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Connecting In I'nlon Depots nt Knti : i < < ( . 'lt\ ,
Oiimh.i anil Denver with llironjrlt trains fur
Anil nil points In tlio Gicat M"c t
Connecting In Gin ml Union Depot nt I'lilcivro
with through train * lor
yisir YORK , nosToy.
Anil nil iasti > riiCltl"i.
At IVoili with tlironijli trains tor Imllanan.
oils , cini'liimiti , Columbus mul nil points In
lllOSOllll1l llSt. At St IOUl3 M"i t ll till tit I fill
tmlni lor nil points South.
t Hay Coaches , Tailor fare , vlth lip.
cimlrs ( i-cati licp ) , Snioklni : Cars with
J i'volMIL' uimiis , I'nllnmn 1'alncp MceplnK
Cni-i unit tlio Unions r. 11. Ay. Dlnlii iMr3
run dally toiuiil Horn ( MilciiRo nnil Knnsuintv.
tliicaiwiiiul Council lllutu Clilc.ino ml 1 > ; !
, ° , " 1ri l 'Ici'K'o ' , St. Joseph , Atchlmin mul
lonrKu w ithotit clwiiRe. only thioimh Ilia-
imining tlieh- own tnilnq bptvccu Chlei\"o ,
I.incoln nnil Dunvvr. anil ChleiiBn , lianaas
rilv mul Dciivpr. Thi-ouih cm5 liotw.-i'ii
limiTiiiipolls anil Council itlntN , via IVoiln
Snll'l 'Imlns of incgaiit , Uuy Concliet nml
Pullman 1'ixlaco Sleeping Cm 3 moumdu.U to
iiml Horn fet. Louis , vln llnnnllinl , ( inlncv.
J\UOKIIK , Iitiillngton , reilur Unplils nml Albeit
Lentoht. I'anl nml Minneapolis ; I'm lor Caw
Ttttli lice lilting Chahs to and liotn SI Louis
SI i' ' t''rlnOnly ono change of cars between
S-t I onlsniKl DP < Mollies , lown , Lincoln , No.
fcniskn , nml Ueiivrr , Colorado.
U Is also the only Tliroiih Line Ijciw con
It H known as the Kieit THItOlTiill CAP.
? " 'r ' ' n'Rl ' l3 l"llvt'l'Sllly "limit.
c I t j
Tiacst Equiptisa Railroad in the Wcrld for
all classes of Travel.
Through Tickets via this line for ynle afcaj :
. It coupon ticket onicesliitUo United < ] taio3
nil C .uiadu ,
Gen. Manager Qtn uiJL t r-il-iit-
Stat o& Jloiiroc Sts. ,
for l&M , UO Iin ri. SOU engmlng
of InitrumenU , Sulu , Cap , IVlLi ,
'i , Ep nli'ts , Cilvl snijis ,
Pntra MAJOT' . buni nil
IUu , 8un > lry Lmiil OiittiU Impairin
iMftterUli. ftli Inrluilaf loilructloa
Lxtrcls Tor Ainftt ur IUnils.an < l %
MCuo of tLclco taad music lu&Hed Tree.
In April , May and Juno , 1SSI. 1'ASSAOK TICKETS
l > VailATrA.MTICSTiA.MiUS. : Special lacllit ! for
tra\f1i-r lii IIUnoPE , by a'l routes , at reduced rates.
COOK'S EXCUltdlONIST , with maps mid full i.ar- .
larg , by mall 10 cents. Address
TIIOH. COOK & .SON1 , M y Oroadwa , N.
Tills bKt , for l.i
tor la made mprcssly for
. the euro of derangements
hot the gcncratho orcr.nii.
Ifhoro Uno mistake about
yhis Instrument , , tha con-
'llnuoui stream of KLKC-
THIOITY rcrmcatlnf ?
I throuKlithe parts must res-
I tore them to healthy action
[ Do not confound thla with
. Electric Belts ad\crtl3cil to
cure Ml illi f m head to too. It Is for the ONE spec
ific purpose Forcircula chine full Information ,
address Cheo\or Electric UoltCo.,103 Washington
St. Chicago 111.
Spasms , Eclampsy and
Nervousness are
The Honorariums are due
only after success.
Treatment by Correspondence
Awsnlriltho firstcla s gold Medal for dletlngul'hcd
rei i ta by the "Socletio S lentlllqun francalio , "
( tlio French Eclcntlfio 'Jouetj.
( ( , I'liico tin Trouo , , 1'ARIH.
\\lli 1 ftHy * ui o i ut ii n icnn lucrnly to otop mom ivt
tt o u.id tlicnhivothini r'Murn ftKBln , I iuenr. nraih'
ca4Uf > I im\o mtu\n \ the Olacnflo of VLTS , KTILLPSV
or rAL' jN'U SlCKKiSSiV Jlfo longs udjr. I warrutc&V
etat ct' to euro the \vurst ctwa * . Citiuuffs othon havw
tillcJ t no rtfaoon Tor not nmv rocelviug iicaro. * Jni ei
cueir A treatlno Ami A Krou llottlo or my Intunurf
kriu-Jv lilvo KxproHS mi'l I't t ODlco U co * * 4i
-Tji-Juw for a trial. nnO \vlllruro y. > * ,
- Address Ur. II. U. WWT. luroArlSUyonV1
In mnMyonrs. Each number thn dpcolal pre-
dorii'lIon of on eminent iihjslclnn Tlio uuly
Hlniple , KifnnndHureileaiclnciforthuii'oplo
LIST ruixctrii , hon. COBEI. rntcv.
1. I'rreri. Congettlan.Inflanmtloni , , , .75
2 , Worini , Worm Kever , Worm Colic , . , 'iR
: i. Crvlni ( 'ollporTcotlilnKnf Infixuta ,2.1
.1 , Dlarrliea o ( Children or Adulti 2n
A. llyienlarv , Orlplim , Ullllou"Colic45
< i. Oliolrm Mnrbui , vomiting , , .U.t
7 , 4ouehii ! , Cold , Hronchltli 29
M. JWurulgla , Toothnche. Jnctachr. . . . .25
U. Ilnn'aclief , blclc lleadacbcii , Vertigo
10. ilv pep l , Illlllou * Btomacn las
I'alllfnl I'rrlod .
11. Hnpprriird nr
13. Whllei. too l'rofu 9 J'erlorti 45
1.1 , CroiHi , Cougb , Dimcult UreathlnK 25
1 I , Hull Ulirnui , ErjIlpsUi , EniitloiiB , .25
15 , lUirumntliiii , nfjviimatla 1'aluB 25
Ki , VfiDT nnd AnurJChlll , FcTer. Aguti .5(1
17 niei. llltnii or IileedlcK . . ' . . . .51 *
111. Cninrrh. acute or chronic ; Influcnia 5U
311. WliaoplnB < k > n U , TtoUntcoiiKhi.n .50
21 Onneral rirbllltv , I'byslcal Wealcneii.atl
27. Kidney nin-n n' . . . . . . . 5O
2-t. ttffiou * Drbllllr l.OO
SO. Urlnarr Wrnhneai.Vettlnetha bed ,61 *
33. l lie in flhe Henri , I'alpllatloa. I.tO
hold by ilrugglxti , orient by the Cue , Or ( In
gle Vlaf , fren of rharKfl , on receipt of prloe.
fieuil for Ilr.lcirnphrrv | Ilonkon ll e o.4kf.
Addren , llnmnlireva1 llomeonnthlr Atei
Jo. . IQO Fulton Street , ftew York.
iFFosna V
i ia
A'gEW gjpP f ? ,
TAMI'ICO In irkiob a Xuapo ! I lay krtak * .
It * a > t mt Trlpl * B clt prrvcnU
buckebeijln HrTltntl na aUl * < S
dliouel iionre BmlTcm tnpratar *
arouad tie body , pr l c ln lung * and
put , aa BMeaurr ( betltii U alt tUwUM.
Kcr Sale by
S. P. MORSE & CO. , Omaha.
[ Continued Jrom first page , ]
pcnrnnco ns ho received tlio congratula
tions of these _ nrotind him. Telegrams
cmno rushing in upon Blnino nlmoat liter-
nlly by armsful. Hundreds of dispnlches
followed from every atato in the union ,
WASHINOTOX , Juno 0. President Ar
thur received the decisive nowa from
Chicago with great composure. Secre
taries Lincoln nnd Chandler , General
Grcaham and Don Cameron wcro with
him vrhon the foroahadawinj ; bullotiua
arrived , and without waiting for n com
plete fulfilment the president invited the
comany to luncheon.
who was stopping into hia carriage for an
evening drive , said : "You can say if
you choose that 1 ahull support the ticket
heartily. 1 am a republican , and aliall
support the nominees of the party , of
course. "
while the ballots were being received ,
sat in hia commlt'oo room. When the
votes of Illinois and Indiana assured the
nomination of Blaine ho said : " 1 am a
as happy as any man can bo. My otato
fOinatnod with mo. "
said regarding the nomination of Blaine :
"It ought to bo the moat popular thine
going. Ho certainly ia a great deal
stronger than anybody else in til of the
states that nro doubtful. For my part 1
am happy to say that I have never had
any boos in my bonnot. "
At ten o'clock this o vonlng General
gan sat in his library convorainc with
'riends ' upon the ovonta of the day s ses
sion of the convention at Chicago. In an
\djoining front room Mrs. Logan was
corn-owing with n party of eight or ton
adics and two or three gentlemen. A
card was brought into the General by a
colored waiter , followed in an instant by
wo or three perspiring gentlemen , who
soizcd General Logan's ' hand nnd shook
t heartily , ofl'ering him congratulations
upon Romothing which they were not
qivon opportunity to fully explain.
Them was n momentary sound of moro
excited conversation iu the front room as
f something of nn ngrccnblo nature had
) ccomo known to the companions of
ilra. Logan , and that lady entered the
library bearing a torn envelope and ita
mclosuro in her hand : "Come , papa ,
lore is something , " she said , na
ho grasped hand to load him to-
vard the light. A shout of three or
our hoarao voices was hoard from the
A lady clad in pure white passed Mn.
jogan nnd seized both the general's
muds , beginning an impressive and evi-
ontly : v vciy welcome greeting. Moro
; cntleman entered. Loud shouts came
rom the streotsjjomo'ono proposed throe
hcers for nomcthing , and the result had
rowncd for a moment all voices in the
opm , "Very happy ; thanks ; very grati-
ying , nominator ! by acclamation , you
ivy ; great compliment , very much
blicjcd , yes , ye'S , O , remember you , cor-
: ainly. " A sound of team ? approaching
rom a distance lent its help to swell the
The general's face at the first situation
vas a look of something resembling sur-
) rise , but it gave plnco to blushes and
iroad smiles an ho was seized by the
adios and gentlemen and conducted to
ho front window in response to the de
mand from the street below.
'Speech ! Speech ! ' shouted the crowd
f a thousand white and colored mon in
bout equal proportion , and again the
rpnoral , now a prisoner in the hands of
lis captors , took up his march. A way
was cleared with difficulty through the
all way , down stairs and out to the front
oor , where standing upon the stops of
ho mansion , the general was cheered
ry frequently by his his visitors.
u. . . co was secured and General Logan
n n voice inaudible to moro than half the
rend , said : "Friends , I thank you for
'our kind greeting to-night. 1 am not
iropared to make a spiicch. Again I
hank you. Good night. "
General and Mrs. Logan were then
onducted [ to the parlor of the man-
ion , nnd the doors being thrown open
ho crowd pressed in , formed in line , and
ilcd past , shaking the extended Jjanda of
loth the general and his wifo.
In half an hour they were _ gone , and
icneral Logan had opportunity to read
a paper which Mrs. Logan had brought
urn when the quiet of their homo was
irst disturbed. It proved to bo an nnso
iatcd press bulletin announcing his
lamination by acclamation for vico-pro-
CHICAGO , Juno ( i. Dispatches received
, o-niglit from points all over the country ,
ognrding the lilaino nnd Logan nomina-
ion , are apparently an endless repetition
of the phrases , "Wildest enthusiasm , "
'cannon booming , " "bonfires blazing , "
and "clubs forming. "
In Now York City there was momon-
ary disappointment on the part of the
mrtisans of other candidates , but there
s every indication that the republicans
will fall into solid line at once for Blaino.
lit Troy , N. Y. , reports say the largo
rish population ia particularly jubilant.
A largo number of special trains are
icing run to Augusta from various cities in
Now England.
At Richmond , Ya. , the jubilation was
wonderful , not so much that Blaine was
ho choice of the convention , but that
Arthur was beaten and Mahono crushed.
CHICAGO , Juno C. George William
Curtis , being asked by an associated
press representative how ho viewed the
nomination of Mr. Blaine , replied that
the action of the convention did not
in any wise change his known opinion as
to the wisdom of placing Mr. Blaine in
nomination. Beyond that ho did not
care to express himself at this timo.
Late to-night General Henderson ,
chairman of the convention , completed
the committee to iiotlty Mr. Blaine and
General Logan of the nomination In ac
cordance with instructions from the con
vention. The Rommittoo Includes the
chairman , Jno. B. Henderson , of Mis
souri , George II. Davis , of Illinois , N.
M. Hubbara of Iowa , Church Howe of
LONDON , Juno 7.Tho Daily News
says : "Tho most conservative observers
beliuvo the nomination of Blaine marks
the dissolution of the republican party
which will have a most critical battle this
year. "
Types of the Classes Seen on Now York's '
Great Thoroughfare ,
Prowlers and Men in Pursuit of ISxor-
else Untlno of tlio Glut ) Men.
Mysterious Characters.
There are thousands of men In Now
York to whom a walk on Broadway in the
afternoon is as much a matter of habit aa
their three nioala n day , anya the Sun. In
aomo instances they look aa though their
daily walk was considerably moro rcitulnr
and satisfactory than their moals. Very
many of thorn are what nro known aa
prowlers. They walk simply to bp amus-
jd by the crowd and the shop windows ,
and they are easily distinguished from
the business men and those who walk for
Upper Broadway , between the hours
of 2 and ( I in the nttornoon is a promcu >
mlo which has u distinctive throng of its
jwn. Even n casual glance at tha crowd
is enough to convince the observer that
the statement that there is no leisure class
in America is erroneous. The leisure
class , as far ns can be seen , as it parades
up and down upper Broadway , consists
of club men , invalids , millionaires , dudes ,
bunco steerors , younger sons , college
boys , mcdic.il students , and numerous
specimens of ] the genus known aa
'masher. " Fashionably dressed gamblers
add to the crowd. Thcso men all walk
with a lolsuroly stride , look intently at
every face they pass , and move easily in
and out among the women. The move at
the saino rate of speed as the ladies who
wander about from store to store shop-
| ) ing , and though they may have walked
; ip aad down the long strcot of Broad
way for years and years as many of thorn
indeed have they seldom moot an no-
puaintanco. They pass each other with in-
ndillbrcnt stares. They walk from 14th
street up to the Fifth Avenue hotel on
the west sldo of the way , drift up Fifth
Avenue as far as Thirty-fourth atroot ,
.hen retrace their stops. This they do
'our or live times. Very often groups of
v hundred or more cluster about the on-
ranee of the Fifth Avenue and Brims-
vick hotels , where they stand in various
asliionplato poses and stare at the girls.
L'hcso men do not drora elegantly or ox-
lonsivoly. The distinction of being do-
icribod as fashionable men is duo entirely
o extreme neatness of attire and a cer-
ain well-brushed , clean-shaved , caro-
ully-barborod appearancecoupled with a
careful carriage and moro or Ices con-
cntional poses , No one would mistake
ono of the habitual prowlers on Broad
way for a business man. The trim , nth-
otic clerks who come striding up town
at 5 o'clock ditl'or very much from from
ho prowlers. They push their way
hrough the crowds of languid men and
vomon who are on Broadway , chat
irlghtly , roar loudly at jioor folks , and
Uid dive frequently into doorways that
to moaftorly protected by green baize
ioors. Many bankers and merchants
drive up town in their cabs as fur aa Four-
couth street , whore they alight and walk
> risldy to their homes in search of an
appetizer. These men are invariably
jrospcrous looking and robust. They ,
oo , stop on the woman's trains and
ostlo against the prowlers as they stamp
ilong.Tho business man and the clerks dolf
heir hats quit * * often , and are usually
acquainted with very many moro people
han the habitues of Broadway.
Undoubtedly the girls and women who
ndulgo in the mythical art of shopping
are the great attraction of Broadway.
? ow people stop to look In at shop-win-
lows , and nothing claims the attention
of the crowd after 4 o'clock. The women
are magnificently dressed and the men
appreciate their gorgoousncss. After
chool hours there are very many girls
vho take a run up and down Fifth aven
ue , but they seldom venture on Broad
way. The school girls usually disappear
loforo 5 o'clock , and their places are
akon by the shop-girls , who are usually
nero picturesque and pleasing to look
A familiar figure upon Broadway is the
middlo-agod club man. Ho is the fortu-
late bachelor who has an income which
uatonablcs him to keep up his club dues ,
iwn a horse and a bull-pup , and live in a
ashionablo bachelor' * apartment house ,
caving a small percentage over for cards.
Jo has red well-fed and
a , - , high-colored ,
vine-tinted face , with a small mustache
and a pair of sleepy eyes. Ho is dressed
vith the fastidiousness of a debutante of
ho first ball , wears several largo rings on
lie hands , has very small leather boots ,
Mid walks with the air of ono who owns
at least a mile and a half of the town.
\ftor havingrison at 11 o'clock , breakfast
ed grumblingly at his club , und smoked
lis way through the morning papers , ho
urvoys himself placidly in the mirror ,
and aallics forth for a constitutional
on Broadway. IIo walks up and dovn
mtil it is time to drive , when ho dis
appears again. As a rule , the Now York
club man of middle ao is the most un
obtrusive and ornamental of prowlers.
Jo shirks the labor of staring intently
at the women , and looks at everybody
with a stupid and o\or-fod indifference.
L'ho younger club men who have nothing
o do except amuse themselves are a bit
moro obstreperous than the middle-a od
ones. In nine cases out of ten they are
ironounced Anglomaniacs. They vote
Sroadway common and stick to the
avenue , where they wander listlessly
'rom ' the Brunswick cafe to the bir of
.ho Windsor hotel. Their faces are in
some instances familiar to thousands of
JTow Yorkers , who have no idea who
; hey aro. Late in the afternoon they
may bo soon in crush hats and evening
dross driving to dinner in their cabs , or
lurrying along the avonuo. At such mo
menta they view the crowd with such im
patience and disdain as is natural to men
aha have the prospect of a good dinner
staring thorn in the face.
The gamblers who walk Broadway are
is a rule , rather a handsome lot of men.
They are aquaro-ahouldcrod and sturdy
and well droaaod. The price of every
gambler's heart f oems to bo a big , well
mrlod mustache. Faces that are familiar
in front of the pool boards at the races ,
and at the walking matches and boxing
contest * , are to bo aeon every day with
shining beaver huts strolling up and
down Broadway. They amoko constant-
y and greet others with almost imporcop-
ibly nodswhile they atara at the magnifi
cently drosaod women , and apoculato aa
to what they will do with their money
when they 'strike a heavy winner. " It
has often boon noticed that a good many
Now York detectives look like gamblers.
They have the aamo 'sturdy figures and
the aamo carefully wrought mustaches aa
the gamblers.
There are mnuy middle aged men , with
gray boards and whtto hair , who are at
enthusiastic patrollora of Broadway aa the
youngest of the prowlers. Some of thorn
are ox-army oflicora , othera retired busi
ness men , and many of them men who
have boon unsuccessful and who are out
of ( employment , but who aook amuse
ment with the crowd. Every day there
ro fresh recruits from the country who
atroll up and down in pen-mouthed ad
miration , and follow with 111(01190 ( interesl
the noted figures who are moro or leas
famous in Now York pass up and down
Broadway at aomo time or other. In fact ,
it is said that all the fumoiH people of the
earth must in the conrao of time atroll by
the Fifth Avenue hotel. This Applies as
truly to Lml Coleridge , the lord chancel
lor of KtK'land , aa to Sorakichi , the
champion wrestler of Japan. Of the
hundreds of the well-known facoj of
famous actors , popular politicians , well
known bankers , and notorious people of
Various sorts nothing need bo Raid , They
have been written about BO many time
that they now take the parade up and
down Broadway as much for an adver
tisement aa anything olao.
There are men and womou who have
wandered up and down Broadway for
years and years , whoao faces are familiar
to thousands of people , whoso lives Imvo
been variously commented upon , and who
apparently are absolute strangers to
everybody In Now York. Ono of thcao is
a little old man whoao dross ia of a sotui-
clerical character , and who ia always well
clad. Ho wears black ovorgaitets and
black gloves , and carries an ebony stick.
His liguro is trim , though a little bent
about the shoulders , and his uye.s are
sharp as a ferret's. Promptly every
afternoon at ! l o'clock ho swings around
Hie corner of Seventeenth street and
walks rapidly up the vrost sldo of Broad
way. Ho taps his cano nervously end
rapidly on the sidewalk and pushes Ins
way rudely against the women ns ho
worms in and out through the crowd. Ho
squints his eyes and stares with a half
tierce , half peevish air at every face ho
meets , and talks nervously behind his
liaud at every other atop. On scoi'ig
liiin for the first time ono thinks that
lie is very much out of sorts with himself
and all the rest of the world. People
naturally make way for him as he pushes
through , but ho doesn't sooni to have the
least concern for anyone's comfort but
Ilia own. When ho brushes against a
woman and oho turns somowhiit indig
nantly towards him , the ill naturcd scowl
and peevish glance of his bright little
eyes causa her to move aside. Ho pat
ers up Broadway nt the top of his speed ,
thumping with his stick and cc iighing
rapidly , until ho gets to Twenty-ninth
street vrlien ho whirls around the earner
ind hurries down toward Dr. lloughlon's
church. Hero ho wandora along by the
'once ' , hitting viciously at the grass and
shrubbery between the slats , and staring
vlth the same excited air at the "Little
Church Around the Corner. " Ho stands
icro but a few minutes , then ho hurries
down Broadway again. The people who
vore jostled by him make way for him on
lis return. Ho seems to take a perverse
delight in walking on the wrong side of
ho sidewalk , so as to bo contrary to the
crowd. Wlipn ho roaches Fourteenth
street ho whirla around with a rapidity
rhlch makes people stare , and hurries
> ack again until ho gets to Tivcnty-
linth strcot. Then ho once moro
akoa UD his monotonous race down-
own. Hia appearance has not altered
n any appreciable degree for fifteen yearn ,
nnd he acts nowproaisoly aa ho did fifteen
years ago. All the habitual walkorson.Broad
vay _ make way for him good-naturedly ,
lois looked upon more or less as a crank ,
tfo ono Booms to know where ho lives or
vhat his business is. Two men who had
lathing else to do saw him dodge down
? ourtcenth street one afternoon , after
lis rush up and down Broadway. Ho
stumped steadily westward until ho got
.o Ninth avenue , than ho turned and
ookod up the strcot. Suddenly ho saw
, hat the two mon were following him ,
and ho started eastward up Eighteenth
strcot. When ho arrived at Fiftti avenue
10 turned abruptly to the right , looked
at his followers , and turned into his old
route through Seventeenth atroot to
Broadway. There ho was lost in the
crowd , and was not aeon again that
A woman who for a long time puzzled
and interested people on Broadway , and
vho disappeared suddenly , is still a
mystery often referred to. She was short ,
[ uito stout , and very dark. She might
mvo bcon the wife of a Malay pirate , a
STow Orleans octoroon , an Indian snalco-
charmer , the window of a Mexican
jrcasor , or a Thompson street voudoo
lueon. She were a little cap over very
dark and glossy hair , and dressed in a plain
jlackor brown satin dress. She were low
ilippers laced with black ribbons ever
lor instep , and her little black hands
were covered with peculiar rings.
livery afternoon for weeks she wandered
up and down , Broadway for an hour or
, wo , looking curiously at the shop win
dows. S'v rar looked at the passors-
> y , and she was quite , dignified , and re
served. After a month or two she was
joined in her walks in the afternoon by a
.all English woman , who had a pulo but
regularly-formed face and dressed witli
lorfect tasto. She looked in every
sense like an English lady , and was very
reserved and austere. She and the little
jlack woman strolled every day up and
down the thoroughfare , looking mtoroat-
cdly into the windows and paying no al-
ention whatever at the pashors-by.
iSvon an accident in the street failed to
attract their attention , and ( their voices
were so low that oven the tongue they
spoke could not bo distinguished. They
were together for three yearn , neither
altering in appearance and then they dis
appeared ono day , and the writer has
lover aocn thorn since. Thousands of
people have speculated as to the history
of the two strange women and the nor-
voua little old man.
IJllHO Ullll.
At I'rovlilencs Provldonco 1 ; lionton 1.
At Now York-l'hllndoljilifa 7 ; New York
At Detroit Detroit 11 ; Buffalo K.
At' Baltlmore-Bftltlmoro ; 2 Toledo 4.
At Uftltimoro Baltimore Unions 3. Boa.
ton 1.
At Newark , N. J. Cincinnati 4 : Domoi
tlc 1.
At HarrlnburK fit. Louis 10 ; Harrisburg -
burg . ' 1.
At Muekogon MugkegonH 9. 1'oorU 3.
At Grand Kaplan-Grand Kaplili 1 ; Still
water 3.
At Kant Suglnuw Knst Saglnaw 2) ) Qulncy
At Boy CHy-St. Paul-Buy City irntiio WAH
postponed until Saturday morning on accouui
of rain.
At Terre Haute Terre Ifuuto 1 ; Milwaukee
waukoo 18.
Discontinuance of tlio Kim Danco.
Correspondence of TUB UKE.
Juno 1,1884 : 'I
In accordance with instructions from
the department of the interior , made under
dor date of May 13 , 1881 , the Aborigina
ceremony , known aa the "Sun Danco" is
discontinued at this agency. The pro a
once of neither visiting Indians or wiiitoi
will bo permitted at the agency uhoulc
any of the Indians persist in ondoavorim
to hold the uo-c&llod "Sun Dance.
Very Respectfully ,
V. T. McQiLLYOunnr ,
I U , S , Indian
The ltop In Wlitslty.
, Juno 0. The docliiio of
three cents in whisky to-day is regarded
as the disruption of the pool. President
Miller has cpuo homo , and nays ho will
stny there till sent for. The leading
distilling company of this city , n member
of the pool , aomo days ngi directly do-
ulnred to its cuatomora that it vrould not
l > aso invoices on pool quotations ( if high
wines , but would wait and , until further
notice , base on $1 08. That action became -
came known , nnd the quotation of high
wines dropped to that figure.
TltoWcAllior To-itny.
WISIUXOTOX , Juno 0. In the Upper
Mississippi Valley : Partly , followed by
ighl local rains , stationary temperature ,
uid winds generally from cast to south.
In the Missouri Valley : Increasing
cloudiness , followed by light showers ,
slight fall in temperature , and light ,
variable winds , succeeded by southerly
_ _ _ _ _
9oino Fiirtlicr IVrHonnl DotixllH of
tlio FAIIIOUH Dancer.
Tagtioni retired from the stapo upon
reaching her -Ktd year (1817) ( ) , and never
after returned to It , even for , u single
night , She said her temptation to go
back to her profession was often very
strong so strong nt times as io be scarce
ly roaistablo. Hut n little rollcctioit re
stored her to her sensible solf. She stayed
on the stage jtiat na long as she could
without peril to the high reputation si n
had gained ,
A woman after -10 ahe declared , has
no business to remain any time in the
theatre. After that period she walks
amid quicksands. They are treacherous ;
they may look smooth and secure , but
she known not what moment she may be
swallowed up. " 1 did not retire , " she
said , "because I was wcury of my calling.
A woman never tires of the Hash of the
llootlights , of the applause , of the en
chanting atmosphere of n crowded and
appreciative audience. But , one night ,
after the performance , ns 1 was stepping
into my carriage , 1 happened to overhear -
hoar one of my friends ( ho had no idea I
was within gunshot ) this emphatic re
mark : 'Tagiloni is not quite Vthat she
was. Her admirers do not observe the
loostchango ; but 1 do for I am her friend.
She ia losing her elasticity. She cannot
accomplish n tour do force as she could
three years ago. She should retire. 1
should like to toll her ao , but it would
break her heart. No woman \\ill ever
believe aho is losing any of her charms ,
whatever her ago. "
"That determined mo. In less than
six months 1 had bidden farewell to the
theatre , nnd I have taken no second
farewell. 1 have thanked my friend
twenty limes since. Hut for my over
hearing him L might have lingered until
my audience had informed me of my un
seemly delay. That would have been
dreadful. It would have been like u cup
of poison from the hands of love. "
Taglioni was not happy in her matrimonial
menial venture. Few actresses nro , es
pecially when they marry titles. She
was very fond of the Count do Voisins ,
whoao aUccliuns for her Boomed to bo
semi-mercenary. lie ought to have boon
contented. Was ho contented 1 Who
known ? lie did not abuse her by neg
lect. She supplied him with money
liberally , and lip spent it oven more
liberally. Ho died a good many years
ago , and .she placed ever his gravn n cost
ly monument commemorating nil the vir
tues she know ho had not. They had no
children nnd this wan to her the source of
profound rcgrot.
When she retired she was worth II-
000,000 lire ( $000,000) ) , and she increased
her fortune , it ia said , fivefold. Yet
nearly all this vast sum was lost in the
I'Vanco-Gorman ' war. She spent much
money in building , laying out grounds ,
purchasing marbles , pictures , bronzes
and other works ot art. If or residence in
Milan was a palace , expensively nnd
elegantly furnished , and her Como villa
is represented ua nn architectural gem , its
interior wholly excelling the exterior.
She had n passion for cameos , mosaics ,
rococo , bric-a-brao nnd precious stones.
She give nwny hundreds of thousands of
lire to benevolent and charitable pur
poses. She once attempted to relieve the
poor of Milan by bestowing money , but
after n few wookn oho vras obliged to
abandon her good intent. Her house
was overrun with beggars who came from
nil Lombardy.
When , after the leas of her fortune ,
she repaired to London to support herself -
self by giving lessons in dancing and de
portment she wan iitill full of active lifo ,
warm interests nnd love for her art. She
did her utmost for it in teaching till the
grace she could to the rising generation
of young ladies of noble family. The
work wan full of ploaHurop for her. She
especially delighted in leaching children ,
and she was so full of Bweotnens und
delicate fooling that her pupils could not
but love hor. She accomplished what
many n younger person could not no , for
her health was perfect. She could uleop
in n railway twin or in strange bed us
contentedly ns a child ; aho did not know
what n headache was ; nho was never ill
all her lifo , except she once had nn at
tack of tha cholera. A magnificent con-
slitulion , inherited from her father , who
was merry and happy ns a boy up to
the time of hia death at an advanced
ago , was the foundation of this ad
mirable health ; but those who lead
n sedentary lifo would do well to consid
er how far the habit of oxorclao helped to
produce it. Partly , perhaps , her inter
est in all about her arose , as she herself
expressed it , from the fact that her study
was BO incessant in her early youth that
very much of what young people nro
wearied of was quite fresh and novel to
her. Dor general education was carried
on , notwithstanding her special study ;
but she had to sacrifice many amusements -
monts , and , above all , the study of music ,
for which she had great twto. Ilor keen
sensitiveness to the moaning and rythrn
of music had much to do with her ox-
luisito expressiveness of her dancing.
She owed her unimpirod mental and
bodily vigor nt the close of a long lifo to
the excellent care aho at all times took of
her health. She never indulged in any
of the disapations of an actress , nnd in
her old age had her reward.
. . ,
Block !
For Bs iness ,
Traveling ,
Dress and
Weddings ,
i jUTNtck pjeulujji. New Hummer NoToltloa.jU
The Largest Stock in Omalia and Makes the Lowest Prices
Just received nti assortment Car surpassing anything in thla market , comprising
ho latest nnd moat tasty designs manufactured for this apring's trade and covering
ft raiiffo of prices from the Cheapest to tlio moat Expensive. _
Pas-lor Coo ( is Draperies.
Nowrendy for the inspection ofcus Complete stock o nil the latest
lomors , tlio newest uovollKS in styles iu Turcoman , Madras nnd
Suits and Odd Pieces. Lnco Curtains , Etc. , Etc.
Elocant Passongoi ? Elevator to allJFloors.
1200,1308 and 1210 Fnrnnm Strcot , - - - - OMAHA , NEB
J. H. MILLAHD , President. WM. WALLACE Cashier.
Capital and Surplus , S45O.OOO
Ftro ntul Dttnrlnr Proof Snfos for llout nt f m 85 to $50 per nnnum.
CS-oarjco.ei.3a. 33
g or 03 tJ
* * n r-t + z > * t-i a >
fan m eCO ecO 2 .a S i2
J3 tn
CO Q fj i "I r-H rH QJ
o di o
,103 , BRADY ST. , DAVENPORT , IOWA , U. S. A. Kotnbliahoil 187S Catftr h1
Dcixfnoaa , Lung nnil Norvoua Diaonnoa Simoilily ixnil 1 ormnnontly Cured. Pationte
Ouroti nt Homo. Write for "Tins RlKiuoAL-MissioNAUY , " for the People ,
fJonsulUHon nnd Oorrospondnnco Grat ! * . P. O. Uox SJ02. Telephone No. 20.
HON. ED\VARD RUSSELL , Postmivitor , Davenport , nays : "Phyaiolnu of
liloa ABllliy nna Mnrknd Suecoaa. " CONGRESSMAN MURPHY , Davenport ,
' rior"An * rkonorahlo M.in. Fine Kurcotia. Wonderful Cnroa.--lTnnri' .
AVilliinautic Spool Cotton is entirely the product oC Ilomo Industry
ind is pronounced by experts to bo tlio best sewing machine thread mtiiu
in&9 Omuha , Neh.
Stove ant Harfliare Dejof in
Headquarters i'or llio Celebrated Wrought-lron
015 and 017 North 16th St. , bet. California and Webster.
m j 23-d eoil-w cow-Im
BOSTON , . March 1st , 1881
KMEUSON 1'IANO -aRsrl.RMrv-Your Imtrumont" . araud.Hciuaroand Unrljfht , are roilly nnli'
ntrum.nU.md unrlvalla.l fut liomty . .f tone aj.d . ttnlili. Allow mo to oo "tuIa An g c1r"n'J '
i" > TT" f " \ Cr4 "T TJ1 SOLE AGENT ,
/fc i- _ _ j X.lCD JCrJLjLl.,1019 Dodge Street , Omaha , Neb
The Palace Hotel of Denver.
Gor , Seventeenth and Lawrence Sbs
lloonu 7 > c to 2.00 per day. Spocltl ItaUi by lha Uonth.
Conducted on the American nnd European Plana. ra
Board $7 per week. Day
Doubls and Single Acting Power ana Hand
Ennlno Trimmings , Mining Machinery , Bolting , Hose , Braaa and Iron With B ,
fltoam Packing at whdwalo and r all. HALLADAYVINDJULLS , anOROE
Corner 10th Farnam St. , Omaha Heb ,

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