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The Daily Bee.
Monday Mornintf. Mny 21 ,
Circu ! d y.
The weather yesterday was beautiful.
Additional heal news en eecond page.
YciterJsy was about MI II rely n Sab
bath dixy as has been teen iu these patta
The parement on the west aide of
Tenth itrcet , between the upper and lower
Union P.tclfia trnck > , waa completed Stt-
urdy afternoon , and wts at ones thrown
open to travel.
A little girl named Lulu Jnmea wna
badly hurt SUurday hy hcinc struck by
the pole of A hack , wlillo trying to croas
Dodge atreet between Kimsoy'rf livery ula-
ble and tha poatollice ,
ll blnain' * circus arrived in the city
ycjtcnhy morning ou tholr vptclnl train ,
the uihjirltycf the party registering at tko
Metroiiolltan. Tha cinvfts will bo spread
on St. Mary'a avenue and Seventeenth
The I'.ixton hoiso folks have had
four beautiful medals manufactured by
15iholm& Ktilc on , which they propose
to give t } the per-on miking the beet
score at ten-pini , nine-pins , "cocked hat"
nnd "three in a row" from the 21nt to the
31ft. The mcdah are of allver , hnud-
no nely engraved , with a cut of the partic
ular gums on each.
Two children were lost Saturday
ntxhr , i.nd their parents were anxiously
Bevchln ; fjr them yosterd.iy morning.
Oaa was n lltt'o ' four year old , Willie ICiol ,
ion of Mr. Kiel , who lives on Howard
itreat , nud the other was a little follow
known M Pdtrl Poop , whose parents live
between Twelfth and Thirteenth street * ,
on Jones. 1) .th were found during the
A well eitiblinbei wholeiale Tea and
Cltfir buslncufor silo. Small atock ; good
reaajni for tolling. Address MirroAtr A
13no. , 1005 Farnam St , Omaha , Neb ,
m8 Iw.
The colored citizens are requested tc
meet in ma meeting at John Lswia' hall ,
Mondiy evening , Mav 2L t , for the pur
pose of considering th ) qnestlon of calling
of etuto convention to elect delcgatci to thi
national convention.
A. Orulckshank & Co , Informed theli
customers on Wednesday that owing tc
the great rush In business they could onlj
deliver Ittrg * packages , and their average
delivery tor the week hai been over Gv <
hundred a day ,
A careless driver drove hla team Int <
the paving excavation on Tenth and Far
nam Saturday and tried to get througi
the lake of mud and water that had formoc
there. Ho Ruccoodol In getting hla team
out after a bard pull ,
The coming exhibit of the Social Ar
club which li to bo hold on Wednesday
Thursday and Frl lay of the coming week ,
to ha a general exhibition , an the proml
nent arthtp , both nmateurnnd profeaiional
are Invited to contribute to make this ex
hlblt fine.
Mr. Konntzi has Bold to at
OMtero man 41x132 fiet , northwest coVno
DougUa and KUyonth streets for (11,000
Mr , Kountze also sold to Mr. John Frank
proprietor of the California house , th
northeast corner of Douglas and Klevenll
streets for $3,000. Mr. MeCrary haa jus
purchased from Mr. Clarke , real catat
agent , twenty-two feet nearly opposite th
Metropolitan hotel , and will build.
The evening upon which Blsho
O'Jonner will deliver hla lecture has beet
fixed for May SOth. Ilia subject will b
"Capital and Labor , " ono probably o
more general interest than any now in th
minds of the people. The lecture will K
delivered at St. Fkllomena'i cathedral
tinier the ampioes of the Union Catboli
library Asaocation , For the con
yenlence of those desiring to attend , tick
eta will be'placed for sale with a numbo
of merchants in the city , and will be cii
culatetl by the members of the Llbrar ;
They Visit Omaha aim are Qranal
TheGormanla Mionnerchor , of Lin
coin , accompanied by n number c
their frlouda , came up to Omaha ycc
i terday on a special train , and were re
ii ii i oolvcd and entertained by the Oman
i Mmuncrchor in grand style ,
i The Omaha society mot the rxcnr
i elouista at the Union Paclfio dopol
it being accompanied by the Union P.
clfio band. The Lincoln folks ha
engaged the Capital band , and th
O ) two organizations fnrnUhud cxcollei
Olei mntlo and plenty of It.
ei The whole , party , visitor * nn
Sim hosts , repaired to Victor park , Sout
m avenue and Laavonwortn atiee
o where the day waa moat pleasant !
tb spent. The guests rotarnod horn
po last night by a apeclal over the Unlo
cat Pacific.SUNDAY'S
to- The Police Record for the Past Fort :
the e'fht ' Houre.
VOI The police round-up since Sitardi
Jnga afternoon waa obovo the average I
a numbers , though not Including mat
grievous offenders.
the A printer pot drunk Saturday nlgl
maj and waa hauled to the jail in n ban
pen/ / cart and dumped down the stops inl
bosj the collar. It took five policemen I
vror ocarch him and put him in hla call.
prot There were nlco two cases of dl
all turbanco cf the peace , two anapicloi
characters , ono vagrant and tv
0 plain drunks on the register.
Frei Ono man waa arrested for carrylr
concealed weapons nnd ono for abni
lay hU family ,
The la'tor was Willis Hall , n hai
vlan citizen , who maV.rentod lila wlln nr
aron W B arrested by Officers S'g ' cardan
the ? Hatzi. He drew a revolver on U
cflbors and threatened to annlhlU
them , but waa knocked down with
"billy , " the nippers put on him , ac
lie given quarters in the jail.
A Young Man is Shot in a
Saloon Row.
The Proprintor and HB ! Wife
Under A.rreat.
Detail * of tha Sunday Night
Uotwoon 0 and 10 o'clock last night
a trapody oconrrod at the H. & M.
aloon , on Sixth and Pacific atroots ,
n South Omaha.
The proprietor cf the plaoo la Mr ,
! , Schroto , who la hotter known an
B'shop ' , " and ho , hla wlfo and hit
urtonder , llonry Shrolbor , were all
ndged In jail about 2 o'clock thii
The mnrdorod man waa Jnko MarIn -
In , n young follow about twenty-five
oara of ago , who ban a wlfo nnd ouo
child , Martin haa boon working for
ho post two woekont the lard refinery
connected 71111 Boyd'a packing homo ,
und bonrdod with his family uoar the
aoono of the murdor.
It appoara that Martin wont into
, ho oaloon about 0 o'clock and had u
oann in hln hand which Mra. Schroto ,
wife of the proprietor took away
Tom him. lie ankod her to give it
sack und aho refused to do ao ; ho
wont behind the bar and , according
to her own story and hla dying state-
intuit , ho struck her In the mouth.
Mra. Sohrnto called cillod her hus
band in and Mirtln was rj30tod from
; ho aaloon. Soon after ho began
irlng boor koga through the plans
door , which wna broken all to pieces.
A man who was present daring the
whole occnrrocco aaya that at thic
ianctnro Sahroto Bald to his wife ,
' 'Shoot him. " Three ahota were fired
rrom the Inside of the place and Martin
'oil on the aldowalk mortally wonndod ,
ono of the bulla ponotratlng
tila groin , above the loft hip , and ap
parently pawing acroaa the abdomen
to the right , lie waa picked up and
carried to a house near by , and Da >
Borrow and Hoffman were antn-
monod. Oaptaln Donohoo , Officer
Whalon and othora were non on the
spot , and Donohoo waa advised by the
dootora to Uko Martin's ante mortem
statement , which ho did. Martin ad-
niltcd striking Mrs. Sohroto in the
face , and thought that she was the
person who fired the abo'.a.
Shroto and his wlfo and the bar
tender , Shrolbor , were all arrested
and taken to jtll. It was the opinion
of physicians that Murttn could not
posnlbly llvo and at the hour of writing
It Is reported that ho la drnd ,
Shroto , who talked with the re
porter after ho wna in hln cell , pro-
fusees Ignornnco of the whole allali
ana donlcB thut either ho or hla wife
fired any pistol.
The c eo promiaca to prove a vcrj
scrloaa ono for all concerned , and li
another ono attributable to the viola
tion of the law regulating the opening
and cloning of saloons.
The Socialist Agitator in Omaha
He Talks at Turner Hall ot
"Oapital and Labor. "
In response to the Invitation ox-
tondoJ to him by the S-olnlUtlo Labo
Union of Omaha , Herr Johnnn Moat
the great German agitator , dollvorci
an addroea to a largo andlonoo at Turner
nor hall ycatorday afternoon. Thi
delivery occupied about an hour am
a half , bat our apaoo only permits i
Oapital , ho aaid , la the result o
labor , bat ho who works haa no oapi
tal , and ho who poasotaos capital dee
not work. This la an unjust and mi'
nataral nyBtom , however ; It la thi
oonacqaonoo of economical and his
torical development baaed original ! ;
on brute force , plunder aud robbery
The capital ouco got la the power b ;
which labor can bo forced to work fo
wages , and not for the frolta of toll
There la a certain economical law tha
fizoa the waxes paid na a rule no
higher than what li absolutely nooen
faary to llvo raihcr , exist. The cap
tal la tcttliiR ; concentrated la thi
htvuds of a fen especially In thl
country , In a very rapid manner
whilst the worklngmon at the Bum
time becomes poorer to an alarmluj
Tha above mentioned oconomlca
law la to bo Boon beat by the ollicla
itatiatlca. The wealth of tbo natloi
WCB lu the year 1850 $7,136,000,000
which had increased In 1879 to th
amount of $32,295,000,000. On th
other hand , the avurugn wagea paid litho
the worker * In 1870 amounted to $371
a year , aud In the ojurso of ten your
waa reduced to an average of $341 ]
Daildea that , U la not to bo ovoi
looked how the capitalistic clasau
have got control of the political powe
too ; they being the only onoa that ai
able to Invent the fund * nooosaary t
control the ballot boxoa. Therefore
no reform of any kind la potilbl
under the capltallitlo system. 0
the contrary , It must bo overthrow
by the working people if they want <
bo emancipated.
Herr Moot reviewed the praaot
atato of cooioty In Europe aa well i
In America , and cited factacf hiitor
In powerful language
Uo prophcalod that the develop
went of hlfilrj no f.ir as thoooouon
leal condition la concerned will tuli
the a&uio conrso lu America It hi
taken In the old catintrloaaud advise
the people to bo ready whenever o |
portunlly offers a chauco to act f (
the cjmmon wolf arc. The Araerloni
lir.vo accninplUhcd two great thlnj
already , which were looked upon wit
RttoDdhmunt by the people of Ki
rope Fh t , tluy broke down tt
dopotlnin , dee ! rlnt then
independent ; laoondly , the
wlpod out slavery. Now , it rcmilt
for them to Iran themtelrea from mi
nonnly oppreuion.
Turnlug to thttondltlon of Borof
Herr lliet wiu If ruiythh.g moro vehe
ment , At the head of Germany , said
ho , la a man who proved hlmio f ( torn
thi beginning of his political lifo n
brutal tyrant. Lshmann , ( to ho called
the emperor of Germany , ) cried aloud
In the year 1818 , when thu people rotate
to get at least some constitutional
rights. They were suppressed with a
fusillade. Since that time ho bears
the nickname prlnco of small nhots
( "Karlfctschonprlnz. " ) But the aol-
dlora of the revolution were victories
and ho was forced to qalt the country
and to aook an asylum In England ,
From hence ho returned lu 1849 aud
load the Prnsalon army against the
republicans In Baden. After a few
battles , which the latter lost , they
wont Into the fortress at Kaatatt.
Lohmann promised them general par
don It they would lay down thtir
arms , bat. no sooner had they disarm
ed when Lohmann broke hid word ,
aolzcd the revolutionist" , had
them asiabstimtod behind the
mils of the fortroaa or
Inmrrnfa cd In dungeons for
l.fd. Sj ho was not only n murderer ,
hut n oorjurnr , t > o lu the ytMru
1804,18IJO , 1870 und 1871 , ho w'oat
from war to war uuloly for the purpose
to crfinto unbounded power In hla
most ambitions hands Thla man In
mw cuipcror of Germany , treating tfao
nation nk-j n herd of dogs , lllo fol-
ow conspirator against the people in
Slamarcf , who brgan hh mluiatorehlp
i a poor man mid la now ouhniUod
f nt least 1DO 000 000 ainrkd , whloh
o atickod out of the people's blood ,
'hesu two men are not the Inventors
f the modern mllitlaiam , but they
xtorided tblii horrible system to n
lonatroalty qnito unknown before.
\bnut 500,000 BoldlorB nro Un
tiring Idle lu the barracka In peace
mo , aud must bo supported by
10 poor tazpiycra. Five thousand
millions of franca they robbed In
' 'ranco in the year 1871 , end this 1m-
iDiiBO sum wan epont for military pur-
oaea iu a f w ycara. Now they OSK
or more. Year by year tluy make
low faxes , ac least in i\n amount of
no or two million of mark * . Thu
icoplo are starving , and yet they are
o pay taxes latd on broad , moat , aalt ,
II , wood , and almost everything
) ur parliament IB a farce end haa na
jolitloal power nt all ; wheraas the
Kllco are entitled to act at ploaaure.
'hero waa formerly a worklngmen't
arty whloh counted moro than DO,0001
membora. They used legal meaut
nly , but were suppressed at once
when Bismarck found thorn strong
nough to uao influocco. Oar printer-
hops were closed , oar paper con-
iscated , our books prohibited , oui
ooletlos dissolved , our mooting * for-
tlddou , lu short , wo were declared ae
iaraU without tights of any kind ,
Ml these circumstances and many
thor things made the people desperate
and beneath the ground there la s
treat rovolntlonnry movement going
in growing day by day. Everywhere
ho public opinion is , each r. state ol
hlngo \unot bo changed without i
ovolulion. Everybody la looking
or a general breakup.
In Auatiia , the epaakor cayn , the
Itnation ia not butter than iu Gor-
nony ; BO is It In Italy , Spain , Bel
jum , etc. And na to Fiance h <
irophosled n revolutionary outbreak
oven at Meiirlltr tluio thun for Ger
many. The Fiench republic is only i
word All the Inwa of Napoleon III
are still in foico , none of them abel
shod. The workers put Inequation
What la fenoli u republic good for
Secret societies are spread llko a network
work all over the country and one da ]
or other they will march and pMant thi
rod fl g upon the public balldluga o
Paria and all the other largo town
of Franco. That will bo the algua
for a universal nptinlng In 1780
the tyrants of Europe v > ere nblo t
send their soldiers ngticat the rovolu
tleniat . Now it will bu imposolblo t
do so , bocauco the king * und empa
rora of Europe tremblti inthtirowi
palacoo , and the pooplu of nil th
world will aympathlz ) with th > > plo
noera ot freedom. E tin Eu hun
cannot help any more , f r thorn I
Ireland on watch Aye , Huaala , th
Former back wall of despotism , IB 1101
worm-eaten power. The omporo
dares not go out of hla hunaowithou
fear , Hla ouly support comeH fror
the oflioora of the old achool
aud even they steal a
much as possible of thu tax boxes
The Intelligent youth ia through am
through of n revolutionary opinion
oven the younger military ollicara anne
no longer loyal , In Hhort , nil I
ready to upset the tyrannical barbar
Ism of official Ilnsnla. The comln
revolution will bo , conccquontly , n
International ono , nud before thl
century la closed the world will b
free. Down with the tyrauU ! Donri
with the hypocrites ! Dawn with thi
monopolies ! Thcso will bo tha wa
crlos uudor whloh the paoplo of thi
world will declare their true and nnl
voraal ludopondouco
An Omnha I.iuly Kxplroa Trying t
Roach Homo.
A Bad affair occurred on tha lucotr
Ing U. P. train whloh arrived yestei
day afternoon.
Among the p&rongorn waa Mil
Llda 0. Crawford , a young lady aboa
23 years of ago , whoao horn * la i
No. 414 Tnirtoeuth ntraot. MU
Crawford wont west about five week
ago for the benefit of her health , the
terrible disease , consumption , havin
attacked her. She started homo o
Saturday , but grow worao on the tral
and expired 'shortly before rcachlii
North Platto.
Undertaker Jacobs waa notified b
telegraph and mot tha train on Ita ai
rival hero , taking the remains to ti
roaldouoo of the dead plrl's father.
Attention Moiubore Ueo. A. Cuate
Iltgnlar meeting of post , Monde
evening , May 21st. Baelneeo ot In
portanco , a fall attendance reqaostci
All comradea if the G. A. 11. ni
cordially luvltod. By order of
Post Oommaudcr.
Oniolal : 0. II. FITCH , Adjutant.
Well Rewarded ,
A liberal reward will bo paid to M
party who will | in > Juco n CAM ) ( if Live
Klilucy or Stomach complMnt tint Kl >
trio bitters will not tptetlily cure , lirli
them alon ? , it ill cent you nothing for t !
medicine if it fails tu cure , aud YOU will I
well rwarded forjT ° nr tronble beside
All lilootl disceUlllouanesr , Jtundlc
Oonntlpatlon r B'neral debility a
quickly cared. Uifkctlon rn riknto d
money refunded ; Trice only 60 oeaU p
bottl * . JToriJibyO. r " '
Th9 Opening Exhibition of the
"Wild West , "
The Novel Production Creates
a Decided Sensation ,
Atid BuffAln Bill' * EntorprUs it
CrowntU vrlth Sncoe * > <
For a month past the great event to
which all our citlzona were looking
forward wai tha appoarnnoo of the
Oody and Carver combination , rtith
their oiiginal and novel Nebraska
show , entitled the "Wild Wuat. "
The ntorm which on Thursday nd
Friday proved such as to oowpol a
postponement of the inauguration of
the untorptlce , cleared away on S * . -
urday , and Snudsy proved brighter
still. The managers had wisely determined -
mined to repeat their performance
ycsturdny , nH thcro were thousnnda
anxious to attend who could do so on
no other day. < *
The driving park was thronged nt
oth Dorformnncce and no lor * than
ght thousiiid persons were present
) wltncEB the oponlng of thH only
onuino cxpoiition of wild western
fo over put before the public nnd
avtng at Itn bead men whcsj toputu-
ion is world wide. Probably nc.
cliomo was ever started under more
uvombln autpices nnd certainly none
vor wont out with a heartier send oil
greater popularity than did the
'Wild West. "
The resources of thu state and ad-
olning lorrltorlsa wore taxad to their
tmost to furnish mnturlal , and the
eanlt waa a surprite , even to the
Idest inhabitant.
Liavlng aside the stars of the com *
M > f , the fauions tcout and tin two
ihamplon shots of the world , thorn
was a host of attractions , which
aa never been equalled and which
will provo aa inatrnotlvo as it ia in-
onsoly interesting to the people east
f the Missouri.
Aa the psrformances of Saturday
> nd Sauday were nearly identical a
program , a brief description ol
ultlior will annwer for both.
The p oxratn KB an'i > naaad by
Pop" Whluikt-r. " the mister of onr
monies nnd an old Invorit * with the
lubllo , waa as follow * :
Fla t Grnnd lolroduotory review ol
, he Will Went.
iJ ludikn pony race with a dozen
Third The Pony Kxpro-a.
Fourth The Deadirood mall coach at
Fifth Fifty yarda race between Indlac
nil horaa.
Sixth The American champion , 'Bo-
Seventh The World'i Champion , Our.
or , ia vrondetfu' feata of rilli shouting or
horKeback and on foot , tigethor wltK ex
'libltlons of fancy ihootiny by J3ulfi\h
Eighth Cowboys' fun. riding , lassoing
and ilia Introduction of the IMIIOIH bui.k
nc ponies ,
Ninth The buffalo and Term tttoi
bane ; irmnclous ak 11 with the IASHO ,
Tenth The Indiana en the wnrpith
Jrand closing equeitrian act. Furloa
The grand parade which oponoc
the show developed the fnll resource
of the combination. A band of twont ;
piocca marched at the head , thei
cirne "Little Sitting Bull , " riding :
pony and gortjcona in his war benne
and paint , then three Pawnees 01
ponlea ; then th' e grown butf.Uoe
and the b > by bt iTJo , next a group o
Omaha Indian MIUUWJ with papuotc
ridlrg on ponies and lid by thel
roop c'tvo ' bcckr ; nuothcr group c
e tr&liiog tin I-idbii wagon <
hickory fu'er ' ; M < xr , ab-ut for1 ;
Sioux aud P.nea brivo-i - h
pMst , tft.irthi.rn . "BntWo Bill
DC Caivrr ; then a party of cow
boye ; ttfter tlieui two teams of nk :
which pranced about wildly ; thuo ;
pair of bnrrca with packs , a dog tent :
and a goat Uatn driven by Lidl&i
boys ; then the Monroe and Sallabur
stage coach , which was attacked b ;
road agenta on the Black Hills ran
some years ago , drawn by six tin
moles ; and Finally , the band of th
Fourth Infantry.
The lllna r Mon of the pony oxpm
wan enthusiastically received , aad tin
skillful rider " .nu grootud with r.buu
dant epplauH-ij but the roat
crowning fraturo on both dnyu
stage coach sct'iio , wliioh the
yesterday encored until It waa re
In thin dramatic part of the prc
gramme the historic Deadwood coach
which haa experienced more than on
tragic content In It.i . time , appear
upon the acono , drawn by six ruclo1
The pataongora , who in thl
icstanco , were all well know :
Nebraeka people , got aboard o
the grand stand , and after a warniu
from the ogant wont whirling away o
its trip , After threo-quar era of th
track were traversed , a band cf re
men emerged from ambush and sc
out in pursuit , yelling llko flondi
They closed about the coach and rn
volver ehots were cxchanurd wit
startling effrot , About the time who
they saemed to have victory In the !
hands Buffalo Bill viDr Chrvnr r\ \
poared with n r scmtii ; parly K'.I
rontnd the IndUi.8 Thin feature li
thrilling and drimutlo one , ucd it 1
no xourior thit the ImmcniO audit nc
wont nearly wild over It.
The Indian rucea were good ; .th
shooting by Bogardui , Ourver an
Oody waa a aplondid exhibition t
skill ; the "ccmboja" frollo" wan In
menso , aud the final act , the "buffal
chase , " waa sensational in the 01
The "Wild West" ia undoubted !
destined to maka a big hit in the em
and the managers will reap a rlc
harvest from the Investment th <
made upon such big chauooa. Th
company left about 11 o'clock la
night on o special train for D
Molnca , boin ? billed for that plai
to-day and to-morrow , and then ma !
Ing a jump to Davenport.
They wore i lined at this point I
'Sitting Bnll , " "Standing Buffili
and "Big Klk , " wharrlvod from tl
lloiobnd agency Saturday , nnd w
travel with thoin during the season.
County OommlBatonera.
MONDAY , Hay 1 0 Board 'rn
puvaant to adjonrnment. Preset
Commlsjlonora Knight nnd O'Kecf ' .
The following opinion wns fi'od ' by
thu connty attorney :
To Hit II nrJ ol County CotnTlsjfoncri ,
GENTLEMENkcow : of no litw
authorizing the county to pay juror ?
or witnesaeo In caatn of coroner's in *
quests. J. 0. Cowt.v ,
Attorney for County.
The official bond of The . Ulckoy
ovcMoor of highways , nortli district ,
Chicago precinct , waa approved.
The following resolution waa adopt
ed :
IltsoLvED , That the oouaty troasur-
bo and la hereby instructed to recolpt
for the personal tax of F. W. Mauvl'le '
for the year 1872 without i.'itcrcot , cu
account of error of dork.
Thu followingaccounts were allowed.
Bridge Fund Jiepor Whoatop ,
work ort road , $30 CO ; O'.ans ' Sihn-
wunn , woik on road , $20COj , H. 11.
Avcry , work oa Vi-nd , & . ' ( > 25 ; O )1
Hro-vn , work on road , $18 CO : Stephen
It ibluKori , HillDf ; Slxtc ( nth suet-t
gulob , 04 So.
lloftd B'nn Ji < hn Tlporly , vork on
road , S'J CO : II. Ladlngtou , work on
rota , 87 00.
General Fund--0harlrs D.inloy ,
groceries for poor , $11 15 ; St. Joacph
lloapttal , care of elck18.00 , ; J. Stnl
on , giocorlfB for poor , $47 00 ; F. E.
Mcoro ) , ticket for poor , § 2 50 ; Wol-
shnno , McEwpn & Co. , work at juil ,
G 15 ; Allen Broo. , groceries for poor
farm , $ HG 07 ; Paxton & Gallaaber ,
tymp for poor houtf , (29 < 15 ; F. A.
Pchnblder , hardware for connty.
$2 25 ; Clague , Wegman , Schlicht A-
Co. , book for troneurer , ? 50 CO , E
Vn Tuyl , wltncoa fee , $ a ? G. 8.
Meek , wltnoBs fee , ? 8 ; J. Little , Tril
lions fee , $10 ; W. A. lllggina , wltntst
fee , $4 ; G. Ilonglund , lumber , | 150. !
3G ; A. L. Strang , goods for poor farm ,
? 1.20.
Adjourned to 21nt Inat.
Connty Clerk.
B rl'li < 'i-I'n tin : .
.Liver or TTritmry IMsrnsa
lltv > iio tear ( if any of these dlo-
raue i1 you ueo Hop Bitters , aa they
will pr vtnt and cure the worst catos ,
t'VfU when yon have been made wore'
by some great pnfTed-np prot endue
They Uendezvous at Omaha all al
Following the arrival of the D.lloi
party on SUurday comes that of Goo
M. I'ul'man ' and party , who roglstorud
at t'ne Mdlard yesterday.
The party included Goo. M. Pull
man and wlfo , of Chicago ; Maatctc
Goonjo and Sanaor Pullman , Iliv. J
M. Pallman , of Now Yo k , aud JOB
H. Sdolth.
It in undorxtood that Mr. Pnllaan
1 ? on his \ray tveM to maku icoc
tract with tao Ountral Pacific tc
run hh c-ira over that line , which has
heretof-.ro run ita own sleepers and
parlor csra nnd line to rauo'.r his con
tW3t lththo Uuioii PaciGof-jlVa ,
Kiorx ui iy i rncuis
S'Jtnrd'.y ovealost a pirty of Slnnx
Ci'y ? nd i'dclfio i > lliclniti and promt
ntmi sti. ckiioiutr& arrtvtd in the clt ;
in a > ipts ! ! l car , via Blair , over tbi
Chicago , IrLunoapclla , St Paul anc
Omaha railway , RJici rpglatercd at the
Millard hott'l , The party is compoaec
of Fred L. Ames and Oliver Ames , c
Boston , who are al o heavily iutcreatoc
in the Union Pacific ; John I. Blair
the vroll bnown railroad king , anc
principal owner of the Sioux City auc
Pacific ; 0. E. Vail , of B.alrtown
Iowa ; Jnmen Blair , Scranton , PA
David P. Kimball , Boston ; Horac
Williams , Clinton , Iowa ; P. E HM
andJ.Il. Rotterock , Cedar ll-\cid
lowij J. Van Dovontor , Clinton , I IWP
They h&vo boon on a tour of Ingprr
ti in nvor the Sioux Olry and Pacific
Itnts , nnd will romaln here n doy o
tvro , having anmo linpnrchnt bualues
to trans > ot * lth President Di.luu , c
the Union Piv ifi .
C. H. ITnrlh of Sheltouj S. U. More
of K < aiue > ; 12 A. Prowu , of Novr > V
Citj ; N U li krr , E Meb nnd 1) . lli.b
o' Mucoln ; M , H. Hi fe , f Wuhocj A. A
llr. wn , ot Ne MsVu Clt } J H W. HU'J
bud nnd C. M obl > , o L oouln , wei
fUtn'.s of the 1'uxton yt te day.
M-j > . All o lj yton , iv t i co of Mra. W
II li .wt'jn , of S r > tog\ precinct , arrifi
cu F i < ay from N Tt'la , on her way oa
to the hllla of thn oil Cirnnite atatu t
iptnii the glimmer with the fri'mli of h *
chlldh > id. Hh IIIM her children with he
and la vliitini ; for few dtya t
T. 1 * M i N. intro andW , W. lUy , o
New York , ate uniong the guests ct th
Gran4 Taclfic.
"tdwiul K Idy nnd wife , nd R. U. Wi
lUinr , ol Ueiner , ure K < tu ivt the Mi
B. F. Green , o ! ChlcfRo , regiitored a
the Grnnd I'acldo
J. H. LoU , of the nruiy , Id a frncit c
th Orand P iltir.
Mra. K. K Sici'h , of NebnaU , Ian
the Mutropolitcn ,
O H. CleveUnd , of DolioCity. la atth
Graud I'acitio.
Kr uk Fowler , cf Fremcnt , la at tb
Judge M Orary , was a gneat o ! the Mi
Itrd yesterday.
L V AppieuQAD , of Denver , ia at tb
Or and Pacific.
0 , Brennun , of York , It n gaeet of tl
Metropolitan ,
Ksv. ( Jfort , * Taylor , of Fremont , is i
the I'.xton
A 1) . H rrti , tl Fremont , 1) at the Me
Cloy , Kiley , of Fremcnt , ia at the Me
W , H. Aiihe , of Toledo , la at the Metr
poll tan.
N. F. Baldwin , of St. Joe , la ot t !
I'aiton ,
J. 0. Lee , of Fremont , ia at the M
C. K. Stowe , of Hiutingi , Ia at tha M !
0. A. Arerlll , ot Lincoln , U at theM
F. U. Tiffany , of Albion , la at the 1 >
Ion ,
Bitting Bnll , SUndlcg BtfUlo and ai
for Infants and Children.
Whnt circa our Chll Jren ro'T choekf ,
What curea their ferers , makes them wwp !
ami overcoinos Flatulency , ( Joniitipu- 'Tin Cantorlu.
ion , Sour Stomach , Diarrha-a , and When bablrs fret and cry by tuma ,
' "everiahncBa. It insures health mid AVhat cures Uielr colic , kills Uielr wormi ,
natural without Hut Caolnrla.
Bleep , morphine.
'NVhnt quickly curea Ccmttlpatlon ,
Bour Stoinacb , Uolds , Indigffctlon ,
" CMtOrift In BO well ailnptotl to Children that lUit Cnntorliu
recommend HUB superior tonny pn-sorlptlon r rcnell then to Xorphlno Sjrupa ,
laiowu to me " II. A. ARCIIEU , M D , and
Owlor Oil and Paregoric ,
82 Portland A > c. , Ilrooklyn , N. Y. HnllCnstorln !
CENTAUR LINIMENT nn absolute euro Tor lllicuina-
, ihin , Sprains , J5urns , Galls , &c. Tlio most Powerful nmilicnc-
, rating 1'uin-relievliig and Healing Keinedy luiown to man ,
! : k , recistirod tt the 1' xton Satur-
lay nl ht.
V. M. Cutuc , of Denver , ia at the Px
Tha U don Paolfio BJSO Bill club
d from Dos Molnta yenterday
morning , with unothor feither added
their vlo t ri.ms plnn > i > . In f ct ,
tlie boys -.rnro j jbllnut , f ir thuy "mot
iiiy ' ut.u l.vd him cut 12 to
I dividu)1y ) and cjllectlvoly , ihey
n nnporb recotd , at d the p ; troi Def
of the garni ) at Iowa's capital rcoog-
tholr taorito by enthusiastic ap-
Score of Si'urdav'fl
Uunn O.Tuiha ! 5 in tirat , 3 in eec
end , 2 in fcurtb , 1 in tilth , and 3 in
seventh Inning ; total 12. Dja
Molnea , 2 in Bcvtntb.
Base lilts Umahn 11 , Des Malnus
Eirned Runs Omaha 3 , Den
Motncs 1 ,
The work of roiuotfal to the how
yrcundnof the Union Prclfic A'hlinlo
iiution wilt probbly coinincnco
CniuAfio , M y 19. Chicagoo 4 ,
BoHto"R I.
DifiKi-iT , May 19. Djtroi 7 , Prcv-
ino 5
CJ.RVJ L M > . May 19. Olovolr.nda 8 ,
hi.odIphu 10.
BUFFALO , May 19 Buffalo 7 , New
York 4.
NEW YORK , May 19 BlDitrd game :
ignBPX 5CO , average 52080 b.-pt
run -10 ; C.irtcr 320 , everujjo 4 10 79 ,
beat run 23.
The evening paine of blll'iudB ' be-
twton Schaforand Sexton. Thopi-ma
wan n lively one. Score : S xton D01 ,
bfit run 41 , av race ; 5 00-88 ; Sobafer
45J , bast run 23 , avfaMge 5 13 88
A Murderer ICtlloil-
Special Dlspatth toTiiK UKK
GALVESTON , M y 20Tlio
Hontiotta apeolal n > iya 0. M.
who killed R.M Donnelly last
vpmbur , was thot andkillnd to-day by
W. II Curtii , the cattle kioa , < ma ol
the Inrgeat cattle oviu rs in Texas , nt
the poet' flioo , during the delivery of
mall. Burgess , it io etatrd , thovod
Curtis roughly aside. Hot words
pjE9ud. Burgcai tried to draw his
revolver , but Curtis wns qalckar aud
shot Burgoia , who turned aud ftap-
g rod toward the doov , Curtiu
still firing on him. Bargosi took
only H few etepi and full doatl two
fret from where ha killed D nnelly.
IVo men wtro acoidontally wouaded ,
but Is is thought not eorlously ; Cnr-
tin at OU3Q aurrcindrred to the aa'hor-
itloa , t\'d requested an inmedlat'j
trial. Ho sout word from tlu j ill ho
would pay all expenses of the v onnd-
cd , and If permanently ii jured would
fully provldo for thorn , Barg' E in
tended to kill Oaitia at the time of
Khrotl g D. ) nelly , and is alleged to
h. ivo threatened CurtU' life on s , < v-
ur l o.-caslonn. Public eentiuicnt ia
entirely with Curtis.
The Hnnutlfal In Mi > y.
Bpm-Ul HUpjitch to Tils Du
MILWAUKKB , Msy 20 A enow-
storm puosud over this c'ty thin af
ternoon. Tim themometcr ranged
very low Ml divy. A dispatch from
Eiconnhft , Mich , n ye : Two incheo cf
mow fell to day f < rty mllas north of
thla plnoe. Weigher cold.
Spt-cUl lyepatch to Tun Bic.
NEW YOKK , May 19. Jesse Oakley
& Co. , well known sonp manufactur
ers , have aselanod with preforoncfff ,
amounting to $215 40G.
Thn\PklppIng Pott.
yptc D ! > rtvch la Tin UIB
WILMIMQTON , Del. , May 19 Three
ierooa were whipped nt New Castle
lull to-day for petty thieving.
MAGNOLIA J5 AIM will grat
ify you to your heart's con
tent. It docs mvjiy with Sixl-
lowucss , llediioss , Pimples ,
Ulotclics , ami nil diseases aiul
iiniierfectious of the skill. It
overcomes the Hushed appear-
10 aueo of heat , iiitiguo and ox-
cUement. It inalics a lady of
THIRTY appear but TWlSN-
TY ; aud so natural , gradual ,
and perfect arc its elVects.
tluit ft is impossible to detect
its application.
10R "ALE Voso Piano.
1 52S-II C. J. CANAN.
fJ13H SAt E ' 'holce hroira corn td it Oaiixhi
X1 Broom \Yorli , llfi ml 1'iclHc .83 I'Jt
I710R SAI.K-A hou n t Ijon Durenpart
JL1 itrcet , tie mott dolmtilg | uit > ( lo * n. Uocd
0 room houi % pintry , c o t- , c' t rr , w U tt -
ble r.riil a.I 'lie nec i ry oil ha f Tlie l-t
abounds v\tb ! ( rull lr-rj nnd shrut.b tj. \\lll
only cell (01 ( c li. Aiklr ; i or apnlv t ) M 3
M.rtl'-ovl h , I'ce offloe or t' . L JIorH" ft Co. ,
1022 Capitol urenilj. 57Mm
'OR 3ALK A 4 room honi * tnJ good lot under -
der f > nce , < b ocUs from Truns at I'tpo' In
Council Blunt. A tatErdn tor ci-h. Addrcia
forSi'ajs. I. F. W 1810 Cuml-R it I5219J
SALE Sld Ear bugy , nearly re v , 1 4
FOH ' St. 553-S
17OH HALB till AI' A I e * etat in carriage.
I ? Owner fa" gel to ra t > miify. . ln > ( Utro nt
Ccok'ti a-ehoase , 13th ( tree' , lelwetn Uo'igo
and C i.Hol arcn je. I5G-2 *
Ml SALE I rflcr thjfiifcl.nrs and l.aao ot
F thoUru-dCcnlral Hotel , at Nebraska Uty ,
for ca'f. Brick bundle , n.oderbuild. . Forty-
eUht r 01119 and i ear j new tur ilture. Al1 in
llrot'C'm ' order with a ( cod tride uitabll hod.
For iHtttcclari applv tu
E. bKYMOUH.Vroprletor.
63821 .Nebra k City , Neb
FOll SAIE-1h8 Vlo etice. " Fur-
HOTKL c mul t > . Theoi'y hotil I'l the
place. Adlrvtrf H. K. Cl tk , StelU , HMiirriion
county , 1 * ib (1021' (
SALK T rtom hou't and barn , tw- full
HlOR nl" lj ImproTtd. Flu * locntlon , South
Omaha. V3000. 11KS ,
3J6-lmo HTOPaiuan.
fTIOll SALB-NiwoitUpeuid F 'urlotgo 11'ark
X ; QTBi ault t'XtO , ttuMl cwji iAfni nt , bal-
nc Kiitl | annual pt-jicojti at tiff t prent. .
UoCAQUK , rpf04lt 1 * . 0. 350-tf
17IOR 3ALK Two acr o , icutli Ihlitrenth
1 a ro' , Kood Lou-e ttin oonm , I iwu , diiurn
% Vicatlrg trip * \lncn < uid Uic | amount of fruit
ot all kind t rgaln $ ' :90 MtCAOUE , oppoilte
Post Office 319 11
f nOHS ALE - Hruie nil 1 t f tromt , geol els-
L tern , tu-buIJiug > i , i ti. iatire bt , nfar town
1J10R .JALF A ar t c' soooot * | -ad nliai < rai
i Oftllat mSHnrmySI. 89MJ
"JJ'OU SALIFhx ml'.l machinery con'Irtlsir ° '
P brake , 2 dutte s , beat r , jiicUtr , ji.-c f < i > , &c.
Canwcrk cl'her r'ttcdoi J.TCOII tt ck , M'O eluft-
li > lf , I'UlIlM find biltlnc : for drhlfci , ' thu alxi c ,
aVe ono 35iH. I * , ciivlne wllu biler , enn'/.o-
i tick MiJJiiCx iitoi co . ji ct ; . aildro' vVILti'
IAAI TAIT Chiilca City Iowa. 295-3mI
K Water ptwcr Kl t ndll , Inqu'ro \
cfEj. Ilrve , Wavtrl , Ne ) , 342-C §
T/1 / UK bALE Old ncwjpipcn lu Urge and small
. . ' qu c.tltlei t th'u otr.ce. tf
TT OH SALE A gJ5d orsjin , HttlB U30.1 , for HO ,
J ; at (6/2 tl ) II VX UKYK. { & BKU.
\ bi\LE-rhi.ton. H. . Ph llii g , 1207 arcus.
EU 1031m
t.-OH SALE One 2 ] acre lot , near town , * 1,200.
r 175-lra REYAOiDjfcMOtTE > .
of Rood brick , W.BOpcrThousa-d it
K LN. fhlmucyhtlckstr OJjierthoinor.d.
( .Id'crn brick (2.00 , to cl * buslnce * .
Oiu vlockoath ol 15t.i aad Uclkruc roa'l.
7O SUj' fottfo d lots , cnohilf ci'le ( rota
J ? n etotfic . Cbeup , ta > \ torniH ,
1731m UEiAOUiS i UOTfEK.
T OU SALE A nr t-'a -coi d tund top bui-
V Ky. U.I I at 1319 llarne } f-tieot. 357-t.
OST 3 tur t > nvnlrir , a small I oy about 1
1 . iMDolil. AiijruiK knawliu o ( him please
il < l : > Kchl , leutb Sc\cntfenthltrcet
i7a-Sl *
FINE CHAW E FOll A 0001) Bt
A t'ors 'e T rfiif , a i rocory Mor < wlilcli has
been djIiiKb hui 1,0 , u ol0 > ror nioath , LiiJIn-
creasing da ly , en noutli j5'h ttre.t , near -Var-
tha ASK ol n location tu can lo founil anj.
where Wo tr tory near. 575 19 {
L'l'-Oio li-me anil ona nuio rolt ,
J wlllil tU'ml font ivhlto Mire ha h to
ular on f rihia' ' . Onn'nai recover tami by
i roving OM crs ; i | > on tnplic-tlt.il to U. Prki1 ,
Saratoga precinct. 5 G-fit ouu \
O1IHYKU A larnf cow , ilrab cl"r , branded.
) J " \V' orlh' Wp OorlO jearsoll. ilea
Een-1 worl IT 12 h mi Center St. AN'OIIKV
fcVAKSUN. 5Ci-25'
C ? I "A WiI.L I uy a Wlnjw utnirM I'imo ' at
gj ) 11 f > i21 ilA.X MEYKR A , DUO.
\0 \ CONrRAiriOHS-We have a out 1000
ynicla ct dlit tor ulc , K , & H. D. Etriir.ooit.
COO 21
lELn < l'O Hfiifctuant , Humph.cy & U ) . ,
> 1115 Dodgu ctr U , 1 oaid J3 60 ) M r we L.
TIONAUST , 499 Tenth tre t , Vetwe ti Farnam
and Honioy. Will , with the aid of ruardlan
Bplrlto , obtain ( or ny on a ; lanc of the pait
and I'jcsant , and on o rtoin condition ) In tbr fu
ture , liootfi and Shoes taada to order. ? IIM )
Absolutely FtiB'eB
Thli powder aerer rarlc * . A m riol ol pailt ;
rtremrth ucl wholrmn > niu.tit \ ev koelcal
than lli trpinirj k Ji. anil ounnet U laid U
oo pllll * > wltk tk rauUltnrit * f lew Utl hort
w < lrkl , alDMM r ) > ' > raH pw4 r iU nil IB
MM. K Tii r m Co. , - '
13 tw Trk.

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