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The Daily Bee.
Friday Morning , Fob. 10.
Mr. J. 8. Shropshire lectures ixt Central
hall this evening.
Gen , 0. R. Decker , the smallest man in
the world , la with the Karl company ,
Tha W. 0. T. U. will meet In Y. M.
O. A. ball Tuesday afternoon at 3 p. m.
If the thaw continues to be aa gradna1
M It baa begun there ii no danger of a serl
ons flood.
Valtnttner ore still coming In to many
of our citizen * , and the shower will not be
over for two three daya yet.
J. B. Detwller , the carpet man , ha
plaed hanilaome new curtains at nil o
the windows In the postoffice.
The ferry can , commencing tbli
aornlng , will make the regular trlra
between Omaha and Council Bluffs , the
ice croselnj ? having been reported unsafe.
Mt. Calvary Commandcry , K. T , ,
meet ) this , Friday evening , Feb
ruary ICtb , 7:39 sharp , for work in tbo
Templar order.
There was a heavy fog banging over
the lower part of town yesterday but
the atmosphere was colder and the thawing
was not BO rapid aa might have been ex
Prcf , C. D. B. Mill * , who has been
in Omaha several times and delivered come
lectures which were of great Intercut , will
lecture at the Unitarian church on Friday
night , February 28d.
The Nebraska State Teachers' assucin-
tlon will hold ita next meeting at Colunv
bus on the 27th , 28th and 20ih of March ,
Ample preparations are being made by thi
cittzena of Columbus for a large attend
an oo.
< oo.The harp of flowers that waa presenfld
by Miss Warren and Mm. Jameson , o !
Council Bluffs , to the Omaha Glee club , Ii
now In tbo poiseielon of At D. Morris , th <
club by unanimous voice declaring him en
titled to the aamo.
Board of Trido A meetlnc will b <
held on Friday evening , at 7i30 o'clock , tc
discuss the question of establishing rlucosc
worka In our city. The importance of thlt
to every butlnces man la Incaculablo ,
Vbos. Gibbon , secretary.
Tha third annual course of lectures in
Unity church will begin on Friday nlfiht ,
Feurunry 22 J , with a lecture by Prof , 0.
D. JJ. Mill * , of Si racuBf , N. Y. The only
ecture course given in Omaha la under the
ausplcei of Unity church , and the effort tc
Instruct tbo people ought to bo well sus
tained. Other lectures will bo given bj
Frof. Augboy , llev. Jeuk Al Jones , o !
Chicago , and llov. J. Villa Blake , ol
Qalncy , 111.
Charles A. Gardner , who is every
whrro acknowledged the funniest Germat
dialect comedian now before the public ,
will 'present his original play "Karl , *
'which depicts a pure typo of Gorman char
acter. Ho Ia supported by Pattl lloaa am
a capable company.
Tbo Washington birthday entertain
ment , In the hall of Crelghton college , fni
the benefit of the schools of the Holj
Family parish , will be both entertaining
nd Instraotire. The views of the Iltlj
Land , which will bo exhibited , will be suf
fioently large to make the exhibition ni
nearly realiitio aa oan bo expected , am
they will bj supplemented by mtereatinf
oral desorlptlons , by tbo exhibitor , Capt
T. F. Qalnn , Fort Omaha. This will bi
the second appearance of the captain ii
this pleawnt and recreative capacity , anc
It will doubtless be no less pleasant to tbi
audience than waa his former entertain
ment , which gave satisfaction to eycry
The opening of the roller rink Wed
aesday waa well atUndod , and waa i
thorough success In every respect. Ovo
two hundred and fifty people were In tb
ball , and during the evening the major ! ! ;
of them tried their hand on the rollort
Mr. Llghtford , the manager , gave a fin
exhibition of what can be dona on tbo llttl
rollers , and his efforts were watched by a
interested throng. The hall Itself is larg
and roomy , presenting a turface sixty fe
wide and one hundred feet In length. Th
oor la of hard maple and la smooth
glau. The selection of ball waa ver
fortunate , and in all probability the entei
prise will meet with success.
Police Court.
Jerry Kornan , who has been in th
habit of going about the atreota i
night , hallooing and raising a distort
anco , waa arrested again for the ol
offense , and waa sent up for 15 days o
broad and water.
Two plain drunks. Ono paid $1
and coats , and the other wont to jul
Jane Davis , who wont to EHzibot
Lewis' house and raised a row about
piece of board , was committed In di
fault of $5 fine , and cost * .
A complaint has boon filed agalni
"Ed. Qulnn , the ICth street saloc
keeper , for assaulting John E. Polai
James Terr , a colored man , had h
trial yesterday on the charge <
stealing clothing and furniture fro
his atep-alster.
i Ed. Qalllgan was sent to jail ( or Ii
loen days on bread and water for alec
ing a shot gun from Jeff Keeps ,
A complalnst has been made again
Jco Collins for hitting a four year obey
boy with a brick-bat
James Olark , charged with larcon
had a hearing Wednesday aftornoo
Ho pleaded not guilty to the charge
having stolen a pocketbookcontalnli
about $25. After the first wltne !
had testified Olark was asked if 1
wanted to cross examine him I
raplled in the negative , and asked pe
mission to change bin pica to guilt
which WM granted him , The jud |
thereupon eontcnced htm to thlr
days in jail. On the way up to tl
jail Olark told the officer who was c !
cortlng lilm that Michael Mehan , wl
had lost the money , was lying drut
on the eldoralk with his pocket bo <
near him , and that the pocket bo <
contained a $20 gold piece and a I
bill. When Clark's term expire >
there Is another complaint for him
.answer to ,
An UnloaM Noodle Gun and
Its Work ,
Three Little School Children
Winged by One Shot.
What Come Near Being a Terrible
Tragedy *
The Young Man Surrenders Himself.
There was another serious case of
shoo tine Wednesday , which illustrates
the folly of recklessly handling fire
arms , and which came near resulting
In the death of three little school
children , all of whom were affected by
the single shot fired toward them.
the scolara of tchool district No. 21 ,
whoso school house , just built last
fall , is situated on Ponca Crook , just
north of Florence , were out in the
front yard playing , some of them at
snowballing. Whllo thus engaged a
wagon was driven np containing three
young men , two of the Shipley boys ,
nephews of Mr L. Shipley , who resides <
sides In that locality and the third 11
man named Lorn Harbacgh. liar
bangh and ono of the Shipley boji
had boon
cuorriNo WOOD
in Iowa , and wore just returning , or
their way to Shipley's uuole'n houca
The other Shipley boy wni
driving a team up frou
Florence , and they had askec
a rldo with him. On arriving at tin
school house they stopped and en
gaged In a game of enow balling wltl
the aoholari , after which they got ii
the wagon and started on. The Ship
ley from Iowa had with him a 45 call'
the lock of which had boon tamfjorot
with , and filed so that U would go of
at each catch , It being a three oatcl
look. The owner had boon in the
habit of carrying it half cocked , as ll
was on this occasion. As the part }
drove away , some of the little boys ,
there a/a no largo scholars at th <
school , followed thorn with a showoi
of snow balls. Harbangh picked HI
the noodle gun and pointed it towarc
the children , and touching the ttiggei
It went off.
Till : HlfOT
going right into tlio midat of thi
crowd of children. Loaning agains
the door facing was the little five yea
daughter nf Mr. L. Shipley , Mnmle
and &t her right waa Ivy Prlco , thi
daughter of Mr. Thomai. E. Prlco
about 11 years old , and a little furtho
to the south wars Marquis D. Shipley
Mnmio'a brother , ana about 11 year
of ago. The ball pnsood directly Ii
front of Mamie and struck her righ
arm passing.
aud clothing , Inflicting n oloan out 01
the skin , which was not serious. I
next passed right under Joy Price'
nose , so oloso that it left a powdo
mark or burn on her upper lip , am
caused the blood to flow from hoi
nose and setting her head nwhlrllng
as she sayo. Marquis D. Price na
the next in the oath of the fated missile
silo , and it struck blm In the rlgh
thigh ,
and coming out. The f oreo of thi
bullet cauocd the Prlco boy to whli
about and stop off the little porch Ii
front of the houso. Ho walked boo !
and Into the room , where the t cache
saw him blooding , and being told wha
the matter was luid him down on i
bonoh and at once dispatched a men
Bongcr for his father , who lives nbon
300 yarda from the school house
There was the most intense oxoltu
mont and
Mr , Shipley soon came with a oloi
that was standing hitched up In hi
wood yard and convoyed his son home
sending to this city Immediately fo
Dr. CclTmtui. It appears that afte
firing the shot the three young mo :
did not stop to BOO If any ono was hur
but drove on to Mr. Shipley's residence
donco , and were talking with him Ii
the yard when ho was notified at th
accident. When
ho made a thorough examination c
the ballot wound , probing It thong
and pronounced It a flesh wound oul
and not fatal though so serious thi
U will keep the little follow in bo
for a month or six weeks and oaue
him a great deal of snffoi
ing , IIo said It waa' the most
from death ho had over seen in his o :
porionco. Ho said that the ball ha
passed so near the bono as to graze i
but ho thought It was not fractured .
all. Had It deviated a sixth cf r
Inch either way It would ha )
cost the boy his log if 11
his life , Harbaugh expressed gre
regret at the unfortunate occurred
and said ho did not know the gu
waa loaded and had no malice
st pointing It at the children. Ho c )
in ored to make any reparation
il his power , by work , money whi
ills ho got it , or othi'swle
ls Mr. Shipley bollovos that it was u
of Intional but thinking that
ofm , an oxai
m plo should bo made of some ono , d
talnod htm at his own honso unl
yesterday morning , when ho broug
him to town and Horboui
voluntarily surrendered himsol i
Bt Just what the district attorui
Id can do with him is uncertain , but 1
will probably bo fined for dlsturbli
y , the peace , and lot oil with a ropi
n.of mand. Had ho killed the boy , 1
of would have for
gene up manslaught
"B undoubtedly ,
Tbo American Bible Society.
This national benevolent society
iry. . quietly but thoroughly pushing j
y.go great work of visiting every family
ly the United States , and fornlshl ng
be who are destitute of the scrlptut
8bo with a copy of the Word of Go
For sixty-six years this society h i
ik been engaged In Us special work , ai
3k during this tlrno it has dlstribut
ok over 40,000,000 copies of the seri
tnroa "without note or comment. "
ate During the month of December 2
to col-porteurs were employed in t ]
country by this eoclety ; 28,810 fa :
llica were Visited nua 0,017 weretti
destitute of the bible. The w of
supplying the families ot Orjftn8 JRS
booh entrusted to RBV , WIT. . McO nd-
) uh , In fifteen days In Jan sry iio
visited 492 families , ifound 101 ( AW-
tiles without the soMpturos ; of thcso
ho supplied by donations 57 families
\ ahd two Individuals.
The work ol supply Is bclne very
thoroughly pushed in this state. The
railroad corporations have been very
helpful in the matter , and many
thanks are duo them for courtesies
District Superintendent.
Bulletin for January , 1083
This month was cold and stormy ,
with more than the usual amount of
snow ,
The overage wan , by sections , aa fol
lows : Southeast , 0,97 in ; northeast ,
1,74 In , ; northwest , 1 00 in ; south
west , O.G3 In. Average for the ontlro
state , 1.09 of an inoh. This Is from
molted BHOW , and is about two-thirds
the usual amount for this month.
Mean relative humidity , at Omaha ,
63,7 J at North PJatte , 71.2.
The mean temperature of the air
was 12 1 ° , which Is 10 2 ° colder
than the mean r f January for the last
twelve years , and almost exactly the
aamo ai January , 1881 ,
The avowgo of nil noon observa
tions w.is 22 3 ° . Daring the 19ili ,
20th and 21st the mercury did not
rlso above zoro. There waa good
sleighing in most partn ot the state
during the month.
The following are some of the maxi
mum and minimum temperatures reported -
ported ; Omahf , max , 40 3 ° ; min. ,
22.1 ° ; North Platte , max. , 50 3 ° ;
min. , 20 ° ; Do Soto , max. , 39 = ;
mln , , 28 ° ; Agricultural College ,
max , 40 ° ; miu. , 20 ° ; Beaver
Creek , max. , 53 ° j mln. , 24 ° .
Wind Numbf-r of miles travnlod
during the inomb , at Omaha , 5,858 ;
at North PJatto , 0,702
Greatest VO'OOKJ it Omaha , 30
miles per hour ; at North Platte , 30 ,
Prevailing Direction At Omslin ,
northwest ; at North Platte , west ,
Offing to the amouout of fioz n
vapor in the ntmosphoro , many halos
or portfolio of hslos , commonly celled
RUU doge , were seen , Some were re
ported at every station. Three some
what romarlmblo hales accompanied
by aboautlfnl parhelia wore reported :
1. By Mlai Flora Buck , of Rd Wil
low , nt 8:30 : a m. on the 19 h. The
peril JDB of the halo ccen on cuoh side
of UID sun were nomothlng moro Uir.n
quadrants ; in thn middle of each WJB
a bright parhelion , from which a
streamer of light extended in a direc
tion nwny from the sun ,
2 Observer E D. Howe , cf Twblo
Rook , reports ono on the 13th , similar
to iho abnvi ) , but v 1th n bright are of
a circle above and with Ita convex side
towards the sun.
3. Observer Griswold , of Palmyra ,
observed ono on the 2d. Hero in ad
dition to tbo parhelia on each sldo oi
the sun , and above ; t two streams ol
light , the ono horizontal and the other
perpendicular , passing through the
sun , formed a cross , the upper part ol
which wua the brightest and highest
From the parhelia strcami of light cx <
tended away from the sun aa in the
ono Boon at Rod Willow.
Stations reporting temperature fron
three observations :
UoWItt | U. F. Ware 2 10
S. R. THOMPSON , Director.
A Communication ,
to the Editor olTuilJi * .
In your edition of the 9th lust ,
on the third page , I noticed a commu
nlcatlonon "Ensllago for Dairy CoWa.
For the benefit of tuoao who want t
x- try the system of food storage , I Ilk' '
idt to state that not ouly corn , but any
t , thing that stock will oat In a groe :
at condition corn stalks , clover , bee
in loaves , cabbage , slough grasa , etc. , i
ino adapted for ouch utoring. Ensilage I
ot not exactly uour iu the silo , but enl
at what wo civil wlno nour , a kind o
oo swcot sour ,
oem A friend of mlno will tty pearl mi
iu lot , a tall grass like plant , of ubou
f.In six feet in height , when It ought to I
In out. full of juice and thickly oovuro
on flth gtoon leaver. Pearl millet ca
18 be out about three times iu a ooasoc
18n - it grows up again when out down.
nn - Any information with the greatoi
no - pleasure given.
otil ED. 0. ERFLINO , Florist.
. Poatofflcet Changes
) in Nebraska during the week OIK
Ing February 10 , 1883 , furnished the
ho Wm. Von Vlook , of the post offlc
dopartmout :
IK Eatabllahcd Dale , Castor count ;
hoer Jrincs Daloy , P. M.
Postmasters Appointed Lost Orcol
Platte county , ifamea Wcatherbe
Malnelond , Oass county , Hiram Picl
orlug ; Milton , Sounders county , Lou
. Noltzel ; Ogallaln , Keith oouuty , Mr
Carrlo Patton ; Oconto , Canter com
Us ty , Asa Blakcsleo.
in IOWA.
al Postofllco change * In Iowa duiit
res the week ending February 10 , 188
d. itabllihod Galva , Ida count
as Wm. Q. Savage , P. LI. ; Ivy , Po !
nd county , Milton Davis ; Packwooi
od JefTerson county , Leuora F. Thorns
ip. Postmasters Appointed Italo VI
lago , Jones county , B. A. Damone ;
08 Sorcoaut Bluffs , Woodbury county , <
bUm A. Tuttj Way aud Henry county , Ml
m- Magglo 8. Wldman.
The Way a Jonrnaliat Goes to
Dot Married ,
A Fraternal Invitation to the
Mr. 0. H. Rothacker , editor of the
Denver Tribune , is going to bo mar-
rlod , Like all other newspaper men
who stick to the business , ho is im
mensely rich , and believes in giving
his friends of the fraternity a picnic
whenever it is possible.
Mr. Rothacker Is to marry Mis'
Rounds , of Chicago , on the 21st Inst. ,
and ha is evidently making the grand
rounds beforehand. Ho will como
uast over the BarlWton short line to
Denver , arriving at Paclfia Junction
on Sunday next , the 18th , Chicago on
the 19.li , and leaving Chicago on the
22d for Denver with his bride.
The distinguished journalist will
travel In his own apjclul J'ullmnn car ,
and will bo accompanied by a party
made np of follow journalists , govern
ment officials , Unit'id Statoj senators
and Colorado leginlators. 'Iho Hat in-
cludeH the following named gentlemen
and hdicn :
John Arklns and wife , manager of
The News ; W. H. Stapleton , editor of
The Rocky Mountain Nam ; Hon. E.
K , Stinson. Denver ; J. 0. Montgom
ery and wife , collector of The Port cf
Djnver : W. M. Cox and wife , Denver ;
Senator W. H Kuoney , Denver ;
RoprcBontatlvo T. F. Arbistor , Den
ver ; Hon. J. II. P. Voorheoa , sena
tor from Ban Juan ; Hon. T. M.
Bowen , United Slates sanator elect ;
0 H Smith and wife , Denver ; T J.
V. Smith and wife , Denver ; F. J. V.
Skiff and wife , of The D < mvcr Trlb-
nno.Tho following communication wet
received yesterday by the general ticket
ngpnt of the 13. & M. road from the
Tribune Primer man :
DENVER , Ool. , Feb. 13.
DEAK MR. EUBTIS : Will you please
extend the newspaper men of youi
city , for us. an Invitation to come
dorr i to Pacific Junction next Sunday
evening and tuko sapper with out
bridal part ) ? Truly yours ,
The Omahn newspaper men will no
doubt respond with alacrity to thle
invitation and will of coareo go down
in style to meet the distinguished
puty , though it would have boon n
aourcu of gratification to have dined
nltli tlum on the tot urn trip when
the Indy rtlicsa charms ha70 lured
thorn from the centennial otato would
bo with thorn.
Ho is About to Benin the War Ic
Eastern Btatos ,
A few days ago , npon his visit tc
Omaha , Mr. R. R. Randall , the B. &
M. Immigration agent , told a BEE reporter <
porter that ho expected a hrgor immi
gration to Nebraska In 1883 tban evei
brforo and that "hostilities" would
soon begin. Ho has just leaned hit
proclamation announcing that war ii
to begin at once. Ho addresses It
To the people of Nebraska : Groai
efforts should' bo made this year tc
settle the vacant lands and inoroaei
the popnlatlo'n of 'tho towns in th <
South Platte counties. The railroad *
have r.old moat of the land they owncc
in this district , and ih'o legislature hai
failed to taka proper stops for the on
oonraoraout of immigration ,
Bollovlng that the people are full ]
allvo to the Importance of the matter
the passenger department of the Bur
llngton & Missouri railroad has np
pointed mo immlgratli/n agent , am
will boar the ontlro expense of thi
work , including the necessary pamphlets
lots and other advertising matter.
The work will consist largely of ct
forts to bring to the atato the friend
and relatives of those who are alroatl ;
i ! settled hero. I am thoroughly postci
in all such matters , and desire the ca
operation of all the people to aid m
In my work , as it Is of direct interea
to them all.
Lot ovoiy one , therefore , Bond m
aa agon as possible , the name and address
dross of any eastern friend who woul
bo Interested In Nebraska , send m
your address , and I will send you oil
oulars , which you cm send to you
friends , and thus Induoo them to ope ;
a correspondence with mo ,
I have obtained reduced rates to al
points In the South Platte countrj
from all the principal towns in Ic
dlana , Ohio , Michigan , Illinois , Wit
oonsln , Iowa 'and Minnesota , an
propose to make frequent trips t
those states , and orgamea exeuislon
to Nebraska , composed largely of th
friends of this state.
The South Platte still contans thou
sands of acres of unoccupied and vei
fine agricultural lands , very r > hcar.
and with excellent railroad facilitici
y The Bottlemont of the thcso lands wi
greatly Increase the wraith of th
' I can bo easily and quickly done tf th
j farmers aud business men will toke
little time aud trouble to wrlto to the !
friends and then put mo in commun
cation with such persons as are di
it sirous of coming to Nebraska to mol
the state their future homo.
Immigration A out , B. it M. rallroai
Lincoln , Nebraska.
Real Batata Transfers. .
The following were reported f <
February 12 :
John Oanwoll , pxecntor , to Wm. ]
Lalng , wj ncj of section 9 , tovrnshl
15 , range 10 ; also ono aero in tj nn
of section 9 , township 15 , range ll
also part of sw so section 4 , townah
15 , range 19,13J acres , § 2,050.
John Fox to Tnornas Dalian , und
vlded one-sixth iu lot 4 , block 34
q. o d. , 81.
Thomas Oallan aud wife to Johu I
Lavy , lot 4 , block 1349 , q. o. d. , 818
It. and W. Soxauor to Fred Davl
n 90 loot lot 4 , block 73 , trust doe
Fred Drcxol and wife to Albo
Foals , sel of lot 14) ) Kountza's SOCOD
nddltlon , w. d. . $1,275.
Army Ordore.
Sergeant James Carroll , compai
0 , Seventh Infantry , having reporli
at these headtiuartors In oompllan
with orders No. 24 , dated ftt Fort
Snellhig , Minnesota , FebrnMy 11 ,
1883 , will proceed tqFortD A. Rua-
eell , Wyemiup , and report to bit com-
pnny comtnandor hr dnty.
The qnnrlormaster'sdopartmont will
furnish the noccisary transportation ,
and the iiibaistonco department com
mutation of rations for ono day , It beIng -
Ing impracticable to carry cooked ra
Private William H. Brotney , ro-
onllatod , nnd Reornit Daniel McDon
ald , onllfitcd at Fort Omaha , Nobraa-
ka , are ontignod to the Fourth infan
A. 0 , McCorkle , Superior ; Morris
Mayer , Norfolk ; Qeo. F. Woli and wife ,
Fremont ; Wm. P. llall , Sldmy ; Mrs.
Reyoolda , Fremont ; 0. F. Baylm , Ne-
Ugh ; J. B. Thomas , Oakland , and H. K.
Howe , of IIowo Station , were among the
Nobraiklans at tbo Paxton yesterday ,
lion , P , P. Shelby , general freight agent
cf tbe Union Pacific , left for Kansas City
yesterday , accompanied by J , A , Munrue.
Er-Governor 0. A. Abbott , of Grand
Island , and II. J. Hitter , of the same
place , were at the Paxton yeeterday.
F. Ilnllis , of Sterling , 111. , is visiting In
th city , stopping at the Metropolitan.
Hon. Daniel H. Wheeler , of Plaits
mouth , was in tbe city yesterday.
Geo. U. Daniel * , Oolorado pool commli
lioner , wis in tbo city yesterday.
Charles A. Barnard and U , 0 , Brown ,
of St. Joe , nro at the Mlllasd.
F. D. Carpenter , of Blair , registered at
the Metropolitan last ntght.
E. S Slocum and wife , of Chicago , are
guests of the Metropolitan ,
J. P. Taylor , the Cedar Rapids hotel
man , is at tbo Puxton ,
0. F , Iddlngs , of North Platte , waa in
the city yeateiday.
Gee , W. Howe , of Fairfield , was at the
Paxton yesterday.
J. H. McCall , of Daweon county , was in
town yesterday ,
K. K. McFarland , of Lincoln , was in
town yesterday.
U. F. Stanllff , United States Navy , I
at the Millard.
. Menlo and wife , of Menlo , Iowa , ar
at the Millard.
Henry S. Webb , of Cheyenne , la at th
Metropolitan ,
W. C. Barnes , of St. Louis , is at th
Metropolitan ,
F. A , Graham , of La More , is at th
E. R. Chase , of Golden City , Mo. , Is ti
D. C. Adaiip , of Salt Lake City , Is a
the Paxton.
Sam G , Glover , of Arlington , is at th
Millard ,
W. L Page , of DCS Moines , is at th
II. N. Garland , ol Kansas City , is In
the city.
Jamoa Gorman , of St. Louis , is at th
Paxton ,
Mrs. Plait , of Wahoo , la at the Metro
politan ,
A. C. Markol , of Denver , ia at the Mil
E , M. Roach , of the array , is at the Mil
Alex. Craig , of St. Joe , is in the city.
R. L. Montgomery , U. S. A. , is at th
Oapt. N. T. Spoor returns to St. Loul
last night.
Dr. and Mrs , Wiggins have returned t
St. Loula. t
Senator D. Bomgardnor , of Lincoln , I
at the Paxton.
1 Hon. ) E. D , Gould , county clerk o
Nance county , is in the city.
F. J. Rarngo and A. S. Patrick atarte
Weouesday on a trip to Ohlsago.
M , McGinn , who baa been ill for novera
months , left Wednesday for the south.l
A. A. Allen , of Allen Bros , hiu gen
to Indlannpalia rn important buninesi.
0 M. M. Patterson , agent of the U. P
coal department nt Cheyenne , ia in th
Mm. Wm. E , Davis , sister and child
leave yesterday for Cincinnati , via th
FredDavIacashier ] of the First Nations
bank , left Wednesday with Mrs , Davlefo
K. H. Canfield and family , of Decatur ,
leave for Jacksonville , Florida , via Cin <
clnnatl and tbe Wabash.
Gee , Duncan , of the firm of McNamare
& Duncan , leaved this evening for New
Orleans , accompanltd by hia wife.
W. B. Hlbbard , formerly superintend' '
ent of tbe Western Union telegraph , bul
recently engaged at Laredo , Is in town era
a vla
Sheriff Dave Miller , Pat Dunphy , o
, , Grand Island , and probably Jack Ander
son , the well known U , P. conductor , lefi
yesterday for New Orleans via the can
non ball route.
10n The supply agent of the Houston &
Texas Contial railroad , Mr. W. W
Slilcs , of Houston , Texas , waa throwi
from his horse and received n ver ;
severe sprain. St , Jacobs Oil holpoi
him amazingly.
OURIiEY.-Fannie Elizabeth , daughte
of Eiiwlu A. Ourley and Mre. Ourley
died at 11 o'clock to-day of pneumonia
aged 1 year and 11 months.
The funeral will take place at Triuit ;
Cathedral to-morrow at 1 o'clock.
Made frorr the wild flowers of thi
it la the moot fragrant ot perfume
Manufactured by H. B. Slnveii , Sai
Francisco. Forsftlo in Omaha by W
J , Whlroaouao aud Kcnnnta Bros
& 0o.
Fortanoi or JTarmor * and Mo
' Thoutands of dollars can bo saved b'
nslne proper judgment in taking care d
the health of yourself and family. If yoi
are bilious , have sallow complexion , pee
appetite , low and depressed spirits , am
generally debilitated , do not delay a me
ment , bat go at once ; and procure a hot
tie of those wonderful Electric Bitten
which fail to and that for
never cure , th
trifling sum of fifty cents , { Tribune
oo BoldbyO. F. Goodman.
The &URE87 CURB for
Dee 1 1 lama baok or dUordend nrlne
c ono * ( drngglnU recommend It ) and ( twill
| ipeedlljr rreroome the dlicoM and roster *
hraltby kotlon toalltbeoreatii.
l to your MX , luoh a * pain
, KlDNEY.WOaTUun ur.
pdned.Mltwlll aot promptly and aareljr.
Either Bex. Ineontlnenw , ret ntion of
urine , brick dojt or ropy d tposlU , and doll
draetlnff p lna , oil ipeodll y .yield to It * our.
ti TO power. ( i : >
. Prioetl.
1 hare prcsctlbcd Kidney W rtwllh very grett
Kce-fllnaso re or uoro obiMnato can's if kid-
ey nd liver trouble" , ] < tor femi'e w akne9
i.-Phlllp 0. Ballou , M , D , Monkton , Vt ,
"My wile KM been tnnch beneQttsd from the
loot Kdn-yWorf. She hid Kidney a d other
mpblnt * ; " writes llev. A. D , Coltman , FayettJ
llle , Tnnn.
for all diseases ot the Kidneys nnd i
It taa specific action on this moot Important
organ , enabling It to throw off torpidity and ,
inaction , stimulating the healthy secretion
ofthoUUe.and by keeping the bowels In free
condition , effecting Ita regular discluircB. k
i jnalarla , have the chilli ,
are billona , dyspeptlo , or constipated , Kid
ney-Wort Tflll turoly relieve tc quickly euro.
I In this Boaaon to oleanM the System , every
one should take thorough courceoflt. ( > i )
I amalhlnadtocate of the \lrlucsof Kid
wort. 1 sufferd intolil agony from liver
o'dir. It curtd me. " John D. Kevins ,
rlngflo do. *
No other dl'inaels CO rrovalcnt In thlr _ .
country as CcJBtirtition , nnd no remedy O
c hna oTor cqcnUcd the celebrated KIDNEY-
WOHT os a cure. Whatever tbo cause ,
J however obeUnnto the case , tht remedy
w will ovcrcons It.
C2HS ETC Tins dtstro' lng com
FD1 Z .C9 plaint iscry apttotit
complicated with coniUpatlon. Kidney
C Wort BtrCBKthCTil the we/\l--cned parts and
quickly euros nil kinds of Piles even when
phyolclins ami medicines Jjivo before &U-
< cd. tVIfyouhavocitberofthosetroublcB
"Constipation , In all I's ' form' ' , jloldsto Kid
reywort In female diseases It Is very success
fu' . " Dr. Philip 0. Ballou Monkton Vt. , April
20th 1831.
- - - - - - - -
As it Is for all the painful dlscwioa etUi *
ItcloanBCBthOEyatcmorthoacrld pobon
that cauaoa tlio dreadful riffcriiic Trhicli
only the victims of rlicumatlsm ctn roalUo.
of the worst forma of thia tcrriblo disease
hove been quiokly relieved , andtnt ! ? rt
FRlCZl."HljrJDcrDBT , > 01JIij JIEtCCtSTS
( i { ) Drr cinbop nt bymall.
N7LLLH , MCHAUDSOSi CO. , ISnrltarton.Tt
'Jtr'iT"M.VL ; ! ' 7f TP iy iit tg * 11
"I could find no rcmody for my Kidney corn-
plulnt and rhfuttAtlsm , " wrltoa Mr A. D Burr ,
ofTorplo Mill FlorMi , until I was curctl by
Kidney Viott. " Krposuro , Incldeut lo lumbar
eg , can ei ) Mr Butr
< 3T8PEO IAL E will FC8ITIVELY notbeln
lerted unless paid In advance.
T\/f / ONEY TO LOAN-Call at Law office of D. L.
1VJL Thoa-os room 8 Crelghton Block.
T LOAN $3,000 f
89J.U ' 1CCC Farnam.
ORii rtAATO tOAN At 8 per cent In-
> 4uU.U\MI tc rest in sums of $2,000 and up
wards , for Sto D years , on first class city and farm
16th anu Douglas Sta.
I.OANED-OP Chaft l Morlga.eBO-
MONEY . llooui No. 1 , o\cr Moichii'tn Na
tional BanK. 977-lmf
MONEY TO LOAN At 8 per cent ShrUcr'n
Rial EstUe nd Loan Agency , oppo lte
poatolllco. 767-tf
W ANTED Qoh'toagood Mitxhcrat Nco
Iowa.IdicsaM. . H. He.arty. U7-17I
WA IED-Iramed atcly , < rn d girl for general
Inu ework , N. W c r. 18tVi and Wcbetcr.
103-17 ?
WANTED-Dining ro-m gitl t Maus and
Bact > burn'ii lastaurant , IXdgo S' bet'
nccn IS'li and Jtth. 10G-15t
A flrsTtlass mou'dor to work or
WANTED rk , also a supllo tender and E
helper that 1 as vor cd In a foundry.
FcliU 2 * SEATON & LEA , Lincoln , NcU
ANTrD A girl f'r general hou'cnorkn
W Chi azStrret 2108north > Mo. 1Q1-151
A GE TS Wanted male or < enlo In fverj
Jrl y am ) torn In the United States tlo 0
: ) (15 CO par day etslly made. G. B. HlCEOUl
& OO , , 10 Barcl y Street , New York City.
J18 Imo mor.
men IT r ll rsad oik
W II , MANNWEILER , llth St. 10216 |
IUL WANTED tor general housework 212 !
\JC Davenport at. 930-10
WANIED-Choap ( or cabh a portable englni
elghl to lonhorso poucr , a clrcu ar sav
ard frame , suitable tor corJ wood. Addrtsj U
M. Patterson , Paxton Hotel , Omaha.
WANTED-Shoo men to board at 1001 Dodgi
tt. nlco rooms good board and cvir > thln |
made homo-Ilka for those who will pay. 090-17
mo KENT Oi Chicago no r 17th Street. fr < n
1 pirlor fiirl bni I03in biih n caU funlsbrd
Will rent 8 p rate or together. A'Jdms "F ,
Bceoffloi. 111-17
Wi } Furn'abed ' Iront roam" , at reasonab'i
J. ratesat 1407Ho ard St. (97-17'
LKT-Brlo d clllni ; 2109 O.n , 7 roo-r
T fotljor or teroi ot years. Apply to Wm
R. Morris. Uellckj L'lock. 103-15 !
l.iOR RENT-In a prhate family , two orthrei
L' rcoms , with or wlthoutboirJ , 1916 Didgo G' '
1)89-171 )
17011 BENT Furnished room N. D. corner 91
IJ and Jackson OiM-lSJ
. KENT House o ! lour rooms and kltct
FOP. . Apply A. Murphy , 420s3Uth 14th Strcol
O.'U lit
ICn R NT wo Urpo rooms , ( urnlihfd o
1 unlujLl.btJ , 8C6 south 18 h street. DCS 16
HtNl iu ulihei room with board ,
EOtt room. Abe table boarJ , 1718
, \ HAHCHA UEFOIt Itti T Iho 2nd Dior.
X\ . and hwtineiitof buildln No.llll Karnan
mroit. Inquire PCX" door cos . 118 lm >
TTOR R"N Una orjran , S3.UO per m-nlh , D
J-A. Ho8pssMusIclfall _ _ 777jlm
J ; nlecceal810i > oaeeSt. 773-1 m
RENT-25 houso' , 2 to 10 rooms , at V3 t
POR month Qbrher's Rent bureau , o (
po it PQ toffice. . 768-tl
T > EUIS' New Map of Omaha , lust completed an
JJ ready for dollvery at W each , b 4 leet wld
by 7 feetlonir. Larooit and moat complete ma
of Omaha ever published. Official map ol th
city. Sea column.
T7\OR \ SALE New hou-e 4 rooms can be move
J } without damage , at 9325.00 Cheap , M Cagu
opposite \ est Office. 106-20
$880 ftt thon'Mid , delivered on B.
BRICK track , ni Otnthk. All orders clreeted
to BelleTUB Brick jird , Birpj couotr , will r -
ce.ve prompt attention. 976 18 J
K Oder tor sal * t a b rc la tbe enilne and
W flxturoi now In use i our works , Tht
comthti outfit ! M good new , and cootsti o
Knslne(40 ( hona power ) , BMler , Hester. Btfum
Pump , Bmoke Stack , B earn and Water Oauzei ,
W t * r Tank , Valroi Mpes. etc. It l > lbeUk n
oul atnut thn Qrst ot next Mar. Par tie interes
ted arn ln Hel oeallanrts < i It In or o' tlon day
and night ISundtys txccptal ) at the Woodman
Llnsocd Oil tV oiks , corner Hevo itcinth and Nich-
ola tttceta _ BlT-lm
HALE Pociota maps of Nobrmka ioo
FOK . For bargains In un aha City Improved
andunlropr vcd property , call on Wm. P , Shrl-
ver , not ! Egtate Agent , opjx 1te poitofflcc.
_ _
1710H BALK Sx ( room cottOKe with tarn tnd
Jj hall lot on Chicago itrcet , near Illffh School
Only ,300. JlcCAOUE ,
COO-dco 27-t Opp. PoatolBce.
HALb A out ci ( H tocoiid iutlid phaetoot
"I at 1319 tlamoy St. W-U
T > EMIS New Map of Omaha , Just completed an > 4
Ij rca < ly ( or delivery at $3 each. Ia 4 feet wld *
bT 7 feet long. Largest and most complete map
o I Omaha ever published. Official map of th *
odty. . Sea column ,
FOU BALE CIIEAP-C2 milts weft ol
HOTEL , on the Union Pacific railroad.
Brick barn , two ttory hotel and furniture , throe
lo's G3xl32 , good gland , pocd buslnew. Oocd
reasons for lelllng. Inquire of mibsc-lbcr.
Ah NOltlUS ,
713-lm-mo Kotth Itcnd , Neb ,
th'U'and , Yard 15th direct , two blo.ki
louth cf Bo'leruo road
dec 23-3mt LOKEKZO DIBBLE ,
T710UND- saddle tupposcd to be stolen. In *
1 } quire of George Lacy , at Stccle i. Joh"Bon's ,
T > 0011 j And board at 327 Capitol mcnuebo-
Jtwcen 17th and 18th. 993-171
mo THE LADII8 Any lady fending 81 and a
JL stamped , self addrcs ed cnvo opo to lock box
No. 20 , lUoonilncton Nebraska , will rtcchc n
oturn , a recipe which will g'adden all her ll'o. '
.Ion . a wunan who Isdra glrg'ut a mla rable
xlst'nce from j car to jcar , becau'o the does
lot know how to relieve heisclf , can learn the
aluable secret , north hundreds ot dollars and
lifetime of bapplnoes , by com whine with tbli
otico. Keb 12-7t
: iONALIST , 498 Tenth street , between Farnam
> nd Uainey. Will , with the aid of guardian
iplrlts , obtain for any ono a glance of the post
> nd present , and on certain conditions In tbr In
ure. BooU and Shoes made to order. Pufecl
.tlafactlon miaranteed.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder neor v arlca. A marvel of purity ,
trength and wholcsomcncss. Moro economical
han the orplnary kinds , and cannot bo sold In
competition with the multitude of low test , short
weight , alum orph sphato powder. Sold only In
cans. ROYAL IHKi.vu POWDER Co. , WolI-St. , 93
\cwYork1 _ ,
OF -4KITA * T'S "Er. t ZER rtPER-
DeiterL.Tlioiaag&liro ,
Pay TaxcB , Hont , Houton , Etc.
Fitteantn St. - - - . -umtthii. Neb ;
Call nnd look over my nuw store nnd EU
my new goods
1207 Farnam Struct. 12U7.
Under tbe mnnncement of Mr. Knlifh.
Correct on- * ' < > liable Waves a Specialty.
1222F rn-m "i > . Omnlm.
Co5 Farnam 8t. Omaha Nebraska ,
arcllly selected land In Eautern Nebraska tor
sale. Great Bargains In Improved Ja-ins , Omaha
cltXpropert y _
1109 and 1111 Dodje Street ,
ang 7-mo 6m OMAHA. , NEB.
Geo. P. Bern is
Seal Estate Agency ,
Cth and Douglas 8 . , Omaha
agency does strictly a brokerage btulmca
not ipeculate. and therefore an } balance
of our books are Insured agaliut foi .
Take - yon
will never la Mljo

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