovation. Just as Mr. Collier
withdrew , Mr. McCullough advanced
to the'center of the stage and spoke
as follows :
years ago. when I passed through
Omaha , I little thought that I would
play here in such a temple as this and
before ouch an audience. 1 suppose
you will 'admit , and some of you
will remember that , Omaha was then
a pretty tough place. There is no
greater proof of civilization and ad
vancement than a first class theatre ,
and such a theatre you have hero. I
do not say this because I am an actor.
I take great pleasure in paying this
compliment to the gentleman who has
built this beautiful temple. This
theatre will do honor to any city in
the world.
It is needless to remark that the
encomium was received with applause
and highly appreciated , because of the
man who uttered and the manner in
which it was said.
Mr. McOullough was in nearly every
instance excellently supported. Ac
tion aim elocution are essentials to the
heroic drama. The greater part of
the cast wore good in the former re
spect , while in the latter , some
notably defective. With the excep
tion of an occasional indistinctness ,
caused by an effort to give exceeding
dignity to his tones , Mr. Collier made
an excellent Phasarius. Of magnifi
cent physique and experience , ho ia a
good support for the star to lean
upon and ho is at the same time not
altogether not promising of doing
greater things.
April Weather.
The weather predictions by Vennor
for the rest of April , are as follows ;
A cold wind may set in for A day or
two about the 12th.
Very little rain so far on the 13th.
On the 14th and 15th , Altogether ,
A fair , warm to hot week.
ICtlr Change to cloudy and possi
bly cooler weather , with showers or
indications of rain.
Navigation probably will open on
the St. Lawrence river the second
week in April.
Latter portion of the week colder
with rain , sleet and probably snow in
the northern sections , And particular
ly in lower St. Lawrence and New
York state About the 20th or 21st.
Fine , warm to hot and dry weather
on and niter the 22d.
23d. Probably change to warmer
and generally dry weather. Indica
tions of storms probably with high
winds , with cooler and stormy woath-
in the west. Altogether A warm And
dry week in the majority of sections.
Not At All like usual April weather
on the 27th.
Change to cool and rainy weather
after the 28th day. :
30th. Colder weather with rain and
snow-falls in tome northern portions ,
probably ushering A cold and wet [
May.April looks as if might enter white
In northern ctiona , and very black
with frost in some western and south
western localities.
Thcro are indications of periods of
unusual heat , which will cause rapid
and premature advance of vegetation.
GLato and severe frosts are probable
in the south and southwestern sec
tions of the United States and in portions
tions of Canada.
April will likely bo more of a springer
or early summer month than May.
Brilliant Amateur Performance by
the Saratoga Lyceum.
The closing mooting of the Saratoga
Lyceum last evening was attended by
a crowded house , including a goodly
number or city people.
The Ninth Infantry Band discours
ed the sweetest of musio during the
evening , adding greatly to the enjoy
The .first number on the programm
was the solo , "I will llomembo
Thee , " by Miss Emma Purtoll
which was finely rendered , and follow
ing it was A comical selection in the
Gorman dialect by Prof. Rathburn
The dialogue , "Aunt Polly's Lesson , '
was finely rendered and well received
and the solo , "Only a Poor Old
Tramp , " by Master Partoll , deserves
especial mention.
. The next feature of the programme
was the "broom drill , " which , barritig
the drama , was the attraction of the
evening. It was very creditably car'
ried out , the company going through
the manuel of arms with the dexterity
and promptness of regulars , which
proficiency is mainly duo to the train
ing rocived from Mr. J. H , Conrod , of
the state university , under whoso di
reotion it was given. The thanks of
the lyceum are certanly due him for
this Very entertaining number.
"Tho Gypsey Countess , " a duet ,
sung by J. D. Rustin and Miss Since
Rustin , elicited considerable applause
and an encore was responded to. The
bono 'solo by Mr Olmstead was also
deservedly encored.
The music by the quartette of male
voices added to the length if not to
the interest of the programme , the
modesty of the writer preventing anymore
moro comments on this numb9r.
The Saratoga Dramatic club next
made its debut in the ludicrous drama
entitled "Toodles"and as an amateur
effort the drama was a brilliant sue
cess. It would be useless to attempt
all particularize in the limited space
allotted this communication. Suffice
it.to say that there were no sticks in
the cost all did well.
J. D. Rustin , as Toadies , surprised
his friends by his excellence in that
character , while Miss Emma Purtell ,
as Mrs. Toadies , was certainly his bet
ter half in moro than ono sense of the
word. The entertainment closed with
a duet- entitled "Good Night , " by
Messrs. Rustin and Patrick , and thus
closed the meetings of the season of
1881-2 , A financial as well AS A social
success. CUCKOO.
rhelr .Lot In Other Cities Worse than
In this.
In Lincoln the life of the saloon
deeper is by no means A happy one.
Ihe temperance element employ de
tectives , compel the closing of places
at 10 p. m. , And the putting down of
all blinds , screens And so on in com
pliance with A law that in this city
has long been a dead letter. The
Journal of yesterday says :
"The saloons of the city opened out
in full bloat at the usual hour yester
day morning. The blinds and screen
doors were taken down , and passersby -
by had full glimpse of the inside of
bar-rooms In conversation with a
few of our saloon keepers they take
the change good naturedly , and say
the compromise was the best thing
they could do under the circumstances.
It was either this or an increase of the
license to $2,000. The only saloon
that the now ordinance seriously
effects is that of T. P. Quick. Ho
has always had a very largo trade
from 10 o clock until midnight , while
the other saloons only done an or
dinary business during those hours.
Mr. Quick informs us that he has
frequently taken in as much between
the hours ot 10 and 12 p. m. as ho
has taken in during the antiro day.
Especially has this been , so during
nights that entertainments1 going
on at the opera house. Should the
blinds bo kept up during Sundays wo
pine there will bo a great falling off
in the Sunday , trade , ospecially'if it's
known that the detectives in the em
ploy of the temperance people are on
iuty , as they will no doubt. "
rho Burlington Route to Pull Out of
It The Northwestern Not Going
to Donvor.
It was stated to a BEE reporter by a
prominent B. & 'M. man yester-
la ythut at next Tuesday's meeting of
the Colorado traffic association in
Chicago the Burlington road will
withdraw from the Colorado pool and
that this action will greatly embarrass
the affairs of the southwestern associa
tion and also the Iowa trunk line's
pool. This action arises from dissatis
faction with the percentage allowed it
by the pool and the fact that its Den
ver line is so nearly finished that it
can afford to act independently.
President Keep , of the Chicago &
Northwestern , states there ia no truth
whatever in the report that his com
pany intends to extend Its road to
Mrs. Julius Loper. who with her hut
baud has been engaged in missionary work
t Yokahaina , Japan , has returned after
nine year'0 absence , and Is now visiting
tier brother , Win. II. Morrisen , of thi
jlty. She intends in the course of a week
to go to her old home in New Jersay , Her
imsband expects to return to this counti y
in about a year.
Free of Cost.
All persons wishing to teat the merits
sf a great rtmedy one that will positively
ur * consumption , coughs , colds , asthinr ,
lironshitli , or any affection of the throat
ind lungt are requested to call at 0. I1' ,
ioodman'a drug store and get a trial
tattle of Dr. IvingV nw discovery for
xmiutaptlon , free l cott , which will
ihow yon what a regular dolUr-nLw bottle
rill do.
NOTICE Adrertleem ni To Loan , for Sale ,
Loet , Found , Want * . Boardlne , &c. , will be In
serted In these columns one * ( or TEN CENTS
per line ; each nibeeqnent Insertion , KIVB CENTS
per line. The first Innettlon never lens than
M ONKT TO LOAN-Oall at LAW Utnca ol D.
I. . Thorn * * Boom 8 Crelihton Block.
\t < > LOAA A 8 per centl
< D/40uUUU es In turon.of J,600 an
upwards , ( or S to 6 yean , on Or t-claM city ant
farm property. Dims HEAL ERTATI and lau
AOIKOT , Hth and Dourltg Sta
10 clrlt lor general housework
WAN1KU . , Employment lltl
street , near Farnam. C71-16'
\TrANTED Kret-cUinlirlck burner , and on
YY tetter. H. Mannweller , tmplojra
Agt. llth street near Fatnam. 761-14
Job printer , or young man h _
understand Job pre i-work. Can iccure
* ( rood city situation by tallln ; at 119 N. llth et ,
ANTED A good competent gltl ( or fen
W cral hcu eworn. 41S K. Slut it betwte
ana Chlcoge. 771-lfi )
ANTEDj-A good nune girl. Chan. Sht\
cilck , illGOnlcago St. 767-13
TTTJ ANTKD Coat makers , at J. 0. Vapor *
AM EDUlrl to do housework. Call i
W Atkinson' * Millinery Ktoro 777-13
' \TrANTED-Two first-clwj T nners Immcdl
Y Y ttolr to work in tha shop ot Iheo. Hustle
& Son , Fremont , Neb. 765-15 }
W 'ANTED One reliable cuntwsci , stcndj
work , good acres. 410 Saiith 10th it.
WANTEC A good girl for second work. Ap
plv 1821 Chicago street. 751-U
An experienced Shirt ami Orcr-
WANTED . Apply Garrabnnt & Cole ,
1307 Farnam St. 762-15
ANTED CJIn ( or general lioutooojk. II ,
W Mannwoiler , llth street near Fatnam.
Competent elil ( orgeneral house.
WANTED llu < t bo a good cook Mrs. JI
Roger > , corner 10th and Icayonworth street * .
airl about 14 to do light house
work , during the day only. Apply at Bee
office. C24-t (
D nlngroom glrUtthe Crelghton
WANTED . 607-t (
\VANTED-By . joung m n
SITUATION In ft store. F. D. Noltc , 'Em '
ymont Agt. JOthotrcctncarFarnam. 770-14'
TTITANTED lly a younir Dane , who speaks
YY German and Ln.llsh , a position In any
business hcu e. He ii tniitwortny and diligent.
Address L. Ucooffice. 771-15t
" \T7"ANTED [ lly a young manot steauv hablM
YY with good n ( orencea , position In a storo.
Is not nfrald to work. Fnqufra of tchrotcr
liccht , ono door uorth of Boya'i ftpera House.
IT7AVrtfD Emploinent bya > oung man in
YY whu'esale store. II , Waunmller , Em
ployment AgL llth ttreet near Far num. 762 14 *
TTT7 ANTED Situation br n youn ; man In g
VV eery store. U. > Mannwcllcr , imploy-
- -
By a young man a position as
WANTED , or clerk , having bad prac
tical experience. Write ] a good hand , Address
708 S. 16th steeet. 691-13'
SlT to take care of horses or work on farm. In
quire at Omaha Employment Agency , 1Mb st.
near Farnim. 147-13 *
A loan of $500 on good security.
WANTED B. 8. Hoe office. 779 S4t
'ANTED To Rent , house convenient to
W luilness. II , C. COLIC.
763-16 1307 Farnam St.
" \T7"ANTED Canraaaers to cell household ar-
YY ttclcs used In every family. Particularly
good Inducements to camauiera , ( or patt culara
apply between 12 and Z o'clock at 1111 Doug ai
street. (73313) ( ) N. L. PRATT.
* \T7 > ANTED 2 unfurnished rooms ( or man and
VY wife , must be' moderate in price. Ad' '
dress II. , Bee oDce. 297-tf
Boarddre at the Oarfield hoeae ,
WANTED corner 14th and Jackson Sts.
414 tf
"TTTANTED To sell a barber shop , good lo
YY cation , good business , ratlsfactory reasons
for selling. Inquire At 117a. 16th street , Omaha
Neb. 637-tf
ANTED Basement In ex. for board.
W Other boarders too. 003 N. 17th street.
'VKT'ANTED 4 children M boarders in a select
YY school , at 19th and California St. L. B.
LOOMIS. _ _ 76T-U
TF YOU WANT your yard nodded , line blue
i grass. Leave ordeis S. K. at the Bee office.
Funding bridge and school bonds.
WANTED Clark , BeHeTOe. ' Jfl-W
RENT Furnished and unfurMahcd rooms ,
TO reasonable price , alsorooma ( or housekeep
ing. Appl ) at 8 oto 1111 Douglas st. N. L.
i'ratt. 787-10
RENT One ( mulshed room for gentle
FOR . 812'permonth. Enquire 1610 Dodge
street. 772-15
. Furnished front room , 309 Far
FOR.RENT between 10th an J 17th , brick house.
RENT Furnished room K. W. t-rner
FOR and Howard st. 749 tf
KEN ! -Om.oTn Jacob'.rill6ck.
EOll 768-tf
I710H RENT Furnished room corner 10th and
X1 DouRlas. 730 tf
FOlt ItrNl- Sixteen (10) ( acres of cholco land
on Sounders ttreet , for gardening purposes
lifstliiii ttto millsfrom Pottoflce.
739-16 1605 t amain St.
RENT Three uifuinlllud ro nn iu't-
able ( or houic-kccplng. Inqu re for two
ilayiiatim South llth street bit. fierce nnd
Paiiflc. 72313"
TWO north of Do ga on 18tb st. 717-16
RENT Furnjshod room , 610 10th it. bet
ween California and Webiter. 6S4-tf
RENT Two good rooms for rent , corner
FOR and Farnam st > . Inqulio at Nlndel
& Krclle'8 HaUtore. 707-tt
. Pout * barn and 3 acre * of laud
FOR.RENT Wh and lloward. EUJCMM 0Nlel |
690 U
rnOlitNT Ono large ( uruUlied loom , with
J board , on first floor , outside euirance. 1608
California et , 6 5 tt
" | 7 OR RENT N. t. i6ec. " D.'f. 16 , U. II , un
J } Improved Douglas county land. 1 } miles
from IU 11. ttatton. Inquire at SUB Davenport
ttreet _ 423 tf
TGWR KtET atore room in brick building , N.
J } E. corner 16th and Cumlng. 0. F CJood
man , 1110 Farnhaai St. 203-tf
IOR RENT Furmsneu uuu loom , N. E. cor.
F Bth and Jackson. 62-U
Oil BENT H turnunoa looaw over * u-
chant * * KrchaBje.N. E. ecr. 10th and Dodg
rent * bouaH.loU , farmi , ( tores ,
BEUIS * etc. Offices 16th and Dounlas fits
OR RENT Nicely ( urnlihed room * with 01
F without board. Reasonable price * , soil
BALE Hotel 'ln a good low * town , at
EOR bargain. H. Uannwellcr , Real K t te
Agt. llth itiMt Dtai Famam , 760-tf
I710R BALK Cheap team itajorfind haioee *
J * 10U South lOUt street , t ) . II. Willla.
Tra6Rl8AJ F Home and ( oil corner let. N ? B.
X1 cor , SOlh and Lake tnrcetoi (1000 OR
monthly payments. ft)09 h lf cash , balance on
time. AlcCague opp. pMtofflce. 7CS-1BJ3
SALE A fr'th milch cow and calf. In
quire llrnry Cay , iouth 19th- street near
\ \ bite Lead Works 764-HI
SALD Good pony , Inquire at Drugstore
corner 10th and Douglas. 7tf-tf )
1710RSALE Ono Thourough-brcd Jersey ccw
Jjj 778-15 T. J. BBARD.
T710R SALE Three good buggy horses blood
| J ed stock , 4 , / > , and 7 year * old , also 23 head
cattle forsile cheap. ll.qulre at Edholm
Ertckeon. J. WlCtKXBERT ,
"T10R HALE Wlig's Restaurant--The French
JL1 Coffee Ucune" No. .20Trnth strict , doing
a butn ! M cf from $12,000 to (15,000 per nrmm.
Call ar write to the above number or to.Vilg tt <
Weatberg'i corner JOth and Jtekcon ttrcetn.
TTIORSAtE A two-seated buy , nt ilynew ,
JL1 also one No. 2 Knowlcs Steam Tump. En
quire J , turner's Barber shop , cor. IMh and.
Dodge. 742,1
1TIOR BALE Team of ponlc , harnruand bufgy
JL1 at Dlllrancos 8a'e Stables , 21010th street.
740-14 *
FOR SAIi ; OK RKNT A two (1) ( ) story frame
building 2lxCO. N. E corner 22nd and
Cumlng etrcel. Inquire al Krug's Wwtern
Urewery. 701-tf
TilORSAI.E Houie and lot , houno 20x30 two
J. story , good collar , summer kitchen , coal
shed , chicken home and largeclnrcrn ; jrwrt fence
Rud sidewalk , good location , only ? 1,6CO. Q ,
Pullman. 8th and Dorcas. 7CO-19I
TJIOn SALE Small hnuo and lot , 27th ( it.
J ; between Famam and Dcuiilai its. , twrlro
ktjut , . _ . . . .U- . . .
blocks from the - - - ' - -
Opera House , Inquire at the
house of James Cornlus. 73M7
FOR SALE ORIENT Five (5) ( ) acres of nlee
land with dwelling , etc. , on Sherman A\-
enuc , neat Sta'o Fiilr Grounds ; ono of the hot
locations in ihe city ( or market garden ,
DAVIS fcexriEn , *
740-15 150 ! > Faruaia St.
EMIS o'U houses , lotj , farms an < J
I Office , 16th and Douglas 8U.
TTIURNnUREFORSALK-Cbcap-ai elegant
JJ tulle of Parlor Furniture , 12 feet exten
sion r'ln ng table , dining cha'rr ' , lot kitchen
( urnlture , and other article * all cow. 2013 Cast
otrejt , . 322-lf
TJ10R PALE Cheap Desirable lot on Coll-
X ? fornla HI root , trontago 132 feet , depth 5C
( eetj wl'l JMde. K. K. Ilajden. 72W6
T7IOR SALE 20 lota near Ilanscom Park ,
JC of Park. A\cnue. f450 to , $900 each , lie-
Csgueopp. 1'OktofflCL' . 871.tf
FOR HALE House of 4 or 6 rooms and cor-
nor lot on 19th and Muon 11.600. WcCiguo
Opp , postofllco. CSS-tf
T710RY Thoroughbred Jersey Bull No. 332 1
C "M. S. II. B. " , winner of priee at State
Fair. Stands ( or service nt Nebraska Poultry
Yards , We t Omaha. Graham t * . Browne ,
. , 885-lm
POR SALK 14 loin In N. W. part of city on
sightly location. (200 to J250 each , on
monthly payment ! . McCague , opp. postotfice.
TjtonsAL > ; One second-hand 25 horse power
JL1 engine , good as newalo twos horseIK > cr
and two in horse pouer engines , BOW. Boiler *
of all sized , new. Inquire Omaha Foundry an
Uuchlno Co.U. P. lly. bet 17th and 18th onmha
TTlOR SALE House three rooms and half lot.on
Jj 20th street north of Crftk , $900 cash. On
monthly payments $1,000. John L. McCaeue ,
opposite p06t"tllce. 63S-U
"C10U SALE Five acres of land on Founders
I ; St'cct , with floe residence , barn and other
improvements. Price $2.500 ; terms oapy.
472-tf W. R. Bartlett , Heal Kstate Agent.
T710R SALE A new house and lot , U&th and
JJ Douglas St. Inquire to A. Bouman , 26th
and Farnham bU. 418-ltu *
OK SALE A Piano (6 octaves ) , In excellent
cond'tlon ; very cheap. Inquire ft this office
in UK HA LK Fit eucre u ( land , 2-ntory frame
J ? house , barn 2 wells and other Improve
ments , east side of Sounders street , near Fort
Omaha. For partlculurs addicsi Geo. W. Brew-
iterJDakland.Ncb. 401-tf
X > $6 down and $5 per month. EEJHS , agent ,
16th and Douglas Sta.
Tj OR SALE House with 6 rooms , barn and
JC long lease of lot , on 16th St. , bet. Burt and
Webster. Inquire at Edholm & Erlckson's.
OR SALE Car load of ( at blackey mule *
F broke. Apply of J. W. Skinner , Coin Ia ,
SALE 32 residence lots on and near 16th
street. Price. $350 to ft60 tfeh. Term *
easy. llcCAGUK , Agent , Opp. Post Office.
860 tf
FOR SALE Bicycle , 48-Inch Standard Colum
bia. Apply Union Elevator. 263-tf
T OTS , 1100 each , 85 down and $6 per month
Jj BEMIS , Agent.
T71OK BALK Ur will uxcba go for Omaha pro.
P I Iperty , an Improved sec OB of land adjoin
ing a station on U. P. R. R. M. DUNHAM , 1411
Farnham St. , Omaha. 720 8mt
O/i A rounds of cho co country butter for sale
OUU cheap ; also trash milk every day at
lieal'a Qrocerj More , corner 10th and Dodge.
BRICK FOR SALE $12.0tferlOOO.T. . Murray.
BALED HAY At A. II. Bander's Feed Stor
1013 Harney St. ' s9-tf
\J street near Farnam. Business bouses ,
farmers and families can ba supplied with com '
petent htlp. Any grade of employment. Kail ; I-1'
road anpMlolng outfits on short notice F , D.
Nolto , Kmplnj merit Agent. , 664-im *
H/f / AMMOTII Cluster Black cap raspberries
1YL 60 coi.t a dozen , 82.00 per hundred , Slo.uO
perihousand -'Idle-Wilde Place. " Leave or
ders ar 1414 Dodge st. John 0. Willis.
mch-25-ev sat-lt.
EMIS1 NEW CITY MAPS , 10c. Mount * d
B Maps. 82.60. O.EO. P. BEMIS.
And first class table board , at 2011
Casa St. inMm *
AVE RKNT Choice of SO full lots to leaf *
§ near Crolghtori College ( or$2a per year ,
xter L. Thomas & Bro. , Room 8 , Orclghtoo
lilook. . 20VH
IIONALIHT , 49S Tenth Street , between Farnbam
tndllamey. Will , with the aid of guardian
spirits , obtain ( or any ono a glauca at tha past
and present , anil on certain conditions la the fn >
turo. Boots and Hlioea made to jrdcr. I'erfcc )
< ' * ctlon puaraateed au2fl.lm
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varle * . A tptntl ot pa
ty , strength and wholeMtneneM. Her * ccono-
ulcal than the ordinary klndf , and cannot Weld
old In competltlca with tl > multitude oil ow
cut , abort weight , alum or uhonpltaU powdtn
Sold only in can * . RotUfBiillt Pow av CO. ,
M Wall 8t , New tork

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