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Omaha Bee.
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LINCJIN , NEB. , Mar. 30 , ' 83. I
To the People o ! Nebraska !
The subject of Foreatry , or Tree Plant
ing , il fait becoming one of National Im
portance , and It receiving the carefal at
tention cf thoughtful mlndi throughout
our own country , and In other landiaa
well.The steady and rapid disappearance of
our forest * , is viewed with apprehenilon.
We are for ed to consider the matter of
futuredemand and snpplr , and in view of
the facti It becomes a queition of grave
moment. The dliappearance of the natu
ral growth of timber , has been followed In
many of pur states by the drying up of
springs , and brooks , a decreased annual
rain fall , and consequent Increaied fre
quency of seasons of extreme drouth. The
presence of trees , and forests exerts ftdl
rect and controlling liiflaenco upon the
moisture of the air , and the amount of
rain fall , as well an serving to lesson the
I . : extremes of temperature , and great modi
fying the severity of ell mate and season.
The attention of the general goveenment
has b cn dlrectedto thunmtterand | | has re
ceived MubitanUalreaognltlon at the bands
of our National Congress , in the pasiage
of whatli known as the "Timber Culture
Act , " which has for its object , tbo secur
ing of timber upon our treeless prairies.
Encouragement and incentive , in the
matter of tree planting Is given by tbo
constitution of Nebraska ; which says ,
"Tho legislature may provide tlut the increased -
creased value cf lands , by reason of live
fences , fruit and forest tree * grown and
culltvatod thereon , shall not b taVen Into
account in the assessment thereof "
i The atete board of agriculture offers
, < , liberal premiums for the greatest number
of trees planted during the mouth of April ,
18S3 , by any one pert OB ; and for the great-
I : , oat number planted , or put out , during the
year 1683. In adlitlon to this , they offer
J a special premium known as "Arbor
Day" premium for tbo greatest number
of trees planted upon a given day , divided
and classified as to the varieties , and
earnestly inviting competition thereof ,
from all.
Tbo question of tree culture important
as it is 10 the country at large is of para
mount importance to our Ute.
Nebraska embraces within her limits ,
lands that are unsurpassed in fertility ;
and tflerinx as they do , advantages la the
way of easy and simple cultivation , they
are being developed with a raphlty that U
nearly , If not quite , without precedent.
Therefore , to the end that the past grat
ifying degree of development , and Improve
ment , may be maintained , and if possible
Incroaied , I , James W. Dawe , governor
of the state of Nebraska , hereby name
D. 18S3 ,
to be observed as "Arbor Day , " embracing
In its design results so varied , beneficial
and far-reaching ; tavlnc tor its aim and
purpose , the common Interest , and gtneral
welfare of onr state , it should be strictly
observed by all classes.
Having reference to both ornamentation
and usefulness ; to beauty and utility ; con
sidering the claims of present enjoyment
and ultimate profitable investment , oare
should be exercised and selections for plant
ing made , from such varieties aa have been
approved by the testa of time and experi
ment , as suited to the conditions of our
soil and climate.
Let it be remembered that the person
who plants and cauies to grow-if but a
tingle tree , rhrub , or vine , Is contributing
his or her mite in the way of added in-
.duoement and attraction , tending toward
that future development and ultimate
standing of Nebraska , for which ws are all
laboring and hoping ; and which will surely
come ,
Done at Lincoln , the SOthdayof March ,
A. D. 1883 , in the Seventeenth year of the
state and of Uie Independence of the United
States the One Hundred and Seventh.
By the governer :
Secretary of State.
THE bo t men will win next Tuesday
without regard te parties.
THE democratic nomination (01
mayor ii a Savage blow at the eleventh
hoar republican ticket.
EVEHY cltlzjn of Omaha who favora
public Improvomonta will vote for th <
bonds at the coming election.
TIIE only persons who have n rlgh
to oppoao the lasulnq of the sowo
bonds for Omaha are the doctors
They will In j are their practice.
TUB latest launched monitor I
called the "Terror. " It probibly wll
bo one before the contractors go
through presenting tholr bills.
THE mortality In the postoffloo department
partment daring the pait year ha
" 11 boon large. Since last May three ox
postmaster generals and ono In aotlv
f' .service have died Dennlson , Jewel
and Howe.
I ;
VOTERS at Tuesday's election wli
bo asked to ratify the resolution of th
school board which appropriates $35 > ,
GOO of the school funds for the crec
tlon of now buildings. The money I l
already In the treasury but the poi
mission of citizens la necessary befoi
It can bo applied to the purposes li
I GLEBES of election should BOO ths
three eets of ballot boxes are secure
r ? for every poll on Tuesday , Thei
I ? most be a separate box for the ele <
tlve officers one' for the Improvi
meat bond * and another for the bond
for school purposes. There most b
BO mistake.
It is generally admitted that the
next congress will bo compelled to
make furthorrodacllonzof the revenue
from consideration entirely Independ
ent of the question of tarlfl for revenue -
venue or protection. Bniinoss Is
again threatened by the excessive
accumulation of taxes In the treasury ,
The cellmates of the commissioner of
internal revonno and the secretary of
the treasury make it certain that the
entire reduction of revenues under
the late tariff act will not exceed
Wonty millions Instead cf sventy-fivo
millions no was conGdontly claimed by
the advocates at the last ueoslon.
Complaints from trade are already
oomlng In from oil quarters. The
money market IB Buffering from
an unusual stringency while the
ovrplna revenues cf the government
Jaro flowing Into the treasury at the
rate of $12COO.OOO a month while no
mode of rollof o flora itself except pay
ments on acaount of the public debt ,
and anticipations of the Interest on
the bonds. Thus the money market
Is subject to fluctuations between
scarcity and extreme redundancy.
Without this government obstruction
the fbw of currency through iho chan
nels of trade would bo regular and
healthful. There are but two meth
ods for reducing the treasury surplus
reductions that have been suggested.
One ts s > now application of the old
Whig doctrine of distributing the sur
plus amonf the several states. This
suggestion of a number of ultra high
tariff financiers will meet
with little consideration from the next
congress. The only rational and prac
tical remedy for an excass of revenue
is a redaction of taxation , and this
necessity ( n the condition of the
treasury will bring the whole question
back to the next congress , almost
substantially where it stood bcforo
the present tarifl lair was passed.
Jnst us was predicted by the oppo
nents , the mangled tariff bill of the
laat Bosalon will afford but a brief
truce to the agitation of the tariff
This Is not a pleasant prospect for
the democratic majority , but It In ono
which they must face. On this quco *
tlon the speaker of the next hunso
will be chosen and the committee of
ways and means organized.
Tun crusade inaugurated by TUB
BEE againit low assessments in Omaha
has extended to other portions of the
Btato. Taxpayers of all classes are
beginning to see that a low assessment
outs both ways. It affects the credit
of the community abroad and It bin
ders Improvements at home. But
more than all It throws the burden of
taxation npon the class least able to
bear them , This is defeating the very
aim of taxation and patting a premium
upon fraud. Omaha la not alone in
this matter of low valuation , as the
state board of equalization has clearly
recognized by varylng the amount of
the levy for the state tax from G to 8
per cent. Lancaster county IB as
sessed upon a lower basis than Doug
las county and her levy for Btato par-
poses Is accordingly higher. The
power of the state board to equalize
axatlon by varying the amount of
.ho . levy disposes effectually of the
charge that an Increase In the assess
ments will Increase the otato tax.
ALL the poatoflioos in the country
were closed on Thursday by order ol
Hatton oat of respect to the memory
of his late chief. This leads the No *
York Star to observe that such dlaoonv
modlng of hundreds of thousands ol
people will muko everybody sorry thai
Mr. Howe died.
IT makes no difference to the votori
and taxpayers of Omaha whether thi
next mayor la a democrat or a repnb
lloan , but It makes every dlfferenci
whether ho Is a competent , honest am
efficient executive , \
Parliament baa reconvened , and thi
work of its session has boon again re
Earned. The prospects of leglsUtloi
are said to bo extremely uncertain
The ministry hope to carry the bank
rnptoy bill , and either the government
mont of London bill or the tenanli
compensation act. These meaiuros
. It Is agreed , are the only ones whlcl
the government can hope to carry
Parnoll la absent from parliament
and la trying to awaken French sym
pathy for Ireland , with good success
The result of the Westminster oxplo
5slon has boon a great Increase of pub
Ho fooling against the Irish , and man
. nfaoturera and employes generally or
discharging Irish laborers. Even do
rnestlo servants are receiving notice
of dismissal , The dynamite scar
continues , and all public buildings ar
protected by the troops. It Is gonoi
ally admitted that recent events hav
3 > made It Impossible for the preset
government to deal with any no1
measures of Irish reform ,
In Ireland the Armagh oonsplrao ;
trials have been brought to a cloi
and twelve men charged with con
pllclty In murder have boon oouvloto
and sentenced to penal servitude. .
vigorous attempt was made to connec
the Land League with the assasslni
tlons and orldenoe , waa added thi
the murder of one Brooke was done i
10 their instigation. Outside of goven
ment circles the testimony la general )
believed to bo porjurodand the strong
est disclaimers have como from former
officers of that organization.
Mr. Gladstone's perennial Intention
of withdrawing from the control of
English affairs la again amusing the
press of Great Btitaln , The purpos0
of those silly rumors is not plain ,
since the premier Is notoriously In
bettor health than ho has been for
years , and rooro resolute in the real
ization of the internal reforms ho has
been elected to work out. As is well
known , his withdrawal from power
would bo equivalent to the diimom-
bcrmont cf the liberal party , since his
authority alone holds the discordant
gronpi In common action , The
Krotosqao assertion that Sir Charles"
Dilko is In training as the great
loader's successor is on a par with the
imbecile story of his contemplated
Gorman commercial activity is keep
ing pace with Its wonderful political
and military domination. Besides the
St , Gothard tunnel , which has in
creased the international tram's by
many million ? , now steamship lines
are constantly projected and pat In
operation. Germany has long direct
ed its efforts towards maritime equal
ity with England , and if the work
goes on for ten years as It has been
going during the past ten , the day will
como when Germany will exceed
Franco as a maritime power as much
as she now distances the republic aa a
military nation. With a steamship
line to South America or the West
Indies , Germany will compote with
both Franco ana England in ono ef
the richest traffic ! In the world. It li
BUggostlvo to note that , with oar
Infinitely greater resources , a nation
like Germany la rushing past as in
commercial enterprise of this sort.
Gen. Bronsart von Sohellondorf ,
who succeeds Gen. von Kameko , re
signed , ns L'rusoian War Minister , first
attracted Ktlsor Wilhelm'a special at
tention during the Franco Prussian
war of 1871 72 , when he was attached
to the headquarters staff. When the
French had boon hurled back into Se
dan It was Lieut-Col. Bronsart von
Schbllondorf whom his Majesty sent
into a town with a 11 g of trnco to de
mand its nncondltional capitulation ,
and who returned in company with
Gen. Ilalllo the bearer of Napoleon's
well known letter of surrender
"N'ayant pas pu mourir a la tote do
men troupes , jo depose mou epee oux
plcda do votro Msjeste. " After the
wai ho was made chief of the general
stuff of the Guards Corps , in which ho
successively received command of the
Second Brigade and the Second Divi
sion. Tarooghout his career ho has
shown himself to bo "a man of Intel
lect and of action" a combination
which Prince Bismarck once said was
not very common among his Prussian
It la still an open question what is
going to happen in Egypt. A corre
spondent writing from Cairo eays the
hatred of the Egyptians for foreigners
grows more bitter and that the depart
ure of a troop of British soldiers Is
looked npon with undisguised satis-
fiction by the entire populace. For
eign ladles are insulted in the shops
and on the streets. Tae native police
and soldiery , while yielding an en
forced courtesy to the English , are
constantly muttering curses under
tholr breath , and the Coptic Christians
are hardly loss an object of hatred than
ho foreigners. The feeling existing
mong the Mohammedans la described
s exceedingly bitter and dangerous
ust the sort to about
bring n re-enact-
ug of the terrible scenes which accom
panied the sack of Alexandria. The
oot and booty and shedding of Chris-
Ian blood which resulted from 'that
errlblo experience are not forgotten ,
ind it IB most exasperating to the
Moslems to see that after their nprla-
ng and sacrifices in the rebellion the
country la now more firmly In the
lands of the foreigners than over.
Mr. Gladstone says England is in
Ejypt aa the friend and adviser of the
chedivo , and ready to withdraw as
soon as the Institutions of the land In
dicate that the native government is
In a healthy condition , bat the British
jcoupatlon does not seem to bo foster
ing a state of affairs that will lead
seen to stable government.
It la reported that the newspaper !
representing the government ol
Sweden and Norway are continual ! }
predicting vigorous measures on the
part of King Oscar to stem the tide
of liberal encroachments , and the mar
rlago of the crown prince of S iredorj
to the granddaughter of the Germat
emperor Is cited as evidence of at
agreed movement to that ond. It It
not regarded as possible , however ,
that Germany will take any active
part In the dispute now waging between
twoen King O-icar and the Norwegian
storthing or legislative assembly. The
Norwegians are a law-abiding people ,
but they have In their legislature an
overwhelming liberal majority. Thoii
constitution has been In force since
1814 , and the very serious question !
now pending between the crown and
the storthing first arose about five
years ago. The storthing passed an
act giving cabinet officers a seat IE
their body. The king vetoed the act ,
and the storthing , taking the rognlai
steps necessary , passed the act ovei
the veto. Thereupon the klnf
chimed that the act was In the nature
of a constitutional amendment , one
that he possessed In such case th <
power of an absolnto veto. It was i
claim put forth then for the first time
and will probably bo resisted to thi
last by the Norwegians , who will undoubtedly
doubtodly have the sympathy of t
large number of the Swedes In the
fight they are making. It looks aa 1
the king had put himself in a verj
awkward position unless ho moans ti
challenge extreme measures from thi
Norwegians , for at every eloctloi
since the controversy began the llbero
majority has Increased.
The May day fixed npon for th
coronation of the cm in the anclen
Kremlin of Moscow Is drawing on an
immense are the preparations foe th
grand ooouJon. Enormous quautltle
of bread , meat and beer have been
collected in Moscow for regaling the
multitudes who are expected from all
portions of the empire. It has been
determined to outdo the utmost prodi
gality of former coronations. In the
midst of this official activity the nihi
lists are by no moans idle , and their
promise of a warm reception to the
Imperial guesta on coronation day may
canto another postponement of the
long deferred ceremony. ReporUfrom
Russia are gloomy onongh , and fear la
expressed that the coronation , so far
from being accompanied by conces
sions to the public demands , will be
followed by the abrogation of gomo of
the rights granted by thi ) late cnr
The warning of the nihilists to blow
up the Kremlin unless the czaraesenta
to tholr progoammo of political rtf jrm
has increased the feeling of insecurity.
On the part of the government
authorities the mobt cheerful assur
ances are given that the nihilists will
not bo permitted to dialurbthogoneral
joy of coronation day , but so llttlo
fulth is repi scd in tholr promises that
auroral of the princes of Europe have
regretfully expressed to the czar their
Inability to attend. It would bo very
pleasant to them to witness iho cere
mony , but they prefer to bo present
by proxy , If the Kremlin should bo
blown up with the dynamite of the
nihilists the princes will have diplo
matic representatives on the spot , who
will transmit faithfnl accounts of the
entire t Mr , which will bo much more
satisfactory than their presence as
witnesses. Since only one prince Is to
undergo the perilous ceremony of cor
onation there la no need that any
others should takonndoo rhka.
The latest Japanese papers show
that the relations between Japan and
China are "strained , " to use a favor
ite diplomatic phrase. The weaker ns-
tlon is putting forth great exertions to
raise an army and to equip a fleet that
will bo able to cope with the Chinese ,
but progress Is slow' The nation Is In
a transition phase ; It is weaker than
it was under the old regime , for all its
advancement has boon in the way of
the arts of peace. It has made won
derful strides In civilization , but the
usual result of rapid assimilation of
knowledge is shown In the fondness of
the people for speculative ontorprUea ,
This has demoralized the currency and
materially Injured the trade of the
country. The old warlike spirit still
lives In the people , but unless some
military gonlua should como forward
they would bo no match for the comparatively
parativoly well drilled Chinese. China
has the means to establish an effective
army and navy. Thus far the latter
hai boon improved the mcst rapidly
The Chinese make good sailora ; their
naval flaot is not to bo sneered at , and
if they had batter material , the for
eign t fibers would already have gath
ered a formidable standing army. In
the event of war Japan will bo badly
beaten , unices her diplumatista can
indnco Russia to enter the contest.
Shonld this ccsnr , the map of eastern
Asia will aeo many changes.
The Orst locomotive baa made Ita
appearance in Senegambia. Tao first
mlle and a half of the French railroad
between Senegal and the Niger was
opened last December in the presence
of an amazed crowd of natives , who
slapped their hands and tried to keep
pace with the train. Opposition was
made to the road by Lstdlor , the King
of Cayar , who had formerly made a
treaty permitting the line to pass
through his territory ; but the authorl
ties with a body of troops , marched
to his residence and burned it with
out opposition. Latdlor then took
rtf ago with a neighboring chief , In
concert with whom ho is expected to
begin hostilities. _
Crime is increasing in Italy , and
especially in the central part of the
so-called Romsgna. Formerly thu
Crimea were laid In the sacerdotal
role , but for twenty -five years there
has been no such rule , and yet crime
Is daily increasing. The Romagnoll
are trained to handle the dagger and
practice with a pistol and a gun at an
age when other boys play with mar
bles , and this may account for their
highly developed blood-thirstiness.
Score of police officers have been killed
by organized bands of thiovea and
assassins. A short time ago two
police inspectors were murdered in
Bologna , another at Havenna , and a
fourth in Faenza , while in Caseena a
prsfeot was butchered. In Ravenna
the royal prosecutor was shot dead and
three noblemen of high standing killed
two in Fftenzi and ono in Lugo.
The premier , Mr. Depretis , has ( iuallj
been aroused and he has announced
that ho will adopt stringent measnrci
to pat a stop to this carnival of crime ,
A wonderfully rich gold district hat
boon discovered about the Drakona
burg mountains on the eastern aide 01
the Transvaal. The number of dlpgori
In thoKaap fields does not exceed 500
but their steady persevorence Is a gooc
sign of tholr success. The Boer government
ornmont Imposes a duty of 5 per con' '
on all gold dlicovored in the country
and this fact acts as an Incentive t <
secrecy on the part of the minors
which cflaln prevents a rush to thi
diggings. Tao report of a compoton
geologist from the Berlin reef In thi
Lopdonbnrg district is very oncourog
ing. He is acting on behalf of a com
piny which la about to purchase thi
property , and ho reports that th <
minimum average yield is sixteen
ounces .from each ton of quartz , whlli
aa much as 1.000 ounces has been ob
tained from one ton.
The wages of worklngmen In Parli
have Increased considerably since 1876
Thus , day laborers In 1875 received J
conta an hour and last year they ro
colved 12 contB. Stonecutters havi
advanced from 14 to 24 cents an hour
house carpenters from 12 to 18 centi
an hour ; plumbers from 80 cents to ? 1
n day increase in the population am
the rapid Increase In wealth are cansei
of the present Increase In wealth an
causes of the present Increase li
wages , and the rise would bo still mon
marked were It not for the oonstan
Immigration of Belgians , German
and Italians , who are attracted by thi
high rate of wages. Looked at by th
light of these statistics the complsmt
of the socialists against the bourgeois
n J look , to say the least , singularly ill
Mr. R , D. Whitney , 23 Howan
Street , Springfield , Mass. , writ *
"My wife and mother suffered fo
voars with oorni , and nothlnR eve
helped them , They used St. Jwob
OU , and It worked like a charm.
Oon. Howard , Commander of tbo De
partment of the PJatte , on His
Way to Northern
Sioux City Journal , March 23.
Maj Gan , Howard , U. 8. A. , com
mander of the Department of the
Platte , arrived from Omaha yesterday
morainp , and proceeded In the after
noon to Running Water , D. T , , from
which plsco ho will cross the river
into Northern Nebraska on a visit cf
inspection. The Department of the
Platte Is a Inrgo ono , embrac
ing lows , Nebraska , Wyoming ,
Utah , nnd n part of Idaho , with
headquarters at Omaha. In person
Gen. Howard , vho succeeded G > n.
Goorpo _ Crook , the famous Indlnn
fighter , 'is a man cf moro thnn 50
yearn of ngi > , with whlto hair and
ploncant features Ho has but ono
arm , having lest the other during the
civil war , In which hn served with dis
tinction. Ho Is a singularly mild-
mannered man , converses freely and
In citizen's * garb would ba easily mis
taken for a retired citizen or a benev
olent lay member of a church. His
mind evidently is cf the religious
bent , as ia his conversation ho did
not fall to frequently allude to mat
ters coenected with the church inter
ests of the place he visits.
Although not very communicative
regarding the affiirs of the military ,
the general stated that at present
everything is corona and poscefnl. He
regarded the Indians In hi * depart
ment aa all well disposed. Ho spoke
well of Agent McGtlltcnddy at Pine
Ridge , and regarded his hflaence
there moat salutary upon the some
what lawless elements which exist
among both the Indiana and white
men around the ngoncy.
Ho declared himself aa agreeably
surprised with Sioux City , and ( spe
cially Ita handsome business buildings.
It would have boon agreeable for him
to have remained longer that ho might
form the acquaint anco of the most
prominent citizens , but the necessity
of his presence again at headquarters
in Omaha compelled him to continue
hln journey and make a brief inspec
tlon of the situation of affilrs In
Northern Nebraska. He announced
his intention of paying the Omaha
reservation an extended visit at an
early date in order to acquaint himself
with the value of the most Intelligent
of the Indians found thereon for
The general ts accompanied by
( 'Apt. J. A. Sladen , ono of hia aides
do camp.
Consolidation Continued.
The order of consolidation in the
Gonld tystcm continues to i-regress ,
the latest move in thatdireotlon being
the amalgamation of the pontr.il bag <
gaga dup-trtmont of tha system. A. L.
Martin , general bcgcago agent of the
Iron Monutuln division of the system ,
will retire April 1 , and W. B.
Androvrr , general buggago ogout of
the Missouri Pacific , will assume gen
eral lupcrvlsion of the system nnder
the MMe if general bacgago agent of
the Missouri Pacific railway company.
This is in keeping with thu consollda
tlon of the general freight and gen
eral passenger departments , and it
even extends to the general manager * .
Col. floxlo was general manager of
the Iron Mountain and Col. Talmage
had charge of the Missouri Pacific in a
general way. It was arranged so that
Col. Hoxio took the rate and traffi ]
question in charge , and Col , Talmsge
was placed in charge of transportation
matters , thus making one head for
each department to cover the entire
Rheumatism , Neuralgia , Sciatica
Lumbago , Backache , HeadacheToothache ,
Bar * Throat , Swelling * . Hprafni. Brutiu ,
llurnt , Beald. . Fro.t Ultra ,
old br Dratrlt * 106 Dttlen .ftrywhtre. FlftC oU
boltU. DlrMlloni la II L niu | ti.
Repairing of all Kinds Prompt
ly Done.
1C05 Douglas Street , Omaha , Neb
Consulting and Civil Engineer
Brecl&l ultentlrn to Sumlrg Town Addi
tions and Lot ? . Furnishing E timatej cf Eic -
v tlrn' , MakligMtp , Pl u , & 3.
Removed from 1222 Fnrnam 8t to IOO Co.
Fifteenth St. , opppslte Poitofllce.
Will open nn Marei 10th , a fine lot of pattern
b-noet * andtuti , n bin * , etc. Alia l > rge addi
tions to tha aloe * of Hair Goo's , comprlilng all
the BOtoitlrs of tte > a on. 'ihoohly tie tile
light mil Im ry sere In Omaha.
JOHN D , PEiBODY , Hi D , ,
ltd Mecca 1714 Poutlas Street. Omahi , Neb.
Call and look over 017 new store and so
my new goods.
1207 Farajvm 8tr t. 12OT
Under the management of Mr. KalUh.
Undertakers ,
Steam Pumps , Engine Trimmings ,
umnta MACIIINKKT , BKITINO , HOSK. BRASS AN inos nrnnoa Fir
Cor. Farnam and 10th Streets Omaha , Neb.
Growers of Live Stock and Others.
Ground Oil Cake.
It is the boat and cheapest food for clock of any kind. Ono pound Is oqnal
o three pounds of corn. Stock fed with Ground Oil Oako in the fall and win *
or , instead of running down , will incrcaso in weight and bo in good market
able condition in the spring. Dairymen an well as others who nso it can tea-
ify to its merits. Try it and judge for yourselves. Price $25.00 per ton ; no
charge for sacks. Address
o4-eod.mo WOOODSIAN LINSEED OIL 00. , Omaha , Nob.
M. Hellman & Co.
1301 and 1303 Farnam St. Cor. I3t
Druggists ,
WhiskieS !
in Eond or Free , Also direct Importers of
Jobbers and Manufacturers of Fine
Agents for Jos. Schlitz' Milwaukee Beer ,
Bottled and in Kegs.
214 & 216 S , 14TH STEBET , - - - OMAHA , HEB ,
And Window Glass.
. . _ .
Carpenter's Materials
Stair Railings , Balusters , Window " '
and Door Frames , Etc.
First-clan faoilitloe for the Manufacture of all klndes of Mouldings , Planing and
matching' a Specialty. Orders from tbo country will t > promptly executed.
mtMremall nomtnnntcaH nuto \ , MOVER. Proprl *
First-Olass Painting and Trimming , Repairing Promptly Done ,
1310 Homey , Cor. 14th , Omaha.
Frederic , Monroe Do , , Iowa ,
0. E. MAYNE , , . Proprietor.
Ha * constantly on hand a large number
of Ilorsos.
Description of Hones and other lwotm * .
Uoo sent by mall on application.

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