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( I
, A Rousing Convention of the
Anti-Monopolists of Ne-
/ brasfca.
The Defenders of the Righto of
tha Mnny Against the
Corporate Few.
Thirty One Counties Ropre-
eentod By One Hundred and
Filty Delegates.
A Thorough Organization Per
fect oJ and Conatitu-
tion Adopted.
of Principles Broad
and Strong Euoui'U For All
TJnfoUovcd Men-
Detailed Proceedings of the Conven
Special Correspondence of Tim Usn.
LINCOLN , Nob. , Juno 22. The
meeting of the anti-monopolists of the
etato for the purpose of organizing n
state hague , complotcd its labors this
uoon , after a thoroughly successful
The convention was called to order
yesterday at 3 o'clock. About ono
hundred and fifty anti-monopolists ap
peared in answer to the call.
were present from the following coun
ties : Adams , Boone , Buffalo , Butler ,
Cass , Clay. Colfas , Dodge , Douglaa ,
Fillmore , Franklin , Gage , Hamilton ,
Ilarlau , Jeilcison , Johnson , Kearney ,
Lancaster , Mtrrick , Nomaha , Nuck-
olla , Otoe , Pawnee , Platte , Polk ,
Richardson , Saline , Sauudcrs , Seward -
ard , Tnayer and York. .
No time was lost in effecting n tem
porary organization , Dr. Brazolton , of
Fillmore county , being chosen tem
porary chairman and Charles Madeley ,
of Adams county , secretary.
Th ° chairman appointed n commit
tee of live on credentials as follows :
J. W. Anderson , Polk county ; S. S.
Reynolds , Butler county ; John L.
Cook , Franklin county ; Dr. Brooks ,
Johnson county , and J. AV. Ettor ,
Fillmore county ;
Much discussion ensued over the
ynatum of admitting those in atton-
jrtance who had no credentials , and it
'was finally decided that other persons
to the number of five from each
county , might ho admitted to the do-
litiorationa of the meeting.
Pending the work of the commit-
i ijo on credentials loud calls for Mr.
p Rosowa'or were made. In response
to the urgent invitations Mr. Rosewater -
< water took the platform and delivered
short stirring speech.
\Jurthor addresses were made by
Mtl rs. Birkhauser and Root , and a
aong was given in acceptable shape by
Mr. Floyd , of Hamilton county. .
A committee of four , consisting of
Messrs. Oatorhout , Gale , Shannon ,
Buckley and Bittenbendor , was ap
pointed on permanent organization.
The committee reported the names of
the following gentlemen for president
and secretary : H. 0. Oatorhout , of
Marrick , president ; C. H. Madoloy ,
Mr. Ingeraoll , president of the State
Farmers' Alliance , addressed the con
vention at some length.
The following were appointed a'
committee on resolutions : Edward
Walsh , of Douglas ; Golonel'Philpot
of Lincoln j A. \Voltonbnrgor , o
Butler ; Thomas Kirtloy , of Franklin
Thomas Graham , of Snward ; Join
Bryan , of Saundora ; W. L. Gamer , o
Gage ; Kdward Roaowator , of Douglas
I' , .W. Birkhausor , of Richardson
Johnson Buckley , of York ; M. A
Dougherty , of Saline ; J. LI. Dressier
of Morrick ; R. 0. Morrow , of Paw
nee , and G. T. Hutchinsonof Adams ,
At the evening ecsaion the following
was adopted after n lengthy nnd an !
mated debate ;
ARTICLE 1. This organization shal
bo called the Nebraska State Anti-
y League.
/ ' " . ' T. 2. Principles : The league is
< * f cntablia'hed to advance and sustain the
'ollowing principles :
"Wo advocate nnd will support and
demand the rights of the many as
against tlio privilcgea of the few.
Corporations , the creation of the
itatn , shall bo controlled by the state.
Labor and capital , allies , not one
men ; justice for both.
It is the object of this league to cu
jporatp with organizations having ainv
lar principles and objects.
ART. 3. In accordance with the
[ eneral principles above enumerated ,
yro will endeavor to secure among
others , the following specific rules ;
{ 1 , Compelling transportation com
pinios to base their charges upon
'cost and risk of service , " instead of
ihe notf theory enunciated by them
'what the traffic will bear. "
J 2. Laws to prevent pooling and combinations -
binations and discrimination against
bltizon in public highways.
m ) . 11VIroad commissions or courts ,
emoid national , to give effect to
* vhich are , or may be placed on
statute books ,
, Lawn making -it the duty of
( public law o dicers to defend a citizen's
' 'rights against injustice by powerful
"iporations. < j
ji. No taxing the public to pay divi-
ndr on watered stock.
(3. ( Stringent laws against bribery ,
\luijng \ a prohibition of free passes
, d b support no man for offices of
. who will accept or use a free
fpm any corporation ,
in-I. The oflicors of the state
tu ehall bo president , throe vice
presidents , ono for each congrcssiona
district , a secretary and treasurer , wh
shall bo elected at the annual ineotin
by ballot.
AUT. o. Thcr.t shall bo an cxecutiv
committee consisting o ( nine members
thrco from each congressional distric
who shall bo elected by the atat
league , and vrhoso duty it shall bo t
manage the atr.iirs the league , subjcc
to its constitution. They shall invci
tigato and report on tlio merits of a
proposed nominees for state ollicor
and members of congreKs , which report
port shnll bo communicated by th
secretary to the local leagues.
AUT. 0. County leagued tiny b
formed by duly attested delegate
from local lojgucs , who at each meo
iug elect n president and sccrolar
from their number The secretary s
elected phall hold his oHico until th
succeeding mooting , mid it shnll b ;
his duty tu notify the league and a
Anti-Monopoly associations of sue
meeting in time for them to elect dc
cgatcs. Delegates from these league
may form n county league , and th
first meeting for that purpose may b
called by the president and secretar
of any locil lengue.
Aur. 7. Ono delegate at l.irjjo , on
for oech twenty-five members or inn jo
fraction thereof , from , each loca
league and Anti-Monopoly aasocia
AUT. 8. There ohall be a committc
to bo known as ttio record coinmilteo
consisting of thrco members , whos
duly it shall ba to keep a record of th
future votes and acts of public oilicors
on questions affecting the principle
and objects of this organization.
AP.T. 9. There shall be aa annua
meeting of the league on the firs
Tuesday in January of each year
Special meetings may bo called at an ,
time by the executive committee.
AUT. 10. This constitution may b
amended , but only by a threo-fourtl
vote of the members present , at an ;
stated meeting of the league.
The convention resumed its labor
nt S a. m. , Thursday. Mr. Puce , o
Lancaster , offered : i resolution diroc
ing the officers of the Anti-Monopol
League to call a convention at an earl
day , for the purpose of nominating
stiito ticket , Mr. Pace urced his resolution
elution with great warmth , but nftc
a protracted debate action on the roa
elution WBS deferred until after th
committed on resolution submitted i
report. At 10 n. m. this committo
returned , and Mr. Edward Walsh , 01
buli.uU of the committee , presentee
the following report :
PIIEAMBLK The Anti-Monopol
Leaguu of Nebraska make the follow
ing declaration of principles :
Wo view with great concern th
consolidation of the giez.t railway !
lino.i of the country under the coui.ro
of a few men who exeaciso despot
powers , impose oppressive burden
upon us , and have in a moaauro tmb
verted our republican system -of * gov
ernment. ' *
Jiefolrcd , That railways ur&pu'GH
highways and common carriers do
giving their existence from the stat
and therefore subject to regulatm
and control by the stato.
licsolvcd , That the provision of oil
state constitution requiring the taxa
tion of the property of corporation
and their franchises shall bo rigid !
enforced by suitable laws.
Resolved , That railroad corporation
shall bo assessed and taxed in th
sarno manner as the property o
individuals nnd private corporations
2lei > ulved , That wo demand the tax
ation of all public lands donated to
railroads , and wo oppueo the furtho
grant of public lands to any corpora
tion for whatsoever purpose.
Hewlccd , That wo demand the on
actmeut of n. law that will make the
tender of a railroad pass or free trans
portation to any public oflicor a bribe
punishable in the same manner as the
tender of money or other articles o
Jt&iokcd , That wo favor the enactment
actment of laws that will punish fraud
bribery or intimidation of voters u
primary elections and political con
volitions in the BMIIO manner that is
now provided by law for similar of
fciisos ut general elections.
Ifaolecd , That wo favor i thorougl
and speedy revision of the tariff.
Jlesoleed , That wo condemn the cm
ploympnt of convict labor outside o ;
the prison walls in competition wit !
the honest voluntary labor.
Jictoleed , That wo favor the re
duction of the houra of labor on pub
lie works to eight hours per day.
Jlcsulved , That the military slioulc
bo subordinate to the civil authority ,
and the employment ot the army in
any locality where the civil process
has not buun obstructed is a danger
ous invasion of civil liberty.
licfolv d , That wo urge upon nil
citizens who dcsiro to limit thu poli
tical power of corporate monopolies
to disregard party lines , if need be ,
and throw u solid vote againet candi
dates who will not pledge , themselves
to tuatain the measures arid reforms
wo advocate.
These resolutions were adopto'l
dfter a very animated debate , Mr.
Pace called up his resolution directing
the executive committee to call a state
convention to nominate an anti-mon-
jpoly state ticket , His attention was
jailed to the fact that the power was
ilready vested by the constitution in
: ho executive committee , After con-
lidorablo sparring the resolution was
ndefinitely postponed ,
Mr. Walsh , of Douglas , offeied a
resolution declaring it to ho the sense
if this convention that the contract
lyotem for public works in Btatu ,
: ounty ami city should bo abolished
ind all such work done by day labor.
To urged that the contract system
> roventod the construction of sub-
itantial pubho buildincK , nnd was a
ourco of corrupt practices that robed -
> od the laboring man nnd placed his
arnings into the pockets of the oon-
Mr. Ingorsoll , of Johnson , thought
hat much could bo said on both sides
if this cpuestion. It was u subject
hat demanded moro thorough discus-
ion than could bo given at such a late
.our in the cession of the convention
when everybody was nnxiou * to got to
the trains.
Consideration of iho subject was in
definitely postponed.
Mr. II. 0. Oustorhout wn by accla
mation chosen president of the league ,
nnd Messrs. William lllakoloy , .1. A.
Sheridan and J. M. Dressier vice
presidents , from tlio three congres
sional districts. Mr. U. 0. Bitten-
bender was made secretary , and Mr.
Thompson Bisscll trensuror.
An executive committee of nlno was
also elected by the delegations from
Iho different districts.
At lltfO a. in. the Stnto Anti-Moil-
opily league adjourned sine dio.
Toimoston Domoorats.
N'Ulontl AbioUiU'il I'rc-M.
NASHVILU : , Juno 22. The demo
cratic state convention after recess
last night-nominated for governor
George W Bates , ox-mombcr of the
national democratic committee , nnd
adjourned after amending the plat
form , allowing war interest in the rail
road debt.
Bburliou Bolters.
National Associated I'rcea.
NASHVIIJ.K , Tenii. , June 22. The
bolting element in the democratic
convention assembled this morning
nnd adjourned until this evening ,
\vitli Gen. Jnckson as permanent
The bolters from the democratic
convention which adjourned yesterday
hold conference to-da * . A
day n - } committee -
mittoo of thirteen recommended the
calling of a convention to nominate n
Rovernor on the llth of July. The
recommendation was adopted. Also ,
n resolution endorsing the 00-G soitlo-
Imliniin Candldnton.
National Associated 1'ress.
INUIANAI-OLIS , Juno 22 The repub
lican congroasipnal convention for the
Eleventh district mot nt Marion to
day and nominated G. W. Steele on
the first ballot The following mem
ber. ) of the present congress have boon
re-nominated : Watson , democrat ,
Fifth ; Brown , republican , Sixth ;
Proble , republican , Seventh ; Pierce ,
republican , Eighth ; nnd Steele , re
publican , Eleventh.
Tlio Fourth Ohio.
National Associated Prew.
WAI-AKONETA , Ohio , Juno 22.
General Ben. Lofovro was ronomi-
nated for congress by acclamation by
the democrats of the Fourth Ohio
district to-day.
Tbo Third Ohio.
National Areorfntcd I'roin.
DAYTON , Juno 22. The republicans
of the Third district to-day ronomi-
natod Emanuel Schull/ for congress
on the first , ballot.
National Associated I'ross.
BI.TFALO , "Juno 22. Buffalos , 17 :
Treys , C ,
CHICAGO , Juno 22. Chicagos , 8 ;
Worcestets , 7-
DETROIT , Juno 52. Dotroits , 5 ;
Prov'dence , 15.
CLEVELAND , Juno 22. Bostons , 9 ;
Clevelandfl , 2.
CINCINNATI , Juno 22. Cincinnatis ,
5 ; Alloglionoys , 2.
NEW YORK , Juno 22. The races of
Coney Island Jockey Club continued
to-day. First race , all ages , three-
quarters of a mile was won by Fallow-
play , with Mugi > io second ; time 1:15 : .
Second raeo , thrqp years olds , milo
nnd n furlong , was won by Capias ,
Macbeth second ; l:57i. :
Third race , all ages , selling allow
ances , mile and a quarters , was won
by Warlield , Strattlcspcy second ;
timo3:10.\ : \ .
Fourth race , handicap sweepstakes ,
all ages , ono mile , was won by Vam
pire , Flower of Kildaro second ; time ,
Filth race , handicap swcepatakoo
all agng , ono mile and five furlongs
was woa by Giroflo , Compensation
second ; time , 2:50. :
Sixth race , steeple chaao handicap ,
short course , was won by Ohio Boy ,
Bornadinosecond ; no time.
EAST SAOINAW , Mich , Juno 22.
Five thousand persons wor present al
the racea to-day. Annie W. won the
2-30 race inthroontraight heats ; time.
2:21 : ? , 2:21 : , 221i. ; *
Rocici'oitD , III. , Juno 22. The
Peek-Prime race for ? 1.000 was wit-
noosed by fully 2,500 people to-day.
Mias Peek , of Michigan , won , making
the five milea with four changes of
horses , without touching ground , in
10:55. :
A Grave Undertaking ,
National I'rcfu Association ,
ROCHESTER , N , Y. , Juno 22. The
first national convention of under
takers mot here this morning and this
iftertioon clouted parmanont officers
is folldivp : C. L , Benjamin of Michi
gan , president ; John E. Eppy of Ohio ,
dee president ; D , R. Lippincott of
Indiana , secretary ; M. JI. Bond of
California , treasury. There nro over
100 delegates prosont. To-night they
rvoro entertained at a garden party by
prominent citizens of this city.
Swlnc Knifed.
National Aoeoclito J I'teia.
CHICAGO , Juno 22. Prof. Swing
ias handed in hia resignation aa mem-
> or of the staff of The Alliance. The
casern is stated to bo because the ag-
lostio preacher W iln has been engaged
o da editorial work.
The Loveland Paaa Tunnel.
loston Special to tlio lmcr Tribune.
The Loveland Pass Mining and
lailroad Tunnel company , of which
Jon. W. A. JI. Lavoland , of Denver ,
s president , has entered into a con-
ract with Mr. George D. llicc , of
/ambrid o , Mnaa. , for tunneling
, ovcaticl ! pass. The tunnel is located
n Summit and Clear Crook counties ,
nd will bo 3,500 foot in length when
ompleted. Mr. Rico expects to on
er upon the enterprise at once , or-
angemonts having been made for a
igorous prosecution of the work ,
F ienfls of the Assassin Prosoul
Olaims For Ooiumntatiun
of Sonteiico to tlio-
President ,
The Latter Said to Bo Impress
ed With the Importance
of the Petition.
A Phm For Reorganizing the
Patent Offlce Perfected by
the Committee ,
Tlao 13nnk Ohartor Bill ffttohcd
Up and Pftaaod by the ,
r ouato.
Kelly's Tax Reduotlim Bill Con-
B the Day iu tlio
The Star Uouto Oaso DlsuuBta Court ,
Counsel nnd. Jury. *
' " *
HitlonH Auociatoa ITOM.
WASHINQTON , Juno 22. The house
committee on patents have agreed
upon n bill reorganizing the patent
office , increasing the commissioner's
salary from § 4,500 to § 0,000 , subordi
nates 15 to 50 per cent , and creating
the office of deputy principal exam
iners ( twenty-six of them ) , nt $2,100
each per year.
Dr. board , of Now York ; Dr.
Gelding , Bup.rintondont of the gov
ernment insane a&ylum ; Dr. Hicks ,
Guitoau's spiritual advisor , and Misi
Chovallior , of Boston , called at the
Whitn houao to-day nnd had nn interview -
view with the president and requested
from the president n respite fet
Guitcau , and asked for n commission
to inquire into his sanity. They
think that ho will give the mattoi
earnest consideration.
It is thought barely possible , though
not probable , that President Arthur
may yield to the petition presented to
day nnd grant n brief respite for Gui
tcau for the cole purpose of having
his sanity pronounced by a competent
board of examiners. The president
is known to have expressed a wish
that it might bo shown that no sane
American killed President Garfield ,
but does not think that a board would
pronounce Guitoau insane and that if
u respite was granted it will be merely
to fornvor silence questioning on the
subject. - * !
WAHIIINOTON , Juno 22. The Amer
ican Association of the Red Cross will
distribute to the Iowa cyclone suffer
ers all subscriptions sent to General
Secretary Phillips , care of Morton ,
Bliss & Co. , Now York , or Secretaries
Folgor and Lincoln or Commissioner
Loring , trustees of Rod Cross.
The passage by the houao of the
wrong immigration bill continues to
bo the subject of comment. Mr.
Regan and Mr. Van Voorhees each
disclaim personal responsibility. The
committee have not hold a m-oting to
compare thn matter , but will do so
this evening.
Ill the equity court this afternoon ,
Judge Hugnor lost his temper and
fired n bundle of papers at a lawyer's
head , but afterwards apologizeM.
Two hours were spent in reading
letters to Gen Brady , asking nn in
crease for certain routes , Noluoi
wanted them all read , on the ground
that they vindicated Gen. Brady.
Blisfi put an opposite intorprotatioi
upon them. During thu ensuing colloquy
oquy , IngallH desired to bo understood
Uiat ho was thoroughly disgusted will
thu method of thu prosecution , and
hoped none of them would nddrosi
R. II. Porter , the probable score
tary of the tariff commission , lift for
Uoaton to-night to confer with Chair
man ilnyos. Ho hai not yet received
oflicial notification of his appointment ,
but han asked Secretary Folgor to
call H mooting of the commission as
won as possible.
Mr. Rengan presided nt the demo
cratio caucus to-niuht. , There were
forty present. Without binding nb-
sontuOB the caucus decided to ropurt
nmotulinonta to Kelly'u bill repealing
the tax on tobacco , cigars and mult
liquors , and if the amendments fail ,
to vote to recommit thu bill with in-
itructioim to report a bill repealing all
internal revenue taxes , except on dis
tilled spirits and dealers therein , and
ill case of failure to recommit , to vote
lolidly against the bill.
ST&tlimal Antedated 1'reea ,
WASHINGTON , Juno 22. The chair
aid before the senate a petition from
loBoph Smith nnd u memorial praying
hat Utah bo admitted aa a state. Re-
'ered to committee.
A resolution was passed nppropriat-
ng $3a,000 for exploring Lady Frank-
in bay.
Senator George's resolution giving
lonnumion to place n statueof J'rcsi-
lent Garfield in thu National ccm-
tpry at Vickaburg was referred to the
nHitary committco.
A bill was passed granting the right
f-way through the Indian territory ,
o the Albuquerque & Inter Ocean
The bank charter oxtoniion bill was
akeii up.
After a long debate and the roioo-
ion of the substitute offered by Sen
ator Yost yesterday , the bill pnsse <
n * amended in committee of th
whole by n vote of 3-1 to III. Th
negatives were Senators Brown , Cock
roll , floko , Farley , George. Orovcr
.loncs ( Nov. ) , Mnxcy , Pugh , Vniico
Voorhccs , Walker and Williams.
The bankruptcy bill win made un
finished business for to-morrow , Ad
journcil nt 5:25 : p. m.
The house resumed considoralion o
the revenue reduction bill , Mr. While
( Ky. ) continuing hia spoooh. Tin
houao epont the ontiru day on the bill
speeches being made against it b ,
Messrs. Pngo , Houdo , Hland am
others , and in support by Mr. God
Bclinllt. At 7i'IO Iho house adjourned
o -n
nmb.usadora mot to-dny nt the Britial
rmb.iasy , but no conference wa- > held
bucauae the German nnd Austria !
representatives had not yet rocoivci
their instructions. The nultaii ha
telegraphed Dervisch Piwlm , express
irg satisfaction atthontlitudoof Arab
Hay , and a dusiro that Arabi Boy
should proceed to Stamboul Imforo
the conference taken place. It is be
Hovetl Arabi Boy will not comply will
tlio request , The nultan promises t (
support the authority of the khedivu
LONDON , Juno 22. The Amoricni
frigate Lancaster has arrived a
Malabo en routp to Alexandria.
The guard ship Belle Isle has bcoi
ordered from Dublin to Suez.
Two small failures occurred to-da ]
at the stock exchange on account o
the fluctuations in the Egyptian bom
market ,
In the house of commons this evening
ing Sir Charles Dilko , under foreigi
secretary , replying lo a request b ,
Mr , Chaplin , said that means hat
been taken to insure n supply o
froah water to protect the Suez chan
nel. Chaplin asked what the mean
wore. Dilko said ho had no objco
tion to informing him privately
Chaplin then attacked the govern
incut , charging that the replies of Mr
Dilko to questions respecting affairs ii
Egypt were prevarications nnd suggos
tivu of want of confidence in the
power of the government t
protect its interests in tha
quartern. If there was a chance fo
the navigation of the canal being in
tcrruptou the people of England wish
cd to know it and what measures have
been taken to prevent such occurrence
At this point Gladstone roao mu
said the present discussion wns India
crcot and suggestive of mischief ; tha
tlio prcsout moment was inopportun
.Vr the govorumont make knowi
the stops it had taken to protect it
interests in Egypt.
LONDON , Juno 22. The Russia
floiOUic agent joined those of Ger
many , Austria and Italy in support o
the now Egyptian ministry , Franc
and England refusing.
PARIS , Juno 22. In the ohambo
of deputies this evening M. DoFroy
cinto said the object of the conference
once would bo to doviao means fo
the maintenance of statu quo in Ktryp
as before the recent events and th
re-ostabliahmont of the authority o
the khcdivo and upholding interim
engagements. Each power , ho said
had agreed not to seek territorial o
other advantage.
ALEXANDRIA , Juno 22 , It is reported
ported this evening that Arubi Be ;
has said that if England and France
should intervene in , the nll'.iira o
l t'ypt ho proposes to destroy the
Suez canal by moans of dynamite am
torpedoes , which ho has already prepared
pared , and that ho will cut the
railway of Cairo and retreat into the
desert , after the massacre of Ruro
poans. It is estimated that 30,000
Europons will still remain in Egypt.
Soared Into Suicida.
National Associated 1'triu.
BURLINGTON , la. , Juno 22. Guetal
\Viboch , a Swede , hung himself last
night through fear that ho would be
lynched for causing the death of a
young lady friend. She was murdered
a week ago by an unknown party.
A South Uhioiio ( Elopontonl.
National Atsoclatud I'IUMI
CHICAGO , June 22. South Chicago
society was aurprinod this morning on
learning that , last night Mrs. Susan
Ponniiujton , the ynun and haiidsamu
wife of John Punnington , eloped last
night vitli Edward Oakes , u young
man eho had known a fnw days. Pen-
nington wan asleep at the time , havinz
been drinking hard , Thin is supposed
to bo the causa of her action. She
had threatened to do the same thing if
he did not reform.
National AnsoclAtcd Press ,
WASHINGTON , Juno 2. ) . For the
upper Mississippi and Missouri val
leys : Local rains and partly cloudy
weather , variable winds , utationary or
i alight rise in temperature.
Davitt's PJnua.
S'&tloual AiioclMtrJ I'roa.
NEW YORK , Juno 22. Michael
Davitt arrived in this city from Albany -
bany this afternoon , This evening
10 conferred with prominent members
) f the Land league and Irish organi
sations. Ho will speak in Jersey City
: o-morrow evening and probably nt
Now Haven Saturdav ovoniiiL' . Mon.
L'uesday ' the 4th at Troy , and on the
ollowing day In thia city. Ho will
for Ireland July 6th.
Canaillnu Customs *
rational Associated i'lou.
KiNamoN , Ont. , Juno 22.- Some
iino since the schooner Swana , from
'hie-ago , was found aeventy-cight
tushola short in a cargo of corn. The
ollector of customs requested pay-
uent of duty upon the shortage at the
ate of ? i cents per bushel , The cap
tain paid the amount , though under
the protest of the American consul.
Tho'protcst was forwarded to Ottawa ,
mid n reply has just been received
from the minister of customs , fully
Eiistninini ; the oflicera.
National AtuorUtctl 1'tcnv
FIIANKVOUT , Ky. , June 22. John
Brush and Isaac Turner , colored mur-
ilercw , were aonteneuil to lung hero
July 28th.
OOI.UMIIIA , S. 0. , Juno 22. Col. C.
It , C.xp has challenged Mr. Malloy , n
merchant of Cheraw , to a duel , Mal
loy declined.
J. G. Moborly nnd J. B. Pearson ,
prominent lawyers , were arrested this
morning as they were nbout to light n
duel nt the appointed place. Moborly
challenger. They were bound ever
for trial ,
OwKNsvii.i.n , .Ivy. , Juno 22. Jeff
Howard , shot ( load Stove Broott at a
religious mooting to-night and escaped.
Nr.\v HAVEN , Conn. , Juno 22. In
the Malloy , cvao this afternoon the
crons-cxamination of Dr. Harris did
not materially disturb the direct testi
mony. Rebuttal teitimony com
menced at 3:15 : , Dr. W. Roach , acting
coroner nino-oon years , gave testi
mony disagreeing with Dr. Hnwley na
to the presence of scum in plenial
cavities indicating that n person was
drowned , contending that it was found
in nil post mortem examinations.
Clias. Smith testified as to hia know
ledge ofYcst Haven shore ; did not
consider it possible for the body to
float nt that time and stage of the
tide from Kolsoy's wharf to the place
whore the body was found.
DANVILLU , 111. , Juno 22. Allio
Mills , nged 1-1 , Mary Oglio , 17 , and
Mary Jones , 12 , deliberately nnd by
agreement committed ouicido this
morning , all taking arsenic. Mian
Mills roaaon was that her father lived
with n prostitute ; Miss Oglio , be
cause she wns an orphan and Miss
Jones because the others took it.
OTTAWA , Juno 23.Early thia
morning four prisoners broke through
the county jail , Maurice Kulley ,
alias Thomas Garrety , and John Me-
Gowan , of Chicago , export safe blow
ers ; George Trion , up for malicious
mischief , and Patrick Mulvoy , of Li
Sallo , for theft. The prisonora re
ceived outside help in the way of n
stool saw and ropo. They cut through
two steel cages , broke through n brick
wall , nnd then lowered themselves
fifteen foot.
WINNEI'EO , Man. , June 22. Word
has reached hero of a bloody tragedy
on Sunday last at Hit Portage. Ac <
cording to the verdict of the coronor'f
jury , Biscoloy was murdered by blowe
from nn axe in the hands of his wife.
She hna boon arrested nnd will arrive
hero this evening by special train.
She claims to haven divorced husband ,
Frank Ilycka , in Buffilo. ' Shu boars
a bad reputation , and kept a house of
ill repute nt ono time in Toronto ,
just before her marriage to Biscoloy.
CHICAGO , Juno 22. W. Colford , a
prominent Umber dealer of East Sag-
innw , has on several occasions charged
Father Vanderborn of that city with
criminal intimacy with his wife. Last
night ho called him out and shot nt
him twice , but did not hit him. Mrs.
Colford confesses the crime , and the
public sentiment is strongly in Col-
ord'a favor.
MUNCIE , Ind. , Juno 22. This
morning a thief was captured near
Parker , nnd put on n train for return.
NVhilo the train wn moving nt n con-
aiderablp speed , he jumped off and
broke his neck. He is thought to bo
EStratton , of North Lebanon , Ohio.
' B
A Lost Boat Fonud.
National Aiwclatoil I'icta.
VioKKiiuiKi , Misa. , June 22. The
boat Mountain , supposed to have
sunk in 100 leet of water and n total
loss , has boon found intact in an
open field near Oswego , whore she
wan stranded when the flood recoiled ,
Relief for Iowa Snfl'orom.
National AnocU'.uJ 1'rom.
CHICAGO , June 22 , The board of
rade relief committee mot J. B. Grin-
loll this mnrnhii ; and reported collec
tions 63,000.
Seven thousand dollars vnn Hub
cribcd on 'change for th < ) relief of the
.ifl'crorii of thu lovrn cycloiu , to-day ,
The Hout.
rational Associated 1-rcnii ,
CHICAGO , Juno 22. Ono fatal case
of sunstroke occurred hero to-day and
wo caEoa of prostration.
National Associated 1'roaa ,
NEW YORK , Juno 22. Sailed , Wie-
and for Hamburg , Stale of Pennsyl-
ania for Glasgow , City of Brussels
or Liverpool ; arrived , Waesland from
Antwerp , State of Florida from Liv
ANTWERP , Juno 22.Arrived ,
Ihinoland from Now York.
LIVERI-OOL , Juno 22. Arrived ,
Arinona and England from Now York *
TORONTO , Juno 22. Sailed , City of
lichinond for Now York.
QUERNHTOWN , June --SailodNo- -
ada for Now York.
National AaocUtiO 1'rtu.
IJiuni'ORD , Pa. , Jnno 22. The
United Pipe Line building , one of Iho
argcat frame structures in thia city ,
nirnod to-night. Loss estimated at
ilD.OOO ; insurance light.
MONTREAL , Juno 22. A fire in St ,
tnuie , n suburb of this city , damaged
? 00,000 worth of property , No in-
NEW YORK , Juno 22 The atock of
acobioa & Itosonburtf , doaleru in
hildreu's clothing , Broom utroot , was
umagod $10,000 by lirothia morning ,
'lie building was damaged $12,000 ,
The Freight Handlers Strike
Practioally Stops Traffic
in Now York ,
The Dooks and Rlvor Ftrootu
Blocked With Idle Carts
and Geode ,
While the Odor of Perishable
Articles Pills the Air , nnd
Business Men Bitterly Do-
uounco the Bull-Hondod
Kntlroad Mnnaors.
Tii o Printer * of Burtto { Pull Out
For nStnlco. niul n Tow
Got Thoto
TUo Iron Strlko Still Unsettled.
NEW YORK , Juno 152. The freight
handlers' strike is spreading among
the nion handling freight for steamships -
ships , tlioso of the Royal Nothorland
line striking tltia morning. On the
Jersey Central rnilroiul cloaks 200
juinoil the fltrikors. The .streets
along the wlnrvQS nro packed with
freight. Porisliablo freight is bcinj ;
ruined , butter running like oil an the
The strike of the freight hnudlors
for en increase of wages from 17 to 20
cents nn hour still continues nnd the
blockade of tracks , curts nndvngons
waiting to ship goods to-day is greater
than at any previous time since the
otriku began. The only companies
which nro receiving freight nro the
PontiRvlvania. railroad , Rod Star line ,
Now York , Lake Erie nnd Western ,
and Merchant's Dispatch. The whole
sale grocers nnd butter and provision
doalura nil unite in Baying that the
dolny in shipping goods was causing
the loan of hundreds of thousands of
dollars daily to merchants of this city.
They all favor the men on the strike ,
and said it would bo wise for the
roads to pay the advance asked for.
If the delay continues much longer
they might have a heavy bill of dam
ages to suttlo for injury to goods.
PiiiLADKLi'AiA , Juno22. Thoroia n
strong probability that the Now York
freight handlers atriko will spread
hero. There is much dissatisfaction
among the Oanulon and Amboy inon ,
who have already hold a meeting.
The railroads hero nro now paying $41
per month while private linns pay 20
cento per hour.
PiTTsnuiio , Juno 22. It is not true
that the mun in Evoraeon , Macrouin
it Co.'n iron works , Scott Haven ,
have joined the Amalgamated associa
tion. The puddlors yesterday had
the iron turned back on them because *
it was badly made and resigned. .
Their places were filled at onoo. The-
mill has been running throe yoarawitlk
non-union men.
A meeting of vtho iron finishers will
bo hold July ; td for the purpose of
devising means of regulating puddlora
in the Amalgamated association , as
they have u majority on a vote and
am declnro n strike. The finish
ers wont a two.thirds vote made neces
sary , as the puddlora nro too great a
majority nnd leave other workers in
the minority when their interests are
against n strike.
Bui'KAi.0 , Juno 22. The Express
has granted the printers' scale , to go
into effect Monday noxt. All the old
hands are nt work. The Courier still
holds out , but intimates that it will
take 801HQ of the men back at the
scale , but not all , or allow the union
to dictate , The Commercial refuson
the scale , but will take back BO mo inou
if. they apply individually for rein
statement. Tlioro are no distur
bances. All papers cuino out to-day.
The Courier has had odors of eight
first class mon from Cincinnati and
other cities. Boycotting curds are
being distributed , but The Commer
cial and The Courier nay they will payne
no attention to them. Thu Evening
News granted the scale as noon as
asked for , and there was no utriko in
WiLLiAHHi'OKT , Pa , Juno 22. A
strike wan inaugurated among the
liiilmn and Negro luhoroni on thu Jer-
Boy Shore and Pmu Creek railroad to-
day. They demand un increase from
from fl 3b to 81/iO / per d.iy , which
WJB granted to tne nogroou but not to
tlu Italians who arn mill out.
ALIIANY , Juno .V Three hundred
Italuim employer * on thu West Shore
road , bet veen ( Joxsackio and New
Baltimore , struck tg-dny for nu in
crease o'f wagon. Contractor Schully
refused. The laborers , headed by
Frank Cava , nn alleged bandit , fully
( trmed , destroyed tiio property and au-
Baulted thu citizoiis. Schully'a damage
is uHtimated at $50,000.
Arobliiiliop Purcoll.
National Associated 1'raa.
CINCINNATI , Juno 22. St. John's
lay will bo eolobratod at the Drown
: ounty convent by the friends of Arch
bishop Purcell , who will go in great
lumber. The health of the arch-
) ishop is such as to permit him to
ako a deep interest in the celebration.
The Proper Oourio.
fctloual Associated I'rcu.
BOSTON , Mass. , Juno 22. Gen ,
lolm M. Corse , of Indiana , was mar-
ied at Winchester this afternoon to fc
Miss Francis MoNeal. Bishop Mile ? ,
> f Now Hampshire , officiated. The
leromoiiy was in the Lnulibh style.
L'ho couple have gonuto Moutreu' ' .
"Many silly people despise iho pro-
; ious , not undoratandir 3 it. " Hut none
) no despises Kidney.Wort nftorhaving
jiven it a trial. Those that have used
t agree that it is by far the best mod-
cine known , Its action is prompt ,
.horough and lasting. Don't take
> ills and other mercurials that poison '
ho system , but ty using Kidney-
iVort restore the natural action of all
ho organs.

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