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The Omaha Bee
morning , except Bond * ]
onljr Monday morning dally ,
,9ne Ve r. . . . . $10.00 1 Three Months. 98.C
Biz MAntbi. o.OO | One . . IS.
IHB WEEKLY BEE , pubUsfcodci
ry Wednesday ,
Ona Year. . . . . $2.001 ThrtjeMonths. . t
BUMc-itht. . . . 1.00 | One . . 5
or Newsdealer * in the United Siatcs.
tatlons relating to News and Editorial ma
en hhould bo addressed to the Euiroa o
tetters and Remittances should bo ru
FAN7 , OMAHA. Drafts , Check * and 1'os
oQioe Orders to be made payable to tb
order of the Company.
OMAHA PUBLIsllNQ 00 , , Prop'rs
Ei ROSEWATER , Editor.
The publishers of Trie BEK have mail
arranfcementa with the American NOKI
Company to supply New * Dpots In IUi <
nols , Iowa , Nebraska , Wyoming and
Utah. All dealers who keep Tim DAILT
hereafter address theli
BBI on i lo should
orders to the Manager American New
Company , Omaha , Nob.
THB Falla City Journal thinks that
"Dr. Oco. L. Miller has gonoto moot
Gibson. " This is the season foi
Utah and Colorado tourists.
TUB back door reformation in Ohic
. was of short duration , and shatters
and blinds are coming down very
rapidly from saloon fronts.
DECOIUTION day was very generally
observed throughout Nebraska. Con
trary to all precedent fair skies con
tributed to the success of the obser
REAGAN'S bill is killed , but the sen
timent throughout the country which
backed it and its author cannot bo
stifled by congress or the corporation
lobby at the national capital.
OKB hundred thousand Irishmoh
have united in a petition to the presi
dent to recall Minister Lowell. Mr.
Lowell Booms to give greater aatisfao
tion as a poet than as an ambassador.
CHICAGO'S musical festival waa a
financial failure. Th * Ohicagoans
favorite entertainment is the mouth
organ , which , is a cheap and windy
blow-hard of the advantages of the
Tnc Ohio supreme conrt has do-
blared that the Pond bill , regulating
the liquor traffic in that state , is un
constitutional. Dispatches announce
that the decision has created a tre
mendous sensation throughout the
IN deciding that the liquor law is
' . anconstitutional the Ohio supreme
'court merely conformed to public sen-
' * ( Hlraent in the state. ( This is the usual
course in questions of the kind.
-y.Bupromo courts , so far as they are
umpires between popular laws and the
public , are frauds of the first water.
GOVJCUNOR NANOH and his entire
staff attended the ceremonies of dec
oration day at Beatrice , upon invita
tion of the Beatrice guards , Of
course the presence of the governor is
always appropriate on any occasion ,
but why the staff ! What use was the
surgeon general , who unlike most sur
geons was not at all responsible foi
the observanio of decoration dayt Oi
what was there for the inspector general <
oral to inipoclt
ST. NICHOLAS for June has a charm
ing frontispiece entitled "Mr. Longfellow
follow and Hia Boy Visitors. Heze
kiah Butterworth and Lucy Larcorr
contribute reminisoensea of the doai
poet. "The Maid of Honor" is a five
page po.om , engrossed and illustrated ,
"Seals and Boil-Huutiug in the Nortf
Atlantic , " by Ernest Ingorsoll ; "The
.Witch-Trap , " bj Dr. Oswald , ant !
"The Whirligig Club , " the story of or
exciting ride on a bicycle , arp amou {
the brightest articles : Besides this
there is plenty of entertainment foi
the smaller folk , and an abindanco ol
fine illustrations. The Century Oo. ,
How York.
ST. PAUL is about to have a build
ing inspector. It is moro than a yoai
ainco TUB BEI urged upon the city
.council the necessity for such an
; - official in Omaha. Scarcely a month
pauses that structures are not erected
upon our busincts streets which are
dangerous to life and limb , and which
would not be tolerated , for an instant
in any well regulated city. Shells are
put up just without the fire limita
which are a constant menace to the
moro substantial buildings adjoining ,
and tender boxoa of the most inflammable -
_ mable material are placed in the very
heart of the city in defiance of every
dictate of sense and safety. What
Omaha needs b a building law provid
ing for the materials to bo used , the
thickness of foundations and walls ,
iho placing of joists , flues and parti *
tions , and which will roqui.ro every
plan to bo submitted to a competent
inspector for his approval before contracts -
' tracts are lot. Our city is growing too
large to neglect this important matter
much longer.
Them is considerable discussio
throughout the state regarding tli
five per cont. bill which rccentl
passed the sonata , and under whet
provisions Nobraika willjbe entitled t
$120,009. The five per cent , agrot
mont is in the nature of a contract b (
twcon the government and the state
admitted since April 1802 , to pa
thoaostates five per cont.of the not prc
ceods of thosalo of public lands withl
other limits , on condition thai tli
lands sold should remain untaxcd fo
five years after sale. This provisio ;
was incorporated in the acts of ad
mission of all land states except Call
fornia. In a number of cases the pot
centago was fixed at but two or thro
per cont. The object of this agreement
mont is plain and reasonable. Undo
the pre-emption laws lands sold withii
the states by the government are entirely
tirely exempt from taxation. Th
atnto it given the duty of protoctinj
the lives and property of citizen
owning such lands , while it receives <
coivos in return no taxea to bi
used in maintaining the state and loca
governments. Five per cont. on $ l.2f
an aero is a very small per contago it
iou'of taxes , and on this account tin
provision is equitable and just. It ii
no donation by the government , bnl
acts as a premium to enable the na <
tion to dispose of its lands rapidly t <
Bottlers ,
The objection , to the present bill ii
hat-i'/ ' compels the government to paj
his percentage upon lands entered on
military warrants. But what reasons
exist for exempting thoao lands from
ho operation of the law. Why should
ho atato of Nebraska , with othoi
itatos , bn forced to maintain a gor <
arnmont for noldior Bottlers , to cx <
end its protection ever their lands
Mid personi any moro than ovoi
ho settlers under the pro-enip-
ion act without the aamo guar-
ntoe of trifling remuneration in He'll
f the taxes from which they are ex
empt ? In states further cask which
iaro received the full ( benefit of ( hove
vo per cent , contract the public do-
nain waa not squandered in railroad
rants. All the lands sold by the gov-
rnmont returned five per cent , to the
itato govornmont. Eighteen states
ooeivcd $7,000,000 on this account
rom the national treasury. Of the
newer states Nebraska has paid moro
ntornal revenue in proportion to her.
topulation than any other. Milieus -
ious of aorea of her domain
iras deeded to corporations , and are to-
lay entirely exempt from atato taxa-
ion. While nearly fifty two millions
> f acres of ewtfmp and overflow lands
iavo boon patented by the govern *
mont to various states , Nebraska has
never received an aero. The $120,000
which , under the bill now pending
loforo the house is appropriated for
Nebraska , is a small sum in return
or the tax immunities which , under
ho government laws , accrue to the
ettleri , and which deprive this state
of a largo amount of available
There ia no grab in the five pei
cent. bill. It is a measure drafted it
ho interest of aimplo justioo to state ;
which can easily avail themselves oi
ta provisions , and its passage in the
IOUBO ought not to bo delayed.
sail tor the organization of a Nebraska
Anti-monopoly league. This bodj
must not bo confounded with the
Farmers' Alliance , which admits to Its
membership only auoh men as arc
actually engaged in farming. The
Anti-monopoly league is competed ol
Buoh voters as are excluded from the
Farmers' Alliance , but who hold sirai
lar viowa upon the question of antl
monopoly. The principles of th <
National Anti-monopoly league are :
The advocacy and support and de
Eenso of the rights of the many ai
against the privileges of iho few.
Corporation ? , the creation of thi
atato , shall bo oontrolled by the state
Labur and capital allies , not cue
mios ; justioo for both.
Thai there is a general demand foi
aomo expression of the popular will
upon these important questions ii
evidenced by the call for the Lincolr
convention , which ought to bo largo ! ;
WILD railway securities are bolon
? ar in the market , The purchasing
public ia tired of carrying wateroc
stock for ycara in the hope of divi
denda , and refuses to atop up in the
auction room and pay two prices foi
worthless stock and bonds. A wol
cnown banker of Now York says thai
0. P , Iluntlnplon , of the Central Pa
oific , hua a bunch of 840,000,000 oi
ac9 value of bonds that two years age
would have brought $20,000,000 , nut
nrhioh he would now gladly sell foi
15,000,000 to save the further dan <
* erof carrying.
The only reason that this class ol
ecurities have been BO easily dispos-
d of in the past , is becauao corpora-
ion managers placed no bounds on
bo patience of pioducora In submit'
ing to monopoly extortions iu tariffs
nd rates. When roada could ace
wclvo per cent dividends on a legitl-
late capltaligation nothing waa easier
tiau to double the stock and float it
s a aix per cunt security on the mar-
et , the mongers reaping the benefit
nd the Invoatora taking the water.
Vith the prospect of state restric
of the infbmous moll ;
ods of railway management and
popular uprising against the gross ej
tortiona and discriminations practice
against the producers of the countr ;
joined to A too rapid extension of th
railway eystem , confidence in th
dividend earning capacity of road
with highly inflated capital has gradu
ally disappeared. And the railroa
managers have no ono to blame * bu
themselves for a droop'ine market an
auspicious lambs on 'change.
TnExinxioty ever the largo qUanli
ties of gold shipped from this countr ,
to Europe ia premature. Sooner b
laior the 825,000,000 of gold cxnorlei
since January lit will find ( ts wa ;
back in money or in the form of ox
changes. Foreign bankers , wel
ported in regard to Amdrican investments
monts abroad , have been making ol
forts to purchase bonds and atdcks o
completed roads with a protpootiv
dividend rarning capacity , and Inrg
premiums have been offered and nc
ccptod for bonds on London ac
count. An , indication o
this is seen in thi
taking in London of $5,000,001
bonds of the Atchison , Topeka < i
Santa Fo railroad company. Thi
loan , which was offered for popuk
subscription by the Baring Bros , , wai
subscribed for in less than two hours
The bonds wore sold at 105 per ceni.
and were in the form of trust mort
; ago bonds.
The fact ia that good investment !
are rare in England , while money ii
Becoming plenty. So far the oxporta
, ion of epocio has had little apprecia
jlo efloot upon business , and hai
only served to arrest the tur
plua of the Now York banks
which is atiil ever $7,000,000
Still our imports and morchandizt
exceed our exports , and either mdnej
or Bocuritioa must bo aontjabroad tc
makn up the balance. This countr ]
could stand a continuous loss of golc
or Boino time without feeling nnj
Erroat detrimental result , but it is no !
ikoly that shipments of gojd will lonj
ontinuo. With good crops the whole
ituation would bo changed byautumn ,
and the current of specie will sot it
gain in largo volume 'towards tint
ountry , ,
TJIB Geneva award bill which , hnv ,
nc ; passed the senate and houoJ , unlj
awaita the president's signature to \ > o-
como a law , provides for the re-cstnb
iahmont of the commission to hoai
and allow claims ogainit Great Britaic
on account of the depredations com.
mitted by exculpated cruisers and or
account of excessive rates of iusur
ance paid by shippers by reason of the
dangers to which shipping waa ex <
> osed during the war. There is t
jalarico of the Geneva award non
ying in the treasury amounting tt
! 9,583,000. The claims of ahippon
who paid war premiums amounts tc
over 10,000,000 ,
A Brace of.Rogues.
8ewar < RtpoiUr.
According to their own utvorn
montu , Ohurch Howe and E. 0. Ourn ;
acted as errand boya during las' '
winter's eosaion of the legislature , foi
ho chairman of the railroad commit
Ohurch Howe.
T mat a Granger.
Mr. Howe fails to explain how an ]
man should think of asking him to gc
o railroad men with a demand fo :
) ribo money. Wo cannot undoratnnc
why Mr.Hovre , a farmer , and ropre
aonting farmers , should bo supposee
to have any auoh intimate relationi
with railroad corporations , and eapocl
> lly why a brbthor member of thi
eglalatur should auspeot anything o :
.ho kind.
Too Much Familiarity.
Blthorn Pen and Plow.
It aooma that if wo credit all th <
affiants that Gov. Oarna haa Buffered
by allowing too much familiarity witl
him. This go-betWn buaineaa might
suit the house janitor , but not thi
president of the senate. If Roberta
tiad stuck his hand through a hole in
the wall , ho would have got from
aomobody what ho waa worth. AI
that 'imo those who were posted ii
the business say that prime , A , No ,
1 legUlators were worth but 81,500 ,
But when Roberts , like a cheap mule
putting on the airs and assumption :
of a high-priced stallion , bids hunsoll
away up beyond tin Cguro of a jrood.
paying investment , then Thurstoii anc
lumball aaw that there waa nobd ol
reform all around , and concluded thai
; hey had no U , P. money to buy leg.
slatora with.
Pnvld Cltj Jepublk ! u.
The Committee aelcoted by Dina
more , who is known to bo favorable ti
3ani8 , consisted of 0. H. Qcro , whc
> oastod during the legislative suesior
of 1881 , that "ho waa a railroud
nan , " implying that his prejudice
toudod that way , and J. W , Pt-rkins ,
whoso relationa with Oarns roro like-
TBO said to bo auch aa to disqualify
ilm from acting without bias in the
matter , leaving Goo. W. Doano aa the
inly man on the committo who might
> ? considered aa free from influence *
and relationa having a tendency to
disqualify him in the capacity of a
rue investigator , The reaulv waa
that Mr. Perkins and Mr. Gore mada
a report In harmony with the deairc
of their mastora , but which the evi
dence upon which it ia baaed does not
ffthoo Ytmea. '
The idea of appointing members of
he legislature to investigate charge *
of bribery against follow members ,
trhen in all human probability they
irero guilty of the aamo offence thorn-
el vea is something like a thief holloir-
njr atop thief to keen the eyes of the
ublio in another direction while ho
limaolf escapes , In auch casea invod *
Igatioua do not seem to investigate to
any alarming extent. For an ii
stanca" we call the a'tentlonof iho pec
pie to the farce down at Lincoln.
Ohiof Justice Cnaao'a Bsmalns.
Fped I to ihg Clncnc ! tl Comatreltl.
WAsniKQioir , May 27. The men
bers of the Ohio delegation met t
the rooms of Ileprcsensative J.
Robinson thU evening for the pui
pose of taking appropriate steps concerning
corning the removal of the remains c
iho late Chief Justice Ohaso toSprin
Grove cemetery , Cincinnati. Raprc
entailve Jno. B. llico , of Fremont
waa chosen chairman of the meeting
and Representative II. L Morey , o
Hamilton , secretary. On motion i
committee of seven waa appointed
including Senators Sherman am
Ptmdlcton , with Rupresontativo But
tcrwotth aa chairman , to confer am
act with the committee at Oincinnat
in relation to the removal. Majb
Uuttorworth and Major Moroy re
ported to the meeting that they hai
called on Mrs , Sprague at Edgcwood
and proaoutud to her the letter of thi
Cincinnati committee expressing a de
eirj of the people of Ohio to have thi
remains of her illustrious father re
moved to his native state and laid ti
rest among the scones of his early ef
forte and triumphs. Mrs. Spragui
expressed herself aa deeply gratifio <
with this expression of regard to hi
memory. She said further that it wa
her father's wish and her own dcsir
that his last rtating place should bo ii
Spring Grove ; that she thought thi
an opportune time when the people o
Oi io , of their own accord , tixpressoc
a deairo to pay tribute to the momor ;
of her father , to have the romovn
made. "I have , " said Mre. Sprague
"always desired tkat when this re
moval waa made it should bo reverently
ontly and lovingly done. " Mrs
Sprague expressed her preference fo :
an earlier period than the ono aug
jested by the Cincinnati committee
which waa August 1. She preferroi
that it should bo done before thi
freshness of summer passed away.
The committee adjourned to moo
at the call of the chairman.
Call For an Anti-monopoly'Con
Tontion *
Wo , the undersigned citizens o
Juniata , Adams county , Nebraska
favor the organization of a stati
anti-monopoly league , and horob ;
authorize the use of our names for i
call for a meeting to bo hold in Lin
coin for that purpose :
W B Gushing S L Picard
L B Parlridgo A N Cole
E N Orano James Newell
JjWLivoringhousoA P Slack
EMooro BF Hilton
R H Nolan G n Walker
H H Bartlo E E Adam
H Twidnlo V E Wileon
\VL , Kilburn F ftl Andoraon
W.-P Nurria John T Bill
WlilJuir WD Holding
L ft Thorno Goo T Brown
0 A Autrum S L Brass
111 Nowelt W G Bealo
W D Suwell A H Brown
SHOmrk G S Guild
EF Walker E M Allen
8 O Angell Goo W Carter
WAckley EWMorao
1 M Tapper A Borden
F W Eighmy N M Lloyd
P H Fiooman Will H Paine
0 e Hogg
The meeting for the formation of i
atato league will be hold at the Acad
em of Music in Lincoln on Wednea
day , June 21.1882.
Mr. F.Witt,910 Superior street
Cleveland , Ohio , saya : St. Jacob
OH ia an excellent remedy. I aufferec
for Eomo time with Rheumatism' ii
the leg , but after a few applications o
S to Jacobs Oil all pain vanished.
i i
Kj v
A Daring1 Rldo.
Gnvlny VftitlA
The following ntory , told by a oat
tie-raiser of Oregon , would acorn un
worthy of belief were it not' tha
ranchmen ore ao often notorious ! ;
rooklcBs of life , and fond of courting
danger for the reputation to bo gained
A year or BO since there was i
"rodeo" out on Loat river , Laki
county. Ranchmen had gathered foi
a circuit of seventy miles to claim nn <
brand their young cattle , and when i
cordon of men had surrounded i
largo band , among which waa a Span
l h bull , a dispute arose about i
' mallet-head , " or calf that hac
escaped the spring branding ; the dis
cuaiion grow warm , none of the atocl
owners being able to act up a valic
claim or establish an undoubted title
At last , in a apirit of bravado , i
rancher proposed that whoever wouli
ride the bull without saddle or haltei
should bo the declared owner of th <
calf. ' There waa a yell of approval
but not a general atampede of volun
teers , for taurus waa in an ill humor
and hia foaming mouth and blood
ahot oyoa gave token that whpevei
rode him would have a ride aa wild ai
Mazoppa'a , and one that would nol
e id BO well.
Atlaata "vaquoro" named Friol
aecopted the challenge , and the wilt
bull waa immediately lassoed anc
held by a lariat around horn and foot ,
Dismounting hia horse , the vaquorc
fastened his long rowelled spurs se
curely , tied & handkerchief arount
hia head , approached the infuriatot
animal , and , grasping the tail in hie
liands , sprang lightly on , netting thi
spurs deeply iu hia flanks aa ho aottlec
securely in hia seat. The lariatn wore
Blackened ; the bull gave a roar ol
rage and terror and flung his head tc
the ground ; but the rider had hii
back to the horns and a firm grip on
the tail , and kept hia seat. Anothei
roar that shook the ground , a wild
plunge , and the now maddened bull
ihotout across the aago plain witl
lightning Bpood , hia pluoky rider
twisting the tail that to him waa c
ahoot-auchor , until the bellowing !
were lost in the distance.
* * For over a mile and a half the race
continued amid the excited cheers ol
.he vaquero'a comrades. Occasionally
.he bull gave a desperate plunge
through a heavy clump of sago in the
Vftiu attempt to rid himself of his tor-
montor.but the long rowela only clunp
uoro firmly to hia flanks. Sometimes
ho animal and the rider wore hidden
> y undulations in the ground , and bete
were oven made that Frick would be
thrown and gored ; but at lost the bull ,
Dxh&uated from sheer fright , fell , and
ho pluoky vaqioro , stopping lightly
9iT , returning to claim his prize , which
was unanimously awarded.
. . _ . Not For Fortune.
"Phew , I wouldn't marry her If she bad
i fortune. " Poor plr ) , she'd be all right II
lie took SrniNQ ULOSSOU , the beet thlug
D the world for offensive breath. Price ,
0 ceuta ; trial bottles , 10 cent * .
Cheyenne hM four bank * .
The Catholic * of\L r mI had a ver
successful Mr last week.
Cheyenne ! i aglutlnr the erection r
copper ttneltingworks. .
The Laramle cchnol has a new bell the
weight l.OSG pound * .
The L iramla eotinell decided on the 22
to buy a Sllaby fire engine.
Three men were arrested nt Fort Sar
Hen on the 23d for stealing twenty biles c
Wm. II. Halliday | a building aa operi
honto Kt Lftramle , the main room of whtc
will be 72x132 fiet.
W. A. Mill , of Laramle , hai sold hi
gror ry bii-lnexi nnd resumes hli posltloi
of U. X' . c inductor.
Very rich diicrmrlei have been mad
In the L * Barge district , according to th
Ureen liiver Uaiette.
Measles r ged at Swan lake nnd vlctnl
The Ward brotherc , ne r Parker , haVi
planted eight miles of willow hedge.
The First National bank of Huron wa
oruaniztd on the 19th. with a on jital o
The Untied State ? grand jnrv closed it
tessinn of twenty-lire days at Ynnkton 61
the 23d.
A little daughter nf Mr. L. U. Skotn
void , who lives near Turner , was drownoi
In a ravine , Mar H-
Three months ago the town rf Howard
Miner county , numbered half n dozei
homo * , whila now it has fully 159.
A meeting of rejular nliyjlcians will bi
licld at Milbankon June 1st to organize i
territorial medical association.
Thirty-six thousand dollars of terrltorU
nix per cent bonds were bought oy 0. E
Juid , of Canton , at throe per cent pram
For thn firxt flfteon days of May thi
Black Hilla Homeitakt mine cleaned U ]
five bricks , which had a value of a littli
tnnre than $100,000.
Sam Wo , a Chinese laundryman a
Pierre , was earroted and robbed of (225 i
few nights sinco. The thlaTm were after
wards captured and $229 of the money ro
It is expected tbnt Judge Kldder wi )
soon name tne day on which Tarn Eznn ,
the vrifa murderer , now in jail at hlou :
Falls , will bang. Th * supreme coart ha <
refused him a new trial.
At Grind Forks , on the 22J , Wm. Me
Konz'o , from Whitney , Ont. , entered thi
stable of utalhon belenglng to him for thi
: > urpoio of feeding him. Half an hour nf
-crward McKonzio' * body was found In tin
pttill. The vicious man-eater , which is ai
Baalish coach horse , In some way klckcc
its muter down nnd then with hi * teetl
, era the entire face nnd ptit of the scili
from the helpless man. Nothing nn ? let
nit a portion of the chin board to tell win
the man was.
Work on the ne < v court homo nt Bouldei
progre'ses slowly.
A tSinilay school oinvention will b (
ichl in Denier , Juan 4.
Denver Ii woiried < , v r the exorbitant
charges ol its water ojiupa-y.
There U a Kreit ra-h to the now coppci
field * of the up. or San Juan.
George Tr\cy 1m sued the town of
Saguache fur 9),0 > 0 fur false imprison-
Internal nr nua ailhctlons will ap
pro umite 8245,000 for the fiscal year tc
end JuuaiiO.
Toe Cornell alumni resident In Coloradc
and the weat organized an association al
Denver on the 26tb.
Frankie MocDonald attempted to com
mit aniclde In Boulder last Sunday bj
taking poison. The doctor pumped hoi
empty and ihe still lives.
Herman Wolsten , a a Indent at Brinkei
institute , Denrir , waa killed on the 26th
ult. , by another student named Wm. A ,
Watson. Watson aimed a gun at Wulsten ,
not knowing it waa loaded.
The Denver telephone and M com
panies an having B hot fight. The wires
) f the former wei * attached to the pipca ol
the latter t form a ground connection and
tbt gas men invariably tore them off. Thi
caae is now IB court.
N. W. O'Brien , who , killei Willlan
Coleman at Bagutcbe a year ago , waa ar
rested at Aceqnla by Deputy Sheriff Lin
ten , and aant to Saguacha under indiU
ment by the grand jury. O'Brieu'a act
waa the result of a drunken quarrel.
John A. Smith , well known aa "Un li
John Bmitb , " who kept a ranch in Beavei
vallflv , oppotito section 43 , on the lloe ol
the Utan Central railway , ehot and dan
gerously wounded his wife , on the 2Qtt
ult. , after which he deliberately put thi
nuzzle of a gun to hit breast and bleu
ilmsilf out of existence.
The first steam whistle erer heard al
Unlley tent the echoes ringing at blgt
noon on the 18th ult. It belongs to a aan
There are fifty buildings ia courio ol
construction at Miles City.
There ia an increasing demand for all
clnda of laborers at Bozeman.
J. 8 , Moe , register of the U. 8. land
office at Helena , haa sent in hlR resigna
tion t * Washington.
The French-Canadiuui of Bntte * nd
EJelena will celebrate St. John's day ( Juni
24) ) in a becoming manner.
An old citizen < fl MUaouIa suggests that
Ulssoula is a name used by the Indians to
distinguish the fiah in that river from these
n the lile Wackfoot.
It ia very probable that the farmers on
.be Missouri valley through whose lands
the N. F. railroad will pass will not re
ceive any compensation for the right of
way , aa the net granting that rend the
right of way was passed prior to their eat-
Jerry T. 8. Tilton , of Wwmtnston
county , Peon. , nrrhed in Bozeman SUB-
day laet. Mr. T. comes to Montana for
lie purpose of looking np and selecting a
traitable kcntion for a colony of from 60 to
100 Pennsylvania famlllea A vant Courier.
IT , 0. Kmmttt , a buffalo hunter , hired
Home drivers to go to his ranch on the
Missouri , nboro Miles City , to bring In hia
lidea. Not hearing of them for three
weeks , ho started on their trail and found
be men , who said the Indians had run off
ill animals. Keturninz to Miles City he
uuud two of the lioraes had been sold by
he drivers. Besides the Ions of bis stock ,
mmett trill be n heavy loser en account
if hu being unable to bring his hiibi in ,
ihich , to the number of 2,000 arelylugout
n tbtt hot aun , In the Missouri bad landa.
, Buildings to the ralue of orer $50,000
will be erected in Astoria thin season.
A monster picnic ia to be held at Wood-
lurn , Oregon , June 10th. Young folks
rora all over the country will participate
and seats will be prepared to accommo
date 5COO people.
Cranbery culture la receiving considera.
ile attention , nod meeting with good BUO-
em in Washington territory , on Puget
ouud ,
One hundred and five new buildings , of
he asgjssed value of $92,000 , have bean
rected in Seattle within the year. The
ity asiessment this year ia $3,956,000.
gainst 31,000,000 last year.
A little girl not oycr ten years old waa
Treated on the streets of Los Angeles on
? hunday , very drunk. It eould not be
McsrUIned how ahe came to be in tb *
Mott of the orchards in Sttkiron wer
completely mined br the severe frott * . an
he apple crop will -be exceedingly llghl
Grain crops were badly hurt , but very lit
tie waa killed.
An aged owl WAI killed In Bntte count
last week , to one legof which wA-atUchw
n gold dolUr of the coinage of 1850. Th
But to Mtgea are trying to ascertain how th
dollar came there.
A Cathollo church U to be built in Win
Jeff Moras , wanted for murder in Ulk <
county , has been arrested at Frescoit
A. T.
The Reno Gazette thinks the time ma ;
come when the vast water power now run
nine t ? waste In the Truckee river will bi
Utilizedto , work the Comstock. mines.
In Tombstone Is a Chinese wnshmat
wlm has issued cards on which is printed
UVtronlz i Home Industry. . The Amerl
can Ltundry , Un Wo , proprietor. "
A blood-thirsty Mexican n msdEugenli
Salnztr is under arrest at Tacaon , on i
charge of Imv ng- stabbed a railroader a
Calabassas , named McGHtley , twenty-feu
times. None of the stabs wore serious.
' Two white men have visited the moun
tain of burning coal on the Nnvajo riser
vation. They ore the first white men wh
have over seen it. They say it seema t (
have been burning for several huncirec
Juan Escaboza , a clerk in a Tucsoi
store , mittook the brother of hia employer
B , lloblon , for a burglar on the night o
the 17th ult , , and shot nt him. The bulle
missed Its mark but struck and klllec
Trinidad Ercdla , another employe.
A Baton man In from the round-up estl
mates the increase of calves at 25 percent
The Adams Express Company haa ti
withdraw from the territory in fa or o
Judge W. B. Sloan is New Mexico'i
commuslouer to the Denver mineral expo
sltion in August.
A Mexican woman wai arrested anc
fined ten dollars at Sooirro for bathiiig IE
an actqula in broad day light.
Milt. Yarberry will be hanged at Albu
querque on June IGth , for the murder o
iila partner named Campbell.
About twelve inches of snow fell a
lUton on the 21st and the people were glac
of it , besause of the moisture it lelt in the
May Hays earn the Angora goats taken
out to hia ranch last fall are doing "splon
iidly. He thinks this breed of goats can
bo raised in this country with proht. He
is now creasing the common goats with the
Anioras. Las Vegas ( jarette.
Wyatt E rp , another of the notorioui
jrothors , after remaining in Albuquerque
intil bo thought the excitement among
tbo cowboy * bad subsided , returned tc
Arizona where he was hunUd down by n
Tombstone party and killed.
The latest joke about King KnUkaua ,
) f the Uandwich'islands , in that ho cannot
iclp being a good man. The reason assigned -
signed ia that his ancestors ate BO much
uissionary in their time tbat it worked
nto their syutoiru and was transmitted to
; helr descendants. Missionaries who are
eaten are , after all , not wasted , it would
An Old , Old Story.
Detroit FnaFrcti.
0-o-m-e in ! Well , I declare , strang
er , yon gave me qulto a turn ! I-I
vaa kind of , expect in' somebody , and
'or half a minute I thought mebbo as
twas her , but aho'd never stop to
cnock. Want a bite and a sup and a
night'a lodgiu' ] \ \ hy , of course ; sit
lown , do. I a most forgot to ask ,
[ was that fluitrated. Poor soul !
low tired and worn-out you look. I
can maka you comfortable for the
night and give you a good meal of vie-
nals and a shake-down on the floor ,
> nt I would h-a-r-d-1-T like to put you
n Lizzie' * room , she was that particu-
ar , and.your clothes are BO wet and
drabbed. Why , woman , what makes
rou shake so ague ? Never heard
: ell of any in these parts. Gnesi yon
must have brought it with you. Well ,
a good night'a rest will sot you up
wonderfully , and you can lie right
; here by the stove , and the
fire a-smoulderiu' will keep yon
warm , and the light be a burnin'
till its broad day broad day. What
do I keep the light a-burnin' for ?
Well , now , when folks ask mo that
sometimes I toll them one thing and
sometimes I tolls them another. I
don't know as I mind telliu * you , be
cause you'r * euch an uafortunit croo-
; ur and a stranger , and my hoarfkind
of goes out to such. iTou see I have
a daughter. Sho'i boon away these
; en years , has Lizzie , and they do say
as she' * livin' in grandeur in some for *
rin place , and ahe'o had her head
turned with all , for she never lots her
) oor old mother hear from her , and
; he people she is with coaxed her off
unbeknowns to be , and I don't mind
tolling you as it was a preat ahock to
ue , and I ain't the name woman since
Jlzziej went out one night , and when
she kissed me , said : "Leave a light
n the window , dear mother , till
! come back , " and that wai ten
rears ago , and I'vo never seen her
since , but I've burned a light in the
window every nip-lit till these ton
oari , and shall till she comes home ,
fos , it's hard to bo a mother and bo
lisappointod so. I allowed she was
lead , till folks , as had seen her well
and splendid , told me different , and I
was oick a long time that's what
made my hair so white but 1 hope
ho never heard of if , 'twould have
nado her as miserable as I wai , and
lor fine things wouldn't have been
nuch comfort to her ! Folks blame
icr terribly , but I'm her mother , and
t seems aa if I could BOO her ; so
iretty , with7 her eng brown curls ,
ind the smile she had , and her gentle
ways , aud I loving her bettor than
ho heaven above mo ! This is my
mnishment to ait alone all day ,
nd never to sleep at night ,
mt I hear her crying : "Mother
Mother ! where are you ? " and if I go
once , I go a docen times to the door ,
nd look up aud down the lonesome >
road and call "L-i-z-z-i-olL-i-z-z-i'd"
, : - - - - - - - - - '
nd there's never any answer but the
light wind moaning in the trees !
Veil , I didn't uean to make you fool
> adj don't cry , poor soul ! You've
lad enough trouble of your own , I
uess ; by your look ! Your hands are
ike ice and your temple and your
ace is white and why , what is this )
5fon are not old , aud your hair kangi
n brown curls and , your eyes
merciful Qodl it'a Lhuio come back
o her mother it'a my child that waa
est and is found put out the light
ut out the light , for the night is over
nd it's the clour , broad fey at last !
Geo. Meredith , Jersey City , writes :
The SPJUNQ BLOSSOM you sent me had
tie happiest effect on my daughter ; her
eadacho and depreai-ion uf spirit has van-
shed. J-he ii again able ta go to school ,
nd is as lively ag & cricket. I shall cer-
.ainly recommend It to all my friends.
Price CO cent * , trial bottle * IU cents.
Can Be Handled By a Boy.
The bax noeJ norcr bo tvken of ! the wagon and
Grain and Grass Seed Is Saved !
tt cjstslcsj thin the oil ttvle r.\cks. Every
standard wagon Is cold with our rack complo.o.
Or buy the attachments acd apply them to
jour old wspon box. For Bale In Nebraska by
J. 0. CLM.K , L ncoln.
HANMSO& Ilrfts , Oaahu.
FRID "EDDII , Qrand Is and.
ItAoatKn & aanr.t , lia-d nits
CIIARUS f cilitoDtrn , Oo'umbus. '
BpAsooLRb FUNK , lied Cioud.
0. II. CRASH & Co , lied Oak , Iowa.
L \V. KISSEL , Q'cmvoo ! , low *
And every first cla-s dealer In the wrsk. A'k
them for dcgcrlptlvo circular or tend dlrovt
to us.
J , McOallim Bros. Manuf'g Oo. ,
OOlce , 21 West Li o Strco1 , Chlcnyo.
. . _ l r. v/-zr > aron 2.001.
ran i : > r AND
HnuGckcrprr feel * the vrant oi
Cil StCVO T7iil do it , better ,
luickcr nnd clicapcr than by any other
.r.cans. It is the only Oil BtOVO made
.ritii the oil roaorvoir olovatcd at the
jack of the etovc , away from the heat ; by
which arrangement absolute iafoty is
= ccured ; as no gas can be generated , fully
20 per cent more heat is obtained , the
nicks are preserved twice as long , thug
saving the trouble of constant trimming
md the expense of new ones. Ezattino
; hO Monitor nnd you will buy no other.
Manufactured only by tbo
MoMltor Oil Steve Co. , Cleveland , 0 ,
Send for deecrintive circular or call
in M. Rogers & Son , sole agents for <
Nebraska national
. -
( No. 2C85. )
Office tt CourTKOLLsa or ran OORBINOT ,
WASHINGTON , April 26th 1832. J
WnKBiUfl , by satisfactory evldenco presented
to the uoders good , It t.M been made to appear
3MAUA"ln the c ty of Omaha , In the county of
DougUe , and State of Nebraska , hu compiled
with all the provisions of the Revised Statues of
tbo United BtaUw required to be compiled with
before an aasocia' Ion nhill bo uuthorUod to com-
nonce the bu-lncss of Uanklne :
Now , therefore. I , Joha Jay KnotComptroller
Df the Currency , do hereby certlfr that "Tho
Nebraska Nat lonal Bank of Omaha , " In the city
of Omutia , In the c.unty of Douglas , and state
of tisbnukft , is authorized to commence the
JUslDBW of Banking M provided In Section FKty
One Hundred and SIxtv-Nlne of the Uovlsod
Statutes of tne United States.
In tcktlmony whereof witness my
1 hand and teal ot office thla 25th
( SEAL. Jday J- of April l82. > .
Comptroller of the Currency.
The aboyo Bank is now prepared to receive
business It commences wtrh a fully pad up
capital of (200,009.00 , with officers and directors
ia fallows :
3 , K. JOHNSON , PEKSIDFMT. of Steels , John
son ft Co. . Wbolewlo Grocers.
1. E. TOUZALIN. VlOcFBUiOBMT , ol 0. B. &Q.
K. B. , Boston.
iV. V. UOBSE , ot W. V. Morse and Co , , - Wholesale
sale Bootn and Shoes.
INO. 8. COLLINS , of d. H. A J. 8. OoUlns ,
Wholesale Leather and S ddlory.
FAMES U. Woolworlh , Counsellor and Attorney
at IAW.
vEWIS B. KKKD , of Byron Reed A. Co. , Heal
iTEHRT W. YATES. ta < hlcr , late ashler of thn
Firit National Dank of Omaha , and
connected with the acthe manage
ment of that Bank slnco Its onian-
liatlon lr 18B3
PINK RIDQK Aar.xcv , I'atou , Juno I Ib82. J
Sttlel proposals , lndo t , < l jiiwpoaal j. In trip-
cate. for the ertctlon of n Indian Loardinff
thool at this agency , In uccordaiico with plans
nd epeciflcatlods on tile with th. Oilef Quaitor-
lasler , Iep\rtmcnt 1'latte.Jof thoJOmaha , Keb. ,
nd dlrottd to tbo under Unu 1 , c ta of the
hlef Quartermaster , Department of the Platte ,
maha , Neb. , will bo roccheJ until 12 o'clock
eon on Saturday , July 1 , 1832.
The contiactor will be allowed the use ol tha
; ency mill to cut such him er on l > u may desire ,
ot to ex eed 100,00) feet , all th ) labor of oper-
ag mill lo be nlrod by the contractor , t-o tim
er to be obtained outildj UHI reservation , and
ho mill turned back in ttfojJ order as when re-
elvod by him.
Contract to be awarded to loweet rcspotelbls
ddir , subject to the ayproYal ot , the JJe-
artmentcf Ihe Intotlcr.
Froposkls must stafe leugth fit time required
) r completion o ! bull Ini ; , of the approval of *
intract an J must be arcompnnltd by a certlbtd
lock upon some United Htates Dopoiltory. pay-
tie to ( be undersigned for at lean ( he (5) ( ) per
ont. tit the amount cf the propuuil , which check
nil be forfeited to the United fctitejln case any
ldd r receiving the aw rl tlull tall to execute
lomptly a contract ulth ted ; and sufficlini
Jretles according to the tcriru of his bid , other-
is 9 to be returned to the bidder. No bid In
iiceis of 1 15 000 Hill be considered.
ItulHlcp to beef lumber , rua < n portion to bane
no etoiy 80x10 ; tddltlori 10 bo oue story 32x10) .
For further Information uddrcu Iho under-
guedat riaellil.o Aecncy , Dakota.
- . , . V.T. MoilLLYOUDDY ,
mSO-18t Unltui btatu * Indian Agent.
7S7'nnfofl AclU ! < l'or'ho ' L and
VV U/UIUU Treiioboroui
Written by ! OSSO afflBB
a ; only life authotltel by htr , nnd which willet
ot be a "Blood and Thunder" story , sach M has \
een aninlll lie publUbed , but a true Life by
ie only p rson who la In i > 3 e < > ilea ot the fact *
-afalhfulanl de oted wife. Truth U mora
tereitinjf than Action. Airents should apply
r territory at on e. Bend 75 ctt. for flam-
lo Book. J. H. Oliamuom & Co. .

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