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ImliilRcnco nnd KXCCSHCH.
Whether ovoroaling or drinking are
rondo harmless by using Hop Bitters
freely , giving elegant appetite nnd enjoy *
mont by using thorn before and removing
nil dullness , pains and distress afterwards ,
leaving the head clear , nerves steady , nnd
nil the feelings , buoyant , olasticand moro
happy than boforo. The pleasing effects
of n Christian or aumptous dinnorcontln-
ulng days afterwards.
Kmlncnt Testimony ,
N.V. Witness , Aug. 161SSO.
"I find that in addition to the pure
pints contained in their composition ,
they rontnin the extracts of hops and
ether well known nnd highly npprovcd
medicinal roots , loaves and tinctures in
quantities sufficient to render the article
what the makers claim it to be , to wit , a
medicinal preparation nnd not a beverage
unfit nnd unsafe to bo uaod except ns n
/'From n careful nnalysis of their for
mula which was attested under oath
I find thnt in every wine-glassful of IJop
Blttors , the active medicinal properties
nsldo from the distilled spirits nro equal
to n full dose for an adult , which fact in
my opinion , subject * it to an intoral revenue -
onuo tax as n medicinal bitter , "
OUEEN B. RAUM , U. S. Com. In. Rov.
Hunloneil Uvcr.
Five years ago I broke down with kid
ney and Liver complaint and rheumatism.
Since then I have boon unable to bo about
nt all. My liver became hard like vrood ;
my limbs were puffed up and fillad vrith
water. AH tlio best piiysici.ina ngrood
that nothing could euro mo. 1 resolved to
try Hop Bitters ; I have used BOVCII bottles
tles ; iho Uardnoas has all gene from my
liver , the swelling from my limbs , and it
has worked a miracle in my caioj other
wise I would have boon now In my grave.
J. W. MOUBY , Buffalo , Oct. 1 , ' 81.
Poverty niul
' l iu dragged down with debt , jw\crtynnJ suf
fering lors cure , caused liyn tick family and largo
bill * ol doctoring. I wo * completely dlnCourngctl.
until one jcar KO , by the luUlcc ol my pastor , I
commenced iMlng Hop Hitters , and In ono month
wo were nil well , nnj none 0(111 ( Imro seen a nick
day since , and t want to say to nil foot men , j on can
keep jour families well a } car with Hop Itlttcra .lot
less tlian ono doctor's > Islt will cost , 1 know IU"
\V1ien \ the system has
been overtaxed , so
that the dlgcutho ors -
s do not properly
perform their ollico
relieve them ol the
itrato , and gt\o time
for roouporatlon.
Illdgo's Food la the
beat food for thU. U
wllltdvo ttrcngthnnd
lieullydlgestoJ. Kvcn
the nurse will find
luugua 1 ooil ior litrwllui uriat value. In cans , four
filic3Sc. . , 65c. , * I.25 and 11.76. Sold liy Druggletg
Send to WOOLUICII A. CO. , Calmer , Masg , for lain
U * fti. etiHi DII MI , iHmli * * , | ttr tud An * , ud kit
f4 rf * f lU blpiiUf Qr ( ni A f w diet * traprl d lt lou fi * of
to gluiftf cbiiaftii , ftai u til IUUMVT detail Trj It. n > 4
eowmtWriU. Aik jwtt
i. 7. unrrEiujAinT , OOLB AQIUT ,
Gt VltOADH'AY. Jf. r.
Belgian Bojal nclU.B , Mall Steamers
Tht Rhine , Oermany , Italy , Holland and France
SteerageOutward$20 ; Prepaid from Antwerp , HR ;
Excursion , SJ9 , Including boddlnK , etc , 2d Cabin , $80 ;
Round Trip , 890.00 ; Excursion , $100 : Saloon from 840
to (90 ; Excursion * 110 to lCO.
tarPetor Wright & Sons , Oon , Agents. 55 Bread-
way N. Y.
Caldwcll. Hamilton & Co. , Omaha. P. B. alod.
man & Co. , 208 N. 18th Btroot , Cmahaj D. 1 ! . Kin- |
ball , OmahaAgenU. m&a tod-1 y
I'nYBloAI' Debllliy
| OP MANLY ViaOR.Bpermatorf
> lioo , eta , when all other rcuie-
( dies fall. A. cure guaranteed ,
1/91.60 / a bottle , large bottle , four
tlmca the quantity , (5. By ex
press to any address. Bold by
alldrugglita. ENGLISH MEDI-
CAMNBTIItrTE , Proprietors , 718 OHvo Street , St.
"Iba\e80ldSIr Astley Cooper's Vital Reatorativa
01 vi am. Every customer apoaki highly of It. I
obeoltatlnglyondorso It as a remedy of true merit
" 0. 7 QOODUAK , Urufgla
oK 1 1838 vlS-ralct.
i ]
A CARD. To all who are BUlIcrlnR from cJrora
and Itidlscrtttom of jouth , nenong wuaknua , early
decay , loea ol manhno I , eta I will send a rcclo that
will turo xou , FUKK OK CIIAUOH. This ( 'rent rem
edy was dl30o\crcd by a Inliuloncry In Bouth Ameri
ca. Bend Bull addressed envelop * to ItKV. JOHCIMI T.
INMAN , Ktatlon 1) . New York. dy o rn & cod
The Emperor I/Mil Napoleon emoked
only tlio nncut cigan the world could pro
duce , rrof. Horafonl nays the Kmperor
d an wtro made ( peclally tot him In lla-
Tana from leaf tobacco irrown In the Qolden
Belt of North Carolina , Uili being the finest
leaf ( Town. Illackwell' * Hull Durham
HmoklDK Tobacco ti made from the tame
leaf tued In the Emperor1 * cigars , Is abso
lutely pure and U unquestionably the beat
tobacco ever offered.
Thackeray'f gifted daughter , Anne , In
ber iketch of Alfred Tennyson , In Jlarptr'i
JttmlAly , tells of tier visit to the great loet.
She found Mm imokinir BlackwelTs Lull
Durham Tobacco , sent him by Hon. James
HuiitU Lowell , American MtaUterto ths
Court of Bt Jamt * .
Intbeeedaysof adnlteratlon.itlstcom.
fort to smokers to Imo * Uiat the Hull Dur.
ham brand li absolutely pure , and made
from the best tobacco the world produces.
Ulackwell'i Bull Durham Smoking To
bacco 1s the ( ui and purest made. All
dealers bare it. None genuine without
the trade-mirk of the Bull
The Steck is a Durable Piano.
How the Owner ol $200,000,000 , , En
joys HofflCLifo ,
Dnora ofSollil llron/ollint Com Fortunes -
tunes In TlioniHolvos The
imlc'fl Prlvnto HOOIIIH.
OHvo Hnriior In Now York World.
The public 1ms boon prolty well in
formed regarding the interior of Mr.
William if. Vnndorbilt's houso. Still
there is much that haa boon overlooked
] ( y thoao who have written about it that
would bo of rjutlo as much interest to
the gonornl public , and particularly the
fcmitiino part , which always rejoices in
details of all the dainty little odds and
ends that men do not notice. The exterior -
torior of this nlmost _ palace ia _ compara
tively plain , nnd gives but little indi
cation of what is to bo soon inaido ,
where boundless wealth has boon uaod
with a protusion nltnont too lavish. The
main entrance to this house is ono of the
most pleasant things about it , nnd it
consists of n largo , square room covered
with stained glass nnd with glass walls
ind tiled floor. It is called n "vesti
bule , " but it is largo enough for mi ordi-
ry house and it would _ irmko n pleasant
room were it not what it is. There is no
'urnituro save ono or two Boats. From
his open doors loading into Mr. Vnndor-
> ilt's ' house on the south side and to Mr.
The door opening into Mr. Vandor-
jtlt'fl ' house from the voatlbulo is of
bronze nnd is the coontorpart of the
famous doors of the Lutheran church of
Homo , though it does not seem to mo
ns largo. It opens in the center and
each panel contains scones from bible
history. Once inaido this door the visitor .
is in n liny waiting-room , with polished
lloornnd two enormous vases for com- ,
pany. From this opens the grand open
hallway , or whatever it may bo called.
I'his immense room is square and rocoims
its i % 'from ' the otainod-glaus roof , na
Iho nrr.ia T > nt of the upper floors
loaves this ap.i 'loar up to the roof.
Thu staircases nro u . ho western side of
the room , nnd , thougn wldo nnd com- .
modlous , they look dwarfed in compari-
sun with the ether parts of the houso.
Above on each floor there is a gallery
which encircles each open space , giving
access to the room and light below. This
great sallo has n polished floor inlaid with °
different colored woods and covered for
the greater part with a Inrgo Turkish
carpet , and with largo Turkish nnd Per
sian rugs before every door and before
the enormous fire-place , which occupies
nearly one-half the oouth wall of this
room. Pillars support the gallery all
around the aquaro , nnd beside two of
them in front of the hall door stand two
bronze statues. I forgot who they repre
sent. The prevailing tlnta in this sallo
are dark iruroon , copper , bronze , aud
gold , and dark natural tints in the car
peting. Without the light from nbovo it
would bp gloomy aud mmbjr. T.13
chlmnoy is a marvel of nrt , nnd is decora
ted with largo bronze atntuos in half-
rollof , and the firo-placo is largo enough
to hold several logs four or five foot long.
When thu fire ia burning the effect must
bo very handsome , as it would light up
with brilliancy all the polished mental to
bo soon in every direction , and would
call to mind aoino of the ancient homes
in foreign lands.
Standing in the center of this room anew
now view presents itself at every turn.a
On the north aide Vandorbilt's private P
library and sitting-rooms ; on the east the
largo door gives a glimpse into the grand
salon , the aouth into the dining-room ,
and the west Into the picture gallery and
through that to the conservatory , which
adds a grace which only flowers can give
to any homo.
In this great hall hang two protraits ,
lifo-aizo both ono of the late Commodore -
ere Vanderbilt and the ether the owner
of the house , William n. Vandorbilt.
Both are said to bo excellent likenesses ,
but it must bo admitted that the father '
waa handsome than the aon is. "
The wide entrance to the grand parlor
is hung with Qoboliu tapestry represent
ing an Archadian scene , and the floor is
covered with rich carpet of natural tinta ,
though rather light than dark. The only
window which Is in tjiia room is largo
nd hung with lace curtains with heavy
rapory drawn back to the ildo. The
rails nro paneled off , each panel being
Hod with pricles * piece of ancient velvet
mbroldory , some of it done in gold and
otno in colors now mellowed to ono liar-
lonious tint. The coiling ia frescoed to
rosunt the four seasons , in figures
rhich I consider too largo for the room ,
argo as it is , especially when the eye
alia from thorn to the exceeding delicacy
nd beauty of the hangings and of the
bjccta of nrt and oven the furnishing of
10 roem.
In each corner of the front of the par-
or is n mirror , tall and narrow , which is
rained in a frame made up of glass cut
i faces which must throw out light like
ininonds when the rooms are illuminated
t night. On the west aide of the parlor
vail on each aide of the door aland a
abinot of mothor-of-ncarl nnd gilt each
if them four feet high and nearly six
cot long. They are shaped like halves
> f a circle , the Hat aide against the wall.
Tlio'.f urnituro is of satin brocade , nu-
iroachiug copper in color , nnd of the
nest elegant modern-ancient stylo.
In the center of the parlor stand two
; laaa cases , ono containing a figure of the
goddess of fortune on her wheel , dii-
fionsing her golden gifts. This figure in
all i about two foot high , of ivory , and
carved entirely from ono tusk. It is ox-
qulnltoly dono. The ether case contains
a number of curious and rare articles ,
such as articles of jewelry of ancient
pake , and each having a history. There
ia a necklace , a couple of bracelets , two
or three lockets of rare workmanship
with historical pictures inside , Bovorol
jeweled daggers and ether small arms ,
all picked out and fretted with gold , and
Bovoral ancient muff-boxes , all of thorn
giving the beholder an almost irresistible
doslra to learn their histories. There
are elegant bronze and ifilt ornaments in
many places in the room , but too many
to particularize. The whole aspect is
gleam and glow of gold and crystal , with
copper , bronze , and ( silver besides.
Moro to my quieter tosto is the private
sitting-room of Mr , William II. Vandor-
biit , on the left of this parlor. Iloro is
cool green , in color and tint , and a quiet ,
reposeful fooling is engendered on enter
ing. Iloro the great railroad magnate
sits in his loved seclusion , and probably
smokes his reflective after-dinner cigar ,
A largo table stands in tlio middle of the
room , with a paper knife , weights , and
two or three other little trifles on it ; and
the also lies a largo pile of unopened lot-
tora , A plain ebony writing desk stood
open in ono corner of the room.with pen ,
ink and papers about , just as if ho had
risen hastily and gone away with the in
tention of returning immediately to fin
ish hii work. Ono window gives a view
of Fifth avenue and makes abundant
light. Easy arm-chaira stand about as if
for everyday use , and everything is delightfully
lightfully comfortable and restful. In on
corner of the room is a stand of book
and another holds n table covered with
articles too numerous nnd also too artis
tic to mention separately. Just nbovo
thoao hangs n pencil drawing , very Ions
and very narrow , by Alva Tadomn , and
below that n velvet frnmo containing n
small modnlions painted on ivory nftor
the pictures painted by the artists them
selves , of Titian , Raphael , Do Vinci nnd
Oiudo. In another place are these of Hu-
bens , Vnn Dyck , Collins ; Durcr , and
Carlo Dole ! , also from originals ,
There arn also many ether paintings in
this room nnd the library , all worthy of
notice by lovers of art , but of which perforce -
force I must leave the mention for the
prcaont. There nro several largo vases of
rare nnd costly porcelain and bronze in
this room , but it is not overloaded with
_ The library is back of this room and is
lighted only by a window which gives into
the Inrgo vestibule , nnd what light roaches
it from Mr. Vandorbilt's own room ,
The furniture is sparse , but oxcodingly
comfortable . , nnd in the ivindow stands a
largo revolving globo. Above the chimney -
noy . , is n long mirror , nnd along in front of
it nro placed no and of little Dresden fig-
uroo , not more than four inches high , nnd
they look oddly out of place In this room ,
devoted to the use of n man who is sup
posed to have hia mind occupied with
weighty subjects. The silly , inaano little
faces nnd meaningless smiles ard smirks
on their pink nnd white countenances
would drive mo insane if I had to look at
them often , but porhans it is a relief nftor
the cares nnd worries of Wnll street to
BOO thorn nnd to think that these little
clligioa must hnvo boon modeled some
time or othorfrom people who were young ,
handsome , nnd happy , nnd who had no
care for money.
Ono hntos to leave this room , so fraught
as it is with the presence of a man so im
portant as its owner , but the pretty
.Japanese parlor at the south corner of the
house is waiting its turn. Iloro the
buildora have determined to give n
thoroughly national charactorto the room ,
which is pvon coiled with bamboo rods.
Every thing , with ono or two exceptions ,
is Japanese , and these exceptions nro
that there is aomo pottery in ono corner
thnt never saw Japan , though it is rare
nnd almost priceless , nnd n figure of n boy
lying lazily nt full length upon a table on
his stomach with his heels in the air.
The tables here are of Japanese mnko ,
nnd are docorntod in their peculiar style
of art , and covered with black satin table
cloths richly embroidered in silks , and
gold and silver threads. Impossible birds
ily on the surfaces , nnd fish such as never
swam in the sea are embroidered with n
brilliancy and beauty impossible to de
scribe. The walls and windows are hung
with fine painted split bamboo and straw
hangings , and two magnificent ebony cab
inets are full to ovorilowing with curious
and Japanese pottery. Soyoral great
bronze vases stand about with horrible
dragons looking like the wildest imagin
ing of a raving lunatic of an artist deliri
ous with opium , and ether things wherein -
in quaint and grotesque fancies had the
ascendency in the producer's mind , and
some of pretty but silly women's faces.
In short , this room transported the beholder
holder into Japan , nnd the charm was
real until broken by n glimpse into the
immense dining-room that is like that of
some old castle in feudal times.
The coiling is frescoed in a hunting
jcono In the dining room. The floor is
covered mostly by a largo Turkish carpet
and the prevailing color is dark , rich
brown. Around two sides of the room
are : glass cases containing the dishes and
plates off which the millionttiro nnd his
family oat. The glimsos caught here and
there show China of the rarest kind each
article n work of art in itself. The plato
is too numerous nnd too fine to mention
in datail , as also , indeed are the porce
lain and ether dishes. There stands ono
table alone in this immense room of
carved dark wood. A largo side board
stands at the west end of the room and
two largo windows give light. Sev
eral handsome pictures also add their
charm to make this cheerful place but if
itwpro ' my homo I should want a smaller
dining-room for use when there was none
but our own family. This is too largo.
From the dining room you cross the
great hall again , going westward toward
the great picture galleries and conserva
tory. Below , in the basement , are the
kitchen and storo-room and collar , all
fitted up on a scale as thorough and solid
as all the rest of the house , the kitchen
being resplendent with a great shining
range nnd n perfectly ravishing row ol
polished copper nnd ether utensils ol
which it is butcaudid to admit that 1 don't
Icnow half the names or uses.
All the private rooms of the family are
upon the second floor , and all are as may
bo understood as handsome as unlimited
nouns could make them , with this addi-
ion , that woman reigns supreme in there
ind womanly fancy lias added hundreds
of little gracds and refinements which
[ ild the refined gold wp road of and render
his almost too splendid homo a sweeter
place than its manifold beauties alone
could give ,
August 20,1882. /
I had carelessly exposed myself nnc
sustained a very severe and tight cold or
my'cheat and in my throat. I procured
Allcock's Porous Plasters and applied
ono on the chest , well up on the throat ,
and relief came readily ; the soreness ol
my chest was removed , and my voca
organs were kept clear the entire pasl
winter , .enabling mo to fulfill public
engagements in different parts of this
No moro may bo said than that All
cock's Porous Plasters , if applied by
afllictod vocalists , will greatly assist their
vocal rendition in public.
Georgia's Melon Patch.
Atlanta Constitution : The melon sea
sou , which will open coon , promises to
bo of great interest in many respects
Last year , when 8,000 car-loads wore
thrown upon the markets in the nortl
and west , much loss was c used by bai
shipments and poor selections of a mar
kot. The melon growers have this yoai
formed a pool , and engaged Mr. Davis
of Albany , as their agent , who will niaki
Atlanta his headquarters for the entire
business. Agencies have boon estab
liahod In 2-1'J ' cities of the northwest , con
tainiug a population of over 0,000,00
pooplo. The distribution of melons wil
bo so arranged that not a car-load wil
leave Atlanta until a market lias boon
found for it. Last year's mistake was
made in sending melons north too early
before hot weather had not in. This sea
son the first shipments will bo to Bouth
orn points only. The business haa
now reached proportions which gives i
a loading place in the industries of th
south. Lands in the melon region hav
advanced greatly in price.
For seven yean Allen * Drain Food haa
Blood the etroueeat test as to IU inorlU lu curing
NervQUinoBi , Nervous Debility and restoring
loet power * to the Generivtlvo 8y tom , and , lu
no luaUnce haa It over failed ; test It 81) ) C
] or 85.
tr. Ncvillo'a Brilliant Aolilovcmcnti
In tlio Matrimonial Line ,
N w York World.
Charles Edward Neville , the faacinat-
ig coachman , who eloped with the
nughtor of 0. J. Whltnsy , the proprio-
or of the Detroit Grand opera house nnd
lie Standard theatre in Chicago , and who
was subsequently arrested in Toledo on a
liargo of bigamy , is known to hnvo many
vivca. A httlo over a year ago ho visit-
d Newark , N. J. , where ho was known
s Ooorgo Perry. While there ho mar
led Miss Solina Maud Hello , the clattgh-
cr of Charles Hello , n prominent citizen ,
jut dcsorlod her n few weeks afterward ,
eoing to cecapo arrest for bigamy.
Mr. Hello and this family roaido in n
icat cottgo at No. 01 Littleton avenue ,
n the suburbs of Newark. A World ro-
lortor was yesterday ushered into a pleas-
nt sitting-room by Mr. Hollo. His
aughtor Selina w'as present. She is
bout 20 years of ago , tall and slender ,
vith n pretty face , largo hazel eyes , nnd
> rown hair. There is a sad expression
pen her features which deepened when
10 reporter made known the object of
lis visit. She said that she did not care
0 Ulk about the subject. Her father ,
lowovor , said that Perry , or more recent-
y known as Neville , went to Now York ,
1 January , 1883. IIo obtained a posi-
ion as traveling ngont for the Prudential
nsuranco company. Mr. Hello was em-
iloycd in the insurance ollico and mot
'orry thoro. Ho describes him as n hand-
omo man about . " 5 or 40 years old , with
tall , woll-built figure , and wearing n
nrk mustache. IIo had very fascinating
nannors , nnd in ft short time Mr. Hello
> ocamo much attached to him. IIo invlt-
id him to hia homo , nnd introduced him
o his wife nnd dnughtor. Miss Hello nt
inco became fnaoinatod with him.nnd inn
ow days the two were intimate friends ,
'erry mndo love to the young lady in the
nest npprovcd fashion , nnd in loaa thnn n
vook ho proponed marriage. Tlio young
ady consented to become hia wife , pro
viding her parents were willing. When
.ho subject was mentioned to Mr. Hello
10 mndo a vigoroua protest. Although
10 was greatly attached to hia now friend ,
\lr. \ Hello was huspicious that ho wna
ot right , and feared to trust his
nughtor's happiness into the keeping of
10 man.
Perry then prevailed upon the young
ady to elope with lum , nnd ono evening
iroo weeks after their first mooting the
ouplo wont to the house of the llov.
Dr. Brice , pastor of the Do Grout Moth-
dist Episcopal church in Newark , and
voro mnrriod. Returning to Mr. Hollo's
louse they made known their marriage
ind asked to bo forgiven. After tears
lad boon shod by all concerned Mr.
lollo finally relented nnd forgave the
ouplo. Perry had been a son-in-law but
pur days when ho naked Mr. Hello to
gn n bond f ir $2,000 , which the latter
ofusod to do. Perry then went to
tfrs. Hello , but she declined to sign the
> ond.
On the following day a postal card
inmo to the house addrcss'od to Porry.
: t was road by Mr. Hello and family. It
ras mailed from Schenectady and writ-
en by _ a woman who called herself Por-
? 's wifo. Invostigatien proved that ho
md married the Schenectady woman in
.881. There was a scene in the Hello
louaohold when this was ascertained , and
'orry felt the necessity of seeking lodg-
ngs elsewhere. Mr. Hello applied for n
arrant for his arrest , but owing to the
olay of iho polij * waa permitted to
scape. Ho fledflnPattorsbn , whoroito'
vod with a bar maid named Harlot
haw. Ho remained there but a short
imo , when ho returned to his first wife
n Canada. Mr. Hello engaged the sor-
ices of Lawyer Phillip Lowry , who on-
oavored to secure the arrest of the biga-
nist , but nothing was heard of him until
lis arrest in Toledo. "Whon Mr. Hello
loard that a woman named Shaw was as-
ociatod with Neville ho suspected that
" .o waa the same man who betrayed his
"I hope , " continued Mr. Rollo , "that
10 will bo punished for his Crimea. "
"Yes , " added Mrs. Hello , "ho mar-
iod entirely too many wives , and I trust
hat the last ono will fix him. "
Miss Hello said nothing , but concealed
icr face bohlnd a paper she was reading.
In speaking of the affair LiwyorLowry
mid :
"I shall go to Detroit and do my utmost
, o hnvo Neville or Perry convicted. I
mvo forwarded a description and photo-
; rnph of the man to Detroit , and no has
loon identified as the same person. Mr.
iVhitnoy tolographos mo that Neville
admits hia marriage with Miss Hello , but
claims that ho ia divorced. Ho has boon
doing the same thing for the past twelve
. 'oars , and was convicted of bigamy'in
Canada in 1870 for having married a second
end wife in 1872. I have n letter that
10 wrote to Harriet Shaw soon after hia
narriago to Miss Hollo. " And Mr. Lowry
exhibited the following letter :
"PouaiiKEEi-siK , May 110 , 1883. MY
DUAH UAUUIET : Will you bo so kind as
: o give mo yourself for lifo aa my own
dear little wife , for you know that I love
u above all the world.
"Yours truly , OUAULKS STANLEY. "
"If they fail to convict him in Now
York , " added Mr. Lowry , "I will en
deavor to have him indicted here and
uosccuto him.
Eorankon by Jlor Lover in Mllwakce.
Slio Comes here lu Sonrcli
of lllm.
L'hllaclelphla LoaJfor June 1.
The loveliest of nil the maidens in th
Dime1 Museum beauty show arrived yesterday
torday , and was assigned to chair No. 9 ,
which was vacated on the second day ol
the exhibition by a demure damsel , who
could not submit to the grimaces of the
public. Annie Mitchell , the newcomer ,
though still young , lias had a romantic
experience. She was born in Wisconsin
in comfortable circumstances , but re
verses came iuit aa the girl was approach
ing years of discretion , and in the midst
of the vicissitudes which followed she
waa forced to earn a austenanco behind
the counter of a Milwakoo dry goods
atore. Miss Mitchell is as handsome ea
Juliet herself , and BO thought a young
acion of a well-known Philadelphia fami
ly , who mot the lady while on a visit to
the Western city. A mutual attachment
was the result. It soon deepened into
love , and the infatuated young man
would not leave Milwaukee until Annie
had premised to bee his bride. But mat
ia weak. The paronta of the wooer would
not listen to the match. When ho in
stated on wedding the woman of his
choice they threatened to deprive him o"
his inheritance if ho disregarded thoi
wish. This waa an alternative tha
brought the son to terms , and poor Mia
Mitchell never saw her loved ouo again
Hearing of the beauty aliow , she let
Milwaukee to join the company at the
Muosum , with the hope that among the
thousands who go there every day ah
might get a ulimpso of her faithless
Bilious t symptoms invnnably
ivor secretes the bile aud acts like a
liter or sieve , ta demise impurities
jf the blood. By irregularitj' in its
ction or suspensions ot its functions
he bile is liable to overflow into the
, causing jaundice , sallow com
plexion. velloweycsbilionsdiarrhcB.i ,
i languidweary feeling and many
sther distressing symptoms. Bif-
ousuess may oe propsrly termed an
ifTcction o the liver , and can bo
horoughly cured by the grand rcg
ilator of tlio liver and biliary organs
\ct upon the stomach , bowels and
ivor , making healthy bile and pure
) lopd , and opens the culverts and
luiceways for the outlet of disease ,
told everywhere and guaranteed to
IJn J C. WRJT'S Nervrvn liitux Tnicvr
rai , n Rnarnntouil fcpvciko for Jljstcrin.Uizzi
ras , Convulsions , 1'its , Nervous NcurnlRin ,
cndnclioNorvmis ProMrntinncnuecxl bythome
Cnlcoliol iirtoluccu , Wakofulnewj , Jlcntiil lo.
ressiun , 8oftomiiR of the liniin rcdiltinBin in
atnty rmil lomluiR to misery , dcruy and death ,
ronmturo Old Aio , Hnrrrnncs1 ? , Loss of powei
u cither BOX , Involuntary Jjosaei and Bpormat-
rrhcrn canoed liyuvcT-oxortum oC the brain , self-
JUBO or over-inilulRonco. Jiich box contains
no montli'n treatment. $1.00 n borer six bcxo !
r$5.0U , KO'itbynmil propnidon receipt of price.
o euro any rnso. With each order ri'colvea nyns
or cis boxes , nrcunipanitil Mith 5.00 , wo wiij
end the purchaser our vrntlun gunrtmteo to ro-
indtho money if thu truitmont ilounnutollocj
euro , ( iuiinintoos if fiucci only or
C. F , GOODMANN , Druggist Agon ( or Omaha
The remedy being Injected directly' to t" > ? Bolt o
10 disease , requires no change of diet ri nnusoous ,
mercurial or poisonous modlclncB to bo taken Inter-
ally. When used as a preventive by either sex , III ?
riposrlblo to contract any private disease ; but In the
aao of those already unfortunately afllictod we guar-
ntco three boxes to cure , or wo will refund the uion-
y. Price by mall , postage paid , $2 per box or three
oxcs for $5.
Issued by all authorized agents ft
Dr EelixLeBrun&Co.
F.Qoodman , D u'Ui SU Agent , fur Om
&o ly m
1213 Douglas Street ,
Sold daily on Base Ball Games , Horse
Racing and all Sporfcinc ; Events.
James Hedical Institute
Chartered by theStnteof Illi
nois for theexpresspurposo
orgivinelmmedlate rellcllc
all chronic , urinary and prl-
vate diseases. Qonorrhcea ,
GleetandSyphillslnnll their
complicated forms , also alt
diseases of the Skin and
DIoodpromptly relieved and
permanently cured by reme-
dic3tcstcdinal-'or//l'c r
Npcciall'ractlcc. Seminal
Weakness. N iRht Losses by Dreams , Pimples on
iheFaceLost Manhood , jioittivelifctireilTlier6
ianoexprrlmrntlnti. The appropriate rtf.r.edy
: a at once used in each case. Consultations , per
sonal or by letter , SLcrcdly confidential. Med-
.clnes sent by Mall and Express. No marks on
package to Indicate contents or sender. Address
9RJAMESNo. 204Washingon ! SI.Chicagolll ,
Will euro Nervouemfg ,
I.uiiibagn Uliftiiimtlom , Par
ulpit ) , ; t irulKla , Sciatica ,
Kidmj , hpinu nnil I.Uer
dlM.a'i , ( lout\ntlmia.llrart
ill-pan , IIJM umlft , CoupM-
Dutnli VKIUI'mlniKiis I'tcrl.riiOnly uiuiilllchlu-
lie lli'Itin Ainel Kit Iliut KiiilHtiieKUitricltj nml mnK
i < ll m through llmbocly , anil cuubortxharicidinan i"1
tant liy thu itntlent.
SI.OOO Would fJotDu- .
DK. IIOBSH I was allilctoj with rhoum&tUm and
cured by using a belt To any ono allllctod with
hat disease , I v\auld say , buy Ilornc's 1'kctrlo Bolt ,
Any ono can coulcr with me by wrlt'ni ' ; calling
at iny store , 1120 Douglas struct , Omaha , Ncli.
MAIN OFFICE Opposlto poatofflro , room i Fron
zor block.
tZTKor aalo at O. F. Qoodnun'a Drugstore' ' 1110
AamamHt , Omaha.
flnlcrs flllcd 0. O P.
llldesniiiiasy F with one per-
tonaiwlth two.1 " * - 'Tlio Hprlngi
Iciullirii and nhorten nrpordlng to the weight the
carry. Kqually well aduptcd to rough country
roads anil mia urles of rltlsi. Manufactured and
Idbyall theleadlngrarrlaRellulldorsand Dealtn
rr Tluakcai , r l nl r. fit iMiil * . Ho
Ib n the cod Is apt to show Itself In the spring , and
nature should by all means bo assisted In throwing It
off. Swift's Swclflo | does thU effectively , U Is a
purely > efetable , non-i > ol > onous iemedrwhlch helps
oatuio to force all the poison or taint out through
he porci of the skin.
Mr , Robert A. Easloy , of DIckson , Tenn. , writes ,
under date March 10 1SSJ : "I had ch'lla and 'over
followed by rhcrnatiim , for three jears , no that 1
Mas not able to attend to my bualncBt ; had tried al
most etvty kmd of medicine , and found no relief.
A friend jecommeudcd guilt's Specific. ItrUdone
bottle and my health Iwgan to loiproi e. 1 continued
until I bad Uken tU bottles , and It has set mo on
my feur , as sound and well as e\er. I recommend It
to all similarly atlllctod. "
lyttten from twenty-three (23) ( ) of the leading rttall
druegUUo' Atlanta , say , under date of Marth Jth ,
1884. "We sell moro ot Swift's Spodflo than any
other one remedy , and three to ten times as much at
any other .blood medicine. We sell It to all clasocs ,
and many.'of the best lamillei wo It u a general
health tonic.
Our Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases mallud free.
Drawer S , Atlanta. . , da.
N Y , Offloa , 169W.SS St. , bet Oth and 7th atl
"llorllck't r l tor Ithitl til
llf ti. " wrlui
all droijlil. . frlct
lUudUccDII. 8 l
t mill tor du > U
uik'i r i c , UWUI , < TI > .
ENGINES , Eci Bmt > .a&
ii- ' AvtoHMttfe to
- * > t * i * > %
B O I LE-RxS , Steam /uWM
. . Vt1 * wf " 'W
u i o. .1 4 *
MILL AND MWWd raftkh M
MACHINE Jrfaefrr&r
mHYAtfFftMAllC ! LIGHT * ;
Growers of Live Stock and Others ,
Ground Oil
Ills the hot and cheapest food tor ntock nt any kliiu. Ono pound Is enn&l to thrco pound ) o > corn
stock led with Ground Oil Cake la the Fall and Winter , Instead ol running down , will Increase In wolghl
tnd bo in good marketable roml.tlon In tha eprlng.RIDalrjmen , ngvrollu ) others , who uio It can teetlfy t
to merits. Try It and Judge fuf ioursolvcp.kP'i < : i > 25 oo our ton ! no churiro for sack * . Address
Fine Havana , Key Westnud Domestic Cigars. All Standard Brands Tobaccos.
Trial Orders SolicilGfl , Satisfaction Guaranteed , {
' ifltiAil WV dfcJlirffli iJ lJU amAmtiBiililU n
Near Union Pacific Depot , - Omaha , Neb ,
Wholesale Grocers \
H. B. LOCKWOOD ( formerly of Lockwood & Draper ) Chicago , Manager -
ager of the Tea , Cigar and Tobacco Departments. A full line of
all graded of above ; also pipes and smokers' articles carried in
stock. Prices and samples furnished on application. Open
orders intrusted to us shall receive our careful attention
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Heating and Baking
In only attained by naing
Stoves and Ranges ,
Fct ilo by
Office and Yard , 6th and Douglas ts , ,
106 and 103South llth Street , Omaha , Nebraska. "Corrcspondenco Solicited. "
Wholesale Druggists !
PaintsOils. . Bru tte Ca ? 3.
Milwaukee , Wis.
QTINTHER & CO. , Sole Bottlers.
M , HELLMAN & GO , ,
Wholesale Olothiers !
1301 AND 1303 FARNAU STREE1 CQR. 13Th

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