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TPT , i u1 T , Vr * i * * f
The Omaha Bee.
Published every morning , except Sue *
r. The only Monday morning dally ,
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The BEE PUBLISHING 00 , , Props ,
Wno is to bo the next mayor of
Omaha ? Can anybody bo induced to
sacrifice himself on the altar of his
country ?
TUB two branches of the Kansas
legislature are at a dead-lock on rail
road legislation. It Is safe to say the
railroad lobby holds the key.
ILLINOIS , profiting by the example
of Nebraska , Is agitating a high
license law , whjlo Iowa is still agl-
tatod over prohibition tha' does not
NINETY-TWO millions In precious
metals wore produced during ' 1882
by the states and territories west of
the Missouri. This Is an Increase of
nearly $40COOOGO over 1870.
REFOHM within the party , as Illus
trated by the record of the republi
can legislature , does not create n fav
orable Impression of the ability of the
grand old party to purify Itself.
THE queen's spooh took lots than
ton minutes In its delivery and occu
pied about a half a column In the
papers. There are some things In an
elToto monarchy whioh republican
presidents and governors might copy
to the public advantage.
TUB people of Nebraska demand at
the hands of the legislature some re
lief from the outrageous impositions to
which they have for years boon sub
jected by the railroads. The only re
sponse the legislature has so far made
to this demand Is the people bo d d ,
TDK lower honso of the loglslatnro
la smply adding Intuit to Injury by
creating a ooatly railroad cotdmission
and placing no limit upon the extor
tions of the railroad monopolies. The
people of Nebraska can bettor afford
to go without railroad legislation than
to bo taxed $12COO for an ornamen
tal commission.
TUB river and harbor bill as report
ed to the honso calls for an appropria
tion of $ .037,000 , of which ? 1,500-
000 la for the Mississippi , and $350-
000 for the Missouri river , Seven
millions Is lots objectionable than
nineteen millions ; but of that amount
more lhan ono half will bo wasted.
The fact la that the nocossitlcB of the
Miislwlsslppl are used to drag through
a host of jobs.
WHEN ho left Nebraska a faw weeks
ago Sjnator Saunders told a reporter
that ho waa hurrying back to vote for
tariff reduction , Since his return to
Washington the senator seems to have
been roost busily engaged In vote
shirking , while Senator Van Wyck
represented his constituents by workIng -
Ing and voting for substantial re
ductions on all the articles of domestic
THK end of the star route trials is
near at hand and the conspirators have
reached the end of their tothor. The
confusion of Montford 0. Rordoll ,
ono of the ring contractors , and
formerly private secretary to Stephen
W. Dorsoy , forges the last link in the
chain of evidence
necessary to con
viction and paves the way to a speedy
conclusion of the case. Rcrdoll 1m
pllcates all the guilty parties and es
pecially Darsoy and Brady and tells
In detail the steps by which this gl
gantlo conspiracy against the treasury
department was conducted. Added ;
to the mass of noir evidence which the
government had accumulated , Ror
doll'a testimony makes a conclusive
case on tbo part of the government
and a prompt conviction , If the jury
baa not been a second time fixed , may
' ' bo expected to follow. Bat no now
i :
testimony was needed to convlnco tbo
public of the criminality of the gang
of robbers now on trial in Washington.
The evidence In the first trials was so
overwhelming that nothing but bare
faced corruptions ooold have sue
coeded In defeating justice. Tbo pol
ley of the defense from the start hu
ehovra the conviction of their attor
neya that the only hope for the escape
of Doney's gang lay in taking advan
Uge of wine technicality or In tiring
the government out. With lewabli
government ' counsel the attempt mlgh
Do yon remember the issues upon
which the late campaign was fought
n Nebraska ? Have you forgotten
the pledges made by party platforms
and party loaders ? Are you so lost to
all shame and decency that you oan
within less than three mouths go back
upon the sacred pledges you and your
rlonds for you have made to redress
ho monstrous exactions and abuses
rom which your state has suffered at
ho hands of grasping monopolies ?
Will you dare to insult patient and
orboarlng people who clamor for
iroad by throwing them stones ? Yon
ave pledged yonrnolvoa to rcdnco and
quallro the bnrdenn of taxation , but
o far you have piled np the agony by
otlng thousands of dollars for bog.ia
lalms and levying additional taxes for
ublio buildings that are not needed.
You pledged to relieve the people by
ompolllng the full assessment of the
roporty of railroad corporations , but
yon have enacted no law that will do
way with the present system of oxomp-
ion. Above all things , yon wore
ilodged to put an end to legalized high
way robbery by laws to prohibit oxtor-
ion by corporato.monopolics ; and you
[ ht to know enough to know that
you cannot prohibit extortion unless
on limit the charges which railroads
may exact from their patrons. Do
on imagine yon can humbug the people
plo with sham legislation that affords
hem no relief ? Will yon dare to
nact Into law that componnd of vll-
alny and sham of shams prepared by
ho packed railroad commlttoo of the
lonso ? If yon do , woo bo unto every
man who records his vote for it when
10 comes homo to face his constituents ,
far bettor that you adjourn without
lasslng a single railroad bill than to
tiompt such a monstrous Imposition.
The people may submit to cxtor-
lon two years longer , but they will
os ant inch wicked mockery. There
s not a redoomlng feature in that bill ,
ut on the contrary It adds ever $12 , *
00 to the burdoua of the taxpayers.
But Mr. Peter Shelby , of the Union
'aolfio ' , tolls you blandly that his road
111 bo mined if yon pisi any bill that
will limit passenger rates to three
ents a milo and outs down the local
rolght rates twenty per cent. Mr.
Iholby Is simply trying a game of
ilnff on you. Ho knows that the
Tnion Pacific could dispense with all
ho local trofiio In Nebraska and sur
vive without cutting down dividends
mo per cent.
Why does Mr. Shelby oomo before
you now with such palaver , and why
id not ho and the managers of his
oad furnish you the information you
asked for through your investigating
Jommlttoo. Why did they refuse to
ell you about the extravagant salaries
o officers , and why can't they reduce
iiponsos by dismissing a lot of super
numeraries who draw thousanda of dol-
ara for political purposes ont of the
arnings which are exacted in high
oils from the people ? Will yon listen
o the volco of monopoly henchmen
while yon are deaf to the outcry of the
oiling former and industrious mor-
hantl Will yon booomo recreant to
'our trust nt the book of men who are
rylng to uphold the syatomatlo rob-
lories that impoverish the many while
hey enrich the few )
TUB outlook for trade la no brighter ,
o say. the loajt , than It was n month
go. The number of failures reported
urlng the past two weeks issomowhat
oss , but the aggregate more In amount
nan for the preceding fortnight.
Tows from the great trade centers con-
Inucs depressing. Wholesale mor-
hanta and jobbers report unusually
ight orders for thta season , and a
roat pressure for extended credits
rom small buyers. Manufacturers
, ro curtailing production to correspond
with the loosened demands from wholo-
alora and jobbers. The stock market
weak , in sympathy with trado.
Sven the dividend paying roada are
lawn In the list , and the entire board
hews a decline of from 10 to 20 per
lent from last year's quotations. The
Ohio floods have destroyed , at last
reports , ever twenty millions' worth
of property , and the damage
o the railroads will mount
nto the hundreds of thousands. This
adds a now disturbing and depressing
element to trado.
The grain and provision markets
ihowovldoncos of an upward tendency ,
although U is not yet strongly marked.
Wheat and corn iu atoro is decreasing
at Interior points , and unless
argo blooks are soon thrown upon
ho market the speculative demand
mand for those commodities must
enhance their prices. Savoral of the
loading eastern papers maintain that
the general holding back of their corn
by the western farmers , will provo a
loosing investment , when the intoresl
paid for borrowed money Is deducted
From the profits. This opinion la not ,
however , generally shared , by financial
editors throughout the country. Meanwhile
while congress by Its delay In reducing
taxation , has added to the general an
certainty. With high prices , low
wages and thocsandi of men ont o
employment , a policy of delay Is crlm
inal. The first stop towards ronowe *
prosperity will bo a cutting down o
per cent the purchasing power of th
TUB lobbies at Washington ar
doing more work just at preten
than the two house * of oongrew.
The financial cranks are not all
dead yet. There is a paper in Ham
llton county In our sin to that still
howls about the terrible results of
placing our currency on a coin basis.
According to this paper the Interest
bearing national debt on January 1st ,
1883 , Is about , Mio aaino aa U was In
1865. On July 1st , 1865 , the na
tional debl was $2,680,647,86074.
On July 1st , 1866 , when the highest
run go of the public debt was reached ,
it aggregated 2,773,230,17369. On
February 1st , 1883 , the debt was
$1,902,533,53-1. These amounts rep
resent the debt as including legal
tender currency , gold and silver cer
tificates nnd the bonded in
debtedness of the Pacific rail
roads , which , with accumulated In-
interest , amounts to $122,000,000.
The interest bearing debt on the lot
of Fobrnary waa about $1,370,000-
000 , the $500KXOCO ( ) additional bearing -
ing no interest. In other words since
1866 wo have reduced the outstanding
principal of our national debt $870-
702,80969 or nearly one-third. In
the same tlmo wo have decreased our
annual interest charge from
$150,977,697 in 1865 to $75-
018,695 in 1881 and loss than
$50,000,000 at this day , or a ron
ductlon since 1865 to $100,000,000 a
year In the annual interest charge on
the dobt. Those figures show con
clusively that the national debt has
boon considerably rednoed ,
This rapid rate of roductlon was
doubtjess bonefiolal in bringing th6
credit of the country to the highest
standard of any nation on the globe.
But now , when wo can borrow at three
per cent. , it IB a suicidal policy to tax
10 people of this generation at the
ate of $13,000,000 a month to pay
ff the national debt when
very farmer and every business man
as to pay from seven to ton per cent ,
hich through the government they
an borrow at three. Lot us illustrate ,
ho average debt of every manwoman
nd child in this country is $30. Sup-
ese that it was to be optional with
very portion fn the United States
pay his thirty dollars at once or
ay 90 cents a year In taxes for inter-
st. Wonld it not bo moro oconom-
cal to pay the 90 conta a year than to
ay the $30 , which , at 10 per cent ,
wonld earn for each person $3 ? It is
imply stupid for ono-idoacrankBwho (
maglno that the country is going to
adea because the national banks
raw $14,000,000 a year on their
ends , to insist that wo should pay
ie entire debt now aud bankrupt the
onntry by oppressive taxation in or-
or that the banks should bo wiped
ut. In other words , these cranks wonld
ather have us pay thirty dollars for
aoh man , woman and child in order
, o wipe out the national debt than to
ay twenty centa a year aa their ahare
f the interest on the bonds which the
national banks hold. This would be
oonomy with a venganco.
In the minds of these cranks the
axes levied by the railroad monopolies
ro nothing when compared with the
14,000,000 of Interest on national
auk bonds hold to nocuro circulation.
is a matter of fact iho groan earnings
which represents the tax upon Amorl
an Industry , of the railroads of this
ountrynro about $1,000,000,000 per
nnura , and the amount of tax upon
lie people af tor deducting thu interest
pen the actual oaplUl invested and
lie legitimate operatlngexponses are
vor $200,000,000 a year , which is
ve times as much as we pay in inter
st on the whole national debt , and
moro than fourteen times aa much as
s drawn by the national banks iu in-
orcst on their bonds.
This paper is decidedly opposed to
ny policy that wonld take away from
lie people the use of the money
which is now at their disposal at 3 per
ont , in the shape of a national debc ,
nd compel thorn to borrow by private
oan at usurious rates of In-
erest to pay off the dobt.
Every man of common sense must sou
hat the present high rate of taxation
mpoaed by the national government
or the purpose of rapidly paying off
ho national debt , is the main cause oi
ho hard times rind depression in bus !
ness' all ever the country , Right
hero In Nebraska , and all through the
west , farmers are paying a per cent
month to hold their grain , and others
are mortgaged head over heels , while
ho secretary of the treasury complains
hat the surplus at Washington is so
mlky that new vaults must bo bull
c < r Its storage , unless moro bonds oan
> o redeemed.
A PETITION is in circulation slgnei
) y nearly all the members of the Doug
as county bar which requests Gover
nor Diwcs to appoint Judge Wakoloy
to the additional judgcshlp in thisdls
trict , created by the bill now pending
n the legislature. If an ;
bradch of our government ough
to bo conducted without pirttzanship
it is the judiciary. Mr. Wake
loys fitness for the position Is eoncod
od by men of all patties , aud his ap
polntmeut would glvo geuerals&tisfac
tlhn in Omaha aud Douglas county.
Tables supplied with the boat th
market allords. The traveling pnbll
claim they got better accommodations
and more genera ! satisfaction her
than at any other house In Omaha ,
Rate , (18 P r day. angSltfm
John and Fred Newth ran a windmill to
rind corn a few roller west of lloward.
) n Tuesday , while John was working
bout the mill , his : lotblng caueht on the
id ft , nnd be w s wound around It , break *
ug bis arms and legs In reveral pUcci nnd
rulsln * hia t > ody. Ho died In a few mln-
Us. When ho found hlnifolf caught , he
lonted to his wife , who was in her hou o
lose by , and she shut oil the power , but
ot soon enough.
J. M. Djugherty was shot in the month
y Ben Riddle In a Wnhoo gunthop lat.t
londay. Kiddle wanted to buy a revolver
nd hid Mr. Sige , the proprietor , out
hreo cartridges Into one to try , He fired
wo of them In the yard and on re-enter-
og playfully pointed the weapon at
veryone In the shop. When it was
jointed at louherty ) It went off. and the
? onng man had n very close call. As it
s he will be laid up for some time to
A young man named Roberts , at Lyons ,
s crazy and Imagines himself to bo Frank
omes. He was in the state asylum some
Ime ORO and was returned cured , but has
rolton out again and ROCS around armed
/1th a lorpe knife terrorizing everybody.
Ie Is now In custody and will probably go
iack to the asylum.
Miss Watson , one of the Rising City
teachers , will leave for tbo old world in a
ow weeks , to take charge ni a girls' board *
og Mchcol In Asiatic Turkey , being sent
ut by tha Women's Foreign Missionary
ociety , to be gone five years , and will
ako a journey across the continent of
R. S. Manning , of Ouster county , has
.ot been hoard from for oome time , n < ? is
upposed to have perhhed to death on the
name between Grand Inland and his
iome. He had been In York county ( lib
ormer home ) on business , and started
north during the severe period ,
Joseph Spatch , living near Barada ,
llchirdson county , was watching beildo
ils mother , who was very sick , on the
night of the llth. She fell asleep and
when she awoke ho was lying dead on the
ioor , having fallen from a chair in. which
iu was sitting.
The wife of Dr. George Stewart , one o :
he South Bend men ut red ted for selling
Iquor without a license , took her bus-
land's arrest to heart and tried to poison
lersclf anil two-year-old baby , on the 13ih
rat medical help seved both.
W. U. Hlgglno. of Blair , was fined 820
, nd put under $200 bonds for better be-
lavlor , for inhuman treatment of his
.1-year-old son lait week. The little boy
lau been cruelly neglected by his fathei
and step-mother.
E. H. Mocklln , living near Jnnlata , hat
I calf that waa recently bitten by a do ?
fusing its death. Ho skinned the ani
aftl and threw the carcass to his hey a.
? he hogs ate It , and thirteen died from the
Soren Anderson , recently from Den
mark , was fatally shot near Rlcbland ,
-VashltJgton - county , on the 9th. The con
ents of n shot gun were accidently din-
ihnrged and took effect in Andersou'd
Alma is trying t eet up a sensation
and bloisoms out with a story about a five
lollar nugget of gold being found SCO foe
luwn the hole they re boiing for coal
Che nugget probably fell out of some one's
; ooth ,
A Madison county paper , in its country
correspondence says : ' 'A little clrcuoi
stance ban stopped the Deer Creek dia
, rict school for the winter. " It is a mye
.erious item , without tbo sex and weight
Father Gage , Methodist pioneer wh
crossed the Missouri twenty-four years ago
and carried light into the wilderness , is
now at Syracuse in a hard way. Xhi
county of Gage was named after him.
A Fnllerton man carried bis cartridge
and tobacco in the same pocket , and when
is filled and lighted his pipe , the othe
day. ono of ths former went off , seating
its beard ont of three years' growth.
A number of people narrowly escapei
drowning in the Lonp , on the crossing be
ween Central City and Fullerton. Th
ce was covered with running water
making going across very perilous.
A team belonging to Mr. Piper , of Sun
jht , Cosa county , waa frozen to deatl
daring the cold spell. Piper wat in Iowa
and left the team in care of a youcg mai
vho never went near the Animals.
Prof , Mercer , of the Howard pnbli
sahool , is ill , and rather than put a stran
; or in his place until he recovers , th
jutboritlea last week ordered the echoo
clceed for tbo rest of the month.
Blue Springs has a number of hoys wh >
are growing into bad men. They mak
night hideous with their mischief am
carousals. They are ably assisted by a
ike element oi Wymore.
A two-yeor old child of Charles Vander-
venter , of Platt mouth , found n can of
concentrated lye last Wednesday and
swallowed some , nearly killing Itself. It
'a now getting better.
Fremont's two Chinamen celebrated tha
Chinese New Year , on the 12th , with a
grand ditplay of fireworV that taught a
; rlnc or two to the 1,001 U. 8. small boys
who watched it.
Several parties in different parts of Iowa
and Illinois have written to Nebraska
rienda for seed corn , stating that saved in
; her ! localities has been tested ana found
The Weeping Water base bill club was
n the content at the Cas county fair last
'all ' , and the boys ore now "kicking" because -
cause they have not received the $50 prize
Mrs. Thomas Bawdon , of Plattrmoutb ,
slipped on the sidewalk , lait Thursday
night , and fell , seriously Injuring her
'our-months-old ' baby , whioh she waa carry-
Tbo wife of Frank Babbitt , of Tekamah ,
w burled on Monday. The week before
he lost two children , and now the two re-
mtininmg ore not expected to live.
The first B. & M. i'ascnger coach over
built from the ground np in the Platta-
mouth shops was turned out last Wednes
day and la said to be a beauty.
Louis Blsang , Jr. , of Fremont fell from
aMep-ladder while washing windows last
Tuesday and remained unconscious until
midnight , when he died. .
It is probable Plum Creek will have a
brick yard this season , a couple of practi
cable men being ready to begin if orders
enough are received.
The dwelling of Clark Youotr , of Columbus -
umbus , waa nearly destroyed by a fire ,
which originated in a lamp explosion last
Wednesday nicht.
Nelson , on employee of the Insane a < y-
lum , who tcntifiVd before the Investigating
committfe , wsb unoed on the lltb by
Dr Mkthewion , . , , , . ,
GoldsVerry & Baker'n slaughter house at
Falls City , WHS burned on the 14th. This
U tha second time they have been burned
out thU winter.
A couple of Colfax county school I oys
engaged in tt friendly struggle last Tnes-
d ly , and as a result the lei ; of one of them
was fractured.
The noting mayor of Iromont rfn nested
the resignation of Chief of I'.i'ice ' Htnman ,
on the 13tb , alleging inefficient conduct ,
There are 192 colored pupili attending
tha graded fcboola of this st Jte , 120 being
in Omaha , 25 in Nebraska City and 2 in
Plattsmoutb. . , . .
i. t. t.
A creamery proposition has been bans ; .
Ing fire In Pawnee City for a month. The
people don't want to set an j body up in
busmen. , ,
The Baptists o ! Salem who went to
church on the 18th sit on new seats ,
which were bought with the proceeds of a
sociable. , , , „
Toe 14-vear-old eon of Representative
Dodd , of Howard county , was kicked in
the head by colt on the llth and seriously
po precinct , Jeffer.on county ,
man raised an overage of 03 bushels on five
acres of com , and wwti to know who can
A man sold one hundred hog * In MiUard
the other d T. > d he conveyed them to
the tows In prjoesaloa ofwYcntwn
wagons. IVoplo a'ong the route thought' '
t was a ciicus taking an early start.
A Stella mnn Is down 100 feet alter coal ,
nd Is in n kind of flue. When the
wetlhcr gets batter , ho will proceed
A two-headed calf WAS brought Into
Minn latt Monday. It was dropped
ii tiarlan county , but died coon after
The eighth tnnuil sheep sheering fc Hi-
il ot the wool growers cf sonthsrn Nev-
anka will bo held at Beatrice May 2
The Red Cloud creamery has the milk
f 700 hundred cows pledged for this eca -
n and expects to increase the number to
The brick Preabjterian church at Bloom-
ngton , Is apprachln completion , and will
tie one of the fineit edifices in thu valley.
John Scott , of liick creek , Saund 'i
c uuty , has a caw that bore a calf th t
weighed liu pound * when two hours old.
A gong of unprlnciplad hone trader * Ii
woiking the towni along the Union 1'
cific. Fremont gave them a h rd rub ,
The Phelps c mnty immigration nocietj
will distribute 5,000 pmphleta on tbo ad
vantages and reeouicsj of the county.
W. W. IHnton , of York county , lost
200 sheep by icub this winter , The
weather made it too cold to dip them.
It looks BS If the Butler county coal dis
cover ? is a bona h.le tiling. Coal was
etruch at a depth of forty-two feet.
Sarcastic neighbors soy a sand-paper
mill Is to bo established at Long Pine , be
cause there is so much sand handy.
Fears are entertained that the Bchuyler
bridge over the Platte will go out with the
! * e. It is said to be getting shaky.
A Swedish Lutheran seminary is to be
located in Nebraska , and Strumburg bos
pledged about $0,010 to secure it.
Timothy Sullivan died at Platte Center
on tha 9th , from the accidental discharged
of a gun , Ho was 20 years old.
Doano college has revived from Col ,
Thomas Uoane , of Hotton , 02 stuffed trop
ical and semi-tropical blrdr.
Fifteen bundled dollar. ) have been raised
at Verdon , Richardson county , to build
Congregational church.
The merchants of Pawnee City are
nearly unaulmoua in advertising the adop
tion of the cash system.
Nebraska City has increased its police
force by the addition of two officers to be
paid by the merchant ? .
Ono of the Rod Cloud banks proposes
to put up the finest building in western
Nebraska this season.
The heaviest hog ever shipped from
Crete went out of there last week. It
weighed 780 pounds.
The tnuteei of the United Presbyterian
church nt Pawnee City have bought a site
for a now church.
A Butler county man who lest 30 bogs
by thu cold shipped the oarcsjea toOmiha
to be worked up.
The temperance people of Beatrice have
been prof ecu Una the liquor dealers who
pay no license.
Lincoln's big well was tested on Friday
aLd found itself able to supply all the
water wanted.
Fire damaged the wagon shop of W. H ,
Gould at York on the Deb ; supposed ta be
A couple of Orleans men expect to bring
30,000 Colorado sheep into Hurlan county
thin spring.
McConibo post , of Plattsmoutb , had a
publio installation and supper last Tues
day nli-ht.
Some Omaha banters killed two ante
lope on the Loupe , in Nance count/ , last
Jud , Webb , of Fremont , is to be Loss
property mau of Barnum's circus this
The Hibron opera housa WAS dedicated
on the 9tb , the attraction being a free
As a general thing Hall county farmers
will drop wheat this season and raite more
Two new school houses will adorn An
telope procinot , Harlan connty , this spring ,
Rtbbita , diphtheria , whooping ot.ugh ,
and quail are numerous in Nance county.
O'Neill bad a publio moetlnor on Satur
day to discuss the creamery question.
The recent snow storm killed a large
number ot sheep in D-WJOQ county.
At a recent Lincoln funeral , every horse
in tbo procession was of white color.
Waterloo needs a policeman to arrest
drunken disturbers of the peate.
A largo two-story school house will be
built at Atkluson iu the epricg. \
J. B. Lininger , the leading merchant of
Wymore , bus failed for $11,000.
Gage county sports will have a circle
hunt with bounds on the 22d.
The Catholics of St Paul will endeavor
, o build a church this spring.
Schujlcr'd new school house is not large
enough to hold all the pupils.
The merchants of New York propose to
establish n market day for hay and straw
and another for live stock.
Wood River is becoming a lively and
iigh priced corn market.
There are thirty men in engaged in sheep
raising in Tbayor county.
The Sohuyler Methodists have decided
to-build a 32,000 chutch.
They cut 28-inch ice in tha Missouri at
Nicbrara , and lots of it.
Lincoln had a maeqnerado on roller
skate * last Wednesday.
The First National bank of Norfolk has
joue intoqul hdation.
A buy baling concern is to be put in op
eration at Waterloo.
A horticultural society baa been organ-
ized nt FalU City.
Tecumteh wants to be Incorporated as'a
second cliwo city.
Considerable mumps in the vicinity of )
Weeping Water.
Wood River has n lawer. Tturo is a
good field for one.
Ilebron and Belvidere talk of connecting
by telephone.
Another pawn chop has been started in
Clothes line thieves are troubling Wy
St. Edward , Boone county , wants a
Butler county la about to buy n poor
A steam feed mill is talked of at Friend.
The Franklin creamery is an assured
The Greenwood school has 103 puoile.JSJ
A new doctor has located at Stanton.
Beatrice lias sneik thieves.
L'BXterL.Tliomastofl '
. ,
Pay Taxea , Rent , Uonsos , Etc.
Flfteentn St. - - - _ _ - _ _ -Umaha Neb
Sueceoor to M. 0. UcKOON CO. ,
Boom 1 , Croigliton Block ,
Reproaont the Followlns Companies
O ntlnenUl of New Yoik . f ,200,000 00
CoouncrtUI Union of London . 1 , * 00,00v 00
Hro AuociktlOD ot i'blladelpqU. . . . 4,100,000 00
Oeruuin American ol New York.- . 3,400,001 00
Impirial and N < rthcrn ol England , 12,000,090 00
r-allonUof Uutford . 1,700,000 Od
Orleato Hertford . 1,400,00000
Fbcenlxot Urooklin . S.6 0,000 00
> ennij lv tiU ot Philadelphia . J.iOO , 00 g
Royal ol Liverpool . . . . . . . . . JS.800,000 00
bptbjflcU ol UacMchuietU. . . . . . . . X.SOO 000 01
mia IT sal lr
. A
Steam Pumps , Engine Trimmings ,
Cor. Farnam and 10th Streets Omaha , Neb.
Growers of Live Stock and Others.
Ground Oil Cake.
It la the best and cheapest food for stock of any kind. Ono pound IB equal
to three pounds of corn. Stock fed with Ground Oil Onko in the fall and winter -
tor , Instead of running down , will Increneo in weight and bo in good market
able condition in the spring. Dairymen as well aa others who use it can tes
tify to Its merits. Try ie and judge for yourselves. Price 825.00 per ton ; no
charge for tucks : Addrees
04-ood.mo WOOODMAN LINSEED OIL CO. , Omaha , Nob.
HI. Hellman & Co *
1301 and 1303 Farnam St. Cor.
Carpenter's Materials
Stair Railings , Balusters , Window
and Door Frames , Etc.
Firut-clasa facilltiee for the Manufacture of all Itindes of Mouldings , Painting and
matching a Specialty. Orders from the country will lrpromptly executed.
aHdrpMnll rommiinicntl-naUi A. MOYER , Proprie
Druggists ,
The Original and Only Regular SEED HOUSE in Nebraska.
> M N. W. Cor. 14th
Forest , * * * , ? * * * * | -f = H = " * >
| DodpTTtreets ,
Grass , Hedge , B J J . . .H , J Fl ft Omaha , Neb.
Wo , m ke n specialty of Onion . Seeds , Onljn Sets , Blue Oiosj , T mothy , Rwl Alfalfa and Whit
Clover Oaajfean'l Honey Locust. Dealers and Market Gardeners will na\o money by buying of
* , . us
Or'end for Ca ate ue FREE. ' *
\WN Brewin&
Association ,
Orders from any part of the State or the
Entire West will be promptly shipped ;
AH Our Goods arc Made to the Standard of our
Guarantee ,
Sole Agent for Omaha and the West.
Office Corner 13th and Barney Streets , Omaha , Neb.
WhiskieS !
in Pond or Free , Also direct Importers of
Jobbers and Manufacturers of Fine
SBtati - r * IF-
D , g , nts ! i0r JosSchlitz' , Milwaukee Beer , v
and in Kegs.
214 & 218 S , 14TH SHUSH , - - - OMAHA , IB.

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