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VWE-I.fiTTT VRAT7 'I M A TT A TTTEfin A Y MO R NTTNTfJ tf RVRRTT A R V 90 1 flR3 C\A \ 0 *
o > .
Tlio Disgraceful SCODOS Enacted
in the Lower House of
the Legislature ,
Booke , Paper Wade nnd Other
MleBlea Plying in Every
, While the Speaker Laughingly
Looks on and Joins in
the Sport.
The Lincoln Lobby Packs nnd
Over whelms the Sen
ate After Dark.
Several Mombara Threatened
With Political Denth For
Opposing the Bill.
Detail * of tlio PnssiRo of the Great
Railroad Bill.
Bpcdf , ! Dispatch to THE GEB.
LINCOLN , February 19. The legis
lature is completely demoralized. The
scones enacted m thu capital to-night
are simply indoaoribablo. The disor
der in the house during the night sou-
eion would disgrace the lowest dlvo In
Omaha. For ctro long hours a perfect
Babel roignod. Members and lobby
ists were pelting each other with paper
wads , hurling all sorts of miaalles
through the houao , whllo bills were
being road and voted on , and the cli
max was capped about 11 p. m. , when
Mr. Hcward , of Clay , moved au ad-
jonrnment , and a parfeot phower of
paper wads and booka w.vi hurled at
him , and finally some hoodlum clapped
a paper baakot ever Howard's head
* Such n exhibition of Indecency was
was never before perpetrated in any
Nobr&aka legislature. It Is a burning
disgrace that rtfloctc , to use a mild
phrase , the utmost discredit on
Speaker Humphrey , who n In honor
and duty bound to maintain order and
onfojco dccornin while the house is
in session. Tliln conduct waa just
what might bo cspcctod from a body-
that has given over to jobbery and
reckless raids on the state treasury.
The questionable caeana by which tbo
cipltol bill was to bo lobbied throngh
the house bean Us Sodom apple fruit
In a long Hat nf bogus claims and cr-
travBgant * * appropriations/ Every
Scheme for plunder nnd every extrav
agant appropriation has boon
becomes part of the general grab
Pearman's bogus $3,000 claim for pro.
tended serviced rendered in defending
the territory against Indian 'raida
twenty years 1150 , passed the houee
this afternoon. That was followed by
the passigo of n bill appropriating
$7G,000 for the now building end fie-
, turea ct the Kearney reform aahool.
It ia currently given out that this se
cures Senator Caanor's vote for the
capltol bill. It ia incredible that Gan
Connor could compromise himself by
such a trado. The senate galleries
wece densely crowded with apectatora
and the Bonato floor
* to-cight during the dobito on the cap
ital appropriation bill. The majority' '
report , signed by Sanator Howell , of
YorJf , recommended the bill with
. ,
amendments that reduced the special
levy from one mill to thro8 < qnartors of
ono mill. Senator Reynolds presented la
minority report , giving reasons dy
the bill should not pass. Ho ed
the fact that the state ia overburdened
with tax ; that the constitutional limit
of debt is already overreached
-by more 'than $250,000 ; that
iho atato still owes $30,000
for the wiogs to the capital ou which
it pays interest and lantly he protested
against the bill ou the ground cf here
bargains that had been made in re
ceiving its passage in the house rend
that 'at least ono member ia bsliovod teat
have been bribed.
aroae ever thcao reports , Reynolds at
one time charged that an attempt to
} Intimidate a member of the senate by
threats was made by a prominent Lin
coln merchant. Brown , of Lancaster ,
demanded the name of the senator and
the language of the merchant. Rey
nolds said , "A leading merchant jy.of
your city , whose name I can give at
any time , threatened that I should bo
defeated for reelection If I dared to
vote for thla appropriation , " \lt. \
Canfield interposed and said ; "I have
been notified
if I dared to vote against it , but I am
bound to coma back , nil the satno.
The debate continued
mora than an
hour. Messrs. Daoh , Brown , of
Doughs McShano and
, Raynold opposing -
posing while Brown , of Lancaster ,
chlet spokesman waa seconded .by
Butler and Brown , of Clay. Half
a dozen votes were tiken on the
motion to Indefinitely postpone , tc
adopt the minority report and adjourn ,
Finally Ho well's majority report with
amendment * was adopted and the bill
referred to the general file , where it
will como up again for debate to-mor
took place on the final passage of tbo
railroad : bill Vecommondod by the
houao comml'.t'oo. A whole horde of
railroad ! attorneys and cappers worked
for this ball on the floor all the even
Ing and by tholr efforts It finally paw
ed tbo house by the following vote :
Ayoa Abel , Ashboy , Babcock ,
Biorbjwer , Britton , Brown , Oornoby ,
fassol , Chupin , Charleston , Ohrlo-
opheraon , Clark of Douglas , Col pot-
zr , Cox , Davenport , Dawson , Djn-
nan , Draper of ( Jaa. , Dinner of
miKi , FoblicKor , Field , Franoe ,
3ow , Gray , Grime ? , Grout , Hall ,
larriugton , Hatch , Honbol , IIoll-
nan , Howard , Kranir , Ltird , Lee ,
ililler , Morrison , Neville , North ,
Paine , jRiach , Savage , Sohrador , Sea
ionr , Spauogle , Stpover , Stephunkon ,
Sucuaenbaoh , SwnriuRtnn , Thompson ,
Thorp , Tow -r , Watts , Walkur , Wnat-
cat ! , WhoJoa , Wosonberg , Wolpb ,
Worl , Mr. Speaker.
"ram ArrmUge , Berkley , Cole , Col-
tun , C.tok of Jcfl'oaon,03ok of Nuck-
OB , Dadd , Froburn , Gordon , Grover ,
( instead , Jensen , Jones , Lnther ,
Mr.rtin , McAllistir , Palmer of Dixon ,
rainier of Saline , Ramsey , Rainey ,
[ latoliff Roberta , Ruaeoll , sSvioteck ,
Stoadvoll , Tovsne , Turtle , Whllzoll ,
Worhon nnd Youug ,
Another vote was taken haoixuto the
oruurguricy cluiio had io bo omitted.
On this the vote was the r.Miu' , exotpt
that , Woif cliangcd trom nyu to naj.
Kxp'.aaotloiiB protesting f.gniuat this
uill were filed by the folio/ring mem
bers : Artnltogo , Collins , Sadolock ,
Jeiuon , Palmer , of Dixon , Stuadwoll ,
Bsrkloy , Ritclill1aud Yonog. Mr.
Ashbyskid ; Whllu this bill is not
juat whnt I would like , I bcllovo it is
the best that c\n bo got throngh tbo
house , thoroforp I vote yes. Mr.
Wolpb. said : ' "I am ono who
h'lvo boon hoplrg for railroad leg
islation. I see no virtue in
thla bill nt all , although I huvo seen
n disposition to poatpano all railroad
Irg'slation ' that tbo people want. I
buliovo this bill has boon introduced
to get a aham and to get ahum railroad
lernMatton. I propose to vote aye.
The railroad oappou wore jubilant
ever tMa victor ? A aumbsr-of dom- '
oorats supported the bill bo-
CMI O they believed that it
would wreck the republican party
Tower fir Instance del red opjnly
thla wa3 bouud to give the republicans )
a black eye , from which thyy could
not recover. Thu Impression prevails
nor ? that the ? euito will rtifnso to pnaa
thu bill , or if it does , will amend It
by inserting the provisions embodied
in thd Etnu'.o railroad bill nud send it
Cnllh'usn of Iron Worhn
SjKClal Disp.tch to Tim 1 KB.
CLEVELAND , February 19. Her
bert Ayer , of Chicago , did not como
to Cleveland as was reported he would.
No mco'inga ' of the directors of Brown ,
Bonnlll & Co. , of Youngatown , have
been called. Amasa Stone , a heavy
stockholder , said to-day ho can glvo no
opinion whether their mills will shut
down. Mr. Matthews , representing
J. V. Ayora' Sons , is here , but no-
eluded. Mr. Griffin , receiver of the
Union Iron and Steel works , of
Chicago , ia hero on buslnes , of that
concern. The Republic Iron mining
company to-day ntuchod Brown ,
Bonnill & Co.'s works at Sbungstown
for $35.000
O. , February 19.
Oolwoll , cashier of the Com
mercial bank of Glofolatici , came to
thin city Saturday nnd had a mortgage
filed in the recorder's ' cffiiQ ) for $500-
000 The mortgage Io dated April 3 ,
J882. msdo bv Brown , Bonnlll & Co.
to Dan S Eela nnd John Hay , 0.of
Cleveland ! , ta trustaco , to sncnro the ,
ri&yniant nf 100 bouda of $500 each.
It la secured by Hflrbort' 0 , Ayer , as
president , end A W. Jones , aa seoro
tary of Erown , Bjnnlll & Co. The
BignaUi-M of Mr. Ajer wna offered In
Now ] York and certified to by S. InB.
Goodnll < By the tarms of the mort-
Higo It covarn all property owned tby
Brown , Bonnlll & Co. in thla city.
Blow-Lord Brisbin cm Castor.
Special Ditratch to TUB BBK.
MILES CITY , MON.February 19.
Gen. Jatnoa S. Briabiu lectured at
Billings Saturday night. In the cotirao
of the lecture ho referred to the Gas-
tor massacre. Ho said had Ouster
| | obeyed the Instructions from General
1 Kerry , it was probable that ho and his [
command would be living to-dy. The
death of Oaater and his men was a
useless and unnecessary sacrlfiao ,
brought aboct by Ouster's desire for
glory and promotion. Ho road documents -
monts to prove bin position. He ex
onerated Rjno from all blame In the
battle of the Little P.t ? Horn. Gene
ral Bclsb'm waa next cavalry oflior ioin
rank to Ouster wtitm ho fell. His re
marks produced a great sonaation.
Butler's Talk with the Prlixmors
Spatial Dispatch to THE Bus.
BOSTON , Fabrinry 10 Gov. Butler -
ler and the executive council , of the
prison commission visited the state
prison to-day. The governor , ad
dressing the prisoners , said : "I did
not remove the old warden on account
of any thing ho'did to you , because nitI
aUvnyj hear both sides. I took care
not to hear your sldo until I git ready ,
to hoar his , buv before I got ready to
hear his ho had done something in
disobedience of orders of mine which
caused mo to remove him , "
Tricks of Speculator * .
Special Dispatch to TUB UKK.
Ouic'AQo , February 19 , Crop ra-
mors sprung up on 'Change to-day and
gained some currency In business and
news circles They were all directed
towards the shaking confidence In the
stability of values and were for the
most part stories of heavy failures.
Ono failure was ea'd to bo that of > a
prominent iron firm and another was
in the wholesale grocery lino. There
was no truth whatever in the stories
that a general fooling of Indignation
prevalb that they should have been
circulatedaa they doubtless had , fortho
purpose of influencing speculation.
Knocked Unt.
Sper > I Dlspitcb to Tin lit * .
TKOY , N. Y. , February 18. In the
clove fight to-night John Pqners
knocked out Robert Hlllard In the
nlxth round.
RflrdulTs KevolationB' the Oraok
of Doom to tlio Dorsoys.
The Defense Vainly Struggling
to Break Him Down.
The Sundry Civil Bill and the
Amonntg Appropriated.
The Indications nre Favorable
Per H Storm in the Case
of Hazan ,
A. New Scheme Devised to Dis
pose of the Eui plus
The New Mexican Treaty Be
fore the Benate in
Open Session ,
A Lively Debate on tlio Tariff and
Internal Tnxtslu tlio Sanato.
ThoHouso Refuseo to Suepona tbo
Rules For a Single Moaauro.
Special DUpatoli ti TUB tK
WASHINGTON , February 19. Rer-
doll was again placed on the stand in
the star touts trials to day. Witness
testified that when S. W. Doraoy first
knew of witness in conference with
MacVoagh ha ( Dawey ) asked witnots
for God'ii sake not to ruin him and hlu
children , nnd that it would be the
death of his wife , and witness aatd ho
would do anything ho could to hulp
him exoopt commit perjury. Doisay
said ' 'Damn it , what docs this amount
to when a friend's ' fate h at stake. "
Merrlck caid the affidavit had boon
wrung from RerJoll by Doraey'a
tears and cobs. Ho demanded of the
court tho'piivilego of cro. s examina
tion to oho * tbo entire truth ; to show
how the wltuons was \7llling to lay
bare hiei entire knowledge of tUo subt
ject. Thu cnurt said it would hoar
the connsusl on the other ode ! on the
proposition. Merrlck declared if iea
defendant manufactured live , and itf
wai proven , then it WRO proof of >
hlsj Eallt. That paper was
evidence of Dorsny'a guilt. If ifc waa
false , witnessed swore to It and S. f.ill
Doraey oubornod purjnry. Ingersoll
said the only proof that Daraey to
the statement had been given by ils
witness nnd ho had sworn exactly the
ether way on n former ocasion. The
court saw no objection to the prpsocu-
tion asking witness to explain nn 'ap-
pBrentl } | cDntrodloiory Btatoment.
' it.nd
Moriiok'thereuponranewed his demand
upon tho.defence for tha production
of the books ( DoMoy'n jounUl ntid
ledger ) In ereoll declined to oaaint
witne s by supplying him with books. ;
Morrick Insietod upon their produc
tion. He then proceeded to prove
the contents. Witneai said there
were fonr cntriea against Wm. Smith ; ;
firat. $8,000 ; eooond , 5,000 ; third : ,
$ S 500 ; fourth , $500 , MorrloK called
upun tliu dufenca to produce the otnb
cnt-rk booka. Again Ini eraoll do-
declined. The court finally sus -
talnod the position taken by the proa -
eratlou. Witness siid the oheoka
woi-o marked "Mall , " which ho
charmed to " Wm Smith , " , ed
to $00.000 , $05,000 br$70,000. Mor-
rick wont ihrougn * ho affidavit In dd-
tuil. Combattod ut every stop by ob
jections from the defense , finally ho
unclaimed , "For Qod'u sake slop your
grumbling aud lat the facts come
out. " [ Laughter. ] Recurring to
bio couversattou with Doraoy , witness
Eald D jrsoy eald to him : "Rordbll , if
you will do this ; if yon will stand up
for mo in thin tnttor , I'll make it all
rizfnt with you " Witness ropHod that
money cjuld not buy him ; it would
not be any consideration. Witness
testified regarding the handwriting ,
showing the defendants signed one
another's narm s. Adjourned.
Another "batch" of Hazon-Llucoln
oorrospondeuco was published to-day.
The former doas not take bis recent
snubbing kindly , and repeats hi * re
quest for a ceuatotlal Investigation ,
tirid in eo doing ho miuagos to not
even with the necretury of war. The
latter ugnln ref asee , though In mart )
subdued terms.
A jolut roeoluttoti was ciTarod .in
the houjo to-day by Skinner to pro
vide for uqaitattlo diatributlon of the
surplus money cf tba United Slates
treasury. It sots forth in tbo pro- >
ambln "that the amount of revenue
now being collected is greatly In excess -
cess of ' .lie needs of the country ; declares
clares It expedient to repeal all exter
nal taxaa except thoao on liquors , and
dliosts all money in excess of the
mo'saary expanses bo divicoi amorg
the states to ba used for the payment
of state debts , or for school purposes ;
that $100,000,009 from the surplus
now In the treasury bo BO divided
among the states according to popula
tion on the first of July next. "
Qjnoral Bingham introduced a bll ! <
in the honz9 to-day to readjust the
salaries of postmasters under the two
cent postage law. It proposes that
the salaries of postmasters of the first
clasB ahall be graduated fron $3,000 to
$0,000 , as the receipts of their cilice *
vary from $10,000 to $100,000 ; second
claps salaries range from $2,000 to
$2,000 , as the racaipts vary from
$20,000 to $40 000 ; third class salaries
from $1,000 to $1,000 , as the receipts
vary from $2,000 to $10,000 ; fourth
class salaries to bo fixed upon a basin
oi box rents and cancelled stamps and
stamps sold ,
It haa been decided by , tbo appro
priation committee to leave it for the
committee on public landi to frame t
bill for the repeal of the preemption
lawB , and the provision ofrootinR ouch
repeal was accordingly ntrlokon out of
the sundry civil bill. The total amount
of appropriations In the sundry civil
bill is $22,247,000. The largest sin-
RO ! Item Is for public printing , $2-
377.G50. The amount provided for
the signal s rvico is $885,003. Ot
thia 3235,000 ia for pay of corpa ,
$236,500 for obaorvoliona and re
ports of storms , $150,770 for
subsistence , $85.908 for barracks ,
and quarters : $30,000 for malnlon-
onooof tolo-jrrtph - lines ; $33.000 for
east of oxporimonta at Lidy Franklin
bay , aud the balanon in small sums
for various purposes ; $00,000 was ap
proprhtod to use In preventing fraud ,
ulont entries of land ,
Saorolary Folger wto much im
proved to-day , nud cxpoota to reduino
cllhlal duties in n few days.
Doustsr introduced a bill to amend
the revised slatutos regarding nitnraff
Special Dispatch to Tim Cnn.
WASIIINQTON , February 10. Solia
tor Vest announced ho would ask no
tion on the roaolutton for a nammlttoo
to invoatisAto the Yellowstone park
matters as eoon aa the tut ill bill vai
dlspojed of. Afler ft brlof oxacutlvc
session the tariff bill was taken up ,
the pending question bolngon the
amendment offered by Senator Sher
man In relation to thu duty on steel.
Senator , . Book opposed Shormnn'o
Senator Sherman , In reply to the
question , said his amendment was a
greater reduction than the reductions
made on ether Industrie * ; there would
bo A reduction on every item of the
stool schedule , and on the whole ho
would cay without fear of oontradlo *
tlonthat the reduction in the nmouut
of ; * duties upon these classes of stool
would ba from 10 to 20 per cent. The
amendment was adopted 30 to 20
Senator Van Wyck asked for a v lo
ou his amendmsut , affarcd como days
since ! , reducing the duty on sawed
boards , pUnk deals , nud ether lum
ber of hemlock , white wood , syciuioro
and bies wood , from ono dollar to ilvo
cents per thousand foot , Ljat 19 to
Senator Van Wyck aakad also for rt
eep.Kwto vote on lib amendment reducing -
ducing the duty on other nawod Ititn-
ber from $2 to $1 par thousand foot ,
us n hvit o ! the olnoerily of oonators
in i prof j.vilm * < N dosiio to roduoo tha
burduufl 1 ; of tbo people. Loot 18 to 30 ,
Squalor McPhorsou moved to strike
out the provision relating to wlro rope
and wire strand of icon or steel Tir ,
etc. , atid insert the amendment offered
by 1 him ,
Senator Jones ( Nov. , ) addressed the
senate at length in favor of protuction.
Ho 1 aald the dearest tliiug In the
world waa chonp labor. It was high
wages not low wages , that had enablud
American farmers to overcome in the
markota of Western Europe , the coin-
petition of tho' bouudlons fields nof
Ruesia , worked recently by jserfa and
still worked by very poorly paid labor
Itras thegre t merit of . 50- .
tlvo' system that it was the taoans 50of
educating large classes of people
Even should it involve in some
degree coat to the country , it
was dcfpnclblo on the same
ground upon which it was deemed
good policy to provide educational
faclli'.ibs for the. rising generation
Protection cheapened production ,
while free trade ch03p3nad the pro-
duoer. Ho was in favor of thn hl h
protective duties , wttloh had orhtod
since the beginning of the civil war ,
became they had stood the boat test
ihat'cf oxpononco ; baoauso at no
time ia our blstory bad the country
been uo prosperous aa it vrr.u to-day.
Ho preferred to look forward rather
than backward. After further , to
MoPhorfion'B amendment wu ad
8 to 32. adko
Senator Morgan moved to utriko
out sll Bchoduloa aud innert a provla-
ion thut after the firat duy of July ' ,
1883 , tha Uriff duties shall ba reduced
fifteen per cent , and after the firat of
July , 1884 , there shall bo a further
reduction of tun per cent.
Senator tfrown moved to place salt
on the free Hat. Last 24 to 2G.
Senator Yanco offered an amend-
moat repealing ao much of the inter
nal revenue laws as required store
keepers and gangers to bo appointed
to dlatillora having a capacity of less
than thirty galluna per day , and pro
viding that ( inch dtotillurica shall ob
tain license thorefur. '
Senator Chmeron made a vlgotous )
speech favoring protection. Ilo moved
to recoaimond the bill to the committee
ou finance wl h Instructions to report
back the bill to reduce internal revenue
nuo taxation withoctany tarltf vnond-
Sanator Cameron's motion to recommit -
commit was lost ayes 4 , noes 40. (
Senator Vunco'n amendment lost. (0.he
Oa motion of Senator P.utnb the
duty on whiting and Paris whlto was
changed from 30 per cent , to half a
cent per pound ,
Senator Morgan ofTorcd an amendment
mont providing a dra * lack of 75 oonta
per ton shall bo r. ' > red on bltumo.
nous coal import d in the United
States which ia afterwards need AS fuel
on beard of steamers engaged in the
cogs'.inn trade or in trade with foreign
countries , to bo allowed and paid un
der such regulations aa the ary
of the treasury fhull proscribe. Agreed
to ay oa 25 , noes 18.
On motion of Senator Aldrioh a
duty of a cent a pound was lmpsod
on sellclato of soda or ether alkaline
soliciato ,
Sanator Hoar moved to roduoo the
duty on polished , planished orglancod
she-it stool or sheet Iron from two i
half to two cents per potinh. Agreed
22 to 17. Adjourned.
WASHINGTON , February 19. la the
oxecutlvo session of the senate to-day
upon motion of Wludom , the injunction
tion of Bosrccy was removed relative -
ativo to the commercial treaty be
tween the government and Mexico ,
recently signed by the commissioners.
The principal nrtlcHs In the Mexican
schedules to bo admitted free into the
United the Llvo
- States are following :
animals for brooding ; barley , notpearl ;
a beef , coffee , exports and other grasses
And pulp for the manufacture of paper ;
houognal , slaal , hemp and ether like1
nbstitutes for hemp , hidis atd
oklns , except sheep skins with
wool on ; AuRora goat skins , raw India
rubber , crndo nnd nllk of leather , old
scrap , vegetables for dyeing moUsses ;
palm oil. qulcksilvor , sugar not above
1C Dutch standard In color , straw
nnmnnufaotrirod , tobacco In loaf , un
manufactured : wood nnd timber of oil
kiuds ; unmanufactured , including
ship ; timber. The main Items in the
sihodulo of United States artloloa to
boMe admitted free of duty Into
Mexico are ' machinery of all
aorta , classes nnd descriptions
for mining , agricultural an3 other
purposes ; agricultural Implement * ,
wagons , , coaches and nil oorta of vehicles
clc that nro pulled by nnlmnla ; tools
that are composed of braai , Iron ,
stool or wood or any combination of
tlu-oo materials ; nil clauses rolling
slock from patsongor car nud steam
engine that are usud upon railroads ;
petroleum crndo nnd refined ; barbed
wire for fencing with nil its fixtures ;
houses of wood or Iron built ready to
put up ; pumps for minor , irrigating
nnd all other purposes for
which pumps can bo ntoi ;
clocks ( und many ether ar
ticles extensively manufactured in
this country , coal , nil kinds of dynn-
thut , printing Inks , precious motale ,
uaptba , qulckoilvor , rnga or cloth for
utwl nmuifrtcturo of paper , telogr.tph
wire and wire of Iron or atool for
cording , from No. 20 nud upwards
Provision Is undo for the on-
aottnont by bath governments
ofCJ such laws as nro deemed proper for
carrying out the terms of the treaty in
a manner to protect the revenues and
prevent frauds. Ratifications of the
present convention to bo exchanged nt
Washington within twelve months
from ( Utc , or earlier , If possible , and
upon taking effect shall remain in
force six years. Neither contracting
parties will bo provuutod from making
such ! changes in their import duties
as 'holr roapuctivo Intorobta
may require. Granting to othor.
nations the same rights in
regard to ono or mora articles of mer
chandise named In the schedules , .
cither by legislation or. by moans DfU
treaties with ether governments , bnt
It canoa where such changes nro made
the party affected by the unma may
denounce J this convention , oven before
fore the term specified , and the print
out convention will bo terminated lint
the end of nix montha from the d y
on which ouch notification may belie
made by the respective countries. The
treaty t is signed by U. S. Grant ,
William Henry TreBcoott , and M.
Romero for Ecquador.
The sundry civil bill was reported
and referred to committee of the
whole to bo called up to-morrow.
Blllo wore introduced hud referred , w.by
Belford to admit free of duty articles
Intended for the National mining and
Industrial exposition at Denver In
1883 ; by Anderson to reduce
duce the revenue on all Impor
, tation in the United States
- Anderson's bill provides that after jibe
first of J'aly rioxt all duties on articles
, imported into the United States shall
bo redncod 15 per cont. from the rntoa
now established by law.
By Mr. Belmont , n resolution call
ing on the secretary of the treasury
for all correspondence and nil orders
, or decisions by the department affecting
execution of so much of the Hawaiian
treaty as relates to Sandwich Island
By Mr. Cox , calling on the presi
dent for all communications In re-
gf > rd to treatment of .Tows in Russia
which h&vn been Bent and received
since the last communication to the
honjo on the subject.
By Mr. Skinner , providing equit
able distribution ot surplus money in
the trowury among the several states
for maintenance of schools and pay
ment of debt ,
By Mr. Ward , a joint reaolntion
tendering thanks to congress for con-
forriup the rank of commander unon
Chief Engineer Geo. W. Molvillo.
By Mr. O'Neill , a bill to authorize
the construction of bridges across the
great Kauawha river.
By Mr. Boltzhoovor , a resolution
calling on the secretary of war for allen
coroospondonco which passed between >
him arid Gen. W. B. Hazon during
the month of February , 1883.
Mr. Davis Illinois ) , from the
committee on military allUira , reported
a bill authorizing the extension of tbo
Chesapeake and Ohio Railway com
pany to a point on the military land
at Fortress Monroe. Referred to
committao of the whole ,
Mr. Washburn , from the committee
on commerce , reported bills for the
construction of a bridge across the Il
linois river near Goluinblana , and the
Missouri river near Kansas City.
Mr. Kelley , from committee on
ways and means , moved to suspend
rules and pv)3 a bill to reduce interns
revenue tss-Ulon.
Mr. Morrison demanded a second.
Mr. Sptlngor raised to a point of
order. The speaker overruled the
point of order. The motion was
seconded , 13'J to C8. In support of
his motion Kelly said every line of
the bill presented had received the
approval of the sonata and committee
which he represented , therefore ho
believed whllo doubt and uncertainty
might prevail as to the tariff legisla
tion there was an opportunity offered
to mitigate our excessive revenue to
the extent of $10,000,000 , It was yet
probable the two houses might bo able
to bo brought to an agreement on the
tariff bill.
A long debate ensued on Mr. Kol-
loy'o motion. Mcesrs. Tucker , Mor
risen , Carlisle , Iloaao and others
made speeches. In opposition to the
motion , urging that reduction of Inter
nal revenue meant uo reduction of
Moesra. MoKinloy , Kasson and
othoM spoke In 'favor of the motion ,
stating that if the bill reducing Inter
nal revenue was passed , republicans
would then go ahead and attempt to
pass the tariff bill.
The motion to suspend the rules
and pass the bill was defeated yeas
182 , nays C7 , not the necessary two-
thirds In the affirmative. Adjourned.
The Dublin Conspiracy Proves
a Most Uigantio One
Carey's Revelation B Send Ter-
rortothe Ranks of
the Leaguers ,
The Mysterious "Numbr One"
n Good Subject For
the Gallows.
'Party Pinna lit Pnrllnsuont-Oancr-
nl Forolgn
BpocUl DIspttchM to Tin Oil.
DUULIN , February 19. Twonty-ono
of the prisoners have boon committed
for trial , to answer to the charge of
murdering Lord Gavondla and Buiko.
Joseph Smith has turned Informer.
Patrick Wholan has boon liberated ou
bail. The hearing of the prisoners
charged with conspiring to murder
government officials was resumed to
day. All prisoners were again placed
in the dock. Amid hlsaoa , the prison
ers shouted , "Tho future Lord Mayor
Carey , " bnt the latter shook
his head menacingly nt his former
c jmradea. The examination was then
resumed. . Uo spoke inoro cofidontly
than ho did Saturday and replied to
the cross-examination of counsel
sharply and testily. Ho deposed ,
amid hisies by the prisoners , that ho
belonged to the lonlans , but not to
the Suproma Council. The object of
the Fonlans was to Boparato Ireland
from England , the former country
being thou harrasscd by coercion. Uo
had no idea Lord Oavondlah was to bo i
murdered when Burke was attacked i
nnd was atnpe Bed when ho hoard of t
the former's murder.
In the event of the Inquiry con-
eluding to-day , it Is understood the
prisoners will bo returned for trial before -
fore a spuotal commission of threolj
judges. 'Chh courno will bo necessary ,
as the prisoners , ouch having the right {
to challenge twenty jurymen , could ,
oxhauot the panel. Special arrangements 5i
monts are already being made at 1
Green street court houae for the trial ,
LONDON , February 10. Frank
Byrne , residing at Cannes , Is the man
mentioned "by Carey. The French
pollco were commuuloited with to
prevent his escaping into Spain. It Is
. thought probable ho will return imma
dlatoly to London end give the au -
thorltlos opportunity to arrest him If
they BO desire. If not arrested ho will
assist In his wife's defence. She la a
- consumptive. Thomas Brennan was
In London as recently as Friday last.
It Is stated the name "Number 1" ' Is
IB Oliver Walsh at Cannes. Justin
McCarthy said Bhorldau was known
to Parnell merely as an actlvo League ;
organizer , and hla relations with Par
nell were merely In that capacity , the
latter knowing nothing of his charac
ter. Frank Byrne , McOartoy Bsid , Is
, a man In constant 111 health.
Ho held n position in. the land
confederation over since the time of
Butt and Shar. He was known toby
all members of the Irish party as ft
quiet , ronpeothblo man. McCarthy
- said ho had spoken to many of hem
, members and all Agreed It was Inoon-
ooivablo that Byrne could have mad
anything to do with the murders. His
1'i-J act bcfaro going to Franco was to
refuse a testimonial which his friondy
had raised on account of his feeble
health. Ho said ho could not accept
anything whllo the country was in Its
present miserable state. The only
time Byrne was loft any discretion
- was while Parnoll was imprisoned ,
but It in hardly coucalvablo ho then ;
1 la toned to any advlco ou the part of
. It Is reported Byrne and ether mom-
bora nf the league will bo arrested ,
including the managers nf the land
league fnnde , The names of six
prominent politicians are mentioned.
It is rumored P , J. Sheridan has been
arrested. It is understood the gov
ernment known "Numbor 1. " Uo
was born in the East Indies. Ho was
a captain in the British East India
service , afterwards joined the French
army and became osloncl during the
Franco-Gorman war. Towards the
close of the war ho came to Ireland
with letters from the Bonapartlstn ,
his object bolng to rilso force , which
ho enlisted ostensibly for the ambn-
lonco service. Ho served principally
under Gon. Bonrbakl. )
DUULIN , February 19 , The 20'
man's Journal nays : "Tho myatory
of the Phouuix park murders la only
half unfolded , Wo must await the
denouement before expressing the ;
verdict. The prospect now is that the
mystery will bo sounded to the very
bottom. 'NumbersI,1 if ho exists , will
find his way to the gallows , which is
the prayer of every honest man. "
LONDON , February 19. The Stan <
dard gives 'tho name of "Numbor
Ono" as Milno. Ho was often in the
lobby of the house of commons in
1882 , was well known to land leaguers ,
who deny they had any knowledge o !
LONDON , February 19. In the oem
mons to-day Trovylan said the poor
law guardians were able to cope will
the distress In the county of Glare
Fobody died of starvation there.
Parnoll announced he would oiler
an amendment to the address , also
would severely critlolso the admin
istratlon of the crimes act , jury pack
Ing , iniquitous sentences , etc. . when
tbo discussion regarding Encllsh elli
con was finished ,
' Forstor was loudly cheered in the
houio and congratulatsd on his on *
capo from asaasslriation.
Leave was granted to Introduce
the affirmation bill -184 to 03.
BKIIUN , February 19--Thc pope ,
in a letter to the emperor , announces
ho has permitted Bishops , without
waiting for a complete revision of the
navy laws , to notify the govern *
mont of the selection of now cur
atoi The pope ask , in addition
to revision , measures bo taken to mitIgate -
Igato impedimenta to the exorcise of
clerical duties nnd training clergy.
This , ho saya , Is Indcsponsablo to the
very lifo of the church. If agreement
bo established thereon , real durable
pcaco will bo oi\y.
PAHIS , February 19. Gambottist
journals are favorable to the now
ministry. The loft , extreme loft ,
radicals au 1 Bonaparthto have decid
ed to demand a revision of the con
stitution. Franco states Jules Fer
ry's prograratnb includes ruvinlon of
the constitution and establishment of
scrntln do Hate.
LONDON , February 1'J , The Tlmon
aays the suspicion raised by the ovl-
donoo given by Carey on Saturday can
only bo allayed by thorough disclo
sures of the accounts of tht ) land
league , subject to an independent
audit. Until this IB done the league
will bo under the suspicion of main
taining secret relations with criminal
conspiracies of the foulest typo.
Some Facts About Hla Operatic Ven
CHICAGO , February 15 "I shall
bring Liugtry back bore , " said Man
ager Abbey last evonlug , " for an oxtrn
matlneo to bo given March 7. That
will bo her laat appearance hero undnr
my management. As to my operatic
venture , my salary Hat will amount to
about $22,000 a week , and perhaps
| moro. I am not Mnplcson. I general
ly give to the pnblio what I sgroo to
gho them , nnd I never Bend out nd
vatico agents to Ho to the press , I have
onpgcd Oampanlnl nnd Valeria , nnd
1 huvo virtually engaged Mine , Nilaon ,
I have thrao agents now In Enrcpo
looking j after singers. I shall probab-
Ily hnvo Mmo. Soalchl. She la the
greatest of living contraltos. Trobbolll
j 1 la n greater artist , but Scnldhi has the
most marvelous voice. The MetropolItan -
Itan j Opera-HOURO will bo finished In
August. Maploaon has a largo num-
ber of cheap artists , but IE I can't got
along with very few of these and glvo
a complete and first-class opera on
tcrlnlnment t , bettor In all appoint-
monta than any over before given , I
shall close my houso. I shall glvo
uoporrt in Chicago aomolimo In next
January. I shall probably have Gorater.
I My agent la dueln OJcaia to'day ,
where aho Is Blneintf. She sings
I through Russia , nnd then sbo goes to
. Vienna , My other contralto will bq
I Mmo. In Blaoho , who ia now in I.toyy ,
and who it well-known in thla country.
Henry Irving- opens in Wallack'a'old'1.
theatre , Thirteenth street aud Bread-
way , an October 29 , and ho will appnac. "
at Haverly'a in Chicago , January 'J.
Moaari. Abbey nnd SjhoofTol purchas
ed the International Hotel and Park
. Theatre , Boston , for $300 000 , and wo
shall contlnuo to run them as they are ,
havlcg owned the Interior appoint
ments of the theatre * previous to the
mrchnHo. The Metropolitan Opera
louao in Now York will scat , when
completed , 3,210 porsom , and it will
- > e n totally firo-proof house , with five
exits for every part of the houso. In
lointof coinplotcnussnnd detail it will
> o the finest in the world , nnd it will
> o larger than the famous La Soala ,
f Milan. "
The Conioliilutod Monopoly.
jicclal Bupatcli to Tim Una.
NEW YORK , February 19. A meet-
\U \ of the directors of the Western
Jnlon telegraph company woo hold to-
lay. President Green made A report
hat the company had taken full pos-
ossion'of the Mutual Union wiroa
itidor the lease made a wcok ago.
? here was a formal ratification of the
oaBo. Dr. Green satd in the report :
'Tho rumor circulated that wo failed
o carry the lease into effect , is with-
ut foundation ; In fact I aty positively
wo have now fully accomplished the
mrgatn with the Mutual Union nnd
licre is no legal proceeding that can
oudor the loaao null and void. "
Thieving Banker * Eont Up.
poclal Dispatch to TUB lift.
JERSEY CITY , February 19. Garret
, Boyco , Edward B. Shaw and John
j. Bo rob , defaulting officers of the
ofunot Oity bank , to-day pleaded
nllty and were uentoncod at hard la-
jor in the atato prison as follow * :
Joyoo 10 years , Beach 4 , Shaw (5 ( ,
The Sugar Queation >
Ipcclal Dispatch to TUB D ,
WASHINGTON , February 19. New
fork sugar'racn demand an Immediate
and thorough Investigation Into the
alleged frauds practiced by thn cus-
torn officials of the Pacific .coast in the
natter of admitting Hawaiian sugars of
ligher grade than was originally Intend *
Dy the treaty. They charge that Claus
Speokols IB in collusion with the offi
cials of the treasury 'department , and
they demand that the question bo ju
dicially Investigated In San Francisco
by a suit wherein sugar exports can bo
called and the truth not bo left on-
tlrely to the custom officials aud the
Speokola ring. The leidlng sugar
dealers In Now York also ask that
congress shall ask the presi
dent tu make public all the
official correspondence In the de
partment that mny throw lighten
on the question. What sugar dealers
In Now iTork sock to know Is the grade
of sugar , which , under the treaty , late
to bo admitted free , and that quea-
.tlon the officials of the treasury re
fuse to answer in a practical way b/
Identifying and marking the samples.
Importers to Now York of Philippine
islando sugars say that slnoo the
Hawaiian treaty there Ia very much
loss of sugar from the former ialau d
heard of In the American ports.

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