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; \
Appalling Buin and Destitntioi
Wrought by the Rising
Ohio and Tributaries ,
Oities and Villages Surroundec
by Water or Entirely
Cincinnati Practically Isolatec
From the Out&ide
All Business topped and th
Work of Relief Actively
The Town ot Milton Wipd Ou
and Newport Badly
The People of LaTTrenctburg
Indiana , Surrounded by a
Vnst , Unbroken Sea.
Louisville Terribly Excited b ]
Gloomy Reports From
Heavy , Continuous ! Ralns I Banlil
all Immediate Hope of
n Fall
Appeals for Help Promptly Respond
edto by Neighboring Cities
Special Dispatches t ) TUB BBK.
LOUISVILLE , Fol rnary 13 * To-da ;
Ma/or Jacobs chartered a Btoamo
with a corps of men and traversed th
submerged district , taking off a nntn
bar ot parsons and by moans of boat
supplying food to thoao who remain ?
in the houses nbovo nator. A Binge
lar incident occurred on the trip , On
man waa found clinging to a tree. A
the men approached ho cried , "G
over to that house ; there is n wumai
and several children over there.
will hold here nutil you save them.
The house was 50 yards away. Th
men started. Before they reached i
the house turned over and wai carriei
away in tho.rash of waters. Nonets
was hoard from the house. Nothing I
known as to whether the people ha
boon rescued or not. The men cling
ing to the tree was afterwards rescue
and declared that a woman and BOV
era ! children were in the houaa what
it turned over. A family namad Wat
kins was importuned to move out c
'the houney-but -iaothoeArn3.Blc
and they' did not believe the wato
wonldcomo over when a break came 1
the out-off. The house was movei
from the foundation and rocked to an
fro. In the moment when the dange
came the woman was in the pains c
parturition. In this condition the be
was taken up , put In a skiff and th
woman removed. The excite men
throw her into spasms , and her recoi
ery is doubtful. An old colored ma
living alone Is raiaaing. On or
point near Porland 1,000 house
are under water. A , vast ms
jorlty are owned by poor peoplt
The authorities have taken stops I
provide food and lodging. The boai
of trade is raising a fund. Individu
subscriptions are liberal. A Garma
citizen give $71G Entertalnmea
for the beneGt of the sufferers will I
hold. Everything will be done fi
their relief. It is folly to attempt i
fix the loss of property In the prose :
state of affairs. The question now
how to care for the sufferers. Tl
Doaohoo and a man named Shlppt
wore arrested on charge of kiliii
Sam Bell last night after the wat
broke over the cut-off dam. Thr
parties were drinking and got Into
skiff to go to the rescue of a ma
Bell fell out or was knocked out
the others and drowned. It is i
possible to say if the men are gull
or it the death was accidental.
CINCINNATI , February 13.
gleam of hope came to-night when t
reports showed that the river h
reached the highest point at C p. c
S when the marks showed G5 feet
Inches , and though It receded but h ;
an Inch during the next four hon
the fact that thu worst Roomad to
over gave relief. The tension 1
I been atroiig on the entire buslm
portion of the city , and the sllg
rains which are filling now gives no
ous apprehensions cf more disaster
come. The situation is alarming , a
It would require the publication of t
greater portion of the directory
names of the business men , parti
larly In tobacco , produce , grain , cc
mission , whisky , and all kinds
Is wholly suspended. Many of th
also lose goods , and manufacturers
lose heavily in damage to machln
stock aside from the loss of tii
Moro than a thousand business fii
and manufacturers are thus pi
traiod , yet the business men cro
discouraged and for two days h
sent In contributions to the fund
the relief of suffering among 1
much greater class , the poor , who
driven from their homos and are
prlvcd of work. It Is estimated 1
from thirty to forty thousand men
out of work by the closing of the n
ufactorles. To tbem the loss of t
and injury to household goods is
smallest loss. The dampness' In
houses after the flood subsides r.
bring sickness and suffering.
common council action , 'who
authority to iesno a loan ,
promptly met by the leglslat
both houses having passed a bill
thorlzing a loan of 8100,000 , 1
the city has arranged to provldi
itself. Telegrams have been
ceived to-day from Chicago ,
York and elsewhere , offering assist
ance. The school board have cloned
the schools In the vicinity of the flooded
od district , and the houses are placet
at the disposal of the relief commlttot
for the liomo'cso people. A sys
tomatlo visitation was made to d\y tc
all parts of the city and all canes oi
distress wore promptly relieved. Tl. <
militia , in largo numbers , are nldinc
the police to-night. Goal oil Hfihti
have been placed on the streets In the
business portion of the city , nnd IK
oaBoa of pilfering have boeu reported ,
Two false Alarms of fire to night gave
rise to the suspicion that it w.ie thi
work of thieves. The water is dco (
enough on Pearl street to allow boat :
to run within a square nnc
a half of the Burnett lioueo
and it reaches to the market house ot
I'enrl and Broadway. There h nc
essential change in the railway traiui
rnuuiiig on thoO. , H. & D. , thongt
the track Is covered with watur for :
sh'jrc dla'anco. The malls are vorj
much delaj od and thcr city service i :
alao greatly confuted. No just cell
nuto of the damage can be made now
When the attempt is made people tall
only of millions. The river has beet
falling at Portsmouth , 113 mlloj abo/i
hero , alnco lust night , eUht iuchoa
nnd has boon falling oi ht feet a'
Pomoroy. This RIVCS the hope thaf
the worat is over hero.
CINCINNATI , February 14 Thor <
ii ndditiomil gloom over the pooph
this morning caused by the fact thai
the river , after fulling to sixty-foni
feet ten and three-quarter inches , began
gan to rije under the influence of (
steady hard rain. The rain has advanced
vancod from the west , thus chocking
the fall , and extends this morning ai
far as Pittsbnrg. Unless it atop ;
speedily there la no hope of the rive :
receding , while the gravest fears exit
that the prcat height reached yesterday
day will bo surpassed. The rain sorl <
onsly embarrasses the work o
the relief commissioners , but the }
are doing all they can to dls
tribute goods. Soup house :
wore opened to-day In various parts o
the city to feed those able to get t >
them. Bishop Elder ordered all Oath
olio churches thrown open to nccom
modnta thu homolesa , and sends a cir
culur to churches to-day asking tha
oiiitrlbutlous bo sent to the chttmbei
of commerce nnd city 'council relic ,
committees. The sinking fund trus'
teas will advnnco money on the bond
yesterday authorized by the Icgisla
tuw , ro tint relief will bo prompt
There are many
reported by the relief baard , and ii
some cases the frantic cries of sturv
ing childoen for food ere heartrond
Ing. Bakeries not Inundated an
pressed to the fullest capacity to keo ]
the supply of broad. There has beoi
some fears of a meat famine on aa
count of the difficulty of receiving liv
stcck , but several thousand rescnot
distillery cattle can bo utilized in caa
of necessity.
Dispatches state the paoplo are be-
Jng.movqdju faat as psBsiblelfrom Hal
dentown. Th < rni i r. tha | M > > >
nnd Whitewater rivers. _
h likely to bo most damaged. Th
people of the latter place received
c&f of provisions In good shape thl
morning. No lives lost yet. Th
water is C feet deep at the forks c
Tanner's creek , Qnllford , Indian !
The witor rose atLiwrenceburg Junt
Hon 6U1CO morning an inch and a hal
Raining all the time hard. The It
dlaitn leglilatnro appropriated $40
000 f jr Lawrenceburg this mornln (
The board of trade of Indianapol
has $1,500 for the same object. Ai
other carload of provisions wore set
The liver hero Is rising at the rat
of an inch and a half hour. It ston
sixty-five feet an Inch and a half at 1
o'clock. Reports , both up and dow
the river , nnow rain. The river
falling at Portsmouth and Mayavlll
olowly at the latter place
concerning the loss of life at the Oh
clnnati Southern depot yesterday wi
made to-day to the police at Oliv
street station , by Herman Welsber
a boy living at 17 Wilstacht strec
Ho says he and his brother Josop
with thirteen other boys , wore on tl
platform when the water broke throuj
McLean avenue ; that the entire par
were thrown Into the water ; that !
swam to Geat street , escaped and wo
home ; that his brother and <
other boys were drowned. 1
does not know 1 their nami
MADISON , Ind. , February 14 T
river la rising ono and a half inches
hour. Milton , Kentucky , oppoa
hero , Is cubniorgod , not a houao is e
ompt. Giblm tro used to anchor t
buildings. Tao water Is in the scon
stories of many of the honacs. T
' eastern suburbs of thia city are ab :
doned nnd all front nnd extreme we
orn parts. The backwater and
crooked creek have Inundattd the ci
on the north. Sprlngdale comet *
is partially submerged. Morn r ;
will cause the creek to deluge Wall
street. A largo part of the to
of Oarrollton Is Buffering i
food. The provision stores are i
haunted. The Western hotel la <
sorted as dangerous ,
INDIANAPOLIS , February 14 , Ra
ot ing hard since midnight. Poguoai
yo has again overflowed. Rillroad tra
or are under water. A Joffersonv
iat dispatch says : The city is flooi
ire from two to twenty fact deep ; 5i
[ 0. people are homeless , many lose eve
, at thing. Many cottages in the lo
, re part of the city have been swept aw
; n. Hundreds are quartered In the * e&
ine story of public buildings and sto
, ho Fee d Is sent them In skiffs. The wat
ho lty from the sewers and the suffoi
nat isappallng. It Is still ralnlni ; ,
'ho river rising. Loss over half a mill
uk Contributions are ankod for.
eas FBANK ORT , Ky. , February 1'
ro The Kentucky river is stationary
iu34 foot. It la now raining.
for LOUISVILLE , February 14 , The (
reU 41 feet G Inches , and rising an !
Tew an hour. There Is immense en
mont on account of the rlso above
hero. Business IB at a standstill. Nc
boatu are arriving. Many trains urc
stopped , and all run irregularly ,
Ulver men predict HIP river will BOOH
recede. Water surrounds the entire
city. The wildcat estimates of dauv
nga are made , uouo reliable. Nothlnp
moro is known abcnt the loss of life ,
houses being still cut off , except tc
divers. The loss of life is not extraordinarily -
ordinarily largo ,
INDIANAI-OLIS , Ind. , February 14
A committee sent to L wronceburf
last night reported suffering increas
ing , nnd moro imistancj will bo need
ed immediately. Another carload ol
provisions with dolicaolei for the sick
trill no to flight by a special train. AI
Gailfurd it was etill raining hard ut C
p. m. , with indications that it wll !
continue during the night. E. G ,
Burkhnm , of Now York , aonds $1,001
to the Lawrenceburtf relief ,
The following has boon leaned bj
the mayor of Newport , Ky , : "
great calamity has overtaken the city
After passing through a protractet
slogo of smallpox wo find at least one
third of our city submerged by tin
prevailing floods. About 3,000 fami
lies are suffering nnd doutitute.We
need help It is only necptsary ti
announce this fact to the citizens o
our common country to obtain rulioi.
Please send relief to W. H. Lope
treasurer of the citizens' [ relief fund
Newport , Ky. , or to Win. H. llurlau
mayor. '
CINCINNATI , February 14. MID
NIOIIT The river at nine to-nigh
was sixty-six foot , three quarters of ui
Inch , and rising slowly. The day ha
boon the gloomiest in the history o
the city , Businm was wholly no
gleotod on 'otiango , and all attontiot
given to the saving of property and af
fording relief. While the unexpected
rise of nearly a foot to-day has no
made a very great change apparent ! ]
in the sUuatlon , there is such uncer
tajnty about the future that nil plum
are unsettled. No ono cm tell whui
the rain will OORSO along the river
Weather warm , utmost sultry
The effect of this uncertain
ty is to cause another lifilnj
to high lovelb of vast quantlUos o
goodu hitherto supposed to bo abovi
the reach of water. This in douo a1
Immense labor under the must tryuu
circumstances , men utauding in wnlor
The wnter sioy& stands in tluj futtor. ; .
on the ftouth hide .of Pearl street unt
on Walnut. The LUtle Miami rail
road depot is flooded , Wagons un
no longer able to croes the NewpDr
bridge. Thn Louisville & Nashvilli
trains are recaivlug passengers on thi
trestle at the Ciucmnatl end of thi
bridge. They are reaching It b ;
boats. The Cincinnati , Hamilton 6
Dayton road , which has been the enl ;
outlet for trains north and east to
night , wont under the flood to such n :
extent that no trains could pasu
This loaves
Mt.-oi-0 world by aitcon
> m
mhmuauuu , oxctpt that the Bee Lin
road atlll runa trains , leaving from th
stock yards , The Oinclnuatl Souther
sent out a train to-night , and receive
one , but the water has permeate
McLean avenue so tbat wagona sin
to the hubs in unloading express an
baggayo. Foaro nro entertained the
the whole street will sink under tli
trains. It cannot yet bo told win
arrangement will bo made for forwarc
ing mail. A long haul must bo mad
to reach the train. No steamers ni
ranuing , thorn being no place to lone
Cool bwfjeu to-day worn towed n
from Central avenue to Pearl streo
where carts run alonuoido to rooeiv
loads. Stories have been current i
a mob of lawless uion standing at t >
water's cdgo demanding whisky ai :
doiag other lawless acts. Careful h
quiry shows there la no foundation fi
such stories , Soft punishment follov
the discovery of crime.
to-night by lamps sot Inside of g
lamps. The work ot relief ban goi
on vigorously to-day. Many tuuo
ing aoenes wore witnessed. Thouj
no appeal has boon made for Help fro
abroad , assistance has boon BOB
among these $2,500 by H. H. Warn
& Co. , Roohestar , $1,000 from tl
Adams express Co. , New York , $21
from the proprietor of the Gllai
house , Now York. The M
sonic fraternity has organized
special relief force and telegraph
to Cleveland , Sadusky and Toledo f
boats. Among the Incidents of t
flood was the finnUing of a ba
asleep in its crib In a homo floating
the ferry bank , below the city. T
o llttlo waif was rescued and taken oi
of by the Catholic Orphan society ,
barn with a fine biroucho fl latod
to day. This evening n collision <
curred on thu Cincinnati Norths
railroad , between Avondale and Id
wild , lo which John Roberts , onion
was instantly killed ; Isaac Knig'
Russell M , Manning and Diniol
drowa were seriously injured. 1
, latter is a well known merchant.
WIIEELINO , February 14 The ric
is 20 foot and rising. Raining hi
all day.
CLEVELAND , February 14. In
spouse to a call from Cincinnati F
Masons for boats , the Masons of t
n- city to-night shipped eleven row bo
iB in and promised , if needed , to send
lo ( morrow a life saving crow with ape
ratus from this station.
30 Tbo Grnln Speculator.
7or Special Dlipitch to Tils bill.
or TOUONTO , Ont. , February 13.
J. Flommlug , of Chlcaga , was nrree
hero on a charge of obtaining mo
under false pretenses The fru
Is amount to nearly $5001009 , and 811
" 1 000 were found In his person. Fl
ad mlng declares the arrest a schoini
in , squeeze money out of him. Ho kn
that ho cannot bo extradited and
not give up a cent.
A Sliding Supreme Court *
SpcclU Dlipitcb to THR DK ,
lib WASHINGTON , February 13. Si
ich tor Van Wyck submitted to the soi
te- from the commltteo on public lam
report In favor of his bill to faollltati
the tax sales of railroad lands when
the railroad companies Imvo not per
footed titles by paying to the government
mont the coats of survey nnd focatloi
as is required by law. The repor
claims that the supreme court has do
oldod in ono case to shield the rail
roads from taxation and snbso
quontly abandoned the decision
to nid the same companies to dofeal
the rights given to cltlzons by the
terms of the grant. The committee
believe it nets n sample of justice thai
the landa of companies should be
taxed , and that the United Statoi
should bo placed In the attitude o :
being used oven by the decisions 3 !
the oupremo court to further nld Ii
perpetrating thin injustice.
Special Dispatch to Tin Dm.
WASHINGTON , February 14. Sana-
tor Blair introduced n bill to proven
convict labor bslng paid for ; by thi
The tariff bill wt\s resumed , tin
pending question being upon ngreeinc
to the amendments madoiucorumlttei
of the whole about putting' books
etc , rn thn free list.
Senator Morrlll opposed the iwnond
mont. ' . '
Senator Bnynrd said ho voted to pu
books upon the free Hot , but noon reflection
flection thought tbo action of the committee
mitteo ought to bo modlfiod-and a
preliminary to restoring the - > para
graph laying n duty on books , twhic !
had been struck out in committee o
the whole , ho moved to amend thi
language so as to rostrlot the doty t <
books "wholly or partly in thn Kng
llsh language. " Agreed to ayes 32
noes 21. This loft Iho duty at 15 po :
cent ad valorem , having boon changoc
In committee of the whole from 20 tc
15 before the paragraph wiv Vtrncl. .
Senator Mnrrlll moved to restore
the duty lo 20 , the original figures
Lost ayes 29 , noes 32. A rote wa :
then taken on concurring In the ao
tlon of the committee of the wholi
striking out the paragraph so as to lo
booko , eta. , go on the free list. Tha
action was dlungrood to by a vote o
ayes 31 , noes 331. So the para
graph was reinstated In the bill in thl
torui : "Bjo'ita , pamphuta ( bound o :
unbounil ) , and nil printed matte
wholly or iu part in the Enqlhh Ian
ugo , not specially enumerated o
provided for in this net ; engraving
bound or unbound ; etchings , illnstra
ted booko , maps and charts , 15 po
cunt advalorem. "
Mr. Morgan give notice when th
bill shouldlboopuned for general amendment
mont ho would move nn nmeudmen
to admit free all books , designed io
instruction In sohooln.
Saulnbury announced ho wouli
move to admit free all booke not pub
liflhod in this country.
Sanntor Vnn Wyck introduced th
following resolution , which was oi
derod printed and to Ho over until to
morrow : , <
RESOLVED , That tho' secretary (
- ol jro
audited by the first auditor- th
treasury on acoount'of the oxponst
incurred by the deuartnient of juatic
since January 1 , 1882 , with the name
of special attorneys employed by th
department of justiceand by what ai
thority in law no'audited bills and ai
counts of said special or assistant a
The amendment made In comrnittr
of the whole , raising the clnty o
bitumlnonn coal from 50 to 75 oenl
per ton , being reached , Senator Vauc
asked for a nwparato vote upon agroi
inp to It.
Senator F.trlcy said the chief bu
don ef tax of coal foil upon Oaliforni
nud thla Increase would add S150OC
a year to the tax thuo levied upon h <
Senator Davis ( W. Va ) advocate
the amendment.
Senator Morgan said this bill ougl
to bo entitled "a bill to tnx the paop
of certain portions of the country at
appropriate money to cartaln oth (
pooplo. " It had all the worst charai
tedstlcj of the river and harbor bl
lust session. It has produoad tl
tame kind t f combination. Both bil
were framed and pushed forward upc
the same principle "you tickle m
I'll tickle you. " Negotiation ha )
boon conducted not only in the lobb
bub openly on the floor of the eenat
In this matter of coal , lar |
bodloa of coal lauds In West Vi
g'nla belonging to certain gontlomo
representatives of thoao Interests we
in the senate voting money out pt tl
pockets of the people of 0liorr (
Into their own. "Sir , " said Morga
"I have no sort of concessions
make to monopolies arranged betwo
ilffcront Industries of the Unit
Slates through lobbies and upon'the '
5 floors. I luvo nothing but war
n make upon thono , and though I eh
stand alone , elr , I will buttle for t
> , right upon this quastion. All otr
I , monopolies combine Lr mutual pi
itectlon and wh ? should not the soi
tor from West Vir ini * and his cc
froros , owners of larv coal fields ,
; r the same ? Thcao m < opollos had th
: d regular "congressou and the congr
of Iho United Statet , which used
enact lawn for the bouofit oi the wh
people , was not the servant of th
Rreat monopolies and their lobbylt
There has boon ehamolcs ] work nj
this floor , " said Mor an ; "every n :
hero knows It , everybody fools It ,
It will bo proclaimed from the floor
this senate until the people of
United States shall know It and I
it. "
Senator Williams thought coal on
R. to bo on the free Hat.
R.ed Senator Miller ( California ) said
. three-fourths of
oy Pacific coaat p.ld
da tax on coal , and that , ho thouj
wnH on unfair application of protcci
in principles ,
into Senator Davis ( woat Virginia )
WB plained that there wan no duty
' 111 anthracite coal , the kind nsod for
mestlo purposas. Aa to the nrgura
of the senator from Alabama ,
thought a large portion of it nnwoi
of the senator or of notice.
Senator Morgan asked Seni
ito Davis to point out the unworthy |
i a tlous of the argument. Senator D
did not care to got into personal eon
Sanator Morgan When the sonatoi
tolls mo that a portion of my argu
input la unworthy qf no'ico , I wish ti
ask him the question ( addrotslni
D.vvls ) , "Aro you not a largo owner o
those coal lauds ? "
.Senator Davis Certainly I am. An
you not the owner of the coat yon gel
on ?
Senator Morgan Yes.
Senator Davis And don't you voti
lower tax on It ?
Senator Morgan No ; not on thl
coat , on the next ono I buy.
Senator Davis Well , I don't r < m
to go Inton personal controversy.
Senator Morgan When the senate
crises and says that my argument ii
not worthy of notice , Iwauttoknoi
who It la that makes that remark nm
to show that It In a man who la votiq
taxoa on my people to put Into his owi
pockets to enrich hluisolf.
SenatorDivls 1 want no persona
controversy with the senator.
Senator Morgan Well , keep off in ;
feet if you don't.
Senator Divls I bollovo the sonn
tcr will think bettor of it hereafter
As to my ownership of ooal lauds ,
am ono of u oorpjratiou In which per
haps n hundred other people are inter
Senator Gorman defended Senate
aviK , and the debate wiui carried oi
in great length.
Senators Brown and Bock had i
pointed controversy on the question o
"protection" and "monopolies , " an <
'tariff ' for revenue. " Senator Beol
talked about the iron and stool men
opoly , and Senator Brown doclarci
the "whisky ring" had the groatos
monopoly in this country.
A vote was finally taken and thi
amendment adopted iu committee o
whole making the duty on bltumonou
coal 75 cents per ton wab agreed to-
ayns 23 , noes 18.
The amendment inserting friction o
luclfor ma chcs at 35 per cent advaloi
em Wits agreed to.
Senator Cookrell asked for a sopoi
ate vote on the paragraph laying
duty of 20 per cent advalororu on gai
don seeds. The amendment was agree
to ayes 22 , noes 20 ,
Wood pipes , which had boon It
eluded by the committee of the who ]
with "common pipes of clay" at 35 pi
cent advalorem were struck oul
being left to como under the genon
olaasof "pipes. "
Scnr.tor Bock moved to add a oci
tiou repealing uootions 2,907 and 2
008 , Revised Statutes , and provldiu
that hereafter none of the charges iu
posed by said sections or any olhi
provisions of existing lair ah all bo e
tlmated in ascertaining the value <
goods to bo imported , nor shall tl
value of sack , box or coverings of an
kind on such goods bo estimated i
patt of their value in determining tl
amount of duty for which they a :
Senator Hoar moved to amend I
adding "provided they are fit fi
nothing else. " After some disousslc
the amendments were reserved f
S3" " " / ' * je 1-ttUWS.EUJ.HUB , "i
ThiTnouso wont into oommltteo
the whole on the tariff bill , the pen
ing paragraph being that imposing
duty cf 45 per cent ad valorem c
manufactured nrtiolns or wares parti
or wholly made of metal. Sever
amendments wuro lost.
Mr. Morrison offered anaiuondmoi
that after July , lot , 1884 , no liijh
duty shail bo levied on any article
the metal schedule than GO per ci
nd valorem. Lost 75 to 101.
Mr. Cox offered nn amendment fi
the remission of foreign built ships c
pajmont of it duty of 30 par cent f
valorem. Lost 59 to 02.
Consideration of the sohodul
"Wood and Wooden Ware , " was o
torod upon , Mr. Holinan moved
strike out the clause Imposing a dn
of 15 per cent advalorem on lumbo
hewn or sawed , and timber used f
spirs In building warehouses. Tl
question involved the Imposition
duly on lumber was not ono of rove
ue ; It wits ono of proprietary , whoth
congress shonld by registration croa
a motive for the destruction of Araoi
can timber.
MrEloarmado | a statement showl
the vast Importance of the lumber 1
teroats , opeclally in Michigan , whc
over $100,000 n day were paid labori
employed In that Industry. Ho v
In fnvor of retaining the proaont n
of duty.
Mr. Springer called attention to t
fact that while the present dt
brought a ravonuo cf only $1,000,0
Into the treasury it imposed tax
millions upon the consumer. Tl
seemed to him to bo a grievous bi
don upon the farmers of the west , w
lived in the pralrlo regions.
Mr. Ilolman'a amendment v
lost-40 to lOt
Mr. White moved to increase I
duty to 20 per cont. Lost.
Mr. Anderson moved to strike c
the whole clause relative to saw
lumber. Lost.
i Mr. Cox moved to reduce the di
i- on hubs , wagon blooka , &o. , from
io to 15 per cent , advalorum.
Ir Mr. Anderson advocated the n
is tlon. He said ho would not bo s
iso prised if it should turn out that
lo vote on the sugar question wo
se bear somewhat cf an analogy to
a. vote on the lumber question.
a.in Mr. Ford , In an amusing spec
inn > took umbrage at Anderson's '
id parsing the motives of every nun vi
idof voted aa ho pleased. "
advocated the rod
10 Mr. SprlngT
ol tlon. The amendment waa lost ,
wera several other amendments lo
ht Ing to reduction of the duties ,
Having concluded consideration
no the wool ichedu'o without mak
ill any change the ooumltteo rose ,
it , Mr. Cannon nalrnd that a night i
vo elon bo naslgned fet consideration
the legislative approbation bill.
IX- Mr. Buttorworth objected.
IXon Mr. Randall "What Is the In
le to bo between ? " \
lent Several republican * "Whli
ho whUkyl" Rocesi.
by When the house mot this oven
Mr. Ulsoook moved to g ( < iato c
mlttoo of the whole on the ( .oglsla
sr- appropriation bill.
rli Mr. Bntlerworth raised the q
tlon of consideration with the Inten
tion of calling up the bonded spirits
SVhon Mr. Bntlorworth saw ho was
beaten , ho endeavored to make the
E reposition that just ono hour should
o devoted to the consideration of the
bonded spirits bill.
Mr. Joyoo declared that the whisky
bill should not got ono mlnuto during
this session.
Mr. Rood suggested that Mr. But-
torworth should wait until the next
congress , when the whlshy bill would
bo moro at homo.
Mr. Illdoook'a motion was agreed to
87 ( o 02.
The houao wont into the committee ,
the pending amendment bolng that
offered by Mr. Thompson reducing the
number of Internal revenue districts
to 4G. To this amendment was the
pending amendment offered by Mr.
Uolmau , fixing the number at 82.
This amendment wns adopted 02 to 82 ,
nnd Thompson's amendment as
amended agreed to. This is n reduc
tion of 41 districts , and will , if finally
agreed to , go into effoot the first of
July next.
Mr. Thompson moved to amend seas
as to place grain distillers of n capacity
of leas than 500 bushels n day on the
same footing no fruit distillers , Lost.
On motion of Mr. Atkins an
amendment was adopted repealing the
law providing for nn assistant secre
tary of war and assistant nocrotary oi
the navy.
After completing 54 pages of the
the bill , the committee rose nnd the
house ndjonrnod.
Dentil of Governor Morgan
8 pedal Dispatches to Tux Ci .
NEW YOBK , February 14ExGov -
ornor Edwin D. Morgan died at 8
o'clock this morning.
Flags on public buildings nro nt
half mast to-day In honor of the mem
ory of Ex-Governor Morgnn. At a
meeting of the directors of the Western
Union to-day eulogistic resolutions
were passed. The directors will nttond
the funeral in a body.
At midnight last night It was ap
parent that the ox-governor wvi fast
sinking. His anxious family saw thst
death was inevitable. All during the
early houra of morning ho lay peace
fully without suffering any visible
pain. At 7 o'clock hii condition took
n change for the worse , Ho lost con
sciousness nnd remained in that state
until ho expired.
ALIIANY , to. Y , Fobruaty 11. Tin
senate to-day pivoted resolutions ol
eulogy on the lute Gov. Morgan unc
adjourned In respect of his memory
Thn Consolidated
Spcchl Dispatch to Tun DKTI.
NEW YOUK , February 13. Bntwcot
1 and 2 o'clock to-day the whole matter
tor of the negotiation ! ! between tin
Western and Mutual Onion tolcgrupl
companies waa settled by n lease am
other papers being signed , and tin
property of the latter turned over ti
the former. Joslnh 0. Rolff , a Wai
street jobber , on Tuesday brought i
suit In the supreme court against th
Western Union telegraph company
ponies from carrying Intofeuoot In
lease inadn on Saturday last by th
Western Union of the Mutual Unioi
Judge Freeman granted atcmporar ;
injunction with an order on the defendants
fondants to show causa on the 23d a
February why It ohonld not bo con
tlnuod. In nn interview with Proai
dent Green ho states the injunction
came too Into , the transfer and condl
tlons of tha lonao having boon ful
filled bof Dro the service of the wrll
The injunction will bo of no cffecl
oven under other circumstances.
A Brnkaimru Drained.
SpocIM O.ipUch to Tim IKK. :
OABIIOLL , In , February 12. Lit
Sunday , Robert Wileon , n brnkoma
of Conductor Gallop's train , we
dreadfully , if not fatally injure
while assisting In cleaning away
wreck near llalbur , a small station o
the Southwestern branch t/f / the Chicago
cage nnd Northwestern railroad. Th
injured man was immediately brougl
to Carroll and Dr , Wright summone
to dross his wounds and rendered h
condition as comfortable as posslb
until to-day , when Dr. W. loft for tl
south and the case was loft to the oai
of Dr. Kiiobs. Ho IB nt the Con
morolal house. The injury conslate
of a compression of the abdomen , bi
twoon two engines , ono of which wi
n wreck and the other backing In I
clear it away , It was the hoedles
ncES of Wileon himself which cause
the accident.
Thn Chicago Victims.
Special Dispatch to Tim linn.
CHICAGO , February 13 The post
authorities hero have issued a clrcul
to bo mailed to the victims of Floi
10 mlng and Morrlam nnd others. Und
the law tha postuflico authorities a
warning them of the fraudulent chc
actor of the business transacted 1
10 Pet.
Special Dltpatch to Tim 1 ! < K.
KANSAS CITY , February 14 , T
Times' Gallatin special Buys ; A w
known and reliable citizen to-d
positively identified Frank James
ono of the four men who stopped
his house the night before the W :
ston train robbery and murder. It
said when the case in called next we
the atato will able to present so
strong evidence.
A Mi nine ; Transfer.
Special Dispatch tq Tint llEB.
k' HELENA , Mont. , February 13
of The heaviest sala of mining prope
ofR over made in this vicinity was cc
> R plotod to-day , tlie Drum Lumn
mine being sold by Thomas Cruse
isof an English syndicate for $250,1
down and 8138,000 to bo paid in A |
and Juno next.
Died From the Io juries.
Special Dispatch to Tin UIK.
DEADWOOD , Dakota , February Id
H , 0 , Clark , an auctioneer of I
'g ' * city , and formerly a prominent bi
na ness man , died to-day from Injui
nave received at the handsof Thoa. I
llns , a dork in the store of J , T. ]
The Robbery of the Treasury
Bold , Bare and Un-
blusbing ,
The Kennard , Hawea and Pear-
man Bogus Claims Backed
in tbo House ,
The Mysterious Influence of
the Lincoln Lobby and
Its Converts.
Names of Bomo Rampant Op
ponents Who Suddenly
ThoRallrondiBlooUlnc nil
lation Affecting
FpocUl Dispatch 13 Tin D ! .
LINCOLN , February 1-1. Jobbers ,
bogu claimants and tax oatora are
holding high carnival at the capital
whllo the railroad lobby la blocking all
legislation that affords relief to ship-
pern and producers. The passage of
the capltol appropriation bill on
the heels of the most rock-
loss approprlatlons that saddle
the taxpayers with thousanda
upon thousands of dollars to pan
fraudulent and inflated claims , cap
the climax of extravagance , and the
meat surprising thing about thin lo-
gallzsd larconoy is the fact that man ,
who have comn to Lincoln with high
sounding pledges of honesty
and economy men who only
three days ago scorned the
imputation that they would support
thoao measures , have gene on the
record in favor of thoao jobs under the
moBt flimsy pretext. It Is safe to say
there is something rotten in Denmark
in nearly every Instance where the
lobby has miulo such ouddou conver
sions. Every Intelligent looker on
knows that nearly nil the clalma
and schemes of plunder arc
tied up with the capltol
ring. The republicans of the Douglas
county delegation have distinguished
themselves by voting solid for the
capitol tax , whllo McGavook Is the
only democrat from Omaha who Is
recorded for It. Tobias Castor and
the Burlington & Missouri pressure
changed Ramsey and Palmar , of Saline -
line , and some very mysterious influ
ence converted Howard and Nottloton
of Clay. Ashby will probably explain -
plain his very sudden flop nftor.
the loglslaturo adjourns , whllo zo >
explanation is expected from ( hot
wretched fraud who misrepresents r , >
Ouminq county. A a aappIemenUrxVM
to this cjpitol tax the following/In
lU 'h _
warrants pon' thn ttato
treasurer of any county , or any mu
nicipal corporation therein , shall bo
paid In the order of their registration
out of any money collected to
the credit of the fund upon which the
same Is drawn , without reference to
the year of the levy of the tax from
which the money oo received Is de
rived. The evident purpose of thla
bill Is to draw money out of the gen
eral fund for the capitol 'bnlld.'ng.
Warrants bcforo the tax is collected
or oven before it Is levied. Senator
McShauo's motion to indefinitely
postpone the capitol bill when it waa
tirst road In the senate , only received
ton out of ihlrty cast. Thcso ton
nro opposed to any capltol appropria
tion this session. The bill will bo
modified in the sonata so as to make
the capltol tax for the next two yearn
only three-quarters instead of ono
mill. This chnngo Is expected to mol
lify certain senators who want an ex
cuse for supporting thla unpopular
measure. Among the olalmi which
the house agreed to pass are Pat O.
Hawos and Tom Konnard's claims and
Pcarman's bogus militia claim. The
evening session of the house
waa devoted entirely to debate
on Jensen's railroad bill. It
only developed moro strongly
the organized opposition to any rail
road legislation. The railroad attor-
tornoys and cappers on the floor made
the moat captious opposition. Among
the opponents were Franz , Field ,
Draper , of Oasn ; Payne , Johnson ,
Biorbowcr and Gray. Among its sup-
portorn wore Robberts , Jensen , Dodd ,
Stoadwoll , Howard , Hall , and Cook ,
of Nuokolls. Much interest waa
manifested by the spectators -
tors , among whom was a
largo railroad lobby. The bill
was finally killed by a vote of 44 to
42. The following voted against the
bill : Blorbowcr , Britton , Brown ,
Oassol , Ohapin , Charleston , Chris-
tophorson , Collins , Oolpetzer , Daven
port , Dawson. Donman , Draper ( of
OM ) , Draper ( of KnoxJFlold , Franso ,
Gray , Grimes , Grout , Helmrloh , Hoe-
bol , Holman , Johnson , Kuonoy ,
Laird , Leo , McGavock , Miller , Mor
risen , Neville , Payne , Savage , Ses
sions , Spanoglo , Swoaringer , Susson-
bach , Thompson , Tower , Wostcott ,
Whedon , Wlsonburg , Wool and the
speaker ,
The Ferry's nud Their Mliioa.
Special Dispatch to TIM UBS.
SALT LAKK , Utah , February 13.
The buainoss men of Salt Like think
the affairs of tbo Ferry Bros. , In Utah ,
in have been ably and honorably man
to aged. The Gentiles are praying far
)0 ) Ferry's election to the eonato , and pa
pers to this effect were signed to-day.
A Fool With R Gun.
SpocliI Dispatch to Tui Bu.
WAUOO , Nob. , February 13 ,
Ben Riddle , of Oerocoo , shot a neigh
bor named Dougherty in the jaw
Monday afternoon , whllo fooling with
a revolver in n gun shop In Wahoo.
Dougherty la seriously but not. dan
gerously hurt. The ball has been ex

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