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Wlfo and Uaby Asleep.
Wlfa and babe ro elooclog ;
Do they dream that I
Happy w tch atn keeplnc
Where my darlings He !
G rln ? on tny trownroi.
Grateful grow * my mood
Scarce of all my pleuuroa ,
Cauie of 11 my goad.
Mother's face ! i bending ,
At if guard to keep ,
To her.babe Attending
Even in her sleep. \
How the little charmer I
Nestles to her broatt ,
Life can ne'er give warmer ,
Purer homo of rest.
Picture this the dearett
On which love e'er smiled ;
Which to tne Is nearest.
Mother , or her child ?
Heart of mlnp , true mother
Love's tie , baby sweet ;
E ch without the other
Must be Incomplete.
Baby now Is moving
Mother's slumber breaks ;
With a look of loving
From her sleep she wakes ;
Sees me there in waiting ,
And a pleased surprise ,
With ajoy elating ,
Surges from her oyes.
In my arms I fold them ,
Both my child and wife ;
Can I help but hold them
Dearer far than life ?
C n I help but lave them
Next to Qed and Heaven ?
Make mo worthy of them ,
Taoa , God , who hast given I
To Keep a Trae Lent.
Is this a fast to keep ?
The larder leana
Prom fat of redes and sheep ?
Is It to quit the dish
Of fle h , yet still
To fill „
The platter high with fish ?
la It to fast an hour ,
Or ragM to go ,
Or show
A downcast look and sawre ?
No ; 'tis a fast to dole
Thy sheaf of wheat
And meat
Unto the hungry soale.
It is to fast from strife ;
From old debate
And hate
To circumcise thy life ,
To show a heart grief-rent ,
To starve thy sin ,
Not bin-
And thnt's to keep thy Lont.Herriclc.
A Recipe for Actors.
If yon want n recipe for that popular mys
tery ,
Known to the world as an actor of plays ,
Take all the great men of theatrical his
tory ,
Rattle tnum over In various ways.
Tbo voice of a Booth , with n sad physiog
Logs of McGullough ( tbo feminine rage )
Brains of a Barrett , Inventing astronomy
Tooth cf a Keonc , masticating tha stage
Xhe science of middlemen versed In geog
rahy | ;
Smile of a Morrissey , Rcntlo and sweet ;
Pen of an asvtheto In autobiography ;
Prices of Pattl ( ten dollar a seat ) ;
The "My God ! ' of Thorno in a play of
society ,
Morals of Abbott in operas of piety ;
Judgment of Emmet t In brands of old
Henneesay ;
Shrieks of Joe Proctor in wild Jibbenaln-
osay :
Davenport , Anderson , Bowers and llhon ;
Salvimand Itosii in Hamlet and Lear-
Take of these elements all that's theatri
Cast out the parti that you find are ham-
fatlo l ,
Set 'em t elunier , and take oil the scum ,
And an actor you'll Cnl Is the residuum.
Burlington llawkoye.
see A-
And her . . ilut r waa so slender
What wuudnr that we
Aa no one could BOO.
Hat so long 'aoath tne tree
In aa attitude tender ,
Really no one could see
And her waist was SD slender.
Modern Age.
A Broadway Incident.
She stood by the stand , with her money iu
band ,
And bought a banana or two ;
Tbo banana ube a'.o at n very quick rate ,
But tha skins on the sidewalk nho
He saw her pass by , with an amorous eye ,
And swiftly bo turued to purt > ur ;
But the treacherous peel intercepted his
heel ,
And O , what a fall did ensue.
Music nnd Drama.
Sorrowful , loithetio tints of pale yellow
green are now considered out of style , but
the rich dark myrtle and olive shades are
In as great favor at ever.
Ornithologies ! toiletsare , the latest Par.
Islan novelties.
Lenten lilies , mingled with delicate fern
fronds , constitute tbo most coneot corsage
bouquet of tbo present teason. .
Golden brown and ficelle Kray are beau-
tlfully combined in new dross uoods of
cloth and fUnml , of exquisitely fine text'
When Scrony told Modjeska that his
picture cf her in "IUsiliod" was "a line
pose , " the lady replied , 'Ccrtalne , it ten
one ex-pose. "
Long palltsei for
early spring wear nre
made up of n rich looking textile , resein.
bllng in pattern aud coloring the very
ancient B gdad slnwls-tioy palm patterns -
terns , luHOiirlet and gold ; or of vermlllion
and black , .with dashes of pale yellow.
Among other novel dress
fabrics is am * ,
tetial known u wd.mls , a material slight ,
ly figured on one tide and plain on the
other something like a fine trieot , but not
limp. These got ds are to be made up very
plainly , with slight trimmings of vnlvit
upon the tunlo ual bodice only.
Jane Stuart , daughter of Gilbert Stuart ,
who painted a port.alt of Washington
and herself an artht , It living at Newport ,
XV. 1.
. The newest brocaded Ottoman silks are
in designs cf fruits and flowers , and the
sensors of the dresimakera will make at
great havoo with apple * , plums , oranges.
P j. and various buds ad blossoms as
they did U t season with heads of beauts
ana birds ,
There is n great Improvement in the
manufacture of torgei this season. In.
stead of the plain , uupatterned surfaces we
have been long fainllhr with , this useful
and economical material can now be purchased -
chased flecked with colors , and evou de-
elded patterns are sometimes woven
Into it ,
Very pretty evening dresses are made of
tne white lltma lace shawls and bournouses
that wore ooci so fashionable , by covering
a short tinted silk skirt and square-necked
C0" * ? * with these dainty wraps cut to
suit the exigencies of the oostumo. Every
Portion of the silk must be veiled by the
lace , pr the chwrm of ths drew U greatly
T A styllih Lonsa dress Is msde of dark
2 f ? , fl8T5chillleB wfy < The pleats skirt Is laic
back. The fronts of the bodice , the
edges of thfe punters and halt the length
of the long , close sleeve * , nra trimmed
with an elaborate pattern In braldwurk.
A Pariflan bonnet , one i.f several model ;
exhibited by a French mllllntr , is made of
primrose-colored crops and myrtle-green
velvet. The brim Is edited with three rows
of iridescent bead * , their i mooth atln.llke
surfaces reflecting the delicate light * of
p l green , primrose , nnd pearl color.
Upon the left side of the bonnet Is set a
olustto of neil myrtle-green feathers. The
strings are of mrttle-greeu velvet , lined
with ptlmroie satin.
A Western Minnesotaeditor , , In writing
up an excursion , said the majority of the
ne ladles preaont were sacks of daintiest
leseriptlou. The coniposltbr got it "socks
f the dirtiest description , " nnd the poor
cribe has nude throe Ineffectual attempts
o commit suicide In consequence.
The thoughts which naturally arise In
he mind of the man who attends a [ fiuth-
enable ' society event" of the present day
nre delineated In the story of Benjamin
franklin , who , while being entertained In
'aris , was present at a fashionable ball.
le was standing aloof , { when an acquaint'
ance uald to him :
"Ob , Mr. Franklin , did yon ever [ see
uch a sight aa this before ! "
And the Quaker replied : "No , not since
: was weaned. "
Linen collars and cuffs of the shape
cnown aa the "squire" are seen on many
rlmly cut cashmere home dresses. They
ook both neat and natty. Another fash-
on In lingerie is a trim upright collar about
an inch and a bait in height , to which Are
gathered on the lower edge two ruffles of
see , one much deeper than the other.
L'hls collar Is of oonrto worn outside tbo
dress , and fastens in front with connecting
Inki or with 'a ting' Into which Is set a
irllllant Jewel of some kind.
Bishop Lyman , of 'North .Caroline , gave
as a brldsl present to his Uanghter , who
last week becsme tha wife cf Kepreienta-
ri * Oox of that state , a check tot (20,000.
. 'tWh V the crowd about ! " queried a
stranger , as he noticed A stream of visitors
going Into a fashionable residence. "It' A
silver weddln' , " obligingly replied bis In-
formant. "What's A silver weddln1 ! "
"Why ! A chap's" been married twenty-five
times , and he's A colebratin' of It. "
Mr. Edward II. Ltadon , of New York ,
and Miss Mary L. Urlnneli , daughter of
Mr' ' W. E. Gtfnnell , United. States consul
at Bradford , England , were married At St.
Mark's church , Bradford , January 23 The
bride Is A granddaughter of. the late Jndge
George Grlnnell , of Massachusetts , ana A
nieoe of the HOD. Iievl I' . Morton , United
States minister to France , who sent her A
check for 87,500 for A wedding present.
A oouplo were married at 7:30 : o'clock
near Tafladoga , Ala. , and at 9 o'clock the
same night the bride .eloped with another
A Minnesota farmer .advertised that ll
, ho inin who had tun off with his wife ,
two children and § 500 would return thi
rouog ones , ho might keep the money one
, ho wife.
The marrisge Is announced of Mli
Annie Forney , youngest daughter of the
ute Col. John w. Forney , and Goorga VV
Fitter , nephew of Edwin II. Hitler , all o
Miss Lilian Norton ( Mile. Nordics , th
prim * donna ) nnd M. Frederick Allen
Uower were married In 1'aria January 12.
among tha witnesses being Mr. Ilealy
the artist , nnd Vics-Consul Iloopor. Mr.
and Mri. Gower will spend their honey
moon In July.
A , verdict , with 810,000 damages , was
obtained at the Northumberland Assize
by Miss I'Atllsman , n young lady agei
twenty-five , of Tweedmoutb , against Wi !
Ham KlohurcUon , aged thirty , for broad
of promise of marriage. One of the ob
Jcotions of the defendant was that the lady
WAS left-handed.
Mr. Thomaa 0 , MoMlllau , city editor o
The Inter-Ocean , was married last week t
Miss Mary Goudle , daughter of Davi (
Goudle , A wealthy farmer and stock raiser
residing near Oswego , 111. A tinge of ro
mance is attached to the matter m th
fact that Mr. McMillan , who la A Scotch
man by birth , was In company , when
child , with the Goudlo family when sailint
from Scotland to America. MoMillan'ant
. f'-4'- ' '
dental Mr. McMillan , aa A wedding gift
a very handsome solid silver tea service "
Wm. E. Stello and bis wife , of Somer
yille , N , J. , celebrated their golden wed
ding on Friday. Father Wobo , ninety
years old , win married them In 1883 , wa
present. After the golden wedding aup
per , the bride sat at he'r spinning whee
and spun n bull of twine , and two brides
maldf , who were at tha ceremony then
assisted her. Six children and ten grand
children wore among the guests.
Engagement rings are generally worn on
the thlr i finger of the left hand. But it
lirowor's dictionary of pbraou and fubla we
find that kf one Is willing to marry , bu
not engaged , a ring should bo worn mi tbo
index nnger of the left hand ; if engaged , on
the sccuml ficger ; if iturileJ , on the ttilit
finger ; but If tnore Is no desire to marry
oa the little linger.
A sailor in the congregation , thinking
the preacher WM too slow In making hi
point , shouted : "Come , Mr , crowd a little
moro sail there. " The preacher pleasantly
replied : "I will as saon aa I have weath
ered this point. " The sailor and tbo con
gregatlon amlled satisfaction.
A clergyman In the time of Cromwell
being deprived of his living for non-con
lonnlty , said to his friends : "That If h
was deprived , it should coat A hundred men
their lives , " Tnls strange speech beln
nolied abroad , he was summoned before
magistrate , and thus explained his Inton
tinn : "Should I loao my benefice , " skid he
"I am'resiilved to practice physio , and the
I may , if I get patients , kill a hundred
men. "
MTH , Ellzi AdoUlde Cutler , of West
Chester , it. I , lot the bad boys In her Sun
day school claaa match pennies whllo th
superintendent was leading In prayer , an
now Airs Ellzii Adelaide Cutler' * oou < lnn
who wanted her 0300,030 , aud did not ge
it , produce this fact na proof of enough iu-
sanity to break her will ,
A loafer disturbed a revival meeting n
Dorohoate Md. Tha preacher went to
him nnd said , "Yuu mu t be quiet , or
shall put you out " The reply was , "
won't , wud you cin't. " There was a lively
tuwle , muling iu the loafer being Hung vlo
leutly Into the street lie wont homo ant
gjt a gun , declaring that he would shoo
the puraou. and a mob of his lullowor
threatened to help him. Then the < : hurch
oiUcIuls rallied aa a body guard for the pa
tor , but no blood wa < i shed.
One of our daisies , little Hattie U -
Is a precocious child , and remembers al
she hears. She hid been litteniu to the
school-girl talk of her older slitor and some
of her yning friends , nd trewurodup iu
her own mlud some of their expnuwlous
Last Sunday she want ta cburoh for the
first time , and on her return her fittho
a ked her what she did. "I got tired. " sb
Answewt promptly. "And what did you
dptlienj" "O , ImashodthemluUterrre
plied the Infant , with perfect gravity.
A Stockton , Oal. , Chinaman thought t
make himself "solid" with the Christian
mistress , who had tried to bring him into
the fold , by telllug her : "Me heap like
God. Me ho..p likee Jesus. " " 3o yo
love ahrlit , do you ? " asked the Interested
, . , ' , or'd ' lhl1 h8 tnen empbat
Ically , "Heap eve God ; heap love jJesns
nocarefo'Chlist ? "
The1 Methodist Episcopal pastor of lilr
mlDgbam , Ala. , publlihed A card In wblc
be said : "My church Is for white persons
exclusively , and colored people are not In
vltod or expected to attend , " Kavlval
meetings were being held , and nog roe
were Attending them in considerable nuin
ben , The excuse for their exclusion was
lat their presence hindered the work
mong white' sinners. , Th minister' *
ourse has been ntrongly caudemned , but
he Atla tiv Methidlst ! Adrdo te 'dofend
ilm , declaring that "the conference in the
outb need at leait twtnty tnore like him. "
Mr. John W. Garrett'a re : cnt arraign
ment ol hl fellow-trustees of John Hop
tins Unlvertlty has oicited deep Interest
htoughout the country. He believes thai
! iey are not carrying out the wishes of the
oundor with sufficient haste , and that In
ho location of some buildings they Are ylu-
atiog his wishes.
The Philadelphia Ilecord dos not think
hat the State Normal Schools onght to be
cntintied , as they are wholly uielets.
'The Normal Schools are , In fact , " it says ,
'limply Academies , nowhere or in A single
nstauce superior to private Academies ,
5ut , notwithstanding the large approprla-
lens to them by the State , they tn no re
peat excel private academies , and Are
qually costly to the students who attend
The Atlanta Constttntion Is in favor of
stablliblng schools of manual education
t thinks that it is A sheer waste of time
o teach Latin and Greek to boys who
tave to leave school and go to work. "It
s the want of A trade more than illiteracy , "
t s ys , "which Is the source of vice and
misery. Of 780 convict * , aged twenty.one
and under , received In the Philadelphia
lenitentlary , 7fi5 had no trade , but all had
icon to school except 103 ,
The number of students In the German
universities is now About 25,000. Accord *
ng to reports recently published , most ol
heae students devote themselves to what
n German nniveisities Is called philoso.
> hy , which Includes natural history , the
angnages , and the exact sciences. Next
o this the heaviest increase has occurred
n the number of the law students , the
? rnfilah universities alone having 3,658
ndidatM for the honors of the bench and
bar ,
A very successful manual training
school bus been established for three yenra
n St. Louis. From A report recently
ssned It appears that the course of study
embraces throughout tbo three yesrs' term
tmnltaneoni woVk in fiye pareliel liner , a *
ollows :
First A course of pure mathematics ,
noludtntf arlthemltlc , algebra , geometry
And plane trigonometry.
Second A conrse In science and Applied
mathematics , Including physical geogra
phy , natural philosophy , chemistry , me
chanics , mensuration and'bookkeeping. '
Third A course in language and litera
ture , including English grammer , spelling ,
composition , literature , history And the
elements of political science And economy.
uatln iu French will be introduced as
electives , with English If desired.
Fourth A course in penmanship , free
land and mechanical drawing.
Filth A course of tool instruction , in
eluding carpentry , wood turning , forging
soldering and bench nnd machine work in
The "White Slave" will be played again
at Havorly's theater next month.
Mile. lima dl Murska is expected from
England In the oourro of a few weeks.
Nllniou Is anounced for a farewell COR
cert In Cincinnati at Music ball on 28th.
Mr , Bancroft has asked Mrae. Modjeska
to create "Fedora"nt the Hiyuiarkot ,
London ,
"Ulchelleu" is considered by the Gsr
mans an a play < < ovold of interest , nnd at
the BuggCHtion of Frederick Ilaase , Edwin
Booth omitted it from his repertoire.
James Bturgis has jnlned Uaverly's
'Merry War' Operi company , and six
lady choristers have been added.
IWavln , N , Y. , is to have a new opera
house. A prominent Rochester architect
Is preparing the plans.
Lytton Sothern'a repertoire for nex
season Is as follows : "Lord Dundreary , '
"Tho English Gentleman. " "The Favorite
of Fortune , " "Turn Tit'1 and 'Trade. '
The latter Is bused on element ! similar to
those of Robertson's "Caste. "
A new oomndy by Henry J. Byron , entitled
titled "Open House. " Is to be produced A
the London Vaudeville Theater. ' _ _ , , ftiiiiJ }
.nxt - . .uu wmua uporn 'honsV Jfor |
York , where nho has been welt received in
her specialty of "M'Jifs. "
Mies Minnlo Palmer is to appear in i
Lngbnd , in the course of the present ie -
eon , noting in her specially , entitled "My
Sweetheart. "
Mr. Jefferson will resume acting in
April , and will pljy during a brief
spring season.
'Oh , yen , " said the stage hand , "Tom
Keene may bo n first rutu net or , but ho
ain't got no judgment. Why , whou he
was here lant week ho wouldn't make use
of two or three immense local gags I gave
him the points for , "
Jnmca O'Neill gets SCOO n week from
John Htetdon for plnylug in "Monto
Crlsto , " And tha engagement is for three
months. He will go on the road again
nltb his own play next eoiaon.
Madame Iltstori nays she docs not want
I o come to Amei lea um 11 nho ha * thoroughly
mastered the Engllaa language , and she is
spending n gr < nt deal of time and study in
correcting herself in eccent nnd prouucla-
0. W. Couldock. tha veteran DuneUn
Ktrke , Is to visit bis old home In England
during the coming hummer. This will be
the first time lie has been over the water in
twenty-three jeais ,
Lotta'a vocal ability Is now a thing of
the vanished past. During her reont
Cincinnati engagement n lady vocalist
stationed in the wings rendered the songs
Incldintal to LottaV roles , while ( he lat
ter carried cut the idea by gesticulatory
accompaniments ,
M. B , Cnrtit ( has three new pieces in
hand , one of which ho will shortly substi
tute for "Sam'l of Posen. "
Dartley Campbell's latest success ,
"Siberia , " will be produced at Haverly's
Fourteenth street theatre on February ZG
for a five weeks' run.
JohpT. Raymond played "In Paradise"
at tha Grand opera house , New York , to
the , largest receipts In the history of that
Edwin Forrrst's costumes and silver
ware , left by him to the Forroat Home ,
Philadelphia , tro soon to be sold at public
auction , Among the costumes are those
worn by tbo characters of "Corlulanu > . "
"Lear " "Teh" and "Sjartacu "
, , nnd the
silverware include * fifteen pieces , beei Its a
dozen kulvtn , four dozen forks , nnd font1
dozen spoons. "
Slgnor ToRllapietra ia iu Now York.
He is Ufgothtlug with Mr. Henderson , of
the Standard theatre , to appear there later
iu the season.
The Catherine Lewis opera company
will return to Hooky's theatre , iu Chicago ,
in May , Its lut engajetneut having proved
to remtmerattvo.
Six hundred criminals were pardoned
from the Chicago brldawell last year. It
moana nomo'hlug when n Chicago man
says , "Beg pardon. "
The new five cent piece contains n figure
of the American eig.o , which Is all right ;
but It would be more appropriate to put a
dog on a coat ,
"Yes. " he said , "the boy bothered me
so I took him and juit wiped him around
the barnyard , ducked him in the trough ,
laced him with an old tug and let him go.
I don't know what I should have done if
I bad been real mad. "
They are going to reorganize the Turk
ish army again. That is , the army hssn't
been paid for A year , and they are going to
dismiss eyery officer who has grumbled
and serve out more beans to the privates.
Lowell Conner ,
A bouncing big wild cat was killed In
the suburb * of Cincinnati ths other day ,
tnd ftoveral thousand men of Cincinnati
stayed at home the next evening for the
first time In year * .
Mrs. Mark Hopkins , of Ban Francisco ,
gaye her nelce , who recently mimed her
adopted seri , 8U 0,000 as a wedding pres-
nt. They now think of taking In tbo
Niagara on their wedding tour.
The mother of Josh Billings Is ninety-
wo yearj old. She evidently resolved to
Ive until her son learns how to spell ,
"Yes , " raid the tidy housekeeper mecll.
atlvely , "I think I will have to put some
ashes on the partment. Half a dnten people
ple have broken their legs there this month
and to-day I came very near sllddlng down
and spilling a whole dozen of eggs. '
Base ball games on the Ice are popular
n New York this winter. The only redeeming -
deeming feature of the affair li the fact
hat ice sometimes breaks.
Little Mrs. Whedlelm spent forty-five
tntnnt s in a vain effort to convince Air ,
W. that a sealskin sacqne was necessary to
bet existence. Then she startled him by
the question , "John , hadn't you better sell
" " " "Became
mo for a car-wheel ? "Whj ?
I've got a cast Irun Huh ? " She got the
They were talking over music and the
drama , ot the table of their hoit , who , aa
they were already aware , owed bis fortune
; o bis own unaided exertions. "You are
fond of Rossini ! " asked one of his gnesta.
"Passionately , " replied the host. "How
do " "Don't know sir
you Uke his Barber ! ,
-never patronized the man ; huve shaved
myself for the last forty years. '
A printer' * towel fell out of a third story
window in A New Jersey town , the other
day , and cracked A paving stone. 1'he
crash , WAS heard two blocks away , and a
little boy ran home , w.'th white lips , and
trembling limbs , to tell his mother that he
bad seen "a negro man tumble off the reel
and explode his head , "
It is estimated that the losses liy the
flood * in Germany will reach 80,000,000
marks. These are high water marki
which , It I * hoped , will never be reached
There i * A young lady in this city who Is
ilx/eet four inches tali , and Is engaged to
be married. The man who won her did II
In these words : "Thy beauty seta my son
Aglow I'd loved thee , right or wrong ; a
man want * but little here below , bat want *
that little long. "
The contingent fee lawyer take * all the
money in light. HI * client gets the satls <
One voice all over the land goes up
From Mothers , that say * , "My daughter
tor * are 'o feeble and Bad , with no
strength , all oat of breath and life a
the least oxortlon. What can wo do
! or thorn ? " The answer is simple ant
fall of Hope. One to four weeks' use
of Hop Bitters will make them healthy
rosy , aprlghtly , and cheerful.
March On , March on to Victory.
Under data of November 21 , 1682 , Mr. Alber
v7. Handy , of Pratt and Wbltnoy Company
IHrtford , Conn. , writes , '
"Having been a great sufferer from a sorer
attack of Kldnay Dlicast , and endured for a Ion ;
time the Intecsi pain , many aches , and extrem
weaknou thai always attead this dread disease
IncluJI g the terrible back-ache , after trying
doctor's prescriptions and -many other so-callo
cures , vrl'.hout gntclng any benefit , I was final !
poriuadcd to take Hunt's Comedyand : After us
ing ; It very short time I Dad mjeolf entirely re
lleved fiom the back-ache and otber pilr * . ant
better than til the other Improvements in m
general heiltb , my Kidney dUeaia ll cured ,
affords me great p'oaiuro to rocomtntnd Hunt
Ilemedy to alt who may be suffering as I bav
been , aa U Is sife and reliable medicine f OK KU
ney Disease. "
fvt Honest Indorsement.
MfTu. T. Melvln , of FrorlJonv * . R. I. , says-
"Bcllevlntr , ai I do , that an honest cndors
men ! cf all you claim for tbo virtues of Hunt
UtircJj- with pleasure attest to tfte fict tha
It ) aclhu In restoring a healthy condlt'on to dls
caycd Kidneys and Liver Is , Ia my cajo , little 1 <
( ban mlra-Mlous. "
"So say we , all of uj ,
One , two , three , four of us , "
aid so on up to thousands , that Hunt's Itemed
Is Incomparably the best Kidney and Liver mod
Iclne known.
For Couglir , Astlim * and Throa
Dliordor * ,
UBS BROWN'S BnoNcmAL Titocuis , hav
Ing proved their etllo oy by a test of many
yuan. Sold onlv in boiei.
Tables supplied with the boat thi
market ailorde. The traveling publl
claim they got bettor accommodations
aud more general satisfaction here
than at any other house In Omaha
Rate. f pnr day. anc21tfm
And All PoluU E tatldS > outh.E tt.
Nearly 4,000 miles. Solid Bmooth Steel Tract
11 connections are made In UNION DtPOTD
has a National Repntailon as beinr th
raat Through C r Line , and I * universal !
needed to b the FINEST EQUIPPED Bill
ad In the world far all clauses ot travel.
Try It and you will find traveling a Inxnrj
Instead ot a discomfort. , . . . .
Through Tickets via rhis Celebrated Lin *
u o at all offices In the West.
AU information about Bates o fare , BlwplL
Cor Accommodations , Tim * Tables , So. , will b
cheerfully given byappljrlninf la
' id Vice-Pro. ' ' ! A den. ManafrtrChe20 |
Den. FuMO/rer. Agt. Chicago
< W Ajrent. Oonncll Blnfft.
H. P. D\JKLL , Ticket | igt. Qua
The blood k the foundation of
life , it circdatei through every part
of the body , and unless it is pure
and rich , ( Jbod health is impossible.
If diteasi has entered the system
the only sate and quick way to drive
it out i ) o purify and enrich the
These simple facts arc well
known , tnd the highest , medical
authorities agree thu nothing but
iron will restore the blood to its
natural condition ; and also that
all the iron preparations hitherto
made blacken the teeth , cause headache -
ache , and are otherwise injurious.
oughly and quickly assimilate with
Iks blood , purifying and strengthen-
it j it , and thus drive disease from
any part of the system , and it will
not blacken the teeth , cause head
ache or constipation , and is posi
tively not injurious.
Saved his Child.
i ; H. EuUw St. , Baltimore , Md.
Feb. ii , iBSo.
Gtntu ; Upon the recommenda
tion of a friend I tried BROWN'S
IRON BrrrKU ai a tonic and re
storative for my daughter , whom
I waa thoroughly convinced was
waiting away with Consumption.
Having lost three daughters by the
terrible disease , under the care of
eminent physicians , I was loth to
btlleve that anything could arrest
the progress of the disease , but , to
my neat surprise , before my daugh
ter had taken one bottle of Ilaowx's
IRON JiiTTBm , she began jto mct.d
and now Is quite restored to former
health. A fifth daughter began to
how signs of Consumption , and
when the physician was consulted
he quickly said "Tonics were re
quired ; " and when Informed that
lae elder sister was taking BROWN'S
IRON BtTTsas , responded "that Is
a good tonic , take It. "
ly cures Dyspepsia , Indigestion and
Weakness , and renders the greatest
relief and benefit to persons suffering
from such wasting diseases as Con
sumption , Kidney Complaints , etc.
x S nmsimmiSMSa
Murray & Lanman's
0. SPEOHT , - - Proprietor.
Tin. Iron aud Slat Eoofing ,
Spocht'B Patent Metalio Shylight
Patent Adjnated Ratchet Bur
and Brocket Shelving. 1 not
the jjonoral ( vsjont for the
above line of goodu.
routlnua. Ocluitroden , Vcirwndnv.jO'n-
ilantr tttlllnirs. Window and ) -
autumn ; also
Western Agents , Ijifajctte , Indiana.
Rubber Boots aiul
Boois and Shoes
The center pieces are Interchangeable and re
\enlble It riruvcnts the counter from running
o > o , requiring no heel atKTencrs ,
The Agency ( or lh < se goods In this town has
been pla "
Others canna provuro Sera. <
Call and > xamlno a ( all line ot Leather and
"Camlee" Itubbcr Boots and Shoe ] with the He
vcralble Hoe ! .
31 3m LouUvllle.Neb.
Th mo it centrally located hotel ia the city
Room Cc 11.00 .Jl.Mand JS.OOporday.
y. . ' ! Reetauraut connected wll th
to to
HURST. . . Prop.
. Fourth and ! * < - ? Btreeta ,
Nebraska Loan & Trust Company
Capital Stook , - - $100,000
JAS.B. 1IEARTWF.LL , President.
A. L. CLAHKK , Vlco-1'rcildcni.
K. C. WtBSTKH , Treasurer.
Samuel Alexander Oswald Ollrrr ,
A. L. Olarke , K. 0. Webster' '
Oeo , II I'ratt , Ju. B. Heartell ,
D. M.McElIIlnney.
First Mortgage Loans a Specialty
This Company fumUhe * a permanent , homt
Institution here School Boi' land other legally
taued Municipal securltl * < o I Nebraska can
ho negotiated on the at M avorable terms
fcoans made on Improved ti n | n all well settle
counties o ! the state , thia I k I MponsIbleBlOcal
O. IE1.
Window and Plate Glass.
v - T
MT Anyone contemplating building store , bank , ot any other flni will find It to tha
aatacsto corre * end with us befots purchasing tbeli Plate Glass.
Flour , Salt , Sugars , Canned Goods , and
All Grocers' Supplies.
A Full Line of the Best Brands of
Fire , and Burglar
- - ,
i o o K : s , <
1020 Farnham Street ,
IB only attained by using
Stoves and Ranges.
"For ale by
( nll-mAM
The Oldest Wholesale and
in Omaha. Visitors can here
find all novelties in SIL
Rich and Stylish Jewelry ,
the Latest , Most Artistic ,
and Choicest Selections in
all descriptions of FINS
WATCHES at as Low Pri
ces as is compatible with
honorable dealers. Call
and see our Elegant New
Store , Tower Building ,
corner llth and Farnham
General Agents for the
Finest and Best Pianos and
Organs manufactured.
Our prices are as Levy aa
any Eastern Manufacturer
and Dealer.
Pianos and Organs sold
Tor cash or installments at
Bottom Prices.
A SPLENDID stock of
Stein-way Chickering ,
Knabp , Vose & Son's Pi
anosand other makes.
Also Ciough & Warren ,
Sterling , Imperial , Smith
American Organs , &c. Do
not fail to see us before pur
A Large Stock always on Hand.
M c N A IVfA R A & DUNG A N.
WhiskieS !
in Bond or Free , Also direct Importers of
Jobbers and Manufacturers of Fine
Agents for Jos. Schlitz' Milwaukee Beer ,
Bottled and in Kegs.
214 & 218 S. 14TH STREET. - - - OMAHA. NEB.
, , ,
Flrs-UlaBS Faiuing and Trimming , Repairing Promptly Dona
1319 HaraaTiOor. 14th , Omaha

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