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The Daily Bee :
Saturday Morning , Auc. 12.
Offlco : No. 7 Ponrl Street , Near
M. 0. &HIFFIK , Manner.
H. W. Tl LTON , City Edltor.fl
J. Mueller's Pulfwo Mtwle Hull.
There have been no marring * Hocuses
issued for nc rly ft week.
Everybody rends TUB DAILY JUKE. It
Jg tbe paper to wlvrtl'c in.
Shcrradcn mnkepl | > otogr8ph .
The out-RolnR trnln thin afternoon t
over the Chicago , Uurlington A Qulnoy
Eugene Sclill' , llio South Main street
OJutcher , clls thq ] 3cnt Meat of nny In
A number of thoao who delight In
seeing baeo ball contents , went across the
water yotertUy.
Writing ruado easy , by the use of 11.
I. Seaman's j > enclls. Thu item was writ
ten with one of them.
Seeman has removed his paper , book
and utatlonery stock to No.405Uroadway ,
next door to Harkncss , Orcutt & Co.
ThoBO Interested In legal matters
should bear in mind that court will open
on the 17th initcad of the 14th.
Hav. W. It. Anderson , of St. Louis ,
will preach in the Vresbytcrian churcu to
morrow morning and evening.
The subscription list to Tun DAH.V
BEE In Council liluffs Is booming. The
Jjest paper wcit of Chicago , nnd at only
twenty cents n week Is appreciated.
Sheriff Mlddlcton , of Harrison coun
ty , stopped hero yesterday en route for Mt.
TL'leiwant , where ho waa taking n very in-
flano man ,
The justice eliopn were desorlod yen-
tcrday , ttio magistrates even having gene
across the river to BCO the base ball con
A band of gypsies were here yesterday ,
and a delegation called at the jail to In
terview the prisoners from Nrolo , with
whom they eocmed to bo on friendly terms.
The man Dlctzf , who was caught In
T. A. Walker's houi-o , and who niadu snob
an assault there , has been adjudged innano
and taken to the asylum.
A very detlrablo piece of property for
Bale , on couth ( Ida of Sixth uticct , in the
block opposite tbo ntw Opern Home , on
Uroadway. Front twenty feet. 1'rico
three thousand dollars. Enquire at Jli ) : :
Yesterday afternoon the police rccelv.
od ft telegram from Do Molnea asking for
the arrest ui a man described In the dis
patch. Late in the day an umbrella tinker
was found , and locked up , on suspicion of
being the ono wanted.
Arrangements nro b'elnK made for Imv
ing flags of the leading European nations
iloat from the top of the large building at
the driving park during fair time. The
* stars and stripes will bo given the place of
honor , of courio.
Tbo Lilliputians entertained crowded
" houses yesterday afternoon and also last
I" evening , and delighted all with their
"Jack the Ghnt Killer. " Tbo troupe goes
to Red Oak this morning , then to 1'latts
mouth , Nebraska City and Lincoln.
The cricket club just organlzod hero
is Indulging In almost dally practice , and
promises to dovclppo Into a strong club.
It held Its own pretty well in n game with
Omaha last Thursday , but , of course , wax
defeated , Omaha should not glory too
much , however , but wait a Htllo till the
boys hero got In a little butter trim.
All the xaloon men but two catuo into
court and paid their $25 "liccnso" for Au
glint. Ono of tlieto , Nick Hackus , dolayoil
until yesterday , and proposed to kick as
iio did the month bofor < > , but finally paid
up , though ho had to pay the cnsU in ad
dltlon to the 825. The other delinquent
will probably bo brought iu within a day
or two ,
The commissioners appointed to locate
the now government building departed ,
taking their secret with them , There Is
much speculation rlfo as to where It will
bo finally located , and much anxiety Is
felt by these who expect to make n staVe
by the advance of the value of property
adjacent to the silo finally decided upon.
"Cayoto HIM , " ono of the prisoners at
the jail , has just completed a wonderful
bridle , it being very neatly braided anil
handsomely ornamented , without u stitch
anywhere in its make-up , Ife is at work
on others of the eamo kind , and shows
great ingenuity , whllo at the eaiuo tliuo il
nlFordu him pleasant mi t prolitablo em
ployment during hia confinement.
At the entertainment given by tbo
young folks of the Baptist church Thur * >
day evening there was au interesting fea
ture of the missionary part of the pro
gramme , iu which were introduced bevcra'
characters Iu costume representing nation-
Clitics. The cloilng feature of the oyeulug
waa of a social nature , It being a mingling
of au lea cream festival and neck-tie patty ,
which waa evidently enjoyed heartily.
James Kralnoy , the most stylish Mer
chant Tailor In the tteat , has in this Issue
uprung his tvlvcrtluement to the breeze , in
Another column. Never waa BO complete
and fanbionRble a stock of piece goods
Brought to our city. Jim will do a very
jlargo bu lncs . Blnce openimr yesterday
morning , Jie took orders for twelve utyllih
vuIU of clothes , lie is direct from New
York , with the latent styles.
THE I5KB called attention to the horrible
rible condition of the streets in front ol
Thrall & Kracht'ii store , und straightway
, tlio authorities began repairing it , but
stopped before completing it. Yenterday
morning the A't ' > n | urcll copied the notice
from THE UIK : , verbatum , without giving
any credit , of oioute , and straltwty the
work waa resumed sgalu. It seems to take
the full ] x > wer of the Ipreus to get the
work dune.
Horsford's Acid Phosphate a * a
Cooling Driuif *
Dr. II. II. IJonry , Wow York , eaye ;
"It poBBOMca claima as a bovcrujjo , be
y end anything I know of in the form
o f inodicino , and in nervous diioanoal
inow of no preparation to equal it. "
Jolin Martin AprWs for Ho1ot\eejou ( a
Writ of Ilabena Corpus.
On Wednesday last John Martintho
nldcat of tlio oxpre smon , was fined
$10 by Justice Frainoy for contempt
of court by using abusive Inngtingo in
the court room. In default of pay
ment the justice issued n mittimus
committing him to jail for three dayti ,
and while ConRtAblo Fox was taking
linn thither ho mixdo good hia escape ,
Yesterday afternoon Deputy Shorill
Ohattorbuck found Martin in his
house and took him into his charge.
Martin secured the presence of his at
torney , Gco. Carson , and an applica
tion was made to Judge Aylcsnorth
for his release on n writ of habeas
corpus. The ground of discharge
claimed was the illegality of the mit
timus in failing to set forth that the
letmlty was imposed for non-payment
jf fine , and not stating that the pris
oner could bo discharged before the
Lhroo days wore up if at any titno ho
did pay. Judge Ayloaworth refused
.o discharge the prisoner , and the
latter then proceeded to arrange for
the payment of the fine and to lix up
bonds for hia appearance to annwor
to the charqo f resisting an ollicor
and also to the charge of perjury
which are hanging over him.
My ronidonco , JTo. 815 Fourth street
( Bancroft ) . L. F. MunriiY.
Joseph Durrinltirgcr.Dro&dway , Buf
falo , wan Induced by ms brother to try
PIIOMAB' ] Cci.KCTiuo OIL for n sprained an
kle ; and with half a dozen applications ho
was cnabbled to walk round againall right.
Teachers' Thanks.
The committee of the teachers' in-
ptituto , which has just closed its three
weeks' session , request TUB I3ui : to
give place to the following resolutions ,
which were adopted unanimously :
Wo the teachers of Pottawatamio
county , Iowa , realizing that our pres
ent normal has been ono of unusual
internal , profit and pleasure , and as
an expression of our aontiinento deem
it proper to give public expression ivs
follows :
licsolved , That the great success of
the present Normal is duo to the good
judgment and public spirit of our
county superintendent , J. K Cooper.
2. That wo tender our sincere
thanko to Messrs. Cullison , Ilubbnrd ,
Girton and Warner , conductors and
instructors , for thuir untiring energy
and scholarly ability in the manage
ment n nd instruction.
a. That the youngladiea and gentlemen -
tlemon who furnished the excellent
music bo commended and kindly ro-
ini'inborcd , with the request for their
services again next year.
1. That wo shall gratefully remem
ber the people of Council Jilufla for
their kindness , sociability and general
good feeling toward us.
0. That wo tender copies of thcBu
resolutions to the city and county
press , with a request that the same bo
published. FIIKD. H. NUOKNT ,
Do not trust my brother , Ernest
Mueller , on my account. lie is not
connected in any way with my bus !
noss. J. MUELLEU.
Oar Glorious udopondenoo.
What can , bo more glorious than to bo
independent of sulTering , caused by dyn
ncpaln , Indigestion , conntlpatlou , sick head
ache , or other diseased emanating from the
stomach. This can bo easily gained by n
timely use of DUIIDOOK lii.oon UITTKKH
Price SI 00 , trial 10 cents. ouT-dlw
At the Stock Yards.
There is every indication that the
season just opening at the stock yards
here wiil bo much the liveliest of any
yet on record. The yards are the
largest and moat complete of any ol
the west ami are under the suporin
tendency of J. F. IJoyd , who is attentive
tivo , courteous , and energetic as a
manager. Commission men are gath
ering in goodly numbers , and ix world
of activity seems to have sprung up
there. It is expected that to-day
there will bo ono hundred cars of stock
received , and from this time on there
will bo lively times there in all TBS-
poota ,
Mr. lllirenstfln , Itoaton , Moss , , wrltesi
"Your Si-iiiNO Ui.O'jROJt ' has cured me ol
clyHpnpata , of four (1) ( ) years standing. I
lia > o regained my normal appetite , can
"loop well and fool like a now man. " Trice
50 cents , trial bottles 10 cents.
Leon Mead , of The Boston Test , Is tak
ing a look at our city.
J , F. Williams , of Cincinnati , waa at
the Ogdeu yesterday ,
George T. Mlleu , of Denver , waa among
the Ogdou house guesta yesterday ,
Knglnocr Wheeler , of the Rescue engine
company , receives congratulations on his
recent marriage very gracefully , They
come In thick on him.
Fred I , Uvans , the general agent of the
American Refrigerator Traneportatloi
company , of St. Louis , waa In the city
yesterday , a guest of the Ogden house.
J , J , Sullivan , of the firm of Sullivan ft
Fitzgerald , baa returned from a trl ]
through Dakota , where he baa Invested h
lands ,
A. O.Atchtson.of Tha PHUlmrK Manufacturer -
facturer , U In the city gathering notes for
a write-up for his paper. He pronounces
Council Bluffs osolferfng more advantages
to manufacturing Intereata than any other
point in the west , and propones to show It
up through the columns of hig paper ,
uhlch lias a lar o circulation.
\V. II. Miller , of CMIllcothe , Mo. , _
HorUt and nurserynmn , who la widely
known , waa among the callers atTiiEllKi
oth'ce yesterday. Ho la shipping a large
quantity of fruit , and li oa energetic , well
posted and square nctlsg a mail aa can b
found in the business ,
William Laughmau , of Shelby , boa just
returned from Dakota , where he baa been
locating land in liand county. He ia won
dorfnlly enthusiastic over the proipects of
kotA , and brought back with him nome
excellent Btrnple * of what products can bo
firtduc'd there ev n from fod. Mr.
Loughman has lo-alcd land near St. Law
rence. 1 he e was not a rail driven there
fist April , and now there It quite a town
with one thrce-ntory , 85,000 hotel end two
others being built , while stores and dwell
ings are going nu on every hand , Mr.
ughm-ni intends disposing of his prop
erty in .Shelby M noon BI possible and
move westward.
Obituary ,
The Ifarlan tlorald has the follow-
ng concerning the death and burial of
Mr. James Harvey , father of Mrs. A.
8. Clough , of this city :
Mr. James ilarvey , ono of Ilarlan'a
n'ghly respected citizens , who has
ias boon Buffering for aomo time with
cancer , died at hia residence last Sun
day night at 11 oclock. Although his
death had for several weeks boon mo
mentarily expected , the sad news fell
iko a pall upon his largo circloof friends
vhoso life-long social intercourse with
ilm had taught them to admire his
many excellent qualities. Thursday
at 10 o'clock a. in , , the funeral sor-
ices took place from the family resi
dence on First street , whore a
argo congregation of friends gath-
; red to follow the remains to the
oinb. The fiorviccs were conducted
jy Roy. Detwilor , atoistcd by llov ,
franklin and Lucan , the remains bo
ng deposited in Harlan cemetery ,
Mr. Harvey was a tmtivo of England ,
md at the titno of his death was about
i3 years ot ago. In early life ho
joined the Congregational church , of
ivhich ho waa a member until his
[ loath. The bereaved family have the
deepest sympathy of the entire cotn-
nunily in this sad hour , and wo trust
ho cheerful faith in hia transition
from rain and suffering to peace and
| oy will comfort and sustain them.
Election of Flro Chlof and Oil In
At the mooting of the city council
st night an ordinance was passed
providing for the appointment of an
oil inspector and guagor , fixing the
Donds at $2,000 and the compensation
at H cento per pnckuuo in lotn of twur ty
or leas , at 4 centn ouch in lots of more
.ban twenty. A ballot was taken
which resulted W. H. I3atcholor , 4 ;
E. A. Troutman , 3.
Mr. liatchelor wag declared elected.
[ Jo is a young man , a telegraph opera
tor , and in politics a republican , while
Troutman is democrat.
The sheriff reported the condemna
tion of land for building the first inilo
of the river levee , the total being
On motion of Alderman Newell ,
council proceeded to the election of
chief engineer of the fire department.
John Teinploton received 5 votes , \nd
F. U. Gnanolla j ) .
And Costly and Expensive Chemise
Studs The Present Rage Among
Ultra-Fashionable radios.
It has boon whispered for some
time past that there was a mania for
jeweled garters among the fair de
votees of fashion , and not a little
interest was developed when the
question was agitated. It ia an ac
knowledged fact that , if the custom
did indeed exist , the public was not
made aware of it , for it is not a mat-
uor that usually forma the subject of
social chit-chat , though no doubt in
the sacred precincts of a lady'o boudoir
there hau been no little discussion of
tbo fashion.
A Post-Diopatch reporter made n
few inquiries thin morning among the
loading jowolcia , and they report as
follows :
Mr. Morrick said ; "Oh , wo have
had samples in atuck for u long time
past , .but most of auch ailturo are
inudo to order , for wluui punpio desire
such articles , they usually bring or BO-
lect a design. At the mime time I can
hardly nay that the business io a general -
oral ono , but 1 believe it will soon
amount to a craze , for of l.ito our or
ders are coming in faster than ever
boforo. "
"Who are they ordered by ? "
"They are occasionally ordered by
the gentlemen fur their wives , but
very seldom to bo married , and just
before the eventful day ho Bonds a
pair. 1 should judge , however , that
most presents of that nature are between
twoon ladies. For instance a mother
will present her daughter with n
choice design on her wudding day.
I have hoard that in the east they tire
Bomotiinca given as bridal presents ,
but I do not know of any euch case in
this city You knotr wo nuver maku
inquiries about the recipients or do
nors of any articles that wo may make
or neil ; in fact wp have no right to
any such information , "
'How do they decorate the claapsl"
"Usually with a monogram. I do
not know whether the monogram rep
resents the initials of the giver or not ,
Should presume it wr.a the Indies' let-
ors who adorn them. "
"How much ia the average cost ? "
"I cannot say as to that. Wo have
made thorn to coat $200. I hardly
think that any poraon has n costlier
pair in this city ; und they can coet
only ? 5. The -
iwurnvovpuld proba
bly bo $50 or $7u , In this aamo con
nection I would state that there is a
growing demand for elaborate chemiae
studs or buttons. Now I Iiavo here a
sample that is to bo a favorite , "
The reporter waa here shown a but
ton of hammered gold , on which waa
incruatod an elociuit eolitniro diamond.
"Well , " continued Mr. Morrick ,
"you would not notice that it is separable
arable- , but by unscrewing this top
you BOO a rocuptaclo for holding a per
trait. This will , 1 think , euporsodo
the custom of carving a locket in
which n lady beam the fao-siinilo of her
ideal , Thcno buttons coat as high na
$ . ' 100 , though they can bo had much
choaner. There ia really moro demand
for these buttons than there ia for
tlioao garter oluspa though the latter
article will no doubt receive its full
share of attention when the belles re
turn from the oast. "
of Merniod , Jaccard & Go. , said :
"Now. I really do not like to talk
about this affair , oa it la , to a certain
extent , a delicate ono for an uninar-
Iriod I man , nnd besides a morning pa
per has already published some re
marks I made which I did not expect
to see in print , but the fact is , it ia
fast becoming n fashion , and there is
no knowing where 51 will ond. Wo
make them to order and have samples
in stocks. The lowest priced silver
clasps are $4 , and from that amount
there Is no limit to the cost it depends -
ponds on the purao and taste of the
person desiring them. It is by no
means unuaual to have orders for gar
ters that will cost $100 , although as n
rule the price is a little lower than
that , and wo have made them that
cost a great deal moro. "
"How is the demand for ornamen
tal chemise buttons 1"
"Well , now , I will only say this :
Th < ro is a case of ordinary samples.
If wo had no demand wo would have
no samples , "
The general manager of the Eugene
Jaccard company said :
"Jowolod garter clasps have been
in use for many years in St. Louis ,
though of Into the demand is far moro
pronounced than it over boa boon , It
is the fashion now , and the conoral
public would not have known it had it
not been for the Now York gentleman
who , while looking out of a fashiona
ble club house , eaw a lady , while en
tering a stage , drop something.
They rushed out to tccuro the lost
article ono man going through
a window to secure the prize
and found a jeweled garter. Of
coursethov were dumbfounded. The
story got about and the finder is known
all over the city as the knight of the
uartor. It was a fashion long before
that time , but this little incident made
the matter known to the world at
largo. As a rule they are decorated
with monograms of the wearer , and
there ia no limit to the cost. Wo
have made them at a cost of $300 ; the
general price is a great deal leas. Wo
have a number of samples flowers ,
horso-shoos , etc. , but make thorn
mostly co ordor. "
"Do you know whether they are
made ua wedding presents ? "
' 'Of my own knowledge , I don't ,
but. I think a person presenting a pair
would find that his present would not
bo duplicated. "
"What is your experience- cxpon-
nivo chemise buttons ? "
"That is not a now fashion. It is
an ordinary matter to make a chemise
button inlaid with gems to coat $300
or moro. Wo have u vant number of
orders. "
' 'Aro they given as prpuouta and by
whom ? "
' 'Ladies often give them to ono an
other. Sometimes a very intimate
friend will present onu to a lady , but
not often. I have hero a scarf-pin of
hammered gold , with diamonds , cap-
phires and rubies eticrnatcd BO aa to
muko a quaint looking face ; well , that
was a chomiao button , and I presume ,
did duty in that capacity. A young
lady will present that to an admirer.
That ia surely a token of nlfoctiou , "
8200.00 . BEWAED1
Will bo paid for the detection and con
viction of any person Boiling or deal
ing in nny boi > us , counterfeit or imita
tion Her iiircBRs , especially Bitters
or preparations with the word HOP or
Hors in their name or connected
therewith , that is intended to mislead
and cheat the public , or any prepara
tion put in any form , pretending to bo
the same as HOP BITTERS. The gen
uine have n cluster of GHEEN Hors
( notice this ) printed on the white
label , and are the purest and best
inodicino on earth , especially for Kid
ney , Liver and Nervous Diseases. Beware -
ware of all others , and of all pretended
formulas or recipes of HOP BITTERS
published in papers or for Bale , aa
they are frauds and swindles. Who
ever deals in any but the genuine will
bo prosecuted.
Hop BiTTEiiH Mro. Co. ,
jy22-lm UochcBtor , N. Y.
All Shippers and Travelers will find
good accommodation and roasonabla
Council Bluffs , - - Iowa.
Proprietor ! .
Muiray Iron forks
Burlington Iowa
Soml Portable
Engine ,
Printin' '
Offlcos *
Etc. ,
Specialty ,
The Largest Iron Working Eatabliah-
mont in the Stato.
Steam Engines ,
The Howard Automatic Out-Off
Steam Engine ,
ScnJ for drculir. 33-lm
PLilTffll } IACHIE !
It plalU rooj M9 o ! * n Inch to
width Iu the coarsest felt * or Qncst si Vl
II dae * all kinds ud tt > lci o ( | laltluy la us
No I < ly that doea her ou droBB-uiaklng can
aOord to do without ono u nice plaUlcir II
D t cr out ol fashion , U cacn II elli Itself , Foi
Machines , Circulars or Ajenl1 * terun oddrcw
Admi8t , Cbioaco
NOTICE. Special ( wlvcttl'crncnte , rue as
tx t , Found , To Loan , For B.Mo , To Rent ,
Wnt , Boarding , etc. , will bo Inserted In this
column at the low rate of TKK CENTO PKR
LINK far the Erst Insertion unJ FIVE CF.ST3
PER LINE ( or each subsequent Insertion.
Lo&ve kdv ertUcmcnts t our office , No. 7
Ptarl Street , near llroftd y.
Immediately , one hundred men
at Florence Cut-on , in 'Ncbra'k * . north
of Oratha , W gca : men , tl.7E : team * , 83.50.
Kimulro on the grounds , or at Dm office , Coun-
ill lllufls , la.
WANTED School tthclicu , mlnl tH , tu-
denta and others cm a > d to their income
liydcvotlnjf a portion of their time to ctnrrmlnif
lor our itMidard hooka and periodicals , or cnn
make lurtra trc ! ljydr\otnp ! their whole time
to It. Wo MI tan active malonr fenalo < K < nt
In every townjhlp In Iowa and s oliraaka , and
will oiler extra Inducon ctits. For tlnulvs < !
Arc * Wcsttrn Hook Company , liox 6(1 Council
III at , la.
A peed , compcUnt clrl none
WANTED nml acply for general houseworn.
Mrs. T. E CM In , 423 south bccond > trcet.
Everybody In Council BluBs Io
WANTED TUB Unit , 20 cenU per week , do
llvcred by carriers. OlUcc , No 7 Pearl Street
ntmr Broadway.
To buy 100 tons broom corn
WANTED addrccs Council Cluffi
Broom Factory , Council Blxfls , Iowa. 05S-29tf
For Solo and Rent
SALE MUy toni < f Ice delivered on c M
at Ncola , Iowa. Sandiut furnished. Ad *
iircrn. Martin Ca-cy , Council Hinds , or 1 ! . L.
MoWlliUmit , Ncola , Ion a. nuglO-3tt
TOU BALtt Two claims la Nebraska , choip ,
JU by Odcll & Day. Jj24-lw
7710R SALE Ilea'itllul residence lots , $00
Ij each ; nothing down , and $3pcrmonth only ,
1TJL and Omaha exprcsi. Ordirs left at Bostou
lot store , Main sir ct , Counr I tiltiffs , or J. C.
Elliott , lies Farnam trcit , Omaha , will receive
prompt atlonton. jylfit'
AHEAD Great eucco s. Call and BOO
STILL accessories and specimens of pictures
tan etil > the reliable gelatine bromldo process ,
at tbe KxcelBlor Gallery JOJIainstreet. )
. W. L. PATTON Physician and"Oculist.
Can euro any case of core cyc . It 13 only
a matter of time , and can euro generally In
from three to Qro necks It inakcn no differ
ence how long diseased. Will straighten crocs
eyes , operate and removeI'treglmnH , etc. , and
Insert artificial eyes. Special attention to re-
tuovclriK tadoworms np5-tf
Facts forth Knowing
A now crop Garden Grown Japan
Tea ( very fine ) 75c
Fine Japan Tea , equal to that of
fered at 75c GOe
Very Eiuo Young Hyson , equal
to that offered at § 1.00 75o
Wo Mean Jmt What Wo Say.
16 Main St , and 15 Pearl St. ,
Council Blnffs , Iowa ,
Otllce and Works , Muln Street ,
Wo K'VO ' special attention to
Stamp Hills , Smelting Furnaces ,
vtlll receive prompt attention. A general as-
Borttnent ol
Brass Goods , Belting , Pioinir ,
Foumlry , Pig Iron , Ooku , Goal ,
CflAS i
Crookory , Glassware ,
Also agents lor the follow log lines of
Steamship Companies :
Cunard , Anchor , Oulon , American , and State
Steamship Companies.
For gale on the Royal Bank ol Ireland and Bank
ot Ireland , Dublin. Those wl o Intend to send ( or
friends to any ] > art ol Kuroj > e will find It to their
nicrmt to call on
Sullivan & Fitzgerald ,
343 Broadway , Council Blufs la-
MRS , fl , J , HILTON , M , D. ,
222 Hroadwnv Council Blnffs-
In goln ; Eaa > Uie th *
Trains leave Omaha 8.40 p. in. and 7:10 : a. m.
For lull Inlormatlon call on II. P. LIUKIIL , Tic
ket Agent , llth and Farnain sU. J. 13 ELL , U. I *
Hallway Dtpot or t JA11KST. CLAKK , Qtner *
A * fc.T5'tt ? 4 * $ A TTfc TFfctFTinni ° W jr * Iff ? * & TM
Broadway , and Fourtli Street , ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa
Ifl U JoJLj Jj
Burdette and Western
tage Organs. Prices reason
able ; terms to suit all. TJ
3L , Importer and Dealer in
of all kinds. Sheet Music one-
third off. Agents wanted.
O Oorrespon denes solicited
Guarantees the Best $1.50 , $1.75 and $2.00
Blnff and Willow greets , Council Elnffs.
'J HE BEST BREAD IN THE CITY None but lirst-cluss Bakera
employed. Bread , Cake , Piea , &c. , delivered to any part of the city. Our
Wajs'ono run all day.
- P. AYRES , Proprietor.
Has For Sale , Town Lots , Improved and Unimproved , also , Railroad Landa
and a number ot Well Improved Farms , both in Iowa and Nebraska.
.Office with W. S. MAYNK , over Savings Bank , - COUNTOIL BLUFS
are Offering Special Bargains in All
Einds of Summer
"JET" J3L " 3E5
412 Broadway , Connoil Bluffs ,
C. A. IlKillll' , W. II UN VAN , W. BEEBK
C. A. BEEBE & CO. ,
Wholesale and Hetall Dealers In
* o.s. 7 & & * j Broadway. Council Bluffs.
. . , ,
( f.ato Veterinary Surgeon U , 8. A. )
The Only Veterinary Surgeon
in the Oity ,
All ol the beet Hiyalcluijn la Council DluOd ind
Burroumlln u
The Star Bakery ,
227 MAIN ST ,
Kmploy the beat Bread Baker In the West ; l o
a choice hind for Cakei and Plct. I
Bread delivered to nil imta ol the city.
Bleb Out Glaaa , Fine French Oulna ,
Silver Ware &o. ,
Rubber Hose , Iron and Lead
Pipe , Iron and Brass Fittings and
Trimmings , at
Bixby & Wood's ,
On Bancroft or ( Fourth Streets. )
IIIOH. , u. u. nair.
Gouncil Bluffs , Ia.
Established , - - 1856
Dealer * In Foreign and Domestic Exchange
and lump securities
813 South Main Street , Council Blufli.
New house and newly fitted up In first class
it ) le. Meals at all hours. Ice cream and Icmo-
aiie e\ try etulug. . Fruits ai d confectlonirte

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