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uSHumnumr i.
itfA ml .ntttrc r
Saturday Mornine ; , Juno 7.
A number of good printers can find steady
employment at this ofiico.
Don't forgot Flower Mission day.
The Southwest 1'rosbytorlnn church
bulldlnR Is to bo cnmplotod by.tho 20th of Scp-
tombor ,
Contractor Coota has gone east to bid
upon a 81,000,000 capital building for tlio
state of Texas.
A lawn soclablo was given by the church
In I. lco' addition Thursday ovo. Uefre h-
incnte were narvod nnd tlio evening was passed
very pleasantly.
Donations of boquoti and flowers \vlll bo
gratefully rucolvod at the W. C. T. U. rooms
jrittconlh strcot , near Capitol a\on o , ai early
rw oaslblo on Monday , . ) "uno Oth.
H. 1C. IJurkct , tlio Sixteenth Direct tin-
durtakor has bought out lltmn A : Co. , and Is
biinyln moving tlio stock of good ? purchaiad
to h ! nUrul on Slitconth.
H. Hannusson la moving his two ntory
wooden building from Tenth troot , near the
depot , lo Thirtconth nnd PacificntrccU. The
building nai rolled ncross the railroad tracks
on Tenth dtroot fit an onrly hour yoitorday
3.1 * . Morse & Co. , will open nt their nulo
to-morrow , GO ! l.adlod' largesteizobost tmal-
ity lllack Satin , lace trimmed Taro-iols , at
$3.75 , never before gold loen than ? . ' ) .
Asalo of fancy nrtlclos just rocolvod from
tlio onxt , will bo hold at the Child's IIoaplt.il
and Homo , on Saturday , Juno 7th , from two
ton p. to. , to which everybody Is Invltod. Is'o
entrance fco , and plenty of cake , Htrnwborrio )
and ice cream on doinand.
The cardo nroout for the marriage of Mr.
Charloa 1' . Whlto to Mian Carrlo Bonowil/ .
The mnrriago will lake place on Thursday
next , JunoI'Jth , nt the rwiiloncoof the brldo'a
parunta , Uoorgln nvcnuo.
The mooting of the Ladies' Amalour so
on Wednesday afternoon was nttondod by
about sixty members. The lant mooting ofttho
eoason will bo hold ono week from next Wed
nesday. Tlio second noasonlbcgina In Septem
IloprwonUtivcB from the varbua singing
odotloa of Nobrnskft , Miwsour ! , Knnaiv ) and
Iowa will bo prosout at the mooting of the
Northwestern Saongorbund , in Lincoln , on
Sunday noxt. The dolcgutoa from Omaha will
bo Julius Mayor and G. II. Harmon , of the
Conoordla Society.
A very ploaaant entertainment won given
at the St. Mary's nvonuo Congregational
church Thursday evo. It waa a dairy mnid'n
anppor and It wni doubtless the name which
attrnctod a largo crowd , all of whom felt wall
repaid for going ,
On next Tuoaday evening the ladlon of
the Christian church will give an Ice cream and
Btrawborry festival In the roller skating rink ,
on Capital avonuo. Keller gknttng will bo In
J. dulged In. Tlio U. P. band will bo in attendance -
anco and a game of polo will bo played.
In police court yoetorday seven disturb-
era of the pence were fined 85 each and costs ,
Dan Stanton waa sent up on an old fine of 310
and fifteen day * Imprisonment on broad and
water. Jenny Clark was again run in Thurs
day and yesterday was fined $1 and on-
toncod to ton days In jail ,
In Clark and Koator's hall.Thursday ovo.
) * the Jewish Sunday school gave a ploaaant
llttlo entertainment , the first of the kind that
has booD hold in some time. It waa well
patronized and pasaod off in a most SUCCOH'B-
ful manner. It paved tha way for enter-
talnmontn of a similar nature which will bo
given hcroaltor at rcgulai Interval * .
W. C. Orthey , Chicago , la at tha Metropol
O.W.McCrdo , of Blair , li at the Metro
poll tan.
K. W. Christie , of Arocada , U at the Metro
W. Robern , of Klkhorn CityIs at Iho Mo
tropolltan , .
II. Calling nnd son , of Lincoln , wo at th
Metropolitan ,
J , W , .Tonkins , of Hod Oak , T T , Is at tin
Metropolitan ,
Jnmca Krazlor , of Madison , la stopping n
tlio Metropolitan.
II. M , Martin , of Klgin , Ills. , Is stopping
at the Metropolitan.
W. O. Smith , wife and child , of Colder , Col.
are gvcstn at tlio Metropolitan.
W. ' V. Bennett and , T , P. Clement , o
I'lattamouth , are stopping at the Motrojiol
. II. H. Stout , Lincoln. Hush O. Follows
North Auburn , and J. SI. Lee , Oxford , regls
tored yesterday at the Mlllanl.
Tay K. Adams , Central City , C. 8. Joiien
It.KMooro , anil J. II. Smith. Valentino
and K. J , Sweet , Sidney , wore al'tlio I'axtoi
Corresixnidoceo of THE UKE.
A riotous crowd Ifrom near Prankli
made things lively in Blooinington Mou
day night.
No | town in the valley can provo
claim to doing inoro business or of build
ing up faster than Uloomington , popu
htion considered. Franklin and otho
towns may bo doing nicely , ns wo hop
they are , but Blooinington loads thorn ,
The strawberry and ice cream fostiva
of Wednesday evening , Juno 4th , ' under
the auspices cf the Congregational Church
was a success financially. Notwithstand
ing Elder Dean draws often ho draws
A temporary absence of
your correspondent
pendent lias caused items to bo rather
uafrequent from here ,
Cole Bro.'s Wm. A. nnd N. A. are
about to start a monthly journal to bo
known as The Herald of Our Continent.
io ba devoted to iho agricultural and
real estate interests of the Republican
Vollev. The publication will bo cstab.
liahfd in the town in thla county which
furnishes the most subscribers.
A Nowajmper KdMor.
0 , M. Holcnrnb , of Illooimllle , Ohio ,
'to explain : "Ilad that terrible disease caturili
for twenty yearn : couldn't taste or muni ) , and
hearing WM falling. Tfutmaf f electric Oil
cured tut. Thciw aio facts voluuUilly given
aJDit A former jirejudieo ol patent uiodt.
Cine. "
A Good Work Done DnriDg the Month
of May.
Hcpnrt ol the Treasurer and Score-
Inry of the Women's Chris
tian Association.
Tlio Woman's Christian Association re
port for the month of May , 1884.
Itocelvod In cash from M. JUchardson , $10 }
from llov. Mr. Hliorrill , for the poor , S10 !
from I > oor people In jmrt payment for coal and
board , ? 28.15 ; 1 sack of ixitnloen and turnl | > 8.
Mrs. Milton ItoKcrsi 1 black hair < if nnd
two picture * for the walla , Mm. J. Milliard ;
fi loavoj ol bread and moat , Mrs. harnard ;
half a dozen plates , ono non | > tureen , ono
tnblo cloth and other billion , mio. ft. H.
Knight : clothing from Mrs. C. HartniMi , Mrs.
Laniard , Mrs. Morris , Mrs. Potrlng , Mrs. h.
1) . Konlnton , Miss McShnno. Miss Lieut.
KliiRman , Mrs. Hours , Mrs. S. H. Herman
and other friondsj hats and bonnets , Mrs.
From M"rs. Pugley'fl homo report , wo
lonrn the following : In the early part of
the month a poor girl came to the rooms ,
asking for a homo. AVe kept her ono
week before n place could bo found for
her. At ono time the matron
was obliged to turn away a
poor woman and her four children , the
rooms were so full. A very old lady who
had been passed from Chicago hero ,
carne to the rooms and begged the ladies
to help her o Idaho , which thing wo
could not do. Food and rest was all wo
could give her , and ho applied to thu
county commiHsionora. A policeman as
sisted a feeble old Jndy up the stairs Sat
urday afternoon. After food and real
had been given her , she asked for an old
pair of shoes or slippers , and because
they could not bo found for her she loft
very angry and made complaint of her
treatment in abusive language instead of
returning gratefulness.
A father with his two daughters came
for shelter ono night. Wo could bed
only the girls , and the father would not
leave thorn , so all -wont away.
Mrs. Mosor who had boon robbed of her
ticket and what little money she had
on the cars , was brought to the
room by a policeman. Mrs. Fuller and
1'ngsloy raised money enough to take her
back to Lincoln , which she has since re
funded. Another poor woman and
stranger in Iho city , was sent to our
rooms by the matron of the Child's Hos
pital. She wanted work and a homo , and
both wore found for her in the country ,
after keeping her only a few days. Mrs.
M. sent to the women asking for a pass
to some place in Virginia. The county
commissioners found her worthy and
gave her a pass an far as St.Louis. A poor
woman with live children , on their way
from Now York to San Francisco , came
to us on the 31st of May. She had boon
robbed of her tickets and $300 in cash
just before reaching St. Louis , where she
was sick for several days , and cared for
and passed as far as Omaha. Wo placed
her case also in the hands of the county
ommissionors and hope something may
0 done for her very soon , as it
1 a largo family for our two small
oems and limited moans with
hich to give her food and shelter. The
natron seated fourteen at her dinner ta
le to-day , and Monday morning there
rero twenty in those two rooms for food
, nd sloop. Mrs. U , , came for food and
work , both were given her soon. Wo
now have the address of an excellent
nurse who wants work , will not some ono
) lease call at the rooms for her ?
On the 20th , a policeman brought four
.mall . children , to be cared for as the
mother had met with an accident on the
rain. They were on their way from
ilontaaa to Harrisburg , Pa. The mother
was brought by the doctor to the rooms
where she remained a few days until able
; o travel.
On the 23d , the sowing school for the
ioor waa opened , The seamstress from
\lr. \ Falconer's being there to instruct
and assist. Lunch was served at four
o'clock. It is much easier to report the
donations received during each month
than it is the work done. That can never
bo told. So many cases of distress could
I rolata to you. Entire nights our ma
tron has sot up with the sick and dying
and returned m the morning to the homo
to got breakfast for eleven and twelve
hungry people. Wo now have a
visiting roimnittco appointed so that
each day in the week some member of
the association will bo at the rooms and
Mrs , Pugsloy , the matron , is never away
except aoino ono is loft in her place , so
that you can go utany time for help or to
give help. Our petition for n homo still
lies in the hands of the committee on
public property In the city. We hope
that the result may bo such that wo can
soon report the beginning of a homo at
least. Wo do greatly desire a lot cen
trally located and in time hope to have a
good substantial building upon it , but if
that cannot bo granted wo have naked for
inoro room in the old city hall. Wo hava
boon obliged to turn away several earnest
appeals for help during the month , n
thing wo hope wo may never do again ,
Our doors should never bo closed to the
unfortunate and friendless. Slnco last
report our association has boon chartered
and wo uro now desirous of securing lifo
memberships. What constitutes mem
bership of the Woman's Ohristain Asso
ciation is a question thut has boon asked
so many times that 1 will give you the
constitution and by-laws and any information
mation desired and not found therein
will bo willingly given by Mrs. Barr 2208
California street or Mrs. Ilaincs 202 south
Twenty-fourth otreot. On the 1st and
! ) d Tuesdays' of every mouth the associa
tion moots in their rooms corner of Six
teenth and Funmm Streets and the nicot
ines are open to all who are interested in
this great work of woman for woman.
The constitution roads as follows :
Wo , the uuJeriiU'iied , wishing to follow In
the footsteps cf Christ , dooming It a privilege
to work for tha uplifting of humanity , and
feeling the importance of concentrated flllort
for the elevation of the moral , mental and
spiritual condition of women aud children , do
hereby adopt the following :
CniiHtltiillon ,
SECTION I. Tlili organization ahull bo call
ed the Women' * Christian Amoclutlon of the
City uf Omaha.
BFCTION II , The object of thU a goclaton !
thitll bo the pptrltuul ttud toclal Improvement
of all wlthlu its roach : shall ntford protoct'ou
mid wuUtunco to destitute women uiul chll
dreu until permanent houiej aud means cif
mipport can bo secured ,
Sec. Ill , The otlicora of said organization
nhnll couelbt of a prruldiiit , four vlco-pronl-
dontfl , a treasurer , a necrotury , a corioipond-
lug nocretnrv , aud a lioard of mauiigorn. Also
ward committee ) appointed by the board.
Bee. IV. Pereoua tlgnlnc the constitution
and paying annually ono (81) ( ) dollar , become
members of the na oc'uttuu ' their numoi having
been presented to the board and approved liy
them. 1'ive ( $5) ) dgllurs con tltut < w an honor-
ary member. Twenty ( $20) ) dollars a life
Sec. V. The regular bunlnosn mooting of
the association should ho held on the first Sunday -
day of every month , or oftoncr , at the call of
UIB President. Tivo mombero of the board
shall constitute a quorum.
Soc. VI. OfllcoM shall bo elected by ballot
at the annual mooting on the first Tuesday of
December ,
Sec. VII. No alterations shall bo made In
Iho constitution , except at n regular mooting
of the association , and a vote of two-thlrdi of
the association present.
Sec , VIII. VacandoM In offices occurring
may bo filled at any regular meeting by bal
lot ,
Hoc. 1. It shall bo the duty of the president
to preside at all the meetings ot the asuncla-
elation , and at the annual mooting present a
full rciiort of the work for the past yoar.
Sec. II. It shall bo the duty of the vice
president to preside ntall meetings In tha ah *
Banco of the president.
Bcc.111.-1 ho treasure shall receive all money
duo tha Association , inako all disbursement ! )
ordered by the board of mnnngora on the presi
dent , report at each stated meeting nnd present -
sent a yearly report lit annual mooting ,
Soc. IV , The secretary shall attend all
meetings and record all binlncm done by Iho
Association In Its conference of their election
and commlttoa of their appointment.
Soc , V. Corresponding secretary shall bo
the organ of the Association In Its conference
with tlio public and with the partv report ,
.Sec. VI. It shall bo the duty of the board
of malingers , assisted by the members of the
Association , to Keek out women ; endeavor to
bring them under niLral tnlluoncoi , Introduce
them to tha members of thu association , giv
ing them the privileges of this association ,
encouraging thorn in their attendance at some
place of worship , and by every menus In their
jiowar surrounding them with Christian in-
Hoc. VII. It shall Ira the duty of the Ward
commlttoo to personally Investigate each case ,
calling for relief , nnd report the Rama at tlio
next mooting. If Itnmodiato relief if neces
sary , they shall bo authorized to alford the
Sec. VIII. The mooting of the association
shall bo opened with prayer and reading of
tin ) scriptures ; closed v > Hli doxology.
Troisuror'a report :
In Troaiury/.May 1 5I02.0."i
Received during May 'IS.-15
Kxponsoa 139.05
Balnnco Juno 3 3 12,05
MRS. X. II. Kxiaiir , Traas ,
Wo wish to express our thanks to the
editors of The Republican , Herald .nnd
UKH for sending the daily papers to our
rooms , and to all who have given us aid
in the past , wo are very grateful.
' 202 South Twonty-fourth St.
Holiness Camp Mooting.
A camp meeting for the promotion of
holiness will bo hold at David City ,
Butler County , July 6th to 14th. Every-
ody is invited.
Supreme Court Itovcrsos the
Decision in tlio Case oriliisli-
mnit vs. Gibson.
Last fall William M. Bushman began
suit in the district court against Thomas
Gibson to compel defendant to open an
alley used for private purposes. Judge
Wakoloy decided in favor of the plaintiff
and ordered the alloy opened. The case
was appealed to the supreme court , and
that tribunal has given the following de
cision , setting aside the decision of Judge
Wakoloy :
In the Nupromo court atato of Nebraska
William M. Bushman \
TB. V Jan. term 1884.
Thomas Gibson , ot al )
Opinion fllod May 20th , 1884.
Mnxwoll J. This la an action to restrain
the defendants tram obstructing an alley , ad
joining the plantlffa real estate In the city of
Omaha. On the trial of the cause in the court
below a perpetual injunction waa granted
ucalnst ( the defendant OB prayed in the peti
tion. It appears from the iccord that In the
year 1878 the defendant Thomas Gibson was
the i owner of certain real oatato u short dia-
taiico weat of the city of Omaha proper , this
land was not platted but an extension of
Hartley street of tmid city west would poxa
along the south side of the same. Tha land
for an extension of this street tha defendant
had convoyed to the public for that purpose.
In October of that year the defendant sold
and conveyed to tlio plantllt a portion of ) f
Bald real estate described na fallows : A cer
tain parcel of land , commencing at a point
588 font west of tlio east line of lot 0 In Cap- !
tcl addition to the city of Omaha , and 18I !
foot Bouth of the eolith line of Farnam tttroot ,
running west along the north line of Ilarnoy
Htroot , ( as proponed to bo extended ) 250 feet yt.
thence north 132 feet to an alloy ( .20 foot )
thence east along said alloy 250 foot , thence
south 132 foot to the place of beginning all an
lot C In Capitol addition to the city of Omaha
us located ou the records.
The ipioation of determination la whether
or not the obHtruction complained of arW
across the public nlloy.
Neither a conveyance to the public nor a
dedication of the ground claimed as an alloy
IB shown , HO that if ono existed It must bo b
cause the defendants are estopped from deny
lug the description In the deed to the plnlntlir ,
In Gregory ya. Lincoln 13 Neb , , 3" > - , the
owner of certain real estate had the satnoBot
off Into u addition to the city of Lincoln , and
Mod a plat on which K street waa marked as
If laid out aud lota woru sold fronting thereon.
It was hold that tin ) fillnp of the plat and the
sale of the lota fronting on K street estopped
the owner anil hU oHdignoo from denying the
axlstonca of the &trcot , and wo mllioro to that
decision , but It has no nmilicatlou to the case
under coiikldoratlon , lloro tlio land was
Bold by moots and bounds It being well known
to all parties thut tlioro wan no pubic
alloy adjoining the plaintiff's land , althoug „
Kpuco of twenty feet in width waa left to bo
used for that purpose when the city limits ex
tended to the land in ( iiiestlon , and Itit
needed for that purpose , The cases cltott by
the plalntlll refer to the public wuy , and not
upplicaula to the ono under consideration. The
testimony cloiuly HIUWB that It vra.s not the in
tention of the p.irtlai at the time the deed was
mudu , to pass any Inttroxt to the plaintiff be
yond the moots and bounds described In the
deed. The alloy not being a imblle ono , and
aa the proof faila to show , thut the plaintiff ac
quired un oaaomont therein , he cannot enjoin
t o defendant from erecting bars across the
Bumo. The judgment must therefore bo re
versed and tha action dismissed.
Flower 31 iBHlon Day.
"I was sick , nud Yo visited > no , I was
in prison , and Yo came unto mo. " When
Lord ? "In as muuh aa Yo have done it
unto ono of the last of these my brethren ,
Yo have done it unto mo. " And for
His safco who ate with "publicans and
sinnars" and who said , "I cama not to
call the righteous but sinners to repen
tance. " The women of the W. 0. T. U ,
in connection with the Unions of the
nation , will observe Monday Juno Oth as
Flower Mission Day , visiting the prisons ,
hospitals and poor house with llowors and
words of hope and cheers.
Will they whoso lives are daily briqht-
oned by those tokens of our Heavenly
Father's loyo , share them with the sick ,
the sinful and the
miserable ) If so ,
please sand llowors in abundance , as
early as possible on Monday morning to
the W. 0 T. U rooms in the Morse block
ICth street , near Capital Avonuo.
Mus. L. G , OHAIUTOK ,
INKSS DniEOTOiiv to bo issued in July , I
18b-l , price 81 CO. J. M WOLFJJ , pub f
her 120 S. 14th St. , Omaha. J
The Eook Islanders Again De
feated by the Homo Nind
The Score Standing Ton to Two The
FJnnl Contest This Afternoon.
The game between the Rook Islands
and the Union Pacifies yesterday was
tame compared with the ono on Thurs
day. In yesterday's contest the super
iority both in batting and fielding of the
homo nine over the visitors was displayed
in a very marked degree. The Omaha
team's base running also excelled that f
the Suckers.
For the homo nine McKolvy filled the
box and did excellent work , only four
scattering hits being made off him in the
game. Ho was well supported by Ban-
die , who played ono of his old time
games , Ilungler pitched and Sago
caught for the visitors , making a good
The Union Pacifies lost this toss and
went to bat first. McKolvoy succeeded
in touching base on an error and reached
homo through the poor Holding of the
Rock Hands making the only run for this
inning. The homo nine made a run or
two in nearly every inning and nt the
end of the ninth had piled up ten
scores. In the sixth two Rock Islanders
passed snfo over homo plato making thuir
only runs in this Inning , the ocoro for the
parno asanding ton to two , in favor of the
Union Pacifies , at the closo.
The batting of the homo nine was far
above the nvoragc , three base hita being
made by thorn in the gamo. The bril
liant features of the game was n remark
able running loft-hand stop by Dwyer ,
in the second innings , of a high bounder ,
and throwing Cavanugh out at first ; and
n j beautiful assist , in the fourth innings ,
from center field by Jimicson , cutting oil'
Walsh at the homo plato. Unfortunate
ly , the umpire in ono or two instances
manifested poor judgment , which in
OYory case resulted to the detriment of
the visitors.
Below is the score :
rrAT iw. n are ro A E
McKolvoy , p . 1 1 5 7 U
Bundle , c .
runkhouser , 1 f . 1 0
Whitney , 3 b . 2 "
Carroll , 2 b . 2
Dwyor.HH . 2
llockwell , Ib . 1 2 13 00
Jlmlson c f .
Diirkeorf . 0
Total . 10 12 27 10 4
Walsh.BS . 0
Forroat , If .
Brown , 3d b . 1
Cnvanaugh , of . 0 1 1 0 0
Goggin , r f . 0 0 2 0 0
Hnean , 1st b . 0
Mcllonry2b .
Ilungler , p . 0 0 1 a 1
Sago.o .
Totals . 2 4 27 18 9
Time of game two hours and fifty minutes.
Three base hits Rockwell , Dwyer and Mo-
lluna Enraod Union Pacifies , 2.
Panned balls Bandlo 2.
Wild PitchMdKolvoy , 1 ; Hunglor. 1.
Umpire Sam O. Nash.
This afternoon these nines will close
in a final struggle for the present. Hud
son for the visitors and Salisbury for the
homo team will puzzle the batters. The
following are the players in to-day's
game and their positions ;
Bandlo . Catcher . Cavanaugh
Salisbury . Pitcher. . Hudson
Dwyer . Rtort stop . Walsh
1'unkhousor . First Bone . Ilogan
MoKelvy . Second base . Mcllonry
Whitney . Third base . Brown
Jimison . . . . . . .Loft field . Forrest
Durkeo . Center field . Hunglor
Carroll Kight field Goggin
The game this afternoon will bo called
at 3:30 : , ono. hour earlier than the usual
Durkoo'a Salad Dressing. A readymade -
made , rich and delicious dressing for oil
salads of moat , fiah or vegetables , Cheap
er and infinitely better than homo-
mado. Unrivalled as a sauco.
STEVKNS OISII At the roaldonco of K.
St'vcna.by Itov. C. W. Savldge , Jl. Slovens
and .Icnnio K. Gish.
IIAUT TALLMAN Mr. Charloa It. Hart
and Mlsa Olia 1C. 'Pullman , both of Iowa ,
were married In this city on Thursday after
noon , Juno Gth , by llov O. W. Savldgo.
Sl'KLLMAN.-In thisslty Juno Cth , at 10
o'clock a , m. . JKIUCUIAU , non of Kdward nnd
Alwgarot Spollniau , aged eight years and
four months.
Funeral will take place from tha roaldonco ,
Nicholas Btreot , botvvoou 17 and 18th streets ,
to-day , Juno 7th at 2 o'clock p. m.
lively Orowlnf ? Town with
llloh Hurrour.cliiiK Oountry.
CorrofponJenco of TUB DEE.
SCOTIA , Oreoley county.JNob. , Juno 4.
For the last twulvo years I have boon tt
rosidcnt of Nebraska and having visited
a largo portion of the atnto stnco March
11 hallow thut I know something about
her resources. It the cast only could
see our broad fertile valleys , our no losa
productive rolling table lands , and feel
our hualthtglviug climate , Nebraska
would BOOOII bo overflowing. I want to
more particularly call the attention of
your readers to this place in the Loup
valley. Sciota is the county seat of
Greeloy county , situated in the beautiful
Loup valley 52 miles northwest from
Grand Island. The railroad reached tills
place last July eleven months ago ; it had
then only four or five houses aud ono
store , now it has two general stores , ono
hardware store , tha best within CO miles ,
ono lumber yard , ono furniture store ,
ono harness aliop , ono drug store two
feed stable , two banks , two elevators ,
ono stock yard , and one hotel. T6n
now buildings have boon built in the
last GO days. Trade comes for 30 miles
to this place , and it being a fact that the
country is far in advance of the town , it
is not only growing rapidly but will con.
tinuo to do so for years to como. Wo
need a hotel and livery and sale stable ,
and any other legitimate business , and
wo want farmers. Land is from $4 to
? 20 per aero , good rich soil with clay
subsoil , etc. Crops for the last ten years
have been good ; no failures. Largo
range for cattle can bo had a few
miles from town. Wo also need a
stock buyer. Any questions asked mo
by mail will bo answered.
D. 0. n , . Box 121.
Absolutely Puare.
This powder never \-ulw. A mancl of purcncss ,
strength and wholcsomencss. .Mo o economical than
therrdlnary klndftfind cannot bo s Id In competition
with tlio multitude of low test , short weight nlum nr
phonphato powder * . Sold only lit cans. ROYAL
fsrSpootals will roaltlvolyaot bo In&orted
unleaa paid in advance.
MONKY tioancd on chattel mortgage , by U. It ,
Woollcy , room 2u,0niahiv Nnllon.il Dank ,
M ONEY Loaned on chattel property by S T.
1'ctcrscn 15th and Douglas. 172-1 in
rONEY TO LOAN In sun. < < of 300 and upward ? at
L low rates on flrst cliws real estate security
M OSKV LOANED On chattel property tiyJ.i
BK/YTTY , 21S Routh 14tli itroet. 77fi.ini
1ONKV Tt ) LOAN fho lowest r e Ot UitonxH
Low Aconcv , 15th ft Coni-la SS4-41
MONEY TO IX1AN In utna ot 9300. and upward
O. K. I > vie nnd Co. , lleal Estate anil Loan
Agonte , 1606 Farnam St. 893-U.
HKI.P ffAITSBl ) .
W ANTED Good imart boy. Apply at D. J.
O'Donahoo. 721-tf
WANTED A reliable and active man to represent
a flrst clawj portrait house , taUnf orders and
dclhermg work in Omilm to the right party. Big
comml'mlor. will b pall. Addrota Ublcazo I'ortrait
Co. , 60 , UctropoliUii Block , Chicago. 723-19p
"VTTArTED A good kitchen clrl. Best wagca at
VV 1400 I'ier St. , North Omaha. 723-7p
W "ANTED Girl ( or general house work at
Jackson St. 731-
TX7ANTED A dining room girl and a dish w ooher
W at 504 South 13th St. 729 6p
WANTED A first-clan ? barbcr. lS a week at the
Paxton Hotel Barber Shop. 7S7-7p
W ANTtD A girl to do general house work. Gaud
wages and a permanent place to the right per
Apply to Irey & Hotter. 715-tt
WANTED-Good girl at 015 South 18th street ,
W. ANTED Laundry girl at European Ilotol , 622
South . 10th street. 703-11
TTrANTED-Oood girl ono that o ii cook. Good
VV wazcsuald. Call 1610 North 10th Street.
WANTED A good stcidy girl for house work
616 South 10th St. 703-7l >
WANTED Two good girls for general housework
at Eutern Hotel , south 10th street. 076-ep
W ANTED Qlrl for gcncril housework. Apply at
210 south 24th etloet. 072 tf
WANTKD A good barber. Good pay guaranteed
F. B. TEIQL.EH , North Bend , Dodge Co. Neb.
Wi 'ANTED Two Btwlng girls and ono gl'l for
housework , at 1201 Howard street073 Op
WANTED Good woman cook. Wages ? 7per week
or $30 per mouth at K. OberttProprietor Neb.
House , North PUttoNcb , 673-10 ] )
W "ANTED A good girl or woman for housework ,
Wages $5.o.per week , at 609 3.14th street.
WANTED Girl for general housework. Mrs , H.
S.Smltb , N. W. cnr , Bth and Charles streets
south Omaha. 639-tf
TltTANTED At once , a sober and Industrious tin
VV n.r , Address , with reference , Chas , E. DoLonjr
Vcrmllllon , D. T. C45-6p
WANTED A lint-claw cook to take charge 01
kitchen. Addreis S. P. ANDERSON ,
641-7p Proprietor Randall House , Beatrice , Neb ,
TIT'ANTED Canvassing agents to handle a newly
Vt patented article. Onetothroa otn bo sold In
e > ery family Call on or addiess "Entcrprisci" No ,
14 Crelzhton Block. C32-tf
WANTKU-Good , actlvj mlddlo-tgcd lady to do
chamber work. Wages f 1.00 per week. Apply
012 Douglas street. 82-tf
ITfANTED A yomigUermin girl , ono neat and In
VV dustrlous. Permanent plaooand good wages
Mrs. S. lloes , South avo. and Learcnworth , 432-tf
ACENTdVAriTEDLocalor 'lra\ollns , BUplo
goods ecl'lng rapidly , lluslnens light , agreeable
and easily teamed. Experience not necciwary. Sim
pie free. R. W MONTRO.-S , Gallen , Jllch. 78-J
"XTfA TKD Situation as book Keeper or calcEinan
TT byamati with oxporlenco Can give good
recommendations. Address" ! ' . A.'A.21 Cumlnp
St. 618-llp
-situation by Sluchanlral Etiglnotr
Can furnish good references. Address W. J
Mac'ay , Red Oak. Iowa. 703'flp
Vl ANTf.U bltuailon as book Keeper , or assistant
Vf or to do any kind of ollico work , con give gooi
reference. Address Frank Cory , B ! ! r Neb , .
WANTED Sltiutlon by ajoung manln druj
stora I'iftecn months oxperlonco. Goo"
recommendations furnlihcd. Speaks Knsllsh an
Sntdlch. Address Frank Donclson , Essox lovn.
TT7 A TF.D Ily a yuing lady , poilth on as clerk
V ? coiijj | or typu-writur , Uefoanu Audru
"U X , ' lite olllnJ. d OOp
Ily an eidoily lady , a iwsltlon 8 Ma
T Iron or lloutoKccpor In a Hchoolnr Instltntlou
where itspunalblu person Is lequlred. Addrcu :
lira IX Uankl * , South Hen.I. lass Co. , Neb ,
TX/ANTHD A situation by an experienced baktrli
VY city or country. Address Gun. Augberg , car
Bee olllce , Omaha. C09-7i |
Tl/ANTED Board for gentltman and wifa In prl
T T vale family. Family without cht'drcn ' prefer
red , Addicss'17"lJ.eofllce
, BtRtlngtoinu and lo
cation. 639 tf
WANTKD By a gcntlnnan , room and hoard In
prlvato family. Will p y good price for the
placr. Addrosi "F , B. 8. " care lloo ollloj. 707-tf
WANTED-For spot cash , cottage worth from
$2OCO to f 6,000. Ai - o. Cox eo.
602 8 (
17ANTEU v Kow persons to Instruct In book keep
Ing , ( Situations. ) J. a sinltli , 1918 l > ouKla
\\7ANTKD--To rent R small neat cottage fora long
time if tultably located. Address John Huelf
, F. Uooiltrau 652 Sp
Yl/ANTKD To csUbllah an agency for the silo of
m\r \ Viho Oleum Lubricating Oil < In Omaha
and vicinity. Liber terms , Urge territory ; good
hanot fir an honest , energetic man. U. S Diet' I
rlchs , Cluvelaii'l , Ohio. _ 034 9
WANTFD The public to know that tin Lumml
the milliner at 610 Noith 16th St. noils thi
late t stvle ol New York Millinery , evg-tf
TANTF.D-Boardera ta know the St. Chrlo < Ho
r tcl on Hartley St. , between 12th and ISth wll
i t up till bent table boaid for ( I 00 per week ot on ;
house lu the city ot a oorrtipoiidli * ' urice ,
FOR KEU7--110U08S and Lots.
O RENT Nlco roomi , 568 S , 26th St. a
730-lOj )
T7\OR UF.NT Two nicely furnished loornn 614 N
JL1 16th bt. , near COM St , 719 Op
F I OR BENT Furnished room * 22nd and I > ouplw
RKNT Uouie of 6 roouu and all modern Im
uroveu-cnta ou SOth St. , between Grace and
CUrk 816. 7H7p
MERGEH , & KOSENWEIG , V i. i i i i i . l i
Practical Pairfc&Decoratofs in sny branch ,
, On Short Notice
ORW3 1515EonglasSlmit.n ' " ' So"clt PAINTING DECOUATINa ,
I7 < OU HENl A pleasant furnished room for gen-
tlcmcn , at 131,9 Cnpltol Memie. OS7-lCp
RENT Ono furnlthed room 922 S. W. corner
turd and ISthSts. 6S5 lOp
OIl HENT Four pleasant and comcnlent chumP -
P IK.TS for houso-kccplng ( or man ami w Ho n Ithout
litldrcn , no boarders or roomers aliened , SIR north
Ttli St , 3 blocks from P. 0. 012-tf
Ipoll RENT Ten room residence , bath , well , els-
1 Urn gas Ac. , Cass St , 155. U'lfsesslon July 1st. f
f.lcgnnt rcsidcnco 10 rooms , furrmcc , hot and cold
rater , bath rooms ! * a. Suitable for first-class board-
nir hou'o cr private residence , 370 per month.
Fourteen room house new , 14th St. mar Joucs't50
tct month.
Four room house , Slilnn's add. 911. HARKI'Il &
MAYNE , 13th and Farnam. flaT-tf
17011UEXT I'loaiant front room furnMioil , tult"-
JL' able lor gentleman , 1010 Farnam a' 034-Op
Foil 11SNT Furnished rooms with board , on flr-t
floor , at 815 south 10th street. CD I-Op
7 > 01l HKNT Furnl-hcp house 6 rooms for a low
: iioiiths. Address "H. V. D."Ilcao ( > . . .
2cu _
UKNT A houno ot 0 rooms , hull block from
1 U. I' depot. IiiUlro ( | c t. Ice , ( jroccr , 22d atd
Leavnnvvorth StrccU 037-9
F > OU HENT-Kurnlshcd room at 1717 Cas .
FOR ItnXT Uonpo of 4 roorrs and kitchen. In
quire 420 soutli 14th street. A. JIUR1-HY.
010-7 | .
1 1011 RI iNT : Itoorca 10J1 Faruam street.
F 1011 IlENT Noilly ( utnUhedroom with larfo bay
window south front 1414Chlcngobt. K.I' . IMS !
FOH HUNT Two Mocly lurnlshod rooms at TS14
lenjiott street. 0:3 7p
Full HUNT Store w llh cellar , on Iho alley bot.
Cumtng and Hurt. Apply within. C3 < ' 7p
-A llratclns'j store In good locality ,
Inqulio at Iklhbltn and Urlckson. EOl-tf
17AOII UENT-FIrst-class 0 room cottage S. T.
JL' I'tterson , southeast corner IGth and Douglis.
FOH IlKNr Furmsheil ( rent ro m 1724 Douglas ,
FOH KKNT Two elegant front rooms nicely ( ur
nlsbcd , Connected with bnth room , hot and
cold water One of the nicest locations In the city ,
li block from St. Uary'a a\o. , 620 Pleasant St.M3tf
TfTWH IlKNl' llooms lu NebrAska National Bank
JP building. Moat desirable ofllcca In the city.
Supplied with hydraulic elevator Mid heated by
steam. Apply at Bank. 620 tt
FOK RENT Furnished rooms 2227 Dodge.439lm
FOH IlENT Throe largo housca of 8 lo 22 rooms
each. Desirable location , Suitable ( or boarding
house or hotel. BAIIKEII & MAYNK , 407-tt
7.OK ' KENT Largo ( urntsncd room to gentleman
only , N. W. cor. 18th and Farnam.
FOll IlENT Choip , ono piano , ono organ. A.
Hojpo , 1519 Dodge St. 410 1m
FOll IlENT With board. Ono largo front parlor
handsomely furnished. Also a few table board
ers desired , 1000 Cass St. SO'J-tf
FOItnnNT Two ( urnlshed rooms ( or light house
keeping Besnier's 0 lock corner 8th and Howard ,
F 1011 HKNT-FurnUhed room 222N.18tli.
FOll IlENT UOUEO 0 rooms. Inquire if J. P. Hoe
6th St. 230 tf
F OH HUNT In Ilcdlck'8 block. Storeroom 120
feet dcop and good office room. Paulscn k Co.
Farnam , room 3 , 760-tf
FOR HENT-pIano. Inuulro atEdholm& Erlck-
son's. 833-tt
F OR RENT Store room 1609 Faraam St. , by
I'AULSEN&CO. 409-tf
FOR nENT TTurnlsfced looms on the no ithwo
oor. 13h ! ndCapltolaveauo , formerly Crolznt
FOR SALE Attbo thriving town ol Blue Hill ,
Neb. A stock of dry go de and groceries. Also
store room for rent , 24i60. , good opportunity for a
man contemplating going Into business. Apply one
tloor east of Citv Hotel , r addreis"E. K. " P.O. box
43 BIuo HI'I ' , Neb. 722-12p
FOR SALE One-half lot and houto 4 rooms splen
dia view , ncai St car. Price f 1,200 on monthly
payments. Liberal reduction for cast , . Inquire West
ido of Montana St. , Nelson's add. 11 blocks noith
CumingSt. 718 Up
ITAYOOo. a bale at Merrill's , lOlSHarncy St.
SALE Three of the most desirable Iota In
Hantcoin place at a bargain. BARKER
MAYNE. 711-7p
F OR SALE An excellent family row , jonng. Inquire -
quire at 200 N.22dbtreet. 701-llp
S125 buyahorao , buggy and harness , at
O 1318 Farnam. 710 8p
FOR SALU A second hand clothing and Loot am !
shoo store , and a boot ana shoo shop
Oood reason for telling. Store good for an buglncs
Address 620 south Uth St. C83-6p
pARKBRtMAVNK Agents for Hansoom pile
-O lots8:50 to Jl.KOeaiy terms
'lliornburg place or , line of Belt road In West
Omaha , lota 3IS5 to $204 monthly payments.
Bellalr , 2) ) acre ots8260 each , monthly payment" .
Norwood , ncro lots * 40 to $00 monthlypaj moots.
Half-aero lots In Hawo's adultlon , near taund-
ers street , Jfl.'O , monthly imjmonts.
Lota In all parts of the city. 1'cst lots aril h o
terms atlUARKKR & MAYNP.'S , 13th and Farnam1
FOR SALE By Paulsen li Co. , 1609 Farnam M ,
room 3.
Cor. lot 135x132 , Jones and 12th street nnd 60ilS2
rn Uth near Jones , with 0 bouses , at $15,000 , at
easy terms.
j,0 L ill buy 1 aero with house , stable , well and
cittern. All fenced , only 3 Eiuiarcj from St. Mary's
8 1 < ta In WIIcox's addition , well located , all fenced ,
Full lot between SautidcM and 21 < 1 e'rott , with
d on lie. front , a largo nine room houau , bU'jle , itc.
A \cry pleasant home , onlyone square north of Cum
leg street
A special bargain , a rplcndld located lot , cast
front , 76x142 , only ono-lialf v laro fro n .St Mar ; '
avenue , and not over 8 squares from Court house ,
with cottage and stable , Call for prlre
Cor 22dand Pierce itreets , 132x183 , with four fl\o
room cxttage , coal ihcds , w ell and 2 cisterns , $0,000 ,
at easy trmn
Ixila In Wllcox's , HeJIck'B , Hanscom Place , Burr
Oak , Clark's Place , Icnl o'a , Okahoma aid Woit
Omaha additions , at tlio juwoit prices by l'aimen&
Co , 1E09 Karnain street , roon 3. 717-7
1 0HSAtK-REArfl.STATK-A | great bargain In
J1 Mlotiln Homo's Place , onSt JIary'a avcnua
Btrtct car line , \crylow price for SO days. ApplT
to Jotoph U. ItMseJll South 14th street. 674-luip
FOR SAI.K Ono of the bctt business opportunities
In Nubra ka. Stock of General jKrchaudUo.
Si < h trade XO per day , Good rcifon * for belling ,
Capital rt'iulred $ JCCO to f 8,100. Best cf references.
Addicus "H. H. cart Bee olllce. 677-10
FOll SAI B House anJ lot 6 room house food for
any kind ol bmlnusat David CHj.Neh , Ad-
ilr.adM. No\at , llco office. 0)3 Op
Oll SAIjFTln good will and fixtures ot the
F Crelghton House. K-.sy terms. 633 tf
FOR SALi-A nice cott ge and full 1 it , half block
south uf MIHon llogo'i * rrsideuco , en 15tn ttreet.
Inquire of M. Leo. Grocer , t.d ! and Lea
Ij'OR SALK Jcreoy 008 , ycune bulls and bttferi
J1 F-rtj' head laigcst lierd Host < pjillty , most
noted fautlUa known. At head of herd the He1 !
fcnuvtn and the hot breed Mill llviiifr. titmmy Til-
den , ibownt lee at Nebraska State Fir at Omaha
Neb. , taken tint pilzuearh time. I'rl cs I vr , quality
best. Ad lies M.I.I ) Solomon , Spring Valloj Stock
farm , one rnllo wett o ( Fair frounJa Oruaha Neb
t)5l-tf )
F'OR BALK OR ] .EASB-8lx b'Hiws ' lot. all or -
part of It ( n'Bttutli 18th St Iho whole will mike
> ery bca'JlUul rcjldcncwN Wcor , 13ihandMartha.
ir < OU 8AI.E-A Brit-claw , veil fstallUIio.1 1'ry
JL1 Cow's bunneM , Hock and lnw of "tore , il'.O o
116,000 Will Uko part trade , Addrun M , V
Water * rare Ilru Hue. COi-tf
Oll HALrUO lota with map and ab < trio of
JL' tlilc fur the tuitu alto of Florcacc , Neb , Iho
tire outfit at a Largilri.
( D.-O f. E. LEWIS , Uth and Jones.
FOR SAI.K Special bargain. Srrall house anj fall
lot near town , In good nh p > , $1,6DO.
Hoato 7 rooms and one-half lot
- , first-data locn-
.lon , In fine conoltlon.tJ.OJO $500 down.
Lois In lltn'com place nd other additions , on
monthly ramcnts. FIrst-cl.iM property. tAgy
terms. J. W. I.OUNSHUilV ,
695 tf 1514 Douglas strett.
[ TVJil SAIiB Very deiirabto rosiilonco lor smal
V fimily , ono block off St M\rv' monuo , lo block
; romi > o oHI < ! o. Looitlon flno'i.1,500. lixsy tcrml
POTrKR A COnn , HISFarmm street. 621-tfn
7OR SAI.E-By Earner .t Ifajnc , 13th and Far.
JL1 nam ,
167. lxt ) 44 xl0 , good 2 story house Da > enport SL
between IBIh nnd Dth , JI.60) . ,
153. Full lot Hickory St. , near 10th , largo hous
(1,700 ( , SJcodown. balance inonthh r * > mtint-
HO. Largo house , leased lot Cumliig ht. Ita.se
runs 10 jears , $1,200.
161. Corner Dodge and 25th St , 7 room housoIarce
lit shade trcea fas. , 83,000. Terms easy ,
149. Now 7 room houtomi orient the u'ccut lots
n Hanscom place $3,000. Big discount for cai-h.
137. Now fi room cottaifo hrgo barn , nlco loll
South a > o , $2,300 easy term * .
3 Klcguit 0 room cottage , cemented cellar , fall
lot , city water , cistern Vo , 10th St , iioir Leaven ,
worlh. $3.000. BIjT discount for cull
132. Very complete 0 room cottage Fain low St.
near Hornoy , $3,6 i , $7 0 down , balance good time.
180. Full lot , new house , 14x24 South Omaha ,
,300 , $160 down and ? 15 per month.
033 & 1IAYNK.
IpOR ] SALE Several flno second-hand book-canon.
Inqulreof Jno. I , . Webster , over A , I > . Morse's ,
14th and Farnaiu stJccK RSl-tf
rriOIldALSCHGAP-lhrce setter pups , 1 ontha
L1 rail , tobo seen on Noith 13th street , No. 413 ,
FOR SALK-200OCO hard burnuil brick or b-urJ
the cars nt Omah1 * or Florence nt lowoit mitket
price. Address Florence Brick and TlloCo. , Onmha.
Howcll&Sclnllcr , Agents. 1F8 1m
1 , 011 SAI.K Iwo story tramo house , 8 rooms and
J.1 hall on CJH streetbear 10th. Cash price , SI.CCO.
I'OVllilt k ( ODH. Ihlfi Fariiam street. 4'rt tf
FOR SALE Two open Pceond-n\ud bupi i and i
ono delivery wagon , cheap , at 1318 Ilarm , Jt.and
[ J10I18ALK A email Moflcr , Bahrnan a Co. , are
L ? proof uf i , almost now , &t thli ofiico. tf
FOll SALE One Voae ami Sons piano at a bar
gain. Inquire at Kdhtlrn and Krlckson'u music
store , on 10th tit. 239-tf
FORSALK A choice Improved farm of 240 acres ,
well watered , good building * , largo orchard 80
acres fenced , within 1 | mllex at new stock } arilsand
only E ttllea from city , at $55.CO per acre. Also 240
acres adjoining the boc , that can bo sold In 80 aero
farms at $45 nnd $47.60 per aero. Terms easy. POT *
TKR If COBB , 1615 Farimm street. 464 tf
TjlORSALE Houses rooms , lot 76x143 , barn , cis-
JL1 tern , trees , etc. Thornell's addition , Just off St.
Mary's street car lino. I'rlco Jj.800. POTTK < St
COBB , 1615 Farnam street , 405-tf
17(011 SALE Ono piano , a good ns new. Cbeip ,
D at Hotpo , 1610 Dodge. 40fl 1m
TrOIl S4LK Cheapest house and lot In Omaha , In
J ? Potter's addition , 8 seems , well , 300 barrel cis
tern , ou two lots , 1(0 feet front by 130 feet deep , for
12.060. POTfER & C"BB. 1615 Farnam St. 468 tf
L. W , " Bee office. 449-tf
IpOH 8 ALE At a bargain , 1200 pound work horse
In good order. A. J.
424tf 3'25 Brcadwny , Council Blulla , loua.
IT\01l SALE-Ctumng street property. Lot In Wal-
J1 nut Hill , Hosier's and Donnceken'i additions and
West Cumlng , Lots cheap and on cosy terms. POTTER -
TER & COBU , 1515 Farnam street. 429.tf
FOH SALE Cheap lots In Shlnn'a 2nd addition
Klrkwood nd l'l ln\lew. POTTEK t CODll
1616 Farnam street. 428 tf
F OH BALK We oiler to rincnmen and otcrs ,
700 choice Iowa llcifcrj 2 jtard old.
700 " " " 1 " "
600 " Steers 2 " "
603 " " 1 " "
100 1 anil f } ear old grade hulls
Our cattle are yarded , and w o Invlto Inspection.
234-liu. Strange liros. , Sioux City , IOAO.
FOll SALE Twenty acres of the Oriften ( arm , Si
miles from the I'ostoflico , and only two block *
from Pratt's sub-division. Will bo sold In 2 } , G or
10 aero Iota. Inquire Omaha Carpet Co. , 1611
Douslas rtrect 270 tf
FOR SALE Farm 3 mlles from city , near Union
Stock yards. Inquire at lira. Meyer , over Hoe
der'9 Drug etore , 16th and Wobttcr. 872-
FOH SAtiG Ohtap , fine driving horse , buggy and
harness. Apply room24 , Omaha National Bank
Buildintr. Etc tf
| OsTOn Thursday , coming between Po't olllce
JLJ and Pajtrn Hotel , a hunch of keys. Finder will
please return to I'axton Hotel , and bo rewarded
LOST A light staay horse , front legs a trlflo crrok-
cd. wind gall * on hind legs. Uovrard will bo
paid If Hit at llobblo liros. , 09 S. 10th St 712 Op
M USIC Lessons Rii en on Huto. Bend tpoftal to
John Haniet , Omaha P 0.
ir pCMTC will obtain a complete write up of
tU uCIl I 0 Eastern Oregon , the great Hlirep ,
cattle and wheat country. Address E. O PUB. CO. ,
Ptndleton , Oregon. 630-6-wlt
aOOD day board can bo hid at 117 North 14'h St. .
between Capitol a\e. and Dodge. 650-llp
FOR EXCHANGE Stock farm of 40J acres , has
good buildings and Improvement , some etock anil
Implemenls , Want stock of merchandise of about
Address O. Henry , Bo f nice. 612-tf
OTRAYED OR STOLEN A while roan cewabout
O } ears old , short tall and about to 1m o a calf.
Ten dollars reward will bo paid forhorrfturn to Jim
Stephenson's Liiery stable , ICth St. Cmalia. 607-tf
TAKEN UP Ono stray red roan homo 3 jc rs old.
Call at A. S. Oetrorn's , corner Campbell and
Blondu , N. W Omahi. 2 4 6w now.
Very important I Got the Genuine I
s Malt Extract.
Unequalled In Its tonic
action on ths enfeebled
and sick.
Co. : Ily family phjxiclan
has recommended your
TRACT for my wife , who
has been an invalid forflf
Icon > car , and It hai al
mcst perlormoJ mlrail )
Brooklyn , Jan. 1832
The Pioneer and Still Ahead ,
-Looooo in TTao.
Fait lupcnoi'lng the largest old fiihbnod stoves
and r nge U lit the tlmptest and mc.t efficient
btovebuni'jraln the world , and with new IraproTo.
men i the cmluKt to cpera'e Absolutely afe with
Itsiiat nt reservoir , now la lue the eecoud tcaaoa
without a tli gle accident.
for Catalogue , Price List , Ktc.

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