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A ft A TU11 W IVttTi .11TNE fi. 1884.
Try It for Earaclio ,
Try It for Headache ,
Try H for Toothache ,
Try It for Backache.
For an noho or a pain Thomas' Kclcctric
Oil is excellent , Ohas. F. Mcdlor , box
27J , Sclicncctody , N. Y.
Thomas' Kcloctrio Oil is the best thiiif
going , pa says. Cured him of rhomatisn
and mo of earache Iwo drops Master
Iloraco Bronizor , Clinton , Iowa.
Try it for a Limp ,
Try it for a Lameness ,
Try t for a Pain ,
Try it for a Strain.
From shoulder to nnklo joint , and for
three months I had rheumatism vrhicl
yielded to nothing but Thomas' Kclcctric
Oil. Thomas' Ecloctrio Oil did what no
physician seemed alilo to accomplish. II
cured mo. John N. Gregg , Sunt. ol
Railway Construction , Niagara Falls.
Try it for a Scald , ;
Try it for a Cut ,
Try it for a Bruise ,
Try it for a Burn.
3Oo .MLcl 0
Props. , Kuflhlo. N. Y.
Tlie Kmrror Ix > tll Ntpolcon nmoteil
only the fluent clgirH Ibe world could pro
duce. iTof. Hornford Mm the Kmprror n
tifrara were in d rpeclally forlilm In Ilk
vaoa f rom \r\t \ tobacco ( frown In Uio Cloldcn
licit of North Carolina , thl liclnij llio llm * t
leaf frown. Dlackw ell's Dull Durham
Hmokliitf Tobacco In made from the runt
leaf used In tlio Emperor's dfrarn , In abtio-
luttly pure and IB unquestionably the but
tobacco eur off cml.
Thackeray' * dfU-il daughter , Anne , In
lier etch of Alfred Trnnyaon , In llarper'i
Monthly , tflln of her vliiit to tlio inttifitL
Hhe found him tmoUnir Hlackwell'ii Hull
Durham Tobacco , dent him by Hon. Jamu
IluiKll Lowell , American MinltUr to the
Court of Bt James.
Inthcuodiysof adultarallnn , It In a com
fort to nmokers to faou that Uie Dull Dur
ham brand li absolutely pure , and mad *
( rom Uio l * t tobacco tus world products.
lllackvTtH's Hull Durham Bmoklnir To
bacco In the tm and purcut mad * . All
dealers hart It. None genuine without
the trade.mark of the Hull.
in.S7 , n Ktuirntitood nix > cilio fur HjatPrin , JJizzi-
floss , Conmlmons , 1'itn , Morvuus NonrolRin ,
HwiclnchoNorvotis Prontrntimi canoed Ijy tlio lisa
ofnlcuhul nrtobacco , WnkofulnoBn , Mental lo-
ItrcBHion , BoftoniiiR of the Itniin resulting in in-
fruity nnd loading to misery , decay nnd dcnth ,
1'rcnmturo Old Ago , Hnrrnnm'BB , Luna of puwoi
in oiUior BOX , Involuntary Ixisses nnd Hpormnt-
crrliccn cnnsod hyovor-oxortinn cit tliobruin.nolf.
abuBO or over-imliilnonco. Kncli box contain !
ono month's traitmnnt. $1.00 n Ijor.ormx boxo :
forf5.UBontl ) > yinnil prepaid on rocoiptof prico.
! fo euro nny roso. With cuch order rooolvoa uyns
lor cix boxes , nccomnamod with * 5.00wo wiU
send the i > nrclmm > r our vritton Kuitrantoa to re.
fund the money if the treatment doce not effect
coiiro. UuuriuiUv'B iBsuoaonuror
O. F , QOODUAN N , DrureUt ARCQ for Omaha
The remedy bolng Injected dlroctlyj to ti Boil o
the illseue , roqulroa no chuifto ot diet < : i oaasoout ,
mercurial or poisonous modlolnei to bo taken Inter ,
nally. When used as a preventive by either BOX , Itti
mpoaslblo to contract any private disease ; but In the
cue of those already unfortunately allllotod wo guar
antee three boica to cure , or wo will refund the mon
ey. Prlooby moll , poetagopalilJ2 prt box or throe
boxoa for 8 < .
Iraaed by all authoriiod agents a
F.Qoodmaa , II ulil Sols Ajout , fur Oma
&o ly m
James Meal Institute
j ) Chartered by thcStntcof Illl-
Gnols for thccjiptcsa purpose
Jotclvlnglmmcdlntc rellcllr
Jail chronic , unnnry and prl-
gvate diseases. Gonorrhoea ,
iGlcct ondSyphills In all their
complicated forms , also all
diseases of the tilsln and
Ulood promptly relieved and
permanently cured by rcme-
, diestestcdln nlfor/uYears
t > l > rclull'racttcf. Seminal
Weaknc light IXJCSCB by Dreams , Pimples on
the I'acc.Lost Manhood , 7 > o Hw/i/enrol. ! 7V cr
/5jiiirjy > criirniiiiThe ( appropriate te.r.edy
santonce used In each case , Consultations , pcr-
nonal or by letter , cacredly confidential. Mcd-
Ir.lnrs Bent by Mall and Express. No marks on
f.iclioce to Indicate contents or ccnder. Address
Pg.JAMES.No. 204W.-uhlnn.lon S . , Chlcarjolll.
Will euro NervouincM ,
I.umU ji > , HhouMuUfmr r.
. _ _ . . alwls , Ki-unliiU , HdMIca ,
i W Kidney , Hiilnu and l.lfer
I BKLgJjj ilUca > cinuut.AllhliialU | > art
ntOcfagSi ? ' / ' '
jijYlon.'Krrs/iHlasl'Cafarrh' ,
. . . . - * I'lles. E | > llr | T. linpotfiiry ,
Du'nb Airne. Vrolopnu Uteri , etc. Only H'lvnllMo Klco-
tile licitii ) America Hint trnAitho Kloctrlcltj and m K-
iietlini tlirouKh the body , and can. bo rvcbarycd la an lu-
Itant tr the t tlrnt.
SI.OOO Would Not Buv It.
T > noiHS I was afflicted with rheumatism and
oared by using a belt To any ona afflicted wltb
that disease , I would Bay , buy Ilorns'i Klectrlo Belt ,
Any one can confer with me by writing calling
at my store , 1420 Douglas street , Omaha , Neb.
MAIN OFFICE Opposite pojtofflco , room i Frcn
trfoi salt at 0. F. Goodman's Drng'.Store 1110
Aatnam lit. Omaha.
Orders filled 0. 0 0.
all druuliU. niM
40u4UV.au. Bnt
VriulllortB > aglla
Kauf * . KjTBookMM iitt.
Imported Beer
Erlanger , . . . Bavaria.
Gulmbacher , . Havana.
Pilsner . . Bohemian
Kaiser. . . . .Bremen
Budwoiser . . . Sfc , Louis
Anhaueor. . . . . . . . „ . _ . . . „ . . . . St. Louia
Best s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mil vaukef
Sclilitz-pjlsuer . . .Milwaukee
Krue's . . . . . . . . Omaha
Ale , Porter , Domestic and Rhine
Wine. ED. MAUltER.
If Mny'n the month of ilrwlcs , why .Timo'n the
month of renew ,
When blMnoms out tho.Tncqiiemlnot in car
dinal dlvlno :
When the coftflldo hotel opens nnd tlio study
thontro cloioc ,
And o'cn the poorest tnllllonalro on fitrnw-
liorrloi may dine ,
And .Tuno I * very no.ir at h nd , nnd up my
heart goo * hounding.
liven now I fool her breezes , mid nlroadycan
I lionr
The toot of her excursion dtonmcr In my fancy
Bounding ,
And the splash of the unnatural hoary-head
ed beer.
Tor It fills mo with an octaay oxcossholy ecs
When In my spring garmentd I wonder
whorol will ,
Along the paxomont or In plnoy woodlands
nrotnntlc ,
And my tailor leave In solltudo to nurse hlfl
llttlo hill.
Although eho coyly Hngorn , yet I know that
BIIO In coming ,
I know It not by tender nklos nor hy tlio
onrly pea ;
Nor hy the tmlo .inprxrngin , nor by tlio bum-
blo'n hunimlng ,
Juno's hornld como'fl n lovelier nnd dearer
way to mo.
tfor by the pi > ftton-palntlng of Milwaukee's
tuneful jiln ; ,
Nor by the upring cathartic "ad" is homo
that moHflngo sweet
tut I know tlmt.tunols hoar when the crimson
sun umhrolln
Comes Hko n prince of popptca to illumlnato
the Btroot.
Jli , lake mo out nnd tlo mo up for CMBBOI-
iicsi mid paRsInn.
I could lay out 1'Illn Wheeler aa e\io \ were n
paper doll.
I don't care n rip hang whllllo-troo If It In not
Uio fashion
I could oat n pretty girl honoath a poppy
pnra ol ,
A , II. Oakes In I'ack.
The polonaho IN the favorite carmcnt for
inldHiiminor utility nulls.
The latest novelty in parasol handles are
these covered with pliuli.
In Houthorn nnd mlddlo lingland 30,000
vomon steer canal boats.
Itough goods nro vary popular for soaiido ,
noiuitnliiH nnd traveling wear.
lilackolvot trimmings on gray mohair Is
ho suggestion for travelling Woar.
Combinations of palo gray blue nnd dnrk
navy blue make styllBh soamdo suits.
For long journeys , llannols , bonvy bison
cloths , nud chovlots nro the hontwoor.
Mohair it coming into HBO for traveling
IrossoH , with grny tlio preferred color.
Blnok or navy hluo mohair braid trims
nany gray nnd brown wool tra\ollng suits.
This Is loap-yoar nnd every woll-condlttonod
rlrl will jump nt an offer of "vanilla w.th
oily. "
1'lowor hunnotsnro again foshlonnblo , Thoao
of white lilac , with tplonty of greenery , nro
among the proltioHt.
Whistling Is said to mnko girls' mouths
small. It is n known fact that the Chicago
; Irls never whistle ,
There Is n woman In Newport who moves HO
( fton that sometimes her husband dooan't
enow where ho lives.
The Boston 1'ont Informs yonr.g men that
10 girl who is really in love over calls for n
hlrd dish of ice croam.
Croon , In all dark and bron/.o shades Is n
totter color for summer fatlguo nnil utility
costumes than hluo and brown.
Instead of strings to bonnotn n bow of vel
vet under the chin Is attached to the strap or
mud that does duty for strings.
A Bohhs Ferry girl who was to liavo boon
nnrriod next month lias postponed the imp-
la's until after the ice cream soauon.
Very largo lace nnd embroidered collars , at-
.achou by bows of soft muslin , lace trimmed ,
nro aroBsy afternoon and evening wear.
Thoio nro several girls omnloyod ns railroad
station agents in Minnesota , lint really wo
should think they would mnko hotter ties.
With the warm weather comes the horror of
.ho girls nt having freckles. It Is n pity that
rocklos cannot bo strung upon n string and
worn ns a necklace.
Oliver Ilnrpor says that but few woman
vritors are handsome , but cites that Mm.
Folm Hhorwood , author of "A Transplanted
lose , " and Mary Kyle Dallas are both hand-
omo women ,
The dressiest jerseys liavo whlto silk 'jorsoy
cloth waistcoats , nnd nro made of silk jersey
loth for the jackets In nil [ colors and black ,
ind these nro frequently decorated with cm-
iroldorlos of fine beads ,
Skeleton honnots made of trnnspnront
; U7.0fl or gold braid , tllk , chonllloor beadwork
n diamond patterns , showing the coi It'll ro
.hroughtho open work doHlgns which form the
crown nro shown by all fashionable milliners.
Muslin bonnets and round hiitx , tinted and
white , with full cap crowns nnd brims of plat-
id luce , appear among other prollv novelties
n millinery. These are intended tor children
md ( Slso for young ladles' wear at summer re
sorts ,
The St. Louis girls nro accustomed to roam
about the Holds nnd wooded lawns of the ver
nal walks. When of them happens to bo
chased by n grasuhoppor she Innocently pulls
elf ouo of her slippers nnd crnwls inside to
wait until tlio danger is past ,
Taste at present HOOIU to incline toward
rich material made in great simplicity. The
ivonlthlctit and molt fashionable women wear
jut llttlo trimming on their Btroot coalumcH ,
nest of thcso being tilor made nud altogether
lorfoct In the matter of lit and draping.
When n girl Is in real downright love , clour
n up to her eyebrows ulio looses her iippotlto
so that nlio can't toll hydrant water from soda
vator nnd cold soap muls nro junt the sanio to
icr ns the flulllcst ice cream nt n quarter it
dluli , only you must food it to her with n
spoon ,
AYaasarglrl writes : "I haven't soon n
nan In n month of Sundays. Wo were out
taking a 'constitutional' Saturday and came
ncrces n scarecrow In n corn-field. All the
'lrls i an for It nt once , and I only managed to
< ocuro n part of one of the skirts of Its coat.
Still it was something.
Fashion Is In extremes just now. Hither the
doelgiiB nro IminonKo , embracing tulips.poonlos ,
ro oa nud other ( lowers of exaggerated slzo , or
otherwise fashionable materials are pswdorod
with mluuto dots , tiny blocks , chock nnd hair
stripes. This Is especially noticeable among
the season's Importation ot French Batoona.
A Delaware farmer has plowed under 40-
000 horrlnga as a fertilizer.
A heifer calf , iivo weeks old , is walking
around on six logs In Union county , Ken
tucky ,
Talhottom , Gn. , has produced a hen's egg
that Is greatly elongated nnd smaller in the
middle than at either end , .
A Colorado man has n duck that laid an egg
wlthn ulcklo embedded In the yolk. It is not
known how the nlcklo got there ,
A swarm of boos made their homo In a
utovoiua school house ot San Bernardino ,
Cal They had come down through a chim
ney and n long piece of stovepipe.
Itobert A , Webdtor , ot Danger , Mo. , lias
just had a piece of bullet removed from hi *
loft arm , which was lodged there In the battle
of Thachcr'K Itun on March 28,1805.
A three-legged kltton. some twenty-five
days old , li a living curiosity at Marrlotta ,
( Ja. The front shoulder whore the forth leg
should natundly appear Is perfectly smooth.
While sawing n log recently In a Mississippi
mill , the workmen were astonlihod to see ilia
log suddenly take fire and the machinery ( top.
Kxamlulng Uio saw , they discovered that
every tooth was gone , and on splitting
the lor a cannon-ball was found buried in the
heart ,
"A reliable man" tells In the Borrion ( Ga. )
News of seeing a cat with o ! bt leg ! and foot
and two tails. It had A set of foot and lego in
front In the uiual place , and a set on IU back.
Back of thoio IU body develoiwd into two
iiron B , each of which Lad a tall and a sot of
leg * and feet.
A child with a snake head , with all the mo-
tloniof ainako. keene oyoa that plena you
through , li living In Cobb county , Georgia ,
IU mother killed n snake almut a month be
fore It wai berne , nnd the fright and fihocK she
received nt the tlmo were clearly shown Upon
her child afterward ,
In Butler , 1'a. , n man made n pot of n largo
toad , which came regularly each Btimmor evenIng -
Ing for n luncheon of illes , which were taken
from antraw. After nn absence of three years
the man returned , nnd the toad won present
to greet him , nnd during the remainder of the
summer came for flics.
The Small IJoj's swim ,
When the gol.lon sunlight dances on the bo-
torn of Uio stream ,
And the silver lllici , star-like , 'mong the olive
nedgcs gleam ,
When the bull-frog seeks the co\or of the
grnHftcatnll nnd rnnk ,
And tlio pickerel nt noonday seeks the shadow
of the bank ,
Then the small boy goei In swimming In n
costume of the modo.
That was worn hy fair ( iodlva , when through
Cm entry she rode ,
Ho splashes In the limped stream with many
n gleeful shout ,
And to the hank returning puts his shirt on
Insldo out ;
And when his mother questions him , "How
cnmo that garment so ? "
Ho looks upon It with surprise , nnd says ho
doesn't know ;
When further pressed to give the cause , this
reason ho employs ;
' ,1 must have turned n summersault when
playing with the boys. "
Somcrvlllo Journal.
"Only n Panny Blossm1 ;
Only n bar of soap
Left on the stairs by the hired girl ,
And the old man glldos with terrific whirl
Adown the jnggod slopo.
"I Never Can Love Another , "
She said : "No ono but you. "
And tlio youth looked on h r Chicago foot ,
Then at nor graceful figure , noqt ,
Then back to her ponderous elioo.
" 0 , .Takoy , Jump the Baby , "
The tootsy-wootsy thing ,
While 1 build n lire and burn the steak
iVnd spoil the cofTco , nnd madly break
The borrowed wnlllo ring ,
"Wo Mot by Chnnco , the Usual Way , "
I chocked her haggago through
And , riding over the mils afar
She chatted merrily In the car ,
And picked my pockets , too ,
"Wo Never Speak ns Wo 1'ass By , "
Through oft wo go nnd come ;
But the reason's plain , if you must know ,
Wo both may como nnd wo both may go ,
But the girl Is deaf nnd dumb.
Texas Sittings.
A boom is like a swelled Load It scorns big
only to the owner.
The man who hai the floor The father of
twins nt midnight.
1'oachoH in Now York are 82 each ? 1 for
the poach and 81 for tlio doctor.
liabloR nro natural born dontiata. At n very
early ago they commnnco cutting tooth.
Ferdinand Ward is considered n successful
rambler ho "loan"
, oven though played n
"Tanned kids" nro not fashionable in a
'amily where the children never obey tholr
[ mronta.
AH ice cream weather approaches the dis-
: rect young inau bocomoa colder in hia up-
jroachos ,
The cron of young doctors this year prom-
sos to bo unusually largo. But what will the
mrvost bo ?
It is the custom among the French to kiss
, lie forehead and not the lips. The French
are fond of onions.
Now York city is demanding the coinage of
mlf-cent pieces. They ate probably wanted
'or charitable purposes.
Ono Maryland physician has just killed a
rival. The rival should liavo known better
than to take the medicine.
Music is an important element in a political
party. When the band begins to toot everybody
thinks It's a boglus-too-toot-ion.
A young man writes to consult us about the
! ) oet pattern of health lift. Wo would sug
gest helping his mother a little with the coal
Somebody says "Good manners nro the
small coin of virtue. " If this bo true wo sup-
[ ) ese bad manners must bo the trade dollar of
The fashionable bathing suit this season
worn by the boys who go in swimming along
, lie wharves will bo a stono-brulso on the
Mr. Gladstone is a very simple man in his
astos. Ha pi of era a quiet chop to the finest
itato dinner , and lie likes to take his chop out
iu the woods ,
An Knglish doctor , Sir William Gull.rocont.
ly received a ? 5,000 foe for a professional visit
bo I'au'.and ho didn't have to pay the patient's
funeral expenses either.
"Women , " once said a philosopher , "woro
Invented to buy shilling calicos. " Since then
HIO has boon so far improved upon that noth
ing but three dollar gros grain silk viill satisfy
A dry goods clerk says that it is a great deal
cosier to servo homely women than handsome
ones. Handsome women always expect to bo
llirtod with , and that is awfully tiresome , ob
serves a counter-jumping Adonis.
"What kind of sauce will you have with
your steak ? " asked n waiter of a diner in n
restaurant where the condiment * were served
with the orders. "If the steak is na tough ns
yesterday's , soud mo in a couple of circular
Haws , "
If it wcro as poll to to ask an amateur singer
not to sing any more as ic Is to nsk him to iu
the first place , there would bo loss weariness
of tlio spirit in the world and fewer persons
would go Into private parlors carrying conceal
ed weapons.
A Philadelphia paper says that the prevail
ing fashion for babies this spring will bo light
hair nud blue oyos. Blonde babies , who have
boon neglected for the past few yoaia because
out of style , will now please step forward and
receive the cako.
If woman would only have her lipsi pierced
instead of her oars and It would not bo a bit
more absurb a man might do a good thing by
Inserting n diamond-studded cull-button ,
\\hlchwouldmuka her very happy nnd give
him a chauco to got in a word occasionally.
Ono of the professors of the university of
Texas was explaining the Darwinian theory to
his closs , when ho observed that they were not
pa ) in/proper attention. "Gentlemen , " said
the professor , "whon I am endeavoring to ex.
plain to you the peculiarities of the monkey I
wish you would look right at mo , "
Mlnnio 0 , Mallard , in A poem , says ; "I
held my now love Inmy arms , Caroused It , and
murmured low , While my old love dead , in
its winding shoot , Lay cold In the driven
mow. " A captious oritto thinks aha might
have taken the trouble to bury bei first hut-
baud , anyhow , instead of dumping htm In n
Love In Tliroo cottons ,
A pretty girl.
A pleasant whirl ,
Behind a team o ! grays ;
A nice young man
To plot and man
In various kinds o [ ways ,
A flush and squeeze
Are sure to please ;
Another fond caress.
Some further chalf ,
A Binllo and laugh ,
And then a gentle "yea. "
A preacher palo
A bridal veil
Como thro' the parlor wide ;
The groom is there ,
Complete the pair ,
And then the knot IB tied.
A year ha * gone ,
Tlmo BWOOIU along
In Its unceasing tramp ;
Now BOO the prooin
Charge round the room ,
1li9 baby'j got the crunn ,
Scvon now churches nro now being built In
Llltlo Kock , Ark.
Bob Ingorsoll'a two beautiful clatiKhtcnlinvo
never been Inside n church ( n their lives. Ills
said , however , that they are lioth Christians
In bftllef , nnd Incline toward the doctilncs of
the Cnthollo Church.
The Methodist conference has enacted that
ministers of nil colored churches in Delaware
nnd luwa nnd other northern states shall bo
ponnltted to loin the conference In which they
nro geographically situated.
With all the enthusiasm nnd fraternal ex
pression on both sides In the Saratoga 1'rosby-
torlnn nucembly , the southern Presbyterians
are still disgruntled , and propose to fraternize
hereafter by loiter nnd not by delegate ,
It may Interest some of our readers to know
that the King and Ouecn of the Sandwich
Islands are both J'plscopnltann. They have
been hapt7ed ! nnd confirmed in the faith , nnd
most of the churchcH there are Kpiscopal.
The centennial anniversary of the organiza
tion of the Pennsylvania dloceso of the Pro
testant Kpiscopal church was celebrated
on Sunday last. This was the second dloceso
organized after the war ot independence.
The Monnonlto church has just elected nnd
consecrated a now bishop , Kov , Nathaniel
Bcrtolet Grnbb. Among the consecrating
bishops was Uov. A. K. Funk , who twenty
years ago was In the lumber business In this
The Kngllsh Wcsloyan Missionary society ,
wliono anniversary has just boon hold , reported
nn Income of $7iJO,000 , 391 circuits , 1,05-1
chapels , ICO missionaries and nefilstants , " 1,1)01 )
church members , nnd 7 ! > ,010 Sunday school
pupils ,
A Baptist church in Now .Tonoy , now with
out n pastor , has taken the ground that it will
settle only a married man. The reason given
Is that the unmarried ministers fall In love
with ono of the young girls In Uio congregation ,
nnd that makes trouble.
A few years ngo. Mr. Bcochor baptl/.ed n
largo number of children , accompanying the
ceremony with thcso words : "Baptism is an
ordinance that has coiro down to us from a
faith that In our dotimnination has censed to
exist. Baptism never did nny hurt : It never
did any good. "
Bov. lr. ) George Worthing , the newly
elected bishop ot Nebraska , istl ! years of ago.
and unmarried. Ho has boon very successful
in Detroit , bringing forunrd his church till It
is reckoned the third largest In the denomina
tion. Besides attendants , hie congregation
Includes ono thousand communicants.
President Atthur still retains his pew in
the Church of the Heavenly Best , on Fifth
a\enuo , near Forty-fifth street , Now York.
When ho Is In Now York over Sunday ho nt-
tends service there , and remains afterward to
liavo n chat with Dr. Howlnud , the rector.
The rest of the Arthur family ire strong Dnp-
Lists , the president being also brought up in
, hut church.
llov. William Tayor , made bishop for Afri'
ca by the Philadelphia Methodist conference
was born May 21 , 1821. Ho united with the
Baltimore conference in 1811. In 1819 ho
went to San Francisco nnd nrgnimod the first
Methodist church. From 1850 to 18G1 ho was
engaged OH an evangelist In the eastern states
md Canada. Ho has einco labored in Kng.
and , Ireland , Australia , Ceylon , India , and
n Africa , nt Capo Colony , Kafliraria and Na-
, al. Ho has nlso preached in Chill , Peru nnd
\foxico. Probably no man , living or dead ,
las labored in HO many lands and preached to
looplo of so many different tongues.
The Hlght llov.tBnnjimlu Bosworth Smith ,
molding bishop of the Protestant Kpiscopal
: hurch in this country , died of old ngo Sat-
irday morning. May ; ! 1 , nt his homo in New
York , No. G5K Lexington a\onuo. Though
.ho bishop would have ended hla ninetieth
rear In two weeks more , his mental and bodily
mwora retained their normal condition until
vithin the last , month , when ho nttondod a
special meeting of the house of bishopajhold in
.hit city. From that tlmo ho gradually failed ,
lo attributed his longevity to the fact that ho
ipvor used tobacco or spirits In nny form , and
n's family state that ho novcr took medicine
n IIB ; life.
I u Aft or Days.
In after days , when grasses high
O'rrtop the tomb where I shall Ho ,
Though well or ilj the world adjust
- My slender claim to honored dust ,
I shall not question nor reply.
I shall not see the morning sky ,
I shall not boar the night wind sigh ,
I shall bo mute , as all men must ,
In after days !
And yet , now living , fain were I
That some ono then should testify ,
Savin ? , "Ho held Ills pen in trust
To art , not serving tlmtno or lust , "
Will none ? * * Then lot memory dlo.
In after days !
Austin Dobeon in the Century ,
Tlio IiuliiBtrlous Ant.
Soon will the merry picnic days
In Boason roll around ,
When , to escape the sun's fierce rays ,
Wo'll seek the ( -haded ground.
Whore ants have a peculiar knack
Of wandering from their bed ,
And marching up a fellow's back
With elow and measured tread ,
[ Bismarck Tribune.
Mlsa Miry Anderson's receipts during the
past seven months are said to have amounted
to 177,000.
"Tho llnjab" has ntlast succumbed to the
[ liratos , und is being played in Western towns
jy the buccaneers.
Sarah Bernhardt Is having a translation ! of
"Hamlet" made , with n view to playing the
role ot the melancholy Dano.
Hcrr Wllholm Tuubcrt , the conductor of
kho opera nt Berlin , will this year celebrate -
brato the fiftieth anniversary of hla appoint
it Is reported that Harry Phillips and Kato
Caslloton were married May 8 , at San Fran
cisco. Cul , They nro both connected with
Itlcos "Pop" company.
Mies KoHtta Worrell , a yonger sister of the
Worrell ulsters , has como from Kniland , nnd
will join Mr , and Mrs. Gcorgo S , Knight , who
nro at present on the road.
Frank Loaoo nnd Ills wlfo , nee Mnrlon El-
more , have joined the Madison Square Theatre -
atro "Itajnh" company , and are now on tour
x > Snn Francisco ,
Hans Bulow la reported to have introduced
n now feature in hla concerts , In the adagio
of Beethoven's ninth symphony ho lias the hall
darkened and frankinconie burned.
There nro five times as many accordoonn as
guitars in Mexico. This la the strongest argu
ment wo have yet seen against the United
States annexing Mexico. Norrlitawn Herald.
Miss Hose Cog hi an U credited with social
aspirations. It is a fact that she wont into
Now York society a great deal during the past
winter , with Mrs. J , II. Draper as chaperone.
The widow of Uie latoGeorpo A. Conly , the
barytone , placed every dollar she possessed in
the keeping of Hatch & Footo , tlio bankers ,
who failed during the recent Wall street
M. B. Curtis will star next season in a new
piny entitled "Spot Cash ! or , Sam'l of Poaon
on the Uoad. " It ii a sequel of "Sam'l of
Poeon. " Mr. CurtU will manage the busi
ness himself.
Wliilo Lawrence Barrett has lost 810,000 by
Ills London engagement , Minnie Palmer has
added to her coffers considerably more than
that bum. The Kngllsh people evidently pre
fer fine ankles to fine acting.
MUs Adele Bolgarda has accepted an on-
gogomont with Joseph Jo fer on to create
a part In his new play. "Shadows of a
Great City. " It will receive 1U initial pro
duction at MoYicker'a Theatre , Chicago , July
Cultured and enthusiast Cincinnati thought
Scarln und Winkolmanu "just too lovely for
anything" at the festUal last week , hut could
not tell which waa which. Mr. Thomas should
have explained the difference between a tenor
and a baritone.
During a New York Casino concert last
Sunday Aimee forgot the laat versa of "Pretty
as a Picture. " Nothing daunted , the took
Uie score from the conductor's hand , with the
remark : "I've forgotten , " and proceeded to
slug the song again ,
Mm. Lamrtry , testifying In her own behalf
In the brearh-of-contact suit brought against
her In New York by John A. Stevens , stated
that ahe has no homo. How much this plain
tive admission may Imvo had to do with the
\ordlct rendered by the jut : ' In her favor can
only bo Imagined ,
After singing her last song In Cincinnati ,
Saturday , Mine. Chrlntlno Nilcon told an In
terviewer that this was posltholy her last
tour In America that fho should sail fro
Now York July 2 , ding a little In Knglund , go
so Sweden nnd hid farewell forever to profcs-
tlonalllfo ,
Mmo. Modjoxkn closed her reason last
Thursday * t Utlcn. N. Y. , and will sail next
Saturday for Kuropo. Sh goes directly to
the land of her nativity , Poland , nnd will
spend the fminmcr there. Next season she
will devote entirely to London nnd the pro
Mrs , Langtry has decided that she will not
return to America next > oar. She will play
the season In London nnd the Kngllsh prov
inces. She has relinquished the lease of the
house In Thirteenth street , Now York city ,
which expired Mny 1st , nnd has stored her fur
niture. When she returns from San Francisco
tlio handsome econcry eho carries will bo put
up nt Nlblo's Garden.
Klwood. formerly loading man to Mrs.
Langtry , has sued her for \arlous sums duo
under bis contract. His counsel said loan
Interviewer : "On the day of the trial Mr.
Klwood will produce In court Bomo dalntv
missives , highly perfumed , with boautfful
monogrnmlc headings , from the LIlv. These
will have some effect , no doubt. Those mis
sives nro not cold In their tenor , I can assure
you. "
Kdwln Booth will only play every other
week next season. His health is hy no moans
good , nnd nbout twenty weeks Is all that ho
fools ho can work during the year. Mr. Booth
will bo under the management of It. M. Field ,
and hla support will bo principally drawn from
the Boston Museum company , The off weeks
will bo tilled , it Is said , by Clara Morris , who
Is nlso nn invalid nnd iiunblo to act continu
John Stetson loft Boston Tuesday.for Snn
Francisco , whore ho Is to meet his ' 'Monto
Crlsto" company , who opona nt the San Fran
cisco theater in two weeks. At the present
time Nat. Goodnin is astonishing the natives
of the far western city in "Confusion , " in
which production John Stetson is also inter
ested. The play has scored n big hit nnd will
run for three weeks. The genial Nat Good
win Is highly appreciated.
Mr. W. J. Loinoyno , of the Madison Square
theater , who has been playing constantly In
Now York , summer and winter for _ the pnst
few years , is to mnko his first professional tour
commencing next week , llo leaves for Lcav-
cnworth , Knn. , to join the "llnjnh" company ,
in which ho plays his original part of the as
tute lawyerHo will travel through Califor
nia and British Columbia , returning in tune
for the regular season nt the Madison Square
That giddiest and gushloat of giddy gushers ,
little Kmma Abbott , has joined the Kurouoan
oxoduntors , and sailed for foreign parts ,
Kmma's mission is to secure some new operas ,
Into n ballot , buy a lot of dresses and enjoy
herself. In the rurnl districts Abbott is well
liked. She doses the yokels with a varied
repertoire , ranging from "Somnnmbula" to
"Tho Bohemian Girl. " But in Now York ,
where the big operatic guns boom annually ,
the diminutive prima donna Is not popular.
Abbott will remain away not longer than two
mouths ; and her husband , Mr. Wotheroll , will
followjhcr over in time to help brfng over the
operoa , clothes and ballot. Well , good luck
go with her , Sho's plucky and persistent , and
the woman without ability who can convince
several millions of people that she ia an artist
of the first rank , deserves unqualified admira
tion ,
Lnwronco Barrett , who is a tetchy pcrcon ,
not long ngo got angry because the London
public didn't Hock to see him at the Lyceum ,
nnd showed his pique by lampooning them in
Interviews with several reporters , Of course
this did not have the olfect of stimulating the
attendance , and the engagement was played
out to a depressing array of empty boxes nnd
vacant chairs. Probably Mr. Barrojt regrets
hla disastrous experiment across the sea by
this time. Ho should have profited by the la
mentable experience of Kdwiu Booth. Sad
der and wiser ho will soon be among uaagain _ ,
launching the curse of ixomoand wobbling the
hunch ot Lanciotto. Ilia first engagement
\villboplayedafew weeks hence n Denver ,
nnd then he goj3 to his old stamping ground ,
San Francisco , to remain for a considerable
period. Out there ho will doubtless enjoy the
novelty of a crowded house , for ho is a favor
ite with the play-croera of the Pacific Slopo.
Juno's Entry.
Jane comes 'mid the odors of flowers ,
That crowd on her way to surround her.
Aa Queen of our happiest hours ,
Witli glory the sunshine has crown'd hor.
The roses uplift their fair heads ,
Then bow in low homage before her ;
The violets kneel in their beds ;
Sweet buds blossom wide to adore.
Now whisper the leaves nnd the grass ,
With delicate welcome to greet her ;
Soft winds , ns they merily pass ,
Now linger , onchanteu to meet her.
With music of insect nnd bird
The air nil delightedly quivers.
No sounds , but of gladness , nro heard
From mountains and valleys and rivers.
Our heartstrings once more are in tune ,
And banish all care and repining ;
Hero's Juno ovor-boautilul Juno
The joys of nil seasons combining !
Philadelphia , May 20 , 18S1.
A mnn out in Iowa wants to know If "min
isters in Now York get fat salaries for preach
ing the GoHpcl. " Some of them got fut sala-
i\o3 \ , hut not for preaching the Gospel.
Last Sunday a big frog hopped into the
door of a Methodist church , across the bay
from San Frnncuco , nnd joined in the chorus
HJ vigorously that all hands stopped until it
wns fired out.
A verbatim report of a portion of n lecture
delivered by Col. itobort ( ! . Ingorsoll In Phil
adelphia recently has been submitted to
eminent lawyers of the city for nn opinion
whether ho can bo prosecuted therefor under
the law against blasphemy ,
A Presbyterian clergyman in Scotland n
short time ngo offered to give it shilling to
every man nnd half a crown to every woman
who would como to him the next day and de
clare truthfully that they had not spoken of
wordly matters after church , Not one came.
llov. B. J. Bedell , of Bollalro , Ohio , who
ran nv/ny with a fifteen-year-old girl a year
ngo , returned Thursday , naked hla Wife's for
giveness and got It. In the evening ho wont to
the prayer meeting of the church ho deserted ,
and asked forglvuess there , but ho didn't
get It.
The thirty Mohammedans traveling with nn
eastern show five times each day piously
kneel , turn their faces toward the east , nnd repeat -
peat a prayer. We should think it would bo
necessary for a man traveling with a circus to
pray at least live times a day if he wished to
retain his grip on religion.
An old woman named Gordon , in the norUi
of Scotland , was listening to the account given
In the scriptures ot Solomon's glory , which was
road to her by a little female grand-child.
When the little girl came to tell of the
thousand camels which formed part of the
Jewish sovereign's live stock , "What ! " cried
the old woman , " a thousand Campbells , Bay
ye ? " The Campbells are an auld clan , sure
oneuch ; but look an1 ye dlnuaeoo the Gordons ,
too. "
In his Sunday morning prayer a Wisconsin
minister prayed the Lord that such of bis con-
ty by . .
wheat dropped 9 cents per bushel , and twenty
throe members of the congregation had cucli
cold feet that they couldn't stand still. The
week after that there was a meeting of the
congregation to coo about raising the minis-
tor's salary , nnd the result of the meeting waa
to cut it down from 31WO per annum to $800.
As ono of the kicker * answered In explana
tion i ' 'Wo had them Milwaukee chapa right
by the short hair , and thli feller had to jump
In aiyl request the Lord to knock us endways.
If ho wants uioro'n $8UO a year let him buy
lottery tickets and pray for 'em to hit. "
\Tbow liability , vxliitiulluu and | > r matur
decay arocsuMdbr > oeuMi > rroncfTi > ulh.ete. |
era perfectly rettortd to robu.t health and
vltrunms niunliuod Ij THE.MARSTGN
HOUUS. . > otora cli drufjime. TulilraatuMO. !
oJVrvoiii Mobility and l'l > j-.lc.il Ween
aifonuly auceeuful bt > cnM uaava on t"
uiuum Uneivi > n < l direct methods an
uiui t Ihuroualmrft * . billed Treatl e
* ; C'E '
* * * * * * * *
' ' "
" ' " '
Growers of Live Stock and Others ,
It Is the best and cheapest food tor clock r.t any kind. Cno pound la ecualto thrco pounds of corn
stock Itxl with Ground Oil Cake Iu the Fall cud Winter , Instead ol running down , will Increase In weight
and be In good marketable noMl.tlon In the prlnff. IMlrjtr.en. M well tut othort , who use It can tettlly t
Its merits. Tryttand JUIK ? 'I * J'ou lvoe. , . I'rlM 2B.Ooiwr ton ! nochnrpo for sicke. Addrosa
WOODMAN LINSF.ID : oiti COMPANY , omiii * Kob.
Fiuo llavana , Key West and Domestic Cigars. .All Standard Brands Tobaccos.
Trial Orders Solicited , Satisfaction Guaranteed , {
Near Union Pacific Depot , - Omaha , Neb ,
H. B. LOCKWOOD ( formerly of Lockwood & Draper ) Chicajjo , . Man Y
ager of the Tea , Cigar and Tobacco Departments. A full line o
all grades of above ; also pipes and smokers' articles carried in
stock. Prices and samples furnished on application. Open
orders intrusted to us shall receive our careful attention
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Heating and Baking
In only attained by nsing
Stoves and Ranges ,
BRSJllGsB3a * S2 = = = = = r- ' Fci ilo by
s * * " *
Office and Yard , 6tti and Douglas ts , ,
100 and 10SSouth llth Street , Omaha , Nebraska. "Correspondence Solicited. "
Wholesale Druggists !
* * * *
Paints. Oils. Brushen , Clann.
Milwaukee , Wis.
BEEK. QUNTKER & CO , , Solo Bottlers. \
Wholesale Olothiers !

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