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DR. A. COOK , | 4
' / . .
i fl.v. '
Diseases of Women and Diseases of the Rectum a Specialty.
The Dr. hasJjcon located In Coun
cil Blnffj nearly two years , and hav-
ng been called profcuaiotmlly auring
that time into the best families in the
city and surrounding country , takes
pleasure in an nnnont'cing that ho has
oomo to atay. His constantly incroas-
Inp practice at homo , in thu niiclst of
hla own people , is thu bnnt , ovidotKOof
his skill M A SPECIALIST , and ho
wiflhen it uudcratood , ouco for nil , ( hut
his methods of treatment art ) STRICT
LY Boioutifio ; that ho deapiaca quack-
cry aa well among oo-callod "Regular"
and "Homeopathic" practitioners an
among travoltngcharlatana and "Oaro-
Alls. " Ho has devoted fifteen years
to the study and practice ot hla SPE
CIALTIES and haa had the benoQt of
the moat nklllful training in * the best ,
colleges and hoapltalo in the land , and
has.no hoaitancy In promining the very
beat results to be obtained Irora acleu-
tificmedicino and surgery.
It rnuat bo evident to every oloao
observer that no ono mind , howuvor
gifted , can graap more than a muro
smattering of medical scicmoo. The
fiald la tuo largo and the natural dlris-
lonu too numerous for anytnlng inoro
th.tn a cur.sory viov of the vaat obsta
cles to bo ticsouutornd by the " { po
or * ! " pTiioMtiouor. Wa have our tun-
iuuui surgeons and our eminent prac
titioners of mudioine , ufif-r which fol
low the noted apeelalista , embracing
the Ere , the Kir , the Throat , the
Langs , the Kidnoya and Bladder , Dla-
oasoa of Woman , Insanity , &c , &o. ,
any ono cf which requires years of
patlout study uud practice to insure
proficiency aud ultimate BUCCOBO.
The busy practitioner of to-day
the "family" physician can no more
onbr&ce all these specialties In his
practice and do justice to his patients
than ho can "buttlp up sunlight , " yet
how many physicians In the western
Tent never require crimping , at Mrs. J. J. ajod's Hair Dtore , at prices never before touched by
ny other hair dealer. Also a full line ot swltchw , etc. at crc&tly reduced prices. Also gold ,
vcr and colored nets. Waves made from ladles' own b ! r. Do not fall to call before purchasing
slwwhere. All goods warranted a represented. MRS. J. J. GOOD ,
83 Main street , Council Plugs , Iowa.
KR8 , E , J , JIARDINO , H , D , .
Medical Electrician
Oradmto of ffleatropathlo ItatltuUon , PhlU-
delphla , Penna.
Office Cor , Broadway & Olenn Avo.
The treatment ot all dlseabea and p Infal dlt
Bcaltles peculiar to tercalea a epoclaliy.
Omaha and Council Bluffa
Real Estate & .Collection Agency ,
In Odd Fellow's block , over Savings'
Dank. ianS-tj
Justice ol the Peace aud
Notary Public.
tl&Broadway , Council Bluffa
Dr , J , Meaglior.ziOcuM , Aurisfc ,
In Chronic dlfeoecs , ofleta his services to all al
filcted with dUtasea of th Eye , Ear , cr Chronic
dleewesolany character. Warrants a euro In
all Rheumatic afloctl na Can be consulted by
mall or In person at the Metropolitan hotel ,
Council BluQd , Iowa.
r , D. iDunfnsON , . L. imuaAtr. A. w. BTRIIT ,
President. Vlee-Prcflt , Cuhler.
Of Council Blnif * .
Organized under the law ) of the Stita of Iowa
Fold up capital t 75,000
f , Anthorlied capital 00,000
, ; InUrest paid on tlind depoelto. Draft ) Ittraed
on tha principal cltltxi of the United Staled and
EUIOJW. Special attention flven to collectlout
and coirogpondeaca with prompt ntnini.
J. D.GlmandMn , E. L. Fhui-ait , J. T.Hirl ,
Ur.lW.lWiJUco , J. W. Roller , ] . A. Mllbr
A. W , Street , Jyldtl
Are now ready to contract for email castings ot
every description In
Special attention Is called to the f < ot that the
metals are mo ted In CRUCIELKU which gives the
very best coatings ,
Burning Brands
FACTORIES , Etc. , Etc. ,
An w < > H ag
Cattle Brands
Works : Corner Sixth street and Eleventh aveuue ,
do. SORES ,
do. ULCERS ,
do. BOILS ,
do. ECZEMA ,
Write for full particulars , and little book "Mes.
gage to tha Unfortunate Suffering.
T2.81,000 XUward will he paid to any
Clietnliit who Will flnd , on an&lyala of 100 bottles
of S. S. S. , one particle of Mercury , Iodide of
Potassium , or othtr Mineral substance. SWIFT
SPECIFIC CO. , Proprietors , Atlanta. Qa.
Price of Small Size , _ . . f l 00
, . . - US
coautry are FBBTBNDINO to do so , to
the cost and Injury of their patients.
The Dr. duoa not protund to cure
ALL ohronio dlaoaaoa. Ho olalma ,
however , that yobta of patiout study
and praotloo , in the hospitals and ! aa-
where , give him advantages in their
treatment whloh no ordinary praott-
tlonor can po lbl ? have ; that ho CAN
CURE } many caaos now prononncad
INCURABLE by them , and glvo re
lief tohuudfudsof others whoso dia-
oaaos como within the range of his'SPE-
CIALTIES. He is prepared to give
the most approved olectrio treatment
and modlcatod viper baths , when
needed. P.xrtloa res'd ng at a dlatanoo ,
whose means will not admit of their
taking a regular course of treatment
here , will ba furnished blanks with
questions , which can ba oinworod and
returned to the Doctor , who will maka
up hlo diagnosis and givjo treatment if
desired , bat ho much prefers to make a
Depart. Arrive.
Atlantic Kxt--B 0pm I Paclflo Ext..OlSam :
Ex and Mall.9:25 : a m Ex and Mall.0:55 : p m
D. Molnos ac.7:16 : a m | Dos Molnos nc.4JO : p m
Depart. Arrive.
Atlantic Exf..S:30 : p m I Faclflo Ext..920 a m
Holland Ex,020am Holland Ex.7:00pra :
N. Y. Ex 4:00 : p m | Neb & Kag Ex..8ZO : a m
Depart. Arrive.
AtlantloExt..6lBpm : Pacific Ext..0:15am :
Mall and Ex.9.20am JI all and Ex" . . 0:15 : p ra
Accom. ( Sat.Cu10 p m Accom. ( Mon..l:15puj :
Depart. Arrl > o.
Holland Ex..9:55am : I Express GMpm :
Express 9:10 : p m | Mall and Ex..6'45pm
DNION rAcirio.
Depart. Arrlvo.
Overland Kr.llSO a. m. Overland Ei,4.00 p. m.
Lincoln Ex..11:30a. : m. DemcrEx . . .8:00a.m : ,
Denver Ex..7:00 : p. m. Local Ex G30ft. m.
[ x > cal Ex 7:25 : a. m. " Ex fl.Ofia. ra.
Emigrant..520 p. m. " Ex F-tiOa. m.
Depart. Arrive.
Mall and Ex. . 9:45 : am I Mall and Ex. . 420pm
Cannon Ball. . 4:50 : p m | Cannon Ball. . 11:05 : a in
Depart. Arrive.
ForBIoux Clty.TAS a m Frm Sioux 0' ;
For Fort Nlobrara. Krm Fort Mlobrara ,
Kob 7:55 : am Neb * G:50pm :
For St. Paul.-.7:40 : pm From St. Paul.,8 0 a m
Lea\ Council UIuHs. Arrives Council Bluffs.
Mall and Ex.920 a m I Mall and Ex.6:65 : pm
Atlantic Kx. . | 5:15 : p m I Allan tic Ex. . . | 9:10 : a in
aiicAoo , uawAuiKi AND ST. PAUL.
Leaves Omaha. Arrives at Omaha.
Hall and Et.7:15am : I Paclflo Ex 19:15am :
Atlantic Ei. . | 3:40 : pm | Mall and Ex.7-25 pm
Except Sundays , f Except Saturdays. { Except
Mondays. ( Dally.
Council Blufia Ss Omaha Street B. R.
Leave Council bluffs. Leave Omaha.
8 a m , 9 a m , 10 a m , B a m , 9 a m , 10 a m ,
11 a m , l m , 2 p m , 3 p Ham , 1pm , 2pm , 3 p
m , 4 p m , 6 p m , 6 p m. m , 4 p m , S p m , 0 p ra
Street cars nin half hourly to the Union Paclflo
Depot. On Sunday the cars begin their trips at
9 o clock a. m. , and run regularly during the day
at 9,11 , 2 4 , 6 and 6 o'clock , anuruu to city time.
Playing Faro.
Detroit Free I'res ) .
"I am going to take yon Into the
largest faro room In the city , " said
the sport. "Soo all yon have a mind
to , but don't talk until wo got out. "
Through a saloon , past a cigar
counter , to a billiard room ; thence up
a carpeted stairway , at the top of
which Old Sport stopped and exclaimed -
claimed : "Now use your oyosl See
that heavy trap-door , fitted with
heavy spring bolts. When that door
Is closed nothing short of a battering
ram can break It opon. It in held
open by a light spring catoh , and that
la operated by a fine wire that runs
along the floor , and down behind the
bar , being never out of roach of that
bartender's hands. If a policeman ,
or any ouo else whom they don't want
up hero , starts for this stairway , down
drops the door , and hq don't como
The stairway led to a well-carpeted
hall , at the bottom of which was a
green balza door. Passing this the
visitors found themselves In a largo
and well-lighted room the lair of the
tiger. Gamblers usually speak of
faro playing as "bucking the tiger , "
but If any ono imagines that the ani
mal Is other than a fat , slock , attrao-
tlve-looklbg feline they make a great
mistake. Only the furry ooat Is ox-
poiod ; ono must join In the play In
order to get a glimpse of the fangs
and claws.
Upon the green cloth that oovored
a long table wore pasted the thirteen
ojurds that comprise suit , there being
oonilderablo ipaoo between them.
personal examination and treat all
patients hero , when possible , thus
avoiding any ohanco of error in diag
nosis ,
The Boot or treats all forms of ohron
io disoftso , without mentioning any
uno in partionlar , and has no hesitancy
in saying that ho OAN and WILL
qivu the boat treatment known to med
ical science , and charge only a reasonable -
able fee for hla'sorviooa.
This is ono of the SPECIALTIES
to which the Dr. has devoted the best
years of his life , and hundreds of
women , now living , are ready to tosti'
fy that they found relief at his hands
when others had failed to benefit
them. The "family" physician can
not treat thoao diseases succosafully ,
for many important reasons. , ohlof
among which is , that ho has not the
time to devote to their study , nor the
patience to do thoru justice. Nor
Back of this table , with his black soft
lat slanted down over his eyes to
ihlold them from the light , sat a heavy
Dullt man , with an onormons spark In
his shirt front , a nobby anil of clothes ;
dainty , whlto hands , the loit badly
erupted with diamonds ; and keen ,
dark eyes that roved from end to end
of the table continually. This was the
At the right hand of the dealer , and
near the end of the table , sits a man
with a box before him that closely resembles -
somblos a backgammon board. Across
its two compartments upon wires are
thirteen rows of buttons , fonr In a
row , such as are used in counting bll-
lards , They are hero used to keep
count of the cards used by the dealer.
This individual is very largo In the
waistcoat , and his clothing Is very
soody. His eyes are dull aud watery ;
his face , though full and round , is sal
low and pimply , and in its comer
glows a bulbous nose that would sizzle
If thrown into water. Ho is a happy
man whenever Homo ono asks him to
take a drink , and the waiter always
brings him a tumbler full cf whisky.
This man Is the case koopor.
Opposite the dealer , there la a mot
ley crowd. Along the ontlro sldo'of
tbo table there Is a row seated. Behind -
hind these are othora standing. The
ono vho sits opposite the dealer , puff
ing vigorously at a cigar which points
upward and outward from the corner
of his mouth , is a professional gam
bler , who wins and loses with such ap
parent nnooncorn as o suggest the
probability that ho "stands in" with
the bank. Next to him on the loft Is
a grocer who acquired a passion for
play whllo In the army , and ho hasn't
spent a dozen evenings at homo with
his family In a dozen years. Next to
him situ a bachelor lawyer who com
menced practice in this city nearly
trYonty years ago , with oxcolfont pros
pects. Ho is a good advocate , Is well
up In the tricks of his trade and makes
$3,000 to ยง 4,000 per year. Ho might
better bo working somewhere for his
board and clothes , for that is all ho
derives from hla Income. The re
mainder of it ho contributes to the
support of gamblers. Ho Is a reckless
player , and rarely goes homo with a
dollar in his pocket. That fino-look-
ing yoang man Is a commercial trav
eler from the East. Ono of these
nights ho will travel out of the conn-
try , and then an eastern firm
will commence investigating with
a view of ascertaining how much
they must charge up to profit
and loss to make their accounts
balance. The two palo youths have
each got a rich "governor , " bnt ho
doesn t govern thorn worth a cent ,
They are "firing" his money with a
liberal hand. That foul-mouthed fol
low who is loudly affirming that ho
broke a bank once keeps a saloon and
lodging honso on the Potomac. That
stylishly dressed chap is a oappor for
the bank , and the bronzed , nnkempt-
looking man with him is a farmer who
brought m a load of poultry and hogs
In the morning , which ho haa sold for
a good price. The capper saw him
Belling thorn , and managed to fall Into
conversation with him. Ho has
treated him two or throe times , and I *
now Uklng him around to BOO the
iight , and especially If there U a
little wickedness connected there
"Oomo and take a drink , " uld the
should it bo expected of him , In the
absence , perhaps , of spooial training
and oxporionoa , nnd in the hurry and
excitement of general praolico
The Dr. is prepared to treat all fa-
male diseases in a skillful and scientific
manner , having devoted aovoral yours
to their study and treatment , both in
the hospital and In uctivo practice ,
Diseases of the Rectum ,
These ombraoo Hemorrhoids , or
Piles , Fistnlos , Fissures , Prolaps , or
falling of the anui , tumors , oto , etc. ,
and constitute ono of the Doctor's
loading spoclMtios. All rectal tumors
are treated by the now method of In-
jootlng and ara thoroughly and speed
ily removed , with bnthttlaoruo pain
OASOS of Piloa , from ton to twenty
years standing , have boon permanent
ly cured by thia now method , many of
thorn residing ia and near the city at
present.EPILEPSY ,
Many cases ot Ejilopsy , or Fits ,
sapper. "He's got some of the finest
lourbon here yon over tasted. " Then ,
n a whisper : "It's free , too. Don't
cost you a cent ! "
Proof whisky Is A stranger to the
granger's stomach Five minutes after
lo is tolling that ho hasn't played a
"koord" slnoo ho was a boy and nsod
to play out in the haymow in the burn
on Sunday.
"Was yon lucky at cards' ! " inquired
the oappor.
"Yes , slroo , yon bt > t I was. There
wasn't a boy in our neighborhood that
jould bait mo playing hlgh-low-jack-
in-tho-game ! "
"Sayl" said the capper , nudging
lilm in the ribs aud pointing to the
bablo , "there's throd kings como out
[ oner In snocouslon. Thoro's only ono
inoro In the pack , and it's two to ono
that that comes out winner. Lot's you
and I put $5 apiece on it. "
"No , I never gamble , " said the
farmer , as if half ashamed to own it.
"That's not gambling ; it's only
making a bet that the king will oomo
out a winner ; that's all. Here , I'll
Eut up $5 for you"and a $10 bill was
dd upon the king. A turn of the
cards , and the king had won , The
dealer throw out two now $5 bills , ono
of whloh the capper passed to the
farmer , Baying : "There , I'vo made
$5 for you in a minute. If a man has
got luck ho can make inoro money
here in a day than ho can on a farm
in a year. "
Meantime , the dealer had boon
she ill Ing the cards , and had dexter-
oaely placed a king the second card
from the bottom , a fact of whloh the
capper was awnro.
"Go on the king again , " he Bald to
the farmer. "Even if yon lese , yon
aio oven with the game. "
Down wont th , bill on the king , and
the next Instant the dealer placed a
second five with th i first.
"Yon are lucky,1'eaid the cappor.
"If I had your hick , I'd brnnk the
bank before morning , Lot's take an
other ! "
With the second glass of the power
ful liquor departed the last vestige of
the farmer's caution , and ho took a
eoat at the table , bought a stack of
chips , and , guided by the capper ,
commonoed'pluy ing recklessly. Ho won ,
then lost , lost again , doubled his bet
and won , lost once moro , kept losing ,
and an hour later hla old wallet lay
before him upon the table as empty as
a tin horn.
" ' tltod " said the dealer
"I'm , , yawn-
ing. "It'fl time to shut up , gentle
men ; so lot's take a drink and go , "
And outtnto the street wont the farmer ,
to reel to the hotel Btablo where hohad
loft his horses , drlvo sadly home along
in the small hours of the morning , ,
and to go to bed with nothing but an
aching head , and a bitter , very bitter ,
lesson to show for all the hogs and
poultry ho had raised in a season.
The next morning ho told his wlfo
that ho had his pocket picked at the
March On , March on to Victory.
Dndor date ot November 21 , 1681 , Mr. Albtrl
If. lUndy , of Fratt and Whltn y Company ,
Hartford , Conn. , write *
"H Tlngb uj a great nttttti from a wrer *
attack of Kldnty DlieftM , and tnduied tor a long
Urn * the lafeMi pain , man ; athef , and txtrem *
can bo cured if taken in tlmo , and OB
pocially in young subjects. The Dr.
does not claim to euro all cases that
oomo to him for treatment , bnt can
point to numerous instances where R
permanent euro has boon wrought
within the last five yoars. Medicine *
will bo sent by express when pationto
cannot como to the city.
These troublesome , parasites can bo
removed in a few hours , with but little -
tlo inconvenience to the patient. The
Dr. will send medicines by express ,
with full directions for use , at" any
time they may bo ordered. .
The Dr , makes no promises bnt
what will bo fulfilled to the letter. If
ho examines you and finds your dis
ease incurable , ho will toll you so in
plain words ; if ho liuds yon can bit
bonofittod he will treat you for a mod
erate fee ana glvo you the benefit of
all that medical science can doforyonr
oiso. This is all that any careful
weoknois that always attend this dread disease ,
Deluding the terilblo back-ache , alter trying
doctor's prescriptions and many other so-called
cures , without gaining any btneQt , I Mas finally
icnuudod to take Ilunt's DcmcJyiand after us-
ng It K very short tlmo I flnd myself entirely r -
loved fiom the bick-aclio and other p lrn , and ,
bolter thau til tha other Improvements la my
general boilth , my Kidney dlicnio It curad. II
affords me great ptoaiuro to recommend Hunt's
Remedy to all who may be suffering as I have
) een , as It Is oito and reliable medicine for Kid
ney Disease. '
Honest Indorsement.
Mr. 0. T. Molvln , of Providence , It. I , , says
"Believing , as I do , ttut an honest endorse
ment cf all you claim for the virtue ] ot Hunt's
Homed ) ' , I with pleasure attest to the ficb that
ts atlan In reitorlng a healthy condlt'on to dis
eased Kidneys and Liver Is , In my caao , little less
lhan miraculous. "
"Bo say wo , all of at ,
One , two , three , four of us , "
and so on up to thousands , that Hunt's Remedy
Is Incomparably the bo&t Kidney and Liver med
icine known.
LONE JACK , Mo. , Sept. 14 , 1879 ,
I have boon , using Hop Bitters , and
have received great benefit from thorn
for liver complaints and malarial favor
They are superior to all other medi
cines. P. M. BAUNEH.
Vlco Pwj'J.
W. B. Diitiiui , floe , nnd Treat.
Lincoln , Neb
Corn PlimtorB Hrrrowu.Knrm Rolloru
Bulky Hay Rnlcou , Bucuet BloviUlng
WluumlllB , do
We are prepared to da Job woik and nutinUj
nilug for other parting.
Addrtnual onion
Llnnoln. No
r".i * ixi
t i ; of lei-
< n r iluttri UTOI | > rughtwork fj r'i
tlm > i' tiaril utt tarv hrnl'i m-r'f . *
iTivi" u t Mor'fti
U Stlllll , It JlIU t til'
rlru or nlnKl'j. old , "f
jworli' lti or Unit uWi I *
o , o , rUr on Hop Joft/pr * .
- >
Windier yonarf. . . . . . . 'roin ' t"tit
wljto r J on ff l i - -
ilitt your J Um I i fnrm.it JJ'iol elm
* n > d > ckaiul&ff , > i > b '
' . .nor itlmuullnv ,
lm lr '
tak * Hop
Or ) . O
l > Ianl , di > u c -111 tT llU
. HUP Linear , fi
taicrli. Vtuod.
Uv r ot twrVM I
UtA Of VpUt'
You will ( IB
curcdlf TOUUK lUJCCtSC * .
Hop Blttert
ply wr k and
Iu ft > tiU < > , try NEVER
III It may tiui- urn in
nvtyour FAIL '
KI'U ,
life , ( that
nun- Ixkul.K I
dr * < Ji Tlra.te.Ovk
practitioner should promise bin pa-
fonts' It is all ho OAN promiao thorn
and bo honest.
Parties visiting the city for the pur
pose of oonsnltitig the Dr. should
ooino directly to his oflioo , where the
boat roforonoos in the city will bo fur *
nishodwhon desired , and where pa
tients will also bo assisted in procur
ing board and rooms at reasonable
( Ono Block North of Broadway. )
Address all Letters to
m , A , 'o , COOK ,
P. Q. Box No. 14G2 ,
' Council Bl fe
t li ft lure , prompt and effectual remods or indigestion -
digestion , lyipcp la , Intcrmlttont > 'ovcre. Wont
otAppotlto , Nervous Debility In all IU Stage *
iVoak Memory , Losi of Brain Tower , Prostration ,
Weakness and general Loss of Power. It repabi
ncrtom waste , rejuvenates the fiulod Intellect , .
itronghthen * the enfeebled brain and rontorea
lurpru ng tone and vigor to the exhausted or-
( am. The oxiwrlonco of thousand * prorw It to
1)0 an Invaluable remedy. Price , 31.00 a bottle.
or six orW. For sale by all dru gl'to , or lent
secure from observation on receipt of price by
Dr. Stelnlmv t P. O. Box 2400 It-
fl Mo- _
The Great Popular UomcJy far Piles.
3urocuro forBlinil , niccdlng&ItchlragF
And all forms of Homorrholdal Tumor * .
These BurrosiToniM act directly upon th
ooatu of the lllooil Vessels , and by their aatrlncent
cts gently force the blood from the swollen
ors , andby making the coats of the velaf
trong , prevent their refilling , and hence a radi
cal euro Is sure to foil jw their use , Prlco , 78
cents a box. For lalo by all JrureUts , or sent by
mall on receipt of price , by Ea llnli Mndioal
Instltato , 718 OHvo Stft
And nil Polut * Eitst andBouth-Eatt.
lleatly 4,000 miles. Solid Smooth Steel Track
II connections are made in UNION DfcPOTS
hag a National Uoimtatlou ag being th
re t Through 0 r Line , and li universally
needed to be the FIHEOT EQUIPPED RlU-
J In the world far all classes of travel.
Try It and you will flnJ traveling k laiury
Instead of a discomfort.
Through TlUets vU rhli Celebrated Line
li e at all offices In the West.
All Information about Rates o l' re , 81eepU
CM Aeocramodatlonj , Time Tablri , &c. , will bs
cheerfully given by applylnlni ; to
Sd Vlco-J'res't < fc den. W ui.RerChlcago.
Qnn. Pa ecrwer Al. Chicago ,
( Jen. Afront , Council Dludi.
11. P. DUULL , TlcVtl JAffl.
tnmo-od lv
PERSONAL "Partsof the hunranbody
cnliir eil , (1u > uloo3 ] and etrengtbened , " etc. , Is
an Interesting all ert eomeot long run In our
paper. In reply to I qu rien we will Bay that
there Is no e > 1 lcno i f humbug ab ul this. On
the contrary , the advert I ji ra or/ very highly In-
Uorttid. Intorod ivl persona n ay get acaltd clr-
culan git Ing all particular ! , giving all particu
lar ) , li ! nddr liiir Erlo lleJlcal Co , , P. 0. Box
518 , UuuMlo , M. Y. Toledo ttrenlng B e. , I
an ll-ly

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