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A Benoral Assault on the State
I \ Treasury ,
Oheoky Olaima Defended With
Brazen Impudence.
An Union Pacific Official aa a
Frantic Effort to Defeat tbo Rnll-
road Tax BUI.
Special Correspondence ot The Bee
LINCOLN , February 18. The raid
on the atato treasury still continues
After voting awoy about $900,000 iu
the general appropriation bill and 1m *
posing a special tax for a $500,000
addition to the capital , the lower
honao has put through the committee
of the whole another batch of c'ainn
that rival in sublime cheek the bogui
83,000 claim of tqnattor Governor
Poarman. Those fraudulent claims
were sandwiched into tha mlscellano
ous appropriation bill with a few
rlghtoom claims that should bo paid.
The debate over thia bill waa in some
respoata interesting. Before the va
rious itema were piaaed upon , Rob'
berta , of Butler , moved an amend
ment that the claim of Pat 0. Hawea
to $1,048 25 bo incorporated in this
bill. . Thla motion mot with some op
position. Hatch argued that aa the
claim waa a paifeotly fair one it ought
to bo allowed. Johnson hoped the
amendment would prevail , aa the gen
eral sentiment of the houeo waa that
the claim waa a just onr.
Mr. McAllister wanted to know by
what suthorlty agenta were appointed.
If the claim was a fair ono , ho thought
the state could collect it without the
aid of agonta. He wna opposed to
cst&blhhing a dangerous prooodont of
thla kind
Mr. Payne explained that thia claim
arose ont of n contract made with Ex-
Governor James , that Mr. Huwos was
fully entitled to hia ojrnmieslon. The
amendment waa finally carried.
Franso moved that the aum of $150
allowed in the bill to Orawford and
MoLanghliu for defondlnp a murderer
named Henry Sobuylor , bo made
$600. The trial had lasted two wookn
and ho thought $150 waa inaufilalont
compensation. NJ matter how grost
the criminal might bo whoa hia life
and liberty wad at stake ho WIXH en
titled to the boat defonco that could bo
had Ho appealed to them whether it
l-v was fair and right to establish the
- ' principles that fittoen cent nttornoya
should bo employed to defend mur
derers. Howard irged that ths
committee had very carefully consid
ered his claim , and they had come to
the conclusion that $150 waa sufficient
Oaatlo pointed ont that in allowing
the defense 000 they would be allow
I \ ing the dotonso more than the prose
cuting attorneys , aud ho thought this
K\ \ was far from right.
IV . Whltzel strongly oppoa. d tboamond-
ment , as he considered $150 quite
The amendment waa then nut and
A feeble effort was made against
IJ Bill Stout's c'.alm fur $2,000 for enlarging -
larging the gallocv in representative
hall. Several members thought Bill
had put it on rather heavy and some
expressed the opinion the gallery
didn't coat ono-thUrd of $2,000 , but
the claim wai finally voted. Then
, came George Oanfiold'o clatm for
$534 45 back pay for boarding the
militia during the Omaha sham riots.
This ia ono of the cheekiest claim *
over brought before any legislature * .
The clerk of the Ojnfiold house msda
a contract with the chief quarlornnator
to feed the militia at 25 cants a mottl.
At the extra session laat sprlug
Oanfield presented his bill at that rate.
It waa voted to him and paid in fnlll
and Oanfield waa well satisfied with
getting it. Now he comes in with a
bill for back pay at forty cents a
meal , or fifteen cents additional , be
cause the legislature laat spring al
lowed Swobe and Marshall , of tuo U ,
P. depot eating house , forty cents for
meala for which they claimed fifty
conta. McGavock , of Douglas , hoped
that the claim would bo allowed. He
informed the house that Oanfiold waa
away from home when the militia came
to hia hotel to bo boarded , but when
he returned , ho made a general under
standing that ho would board at the
same rate the other hotel keepers
were boarding thnm. ( Thia wasn't
Oanfiold'a story last aprlng ) The
legislature had only allowed nim at
the rate of 25 cants a meal , whereas
they had allowed the others 40 centn.
This claim of $534 45 waa to make up
the 15 cent ? , BO aa to make the pay at
Jho rate of 40 cents , aa the others
were paid.
There waa no contract made , and ho
hoped Mr. Oanfiold would receive the
ii additional 15 conta per meal ,
Hollman knew that Oanfield waa not
there at the time the mllltla arrived.
Ho strongly urged that he bo paid the
extra amount In question. This was
finally agreed to by a close voto.
Then there .waa about $3,500 back
pay allowed to sheriffs aud marshals.
Amongtheae was Gran Ensign , $508.-
25 ; D. B. Ball , $08 20 ; H. S. Moody.
8209 30 ; George W. Gay , $108.20 ; J.
H. Butler , $300 ; Simon V. Seoloy
$205 50.
The everlasting penitentiary whlol
hwallowod $130,000 in the general ap
propriation bill carao in again wltl
extras to Bill Stout , contractor , $2 ,
109 34 ; G. Nobes , warden , $341.12
Wheat & Ford , photographs of con
viota , $375. The Omaha Smolttnf
works waltzed up with a claim of $313.
32foV ; furnishing the mllltla during th
memorable strike when they Importec
the colored labjrers but this "Ilttli
bill waa no allowed , ;
And this remldns mo of Pearman'
historic- tree bill wherein that ohronl
bilk presented a claim in 1871 fo
ft *
tli ' ho legislature
! , . ' 'sl871) ) .
Ji duo tlmnthoy at * . jat they
i d allownd him $950 moro that he
was entitled to , and the following
summer i'oarman'a trees planted ou
the capltol grounds nearly all died ,
A very warm debate took place in
.ho . house this afternoon over senate
ila No. 1. Senator McShano'a
) lll to amend the ravonuo act
which required the wsossmont of
depots , depot grounds , machine shops
ind other Improvements to bo awotaod
> y local as2ocso .
Last night P. P. Shelby , general
relght agent of the Union Paalfic ,
loaatod he would boat thia bill , and
nearly all the railroad- attorneys out-
Ido of _ Dauqlas and Lancaa cr , whore
hey did not dare oppose ouch a just
nounuro , wow massed against the bill.
They made specious appeals to
ural numboro to vote this bill
down bccanao it waa designed
o bold Omaha 'and Lincoln aud
hey were successful In gulling the
grangern with such chntF , and the bill
rsa defeated. This will baatOmiha ,
'latiemouthLincoln and Grand Island
out of city taxes on over $2,000,000
if lailroad property it beats Dong-
ia , Otsd , LiucMtcr and Hall counties
out of the county taxes on this prop-
rly , and bauefiti only the railroads
\ll of thopo improvements when
tooled with the rolling stock and road
7 y don't enhance the aggregate tax-
bio value $5 a mile , and hence they
lone mnp the benefit of exemption.
Mr , Shelby's miaelon h.not entirely
n tha tax question , Ho waa closeted
vith the house railroad committee laat
light , and is making frantic efforts to
> eat the acnato railroad bill. His
> loa la that the Union Pacific would
> o wrecked nud ruined by reduced
nsaongor nnd freight tolls , and the
ittornnya and capponi are echoing hla
> larnoy , Peter ia a democrat , and
iko Artomua Ward , who was willing
o sacrifice ) all hia wife's relations in
ho war , Peter Is willing to pat the
epublicins en rf cord aa opponents of
ho only railroad bill that has any poa-
iblo ahow of passing.
Relief Oominu in from All Porta
of the Country for the Ohio
Valley Suflarere.
February 18. In-
orraatioti from the ilooJod districts
give a most gloomy account of the
nffbiing. At Now Albauy the river
taa fallen two feet. The weather is
very cold. One thousand throe hun-
[ red families are driven from their
lomea , Bvtho stoppage of the fac-
oriea 1,009 families are dependent
n charity ; most of them lost every-
hlng. It will require months to re
build the factories , meantime the em-
iloyoa must bo cared for , The Wa-
iaah at Terre Haute reached the
ilghcst point thia afternoon.
ST. Louis , February 18. The cold
weather has not affected the rise in
ho rivers. All streams are booming.
Numerous bridges have boon carried
away , All trams are trom one to
wolvo hpura late. Some toads are
ti'ack o ! other lines in order" to
run trains at all ,
TOLEDO , February 18. Tno gorge
> elow the olty broke this morning.
logo masses moved rapidly out. By
diyll ht the water had fallen five feet.
L'ho river is now comparatively free
ice nnd still falling. Iu ita out
ward passage the fl ) od carrie I away
the remaining portions of two bridges ,
A fdW small craft were torn from the
docka and carried come diafa co down
ho river. There ia no aorioua damage
to shipping. At aix thia evening the
wnttr bad lowered ten fact from the
ilghojt point.
LOUISVILLE , February 18 , The
river con'innes to fall slowly. The
weather ia clear aud cool. Oollop-
ions for the relief fund were made in
all the churches. Many of the poor
need help for weeks , as they have ab
solutely nothing.
CINCINNATI , February 18. The
iver continues to fall half an inch
lourly. It is retarded in the fall by
rains above. No Incident of note
NEW YOHK , February 18. A spec
ial from Murut Halsted to the World
aye ; Cincinnati comes out of the
load in good form with no element of
icr vitality impaired , nnd will enter
upon a'prosporous spring buslnespaplto
anything that congress may do or leave
indono. It would bo hard to say more
, hau that for any town.
Postcflloo Changes
Special Dispatch to TUB llnx.
WASHINGTON , February 18 Estab
lished Ellda , Nevada , Gal.Theodore
P. Vanslycke ; Point Snrmounter ,
Cal , Charles H. Bixby ; Wnllsburg ,
Multonamah , Oro. , .Jacob F. Hodges.
Discontinued Bronnon , Toulomno ,
Dal. ; Gabol , Columbia , Pechistan ,
Yohahama , Washington territory.
Appointed Gold Mountain , Ei-
moralda , H , H Robinson ; Lewis ,
Lander , Nov. , Joseph Hill , Mullno ,
Olaokomaa , Ore. , William J. Dill ;
Chonowltb , Skamanla , Washington
territory , D. K. Ordway.
Frozen to Death ,
Special Dispatch to TIIB BEK.
CHICAGO , February 18. AThucdej
Bay , Manitoba , apodal cays ; A party
of twenty-five men left Lawaon'e
cimp on Friday for Barke'a camp.
The party Bopu&ted , four striking out
across the ice for Portage at Sawyer'c
bay. At that point they mot Indians ,
and fearing an attack retraced tholi
stops. It was very cold , and on th (
way Max Mallavor , Gabo Geraor one
L , Gellogaat lay down , exhausted
Isaac Lourillo pushed on to Brown's
which ho reached overcome. Noxi
morning ho atartod oat with asslatanci
for hla companions , and found then
frozen to death.
Oomploto Exlionoration of Do-
Long and Party by the
Oeurt of Jnqnry ,
Programme of the Republicans
for the Remaining Daya
No Pronpeob of the Passage
of the Tariff Bill This
Itemi of Interest frcin. the Nutlcmnl
Special Dispatches to Tun llin.
WASHINGTON , February 18. The
Jeannette court of Inquiry ruports the
following faoU as dot.mod established
by ovlduuoo nddncod concerning the
cltcamitaucos of the Iocs of the Joau
notto and death of DoLjug and others
cf her offiocra and man. Although
the weight of the ovldeuco shows the
Jeannette was not especially adapted
ia strength or model for arctic explor
ation , The fact that an experiment
jxploror had made two cruises in her
to the arctic sens , anatalna the judg
ment and euro shown in her selection.
When last purchased she wna strengthened -
onod and improved , and the condition
of the vcsael on her departure from
Sun FranoUcn was good mid satiafno
tory , her oflioora crow ( except that
the WQB unavoidably deaply loaded , n
defect which corrected itself by the
consumption of coal ) , provisions and
stores. Evidence relating to the man
agement of the Jeunnotto up to the
time of the loss , shows that the
chances of reaching Wrangle inland
were suflicitfntly good to justify the
commander in attempting to reaoh It ,
rather than to return to some sonthurn
port to p-.ca the winter in idleness.
Had he done otherwise than ho did ho
might fairly bocu thought wanting in
thu high qualities necccjuary to ox-
plorors. Through the expedition
every opportunity was improved for
gaining ecluutitio information ; thruo
islmda ware discovered , two
of which were vlaltod , ex
plored and taken possession of in
the nnino of the United Stntca In
the mauugumoTit of the Jeanette up to
the time of her detention , Oominandor
DdLong , by hia foresight and pru
dence , provided nieaaurea to meet
emorgonciea and enforce wiee regula
tion1) . The fact of the ship's having
paaeod a second winter in the ice with
out the appearance of ecurvy on board ,
attcata the excellence of sanitary ar
rangements adopted and rt fleets great
credit upon Surgeon Ambler , aa to the
circumstances of the lees of the veasol.
The court attaches no blame to any
officer or man and reports cay the
provisions mndo and the plana adopt
ed for the safety of the crewa upon
theiMeaving the wreck were judicious ,
aa it iaohownthat ninety days after the
destruction ef the Jeanette , the officers
.and ir en were in * ir condition , not
withstanding their terrible journey.
The story ot the retreat from the ves
sel , with accompanying sufferings ,
disappolntmonta , dangers , difficultiea
and delays , death of DaLnug , and hie
companions , subsequent dUcovery of
.heir dead bodies , 10 aecured at con
siderable length nnd tha-conclusion
reached that everything possible wan
done by the various tfiicors tolnanre
safety to pertios under their Immedl-
ate charge and for the relief
of other parties. A Hat of
cflbora and crew of the Jc-anottc
a ulvon , showing their arrangement
; o boats on the retreat and their final
ato. The general conduct and morlta
of each and all offiseta and men of the
txpuditlon la summed up aa followa :
Tnore ia conaluaivn evidence tint ,
asldo from trivial difllcultios , anch aa
occur on ships , even under the moat
'avorablo circumstances , which had no
ufluonca in bringing about disasterand
no pernicious eifect upon its general
condition , every officer and man aa
conducted himself that the court finds
no occasion to impute censure to any
member of the party. In view , then ,
of tbo long dreary monotony of the
cruise and the privations encountered ,
the disappointment consequent upon
want , the important results , the uncer
tainty of their fate ( and apart from a
natural desire to treitd lightly on the
graves of the dead ) , the general con
duct and personnel of the expedition
iccms to have buen a marvel of cheer-
lnvBP , good fellowship and mutual
forbearance , while the constancy and
enduronco with which they met hard
ships and dangers that besot them
mtitlo them to great praiao.
Besides mention already made , how-
> ver , apodal commendation is due
to Da Long , for the high qualities
displayed by him In the conduct of the
expedition ; to Chief Engineer Mel
ville , forzaal , energy and provisional
tptitudo which elioted high onconv
lumB from his commander and for hie
subsequent efforts on the Lana Delta ]
and to Seaman Nlnderman and Sweet
man , for services which induced theli
lommandor to recommend them 01
medals of honor. Finally , it should
bo stated there are several anrvlvori
of the Jeannette who have not yet re
turned from Siberia , and whoso testl
mony might or might not modify the
conclusions cot forth in this report
The Incidental allusion to trivial dif
ficultles is the only thing ( n the roper
that can bo considered aa reference ti
the alleged troubles between Do Lonj
and Collins.
Upon expected early receipt by thi
house of the tax and tariff bill nov
pending in the senate that measur
will be laid on the opeakor's table am
the problem which now gives rise to a
much speculation oa to the means o
reaching It for action on senate amend
monts. It will then doubtless bocom
the subject of caucus discussion , am
If the present very formidable dlfiioul
ties bo not speedily surmounted all
Hen of effootlDg a comprehensive re
vision of the tariff in th < a conjroia
will uoccaiatily bo Abandoned.
TUB iiKrunuoAN rncoiUMMK.
The programme of the republicans
in the senate for the coming week ii
substantially Identified with the un
fulfilled programme outlined last Sun
day. Flual action upou the houao
bill to reduce Internal rovouua taxa
tion , with ita multifarious tariff amend
ments , i ) now confidontlally oxpeotod
for to-morrow night , the chairman of
the financial committee havlt'g given
notioo that ho will insist upon prov
ing the bill to a final vote before
Tuesday , as the chairman of ho
aommlttco on appropriation ! ! will then
claim the floor aa nn indispensable
oondilion of eecurlui ? tuili-iont tiruo
for notion noon the annual appropria
tion bill. Of these the army bill Is
firat to bo considered , Ipavlng the
navy fortifications and District of
Columbia billa to be called up from
the calendar for action by the eenato
during the remainder of the weak.
Tha chiuiccB for general legislation
are of course rapidly diminishing o ch
dny an the session drawa to a clone ,
but the shipping bllla rnpy possibly
obtain consideration in iho donate
towiirda the end cf the wool : unlrss
the number cf appropriation bills
a ready on the calendar bo meanwhile
augmented by the legislative , cxeou *
tlvo und judicial appropriation bill ,
which now awalta the report of the
Jtnmlttoo on appropriations. The
tegular order In the house to-morrow
will bo the call of cnmrnlttoea for
motions to anepsnd the rules. Tha
first Important item to be reached ou
the Hat to morrotr la the ways nnd
moans committee , which will offer for
pasiago by thla method a bill identical
In terms with the Internal rovonno
provislono of the bill now pending In
the iBtialo , aa amended by the sonata
to the present date. Thio bill fa to
reduce taxation by on amount vari
ously catimatod at from 830,000,000
to $40,000,000 per annum. It Will
probably obtain the requisite two-
thirds innjoiity. Other committees ,
low ou the Hat , will offer motlona ai
follows : Judiolhry , to paaa the sen-
atti bill to establish n court tf appealfl.
( I'hia ( a a measure commonly known
us the "Davis bill , " designed to
relieve the anpremo court of
a part of itn accnmulat-
ng bualnoaa ) 0 mtnorco , to fix
A day for the conisidoration of amend'
ments ; Townsond'a bill creating n
commtgrion to investigate the aubjoot
of intcr-atato commerce ; agriculture ,
o pats Anderson's bill to create an
agriculture commlnelon. The prlnct-
ial dntica proposed for thla oornmla-
Ion are to investigate the movement
of agricultural product * , nnd report
upou all questions relating to thc
maintenance of reasonable nnd jus !
ntor-Btato transportation and traflice.
If thia can bo set aside , the regains
order will be the announcement of the
pnakor'a decision on Oarllalo'apolnt ol
order interposed against Easkell'a mo
Ion to cut oil debate.
On the remaining schedule of the
tariff bill , regardless of the nature of
thia forthcoming decision , there op
wars to bo DO proapeot of bringing
; ho pending bill to the point of final
action by the honae , and oven if ib
consideration bo returned to morrow
It will probably bo hid aside a uia dur. .
Ing Turaday'e aesciou , l orAev to Vi
up the sundry civil appropriation bill ,
which ordinarily occupies several
dayn , which in turn may bo followed
by the rlvor and harbor bill , or possi
bly by the general deficiency bill.
The Amprlcati association of thoRnd
Orosa reports the associate societies at
Now Orleans , Vickeburg , Memphis
and Rochester at work for the Buffer-
era cf the Ohio Valley. All money
contributions will bo received by the
central committee , through Secratarjiee
Folgor nnd Lincoln and Commisalone :
L/otiiig , aud the board ofjtruateeu , and
will bo distributed through agenta ol
: ho Arsoolatod press.
Collision on the B. & O-
Special Dispatch to TUB Bin.
WuKuiauo , February 18. This
morning two heavy freight trains on
the division of the Baltimore & Ohio
railroad collided in Franklin tunnel ,
eight uiilos woct of Bullaire. The
cars piled on top of tbo engines ,
smashing the roof of the tunnel , let-
tirg down dobria and complete ! ;
wedging the tunnel up. The enginoci
and fireman were tilled. One brake-
inan waa seriously injured of the up.st
bound train. The engineer and fireman -
man of the went bound were slight ! }
Injured. It ia eiid the telegraph operator -
orator failed to notify the west bound
train to take elding.
The Hrofdwood Disaster *
Special Dispatch to Tut ! DBS.
OUIOAOO , February 18. The Daily
Nona Bratdwood , III. , upeciul auyc
the situation at the Diamond mine it
practically unchanged. There are no
addltiona to the Hat of drowned re
ported. A large imm icr of people
From the ourrouudln > . country are vis
iting tno dreary iciiiea. The dair
around the sink hole ia abpnt hall
completed. It la expected to bofinlshod
by to-morrow , and the work of pump
ing ont water has begun. Doubta arc
expressed whether the dam , aa being
btnlt , la strong enough to resist tin
water from the surrounding pralriei
after the pumping begins , and it maj
hocoino necessary to dig a ditch tc
Goose lake , a distance of five miles
before the work of getting the vrato :
ont can ba successful carried on , Thi
mayor of thla town called a mis moot
Ing of the citizonn for to-morrow , t <
take noceaaary steps to relhvo thi
dlstruaa In the families of thodrownoc
mluora ,
Z < ovre Broke ,
Special Dltpttch to TIIR IEI ) ,
ViOKanuKO , February 17 Ilia
wara loyoo , 55 ml'os ' above the Lou
ulana aide , broke last night. Throi
hundred foot are gene , The water 1
colug through rapidly about threi
feet deep. The point whore the lovoi
broke la a new work , Many plants
lions will bo overflowed.
ImpresBivo Fimoral Ooromonios
of the Qreat Oomposor ,
The Ooneptraoy Trial Still Oro-
atinq : Great Excitement
in Ireland ,
President Grevy Announces
Hia Acooptaaoo of the
French Ministry.
Mlioollnnoona Koxvs from All Over
Epodtl DlpatchMtQTni Dti.
BAYIIKXTTII , February 18. Wag-
ner'a widow was so overcome ou the
arrival of the funeral train hero tba
aha waa obliged to bo lifted from the
ci\r. A guard of twouty-aovon cltl-
zjno watched vho bier throughout the
The romaina wore berne from
the cir to the station platform ,
the band playing a funeral march
from Siegfried. Hcrr Mnnckor , in
an address alluded to Wognor'a aor-
viaos at Beyrouth , and laid ou the
blur a wreath presented by the town ,
lltirr Fonatol npoko of the foreign
Wagner UBjoclationo. Amid the toll
ing of the bells of the town , the procession -
cession started. The hoarao waa
drawn by four homes , and wna pre
ceded by two carriages loaded with
wreaths. Follow ing the hqano came
the clergy roproaontativo , Kltig , many
duputatlons , artistn , aud military and
civil officers and n largo crowd of pee
ple. Ou iho arrlyal of the proacaslon
at Yllla Wahrifriod , the coflln waa
taken from the hearse and at the do-
tire of the widow , laid in the tomb
with only n aimplo rollglona blessing.
Almost the entire town waa draped.
Wroatha wore aont from moat of the
theatres and soclotlca of Gornuny aud
Austria , also London.
PAesagen from Wognor'a opera wore
snnu' at the tomb. Surprise waa ex-
pretHcd at the dlscu lon iutoudont at
the Royal theatre , Berlin , not giving
any performance in honor of Wag nor
ALEXANDUIA , February 18. Of the
persona arrested in connection with
the murder of Prof. Palmer and
party , five have boon sentenced to
death and the others to from throe to
fifteen yoara * imprisonment ,
PAIUS , February 18. At a mooting
of the cabinet to-day President Grovy
accepted the resignations of the rain-
Istors and cllisially announced that
M. Ferry had boon entrusted with
the formation of a now ministry. lie
ntated that M. Ferry will assume the
post of mlnlatnr of foreign affairs ,
M. Martin Foulllo minister of the In
terior , M , Waldcok Roesoau minister
of finance , General Thobandin minis-
I'ter of war , M. Rtynal mlnieter of
mloistor of commerce , M , Damahy
minister of agriculture and Charles
Brnn minister of naval affaire ,
PAULS , February 18 , Jules Forrj
informs the president ho will confer
with friends before replying finally to
the request from the now ministry ,
The republican union ia resolved tc
support the cabinet and dotoimincd tc
uao existing lawa agalnat protondorH ,
LONDON , February 18 The Mala-
envoys , with Robinson , late
American consul &t Madagascar , will
start for America to-day. Rublnaon'c
presence ia expected to greatly facili
tate the propoaed treaty ,
ROME , February 18. The muni
cipality has placed a memorial tablnt
in the houao which Prof. Samuel F.
B. Morao inhabited hero in 1830. 'I/he /
ayndio informed the American min
ister the unveiling of the the tablet
will be dofetred until the wishes of the
American colony in regard to cere
mony are made known ,
PAUIS , February 18. A powdo !
mill explosion at Oorboil killed aix
pereona ,
VIENNA , lobrnary 18. The now
theatre at Altarod , Hungary , burned
this roorntog.WAONEII'S
MUNICH , February 18 The king
has undertaken the education ot Wag
nor'a eon , Liegofrled.
LIVERPOOL , February 18. Several
persona wore arrested upon tholr arri
val from Ireland. They will bo taken
to Dublin , aa they will probably be
able to give valuable evidence in atatc
' LONDON , February 18 The Tlrnoe
states that H. J. Skorldan and Thomas
Bronnan , alluded to by Carey , now In
America , and Great Britlan , reqnoatoJ
their cxradltlon.
LONDON , February 18 The ovl-
donco Saturday In the preliminary In
vestigation at Kllmalnham court
houuo caused intense excitement. It
Is reported an Irish member ot par-
llamont ia arrooted. It IB aascrtod the
police have warranta for the arrest of
certain persons in England. F
O'Connor Sexton atartod for Dabllr
Saturday. There la much conjecture
aa to the object of hia visit.
DOULIN , February 18 Numboi
one la an Irlah-Amorlcan. He resided
Borne time in Franco and Germany ,
and appeared to have the disposal o !
au unlimited aupply of money. A
large banking firm from Paris roplioc
to the Inquiry : "Gentleman in quoa
tlon hna seemingly unlimited moans
derived from largo drafts , American.1
' Ho. 1" la about five foot ton , well
preserved , haa full face and light hair
ind monsUcho ; slightly lame in right
Irg from a wound received during the
Franco-Gorman war ; also served in
.ho American war. Police bollovo ho
las gene to America. Mrs. Byrne ,
mentioned by Carey as the wife of the
secretary of the land labor league of
Iroat Britain , waa arrested In London
on the charge of conspiring to murder
government officials.
Special Dlipttchei to Tut Kit
At the funeral of ox-Governor Morgan ,
Siktmilaj , I'tcslilent Arthur and cx-PrciiI-
lent Grant were jmll-bonrcro ,
KrOn\ettor Stephen Hcmpstorul , ice-
end governor of Town nnd the nrnt lawvor
who aattleil in Iowa , died iwMenly at IJii-
nujue SatuHixy of horvrtdlso.vo , aged 70.
lo Wa for mnuy years nn sotlvowlll \ -
clnn. Ho died much respected , but poor.
A prira ( iqht between Chlnimen wna
might nt IMillmlelphln in tlin prcacuco of
orty Bfcctitot , who paid ? 2 each The
: nntcsti utn were Lee HIUR anJ HtSinfj
I'uon. After n d pornto 1 ut uiuciontlfio
j'kttlo of eleven rouada T < oo lilng gnvo up ,
S-ktimlny inorntug M the Wabaeh Cnn-
non Hall train from Chicago utonpcd nt
ho It , & Ii junction , forty mllcn from
Cnntan Cltv , tl'O ralltnrm cnught flra nnil
nirned , The i ccninnts ofcapeil with the
OCR of nearly nil tholr property ,
A now theory I * advanced r' < ; rdng ! the
saueo of thn Nowhall flro. On Tuotdty
A t the body of n tall mnn wixi found
under the Hklewallc , butned beyond reooR-
ntlon. The body was found by Inborera
whuHoroMiovclin ) ; out coal. It U tald
low thnt trnrnps were in the hahlt of
necking Into the coal cclhr for n ntght'
odRtng , The oiinlnocr of the hetol itntoi
hat ho discovered n tramp several Union
n the b 8emcur , one time n blir , burly
ellow crooking n plpo right near the blue
of the elevator thaft. It U belloved by
orao thnt the fire wna cuucd by tromp' .
. 'he grand jury has fmlnheil Its testimony.
Henry Bholijou , of Illlnolc , shot bis wife
wicc , Thutmlay nlht | , nt Kxcter , Oswcgo
ounty , N. Y. Ho then shot himself , dy
ne luatnntly , lib wlfo ia thought to bo
Atnlly injured.
The Hock Island dummy , rt Olilc.igo ,
hturday ntuht , bncked Into n freight
rain of the Kmtern ludtaan ro. d Bttml-
DR nn the track nt Stoui-y lalntul nnd a
.orrlblo wrcok resultod. Several thouitiud
lollutB1 worth of property wna doatrojod.
All the pufscnRcrs were well shaken up , and
ho hremnn of the Hock Island was fatally
uirt nnd died teen nftcr ,
On the inornln ; , ' of April 15 lint , It. W.
utiba , cx-ru&yor of 1'olk City , lon-n ,
wnx nwnkcueil by hoatlnit n man In hia
room. Ho uprang up , ttnkingMra. Stuhbs
no ho did to. nnd made toward the in-
ttuJor , who fired an ho started down the
'tnlrp , the ball tikliiK clToot near the
laoitrt , nnil Stuhbs foil dcnd , Soon nftor a
JOUDR man i.umeil Dolaro was hanged to n
Lroo nenr 1'olk Oity , who mndo n confession
throiuh fo\r , Init wna nfterivnrd rolcniod.
In October ChnrloH Wolr nntl Charlon
Kllup , Loth notorlnnt ) crhnlnnlr , were arrested -
rested , nrd after n long ox imlnatlon wtrc
bound over bv .lusttoo Labour , crmrgeil
with murder in the tlrat degree , Kllm
1ms bc-eu living nt Corning , nnd produced
much ovldouco to provo an nlihi , nui
haa now an application for ro'enaj '
on hnboM corpun. In January , Charloa
Wllcox , nnotlior hard OIBO , wna arrested in
KIIIHI ? . hnvitig removed thoio Init fall
lodged in jail nt Uea Molnos. nnd wikivec
cxamlufttlon. Detootivo French , who
Rocurod Wllcox'a coufulcnco before he
moved to Kin nn , nnd thereby nocmed the
arrest of Wicr and Kline , has Hccurod re
newnl of Wllcox's statement , which IE
thnt Weir drove the team from Col fax tc
Polk City , thnt Wilson nnd Kline- let
Wior in the buggy half a mile from Stubba
house , nrd thnt Kllue did the shooting
The party had hoard Stubbi ha 1 a Inrgi
der , but on too way to Colfax agreed ti
keep tecet hla Identity. Wilcox , so far
lint ) refused to employ counsel. Ilia wifi
nud children vialtod him to-day ,
WAi.LiNdFOiin , Conn. February 18.--
Willie MeyarVillIo llawe nnd AHci
Flunks were killed nnd Allco Mnttron no
rlous Injured , their sleigh bolng struck bj
a locomotive.
MuKiEHfOKT , Pa. , February 18. Tin
United Statcx irnu and tm-plnto works n (
Demmln station were toti.llv doittroyod bj
lire this morning. Jiiai , 3100,000 ; insur.
nnco , S50,000 , Three hundred men out ol
GAI.VESTOX. Fehrnnry 18 , A Nowi
special from lirnoktit uayu four nmnll chil
dren of Michael McDonald were burned ir.
their lotls from the explosion of a l ni [
left Btnndlng by tholr mother for the return
turn of four dnughtera nt a ball ,
ANNAroMH , February 18. Four nfort
cadet ollicorrt were reduced to the rnnk )
laat night for engaging in roont nets ol
NKW YDHK , February 18 Ucdor the
miuanerreut of Fradorick A. Schawb ,
Mrs. Lingtry and Dion liauaicault begin
in April n professional tour of tbo Pacific
coast. .
Hon. Artnur L. Thomas Roappolnted
Arthur L Thomas , for the paat foui
yoara secretary , and a portion of tlu
tirao acting governor of Utah terri
tory , arrived in the city Saturdaj
night and registered at the Mi Hard.
Mr. Thomas ia just returning home
from Washington with thocommisslor
In hia pocl-ct entitling him to foui
yeani more in Uio cnmo oflico. Ho ia
quite an energetic , painstaking cdioial ,
and has given good aatlsfaction In
Mormondom , and hi ] friends general ! ;
will rejoice hi Prealdont Arthur's op
Utah is also fortunate In the posses
slon of a governor like E. II Murray ,
who la an able man and a perfect gen
tleman , in every respect , with thi
nerve to do his duty under all circum
_ _
Tno Grim Reaper Gathering His Bar
Undertaker Jacobs yesterday re
colvcd an order from Grand Islam
for a fine casket for a party who diet
there yesterday , who ia said to bo Kir
Goo. Boohio , the brewer , who waa for
mcrly a retldout of thla city and wol
known here. Mr. Fred Motz hai
cone out to Grand Island , and it is understood
dorstood that the body will bo brongh
to Omaha for interment.
Charlie Wood , well known in thi
city as a member of the firm of Hep
finger & Wood , barbora , Uubermann'
block , died yesterday at Greenwood
Nob. , of { consumption. The ( remain
will arrive ia this city at 10 a. m , tc
The Job of .tho Militia Briga
diers to Draw Big Pay
for No Work *
Mrs. Oolby Occupies the Senate
Floor for an Hour In Favor
of Brown's Resolution.
And the Senate Heartlessly
Kills the Resolution by Indefinitely -
definitely Postponing.
Iiuionat r Statesmen Pnt In Their
Claim * for the Fat Offices-
Corrcopondecco ot Tin nun
LINCOLN , February 18 , - The roc-
rds show that Douglas comity has
hrco ronatora , although one cf thorn
iBomotlmoa called the gontlcmcm from
! .upy county , and Lancaster baa two
ouatora according to the same record ,
t la generally ooncedod , however , that
Senator Oanfiold Is a Grab class Lincoln
eproBOiilatlvo and ia under the special
are of Brown , of Lancaster county.
The bill providing for county attor-
icyo Instead of district attorneys ,
passed the senate with but one dlatont-
ng vote.
The bill known aa the occupying
laiuiants' law , which provides that
ho pcraon who may pay Iho taxea on
any real estate , supposing that the
iroporty belonged to him or her , shall
iavo a Hen apon eald real estate for
all taxco and Intercnt paid there
on. This is Intended to cover
ho claim of a largo number of people
who have boon occupying and paying
axes on land that has recently been
decreed to belong to the St. .Too &
Denver railroad company or tholr as-
B. Thin bill mot with very llttlo
> ppo8ilion , only two votes bolng
recorded against it ,
The general appropriation bill , hav-
ng pruned the house , wan brought into
.ho senate yesterday for coualdera-
! ou.
The senate hold an evening session ,
aat night , to consider the joint roso-
atlou of Brown , of Douglas , in rela
tion to the amendment of the consti
tution allowing Women to vote on ex
tending suffrage to women.
On motion of Senator Butler , Mrs ,
Oolby waa Invitud to address the senate - ,
ate , aud eho opoko for nearly an hoar.
Her arguments , though very good ,
failed to convert any cf the senators ,
who in a heartless manner proceeded
to kill the roaolutlon by Indefinitely
postponing the same by a vote of 18
to 7.
Those voting for an Indefinite post
ponement were : Brown , of Olay ,
Brown , ot Oolfai , Butler , Oanficld ,
Oonkllnt ? , Dolau , Danphy , Harrison ,
Uolst , McShano , Norris , Patterson ,
Rogers , * S ag , Sohwahoit , Sowers.
Thatch , Walker 18.
Thoao voting against postponercont
were : Bnmgardnor , Brown , of Doug
las , Conner , Dye , Filloy , HoweU ,
Absent or not' .
Brown , of Lancaster , Oaso , 'Doch , '
Fisher , Harrla , Kiocald , Rich 8.
After Iho voting and before the
amendment of the BBHIO , Senator
Butler changed hta vote from "no" to
"ayot" and gave uottco that ho should
mova a reconsideration.
A communication waa received from
the ntato auditor iu ansnror to a roaolu
tlon of the Donate , setting forth
thatho had received $14,17862-100
fees , all of which ho had turned over
nto the treasury. The attorney gen
eral Bent two communications to the
senate. One wan favoring the appro
priation of over $13,000 for the relief
of the Nebraska Oity national bank
and the other was explaining and fa
voring the appropriation of $5,000 to
icttlu tax claims upon lota in Lincoln ,
Known as the Glllosplo property.
The Armltago militia bill waa in-
doGnatoly postponed in the senate last
night. Senator Norris , chairman of
.ho military committee , made a report
igalnat the bill , and before It waa
ftiown what bill it waa his report to
Indefinitely * postpone waa adopted.
This ia a job put up by the many
3rigadlora of thla state who desire to
iavo all the pay and make the pri
vates work for nothing. Under the
Armltagobill the private's pay
waa raised from forty-three
cents { Ta day to two dollars ,
and the pay of the brigadier was re
duced from $1G a day to the same aa
the private. Senators may bo able
, o explain their peculiar actions in re *
; ard to thla bill , and toll the rank and
lie of the Nebraska militia why they
think there la so much difference in
non. This bill was postponed that a
? lg brigadier ptoal might bo forced
through the legislature at the laat mo
ment. On motion of Senator Brown
of Douglas , this bill was reconsidered
thia morning and after a lively fight It
was placed upon the general file and
the proapeot Is that it will pass.
The senate was in committee of the
whole moat of the forenoon , consider-
* ng bllla on Donate file.
Brown , of Lancaster haa filed hia
application for the oflico now held by
Jndgo OrouuBO , and Peter Walker ,
one of the senators from Lancaster ,
baa laid In a claim for the marshMshlp
of this district of Nebraska. If both
of those gentlemen cot the ofiioo they
are after , thla county will bo well pro
vided for , It la nlao stated all the
boys In the country have filed appli
cations for the secretaryships that are
to bo created by the paisago of the
railroad bill.
Iho Greek Reual-
Special Dispatch to Tin Un.
ST. Louis , February 1C. Advices
from Muskogce , Greek nation , say
Sploohco , the rebel loader , has boon
ordered off the Sac-Fox reservation.
Gen , Porter , commander of the con
stitutional forces , is advancing on him.
There are good prospects for a fight.
1 ; , . , , uii , imrni ; , tc ; nenn , r w 4o I "
, wIU do ) umJoaMr"i D. B. BEEMER , General Western Agent , Om h

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