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DR. A. J. COOK ,
Diseases of Women and Diseases of the Rectum a Specialty.
The Dr. has boon locate d In Ooun-
oil BlnfTa nearly two years , and hav-
ng boon called professionally nuting
that time into the boat families in the
city and surrounding country , takes
pleasure in an announcing that ho has
come to stay. His constantly increas
ing practice nt homo , in the midst of
his citvn people , is the bout evidnnronf
his skill as n SPECIALIST , and ho
wishes it uuirratood , once fur nil , that
his methods of treatment are S I'RIU FLY -
LY scientific ; that ho despises quack
ery as well among so-called "Regular"
and "Homeopathic" practitioners as
among travellngcharlatonaand "Cure-
Alia. " Ho has devoted fifteen years
to the Btudy and practice ot hla SPE
CIALTIES and has bad tlio benefit of
the moat ekillful training in the boat
colleges and hospitals In the land , and
has no hesitancy in promising the very
best results to bo obtained trom scion-
tificmedicino atid surgery.
Ik muat be evident to every oloao
observer ( hat no ono miud , however
gifted , can grasp inorn than n mere
smattering of medical Kclonco. The
fuld la too largo and the natural divis
ions too numerous for anything more
than a cursory via * of thu vast obsta
cles to bo onoouuterod by the "gan-
erl" practitioner. Wo li > ve our em-
iaent surgeons and our eminent prao
tltionerei of modloino , nf cur which fol
low the noted Bpooiallsta , embracing
the Eye , the Eir , the Throat , the
Lungs , the Kiduoya and Bladder , Dis-
canes of Women , Insanity , &a , &o. ,
any ono cf which requires years of
patient study and practice to insure
proficiency and ultimate success ,
The busy practitioner of to-day
the "family" physician can no more
embrace all these specialties In his
practice and do jnslico to his patients
than ho can "bottle np sunlight , " yet
how many physicians in the western
Thai never require crlmplrg , nt Mrs. J. J. Qviod'aHalr Store , at prices never belere touched by
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ol Appetite , hervous Debility in all its Stage's '
WCHK Memory , Loss of Rnln I'nwer , Prrntratlon ,
Wcaknu&i anJ general Losi of I'o'ur. It ruialt-
nervous waste , rcjuvenntus the failed intellect ,
atrenghthcna the enfeebled brain and rcotoret
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Kins. The experience of thousands proves it to
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And all forma of HemorrholJal Tumors.
Those SCPPOSITORIIW act directly upon tht
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cflccte gently force the blood from the swollen
tumors , and by making the coatu of the volni
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mall on receipt of price , iiy Eo liah Modionl
Institute , 718 Olive StS
KASBAH ( ITY , Mo. , Sept. ZO , 1882.
I think it a duty I owe to humanity to eay
what your remedy naa done f r mo. Oto year
ago I contracted a bad case ot llloo < l 01 ease , a d
not knowing ihc rtsuh of such 'roubles , I allow
ed it to run lo som-i t tno , but finally apt lied to
the best uhys'clan in t iiilty , who treated tno
for six months. IN THAT TIMK i TOOK-OVKB 600
rum OXI-KOTOIODIDK OK MK.cfuY J K'ain rach.
and hod nm down In Height from 210 to lf > 7
pou ( In , ami was confined to my lied with Mer
curial Kliovmatlsin , scarcely able to turn mysell
ove' . Be'nn a tra\clinir man , come of the fra
ternity fount me n Hils iicplo a lo cond'tlm ' ,
spec lie. as MB S nrWTi " " cases thai
had been cure ! by Its uso. I couinienden the use
It wit i ve y II tic faith ar > p 1 1 less that three
weeds w a able ti take mv puce on the road The
soren and copper-collorcd spoU jrradualiy illsap <
pcotcJ , and to-dav I tiavo not a BO eor spot on mj
person , and in * welg' t Is 217 pounds , bcln/'more
than it ever was. I do not Uh you to publish
my name , hut you may show thw letter to an )
who doubt the merit or S , 8 , S , for I know it is a
ยง ure cure.
Yours Truly , J. II. D.
SOT o thirty years ago there lived In Montzo
roery , Ala. , a young man who was terribly allllc
Ud tier bo ng ire 'led ' for a long time hy tbi
mcd'cil pro'eiMlon ol thU town ultimo benefit
he commenced taking SOB. After persistently
Uklnltt o months ho was cure I. Itelnirac
qualntul with hiin for the disease never made It
return. J , W. Humor , J , P. , Hot Springs Ark.
If you doubt , coma to see us , and we will CUKE
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Lincoln. N
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Medical Electrician
Qradmte of Elcctropatblc Inetltntlon , Phila
delphia ,
p , Broadway fcOlenn
The treatment ol all diseases and pMnfnl , dl
flcultles peculiar to females > apedaliy.
PEUSOKAI. "Partaof the human body
enlarged , developed and itrcDgthecod , " etc. , la
an Interesting advert sement long run In oui
paper. In reply to Inqu rlca we will nay that
there la no evidence cf humbugabaut tbli. On
the contrary , the advertUtrs arr very highly In
dorted. Interea'od persona nay get staled clr
culara giving all particulars , giving all partlcu
lariby addressing Erie Medical Co. , P. 0. Box
513. Buffalo , N. Y. Toledo Kvenlnj Bee. . i |
oonntry are PUETENDINO to do BO , to
the coat and Injury of their patients.
The Dr. dooa not pretend to cure
ALL ohronio dlaoaaoa. Ho claims ,
aonrovor , that years of patient atady
and praotioo , in the hospitals and lsa-
where , glvo him advantages in their
treatment which no ordinary practi
tioner cm possibly have ; that ho 0 AN
CURE many cases now prononncad
[ NO OR ABLE by them , and glvo re
lief to hundreds of others whoso dis
eases come within the range of his SPE
CIALTIES. Ho is prepared to give
the most approved electric treatment
and medicated vapor baths , when
needed. Parties readmg at a distance ,
whoso moans will not admit of their
taking a regular coarse of treatment
hora , will bo furnished blanks with
questions , which can bo answered and
returned to the Doctor , who will make
up his diagnosis and give treatment if
desired , bat ho much prefers to make a
Oarradlne sat alone at hla easel ,
painting ; and as ho painted ho
bought. Eight years betoio , when
10 was a poor struggling boy , just en-
erlng on that race whtoh mast be ran
> y every aspirant to art and its hou-
or3 , there happened to him something
which neither time nor toll had over
) een able to efface from hin memory.
As ho was pasilng along the streets a
wreath of fragrant roses suddenly fell
on his head , and looking up In won
der , ho behold , reaching out from the
embroidered drapeites of an over-
innging window , a child , with fairy-
ike proportions , with great dark eyea
and long , curling blaak looks , who
stood smiling and throwing him kisses
rom her curved lips , colored like a
lomegranato. While aho still gazed , a
inrao hed ccmo forward and drawn
; ho child away ; the curtains were
closed , and ho eart the little creature
no more. Such was the vision that
the artist had carried so long in his
liomory ; la his memory only , for he
iad no second glimpse of the child ,
That very day an accident occurred
which kept him a prisoner in his room
lot several weeks , and when next he
wont out the houae was empty , and a
placard with great flaring letters
innouncing it fur sale stared him In
the face , from the name window In
which the llttlo whlto robed elf had
stood waving her hand and smiling to
him. la course of time other faces
appeared there , but they wore strange
faces , and among them was never the
ono for which ho looked.
Now , as Oarradlno sat painting
alone , he thought of all this ; of the
strngfi-lo that had 'ended ' at length in
success ; of his hard , unfriended boy
hood , and of the beautiful child with
her fragrant rose crown , which had
Boemod almost like a prophecy. That
rose wreath , dry and withered now ,
was all that was loft to him of the fair
vision ; but when that morning , in
turning over an old portfolio , ho had
como upon it by chance , it epoko to
him of that by-gone day ju/it / aa elo
quently as when Ita blossoms worn
fresh and fall.
"Eight years ago , " ho said , thought
fully , letting the circlet alip through
his lingers slowly. "Sho must bo sixteen -
teen now if she lives. If ? No , I
do not doubt her living presence
somowhoro. I wonder vrhcro she is
now , and what ahu is like at sixteen ? "
With that ho placed the wreath be
side hla easel , and began to paint.
The face , as it crow on his canvas ,
presented a young girl In the dewy
morning blaah of first youth , with
shadows In the great dark eyes and a
naif smile about the bright curled
lips , like an embodied summer sun
shower. It was thus that the artlat
pictured his ideal of the child woman ,
whoao Infantile look and smile foi
eight long years had boon his own
dream of lovo.
Oarradiuo had not had an easy life.
An orphan from hla earliest yean ,
poor and unfriended , ho had studied
hard for the meana to gratify that in
herent Idolatry for art which wai al
ways clamoring to Had expression In
form and coloring. Ho had foughl
and he had won ; but now , at twenty.
personal examination and treat all
patients hero , when possible , thua
avoiding any chance of error in dlag
nosis ,
The Doctor treats all forma of chron
ic 'disease , without mentioning anyone
ono in particular , and has no hoaitanoy
in saying that ho CAN and WILL
give the best treatment known to mud
ictil science , and charge only a reason
able foe for hls sorvioos ,
Thia is ono of the SPECIALTIES
to Vrhloh the Dr. has devoted the beat
yours of his life , and hundreds of
women , now living , arp ready to toati'
fy that they found relief at hia handa
when others had failed to benefit
thorn. The "family" physician can
not treat thoao diaoasos rmccosHfully ,
for many important reasons , , chtol
among which is , that ho has not the
time to devote to their study , nor the
patience to do 'them justice. Nor
ix , he stood In the place which ho
lad gained for hlmaolt almost as much
tlono at the very heart as he had
) oen eight years before , when the
child's gift came to him aa a prophecy.
It was not that he was friendless.
There were men who liked and sought
ilm , women would gladly -havO have
aufjht him to forget his loneliness in
their affection. But though his nature
responded rapidly to any kindness ,
; here was ono chord , deeper than all ,
hat remained untouched , and from
; ho sweetest glancea his thoughts went
lack to the unknown child that had
smiled down on him no long ago.
The ideal head became his great
aonroo of enjoyment , and a dreamy
softnoaa eluded his dark-grey eyes , aa
ino by line and tint by tint took
lim back into tha' , past , which , nil
ifoleaa aa It was , seemed to him , in
; hoao moments , more real than the
Dusy present. Yet now , in reviewing
ihat ono bright vision of hla memory ,
t was not so much the lovely child
: hat ho saw In fancy as the beautiful
; irl whoso face , with fuller depth and
sweetness , looked out at him from his
own canvas.
Instinctively , ho hardly know why ,
tie disliked to work on thla picture In
my other presence , and ho devoted to
It only hla hours of solitude. So It
tiapponod that It was nearly finished
wnen by some chance , n friend discov
ered him bending over It , too absorb ,
od to hear any approach. As the door
opened , Oarradlne rose hastily , turnIng -
Ing his oaaol to the wall to conceal the
face upon It. Thla little stratagem ,
however , was destined to bo of no
avail. Having boon marked by the
intruder , ono of thoao cordial , well-
meaning poaplo , good uatnrod to a
degree , bat with little delicacy of per
ception the action atonco aroused his
"Aha , master palntor , " ho said ,
with a laugh , "lot us BOO what It Is
that yon work at by youself till ic
steals away your eyes and ears. Only
ono poop ! "
With that ho laid his hand on the
frame , and receiving no forbidding
word from Oarradlne , turnodlt around.
The next moment ho was loud in hia
"But who is it.Oarradinc ? If It Is a
portralt.tolljmo where tofind the orig
inal , and I will , if It la a seven days'
Oarradlno smiled.
"If I myself knew where to find
such an original , I should not bo hereto
to toll you , my good friend , " ho answered -
swored evasively.
"Oh , a fancy sketch , " said the
other , misled , aa the artist had desired.
"I might have saved myself the trou
ble of asking. No real flesh and blood
iaco ever looked like that moroshamo
to nature , I s y. Of conroo you will
exhibit It , Oarradlno ? "
'No ! " answered the piintorquietly.
"No ! " repeated the other in sur
prise. "But my dear follow , you
must , or I shall betray your secret ,
and you will have a swarm of visitors
worse than a plague of Egypt lot In
upon you. "
Oarradlno hesitated ; a chanoo word
In hia friend's speech had angpoated a
possibility that made hla heart leap in
spite of sober reason.
"Yoa are right , " ho said. "I shall
send the picture for exhibition. It
will bo better so. "
After hla visitor had loft him alone
should it bo expected of him , in the
absoaco , perhaps , of special tr < uulnR
and exporlonca , and in the hurry and
excitement of general practice
The Dr. is prepared to treat all female -
male diseases in a skillful and scientific
manner , having devoted several years
to their study and treatment , both in
the hospital and in ttolivo praotioo ,
Diseases of the Rectum ,
Those otnbrnco Hemorrhoids , or
Piles , Fistnlos , Fissures , Prolups , or
falling of the anus , tumors , oto , etc. ,
and constitute ono of the DDotor'a
loading apocliltios. All rootal tumors
are treated by the now method of In
jootlng and are thoroughly and speed
ily removed , with but little or no pain
Oaaoi of Files , from ton to twenty
yoara standing , have boonpermanent
ly cured by this now method , many ol
thorn residing ia and near the city at
present.EPILEPSY. .
Many casoa ot E iilop y , or Fits ,
again , Oarradlno bent low ever hia
easel , gazing Into the lovely , nptnrnod
face , nntil It began to fade Into the
gathering twilight.
"It it ! " ho mar mured to himself ,
half unconsciously. "Bat It cannot
bo. Yet I will oend it and per
haps "
And BO the picture was sent , in duo
time : and It Boomed almost as if Oarra
dlno a Bonl had gouo with it and drawn
him to follow. Hour after hour , and
day after day , ho sat in the gallery ,
scrutinizing eagerly every face amid
the visitors , whom taato or fashion
had brought to look at the now cele
brated artlst'a latest success. Every
night ho went nway unsatisfied , and
every morning he returned with hope
epringiug afresh in his hoatt.
Still , ttio object cf hin search , what
ever it may have boon , does not ap
pear ; and ono day , discouraged at last ,
ho roiolvod to go no more on so fruit
less an errand. Shutting himselt in
his atudlo , he began to paint , but ,
strive as ho would , ho could command
neither hand nor fancy. Finally ,
tired of repeated failure , ho abandoned
work , and yielded to an impulse which
drew hla utopa in the customary direc
tion.Whon ho entered the email side
room In which his picture huug , ho
found but two perilous within , a
young man and a girl.
Oarradlno could not BOO the facas of
theao two , but , with an oarneatnoia
for which ho waa at a loaa to account ,
ho followed their retreating figuroa aa
they moved alowly toward hin picture.
But the next moment an exclamation
of aatonlahment burst from the lipa of
the young man.
"Why , huro la your portrait , Lall-
la ! What duos it mean ? Who can
the painter bo ? "
With that ho hurried out to pur-
chaao a catalogue. Oarradino ad
vanced quickly to thu girl.
'I am the palntor , " ho said.
She turned and looked at him with
ono otoady gaze trom those glorious
oycs that had haunted his visions for
so mauy years. Then she spoke :
"Ypu painted that picture ? and
how ? "
"From remembrance , " he answered.
"It is my only tribute to the llttlo
unknown princess who crowned mo
once with ross. Dooa she , too , re
member it ? "
For a moment doubt waa in her
face ; but as ho looked fixedly at her
it vanished in certainty. A amllo just
touched her br'ghl ' lips ,
"It was you , then , on whom I
forced my runes ? A prlncosa who
gave away honora unaekod. How
often I have wondered since "
She atopped , turned to the can
vas , and added abruptly , "but I was
a child then , and hero "
"Hero you ore a woman , " said
Oarradino , completing the unapokon
aonlonco. "It is so Jiara to understand -
stand ? The same power that kept
the child In my heart showed mo
into what she would ripen. "
She did not look at him now , but at
'tho picture , aa she asked him in a low
voice , "and whom am I to thank for
such an honor ? "
"My name la Hubert Oarradlno , "
ho anawored , and saw at once that it
hor. "And
was no rinfainlllar word to
yonrtt Through all those yoaw your
faoo has haunted nio always , bat y ur
name I never know. "
can bo cured if taken in time , and on
pocially in young subjects. The Dr
does not claim to cure all cases that
como to him for treatment , but can
point to numerous instances where a
pormtuont cure has boon wrought
within the last five years. Medicine *
will ba Bunt by express when patients
cannot come to the city.
Those troublesome parasites can bo
removed in a few hours , with but lit
tle inconvenience to the patient. The
Dr. will send modicioos by express ,
with full directions for nao , at any
time thoymay bo ordered , .
The Dr. makoa no promises but
what wiil bo fulfilled to the letter. II
ho examines you and finds your dis
oasp incurable , ho will tell you so in
plain words ; if ho finds yea can' bt
bencfittod ho will treat yea for a mod
erate fee and give you the benefit ol
all that medical science can do for you :
caao. This ia all that any carofu
She hesitated a moment , then
tamed to htm.
"You novur know my name ? Then
think of mo still as yea have thought
of mo through all those years , " oho
said , a half smile lingering about her
mouth , bat never lighting the great
dark face that was shaded by some
nubtlo xadnoss.
The look , the tone , transported
Oarradino beyond all remembrance of
place or circumstances , into the un
real realm of imagination in which hia
wish waa aupromo ruler
"I have thought of you always as
my life and my love , " half consciously ,
hia dreamy , deep gray oyoa glowing
upon her faco. She bluahod sudden
ly , and then paled in an instant. Just
then her former companion entered
the room.
"I am Leilla Auvornny , " aho nald
hastily , "and this Is Oecll Wyndham ,
my my betrothed husband *
Not another word was eald. As the
young man approached Oarradlno fell
back a nU p and looked at the two. Ilia
won a fair , handsome face , so little
marked B yet by time , that it would
bo hard for an unprnctlced eye to con-
joctuto with what lines the shaping
character would yet stamp It. Never
theless , with ono keen gaze Oarradlno
estimated both present and future.
She said a few low , spoken worda to
her companion , who presently moved
toward Oarradino , and addresaod him :
"I have the honor of speaking to
Mr. Oarradlno , the painter of this pic
ture ? "
Oarradlno bowed without speaking.
"Will you p rdon mo for asking if It
is a fancy akotch ? " continued Mr.
"Partly so , but suggested by the
face of a llttlo girl , " answered the
"But the likonoBS la ao very strik
ing , " muttorcd the young gentleman.
" 1 must have it any rate. Of courao
you will part with It at your own
price V >
"Tho picture Is not for sale , " said
Oarradino , quietly , still regard
ing the youiig man with that cool ,
steady g&zo which had already caused
him to betray a hesitation , almost con
fusion , very unlike hla usual easy con-
tiJonce. 11 o OHoniud to have an In-
etictivo knowledge that the artist was
measuring him , and , to shrink from
that measurement with unconscious
dread ,
Oarradlno saw Loilla Aavoruay once
more before she returned to her homo
In a distant town , Then ho took his
picture from the academy walla and
hang it in his studio , where hla eyes
could find it whenever ho looked
away from his work. For ho did not
give up < rork ; yet , among thcniuolvcB ,
bis friends pronounced nim an altered
man , and marveled what had caused
ao Bubtllo a difference. Always silent ,
he now aoemed to live In an Ideal
world of his own ; and , whatever he
might occupy himself with , there was
that in his manner which appeared to
imply that it was only a temporary
diversion until the coming of some
event Ijr which ho waa waiting.
So passed half a year , at the end ol
which there oamo a letter to Oarra
diuo. It was brief , but It waa enough
to assure him cf that which ho had
boon unconioloaaly expecting ,
The letter waa from Leilla A aver *
nay. Ho wont to her at onco. She
mot him with n laughing light In hei
practitioner ahould promise hia pa- '
{ fonts' il ia all ho CAN promise thorn
And bo honest.
Parties visiting the city for the pur
pose of consulting the Dr. ahould
come directly to hii ofl'uo , where the
boat roforonooa iu the city will bo fur
nished when desired , and where patients -
tionts will also bo assisted in proour-
ng board and rooma at roaaonablo
( Ono Block North of Broadway. ) *
Addroaa all Lottora to
DE , A. 3 , COOK ,
P. O. Box No. 1402 ,
Council Bl 3te
oyoa euoh as ho had not soon' there
when she stood In the gallery beside'
her betrothed husband a light which
recalled the merry child who smiled
down on him so long ago.
"Mr. Carradlne , " she said , "I told
you that ray fortune was gone , but did
not tell yea how utterly it had boon
swept away. I am nothing better
than a beggar. Will you take mo for
ono of your ' students , for charity's
aoko ? "
Ho looked searchingly into her
smiling faco.
"And Mr. Wyndham ? " ho asked , ia
a low volco.
She laughed without so much as a
lush of emotion.
" Mr. Wyndham has gene with the
rest of ray worldly possessions. Did
1' not aay that I had lost everything ?
Yea BOO , Mr. Oarradlno , that I am
not of aa much worth now as my pic
ture. "
The words , as she said thorn , did
not seem bitter. Ho took her hands.
"Loilla , " ' ho said , "does your losa
make you unhappy ? "
11 Do I look so ? " she asked gyly.
'Aa for the marriage , it was my
'other's ' wish , and to gratify his dying
request I consented before I know
my own heart - . " Hero , a quick , ; n
vivid color shot into her ohook , but nH
aho wont on : " There never waa love
on my aide ; and on hla well , money
s more than love with some natures.
[ do not wish to blame him. "
Oarradine'a grasp tightened on her
"Loilia " he said "ouco
, , your an
swer put a bar between as when I
spoke worda that were surprised outof r
my heart. Would it bo so now , If I
ihoold say them once more ? My
eve , mv life , will you como to mo ? " . -,1 'I
"Will I como ! " she repeated , look
ing np in his eyes and drawing $
nearer , until hia arms silently folded \ !
about hor.
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And so Oarradlno found his love at
LONE JACK , Mo. , Sept. 14,1870.
I have boon using Hop Bitters , and
have received great benefit from them
[ or liver complaints and malarial fever
They are superior to all other medi
cines. P. M. BARNES.
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If you r younu win 1 fCI.
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r.Wt Hop Ncpf.lter !
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Hop Bitter *
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, JlTDIOlU.Oll.

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