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"Wednesday Evening , Dcd 26 ,
NoncKl A'o tutrtrtbtmtntt vill It intcrtol
in tht evening jxyxr wifMJ yrttenod ( Itfvre S
Advorliaomenta for Monday morning
edition will bo received between the hours
of 10 nnd 12 n. m. , undo and 7 P. m.
Sundays. Advertisement * for the WEEK-
XT BEE must bo handed in no Inter than
Monday evening.
"Nebraska 1'uel Company. "
Frelcrick , Ltatling H&Uer , ISlh & Fecfwim.
Bedford , boss coal dealer.
Perfumery , drug store 10th and Dougl
SATO , Ilnttor , Opera Ilour/o lilook. n3-tl
Notarial Soalt Host nolld ntstal base
93.00. Novelty Worta , 14th Uot. nl3-l
Auk for KrdmanV fmounlotrwwdn Hiram
| | nSO-lra
"Lchlgh Col" < on hand.
Omaha Goal "Cbko and Lime Company.
At the Grand Control Photograph CM
lery you can rwniro fine worfcut the lowest
prices. 2121Clhnlreot. nlO-tf.
"Canon City" Cohl , Nebraska Fuel Co.
SlCSouUiThlrtecnthstroot. d21-3
NlfM School at Wyman Collcgo.Mm
A. Hlchard * , No. 2M South Thtrteontl
street , 'lia atock Springs > real for nalo. 13-t
Oinnha Coal and P.'Co. Colorado Coal
Anthracite md Bituminous. Oniro 217 S. t 111
-St Sign of rod box. 15-t
\V.\NTcn-"Tho BOTvicos of a compotcn
Ijook-keoper , for three tnontlw. 13l5Joiigla
street. J. Bonnor. d22t
t lyjmtAitv ASSOCIATION ha\
agrandCmUtmftRbitllon Saturday evening
December 29th , In ' ( Turner Hall. Wolcoirv
nil. dec20-lt )
'G. Svniinon&'Go. , merchant tallnn , 111
Tamatn , have just rccch od n now stock o
line 00 d nnd will make unite at ] bottou
-Jllarrinon mixkoi [ HinniH to KIT from now
fpoda just received , nt Wllkins & llvans
Shirt Factory. d7-tf
A few bargains In Sllpi > etD yet , nt Whit
H Don't forgot the Swedish ball , on Sntiir
day , Dec. 20th , Turner hall. d2C-28-2 ! >
Sleighing for Now Years' .
Lay away the buggy nnd got tlio. cuttc
Mtown from the loft
"My Son-ln-Law1' ut P.oyd's opera hous
lo-nifilit ,
The Denver train from the went was tw
lours la to thin mornlug.
A little rumpuH occurred In Maurcr'
saloon about 12 o'clock Monday night o\cr
iratchwkloh fievcral parties was raiding for
3.iour of the dluturbcra veto lodged In jail.
B"or toyo , fancy goods and Union mad
cigars go to 1100 lougla ) . I thank the pub- ;
lie for Hbotal patronage In the pnut.Ofit'
Max JMoyor & Co. distributed a large
number of boxes of cigars iimoug their friends
4Uid patrons. ,
A now arrival of fine New Yoar'n
cards at Hospe'a. Come eoily and make a
selection before they are gone.
Officer Desmond , of the ] x > lco ! force , hns
obtained leaver ot absence for ne\-cral dajH ,
Jmd left yeaterday morning for DCS Moinonto
tlslthls little soijj who U with his grant !
t > arontt at th"al place , an l who ia quite Hori-
usly < ill.
Ihe Bale of these beautiful Koaldcnco
loU in Patrick's addition on Saundera at. , is
vcrj' active , and parties desiring a bargain
* l < ould make their selection at once. A. S.
1'atrick , 313 14th et.
T "My Son-in.Law , " a very amusing and
refined comedy will bo presented by the Lou-
nurd Graver company at Boyd's opera houuo
JuJgo Bcnako pratonted each member of
the | K > ! ice force with uboof cigars Monday
etenlDg. Ho also presented Mar hol Guthrie
THh a line oM pen and holder.
The first gonulno snow storm of Iho
sou havbsen raging to-day , and It is ono of
the thoroughbred old blizzaids , aud Homo
jicoplo would even go sn fa ; IIH to say It Li a
"dandy. "
The W. 0. T. U. will meet to-morrow
.afternoon at thn Y. M. 0. A. rooms at three
o'clock. All membera are requested to bo
jiroBOnt , as Imiwrtant buslncHS is to bo trans
acted. Mr * . Marian B. Baxter , from Mlchl *
Can , will lecture at the Vint M. K. churcli
Friday evening , December 28.
Tlioro han b.ocn any amount of swearing
Iff the car driver * nnd paaaongers to-day. The
3jeaatly < cars have iifaUtod upon running off th
track at every turn , aud to add to the enjoyment -
ment the car hones , at leant eomo of thorn
are given to balking and utterly refused to
-jmll up hill.
Although the Hlcightng on 1'arnam strcci
en Christmas day wax not particularly line
yet one man in the city took advantage of it
* nd the novel appearance of his rustic tdelgl
vraa a oourco of .conildorahlo delight to many
jiedestrlans who saw him , plough probablj
not fco imicji'Bo to the jaded hon > ox that drew
Wm t- '
, - j ,
.ITioripl 'wafiyrottded both In the after
.noon aud ( evening yesterday with our bc
jieople , ani-c-very one pcemcd plcanedwill
the enUrtalument. To-morrow ( Thunday
. venlng a pair of handnomo idtklo nkatos wll
' be awarded to the boat lady ukatcr. Th
' * ward will bo inado by ballot , each pcrsoi
present being ontitloit to ono vote.
A. L. fVVyman and Mies Julia llanl uiin
were united In marrlagp at 7:39 last evening
At Trinity cathedid. in the presence of a lim
ited number of Intimate
friends , The core
viony was performed by Dean Mlllspaugl
iminodlattly after which a reception aa hoh
t the new homo of the youug couple \vher
ongratulatloiu wuro extended by a large
awinbcr of warm filond * .
Dou't fail to attend the delightful holiday
"wterUJanient to be given in the parlors of th
1"Jr t Congregational church , on Thursdaj
evening and Friday afternoun. The 1'an
JDrill , Baby'tf Oi > rft , and Boys' Orchestra.
Ouod 1VI11
Yestetxlay the clerka in the employ o
f Mr. Hubonnann , the jeweler , pro
wmtcd that gontlcinwi ivith a line book
M and writing desk combined. It
* beautiful piwo of funiituru and wn
fully spprectateU by Mr. Ilubeniinnri
wfco gave to each of the boys a , handsom
w y b bought of EDHOLM & EUIOK-
JJON for fl5.00. Warranted to keep
- > d'ti . NOTHING BETTER for
tX money on earth. dll-tf
s Ushered in Anil Sweet Carols and
Happy GrooliDgs ,
The Dolnpn nt tlio Olitii-cli < ss nml the
General l''cslIvltlos ot < lie Scnson
In Thin Cltr.
The eighteen hundred and eighty-third
Minivoriary of the Babe of Bethlehem
las come , and gene and Tfilh it Uio usual
oy nnd festivity which gathers nround the
anniversary of that sivcred event.
Christmas eve is tin hour of rejoicing
and merry making Tvhorovor the Chris
tian religion is known. It has comedown
through the ages , and , instead of the in
terest tn thia occasion diminishing , it is
constantly on the increase and probably
will bo so until the end of time.
With -this glad Christmas tide come
the tokens of love given by ono dear
friend io anotkor , and this example sot
by the wise men , on .they lavished their
gifta of frankincense and myrrh upon the
Babe in the manger , is likewise closely
followed , and many a heart ia caused to
leap with joy as the tears of thanksgiving
course down the chocks , as n little mess
enger of love is received from dear ones
far away.
Monday night was ancason of rejoicing
in this city , such as has never Doforo
been equalled. The good citizens of this
place have been abundantly blessed in
the year which is past and gone and
never before have they boon so able to
bestow gifts upon their loved ones as
now and right well they have improved
the opportunity , as is proven by the
enormous amount of holiday goods which
have been bought and sold in this city
during the past month. Year by year
the quality of Christmas gifts improve
and instead of light , trashy stuff , which
has been sold in nuch largo quantities
in former years , more substantial articles
\voroKubstitutod. To bo sure there are
moro or less of these toys sold each year ,
and always will bo BO long as there are
children , for what would Christmas bo to
t'lo six-year-old without the little jump
ing jack or the toy whistle , or the tin
i cam-boat or locomotive engine. These
things nro just as essential to complete
the happiness of the child , as are air and
water essential to the life of man.
Inhundrods of housosinOmahaMonday
night there was Huch rejoicing as is only
had upon Christinas evo. There , in one
corner of the parlor , stood the beautiful
Christtniis tree trimmed with long strings
of pop corn and tinsel , while myriads of
traxon tapers added a dazzling brilliancy
the scone. In addition to these , the
roe was loaded with presents for the
arious members of the family , and the
whole presented a scene which made the
ihildron fairly shout for joy as the doors
were thrown open and they were per-
nitted to gaze upon the beautiful objects ,
and not alone the children , but the older
tnps who hod boon instrumental in
> ringing about this state of things , were
carried unck to their childhood days , and
hey entered into the merry-making
with n zest _ which they would
lot have believed they wore ca-
mblo of. If there is any-
hing which truly rejoices the heart of
, ho parent , it is to bo able to bring joy
md happiness to the hearts of the dear
ittlo 01101 , for whoso existence they are
responsible , and many a heart was made
lappy in this way last night. A BEK re
porter was permitted to nttond ono of
JiosolittlofainilygathoringsMonday night
uid npenks with every usaurunco of the
joy nhich ia.durivod from such a aceno.
As wo loft the houao and wandered up
ind down the streets , wo piumed many
liomoa wherein like festivities were in
progress , and before Homo of the bril
liantly lighted windows wo stood lost in
thought and our mind wandered from
ho gay and festive sccno to the lowly
ot or the hovel .ivero the lavish hand
never bestows its gifts , but it was too
sad u contrast and we shook ourselves
from the lethargy and drifted nway like
a wood bcforo the wind in search of an
other item.
As wo wandered along wo came in
front of the
and from within came the sound of merry
voices and the glad notes of song aa if
inviting uu to ontor. Wo obeyed the
summons , and walking up the stops
pushed the largo door upon its hitmen ,
and stood looking upon n most happy
ocpno. The church was appropriately
trimmed , and in the front part stood n
largo Christinas troo. The children were
nil jubilant und each one of them vras
presented with n little pall of candy.
The services were both interesting and
At Trinity Cathedral there was the
regular carol service and it was attended
by a largo number of both young and
old. The singing was led by n chorus of
twenty-two children , who \vero all per
fectly trained and did their part very
' The house was beautifully decorated
for the Christmas eorvico with ground
pine and holly and presented a very
Dcauiful appoarnaco ,
HT , n A 11 VA ins ,
At St. Barnabas church , corner of
Nineteenth and California streets , the
regular vesper service was presented , and
n largo crowd was present to participate ,
in the festivities.
THE A. M. K. cnuncir.
At the A. Mf E. church , corner of
Eighteenth and Webster streets , the
colored people hold u fair , and as they
are always given to having n Ural-class
time , last night's entertainment was no
exception to the general rule.
Tim UKAlI.Nq lilKK.
A goodly crowd was present at the
skating riufe who could rcay moro enjoy ,
incut out of n glide over the amooth Hour
on rollers than in any other way. The
lull was beAUtifully trimmed for the
holidays nnd looked very pretty ,
The gambling halls and saloons were
all well jiatronizod , as they always ore
upun holiday occasions , and many a jolly
good .health wan thrown down last night ,
preparatory to the regular "awcaring off'
on Mow Yoar'a day , and yet for all that
very little drunkenness won noticeable
upon the stroeU. In some of the saloons
elegant lunches were served and all was
merry , nnd Christmas day was ushered in
with tie tinkling of thick-bottomed
Hcantirut AVcntlicr nnd nn
Quiet Time Amusements
of tlio
Wo doubt if thjro has over bocnn
imo , not for n\diiy years at least , when
Christmas duy vrns as mild nnd pleasant
was yesterday. Instead of the bleak
tid chilling blasts of December , the
tear sky nnd balmy breezes of spring
vcro hero , nnd , aa wo listened , wo fan
cied wo could nlmost hear the song of
ho robin or the chirp of the cricket.
"How little it seems like Christmas , "
was the romnrk on every side nnd how ,
rue it was. The word Christmas
ndicatcs the merry jingle of sleigh-bells
nnd the happy sleighing party , nnd a
Christmas without snow is like a Fourth
of July without fire-crackers.
This may , in n measure , account for
, ho quietness of the day in this city.
The places of business were nil closed
early in the day , and the streets pre
sented moro of a Sunday npponrance
than of n holiday.
Tliero was nothing in particular to at
tract the attention of the public , nnd the
looplo wandered listlessly about the
streets during the forenoon , with no ap
parent object in view.
After the Christmas dinners had boon
Imposed of , however , the numbers of
icoplo upon tlio streets increased , and
hey were going up nnd down , some to
visit friends and some to other places.
Boyd's opera house was well filled in
, ho afternoon with people to witness the
> reduction of "Ltapot , the Tomboy , " by
ho Leonard Grover Comedy company.
L'ho company were very well received , and
some parts of the play were well rendered
and called forth hearty applause. Tlio
lame play was given in the evening.
In the nftornoon the attendance was
: iot so largo , but in the evening a largo
crowd assembled to witness the exhibi
tion skating by Prof. Daniels and Muster
Bert Bliss , n ten year old from DCS
Moincs , lown. Together they did some
very fine work and the little shaver is
ertainly n wonder on wheels. Ho is as
graceful and active as can bo nnd will
doubtless bo the prince of roller skating
in u few years.
After the double exhibition , Prof.
Daniels delighted his many admirers by
an exhibition of his skill. It is needless
to say that it was immense. '
Good mutac was in attendance and
everybody hud n most excellent time.
Under the management of Mr. Daniels ,
the roller rink is becoming a most favor-
it ronort for male and female , both young
and old.
Appropriate Christmas services were
lield in Trinity Cathodial yesterday fore
noon and evening. Tbo music prepared
for the occasion was most excellent. The
church was beautifully trimmed and dec
orated for the occasion.
The Sunday school of the South Omaha
M E. church , gave their entertainment
it their church , corner of Tenth aud
Pierce street , last night.
The Christmas tree was a largo one ,
and was fairly loaded down with presents
'or the little ones.
GOP. 0. 0. Howard delivered a very
fine address to the little ones , which was
anxiously listened to. Mr. G. W. Tib-
tmls had charge of the singing , which
was good.
The little ones enjoyed themselves
AT Till' 1IA1T1.ST OHUlUIlf.
The Christmas festival for the Sunday
school of the Baptist church , wns hold
lust evening nnd was n thoroughly enjoy
able nllnir. The entertainment consisted
of recitations , dialogues , solos , duota
and choruses by the children , and these
wore well selected and well rendered.
The room was handsomely decorated with
( Ings , the most attractive feature being ,
of course , the Christmas tree , well laden
with handsomeprosentu for the children.
The appearance of Santa Claus , who dis
tributed the presents , assisted by six lit
tie faiiios , was the c'ojing and most at
tractive feature ot tlio evening. The
house- was packed with people , many
being obliged to stand the entire evening.
MiisTM.K. . ununcii.
At the First M. E. church a largo
crowd of children nnd grown people
gathered last evening. A Christmas tree
was the feature of the evening , but mom *
bcrs of the Sunday school contributed to
the evening's enjoyment by recitations ,
song , etc. It was a joyous occasion one
every ono was happy.
tlio services were as usual grand and im
pressive. High mass was celebrated al
live in the morning by the pastor , Rev.
Fr. O'Connor. The church \\na thronged.
The main altar was beautifully decorator
with natural and artificial ilowera , ant
lit un by dozens of tapers. Above al
the illuminated star to'd ' the story of the
birth of the Saviour as plainly as columns
of print. The side altnrs wcro profusolj
docked with ( lowers and burnint ; tapers ,
the latter in the form uf the letter "M' '
and n heart ,
Pontifical high mass was cclobratec
by lit Roy. Bishop O'Counor , with
corps of assistants , beginning at 1C.-IJO
The choir faultlessly rendered St. Co
celia'o mass , at both services.
THIS EVKNI.VO'H ruoaiuMMi ; .
St. Mary's Congregational , Christmas
services this evening at 7:30. : This \vil
bo the first use af the now Sunday schoo
At St. Barnabas this evening there
will bo a carol sorvico.
Tlio Southwest Presbyterian Sunday
school vrill have their Christmas troi
thin evening.
Christmas tree at Trinity cathedra
this evening.
The entertainment of the Firt Congregational
grogational Sunday school will bo givei
to morrow night.
The annual dinner of the city mission
schools will bo given to-morrow noon a
tVie Y. M. 0. A , hall. In the evening a
0 o'clock a concert and Christmas tre
will bo the programme at the same place
Everybody is invited to attend and bj
thus doing aid a worthy cause.
on all Winter Garments ordered bofon
February 15th. En. B. WILLIAMS ,
declD oed
Buy a nice Seal Cup for Christmas n
Saxo'a. Largest stock and lowest pricoa
BONNKIVS for Parlvr SoU ?
Carles Forrest cangU Beneath a
' Falling Ml Yesterday ,
A Snclnml Solemn OlirlstmnH Journey
front This LI Co Into the Great
Unknown Kutiirc.
Yesterday afternoon as three workmen
were engaged in excavating under Dr.
'eaboJj's ' house , corner Fourteenth and
Jones btrcot , the wall of dirt gave way ,
mrying ono o ( the men , Charles Forrest
> y name
The bank was about cloven feet high ,
and the men had dug under it for ft dis
tance of eighteen inches , when it caved
n upon thorn. The falling dirt caught
'orrest upon the legs and buried him
nearly up to his hips.
Ho WAS itnmpdiatoly extricated and
moved to his residence , only n few doors
distant , whore ho died about 4 o'clock. _
The coroner was notified and imincdi-
itoly empaneled a jury , who upon hear-
ng the evidence , state that they found
.hat the diseased came to his death by a
HOBS of earth falling upon him at the
ilnco above mentioned.
It is the prevailing opinion that a
argo chunk of dirt must have fallen upon
lim in such n manner as to have injured
lim internally.
Ho vrns about 37 years of ago and
eaves a wife to mourn his losa.
His funeral will take place to-morrow.
Messrs. Guild it Mclnnin , the IGth
trootdry goods merchants , extend to the
niblic their cordial thanks for the largo
latronago conferred upon them during
ho holidays. This popular firm has at
nil times nmdo efforts to draw trade by
) ffOring their goods at small profits. The
argo patronage received during the lioli-
lays testifies to the olfect.
Foot reals.
Easy Chairs and Rocttors.
Fancy Hanging and Standing Cabinets.
Tables of all descriptions.
Fire Scrcena.EaBclsand Work Baskets.
Lauics' and Gentlumon's Writing
linttan and Rood Chairs and Rockers.
Secretary and Library Book Caaes.
Pier and Mantel Mirrors.
Fancy Hull Racks , Tables and Seats.
And innumerable other articles suita-
o for Holiday presents , and all at as
: onishingly low pncon.
Come early to ninko selections that you
may have a greater variety from which to
select from. CHAN. SHIVKHICK ,
1200 , 1208 and IL'10 Farnam St.
BONNER'S for Chamber Suite.
Those beautiful BRONZE ana MAR
BLE CLOCKS are the the finest ever
'iroitght to this market. The stock is
largo and consists of numerous and origi
nal designs. Prices low. Call and see
dll-tf Opp. Postotfice.
Police Court.
In police court this morning there
were eight CMOS for disturbance of the
icaco. Four of them paid a fine of ? 5
each and costs , two of thorn were con-
inuod and two were discharged.
Ono suspicious character , was held for
examination. "
Two vagrants gave n good account of
themselves and were discharged.
A man was up for discharging firearms
and was lined ยง 5 and costs , which ho
paid.A .
A complaint was filed against John
Holmes for asinult and battery. Ho will
liavo his trial to-morrow morning.
Ed. Foaron filed a complaint against
Mai tin Frnnzcn , for obtaining from him
two hundred cigars under false pretenses.
Frunrun is now in jail and several other
complaints will bo filed against him ,
In ( ho Future.
When you hao a covgh and want relief ,
think of Komp'H Baham for the Throat and
Lungs. A guaranteed remedy for those diseases -
eases , Price f > 0 cents and $1. For sale bj
Schioter & Becht.
Over 310,000.00 worth of quadruple
plated ailvcrwaro will bo sold this week
at unheard of roductioim in price at Hu
bonnan's Jewelry House , cor. 13th and
Douglas. 17tf
Wonted. A situation by a man of six
years experience as traveling salesman
with boat of references. Address Bales
man.Boo office.
Suggestions lit Hotel Patrons.
If it rains , do not hoaitato to apply to
the clerk for an umbrella. Ho koopa a
largo stock constantly on hand , which ho
loans cheerfully to guests of the
house. Ho does not expect you to bring
it bock.
Do not neglect to look over the tele
grama several times a day. It gives you
an air of importance ; and , if you think o
it , you might ask the clerk if "tho Hon.
Mr. So-and-So" had called foryou"flinco
you wont out the last time. "
Above all things , do not fail to inquire
the titno the trains on nil the diHbron
roads take their departure. Do this lonj ,
before you intend leaving , BO that yov
ran forgot about it and have to ask it nl
OVIT again the day you decide to go ,
Remember , too , that one of the mos
admired guests in any house is the ono
who is always ringing for ice-water ant
growling because the towels are not on
imnd at exactly the minute ho takes liia
bath. You should not forgot that the
only way the chambermaid 1ms for "act
ting oven" is to keep a man standing
wet and cold while she goca down to the
laundry. This is her sacred privilege
established by A long line of precedent
She would die for it and so may you.
Commercial travelers , otherwise knowi
as "drummor j" are entitled to primary
consideration in all metropolitan hotels
Because you are a member of congress is
no reason why you should expect a rooii
on the parlor lluor at second floor prices
If the bell-boy ans.vors your call with
in fifteen _ minutes after the time has
gone by wl'.eu you needed him , romom-
bur tlmt ho may have bcou n.ileep whei
you called , nml has probably done as wel
as you would if you had been out will
the boys the night before.
llrgutor } our naino plainly , forgetting
uono of your titles. The no\repaperH
want you in their "personals. " It v
bo a pleasure , alto , to the hotel clerk
to have you write your name so plainly
that ho can read it backward and upside
down just as well oa forward.
If you think there is any subject upon
which the clerk ! a not informed , you are
very much muUkon. Ho is a walking
sncyclopcdia of universal knowledge , and
f thera is anything ho cannot toll you
about , you ore at liberty to mnrk him
down as n "green hand. " If there is
anything that will make him love you it
is this.
If ypa have a silk umbrella of your
] wnwith n gold head , take a turnaround
town in the evening , and in the morn
ing , when the check clerk hands you a
gingham umbrella with a hickory han
dle , demand of him the difference in
cash. You wcro not to blame because it
took the night clerk nnd three porters to
put you to bed a * 2 o'clock in the morn
An Kdltor'H Tribute.
Theron P. Koator , J dltor of Ft , Wnyno ,
Iml. , "Gnretto , " writes : "For the jm t fi\o
yours Imvo always mod Ur. King's Now Dis
covery , for cough * of most cevoro clinrncter , O
ucll an for those of a milder typo. It timer
falls to effect a ppcedy euro. My friends to
whom 1 have recommended It , tponk of It iu
same high terms. Hitt Ing boon cured by it of
every cough I ha\o hud for five years , I con-
elder It the only reliable and mire euro for
Cough * , Cold * , etc. " Call nt C. F. Goodman's
Drug Store and got n free Trial Bottlo. Large
SIze 51.00.
Ladies and gentlemen's GOLD CHAINS
in great variety at the Jewelry Store of
dll-tf Opp. Postofftcc.
A largo stock of window and ornamcn-
a\ \ glass at GOODMAN'S.
BONNER'S for everything.
Fou SALTS Two portable steam boilers ,
LO-horso power. Apply at
Bl7-tf 218 South 15th St.
nilACEtKTH ,
We positively have the largest stock of
; old bracelets in the city. The variety
is unsurpassed and the prices are much
lower than elsewhere. We mean what
we say. Call and bo convinced ,
Fur Robes of every description at
manufacturer's cost , at Richter'a. 15-tf
BONNER'S ' for Upholstered Chairs.
A. Painter Takes a Hard Fall from u
Ladder Munduy Afternoon.
Monday afternoon n Bohemian
painter namjd Lon'gpowol , foil from a
ladder to the ground while engaged in
painting n house for Air. Hoffman on
South Sixteenth street.
Ho fell a distance of several feet and
was picked up by Oflicer Matza , who
happened to bo.passing at the time , and
several others , and was carried into n
neighboring house and Dr. Hoffman was
Upon the arrival of the physician ho
discerned that a piece of bone had been
broken from the man's thigh bone and
he waa also injured internally , but to
what extent ia not yet known. Ho also
complained considerably of his back.
Ho is a young man 27 years of age ,
and has been married a Ijttle moro than
a year.
Bncklon's Arnica Salvo.
The greatest medical wonder of the woitd.
Warranted to speedily cure Burns , Outs , Ul
cers , Salt Rheum , Fever Sores , Cancers , files ,
Chilblains , Corns , Tetter , Chapped hands ,
and all ikiu eruptions , guaranteed to cure in
every Instance , or money refunded. 23 cantn
er box '
BONNER'S for Mirroro.
AVIIG Pedro G. , son of Mr. Wiig , the dry
goods meichant , died at 2:30 p. m. Christ
inas Day , aged four months undeeveii days.
The funeral took place this afternoon at 2
CONNKK In this city , December 24 , after
u long and painful illneK . Itmbel , beloved
daughter of William anil Marp.irnte Con
ner , aged 38 years , 9 months and 23 days.
The funeial took plao this afternoon at 2
BONNtill'S ' for Brackota and Wall
Son the nevr Holiday Hat on the JJun-
lap block and A'noratylpa nt Frederick's ,
the only and the Leading Hatter , 13th
and Farnam. dL'G-lt
Ono car load of show-awes , oval and
mansard , all sizes , just received at Good
man's. _ _ n2-tf.
Swecdish Le'ochos at GOODMAN'S. .
BONNER'S , the' ' best place for Chil-
dren's Chairs. 3
Of n Very I'leabaot Character Occur
red Yesterday.
Andy Borden , the accommodating and
genial ticket agent ot the B. & M. and
iho K. C , . , St. J. & 0. B. railroads in this
city ; wa < i yesterday presented a beautiful
gold headed cano , by a few of hia numer
ous friends in tins city. Andy was agree
ably nurprised and a worthier gentleman
could not have boon singled out , upon
whom to bestow such a gift.
the MUlatd hotel barber , was the reci
pient of an elegant gold headed cano , ate
to ton of esteem und respect from his em
ployes. It was elegantly carved and ap
propriately engraved , and waspresented
by Mr/Pliil Jurold , foreman of the shop ,
who made a very nrat little speech. Air.
Morroll was completely overcome with
surprise , but Rssurod hia men that ho
fully appreciated their kindness.
A Very Itomurttublo 1 loco very.
Mr. Oeo. VWilling , of Manchester , Mich. ,
write * : "My wife has been ulmoet helpless
for five years , BO hclplcat that bha could not
turn over in bed ulono. Shi used two Bottles
of Klectric Bitten , and in ao much Improved ,
( hat she is now able to do her own work , "
iioctrlo Bitter * will do all that ia claimed
for them. Hundreds of testimonials attest
their pent curatho power * . Only fifty cents
a bottle at 0 , F. Goodman' * .
Soward'a Cough Cure never fails , AI
nl2-tf GOODMAN'S.
Christinas presents nt Snxo'ajSeal Caps ,
ohuB , Ladies' and Children's Mull'a mid
Bo is , Fur and Cloth Caps cheap as the
cheapest. SAXK 3 UK HATTEII ,
inwAftjl _ _ Opera
BONNER'S for Silver nnd Plated
Truesea , Shoulder Braces , and Crutches
nl2-tf At GOODMAN'S.
Tlio Young Men Propnrlnff to Observe
the Popular Custom of CftlllnR.
The custom of making New Year's
calls will bo observed by our society young
men with aa much enthusiasm next Tues
day as has ever characterized the dny in
Omaha , Already they nro selecting their
styles of cards , and giving their orders.
The variety of stylea this year is greater
thim over , and among _ them are many
now. original and beautiful designs. Mr.
T. 11 , Cotter , the nrtistio job printer ,
who has for the last few years taken the
leaden the specialty of Now Year's cards ,
carries a greater variety of design than
any house in Chicago or St. Louis , lie
always aims to RIVO his patrons the very
best opportunity of selection to suit their
tastes ,
Got your job printing at Cotter's.
Picture cards of all design at Cotters ,
1314 Douglas St. sO tf
BONNER'S for best Lamps.
Furs at cost at lUchtor'a. 15-tf
F. M. Sackbtt , of Albion , is at the Paxton.
M. Muplcman , of Fairmont , ia at the Pax-
S. C. Webber , of Sclmyler , is at the Pax-
ton. \
D , F. McFarland , of Plattsmouth , is at the
J , It. lltingnto and eon , of Blair , are at the
Millnrd. ,
John JN. Peters , of Clear Creek , is at the
Mr. Frank Itogors , of Washington , Ia. , Is
in town ,
Gco , L. Scott , of Ashland , is a Paxton
tiouco guest.
F. W. Barhydt , of the Perkins hotel , Platts-
mouth , was In the city to-day.
Mr. G. N. Crawford has returned from
Idaho , and will remain hero until March.
Mrs. W , L. Van Alatino , of Lincoln , ia
visiting at her brother's , Mr. J. II. Winter-
stein , in this city.
Mr. G. N. Morgan , the Tenth street ticket
agent , has gene south for.his health , aud will
probably upend the winter there.
Bon , F. Ilildcbrand , managing editor of
Tha Pawnee Press , Pawnee City , Neb. , adled
i t Tax IEK ! oflico to-day.
AV , D. Motter , of the firm of Kuunard ,
Mottor&Co. , was married ycsti'rday in St.
Louis. Mr. aud Mrs. Motter will return
hero nt once to their now homo , 1814 Webster
Capt Bourke , aid-de-ctmp of Gen. Crook ,
and wife , formerly Miss Mollie llorbach , re
turned to Omaha from their European wed
ding tour. They have been absent four or five
months. A reception will bo given them on
Thursday ovening'at the residence of Mr. nnd
Mrs. J. A. Horbach. '
W. J. Cuddy , now located at the flourish
ing town of Caldwell , Idaho , where he is pub
lishing a lively little paper , arrived in the
city on Christmas day , nd last evening he
started on bU return to Idaho accompanied
by hia family. Mr. Cuddy boa excellent pros
pects in Idaho , and his many friends will be
glad to learn this factv
Seal Skin Sacques a Specialty at Hen
ry G. Richtcr , the Furrier'a. 15-tf
IIR * * { f tf ill F&fiPBrtfiy RIHTFS
Furniture !
Cooking and Heating
Lamps , Bab ) Carriages ,
We can furnleh tn ) thine la this line at the Lowest
A. L. FITCH & CO. ,
12th St , between Fomam * nd Douglas ,
Opposite Nebraska National Bank
\S ill bo o ] n from 10 ft. m. to 1 p. nu , dal'y ,
the Uulldujs , for veiitliinui only.
Nu l > crton tliould fall tnHl this wonJctful Intti-
tutlon. It In a iilaco wlioree\cry person can fctuih
and learn ho\r the human ) )0 > 1y 1 made , and lev all
the dlCFreent urtfans In health nnil dlscnsr. During
iho llolldan ocrj two lioutucrj lutoiestlui ; and
Inttructholecturol will bj l\cn < m tliu Anatomical
Apollo , a life tlio figure , wlikli Is ilUsuctcJ In 80 ( ll- (
ferciit parti , ho Ing every ornii none mucrleand
e\ety illifcrcnt Lolien ol tlio huiiuii body. The pub-
Ho will | ilco o tint rompare tlili museum with tlm BO-
oiled Dime iluscuinu , Side Kliowp , tic. . II ) ax ui
miule by all thuvreat mastery of Kuropr , and rejitc-
tint the talue < ftdCOCO.
StTKiiry Friday from 1 to 0 p. tn , , I will keep mj
museum i n cxcliulvtl ) f r Ladle' , aim t > e lecture
will be git en by a lady both In the 1'jiKllih and Uer-
Very lleipcctfully Youni ,
Marked Down !
Millinery and Hair Goods !
gpwltl Inducement * .offered eteulngn. Store
until 0 o'clock p. 10.
100 If-th Street Opp. Poatoffice.
1203 Douglas St. . Omaha , Neb.
. ,
100 , 908 South Ittu Street.flfta \ tejind Might.
Acrej Lots
Splendidly located , thirty miiinels
drive from the postofiice , mid vnth-
, n twenty rods of the route of the
Belt Road , for $125.
Balance $10 $ per
21-2 ACRE LOTS fen f
on handsome ground as nny ever
offered north ot Cuming street , nntl
especial y adapted for choice homes
or market gardening , with liviug-
water and a superb view of town for
from $260 to $3 50.
$10.00 A MONTH.
1507 Farnam St.
We are selling some of the finest
lots in West Omaha , location unsur
passed. They ore within ten mi
utes walk of the St. Mary's Ayens
cars , and canndt be beaten in lo
tion and desirability. These lots
just in the market. They ore bein |
sold on .
Acre Properly.
We .offer the largest list of
property ever put on this marTje
the lowest possible prices and e
iesfc terms.
LU eh
We are selling city lots on nndj
the vicinity of Stiunders St. , at prij ]
and terms never before given.
$15 to $20 Down
Will buy lots which will in r |
months time iucrense in value frj
$100 to $150
ft lot. Thus putting property
in the reach
expended on the streetsjjof Oral
Now is the Time
Hanscom Place ,
Redick's Additic
Wallnut Hill ,
Douccken's Addition ,
' Koster's Additioi
Hiinebnugh Place ,
Barkalow's Addition , !
Cote Brilliante ,
Tuttle's Snb divisionr
Pratt's Sub-division ,
Hawver's Sub-division ,
Chatham ,
1507 Farnam St
Elf Office open evenings.

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